Aiyoku no wana (1973) - full transcript

A delirious roman porno re-imagining of Seijun Suzuki's 'Branded to Kill'. Directed by Atsushi Yamatoya and scripted by Yôzô Tanaka, both 'Branded to Kill's' screenwriters and Suzuki's regular collaborators.



Produced by ARATO Genjiro

Screenplay by TANAKA Yozo

Cinematography by ASAKURA Toshihiro

Music by SUGITA Kazuo


ARATO Genjiro

EZAWA Moeko,

YAMAYA Hatsuo,



Directed by YAMATOYA Atsushi

The money's in your account.

And the next job?

Wait for my call.

Oh? You finished early.

Mayuko, I'll get us out of this rut soon.

I don't mind.
I'm happy living as we are.

I'm bored.

I'm dying of boredom.

Go and play pachinko then.

I lost a lot yesterday.

Well, take a nap then.

I don't feel like it.


Bull's eye.


- How's your form?
- Perfect.

Then you can hit the big man
in our syndicate.

He'll be back from the States.

- Hit him at Haneda Airport?
- Don't be stupid.

The airport will be full of our people.

So what should I do?

Just follow my orders
and pull the trigger.

So you're betraying
your own organization?

Otherwise I'll be killed.

Three days' time. Stay sharp.

- Carling?
- No, it's "darling".

- Darling?
- It's "darling".

It's the latest bullet-proof glass, sir...

- did you arrange it?
- No, it was me.

Well, then, it must be safe.

Is there any air-conditioning?

- It was working before...
- Open the window.

- No way, it's dangerous.
- The heat will kill me.

Just persevere.
We'll change cars soon.

Perfect job.
I'll pay you ten times.

Killing him's worth that much.

Your set-up was great.

I'll reward you when I get to the top.

You did what nobody could've done.

Thanks to your mentoring.

Lay low for now
and wait for my instructions. OK?


I've been waiting for ages.

Isn't this the wrong way?

No, turn around.

- No, don't...
- Shut up!

- Don't do this.
- What?

No way! You mustn't do this.

- You've made a grave error
- Explain.

You drove past the scene with your wife.


- That's going to cost you your life.
- I don't understand.

Visiting the scene afterwards
with your wife?

I thought you were a pro!

- Does the syndicate know me?
- They don't.

The money's in your account.
Disappear first thing tomorrow

Wait a minute!

So the syndicate don't know me...

Take me!


She's run off...

She's deserted me and run off.

Such a beautiful day.

Fuck the syndicate!
Come on, I'll take you on!

Have you forgotten
to make yourself scarce?

I like it where I am.

I don't want you meddling
in anything outside of business.

- How's your form?
- Terrible!

That's all right. It's an easy job.

- Kill Mayuko.
- That's not even funny.

I'm not kidding.

Shoot her in the heart
with small-caliber bullet.

She won't suffer
and she'll look beautiful.

Make off straight after the kill.

I was in love with her.

You get it?

I loved Mayuko.

You're a fine assassin.


Give me some.

- It's me.
- I'll call you when I need you.

Give me some work.

When will you promote me
up the ranks?

There's no killer like me!

You're just another underworld hitman.





That can't be right.

She's alive...


It's so gentle

It's so hidden

It's so pure

It's like a prayer

The only thing that can remedy it

Is a burning heart

It's like deciphering
the secrets of love

It's true

Here on the shores of hell

Let the drops of your dreams

Fall through the night of darkness

Let the drops of your love

Fall from the flowers

Let the day be as fresh

As the morning sunlight

You're warm.

So you're not a ghost, then.

Where's the bullet I shot you with?

I see. Your heart was protected.

I trusted your skill.

So why all the playacting?

Takagawa's orders.


I was his mistress.

You look such a fool
with that expression.

Can I offer you a drink at least?
It belongs to Takagawa anyway.


Another one.

Didn't you give up drinking?

I started again
the day after I shot you.

You're human after all, then.

Something like that.

I'll have one too.

You do realize that you killed me?

You chose your killer's pride
over me.

You're a monster!
And to think, I truly loved you.

- It drove me crazy too.
- Shut up, you brute!

They call you "Hitman Hoshi"

The syndicate's hitmen are betting
who'll be able to take you down.

You must be pleased
to have become such a star.

Mayuko, you're my wife.

Your body is mine.

