Alien Warfare (2019) - full transcript

Subtitles by explosiveskull

Jefferson taking a beating,

but he just keeps on comin'.

He does not know
the definition of "quit."

But if he keeps this up,
he's gonna learn the words "knockout,"

and possibly "concussion" real soon. Oh!

Listen, you cannot box with this guy!
What are you doing?

Lifted off the mat!
Could've been six inches!

- No way to know!
- Oh, my God, dude.

Oh, my God, oh, my God, what is this?

Get out. Get out!

You can't!

Get out!

What's gonna happen?

Oh, oh, oh!

- Connects on the right hook.
- Marks.

Hey, what's goin' on, sir?

Yeah, how you doin'?

OK. Not a problem.

What time do you need to see everybody?

1300 tomorrow at the team room?

Not a problem, sir.

I will get everybody together and...

No, I-I haven't talked to Mike.

Probably about, um, eight months or so,
since he was dismissed.

Well, I mean, sir, I can just grab Bailey
or Robinson.

Both those guys are just back out,
and they had...

Uh, sir, actually, as far as I know,

I don't even think Mike has his quals...

Sir, with all due respect,
I think that that will...

Yes, sir... Yes, sir, I understand.

I will have everybody there,
Mike included, at 1300 tomorrow.

Roger that.

All right.

I need you to communicate
with your prime minister.

Explain to him that now...
I am in control.

Prime Minister will not negotiate
with you.

But if you let my family go... can do whatever you want with me.

Shh. It's OK, my sweet.

I am no fool.

You are too important to the government.

Good eye.

Freeze, Movladi!

I will kill this man, I swear it!

Sick bastard, I oughta pop you right now.




His little brother Marco, how about that?

I will kill this man.

I will kill him!

How about I pop him instead of you?
What do you think of that?

- I think we should let him go.
- What?


You know how this is gonna end.

Let's do something else, OK?

There's an exit right behind you.

You give us back the hostages,

we give you back your brother,

you walk out of here, no one dies.

- Deal?
- It's a bullshit deal.

Our mission was to come in here
and rescue the hostages.

We can kill these guys any day.

Let him go off
and kill more innocent people?

The only way you deal with this
is by force.

It's the only thing they understand.

- Stop thinking with your...
- Stand down, that's an order!

Let 'em go, or your little brother dies.

Let Marco go first.

Tag 'em.

Hey, good job, Meredith.

I think I popped that one
right in the head!

Oh, I won't have to worry
about those goddamn punks anymore, right?

I'll be like Charles Bronson,
"Make my day, motherfucker."

I really wish I didn't hear that,
but that's all right.

You're getting a lot better, though.
You hit the paper this time.

Am I ready
to go on to the machine guns now

or, or those AK-47 thingies?

You're hitting the paper,
that's a good start.

- Yeah, right? Right?
- So how about we just, uh,

stick with this guy a little bit longer?

- Oh, OK.
- And then, uh...

- OK.
- Yeah, then we'll talk

about moving up to a chain gun.

All right, OK.
I don't wanna get too cocky.

- Yes. That's good.
- Get it, cocky?

- That's a little pun there.
- Yeah.

Mike. You got a walk-in.

Yeah, I'm busy.
Give it to one of the other guys?

He asked for you specifically.

You're gonna need a scope
if you wanna hit that.

Yeah, maybe.

You got one in that desk
you been hiding behind?

How's Angie and the kids?

Carly just lost her first tooth.

Trevor finally got off
his training wheels.

And Angie...

Well, Angie actually just had lunch
with Beth last week.

And how's she doing?

Shit, I don't know, bro.
Why don't you ask her?

She's your wife.

I'm not alienating any person, but...

- Should've listened to me.
- I made a call.

No, Mike. That wasn't a call.

That was a reaction.
You're a hothead, bro.

Always have been. Just like Dad.

- You wanna bring Dad into this?
- Yeah, because just like Dad,

you got a guy killed.

Avery's putting an op together,
and he wants you on my team.

- Yeah, well, I'm out now.
- Yeah, well, they're reinstating you.

Op brief's at 1300.
Make sure you're there.

That's an order.

You're a hothead, bro.

Always have been. Just like Dad.

- You wanna bring Dad into this?
- Yeah.

And just like Dad, you got a man killed.

Look, I understand the phrase
"love at first sight,"

but all I'm saying is,
how you even know this girl is real?

I mean... you got one picture.

She's real.

Hey, LT.

You ever get a look at Thorpe's

alleged Lithuanian girlfriend?

She's Latvian.

She's not my girlfriend.

You're trying to tell me
that you ain't made a move yet?

When the time is right.

So let me get this straight.

You're seeing some commie girl
from bumfuck wherever

that you think is real
based off of one picture,

and you haven't even had the little balls
to make a move yet?

When the time is right.

I feel for you, Thorpe.

