Akka Thangai (1969) - full transcript

Sir, I want to offer prayer on my sister Vijaya's name.

-Her birth star is Maham. Right? -Yes sir.

O God! I pray that my sister leads a long and healthy life.

Bless her so that she completes her law course

and becomes an eminent lawyer.


Dear Janaki,

Please come, sir.

Did you call me?

Yes sir. Today is my sister Vijaya's birthday.

-Is it? -I offered prayers in her name.

Please send this sacred ash and hundred rupees to her.

You also write to her that I am fine

and will send her money immediately whenever she needs it.

You sent Rs.300 last week.

Why are you sending again?

My sister is not studying an ordinary course.

She is studying law in Madras.

She may need costly books.

Her education should not suffer because of worrying

about shortage of money.

Your sister may not understand the pains you take to educate her.

But I know it.

You know everything about our family.

My mother died immediately after my sister was born.

My father also died after few days due to that sorrow.

I and my sister grew up due to God's blessings and because

of good Samaritans like you.

You may remember that even as a child,

she used to talk of law points.

So, as per her wish, I have enrolled her in law course.

She should not know my difficulties

till she completes her education and becomes a lawyer.

Don't you think so?

You should have got married by now,

had children and led a family life.

But you remain unmarried

and are facing the turmoil in life

single handedly for the sake of your sister. God knows it.

See you.


What has your sister written?

Yesterday was my birthday.

I remembered only after seeing my sister's letter.

Take this offering from God.

You do not remember your birthday and your sister

has to remind you about it.

You are an amusing girl!

One should have a sister like yours.

She has sent God's offering and money with it.

They are only two sisters. They have no other relative.

They have land and property in village and are rich.

Even if she doesn't ask for it,

her sister sends money and letter often.

My brother is exactly opposite.

He runs a photo studio.

But he neither clicks photos properly

nor takes care of me properly.

-We want to meet your sister. -Sure.

-When? -When can we see her?

Stop. Listen. Now we have to wish Viji for her birthday.

Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday to you.

What are you going to gift us for your birthday?

Take this money. Buy sweets and eat. I have to go now.

Thank you.

Naughty girl.

Do you think I do not know why are you going in a hurry?

What is it? Tell me.

Engineering college student Shankar will be waiting to

talk with law student Viji.

It is time for the lawyer and engineer to enjoy now.

Are you hurt? You should have driven carefully.

-You should have driven with care. -I was careful.

You were seeing something else and dashed against me.

Do not talk absurd. I warn you.

Stop it. How dare you shout at me after dashing me?

Somebody help me. Police!

Sir, you say. He came from wrong side,

hit me and is now accusing me.

He came from the wrong side without stopping.

-That is why I dashed against him. -You are lying. I was watching it.

He was coming correctly.

It was you who did not give any indication and dashed against him.

You are wrong.

Thank you for coming at the right time and supporting me.

I did not support anyone.

I saw the mistake and I am telling truth as per law.

Sir, my cycle wheels are broken. Pay ten rupees or...

No. Give him the amount.

Young lawyer, I lost ten rupees because of you today.

-Were you not wrong? -Yes. I was wrong.

You will not spare me otherwise.

You are not partial to anyone. You act as per law.

But you are the cause for my mistake.

-Me? -Yes.

I dashed as I turned abruptly while looking at you.

As per driving rules, it is wrong.

You should look straight while driving. Why did you look sideways?

A beautiful maiden was standing by the side.

Were you seeing the maiden and so dashed against him?

You will not spare me.

-Yes. One should follow rules. -Lawyer, forgive me.

Okay. Shall we change the mood?

I went out of mood as soon as I saw you.

It is my birthday.

-When? -Yesterday.

Why didn't you tell me?

I came to know only now.

After seeing my sister's letter.

Better late than never.

-I wish you many happy returns. -Thanks.

You love cameras.

So I have bought a camera and binocular for you.

-Take. -Thank you.

My golden princess, shall we go in my Aeroplane?

My dear lover, will you drive straight without looking sideways?

Nobody will disturb us here.

We will go there.

I have taken prints and switched on the lights.

Come to your senses.

When did you switch on the light?

Just now. Your eyes were closed. Not mine.

The revolutionary poet Bharathithadasan said

The real world can be seen only in darkness.

Now I understand why you both wanted to come to this

dark room where I take prints.

No. Do not make me shy.

You can love.

But do not display it in any place.

A hotel is a place meant to have food.

But can you eat food in all the hotels?

Stop lecturing. Show me the photo.

I have developed it. Look. it is like a pose from a movie.

It is very nice. Isn't it?

-What do you want, dear? -Brother, I want a camera.

It is urgent.

Are you going to click photo

or are you going to click photos with someone?

I am not going to take photo with someone like my friend Vijaya.

-She is here. -Oh no!

I expected you to come here.

-How? -My sister is a dog.

I mean, she snoops around like a dog.

But I will sniff only the guilty.

-Give me camera. -Here it is.

-Vijaya's camera is here. Take it. -Thank you. Bye Viji.

I will also come with you.

Stop gazing at her. Be free at least once in a day.

Your sister is very naughty.

She has my genes.

Why don't you find a groom for her?

I have already found. His name is Raghavan.

He is in Coimbatore. I am waiting for him to complete his education.

You also shift your photo studio to that place.

Of course I will. She is my only sister.

I will shift my studio to her city after her marriage.

What about your marriage with Vijaya?

First let her become a lawyer.

Please sit.

What happened? Did you get the money?


Didn't you get?

Why sir?

We have taken loan against this house

for your sister's education. Isn't it?

Now they are not ready to give further loan.


I did not lose heart. I asked many people known to me.

But I did not get.

Why don't we and sell the house to the creditor?

You have sold the land from which you were getting foodgrains.

Now the only property that you have is this house.

No sir. My sister is my only permanent treasure.

If her education is stalled in the final year because of lack of money

all my efforts will go in vain.

Do not hesitate. Material things are not permanent.

It is not wrong to sell them.

House is in my name.

I request that my sister

should not know this matter for the time being.

Why? What will you do if your sister asks money later?

God will take care of that.

You take care of the present situation.

Arrange the documents.

Alright. See you.

Got the books. Take this.

-Viji! -Viji. We have come.

Let us go for a picnic.

We cannot go later because we have to study for exams.

This is the last chance.

I will not come. You go.

Shankar is also coming with his friends.

But he did not tell me.

We came to know only now.

You are acting like a small kid.

Keep quiet.

Where are we going?

A new garden has been inaugurated recently.

-Is it? -We can enjoy.

Alright. I will inform sister.

Write now. Go. Quick.

Dear sister, this letter is from your sister Vijaya.

I am good. I received your money and letter. Thank you.

I and my hostel friends

are going for a picnic this weekend.

Since we have to pass through our village

I would like to come and meet you with my friends.

Alas! Then..

We are coming on Sunday and returning immediately.

My salutations to sir.

Rest in person.

Your dear sister, Vijaya.

I thought Vijaya will come back only after her exams.

So I have sold the house and I am staying here.

I thought I can explain her this later.


You lied to us that we are going to Mahabalipuram

but have brought us here. Now I know why you did it.

Have we come for picnic to see your lover?

Your lover has also come.

My village is nearby. We are going to see my sister.

-Will you accompany us? -No.

I cannot leave my friends and come with you.

-Then bring them also. -That is more dangerous.

It is not right to go as couples to a village.

They have come.

Your friends have come. You go to your home-town.


Where is your lover?

She has flown away.

Let us go.

You all wanted to meet my sister.

See her now. She is my sister.

She is like my mother, father, brothers.

She is my soul, body and property.

No. My sister is everything to me.

-Vijaya! -Sister.


-Sir, are you fine? -Yes. I am good.

-Banu. -Yes.

Sir writes letters to me on behalf of my sister.

He connects us through the letters.

-Greetings sir. -Greetings.

Who are you?

We have come recently to this village.

Yes. Janaki said that you all are coming here.

We came to meet you.

That is good.

I have brought chocolates and biscuits for you. Eat.

I do not want this. I have prepared a feast for you.

-All of you come. -Come.

The food was excellent.

We have never tasted food like this.

She is right.

Sister, all of you stand together. I will take a photo.

Sir, you also stand.

No. I feel shy.

Catch her. Do not allow her to go.

