All for Nikki (2016) - full transcript

The events of a single night spiral out of control when a hapless, wannabe musician and his married girlfriend are robbed by two opportunistic paramedics during a not-so-routine 9-11 call.


♪ I saw the light on ♪

♪ The night that I
passed by her window ♪

♪ I saw the flickering shadows ♪

♪ Of love on her blind ♪

♪ She ♪

♪ Was ♪

♪ My woman ♪

♪ As she deceived me ♪

♪ I watched and went
out of my mind ♪

♪ My, my, my ♪

♪ Delilah ♪

♪ Why, why, why ♪

♪ Delilah ♪

♪ I could see ♪

♪ That girl was no good for me ♪

♪ But I was lost like a slave ♪

♪ That no man could free ♪

♪ At break of day when
that man drove away ♪

♪ I was waiting ♪

♪ I crossed the
street to her house ♪

♪ And she opened the door ♪

Come in, come in!

♪ She stood ♪

♪ There laughing ♪

♪ I felt the knife in my hand ♪

♪ And she laughed no more ♪


♪ My, my, my ♪

♪ Delilah ♪

Just a minute!

♪ Why, why, why ♪

♪ Delilah ♪

♪ So before ♪

♪ They come to break
down the door ♪


♪ Forgive me, Delilah ♪

♪ I just couldn't take anymore ♪

- ♪ She stood there laughing ♪
- Howdy, boys.

You guys got here fast.

Thanks, thanks, we try.

I assume you're Jasper,
you called about that cut.


I asked if your
name was Jasper.

You called us to take a look
at that cut on your chest.

I'm Jasper.


Yeah, I'm, yeah, yeah,
yeah, but it's not for me,

you see, it's for her.

Her, did you say her?

I called, I called
for, I called for her,

for her, inside, I
didn't call for me.


Oh, come in, come
in, yeah, yeah.


Come on, guys.

She's, uh, she's through there.

She's in the
bathroom, she's not,

she's not dead.

She's just like sleeping now.

I don't know, you need to
wake her up, I don't know.

I mean, you go ahead and
make yourselves at home.

Whatever you guys need,
anything you need.

Maybe you can turn the
music down a little bit

while we get started?

Turn the music down.

Yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,

yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,

I'll turn the music down, guys.

♪ She laughed no more ♪

♪ My, my, my ♪

♪ Delilah ♪

♪ Why, why, why ♪

♪ Delilah ♪

♪ So before ♪

♪ They come to break
down the door ♪

PARAMEDIC: What happened?


would be a lot easier

if we had some context.

JASPER: What, fuck!


Could you tell me
what happened to her?

Hey, hey, hey.

Hey, hey, uh, can you please
just tell me what happened?

Can you let me know
what happened here?

JASPER: Oh, she passed out.

Yeah, I can see
that, thank you,

but where is she bleeding?

That's not hers, it's mine.

I cut myself.

In a downward stabbing motion.


What's her name?

JASPER: Uh, Nikki.


Nikki, hey, can you hear me?

Can you look at me, honey?

Is she on any drugs?

No, she doesn't do,
she's not on drugs.

I mean, she can't
do drugs right now.

Why not, she pregnant?

What, no, what, what, no,

why would you think, why would
you jump to that conclusion

that she's pregnant?

- Nikki, hey.
- Well, you said she can't

- do any drugs.
- Can you hear me?

She passed out because she
doesn't like blood, that's all.

I mean, does she look
pregnant to you right now?

I mean, is that a body
that looks pregnant to you?

I mean, look.

Relax, okay, we're
just talking here.

I'm just trying to get
the facts straight.

Well, let's just
get her straight first

and then we'll worry
about the facts.

Welcome back, sweetheart.

Hey, hi.

Can you tell me your name?

Who the fuck are you?

My name is Marcus
Steadman, all right,

this is my partner Sebastian.

We're just here to
help, all right.

It looks like you fainted,
maybe bumped your head.

Get the fuck out of my house.

All right, well, I'd say
we can rule out a concussion.

You're probably going to have
a little bit of bruising.

You know, probably a
little bit of a headache

from the fall.

Oh God, why am
I laying in blood.

What is this?

Well, it seems that
Jasper here had himself

a little knife accident.

Hey, baby, how you doing?

How you feeling,
baby, are you okay?

Are you hurting?

Does your head feel better?

You're fucking high
again, aren't you?

Wait, I'm not, I'm not high.

I mean, I thought about it.

I mean, of course
I thought about it

cause you were, you know, I
was stressed out about you

so I thought about
doing, and it's here,

but I didn't do any
of it, I promise you.

I didn't, baby,
I'm sober, I swear,

- I'm sober, okay.
- Help me up.

Get me up, help me
up, please, thank you.

All right, don't you fucking
start with me right now.

Oh, thanks for looking
out, baby, I love you, too.

Sorry about that.

You're being sarcastic.

I'm not being sarcastic.

I don't, I don't know
who these guys are.

They just, they're here now.

I messed up, I'm sorry, babe.

Oh, wow, great, you
promised me you were done

- with this shit.
- Oh, God!

It's not my fault.

It's not, it's not your fault?

Okay, well then who
the fuck's fault is it?

Who else would bring
30 pounds of cocaine

into my kitchen?

Did you guys do this?

Get in here.

Babe, baby, there's
a lot going on!

I panicked, you hit your
head, you passed out,

I freaked out so I did.

You passed out, not me.

NIKKI: Stop hiding!

I'm not hiding.

hiding, get in here.


NIKKI: Get in here!

I'm coming.

NIKKI: Just please
shut the fuck up.

Look, baby, I'm
done, all right?

Please, what the fuck?

I'm sorry, I'm sorry,
and, look, I promise you

that as soon as
this stuff is done,

I'm done with it forever.

My lips to God's
ears, I promise you,

scout's honor, it's not
gonna happen anymore.

Look, I thought I
lost you back there

so I freaked out a little bit!

So what, I did a little
coke, that's all.

I was worried about you!

You didn't almost
lose anything.

I fucking passed out.

Christ, you fucking called 911?

Are you out of
your goddamn mind?

- Baby...
- Are you crazy?

- What were you thinking?
- You passed out!

What do you think
happens when you die?

You pass out first.

I thought that's
what you would want.

Hey, hey, whoa, whoa, whoa!

NIKKI: 30 pounds of coke!

Hi, I hate to interrupt

your little domestic
dispute, guys,

but I'm just gonna
need one of you guys

to sign this, saying
everything's all right,

and then we'll be
out of your hair.

Well, wait, what, you
have to report this?

We're fine.

- We're fine.
- There's no need

- for papers and shit.
- Yeah, I mean,

you guys are great, but
if I want to keep my job,

then, yeah, I'm gonna
need to report this.

Come on.

Can't you just do us a favor

and just forget about this one?

No, I'm gonna
need you to sign it.


Well, what if we
work something out,

like, uh, financially?

You guys do have a
little scratch, don't you?

Just sign the form.

Look, we're not gonna fucking
sign anything, all right?

We're fine, we
don't want you here,

so fucking, you
know, take our money,

mark this one down
as a false alarm

or leave empty-handed,
up to you.

How much money?

What are you doing?

Come on, Marc.

You looked around this place?

I think they can afford
a little off the top.

Hey, Skippy, what do you do?

Hmm, I'm in a band.

He's a musician.

I don't care what
he does for a living.

I'm not taking their money.

I just need you to sign this

and then we will
gladly be on our way.


nobody here is stupid, okay?

Anyone can take one
look around this place

and see that there's
a lot of explaining

that needs to be done.

