Air Strike (2018) - full transcript

During World War II, five different Chinese people fight their way through Japanese Air Force attacks to protect an important military machine in Chongqing, 1940.

Subtitles by explosiveskull

Japanese forces invade China.

The Battle of Shanghai
has been lost.

The capital at Nanjing falls.

Millions of people leave their homes
in a mass migration for survival.

Chinese forces regroup.

This time...

Madam Ye! We must take
the kids and leave!

Now. To the basement.

Move fast.

Everybody, hurry. Come. Now.

Come on, dear.

Here you go.


Manguan Xue?

Because I lost this darn place to you,
it doesn't mean you can lock me out.

Come on.


Lucky, you okay?

Did it give you a big scare?


Don't worry, boy.
This tea house is still ours.

Even though
their name's on the door.

We won it fair and square.

Yaogu cheats.

Shut up.

Nine bamboos.

Hey, hey, honey.

Tell me then, Yaogu Xue.

What were you secretly discussing
in the tea room earlier?

Ah... Oh.

Why would I tell you?

Well, why would you have
any reason not to tell me?

How many pilots
do we have left?

Fifteen left, sir.

How many planes?

Thirteen I-16s, one I-15,
two in repair.

We're recruiting
as we speak, sir.

We are soldiers, Colonel. Protecting
our country in war is our job.

I know how you feel.

You have to be rational.

Can't just send these kids
up there to get shot down.

I need you two. Both of you.

If we don't take action,

the Japanese will continue
to bomb Chongqing.

How could we face our people?

We need more planes.

And we need to get those kids
out there trained.

Nobody flies today.


Please allow us
to go kick some ass.

Let's go!

We're barely making a dent.
How do we take them out?

Shoot the fuel tanks.


- What kind of planes are those, Captain?
- The new Zeros.


Watch out! Incoming for you.


I can't shake this guy.

I got you covered.

Lei Tao!

My brother, I'm not gonna
make it back for dinner.

Lei Tao!



I promise
to avenge you, brother.

Vice-captain Gangtou Xue,
22nd Squadron.

Reporting from the 4th Battalion.
At your service.

Captain Xue, since you
are unable to fight due to injury,

the air force has loaned you
to us for a special mission.

I'm at your command,

Tomorrow at 8:00 a.m.,
you will go down to the port

and take truck 82560
back to Chongqing.

The Japanese planes
are patrolling the roads,

firing upon
anything that moves.

It is extremely dangerous.

I understand, sir.

Your mission is to ensure that
truck gets to Chongqing in one piece.


Little Cui?

What in heaven's name
is going on?

I'm supposed to safeguard this truck.
I didn't expect to see you.

Go over there.

Drive straight on through.

Pilots of China,

we have reached a very critical
time in this war with the Japanese.

I don't expect any of you new
trainees to get up there

and take down
every Zero you see,

but I do want you to take
this training very seriously.

Yes, sir.

We are here to avenge
our family and comrades.

Who told you to speak?

That's not why you're here.

You are here
to protect your families,

your mothers, your fathers,
your children,

from having the bombs dropped
on them from the Japanese.

That's your job.

What do you know
about these planes?

I know I can put up a fight.

I know that once you reach
the combat zone,

you have a very short
life expectancy.

Five days, if that.

I don't wanna be attending your funeral
or any of these men's funerals.

At ease.

This Yank thinks he's a hardass.
Don't take it personally.

So you're
the new target practice?


Think shooting Zeros is easy?

You think it's a piece of cake?

He's worse than the American.

Let's go.

Hold on.

You're hiding something.

Why do you say that?

What's in this truck?


I know you're lying.
What's in there?

I told you.

You think I'm naive, huh?

Gangtou? Gangtou!

Gangtou, do not open that!

They'll court-martial you.

Where's your soldier's honor?

Medicine, huh?

Why can't you just believe what
somebody tells you for once?

I told you the deal.

I get my wife once I deliver.

And I'm entering
the mahjong contest.

I'm gonna win back our tea
house once and for all.

So you have a plan
to beat my sister-in-law?

Ha! She's just a cheater and a bragger.
Everyone knows how she won.

Did I ever tell you
how she did it?

Is this truck
going to Chongqing?