-Please come. Stand here. -Why do you feel shy? Stand.

-Ready... -Wait.

Yes. Click now.

The light is pricking my eyes.

Now I will stand with my sister. Banu, take.

My exams will be over next month.

I will surely pass in 1st class and become a lawyer.

That is my only wish.

I would like to practice under a senior lawyer instead of

wasting time till my results are out.

He has also agreed. What is your opinion?

I have no objection. Do as you wish.

Shall I come here once after my exams are over?

No. You have to see me only after you become a lawyer

wearing the convocation dress.

You should concentrate on your studies till then. Okay.

Vijya praises you a lot.

Now we are convinced that it is true.

Every girl should have a sister like you.

Sister, we will go now.

Bye sister.

-Sir, we will take leave now. -Bye sir.

Bye sister.

Sir, I will go now.

-Sir, I will go now. -Bye.

Sir, you have saved me.

-Thanks a lot. -Get up.

You gave us an opportunity to see a

real bondage between two sisters.

We should be thankful to you.

May you live long!

Let me go now.

Talk to your sister about us and write me letter. Okay?


-Okay. -Okay.



Who are you?

Who are you?

I am the caretaker of this house.

Sir and madam have gone out.

Where is sister?

Are you the sister of the owner of this house?

She doesn't stay here.

She has sold the house and is staying in another place.

Has my sister sold this house?!

Where is my sister now?

Her place is in the street corner.


-Sister. -Vijaya.


Vijaya, have you come back?

Have you come? Vijaya...

-Vijaya. -Sister.

-Sister. -Vijaya...




You underwent so many sufferings

to see me in this dress.

Now see me as per your wish.

Look at me.

Have you become a lawyer?

Have you become a lawyer?

Yes. I have become a lawyer.

O God!

O God, you have fulfilled my wish. My sister has become a lawyer.

My dear parents,

you left her in my lap when I was a child.

I brought her up, gave her education and made her a lawyer.

I have made her a lawyer.

Mother, bless her.

-Father, bless her. -Sister!

You are like a candle that sacrificed

itself for the sake of giving light to my life.

You are my God. You should bless me first.

May you lead a good life!


-Sister. -Vijaya.

You sold our ancestral home to give me education

and are staying in this hut now.

Why did you hide this from me?

I would have told you before. But...

I would have stopped studies and came running to you.

That is why I did not tell you about it.

When did you sell the house?

5-6 months back.

Did you sell after I came here with my friends?

No. Before that.

I can understand now.

You did not want to degrade me before my friends.

So you begged the people who bought the house,

stayed in the house and gave us feast.

-Am I right? -Why are you asking?

Why are you staring at me like this?

How am I going to repay you?

I am indebted to you since the day I was born.

This one birth is not sufficient to repay my debt.

I have to take many more births for it.

I just wish God helps me to do it.

Do not talk nonsense.

Your affection for me has turned you into God for me.

And it has turned me mad.

We will live together for many more births.

I don't care about the lost house.

You are now a lawyer. It is like a treasure for me.

Before going to court for the 1st time for arguments,

I will come to you for your blessings.

Only then I will succeed.

You will always be victorious.

Because, even as a child, you used to tell me that one

should be impartial while upholding justice.

That is why I am certain.

I will be hiding somewhere

and feeling happy looking at you, when you first speak in the court.

Come with me to Madras tomorrow.

O God! Should I come with you?

What work do you have here now?

-Vijaya! -Yes sir.

Your sister has done all that you needed, till now.

Now we should perform her marriage.


Yes. Sir is right.

Sir, have you thought something about sister's marriage?

Of course. I have tried many times before this.

But she was not willing to marry till you finish your education.

Now your education is over. I have also planned something.

What is it?

I heard there is a groom in Coimbatore

and he wants a girl to marry

I have written to my friend.

After getting his reply, I will go and speak about it.

Sister has to be alone here till then.

Were you staying with her till now?

I will not die before performing my daughter's marriage.

Find a good groom for her.


I am ready to marry the person you choose.


Do not just sit here and talk. You have a job.

You should go back.

Yes. I forgot about it. I will start now.

Hey, you were dealing in vessels made of lead.

Why do you want to run a photo studio?

Nowadays people use steel and plastic vessels.

So I have left my earlier job and want to work here.


Why are you shouting?

-I was not shouting. -Was just worried about something.

You are neither a man nor a girl.

Why are you behaving like this insulting me in public?

What can I do for that? What can you do?

You know only to laugh.

Why are you standing before my shop early in the morning?

All of us took photo in this studio.

But he did not click it properly.

Do not blame the photo. Your face is like that.

I did not mean that. He has interchanged our photos.

Why are you doing like this?

He has spoiled the good reputation of your studio.

Why did you sell your studio to such people?

I advised him while selling that he should earn a good name.

But he has spoiled it.

-Did you name me? -Shut up.

Number the negatives correctly.

Only then you can give the correct one and there will no mistakes.

-Okay. -You may go now.

Come after three days and collect it.

Do not stand in the same pose.

I am used to holding milk vessel.

Do not hit me.

I have to do something so that you will change.

Come with me.

-Stop there. -Who is that?

-Brother! -Are you my brother?

I was struggling to become an actor since many years.

But I did not get any role.

So I have now dressed up as king and come here.

You foolish king, I am not the owner of the shop now.

It is transferred in his name.

I have sold this studio and I am going to start a new one

in Coimbatore because my sister is getting married there.

O king, I can take good photos.

No. I want my photo to be clicked by you.

I do not want him to take.

-Please take my photo also. -Please take mine.

Why are you pestering me to take photo?

You are the reason for this.

The board is still in my name. You have not changed it.

Nobody will come if I remove the board.

Do you want me to stay here?

Teach me the job and then go.

Since all of you are requesting me, I will take just one photo.

All of you sit in a group.

You have to take individually.

I will take together and then separate it. Go and sit. Fast.


Now smile.

Is this the way to smile?

You keep your mouth closed. I will click the photo.

See here.

King, look here.

I have taken.

I have sold the photo studio but do not know how the

person is going to manage.

May God help him!

Why did you sell it to him?

I did not get any other buyer.

Okay. You post these invitations.

I will give to my friends in person.

I will also meet Vijaya.

Raghavan. Sweet name.

Is the marriage being performed in Coimbatore?

Yes. In bridegroom's house. He is my uncle's son.

He has set up a studio for my brother there

and asked him to stay there.

Very good. Your brother is luckier than you.

There is one more special thing in this marriage.

What is it?

Your lover, engineer Shankar stays in Coimbatore.

So he is going to preside over the marriage.

-Is it? -Yes.

Our friends are also attending.

But I will not compel your to come.

Because I know though you stay in Chennai,

your heart is in Coimbatore.

My marriage will bring you both together.


I was considering my sister as mine.

But she is married now. She will be yours from now.

It is your responsibility to see

that she is happy throughout her life,

instead of only smiling for the photo.



Have you slept so soon?

Vijaya! Vijaya!

Vijaya, what happened? Why did you scream?

See there. A person strangled a girl and killed her.

Come. Let us go and see.

In this place?

Yes. It is the same place.

But no one is here.

I saw just now. How did they vanish so soon?

May be the killer saw me and so he ran away with the dead body.

Why are you laughing?

You are imagining things after reading many criminal books.

No. I really saw it.

After some time, you may call me a murderer.

-Now get out of this place. -You may think so.

But I cannot forget the terrible murder scene that I saw.

One day I will surely see the murderer.

I will definitely hand him over to the police.

I will also help you then. Now let us go to my house.

No. I am disturbed. I also have a hearing tomorrow.

I have to go.

I will surely come to your house next time.

Okay. As you please.

-Greetings. -Please take your seat.

This gentleman is the person who wrote about the marriage proposal.

-Salutations. -Greetings.

-Did you eat anything? -Yes.

Sir is a famous Judge.

My name is Sundaram.

I want to tell you a few words about the girl.

Okay. Tell.

The girl is from a village.

No problem.

She is illiterate.

That is not an important issue.

She is extremely poor.

No problem.


She has only one younger sister.

She sold her entire property

to educate her sister and to make her a lawyer.

Is it? May God bless her!

I have been waiting to marry a girl like her.

I remained a bachelor because I wanted a girl

who will take care of my brother affectionately,

like my dead mother.

Beauty, status, education or money is not needed for that.