I really do.

You know, I think you might be

the first Navy SEAL in history
to die a virgin.

I mean, unless of course
women ain't really your thing,

in which case...

Navy's actually pretty
inclusive nowadays.

That's right.

I mean, you're always checking me out
when I'm working out.

That's all I'm saying.

But, uh...

guess I can't blame you for that.

You know your protein shakes
are loaded with saccharine.

- Ah, sweet Baby Jesus, no.
- Artificial sweeteners are no joke.

I mean, those compounds
are highly addictive.

When rats were given a choice,

they chose artificial sweeteners
over cocaine.

Actual cocaine.


That's about right.

As a medical professional,

you should be more mindful of your health.

This stupid blender's all janky.

Bullshit-ass online reviews.

LT, what's this gig about?

What's with all the secrecy?


Yeah, well,
that's a bunch of bullshit, man.

I'm getting sick and tired

of all these little CIA stiffs
coming through,

without one ball between them
to hold up a joystick,

trying to tell us what to do,
like we don't know our jobs or...



We were told 1300.

These gentlemen wanted
to see where you work.

Agent Maddox, this is Lieutenant Marks,
one of our finest.

this is Agent Maddox and Agent Reed.

They'll be going over your briefing.

Which agency?


Take a seat, gentlemen.


Excuse me.

Agent, I'd appreciate
if you don't touch that.

Chris, this comes from topside,
from POTUS himself.

There's supposed to be four of them.

Chris, where's your brother?

I honestly doubt he'll show, sir.

Why don't I just bring in somebody else,
like, um, Robinson or Bailey?


I know your brother as well as I know you,

and he's not one to sit on the sidelines
when his number's been called.

With all due respect, sir,

Mike's just not the man that you remember.

He's right.

Think I gained a few pounds.

- Mikey, how you doing?
- Hey, Thorpe.

- All right, everybody.
- Hey, leave your walker outside, old man?

There's that Jonesy charm.

- Commander.
- Good to see you, Mike.

All right, everyone. Settle and listen up.

I'm gonna hand this meeting
over to these gentlemen.

Agents, these men are my finest.

You know their work.

United States Navy SEALs.

The cream of the crop.

I'm expecting they'll be returned to me
in the same condition they were received.


Here's what we know.

What you're looking at
is a top secret U.S. base

that's located in the forests
of the Caucasus.

The base closed after the Cold War.

Three months after that,
our intelligence team moved in

and resumed operations
of a top secret nature.

That region's tiny.
I didn't know we moved back in.

That's why it's top secret.

- Burn.
- Shut up, Jonesy.

- Are we finished?
- Hey, button up, morons.

The base went dark.

There's been no contact
with anyone in the building

for the past 12 hours.

We need to know why.

Couldn't they have just been overtaken

by some sort of hostile force?

Not likely.

This is the feed from our drone.

We had over a hundred scientists,

and a security team working
in and around that building.

This image was taken at 1436 minutes.

This image at 1437 minutes.

Where'd they go?

So you're saying that
in just over one minute,

a hundred people... vanished?

That is exactly what I'm saying.

Maybe they just, like, ran off

for Thirsty Thursday or some shit,
you know?

I mean, I heard that the bar girls
over that way can be real spicy.

Maybe you should take this shit
a little more seriously.

Petty Officer Jones,

or as your meathead friends
like to call you... Jonesy.

Two counts of insubordination.

Negative marks for inappropriate conduct.

Yeah, and also the best patch-up record

in the history of the SEAL teams.

So trust me, when you're out in the field

getting your ass shot off,

you want Jonesy by your side.

I mean, assuming that you actually,
like, go in the field sometimes.

All right, assholes, listen up.

When I spoke
with the President, personally,

he recommended this team for the job.

I told him you beer-guzzling,

trash-talking ingrates weren't qualified.

I wanted to send professionals.

But he chose you.

That might have something to do
with the fact

that we saved his daughter's life
just two years ago.

I don't give a flying shit!

I just wanna find out
what happened at that base.

What were they working on?

It's a top secret facility
in some obscure location,

so what are they hiding?

Weapons tech, illegal research, what?

It's classified.

- But we want you to secure that, too.
- OK.

So you want us to go
into a classified compound

built for a classified purpose,

obtain your classified little toy,

before it vaporizes more people
into classified thin air?

- That's right.
- Commander, this is bullshit.

So if we don't even know what it is,

how do we know when we find it?

If you find it...

you'll know.

Studying the terrain?

Wasn't it you that always used to say

you can't really know a terrain
until you're standing in it?

There's a lot more that's unknown here
than just the terrain.

This whole op's one big blind spot.

There's a lot more
that they're not telling us.

No shit.

But, hey, that's the job, man.

The job is to complete the mission
and get everyone home safe.

It's a lot harder to do that
when you're given partial intel.

