After Ever Happy (2022) - full transcript

The relationship of Tessa Young (Josephine Langford) and Hardin Scott (Hero Fiennes-Tiffin) has gone through many difficulties that, on the other hand, have managed to strengthen their union and their love. When the truth about their families has come out, they have both discovered that they are not as different as they thought. Tessa is no longer that sweet, good girl who made it to college, and Hardin is no longer the cruel boy she fell in love with. She is the only person capable of understanding, understanding and calming Hardin, but the secret he hides is so great that it causes she to withdraw from absolutely everything. Even her soulmate.

All of us have demons.

All I want is a relationship
with my daughter.

He's an alcoholic
and so were you.

You face them.

And just when you think
you're winning,

it turns out.

They weren't your demons
to begin with.

What the fuck?

Oh, fu...


It's not what you think.

You're getting married tomorrow!

I was gonna tell you ages ago,
but your mom didn't want.

Tell me what?

Hardin is Christian's son.

- I'm so sorry.
- Fuck off!


It was. It was a mistake.

Which part?

Christian told you?

My love, if I could go back.

If I could go back, if...

I should have told you.



Ooh, yeah.

- Hi.
- Hey.

You sure you wanna do that?

I'll get one of those.

Your dad.


You know, we were like brothers.

And then you fucked his wife.

That's not how it was.

I loved your mum.

She was head over heels
with him.

But then when he went to
university, he wasn't there.

He was wandering around.
He was always busy.

And. she turned to me
for emotional support.

That's how it became intimate.

Spare me
the fucking details, okay?

I had this ridiculous notion
that we'd run off together and.

She'd marry me instead of Ken.

Then they announced
they were expecting.

And that was that.

This is just brilliant.

And Mum, Ken and you lying to me
my entire fucking life.

Ken didn't know.

I think deep down
he's always suspected her.

That was when
he really started drinking.

You could have
stopped all of it.

My entire fucking life
could have been different

if you weren't
such a fucking coward.

Smith, you can
go dance with them. Go on.

Does he know
that Hardin is his brother?

Where's Hardin?

I don't know. He bolted.


Maybe he needed some space.

Wait, Tessa.

Christian, you should see him.

He's growing up so fast.

He's a little man now.

And so talented.

His essay got chosen
to run in a paper.

Well done, Hardin.

Can you tell him I said that?

He's brilliant.

He's like his father.

Look, I gotta get going.
Um, let's talk again soon.

Yeah. Of course.

Bye, Christian.

Hey, keep it down.


Hardin, who gave this to you?


- Ken! Ken!
- Stop! You're ruining it!


I'm so sorry.


I've been looking for you.

Wanna drink?


Come on,
let's go back to the hotel.

Not yet.

Okay. Please, Hardin,

I'm really cold and tired.
And I just wanna go back...

Tessa, you're not the one
who just found out

his entire life was a lie.

So, either
have a drink with me or go.

I'm gonna get us an Uber.

You know, I'm pretty sure

that she would have
locked it before she left.


Hardin, please.
I know you're upset,

and I know you're angry.
And you should...

You know, I hear her screams

every single time
I walk in this place.

Okay, we need to leave.

Years I've spent hating a man

who as it turns out, I didn't
even need to fucking like!

Don't touch me.

What's the plan?
What are you gonna do here?

Are you gonna burn
your mother's house down?

I'm gonna burn
the fucking place down, yeah.

So, you're gonna get arrested,
you know that? Right?

Which is why you should leave.

No! I'm not...
I'm not going without you.


"If two people love each other,

there can be
no happy end to it."

Don't quote Hemingway at me.

Why are you always
trying to find

some sort of light in me, Tessa?

Wake up.
There is no fucking light.

I have fucked up parents,

fucked up past.
- Look at my parents!

So, I have a fucked up head now!

My Dad's homeless,
for God's sake.

It's not a fucking competition!

Hardin, please,
give me the lighter.

Please, Hardin, can you think
about what you're doing?


Oh, my God.

Hardin, we gotta get out here.

Get the fuck off me!

We need to go!

All right, Tessa,
you take my car.

