All Night Long (1981) - full transcript

Executive George Dupler loses his temper and is demoted to the night manager at a 24 hour drugstore. After he suggests to his teenage son Freddie that he stop having an affair with suburban housewife Cheryl Gibbons, who is a distant cousin, Cheryl tries to seduce George. At home, in front of his mother, Freddie accuses his dad of stealing his girl, because he found Cheryl serving George a meal in the middle of the night, while her husband Bobby was on duty at the fire station. George then separates from his wife Helen, quits his job, moves into a warehouse, and asks Cheryl to move in with him. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
We're dealing with human beings
here, George. You know that.

And this decision
is for everyone's good,

for the company...
and for you.

You're an old company man,

And in this company,
we listen...

because we're in
the people business.

So please, feel free
to express yourself.

He was always such a calm man,
a real gentleman.

How long's he been here?
Let's see, 20 years at least.

No, I mean now...
today. Just an hour.

He attacked Mr. Shuster. They wrestled
him to the floor, and then I sedated him.

Blood pressure? Normal
again. One-forty over ninety.

That's a little high.
What's he do exactly?

I'm not sure which
department. Regional sales?

But I know he's a smart man. Ah,
that's too bad. He's kinda cute too.

When a person his age is
counting heavily on a promotion,

and he's repeatedly passed
over, the disappointments get...

Life is full of disappointments. What's
the prognosis? You want it clinically?

He's experienced a profound
adaptational response to emotional stress.

Expect him to feel depressed for as
long as a few weeks. John, let me explain.

You hit him?

It's gonna be all right.
Just take it easy, Helen.

You actually hit Ralph Shuster?

I had to. I couldn't
take it anymore.

I can't believe this is happening
to us. I refuse to believe it.

Well, it is!
And I'm sorry.

Look at your shirt. It's
okay. It's not my blood.

What happens to him now?
Out on his ass?

No. We'll have to find
something for him.


Manager's office, please.

Oh. Right up there.

Thank you.

Shoppers, special today,
Ultra-Save Multi-Vitamins.

Mostly you'll find the night manager's
biggest job... just keepin' the lid on.

Keepin' the local scumbags in
line. You're gonna get 'em all.

Come crawlin' in here 1:00 a.m.
lookin' for our narcotics.

Garbage dirt bags, all of them!

They hit the pharmacy, take
everything that's not chained down.

Oh, and here.

You got this.
Come on, come on.

The company owns it
for insurance reasons.

Come here.
That guard down there?

Don't rely on him in a crisis.

Had this guy with a razor one time.
Came in, tried to kill the register girl.

He froze like a December turd
in Lake Erie.

Had to do it myself.

You had to do what?

Put him away.


Oh, uh, "Doopler.”
It's... Dupler.

Dup. Up, up.

My advice...
just watch me.

In sixteen months, I'm
moving up to headquarters.

That's where I was.
Foot in mouth.

That's okay.

One more thing.
Very important.

Never come down an aisle
without first checking the glass.

It'll be your second skin after
2:00 a.m. against things like that.

Jesus Christ!
Just don't show fear.

What the hell are you
doing here? Hi, Dad.

Button your shirt up.

Mike Gibbons just died.

Mike? Yeah. Dropped
dead at a P.T.A. meeting.

Well, how? I don't
know. Brain "hemorrhoid."


What a fellowship

that a joy divine

leaning on the everlasting arms

that a blessedness

that a peace is mine

leaning on the everlasting arms

leaning on Jesus

Joan, I brought you some quiche.


Jennifer, this is
my sister Helen Dupler.

It's a pleasure to
meet you. I'm all right.

Hi. I'm Helen's husband. Hi.

Helen? Yes. Helen is my wife.

Your son Mike was married
to her sister Joan.

Your daughter-in-law.

No, no, Joan. Joan.

He was a...
wonderful man.

A, uh... fine teacher.
The children loved him.

George, that's enough.

They're grief-stricken. I
know. I was just trying to...

Hello. Do you
remember me? I'm Helen.

You're Joan's sister!

This is my husband.
This is Joan's sister Helen.

And my son Frederick.


My wife.
How do you do?

Sorry about your brother.

A thing like that just scares the
shit out of a guy my age. My age too.

You want one of these
liverwurst? Oh, no, thanks.

Now, who's that?

That's my wife...

She looks different.
She is different.

There's no one quite like
her within 20 miles of here.

I have all I can do to keep up
with her. What do you mean?

Well, her mind,
and the ideas that she has.

You know. You gotta
keep 'em in line.

Your son's a hell of a painter.
You should encourage him.

I'm sorry. He did our
bedroom walls Friday night.

Latex enamel, quick. In and
out like there's no tomorrow.

For him, there may not be.

Go on. Take a look. Through
the kitchen, down the hallway.

And, George, when you get in
there, check out the H-2-bed, huh?

Hey, he's a nice dog.

Maximillian? Yeah.
Max, wanna eat?

Come on, boy.
Want a sausage?

He's clever.

The dog sucks.

He needed me blessed...

Mr. Shuster's office.

Elizabeth, hi.
It's George Dupler.

Could I speak to Mr. Shuster,
please? One moment please.

Yeah. I'll hold.

Hi, Freddie.

Havin' a good time?

Mr. Dupler?
He isn't back from lunch.