Quite honestly, none of
us are really qualified.



If we sign that thing, this
becomes an insurance issue,

possibly even a
legal issue, right?

I mean, depending on
what you write down.

I'm not gonna change
what you're seeing in here.

I mean, I'll even
give you a copy.

I just need you to sign
it so I don't lose my job.

Just change it.

They ain't lying, man.

This dude's fucking loaded.

I think we oughta
at least consider

what they're talking about here.

How much you want?

Just, just sign the form.





- Deal!
- No.

- No.
- Deal, be gone.



Marc, that's 10 Gs,
it's more than we make

in a fucking month.

Yeah, and that might be
all the money we ever make

if we get caught.

We're not gonna get caught,
that's the thing, man,

that's my point, cause
they ain't reporting shit.

Ain't that right?

Cause you got bruises all
up and down your body.

This guy's got a
gash on his chest

the size of Lake Tahoe.

I don't think that's
a fucking coincidence.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,

that's not right,
that's not fair.

I don't, I don't hit
girls, I didn't hit her,

- I don't hit girls.
- Not to mention,

the yayo on your
fucking kitchen counter.

Okay, that's right, this
cannot leave the room,

not for us, it cannot,
it cannot leave the room.

- That, that, I mean.
- Shh!

Come on, man, you
could take a vacation

for the first time in years.

Think about it. You
know what you could do?

You could finish that
bathroom for Lizzy.

It's very easy, you
just rip up that report,

we walk outta here.

Fuck it, I'm
getting the money.

Dude, these are some
great albums you got here.

These all yours?


Me and Nikki's.

So aren't you musician
types supposed to be,

like, covered in tattoos.

I don't know, would
you put a bumper sticker

on a Ferrari?

So, uh,

what kind of music do you play?

JASPER: I don't know,
probably nothing you've heard of.

Oh, I don't know, I
got a teenager at home.

I hear a lot of shit.

Oh, so you just assume
all my music is shit?

Oh, I hate to break it to you,

but your outward appearance
doesn't exactly scream

musical genius right now.

All right, what
about, what about those

gold records on the wall,
huh, how about that,

and the money she's
bringing you right now?

Suck on that dick.

That's not you
hitting her, is it?

You know, those
bruises on her back?

I don't hit girls,
I don't do that,

that's not me.

Cause I don't like
guys who hit girls.

I don't like guys
who hit girls, either,

and that's why I don't
do it, so leave it alone.

Then why'd she cut you?

Because she
doesn't like drugs.

- So stop using.
- What are you, like my dad?

Cause you sound like my dad
but you look like a paramedic,

just so you know.

I called 911, last I checked.

If I wanted my dad to
come, then I'd call him.

You didn't expect
the baby, did you?

Hey, she's not pregnant, okay?

She's not pregnant.

Even if she was pregnant,
it's not your business,

and it's not your business.

You know, it's only the couple
having the baby's business,

all right, and, right
now, that couple

having the baby,
we don't even know

who the father is, all right,

so why don't you guys
just take a walk, okay?

You're bleeding again.



So, look, kid, we're gonna
take your money and walk away,

but, you know, I can't in
any sort of good conscience

leave without at least
fixing up your gash there,

so I'm just gonna
go out to the rig,

get some more gear,
and then come back

and patch you up properly,

so you don't like
bleed out later, okay?

Are you gonna
give me stitches?

Probably not.

Just gauze and a little
bit of tape oughta do it.

I do know, maybe
you should stitch it.

I've never had stitches before.


Well, we will keep that in mind.

Just in case, as a precaution.


I'm really sorry.

I mean, I never should've
called these fuckers

in the first place, I'm
really sorry for that.

You know what, you
know what I'm gonna do?

I'm gonna pay back
Jasper all that $10,000.


I promise I'm gonna do
that, and you know what?

Even if this little
thing inside of you here

isn't mine, I'm going
to do everything I can

to keep it happy and
healthy and safe, you know,

and all that other
shit, too, you know,

like a good old man will do.


Just one last time.


MARCUS: How you doing, pal?

Oh, I'm ready when you are.

MARCUS: All right, great.

Whoa, whoa, that's quite the
pig-sticker you got there.

What is that for?

Uh, it's just a
little antibiotic,

nothing to get worried about.


MARCUS: Now if you can
just give me your arm here.

yeah, yeah, yeah, cool.

MARCUS: Now, Jasper, if you
can hold really still for me.

- Yeah.
- Can you do that?



You want me to make a fist?

That's good, right there.

Wait, wait, wait, wait,
wait, oh, just real quick,

I mean, that's not gonna
like cause like a reaction

or something, you
know what I mean,

like, you know, that
blow in the kitchen,

I'm not saying I did it, but
if I did, hypothetically,

you don't think that this
would cause like my blood

to boil like a
speedball or something,

I mean, you know, fucked
up, right, or die,

you know, like hypothetically?

- Hypothetically?
- Yeah.

Hypothetically, I think,
I don't think your heart

will explode.

- Okay.
- Yeah.

All right.

Now just stay real
still for me, all right?

How's that feel?

I'm good, I'm all
good, I'm all good.

MARCUS: Good, that's great.

Are you gonna do it?

Have you ever heard of
potassium chloride, Jasper?

Yeah, like a banana.

Well, yeah, bananas
do have potassium.

That's good,

but, you know, not nearly
as much as this syringe.

You see, potassium chloride
is what the prison system

uses for the death penalty

to kill our most
dangerous criminals.

Guys that get high and
beat and bury their wives.

It's fast-acting and
relatively painless.

So, like, death row?

Whatever happened
to gauze and tape?

I have no words.

Jasper, let me explain
how it is to you.

We went outside just now,

and, well, we came
to a realization.

Any house with 10 grand
just lying around,

the way your wife made it seem...

What, you guys
want more money,

is that what you're saying?

You want more money?

He's a genius.

Oh, fuck, I fainted again.

Oh, what's with the needle,
I fucking hate needles.

No, baby, baby,
that's what I'm trying...

Not now, we'll deal with
your fucking apologies later.

I just wanna get these
guys outta my house.

That's what I'm trying
to tell you about...

Get them out!

Baby, they're gonna kill
me with the banana shit!


They want more money.

Oh, okay, all right, all
right, all right, fellas,

I understand what
you're doing here,

but, you know, there
isn't any more money,

so just please get the
fuck out of my house.

Something tells me that's
probably not entirely true.

Well, I don't care
what anything tells you,

that's the way it is.

Now take that thing
out of his arm

and please get the
fuck out of my house.

Yeah, well, uh,

we have a better
idea, sweetheart.

We're gonna take a walk.

I'm sorry.

You shouldn't
have called them.


Got a bag?

You forgot a bag?

SEBASTIAN: All right,
can I dump this shit?

No, no, no,
that's my art shit.

You paint?

Yeah, a little.

What kind?

I'm in abstract
expressionism, Rothko.

- Right on.
- Newman.

So how many bananas
do you think it takes

to like kill a guy?

My dad, he was into Pollack.

He's a little
messy for my taste,

but the same movement, so.

Yeah, I think there's
a bag in there.

Do you want me to just use that?

SEBASTIAN: Go for it.



Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, take it easy.

All right, Chucko,
drop the knife

or I'll blow your
fucking head off.


Yeah, really,
what'd you think,

I was going take you down
here and talk postmodern art

and then let you steal
all my hard-earned cash?

- Belize.
- Belize.

They send in all the bananas.

You mean to make the
banana death juice?