I've been trying to
hitch a ride for two days.

You can run over me if you like.
I'm not leaving.

I like the sound of that.

All right!

It's all right. Easy now.

Officer, could you please
do me a favor?

Deliver these two English pigs to Director Liu
of the National Livestock Research Center.

Professor Chun's my name.

I did my job.

What do you do?

So you're
an expert in livestock?

Not really.

The research I've done
focuses on selective breeding.

I brought these two piglets
back from England.

They have a high meat-to-fat
ratio, about 55% or so.

If the experiment
works as planned...

But right now,
human life matters the most.

Pigs are worthless.

You deal in fighting wars,

I deal in porcine research.

Officer, I'll repair your
truck in return for a ride.

Piss off!

Why don't you let him try?

We can't stay stuck here.
We'll definitely get bombed.

Planes are coming!

Well? Hurry up.

Ha! Yes!

Get out of my truck!

Get the hell out!

Get out. Come here.

Look down there. See where
you almost put us, huh?


Sir, I'm a mechanic
and a good driver.

You have my word,
this will never happen again.


I'm taking away
your flying privileges.

You have to let me know
what I did wrong.

- You really don't know?
- No, I don't.

- What was your altitude?
- Forty-five hundred.

- AOT?
- Fifteen degrees.

- How fast were you supposed to be going?
- One hundred.

And you were going?


So you do know the difference.

You still wanna ask me
what you did wrong?

You crying about
your dead brother?

Your brother you got killed?

Is it just that I'm treating you too
harshly, or are you just feeling shitty?

I'm feeling shitty.

I'm sorry, I didn't hear you.

- I'm feeling shitty!
- Good!

That's what I want! Now get
the fuck out of here now!

I'm sorry.

I was wrong.

Quick. Come on, come on.

Come here. Hurry.

Hey! Wait up, don't leave!

Come on, children.

What's going on?

There's a pretty young girl
walking down the road.

Stop gawking. Drive on.

Where are you going, my friends?


We could take them
with us, right?

I call the shots here.

I'll pay their fare.

It's not about
the money, Professor.

Be quiet. You don't have
a say here.

Give me one good reason
not to take them.

- Why would I?
- Because.

Did you join the army
just to look tough, Officer?

Protecting women and children
is a soldier's duty.

You have to take these children
with you.

Why is that?

Because their dads are soldiers
like you.

Ooh. Nice coupling.

Impressive. And look at
all these people.

How many have signed up, huh?

Ah, Uncle Cui. Hi.

Are you signing up, too, Cui?

Oh, come on now.
His gambling days are over.

We mustn't encourage him
to start playing again.

I'm here to sign up for my son.

When he comes
and competes with you,

this tea house right here may well
return to its rightful owners.

I'll be ready for him.


Where are you from?

Uh... I worked at Union Bank
in Jiangxi, then the Japs came.

What's in the bag?

Is it money?

I wish. No, documents.

I have to keep them right here.

What for?

It's sensitive customer information.
Numbers, statements. That kinda stuff.

Has to be private.

Why is that?


Take cover over there!
Take the kids!

- Go.
- Where?

- Get in the truck, now!
- Oh, no, my pigs.

My pigs.


Come on, you fascists!

I'm right here! Fascist clowns!
Come on!

Got it. Got your pig.


- Cui!
- No!




I won't make it home.

Give this...

to my father for the contest.

Let him...

win for once
as a mahjong champion.

The truck is carrying...

Wait, wait.

Step back.

Here, give the hose to me.
I got it.

No, careful.

These flames
just won't go out.

All right. Someone help them put
this fire out. Faster, faster.

I'm not really
with the army.


I'm with the air force.

I love the air force.
So dignified.

What nonsense.

We go up there to die.
I'm not afraid of the Japs,

but their planes are more

It's a bloodbath up there.

Try to get in there first
or they'll shoot you down.

Thank you, hero.

I'm not a hero.
Not as long as I'm alive.

In the last few battles,
everyone in our squadron died.

Except for me.

They were the real heroes.

I'm the one loser
who got through.

Go. Take the kids. Get away, take the kids.
Get away from here.

Stay away. It's a bomb from a
Japanese plane. Didn't blow.

I can try and disable it.