Yeah, well, I understand. Um, could
you have him call me at home please?

Hi, chief.

Are my teeth clean?
Damn right they are.

Dental floss.
I know what my assets are.


Mr. "Doopler,”
broken register.

Dup. Dup. Dupler.

The swivel arm's
hitting the key bar.

It ain't the swivel arm. I bent
that back straight yesterday.

I bet you did.
That's the transfer wheel.

What, this little wheely
thing here? Lemme try it.

I don't give a shit what the
Department of Commerce thinks.

Liquid assets, frozen
assets, solids, gaseous...

Sir, this register is
closed. Fuck 'em! Teeth!

Emily, will you take care
of him please?

I'm printed in all the famous
publications. Just follow me please.

I'm here to tell you something. The Federal
Radiation Council doesn't know shit.

Do this. Do that. Who the
hell are all these people?

Fuck if I know.

Hey, how'd you do that?


Say, chief.

In the unlikely event
they capture my sidearm,

don't worry.

I'm ready.

- Russell, come here a minute.
- Yes, ma'am!

Freddie, your poor father's
trying to sleep.



Do you think we could have
a little peace and quiet?



Okay, I'll be in the bathroom.

How's my boy?


Big Fred.

Are you gettin' any lately? Huh?

Cheryl Gibbons.

Your mother's sister's
late husband's brother's wife.

You're puttin' it to her,
aren't you?

Yeah, I guess so.

Did you actually charge Bob
to paint his bedroom?

Yeah. Why not?

I don't want to hear that you
went back to see that lady.

You understand?

She's lonely.

Firemen work all night. Sometimes two days
straight. That's her problem, not yours.

Well, I think I love her.

Every part of her.

Yeah, hi, Mrs. Phillips.

I think she's on the toilet.
Just a minute.


Mrs. Phillips!

Just a second.

Bonjour, Dorothy!

Ha! No, I was just puttin'
some Drano in the shower.

Barbecue time at Ultra-Save.

Today only, a ten-pound bag of self-lighting
charcoal briquettes, one-third off.


Mrs. Gibbons.

Check okay on four.

You get it, Emily.
No way, Mr. "Doopler.”

What are you doing
here anyway? Uh...

Hey, I ain't takin' on
this kind of responsibility.

Can I see some
identification, sir?

It says my name on the
check. "Jacob Horowitz?"

As you live and breathe.
I was adopted. Sir!

Sir, would you
put that back please?

Russell, counter 17.
Layaway plan. No cash down.

Hold it!
Hold it right there!

Hold it! Wh...

- Freeze!
- Shoot me. Shoot me.


Russell? Hold it.
Hold it.

Hold it. Hold it!

Parker, give us a hand. I
could've used some backup!


Leon! Boy, that was pretty
amazing the way you handled that.

Coming, Mr. "Doopler.”

What are you doing here?
We need to talk, Mr. Dupler.

Freddie is upset about the way you
yelled at him. Oh, Freddie is upset?

Yes, he is. Cheryl.
Look, Mrs. Gibbons...

It's 3:00 a.m. I'm a very busy man.
I'm sure it's way past your bedtime.

Mr. Dupler.

I know what time it is.
It's your lunch hour.

Freddie's a minor,
Mrs. Gibbons.

Does that mean I could go
to jail? That's not the point.

He's only 18 years old! That's his
one big problem, but he'll outgrow it.

Here you go, Mr. Dupler.

Something wrong
with your raisins, honey?

You should never eat fruit
and starch at the same time.

Oh, Louise,
this is Mrs. Gibbons.

It's my wife's cousin.


I didn't mean to open up my life to you,
but I've had a lot of problems this year.

My personal situation's a
shambles. I got fired... Uh, demoted.

I heard there was some violence.
I broke a chair in somebody's office.

They fired you for that? Threw it out
of the window. The window was closed.

That's terrific.

It's terrific?

Yeah, it's brilliant, all right.

Look, my wife is a
bag of nerves. Oh, boy.

Could I tell that!
I saw her at Mike's funeral.

So exactly what she doesn't need
is more family problems.

I'm not...
really family.

Yeah, but you're screwing my
son, and he is your third cousin.


Well, whatever.
It's okay. It's safe.

Hey, perfect! I was
trying to quit anyway.

Look, you got a nice house, a
husband who loves ya, I think.

Yeah, everybody wants
the easy way out, don't they?

Except you.


I read this article that said
that people that work at night...

are just like those trappers
and desperadoes and hunters...

that got this country going, you know,
way back when, like 200 years ago.

And it said that now
night is the new frontier.

Well, that's just so much
horseshit, Mrs. Gibbons.

Why do you say that's horseshit?
I read it. It was in black and white.

It said that now it's muggers
and rapists and thieves,

but it takes the same kind of...

intestinal, uh...

Yeah. Guts to, uh, to cut the
mustard around here after dark...

that it did in Dodge City
way back when.

Freddie paints houses, Mrs.
Gibbons. Yeah, but you don't.

You live a very exciting life...

because you live on the edge.

I admire that.

I admire you.

Why'd you do that?

You saved somebody's life
tonight, Mr. Dupler.

I'm gonna go now,
Mrs. Gibbons.


Mr. Dupler?

Can I call you George?

A survivor, Carlos Delgado,

said the boat was lost
in a blinding rain...

when the water spout hit,
tearing off the cabin.