To tell you frankly, I want my wife to be like a walking God.

People say that a husband's feelings should be aroused

when he looks at his wife.

But for me I should feel respect for my wife.

Look at the girl's photo.

-What is her name? -Janaki.

Fix the marriage date.

What about the formalities?

I do not need any pomp or show.

Sir, my father was an estate owner.

He had lots of property.

Still he married a girl from a simple family.

My father followed the principle that people who

have everything must help the have-nots. Even I follow it.

So I want my marriage to take place in a simple manner.

The marriage expenses will be borne by me.

Varada, bring the almanac.

Excuse me.

The girl wants the marriage to take place in her village.

Is it? Very convenient. The marriage will be a simple affair.

Sir, take.


No need to talk further. Choose a date.

Are you marrying without my knowledge?

How can it happen?

She is going to be your sister-in-law. How is she?

She looks divine.

In these days when people are selfish and refuse to help others,

here is a person who has offered to marry you.

Do you think this happened because of us?

It is God's will. It is due to your kind heart.

You have got a good husband and a good life.

May you lead a good life!

-Sir! -What is the matter?

Got a call from printing press. The marriage invitation is ready.

They are asking when you can go there.

Tell them I will go now and take it.

Alright sir.

I wonder whether the photographer from Madras

is taking photographs or casting some magic spell?

People are thronging to his studio. I feel jealous.

Jealousy is like the cigar you smoke. It burns itself.

Who gave him the title of 'photo specialist' Raju?

Has he conferred it on himself?

He is boasting. He was taking photos of corpses in Madras.

I know about him.

He got his married here and started the business.

People are crowding to his studio

What is special about his photo?

His photos are colourful.

I wonder if he is applying some paste on the photos!

How is he able to take such beautiful photos?

Our camera is not good. People look older in this.

Father, I will go and learn his art in a cunning way.

It is an insult for me if he knows that you are my daughter.

I have come from the village now. He doesn't know me.

Shall I go?

Be careful.

Come here.

Why are you entering in a sly? What do you want?

Is the boss inside the dark room?

Why should the boss always be in the dark room?

Shouldn't he come out in the light?

Even you have come from the dark room.

Have I come from the dark room?! You are blabbering.

I am not blabbering.

All of us come out from the womb of their mother,

which is dark, after ten months.

It is dark room. Am I right?

-Is it? -Yes.

Don't I look like a boss?

-Are you the boss?! -Look at my wound.

Does the boss have a wound?

Yes. Workers and employers always fight with each other.

Workers asked for Diwali bonus which I refused to give.

I got hurt and this is the wound.

I do not pay bonus for 'Pongal' festival also.

That is why my business is improving.

What sort of photo do you want? Which size and in what pose?

From head to toe.

-Full size? -Yes. Then from head to hip.

Don't you want me to take photo above this?

No sir. Click each part separately.

Normally people take full size photo and see part by part.

But you want to be taken in parts and then see the full size

Sir, people say that you are efficient in taking photos

of individual body parts.

Who said? Did the opposite side photo shop owner say?

How do you know?

He is a chatter box. He is only capable of running a tea shop.

Did you drink tea in his shop?

Do not talk about him now.

Which size photo do you want?

Full plate.

Full plate! Is this a photo studio or a hotel?

The photo should be huge and it should be attractive.

Your photo will not be attractive. It will give a shock.

Sir, I want to act in movies.

So click a photo in standing posture.

You will not get movie chance if you take photo in standing posture.

You should take a photo lying down.


Wow! This is very nice.

It is not you. So it is nice.

Take only one photo like this.

-Are you going to wear half pants? -Yes sir.

Go there. You will spoil my reputation. Stand there.


Take a smiling photo of mine.

You stand with your mouth closed. I will drag out your teeth!

Look here.

How do I look?

You have fallen down. Get up.

Raju, is she your lover?

No. She is my customer. I clicked her photo.

You come tomorrow. I will keep the photos ready.

Shall I go?

You are smiling now but were looking serious when I took photo.

Marriage invitation.

Who is the girl? Vijaya, right?

My brother is getting married.

He is aged. Why does he want to marry now?

I went to your sister's house.

Saw your brother-in-law Raghavan and I have given

the invitation to them.

I am going to Madras today by blue mountain express.

I can understand. In that way you can meet Vijaya in the

pretext of inviting her for marriage and spend some time with her.

I think you have done the preliminary work for it

Yes sir

I cannot come for marriage. You know how busy I am.

Keep this money for the marriage expense.

-No sir. -Never mind. Take it.

-Thank you sir. I will go now. -Okay.

-Oh! I am angry with you. -I enjoy it.

Why did you scare me?

Because I cannot scare you after our marriage.

I forgot to tell you. My sister is getting married.

Is it? My brother is also getting married.

I have come to invite you.

I want to invite you personally and take you with me.

-Is the groom your elder brother? -Yes. Why?

My sister is the bride.

Very good.

Very good.

I received letter from sister now.

I am leaving now for my home-town.

Let us talk about our marriage to them after their marriage.

They will...

If they oppose it...

We have to plead with them.

-Sister! Sister! -What is the matter?

Why are you kicking me while taking photo?

You are a short tempered man.

Afterwards you will say that nobody invited you in the marriage.

If they had performed the marriages of

both the brothers and sisters on the same day,

they could've saved expense and it would have been convenient for us.

What are you saying?

A Judge is getting married.

Instead of performing the marriage in a big city like

Coimbatore or Madras, they are celebrating it in a village.

Most of the guests are villagers with unkempt hair and dhoti.

I do not like to take such photos.

-Greetings sir. -Do not disturb me.

Greet the guests.

The Judge's brother is an engineer.

But he wants to marry in the construction site.

They should marry in a proper place.

Instead they want to convert the place they choose,

into a marriage hall.

I will take care of the arrangements here.

You go to the groom's place and take care of them.

I am coming from there.

He doesn't look like a groom.

He looks like a musician who plays Nadaswaram.

I requested him to smile for the photo.

But he stared at me rudely.

I am scared of him. So I came here running.

Where is Shankar?

He is with his brother. He is the best man for the groom.

I clicked his photo.

-But the photo has not come out. -Why?

There was a problem with the camera and I opened it.

You take your own photographs.

This is the 3rd time it is happening.

-Where is Vijaya? -She is dressing up her sister.

I will take photo.

They are dressing up.

It is not proper to take photo now.

My neck is paining. How long will you take? Is it not over?

You are going to be the wife of a famous Judge

and you are the sister of a junior lawyer.

People will mock at you for being unsophisticated.

That is why I am changing your get up.

O God!

Stop these mannerisms.

If you behave like this in Coimbatore,

the people there will make fun of you.

See how you look now.

-Are you feeling cold? -No.

Then why are you covering yourself?

Others can see my neck.

Don't you want others to see the jewellery you are wearing?

Am I wearing jewellery for that reason?

For what else are you wearing?

I am wearing because it will be useful in times of need.

Do not say this to your husband because the person

you are going to marry is not a smoker or gambler.

He is a Judge. He is the upholder of the law.

I would like to tell you something.

Tell me.

I know his brother. He works as an engineer.

Is it?! Come. Let us go and see the groom.

No. I will not come.

I will go and see.




-Sister! -What happened?

Sister, do not marry this person.


The person who is going to marry you is a murderer.


Yes. He is a murderer.

-Do not blabber. -I am saying the truth.

I saw him throttling a girl's neck

and killing her when I had been to Coimbatore.

Now I can understand

why he arranged to marry my sister in a haste.

He fears that I will pinpoint him.

That is why he avoided engagement function

-and wanted to marry directly. -Shut up.

Are you that murderer's brother?

I cannot believe that the person who killed a girl is your brother.

I am not able to digest it.

What nonsense? Are you mad?

No. I am speaking with a sound mind.

I remember the face well.

It was your brother.

Why didn't you tell this before?

I am seeing your brother only now.

What is the proof that it was my brother whom you saw?

-What? -What is the proof?

My eyes are the witness to it. My heart is the witness.

Your heart and eyes are defective.

It is my feeling that you are confused.

No! No!

Sister, stop this marriage.

You have helped me a lot.

But if you stop the marriage, it will be the greatest help to me.

Stop the marriage for my sake.

I am prepared to do anything for you.

But think about this.

Will I get married again if this marriage is stalled?