- I can't.
- Yes, you can. I've got him.

Come on, man, we need to go.
- Now, you wanna play hero?

Where were you?

Where were you
when she was being beaten

to a bloody fucking pulp?

Fuck away from me!

You're too late!

I'm sorry, all right?

- I don't care.
- I'm sorry!

Come here.

I am sorry.
I should have been here for her.

Listen to me!

I should have been here.

But you ruining your life
isn't gonna make hers better.

We need to go!

Come on!
Get out, now!

Go, go!


Dispatches unit.

Where are we?

I don't know where.
I just kept driving.

Where's Vance? Is he.?

I texted him. He's okay.

But, um.

He told the police
that he started the fire.

He's got lawyers.

And that's not
gonna change anything.

He still lied to me
for 21 years.

He's your father.

As of yesterday.

We should get back.

Thank you.


Just let me try to
explain myself.


Not right now anyways.

Pull over.

I think I should
stay here for a while.



Because I just keep dragging you
into my shit, Tessa.

It's not fair.

Please don't push me away.

I love you.


Touch me.

I love you.

I love you.

What are you thinking about?

I wanna stay like this forever.

I'll get the bags.

Go check on Kimberly,
take a shower.

I'll be fine.

Kimberly, Tessa's here.

- Are you okay?
- Yeah.

Where's Hardin?

I could feel him withdrawing
with every breath.

I'm-I'm sorry.

I don't want to
bother you with this.

You're already going through...

No. Tessa,
there is no rule that says

only one person
can be in pain at a time.

And for selfish reasons,
hearing about your problems

makes me feel slightly
better about my own.

Talk to me.

I feel like I'm drowning.

And I want to make it work,
but I just.

I don't know
if I can keep fighting

against the current to save him
rather than myself.


Concierge brought this up.


Fuck off.

Long time, man.

Long time.

James, look who's here.

Oh, shit! Awoo!

You look just like a guy
I used to party with.

Yeah, you look like
a guy who was high 24/7.

I am he.

Yo, get comfy.

I'm just gonna make a few calls
in honor of our guest.

Okay, come on.

Hey, sit down, man. Sit.

Look at you, bougie as fuck.

You still look like shit.

What've you got?
A job interview?

Still funny as fuck, huh, James.

Hey, you want to drink?

I would love a drink.


You okay?


I'm gonna go get him.



Hi. Is Hardin there?

Uh, Scott is
disposed at the moment.

Uh, are you gonna
come to the party?

Um. Yeah, I just need
the address again.

It's 52, Warwick Street.

Ask her if she's hot.

Uh, my friend's asking
if you're hot.

We're running out of
ten-out-of-tens here.

- Ask her if she has friends.
- Yeah well, she hung up.


Give that to Hardin, man.

Now, come on. Drink up.

Hey! Have a shot.

Come on in, come on in.


Whoa. American.

Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm.

I'm Mark. This is my flat.

I'm Tessa.

C'mon, love.
Let's get you a drink.

Hey, Scott.

Yo, give me that damn vodka.

Need to make
my new friend here a drink.

Tessa, what?...?

Oh, you two knew each other?

Yeah. I'm gonna
take that as a yes.

Fucking hell!
Jesus Christ!

What the fuck?

What? You're the only one
who gets to break things?

You didn't tell me
you had a girlfriend.

What the hell is wrong with you?

What? Do you think you're
just gonna slum it here

and you'll forget
about your problem?

Why the fuck are you even here?

I'm not letting you get away
with being a coward again.

I'm giving you one chance
to leave with me.

But if I walk out the door
without you, that's it.

So, um, if she isn't
your girlfriend.

Just get the fuck away!

Tessa, outside, now.

We're just playing about, Scott.

Tess, what the fuck?

This is bullshit, Hardin.
This isn't us.

Us? What "us", Tess?
There is no us.

We. we keep going round
in circles, and you,

you just won't fucking give up.

God! What more do you need?

You don't belong here.

You shouldn't be here.
You don't fit in here!

So just go!

You win, Hardin.

You always do.

You'd know better than anyone.

You sure you don't want help?

