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Al calar della sera (1992) - full transcript

A woman seeks revenge against a depraved psychopath after surviving a harrowing sexual assault. Luisa and her husband Giorgio are preparing for a weekend retreat when their lives are turned upside down in the blink of an eye. Her husband savagely beaten while she and the babysitter watch in horror, Luisa discovers that her nightmare has just begun when the lecherous madman reveals his true intentions. At the end of the day Luisa is lucky to be alive. By the time she finishes with her attacker, he'll wish he was never born.

Gianluca, you'll always
be in our hearts.


Please, don't hurt me!



Letme go!

Letme go!

Don't touch me!

Letme go!

-Youdir1y animal!
-Shut up!

- Letme go!
-Shut up!

Even the most insidious
wounds will heal quickly,

using Plast plasters.

This is good, thank you.


- Peppe?

- Listen.
- Tell me.

Now we start from the
feet going up till the eyes.

If it's over, can I put my clothes on?


If we are done, I'd go away.

Thank you, see you soon. Bye guys!

Canl go in the caravan
for a minute

to change clothes and
take the make-up off?

Are you coming there too?

Thank you.

It's me. Can I come in?

Come in!

I'm finished.

You've been great!

Oh come on Anna, let's not
make fun of ourselves.

What's behind of all these ceremonies?

I can't hide anything to you.

We've been knowing each other
for a long time.

Well darling, they offered
you a commercial

for some undenNear.

Anna, I don't want to shoot
sexy things anymore.

l was in this commercial
becausel know Enrico,

he has a great sense of humour and
he would never do something vulgar.

But I'm tired to be seen with
panties, suspender belts,


I'm married, I have a child.

I also found out that
Giorgio is jealous.


That's a pity.

It would have been a
good amount of money.

Well, I'm sorry foryou, but I don't
have this problem anymore.

Lucky you!

There's a problem I'm worried about.

I keep receiving strange phone calls.

What can I do?

We could change your phone number.

lcan try to do so.

- 0K?
- Thank you.

Let's go.

I apologize forthe delay, Marta.

They tell you two hours and
then you work half of a day!

Don't worry Madame, I had
so much to study anyway.

How did it go with Francesca?

She was really good. She's
sleeping in her bedroom now

Then I could go to the supermarket.

I will be back in 30 minutes.

What about Paola?

She phoned and said that, if she
has no problems, she'll be here at 7.

Listen. I'll give you the money I owe you.

All right.

Thank you.

I'll be quick, 0K?

All right.

Why did I open it? l have
no idea about this thing!

It's 85 thousand liras.

Damn! Not again!

Maybe the cars mechanic is still open.

Come on! Please!


How can I help you?

Good morning. My car is
not working correctly.

- Can you check it?
- Let me check it.

It's this one.

I think it's the ignition
because when it stopped,

it wouldn't start again.

Can you start the engine please?

How incredible. It's always like that!

Everything is all right.

If you want me to check it,
you should leave the car.

l have my shopping in the car.

I can give you a lift, if you want.

I wouldn't heave finished here anyway.

Thank you.

Put your shopping in my car,
I'm going to wash my hands.

In ten minutes.

Thank you!

Hold on a second.

- Thank you. See you soon.
- Thank you.

The keys!

I'm coming on Tuesday then.

-All right.
- Thank you.

Let me help you Madame.

No, don't worry.

Go now, I don't want you
to go home at night.

All right. See you soon.

Bye, drive safely!








Why don't you stop with these jokes?


Who's talking?


Is my baby sleeping?

My love!

Mom's love is so sleepy, isn't it?

My little baby!

Here you go.

Sleep, sweetheart.

Hello little princess!

It's you Giorgio!

You scared me to death!

How can you forgive me?

It's not yourfault.

l was in the bathroom and
I didn't hearyou coming in.

Haven't you lighted the fireplace yet?

No, come on! Leave it.

Leave the fireplace alone.

Come here, let me cuddle you.

Good. I really need it.

- So?
- How boring, how boring!

How was your day today?

The only thing that
made me happy was

thinking about this
weekend all alone with you.

- At last!
- Yes!

How's the baby?

She's great!

She's in her bed and she is sleeping.

Actually, I'm waiting
forthe babysitter.

Good, good, good.

Oh no! No!

Come on, you answer.

Oh God!

You are so lazy!





They didn't like my voice.

Maybe it was a fan of yours.