Will anybody else marry me if they know that my marriage

was stopped at the last minute?

Do you want me to remain unmarried? Then tell me.

I will stop this marriage. I do not mean that.

You are an educated girl.

You know that marriages do not happen because of our efforts.

It happens as per God's will.

Marriages are made in heaven.

No one can stop it.

You are saying just before my marriage

that the person who is going to marry me is a murderer.

But many people have turned murderers after marriage.

I am ready to face the consequences of this marriage.

I will face it.


I request that none, including your brother,

should know about this incident.

You go and make arrangements for marriage.

Please go.

Place your right foot forward and enter.


They are my parents.


He is my younger brother.

From today, it is your responsibility

to make him eat in time.

You are embarrassing me.


I think you must have come to your senses after coming here

I think you have realized my brother's nature now.

I understood it long back. Let us not talk about it.

My love for you is pure.

It is my sister's ill fate that she had to marry your brother.

I wonder how my fate will turn out to be!



I thank you for welcoming me

and allowing me to stay in your house,

in spite of rebuking your brother.

I will go now.

All the best.



Your sister is better.

Though illiterate, she has the guts to see my face.

But you bend your head immediately upon seeing me.

Why? Don't you like to see my face?


She is of shy nature.

Like your sister, even I have studied law.

I started as a lawyer and have become a Judge now.

I can study a person's face.

I observed on the marriage day itself

that your sister is worried and unhappy.

Why Vijaya.

Are you not happy with this marriage?

Not like that.


You both should not talk.

I am asking Vijaya and she has to answer it.

Tell me. Tell.

Vijaya. You are a young lawyer.

You must be eloquent and energetic.

But if you are quiet like this,

how are you going to argue in the court?

No. You are a misfit for the profession.

No. You are thoroughly wrong.

I am absolutely fit for this profession.

-I appreciate you. -I am worthy of it.

I know it. But you have still not answered my question.

Do you want to know whether I do not like you

or I am not interested in my sister's marriage?

Yes. You are perfectly right.

Vijaya. Why are you crying?


I am aghast that my illiterate and innocent sister

from a village has got a husband like you.

Too much of exaggeration. You are praising me a lot.

I am going back to my place.

Why should you go so soon?

You can stay here for a few more days.

No. I have to help my senior for a case tomorrow in Madras...

Do you want to sit down? Are you not ashamed?

Sit after removing your moustache.

But now act like a man and stand.

Do not be a hen packed husband.

Keep the hand on the shoulder.

I told you keep your hand on her shoulder.

Take it.

I told you to click photo.

Thank God!

Are you praying?!

No. I want the finger rings to be seen on the photo.

Cover your face. They will be seen properly.

Remove your hand. Idiot!

I am taking your photo. Smile.

Dear, if we had brought our pet dog,

it would have posed for the photo. Isn't it?

One is enough. Why do you need two dogs? Stand properly.

Did you take the balance cash from the bus conductor?

You bought the ticket. Will he give the balance to me?

Yes. I asked for two tickets to photo shop. He also gave me.

He asked who the other person is

and I said that it is me and my wife.

He asked me to identify my wife.

-What did you say? -I said you are my wife.

Of course, I am your wife.

Why are you hitting me in the photo shop?

Shut up.

-Wait. I have lost my money. -Get up.


On her shoulder.

That is right. Look here.

Over. Take off your hand. Come here.

How much advance should we give?

-Pay five or ten rupees. -Shall I give now or later?

-Give later. -How many copies will you give?

-Three copies. -I want eight copies.

Then go to the opposite shop. Here I will give only three copies.

Give me two copies and display one copy in your shop.

Don't you want my business to do well?

Why are you asking me to display your face in my shop?

Alright. Wash the photo and give.

I will wash with a scented soap. Don't worry.

Take her and leave the place.

Dear! -Come.

-Come dear. -She is dominating him.

Is he a real man?!

I had switched on the light. Now it is off.

Thief. Come here. What have you taken?

Solution bottle! How dare you steal it?


Have you really become mad because you did not get a chance in cinema?

Am I mad? Am I mad?

Yes. You are mad.

No. I am not mad.

Father! It is dangerous to leave your hand.

Come in. Go in.

-Sir, please open the door. -No.

-You are a mad girl. -I am not mad. Father!

Hello, how are you?

I came to enquire about your business.

You are my opponent. Why have you come here?

Do you want to spoil my business?

We both are in the same profession.

I was working in the dark room when I heard a sound in your shop.

What is the matter?


Shut up. Is he your father?

His business is already dull.

If he has a mad girl like you as daughter,

he has to close his photo business and beg.

Who is this girl? Why have you locked her up?

-She is a movie buff. -Movie buff!

What sort of movies is she crazy about?

She is a crazy girl. The other day she wanted me

to clean the photo and give immediately after taking it.

And today she entered the dark room and stole the solution.

What is the connection between her and solution?


Bright prints... Shining photo.

Did you hear? She says 'bright prints

Excuse her and send her out.

She may tear her own clothes.

And may meet with a lorry accident while running on road

What are you going to do by locking her up?

I will not do anything. Let her stay for three days.

Her parents will come in search of her and take her.

Otherwise I will send her to mental asylum or police station.

But you are busy with your business. How can you handle her.

Leave her responsibility to me. I will take care.

You do not strain at this old age.

Her father must be a fool to have let her go free.

-I meant her father. -Father!

Since you have grey hairs, she is calling you 'father'.

Solution thief. Keep quiet.


She is calling me out of affection.

She is not calling out of affection.

A nail must have got stuck in her leg. So she is jumping.

-You go and mind your business. -What business can I do?

You have taken away my five year old customers.

Then how can I work?

I have now decided to set up a tea shop.

You were running a tea shop before. Right?

You can do it. Set up a tea shop. I will come and drink.

Child, do not be scared of anyone or anything.

Your father will come and take you.

Let her father come. I will tell him he is an idiot.

I will get angry if you scold him.

-Get lost. -I will go now.

Why is he affectionate towards this girl?

He fondled her before going.

In spite of knowing that Shankar and Vijaya love

each other, you have hid the matter from me.


Brother, you know about it now. Don't bother.

Serve me Rasam.

Rasam is very tasty.

Drink it. I do not want to finish eating the food.

Eat slowly.

Eating slowly increases the longevity.

I want to live for hundred years to eat the food prepared by you.

You have turned him into a foodie

You are the real foodie,

I am your brother Sapatulakshman

and she is kitchen queen.

Stupid. Her name is Janaki. Do not call her Seetha.

Your brother-in-law is calling you by your name.

I will not call her by her name. It is wrong.

Do not ask for a golden deer, like Sita asked Rama.

You ask me. I will get anything that you ask.

Brother, in Ramayana,

if Lakshmana had gone in search of deer instead of Rama,

there would have been no problem.

-But we need a story. -I want curry.

I was listening to your talk.

Sister-in-law is like a mother to me, whom I was longing for.

I pray that she leads a good life.

I wanted you to say this.

That is why I waited so long and married a girl like her.

Both of you are wrong.

I have lost way and fallen into heaven.

You call yourself an unsophisticated villager.

But you are tying the knot well.

What do you mean?

I meant the shoe lace that you tied now.

It is not a big issue.

When I was a child,

I used to tie my hair with flowers with a banana fibre.

Education and culture are different.

Education is acquired but culture is inborn.

You are a very cultured lady.

Whatever I heard is right.

What is that?

Husband praises his wife

whenever he gets an opportunity when they are newly-wed.

Don't worry. I will praise you till the end.

I will bring the coat for you.

I am going for dinner. I will late tonight.

No problem. I will be awake till you come.

That is why I am telling you now.

Do not wait for me. You have food.

-See you. -Alright.

Dear, please wait.

Did you see this?

He acts as a gentleman in the morning

but behaves cheaply at night.

He has the bad habit of drinking and womanizing.

Murder is the only thing that he might not have done.

He might have done that. Who knows?

He is newly married. His wife is a very good lady.

Though he holds a high post, his behaviour is cheap.

Such rascals do not deserve high posts.

We should not spare him.

Let us go and complaint to police.

Why should we do it?

Let us go to his house and inform his wife about him.

Let us not get involved with high society people.

Like us, many people will come to know about this later.

His true colour will be revealed then.



What is the time now?

Is this proper?