- Yeah.
- Now drop the knife!

Look at you, you can
barely hold that thing.


You wanna try me?


I do think before
we go any further,

you should see something.

No, no, no, no, no!






You all right?

Oh, yeah, I mean, I'm
just bleeding a little.

Not you, dumb ass,
sit the fuck down!

wait, where's Nikki?

fine, asshole.

Jesus, where'd you get a gun?

- She pulled it from the safe.
- Oh, was there more money?

Yeah, there was
a lot more money.

MARCUS: Why didn't
you bring it up?

I forgot a bag.

You forgot a bag?

- Smart guy.
- Shut the fuck up.

You got a real
thinker of a partner,

- I gotta say.
- Shut up!

Grab a bag and pack
it up and let's go.

Nah, no, not yet,
man, we're not done.

What are you talking about?

Look around, all right?

We gotta tie them up,
we gotta see what else

- there is to take.
- Tie them up?

Come on, we're not
going anywhere.

- Fuck.
- Can't you just do

what you gotta do
and get the hell out?

really glad you're okay.

Shut up, Kyle.

- I'm so glad you're okay.
- How the fuck is Kyle?

Fucking Kyle?

I'm Kyle.


Just rob us already!

I'm fucking confused.

You know, I gotta
say, you guys,

it seems a little,
you know, excessive.

I mean, she told you
to rob the place,

and I'm not about to
do anything about it

any time soon, so I
really don't understand

why you guys are
tying us up to chairs.

You know, I can see
why she doesn't like you

getting high.

You just can't keep
your fucking mouth shut.

That, all right.

I'll keep my mouth shut.

So, who's hitting you?

Jasper or Kyle?

Fuck you, what do you care?

I don't like
guys who hit girls.

You shouldn't have to take that.

Oh, yo, okay, that's
real sound advice

from the guy who was
threatening to stop my heart

with the banana death juice.

All that was in that
syringe was saline.

The worst thing it would've
done is rehydrate you.


All right, are we
done fucking around?

May we?

I, we'll be out
of your way shortly.

Hey, I think that was
a good move with the gun.

You know, it was worth a try.

I mean, he was a big guy,
but it was worth a try.

Come on, I mean, come
on, I got your signal

with the finger gun
thing, you know?

Come on, we were on
the same wavelength.

I mean, can you at
least acknowledge that

we're on the same wavelength?

Fuck, come on, don't
be mad at me, please,

please don't be mad,
please don't be mad,

please don't be fucking
mad at me, come on!

- I didn't want this either!
- I'm not mad, I'm not mad!


I'm sad.

I'm really fucking sad.


The reason I started
back on the drugs

was because you told
me that, you know,

I might not be the father, so.

I'm married, Kyle, of
course you might not be

the fucking father!

All right, yeah, I
forgot you're married

to the douche bag,
wife-beating rockstar

- fucking...
- Okay, well, at least he is

who he fucking says he is!


That hurts, Nikki.

That fucking hurts.

You gotta know, I mean, this
isn't easy for me, either.

You know?

And you comparing my
one little mistake

to his lifetime of insanity
isn't exactly fair.

I mean, you gotta kind of agree
with me on that one, right?

I mean, come on, right?

Wiggle with me.


Trust me, trust me.


Yes, wiggle, yes, just
back and forth like this.

- Go right.
- I'm wiggling.

- No, go like this.
- Oh, you mean rock.

- No, okay, fine, rock.
- Rock.

- Rock the fucking chair.
- Rock, I got it,

you want me to rock.

- Okay, I'm fucking rocking.
- Back and forth, come on.

Why is it fucking tied?

NIKKI: Come on, wiggle.

I'm getting claustrophobia!



What are you doing?

You don't have to keep wiggling.

Shh, shh, stop.



MARCUS: Get the money!


Oh, got it!


Okay, okay, okay,
let's go, let's go.

Wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait,

wait, wait, Nik, Nik, Nik,

- wait.
- What?

I need to know, I
need to know right now.

If you could pick
who the father was,

would it be me or him?

Oh, fuck off, you
know I'd choose you.

Choose me?

I fucking love you to death.

- I fucking love you to death.
- Let's be smart

and get out of here

so it doesn't have to
come to that, okay?

Oh, what the fuck?



Kyle, we were
going to be smart,

we were gonna leave!

He was gonna shoot!

You don't know that!

He had a gun, Nikki.

I can pretty well fucking guess

that he was going to shoot.


MARCUS: No, no, no, no, no.



Is he okay?

NIKKI: Oh my.


No, no!

No, come on, come on!

Hey, come on, man,
come fucking back.






You okay?

You sure?

You just killed a guy.

Well, I, I mean he
was going to kill us.

I don't really think that
shit matters right now, Kyle,

okay, you're alive,
he's dead, okay,

that's all anyone's gonna
really fucking care about.

Like legally?

Yeah, legally, what the
fuck else would I mean?

What else matters right now?

Everything, everything except
for that matters right now.

We're not gonna call
the fucking cops.

Are you out of
your fucking mind?

Okay, okay, well
then let's call 911

because that worked
out fucking perfectly

- the first time.
- Stop that.

Remember that,
remember that, huh?

I said I was fucking sorry,
I'm fucking sorry, okay?

Fuck, Jesus, fuck.

I'm sorry about that, I mean,
come on, what do you want?

We just need to
weigh our options,

we need to fucking
think right now.

So, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa.

You're fucking out
of your fucking mind!

You don't drink, remember?

No more fucking drinking.

You killed somebody!

There's a fucking dead
body right over there

because of you!

Fuck, no, no, no, no
more fucking drinking.

No fucking drinking, all right?

No fucking drinking.

We've gotta get
our heads together,

we gotta come up
with ideas, you know,

and you know what?

That paramedic guy Marcus,

I mean, he's not
gonna go to the cops,

I mean, because he
was trying to rob us,

so he's just as fucked
as we are, so we're good.

We gotta figure out how
to get rid of that body,

that's all, that's
all we have to do.

Everything's going to be fine.

Jasper's going to kill me.

- Why?
- Jasper's going to fucking

kill me, I've seen
him do way worse shit

over way less than that.

Don't worry about
Jasper right now.

Please don't worry
about Jasper right now.

We need to think about us.

We need to think
about me and you,

that's what we need to do
right now, think about us.

I didn't ask for this.

What the fuck happened?

I just wanted to be us.


Is someone, what?

Nik, Nikki, hey, Nik!


What are you doing,
what are you doing,

what are you looking
for, what are you?

- Rings, my fucking rings.
- Rings?

They took my fucking rings!

Whatever, we'll just
get you more rings.

We'll just buy you more rings,

it's not a big deal.

You don't understand,
my wedding rings,

my fucking wedding and
engagement rings, Kyle.

I always take them
off when I'm with you,

but you probably
never even noticed

because you're too fucking high!

Or maybe I never
noticed because you always

take them off when
you're with me.

That's probably why I didn't
notice, babe, that's all.

Oh my God.

He's gonna kill me. I mean,
I have to get them back.

They're like his
grandmother's or something.

They were like or they are?

I mean, there's a big
fucking difference

between like and are. I
mean, we could buy like.

They were his grandmother's.

- All right. Are you sure?
- He's gonna fucking kill me.

- Can they be in another room?
- I mean, he's going

to murder us both.

KYLE: He's not
going to kill anybody.

Nobody's killing
nobody, you're fine.

Everything's fine.

You just did!

All right, so let's just
get the fuck outta here,

me and you, right now.