That's strange. It happened the whole
day, it rings and nobody answers.

Well, maybe it's the line.


Listen honey, I'm going upstair
to pack ourthings.

You rest a little bit.

No cuddling?


Bad boy!

Listen honey, I'm going to take
the car that I put in the garage.

I take it in front of
the house so that,

when the babysitter
arrives, we'll leave.

All right.

You are a little bit
careless, aren't you?

Are we going to eat
something before leaving?

No, don't cook anything.

We will eat in that restaurant
after our climbing.

Oh come on, the babysitter is coming!

-Should| putthis inthe luggage?

- Put it in the luggage.
- 0K.

I'll be there soon.


I'm ready.






Where are you?




It's you!

Yes, all right.

I'm waiting for you. Thank you. Bye.

You can't escape, bitch!

You made a mistake
doing what you did!

If you let me in, you
would even enjoy it!

I will do with you what I wanted to.

And then I'll kill you.


How stupid I am!


My love, Francesca!

Don't worry Francesca.

Behave. Now mom will hide you.

Mom will hide you.

Where can mom hide you?

Where can she hide you?

The sleeping pill!

I'll be right back, my love!

Behave, I'll be right back, princess.

I'll be back.

I'll be right back!

I'm sure I put it in here!

It must be here!

It must be here!

Damn sleeping pill, where are you?

Why aren't you here?

Where are you?

My love.

Come little baby.

Now mom makes you sleep.

Now mom makes you sleep.

Gentle, come on.

You will sleep a lot.

Isn't it, my love?

Yes, baby. Here you go.

A little bit more.

Mom will hide you
in a safe place.

Really safe!

Oh God!

Mom is going to hide you now

I'm coming, bitch!

I'll be there in a fewminutes!

If you didn't make me angry,
I would have already left!

I thought about you
a lot this afternoon.

You talked to me on the
phone, don't you remember?

You have a very sexy voice.

Go away!

Go away!


What would you like to do honey?

I know you are hiding somewhere there.

Why don't we make peace?

Come down!

I promise I won't be too bad with you.

Don't you know you cannot escape?

You put yourself in a trap!

The only way to escape from me
is to throw yourself.

Come closer damn you!


Few more meters, bastard!

Damn bitch!

Now I'll take care of you!

Oh God!

Here you are at last!

I should cut your throat
from the way you behaved.


I might do it anyway.


Shut up!

You can talk only when | tell you so.

Now move.

Be careful not to stumble.

OthenNise you could
run into this little toy.

Now we go back home.

And if you behave,
maybe you'll be safe.

Go slowly.

Can I come in?



It's me, Paola.

Can I come in?




If you move, l'll cut
the throat of this

nice lady in front of your eyes.

Then you'll end like that too.


Do what he said.

Good girl.

You are a good girl
when you want to.

Now, take that rope.


Now let's make your friend harmless.

At last we will have some
free time for ourselves.

Sit down.

Good girl.

Now go on your knees.

I said go on your knees!


Nowtie her wrists.

Good girl.

Nowthe same to her ankles.


Let's go now!

Now we have the whole night for us.

I could even free you,

because I knowthat you'll
do whatever I tell you to do!

Because if you try to escape,

orto do something wrong,

I'll kill your friend.

And it would be like you killed her.

This is your bedroom, isn't it?

This is the wardrobe.

Where is the bed room?

I arrived just on time.

You were about to leave.

Why don't you leave?

I'll give you whatever you want.

There is money in the house.

Thejewels! Take my jewels.

They are in this furniture.

I didn't come here forthat.

I swear that if you leave,

I won't sue you.

I will forget your face forever.

We were waiting for some friends.

We had to spend the weekend with them.

They'll be here soon.

Maybe theirtyres are ruined, uh?

Why don't you stop telling bullshit?

If someone had to be here, he
would have been already here.

I don't think someone will bother us.

It's only you and me.

Very cute.

Come here.

Come here and show
me how it looks on you.

Show me how it looks on you!

Fuck you!

Maybe these are more beautiful.

Take them and put them on!

You don't have any other choice
than to do what! say.

Get up and putthem on.

Put them on.

Or I'll take care of
you till you'll feel

ashamed to look at
yourself in the mirror.

Go on!

You are used to get naked!

You usually do it in
front of many people,

it shouldn't be so difficult
to do it in front of me.

You are very beautiful.

You are very beautiful.


Don't hurt me.

