Again the Ringer (1965) - full transcript

Arthur Milton aka Der Hexer (The Magician/Ringer) must return to London after his calling card was left at the scene of a murder he did not commit.

It fits, Sir!

This is Edgar Wallace.

I enjoyed your music very much.
Thank you, Edwards. I win.

To another one!
- Something else, Mylady?

Yes, Tea, please, Edwards.
- Yes, Mylady.

Excuse me for a moment.

It shouldn't take too long, Archie.

A ticket, Sir.
- Damn it.

Another shot. The last one.

Charles, it's time for bed.

Mum, really?
- Yes, do what Angel says.

Your turn, Archie.

I know.

Lord Curtain...

is dead.

- Got no time.

May ask you something? Listen!
- I got no time. What's up then?

You are officer - Unfortunately, yes!
Well! We, the people, pay for you!

I have the right to ask something.
- Why? Are you from Australia?

Who is this snotty person?
- Who?

The one in plain clothes.
- That's 008.

How dare you stop an australian inspector...

from departure
and hauling him...

across London watched by the police?
- Dear Wesby! You cannot...

simply go back to australia,
after all, what we have undergone!

You know exactly,
that I have lost dear Higgins

for months since he married.

He looks so happy, doesn't he?
I had to let him go!

You understand this, don't you?
- We were his best men!

Of course, Wesby.
- Nonetheless, I must return to Sydney.

No, you don't have to.
Look here.

I managed to get another 3 weeks paid vacation
for you. In London,

the most wonderful city. Wesby!
Come on, sit down.

Thank you.
What is the real reason?

Lord Curtain.
Here: Dead, shot, killed,

Headline, Topic No.1 in London!
And we don't know the killer.

Not my problem!

Na, na, na!

My people told me,
you have already checked the site.

Wait a minute!
- OK. A mysterious case,

extraordinally mysterious. That's all
what I can... Sir, what is it?

I beg your pardon, what?
- II bring the Tea, Sir John.

Yes! She brings the tea, Wesby.
- So what?

May I?
- Yes, of course, Susan...

Miss Copperfield.
- There is a Miss Margie Fielding,

The niece of Lord Curtain, Sir.
- The Lady is the niece of...

- What does she want?

I don't know.

You see? That's why I held you back!
Say something!

What's about this new murder then, hm?
- I can't tell you anything.

The case is too obscure.
- So I told my officers.

Mysterious! I don't like tea now.
Please leave.

Interested in this business card?
It's from his desk.

"Hexer is back"! .

The Hexer? The Hexer is the killer?

Oh, heavens. Not again!

Excuse me, Sir.
- The commons' meeting was scandalous.


Excuse me, Sir.

Finch, you ask me if i read
the newspaper? - Yes, I did!

Especially the part about me.
- The big part about you, Sir!

Sorry, Sir.
- Finch, where was I, 15th of march?

Here, Sydney. We were all day long
on the boat, fishing.

And the very same day I am supposed
to have killed Lord Curtain.

The one and only thing we killed
was the shark who wanted to kill me.

Ergo: I can't be the murderer.
- Sir!

(All) Pst!

The killer, Sir...
the killer used your name!


And you think...
- We shouldn't tolerate that, Sir.

Especially since there are efforts in London,
according to this newspaper,

to file a lawsuit against me.
- Then we will...

read in this newspaper,
how it ended.

I am disappointed, Sir.

You think, we should show up at court?

Yes... I think so, Sir.

Well. Get us 3 tickets then.


I am opening the case on Arthur Milton,

accused of the murder of Lord
Horace William Curtain.

This hearing is being done
in absence of the defendant.

Is Arthur Milton here?
He may show up.

Who are you?
- Your honour, that's Mrs. Milton and...

and a friend of Mr. Milton.
- Mrs. Milton?

The wife of Arthur Milton?
- Yes, your honour.

Do you come in place of your husband?
Where is he?

Is he not here, your honour?
He wanted to...

attend this trial at any cost.
- even to me he said: Go there!

This will be fun!
- Take a seat, Mrs. Milton.

You too, Mr. Finch. Sit down.
- Yes, Sir.

I open the questioning
and call first...

the nephew of the victim,
Mr. Archie Moore.