A bus ride in hopes
of a new job ended in...

I think if you went and apologized to
Mr. Shuster, he'd probably have you back.

I got a call in to him.


I mean in person, face-to-face.

The two women had been stabbed a total
of 20 times with a bayonet-type weapon...

at least nine inches long.

A nonprofit group, a
committee for adequate growth...

George, it's 7:00.
You're gonna be late for work.

And urged an increase in the
highway budget to solve the problem.

The average pothole in the state
is 16 inches wide... How's my boy?

In Los Angeles today a 23-year
old man was Killed... Okay.

In his first day on the job
as a tree trimmer.

Teleford Marchesan was killed when he sliced
through his safety belt with a chain saw...

and plunged 40 feet
to his death.

He'd been at work high atop a
royal palm trimming off dead leaves.

His supervisor said Marchesan told him
he had experience working at such heights,

but apparently
he didn't have enough.

That's the news up till now.
We'll be back at 11:00.

If George's forecast holds
up, that is. See you at 11:00.

Mr. Shuster's office.

No, he's not back
from lunch yet.

Have a nice day. Would you
like some more coffee, Mr. Dupler?

No, thank you, Elizabeth.
Thank you.


Bob Hutchinson.
George Dupler. Hi.

Dupler. Yes, I saw you that day
you had that, uh, little problem.

Oh. Bob's my new assistant
in research and development.

A rising star.

Dupler, you don't actually have an
appointment with Shuster, do you?

I was just gonna try to...

Dupler, don't make things harder
on yourself than they already are.


And Mr. Dupler is here to see
you. John, uh... Hutchinson.

Yes, I will.
Don't you worry.

Mr. Dupler.

I'm afraid I have
some bad news for you.

Mr. Shuster isn't going to
be back in the office today.

He says if you call first thing tomorrow,
perhaps he'd find time to talk to you then.

Don't do nothin', see?

I gotta rush. I don't got all
year. I didn't build this thing.

What's the matter, Leon? This new
computer brain, it don't work for shit.

I gotta get outta here,
huh? Ring it up manually.

How am I supposed to know
which amount?

It says right there.

How am I supposed to know that?

I don't know, Leon.

That was really so sweet
of you to return my lighter.

Bet you could fix anything, huh?

This came right directly
out of a can, huh? Two cans.

Oh. One's mushroom soup
and the other one's tuna fish.

But the big secret is that I don't use
any water in the soup so it stays thick.

Do you like it?

It's good!

Bobby taught me.

Your wife must be
a good cook. Helen.

She does some very nice
French sauces.

She really tries.
To do what?

Put up with me.

She really... She tries very
hard to organize our lives.

She plans everything carefully.
Like planning to have one kid?

Nobody plans
to have somebody like Freddie.

I did.

Hmm. That's because you never
had any children of your own.

Bobby wouldn't let me.


Oh! Oh, no.

Let me help you.

Wait a minute. Wait, wait,
wait. Wait, let me get this.

Um, give me your jacket. I've got
some nice cleaning stuff in there.

You want to, uh...
see Freddie's paint job?


Come on.

I bet you picked out this color.

How could you tell?

I really shouldn't be here.

Did you ever try a water bed?

Can I have my jacket?

You're just overtired. You need
to reset your biological clock.


I'm so insensitive.
But don't worry.

I think I've decided that it's
over between Freddie and I.

You think you've decided? Yeah.

You're probably right about the
way I'm no good for him and all.

I didn't say that.

What I said was...

he's no good for you.
Oh! I see.


Every time I hear that sound I think,
"Please, God, don't let Bobby get burned.”

He's real brave, you know?
He loves fires.

This is really wrong, you know?

It is?

Oh, we don't have to do it. I
mean... I won't put pressure.

I don't mind the pleasure...

It's just that...
I can handle that.

Could you try not to mention
your husband's name so much? Oh!

There I go again
being so insensitive.

You poor baby!

Are you expecting anyone?
At 4:00 in the morning?

Ooh, let me help you.

Don't worry. Bobby's got
a key. Oh, that's terrific.

Yeah. Let me do it.
But who's at the front door?

Here, let me get it. Oh!

It can't be anybody.
I mean, it...

Don't worry.

Oh, hold your horses!

Oh. Not now!
Not now!

Freddie, I told you always to call
first! Bobby could've been here.

I know, I know,
but I couldn't sleep.

What's wrong?

Um, those days are over.

No, listen. Come here.

What? Come in here. Something
I wanna talk to you about.

Well, let's go lay down
and talk. No. Sit down here.

What are you worried about?
Nobody saw me come in.

Mmm. Mmm.

Hey, wait a minute.

There've been two people
eatin' here.

Fille, fille.


Le fromage.

Shh, shh, shh. Shh, shh, shh.
Uh, George. George est...

Your husband? Oui.
Uh, George, uh...

Il ronfle.

Il ronfle?


Freddie, what is it?

Mom, Dad...

Freddie! Freddie?
You all right?

Freddie, your father's sleeping!

Wake up, you son of a bitch!

Is it time?
I saw her first!

What? Cheryl! I saw her first!

Okay, Freddie, that's
enough! I said I loved her!

- I said I loved her!
- Freddie, I told you to leave your father alone.

- He's cheating on you.
- What?

