Ah haru (1998) - full transcript

Hiroshi, who has never known his father, is a graduate from a prestigious university, and has a high-flying club job in the world of stocks and shares. Happily married to a beautiful wife, with a son he dotes on, his life appears to be the epitome of success for a Japanese salaryman. One evening, on his way home, he is accosted by a raggedy man who claims to be his father...

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He wasn't greedy
It's like he knew when to give up

If he'd been more aggressive

he could've been president
maybe even lived longer

With him gone, though
my life is a lot easier

I sometimes feel guilty that
he's not here to share the fun

Everything was half measures
His job, the family

Well, he had his fun
so cheers

I saw you two going to play golf

Did you?

My husband really liked Hiroshi
very much

You were so honest and modest

Just a country boy

Your father died young
didn't he, Hiroshi?

Yes, I was five, so I don't remember
what he looked like

I rather envy you
My father lived to 98 years old

We got sick of the sight of each other

Mitsuru, have you fed them?

Not yet?

You want to feed them with Daddy?

I'll help you

Excuse us

It's a silly hobby
keeping chickens like that

As he said himself
he's a country boy

Mitsuru, here

Let me in there

Look, a freshly laid egg

It's spring, that's when they
lay a lot of eggs

Little chicks will hatch


Then they'll grow up and lay more eggs

They're nice and warm

I've never chanted sutras
to hens before

A little souvenir for you

They're delicious
Not like supermarket eggs

Well, thank you very much

I'll wrap them for you

Thank you

I've stayed far too long
I really must go now

We appreciate your prayers

Why don't we sing a song for
father in heaven?

When I first put to sea
as a sailor man

The mast was smashed
and the sails all torn

Mighty waves washed over
the wooden deck

But I'll not be troubled
if it's here that I die

Awaiting me is my
lovely bride

And my beloved parents
who await me still

More pills?

Do you think I should go and
see a psychiatrist

Trouble sleeping again?

No, not really

I dreamed I was pregnant

That's not funny

It was just a dream

Good morning

You think too much

I'd better get going

Take care

See you later

You're up early today

Come on, let's go and see
your father off

It's good buy
Trust me, please

I beg your pardon?

Something less risky?
Maybe convertible debentures?

Oh, really?

My sales are way down
I need your business

You could help me out...

I see

I'll set it up for you
Thank you. Bye

I made that man a millionaire!

The buyers are getting a lot smarter

No, our company is losing
their trust

Nirazaki from Nippo Security

Yes, I've got an excellent buy for you

Moodys are downgrading us
it'll be in the newspapers soon

That's the end of our company

It'll take more than that

Are you dreaming?

They're already drafting articles
about our bankruptcy

Your brain only works at the office

Do you ever talk to outsiders?

No point in competing at a
company that's going down the tubes

I don't think it'll fail

You're living the past

Even banks are failing

Look, we're in the same
financial sector

In this condition, who's going
to buy our recommendations?

Everyone's clawing like crazy
to get out

Central Bannk won't intervene
Better start practicing crowd control

How's Mizuho?

What a question

She's from a good family
she relies on you, so get it together

Why should you care?

To tell the truth

I've found a new job

That was quick

No, you're just too slow

What about your clients?

In days we'll be out in the street
no time for them

Think about your future

No, I really mean it

Is that you, Hiroshi?

Is your name Hiroshi?

What can I do for you?

I knew it was you!

You remember me?

You don't, do you?

I guess I can't blame you

You were only five at the time

But I can still see traces of
you as a boy

You're looking good

I've been so eager to see you
I really missed you

I don't recall you

I'm Sasaichi Hamaguchi!

Don't you recognize your own
father's name?

My father?!

My father died a long time ago

Kimiyo told you that, eh?

I was wrong to
abandon you like that

I often thought of
coming back to see you

Just never found the chance

What was your name again?

Sasaichi Hamaguchi

I remember Mother did tell me that

I searched everywhere and now
I've found you. Good!

Can you put me up tonight?