Christ, you ought to know that.

OK, listen up, dude.

There's one thing that
we are gonna get straight right now

before we step outside.

This is my team, Michael.

You understand?

I don't give a shit how much history
you have with the guys.

I'm not gonna have you dicking up
this chain of command.

And you're gonna keep
that temper in check.


Copy... LT.

Good. Suit up.

All right, guys.

We're about a half a klick out.

Mike and I are gonna stay on this heading.

I want you two to circle around,
come in from the west,

and hold up on the perimeter.

Copy that.


You good?

Yeah, I'm good.

Then pull your head out of your ass.
I need you here, dude.

- Weird, isn't it?
- What's that?

Chris being our LT, Mike on our level.

Well, nobody's on my level,

but you know what I mean.

Yeah, I guess.

- You don't have an opinion?
- I don't know.

I think they both got their points.

I'm more worried about whatever
they got in this facility.

Government's always hiding shit.

You do know that you work
for the government, right?

This is different.

Conspiracy blogs are always talking
about dark science.

Virus engineering.

Particle splitting.

Just being creative here,
gum that never loses its flavor...


did you know that people
who used to live here invented gum?

They would collect the resin
produced from the trees.

Thorpe, yo,
please do not do this right now, man.

- And chew on it.
- I don't wanna hear

- your useless trivia facts bullshit!
- That resin, called chicle,

can still be found in gum today.

That's where the name Chiclets comes from.

You need to get laid, man.

It's ridiculous to insert in daylight.

Well, when the POTUS says go,
we go.

So I'm thinking we breach
in a two-by pattern,

give those knuckleheads some cover.

I'll decide when we get there.

Sign says it was a perfume factory.

The only thing I smell is bullshit.

Do you hear that?

No, I don't hear anything.


That's what had me so spooked earlier.

There's no animals. There's no birds.

Not even a goddamn mosquito.

If there was anything alive
in this jungle, it's gone now.

Save it for your weekly
psych eval, will you?

Jonesy, Thorpe, what's your 20?

Holding at the perimeter, LT.

Give me eyes.

- Yeah, we're alone.
- Copy.

All right, gentlemen.

We're going in the front.

I got eyes on what looks like
some sort of lobby in there.

- Going in the front?
- Yeah, we're going in the front.

That's rookie shit!
Go to the rear entrance.

- Are you shitting me right now?
- I'm not shitting you!

- Knock it off, Mike.
- Knock what off?

No, Mike,
the constant bitching and arguing...

I hate it when Mommy and Daddy fight.

Michael, this is my mission.
We're running it my way.

You don't like that,
you can take your happy ass home.

I warned you about this shit.

Like I said, gentlemen,

we're going in the front.
I want heads low and frosty.

Come on.

After you, princess.

Jonesy, check the Geiger.

Slightly above normal,

slightly below
"your dick's gonna fall off."

It's safe.

Thorpe, ring the bell.

Breach up.


Go, go, go, go, go!

Anybody else see no dead scientists?


Those CIA guys weren't kidding.


I'm still not buying it, though.

I mean, a hundred scientists
don't just up and disappear.

There must be a panic room,
hidden basement,

- someplace where they went hiding.
- All in 60 seconds?

Look at this.

Security doors. Advanced, too.

Looks like magnesium alloy plating.

That would stop an army
from getting in here.


Except that whatever happened
happened so fast

they didn't even have a chance
to seal the doors.

Or before they can
get off a single round.

There's absolutely no signs of engagement.

Maybe we're thinking about this all wrong.

Maybe what happened here
didn't spill in from the outside.

Maybe it all went bad from within.

All right, let's continue
the sweep, guys.

Jonesy, Thorpe, you take left.

Mikey and I are gonna go right.

Give me the play-by-play.

So what do your conspiracy blogs
make of all this shit?

I don't know.
I ain't never heard of nothin' like this.

OK, well, I think
those CIA spooks set us up.

I signed on to kill terrorists, man,
not ghosts.

You can't kill ghosts.

They're already dead.

Twelve o'clock.

What the hell is that?

Looks like...


- Hmm.
- "Hmm"?

What do you mean, "hmm"?

You act like you know what's going on!

...unless you're not also seeing

random-ass piles of ash
over in your neighborhood.

Yeah, copy that, Jonesy.

It's a mess over here, too.

Check it out.

Vanished instantaneously, right?

Stay frosty.

Let's go check out the back.


What the hell is all this?

Looks like some kind of code.

Maybe they were code crackers,
like in that movie.

Code crackers.

Code? Crackers?

This ain't no code.

It's a language.

- Clear left.
- Clear right.

Do you smell something?

Yeah, it's like...

like bacon?

LT, we found something.

Copy that, Jonesy.

I need you guys
in the northeast sector right now.

We are not alone.


Don't move.

We're U.S. Navy SEALs.


