Alex in Wonderland (1970) - full transcript

Bohemian Alex Morrison has just finished directing his first feature length movie. In its previews, the movie is considered a critical, artistic and surefire commercial success. As such, Alex seemingly has his choice of what his next project will be. Alex has a few thoughts in his mind, such as a biopic of Lenny Bruce, or a movie about a black uprising in Los Angeles. As he makes the rounds both in the Hollywood community and European movie centers for ideas, he fantasizes about movie scenarios of those everyday situations he is in. These fantasies are influenced by his movie idols, some who he meets such as Italian director Federico Fellini and French actress Jeanne Moreau. Concurrently, he is considering what to do about his personal life. He, his wife Beth and their two daughters live a middle class lifestyle. He is wondering whether it makes sense to "move up", which means that movie making not only has to achieve his main purpose of saying something meaningful, but also has to be commercially successful. That need for commercial success may ultimately take artistic control out of his hands.

"To be or not to be

"that is the question.

"Whether 'tis nobler
in the mind

"to suffer the slings and
arrows of outrageous fortune

"or take arms against
a sea of troubles

"And by opposing,
end them, to die..

" sleep no more.

"And by a sleep,
to say we end the heartache..

...and the thousand something,
that flesh is heir to.

"'Tis a consummation
devoutly to be wished.

"To sleep.

"To sleep..

...perchance to dream,
aye, there's the rub."

Then he says, when he says
perchance to dream

he means suddenly, of course,
to die, maybe to die

as to the same as to sleeping.
And if it's sleeping

then it's to dream and to..

To dream he doesn't want to do

because his head
is all full of things.

I don't do that.

Just a second, "a thousand
to suffer," no wait.

"A thousand shocks
that flesh is heir to."

"Shall I compare thee
to a summer's day?

"Thou art more lovely
and more temperate.

Will you buy me
an ice-cream later?

Sure. If you have
three kinds of food.

Three kinds of food, only three
kinds of food that you can have

for the rest of your life,
what three foods would you pick?

Potato chips...
enchiladas and tacos.

You're gonna need a lot of
water, sweetheart. Lot of water.

- I want to play story.
- Huh?

- Let's play story.
- You wanna begin? Go on.

Once upon a time,
there's this real scary house

and Horace the ghost
lived in it.

- And what?
- Horace the ghost lived in it.

- Yes.
- And he-he..

So his mother,
his mother, one day she..

His mother, one day, ran
out of the house, saying

"Horace, I've had enough
of your ghost thing.

I'm going to run into
the forest and pick berries."

As she went into the forest, she
bent over and picked berries.

And Horace came along and kicked
her and she went straight

into the air and she landed
in Puerto Vallarta.

When she landed
in Puerto Vallarta, she said

"I should take a plane back."

She took a plane back and just
then it got hijacked to Cuba.

And...and this Cuban man,
he says, "Everyone out."

And she says...

Wait a minute, I got
a movie going here.

Come on, you have
to get out..

- Bye-bye, daddy.
- Bye-bye, baby.

There we go.

Come on. Okay.

Alright, let's go.

This is my wife.
That was my child.

This is my bathroom.

This is my dog.

Around me, you can see
a couple of my friends.

A lot to live for, huh?

Well, I haven't got lung cancer.
I hope you don't have.

...make a lot of money.

I never heard so much applause
for a movie in my whole life.

Did you like it, Mom?

You want me tell you the truth,
you do. I thought the beginning

was a little slow
but the rest was fun.

The beginning
was meant to be slow.

I said I loved it.
I'm trying to be honest.

I think it was
a wonderful picture.


Bernie, Bernie Leavitt.

- Sorry, I..
- Woodrow Wilson High?

Bernie! Bernie Leavitt. Hi..

So you've got the mustache.
Yeah, yeah. How are you?

I'm great. I'm married now,
have a couple of kids.

- I'm a lawyer.
- You look wonderful.

- You look terrific.
- 'I remember you.'

Your father had the fruit store,
Harry's Fruit Store.

- That's right.
- Now, this is my mother.

- Hi.
- Bernie Leavitt.

- You must be proud of your son.
- How's your father?

- He passed away few years ago.
- Oh, everyone's dying.

- Uh, this is my wife, Beth.
- Hi.

I've followed his career
from the beginning

I used to watch TV
for his credits.

I get a big charge
out of seeing his name.

- 'Remarkable'
- 'Really good.'

'You look beautiful.'

The limousine's ready
whenever you are.

- 'Thank you very much.'
- Oh, I see you're busy.

- So I guess I won't hold you.
- 'Bernie..'

- I'll see you again.
- Really nice to see you.


'You get back to New York,
look me up, I'm in the book.'

Go back to the old neighborhood
yet? It's a regular slum.

I know, I still live there.

Bye, Bernie.

The thing that I'm saying is...
is it more neurotic?

Is it sick to worry about
the outcome of something

before you even...I mean, you
saw the preview, you know the

you know the film's gonna make
a lot of money. It can't miss.

Even if it doesn't make
a fortune, I have a big future.

There's no two ways.
There'll be work.

So...we live in a house, I mean,
I love it, you love it

but we both know it's small.
So the question is..

...why not move into
a bigger place now?

- Why not have two toilets?
- We have two toilets.

Three toilets, three toilets
I mean, like, three toilets

is the bottom line.
Why not have a pool?

Why not have a place where
the kids can have some fun?

I mean, like, before they're 50
years old. Or on the other hand

do you say, that is the trap
that everybody falls into.

You get that kind of house. Get
that kinda thing you build up..

Then you have to think very
carefully about what you do.

Because you need a fortune
to pay for it.

You take some kind of garbage
project you don't believe in

because you need the bread.
Why worry about something..

...why not just do it? I mean,
just do it. Know what I mean?

We'll get a big place with
a lot of rolling countryside

and a windmill, a barn. There
will be some pigs, swine.

Uh, at least one cow,
a duck, and a pond.

A little pond and in
the middle of the pond

with the sunlight...just on his
back, there'll be a giraffe.

but the thing that really,
that concerns me more than

anything about it is that there
will be more for you to handle.

I mean, there will be more work.
You'll need to have help.

There is that side of it, too.
How do you feel about that?

I think I can handle it.

I think you're sensational.

Look at the smog.

Forget the house,
we need an oxygen tent.

I've got 13,000 in the bank..

...7000 in the market.

That's 20,000 liquid.

12,000 in the house, that's 32.

4000 in the land in Hawaii

that's 36.

50,000 each for the kids,
that's 136.

100,000 for the wife.

That's 236,
but not all liquid.

The family would not go
for much on the open market!

'And that is true'

You have to be
able to liquidate.

- 'Are you almost finished?'
- Come in with me.

- 'No, It's too cold.'
- Come in with me, woman.

I'm making a butter..


The baby is running around

and I have to be
at the clinic in 15 minutes.

It will only take me
60 seconds. I'm done.


Are we happy?


Why am I still sad?

- Ask your analyst.
- Why don't you ask yours?

I feel good.

If you had to live
on a desert island forever..

