Aladdin (2019) - full transcript

A kindhearted street urchin and a power-hungry Grand Vizier vie for a magic lamp that has the power to make their deepest wishes come true.

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Aladdin by @__X_.mysterious_.X__

Hey look, over there


Their ship is huge

I hope we have that fancy

I would be very happy if we had that good

Because / Why

Because it looks better

This ship has passed a lot of storms

Maybe it doesn't look good, but

There is something there that will never

What are weathered wood mice

Children learn something dear

Must learn again

I think it's time

I tell you the story

About Aladdin, daughter

and lights

What is special about a lamp

This is a magic light / Maybe if you sing

That's better when you sing

No, no singing, this is a tiring day

Imagine a country

In a distant place

With camel caravans running

Where you go around between

All cultures and languages, it's chaotic, but

Hey, it's home

When the wind is from the east, the sun is from the west

And sand in the glass is correct

Let's go down, stop by, go up to the carpet and fly

One more arabian night

When you're on the road

on the festive night market

With stalls full of cardamom

You can smell all the spices

While you are bidding the price

from silk to satin scarves

All music playing

when you move between labyrinths

In the fog of your pleasure

Caught in the dance, you got lost

in one arabia night

Night of arabia

* Like arabia afternoon

More often than not

Hotter than heat

In many good ways

Night of arabia

Like an Arabian dream

Mystical place

And magic sand More than it seems

There is a way that leads me to goodness and greed

What is the name of the monkey


That's a beautiful monkey

That's a pretty necklace

Become Abu from where



I think this is mine

See you ladies and gentlemen

How it works Abu




You are hungry

This is

Take bread

Thank you


Hey! You stole my bread

No Stealing

I don't / You take my bread

Sir, I don't have money

Release me / No

Calm down Jamal

This is from the store

And this one

This one is

He stole the bread

The children are hungry

Okay / I


You keep your straight nose

I did it

You have money

No / OK

Believe me

This is it / Wait

This is the way you want, right

Thank you / Okay, apple for your problem

Thank you

That's not going to go away without my bracelet

You mean this bracelet

Come on


Aladdin! / Are we in trouble

Only if you are caught

Go to the hallway

Monkeys know the way




Abu will be fine

Catch him

Over there

There! / Search for this

Up there!

Stop! / And that's all

One leap, in front of the law officer

That's it / And it's not a joke / They don't like me going bankrupt


Street mouse Bastard

Accept that

Try to protect

Drive around behind

I can accept the punch, I must accept the fact

Can use one friend or two

Oh Aladdin falls down

Please / He becomes a criminal

I blame his parents, unless he doesn't have

We are still alive


Come on, take it

Thank you / Terrible / Tea

Thank you

And thank you for

Removing me from there

Aladdin, right

You're welcome

I Am I Dahlia


From the palace

How do you know / Well

Only someone from the palace can buy a bracelet like that

And that also imports

That's from the merchant ship directly to the palace

But not for servants

At least not most servants, meaning you

is the princess maid

Impressive / You think it's impressive

You only see the city from up there



Very bad

I have to come out more

You have to tell the princess to come out more

People haven't seen him for years

They won't leave him


The queen was killed

Sultan is afraid of

So it keeps being bracked

It seems like everyone will be scared since then

But Agrabah people have nothing to do with that

People love them

They love it right

This is yours

That's kind of


My mother taught me the song

My mother also

That's all I remember about him

And what about your father

I lost both of them when I was young

And I'm alone since then

It's okay, it's just

What is

That's a little sad

Have a monkey the only friend in your life

We can get through it

Every day I

Think this will be different, but it never seems to change,

Sometimes I

I feel / get stuck

Like you

Cannot escape from where you were born



I have to go back to the palace


Make way for Prince Anders

That's just a prince coming to meet the princess

Yes, and I have to prepare him

Oh, you have my bracelet / Sure


Um, I'm sure I put it here


Abu, you took it

That's my mother's bracelet

Yes, beautiful

You are indeed a thief

No, no, yes, but

I'm very naive, excuse me

Wait, wait, wait

Wait, it's not like that

Move out!