- With my girl... Cheryl Gibbons.
- Aunt Cheryl?

She's not my goddamn aunt!
I love her! Oh, Jesus Christ!

Mom, he's...

What are you gonna do,
hit me? George! George?

Look, Helen, this is not true.
It's not really true. You liar.

Patricia, you better leave.
This may get ugly.

- Helen, you want me to call the police?
- Cheryl Gibbons? You both...

Look what you're doing
to your mother!


You bastard!

All right, I've had it!

I assume full responsibility
for everything.

Cheryl Gibbons.

Inflation. High interest
rates. Low productivity.

Moscow. Peking.

Korea. Vietnam.

You name it,
I'll be sorry for it.

Where are you going?

I don't know.

I don't understand.
I don't understand my son.

I don't understand my wife.

I don't understand myself.

I don't know if there's not
enough gas or too much sun,

not enough atomic energy
or too much nuclear waste.

I don't know if there's not enough
love, who's hiding what from whom,

what's right and what's wrong.

Who are you?

I'm the French, uh, teacher.

Le professeur de francais.

George Dupler.

Are you going on a vacation?

Uh... yeah.
Not exactly.

The life is too short.

Life is too short.

Au revoir.

Watch it.

I need a place to live.

The maid's sick.
Spinal meningitis.

You can't rely
on nobody but yourself.

Our hero.

Hmm! Didn't help
his emphysema.

Uh, Mr. Dupler?


Everything you do comes
back to you sooner or later.

It hunts you down...

like a weasel.

I like it.

Special on baby formula,
today only...

Need something to keep
me awake. What's good?


I need something potent.
Break a law if you have to.

We don't make jokes about
pharmaceuticals, Mr. Dupler.

I haven't been asleep really for 49
hours. Just self-destructive behavior.

Take a tranquilizer. I got
tranquilizers. I need stimulants.

Hey, come on, come on.
Hand it over. Come on!


We could go to jail for this.

Hello? Helen! Yeah, uh, hi.

It's George. I didn't wake
you, did I? Where are you?

I'm at work. It's 1:30 in the
morning, but I'm wide awake.

Yeah. Go ahead, Helen.
Get it off your chest. Okay.

Never mind that I've been humiliated
in front of friends and our son,

but after 19 years married, you
don't walk out of the house like that.

Right, right. Helen, who's
Richard Haynes Copleston?

Are you okay?
You sound weird.

Helen, I sound weird
because I am weird.

Do you think I like being accused of
having an affair with my son's girlfriend?

George, do you want
to discuss that?

Helen, I'm calling to tell
you I'm alive and okay.

I'm not going to do anything crazy. I'm
gonna send you my paycheck every week.

I don't love her or anything ridiculous
like that, and it's all over between us.

It never was between us.

George, you've always lived
in a fantasy world, haven't you?

Do you expect me to believe
what you just said?

Helen, I don't care
what you believe.

Who's Richard Haynes
Copleston? He's my attorney.

Oh, Jesus Christ, Helen! We
don't need a goddamn attorney!

This whole goddamn thing
is getting out...

George, I think we do! And
the next time we meet, it will be...

in my lawyer's office, and you
better be there! Helen, yeah, shut up.

Yeah, I'll call him. I gotta go
now. Where are you going?

I gotta go down on the floor
and go to work. George? George?

Oh, hi.

Where's George? Is he up
in his office? Who are you?

Cheryl Gibbons. Oh. There.
Right there. Right up there.

Thank you.




Hmm... George!

Um, so far he's not up here.

A word to the wise, honey.
Don't touch nothin' that ain't yours.

And don't accept candy
from strangers, honey.

You have no business checking
in here. This is private property.

Why haven't you called me back?
I had to move outta my house.

Why, the bank?
Not the bank. You!

Me? Yeah. You made Freddie
think that you and I were...

Sleeping together? Yeah. He
told my wife. Now she thinks we...

I never said that. What kind
of a girl do you think I am?

I said all we did was kiss once.

It was twice! Well, I played it
down. I said it was only once.

But he flew right off the
handle. He gets that from me!

Look, take it easy.
Hey, um...

I had to think on my feet,
didn't I?

Besides, everything always works
out in the end. Like hell it does.

It's still better this way. It gets
things out in the open, you know?

Too many people lead
double lives. Oh, terrific.

Did you tell your husband about
you and me and Freddie? He'd kill me!

My son wants to kill me! You're upset
because you don't trust your feelings.

Stop being so, I don't
know, controlled. I'm not!

I'm the same way. I'm
controlled by my emotions.

We're in the same boat.
Nobody's in my boat!

Don't be a smart ass!


Who's in charge here?

I am!

I am!

How long I gotta live
with this? With what?

With this goddamn racket? You
want it fast, or do you want it good?

I don't even want it.

Keep your paws off the tools. Hey, get
your hammer, your little saw and squares,

put 'em in a little box
and get out.

- You wanna make me, sport?
- Yeah.

It's really a nice gift. Your mom
must love you. She was in the service.

Yeah. Why don't you put it away
now, 'cause the boss is a little upset.

Yes, ma'am.

Excuse me.

Get back in there!
Hey, you chicken shit!

Get the cash out!

Come on!
May I help you, miss?

Wait a minute! Hey, guys,
please don't go away.

Chief, the gun's not loaded.