We have a tango in the north wing!

I repeat, we have a tango
in the north wing!

Stop! Hey, stop!

Great teamwork, guys.

Yeah, we'll mark you down
for the assist on this one.

Get the mask.


There's nothing harmful in the air.
We already checked.

Except for Thorpe's breath.

What's your name?


- What?
- Isabella.

- Isabella Ferreira.
- Running it.

What do you do here, Isabella?

- English, please.
- Research soil samples,

but that doesn't matter now.


Isabella, this is Jonesy.

He is an awesome medic.

He's gonna check you out,

make sure you're all healthy
and everything, OK?

All right, Isabella,
I'm gonna need you to look into this.

Why'd you run from us?

You had guns.

You didn't think that
maybe we were actually here to rescue you?

- You want me to stop and ask questions?
- Guys!

Isabella, deep breath.

I thought you were...

something else.

Good, good.

She's all right, LT.

Something else? Like what?

A mop-up crew.

Whatever those people send in
to contain situations.

So exactly what kind of situation
are you containing here?

What do they tell about this place?

Just that the people here
were working on a classified project.

Classified project, and that's it?

Hey, you wanna tell me more...

All right, all right.


Hey, look at me.

What happened here?

Where did all your people go?

- You're really not gonna kill me?
- No.

I'll show you.


- How old is this place?
- I don't know.

The team moved into here three months ago.

What happened three months ago?

The discovery.


Nice crib.

So... this is the remodeled wing?


Three stories underground.

I'm assuming this basement's lead-lined?

Blocking ground-penetrating radar?

Dark lab.

What are you trying so hard
to hide down here?

What the hell kind of place is this?

If I show you this...

I can go to prison
for the rest of my life.

This is a high-security containment vault.

Nothing can get in or out
once locked down.

We call it "the device."

So what is it?

We must always withhold assumption

on the makeup or purpose of the device.

Withhold assumptions?

So, in other words,
you don't fuckin' know?


But you guys built it, right?

We found it.
Two kilometers away, in the dirt.

Dr. Reiser moved it here
to minimize our impact.

OK, so if you moved it here,
then where did it come from?

We must always withhold
assumption on the origin of...

We don't know that either.

OK, so we don't know what it is,
we don't know where it came from,

but you've been sitting here
staring at it for months.

And in all that time,
what'd you figure out?

It has a language, but we can't read it.

And the material composition
is not periodical.

Or even terrestrial.

Can you say that again
in Bill Nye-level science, please?

She's saying it's not from Earth.

She's saying it landed here
from... up there.

That's just a theory.

Wha... So this place is like
some kind of dusty-fuck Area 52?

That's why they had to stabilize
this region months ago.

They wanted exclusive rights to study it.

Right, OK, so let's stay on the things

that we actually know here
for true, huh, Mike?

So you still haven't explained to us
how you survived this whole thing.

I was in the Faraday room.

The fairy what now?

You're kidding. Michael Faraday, 1800s?

I'm sorry, tiger,

but I missed Jeopardy!
with Grandma last week.

A clean room...
it blocks electromagnetic fields.

That's why I survived.

Survived what?

The CIA was shutting us down.

They never told us why,

but we had only 20 minutes
to vacate the building.

I just wanted to save my soil samples
from the Faraday room.

I was just lucky.

Oh, this is so above my pay grade!

It makes sense!

Extraterrestrials would engage
in countermeasures!


- Man, I'm not ending up in no dust pan!
- Hey!

We are not gonna start talking
all crazy about this thing.

- You get it?
- There's nothing crazy about this, LT.

There have been multiple accounts of...

- Thorpe.
- ...unidentified flying objects

- dating back to Roswell!
- Whoa!

Extraterrestrial theory is just a theory.

- I'm just saying!
- Thorpe!

I'm just saying,
we might be sitting on living proof

of life in our universe, right here!

That's why those CIA spooks
was acting so spooky!

Man, I knew I had a bad feeling
about this gig

- right from the beginning!
- That's right!

- I knew it!
- That's right!

Because it's aliens.


Everybody, chill!

Jonesy, Thorpe, zip it.

Right now, we need to...

listen to what our LT has to say.

All right, guys, I get it.

Pucker factor's high right now.

But we've got a mission to do, all right?

Thorpe, I want you to get up on that roof

and get some sort of communication
back to HQ.

Tell them that we got her,

and we've got that damn thing,
and we are ready for extract.

You can't get a signal.
There's a jammer on the roof.

Don't worry about it.
He's some sort of damn techno wizard.

Now, the rest of us are going
to get this thing prepped

and ready for evac.

What? You crazy?

- You want us to move it?
- Yeah.

That's our mission.

I'm not ending up no ash pile.

That's all I'm sayin'.

Give it a rest, Jonesy.

You're making us look bad.

What do you make of all this?