Street mice, move away from the streets

Who are you calling street mice

Are you fighting me

You were born useless, and you will die uselessly

And your ticks will finish you

Come on Abu

Let's go home

Street mouse

I'm not

Believe that

If only they looked closer

Will they see

They will know

There are more

To me


It's time we steal And there's a time we don't

This is clearly not

Welcome prince

We believe your trip is fun

Oh wow

Present my daughter

Princess Jasmine

If I know your beauty

There is no mention of yours too

They say that there


That's very very nice / Really / Yes

We have the same title, but it has never been described in the same way

Jasmine Anda

Oh, what is that

Don't tell me it's a cat

He likes you / I know

Cats in Skotlan like me

Our enemy gets stronger every day, but you leave your daughter

And possible military / enemy alliances

Shirabad continues to disturb

Shirabad is our ally / used to be our ally

You will drag us into a war where we lose

You will let your kingdom sink into destruction

Only because of one sentence / Jafar!

Remember your position

I'm sorry

Forgive me, I'm outrageous


You will reconsider

I think you will see

Inviting Shirabad

Is the right thing to do

And I am

thought / Invited Shirabad

Why do we invade the kingdom of mother

We will never invade Shirabad

But allies in Skotland will

improve our situation / Yes, if you

consider giving Crishsander a chance

What Babaraj will be a better leader / My dear

I'm not getting younger, we have to find you a husband, and

You lost the kingdom

What a foreign prince cares about our people like me

I can go if only / My dear, you can't be a sultan

Because it's never been done in a thousand years of our royal history

I've prepared myself for this for the rest of my life

I have read / Book! But you can't read the experience

Inexperienced is dangerous

People who aren't noticed will rebel

Walls and borders not guarded will be attacked / Jafar is correct

One day

You will understand

You can leave now

Life will be better for you daughter,

once you accept this tradition and understand

it's better that you see it instead of hearing it

This came the wave that intended to greet me

Tidal waves take me down

Destroyed again

There is nothing to say,

My voice sank into lightning

I can't cry

I can't start collapsing

When they try

To lock me up or drop me

I can keep quiet

But they want to keep me quiet,

And I had a problem when they tried it

What I know that I want

does not speak

Open the gate!

You know what Abu has to do

dirty Minyet

Dirty monkey


Remember your place, Jafar / Remember your place

If I hear that again

Sorry sir / Another insult

from that little fool

He will get a reply

When the light is in my hand

And I will sit on his throne

He is in the palace

He is in the palace / That's what I said

He / What do you see Yagu

The time for action

What is the smart kid

But Dahlia, there must be something that can be done

Handsome prince wants to marry you

Life will be easier / Not that I don't want to get married

You want to be a sultan

But why is it

You remember what my mother used to say, you will be happy if your people are happy