Do you believe, the Hexer will show up?
- I am sure, he is here already.

You know how talented he is in masquerading.
- Poor Lord Curtain, my uncle,

he received mysterious calls for weeks.
They started always:

"This is the Hexer!!"'.
He demanded money.

Thousands of pounds. It seems
he had informations ...

Sorry but I have to mention it...
about Lord Curtains past.

India, Colony Era, I don't know
anything else.

He tried to blackmail my uncle, Your Honour,
but my uncle ingnored him.

He denied any demands,
despite the Hexer's threats.

He sneaked into the house,
shot my uncle...

and then he left his business card

Excuse me, Sir.

It makes me sad to
remember this cruel night.

I can still hear the shot... the screaming!

We gazed at each other, got up.

- Calm down, Mr. Moore.

No more questions.
- May I ask another question?

Mr. Moore! I was reading the records,
I use to read them more than once,

there is this part,
that astonishes over and over again.

One shot, one scream.

What kind of scream?
A short one, a long one?

A long one, Your Honour.
- Aha.

May I ask for the other witnesses?
Lady Aston,

maybe the young Charles and...

Miss Angle.

Lady Aston.
You are Lady Curtains sister.

Yes, your honour.
- And that is Charles?

You have lost an arm, Charles. How?
- A traffic accident, Sir.

You have been run over? By whom?
- Yes, Sir.

The driver escaped in his car.
- I am absolutely innocent!

He just ran off,
and then already has happened.

Well then.
- Are these questions relevant?

This is a case, Your Honour,
that inspires one's imagination.

At least mine.

This scream, Lady Aston,
how long was it?

two to three seconds, Your Honour.
- Remarkable.

The investigation at the site was done by...
Inspector Wesby.

Is he present?
- Yes.

Inspector, please.

You examined the victim? - Yes, Sir.
What kind of wound was it?

A shot in his back,
that pierced the heart. - Fatal?


One could say: Deadly at the spot?

I suppose so.

Yes, but when you are dead, Inspector
you cannot scream.

Since there was a scream...

who screamed?

Do you mind answering that question, Inspector?
- No. On the contrary, Your Honour.

The question is very interesting.

Thank you, you may sit.
The other witnesses, except for Mr. Moore,

also may sit.
- Do you know this judge, Sir?

Of course. I know many judges of her Majesty's.
Over there is Sir Matthews.

Yes. He tries for years, to beat
me at golf.

Without success.

The apparitor will conduct
a little experiment, if you don't mind.

Take the rag away.

Play the recording.

I knew it.
The Hexer!

Oh! Wonderful, Wesby!
That was quick!

You are mistaken. This is...
- Silence!

Imitating my good old friend Matthews!
How dare you, Mr. Milton!

Then you tell him, Sir Matthews.
- Off the mask!

Are you insane, John?
Stop twiddling with my chin!

Oh, excuse me.
I thought, you are the Hexer.


Are you looking for something, Archie?

Archie, can I have a word with you?
- Sure.

Are you feeling sick?
- No, no.

In your place I wouldn't feel well.

What do you mean?
- The recording was very convincing.

It was the shot.
It was the voice that we heard.

The killer is not the Hexer, Archie.

Why not?

Who needed the shot and
the scream on tape?

The person, Archie,
who needs an alibi.


How much would it take Inspector
Wesby to figure that?

I am afraid, you are in bad situation.

Depends on what answers you will
give to certain questions.

You might run out of time
to come up with answers.

There a two persons,
you should be afraid of, Archie.

Inspector Wesby and the Hexer.

Where will they look for you?


And you?

I warn you.

Pardon, Mylady, I love those animals.
They need food.

That's work,
I prefer to do.

Aren't you making a mistake, Mr. Bailey?
- What mistake do you refer to?

Take a seat,please.
- Thank you.

How long have been Lord Curtains' Lawyer?
- Since 15 years, Mylady.

Due to the confidence,
the Lord showed to me.

Confidence and friendship.
- Provided he felt that way.

Oh, sorry.

What did I wrong?
- Your visits became less.

You don't show enough sympathy.
Lady Curtain misses your advice.

In what matter? Would you like a drink?
- No, thanks!

My husband's killer is still not caught.
- Scotland Yard suspects Archie Moore.

he is untraceable .
Can you explain that?