- Please don't risk it if you're not certain.
- What else can we do?

The road's narrow.
Truck won't fit.

You shouldn't risk
it if you're not sure.

What are you doing?

Why are you here?

We ask for your permission
to join the battle, sir.

No way.

The Japanese airplanes
are humiliating us.

How can you sit here
and play mahjong?

Mahjong is no kids' stuff.

It's mimic warfare.

Could be helpful with your critical
thinking, especially yours.

Sir, people in the city and even the whole
country are calling us helpless cowards.

We cannot bear this anymore.

Please give us permission
to fight.

A truly brave person does not demonstrate his
bravery by hastening his death for nothing.

And if he has to die,
he has to die a martyr's death.

But your air force is not
well-trained or equipped at all.

Even then, it's better than
sitting here playing mahjong.

Ha! Yes! Big three
dragons, red dragon.

That was quite a trick back there.
If you were Japanese,

you'd tell me, right?

You're a joker. You don't
like me, but that's okay.

And I don't like you either. But
we do have a common interest.

And what's that?

The truck.

I need a ride, and you
can't drive right now.

At least
you know your place.

Argh! Son of a bitch!

Which bastard's
flying that plane?

That is fucked up!


Shoot that son of a bitch through
the head and come back here.

Roger that.

An Minxun, hurry up
and return back to base.


There are multiple bogeys
coming your way. We're being ambushed.

Fucking hit! Goddamn it!

Hey! What's that up there?

d Amazing grace d

d How sweet the sound d

d That saved a wretch like me d

Come on, follow me,
he's right here.

- I need to come through.
- Hey! He's Jap!

- It's a Jap!
- He's a Jap! Kill him!


He's one of us.

Stop the truck!



He's Chinese.
You almost killed him!

Cut him loose. I'll take him.

Quick, children, under the table.

Come over here!
Come on, run!

Get up. Come on.

We must lay him down.


- Outside. Now. Go on.
- Come on, kids. Stay together.

Okay. Easy.

We have to operate here.

We don't have much time.

How can we operate here?

If we don't take the bullet out,
he's gonna die.

Be strong. Here, take this.
Take it.

But for what?

Just take it!

- Stay strong.
- Sterilize it.

- What're you doing?
- Look, it looks deep.

Don't move.

Try this.

Tell me what to do
and I'll do it.

Open it. Go on.

Feel around for the bullet,
and pull it out.

Found it.

We'll have to give him stitches.

But how?

Nice work, Mei.

My mom's a seamstress. I've been
sewing buttons on since I was a child.

Look, friend. I got it out.

Thank you.

Are you trying to kill him? You
don't know what you're doing.

Hey, watch it.
Who are you talking to?

You forgot a detail,
like hygiene.

You can help me.

Let's clean it.

Hey. Hello, guys.


There are enough of you
to form a squad.

Who here wants to be
a squad leader, huh?

Still doesn't work.


I'm leaving.


Minxun, you can't leave,

Pilot shoots his enemy
from the sky.

If we have to die,
then we die up there,

not down here.

I'm sorry.

Don't worry. I know what
you did for my brother.

Let me finish
what you both started.

A reporter from the newspaper.

She saved your life.

Susan. Before the war,
I studied medicine.

But now, I'm a journalist.

I want the world to know what
really happened in Chongqing.

The sun is rising.
Time to cross the river.

You're not out of the woods yet. We'll go to
the hospital when we reach the other side.

No need.

So many in our squadron...

they died for our country.

I have to return
to the battlefield.

You must be afraid.

I'm not.

I just don't want any regrets.

I understand how you feel.

Just let me know
if you need my help.

I'm sorry.


There's a supply shortage at the
front. There are four million of us.

If we all donate one yuan,
we will raise 4 million yuan.

We can use the money to buy planes
and artillery to fight those Japs!

is our last stand.

There's nowhere left
to retreat to.

It will take every one of us to stand
up and fight the Japanese invaders

and showing everyone
that we will never give up!

The Japanese have dropped thousands
of tons of bombs on this city.

What they don't know is that this
Chinese heart in here will never stop!

Never! Never! Never!

Coming through. Make way.
Let us through.

Hurry up, hurry up.

Help me, help me.

I can't stop the bleeding.
We tried different compresses.