Honestly, bro, I don't even know.

I'm still trying to wrap my whole mind
around this thing.

Yeah, it's fine.

Just don't let the guys see you sweat.

I'm not sweating, Mike.

And I sure as shit
don't need you telling me

how to run this team.

- Yeah, you clearly don't.
- I got it.

Yeah, you got this, right?

LT. Thorpe. Over.

What you got, Thorpe?

Well, she was right.

They blocked any long-range signal
in or out...

radio, sat phone.

It's quiet as the Western Front.

OK, so is that good news?

It's a standard GSM.
I can reboot the system from here.

No, wait a minute. What if they jammed
the system for a reason?

No, dude, we gotta get comms back.

I understand that,
but we need to think for a second here.

Did you just tell me to think
for a second? That's fuckin' brilliant.

Yeah, I bet it is, you douche bag.

All right, why did they put in
the signal jammer?

- Hey! Hey!
- It had to do something.

There's gotta be records here


It's... doing something.

Thorpe, stand by.

What in the hell is it doing?

I don't know.

Never done this before.

Uh, LT...

I don't think that jammer
was meant for us.

There's another signal,
and it's more complex than ours.

And according to the telemetry, it's...

it's coming from the device.

I think something's phoning home.

UAV's picking up a bogey. We got company.

Is it a plane, like one of our guys?

They said no backup.

And this country doesn't even have
an air force.

No, it's not a fighter,
it's something else.

- Something big.
- All right, let's see the feed.

Rotating camera.

- What do you got, Mike?
- It's nothing, literally nothing.

- Well, it's gotta be somethin', man!
- There's nothing there!

Guys! What the hell is going on?

Hey, Thorpe, what do you got up there?
Is it a plane or something, dude?



Sweet mother of...

Oh, shit!

Mike, you're with me.

Jonesy, keep an eye on that thing.

If it does anything weird at all,
I wanna know about it.

Weird? Are you kidding me?

Sitreps every five!

Don't worry.

We're professional.

The drone.

- It looks like somebody shot it down.
- Nah, it wasn't shot down.

Nah, it wasn't shot down.

Didn't run out of fuel either.

Didn't run out of fuel either.

I think it hit something.

Be ready for anything, guys.

- You see anything?
- Nothing.

All right, let's get the hell out of here.


Right now, they're correcting their range.

Hey, Thorpe, do you see
where that indirect is coming from?

I hear you, LT,
but I don't see shit up here.

Well, they're gonna hit us again,
so be watching for it.


Wait, incoming!

They still don't have our range.

I think they got Stevie Wonder
spotting for them.

You'd think they'd get a little better.


What in God's name?

Maybe... Maybe they're paratroopers?

I don't see any parachutes.

- We need rules of engagement.
- I know what we need, Mike.

All right, listen up, guys.

Nobody fires on these people
unless directly fired upon.

You hear me?

We have no idea
if these here are actually hostile.

They took out a drone.
I say let's blast them.

Copy that.
Got them in my sights, waiting on your go.



This is a restricted area!

Take your men and leave now!

This is a restricted area!

Take your men and leave now!

This is your last warning!

Leave now, or we will open fire!

What are we doing, Chris?

Jonesy, nestle up.
I think we're ready for a fight here.

Shit, they're scanning us.

Hit 'em!

What the fuck?

Keep firing!

Fall back!

Fall back! Fall back!

I'm going up.

Wait, wait, you can't just leave me here!

I'm not gonna leave my boys
up there to die.

Jonesy, come in!


Sounds like the goddamn
Fourth of July up there.

I don't have time to explain!

We need to initiate a lockdown!

Mike, no! That'll lock us in here!

And keep them out there!

Look, I don't know the protocol
for a lockdown, man.

I know that, but she does!


Access panel, but you need this.


Hold down the fort, Jonesy's coming.

Do you know how to use one of these?

Safety's off.
Don't put your finger on the trigger

unless you're gonna shoot.

Don't point at anything
unless you're gonna shoot,

and do both if you see
any little green men.

- J-Jonesy! Jonesy!
- Squeeze the trigger, don't pull!

- Hey.
- Yeah.

Back up!

These doors aren't
gonna hold for long, man.

Come on, Jonesy.

Where the hell are you?


I've got the card!

Chris, I need to tell you something.

Don't be getting all sentimental
on me, bro.

This is important.

I got the card to lock the door!

Jonesy, take cover!

Jonesy, throw the card over!




Jonesy, you OK?


Told you it was aliens.

Shit, man, that burns!

Shut up, you big baby. You're alive.

All right, guys. I'm at 50% ammo.

I want a count from all of you ASAP.

- You mean the ammo that can disappear?
- Listen.

As far as we're concerned,
we have four hostiles upstairs.

I don't give a shit

if they're from Mars or Missouri
or wherever, all right?