Can you?

He has friends who hide him.

Visit me again.
- I will, Mylady.

You don't need to show me the way.
You love these animals.

You have to feed them.

How much longer with Archie, Doctor?

Less than 12 hours.

It's weird.
For every singel model,

I see another colour.

When I see you, I see red.

Hey! Red means love.

No. Red means blood!

Crime. I assiociate with every colour
a certain idea.

I was, and that's long ago...
- Please keep sitting.

Of course, yes. I was, and that's long ago,
just a common pickpocket!

Therefore, to see me in red, is unfair.
What's about blue or green?

I don't know about green.
- Another try, huh?

It's open.

Good day, Miss Fielding.
- Hello. Get comfy, please.

Oh, what are doing here, Finch?
Do you realize who that is?

You just said it: Mr. Finch.
Recommended by Mr. Milton.

He asked for a portrait. And he'll get it.
In red. So, enough for today.

When do you want to mark time again?
- Could you rephrase that?

I dislike "mark time".
- Well, when does suit you?

I'd like to say: Tomorrow.

Inspector, do you like the picture?

- My first portrait!

So far there are only photos of me.
- I know the photos. Not pleasing.

because your photograph are dilettantes!

Good Bye.

Why did you go to Scotland Yard?
What did you intend?

Isn't that normal?
Murder in the family!

Did you get Archie Moore? Wasn't it him?
- Don't know. We didn't get him.

I know my cousin Archie.
He never did anything by free will.

And that is why
you should ask yourself:

What's behind that. Or who.
Do you have a theory? - No.

Why not?
- May I ask something, too?

You are the niece of Lord Curtain.
You live in this relatively...

cheap neighbourhood. How come?
- My uncle, Inspector,

was one of England's richest men.
And alike most rich men...

he had a bad habit:
He paid, but you had to obey.

I didn't want to obey,
so he didn't want to pay.

You hated him, huh?
- He was a pain. He was mean,

arrogant and treacherous.
- The obituary in the "Times"
sounds more benevolent.

Yes, but untrue. Do you have time?
- Yes, why, of course?

I just want to change clothes.

I have been thinking about a motif
and did find one. - And what motif?

his wealth, of course.
Poor relatives are the worst people.

The murders will go on, Inspector.
Lady Curtain is next, I guess.


What are you doing here?
- There is mold on the wall.

I am from the public health authority.
Take a deep breath. Hold it.

Cough. You are alright. - And me?
You are alright as well.

You are twins, aren't you?

Thanks, Edwards.
- Good evening, Lady Aston.

Are we disturbing. May I?
- Hello, Margie.

You wanted to never enter this house again.
- Circumstances, dear aunt.

Did you question Margie?
- No, Mylady.

When it comes to murder,
I want to get to know the victim.

Only people who knew him
can help me.

Margie hated her uncle.
- I told it to the Inspector already.

Lord Curtain was an honourable man.
- No doubt but...

supposedly he also had enemies.
- Like any honourable man.

How about you, Mylady? I mean,
how was your relation?

I admired him.
- Always?

Almost always.
- Do you have any property, Mylady?

Is that a questioning?
- Not yet.

But it may turn into one.
- Lady Aston possesses as much as I do.

She just manages it better.
- but not to my advantage.

Did you never regret that? - No, Margie.
You hated him as well. Admit!

I am a different generation.
I learned to be more considerate.

Considering the family?

Is is possible
that you hide something, Mylady?

I just don't know what you are interested in.

Lord Curtain's money, perhaps.
Actually, how much would that be?

It's so much that one cannot even tell.

Well, whoever gets,

won't have to worry.

And... who will get it?
- Why, Lady Curtain, of course.

Where is she Lady Curtain now?
- In her room. She is asleep.

Where is Charles?

Why do you ask for Charles?
- Why?

Oh, he is not here?
- We preferred...

Charles to be elsewhere.
- Who preferred that?

I did.
- For what reason?

Something else, Mylady?

Yes, Edwards. Would you make tea?
- Of course, Mylady.

For what reason?

Excuse me, Inspector.

That same evening Edwards asked:

"Something else, Mylady??! '.
And the clock stroked. Just like now.

We did sit at the table overthere
and played cards.

