Afraid of the Dark (1991) - full transcript

Lucas is a little boy who's going blind. The only thing that could save his eyesight is a risky eye operation that could either fix his eyes or blind him for good. Scared, lonely and half-blind, he lets his subconscious fears and desires and grim imagination run loose. He spends a lot of his time spying on people and visiting the local graveyard and the mausoleum. He starts seeing a creepy serial killer everywhere in town, who goes after blind women and stabs them in the eyes. Lucas doesn't tell anyone about this, not even his police officer father. He also starts seeing other people, who are not blind, as if they were blind. Lucas also develops an unhealthy interest in his much older stepsister, who is about to get married and leave their family home, and becomes jealous of her husband to be. Things culminate when he sees a dog he believes to be rabid, and when his pregnant mother finally gives birth to his baby sister. Can Lucas return from the brink of sanity and what, if anything, of the things he sees is real?

[intense music]

[music continues]

[thunder rumbling]

[music continues]

[thunder rumbling]

[door opening]

(female #1)
Is that you, Frank?

'Yes, darling.
Sorry I'm late.'

(female #1)
'Oh, Frank.
Thank God, you are back.'

'I can't believe
what's happened?'

'I know. It's dreadful'

'You alright?'

(female #1)
'Yes, yes.'

'Oh, my God, Frank.
It's so horrible.'

'Right in front of the clinic.'

In broad daylight

She wasn't even robbed, Miriam.

Just slashed her face
with a razor and ran.

'She must have been terrified.'

Did she need an operation?

About ten stitches I think.

She insisted on going home.

You know Edith.

Nothing would get her
to stay in a hospital.

And who could do
a thing like that?

To a blind woman.

Only a madman.

A madman?

Don't tell Lucas, will you?

'He is bound
to find out, Miriam.'

Frank, I'm frightened.
I'm frightened.

[soft music]

[door closes]


[music continues]

[birds chirping]

Well, well, I thought Spiderman
was going to sleep late today.

I got up.

So what are you
going to do today?

I want to come with you.

Oh. That would be very nice.

But it seems a bit silly on
the first day of your holidays.

I thought you were
going to play with Bobby.

I haven't been with you
to the clinic for ages.

Oh, darling, I'm only
teaching a knitting class.

It won't be much fun for you.
I don't think.

I like knitting.


Well, let's see how
you feel after breakfast.

- Morning, Lucas.
- Morning.

You look tired.

You sneaked out again last night
to feed that dog, didn't you?

No, I didn't.

Mr. Gilbert should
keep that dog in at night.

Not leave it running around.
That's the law.

Oh, Frank.
Everyone loves Toby.

Everyone loves Toby
and one of these nights

he is gonna get into trouble,
will have to be destroyed.

'Is there anything
in the paper?'

'Yes, It's there.
I'll read it.'

[doorbell buzzes]

No school today.

Don't rob a bank or I'll have
to put you behind bars.

You'll come straight home
from the clinic, won't you?

Yes, don't worry about me.

[engine starts]

Here we are.
I'll take your bag.

[soft music]

- 'Knit one.'
- 'Purl one.'

- Knit one.
- Purl one.

- Knit one.
- 'Purl one.'

- 'Knit one.'
- 'Purl one.'

[needle crashes]

Oh, dear! Done it again.

I've done it again.

This time you're going to have
to pick it up yourself, Meg.

[knitting needles clicking]

- Rose?
- 'Over here.'

I can smell your perfume.

Ah, Miriam.

- Have you heard about Edith?
- Yes, Frank told me.

Don't speak too loud,
she might hear you.

Edith.. here.

She is over there with Bob.

'She's so brave.'

Lucas, I'd like you
to meet my friend Rose.

Ah, I thought there was someone.

- Hello, Lucas.
- Hi.

I'm very glad to meet you.

Your mother is always telling me
what a wonderful son she has.

Rose has just announced
her engagement, Lucas.

We are all very happy for her.

By the way, does anybody
know what time it is?

- It's 10:21.
- I must get going then.

I'm supposed to meet Jim
at Antony Studios.

'I'd feel better
if someone went with you.'

'No, it's just
around the corner.'

'Why don't you let Lucas go
with you, Rose? Please, Rose.'