You're in a lot of trouble,

Ultra, Ultra-Save Drug Store.

Uh, 6-0-6...

Come on!

Russell, use your nightstick.


Not me!

No corner,
it's the whole damn block!

Russell! Could you call
the paramedics too, please?

Get outta here!

She'll kill ya.

Save's baby department
is featuring...

You're under arrest.

It's all over, chief.

She was a big one, wasn't she?

I bet a lot of people have lived,
loved and died in these hallways.

Oh, here, George.

I'm finally starting to see George
Dupler the way the world sees him:

A man in total disarray.

Oh, hell! What... "To
whom it may concern:

"Where is my United States
Army Air Force jacket?

Gibson Lone Wolf."
Jesus Christ!

Buggoms took it.
Who's Buggoms?

I can't live like this.
This is beneath me.

Who's Buggoms?
Buggoms is the bellhop.

Lone Wolf is this Apache
that rented the room before me.

But nothing of yours
is missing, right?

I mean, just his jacket?

That's not the point.

There was a man who cried...

because he had no shoes,

until he met a man
who had no feet.

Did you make that up?

I read it somewhere.

You know, I've never been this
close to a vice president before.

I never made vice president.

Boy, did they blow it.

I have no privacy.
Lone Wolf has a key.


I got it.

Nothing worries you, does it?

Well, not much, but, yeah,
lots of things do. What, then?

Well, I don't know.


getting old.

Uh, missing out on life.

Not amounting to anything.

That's why I made Bobby
rent me my organ, you know?

The one in my living
room? Mm-hmm.

So I could compose
my music at least.

You write music?
Oh, sure!

What kind?
Oh, all kinds.

Um, country.



You know, ideas just...
They just come to me.

I get these urges.

You must get 'em too.

If you could be anything,

what would you be?

Anything in the world?

An inventor.

An inventor?
Oh, I knew it.

You did?
I knew it!

Save your strength, George.

Come on.

Although it might not
seem like it to you today,

my intent is actually
to save your marriage.

I've drawn up a simple,
voluntary separation agreement,

and specified
certain obligations...

which you, I'm sure, feel
towards Helen; And attached...

dollar values
to those obligations.

Are you suing me for divorce?

Could I see the agreement?

Yes, certainly.

And I might suggest you
have your attorney look it over.

How's Freddie?

Does he hate me?


If I sign this,
I'm admitting I've committed...

"offenses that strike at the very
heart of the marriage contract.”

You have committed
adultery. That is a fait accompli.

You'll notice I made no
direct reference to that act.

Why not? It sounds better than all
this legal shit. Look at yourself, George.

You haven't even shaved. You're not
taking care of yourself. You look pitiful.

That's because
I'm supposed to be asleep.

How in the hell would you look
if we had whatever this is...

down at my drugstore
at 3:00 in the morning?

Gimme a goddamn pen.

Have your attorney
read it first.

Nobody's getting rich over the
disintegration of my personal life.

One for you.

And one for you.
Is that about it?

For now.

"Set the throttle lever.” Set.

"To determine if the craft
is functioning properly,

wiggle the stick
on the control box."

Just read it, all right?
Mr. "Doopler,”

I wouldn't go upstairs
lookin' like that. Why not?

You have some visitors.
Top brass.

I do, huh?

He looks like shit.

You're 43 minutes late, Dupler.

- John!
- Turn that goddamn light on.

And, uh... Hutchinson.

What do you think of the electronics
center, Dupler, as a concept I mean?

Which one is that? The one
we're building in your store.

Hear the hammers?

It's not my store.

Well, that's too bad...
Excuse me.

Because the company is offering
a profit participation plan...

to its topflight managers.

Visual illusions.

Integrated Optics.

You seem to me to be a man
without not too much of a future, Dupler.

I just can't visualize you around
here when we give this branch new life.

I mean, look at you.

You look like one of the
customers, for Christ sake.

Where were you before
this? What do you mean?

That's what I mean. You were
nowhere, right? This is square one for you.

No history,
no mistakes to learn from.

Everything lies in the future
for a guy like you.

You've got the world by the balls, and
you're squeezin'. Somethin' wrong with that?

You might crush 'em.

If I had the authority,

I'd fire your ass
out of this company tonight.

I quit.

I said I quit.

I'm throwing in the towel.
You win.

Twenty-one years, Dupler!
All that goes if you do that.

All your pension plan,

Not even you are that stupid.

Hey, don't overestimate me.



You better think
this through, George.

Twenty-one fuckin' years!

Nobody's lookin' for
any heroes around here.

- Dupler!
- "Pull antenna."

Dupler, did you hear me?

I can't hold it, chief.

Holy shit!
Give it to me!

Right, chief.

You stupid son of a bitch!


Dupler, you're just making
things worse for yourself.

Look out!
Do something!

You're not impressing me,
Hutchinson. You take care of it.

If it's not down in five
minutes, shoot it! Right.

What the hell's goin' on
here? I gotta be movin' on.

Where're you goin'? On
life's incredible journey.

Hey, chief!

One of the best new
songwriters in the business...

ticklin' the ivories tonight.

Yours truly, Cheryl Gibbons.

It was ly...

twas yin' in the gutter

broken, twisted and abused.

It's Gibbons.
I've been workin' on the dawn crossing.