He's hemorrhaging badly. He's
stopped breathing. Hurry, please.


I thought you got on the boat.
Why are you still here?

The boat was hit
before it even docked.

I came back with a team
transporting the wounded.

You are the expert
brought here by our government.

Since you're still here,
we could really use your help.

The boat sails to England
twice a month.

So you'll have my international
assistance for the next two weeks.

Thanks a lot.
Let's get to work.



You want some water?
Some water? Something?

The last boat out of here
leaves tomorrow, Steve.

I want you on it.

I can't leave these people.

After this,
I can't guarantee safe passage.

Someone told me something.

Stuck with me.

If you're not willing to fight
for what you love...

then you never deserved it
in the first place.

May God be with you.

Take care, Steve.

Excuse me, I'm looking
for an Uncle Cui.

Yeah. That's me.

Gangtou gave me, um,
a couple of things to give you.

There's a letter, and this.

- Here you are.
- Oh.

Gangtou? Where is he?

On the north side. The bridges are down.
He's stuck there.

Can you get her
a cup of tea?

Not for me. I must get going.
But thank you.

Thank you. Thank you.

Young Gangtou
is such a good boy.

It's so nice of him
to think of me.

- Yeah.
- Would you tell me what it says, please?

Yeah. Yeah.


Something wrong?

Your boy is gone.

Lucky, I have
nothing to live for now.

I'm too sad to take care of you.

I'm sorry.

You deserve better.

Go now.

Find someone
with a reason to live.

Here you go.


I taught him
everything he knows.

But I got to ask you,

what's a beautiful girl like you
doing with this guy?

Hey, Minxun, my good friend,

you don't mind if I show your
pretty lady friend around the base?

Yeah, he's good.

That's good.

Hey, come on...



You aren't concerned about us exploiting
your first date with this beautiful woman?


We're not dating.

I order you to escort this
young woman around the base.

That's an order.

These photos are more full
of life than any I've ever taken.


It's ready.



Here you are.

For keepsake.

You keep one for yourself.

I'm leaving.

Tomorrow morning.

Just make sure
you stay alive.

Yeah, you, too.

I forbid you to die.

Be careful with my piggies!

Look here. I'll teach you.

From here to here
to the target,

line up the dots
and you can't miss.

But be careful...

What is going on?
Are you out of your mind?

Why are you teaching them
about guns?

You're worse than gunpowder.
Always exploding.

Well, if that's the case,
you shouldn't provoke me.

You're just a big bully.

Let's go.

What do you think of her?




From the first time
I've seen this fighter plane,

I've never been afraid to die.

I'll always find
the right reason to fight.

What do you mean, sir?

You and An Minxun
have that experience.

But only one person
could pilot the P-40.

There's only one man
who can fly the P-40.

That's me!

Hey! Minxun!

You come back here right now!

Are you deaf?

Get off.

That P-40 is mine!
You get that?

Get up!


Give me the P-40,

Please let me seek revenge.

Take the damn P-40.

But you're not the only one
seeking revenge.

The winner of today's contest
will donate his winnings

to help our forces
fight the Japs.

So, with pleasure,
I hereby start the contest.

Our Uncle Cui's son
died for our country.

So we're pleased to announce
Cui will play instead!

Sit down. Yeah. Come on.

There. Take a seat. That's it.

Make it strong.

Put in lots of nails.

- How's it going?
- Take the kids across, okay?

Be careful.

Oh, okay. Sure.

Come on.

It's an air raid!

Come on! Run!

Drive across.

Get them in the truck.
Get all the kids in the truck.

d Happy birthday to you d

d Happy birthday
to Colonel Jack d

d Happy birthday to you d

It's an honor to be here
with you men tonight.

I appreciate this little party.

This may be my last birthday.

Just a moment, sir.


please keep our presents.

From now on, we want you
to stay on the ground

and command us.

For our sakes,

you have to stay alive.

Thank you very much.

I know what this gift represents
and what it means,

and this is also my war.

It's been an honor
serving with you.

My father was a soldier as well.

This is his watch.

He said that if anything ever
happened to him, he should...

give it to his son, and he did.

This is his watch.

Let's set some rules.