No, it's just
a couple of things.

I got most of it
before Seattle anyway. So.


Don't say I didn't ask.


Tess, please.


Well, that was
one hell of a dream, man.


- Are you okay?
- Yeah.

Oh, fuck.

Your hand looks pretty bad.

Ah, it's not that bad.
I'll be fine.

Bro, you were fucking wrecked.

Hey, that American girl?

I thought she was gonna tear
the whole place down, bro.

She was a bitch.





- Oh no, no!
- It's okay. it's okay.

I got you, I got you.

- Cheers.
- Cheers.

Strong enough for you?

It wasn't strong enough.

Hardin, your phone's ringing.

It's Landon.

Mr. Scott's very busy
at the moment.

Can I take him...
- Hey.


if I wanted to talk to you,

I would have picked up the phone
the other 30 times you called.

You know what? I know
you're a selfish prick.

I thought you could help,
but, you know what?

She's... she's... she's gonna
get through this without you.

Get through what?


Landon? What's wrong?

Just tell me she's okay.

It's, um.

It's Richard. He's dead.

And, uh, Tessa found him.


Oh, fuck.

Um. Where... where is she?

We're at her mom's.

She hasn't.
She hasn't spoken a word.

Can you let me talk to her?

I don't think
that's a good idea.


Please just put the phone
to her ear.

You know, you really shouldn't
be speaking to her.

Then why the fuck did you call?

Of course, I'm who she needs!

You know us!
You know me!

All right, fine.

Just stay calm, okay?
Just give me a second.

Hey, Tessa.

I have Hardin on the phone
for you.

Um-mm, um-mm, um-umm.

- Okay, okay. You don't have to.
- No, no. No, no.

- No. No. No.
- It's fine.

- Please, no!
- Don't worry. It's fine. -Tess.



I mean, it's gonna be
me or your mom

and she's gonna make you eat it.

Looks pretty good.

I'm just so tired.


You're enjoying yourself.

One little slip
and it could all be over.

Are you still talking
about my shave?

I meant the shave,

but if you wanted to
talk about last night.

I'm sorry, Tess.

I didn't mean to
get that trashed.

It's just with your dad...

I'm not my dad. I'm not him.

Tess, if you don't like it,
tell me.

- I don't like it.
- Then I'll stop.

I won't drink another drop.


What... what are you.?

She doesn't want you here.

I didn't fly

5,000 fucking miles
to argue with you.

I don't know if she's awake.

Let me just at least see
if she's... Hardin!


- Hey.
- No. No, no.

- No, no, no.
- Hey, hey, hey.

Do you want him here, Tess?

You're fucked if you think
I'm going anywhere.

- No, get off me!

Hey, it's okay.

You gotta leave.

You gotta leave
or I'm calling the cops?

Call the fucking cops.
Call 'em.

- I'm not going anywhere!
- That's not funny!

- I'm not laughing!
- She doesn't want you here!

You have no fucking idea
what she wants!

You weren't here
when she needed you!

Now, you're make...
You're making it worse.


Ugh, she's trying to avoid you.

You're the reason she took...

I'll check the front door.

Hey, hey, Tess.

It's not about you.

I know.
I... I just want to...

I need quiet .


I haven't always
treated you fairly.

You hate me, Carol.

You've always hated me.

And it's fine. I don't care.

But you should know your opinion
means fuck all to me.

And I mean that
in the nicest way.

You're exactly like him.

That's exactly how Richard
used to talk to my parents.

I am not him.

All right. Well.

I only care
about what's best for Tessa.

So do I.

The one thing that
I thought that I taught her,

and you may not believe me,

was to not have to depend on
a man the way that I did.

And now, look at her.

She's... she's reduced to nothing
every time you leave.

- Listen, I'm not...
- No, no. Let me finish.

Yeah, you always come back

the way that Richard
never did for us.

But you never stay.

I don't know
what you want from me, Carol.

I love her.

I'm never letting her go.

If you really love her, then
you'll do what's best for her.

And that is up to you now.

Because you are the only person
that she'll listen to.

That girl loves you way too much
for her own good.