Look, it's all so sudden
I can hardly believe it

I don't blame you

I've got so much to tell you
You'll soon come around

Let's have a heart to heart

Just you and me, son


It's strange, he was supposed
to have died ages ago

That's what they said when
you got married

I'll go that

I want to hear, too

You were about 5 years old
at the time

My business went bust
and I was heavily in debt

To stop them getting
the money from Kimiyo,

we got a divorce

These days I sell fishing gear
down in Amasaki

As I got older, I began to
worry about you

How did you find out
where I live?

Your mother had told
her parents about you

How you graduated and
married into a good family

I had a private detective
search for you

That was five years ago

Five years ago?

So you've know all this time?

I was happy to hear you
were alive and doing well

Why didn't you contact me then?

Knowing you were doing well
was enough for me

I'll get you a glass

Ice, too

So I closed down my shop

I came to Tokyo
I was eager to see you

It'll be here a week
can I stay till then?


Mizuho come get him
And you get into bed

Got a son, have you?

This is just too much

Never thought I'd be sitting
here drinking with my boy


Is he staying the night?

I can hardly throw him
out into the street

Is he really your father?
You told me he was dead

That's what I thought

But one thing...

Mother sometimes changed her story
after she'd had a drink

What do you mean?

He is your father, isn't he?

I really don't know

You don't know?
Then what should I do?

Again, I don't know

I have trouble comprehending
he's my father

I need time to think it over

I can't believe it!

For me?
Thank you!

Miss me?
Of course I did

It's getting harder to get
a full truckload

Of course he's not your father!

Then who is he?

Ignore him
He's just there to sponge off you

My bill
Thank you

He'll stay forever if you let him

Get rid of him

He's a practical man
not like Hiroshi

Is he really Hiroshi's father?

I should ask him to repair
the sliding door

Watch out for the thorns

My hands can take it

At this time of year the branches
are very flexible

Cut them now and they'll shoot
new branches and buds

Bantams, aren't they?

No, they're hens

Hiroshi keeps them?

He hated them when he was a kid

Why is he suddenly so eager
to see you now?

I heard he was shacked up
with a woman in Amasaki

You knew all along?

The folks in my hometown...

were kind enough to tell me

So...he really is my father

Looks like he believes you're
his son, too

What does that mean?

Just forget it

Have nothing to do with him

Mother, Shige should leave

You've lost weight
Are you eating properly?

Of course I am

Wake up!

It's time to head out

Thanks for reminding me

Take care


He was absolutely hopeless

He took half measures
he was a quitter

He started out as a deckhand
on a freighter

Then he became an auto-mechanic

After that he borrowed money
to buy a fishing boat

He never stuck to any one thing
for very long

He was heavily in debt

He wanted to use my money
so I divorced him

Then he went missing

The man was a
loud-mouthed braggart

A woman chaser and
a big spender

No redeeming virtues at all

So you killed him off and
told me he died?

Forget that

Don't get involved with him

He'll only create problems with
Mizuho and her mother

But if he is my father
I can't just ignore him

You should have called me first

How's Mitsuru? I really miss him
He must be getting big

Hi there, how is it?

Hello little brother

What brings you here?

Want a beer?

No thanks. I must go

Two glasses

You really should see more
of your mother

Don't leave everything to us

Sorry, I'm just so busy

Sit down

What's the news at work?

The newspaper say your
company's going under

times are tough

During the bubble economy
you swaggered about

You're not swaggering now

He'll be fine once the economy picks up

Okay, I'll see you later

But you don't have to worry, do you?

You married into a wealthy family

Right. See you later

Get rid of him as soon as possible

If you don't, it'll only lead to problems

Begone ye devils!

What did he want?

I've no idea
but it sounded important

Why don't you put your foot down?

He should share in taking care of Mom

The diner can't last for much longer

Not so fast

I'm working on the franchise deal now

Begone de devils!


Are you okay, Grandpa?

You must be exhausted

Have a drink

Stop it, Mitsuru
That's enough

It's over

Welcome home

What's going on here?

Father was playing with Mitsuru

He's been ever so helpful today

He repaired the leaking bathtub

And the door doesn't squeak any more
He's been wonderful

Come on, Hiroshi
Let's have a drink

Two, six, two


It sure is
Yours are all fouls

Six, one, six

Six, six, one

Do you know what he's
teaching Mitsuru?