No matter
what happens tomorrow,

the last person standing will be
the one to receive these presents.

Let's have some cake

and celebrate being a soldier.

To battle.

Oh, no, not again.
What's wrong with it?

The children. We have to go.
We have to get to them.

Oh, God. Let's hope we're not too late.
Stay close.

The children. Save them.

But I can't leave you here.

Forgot my lighter.

Let's get this done quick.

Yes, sir!

Damn it.



Don't get squashed!


- Manguan!
- Damn it! Stop pushing.

Let me in. Let me in.

I hope you rot in hell!

You try anything
and I swear I'll kill you.

What is this cargo
you're carrying?

It must be precious.

You think I don't know
what's on your mind?

Cross that bridge.


Multiple Zeros approaching.

Boys, fire at will. Open up!




Get everyone out of here.

Protect the commander.
Let's evacuate.

I want everyone out of here.
Follow me.

They're dead.

- What's the matter?
- Uncle Cui!

The shelter collapsed.
Lots of people buried alive.

Then let's get
some help around here.




There are survivors inside.




Hurry. Hurry up.

Come on.

- Uncle Cui!
- Manguan.

- Give me the baby.
- Cui. Thank you.

Yaogu! I need you to
wake up. Please wake up.

You're a very tough boy,
Lang Tu.

- Water! Who has water?
- You'll beat this.

Thank you so much.

Come on now,
Lang Tu. You can do it.

Drink some of this.

What can I do? What can I do?

Go on. Spit it!

- Huh?
- Spit. Right on her face.

Yaogu. Yaogu!

My love. You're alive!

- That's my Yaogu!
- Lang Tu! Lang Tu!

Lang Tu is awake!

Come on.

Here. Take this.

I have business to attend to.

I'll see you later.

Don't leave.

Don't cry now, my love.

It's all right. Come on.

- Come on. Come with me.
- No need to cry.

- We'll try.
- We'll try.

We'll see Papa. Come on.

I'm gonna take care of you.

- Come.
- You'll be fine.

Hey, can you tell me
what this says?

Mm, I can speak English, but I'm
not very good at reading it.

But Ding's pretty smart.
Hey, Ding.

Can you take a look at this?

- It's written by someone who has...
- No!

No need to analyze it.

Just tell me.

They want you to deliver this note
to a Miss Susan at Xinhua Daily.

The silver coin
is for your troubles.

What silver coin?
There's nothing in here.

Come on.

Since you've obviously already
availed yourself of the money,

you should deliver this note.

I'm telling you,
someone's taken it.

Looks like that someone was you,
my friend.

No, you put a silver coin.

No, that means
you'd make twice the money.

If you took the coin,
just deliver it.

Someone else can do it.
I'm not.

Ah. It's a question
of honor, huh?

You called for me?

This P-40,
it belongs to you.

I'm not following.

You're a better pilot.

As of today,

I'll be your wingman.

Excuse me, miss?

Hey! I know you.

Likewise, sir.
So what brings you here?

I'm looking for Miss Susan.

I'm Miss Susan.

I didn't take the money
that was in there.

For me?

Just a letter.

Thank you, Uncle Cui.

That message
must be worth something.

He wants to marry me.

Buy yourself a wedding gift.

This is the final stretch.

Japan has her best men forward.

All of our best men are gone.
But we're still here.

The Japanese are getting their
biggest bombers ready, so we,

as a reserve team, are gonna
fight those sons of bitches.

Most importantly,
we're still standing here.

We have not died.

We need the world to remember
this is Chongqing's sky.

Light up those burning fires
in yourself

and use all the bullets
to puncture the armor.

Let's welcome
a bloody fight to the end.

Swift as thunder!


Charlie, where are you?

Can't see. Your two
o'clock, I think.

- It's a Chinese plane.
- Get him out of here!

So I wasn't wrong.

Why are you here?

To finish up.

With what?

You've been protecting the British
decoder on this entire journey.

You think I didn't know?

You risked being killed
by your own planes for that?

There are only two outcomes of war.
Life or death.

Taking the decoder from you or blowing
it up have different consequences.

I choose to take it with me.

You son of a...

Once I pull this safety ring, the
truck will be blown sky-high.

And the decoder with it.

It's gonna be brilliant.