But Hardin, you and I both know

that you can't give her
what she needs.

And that is stopping her
from finding someone who will.

I can only imagine
how you're feeling right now.

I keep thinking about
the last time I saw him.

He was eating
half my damn pizza.

He was happy.

Just happy
he had a place to stay.

I am so sorry
for what happened in London.

I really am.

I thought we had a love
that was out of a novel.

And no matter how hard
or fast or tough it was,

we'd survive to tell the story.


We do. And we can.
We can survive it.

I don't wanna survive.
I want to live.

I can't keep doing this.


You don't love me enough
to fight for me.

You gave up every time.

I tried.

I really fucking tried.

I'm sorry I couldn't fix you.

Me, too.

Me, too.

Who's paying for all this?

You don't have to worry about
money right now, honey.


Hey, hey, hey, it's okay.
It's okay.

Ugh. Hey, I got make up on...
- Oh. And.

And a little bit of snot.

Just a little bit.

- You ready?
- Yeah.

I hadn't seen my father
for nine years.

But reconnecting with him
was one of the greatest gifts.

Even if it was only briefly.

He had so many demons, but.

He was also so kind.

And he was trying
to be better for me.

I know that.

You need a ride? Hardin?

I don't think I should go.

Why? You were his friend,
kind of.

And you paid for it, so.

Landon, do me a favor
and keep that between us.

Sure. Doesn't mean
you shouldn't come.

So, come.

I didn't know that you were.

I don't know half these people.

It's kind of weird.

When people go to funerals of
someone they don't even know.

It's just especially him.

I mean,
they're total hypocrites.

No one here even liked him.

You did.

And even I did.

I'm really mad at him.

I'm like. I'm like pissed off.

Hey, you have every right
to be mad at him.

Whether he's dead or not.

I saw how much it meant to you
to have him back in your life.

And I think he is an idiot

for throwing that all the way
just to get high.

But I mean, I'm one to talk,
aren't I?

I'm so sorry
it took something like this

for me to realize
how much you mean to me.

And how much.
I want to be there for you.

I need to go back inside.


Oh, come on.

Thank you so much
for everything.

Yeah, of course.

Hey, could I have a lift?

My Ubers keep canceling.

I'm supposed to be meeting Nora

and I'm already late, so.

- Cool.
- Yeah.

We'll see if this one turns up.

Do you want to come with me?

Back to Ken's.

I should really stay here.

It's been a long day

and I've got a doctor's
appointment in Seattle.



Vance and Kimberly back?

They get back in the morning.

They're trying to work
everything out for the baby.

You know what? I'm...
I'm gonna come with you.

I'm gonna start
looking for places up there.

I'm ready.

- I don't... I don't think...
- Tess. Tess,

it's my turn
to be there for you.

I don't want anything
from you anymore.

I don't believe you.

And I don't think
you believe yourself either.

I'm so sorry that we weren't
at your father's funeral.

No, no, it's fine.

Um, ugh. I wouldn't have been
good company anyway.

Uh, I was actually,

I was thinking about
moving to New York.

With Landon.

New York? That...


What's your plan?

Do you know where
you're gonna work, what...?

Not really.
I. I mean, I know it's far.

I just think
that I need a fresh start.

Tessa, it's okay to be sad.

But if you let sadness
control your life,

you'll never have one.

But what if I just always
feel like this?

What you've been through
is awful.

But you are so strong,

and I know
you'll get through this.

It just takes time.

And as for Hardin.

Girl, just do your best
to pretend you're moving on

and eventually,
you'll believe it.

Why did you stay
if you knew she wanted him?

I loved her.

I thought that she would see
that he couldn't give her

the stability that I could.

You know, I imagine if.
If Tessa marries another man,

this is how he's gonna feel,
competing with a memory of you.

I'm not Vance, okay?
Just because.

I'm not him.

You are.


So, it's... it's true.

He's your father.

I knew it. I knew it
the first time that I saw you.

You look just like him.

I did everything so wrong.

And I couldn't stand
that you were his.

That doesn't excuse
the drinking, but.

I've loved you.