If we move in from the right flank,
we'll just run over the bastards.

Sure, does it matter? Several
strangers looked upon it.

Major Lauchen and Captain
Shulte. Shook their heads.

Right. The whole Twenty-fourth
Panzers. Hold on a minute!

Cheryl! Hey, Cheryl!


I'm on the phone.

The same fuckin' song.
We'll sweep down the...

Wait a minute.

Ah, ah.
Rumbled over.

Joined the crowd
and took command

I'll back you up. He'd
seen this sort of thing

many times before Yeah!

We've got the guns. But
he called back to the station

why don't you send an
ambulance but please hasten


Cheryl, I asked...
I can play too!

Now, I asked you.

I can.

Asked a curious passerby.
All right. I'm lookin' forward to it.

I'll see ya Sunday.

Nothin' much Please keep movin'

When you gonna finish this
goddamn thing? Give it some air.

Cause it may be breathin'

think it's just another

broken heart

boom, boom, boom
Carelessly tossed

boom, boom, boom

carelessly tossed
from a speeding car

onto the hard rock pavement

of life.

Hold your horses!

How's it goin'?

How's what going?
Oh, you know, life.

Life? Uh, Bobby's
here. You know Bobby?

Can I come in?
Not now.

Well, whereabouts exactly is he?

He's... exactly out back.
That's where he is.

Well, I'll take a look.
No, no, George!

George! This is not
a good idea for a visit.

Just wanna say hi.
Just wanna say hi?

What, is he building
a wall? Yeah.

Oh, he's got his little bricks
down there. He sees me.

Hello, Bobby!

Was that you singing?
Why aren't you asleep?

I am. I'm just out
walkin' around.

Such a nice day for a change.

Could've fooled me.

Hey, sorry I had
to drag you away from the...

Any excuse.

So, what brings you here
this fine day?

Oh, just in the neighborhood.

You know, out walking around.
Came to see how you're doin'.

Doin' great.
Come on over.

Oh, thank you.

Oh, your hands...
are dirty.

Want some coffee? Nice
cold beer? Honey. Sure.

I'll be right back.
I'll have a beer.

Yes, honey.

What've you got goin' here?
A little home improvement, huh?


It looks solid, the way you really sink
your teeth into it, work with your hands.

Build somethin' you can
hold onto in this fuckin' world.


I decided on beer.
Coffee takes too long.

I didn't want to miss
anything. Nice and cold.

First today.

So how's Billy?

I just did that.

Your kid Billy.

Freddie, honey.
Freddie. Hold this.

Oh, Frederick!

You mean, Frederick the Great.

He's fine.
He's got a sprained wrist.

Oh, not his painting
arm? I hope so.

How's your wife? She's fine, thank
you. A little crazy around the ears.

- Who isn't these days?
- Certain people certainly are.

It's outside pressures
that do it.


Curtis P. Fields.

The Forgotten Art of
Building a Stone Wall,

by Curtis P. Fields.

Of all the people I know,
you should read that.

You can read it in an afternoon. You should
pick that up. I'll pick it up for him.

No, come on! I just did...
Ah, Jesus Christ!

Oh, I'm sorry.
No, I'll get it.

Let me, let me fix it. No,
no, no. Please. It's my wall.

Honey, can I help you? No!

I'll get everything. You
wanna take your beer, honey?

No, you drink it.

I could Kill you for this.
What is this all about?

Do you think he knows, has
any idea at all? Of course not!

Cheryl, you've got your
whole life in front of you.

You taught me that. I did? When?

That's what I love
about you. What is?

I have to ask you something
highly personal.

If I answer you,
will you get out of here?

Well, this is kind
of embarrassing, but...

with Freddie, and then with me,
what I'm trying to find out is...

You were better.

Well, at least as good.
Which one was it?

- You're so much more mature, George.
- Sit up!

Sit up, dumb shit!

Point of no return coming
up. Don't do this to me.

You gonna be able to handle
it? I'm warning you. Stop.

You make me think the craziest
thoughts. Get the hell out of here.

Will you get... Oh,
uh, listen, Bobby.

I'm gonna have to go now.
I'm really sorry.

So, you goin' now then?

Yeah. Yeah.


I don't know.

Maybe I'll, uh, go next door and
bother those people for a while.


Strange person.

Well, he's your
brother-in-law. No, he's not.

He's an asshole.

This way.

Four thousand square feet,
give or take.

All this shit
I can clear out for you.

Is there a restroom?
Yeah, over there.

Six sinks, six urinals.
Three crappers.

Is there a shower?
Yeah, two showers.

I require a three-year lease.

Well, that's fine.

I need to settle down
for a change.

You one of those
artists in residence?

An inventor.

Anything I know?
Not yet.

Well, you've got your work
cut out for you...

'cause nothin' they got now
gets the job done.

Hey, happy anniversary.

George Dupler. Yes.
You're Helen's husband.

Thank you.

We know him?

Joan's sister's husband.


How ya doin'?

Helen. Joan.

Helen said that you
were working this afternoon.

Actually, no. I, uh...

George, I'll get you
something to eat. Thank you.

Hey, George, you made it. I
wouldn't miss this for the world.

Well, you almost did.

Why don't you get George something
to eat, Cheryl? No, that's okay, really.

No, it's my pleasure. Thank you.

You're a popular guy, George.
Don't fight it.