Lucas doesn't mind.
Do you, darling?

And then you can go
to Bobby's, can't you?


Well, that's very kind of you.

Thank you.

- What's that?
- Must be the window cleaner.

Oh. I'm getting jumpy
in my old age.

See you later, Miriam.

'Take care.'


That was the lady
who got slashed, wasn't it?

Yes. It was.

It happened right out here
in the street, didn't it?


He did it with a razor,
didn't he?

I don't know, Lucas.

My dad told me all about it.

He reckons it could
happen again.

I know. How about an ice cream?
Would you like one?

- I'd like vanilla.
- Alright.

Or chocolate.

Here. Take a little lick
of that before it melts.

It'll fill you out
in all the right places.

Not that you need it.

'There you are.'

(male #1)

[bell tinkles]

(male #2)
'Is that Rose? Please take
a seat. Be right with you.'

[indistinct chatter]

Santo, this way. Look at me.

Yes. Good.

Do I look alright?

You look really nice.

You're just as much
of a gentleman

as your mum says you are.

You're very kind.

Rose, Jim called. He said
he'll be a few minutes late.

- I'll stay with you.
- No, don't wait for me.

You run along.

- Bye-bye.
- Bye.

Phew! Isn't this heat something?
Come on, through to the back.

I will set up the lights.

Thank you again, Lucas.


By the way, I think
your dress is undone.

Thank you.

You've got lovely figure.
Have you ever done any posing?

- Who? Me?
- I mean for artistic pictures.

There's good money
in it nowadays.

[door opens and bell tinkles]

- 'Rose?'
- Oh, there's Jim.

We're in here, darling.

[bell tinkles and door shuts]

- Hello, Rose.
- Hello.

Sit here, darling.

[indistinct chatter]

[camera clicks]

[intense music]

[dog growling]

[music continues]

[music continues]

You're looking for Bobby,
aren't you, boy? He's not here.

They've all left.
Gone for the holidays.

Nobody's home.

[door creaks]

[violin music]

[metal clinks]

Who's that?

Who are you?

Who are you?

[intense music]

Please. Please, don't.


Help me!


[metal clangs]

'Help me! Help me!'

'Help me!'

'Help me! Help!''

[footsteps approaching]

[window opens]

[siren blaring]

[men speaking indistinctly
on radio]

[soft music]

Here you are, sir.

[engine starts]

[siren blaring]

'It must be wonderful
having a baby.'

(female #2)
'It's hell, I haven't slept..'

Dan's early.

'Well, I'd be thrilled
to stay up all night..'

(female #2)
'They need so much..'

'Still, I can't wait
to have one of my own.'

'I think about having
a baby all the time.'


May I please have
your attention, everybody.

I don't wish to alarm
you unduly, but I'm afraid

there has been
another frightful attack

on a blind person.

'But I've our good friend,
the Chief Superintendent, Hardy'

'with me and he wants
to have a word with all of us.'

Thank you, Dan.

Lucy Trent, whom we all know--

- 'Oh, no'.
- 'Oh, God. Not Lucy.'

Yes, I'm afraid so.

Was attacked
less than an hour ago

in her flat just down the road.

'She has been taken to hospital
and we hope she'll be alright.'

- Did they take her money?
- No.

- Robbery was not the motive.
- Oh, my God. Just like Edith.

'Why are they doing this to us?'

'We've reason to believe
that the person doing'

these dreadful things lives
or works in the neighborhood.

Now, believe me.
We'll catch him.

But until we do,
it's only sensible

for you to take precautions.

Now, most of you live in flats
provided by the clinic

'and Dan and I have agreed
as a first measure'

'to ask the locksmith,
Mr. Miller'

'to change all your locks.'

[intense music]

Who is here?

We all are, Dan.

Come on. Come on.

[man whistling]

Bad luck.

[camera rewinds]

[camera clicks]

[intense music]

[dog barking]

Hello, Toby.
I know what you want.

Here you are.

Sit Toby. I'm just gonna
put our things away.

Come on, Toby.
You be my guide dog.

Take me to the tower.

[soft music]

(male #3)
'Toby! Toby!'

Go on, Toby.
Your dad's calling you.