Hey. Can you hack us
into the security feed?

I wanna track these bastards' movements.

- Sí,five minutes.
- Track their movement...

What do you wanna track
their movements for?

We know what they want.
They're after that thing!

Look, look, I say we roll it out to them.

For all we know, that thing's
a goddamn alien atom bomb.


Mike, what do you think we should do?

Hey, when that blast
killed your co-workers,

it killed all the animals
outside too, right?

- Yes.
- But it didn't kill the trees.

- So what's your point, Mike?
- Yeah, my point is that this thing chooses

what it will and will not kill.

OK? I think this whole operation's

a part of a whole worldwide operation.

They drop a bomb three months ago,
but we get lucky, it was a dud,

and now they're back to fix the wiring.

That's why the CIA told you to leave.

They knew the tangos were here,

but the signal jammer
was keeping it hidden...

until we got here.

- That is complete speculation.
- It's intelligence.

Why else would they be here?

If they get their tentacles on this thing,

then they can wipe out humanity
with a touch of a button

and stroll on to their new planet.

An invasion.


An invasion.

You gotta be kidding me.

Man, a vessel like this needs sustenance

every three hours.

I'm mellowing out.

We're dealing
with the most existential crisis

of the century,
and you're making protein shakes.

You know, Thorpe, I like you.

I really do.

And that's why...

I'm gonna teach you something.


Um, oi?

It's a bit hot in here, right?

Am I right?

We actually keep the lab
below room temperature.

That's why we wear lab coats.


I guess I just must be a little more...

insulated than others.

Maybe that's because
you're wearing a T-shirt

from a teenage boy.

What do you think?

I'ma be over... here.



All right, dude, listen.

I know that I was a little bit rattled
there a little while ago.

Yeah, we all gotta pick
each other up, it's all right.

Yeah, but the problem is, Mike,

is that then the guys start
looking to you for orders.

I'm sure it's just muscle memory,
if anything.

No, Mike.

Then you started jumping in there
and giving them pretty damn fast.

Is that muscle memory, too?

Hey, guys, come here!

Is that them?

What did you expect,
little green men?

No, I expected them to be like us.

Evolution is linear,
moves in straight line.

Yeah, she's right.
It's not surprising they're bipedal.

Theoretical extrabiology suggests
they'd be very similar to us.

Well, there's one thing
that's very similar to us.

Look at the way they're moving.

Tactical. Definitely military...
at least their version of it.

What are they building?

- What is that?
- It looks like a shield,

plasma or just concentrated electricity.

A barricade, to keep us boxed in.

- How you know?
- Because that's what we would do.

OK, guys.

We have four hostiles
with advanced military training,

and the little shitheads
have us boxed in.

And they have their eyes set on a weapon

of mass destruction
that'll wipe out planet Earth.

In theory.

Either way, we need backup.

Dude... is there any way

that you can get some communication
back to HQ?

The CIA might know something
about these guys.

Yeah, I saw a hard line on the roof.

I can use the sat phone,
but someone's gonna have to patch a line

- in their communication.
- Great. Where's that?

Shit. Lobby, where we just came from.


All right. Thorpe, you're our eyes, dude.

The rest of us,
we're all heading up topside

in case that place turns
into a shooting gallery again.

- Hooyah?
- Hooyah.

Let's do it.

Gonna go kick me some alien ass!

What's this?

It's nothing.

Doesn't look like nothing.

It's the code, isn't it?


I mean, yes.

My degree's in biology,

but my hobby's in theoretical language.


I know, it's... boring stuff.

Alphabetic verse pictographic systems?

Yes. I have a theory.

I believe their language
is more than just words.

It's emotions, sensations,
math, science, astronomy.

The perfect language.

I just never found the through line.

It says here there were
more glyphs when it started.

Yeah, it could be
like a power percentage,

like a battery.

Or it could be a countdown.

That's another theory.

Clear left.

Clear right.

All clear.

So you guys said that
they stopped your bullets, right?



why exactly are we bringing our guns?

Well, if you wanna drop your rifle
and continue without it,

be my guest. Sound good to you, LT?

Oh, yeah.

Yeah, we all know how much you corpsmen
hate carrying anything heavy.

I'm gonna remember that next time

you two have bullets in your asses.

All right.

Coming up on the lobby.

- Clear.
- Clear.


The steel door's intact.
They're still outside.

Get to it.

Hey, how do you know
what line to plug into anyway?

It's a retro system, pre-WiFi.

Should just be one or two telephone wires.


- Shit.
- I thought you said,

"Oh, there's only
gonna be, like, two wires."

Oh, yeah, ha ha. OK, I'm not the one
who failed out of computer science, bro.

Hey, OK, well, listen up dude, I...
this isn't actually that complicated.

Oh, I bet it is, man!

Look inside of this thing.

- Are you seeing this?
- Yes, I see what I'm seeing...