Let's just fucking
get in the car

and fucking take off and
fucking leave this place

so far behind and get
as far away from him

as possible, let's
do that, baby.

- It's not that easy.
- Come on, yeah it is.

I mean, I love you, you love me.

I mean, all you need is love.

The baby's Jasper's.



You sure?

No, look at you, you're
bleeding, you're high.

You stabbed me.

You're not a dad, Kyle.

I love you, I love you to death,

but you cannot raise a kid.

All this, this place,

Jasper pays for all this,

not you, definitely not me.

Without him, what the
hell do I have, huh?



Wait, what are you,
that's Jasper's shirt.

What the fuck are you doing?

I'm getting your rings back.

I'm gonna save the fucking day.

I'm gonna get your
fucking rings back.

I'm gonna get your rings
fucking back, baby.

NIKKI: Where are you going?

KYLE: I'm getting
your rings back!

What are you doing,
what are you looking for?

We've gotta
clean this place up

and everyone fucking wins.

You know what, everyone's
gonna fucking win

when we clean this place up,

you know, even though
that you fucking feel like

you got nothing without Jasper,

you got fucking nothing.

Without Jasper, what could
you possibly have, huh?

Baby, I didn't
mean it like that.

I'm just a little
confused right now.

There's a lot of fucking
confusion in the world right now,

in our world, but,
you know what,

I'm telling you, one day,

and I swear to you
with all my heart,

I can do it, I can
be a good father,

and I'm gonna do
that, but right now,

all I can do is get
your fucking rings back.

You know why I'm gonna get
your fucking rings back?

Because I love you and that
keeps you safe from Jasper.

Let's save the fucking day.

Do you want me to go with
you wherever you're going?

No, no, no, you
need to stay here.

You need to be safe. That's
what you're going to do.

You're going to stay
here and be safe.

What about him?

I'm gonna take care of that,
I'm gonna take care of that.

I'm gonna take care
of that, I promise.

I'm gonna take care of
it but I can only do

one thing at a time right now.

I'm gonna go deal with this,

I'm gonna deal with that later,

but I promise you,
I'm gonna clean it up,

I'm gonna get rid of this
guy, I'll fucking (SOBS).

Shh, shh, shh, shh.

I'm here, it's okay.

KYLE: You gotta promise me.


That if I do this,
if I go get your rings,

and, you know, I get
my shit together.

NIKKI: And get off the drugs.

And I get off the drugs,

that you'll be done with Jasper,

like for good, okay?

Like forever, and it'll
just be me and you.

You know, like what we
always talked about.

Like what we always
wanted, okay?

Will you promise me, please?


What, what, what?






Oh my God, oh my God.


You can do this,
you can handle this.

This is just a test.


Sure, fuck, why not, fuck it!

Test for what?

For motherhood, perhaps.

911 OPERATOR: 911,
what's your emergency?

KYLE: Yeah, yeah, hi,

I would like to
report an emergency.

You're a strong,
girl, you can do this.

Do not cry.

Oh, you want to fucking
cry, but you can't.

You cannot cry, Nikki.

You fucking promised!

KYLE: It is on
fire, it's an inferno,

there's a fucking inferno!

Yeah, you gotta get here now,

you gotta get here right now.

- You gotta get here right now!
- Calm down, sir.

- Okay.
- Can I get your name, please?


911 OPERATOR: Sir?

People break promises
all the time, but not you,

not you, not you.

You're a strong girl, Nikki,
you can fucking do this.

You can do anything.

It's only a test.


Let's go.

Oh fuck, holy fuck!

Holy fuck!

Oh my God.


That was fucking genius!

♪ I got a '55 Chevy ♪

♪ Burning down the
trees in the lane ♪

♪ Changing gears ♪

♪ I don't know if I'm
gonna go or stay ♪

♪ Come on and waste
away with me ♪

♪ I know your daddy ain't home ♪

♪ And your mama's asleep ♪

♪ I got a bottle
for my troubles ♪

♪ And another one for tonight ♪

♪ And you got a
smile on your face ♪

♪ Like you don't know
wrong from right ♪


NIKKI: Oh my God, oh my God.

Oh God, oh God.



♪ So come on and
waste away with me ♪

♪ So follow along
and don't leave ♪

So you left this woman,

this gorgeous,
traffic-stopping woman

because she happened to put
the roll of toilet paper

on the wrong way, is that right?

You're very stupid.

She fucked my cousin, okay?

Like once removed, right,

like a cousin of a
cousin kind of thing?


Whoa, whoa.


KYLE: Huh, what?

- What's with the mask?
- Sir, we can't here you.

You can take the mask off?

KYLE: My identity.

Are you on drugs, sir?

I think he's on drugs.

Sir, sir, what is your name?


KYLE: A lot, it's a lot.

- All right.
- It's a lot to handle.

It's a lot to handle.

All right, this sucks. I
have to do it, I'm sorry.

Just take the mask off and
we'll talk about this, okay?

Sorry you gotta do what?

- I'm sorry.
- You gotta do what?

KYLE: I'm sorry.


KYLE: Stick 'em
up, just stick 'em up.

- All right, all right.
- I'm not gonna hurt you.

All right, I'm gonna
tie you guys up.

We get it.

KYLE: Now where's the rope?

You look different
today, you look better.

KYLE: Okay, Marcus, Marcus.

What was his last name,
I don't know, fuck it.

Oh, shit.

So much pressure.


Yeah, yeah!




Got it.



um, hi.

I just want you to know,

this is something I
would never wish upon you

under any normal
circumstances, okay?

I know it's really,
really fucked up,

and I'm really, really
sorry I have to do this.





I did it.

She's worth it, you got this.

You got this.

You just gotta go in
there and save the day

and get her rings back.

You got this.

You got this.

You got this.

You got this.




MAN: Baby?

It's been a long time since
I heard you call me that.


What's going on, I thought
you had a gig tonight.

What's happening?

JASPER: Well, they
canceled the gig.

Some bullshit about us
not being able to perform,

not in the right mindset.

But with the bad comes
the good, sugarplum.

It's starting to look like
Daddy's gonna be home early.

In fact, we're at
the airport now.

You're at LAX?

JASPER: No, what's
the matter with you?

I wouldn't call from
down the fucking street.

Still in San Fran,
few hours out.

Great, awesome, okay.

I can't wait to see you.

JASPER: Look, do
me a favor, would you?

Go grab us some burgers
for when I get home,

you know, from that little place

with the little blue
flags, you know it?


Yeah, yeah, yeah,
Berserks, that's it, yeah.

Get some of those.

- I'm fucking starving.
- Yeah, yeah, sure, sure.

I can do that.

JASPER: Yeah, good girl.

I'll see you soon.

KYLE: Baby, baby, baby,
hey, hey, I missed you,

but my plan worked, I'm here,
can you believe that shit?

I'm fucking here, I'm
fucking here, babe.

My plan fucking


All right, just play it
cool, just play it cool.

Just be cool,
Kyle, just be cool,

and you got this.

Even though this
is fucking stupid,

so fucking stupid.

Fuck it.


Now just be confident,
just be confident,

just be confident, and
you fucking got this.



Thought you were my friend.

Nope, no, I'm not your
friend, I'm not your friend.

Is your dad here?

No, he's at work.

What about your
mom, is she here?

Liz, somebody's at the door!

Can I help you?

Hi, hi, Mrs.
Steadman, how you doing?

I hope you're
having a good night.

I don't mean to bother
you so late, I mean,

fuck me!

Excuse me?

I had this great
mask I was gonna wear

to conceal my identity
and all that shit,

but wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait!