What's that
under the truck?

Gotta get the truck away
from all that gasoline back there.

Get out of here.
It might blow.

I'm staying with you.

It's gonna blow.
Get out of here.

Here. Scissors.

The one on the right.
I've just got a hunch.

Do it.




What are you doing?
You've got to wake up!

We've come so far.

You're not going to
leave me by myself now.

Don't die, don't die,
don't die!

Why did I tell you
to cut the wire?

You never should have
listened to me.

Wake up. Wake up!

Don't you know...

you should never slap a man?

You were right, you know.

It didn't blow.

It was another bomb.

Be my wife.

I probably don't deserve you,
but I'll make you happy.

Come on! Go ahead
and shoot my Chongqing heart.

You're not getting out of this.

Tao Lei!

I tried...


Where are you going?

Don't worry.

Fuel tank's empty.

Request emergency landing.

Air speed, 25.

Height, 85 meters.

Come on.

Come on!

Down! Come on!

Yeah. Come on. Line it up!

Come on!

Come on!

Come on!




Yeah, Xue!

Propping up. Unbelievable.

Most admirable trainee.


Air Force Captain Gangtou Xue
reporting for duty.

Unbelievable. Unbelievable landing.
Are you all right?

It was a tough mission.

Chongqing's safer,
thanks to you.

You'll be decorated.
I'll see to it.

Sir, it should go to the driver who took
the mission. He really deserves it.

His name is Sergeant Cui.

He died for our country
on the journey.

He gave me the mission,

right after he was shot.

Did he explain to you
what it was?

No, he didn't, sir.

He just said to deliver it.

That's all he said.

Good work.

It's the night of the mahjong
final and Gangtou Xue's wedding!

Nice to see you.
Hello. Come in. Welcome.

Hello, everyone. Come on in.

I should go
to be with the guests.

Gangtou! Come here.

Three characters.

Nice tile.

There we are.

South wind.

Come on. It's mahjong,
not mind-reading.


A nine!

I've won!

Nine characters.
You see that? Wow!

This one's for you.

My son!



- Huh?
- It's falling.

There's a bomb!

Protect yourselves!

Uncle Cui!

Let me help you.

No. It could blow.

- Let me...
- Be careful.

Easy, Uncle Cui.

- Here, use this chair.
- Okay.

- Be careful.
- Go easy now, Cui.

- Hmm.
- Make sure you're steady.

I got you.

Stay where you are.

Be careful.

Watch your step. Take it easy.

Get out of the way.
Move over, move over!


Get away! Get it out.
Get it out now.

Get away. Get out.
Get it out now!

Don't follow me.
You all have families.

I have no one.

Whatever happens, from this
moment on, I accept my fate.

So be it.

So be it.

So be it.

Get the hell away from me!

d In the face of fear
We walk by hiding... d

Uncle Cui!

Uncle Cui!

You called?

I'm very proud to announce

that this year's Mahjong
Champion is Uncle Cui!

Thanks to...

one tile.

Uncle Cui?

It's time to take back the keys.

What are you doing?

Uh, wait a minute, Yaogu.

I appreciate your gesture,

but the rules of the game
were already established.


Remember? This money's
going to the air force.

You can keep the tea house.

But I'm keeping this one tile
as a souvenir.

Don't say that.
I've just announced it.

You're trying to make me lose face.
These are yours.

Look, let's get this straight.

I'm just enjoying
being an honest winner.

She handed the victory to you
on a plate.

Not quite.

Okay, okay, okay, okay.

I got it. We each take half
of the tea house.

And Manguan and I
will run it for you.

- Well?
- Well?

What was that?

What are you saying?

I get half the profits...

as co-owner, and yet
you two will do all the work?

- Right.
- Right.

I really like the sound of that.


You're like my new son.

Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you.



I hate to leave you,
but I'm heading to the front.

These pictures,
steeped in blood and tears,

are witnesses to the tragedy
and strength of our people.

You're like a sword in the
dark, my darling Minxun.

Your tight embrace
made me lose my fear of death.

The pictures are for you.

I hope they will remind
you of me and my camera.

The Chinese culture
will live on.

For the freedom and security of
our children and their children,

we must defend this sacred
land with our lives.

Subtitles by explosiveskull