I still love you.

You're my son.

I'm sorry.

Let's talk about
these test results.

the chances are very slim

that you will carry to term.

There are other options.

Adoption is a route
many people choose.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Hey, I've been trying you all
day. What's up?

Um, I left my phone on silent.

Is everything okay?

No, not really.
But. I have to go.



Hey, Tess.


Hey, come inside.

I had a feeling you'd come.

- Did you?
- Yeah.

It's late.

It is.

Do you want a baby with me?

No, I don't want
a baby with you.

I mean.

I just.

I don't want a baby right now.

I love sleep.

My life has the tendency
to fall apart when I'm awake.

Your life is
gonna be just fine, okay?

You said it once.
There can be no happy end to it.

I didn't mean that.

And I shouldn't have said it.

I love you enough now.

What do you want to do?

- I love you.
- Shush. We can quote Hemingway

when we're sober, okay?

For now, just go to sleep.

Go to sleep.




Um, what did I say last night?

You mean,
besides quoting Hemingway?

Oh, no, I didn't.

It wasn't that bad.

Do you, uh.

Do you want to tell me
what's been bothering you?

It's nothing.
It's the doctor.


If you are pregnant,
I just wanted to say

that I would genuinely
be okay with that.

It really would not be so bad
having kids with you.

Or, obviously, if you're...
If you're not pregnant,

I guess maybe
after you finish college,

or I don't know, either way.

I can't get pregnant.

The. the doctor said
that it'll...

It'd be almost impossible
for me to conceive.

And even if I did, there'd be
a high risk of miscarriage

so I can't.


Uh, can you say somethin'?

I don't know what to say.

What do you... what do you mean,
you don't know what...

You don't want kids anyway.

No, I-I-I didn't.

Now, it just feels like
it's been taken away from us.

Uh, no, not from you.
From me.


That was the wrong thing to say.
You know I didn't mean it.

Tess, wait. Please wait.


Please just don't
shut down on me again.

I don't give a fuck if we can
have kids or not, honestly.

I'm sorry that you feel like
I took something from you.

- I don't.
- But you're not the one

who's just had their dreams
crushed here, you know?

Like you didn't want kids
until two seconds ago

which just came out of nowhere.

I just want to be with you.

Kids, no kids.

When I was in London,

I could not stop
thinking about you.

Right. Yeah, I'm sure...
I'm sure you saw my face

when you were sleeping
with that girl at the party.

Who are you.? What?

Te... nothing
of the sort happened.

And I won't lie to you.
- Shut up. You did.

She did... she did try
to kiss me and when she did,

I literally threw up, so.

You literally threw up.

I did.

- Threw up.
- I threw up.

Instant noodles, and it went
on her head.



- Yeah, good.
- Good.

And that is why
Hardin is afraid of gerbils.

If you don't stop
makin' up stories,

I'll tell Nora about that time
you wet yourself.


All right, then.

This is so good.
The sauce is amazing.

It's all of Landon's favorites
before he leaves us.

This food
almost makes me sad to go.

So Nora, what part of New York
are you in?

Um, East 14th and First Ave.

What she actually meant was
how far is it from Landon.

Oh. Um.

- Like.
- Like 50 minutes by train.

Fifty minutes.

I'm sorry. It's just
practically long distance.

I don't know how
you're gonna make that work.

I mean,
I have to go through there

to get to class every day.

I mean, not... not that we'd be

seeing each other every day.
But I mean, we could

if you wanted too.

So, Hardin,
graduation is looming.

No, we're not doing this again.
I don't want...

Have you given more thought

No, I haven't
'cause I'm not going to

walk for graduation, okay?
I don't want to walk.

- Really?
- Yeah, really.

- You sure?
- I'm sure.


I just thought.

I don't know. I just thought
for sure you'd reconsider.

So you've obviously asked her

- to ask me?
- What? What?

Fuck it, fine. I'll walk
for graduation then.

- Yes!
- Don't make me change my mind.

To walking.

Cheers to that.

- To walking.
- Cheers to that.

- To walking.
- Here we go again.

Come on.

Hey, I need to talk to you
about something.