Ow, fuck!

Lady, open the door.

Open, in.

Get back, get back, back up,

don't even go for it,
kid, don't even go.

You calm down, don't,
don't, I'm not here

for anything except
your dad, okay?

There's something I need
to talk to him about,

so as long as you
guys play it cool,

everything will be
dandy, all right,

- so be cool, all right?
- He's not here.

- I swear to God, he's not here.
- Sit down.

Sit down!

Tell her to be cool.

I'm cool, I'm fine.

Liz, relax, he's
not gonna do shit.

I will definitely do shit.

I don't want to do shit,
but I will do shit.

All right, bright
boy, you got that?

Bright boy?

Who says bright boy?

Who calls their mother
by her first name?

She's my step-mother, dickwad.

Zach, stop.

Yeah, Zach, why
don't you (SCREAMS).

Why is your fucking TV on
so loud so late at night?

You guys are fucking freaks.

Listen, listen, sit down, sit.

Sit down, and don't
even try to pull

some fucking hero shit and
go for that fucking phone

or I'll blow your
face off, okay?

Got it.

Face shot off.

Oh God, oh, man,
I'm fucking up!

I'm fucking up.

I'm fucking up.


Watch it.

All right.

All right.

It's no big deal.

It's no big deal.

It's no big deal.


All right, all right,
no, get up, get up.

Get up, change of plans, get up.

You're gonna give me
a tour of the house

and show me that your old
man really isn't here.

He's not here, dude.

Why exactly do
you want him for?

Just give me the tour.

This is the kitchen.

We remodeled it
not too long ago,

put in new countertops.

I wanted an island, but
that didn't quite make it,

but it is what it is, so.


An island?

In here?



It might make it a little
crowded, right, an island?

Not to say it's small.

I mean, you could always
fix up a few things,

but maybe an island, I
don't know about that,

but maybe do the cupboards.

- I don't know...
- Wow, no old man

in the kitchen, weird, huh?

What are you doing?

I'm making toast,
would you like some?

No, thank you.

You gonna stay right there?

Til my toast is done, sure.

You ready?

- Me?
- Yeah.

Let's go, let's keep it moving.

Wait, Miss Steadman, let me go.


I'm going first.

You were gonna signal him, is
that what you were gonna do?

LIZ: What?

You were gonna signal him.

It's the guest bedroom.

We really don't
use it very much.

Is he in there?


Open it.

I'm not getting booby-trapped.

Is that what you're
trying to do?

Open it, I'm not.




He's not in there.

- No?
- No.


Oh, no, no, no,
I can't open that.

That's his bedroom.

I can't.

I don't care if it's the
arc of the fucking covenant,

lady, just open the door.

It's an easy thing to do.

We have had many
issues in the past,

and I will not open it.

If Zach wants to open
it for you, feel free.

I'm not gonna do it.

- Open the door.
- All right.

KYLE: Open the door, open
the door, open the door.

Jesus Christ.

Is he in here?

- Is he in the closet?
- He's not in the closet.

All right.

What, you're like
into film and shit?

If by "and shit,"
you mean music,

then, yeah, I'm
into film and shit.

Okay, I really
wish the two of you

would stop cursing so much.

It's absolutely not necessary.

I think that's really cool.

You know, I'm a big film
and music guy myself.

- Oh yeah?
- Yeah.

Cool, I bet I got you beat.

- You think you got me beat?
- Probably.

All right, hot shot,
who's your favorite band

or musician?

Iggy and the Stooges.


What's your favorite Iggy jam?

Anything from '72 to '74.


Lady, your son has
got impeccable taste.


Fucking impeccable.

Doesn't matter, well
played, well played.

Next room?

Yeah, next room.

Want me to shut this?

ZACH: Please.

MAN ON TV: Silence, please.

Ladies and gentlemen, this
is your host Mr. Owens here.

This is a good fucking movie.

Yeah, it's not his best
work, I don't think,

but, you know, the
courtroom scene in this,

the guys looking like
chess pieces, I love that.

Yeah, that sequence
is real good,

but those dolly shots
in the trenches,

that's what really
stands out about this.

That shit's the fucking best.

Okay, the two of
you, your language.

I'm just tired of it.


MAN ON TV: Prisoners
of the bar of justice,



Fuck, is that him?

Is that Marcus, is
that your husband,

is that your dad, is that him?

Why would Marcus
knock at his own door?

I told you already, man.

Told me, what'd you tell me?

I told you, I thought
you were my friend.

He was supposed to be coming
over when you showed up.

So why didn't you just
tell him not to come tonight?

When would I have done
that? You wanted the tour.

Plus, you said no hero shit
like touching the phone.


You're right, I did say that.

I'm gonna take care of this.

All right, what's his name?

Eat Dog.


I thought you were
done with the attitude.

Relax, that is his name!

His name is Eat Dog, that's
what we call him, I swear!

That's what his name is.

That's what they call
him, I have no idea why.

You need new friends.

He sounds like a bad guy.

You are the company you keep.

Stay right there.


Stay right there.


- Oh!
- Whoa.

- The fuck are you doing?
- KYLE: Nikki?

What are you doing?

KYLE: I thought
you were Eat Dog.


Come inside here, come inside.

Eat Dog, I thought
you were Eat Dog.

Okay, all right.

KYLE: Watch out, here,
chill out, chill out.

How'd you know I was here?

Uh, you left a voicemail
with the address on it?

I called you back
40 fucking times.


You're fucking high
again, aren't you?

I knew it.

Unbelievable, unbelievable.

I'm not high.

Hey, baby, come on,
it's not like that.

Hey, hey, it's not like that.

I took one bump, just to
get myself straightened out

so I could, like, handle
this whole undertaking.

That's why I did it, baby.

Look at me, babe,
you look pretty.

You look really
beautiful right now,

you're cleaned up.

I mean, think about the
last time I saw you.

You look gorgeous.

Oh, really?

I look pretty?


You look beautiful.

You look so...

Look at you, you
look like a cokehead

with these stupid
fucking glasses on.

I'm so done, I'm so
done, and I'm so over it,

and you wanna know why?

Because Jasper is
on his way home.

- Jasper's on his way home?
- Who's Jasper?

None of your business!

- Wait. Oh, oh!
- None of your business.

You're Marcus'
kid, aren't you?

Uh, Marcus' kid, yeah.

Hers, no way.

So you're Lizzy, then.

He did try to rob from
you guys, didn't he?

Oh yeah, you're
fucking asshole husband

tried to steal 10 grand from us.

I can't believe he would
do that. I don't believe it.

Well, believe it cause he did

try to steal from us.

He also stole her rings.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Yeah, well, but when
you think about it,

it's actually kind of sweet

cause he was just
doing it for you, so.

Can I see the bathroom?

Yeah, sure.

Don't move, no!

Bad idea!

You're staying right
there, stay right there,

everyone's staying right here,
everyone's gonna sit here,

we're all gonna sit here,

and we're gonna watch
this wonderful movie

until your dipshit husband walks

through the
wonderful door, okay?

That's what we're
gonna do, right?

Hey, Zach.

- Hi.
- Hi!

You're gonna stay right there.

- Sure!
- Got it, easy, be cool.

That's a terrible fucking plan

because we don't have
that kind of time.

Jasper's gonna be here
in an hour and a half.

- In an hour and a half?
- Yes, he's in San Francisco.

Yeah, your genius
plan has been foiled.



Here, we're going
to use this right now.

Just pass it to
me like a human.


You're gonna call
Eat Dog right now

and you're gonna tell him
that he's not coming over

cause I don't want to shoot
his face off, too, okay?