If you behave, nothing
wrong will happen to you.

Now show me what you are able to do.

Loosen my trousers!

Touch me.

Touch me!

Yes, like that.

Nowturn round.

Tell me that you like it.

Tell me that you like it!

I like it.

What did you prepare
for your lovely husband?

What did you do to him?

I made sure he wouldn't bother us.

No, I don't think he will bother us.

lfl were you, I
wouldn't hope for his help.

Were you looking for these?

Get off!

Now you'll end just like your husband.

My eyes!

Damn bitch!

Now, asshole, don't you dare moving!

0r you'll burn like this match.


Show me how brave you are.

I know what you are thinking.

It's true.

The match could burn out

before it reaches you.

But it could happen othenNise.

It could reach you when
the flame is still on.

You'll burn so quickly!

You wouldn't even have the time to
damn the time you entered this house.


What did you decide to do?

No, don't move!

Don't do it.

You are not that confident now

You are not so firm as
you were five minutes ago.

Maybe you would like
to smoke a cigarette, uh?

|'|| light it!

Come on asshole! Take that rope!

Do it slowly.

Because if! only think you are
doing a movement that you shouldn't,

I'll throw you the match.

Even if it was just
an abrupt movement,

and you would burn
like ajerk for nothing.


Come on!

Sit on the floor!


Tie your legs.


You animal, bastard, damn!

Come on!


Like that, bravo!

And now move!

Stand up! Slowly!

Crawl worm!

Do it till the house!



Be a good boy.

Disgusting worm!

Come on!

How did you do that?

l was a little bit lucky.

Go on the floor, asshole!

What are we going to do with him?

Tie his hands with the phone cable.

Make it tight.

Here you go.

I'll go to the police station.


You don't move from here.

I know howthesethings end like.

You go to the police station,

and you tell them everything.

They come here,

they'll take him with them.

Then he'll be prosecuted,

months will fly away,

there are interrogations,

and maybe suddenly a
psychoanalyst appears.

He starts to dig in his past,

he says he had a bad childhood,

that he had a bad
relationship with his family.

When he killed my husband...

You killed him, didn't you?

You killed him.

Maybe you didn't know what
you were doing, isn't it?

Yes, it's true!

ldidn'tmean to kill him!

When he arrived in the garage,
there was nothing else! could do.

He was the only obstacle between us.

I thought only about that,

howl could touch you,

I've always wished that.

I've often seen you in town
with your tight trousers,

with those light skirts made of silk,

it became an obsession for me.

I couldn't stop thinking
about it, the whole day.

But you... have you ever noticed me?

You don't even remember
if you saw me or not.

My friends knew that! liked you.

They made fun of me,

hey you are a grown up!

You cannot fuck women
only with your dreams.

What are you waiting for?

Haven't you seen the
way she's looking at you?

It was true.

You often turned to me,

so I thought that maybe
you liked me a little.

See? | provoked him!

Many men think that if
you wear tigh trousers,

it means they can
touch your ass.

How many of these men will be
thejury the day ofthe trial?

I can see the faces
ofthe intelligent women,

the comments ofthe men
at the bar at Sundays.

She provoked him!

If you wear those clothes...

Those, like me, who come from
the city are all bitches!

Even the women,

those who move from
the village to the city,

they surely are whores.

And if something happens

to one ofthem,

maybe she wanted that.

I'd like to make them
understand that I've never

met this bastard before!

That's it.

This would be the trial.


l have to kill this animal!

Maybe I could cut that piece of
meat he has between his legs.

Then I'll be sure he won't
hurt anyone else!

Tell her something!

Tell her that she cannot
kill me like that!

Shut up, asshole!

You don't have the right to
say even a word, understood?

l'll cut this thing!

And then I'll make you swallow it!


You can't kill a man like that.

Even if he's done what he's done,
he is not a normal person.

He is sick. He has mind problems.

He must go into a mental
hospital and he needs help.

lfyou kill him, you'll be like him.

Even worst. You'll commit an
homicide knowing that you are doing it.



My love!

My baby!

Now mom will take you to bed.

0h Christ!

Mom will be rig ht back.

I'm going to kill you bastard!



Come on Paola.

Come on, drink it.

Here you go.

Like that, good girl.

Drink a little bit more.


He doesn't have to run away!

The car!

Take my car!

The keys are there, in my handbag.

Damn! He escaped!

He was able to run away.

Take this, asshole!