...and you only had three foods,
what would you pick?

Cheeseburgers, chocolate chip
ice-cream and..

- Does water count?
- No, water's free.


I'll take cheeseburger..

...with everything on it.

Chocolate chip ice-cream.

What else?

- Eggs, caviar, and..
- You said only three.

You want a movie?
Read the bible.

Every page is a movie. Solomon,
that was the cat who had

750 wives and 350 concubines,
virgins without number.

The smartest man in the world.
The richest man in the world.

Women, he had the most
women in the world.

They say he drank gold dust so
he could come 250 times a night.

It's your dream.

It's not my dream
It's not my dream.

'My dream is to find a woman, a
wife, a mother for my children.'

You're a lucky man.
You got a good woman.

You could have a good woman
if you looked at chicks

that were a little
older than 16.

- 16 is biblical.
- How old is Cherie?

- I dunno, she says she's 19.
- Alright.

- I think she's 16.
- Is she a good lay?

- Terrible.
- Why terrible?

She says it hurts.

- Says it hurts.
- Who was the best?

Who do you think?

You can't judge
'em all the same.

'Like some chicks are
great before, some during.'

Some have beauty, grace.

And even though they're not
perfect, you like 'em.

Who's the best?
On the scale of ten.

Ten is the best, right?
Virginia was a ten. Is, is.

There was a Greek chick
once I had, uh, she was a ten.

No, she was a nine and a half.

- What's Cherie?
- Two.

- I don't care.
- Beth's about an eight.

- Eight is great for a wife.
- Maybe a ten, I don't know.

Hi, my name is Andre.
This is my friend, Alex.

- He's a movie director.
- I'm Sophie, hi.

Hi, Sophie. We were just
discussing uh, uh, sex, you know

grading chicks, like ten
is the best, one is the worst.

- Hmm. Did you ever have a ten?
- Sure.

- Did you?
- I did about half an hour ago.

That's great.
You're beautiful.

How terrific.
You're so healthy.

Yeah, it was really nice.

- This is Gene.
- Hi, Gene.

- Hi.
- My name's Andre. He's Alex.

He's a movie director,
Alex, Gene.

- Groovy.
- Is he ten, Sophie?

We understand from Sophie that
you and she just made love.

- Oh, yeah, she's beautiful.
- I was 19, I was about 70.

Well, there's
still time. Right?

Yeah, there's still time.
There's always time.

There's always time,
there's still time.

There's time for this,
time for that.

Time for eating,
time for fast.

Time for a movie
about a cat.

♪ Well, there's a time for this
and there's a time for that ♪

♪ There's a time to eat
and there's a time to fast ♪

♪ There's a time to love
and there's a time to feel ♪

♪ What you are, yeah

♪ What you are, yeah

♪ This time we'll sing a song
sing a song ♪

♪ Move along
and sing a song, yeah ♪

♪ Sing a song, yeah
sing a song ♪

♪ There's time for this
time for that ♪

♪ There's a time for eating
and a time for fast ♪

♪ Time

♪ There's always time ♪

♪ There's a time to sing,
now's the time to sing ♪

♪ Now's the time to sing,
everybody sing, yeah ♪

♪ Everybody sing
everybody sing ♪

♪ Everybody sing,
everybody sing ♪

♪ Everybody sing,
everybody sing ♪

♪ Everybody sing

Tarzan sings.

Malcolm X..

Lenny Bruce.

Maybe Lenny Bruce sings.

♪ Somewhere over the rainbow,
I'll get high ♪


I don't see why a black man has
to do a picture about Malcolm

anymore than a white man
has to do a picture about..

...uh, Christ, for example.


I'd like to do a
picture about Christ.

Sydney Poitier's Christ
is probably black anyway.

I'll do a picture about Sidney
with Christ as Sidney.

If I went with a black lead,
I'll go with white cameraman

or a white lead
with black cameraman

or black cutter
with white producer

or a black and white film
with a Technicolor producer.

It's wide open,
all the possibilities.

- Here you are, kid.
- Bye. Thank you.

Okay, baby.
Have a good day.

♪ Somewhere over the rainbow,
I'll get high ♪

♪ Somewhere over the rainbow,
I'll get high ♪

♪ Good and high

♪ So high, high, high, high

- Hi, Ken.
- Hi.

Getting ready to do another one?

Yeah, well, I don't know,
I hope so.

- Right over there?
- Sure.

What do you think
of Malcolm X?

He's dead.

Have a good day.

Morning, Greg.

Hello, Kirk.
Hi, Elma, how are you doing?

Peter. You've met Burt.

Burt Lancaster, Peter Fonda,
Henry's son.

I've made a film
called Easy Rider.

Cost about $200,000..

I was just introducing
Peter Fonda and Burt Lancaster.

Hiya. My name is Alex Morrison.

Hi, Mr. Morrison.

- Am I too early?
- 'Oh, no, he's expecting you.'

Mr. Morrison is here.


He says you can go right in.

I loved your picture.

I love you.

Alex, I'm Hal Stern.
How are you, man?

- How are you?
- Pleasure to meet you.

Really is.
Come on, you hungry?

- Uh, no..
- Oh, I ordered so much.

Listen, man, I saw a preview
of your picture..

...and I think it's fantastic.
I mean more than fantastic.

I think it's one of the
heaviest things I've seen.

I'd like to be in business
with you, it's that simple.

- Oh, that's nice to hear.
- I'm not being nice, Alex.

I need you.

What do you wanna do?
Oh, le-let's sit down.

- Want a cigarette?
- No, I don't smoke.

- I stopped.
- Oh. Sit down.

Wish I could quit myself.

I'm into one of these, uh,
where's that thing?

One of these things.

- Nice.
- They don't work.


I have...a lot of money.

A lot.

And I would like
to share that money

with some very heavy cats
who I can get involved with

and I'd like to make
a ton more for myself.

I'm upfront about money,
I'm a pimp.

I'm not kidding. I got a lot
of scripts, a lot of books

and I'd just like
to get you going.

Well, the money thing
is very nice and I'd like to...

'Cause I like to have
fun. Really do.

It's very difficult
to have fun in this town.

Especially if you got
schmucks working for you.

'Cause you end up doing work
yourself and there's no..

I don't wanna do that.

Okay. Is that, uh,
that it real?

Yeah. It's a lithograph.

- Yeah.
- You like Chagall?

- Yes, I do. Do you mind?
- No.

Fantastic piece.

Look at that stuff
in there, man.

I would say the ceiling
at the Paris Opera House

is about the heaviest
piece I've ever seen.

- I've never been to Paris...
- You'd like to go?

Well, yes..

Would you like to go to Paris
to read a book? I'm serious.

I've a book you must read,
and I want you to enjoy it

while you're reading it. Why
should you read a book in LA?

Here, take your wife.

- Careful, careful.
- Sorry.

- 'Uh..'
- 'I'm very serious about this.'

There's no commitment
here of any kind.

No involvement.
This is just a project.

I want you to read it and enjoy
yourself while reading it.

You have a family?

Yes, I have two daughters,
twelve and six.