He saw what I saw today, he would be sad

He will also want you to be safe

And clean, I'll prepare the bath

Jafar Guards in every corner

Soon he will invade our neighbors, endanger life, for what

I can help I know I can

I was born to do more than marry a useless prince

You have to marry him, he can do worse than this

He's tall and handsome, he's a little stupid, but

It's just married, it's not like you have to talk to him

You prefer that boy, from the market

I can help

Thank you

You What are you doing here Give it to me now / I

I returned to return your bracelet / Which one is

On your wrist / What / Not bad

I like what you do with this place / How do you pass the guard

That's challenging, but I have my way

While the princess is out, you want to walk

To chat / You can't be trusted

You can't enter the palace and walk like you have this place

If you don't have anything, you have to pretend like you have everything

So, what do you think I found your bracelet

You didn't find it, you stole it / Corrected, the monkey stole it

He's your monkey

He is still just a monkey / Who ordered tea



For you Putri Jasmine

Your Majesty

Why are you weird

Daughter, yes

And this is good for me, with all

lstana and train

and everything is

Every hour of the day

Now it's time for my cat to be cleaned

He rarely goes out


Aren't you supposed to take a shower

Isn't the cat cleaning itself

You have to go now / Okay, but I'll be back tomorrow night

Do you not / We meet in the courtyard near the fountain, when the moon is over

To restore this

I promise

The most guarded place in all Agrabah


Afternoon / Afternoon

Where am I / In the world of problems, kid

My bracelet, what about this

Because I didn't steal it

Waiter / Why does the waiter wear the queen / queen bracelet

No, no, he said, that was his mother's

He tells the truth about one thing

You say it's a princess

I'm talking to / He's playing with you

That pleases him

You think he really likes you

What they call you

Aladdin / Aladdin

People like us must be realistic / We

You see, I used to be like you

Ordinary thief

It's just that I think bigger

Stealing your bracelet is a thief, stealing your kingdom is a statesman

Only weak people stop there

The strongest person in the room has nothing

You found an opportunity

I can make you rich

Rich enough to impress the princess

But nothing is free

What should I do

Inside is a simple oil lamp

Get it for me, and I'll make you rich enough to impress the princess,

You're nothing

But you can start your life now


No No, I'm out

He promised

I will be above if you need me

Good evening Dahlia

The magic cave

When you enter, you will see more wealth than you dreamed

The lamp, bring it to me and I'll make you rich and free

Don't take any assets no matter how tempted you are

And you will be tempted

Remember, don't take anything except the lamp

Don't touch, remember


This is a magic carpet

They really do exist

Hello carpet

Let's see what we can do with your situation here

Don't discuss it

Abu, save your monkey's hand for yourself

Don't do it!


Can you help me / First, the lights are

No First your hand / There isn't much time, give the lights

You hit it

No more to two masters / Now your hand

What if my legs are


You're a dirty monkey!

Dirty monkey!


We are still alive, I think

Thank you for the carpet

How do you

We only need an exit

hey carpet, you know the way out of here

Who called me!

Tell me who ordered me!

I am obedient to my vow, loyal to 3 requests

I say Oh that's great

Excuse me, son, where is your boss Help me here, where is your boss

If I want to talk to myself, I can stay inside the lamp


I am talking

On the blue / Not smoke giant

That's your personal business

Uh okay, but you mind if I loosen it a little

Do you ask me / You are my master

I'm your master

You seem to be my master / Right

But that's not how it works / How long have you been stuck here

About a thousand years / Thousand years / Thousand years

Okay, here I am or like everything surprises you, so it's

You really don't know who I am

Jin, requests, lights, none of which remind you of anything

That's the first

allow me to

You don't need to worry, it's fine


I'm the best

Not enough, I'm joking

You can applaud now,

No, no, please, you can thank me outside

In the sunshine

When you make a request to exit / So how does it work

You're kidding, right

All the songs are

is for the instructions

Obviously you can't dance and hear at the same time, so this is basically

First step, rub the lamp, the second step say what you want Step three

Look, it's that easy, you get 3 requests

They have to start by rubbing the lights and saying I'm begging, understand

I guess / some more rules

You can't beg for more requests, 3 is enough, now

I can't make anyone love who or bring someone from death

You can interrupt me every time you don't understand

I'm kidding, never interrupt me, no matter what

I don't usually need to do this, because usually when that person gets

Me, he knows what he wants, and he usually does

Murder and power

Help me, don't drink from that cup, I promise you,

there is not enough power and money in the world

for you to be satisfied, good

So what is your first hope

I have to think, I mean if it's only 3, why only three after all

I don't know, who cares

You don't know, I think you know everything / That's because you didn't hear

I never said I knew everything

I say I'm the strongest, most powerful creature in the universe, hear

When I don't know, I can learn, so I'm not worried

Why are you hard to hope, I know you don't know, but I'm very pale

This is sky blue, my natural pigmentation is navy blue

Give us the sun / Okay, genie

I hope for you to get us out of this cave

He made his first hope

Please don't forget to bring the jinny in your way out / handle kid

Look at this world, this is very

In a lamp like, brass, brass, brass

Brass, uh what is copper? No, brass.