[Toby barking]

See you tonight, Toby.

[man whistling]

[intense music]

[music continues]

[train approaching]

[Meg screaming]

That was a blister.

We saw a blind lady in the
underground. She was crying.

'She had been slashed.'

'There was blood in everything.'

We called an ambulance.
They took her away.

[tires screeching]

Hey, watch it.

[intense music]


I'm sorry. It's only me.


My goodness, you scared me.

- I'm sorry.
- What are you doing here?

Another blind woman got slashed
in the tube station, didn't she?

How did you hear that?
It only just happened.

My friend told me.
She saw her bleeding.

You're worried about your mum,
aren't you?

Well, it's okay.
She went home and she's fine.

Why don't you walk home
with me to Jim's?

'Why aren't the police
protecting the blind people?'

Oh, they're doing
their best, Lucas.

But they can't stay
with us all the time.

Anyway, you're going
to protect me now.

- Why is the newsagent closed?
- Is it? Shouldn't be.

I was going to ask you
to get us some mints.


You must be his fiancée.

Mum told me that.

The locksmith.
I'm changing the locks.

Ah, yes.

I'll call you tomorrow to make
an appointment to change yours.

Yes. Thank you.

Mrs. Stone is gonna ask you
to back in a few minutes.

I know. Thank you.

First I want us
to have a flat of our own

and then I want to have a baby.

I'm sure if I
want one...or lots.

What about you?
What do you want?

Will your baby
be blind?

of course not.

- Your mum said you want a dog.
- Yes.

I love dogs.
What else do you want?

I'd like to have
a picture of you.

That must mean,
you think, I'm pretty.

You've got nice skin.
You don't have any pimples.

Why, thank you.

And you have
very nice skin too.

[curtain opens]

I'm done now, miss.

'I'll leave the new keys
on the old table.'

- Tell Mrs. Dalton, will you?
- Thank you, Mr. Miller.

[phone ringing]

Have another biscuit.

- Hello.
- 'Rose, are you alright?'

'Yes, sweetheart, I'm fine.'

I know.

It's horrible.

Yes, I'm absolutely fine.

'I promise.'

'No, your mum's not here.
She'll be back soon.'

[intense music]

I'm going with her tomorrow
to try the wedding dress.

[intense music]

I know.


[music continues]

[door knob clicking]

Shh! Your mother's
upstairs resting.

She's not feeling
too well.

Well, what are you waiting for?
Come on in.

- What have you stolen now?
- Nothing.

Hope you're not lying
to me, Lucas.

'Here you are.
Don't cry, darling, please.'

[dog barking]


'Toby. Toby.'

I'm comin', Toby.

[thunder rumbling]

[baby crying]

[piano music]

[skates screeching]



[intense music]

[train chugging]

[stone falls]

[intense music]

[music continues]

[music continues]

[dog growling]

[growling continues]

[train chugging]

[intense music]

I have the hat.

(male #1)

I feel stupid.

(male #1)
'Trust me.'

[music continues]

'Okay, let's begin.'

- Like this?
- 'That's nice.'

'Lean forward.'

- Is this alright?
- Beautiful.

Some more lipstick.

Just relax.

Back in a sec.

[intense music]

[intense music]

Something the matter?

No, it's fine.
Everything's fine.

Everything's fine.

What is it?


Something's wrong.


No, nothing's wrong.



'Let her go.'


[foreign language song on radio]


Miriam, how could you
have married this man?

Dad, you're too much.

It's good.. laugh this much.

And I hope it isn't
printed on the baby, Miriam.

Although, now
I'm getting married

I think, I'm going
to call you mum.

It's about time.

'Well, I better hurry.'

'Lucas, Lucas.'

Come on, Spiderman.

You haven't even
made your bed.

And why don't you wear
the new tie I got you?

That one's got
food stains all over it.

I'm not Spiderman.

Darling, you can be
whoever you want.

But do please hurry.

'Rose's wedding is one date
we can't be late for.'

What is it, my love?

Are you
feeling alright?

You feel a bit warm.

Do I have to get
my new glasses today?

Darling, you didn't
want to go yesterday..

...and we're going to be
right across the street

from Mr. Burnsey's shop.

And he is expecting us.

Now, please hurry.