We had to wait. Archie left for outside.

He left for outside? For how long?

For about 3 minutes.
- You never said that before.

I remembered it just now.

So, he came back after 3 minutes.
Did you notice anything suspicious?

His behaviour. His...
- His hands were shaking.

"Such a good hand, Archie??! ', I asked.

But he didn't answer.

He looked like waiting for something.

What for? What for?

He waited for

A doctor, Mylady!

Lady Curtain.
We need a doctor.

Dr. Mills, Mylady.

You are too late, Dr. Mills.
Lady Curtain is dead.

Let me see her.
- Here, Doctor.


After you.


That's it.
Shot right the heart.

Seems llike murder, Sir.

Who are you, btw?

You don't know me? - Police.
I am Inspector Wesby.

FRom Scotland Yard...

Dr. Mills.

Did you find the murderer?
- No. I was here while it happened,

but didn't get the killer.
Still, I don't even know him.

Not really convincing for
an officer. - No, not really.

Are you his doctor?

Yes. Why?

One question: I'd like to know
what's your opinion about all that.

- Absolutely.

You are a good man. I am glad
that you ask for my opinion.

Of course, Doctor.

Somebody tries to
kill all the family.

Is that why you took Charles away?
- Why should I verify that?

Yes. I was afraid,
that would be happening.

Were you not afraid?

Mr. Bailey.

Am I too late?

Mr. Bailey.
Take care of him, please.

Then I was too late.

How do you mean that, Mr. Bailey?
- Why are you here, Dr. Mills?

Lady Aston called for me.
- I see.

I have to tell you someting, Inspector.
- Yes?

The killer of Lady Curtain is...

is Archie Moore.
- Why?

He showed up about an hour ago.
He admitted killing Lord Curtain,

and threatened to kill Lady Curtain as well
if she won't help him to escape.

He demanded money. He said
either escape or suicide.

You didn't take him for serious?
- No, I rushed him out.

He seemed desperate but
I didn't expect him to show up!

I tried to call you, Inspector,
but you were unavailable.

I worried and came over.
- Why didn't you use a phone instead?

Excellent objection! Gotta go.
It looks, Inspector,

there will be another corpse.
- Whose corpse would that be, Sir?

Mr. Moores.
His threat wasn't completely idle.

Except for his suicide. Good night.
- Don't feel well, Mr. Bailey?

No, not really.
- Yes, I see why.

May I serve the tea, Mylady?
- Good evening, Mylady. Good evening.

Did someone say tea? Oh!
So, I didn't miss it.

You did, Sir. You missed a murder.
- What? Murder?

Yes. Lady Curtain was killed.

Oh, that's bad news!

Especially for Lady Curtain.

What did you do, Inspector?

Well... I am thinking.
- Shouldn't you do more?

What is it?

Dr. Mills, Mylady.

Excuse my, Mylady.
I was delayed. Good evening.

What happend to Lady Curtain?

Nothing serious, I hope.
- Weren't you just here?

I was where?
- Here, three minutes ago!

Inspector, what's happening?
- Yes, Dr. Mills was here.

He had examined the victim and
we talked about this murder.

What is this? I just arrived!

Dr. Mills...

was not Dr. Mills but...

The Hexer.


Why didn't you arrest him?
- Why should I arrest a man,

Who could be helpful?
- Helpful? The Hexer?

He definitely knows more than we do.
We should cooperate.

That's absolutely impossible!
What kind of an idea is this?

Why did you arrive just now?
Why are you delayed, Doctor?

A dead man on the street.
- A dead man? Who?

He is in my car.

Archie Moore?

As dead as a dodo, Sir John.

And Arthur Milton knew it.

Finch. Everything okay?

Yes, Sir. May I say, Sir,
that Sir is a genius?

Contact homicide,
260. Let them come, now! Thanks.

Sir John.

He, Finch!
- Hello, Inspector! How are you?

What are you doing?
- I had an appointment with Mr. Milton.

Obviously, we missed each other.
- Uhm, come over here, Finch.

Yes, Sir.

Let's have a word.
- Sure, Sir. Just, corpses are irritating

when they are fresh.
- Come in!

I have a different point of view.
- Oh, that house, lovely!