Resolve the problem of real life, phenomenal cosmic power

Very small / So living space

Is this magic or are you magic

Ah, I like having an agreement

You can warn me before you do that

True So what do I have to make all my hopes here

I mean if I bring you back to agrabah, won't people

No, no, no, I can see

really normal / correct, really normal

Like that / Still blue


Do we leave the bond / it's my favorite / Okay, okay


What would you expect / I haven't thought about that

You're really not that person / Okay

So what do you want to expect /

Nobody has ever asked me before

It's easy, I hope to be free

No need to say, I can help

What you want can I take your order Freedom

I hope to be human

Why don't you free yourself


You heard this kid say Why I don't free myself

The only way to be free is to own the lamp

uses one of his hopes to destroy him

And last time it happened like 4


I will do it, I have 3 right

Actually you have two separate, you use one to get out of my cave, remember / am I

Or you think I should scrape the lights

Okay street children, let's turn the tape back

Okay Jinny, I hope / Uh, the monkey trick rubs the lights

Never seen that before

I will watch you

At least I can use my three hopes to free you

This is about hope, the more you have

The more you want to

Let's just look at that / But that's something

Have you seen that face before, who is it

Who is the girl

She's a princess / Oh, aren't they all like that

Treat your woman like a queen, isn't that said / No, no, she's a real princess

I told you, I can't make someone love anyone

No, no, we have a connection / Is it true

He is smart, good and

is very beautiful, but he must marry

Hey, can you make me a prince

There are a lot of gray areas inside for me to be a prince

I can make you prince

You see my palace Specific to your words

The agreement is in the details / Good

But you don't really understand, if he likes you, why does it change

I told you, he must marry the prince

Okay, I can do that

And this time the official hope is

For those of us who count, now one is

Jinny, um, I hope / Lights / Oh

Fine, Jinny / Don't hear him Jinny

I hope to become a prince

Back off, I need space, I'll make you cool


A little spin, it's better, right

I think I have to get used to it / Hey, prince

Prince, it is clear that Getho Sheik will not succeed

What is

I am perry wingkle / What is perry wingkle / No

Everything is wrong

The color clashes with your skin color, the silhouette is confused / This is a big hat

No, that's not a big hat, let's Jinny

Come on

We have to do / You slip

We must be neutral for the desert lvy Albian / A little heavy

And the crown is

Jinny, Jinny is the winner

Everyone's lucky Vampire / Haloween

Let's someone call me down

Someone let me down I'm evil!