Gambling! It's embarrassing enough
that he turned up

I want him out of here

So why not tell him?

What does Hiroshi say?

He's always home late

However late, you must talk this out

The man reeks of alcohol

Mitsuru, how about
we have chicken stew for dinner?

I already ate

Look, I've tried to do my best
for your father

But I'm at my limit

He taught Mitsuru how to
play craps

That's no big deal

And your hen!

Your hen...

... is fried chicken

Welcome home

You taught Mitsuru to gamble

Sit down

You remember I taught you craps?

You've been here 10 days now

Just a couple more days

That's no end to that
is there?

Can you be packed and out
by tomorrow?

I'll throw in bullet-train tickets, too

Who in hell do you think I am?

I am your father!

After 30 years of neglect?

So what?
A father is always a father!

Mother and I both...

We don't need you

You're the only decent soul
in this house

You're too good for him

You suddenly turn up...
Kill my hen...

What's that?

My hen...

I got you!

I thought you had the day off?

Is Mother going out today?

Yes, to some exhibition


I'll talk to him again tonight

When will the chicks be born


What's up?

That's the limit!
He's peeping on me!


What are you up to?

I'm sorry!

I... wasn't thinking
Forgive me

What on earth do you think
you're doing?

Now get out!

Don't be so angry

Take care

That was fun

''No comment''

Such a pretty girl, that Joanna

What'll we do next?

Let's take Joanna and her friend
to another bar

That tough guy

Too much of a hassle

Better be getting home, then

Yes, I guess so

The company I got a job with...

...needs a few more staff

Why don't you apply?

I can't imagine getting another job

You can
We can do anything

We're gamblers by profession

Don't you get tired of it?

Unlike you, I can't change
so suddenly

Well, we're not getting any younger

Getting old, are we?

You look as young as the day
you started

That's because you see me
every day

I guess so

I don't feel like going home

Let's have some noodles

That sounds good

Where's the noodle shop?

Must be one close by


What are you saying?

You know those tramps in the park?

I saw Hiroshi's father there


He went back home
didn't he?

Oh no!
What shall we do?

It is him, isn't it?

Are you sure it was him?

Yes, I made doubly sure

Good grief!

What's he up to?

How should I know?

Hey, Hiroshi!

What's this?
Whose bike is that?

Stupid old fool!

What's this?


And this?

Very good
What's this?


No. It's a table

Like this table here

Now practice your ABC's out loud

I'm going shopping

Alright, dear

Hey, honey!
You after something?

We'll just ignore him

What if something happens?

If he freezes to death
it'll be our fault

He's just trying to make us
feel sorry for him

He's a lot more cunning than
you think

It's really sad

Long-lost one day
homeless the next

He's still your father

That's why I don't care
Let him stew

Maybe he doesn't have a home
to go back to

That's not our problem

He'd only cause trouble here

I've heard enough

It's so sad



Are you okay?

Your inhaler

These pills work better

Don't take too many

They make me light-headed

The poor man...

Come on
You'd better lie down

What is it?

It's just so funny!

Your face looks so funny!

Stop it
Stop laughing

Stop it

Stop it now

Don't laugh!

I'm sorry

Why can't you be kind?

Why did you have to hit me?

Don't cry, Mizuho

Hey you, foreigner!
Piss off back to your own country!

You stink!
Piss off!

What's your problem?

You like that do you?

You bum!
Get yourself a bloody job!

Hey! That's enough!

What the hell?

You're on their side?

You don't want trouble

You have a family, right?

Stop fighting!

You disgust me!

Look what you've done
What the hell is your problem?

You're drunk, right?

Look at 'em
damn useless vagrants!

So what?

What gives you the right?

You're one of us
why take their side?

Bravery fortified by alcohol

You should be ashamed!

You should be!

Damned bums
Piss off back to Shinjuku!

Use this

Goddamn it!

Let's go

Come on

Guys, grab my stuff

He's my son

You guys take care

What if he decides to
stay here permanently?