You don't wanna take the kids?
I'll get you a housekeeper.

- I'm being straight with you.
- Yes, I, um, work, uh..

Let me, let me pitch you
a story. An idea.

You wanna do the same kind
of picture you just did

or is your head open?

No, my head's open to, uh,
to anything..

Just that the end result,
I can be personally involved.

Well, can you get
personally involved with

a project that will make, uh,
50 million dollars?

You mean that's
the end result, I see.

Uh, yes, if-if the
picture is my picture.

I dig, I dig.
It can be done though?

Yes, I think so.

You're a nice cat.

Now, come on, let's eat.

- You like Caesar salad?
- Yes, I love Caesar salad.

- You like Mark Twain?
- I love Mark Twain.

How about Huckleberry Finn?

Huckleberry Finn,
it's a great novel.

Seen a couple of movies on it,
if that's what you mean, huh?


Terrific, Eli.

I see Huckleberry Finn as a
17-year old kid. 16, 17, 18.

A revolutionary. The kid has got
his head right where it's at.

'Revolutionary in a black man,
that hasn't changed.'

I see it with music.

Bert Brecht, Kurt Vile,
that kind of feeling.

Contemporary, social comment,
America is the shore.

Coming down the raft as a black
man, what's on the shore?

- 'What is America?'
- Absolute...

Racism, fascism, police
brutality, that's the shore.

- Yeah. Yeah.
- Crap.

But coming down the raft,
black man, revolutionary


- Excuse me, may I?
- Yes.

- The smoke..
- I'm sorry.

It's, uh...well, as an idea

'Uh, it will take
a long time.'

- Thank you, Eli.
- Yes, sir.

I'm not in a, in a position..
I wanna do something now.

'I can't deal
with a musical...'

Alright, enough said, we have
to find something you wanna do.

I don't wanna push you
into corners, man.

- Garlic bread?
- Thanks.

What about love story?

If it's good.

Excuse me a second.

I've a book.
It's called The Show.

- I haven't read it.
- It's Sinhalese.

It's about a 20-year-old girl
who gets a heart transplant.

That's okay, man.

Transplants make people nervous.

- No...
- 'They do, they do, man.'

Transplants are common around
the world or the United States

- Alright, tell me about it.
- Well...take it seriously.

Up until the transplant,
chick is perfectly normal.

She's bright, she functions,
she gets laid.

She has friends,
she has relationships.

After the transplant, she
doesn't have normal functions

anymore. She..

- Oh, come on, man, it's...
- It just seems...

- So it's handled?
- It seems..

It just seems terribly obvious
to me, that's all.

'All love stories are obvious.'

Romeo and Juliet's obvious.

Promise you'll read it.
Read it in Paris.

No, I think, maybe I..

Ah...what do you wanna do?

What project do you wanna do?
What, what is the...

I wanna do a,
a film about the..

...well, I think the black
situation in this country..

I mean, there-there has been
three hundred years

of benevolence and fraternalism
and racism in this country.

I agree.

Michelle could be black.

Serious. There's
a perfectly white doctor.

Keep it more interesting. You've
got to read to see what I mean.


Black people get transplants
too, you know.

I tell you, in no way
am I interested in a film

about a girl who has
a heart transplant. No way.

I'm just, that in my head,
I'm not into that. Okay?

- Yeah.
- Terrific...

- What about a western?
- A western?

Excuse me, I got a script.


It's a western. I got about
$300,000 in this thing.

It's not very good.
It's a piece of shit

but the cat writing
it knew nothing.

But Indians...

Today, right now,
reservation life, for real.

I know exactly what.. I mean,
that could be sensational.g?

That could be really po...

- Could be great?
- 'Simple.'

And direct.

- 'Heavy.'
- Good.

'Heavy secret'

- Indians, today.
- Could be. Okay.

That I'll read.

Any of the big guys
will be perfect.

- Lancaster, Kirk Douglas.
- Tony Quinn.

Oh, Quinn would be fantastic.

Really would. Quinn would be
like, you know, a dream.

'Oh, Christ,
Quinn would be fantastic.'

Ever see a French film called
L'Idiot by Gerard Philipe?

- Yes.
- I own American rights to it.

Listen, I tell you, why I have
a, I do have a problem.

You know, I got to.. I have to
pick up my daughter at school.

Her teeth need to be..
It's two months.

Okay, man.

Hey, whatever.

Will you think
about these things?

The wine
is terrific.

I'll get you some.
And want you thinking.

I want you thinking.

I want you to put this...on
your living room wall.

Oh no, don't be silly man.
I mean that's a real Chagall.

- Alright, okay, okay.
- Well..

- Bye.
- I'll see ya.

- So long.
- Okay.

- Alright.
- I'm gonna keep on asking you.

- Okay.
- Rosemary?


Here. Put against the..

Remind me to call him
about The Navajo Man.


I don't think
I can do this alone.

Yeah, let me help you.

I've never been
in Rome before.

My wife would love it here.

Well, call her.
Tell her to come.

Ah-h, I tried
to call this morning

but telephone company's
on strike.

Well, there is a strike
everyday in Rome.

They don't last long.

What would you like?

What are you gonna have?

Do you like this trip?

Are those girls hookers?

'I would say so.'

What do you call
them in Italian?

- Battona.
- Battona?

- Battona.
- Do Battona ever go on strike?

They work more when
there is a strike?

It's a great place to come
and have a meeting.

Excuse me.

Madam, scuzi.

- You are Federico Fellini?
- Yes, but I'm working now.

I'm uh..
Excuse me.


But you cannot
come in like this.

It's very rude of me, I know

but...uh, I'm a director
from California and.. have to meet the greatest
director in the world.

From Variety Lights,
to I Vitelloni

La strada, La Dolce Vita,
8-1/2, Satyricon.

You left out The White Sheik,
Il bidone, Nights of Cabiria.

Oh, yes. Juliet of the Spirits,
Nights of Cabiria.

Thank you very much. I-I'm beg
your pardon, I-I'm working.

I see. I see
you're working now.

- I'm a director myself.
- Are you looking for somebody?

No, here, uh, yes. I've come
to see Mr. Lombarde but..

He is not here, he is in,
at the production office.

This is a casting room.

I've directed
only one film

which you probably
haven't seen yet because it..

The film that I've done, you
haven't seen, I don't think..

because it isn't out yet.

- No. I've not seen.
- No, it's not out yet.

Ah, okay, I see
that you're working

so I will leave you
to that discussion.

Wanted to say hello.

I-I should show you
the way where you can..

Thank you. My name
is Alex Morrison.

- Very compelling. Goodbye.
- Yes I know. Goodbye.

- Are you an actor?
- No, I'm a director.

- Yeah, you told me.
- Director.

And I think the
office over there..

What's that
you're working on?

That is a little film
for TV about clowns.

- Clowns?
- I'm tracking now.

That's terrific.

I think the office
could be that..

The second door.

Yes, alright..

- Ciao.
- Thank you very much.

It's just..

May I ask you
one question, please?

If you were alone
on a desert island

with only
three kinds of food..