So what do you think / I like it / Of course you like it, I made it

I think it's me / Talk honestly

That's me, I did the job, you just stood there

But won't people recognize me / Nobody will recognize you

That's how Jinny's magic works, people see what they tell them to see / True

Who am I / Prince


From / Ah

From Ababgua / Ababgua

You don't listen / Ababwa

What is a real place / Yes, everyone knows that, there is a brochure

Hot in summer, I will read to you

How do we get there

I don't think we can ride a monkey

You like monkeys moon walk, ah, wait there

Donkey, too small

Too clear, we need something big

Quiet ash, only for a moment / ow

Prince Ali

from Ababwa / And now for you / What

What is it

Move away

Who are they / Guard

Why is it so long / this is coming

You said / I don't

I represent you / Glad to accept you at Agraba prince Ali

How do you destroy it / I don't know, it falls

This is an honor to meet you

This is just as pleasing to me as noble

Sir, you look very calm

That may be

I'm afraid I'm not familiar with Ababwa

That's south / lt's North

We have North

and south

What / If you want to go, that's

That's / around there you can find it, if you're looking for

Can help me / World

Change quickly Jafar

There seems to be a new country every day

Don't touch Don't touch

Yes You are very wise / Tell him we have a present

Oh right, we have something, gift

You set it all / No,

Yes, here we are, gifts, coming soon

We have seasonings, golden camels

And spoons, small spoons, spoons, how they make it that small

We have jam / jam / yes, jam

Big Jam Jam / Jam


Delicious, exotic jam

Move away from the device / What is

We have jewelry / jewelry, we are there, and that is

Hidden There, for tension


That's very expensive

And what do you expect to buy with expensive / you

No, no, moment with you

Do you think I'm for sale / Of course

No, of course not not

It's cold and dark on the lamp, but I prefer this

Excuse me, I have to go and

find breath

For jewelry / No, that's not what I mean I / You've done good

That's not what I mean / Leave him alone, he's too great / You won't

get the chance to talk again, we hope you can join us tonight

Prince Ali, we will celebrate our harvest

Of course the noble

We will join you

Within 10 000 years

I have never felt better

Don't worry, you're not out of the game, just do what you usually do

Never go to parties / What / What

Oh, you have to go back to the room, you will ruin my night / Prince Ali

May I speak / Please

This isn't about you

That's my business

I know who you are

You know


You have big ambitions like me

I don't think we are acquainted / Jafar

Sultan's advisor

I can be a valuable ally to get what you want

I will think about it, don't want the princess to wait

Maybe I wasn't heard

This offer won't take long, you see

Prince Ali, excuse me

Prince Ali, your presence is expected, I think that's

the person / Yes, that's the person

And that's it

This is your chance / You know what

There are many people, I don't think I can do this

You'll be fine / Okay / This will be fine

Uh Look at his hand

Let me take a drink, I'm thirsty myself / No, no, you can't leave me

He will see me / No, he won't, all you have to do is go there

And talk, what else should I say / Okay, listen to me

I live in the light

This is a party, don't mess this up for me

Okay, I have the right to party

There, get him


Oh, daughter of Jasmine

You are still here / Yes

What are you doing

What are you doing / Just make sure the water is

Okay, temperature / You're not there / How can I compete with that

Look at him, he is very prince / You have to be more confident,

about what you can offer

What I can offer I have no palace, I

jumps between buildings, prince ali, he has jewelry / No, stop, stop


I make you look like a prince

Outside, I don't change anything in it

Prince Ali gets you to his door

But Aladdin must open it

Look, the sultan likes me

Okay, maybe he likes his wife / Look at that

Prince is more interested in Bubba

I know, I think this might be different

He came with a very interesting friend, please make this work

And what about prince Ali

Look at him, he tried really hard

And that's the problem / performance show

No, I'm waiting for the right moment / No, no

There is no waiting, we have finished waiting / No, I am in power

Okay, I said we are waiting for the right moment

Really Really

Say something / Sure

I'm sorry for

Jewels and jewelry and you

That's not me, that's really me

No, here I am, I don't have a twin or anything

You / Dancing I like / Yes

Something is strange about him

Keep an eye on him, prince Ali

He just walked out

Maybe I'm too far away with the copy, but the dance is

Probably the best thing you've ever done in your life

Nothing seems to impress him / that's crazy

If I can't impress him

I ask who can

What do you mean / I just say

Try to be yourself / He must marry the prince

If I have a few more minutes with him, I know I can

You have to take me there, what is an official request / No, that's for help

For friends / Jin

there isn't really a friend

I thought you said there were never friends like me / No

I said you never had a friend like me

When you are genie, someone always has something to ask of you

You're right, you are right

That would include diverting the waiter