Why do you have to
shoot our faces off?

I don't understand.

He's probably just
gonna get high and forget

he even has a gun, honestly.

Hey, hey, hey, what happened
to being on the same team?

The team went out
the fucking window

when you did all
that coke, remember?

All right.

Hey, speaker, I wanna hear this.

Oh, my God.

KYLE: I wanna hear it.

EAT DOG: Dude, I'm on my way!

Hey, man, I can't
do it tonight.

EAT DOG: What are
you talking about?

I don't feel great.

EAT DOG: You sound fine.

ZACH: I got food
poisoning, all right?

I puked all over the
couch and everything.

EAT DOG: Well, man, Dizzy
Lizzy must be pissed, huh?

That is, if she took your
dad's dick out of her mouth.

Tomorrow, okay, bye!

See what I have
to put up with?

I didn't say it.

Hey, hey, your turn.

Your turn, your turn,
pick up the phone.

- Me?
- KYLE: Yeah, it's your turn.


Now you're gonna call,

here, pick up the phone,
pick up the phone.

Here, put it in your hand.

Take the phone, and
now you're gonna call

your husband and you're
gonna tell him to come home

because there's an
emergency or something,

and you're gonna tell him
to bring her rings, okay?

I'm not gonna
call him back here

so that you can just hurt
him. I'm not gonna do it.

- You're crazy.
- Why would we hurt him?

I'm not gonna hurt him.

He's not gonna get hurt.

Oh, I did hurt him.

Yeah, I shot his fingers off.

- What?
- Just blew 'em right off.

I don't even know where they
went now that I think about it.

This is so fucking fucked.

Your language is
atrocious tonight,

- shut up!
- I don't care!

Lady, motherfucker,
pick up the phone

and call him or I'm gonna shoot

your precious little
son in the leg.


Fucking, I'm her step-son!

Step-son, step-son.

One more word.


One more word.

One more word

that doesn't have
something to do

with a kick-ass film or
Iggy and the Stooges,

I'm gonna seriously
consider using this

to put a bullet in
your 16-year-old leg.


Okay, look, look,
look, I'm calling him.

It's ringing.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, hey, we
don't have to shoot anyone.

Okay, Marcus is coming.

- Just calm, deep breaths, okay?
- I'm not gonna shoot anybody,

I'm not gonna shoot anybody.

I like kids.

But not this kid.

Not this 16-year-old
fucking fuck kid.

I can kill this kid.

I can kill this kid's leg.

I could shoot this kid.



You said you were gonna
end my 16-year-old leg,

and I'm 17.

You know what, that
is it, game over, Zach!




Oh my God, oh
my God, oh my God!

I'm sorry, I'm so sorry!

Get it out, please!

You stabbed your own mom!


Fuck, come in, come in.

What are you doing here?

Sit down!

Relax, Dad, he doesn't
have any bullets.


You pointed the
gun at my face.

I saw all the chambers,
you dumb fuck!

You pointed a gun
at my son's face?

What, I mean,
yeah, but not really.

It doesn't have any

- bullets in it.
- Hey, can we get,

can we take care
of this, please?

Do you mind?

Sure, what's wrong, baby?

Zachary stabbed
me is what's wrong.

You stabbed Liz?

No, no, he didn't mean to.

I'm sorry.

I was trying to get him.

He moved out of the
way and I hit her.

Go to the bathroom
and get the gauze!

Sure, I'm fine, Dad, I'm fine,

- no worries.
- You gotta pull it out.

How did you find where I live?

The fire station.

They gave you my address?

No, I had a mask, I
should've wore the mask.

I'm fucked.

That doesn't make any...

Oh, my God, the two of you,

I have a letter opener
sticking out of my shoulder!

Could you get it
out, please, Marcus?

Right, right, right, sorry.


Your wife's in the kitchen.

She's not my wife.

So then they're
not your rings.

What rings are
you talking about?

The rings you stole.

I didn't steal any rings.

What do you mean you
didn't steal any rings?

I mean, I didn't
steal any rings.

What else would I mean?


Look, you two, this is
getting out of hand.

All right, we need
to make a deal here.

I don't want your money anymore.

It's not his money anyway.

ZACH: Is it Jasper's money?

Zach, I told you to go to bed.

Yes, Jasper,
Jasper my husband,

who's going to murder all of us

when he gets home
because he's a sociopath

with a drinking problem.

Well, that's just great.

Baby, he's not gonna
hurt you, I promise.

That I can always
promise, all right?

Is this the Jasper I
think we're talking about?

Zach, I told you to go to bed.

I stabbed your wife
because you robbed

a couple of drug addicts.

I'm not going to be
able to sleep for years.

- We're not drug addicts.
- Can we please not talk

- about stabbing anyone?
- You're definitely

a drug addict.

Oh yeah, Liz wanted
me to tell you

that she's going to bed
and she wanted to emphasize

the fact that she's
not very happy.

Thank you, Zach.

Okay, guys, look.

I just want this night
to be over, all right,

and maybe get my fingers back,

so, look, none of us
can go to the police,

all right, we're all
in this together now.

I'm willing to go to your house

and help clean up before
psycho what's-his-fuck

gets home, and
dispose of the body,

if you can just get me my
fingers back, all right?

Just give me my rings back

and we'll go look
for your fingers.

You don't know
where my fingers are?

Baby, he hasn't
got your rings.

Well, of course
he has my rings.

Nah, I mean, he doesn't,
someone else might.

The other guy might,
that other guy,

but he doesn't have your rings.



He's in the car.

Who's in the car?


Sebastian's dead.

Holy shit, your
new partner's dead?

He's out in the car?

Yes, yes, dead Sebstian's
in the car, all right?

Fuck, I couldn't just
leave him in the house.

He's in the fucking car.

He was still fucking breathing.

I had to tie a fucking
plastic bag over his head.

So I didn't kill him?

So we killed him together?

- I don't fucking know.
- Oh my God, it doesn't

matter who killed him,
just where's the car?


Oh God.


Oh my God, I wasn't
here that long.


This is where you parked,

this, this is where you parked?

You got towed.

Please tell me that
you didn't just park

in front of a
fucking fire hydrant

- with a dead body in your car.
- It was Jasper's car.

KYLE: It was Jasper's?

My Porsche's in the shop.

I fucking love you.

You're like, you're
smart and you're hot.

You're the best.

Oh my god, fucking stop!

You need to chill the
fuck out, you know that?



She's just got her car towed

with my partner's dead
body in the trunk!

You're talking like
she doesn't know that.

She knows that there's a dead
body in the fucking trunk.

What the fuck is wrong
with you? Calm down.

What do you think
is going to happen

when the towing company realizes

they've painted a brand
new red carpool lane

down the 405?

Maybe they won't notice.

It's LA, I don't know.

We're all gonna spend
the rest of our lives

in little tiny prison cells.

If you're so fucking smart,

then what do you suggest
we do then, huh, what?

KYLE: Yeah.


We gotta go to the ambulance.

Ambulance, why would
we go to the ambulance?

Her car just got
towed to the impound,

so we need to go to the
impound to get the car back.

Assuming, by some
random act of God,

they didn't discover the
dead body in the trunk,

we still need to dispose of it,

something that the ambulance,

with all of its equipment
inside like, you know,

the body bags and shit
might actually help us with.

I got it!

It's a great idea, I'm
sorry I questioned you.

Yeah, yeah, it's a great idea,

except Jasper's gonna be
here in a fucking hour.

Of course he is.

Where is he going?