I shudder at the thought


Your pajamas
I'll leave them here

Thank you

''Fools cut cherry
only idiots don't cut plum''

Without a man it becomes
a jungle

Mitsuru, I'm not finished!

Grandpa, come and look

What is it?

Listen, they're chirping

They are, too
They're little chicks

Baby chicks have hatched!

They're so cute
I can't believe it

They hatched, you say?

Double little chicks!

Not ''double''
we say ''two chicks''

Aren't they sweet!

We did it!

We did, Daddy!

Mitsuru, you're just like your dad

Look at them eating

Let's make a new pen
Separate them from the bantams

There'll be lots more
We'll need wire netting

Let's get to it, then
I'll take a day off

More chickens?
Are they serious?

Like father, like son
See how their posture's the same?

Hiroshi, try some of this

Thank you, Mother

Daddy the chicks are dead

Poor little things

Dead, are they?

How come?

They fell into the water

I just saw them earlier

The bowl's too deep

Poor things!
They've hardly drawn breath

Don't worry
Plenty more where they came from

Nippo Securities Files for Protection

What's up?

I'm going to the office

Don't make anything

Mr. President... Mr. President

He didn't even mention it?

What does ''file for protection'' mean?

Are you serious?
It means that they're bankrupt

He still seems to get his salary

He never tells you anything

Even something as important as this

He doesn't want us to worry

Not worry? When his company's
going out of business?

Excuse me!

Anyone here?

Hello in there!

I'm looking for Hamaguchi
Sasaichi Hamaguchi

Hiroshi's father?

He came to Tokyo to visit his son

and I haven't heard from him since

And who are you?

I'm Yaeko Togashi

In here

Please, sit down

Today's racing pick...
''Just Guy''

Hey, I'll change my ways
so please come back home

I'm sorry I said you should
earn your keep at your age

I'm here to apologize
I'm very sorry

She's come all this way
Haven't you?

You reckon?

How wonderful to have someone
to share your twilight years

I'll look after him

We've been together 15 years
like glue

You can do as you like

You can drink

I won't complain any more

I know what you're up to

You insured me to the hilt
then put me to work

You're trying to kill me off

You have no inkling of
my feelings

You've been gone a month
I've realized how much I miss you

Come back!
I miss you

You can hardly refuse
such an appeal...

Sweet words mask much

She turned me into an alcoholic

To get me on the
slab that much quicker

Meanwhile, she pockets the insurance

It's enough to make the booze
stick in your throat

I'm busy

I understand

Alright then

You want your son to take care of you
then stay here

Let me know when he dies
I'll burn incense for him

This is ridiculous...
Take good care of him

I gave my life to you
I deserve the insurance!

Good riddance!

That's the end of that
Sorry for the bother

What a surprise!

Who was that woman?

He's back there again?
How can I ever apologize?

Yes, of course

I'll be there tonight
Alright, see you then

Mother, are you going out tonight?

Yes, I have some errands

We wanted to talk to you about
redistributing the property

I haven't changed my mind

It's me who set up and
ran this shop

You can take over when I receive
what we agreed to

Then you can change it to a
pinball parlor or a motel

You can do as you please

He certainly has a nerve
that man

I told Hiroshi that he had died

He's only brought trouble
for Mizuho and Hiroshi

To think he was my husband of
30 years ago,

I could sink through the floor


Hello, Hiroshi

What brings you here?

Leave everything to me

Father, if you don't mind

Mother wants to talk to you


Are you Kimiyo?
You are, aren't you?

Don't look at me like that

Long time no see, Sasaichi

This is a surprise
I'm dumbfounded

You've gotten old

There's something that I must tell you

I realize that you're not happy
with this arrangement

But all I've got left is Hiroshi

He's my only son, he is

I am sorry

but you're really not Hiroshi's father

There's no blood link at all
You're complete strangers


But he really isn't your father

Minoru Kataoka is

What did you say?

A year before Hiroshi was born

that tuna fisherman, Kaikichi
asked you to work for him

You went off to Australia
didn't you?

During those 6 months
that you were away...

I fell pregnant with
Minoru's child

I did a good job of fooling you

But the truth is that Hiroshi
is really Minoru's son

There were rumors
you could have heard about it

What does that make me?