...three kinds of food
that you could eat

what three foods
would you pick?

Why you make to me
this question?

important to me.

- You need to know it.
- I need to.

Because.. this moment,
I'm making a diet.

So to think to food
is disturbing.

- Since...
- Goodbye.

Good luck to you
And good luck to your work.

Excuse me, if I appear so rude,
you know, but I'm working.

- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.


Did you think about
that Lenny Bruce project?


What'd you think?

Well, I think that, you know

you could know a lot about
the nightclub field and..

It could be very interesting.
I think you should do it.

Yeah, who's gonna
play Lenny Bruce?

The only person who can play
Lenny Bruce is Lenny Bruce

and he's no longer available.

Can you look at that house
with me this afternoon?

What time?

Uh, 4 o'clock.

4 o'clock I gotta meeting with
my agent, but I can cancel it.

- No, it's okay.
- How much is it?

They can't go by
the asking price.

How much?

- 200,000.
- Oh, that's insanity.

I know. But the agents
had all these houses

start at ridiculous figures
and then come down

to, like, a 125,000.

You just can't go
by the asking price.

Tell him I'm not gonna look at
a house starting at $200,000.

You need to tell him
that I told him so.

- Okay, you tell him.
- What's that supposed to mean?

It means if you want a house,
you have to help me find it.

You know your analyst's getting
to be a pain in the ass.

I'm sorry.


What are you buyin'?
Oh, come on.

The kids teeth are
falling out from that crap.

Hey, do we
wait in the car?

I'm sorry.

Buy the cookies,
I'll probably eat 'em anyway.

You keep saying you're sorry
and then you keep jumping on me.

What are you
looking at, lady?

So I just..


Go and look
at the house, I mean..

I want you to. I really do.
We can afford it.

Because it's just
that I want.. to make
the decisions from here.

I can't tell you
what to do.

'2.78, please.'

'No. No. You can't
take him away.'

- 'Petty.'
- 'Oh, don't, honey. He's mine.'


Goodbye ,little Dodgy.

'You won't let him
forget me, will you?'

'No, he'll remember you.
Look, he's laughing.'


'Come Harry, time's up.'

'Goodbye, little fella.'

'Now, look, you keep mama.'

'If dad shows up,
he never wanted no kids.'

'No, he'll never show up,
the big blowhard'

'You have to leave now.'

My braces hurt.

Well, baby,
you gotta wear 'em.

What are you reading?

Cortez on
the Aztec Conquest.

It's about
Cortez and Montezuma.

Is there
a movie in it?


- Yeah. There's a movie in it.
- Then why don't you do it?

I'll do it sometime though.
You know what's it about?

'Yeah, we learnt it in school.
Cortez conquered Montezuma'

'with only a few hundred men
and some horses.'

That's right, yeah.

Yeah, but it..

He conquered him, I mean
Montezuma had thousands of men

and he conquered him really..

Because Montezuma thought
Cortez was a God.

You see, in their religion,
in the Aztec religion.. was predicted
that in the year 1518

a half man, half beast
would come to Mexico

and he would be the God.
Like a..

- Quetzalcoatl.
- 'Quetzalcoatl.'

'Yeah, you know.
Yeah, Quetzalcoatl.'

'And that he would come
in the year 1518.'

Cortez came in 1518.

An-and in many ways,
Cortez himself felt...God-like.

He felt like a God-like
warrior. He fulfilled..

Because his mission
was to bring Christianity.

He felt, in a way and
partly because of the way

people treated him,
he felt that he was..

...more than a
representative of God.

He was a part of God,
and then after a while

when he became so lucky,
he felt that he..

...he was in a way a God.

You know.

And in a way, it's
an extraordinary story.

Do you ever wonder
if you're real?

You mean if am me.
If, uh, if what me is.. really what I am?

No, sometimes I get
up in the mornin

and I look at my fingers,
and I wonder who I am.. know and why..

It's like a miracle
to be on this earth.

Do you think about dying?

but, you know..

What do you think?

What's gonna happen
and everything, you know.

It might be better
than-than living. Nobody knows.

Do you think that you ever
were something else?


We're all alike.

Each of us is a..

We are like, each of us,
each of us is like a God.

We are?

Eat your banana.

You don't know how I've been
thinking about you.

I ain't slept nights
from thinking.

Yeah? I don't sleep
so good, neither.

I didn't know till
a couple of weeks ago

about you taking
the rap for me?

- What movie is that?
- Riffraff.

Yeah, no kiddin'?

Honey, I guess
I sorta blew my top

the last time I saw you but..

It's Spencer Tracy
and Jean Harlow.

Doesn't look like
Spencer Tracy.

Yeah. But it is. This was
when he was a lot younger.

What does it mean
to you...when you see that?

What-What do you feel when
you see that, when you see..

...two people, a man and woman,
come together and kiss.

It means they must
like each other.

'They like each other, or they
are attracted to each other.'

'Or they feel something,
a kind of energy in themselves.'

'For each other.'

'When, when the boy
you like at school'

'when you see him,
wha-what do you feel?

- Nothing. I don't know.
- Oh, you too.

- What do you feel?
- I don't know.

Well, but, do you
feel warm or..

I feel happy.

- And your eyes feel good?
- Yeah.

Do you know what it feels
like in your eyes?

I don't know.

It's important that
you understand that.

It is important
that you feel.. about that,
that loving is really

a sensationally marvelous
wonderful thing.

And that it..
There is no way ever...

'Amy, come and eat, honey.'

Oh, cool.

'Go on, go wash your hands.'

'I'd rather stay here
the rest of my life and rot.'

'Mrs. Marvin.'

'Make him get out of here and
don't ever let him come back.'

Thank you. This is
my husband, Mr. Morrison.

- This is Mr. Wayne, the broker.
- How do you do?

- How do you do?
- Right on time.

I hear your new picture
is wonderful.

Well, thank you very much.

I used to be
in show-business myself.

- I was a press extra.
- That's terrific.

What are you
planning to do next?

I'm not sure.

How much down do they want?

It's a question of how much
you actually pay for the house.

Oh, it's a nice
patio, isn't it?

I won't pay a 160.

You don't have to
pay 160, Mr. Morrison.

What a relief.

They're getting a divorce,
they have to sell.

I know another couple
that might be getting a divorce.

- I love these windows.
- Casement windows.

You can hardly
find them anymore.

I bet it has a
Saint Charles gate.

- Yes.
- I'm Mr. Wayne, the broker.

Oh, yes. Come right in.

Like a great motel.

Well, look at the house
not the furniture.

Let's save this for last.
Just see the parlor room.

Parlor room was just redone.

Oh, I could use this
for a den, terrific.

This is a strong house.
Spanish is hard to find today.

- Can we see the kitchen?
- Right this way.

- I don't like it.
- Might as well see the rest.

And these are the original
hand-painted beams.

The butler's pantry.

- An old-fashioned sink.
- Isn't it pretty?

It's very nice. It's..
I mean it is nice. Look at that.

Oh, this is
the breakfast room.

Nice yard.