I made a decision
about something, and I didn't.

With everything
that's been going on

because of a lot of things, but.

We need time apart.

Like. like really apart.


This seems like
the only way to make sure

that that actually happen.

Okay, why?

Because we fight
more than we get along.

And when we make up,
it's over sex.

That's not...
That's not really true.

It is, and it's not healthy.

How is sex not healthy?

We've been having lots of fun,
happy, consensual sex.

And it's been full of fucking
love and fucking trust.

I can't keep going around
in circles like this.

Okay, okay.
I understand.

And I do have a lot to work on.

But we have so much time.

We have all the time
in the world,

and I will work on them.

And I can come live with you

in Seattle.
- Okay. Okay.

I'm moving.


I'm moving to New York.

I'm gonna live with Landon.


What? This was his idea?

No, no, no.
This was my idea.

This wasn't. don't...

He's supposed to be
my fucking brother.

It's not like that.
It's... no! Hey!

- No, no.
- I'm just gonna...

New York!

New York!
You didn't fucking tell me!

Well, it wasn't my call.

You'd broken up with her.
What do you...?

You've been pretending
to be my fucking friend!

I didn't pretend shit, Hardin!

I'm her friend too, and I'm
cleaning up your shit as usual.

Well, go ahead.

Fucking hit me, you big man.

Big piece of shit.


I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Tess, but.

You know, of all people,

he knows
how much you mean to me.

That you're my

fucking lifeline,
and he didn't tell me,

and that fucking hurts.

It fucking hurts, okay?

I'm shit without you.

I'm just as good at dooming
this relationship as you.

Is it doomed?

Is it? I feel like
we can make this work.

You're trying,
and I see that. But I.

I can't keep doing this
back and forth.

It's... it's... it's
not just with you.

It's with me.

You can't just escape yourself

by moving from one place
to another, you know.

You know that, right?

I need to figure things out.
And. if you love me,

- if you really love me...
- I do. I do.

Then I need you to promise
not to follow me.

- I can't do that.
- Promise me.

I can't do that.

We can make this work!
- Promise not to follow me.

Give me some time

or we're gonna end up
taking everyone down with us.

How long?

How long, Tess?

How long?

I don't know.

I don't know.

Okay. Okay.

So I'm glad this is
the right place.


Oh. Hello. Hello.

Well, I don't agree...

Welcome to The Lookout.

- I'm so excited.
- Thank you so much.

- You're welcome.
- Thank you so much.

The best.

I haven't actually
read this before.

"He lived his life for himself
and then it shifted."

"It became much more
than waking up

and going to sleep."

And you don't know
what he's doing in town?


You don't know
why Hardin's coming?

He did not say, but uh,

I couldn't have him
staying at a hotel.

Especially with a minibar.
Is that shitty?

I know he's sober now.

No, no. No, I get it.

And, you know, I mean,

I'm working doubles
this week anyway,

so I won't even have to see him.

Nora said if, uh,
it gets too weird,

you can crash at her place.

I mean it's just.
Ei... either way,

it was going to be shitty like...

Oh no, it's fine.
I'll be fine.

You're doing the thing

- where you go, you go...
- Oh, please.

"I'll be fine,"
and you look away.



- Wallet, keys, phone?
- Yes.

- Okay.
- Okay.


Hey, so Landon just got here,
and Hardin is with him.

They are asking
for your section.

Uh. yeah, of course.

- You sure?
- Yeah. I guess.



Uh, yeah.

I put my full name
on the job application.

Uh, Hardin wanted to eat here.

That's. that's.

That's fine.

Yeah, of course.

Let me seat you guys.


Nice to see you.

Nice to see you, too.



So, you've been here
since this morning.

I'm working a double today.

When will you get off?

Uh, one, so I should be home
around two.

Every single day.

And I'll try
not to wake you, again.

What can I get you guys?

Good night.

I just wanted to make sure
you got home okay.

You do know that
I walk this every night, right?

Since you're here.

So why are you
working here anyway?

Isn't Vance opening
his new publishing house?

Uh, I just want to do
something on my own.