- Okay.
- I'm getting claustrophobic.

My legs are fucking sore.


What are you doing?

Safety precautions.

Who knows how
somebody's gonna react

when they find the dead
body in your trunk?

That's a good idea.

How'd you get so much ammo?

.357s aren't that rare, kid.

Here let me do it, I can help.

I got fingers, you only got...

No, no, no, no, oh,
you're gun-toting privileges

have been revoked, fella.

KYLE: You only
got eight fingers.


KYLE: All right.

Okay, now,

Jasper Duke, that's the name
on the registration, right?

Yeah, yeah,
Jasper Douglas Duke.

Okay, and you do
actually have ID

saying that you are,
in fact, his wife?

Yeah, yeah, I
got it right here.

Be careful.

I'll just be here.

Now I'm sorry.



Ah, well, hello.


What can I do for you
this lovely evening?

We're just here
to pick up my car.

Oh, pick up your ride, eh?

I would like to take
a lot more than that

off your hands, my friend.

Nah, nah, nah,
come on. (CHUCKLES)

Give me your name.

We'll give your ride back.

Uh, it's Duke.

Jasper Duke.


One moment, please.



Ah, the green Mustang, yes?

Uh, yeah.

I see.

A cool car for a cool guy.


Make sense how you can
get such a fine woman.

Please, give me your ID.

Show him your ID, babe.



Sure, yeah, sure.

Okay, it's good, it's good.


Follow me, we're going
to inspect the car,

pay the fee, and
you'll be on your way.

Inspect it?

What for?

Amigo, it's state law.

We have to check all the
cars before we cut them.

Come, come along.

Follow me, this way.

Come, come, come.

- Okay.
- Excuse me, please.

Go ahead.



Whoa, whoa, whoa! Whoa,
whoa, what are you doing?

- Are you kidding me?
- What the fuck?

ZACH: Are you
kidding me, man?

- Hey, give me that.
- After all that?

After how pissed your girl got,

after how hot your girl is,

you're still gonna do this shit?

- Give me that back.
- This is mine,

- mine, now.
- Fuck, you have a camera,

what are you doing?

Getting rid of this
shit, and I'm filming

because this is a pretty
memorable occurrence.

It's for your own good.

How do you know
what my good is?

This is my fucking good.

ZACH: Oh, well then I
dumped your good. I'm sorry.

You're a little
prick, you know that?

Little fuck.

You mind if I ask you a few
questions to better document

- the evening?
- There's no sound

on that camera.

ZACH: So is your girl
really married to Jasper Duke?

Is that what I heard?

Wait, what, what, who, who
are you again, by the way?

What are you doing here?

You little boy.

You didn't answer my question.

Is she married to him?



She's married to Jasper Duke.

Well, you're gonna
say now that, aw, man,

I love his music
so fucking much,

I think it's the best
thing since sliced bread.

Oh, it's the shit.

Well, guess what, pal?

I think it's great, too, okay,

so you can save
your breath, okay?

Well, actually, I
think he's a hack,

but I do know his shit.

Well, okay, he's
not a hack, okay?

I mean, he's talented.

That why you're
porking his wife?


That is not why I'm porking
his wife, all right?

I'm porking his wife

because I love his wife.

Why is she his wife if
you two love each other?

I hear that guy's a
fucking whack job anyway.

Wow, you ask a lot of
questions, you know that?

MARCUS: Is there
some way that maybe

we could just save some time

and just say you
inspected the car?

Oh, no, no, no, this
is not a possibility.

If I fight with the law,
the law is going to win.

You know what I mean?


do you like smut?


Yes, smut,

dirty pictures.


I'm asking because I sell it.

Some are homemade.

That's tempting, like, wow,

but I think we're just
going to have to skip

on the dirty pictures tonight.

Are you sure?

I could just check the car

and just drop a box
of mags in the back.

I give you the best
deal in town, I promise.

No, no, I think
we're good, we're good,

so thanks.

Suit yourself.

Well, here's your car.


Oh, hold on.


Okay, I'll check it,

and we can start
it in the front.

So what's the deal here?

Were you in Jasper's
band or something?

I mean, you could say that.

You can say whatever you want
me to say. What do you say?

You know his first hit?

The Girl from Segovia?

That's right, yeah.

I mean, I know it, but
it's his weakest shit.

He made a name for
himself doing that, like,

New Age punk feel stuff,
and then he pulls out

this jukebox doo wop
bullshit from the '50s.

- Whoa.
- It's garbage.

Whoa, what?

All right, first of
all, it's not some

jukebox doo wop shit
from the 50s, okay, okay?


And, secondly, I
wrote that song.

- No!
- Yeah,

- so lay off.
- What?

You're hurting my feelings.

You wrote that song?

I wrote it.

All right, well I
kind of take it back.

It's still pretty
doo woppy, but.

I sold it to
him for 200 bucks,

and agreed to take
my name off it.

You know.

So it went gold a couple
times, a few times,

and, uh,

he bought a house and a
couple of other things.

A bunch of other things.

Including the girl
you wrote it about?


ZACH: Fuck!


That sucks.

What are you gonna do?

ZACH: I take back
the jukebox comment.

You gotta eat.



The insides look great.

Now let's check the trunk

and my friends can
be on their way, no?



Well, that's that.

Now I just have to
fill out the form,

unless you guys
changed your mind

and you want to
buy my dirty pics?

High quality.


Then you can be
on your way, okay?







You blew Frankie's head off.

I didn't mean to!

- I flinched!
- Oh shit.

You shot the thing
and made a noise and...

Just shut up, just
get your hands up,

- just get them up!
- Okay, okay.

Man, I know he was a
little creepy, but, damn!

I didn't think you was
gonna blow his head off.

All right, what do you want?

I know you took our fucking
body, what do you want?

Our body?

Well, that's a funny way
of looking at it, honey.

You do this shit often?


I can't say that I do.

I'd have never thought
somebody as privileged

as Mrs. Jasper Duke
would stroll through here

with that kind of
trouble onboard.

What do you want?

$50,000, cash.

And, in return, I'll get rid

of that smut-dealing
scumbag the same way

I did your first body.

Okay, 50,000 cash, no problem.

What the fuck?

WOMAN: What the fuck?


KYLE: Whoa!




Goddamn it!


What the hell are
you doing here?

Jesus Christ, you're
covered in blood!

What happened out there?

Nothing, put the camera down.

ZACH: No way, this
shit is priceless.

Goddamn it, you
put the camera down,

or I'm gonna walk over...

Enough, enough, both of you!

Jesus Christ, Jasper's
gonna be back in 20 minutes,

so just knock it off.

Are we going to
Jasper Duke's house?

Shut up!

You, get me two
bags up there, okay?

KYLE: What am I
supposed to do now?

Help him with the
bodies, let's go!

More bodies?

NIKKI: You, bags, now.

Here, take them.

Hey, what do you
think this chick

did with Sebastian's body?

I have no idea, she
said she disposed of it.

Grab her feet.

What if she's full of shit?

No, like.

What if she just
left, like, his body

laying around somewhere,
like under some car

or something?

If she took the time
to clean the trunk,

I'm pretty sure she
disposed of the body, okay?

She's not an idiot.

You assume that she's
not an idiot based on what?

You know, that she's
trying to blackmail

a bunch of people that
she knows are murderers?

You gotta think, Marcus,
I keep telling you,

you gotta think.

If you wanna go look for
him, please, be my guest,

but I'm gonna load up this body

while you're doing that, okay?

