All the Crows in the World (2021) - full transcript

18-year-old school girl Shengnan enters a night of adventure in the adults' world.


One more sweet potato soup.

My wife will be back in 30 mins.

I know.

Let's bet on a bowl of sweet soup...

that he won't last
for more than 10 mins.

That's so mean.

But he does look pretty impotent.

Zhao Shengnan.

Your cousin is back in town!

She'll meet up with you at the same place!

You can't even spare me 50 bucks.

And you said you loved me?


Liuyang river.

How many bends does it turn?

How many miles of waterway...

before it reaches Xiang River?

What is the name...

of that county by the river?

Sing with me.

It is the home of...

the chairman who
led the people to liberty.

Yi Ya Hey Zi Yo.

This is my cousin Shengnan.

She's at the best high school in town.

A real top student!

She's nothing like those girls out there.

Here's your red packet.
You're welcome.

Here, Shengnan.

Nice to meet you.

Ms Tang's cousin,
like what the ancients said...

is "nimble as a rabbit..."

and chaste as a virgin".

Just as beautiful as Ms Tang.

Her excellent horoscope will benefit us.

Excuse me. Here's your fish.

The fish is here.

What a great fish.

Let's eat it while it's warm.

Mr Liu.

Let's dig in!

Ms Tang.

Your cousin Shengnan...

is such a delight to the eye!

Busy with her studies.

She's never had a boyfriend, right?

Mr Liu.

Are you looking for
a daughter in law?

Her horoscope matches with my son's.

And she's not complicated.

My son doesn't do well at school.

I should find him someone smart.


I will send you two to America!

Wow, such a great opportunity.

I've had boyfriends before.

I just broke up with one.
Relationships are bad for my grades.

Also our sex life...

wasn't that great.

As long as her horoscope fits...
we can borrow her luck.

It doesn't matter...
whether she's a virgin or not.


You should drink with Mr Liu.

He could be your godfather.

Mr Liu.

I'll also drink with you.

A strong and powerful woman like Ms Tang.

I wonder...

what kind of man can handle her.

Laughing more is good for our health.

To prosperity!

And more prosperity!

To our business empire!

- To our business empire!
- To all the fortunes!

To all dreams that shall come true!

To a harmonious society.

To world peace!

Let's drink!

The way of heaven...
reduces surplus...

to make up for scarcity.

The way of man...
reduces surplus...

to make up for scarcity.

Lend us your luck...

for gentle breeze and timely rain!

And for even better business.

Wu Hu Ai Zai!

Namu a mid a Butsu!

Cheer up.

We're here to enjoy ourselves.


At ease!

Hold your waist.


Good evening, daddies.

My name is Guang.

I'm from Cameroon, Africa.

I'm Lulu from Guangdong.

Yi Yi from Yunnan.

Xuan Xuan from Holland.

Quan Quan from Dongguan.

Jia Jia from Fujian.

Where is Lily from last time?

- Which Lily?
- Lily from Sichuan.

Oh, Lily from Sichuan is sick.

How about this Lily...
from Guizhou?


I'm the luckiest gentleman
in the entire universe.

You're a big girl now.
Take care of yourself.

Don't get too distracted
from your school work.



That fat dude is picky.

Thank you for being a nice guy.

I can't take your money.

I actually...

believe in science.

But sometimes...

I have to follow what others do.

I don't know why...

life is this hard.

When I was having
my hair transplant surgery.

No one told me...

that I shouldn't...

stop taking the pills.

So, is your beard real?

Let's go.
I'll show you something fun.

Call me "Mama"!


Call me "Grandma"!



- Police!
- Police!

All heterosexuals must die!

Thanks for buying me sweet soup.

Nice hat.

Be safe.