I see what you do, you get me, look there

Good night / How do you pass the guard

I infiltrated / All of them, 48 guards

Even those who eat fire, impressive / I think

That's what people say about me

Oh, it doesn't come out correctly

I don't know why I said that

They are very beautiful

He will hate it,

tell Prince Ali the way to his heart is through his mind

Actually this is from me for you

Excuse me for a moment

Oh / My passions

I accept, please continue / I notice

How nice it is

Tonight, at the party I noticed

You notice how

Pleases me

True How does this work / This is careless, but there is charming


Will you walk late

Only both of us, one destination / Yes

As a person / Briefly

Why do I say someone

The child is contagious

I've never done this before, how it works

You like cheese


I actually entered / Don't move

I just returned

Because of you / How you can get there

Magic carpet

Actually I'm glad you are here / you are yes

I tried to look for it, but it seems like it can't

You want to show me / I'm happy to

Rajha, don't eat prince today, he needs his feet to dance

Am I too far away from Salton / Little

Above / Yes

I have to find / short, not the

given to me / He is married / He is more than that

Ababwa, of course

Ababwa / Yes / Not easy to find

Have you lost your country / My country No


This is it

I don't think so, I've

That's it / I don't see it

Who needs a map anyways

They are old, and useless, and there is no use value

Map is how I see the world

I think princesses can go anywhere / Not this princess

Well, would you like to

Would you like Oh

Sorry Sorry


Thank you, for that

I said

You have to see this place,

I mean there is a whole world outside of books and maps

You want to

How / Every door is guarded / Who said the door

What are you doing / Sometimes princesses

Sometimes you have to take risks

What just happened

Magic carpet

You believe me / What do you say

You trust me


Of all the places that you show me, this is my favorite

sometimes you have to look at it from a different perspective

That's them, the people, they make it beautiful

And they deserve it, you know that, I don't know why

It could be because of me / because it should be you

You think so / It doesn't matter what I think

Oh, look at that, monkeys pack it down there, is it Abu / Not

No, he can't be ash, he is

So how many names do you have, Prince Aladdin

No, no, I / So who is prince Ali / I

Prince Ali / But why do you know this city so much / I came to Agraba

Because to know people you have to see it for yourself, but you already know it

When we first meet, you disguise in your own city

You see us seeing, dancers, elephants and

Magic carpet, how can street thieves have it all

But how do I not recognize you

People don't see you in fact to your nobles

It's OK

I am ashamed, you see more Agrabah in a day than I have in my whole life

Maybe we should go back


See you tomorrow, daughter



I like that face, the best / best day

That's better than the best

He already knew me Aladdin, you said it wouldn't happen / ow

I mean genie magic is just the outside, at one point

The original character will always shine through it

But that's a good thing, right, now he knows

Well / Well what is

He said he just pretended to be a thief to see the city, but

Actually he's a prince / I assure him, I'm actually a prince

And you trust him / And you believe / I think / In the end you

will have to tell him the truth / In the end

I'll tell him

By the way, I'm a prince now / Oh

So you will drink from that cup

You might want to believe because you have to marry the prince

But you can't marry a thief / No

I trust him, really

I'll tell him

Good morning


I think there is some kind of error, I don't think you know who I am

No, no, I know who you are

Aladdin / Aladdin

I don't know who it is I'm Prince Ali

From Ababwa / Prince from a kingdom that does not exist

Which now has a magic carpet

From the cave, the only way it might be

Is if you find a particular treasure

My treasure

Where is the light

This is clearly a kind of misunderstanding

I'm Prince Ali / If I throw you from the balcony

And if you are who you say

You will die miserably

You survived, it only works because the lights are

Anyway, I will get my answer

For the last time

Where is the lamp / It's with me

I don't know who you think I am / Goodbye Aladdin

Hey, okay, okay

I can't get you out of here unless you make a wish, you have to hope, wake up / Okay

Try the sentence form, I hope

Give me okay

Okay, okay, this is the gray area here, but it's worth trying

I'm Aladdin hereby declaring my second hope is to

saved from a certain disaster, I changed it myself, I hope you don't mind

Yes, here it is, come on

Come on kid, kid

Come on, wake up, wake up, wake up

It might do that correctly

How are you doing

Thank you Jinny / No problem, I'm around here

But you said there was no help / That's not / I thought you said there were no friends

True, um, that actually spends you one hope

Whatever the price is

You saved my life / I have to

You could say it's a team effort

Thank you

We must stop Jafar

That won't be easy, the Sultan believes he is fully

Everyone is stupid / Maybe not everyone

I heard Prince Ali spoke to his advisor to return with the forces conquering Agraba / What