I like it. Nora's here.

I make more money
than you'd think.

Uh, plus it keeps me busy while
I'm waiting to get into NYU.

You haven't gotten in yet?

No, but I'm hoping
for the spring semester.

Are you happy?


Are you seeing anyone?

I'm out every night

being wined and dined.

I'm actually not dating anyone.

I'm quite conservative
in that way.

- Hey, girlie.
- Hey, watch it!

Hey! It's okay.

Hey, Joe.

Uh, I brought you some fries and
the sliders that you love.

I'll see you tomorrow.

It makes me feel better
about my dad.

Do you wanna.?

Tomorrow, if you're not working,

I have some free time
if you wanna.?

I'm working a double.
That I took

so I wouldn't have to see you.


- Stop.
- Hey, hey.

- Stop. Stop! Stop!
- Hey, Hardin.

Hey, it's okay.
It's okay. It's okay.

It's okay.

Oh, fuck.

Thank you.

I miss this.

Me too.


I'm so sorry. I got lost.

I didn't know
which turning it was.

Hey! Hey, Joe.
Here you go.

Stay safe, man.

You seem different, like.

Like the same
but just different.

I'm still me.

A fair bit of therapy,

and I'm hitting the gym more
but I'm still me.

Do you still drink?

I do have the odd beer
or glass of wine

but I am never chugging
a bottle of whiskey again,

if that's what you mean.

- Mm.
- Tess.

Well, how is it then?


Oi, Tess.

At least share it
if you're gonna.

You know,
if I wasn't such a gentleman,

I would have you
on this counter right now.

I thought
you weren't a gentleman.

I'm half gentleman right now.

A half?


And that means.

As much as I want you.

I can't be with you.

Until you're really ready
to be with me.

Or. what?

Come on, grab some plates.

Let's eat.

Tess, plates.
Now, please.



Good morning.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.



And it feels good.

I'm gonna go take a shower.

Thank you, Tess.

- Hey.
- Hey.

How's work?



Is, um, is Landon home?

Uh, he's staying at Nora's.

Are you going out?


Got an early meeting tomorrow.

Give me your feet.

Come sit in front of me.

That feels good.

It would feel a lot better
without this.

Just saying.

This is your idea.

I know.

In five months, Theresa.

You are pushing every ounce
of my self-control.

I have thought about this

every single second
of every fucking day.

You have no idea.

So, by sleeping with me,
I think you just agreed

to start seeing me again.

Mm. is that so?


I love this.
- What?

This. Us.

You know we're always going to
be like this, Tess.

I really have to
go to this meeting

so I will see you when I'm back.
- Okay.


It was the fall when he met her.

In his world, he was only
concerned about one thing.


He'd won every bet so far,

and this was
supposed to be no different,

although in Tessa's nearness,

he felt an apprehension
this time.

In a Darcy-inspired gesture,
he funded her father's funeral.

It was only the beginning of
what he felt he needed to do

to absolve himself.

His guilt led heavy in the call
that he hadn't answered.

The only reason he didn't
lose himself

again in darkness.

.Was in knowing
her dad was happy.

His death
was surely an accident.

It didn't bring him back,
but his talk of his future

and appreciating
the time off the street.

Though she was unable to
bear children of her own,

she couldn't let go
of the dream of them.

He knew that,
and loved her even so.

He tried not to be selfish.

But he couldn't help thinking
about the little versions of him

she couldn't give him.

He hopes she will understand
just how broken he was

and see how much
she affected his life.

"She stumbled

"through the room the way
that tasteless girls move

when they drink too much."

Stop reading that.

No, no, no,
you don't get to write my story

and then tell me
I can't read it.

That part's not about you.

How long have you been
writing about us?

After we kissed.

You. like the first time?

Are you fucking kidding me?

You're just.

Tess, I'll explain

if you'll just listen.
- Oh, no.

You already have, on every page.

- This is what I did to vent.
- Great.

Where are you going?

- I.
- Tess!

I'm done. This. we're just a
bomb waiting to explode.

This was a wake-up call.
- What do you mean?

You're acting like I wrote that

to purposely hurt you.
- How...