Unfotunately, those sad events will
affect its value,

once it's empty. - Finch...
Sorry, Sir John.

Could you address me as "Mr. Finch"?
- Don't get cheeky, Finch.

An honest man has the right
to be sensible.

Yes, dear Finch. Pardon! Mr. Finch!
- Oh, Sir, alright!

"Dear Finch" is bearable!
- Thanks. Come on, sit down.

Oh, Louis Seize!
- Not Seize... sit.

Well, dear Finch, I think,
I have a good idea.

Shouldn't we work together
with Mr. Milton?

Very good. Your idea, Sir?
- Sure, who wouldn't?

So far: you.
- Don't be so picky!

Always bad timing!

Here you are!

How long did you wait?
- Not long. The janitor said

you went out collecting.
- Hm.

Your pictures?

Yes. They don't please you?
They don't have to.

They are cruel.
- That is how

I deal with the mysterious things.
Even cruel ones. Sit down.

Perhaps you should tell already
why you have come?

I should have cared for you earlier.
- You do it now.

I have a proposal.
- Yes?

I am alone now, in this cruel house.
- So what?

Leave here. Come to me.
- You are afraid being alone.

You see, that's I am trying to express
in my pictures. Fear,

insomnia, nightmares and its causes.

I join you gladly. You know,
I was born in that house.

I remember.


One always wants to go back to his birthplace.
One is attracted by it.

It sounds reasonable,
considering that...

So, does it belong to me already?
- It belongs to Charles.

After him it's yours.
- And after me?

We don't want to get too involved in that,
do we?


Will you come?
- When?

I'd be happy if you came today.
- Happy?

You are very suspicious, Margie.
- Yes.


Did you hear enough?

I think so.

Do you have X-ray vision?
- No. Next time stepping in,

close the window. - Good idea.
What are you interested in?

- Do you have a warrant?

Do you have a licence? - No.
You see.


Nice. Do you realize that
you are in danger?

That starts already with birth, Inspector.
- May I give some advice:

Don't go to your uncle's house
tonight. - Why not?

You look more ravishing alive.
- Oh, thank you very much.

I'd like you to survive!
You and Charles.


You don't feel well, Bailey, hm?


You don't take my advice,
otherwise I'd give you a prescription.

I admit. I'm afraid, Doctor.
And I know, why I am afraid.

You are that cold-blooded and yet you
are afraid of a single man, the Hexer?

Oh, you! You haven't seen him!

He came in and I thought...
I'd swear...

It's you, Dr. Mills!

It proves has ability to disguise.

How you walk, Doctor! Your voice!

Actually, I am not sure
whether it's you now.

Don't be silly, Bailey!
You should better find out

where Charles is.


I am glad you came.
The evenings are horrible.

Why does Edwards brightens up the place
like this? - I told him so.

I admire you.
Your self-control.

Your Intellect.
- We are one kind, Margie.

You have self-control, too.
And quite the brains.

(Margie) We should use the brains?
- Yes!

I hope you haven't reserved a place
for me in your gallery of horror.

I see I need to explain something.

These murders keep me busy,
so I painted them.

I also painted the murderer's mood.
You want some? - Yes.

How do you crumble? How do you destroy?

How do you kill? What is the
intellect of such a person?

And did you find out?
- Yes.

No, thanks, Edwards, not tonight.

I have found out the motif.

It's not money, it can't be.

There is just one reason strong enough.


Hate. Deadly hate!

Who hates this family so much?

Answer this question,
and you know the killer.

Something else, Mylady?
- No! No, thanks.

You are anxious.
- You are definitely not.

Do I have a reason to?

Do I have a reason to fear this night?
- I believe so, yes.

Good evening to you.
- Good evening, Inspector.

Some officers came with me.
They will guard around the house.

Yes, very well, thanks.
- Isn't that reassuring? - No.

Hang that up and wait outside.

Make yourself at home, Inspector.
- I did already.



Want a drink? - Yes, thanks.
But: How long will you stay?

All night long, if necessary.

Whisky. Give me a double!
- Yes.

You still think it will happen tonight?




Sir! It's about time.
- Have I overslept?

Pretty much. Perhaps it's too late already!
- Why? What is it?

Moment. Page 98!
- Oh my god! The boy is in danger!