Now it looks like he's running away


You heard him say, Jafar saw him go

Yes with my own ears, and my own eyes, so

What's the problem now, princess

This is the problem Jafar

If what you say is true, why is Prince Ali still here

Prince Ali

This is a surprise / Your Honor

Your advisor is not what he said

I am not who I say / Baba, he tried to kill Prince Ali

Jafar, can you explain this to me


My friend

You know your loyalty yours

Your loyalty

Your loyalty / Yes

Prince Ali, invite yourself to the city,

And we accept you as a guest, but I believe your intention is

Full of tricks

You're a big danger for Agraba, you must be overcome with a sword

Baba, what do you say / Jasmine is enough

Jafar tells me Prince Ali's mission

He will steal my throne Judge

What happened

He influences you in spells

He can't be trusted

Your Majesty, he wants your throne / Jafar

You are the most trusted advisor, judge

Put him in an underground prison!

Think about how fast sand and power move in a storm, judge

I'm loyal to my friend

Like you should be

The law is to love

I have to apologize / Your Majesty

There is something I

I want to explain

Your honor and integrity will never be questioned again in Agraba

Noble, this sincere young man never feels

Room of this palace / Ah / ow

I will be honored

To call you my son, if that is

something someone wants

So you got the girl

I mean, trust me, I have doubts after all your mess, but

You can fix yourself back

I'm here, right?

I think I can finally find out how to become a prince

That's not what I mean / You're right

People see what they want to see Aladdin no longer exists

I'm Prince Ali now / Good

It's done now right, kid / You know, I've thought about my last request

I can't do this without you

I know I'll use it to free you, but you hear the sultan

I can't let everything we do mess, so

You don't say the truth

You will continue to live in a lie / Not a lie, people can change

Oh, they can change, okay

And that's a bad thing

Everything is better now, nobody gets hurt

You prefer me to go back on the streets, steal to survive,

I think you will be happy for me

Or what you care about is I use my last hope to free you


I don't care about that, it's about you

That happened to you, you wrote a lie

To someone you love, and continue it / You don't understand Jinny

People like me don't get anything except by pretending

I think maybe you don't understand

The more you get

You will get less and less

10 thousand years, I have never been, never

call a master, friend

I broke the rules for you, I saved your life

For what reason you break my heart here, kid

You broke my heart / Jinny, hey, come on

He thinks who he is, he should serve me

I'm always the same as the one from inside, right ash

You're kidding Why are you rubbing that thing


Street mice, are they

Think about that

If they look much closer

Even if

He walked away


You should have gone from Agraba while you had a chance

Why go while my city is now / It's finished Jafar

I've survived your incompetence for quite a long time


My third Jinny Harapan

I hope to be a sultan of Agraba / Apa

As you expected, sir

Judge! Judge!

You obey the sultan

So you obey me now

You know the law, Judge

My friend! My friend!

Judge! Lead troops to invade Shirabad.

Shirabad / Enough! / We have heard enough from you daughter

Time for you to start doing what you should have done before, keep quiet

Guard Get rid of him

Control the cat, if you know what's good for you


Radja It's OK

Don't touch him

I think that's enough

Judge! Judge!

Take him away!

Tell them the Judge

You're just a child

When your father comes to work here

But you become our most trusted soldier

As a man, I know you are loyal and fair

But now you have to choose

Tasks are not always honors, our biggest challenge is

Is talking against our enemy

But to find agreement with what we are most looking for

Jafar doesn't deserve your honor

Also your sacrifice

I hope only the glory of the kingdom of Agraba

You see a party for yourself

And you can win behind my person

These people, they will follow where you lead, but it's up to you

Will you stay silent while Jafar destroys our beloved kingdom

Or you will do what is right

And stand with the people of Agraba

My daughter

I'm sorry

My friend


Guard! Catch Wazier!

So this is the case

Even the title of the sultan will wake them up

I should know if you will bow for the sultan's

You will be scared because of magic, really

I hope to be the most powerful magician there is

As you would expect master

This will be nice

Judge I have a big plan for you

But now

You are no longer useful to me

Maybe your people want to follow you to an underground prison

If it's not our prince Ali / Ali / Or should I say


He pretended all the time

Swindler, there is no prince Ali

There never was, he was just a liar thief / Sorry

You have no meaning, irritation that I don't need to tolerate once I

make sure your death is painful with

throws you to the end of the world


I can kill all of you

But that is an inappropriate reply for

shame for years

Remember your place Jafar, you forget yourself Jafar

No What do you need Baba

Is to suffer, like I suffer / Baba!