You needn't worry

Minoru is a man I longed for
when I was young

So kind, a real hunk and a leader
of the young men's association


...so that's the story

I'm sorry to upset you
but that's what happened

So that's what happened?

So, Minoru is...

My husband passed away
3 years ago

I really have no choice

If you take Hiroshi
what's left for me?

He's all I have left

Okay, I understand

Well I can't stay here
can I?

Hiroshi, I'm sorry about all this

Well, there's no hurry

You can stay longer
we've no objections

Now I know the facts
I have to go

You just forget all about me

Thanks for everything


Call an ambulance!

Come in

Why did you wait until
he was critical?

Is it that bad?

It's terminal cirrhosis
with extreme complications

If he has another attack
he could die

I doubt he'll pull through

I understand

I appreciate it, Doctor

Mom, the hen has laid more eggs!


We'll take them to Grandpa

Will they make him better?


Yes, dear

Put them in the basket


Freshly laid
Just this morning

Put them over there


I brought some radish relish
You like it, don't you?

And some soup, too

Don't worry about me

It wasn't much trouble

Grandpa, a picture for you

They're just leftovers

Hang it up there

Leaving your washing out

I want you to do me a favor

What is it?

I'd like some sake

No, you can't
A small bottle will do

I can't do that

The doctor will be furious and
after all, this is a hospital

So just forget all about drinking!

Even if he isn't your real father
he took care of you as a boy

So let's do what we can for him

But that costs money

I have savings
I can pay the hospital bill

You've never lacked for anything

Maybe so
but please

You've never known hardship

Morning has broken
Dawn has come

No matter what they say
a man needs a drink

That's the truth

Hearts bursting with pride...

The pride of men who go to sea

Okay, cut it out!
The staff are furious with you

They'll kick you out
if you don't stop now

We'd better go

You take care of yourself

Cover up

I was but a lad of fourteen years

When first I put to sea as
a sailor man

The first time our ship cleared the port

The mast was smashed and
the sails all torn

Mighty waves washed over
the wooden deck

But I'll not be troubled
if it's here that I die

That song...

It's our song, lad

When first I put to sea as
a sailor man

The mast was smashed and
the sails all torn

Mighty waves washed over
the wooden deck

But I'll not be troubled
if it's here that I die

Awaiting me is my lovely bride

And my parents
more important to me

Neptune beckons me...

I really am your son after all

As Kimiyo says
I might be infertile

Offer up prayers
and make your vows

To Neptune
the King of all Seas

Mighty Neptune
will you quieten the storm?

For just a little while
for just a little while

I wonder how he is?


I visited the hospital today
but he was fast asleep

He's like that recently

The man's nuisance whether
he's sick or well

It's too bad

What are you doing?

Shall I make a snack?



I must apologize to you

What for?

The company's restructuring plan
was rejected

That means they're bankrupt

You only ever give results

It was all so sudden

You never discuss anything
You never have

You turned your back on
your own father

Selfishly thinking
only you've suffered

Maybe you're right

Did I really enjoy my work?

There'll be no final payment

I don't know what to do

Hello, Nirazaki residence

It's the hospital!

Your father's dying!

Take the call

We should've contacted you earlier

I never knew if he wanted to
live or not

My sincere regrets

Let's go
Let's go home

Little chicks!
This is incredible!

He said he would try to hatch them

And he did it!

He didn't eat those eggs
He nurtured them

Who would ever have imagined?


Spreading his ashes, how sad

I bet he's happy
He loved a ceremony

I wonder...

I never saw the body
so I keep expecting him to turn up

If he did, would you insure him again?

Don't say that!
I was good to him

It was such a short time...

You seem to be getting younger

Do you think so?

Shall we begin?

I suppose we must

Will normal funerary prayers do?

Anything, I suppose

Great God of Compassion...

Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust

Doesn't Hiroshi take after him?

You lied, didn't you?

I'll keep a piece of him

Which bone was it?

I'll have to find a new job

Don't worry
Life will go on

You know, I'm quite strong

Even so
it's a long haul...

You've got a strong mother!