Wait till you
see the kitchen.

The dishwasher was
put in two years ago.

The garbage disposal
is two years old, too.

- We'll take it.
- You wanna wait in the car?

I'm just kidding.

Let's see the pool.

I love it.

Can we see
the upstairs?


- Bye.
- Bye

Thank you.

I'll call you
tomorrow, dear.

Thanks, bye.

I think it could
be very nice.

We'd have to redo
the whole place.

No, not really. Mostly,
it's getting rid of junk...

For a $160,000, I don't wanna
a house you have to redo.

Well, we could make
a very low offer.

I offer 35,000.

- Oh, let's not mope, huh?
- Oh, come on.

No, I mean, I just..
I don't know what you want.

I want us to be happy.

No, I mean you change
your mind every day.

What do you expect?

- 'I beg your pardon.'
- For what?

For staring. You are
Jeanne Moreau, aren't you?


'I never walk up to actresses.
I, uh...I never do.'

'I'm-I'm sorry if I'm
being rude, but I, uh'

I can't help myself.

I, I love your work.

'I think you're
fantastic talent.'

'Jules et Jim, LaNotte,
The Bride Wore Black'

Brilliant, brilliant,
brilliant, brilliant work.

Thank you.

I'm a director myself. I, uh,
I've only made one film.

Maybe you've seen..
No, you haven't.

Couldn't see it, couldn't have
seen it, it isn't out yet.

Oh, this is incredible.

I had a project for you..

You must have
a million projects.

- Au Revoir.
- Au Revoir.

If you were alone
on a desert island

and there were only three
foods that you could have

what three foods
would you take?

You're masochist.

In my film, you
answered the question.

Let me see.

Chinese peas, and fish.
I love fish.

There would be plenty
on an island.

And cherries.

Typically French.

Au revoir.

"As I sat down, under his-under
his shadow with great delight"

"and his fruit
was sweet to my taste."

"It brought me to
the banqueting house

and his banner
over me was love."

Ah, that's what I like.

'They say true love
is intoxicating.'

"I charge you, O ye daughters of
Jerusalem, that you stir not up"

"nor awake my beloved
till he please."

What a lie!

Till he please, that's the one
thing I, I don't understand.

You wanna taste?
You want a little banana cake?

- The, uh..
- Try it again.

Goes like this.

"I am the rose of.."
Tyrone, watch out

"I am the rose of Sharon
and the lily of the valleys.

'That's a beautiful text.'s..
Very beautiful.'Wait.

'It could be.'

- 'Could be very psychedelic.'
- 'Yeah.'

'Right? Rose and Sharon
could be psychedelic band.'

'Yes, definitely.'

And it goes on,
and-and he says

"As a lily among,
as the lily..

Nobody's listening to me.

Nobody's listening. "As
the lily isn't among the thorns

so is my love
among the daughters"

"And as the apple tree is
among trees of the woods"

so is my love
among the sons."

Right, and she
says I sat down...

Yeah, really, really
is a beautiful text.

Oh, it's the most beautiful
thing ever written

on love and god and religion.

Whatever it is,
it's mystical. And she...

The words are completely lost,
you know, in new translation.

Right, but here,
and then she says

"I sat down under his shadow."

"His shadow," God's shadow,
"with great delight."

"And his banner," you know.

"And his banner
over me was love."

What's happening, man?

Met a producer yesterday
who offered me a western

based on the life
of Donald Quixote.

- Sounds interesting.
- You should read the script.

'I thought it was good.'

I gotta justify my career moves
to my kids, it was crappy.

'You don't like anything.'

But I got a good idea.

Go ahead?

Anybody wanna hear
my idea for a new film?


Wanna hear my new movie?

- Only if it's good.
- It's terrific.

- 'It'll be good.'
- How do you know?

- Are you a prophet?
- Yes.

Do you want to hear
my new movie?

It's a film about a black
revolutionary leader.

Black is beautiful.

Ah, how would you know?

A black revolutionary leader

a cat named, like,
Timmy Tomson, say.

A cat from LA, a cat with
charisma, a cat with power.

A combination of Eldridge
Cleaver and Patrice Lumumba

and Malcolm X and...

- Extraordinary man.
- An incredible man.

- Not sure about that?
- What does this mean?

Come on, wait-wait,
let me get the story

before the fight
begins, okay?

Remember how we had
that conversation about

what would happen if the
Blacks took over LA?

If they didn't riot
in Watser in the ghetto.

If they rioted
in Beverly hills..

- This could happen.
- Sure, okay.

Well, my man, Jimmy Tomson, he
mobilizes the Black community

and he attacks LA.
He attacks white LA.

- He takes off...
- Does he succeed?

- Yeah, man, he succeeds.
- It'll always fail.

- Come on, let him finish.
- No, chance, no.

No, they can succeed,

They can succeed...and he does.

He takes over Beverly Hills.

I'd like to see where
you'll be if it happens.

Oh, come on,
cool it, cool it.

You guys are going on forever?

They get killed, wiped out, the
Birches are waiting for them.

The Birches, the police system
is waiting for them.

- You know, you're a fascist.
- I'm a Jew.

- You're a Jewish fascist.
- And you're a phony liberal.

Terrific, eh? It really
blows your mind.

Alright, wait a minute.
Wait a minute.

- Stop yelling in my ear please.
- Alright, cool it.

What's the point
of the movie?

- The point is...
- 'I don't like it.'

Thanks, Andre,
fall of the wall.

The point is that
whitey will not give

any power or freedom
to the black man..

...if the conversation
is polite.

And after resistance,
revolution is inevitable.

If the resistance does not work,
and we know that resistance

ain't doing much here
in this country right now.

- Right on, baby, right on.
- Absolutely.

- Powerful idea.
- It's science fiction.

No man, believe me,
it can work.

You get-get the whole youth
movement, get the STS in it.

You get them.. You get, ah..
You get the Chicano brother.

- You get the Indian brothers.
- You get the Gay brothers.

You got 'em all involved.

I'm telling you
it's a powerful idea.

I-I don't think blacks
could do anything like that.

- What'd you think, Lewis?
- I don't know.

Don't ask him, he's white.

Leo, you know,
I think are a bigot.

I think you don't know
what you're talking about.

You're an asshole, man.

Come on, blacks don't
have staying power.

You're an asshole.

Alright, alright.
Wait a minute. Come on, man.

- Don't you yell at me.
- Alright, hold on, hold on.

Will you please let me
talk to this guy

and stop interrupting me
while I'm talking to him.

The argument's
between me and him. Hah?

I'd appreciate it. Prick.

Thank you.

I'm so disappointed in you,
I cannot tell you.

You are a bigot, you confirmed
my worst feelings about you.

'I'm sorry, nothing
I can do about it.'


He is a bigot,
but the movie stinks.

'You know why
the movie stinks?'

'Because of what's happening
right here and now.'

When was the last time
you masturbated?

I'm serious.

I know women.

Come on, Norman.

What do you mean, the last time
that I actually masturbated?

How long you've been married?

Seven years in November.

When was the last time,
last week?