I'm telling you!

Help! Help!



Did you get him, Sir?
- No because you sneezed!

That moth powder in this
wardrobe is appaling. Sorry.

Call Scotland Yard an. Quickly.
We have to take care of Miss Fielding.

I think, I'd go to bed.
Provided that you don't mind.

Of course not, Margie.

Good night, Aunt.
- Good night, Margie.

Something else, Mylady?
- No, thanks.

Say are that the only stairs up?


Yes, Sir.

Yes, Sir.

Did you hear that?
- What?

A buzzing, like a lift.

There is only one lift. From the cellar
up to the room of Lord Curtain.

And that one is shut down.

Do you tear all women down so quickly?

Only the pretty ones. Come.

What is it?
- You will see.

Go away.

Hands up!
- Hello, Inspector.

Good evening, Ladies.
- She is alive, Sir.

We had to go by the window.
Doorbell must be shut down.

Tonight without a mask for a change?
- You would prefer a mask?

Nein but this time I have a
surprise for you. Come.

So! Get in, please.

Press the lower button.

Considering the staff shortage nowadays...
- Hello, Edwards!


Hello, Edwards! Respond!

Respond, Edwards!

Who is that?

What do you say, Mr. Milton?
- Now, that's a surprise.

Isn't it, Finch?
- Nothing new but effective.

Good day. I'd like to talk to Mr. Milton.
- There is only Mrs. Milton, Sir.

Well. Please notify Mrs. Milton.
- Mrs. Milton is expecting you. Room 23.

Thank you.
- Do you get that? She expected us?

Of course, I called her.
- Oh, well then...

The gentlemen are coming.


Come in!

Thank you for the flowers. How
nice that Sir John is with you.

Pardon, I think that was my idea,
isn't it, Inspector?

Of course, Sir John.
- Please sit and disrobe.

Finch, another plate.
- Very well, Madam.

Did Mr. Wesby tell you why we are here?
- So far he told,

it's a surprise for my husband.
- Do you expect him? Will he come?

Not necessarily, Sir John.
He is always so very busy.

Of course. Well, I have to admit
that I admire your husband.

But if you get him,
you'll put him in jail.

- No!

Yes? No? Could you finally come
to agreement, please.

Inspector Wesby made a joke.
We actually need your husband.

I make him an offer.
He helps us to solve this case,

and we cease his persecution,
until... the case is solved.

Pardon. May I pour, Madam?
- Yes, please.

You do like tea?
- Yes, of course. Thanks, without sugar, please.

And how do you prefer your tea, Inspector?
- Pardon me?

With or without?
- With. Thanks.

Some cream maybe?
- No, thanks.

Something else, Madam?
- Thank you, no.

You have a good staff.
- Yes. I like him very much.

I would guess so.
- Such a canny man. And nice, too.

So, what do you think of my offer?
- Well, provided that my husbands agrees,

He may move completely freely?
- Of course, absolutely!

Just, he shouldn't accept interviews.
- I see. At least,

he wouldn't need to hide anymore.
And wouldn't have to expect

every porter, post man...
- Waiter.

Right, every waiter...

to be possibly my husband in disguise.

I love him, Sir John.
- Yes, I know.

I admire... and envy him.
- I will encourage him to help you.

Oh, Mrs. Milton, That's so wonderful.
That's so wonderful.

Hey, Finch, what do say?
- I think we agree.

I'll send a letter to mum. - Nice!
I'll tell her...

that I am seriving actively
with the police. Wich means...

Maybe I shouldn't write that. - No?
She might get a stroke.

Well, let's omit that.
So, I have to leave.

Inspector Wesby would like to talk... you in private. Do you?

Of course. - Thanks. Good bye.

Thank you.

Oh! What's up?

What happened? Excuse me, please!

Could you notify a mechanic or electrician?

Ah! Mr. Milton!

I appreciate your kind offer very much, Sir John.

So, you do. Aha.
That's why the disguise, right?

I tell you, Mr. Milton:
Once this case is solved,

we'll get you.
- Agreed, Sir John.

Gut. Jetzt lassen Sie mich hier raus.
Man kommt sich ja vor wie'n Wellensittich!

Is a voice much different,
when using a microphone?

A bit distorted but usually
pretty much the same.