And do put my knitting bag
where it belongs.

I don't think, you're going
to finish the baby's sweater

for me today, are you?

Toby, I don't want a baby.

'He's going blind, dad.
He's losing his sight.'

I don't blame him
for being depressed.

Any idea
of another operation?

He doesn't remember
the first one.

He was just a baby.

Thank God
for that dog.

Seems to be the only thing
that cheers him up.

Miriam's the brave one.

I just thought we should
have one more opinion.

'She's right, dad.'

Consulted enough doctors.

I know it's scary,
but you've got to go ahead.

I know.

Poor guy.

Breaks your heart.

'I'm just afraid
the operation won't work.'

But I don't want you
to think about that today.

Today is your day.

And just wait and see,
what the winner of the florist

of the year award does, when his
own daughter gets married.

It's hard to believe, you once
fitted into that, isn't it?

Tell me
the truth, darling.

Which would you prefer?

A little brother
or a little sister.

It doesn't matter.

'Both would be good.'

How do I look?

You look very pretty.

Come on everybody,
the car's here.

The bride's waiting.

'Lucas, I'm gonna have
a baby if you don't hurry up.'


Lucas, if I faint you're in
charge of picking me up, okay?

'From your dad, the finest
bouquet I've ever done.

- Oh, dad, they're beautiful.
- Fantastic! Bravo!

Okay, let's go.
Before they clamp the car.

God, I'm nervous.

You think I'm not?

I just wonder if this baby
will give you time to say, I do.

[dog barking]

Hello, Toby.

Wish me good luck,
and don't jump up on me.


Go on, Toby.
Your dad's calling you.

Go on.

Mind your face.

- Good luck, Rose.
- Thanks, Mr. Gilbert.

[Toby barking]

You rascal,
you love Lucas more than me.

Okay, Tommy Tom.
It's all set.

Now look, when I say camera,
action, push this. Okay?

I'm no photographer.

When I say camera, action.

[indistinct chatter]

Okay, camera, action.

'Kiss, come on,
we want a kiss.'

'Look here'

Okay, Tom, Tom,
camera, action.

Okay, now everybody.
Your turn.

'Lucas, over here.'

[indistinct chatter]

Everybody face this way,
this way, this way.

Okay, here it comes.

And three, two,
one, smile.

[shutter clicking]

And once again,

(all together)

[all cheering]

[instrumental music]

[music continues]

You know, Miriam told me
the other day

she wished she was the one
who was going blind.

What do you say, Georgia?

Thank you, Mrs. Simpkins.

What kind of a party
do you call this?

Coming up, Tony.

How long have you
and Miriam been teaching here?

At the kindergarten?
Oh, forever.

I must be her oldest friend
in England.

I met her
before you did, Lucy.

Lucas was one
of my first pupils.

You taught Lucas?
I didn't know that.

So did I did.

Such a sweet boy.

Lucy, pour me another one,
will you?

Here we go.

I simply had to tell you,
how much I enjoyed your book

the photographs
were marvelous.

- It's also professional--
- I'm glad, thank you.

'Excuse me.'

'Hey, Lucas, try some
of the real stuff.'

Your mum tells me,
you're not Spiderman anymore.

Well, you're the only one
I haven't drunk a toast with.

'Give me your blessing,

(male #2)
'Here's to you, Tony.'

Here's to you, Tony.

'So, what happened to Spiderman?
I rather liked him.'

He's better than
the Hulk, I thought.

Spiderman never wins.

I thought he always won.

But the bad man comes back.

The bad man's different
in each story, isn't it?

Not really.

Just looks different.

- That's interesting.
- 'Frank.'



Better get over here.

The party's
over for you.

I tell you, nobody's
gonna drink at this wedding.

(female #1)
'Don't tell me,
she's having the baby now.'


(male #3)
'Maybe, it's a boy
or a girl.'

Have a ball, you two.

'I'll call you
and let you know.'


'Where's Lucas?'

- And make sure he's alright.
- Of course.

She really chose
a moment.

Hello, Lucas.

[intense music]

Lucas never
said goodbye.

'He must be going
to see Mr. Burns.'

'He'll be back.'

- Hello, Lucas.
- Hello.

How did this happen?