I had gone for a dinner.

We were talking and I didn't notice the time.

You were not coming home in time before marriage.

You were not eating in time.

And there was no one to question you.

Now there is someone. I am asking on her behalf.

Otherwise I am not bothered about the place you visit or

the time you return home.

Have I asked before?

-I can understand. -I don't think so.

I pity sister-in-law.

She was awake and was walking up and down the stairs looking for you

Any other person would not have cared

and slept in the AC room.

Your sister-in-law could have slept. I told her before going.

-When did you say? -Yes.

Your brother told me.

You are supporting your husband.

Don't laugh.

I say, don't laugh.

Sister-in-law gets up before sunrise,

works till sunset doesn't have fixed time

to work and walks for miles inside the house in a day.

I do not like it if you trouble her again.

Okay. I will adjust.

No adjustment. You must report to her promptly.

Yes sir.

What did your brother say?

He said he will break my limbs if I behave like this again.

Alas! He seems to be a rogue.

No. He said, henceforth, I have to come in time and please you.

That is good.


Janaki, where is my pen?

Take. I was filling ink in it.

Very good.

-What? -You have worn it wrongly.

I was thinking something else.

You are taking care of my daily needs.

Now I remember only about the court.

You are doing a lot for me.

What am I going to do for you?

Woman gets satisfaction

by doing such duties.

How can you fix a price for it?

Well said. You speak well.

Who taught you this?

I am not a lawyer like my sister.

Now I remember. I wanted to write a letter to her.

I forgot.

Will you write it for me?

I am very sorry. Forgive me.

I have work. Take my brother's help. Bye.

-Brother. -Sister-in-law.

-Brother. -What is it?

Why are you crying?

I am reminded about your support for me

while talking to your brother yesterday.

You have brought some discipline to this house

and are like a God here.

How can I stay without praying to you?

No. Do not use such big words.

The person looking at the temple tower knows its value.

God created brother in place of father

and you in place of my mother.

I am ready to shed blood for my brother.

And I am prepared to give my life for your sake.


I am spellbound.

I am unable to speak.

-Can you do me a favour? -Tell me.

I want to write letter to Vijaya.

-What are you going to write? -You write. I will say.


-Sit. -No problem. I will stand.

Okay. You say. I will write.

What is the problem?

-I feel shy. -Why should you feel shy?

You are writing letter to your sister.

Dear lawyer sister,

Only sister will do.

Okay. Dear only sister,

I am your sister writing.

Wait. I and him i.e., your lover...

Who is that lover?

The person writing the letter.

Do I have such a title? Very good. Tell me.

I am happy and comfortable here. -Yes.

I only wish that you are near me to see it and be happy.

I wish that you also get married to a good family like mine.

I pray that all girls get it.

My husband and your lover enquired about you.

Reply soon. Over.

Reply. Over.

Shall I write one sentence if you permit me?

Why not? Write a lot.

Have you come to take your daughter?


Who are you?

He is calling you daughter. He is your father.

My daughter, do not spoil my honour.

Get out. You are not my father.

Sir, he is a rogue. He is trying to kidnap me.

Sir, she refuses to accept her father.

Why are you fighting?

Mad girl. The other day you called Kupusamy,

the opposite shop owner as father.

Today your real father has come. But you refuse to acknowledge him.

-Take her. -She is refusing to come with me.

-Beat her. -Daughter, observe me properly.

You sinner, how dare you wink at me?

Rogue, how dare you wink at me?

-I will thrash you. -I am really your father.

Get out.



You sinner! Is it you?

You are a cheat who came to spoil my business.

You look like a vagabond in sari.

You cheat! You came to my shop to steal.

You also wasted my money by eating at your will.

I will hand over both of you to police now.

-Son-in-law! -Why call me your son-in-law?

I lost my livelihood and business because of you.

Please marry my daughter.

How can I become a son-in-law suddenly?

I will come and ask for your hand.

Keep her as your assistant for a few months.

She will work hard.

-My child! -Yes.

-Do you like him? -He has a beautiful face.

I clicked his photo with my eyes before

he clicked my photo with his camera.

I have enlarged it in my heart.

Now I am ready to marry him.

I am going to marry your daughter. Leave me.

Wear sari properly.

-Sir! -What?

I went to your sister's house.

Policemen came and arrested your brother-in-law.

-Police! -Yes.

Your sister wants you to go there immediately.

Is it? Alright. You take care of the shop.

You take care of my wife.

My sweet heart Viji, well and wish the same there.

Somebody has poisoned your mind by speaking ill of my

brother and you believe it.

I hope at least after seeing your sister's letter,

you will realize that he is a good man.

If you visit my house to see your sister, even I can meet you.

Or else, if you like, I will come there and see you.



Your brother is double-faced.

You are seeing only one side of his nature.

I will not believe that murderer.

Vijaya, some glad news.

What sir?

When you went to Coimbatore, you said

-you saw a murder being committed. -Yes sir.

Then after returning from your sister's marriage,

you said that your sister is married to that murderer

and you are going to take action against him.

-You are right. -What did I reply to it?

I said that police will question you and will tell you must

have reported the murder on the same day you saw it.

I also said that you do not have proof if they ask for it.

So I told you not to get involved in it.

It was good that I stopped you then.

Otherwise the judge would have taken action against you.

Why sir?

-Did you see today's paper? -No sir.

Police have arrested the murderer.

He got married recently.

See his photo.

It is injustice.

He is my friend Banu's husband.

I had attended their marriage.

It is a sham.

Read the full matter. I will attend the phone.

It is atrocious. Why should an innocent man be punished?

No. Injustice should not prevail.

I will prove that Banu's husband is innocent and save his life.

Vijaya, you are crazy.

If you have to prove that your friend's husband is innocent

you have to confirm that your sister's husband is guilty.

Are you going to punish your sister's husband because

you want to save your friend's husband?

Tell me.

No. I forgot that this will affect your life.

You have forgotten that you are a lawyer.

Do you remember the oath you took during the convocation ceremony?

I will protect the integrity of the profession and will not misuse it.

You have forgotten the promise you made

and are now bound by your attachment to your sister.

Are you trying to kill justice?

Are you going to hide the truth

because he is your sister's husband?

Then you will be the murdering justice.

Answer me, Vijaya. Tell me.

No. I will never act against law.

I will not act.

Vijaya, I struggled a lot to bring you to this position.

I have prayed to God for your good.

I had lot of affection for you.

But now you are going to act against my husband.

Is it right?

Are you going to earn the reputation of a good lawyer

at the cost of my life?

You will be blamed for not showing your gratitude to me.

Tell me. What do you want to do?


You always fought for justice but now you have become sober

because it concerns your sister.


You were witness to a horrible murder

but now an innocent person is being accused of it.

How can you continue to be a lawyer

if your friend's husband is punished for it.

Do you deserve to lead such a life?

You are a girl and have proved that by falling for your sentiments.

Vijaya. You are a girl. Affection is important to you.

No. Justice is important to you.

No, Affection is important.

No. Justice is God. Law is your life and soul.

Justice is life.

O God!

What shall I do now? What shall I do?

Truth is victory.

It is alright.

-Sir. -What?

I am going to argue in court on behalf of that innocent person.

Do you still say that you are right?

Yes sir.


My conscience.


I am going to Coimbatore now to gather evidence.

No other witness is superior to conscience.

That conscience is called justice.

I pray to God that he give you strength to fight against

a snake in the form of affection with the help of your conscience.

God bless you, my child.

I am ready to help you in this case.

Thank you sir.

Wish you success.

Dear, leave me.

You are very naughty now

because your brother is has gone out of station.

-Vijaya! -Sister.

Sister, it has been many days since I saw you.

You have come after a long time.

How are you? Are you fine?

Sit and talk to him. I will bring coffee.

Please sit.


If you had informed,

I would have come in car to station to pick you up.

It was decided suddenly. I had to come here for a case.

Is it civil case or criminal case?

Criminal case.

A girl named Shobha was murdered here a few days back.


Police have arrested a person named Raghavan on suspicion

that he is the murderer.

I have come to appear on behalf of that innocent man.

Very good. Have you come to Coimbatore for this reason?

Then Raghavan must be close to you.

Yes. Raghavan is the husband of my college mate.

I see.

I have come here to prove that he is innocent and release him

That is my main aim.