How did you think
I was gonna feel?

It was not all about you.

You would never let me read
what you were writing in there.

And now the whole world gets to.

Stuff about me.

Stuff about my dad.

I'm sorry. I never meant
for it to be published.

I started that journal to
figure the shit out in my head.

They asked me to read it
in group therapy, so I did.

And one thing
just led to another.

You accidentally wrote a book.


I didn't mean
for this to happen this way.

No one
wants to read this sick shit.

I thought that too.

But there's a bidding war
for my book.

And that's why I'm in town.

You accidentally wrote a book

and then you shopped it
around to publishers

without asking me?

Fuck, this never
should have happened like this.

No, no. It shouldn't have.

Tess, I hated myself.

I had to deal with that
every fucking day.

What is the point in everything
we've been through if we can't

channel that into something
that helps people?

I don't want people reading
about my life and judging me.

It's not your life, Tess.
It's our lives,

and it's a story
about forgiveness

and unconditional love.

It doesn't matter about
parents or addiction

or whatever fucked up past.
It's never too late.

People can always change.

That is the kind of story
"After" is.


It's my journey after I met you.

I think that journey is over.


I didn't think
I'd ever come here.

I really thought
that I had hit rock bottom

and then I'd hit it again harder
and again and again,

and I burnt down
a fucking house.

And, uh, I guess... I guess
what I'm trying to say is

thank you all.

when I walked in that door,

I. I didn't know
how this would go.

I didn't think
it would work for me.

I never open up.

And somehow, you guys
have found a way to make me,

and I'm grateful.

I mean this...
This really helped a lot.

I'd recommend it to anyone.

I feel like I'm actually
a better version of myself

and I haven't tried to
better myself ever, really.

So thank you.

It's been so nice
having you back in London.


I have something for you.

Look at this.

Your name.

I'm so proud of you.

I'm so sorry.

Mum, it's fine.
I've been going through so much.

No, but.

I didn't know what to do.

I was young, I was.

In love and I was terrified.

None of that excuses the fact

that I hid the truth from you
for so long.


Everything I did,
every decision I made,

no matter how regrettable
looking back, it was.

It was done out of love for you.

I know it was, Mum.

And thank you for saying that.

It's good, all right?

This is amazing.

Checkout took forever.

Yes. Yes. No,
I'm on my way back now.

Sorry, yeah.

Yeah, I'll see you soon.

Hi. Look at you, so official.

Hi. You have to tell me

Hasn't been that long.

I think it's just since Landon

basically moved in
with Nora that.

You're starved for attention.

Mm. I thought
it would be easier

making friends at school.

Yeah. The campus
is pretty spread out, huh?

Yeah. And it's just
by the time you figure out

where to meet
and how to get there

on the subway and the buses,

it's like an hour
to do anything.

Welcome to New York.

So I hope
you like chicken Alfredo.

- Er.
- What?

I should've mentioned this.

I'm actually doing
the plant-based thing.

I don't know why I didn't ask.

I should have just asked.

No, no.
You know, let's improvise.

You got any red sauce?

- I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
- No, no, no.

Tessa. Tess. Hey.
- I'm sorry.

Don't worry about it.

I'll order somethin' in.


You wanna try?

What is it?

Tofu curry dumpling.

Is it spicy?

Not... not. just try it.


- Yeah?
- Mm.

It's not... it's not bad.


It's not good.

Oh, come on.

So one of my classmates
invited us

to his girlfriend's
gallery opening

- in the village tonight.
- Mm-hm.

Do you wanna go?

Um, yeah.
I mean, I'd love to but.

I've actually got this thing

Can we do it another time?

Yeah. Of course.


So after she kicked me out,

I really felt
that my entire world

was just crumbling around me.

I was afraid
I was going to spiral.

I really had
nothing going for me.

But then I got the call.

Dowless and Sons wanted the book
to release immediately.

So, I picked up the phone
and I called.

I called my therapist.

And I took a breath.

And I took the deal.

And here we are.

Anyway, I'll, uh,
I'll stop blithering on,

and I'll actually
read something.