One of the blind people
stepped on them.

- What blind people?
- At the party.

Someone knocked them off
and somebody stepped on them.

Oh, you mean
the wedding reception.

Sounds like a pretty
lively party.

You've got your new glasses
all ready.

- Is Miller coming in?
- No, she's still at the party.

Ah, never mind.

Let's see if the
new glasses fit, shall we?

Here you go.

'These lenses are
much stronger, of course.'

'How do they feel?'


'I like the new frames
better myself.'

Have a mint.

You sure
they're comfortable?

They're going to do an operation
on my eyes, aren't they?

Oh, well, I hadn't
heard about that.

But it's possible.

Sometime in the future.

Sometimes, it's the best way
to make you better.

Well, give my regards
to you mother.

That new baby
must be almost due.

Have you finished
your tapestry yet?

'Right, that's right.'

You were here
when I just started it.

Come in the back.

Come on.

That's taken me
four months.

It's nice.

Yes, it is,
isn't it?

Babies are blind,
aren't they?

They can't see properly.


Not exactly blind.

And only when
they're very little.

Is that
a knitting needle?

It's a telescope.

Oh, it's a funny place
to carry a telescope.

You would hurt yourself
with that sharp point.

[crowd clapping]

[intense music]

[indistinct chatter]

[music continues]

And good afternoon,

I'll be doing
your house next week.


[dog barking]

[intense music]

[dog growling]


[birds chirping]

[door opens]

What was that?
Did you hear that noise?

Sounded like a dog
had been run over.

Good boy.

You won't dream of
a job now, will you?

[chirping continues]

[instrumental music]

[phone ringing]

[ringing continues]

[ringing continues]

There you are, sir.

That'll put hairs
on your chest.

Bud's doll, please.

8 pounds, 2 ounces, Lucas.

You got a baby sister.
We only just made it.

I thought she was gonna
be born in the car.

Hey, I see you're
already celebrating.

Well done.

- Like the new frames.
- I can see better with them.

I wondered where you were,
I called you from the hospital.

Hey, look what I got for mummy.
It's a surprise.

It's nice, huh?

- Is that blood on your shirt?
- I cut my finger.

- 'Is it all right?'
- Yes, I put a plaster on it.

'Right, I'll fix the dinner..'

...and I'm gonna go
back to St. Mary's.

Children aren't allowed
after hours I'm afraid.

I'll call Lucy. She can
come over and keep you company.

Wait till you see her Lucas,
she's such a sweet baby.

'Great day, eh? You have
fun at the wedding?'

'What color are her eyes.'

Just like rose.

[doorbell ringing]
You can visit
her in the morning.

I'll see,
who that is.

'And I'll call Lucy.'

Hey we'd better be able
to get better picture than that.

That was Mr. Gilbert as usual
looking for your friend, Toby.

Why don't you go give a yell for
him While I get supper ready.

Couldn't reach Lucy yet.

Don't you want to get
out of that shirt.

[melancholic music]

[music continues]


[music continues]







[music continues]

[music continues]

Your dinner's ready, Lucas.

I'm awfully sorry but
I couldn't reach Lucy.

- Or Edith.
- Are you leaving?

Well If I don't go now,
I'll miss the visiting hours.

'You think,
you'll be alright?'

Any luck with Toby?


You sure
you're feeling alright?


Why don't you go and lie down in
our room and watch the new TV.

I'll be back in
a couple of hours.

See you later,

See you later.

[intense music]

[music continues]

[music continues]

[doorbell ringing]

[music continues]

(female #2)
'Oh, no.'

What's happened?

It's terrible,
Mr. Hardy.

Toby's dead.

Oh, my God.

His neck's broken.
He must've been hit by a car.

He must've been trying to get
to Lucas after he'd been hit.

Everybody loved
this dog.

But what happened
to his eye?

He looks as if
he's been stabbed.

It's horrible.

I'm terribly sorry,
Mr. Gilbert.


What're you gonna
tell poor Lucas?

[engine revs

[intense music]

[instrumental music]

[music continues]

'You've got
a fever, old boy.'

I forgot
to feed Toby.

You're going
straight to bed.. what
you're doing.