Nothing to be ashamed of.

Hey, I'm not ashamed

- When?
- What, for real? Why?

His movie's about masturbation
and the black problem.

Fuck him, but you
gonna get yours.

Come on now, when?.
Last week?

- Two days ago.
- Terrific.

Married seven years, did it
two days ago, it's very healthy.

- To do it?
- No, to talk about it.

To do it is very sick.

How about you, Lewis?

- How long you've been married?
- Five years.

- You're married that long.
- It'll be five.

When was the last time? I know
black guys are like white guys.

- Sure, I do it.
- When?

Last week in the shower.

Who did you visual, who did you
visualize when you did it?

- I don't remember.
- Oh, come on, Lewis.

'Who did you visualize?'

Well, there's this chick
in my office.

That's terrific.

'Married seven years,
did it two days ago.'

'Married five years,
did it a week ago.'


Bible says a man
mustn't waste his seed.

When was your last?

I'm doing it right now
while we're talking about it.

What, what did you say?

'Oh, I couldn't do it
for whole year.'

'I did it for my girlfriend
of mine in New York'

'and she committed suicide.'

'Oh, great. Maybe
it was the kid's work.'

Anybody else got any tarot with
suicides, tarot with suicides?

Sometime I do it
for myself.

It's really the
most frightening.

Lewis did it to himself
in the shower last week.

But you got to
believe in yourself.

This is your environment card.

- Seven of ones.
- 'Oh, that's what I got.'

That's what you got?
Could be you and me, baby.

You've had a certain amount
of success brought to you.

And you're in
a very good state.

This is your reaction to it.

"Aw, the ace of swords."

The ace of swords is one
of the strongest Aces.

Oh, everybody knows that.

'Tremendous ace.'

'No, it's a tremendous
combination of strength.'

'What's coming from you is even
stronger then the environment.'

You're integrating
the environment.

The idea for my film.

I mean that's what my..
Will that work?

I don't know what
the future is?

Okay, this is it.

Your highest hopes
and motivations.

This is what
you really, really want.

Wait a minute, I think we should
clear the beach for this one.

Dig it.

It's a death card!


- The sun rising..
- O-o-oh!

Why you doing this
if it's such a joke.

Because it's fun.

'If the cards are good,
it may be my new religion.'

'Oh, in your subconscious."

'Oh, it's very exciting.'

'The card know the armor,
it's not death'

'it's a not physical..'

♪ You got time on your side

♪ And I know

♪ Oh oh oh, I know..

Mama, I want you.
It's not that.

Take me to my hotel, I'll pack,
and I'll go to the airport.

What airport?
Come on, mama.

I told you,
we want you here.

It's just that you cannot
interfere with my life.

I'm not permitted
to open my mouth.

My big-shot son
will listen to anybody.

but when his mother says
anything, it's a crime.

It's not what you say,
mama, it's what you do.

I have a wife, I have children,
and I have a mother.

And these are three
separate things.

I'm a thing.

Your mother is a thing.

You know there's some people
find me fun to be with.

Come on, mama. You're great,
you're terrific.

It's just that
you have a way of..

You make us tense.

The house is full of tension
when you're here.

We don't know whether you're
coming or staying or what.

I have nobody.

I wish I were dead.

Ah. When my head is with a
project, it's just..

Nobody loves me.

I wish I were...with
your father in the grave.

I love you, mama.

You love me?

I just want everybody
to be happy.

Well, maybe,
I don't always do..

..things the way
I should, I know.

I cause trouble.

But I love you.

I know, mama.

Breeze just got through
with five tons of ground.

I have to tinkle.

We'll stop at a gas station
soon as we cross the border.

What's a border.

The border is what
you have to cross

so that you can tinkle.


'The border is
where Mexico is Mexico'

'becomes the United States.'

'What's the United States?'

'That's where we live.
California's is in there.'

What makes you say that?

California is a state
in the United States.

No, why do you say that?

I studied about it
in the fourth grade.

How do you know it?
How do you really know it?

How long were
you in Mexico?

Three days.


Encinada one night,
Rosarito beach for two nights.

- What was the purpose?
- To find some meaning in life.

I'm just kidding, you know,
on a holiday, you know.

- Any fresh fruit?
- No.

We don't have any
fresh fruit, do we, honey?

- You know we don't have any.
- Oh, this guy's makin me.. No.

- Any booze?
- No.

- I want a piece of fruit.
- We don't have any.

We'll get fruit
in California.

Get out of the car,
open the back

Come on, I don't
have anything.

Please, get out of the car
and open the back.

Ah, is there a
bathroom we can use?

No ma'am.

I've nothing to declare.
This is ridiculous.

- Is it because of my long hair?
- No, sir.

'You gotta have a bathroom.
what do you guys use, huh?'

'Would you be careful with those
cups please, they're brittle.'

'Okay, you can go.
Thank you.'

'Thank you.'

Thank you.

Thank you very much for
the wonderful rest stop.

Maybe, I should make
a film about..

...smuggling grass
across the border.

Only, the grass
turns out to be oregano.

When they get killed, they
die for 10 pounds of oregano.

I could call it, "They Died
for 10 Pounds of Oregano."

I talk a lot of
movie crap, don't I?


I'm sorry.

It's okay.

I got to stop it.

Did you see that?


I waved at those soldiers,
and they waved back at me.


They gave me
the peace sign.

Wow, those guys
are prisoners

they probably don't
wanna go to war.

Wow...really got balls
giving you the peace sign.

♪ Hooray for Hollywood

♪ That screwy

♪ Ballyhooey Hollywood

♪ Where any office boy

♪ Or young mechanic

♪ Can be a panic

♪ With just
a good-looking pan ♪

♪ And any barmaid

♪ Can be a star maid

♪ If she dances

♪ With or without a fan

♪ Hooray for Hollywood

♪ Where you're terrific ♪

♪ If you're even good ♪

♪ Where anyone at all

♪ From TV's Lassie ♪

♪ To Monroe's chassis ♪

♪ Is equally understood

♪ Go out and try your luck

♪ You might be Donald Duck

♪ Hooray for Hollywood

♪ Hooray for Hollywood

♪ That phony, super
Coney, Hollywood ♪

♪ They come from
Chillicothes and Padukahs ♪

♪ With their bazookas

♪ To see their names
up in lights ♪

♪ All armed with photos
From local rotos ♪

♪ With their hair in ribbons
and legs in tights ♪

♪ Hooray for Hollywood

♪ You may be homely
in your neighborhood ♪

♪ But if you think
that you can be an actor ♪

♪ See Mister Factor

♪ Hooray for Hollywood

♪ That phony,
super Coney, Hollywood ♪

♪ They come from
Chillicothes and Padukahs ♪

♪ With their bazookas

♪ To get their names
up in lights ♪

♪ All armed with photos
from local rotos ♪

♪ With their hair in ribbons
and legs in tights ♪

♪ Hooray for Hollywood

♪ You may be homely
in your neighborhood ♪

♪ But if you think
that you can be an actor ♪

♪ See Mister Factor

♪ He'd make a monkey
look good ♪

♪ Within a half an hour

♪ You'll look like
Tyrone Power ♪

♪ Hooray for Hollywood

Oh, God, I love you.