- But it's not that complicated!
- You're a fucking idiot!

I want you to stop what you're doing

and jack into the coax!

Mike! Just jack into the coax!

I know how to read an access panel!

Man, it's the red wire.

It's always the red wire.

Jonesy, shut up!

LT, got a tango
right outside the security door.

- Shit.
- Roger that, man.

- We are in a freakin' kill zone right now.
- What?

What's he doing?

- Mike.
- Working on it.

Actually, sir, I think this one's a she.

I don't care if it's wearing
high heels and a skirt, OK?

All I wanna know is what it's doing.

LT, she's gone.

What do you mean she's gone?

I-I don't know.

Maybe the feed's glitching,
but she's not there anymore.

Well, where the hell is she?

Got it, patching in!

Get down!

Oh, hell no!

Get down!

Jonesy, you alive?

Did you kill her?

Yeah, I think so.

Easy, Jonesy. Careful with that thing.

Where is she?
Where is she? I'm gonna kill her.

I don't know, man.
You see how fast she moves.

Oh, you have gotta be kidding me.

- Get down!
- Jonesy, get down!

Jonesy, get that thing back to the lab.
Mike and I got this!

- Get the sat phone!
- Got it.


Go, man, go!

Come on, let's go, let's go.

Let's go! Run!

Jonesy, talk to me, buddy.

We've been breached.
Those assholes can teleport.

That's some straight up
bullshit right there!

Is that what I think it is?

If you think that it's the alien ray gun
from outer space, then yes.

- Yes, it is.
- It's beautiful.

Jonesy, dude. I said I'm fine.

We got bigger problems than me, man.
Anything at all?

Circuit boards are fused together.
It's toast.

So are we.

"So are we"?
What do you mean, "So are we"?

He means that we're sitting
at less than 10% ammo

and that that thing was our only way
to call for reinforcements.

So without doing that,

they're not even gonna
start looking for us for...

almost seven hours.

Seven hours?

We can't survive seven more hours
from those things!

Like the man said...


You do know we can
understand that, right?

What about that gun?

- We hit them with their own medicine.
- Nope.

Doesn't work.

It's probably linked to their DNA
or some lame-ass shit.

We're gonna die.

We're gonna die.

No, we're not.

We are United States Navy SEALs,

and we don't quit.

We never have. We never will.

What's our sitrep right now?

Low on ammo, OK.

Got tangos with superior fire power,
all right.

But they are down a barrel.


They're missing something else, too.

A leader.

Someone who when your back
is up against the wall

is gonna see you through that shit.

And that's our LT.

That's my brother.

Well, Chris...

awaiting orders.

All right.

Mikey, did you notice
when that laser bolt hit that radio

how that thing went
absolutely batshit crazy?

Yeah, like it got a migraine from hell.

So what, you're trying to tell me that

they're allergic to phones?


I mean... no.


What, like bats?

No, no, no. Bats use echolocation.

That's through sound.

Electrolocation is reading
electrical stimuli.

Dolphins use it to track prey.

And sharks.

They can see electricity.

They can even see electricity
from inside your body.

So you're saying
when it tagged that sat phone,

its vision was disrupted?

More like overstimulated.

Just like when somebody blinds
with a flashlight.

Sounds like a chink in the armor.

So we what, just start
shooting up all the electronics?

Sí, but that's not enough.

You boys gonna need something
much bigger than that.

You've got an idea?

I've got an idea.

This building's running on backup power,

but the main generator
is big enough to run a city.

So if we fire that thing up,
that'll blind 'em.

Exactly, but only for a minute.

That's all the time
I'ma need to pop the little bastards.

- Where's the generator room?
- That's the bad news.

First floor.

So someone's gonna have to slip past
the hall monitors up there.

Wait. I have an idea.

Faraday suit. It works like the room.

But it's a suit.

That would hide the electrical impulses
in our bodies.

- We'd be invisible.
- Great.

So you wouldn't just happen to have,

like, four of those lying around,
would you?

That's a prototype.


So let me get this straight then.

One of us dons the suit,

slips into the generator room,
fires it up,

and then when they're all blind,
the other guys smoke 'em.

In order for this to work,

we need to get all the bastards
in one spot.

We're gonna need to bait 'em.

Start gathering up every piece
of electronic you can find.

Radios, televisions,
toasters, TVs, anything.

Absolutely anything
with an electronic pulse.

Yo, yo, yo, watch the blender, man!

Man, that is a NutriGrinder Plus,

and I'm taking it home
when we're through with all this shit.


Look, you can't find
a NutriGrinder Plus no more, Lieutenant!

Man, I done looked all up and down eBay.

More watts than a house of light bulbs.

That thing makes the best protein shakes
in the world!

Look, I need my protein shakes, OK?

And I am not gonna be flexible
about this shit!

OK. You can have the blender.