[birds chirping]

[dog barking at a distance]

[continues barking]


Strange living here
in the basement flat with Tony.

It's as if I've never
left the family.

And of course, I haven't.

I want a dog.

You'd better get well first.

[door opens]

'Rose, we're home.'

They're here.

'Miriam and Tess.'

- 'Hello, darling.'
- 'Look at you, Tess.'

'Let me see those
beautiful blue eyes.'

'Here he is now.'

- Can you see me, Tess?
- Ha ha ha.

I'm your big half-sister.

Your turn next, Rose.

Nothing to it,
he thinks.

'Though the second was certainly
easier than the first one.'

'Anything would've been
easier than Lucas's.'

She likes
her mother's milk.

She's put on two
ounces in three days.

- How's Lucas?
- He's fine.

'He's still got
a slight fever.'

'There's no sign
of measles anyway.'

He does still have
a fever, Miriam.

I know.

[birds chirping at a distance]

[chirping continues]

[intense music]

'Everyone say pizza.'


'Oh God, what
a handsome couple.'

Oh. Kelsha Perr, eh?

Look at this one.

'Portrait of a drunk.'

I think the agency are
gonna ask Tony to go to India

to do some photographs.

It'd be great for him.

And I should be a solicitor
then, if I pass my exams.


I think she's going to sleep.

[intense music]


[music continues]

I saw Jim again this morning.

He's still terribly
upset about his dog.

Oh God!
It's so sad.

Will they ever find out,
who did it?

Of course not.
Hit and run driver.

You really should
tell Lucas, dad.

'I know. But not till
after the operation.'

I would step into the house.

'There's no choice left.'

'He'll lose whatever sight he
has if the operation fails'

'But without it,
he'd certainly go blind.'


[continues cooing]

It's alright.

It's only me.

[baby crying]

I killed the slasher,
but he's come back.


Don't be frightened.

I'm going to look after you.


My God, Lucas, what on earth are
you doing in here?

You know damn well you're not
suppose to get near the baby.

[continues crying]

Should be in bed.

What in the world are you doing
with your mother's knitting?

It's the baby's sweater.

Oh, Frank, I'm sure
he just wanted to see Tess.

But, you really must stay
away from her, darling..

...until you're well.

I know, it's a bother.
But, you ought to stay in bed.

Go on, go now.

[baby cooing]

Was that Lucas?

Le pov, he came down
to see the baby.

'More wine.'

Don't animals cry
when they're born?

- No.
- What about dolphins?

Am sure you made
a lot of noise.

'Me, what do you mean?'

Lucas never cried.

[intense music]

More wine, butter.

'Hm. It smells delicious.'

[doorbell ringing]

I'll get it.

What happened
to the other needle?

What's the matter, Frank?


Mr. Hardy asked me to come by.

What's going on?


He's going to kill her.
He killed Toby.

- What's happening?
- Tony?

Lucas's in the cemetery.
Take the other gate, Tom.

Lucas, he's got the baby.

[baby cooing]




[intense music]

[music continues]

[continues cooing]


Lucas. Lucas,
for God's sake, stop!

[music continues]


[tapping continues]

'Good boy.'

You saved Tess.

Now...give her to me.

[tapping continues]

I said give her to me.

'Well, then.'

I shall have to save you.


[breathing through mask]

Save you.


You'll fall asleep in a moment.

You won't feel a thing.

[breathing through mask]


You've made the right
decision, Mrs. Hardy.

Your son has a real chance of
recovering his sight completely.

I don't think I can
bear it, if he goes blind.

Oh, we thought
the operation went well.

And as to helping Lucas,
I'm sure this is the

right way to start.

Hello, darling?


We're all here.

Is Tess alright?

Yes, darling.
She's fine.

She's here too.

Outside, in the corridor,
with Lucy.

I was only taking her
for a walk, you know.

I just wanted to show
her my secret place.

I know sweet heart...I know.

Can I hold her?

Of course, darling.

[dramatic music]

[baby cooing]

Did I kill Toby?

Don't worry, Lucas. You're going
to be alright now.

'You're pretty.'

And you should be asleep.

- 'I like looking.'
- 'Turnover and go to sleep.'


[instrumental music]

[music continues]

[music continues]

[music continues]

[music ends]