Do not think that your sister has come to see you.


She has come to attend a case. She also thought she can meet you.

Is it true?

Yes. it is an important case.

Even if the case drags for one year, you have to stay here.

What do you say?

This is your house. You are the President and I am the peon.

Why do you need my permission?

Do as you like.

Your brother-in-law is very naughty.

I would not have worried so much if your husband is

going to die because of ill health.

But if he is going to die because he has been

accused of a crime which he has not done, I will not allow it.

I am your brother. I will support you.

My duty starts now.

I will save your husband at any cost.

I will surely do it.

You do not worry about it.

-Vijaya! -Banu.

Do not cry. It is a challenging time for us.

Let us emerge victorious from this.

How did you come here?

I read the news in paper. I went to your house

and got information that you are here.

I have come to meet Mr. Raghavan and know some details.

-What do you mean? -Yes. I am your lawyer.

I will meet Mr. Raghavan.

Truth will triumph. There is someone to help the poor.

Do you know Shobha, who was murdered?

I know her very well.

-How? -I and Shobha were college mates.

One day she said that she loves me.

I was shocked.

I told her, 'I mingled with you like my sister.

You are mistaken. Stop having such feelings towards me.

But she did not leave me.

She started troubling me by writing a love letter daily.

I thought it is dangerous if it continues.

So I arranged for my marriage.

After that, when I heard that Shobha was murdered,

I felt very sad.

Suddenly one day policemen came to my house to search.

At that time they got hold of one of the love letters

written by Shobha to me.

On that basis, they suspected me and arrested me.

This is what happened.

Does Shobha have any relatives?

She has one sister named Asha.

Please come.

Sit. I will come now.

Sorry for the delay.

No problem. Who is Asha?

I am Asha. Who are you?

I am Vijaya, Mr. Raghavan's lawyer.

Can you tell me about Shobha, who was murdered?

Please say.

No. I will not tell. Do not disturb me.

-Get out of here. -Please...

Get out.


Steady... Steady...

Thank you.

One of my three wishes has been fulfilled today.

Do you mean greed for land, greed for money

and this wish to take photo?

No. I want a lady to stitch my shirt,

a lady to cut my hair

and a lady should click my photo.

-You have forgotten one more thing. -What is it?

Your desire to get beaten by a lady.

-Madam. -Who is that?

I want to take my photo.

-Sure. I will take. -From head to toe.

Is it?

Enlargement will be as per my wish.

Okay. Sit there.



One minute...


Just a minute.

What is he doing?!




Dear, a rogue has come to our shop and is creating problem.

I wanted to take a photo with my bare body.

But this girl got scared.

Then you should have gone to a male photographer.

Why have you come here?

I am already depressed due to my sister's problem.

Why did you open the shop?

Your business is flourishing.

If you want your sister to lead a good life,

you should also lead a good life.

And I can lead a good life only if your life is good.

And I can lead a good life only if your life is good.

Correct. My daughter Rani is right.

Stop it.

I have brought things

to do a prayer for my sister's husband's longevity.

What about my daughter's life?

I first want my brother-in-law to be released.

Till then you and your daughter should not come here.

Take her with you.

We will get married after the case ends favourably.

You also do prayer.

And I will also do prayer from today, to unite you both.

Sister, I have brought the things required for prayer.

Check if everything is there.

Sister, I did not know the importance

of this when I went to buy.

But I realized its greatness only while returning.

Girls are like a puzzle, difficult to understand.

When a girl was ill and was fighting for her life,

everyone told her to pray to God for herself.

But even at that stage she was worried about her husband,

if she dies, and so prayed for him.

The life of a girl is in her body but her soul is with her husband.


A girl thinks that her husband ties nuptial thread to her

because of her beauty.

Only when she loses it, she feels for her husband loss.

Wait for just one week.

Banu, I have some good news for you.

What is it?

I have a proof to prove that Raghavan is innocent.

Is it?! Now don't worry.

Justice never sleeps.

Because it is scared of itself.

It is scared that people may kill it and so remains awake.

Why are you worried? Smile.

O God!

I pray my husband leads a long and healthy life.

May you lead a long life with your husband!

Get up.

Why are you crying?

This is the first festival of changing the nuptial chain

after our marriage.

These are tears of joy due to the blessings from you.

-See you then. -See you.


What is special today?

Today I am going to argue in the court for the 1st time.


Why are you shocked?

You told me before that you will take my blessings and go

before arguing the 1st case so that you will emerge victorious.

But today you are going without informing me.


No problem.

Today is an auspicious day when ladies pray for their husbands.

In this first case which you are going to argue...

Pray to God that I should lose this.

-Vijaya. -Yes. I am telling the truth.

Why are you saying so?

You are hiding something. Tell frankly.

Why should you lose? Why?

If I win, you will become sad and worried.

Just now you prayed to God

that your husband should live for hundred years.

Now I have taken up that case which is a challenge to that.



Today I am going to argue to release an innocent person

and punish your husband, who is guilty.

Now tell me.

I am now going to argue a case

which will punish your husband, who is guilty.

Can you still bless me to win this case?

Tell me. Can you do it?

-I can do it. -Sister.

My husband is a human God.

I believe that he cannot be the murderer.

Even God cannot break my belief.

If I pray to God that you should win this case,

it is a proof that I have lost in my belief.

I will bless you with the same vermilion that my husband

applied to me blessing me a long life with him.

-Sister! -Otherwise

it will be proved that my husband is not innocent

and he is the murderer.

-No, sister. -Wait.


If you think you are indebted to me for educating you

you should not leave this place without taking my blessings.

It is my order.


You believe that justice will win.

Likewise I also believe that my husband will lead a long life.

It is the fight between justice and my husband's life.

It is a challenge. Let us see who wins.

You fight for justice. Get up.


Like I said before, I will come to court and feel happy

seeing you arguing against my husband.

You may go.

Silence. Silence.

June 4th 1967 around 4 p.m. you, Raghavan,

you, Raghavan, planned and kidnapped a girl named Shobha.

You have been accused of

throttling her neck with cloth and killing her.

Your crime will be punished as per IPC 364 and 302.

Mr. Raghavan, what is your reply to the allegations

levelled against you?

Judge sir, I am innocent.

Mr. Prosecutor,

you may start the case.

Yes, your honour.

Excuse me. I regret to say that

I have to object to your presiding over this case.

-Reason? -I am sorry.

I think you are involved in this case.

I want to question you as an important witness.


This is a court.

You must be aware that you have to get permission from

a higher court if someone else has to preside over this case.

I have already applied for it.


I am adjourning the case to 10th.

Arrange for order from higher court before that.

Vijaya hasn't come?

She must be embarrassed to come with us.

She may even be sad. She is just a child.

We can come to court separately but can go back together.

Go and call her.

Go and call her.

What is happening here? I do not understand.

He is not only a Judge. He is your sister's husband.

We do not want any confusion in your family because of us.

Yes. We will find another lawyer.

Did I come because you called me?

I will not leave it even if you refuse.

I am not fighting for you. I am fighting for justice.

Family should not come in the way of justice.

I will explain later.



My husband is waiting for you.

Come. Let us go home.

She had come to me before, for a case, when I was a lawyer.

You both started having relationship after that. Right?

-No. -Not only that.

You loved Asha's sister Shobha also and approached her.

It is a lie.

Objection your honour.

Is this case about Raghavan or about Mr. Sundaram?

What is the connection between these two?

There is some connection.

I am going to prove later that Raghavan is not guilty.

I believe this enquiry will help me do it.

Objection overruled. Yes. Proceed.

Unable to bear your torture, Shobha threatened to

disclose your identity.

You thought it will be dangerous if she lives.

-So you decided to kill her. -No.

-You kidnapped her to a particular location. -No.

You throttled her neck with cloth

so that there will be no fingerprints.

-No! -Yes. You killed Shobha.

Lie. It is a lie.

It is shocking!

Order. Order.

This is a blatant lie. It is an imagination.

You are standing with Asha and Shobha in this photo.

-Is this a lie? -It is atrocious.

Your honour, please look at this photo.

Yes. He is Mr. Sundaram.

This has already been planned

On June 4th, the day Shobha was said to have been murdered,

I took Judge Mr. Shivaraman along with me

while going back from court at 4 p.m.

I dropped him in his place and then went to my house.