Hm, I love you.

I love you.

You love me?

Tell me, I like to hear it.

- I love you.
- Why do I have to ask you?

Because you know
I love you.

You wanna do it again?

The kids are waking up.

I don't think I could've
made it, anyway.

When was the last time
we made it twice?

Umm...before we were married.

No, I remember, it was when
we were in San Francisco.

We went on the weekend
without the kids.

We made it twice
then, I remember.

I don't remember.

Oh, yeah, we were at
the Mark Hopkins.

It was a warm night.

Yeah, the window was open.

The wind was blowing
the curtain.

We made it.

And then, right away,
we made it again.

I remember it
like it was yesterday.

Guess so.

Hell, you were
probably sleeping.

I remember it.

Oh, yeah, Sid called.

And said, I gotta get
the will changed

because my estate's
gonna be larger.


And he said, since we're
getting it changed

'do we still want your sister
to take care of the children?'

'If anything happened
to both of us.'

My sister loves the kids, and
I think that's the main thing.

I don't know, I worry about your
sister, I mean, she's square.

She'll give the kids a good
home, that's all I care about.

I care the kids know
something about the world

and grow up to be individuals.

We were through this all
once before.

And my sister was the only one
that we both agreed on.

Let me up.

Ah, I don't know.

If you don't want my sister,
I'm open to someone else.

Look, sweetheart, look.
When I..

You gotta look at it
like we're both dead.

Like we're not here anymore.
Like we're wiped out.

Like, we've had a car accident.
In an airplane, we've drowned.

We are dead.

The children are totally alone.
They have no-one.

No-one to guide them.

Now, do you still want
your sister to have them?

Of everyone that
we know now, yes.

Your sister's kids live
in front of a television set.

They don't even have a book.

- Our kids watch it too.
- Yeah, but we got books.

- 'Good morning.'
- Good morning, honey.

Don't kiss me,
think I'm getting a cold.

- I pray I'm not getting a cold.
- Why don't you take an aspirin?

No, I'm gonna see a doctor.

What good is
a doctor gonna do?

She wakes me up,
every single morning.

Good morning, well, it will be
different when we move.

You've been saying that
for two years.

Don't kiss me, Amy.
I think I'm getting a cold.

I wasn't gonna kiss you.


What's come over you..?

I read that treatment
last night.

What treatment?

The treatment about
the man who wants to..

...exterminate all the rats
in New York.

I don't wanna see
a movie about rats.

It wasn't about rats.
It was about a man.

A man with
a social conscience.

An exterminator, a man who-who
suddenly sees that

society is full of rats.

- Is it good?
- Yeah, it's very interesting.

What do you want
for breakfast?

Aw, come on,
for Christ's sake

I'm trying to tell you
about a movie I might do.

Can't you tell us at breakfast?
I'm very interested.

Do you want eggs or cereal?

Alright, fine.

Can't even make a decision
about what you want to eat.

Leave me for Christ's sake,
I'll hit you.

Well, dad, we're only
trying to help.

You tell all these ideas for
movies and they sound good.

But when we say anything bad,
you get angry.

- Yeah, I'm sorry, baby.
- Makes us nervous.

- 'Nancy, don't eat in bed.'
- Give me some.

Alright, that's enough.

I wanna do a movie about..

...I wanna do
something important.

I wanna do a movie
about life, about..

Do a movie about us.

That's 8 1/2.

You've absolutely no interest in
anything that I am trying to do.

You just, take absolutely...
Oh, baby, I'm sorry..

I'm sorry, really I am
sweetheart, look.

I've got a cold working.
I'm very tired, I'm very nervous

and I'm sorry, I really...

Will you get the ho-ho's
out of the bed?

Come on, sweetie.

- I'm sorry, Amy.
- We understand.

- What's 8 1/2?
- A-ah!

What's 8 1/2?

8 1/2?

8 1/2, is a Fellini.

It's about himself.
About a movie director.

A lot of flashbacks,
about his mother and father.

His childhood.

Doesn't sound like
such a great movie.

No, it's the way he did it.

'Why don't you do
a picture for kids?'

Mom, what are you doing here?

Mr. Fellini calls.
I shouldn't come?

- I didn't know he called.
- Sure he calls.

You're the one,
who never calls.

Oh, mom, please.
I'm not a kid anymore.

I'm a big director.

How are you,
my dear, sweet son?

Mom, I'm confused about
what to do next.

Life was easier for you when
you weren't a big time director.

Mom, please.
Not here.

Don't argue with Fellini.

What's the matter honey?

Vicky, you're the best.

In the whole...whole universe.

You know that.

So you gonna get laid?

From your ex-wife.

She liked it.

'Here, drink some wine.'

- No, I'm hungry.
- 'Drink a little wine...'

Not thirsty,
I'm hungry.

Hungry, hungry
always gotta be contentions.

'Always arguing.
Little wine won't hurt.'

You're right.



Why you always playing games?
I thought love you.

An old friend, I've a..

'As a Hindu.'

'I think they are not allowed
to drink alcohol.'

And they say..

...I think it's in the Quran,
I don't know.

I will not drink,
one drop of wine.

And they have a friend who is
totally religious and he goes..

That was the drop.

Well, who goes like this?
After he goes like that.

Your ex-wife.

I was with Adel the other day.
She told me you're acting.

And she had some crumbs
on her fingers.

I went to her,
she didn't let me to do.

So I said
you're inhibited.

Where is my pussycat?





How was it?

I love you.


Was great, I'm exhausted, but it
was great, it was was beautiful.

Oh, I'm so glad.

It was beautiful,
there was only one bad time.

I thought maybe
I wasn't gonna come back.

I was looking in the mirror
at myself and I could see

right through to my bone.

I looked like a wolf, I didn't
know who I was looking at.

When I realized it was me,
I got scared.

- Are you hungry?
- No, tired. Exhausted.

I want to you to sleep with me.
Thank you.

- How is Andre?
- He's my movie.

He's my movie.

You just listen to this.

'Feel anything, yet?'

- 'I'll let you know.'
- 'Should've felt something.'

- 'What do you feel?'
- 'I'm very..'

'Well, you've taken about
10,000 trips so.'

'Maybe it works faster on you.'

'Oh, no, no,
this is great acid.'

'You should be
feeling something by now.'

'I feel like,
I'd like you stop bugging me.'

- 'He's a professional guru.'
- He is a professional druggist.

- 'Your heart beating faster?'
- 'A little.'

- 'You have any palpitations.'
- 'I don't know just faster.'

'You don't have
a heart trouble, do you?'

'You can't take acid
if you've heart trouble'

'Terrific. This is the great
time to tell me.'

Wait till the part,
where we get it done with.

Why don't you play it
for me later?

'You know where he
gets into himself.'

It-its a movie. It's a,
this is like to the picture.

'I went to a night club, they
wanted a singer. I got a job.'