The whole point of
getting to Sebastian's body

in the first place,
aside from, you know,

not going to jail, was
getting Nikki's rings, right?

I think we have more
important things to worry about,

like avoiding death by
Jasper when we get home,

and, uh, you know, disposing
of multiple homicides,

but, please, be my guest.

I'll just sit here and wait
while you go look for him.

You look a little down.


I have a lot on
my mind right now.

Did you shoot somebody?

I don't wanna talk about it.

Help me.

All right, ready?

One, two.


Ah, we gotta go on three.

No, no, on three.


ZACH: Is that
what I think it is?

Stop asking questions.

You're not even
supposed to be here.

What he means is
he's gonna tell you

all about it when you're older.

MARCUS: Right.

Just stay out of this.

KYLE: I was practicing.

So she really is pregnant.

KYLE: Yeah, yeah, she is.


KYLE: Thank you.

Congrats on the kid.



KYLE: What's next?

I mean, after we clean up
all this and settle it,

if we do,

what then?


I'm sorry I stabbed you, Kyle.



Hey, what's the little boy,
the child, doing in the truck?

I'm not going to let
my son see that mess.

That would fuck him up.

KYLE: Oh, okay, but
the bodies in the truck

are doing him a lot better?

You know what,
I think you guys

are gonna make really
great parents someday

- whenever that thing pops out.
- You gotta think.

But until then, you
know, maybe if you guys

could just do me a favor

and stop talking until
we can get through this

and, uh (SPEAKER CUT OFF).


Whoa, whoa.

Sorry about that, sugar tits.


The shot was meant for you.

Who the fuck is he?

Kyle, are you fucking my wife?

That is my shirt.

KYLE: Easy with the gun,
come on, come on, come on.






I would offer you some booze

or a microwaved meal,

but, seeing as least one
of you fucked my wife,

I don't really owe you
anything, now do I?

Jasper, I'm not fucking
either one of them,

I promise.

What's the matter, Nik?

I thought

we were something special.

We are, we are.

You're just imagining things.

I forgot my rings.

I swear.

Do you know what they
call an orgasm in France?

It's not the official name,

but it's a euphemism.

It's a figure of speech.



That's what they call it.

But do you know what
it actually means?

The little death.


Jacques Fucking Cousteau here.

I'm very well impressed.

But do you know why
they call it that, eh?

Any ideas?

Well, I'll tell you
why they call it that.

They call it that

because of the life force
you fucking toss out

every time you get
your rocks out.

It's that exhausted
bliss feeling

that we've come to know so well.

It's almost like
dying, isn't it?

Hence the name.

You see, I was on
tour in France,

and I started thinking about it,

and then I started

and I came up with this theory.

From when you're born,
you're always looking

for a way to die.

From when we were nothing,

before we swam into
our daddies' balls

and weaseled our way
into our mommies' eggs,

we were nothing, and
then we were kids

and teenagers, and
we were reckless,

we didn't care, we never
thought about the consequences,

but, you see, as we get older,

that wildness starts to fade.

But I would argue it was because

we were further
away from nothing,

far away from the
peace and the ease

of non-existence.

You see, as kids,

I don't remember fearing death

because we remembered what
it was like to not be,

but as we grow older,

as we gain age,

we start to look for it
in our everyday lives,

seeking this little death
in an unconscious fashion,

looking for somebody to fuck.

Jasper, what are
you talking about?

However, as problems arise,

fucking just doesn't
do it for you anymore.

So what I would like is for her

to have that death
experience one more time,

just for kicks.

I got to show you something.

You're gonna like this.

No, no, whoa, whoa, whoa,
Jasper, what the fuck?

What's the matter?

Cat got your tongue?

Ah, I collect guns.

But you probably
already know that,

seeing as my beautiful
wife has shown you

the intimate portions
of our lovely house.

But this gun,

this is my favorite gun.

I think it's time we
play a little game,

called Please God, Don't Let
Me Blow My Fucking Brains Out.

I hope Nikki feels that
little death feeling again.


Please, put the
gun down, please.

Shall we go?

Jesus, Jasper, don't, don't!




You feel that?

Your turn, sweet potato.

Don't fucking touch it.

Don't touch that gun.

Nikki, don't touch that gun.

Either pick up that gun

or I'm gonna blow you, Kyle,

and Jacques Fucking
Cousteau over there


Do you know what
that means, Kyle?

The big death.

The big fucking death.

Well, come on then, girl.

Give it a whirl.

Hey, no, no, no,
no, no, please, Nikki,

look at me, Nikki, don't,
put the gun down, Nikki!

Nikki, please, I'm begging you

to put the fucking gun down!


If you want to talk, you
better have something

- better to say.
- Don't fucking make her do

- this to her.
- I mean, at least be frothing

at the mouth like
some old raconteur,

telling stories of great
love lost and heartbreak.

Do it.


You do it!

Please, Nikki,
fucking stop, Nikki!

Nikki, don't fucking do.

Jasper, she's fucking




Gave you that rush, didn't it?

How does it make you feel, Nik?

Does it make you warm
down in your lady parts?

Would you fucking
stop fucking...

Don't you say anything.

One more word out of
you that's not special

and I will murder you.

You think I'm fucking
dumb, don't you?

You think I don't know that
you're fucking my wife.

Well, I'm not dumb.

I'm actually very intelligent.

She, on the other
hand, is very easy.

Now, answer my question, Nik.

Yeah, it felt
fucking great, Jasper.

That's what I want to hear.

Give me the gun.


This is why we do this.

We do it to make us feel
the true pleasures of life.


What a rush.

My piss is burning
throughout my body.

How are you boys?

You feeling good?

It's your turn, pumpkin patch.

Three down, two
lucky strikes to go.

Wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait, Jasper,

okay, okay, I have
a really good story.

You'll like it, it's
like a special story.

All right, friend.

You go and tell it.

I once knew these
people, right,

and they were in love,

and the girl, she was
beautiful and young,

and the guy, he was
pretty much a mess

in every single way, he
was like a degenerate,

but it worked out for a while

because, you know, they
loved each other so much.

- You got five seconds.
- I know, I'm talking.

And the guy, he was into
drugs, and the girl,

she was just afraid that
he wasn't right for her,

but what the girl didn't know

was that he loved her
more than anything,

more than anything in
the world, you know.

And anybody who knows this guy,

they could tell this is true

because he wrote a
song about this girl,

a song that she loved and a song

that she always secretly thought

- that someone wrote for her.
- One Mississippi.

He writes this song,
right, but he never told her

because he didn't
want to mess things up

with her and the
other guy in her life.

And she was with him
for whatever reason,

maybe because things
were easier for her.

Two Mississippi.

And then one day,
something happened, Jasper.

Something happened.

This girl got pregnant,

and this degenerate guy,

he decided that she
was worth any risk.

Three Mississippi.

Any sacrifice in the world,

and so he told her that
he'd be done with the drugs,

and he'd be done with
the bad decisions.

Four Mississippi.

And then

he vowed to her

that he would write her
another Girl From Segovia

if she would just use
that gun in her hand

to get them out of this
fucked up situation.

You wrote that song?

Five Mississippi.

Duck, Marcus!


Baby, baby.

It's yours.

- What?
- It's yours.

- What?
- It's yours.

It's your baby, the baby,
it's yours, it's all yours.

I knew all along, but I
was too afraid to admit it.

I should have told
you, I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry.

You kept your promise.

You really wrote that song?

Of course I wrote it.

I fucking love you.

I love you, too.

Wait, wait, wait.

ZACH: Hey, Dad.


I think I found your fingers.