- Why did you shoot me?
- No more talking.

No! I can't sleep with a hitman!

Let's start over again, Mayuko.

It's too late for us.

Takagawa was in charge
of trading for the syndicate.

It was mainly smuggling gold and drugs.

He must've been blinded
by the amount of money.

He started pocketing
some of the profits.

That was discovered State side,
not in Japan,

so a vice president of the syndicate
came to investigate it.

That foreigner?

Takagawa's a very cautious person.

He prepared his secret weapon.
That was you.

He picked you
as a non-professional hitman,

and then mentored you
for the big day.

Now you understand.

I was sent as a spy
to keep an eye on you.

I succeeded though.

But you pushed your luck,

when you dared to go and see
the murder scene with me.

The connection was retraced
through me to Takagawa.

That's why I had to stage
my own death.

But it was in vain.

One of the killers will find me.


What a stupid executive you are!

I'm no longer on the board.
The syndicate dismissed me.

- What are you doing here?
- I came to get my wife back.

I've also got syndicate hitmen
on my back.

How can you escape with a woman?

Escape? No.
We'll have a showdown here.

I'll protect you as well.

You idiot!
These hitmen are in a different league.

Just pray for a miracle.

I was going to take over the syndicate.

I thought I could take control.

And I almost succeeded.

But now it's fucked!

Never thought I'd get bitten
by my own dog.

Hey, Hoshi! Are you listening?

I can't believe you went to look
at the crime scene!

Call yourself a professional assassin?

Wipe off your snot.

Mayuko, come here.

No way! Their hitmen are coming.

I don't care.


He'll go insane alone.

I thought she was my wife.

Have mercy.

They're asking for mercy.
What should we do, Mario?

I don't think he understands
the nature of our business.

We can settle this with money.

Shoot them, Saigo!

Don't shoot!

Do you know me?

I'm the handsome Mario.

I'm the most beautiful man
in the world.

According to him.

- Right, Saigo?
- Indeed.

So, who's the most handsome man
in the world?

It's you.

Is that me?

Beautiful Mario.

And who's the most stupid man?

There he is!

Hitman Hoshi's outside the door.

Stop now or you'll get seriously hurt.

Shoot him, Saigo!

He doesn't know how to kill us.

What shall we do with him, Mario?
Finish him off?

Just leave him.

He won't last long anyway.

Well, then...

She's asleep.

It's a monster.

Hello? Is that Hitman Hoshi?

That's right.

- Do you remember me? Mario?
- Yeah, though I'd rather forget.

Where's Mayuko?

Is the house too big?

Well, drinking is part of my work.

Pour me some more.

What a state!

I don't think
he'll be coming back tonight.

- When will he be back then?
- Don't!

He's not coming back.

He's not that stupid.

He'll head up North
and be killed there.

Hello, sir?

Hey, are you in there?

Yeah, who else do you think it is?

It's really you in there?

What is it?

Fuck, he's stubborn. I'm in here!

Hurry up or I'll wet myself

Hans on!

- What is it?
- What do you mean?

You're the one who knocked!

Give over!

Stop hassling me or I'll...

Come on in.

Come in, young man.

We have a gorgeous girl.

Here she is. You like?

I'll leave you to it.

- Get naked.
- No, it's a rule.

How much are you giving me?

- How much do you want?
- 5,000 yen.

You'll be staying overnight, then?

I'll only do it twice, even so.

Two fucks for an overnight stay
and once for quickie.

So let's go to it.

What's wrong?


Damn you...

Are you a tourist?

I bet you've got a wife.

You're naughty, having an affair
behind her back.

- You must be tired.
- Be quiet.

But you can't get it up.

It's up now.

Time's up.

- Are you impotent?
- Where are you going?

- To a client who can fuck.
- Stay.

But it's business.

Don't leave. I've got money.

But sir...

- He's a bit strange, isn't he?
- What do you mean?

Well, he's been staying here
for ten days.

- He's got the money.
- That's suspicious.

He locks himself in his room,

only leaving for a crap or a pee.

So what? Say it.

I reckon he's in hiding
for embezzling his company.

Could be. He's always so jumpy.

We can't get dragged into it,
we're illegal, you see?

- So what should I do?
- I want him out.

You tell him, then.
I can't be so heartless to him.

Yume-Chan! Wait a moment!

I wonder
If she's got feelings for him...