I am able to say this with certainly

because my marriage date was fixed on that day.

I have noted it in my diary.

I am going to file defamation case against Miss Vijaya

for involving me in this murder case,

degrading me from the post of Judge,

and for accusing me of murder in the pretext of enquiring me

as witness and spoiling my social status and family honour.

I will make you an accused before that.

Objection your honour.

This murder case is about Raghavavan.

But, because of the cross examination of the defence counsel,

it is moving away from that.

I request the court

to remove reference of this unnecessary enquiry.

I am not noting down anything.

I cannot allow you to use the power

to cross examine wrongly.

You have to ask only the questions related to this case.

No, your honour. What I mean to say is...

Case adjourned to Friday.

Come. Let us go. Get up.


What is the matter?

Vijaya publicly brought you down from the Judge's seat.

Why didn't you oppose it?


I am surprised that you are asking me this.

I have to ask because Vijaya told me before that

she saw a man killing a girl by throttling her neck.

When she saw you on the day of marriage,

she said you are the murderer and wanted to stop the marriage.

But sister-in-law did not allow it.

I also stopped her.

When she came here after marriage,

she was dull because she saw you as a murderer.

You also asked her the reason for being grim.

Now she has accused you of murder without caring that

you are a famous judge and her sister's husband.

She is becoming authoritative day by day...

I am sorry.

My belief in you is reducing day by day.


Have you also started suspecting your brother?

-I... -I am confident.

If it is true that my husband is a judge it is

also true that he is innocent.

I am his wife only since few days.

I know his nature.

But in spite of being his brother and near him for so many years,

you have not understood him properly.


It is alright.

Janaki. I will go out for some time.

Drink coffee and then go.

You also drink.

See you.

Hello, I am Banu here.

-Who is speaking? -Asha.

I have some good news for you.

I came to know now that your husband did not kill my sister.

O God! I will go now and tell.

Do not be in a hurry. Nobody will believe if you tell now.

If you come to my house at 8 p.m. tonight,

I will give all records pertaining to the murderer.

We will talk about the further course of action in person.

You should come alone. Be careful.


Brother is also not here now. What shall I do?

It is only 6 'o' clock now.

I cannot wait till 8 p.m.

Okay. I will go there and wait.

We will be in danger if we let her go.

Let us go and catch her.

Alas! Accident.

Who is this girl?


Thank God. She has only fainted.

Who is this girl?

Her address is here. I will drop her in her house.

Sir, anybody in house?

Nobody is here.

Madam... What happened to her?

She fainted while walking on road.

I saw the address in her handbag and brought her here.

She has only fainted. She will be conscious soon. I will go now.

Who are you sir?

Judge Sundaram.


Hello, I am servant Alamelu speaking.

I want to speak with Banu regarding the case.

Tell her to speak.

She is unconscious. Her brother is also not here.

Has she fainted! I will come now.

Who is that?

You? Have you still not gone? Why did you close the door?

You sinner!


Alas! Banu!


Shankar, come and see your brother.

Leave me. Brother.

Brother, what are you doing? Brother!

Brother, open the door.



-Banu! -Open the door.



Hello, is it police station?

-Raju! -My sister is dead.

Banu is dead.

Oh God!

Do not cry. What is the use of crying?

I do not want to live.

I wanted her husband to be released after proving he is

innocent and she can lead a happy life.

My sister is dead before it is proved that he is innocent.

What shall I do now?

We could not save Banu's life.

At least let us save her husband's life

so that she will rest in peace.

How? What do you want me to do?

I took photo when that sinner killed Banu.

-Is it?! -Yes.

It is the same person who killed Shobha.

His photo is here.


Switch on the light.

Only the murderer's back is seen.

His face is not seen at all.

He turned back when I took the photo.

That is why only his back is seen.

I could not take photographs later.

The film is over. This is the last frame.

You have lost a good chance.

Don't worry. Shankar also was a witness to this murder.

Raju, stand still.

-Why? -I can see my face in your eyes.

Why are you surprised about it? Even my face is seen in your eyes.

Eyes are like mirror.

Then when the person killed Banu, his face must be there in her eyes.

Excellent. Switch off the light.

What is this?

Alright. We will take necessary action. You may go.

Thank you sir.

You like to eat this.

Yes. It has been many days since I ate this.


Good morning, Mr. Sundaram.

Mr. Sundaram, I am very sorry.

I have come to perform my duty in an embarrassing situation.

I am arresting you

for the murder of Shobha, Banu and servant Alamelu.

Janaki. Be brave.


Console your sister.

See you.

I do not want anyone to bail me out. I will take care.

Inform my brother.

Be happy.

Mr. Raghavan,

as per criminal procedure code sec 494 the public prosecutor

has applied for court's permission to fight this case.

I accept the petition and I am releasing you.

Thanks a lot.

Come. Let us go.

Mr. Sundaram, you have been accused of committing

two cruel murders at the same time

and are punishable under IPC sec 302.

What do you want to say about this?

I have not committed any crime.

I thank you for allowing me to argue

and fight my case.


It is possible that two persons can look similar. Isn't it?

If that is so, will the voice also be similar?

Have you not listened to mimicry?

A mimic can make sounds like birds, animals etc.

In the same way, I say that the person who looks like me

has practised to speak like me.

Do you object this?

You accuse me of being guilty.

Then why are you staying in my house?

I stayed in your house to prove that you are guilty

and to gather evidence for that.

Very good. But why should I kill Banu?

Banu might have seen you with Asha.

You might have got scared that she will give witness

against you and so you might have killed her.

You also said that you saw me in Asha's house.

You were also staying in my house.

Why didn't I kill you?

You might have attempted it.

But I might have been saved by God's grace.

I firmly believe that 'dharma' which saved you,

will definitely save me also because I am innocent.

Say like that. The angel of justice will surely save my husband.


Is this a court? What is happening here?

A murder trial or family matter?

If the audience here interfere,

they will be immediately sent out of the court.

Yes, proceed.

You said Shankar saw Banu's murder.

Then he is also a witness.

Excuse me. The court has already sent summons to him.

But he is missing. Police is searching for him.

Is my brother missing?!

Do not act. Didn't your brother follow you when you escaped

No. Shankar is in danger. Please save my brother.

-Please save Shankar. -Brother!

-Brother! -Brother!



That person jumped into the river and started swimming swiftly.

At that time I decided that the person is not my brother.

He is another person.


My brother cannot swim.

Not only that. He hit me and made me faint.

My brother brought me up affectionately

because I had lost my parents in a young age.

Yes. Proceed.

Your honour, my brother is as pure as dew drop.

My brother is an upholder of justice like 'Dharma

I never expected my brother to face such a situation.

I never expected this.

What is the relation between you and Sundaram?

I am...

I am her mistress.

When did you get acquainted with Mr. Sundaram?

When he was a lawyer, I went to his house for some case.

We became close from then.

Alright. Still why did he marry another girl?

He became a lawyer. He thought it is a disgrace to marry me.

So he married some village girl.

He as committed these murders.

He is a threat to society.

So I pray that he be awarded

the maximum punishment of death penalty

as per IPC Sec 302 so that such

evil persons do not live in this society.

Then, I took the girl, who had fainted in the road, to her house.

My finger prints must have got impressed on that girl that time.

I have been accused as guilty on that basis.

Your honour, I repeat. I am innocent.

I pray that the honourable court release me.

Judgment will be pronounced on Monday in this case.

He has committed three murders. He cannot escape.

He will surely be given death penalty.



Why are you crying?


Just as we use a piece of wood to cut the tree,

I have spoiled your life

in spite of the fact that you educated me.

You are not doing this. It is the power beyond you.

Nobody can change the will of God.

I told you on my marriage day.

I knew that you may have to face this situation in life any time.

That is why I told you to stop the marriage.

I also told you that

I am ready to face the consequences of my fate.

I am repeating it now.

Suppose the judgment is against your husband,

how can I face you again?

I will leave this place before I see you as a widow.

I will go away.


There is something else which I have to do to you.

Vijaya, in childhood,

I used to perform doll marriage and show to you.

Now I want to actually perform your marriage.

You go after that.

Are you asking me to marry in such a situation?

I should definitely perform your marriage in this stage.

If you marry later and come to me to take my blessings

I will be a widow. That will not look good.

-Sister! -That is why I am telling you to marry now.

No. I do not want to marry.