Thank you!

What the hell are you doing?

Only room for one, bro.

Yeah, I'm in the suit.

Then who's gonna lead us?

I got this. You got this.

You know what?

You wear the suit. That's an order.

Then the rest of us,
we're gonna get in our positions.

- Hooyah?
- Hooyah.

- Hooyah?
- Hooyah!


Tango dead ahead.

Don't move!

He can't see you if you don't move!

Guys, I have eyes on tango now.

- All clear.
- Roger that.

Good luck, boys.


Come on, Thorpe.

Come and get it.

How long
till they get the message?

Not long.

Mike, the trap is set.
I repeat. The trap is set.

I'm coming up on the main hallway.

Generator room now in sight.

Isabella, I feel like
this isn't the generator room.


big guy's here, and I think he can see me.

That's not possible.

It looks like he's trying
to make me out or somethin'.

Isabella, he's looking right at me.

English, please.


The suit blocks your electricity,

but it's building up static electricity
when you walk.

You gotta be kiddin' me.

The more you walk,
more static electricity he can see.

You have to release the static charge.

Bella, I'm losing you.

Gimme somethin' here.

Whatever you do,
don't touch anything metal.

Screw it.

Contact front!

Isabella, where's the generator room?

Is this thing following me?

OK, look for door 186.


Any day now, Mike.


I'm running low!

Contact left!

Isabella, I'm in.
I can hear the big guy coming in.

That door is three inches of steel.

Uh, I don't think it's gonna hold.

There's no way he can get in.

I think I made it.

What do I do now?

The keys are on the wall.

Oh, come on!

Contact front!

Reload! Dude.

What are they doing?
Why aren't they firing at us?

Holy shit. They're draining our ammo.

Shoot the electronics.

Not the blender! Do not shoot the blender!

- No!
- Jonesy!

- Did he just...
- Yeah.

I'm sick of this shit!

Really... liked...

that... blender!




Sick of this shit!

Mike! Come on, man, we need you!

I'm trying!

I'm a Navy SEAL, not a goddamn janitor!

I'm a Navy fuckin' SEAL.



It's... it's beautiful.


Hold, hold...

- Wakey-wakey.
- Smoke 'em!

Aah! Destroy them!

Come on, you shits!

LT! I think we got 'em!

All clear, Mike, they're gone.

Jonesy, you good?

It's me.

Did we get 'em?

Yeah. I think we did.



Come on, Mike, let's go. Let's go!

What do you guys want?

Hey. What do you want?

Hey! What do you want?

What do you want?
Just tell me what you guys want from me!

Hey! What do you want?

Tell me!

We're going in and hitting
with everything we got.

We'd be walking into an ambush. Besides,
it looks like they wanna negotiate.

I don't give a shit about them!
Chris is gone! I'm in command!

I say we hit them with force!
It's the only thing they understand!

Yo, LT, wait.

I really don't know about that, man.
I saw their home.


Wh... When she did
the teleporting thing, man,

I saw a city.

It was... It was shaped like a beach shell.

It was... it was peaceful.

- Beach shell?
- Yeah.

- Does it look like this?
- Exactly like that!

Fibonacci sequence!

I'm sorry, what?

Fibonacci sequence
is a mathematical pattern!

It's found everywhere in nature...

shells, DNA... and that thing!

I always tried to read their language
in a straight line.

If I read it in a spiral...

- Then that's your through line.
- Exactly.

What are you doing? That thing is a bomb!

I don't think it's a bomb.

Safeties off.

I think we found our bargaining chip.


Oh, just chillin'.



Isabella! You're up.

It wasn't a bomb. It's a life pod.

Crashed here,
they've been looking for it ever since.

All right.

Listen up, you slimy bastards.

You give me my bro...

I'll give you your boy. Deal?


- Mike.
- I got this.

Drop your weapons.

That's an order.

The old Irish goodbye.

Fibonacci sequence.


what's the call, LT?

I'm thinkin' a beer.

Copy that.

The more and more that I think about it,
I think that we need to just stay

with the scenario that we planned on,

because every time
I think of tellin' 'em the truth

and be like, "Hey, guys,
I got abducted," it's like...

Again, I still don't even remember
what the hell happened there anyway.

Finding an artifact that ends up
being an alien test tube baby,

then me putting a suit on
to make me invisible,

Jonesy walking between worlds,

- just makes us sound like nutjobs.
- Exactly. Exactly.

Dude, they're gonna
pull us off of duty for sure.

No, we'll just say exactly what we got,
exactly what Thorpe said.

Right. We found evidence of heavy
engagement with explosives,

and there was
a downed drone there already.

Exactly, we found an empty lab.

One survivor, research scientist

that was already there in the lab.

We interrogated her, story checks out,
we gave her over for observation.

- And she didn't remember shit.
- Right.

Subtitles by explosiveskull