Oh, it's you.
I had a bad dream.

Why don't you take a walk for a change?
This is no good for your health.

How strange.

You have such a great physique,
but you're impotent.

I'm not impotent. It's just nerves.

Take me!

Fuck me till my bones ache!

I sleep with the same guy for ten days
and get no orgasm...

My body's fit to explode!

I'll give it to you now!

Almost there.

Call me impotent?
What do you say now?

No, please!


It's no good.

- Your name's Hoshi, isn't it?
- That's right.

A letter arrived for you.

I thought so.
They won't leave me alone.

- Is that Hitman Hoshi?
- It's me. Who are you?

That's my photo.
You know what it means?

- I have to kill you, then.
- You sound on form.

- Thanks to you.
- How's your impotence?

I'm asking,
how's your impotence?

- Time and place?
- It's tomorrow

- Can you KIN in public?
- Are you kidding?

Tomorrow, 8:00 am.
Come to the amusement park.

I'll fill you in then.

I think he might've got
the wrong person.

What are you muttering about?

- You know this guy?
- No.

I see.

What about him?

He's going to die tomorrow.

And I'll kill him. Definitely.

Hoshi, right? Go inside.

There are so many flies in here.

It's not that easy shooting flies.

You try.

- Missed.
- Next time.


Some people are like flies.

We have an organ called the medulla
oblongata, smaller than a fingertip.

It's at the back of the brain.

We can't even blink if it's damaged.

And we die as if we're smiling.

A small-caliber bullet can penetrate it.

- Get it?
- Are we dueling here?

This is the shooting ground.

- You win if you get behind me, but...
- What?

Are you good enough
to shoot the medulla accurately?

I'll give it a try.

Make yourself scarce.

- How did you know I'd be here?
- You're an idiot...

There's a mountain half an hour away,

and that's where the syndicate's based.

You got even closer
instead of running away from us.

- I see.
- Go!


- We're supposed to shoot from behind!
- That's what you thought.

Time always comes around again

How time flies

Let it come around

Rather than staying still

What shall remain aplenty.

Are all our dreams!

Don't resist the flow of time

But don't be swept away
by the tides of time

What shall remain aplenty.

Are all our dreams!

I'll shoot your other eye first,
then the back of your head!

Just try it.

- Shoot, blind man.
- I will!

Hoshi, you're...

I win.

You can't go in. She has a client.

A client? That's me!


Get off her!


Get out.

Your face is scary.


Oh! You...

Call me impotent now?

What happened?
What's made you so hard?

I won. I'm the winner.

You're so soft.

Your body's so warm,
it brings me to tears.


I've been waiting for this moment.

Me too.

It's got to be Yumeko,
they've already paid for her.

No way!

Don't threaten me.
You can't monopolize her.

She's our poster girl.


- I'm coming.
- I won't let you go.

It's just a quickie.
I'll be done in 10 minutes!

Wait for me.


Thanks so much.

Ten minutes, you said.
Ten minutes have passed!


Yumeko, move your body more!

Go on, Saigo.

Because you don't use it that often,

that's what happens.

You see?

She'll die soon.

Yours is too big for her.

What are you saying?

It's a doll...

A doll?

Saigo, she said you're a doll.

Then you'll have to show
her your moves.

It's been 30 minutes.
That's enough!

Come on, you old bag.

Yume-Chan, time's up.
Time's up!

Yumeko, you've been too long.

How brutal...

They've forced flowers of blood
to blossom.

- No!
- Who was the customer, you old bag?

A huge guy with a doll.

He gave me the creeps.

I don't like this, I'm scared!

They've struck again.
That's the second time.

You animals, where are you?

You animals!

Come on out! Now!


Come out, Mario!

Don't lose your cool.

You thought I'd run away?

Are you alone?
Where are the others?

Saigo and myself are
the number ones.

The rest are rubbish.

Everyone's run away.

I'm extraordinary too.

You're full of yourself.

They've gone
because they were head-hunted.


Didn't you know about the American
syndicate that arrived Japan?

Everyone's gone over to them.

The only ones left are
Saigo, myself and the boss.

Stop laughing, you punk.

It's the humidity.
The mosquitoes are enormous.

Don't worry about that.

You won't feel any itching soon enough.

Where's the boss?

Round the back.

But you won't make it there.

I saw that!


Say something.

Answer me!

So you're the boss?