Did you recognize the voice?
- No, no.

Reminded me of somebody.
- Who?

Lord Curtain's brother Philip.

He is dead.
- Yes.

I just said:
It reminds me of somebody.

That's all you remember?
You were Philip's fiancee.

How do you know?
- because Philip was Lord Curtain's associate.

Until Charles' birth he
did a lot of business.

Charles, the son. The heir.

Then it changed suddenly for Philipp.
Lord Curtain lost any interest in him.

From then on he tried, to squeeze
him out of any business, didn't he.


Philip was...

What was he like? Proud?


Very hot temper.

He was proud.

And there was some embezzlement.
Wasn't Bailey witness?


There is something else, Margie.

Bailey gave false testimony back then.

Can you prove that?

I found proof an hour ago
in Lord Curtain's documents.

What else do you ask for, Mylady?

Philips rehabilitation.
- He is already dead!

Who is interested in such old matters?

I am!

What could I do then?
You knew Lord Curtain.

He forced me, blackmailed me.

Curse this whole family!

Within two hours I'll get you confession
with your signature, Bailey.

Hello, hello! Bailey here! Bailey here!
An urgent message!

This Amateur! I always took care!
- Let's go.

Get me the police chief of the port.
- I'll check for Mr. Milton.

Take your fingers off that, Finch.
- Only the fingers, Sir.

Inspector Wesby, Scotland Yard.
Just for the record. I ask for...

Yes, Sir.
- Pst!

Why do cause the Polizei to look for us?

The back door on the right . There
is a car waiting for you. Quick.

Stop! Scotland Yard!

Hands up! Scotland Yard!

What's with you?


I would have never survived that car.
Thank you, Sir!

Oh, those freelancers!
Bailey got away.

I am afraid he didn't come far.

Mr. Bailey?

Mr. Bailey!

Don't call, Mylady.

I assume you want to call a doctor.
- What are you doing here, Dr. Mills?

Excellent question.
I will answer this one.

He called me because he didn't feel well.

He always had a weak heart.

Hello! Hello!


Didn't hear you coming.
Inspector Wesby called.

Why did he call?
- Bailey is dead.

Oh dear.

It doesn't shock you.


Well, me neither.
I saw it comeing.

I think...


Do you think

it could very quickly now.

Sir John, we must presume,

that the whole family is going to die.
- Nasty truth. - Almost finished.

Lord and Lady Curtain are dead,
as is their nephew Archie Moore.

Charles and Margie mananged to survive.
- Yes, yes, I know that.

Let's agree, hypothetically,
the attempts were successful.

Who would be left?
- Lady Aston.

Lady Aston?
- Lady Aston. That's it.

Lady Aston is a lady, who...
...who, if she were a man,

would be a member of your club.
- Evidently.

But you forgot the voice, Wesby.

The voice from the... whatsit.

Wasn't that a man's voice!
Lady Aston stood next to me,

when we heard it.
- I'll never forget the expressio on her face.

Are you saying...
- I mean,

with Lady Aston's help we get
the man with that voice.

- And don't forget...

Pardon. Lady Aston came out of thehouse
where the dead Bailey was found.

Aha. Yes, she has secrets.
That's true.

Well, Sir John...



I regret, Mylady, there
is a strong suspicion,

that is so strong, that
we are forced to act.

Sorry, but we saw you leaving
the house of Mr. Bailey.

Yes. But Mr. Bailey was already dead,
when I came to him, Inspector.

He was killed.
- I assume so.

Probably by the man, with the
voice we heard and you know.

Sorry, Inspector, this is speculation.

Oh, how embarrassing.

Order from Sir John. We have
to pick up Charles Curtain.

Are we to be relieved finally?
- Probably.

Get him.

Yes, please?

For you, Inspector.
- Thanks.



A moment. Sir, did you give
order to pick up Charles?

Me? What, why should I?
He is to be guarded!

Not anymore. Two officers did get him by your order
- Nonsense!

I didn't send anyone!
- Charles?

Yes, but... do something!
Give alarm,

instead of arresting me!
Charles... a child...

This can't be.
- What do you say? A police car.

In what direction did it go? Well. Over.
I will give general alarm by radio.

We got a first report. The car
was seen en route to the port.