- 'Called, "The Cave."'
- 'Lot of chicks?'

'Everyday, that's all I did.

'I sang and I screwed.'

Want a sandwich?

- 'Were you happy?'
- 'I was happy.

'Happier than now?'

Wh-when he gets into
the-the part about

the...about the yoga
and the health food

the beginning of the mystical
trip and back in fourth between

the-the show business
slickster and the mystic.

Show business slickster mystic.
And then he gets into the acid.

And the more acid he takes,
the worse his career becomes.

He starts, he starts
losing his career.

Then, he marries Virginia.

They get on the whole
Virginia trip.

Then he goes in the Buddhism.

He starts losing totally
the whole show business thing.

- Starts putting on weight.
- Yeah, I know...

When you hear it,
all together it's a man's life.

It's a story of a man's life.
Why isn't that a movie?

That's enough,
the man is enough, right?

But the real point,
the point about the whole thing.

The thing that really
is beautiful to me.

He's back to being a Jew again.
The whole Bible thing.

Even though he kids,
he believes it. He really does.

- He's back to where he began.
- Maybe he's still not happy.

He's-he's-he's happy
and sad he's.. everybody.

- Now, why isn't that a movie?
- Well, maybe, it is.

I have nothing.

Oh, you're tired now.

It's too bad.

Honey, come on,
drink your coffee and...

You should've been with me.
You really should've.

You should've been with me,
I wanted you to be with me.

I'm sorry.

No, Sorry what is
the good of this sorry shit.

- I don't wanna take it.
- But I needed you.

You told me that you were taking
acid, so you could get a movie.

You wouldn't have taken
it in anyway.

You can't make me do things.
I have to wanna do them.

Bloody hell nothing.

'I needed you.
I needed you with me.'

Come on, talk to me.
I'm sorry, baby.

I'm here for you,
when you want me to be here.


You don't let me breath.
You-you just choke me.

You just want me to say things
that gonna make you happy.

And I want you to be happy,
It's not that I wanna share..

I can't pretend it.

I don't know what you want.
I really..

...I don't know
what you want from me.

- What's the matter?
- Nothing, sweetheart.

- We're just crying.
- What happened?

Nothing happened, baby.
Mommy did...leave mommy alone.

- Were you arguing?
- No, we weren't.

Mommy was just..

...mommy was telling
the truth and..

You should always
tell the truth.

Oh, sweetheart.

You know, sometimes
that's hard to give.

Don't make it about yourself.

It's okay, mom.
Don't cry.

- Here, let me check.
- Dad.

How about some toast?


You want some
cereal or something?

- Take.
- No.

You don't want it?

Anybody want some cereal, baby.
Want some cereal?

We can only achieve
our goals through non violence.

But your non-violence
has not worth, Mr. Gandhi.

History has shown
that nothing else can work.

We cannot wait for history,
our people are starving.

'Our people need food
and closing in shelter.'

'Mr. Gandhi's right..'

- You're gonna cry.
- I don't know.

Put on your sun glasses,
if you do.

'No matter where it happens.'

We the people of the
Republic of South Africa.

Will not accept Apartheid.

But our system of
Apartheid works.

We believe it's the only way
for the races to survive.

'Apartheid is evil, it's like
caste system was in India.'

All people regardless
of race, color or creed

should be treated equally.

'The problems of
Republic of South Africa'

'and United States
are completely different.'

'What do you think
Mr. Martin Luther King?'

I have a dream,
I have a dream.

Someday all people will live
together in peace and harmony.

Glad you brought dog
and the freak.

♪ When all the world
is a hopeless jumble ♪

♪ And the raindrops
tumble all around ♪

♪ Heaven opens a magic lane

♪ When all the clouds
darken up the skyway ♪

♪ There's a rainbow
highway to be found ♪

♪ Leading from your windowpane

♪ To a place behind the sun

♪ Just a step beyond the rain

♪ Somewhere over the rainbow

♪ Way up high

♪ There's a land
that I heard of ♪

♪ Once in a lullaby

♪ Somewhere over the rainbow

♪ Skies are blue

♪ And the dreams that
you dare to dream ♪

♪ Really do come true

♪ Some day I'll wish upon
a star and wake up where ♪

♪The clouds are far behind me ♪

♪ Where troubles melt like lemon
drops above the chimney tops ♪

♪ That's where you'll find me ♪

♪ Somewhere over the rainbow

♪ Blue birds fly

♪ Birds fly over the rainbow

♪ Why then oh why can't I? ♪

♪ If happy little
bluebirds fly ♪

♪ Beyond the rainbow

♪ Why oh why can't I? ♪

Lights work.

Now, these, these are the
original beams, Mr. Morrison.

These, these beams
are hand done.

It's unusual to find,
these beams are hand painted.

Did you say, these beams
are hand painted?

Yes, these beams
are hand painted.

This is the special
candle light effect

for those quite little dinners
at home. Isn't it romantic?

Oh, come on.
It's negative man.

It's negative shit.

Oh, great, it's the sink.
Hi, sink.

Great, to have a sink
in the butlers pantry.

What'll you do in an emergency.
When the other sinks are filled.

The wife's using the kitchen
and kids the toilet upstairs.

The other kid's using
the other toilet sink.

The maid's washing mine.

Where's somebody gonna
get a sink? Right here.

Right on, a sink
in the butlers pantry..

Oh, wow.

Oh, ah, we'll live on love?

Turn this pad into a commune,
and do our thing.

I feel good vibes already.
Really good vibes, yeah.

We'll get into it.
Grow corn in the toilet.

Eat around the pool, do our
mattress in the morning.

Perfect. Get into a little
mescaline after supper.

Well, a lotta good people
wanna get back to it.

Sure, Nancy and Amy
and Beth and me

and Lewis and Leon and Liza

Marlene and Leo,
Oh, screw Leo.

Leo is too much of a skeptic
and a scoffer and Sagittarius.

Sagittarian if they're scoffers,
you know that's a bad trip.

Ah, prison, man.

I'm going to get me

a fantastic 18 year old
Spanish maid.

I don't care whether
she can cook, or sew.

I'm gonna get me
a mind sex fiend.

Can't get enough.


Ah-ha. Sir Lancelot,
I've waited 20 years to do this.

To do what, you blackard?

To do this.

If you only knew,
how much you turn me on?

Whatever happened
to the good old movies.


At eight and half percent.


$89,000, eight and half percent
interest, for 30 years is

30 years with interest is,
that's a 190 thousand dollars.

190, no..

30 years, I'll be 66.

66 years old,
one picture to my credit.

I'll be an old person.

I'll be an very old person.

Almost as old, as I'm now.

It's a nice house.

It's a nice house.

How you doing, baby?

Oh, yeah.


I had the Terrell corns,
tried the shrink

tried acid.

Now, I've come to you, right?

I know, I only come to you
when I need something.

I treat you the same way
I treat my wife, right?

It's very complicated, man.

You see, I got the family
and the career and..

...yeah, I've put on a little
weight, couple of pounds.

I quit smoking,
got into eating ho-ho.

Last week, I ate 10 pounds.