Seeing me rule your kingdom will be enough

Stop / Or see my troops swallow your toothless allies

Make it stop / No

The most suitable punishment is to make you see me taking what you

most love / No

And marry your daughter / No


I'll do what you expect

Make it stop

Make it stop


Let's go from here

Honesty and sincerity

You accept daughter jasmine / Yes

Yes I accept Princess

Princess Jasmine, you accept the sultan as your husband

Come on woman

Accept / I



Stop it! / Jasmine No!


Release it! / You're fine / Yes


There / Abu!

Come on, go up



You're nothing without your sword, nothing!


As the old man said, you should leave Agraba when there is a chance

I told you before, you have to think bigger,

you can be the strongest person in the room

But now, I have the light, I hold the power

You can't find what you are looking for in that lamp Jafar

I tried and failed, and also you / you feel

But I'm a sultan

I'm the greatest wizard in the world that has ever existed

I will create a kingdom that history cannot ignore

I can destroy the city

I can destroy the kingdom

And I can destroy you

Who made you a sultan

Who made you a witch

There is always something

One, Something

stronger than you, jinny give you your strength

And he can take it back / He serves me!

For now, but you never have the power

You say it yourself

Being the strongest in the room

Or you are nothing

You always become the second

Second, second

Second Only second

He serves me!

I will make sure no one will say this sentence again


For my last hope, I hope to become the most powerful creature in the universe

Stronger than you

There are a lot of gray areas in that hope, but

The most powerful creature in the universe, coming soon

The strongest in the universe

Finally! Number one

I think I have previous strength

First, I will destroy Shirabad

You don't know / I didn't do anything to you Jafar

What are you doing to me / This is your hope, not me

No / And Jinny might have cosmic powers, but

a small, noisy living room, you see Jinny

without master, go back into their lights

No, I won't forget all of you!

I won't forget what you did to me!

Jafar / Old brother, you come with me!

Baba, baba Come on

I have been asking for years about who you are


How can I thank you

No, you don't need to thank me

But I hope you accept my apologies

Sorry, for both of you

Especially you, you deserve

gets far more

We all make mistakes


I hope you find what you are looking for

A mess of Abu, let me take care of it for you

Oh there's no sad face, okay

I have an idea, okay, this is your last hope

nobility is the right idea

Let's just open it, okay, this is what I think

Aladdin, warrior prince

Nobles on the ground are full of thieves

Jasmine You like

No Okay, fine But this is what you need

Agraba's law with royal orders

Okay, and, here it is, you must marry the prince, okay

But you say the sentence, and this law will disappear

You and the princess inside together forever

You can make the law disappear / Please

Like that never existed / Okay

Let us expect Let's get it / Okay last hope

Jinny / I'm ready, let's go

I hope / The third and last hope / I hope

To free you

Wait for

Wait, wait for

Tell me to do something / give me jam

Take yourself

Take your own account

No Thank you Jinny

I will watch it

What will you do now

Actually there is this waiter

What I want to travel around with the world

If he wants to accept me

When do we leave Also I want children / Yes, two of them

Lian and Omar are free

That will wash it and ask lots of questions

Send you entertainment, stories and songs

We will have a boat

The big one, with lots of levels and an amazing screen

I think it's smaller and more comfortable

Sit with me my child

Forgive me / Baba, why / Please let me finish

I'm afraid of losing you

I lost your mother

What I see is only my little girl, not the woman you made

You and I dare

and straight, you

Forgive your father

You are

Will be the next sultan

Thank you daddy / my friend

You may see the law

He's a good guy

Where is he

Stop the thief, your sultan ordered you


What that means is I'm in trouble

Only because you were caught