No. Forgive me.

You are like my daughter.

I am telling you this which I haven't told before.

I am not your sister. Consider me as your mother.

I want to get you married.

It is your mother's last wish.

I cannot force you if you do not want to fulfil it.


I will perform your marriage as soon as Shankar returns.

Do not cry. No use of crying.

It is of no use.


What business do you have here?

I came to ask you to forgive me.


I know the secret relationship which you and my brother had

In spite of knowing that my brother can swim,

I said he doesn't know in the court.

It is because I wanted to save my brother.

I think I will succeed in this final effort?

What is that effort?

After my brother dies of hanging

and my sister-in-law becomes a widow,

there is no use of the costly jewellery that lies in our cupboard.

So I have decided to use that money to make efforts and

help my brother to escape.

Is it?! I understood your nature only now.

I thought even you will sacrifice your brother

for the sake of justice, like Vijaya. Thank God.

I will say this now.

I have already given the jewellery given to me by your brother

and made arrangements for his escape from jail.

Very good.

I have also planned to go to some foreign country in a

chartered flight after he escapes.

Wonderful plan.

But the plane owner wants Rs one Lakh.

I do not have that much money.

Do not worry. We have received Rs. Two lakhs from

our estate after selling coffee.

All are new notes. I have locked it in my cupboard.

I have the key with me.

Then you go now and bring one lakh rupees here.

Your brother and I will be ready by that time.

-Can you do me a small favour? -What?

My sister-in-law wants to see my brother.

Shall I send her also with you?

Oh yes. You go now.


Didn't you expect me?


How did you come here?

Hasn't my brother told you?

He helped me to escape from jail.

What? Has your brother helped you escape from jail?

He has also made arrangements for us to go

by a chartered plane and live in a foreign country in hiding.

Hasn't he still come here? Fool. He told me to come.

Do not bother about him. Have you forgotten who are you?

You are not an ordinary person.

You have been conferred a place immediately after God.

You should safeguard law for this society.

But you have escaped from jail.

Isn't it a disgrace for you?

Like a gardener stealing from his own farm,

you are stealing from your own house. Is this right?

Janaki, what is this?

I am in a tight situation. I am fighting for life every minute.

In the same way I am fighting with my husband's fate and my sister.

My sister told me on our marriage day that you are a murderer.

Since that day, I am saying that my husband is honest

and is innocent. I am fighting a war for justice with her.

Now if she knows that you have escaped from jail

she will reprimand me.

Forget her. I am asking you.

If you have really not committed the murder,

why did you escape from jail?


I am your better half.

Tell me the truth at least now.

Are you guilty? Are you a murderer? Tell me.

Yes. I am a murderer.

O God!

-Janaki! -Do not come near me.

-We are getting late. Start. -No.

I will not come and I will not allow you to go.

You have escaped from jail but you cannot escape from here.

I thought you were innocent all these days.

You have ruined that belief.

You have already killed three people.

Now I will not allow you to kill justice.

It is a sin to allow a criminal like you to live in society

though you are my husband.

Will you surrender to police or shall I call them?

Sister, I said that only your husband is a criminal.

But now we know that both brothers are guilty.

God has shown you the true nature of your husband.


Will you surrender to police now or shall I call them?

I will call.

Traitor! You are my enemy.

-Do not touch her. -Leave me.

-Do not touch her. -Leave.

You made the arrangements. Why are you coming late?

Your sister-in-law doesn't believe me.

Only my sister-in-law?

What do you mean?

I am asking you.

-Who are you? -I am your brother.

You look like him.

Who are you?

Tell me.

Tell me.

Will you not tell?

Tell me.

Who are you?



Brother, what is happening here?


Tell the truth now.

Sister-in-law, Vijaya. He is not my brother.

Tell the truth. Who are you?

Mr. Shankar.

Welcome sir. You have come at the right time.

He is Neruppukannaiyan.

Remove his gloves from his hand.

Sir, do you know him?

Yes. He is an old criminal.

We were searching for him regarding a case.

But we could not get him.

Finally we heard he is hiding in a house and surrounded it.

But he came to know of it.

He burnt the house and escaped from there.

He got this wound at that time.

Is that the reason you call him 'Neruppukannaiyan'?

Yes. To hide his identify from police,

he wore a rubber mask like your brother

and was cheating all of us here.

She is responsible for this.

How did you catch him here?

I suspected him. I wanted to catch him.

So I enacted a drama to Asha and came out of her house.

At that time...

-Who?! -You go and...

Take my cycle.

This is what happened.

Yes. I informed police as told by Shankar.

They have arrested Asha and brought her here.

Hey double criminal! Do not show your face. Turn the other side.

God has created different faces because a similar

face will create problems. Take my case.

How will I survive if there is one more person like me?

Why did you do this?

You can say it with courage.

I am an old criminal.

I was in jail and escaped on night.

Policemen chased me. I entered a house.

Asha was there in that house.


I requested her to save me.

She said I resemble Sundaram.

I enquired who that Sundaram was.

She said he is Judge now but was once a lawyer.

That she went to him to appear in court on her

behalf in a robbery case.

But he refused to accept it citing the case was unjustified.

She'll try to give him any amount of money but he did not agree.

She even tried to entice him but he did not budge.

He did not stop there.

He spoke against her in court and sent her to jail.

That day she took oath that she will take revenge on him.

She said she got the right opportunity

and will use me to take revenge.

She said she will save me if I agree

but handover me to police if I refuse.

I agreed because I can escape from police

and get a girl along with a luxurious life.

I asked if Sundaram has a burnt face like me.

She told me not to worry about it and she will handle it.

So I made a rubber mask like Sundaram and wore it.

And I wore gloves to hide my burnt hand.

Then I learnt to talk, walk, dress up and behave like him.

This is how I started to look exactly like Judge Sundaram.

Then I went to hotel, nightclub etc with Asha.

I went to resorts and enjoyed with her.

Everyone believed that I was Judge Sundaram.

How is this?

Have you noted it down?

Asha's sister Sobha was very good looking.

She loved Raghavan.

But I came to know from his letter that he did not love her.

I tried to molest her.

But she resisted.

She threatened that she will disclose that

I am moving around with a mask if I misbehave with her.

I thought it will be dangerous to let her live. I decided to kill her

I told Asha. She agreed because she wanted to lead

a luxurious life and her sister was on the way.

She told me to kill her outside the house

and put the blame on Judge Sundaram.

We planned it.

I wore the mask.

I wrote letter to Sobha in the name of Raghavan asking

her to come to a particular spot.

I was waiting for her there.

I removed my tie, tied her neck with it and killed her.

But that innocent Raghavan was arrested.

We came to know that Vijaya has come to argue his case.

We set up a photo of Asha and Sobha with Judge Sundaram.

We made Vijaya see it and she got the photo.

Vijaya was enraged. Sundaram lost Judge's post

But in court, Sundaram had an upper hand than Vijaya.

Asha came in disguise and told me about it.

Immediately I planned and told her to call Banu

to our house at 8 'o' clock.

I did it so that Banu will see me who looked like Judge

Sundaram and get confused.

But she came at 6 'o' clock.

I had removed my mask to eat at that time.

She got scared of me and ran out.

She saw original Judge Sundaram there.

She thought it was me and fainted.

He took her in his car to her house.

I was looking all this from far.

So I was hiding in her house before they came.

Judge Sundaram made Banu lie in her bed and went away.

It was a good opportunity.

I went inside the room and locked it.

Suddenly the maid came.

I threw the flower pot to make her faint.

But she died.

I killed Banu also.

Vijaya came and took photo.

It was proved that Sundaram was the killer.

Then Shankar came. I ran to protect my mask.

He chased me.

I lost patience and hit him on the head from back.

That's all.

Kannaiyan, the statement which you gave now...

I have given this statement with sound mind and with full conscience

I pronounce that Kanniayan has

killed Sobha, Banu and Alamelu and award him death penalty.

Asha was his accomplice to all the murders.

So I pronounce her guilty and award her life punishment.

I have to thank you. Without you we would not have

caught Neruppukannaiyan who was slandering my reputation.

Thank you. Thanks a lot.

On behalf of our friends, I request you not to worry

because you were called a criminal by our sister-in-law.

If Vijaya had not suspected,

the real criminal would not have been caught.

All is well that ends well. Bless you.