I'm his father.

Michele Miller. So Cheryl says,
what, you're workin' in a drugstore?

Not anymore. I quit. Yeah?

Can we talk later? Yeah?
What about, I wonder.

Does he like baked beans?

Why are you doing this?

It was you, wasn't it? On
purpose, you invited him here.

Oh, no, I never
asked him to show up.

You're the most totally corrupt
woman I've ever met in my life.

Now you're trying to humiliate
me. I would never do that.

Now you're asking me
if he likes baked beans.

I don't believe this. I don't
believe it. Be careful, that's hot.

Can I help?

Maybe I could...
Baked beans, George.

You forgot to tell Cheryl whether
or not you liked baked beans.

Really, I...
thought I had.

Oh, George! Go and
dance with her or something.

She thinks you're here
because of me. I am.

George, why did you come here?
I mean, really, this is very...

I want to take you away
from all this. I just...

What? I always take your advice.

You said too many people
lead double lives.

No, I only said it.
I didn't mean it.

This is your potato salad,
isn't it?

I fell in love with this potato
salad at Mike's funeral.

You're beginning to scare
me. You're right, though.

I've got a new place. I'd love
for you to see it. You'll like it.

I don't even want to hear
about it. Get your coat and hat...

Is everybody okay?
Fine. Fine.

Why don't you just sit down?

Thank you. It's all right.
There was a time where I,

I almost chucked it all in
myself. That happened to me too.

- Why didn't you?
- Because I have a sense of responsibility.

I was worried about my Cheryl.
The clothes on her back.

Where would she eat? Where
would she sleep? She's a big girl.

George is
a store manager, Bobby.

Uh... Yeah? So why'd
he tell me he quit then?

I, I got a better job.
Really? What is it?

I'm working as a waiter now.
Working with my hands for a change.

With your hands?

Yeah. I work nights
so I have my days free.

Work out a few ideas. Try
to... invent something. Invent!

Have fun. I'll try
and make ends meet.

You must have a couple of brainstorms
on the ol' drawing board, eh, George?

- As a matter of fact, I do have one.
- What is it?

It's a mirror.
Let me show you.

It's too late.
I already got one.

No, not like this you don't.

My mirror gives you a
positive reflection of yourself,

allows you to see yourself exactly
the way other people see you.

Jesus Christ!

Some people might not want to see
themselves as other people see them.

I hope the Russians
don't find out about it.

That's good, Uncle George.

You could call it
"The Dupler.”

The Dupler.

Why don't you get the cake?

Why don't you?


Why don't you go get it?

You want me to get the cake?

That would be very nice, Bobby.

Sure, I'll get the cake.

Sorry, Ma!

Take it easy!

You owe your wife an
apology. Leave it go, George.


What am I supposed to be, blind?

I want you to admit in front of my whole
family that you're fooling around with my wife.

Actually, I think
most of them already know.

I didn't know. Cheryl. Who?

We should all
express our feelings.


Where the hell are you goin'?

Cheryl, I'm warnin' you! Robert!

Cheryl! You come
back here! Let her go.

She has never been one of us.


There's no excuse
for behavior like that.

Well, you throw chairs.

I'm not proud of it.

Come in.

Orange pekoe.

Thank you.

It's perfect.

Nothing makes sense
to me anymore, George.

Not even your mirror.

It's my prototype.

Left is right,
and right is left.

Boy, I'll say.

Come on up here.
Come on.

What if Bobby finds us, George?

Let him. We're not hiding
from anybody. We're not?

What I can't figure out is,
where a girl like you...

ever hooked up with a guy
like that in the first place.

At a fire.
At a fire. Of course.

Where else?
It had to be at a fire.

It's not funny.
I'm sorry.

He saved my life.

My whole kitchen almost went
up in flames; My hair, everything,

except for his quick thinking.

And how do I go and repay him?
By making his life miserable.

Will you stop letting people
push you around?

Stop feeling sorry for people.
Put your foot down.

You think I'm stupid,
don't you? Well, I'm not.

I just do stupid things.

Like I should have got the
stupid cake when he asked me to.

Why should you have done that?

Because now he'll never
let me have my sheet music!

Or my organ! I'll
buy you another one.

What about my albums and
my books? All my magazines?

We'll go get them. Really? That's
very easy for you to say, George!

Just look at this place!

I mean, you live in a warehouse!

Look at the way you live! With a
bunch of Koreans! Are you through?

There's only one goddamn
pillow here! Listen to me!

What kind of a person
only has one pillow?


listen to me.

I love you.

You do?

Since when?
Oh, about...

Oh, George.

But I have to have all of you. I
can't have just a third or a half of you.

If I had it, George,
I'd give it to ya.

You've gotta try. You have
to make a choice. No, I can't.

You have to.

You mean, I can't have
my cake and eat it too?


Not anymore.

You left your lights on.

So what?


Hey, waiter!
Have a seat.

I'd love to, but I gotta...

Have a seat.

Why don't I have a seat
here? What do you want?

He doesn't know what we want. Where's
my wife, Dupler? She's safe. She's okay.

Hey, kid, I don't like cold veal.
What are you tr yin' to prove?

Are you trying to see how far
you can push me? No, not at all.

Where is she, then? Freddie,
we got a real problem here.

You got a big problem! No,
no. We all three have a problem.