So. Ah, wonderful. Yes, thanks, over.
- I must...

I must confess something.

I recognized the voice.
It's Philipp.

Philip Curtain.
- What?

Who is that?
- Lord Curtains brother.

What else do you know?
- Nothing.

Absolutely nothing.
- You are under arrest, Mylady.

Go to your room.

I forbid you to talk to me like that.

Please do as you are told.

Don't leave her unattended.
- Yes, Sir. - Inspector.


Hello, Philip! This is Margie!

Go on!

My I help you, Sir?

Yes, please. Would you be so kind
and put up my sleeve, sir?

Pretty, isn't it?

Hands up!


Hello! Hello!
What shall I do, Sir?

In our own uniform! My goodness!

Step back.
- Stop! What are you doing?

Shooting the lock. - No!
- Mr. Milton! Aren't you too late?

I hope not!


Come over here.



Hello, Lanny!


Did you do as I told you?

Answer, Lanny!

Everything is alright...


May I interrupt, Sir John?
- What is it?

Humble greetings from Mr. Milton.
- Mr. Milton? He was just here!

Could you unlock me, please?
It brings back painful memories.

Sir John, I think... - Inspector!
Yes, what is it? Hello. Wesby.

Miss Fielding waits in the office, Sir.
- I'll be the in half an hour!

I already suspected who could be
responsible for these murders.

Philip. The only one, who hates his
brother and the whole family.

He wanted revenge. - How can you tell?
I talked to him.

When? Where? How?
- With this.

Where did you get that?
- From Lady Aston.

She probably took it from Bailey.
- I see. What did you tell Philip?

"This is Margie!". Philip knew me.
He knew, I hate my uncle.

There was only one way for me.
- What? - I think I now already.

What do you think?
- He was supposed to believe,

that you support him.
- And? Did he?

I am not sure. he said:
Stay at home tonight, I'll come.

That's how we get him! We surround...
- Sir John! No.

If you insist.
- What did you want to do?


Hello, Margie!

Hello! Margie!

- Are you alone, Margie?

Yes, Philip.

I am there in 10 seconds.

Yes, but...
Mr. Milton, what are you doing here?

Nobody gets out there!
He must be here any moment.

I'm here, Margie.

What's up?

The Hexer.
- What?

How did you get in here?
- That's a secret.

You unlucky! You shot Mr. Milton.

I had to, Sir John.
I knew he was the killer.

You see, I told you.
It was a ... stupid idea,

to team up with him!
- Good evening.

Pardon, may... my goodness!

Oh, Mrs. Milton! I am sorry that
you had to see this.

Arthur asked me to be here tonight.
So I wouldn't miss the highlight.

I see that I didn't miss it.
- Your husband is dead, Mrs. Milton.

Arthur would never wear such a tie,
that matches so badly.

What? Are you saying...

Is this him?


Where is Finch?

Excellent, Sir!
You seemed more genuine than myself.

Now it's your turn. Quick.
- The taxi waits already.

Finch, ha...
- "Mr. Finch". I insist on it.

Stop this silly charade.
I know that you are the Hexer.

My original face, Sir!
Mr. Milton just borrowed t?.

Also my voice.
I am proud of it, Sir!

Where is the Hexer, Finch?
- Our truce has ended!

Arrest him!
- Mr. Milton saw it coming. He said:

Finch, say hello to my dear Sir John.
- Thank you, thanks... but why?

I am not his dear Sir John!
I'll show him!

Well, good luck, Finch.
- Thanks, Sir.

He feels like the real James Bond.

So, please...

Your husband should have said
good-bye at least, Mrs. Milton!

Oh, he'll do that.
- I hope so. Sergeant.

You bring Mrs. Milton downtown and
you are responsible for her safety.

Wait! I need to go as well.
If you don't mind? Thanks!

He well be surprised!

- This uniform doesn't suit you, Sir.

Scotland Yard can learn a lot from you, Sir!

Thanks. When is our flight?
- In an hour, Sir. Hurry up!

We are here. Please?

What... what...

What is it?


Impressive, you learned something.
- I had a good teacher...

I am outraged!
- It'll be fine.

What do want from Arthur Milton?
- You will be told soon.

Ah, by the way...

in this theatre.

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