Know what it is?
We don't trust each other.

I didn't start this.
Yeah, she started it...

comin' onto this poor
son of a bitch here.

But you kept it goin'.
Hey, nobody walks away from me.

- You hear me, Dupler?
- I've seen this before.

She scrambles men's brains,
but I wanna know somethin'.

I wanna know what kind of
person I'm dealin' with, Dupler.

- Do you believe in God?
- How do you like my veal parmigiano?

Do you understand why I got your son here? So
you can get it direct from the horse's ass,

that if my wife isn't in my house
by tomorrow morning, I will kill!

- I don't give a shit anymore!
- Do you understand?

This is a matter of principle.
And that goes for him too!

You understand,
you shit-for-brains?

Hey, Dad, what's gonna happen
to me when you get a divorce?

Why, you get custody
of yourself, I guess.

George? Don't get
up. Don't get up.

Mom, what are you doing?

I'm having a glass of wine.
What are you doing?

This is my house.
Have you met my son?

Uh, no.

Freddie, this is
your mother's attorney.

Richard Haynes Copleston.


some questions do come to mind.

For instance, is there a Mrs.
Richard Haynes Copleston...

at home in bed
at this late hour?

Not anymore, no.

That helps.

Are you gonna marry
my wife or what?

I don't think, uh, this is an
appropriate time to talk about...

Why in the hell not? George,
you have absolutely no right-

I have every goddamn right
in the world!

Everybody's been tr yin'
to nail me for something.

And now, the goddamn
tables are turned. Don't swear.

Dad... take it easy.


I'm okay.

You're okay.

We're all okay.
We're wonderful.

We're young, and vital,
and in love.

Not necessarily with each other, but
you can't have everything, can you?

Could I have a cup of coffee?

He knows where
the coffee cups are.

I love it.
It's a remarkable twist.

I love it!

Yes, thank you.

You're looking quite lovely.

Thank you.
No, really.

You've... blossomed
in my absence.

Stop it.

Thank you.
You're welcome.

The sugar's on the
table. Thank you.

You're welcome.

This is outrageous!

Listen, uh, George.

Uh, where are you living now?

In an old factory over on
West Third Street, Richard.

I like it very much.

You didn't make this.

I did.

You're a very lucky woman,



Oh, gee.


One, two, three.

One, two, three.

To George Dupler.

You're all I ever wanted
in a man.

Hey, come on.


You're brave, you're smart,
you're mature.

You're a much better person
than I am, and I love you for it.

But I can't stay with you,

I just don't have the guts.

Because you do expect a lot
from a person, you know?

You throw chairs out of windows,
but not everyone else can.

Someday I'll write
a song about that.

Good luck with your mirror,
and all your future endeavors.

Your friend... Cheryl.

Hi, Cheryl.

Hey, Cheryl, what's wrong?

Cheryl, there's no visitors
topside. You know that.

Yeah, it's 23 feet in the
center! What've we got?

Seven infantry units,
ten points each.

Two Stalin organs, five
points apiece. So kiss our ass.

We're goin' up to Stalingr...

What are you doin' here?

What'd you do to your hair?

Could we go out in the hall?

What for? I'd like
to talk to you, Bobby.

Okay, okay.
You wanna talk?

Then you do it at home, "cause
that's where I deal with you.

Not here! I think we should
talk about it now, Bobby.

Well, I don't!
Goddamn it, I do!

Shut up!
Stop swearin'!

Now, you listen to
me! Let go of my arm.

I said, let go of my arm!

You're somethin' else,
you know that?

Yeah, I guess I do know that.

I mean, I'm starting
to realize that.

And if we're gonna be together, Bobby,
things are gonna have to be different,

because I'm not taking
orders from you anymore.

Yeah? Who you gonna
take 'em from, him? Huh?

No! I-I'm not...

I'm not gonna take 'em
from anyone.

Marriage is a two-way street,
you know. Aw, that's beautiful.

Where'd you get that?
From good ol' George? Huh?

You don't even hear me, do you?

You got all your
little friends right here.

Your little toys, and
your little tanks. Toys?

And your guns,
and your fire trucks.

Well, I'm not a fire you can
put out. Do you hear me?

What's happened to you? You're not
wired right. You don't connect anymore.

What happened to Cheryl?
Why don't you grow up, Bobby?

You take that back.

Take it back!


The unit should be there
in five minutes.

Come on, Max.

C'mon! Max!

Somebody get the fuckin' dog!


Got your message.
I'm really fed up.

I'm tired of all this back
and forth, back and forth.

I'm too old for all that. We're gonna
settle this thing right now, right here.

- This is your last chance.
- I've already made up my mind.

We can start seeing each other
during the daytime now.

What the hell does that mean?

And the nighttime too.

Are you serious?

Yeah, I'm serious.

Well, slide down.

Yeah, come on.
Slide down.

Slide down? Yeah. I
dare you. Are you afraid?


I'll catch you.

Come on.


Oh, shit.


Nice slide.
Oh, thanks.

Ooh, be careful.
Up, up, up.

Ah, this is great.

I'd like to have a place
like this someday.

You want a beer? No.
Some other time maybe.

We'll count on it.

Call first.


See ya.

Yeah, taught him
everything he knows.

Sure did.

What does that mean?

Oh, George.
You're so much more mature.