Adu (2020) - full transcript

Three people, three stories, one thing in common: Africa.



Romeo 30 to COS.
A column of immigrants is forming up

and descending from Gurug? Hill
towards Melilla...

Stop moving him!

Don't shake the fence!

It's OK, stop.
We're going to get you down.

Hold on to me!

Help me, for fuck's sake!

Move it! Get up here!

Move it!

The wire's tangled!
Try to cut it right there!

I'll get hold here and cut through it.

You can't be here!

Go away!

Don't shake the fence!
Don't shake the fucking fence!

- Romeo 20 to COS.
- This is COS, Romeo 20.

Requesting backup at Alpha 26.

More migrants arriving from the shelter
to assist those crossing.

Let me go!

Just fucking stay still!


Stop, stop!

Just fucking stay still!

Stop shaking the fence!

Don't move...

Miguel! Miguel, are you OK?

He's not breathing.

I'm OK.

Call the COS! Call the COS!


Jesus Christ!

Look out for the bumps!

It's my turn.

It's late, mama will be angry.

You promised, Ali!

You promised.


You're going to tell Kato.

How will I get to Avebe now?

It's all your fault.

It's not my fault.

- I didn't want to go there.
- Adu is six.

He does what you say.
You're the oldest.

But you asked me
to teach him to ride a bicycle.

In the village.

Not on those tracks.

It was Kimba.

- What?
- The elephant they killed was Kimba.

It was probably recorded
by an immigrant from the shelter.

- Is that all it shows?
- It's been up a few days.

The Refugee Aid people
have made a complaint.

Fucking great.

It's to force the judge to request
access to the fence cameras.

What can you see
from the fence cameras?

Nothing. You can't see anything.

We tried to get him down, end of story.

Will we have to go to court?

First thing we do
is talk to the chief, but it's OK.

Because what happened...

is what the report says.

He died because of a fall, end of story.

You're sure there are no more videos?

What videos?

You're pushing that defence hard.

What defence, Mateo?



Come here!



Sit here.

Come closer.


You know I'm a friend
of your father's, don't you?

Yes, Monsieur Neko.

I take care of your family.

Who found the water cans
for your mother?

You did, Monsieur Neko.

I have a friend in Mengueme
who needs a good bike

to carry his cassava to market.

I thought of your bike,
the one that belongs to Kato.

My friend will pay a good price for it.


No, what?

Is something wrong?

I lost it.

What happened, Adu?

You can tell me.


What is it?


No, I'll go to Yaound? to pick her up.

Yes, at the airport.

No, no taxis, she can wait for me.

Did she get her vaccinations?

Her vaccinations.

Did you ask her?

I know she's not 12,
but she might as well be.


OK. Bye.

Leave him.

Let him go.

Run! Run!

Watch out!

Will mama be OK?

I don't want to talk about that.

Why not?

Thinking about mama
won't help us now.

What are we going to do?

We'll go to Aunt Leke's.

She'll help us call dad.

And take us to Spain.


Mum told me
they killed another elephant.

And that if you used drones
you could track them better.

Do you know how much a drone costs?

- And how many we'd need?
- You're rich.

Me, rich?

Your granddad was a count!

No, granddad married
the widow of a count.

I have nothing to do with that.

What you do have is a mega apartment
in Madrid, one in London,

- a house in Morocco...
- Two ex-wives,

a daughter
who can't stay out of trouble...

You have 36,000 Twitter followers,
if you ask for one Euro...

Since when do you care about elephants?

No, Dad. I care about you.

Well, if you care about me,

try not to cause me any trouble
while you're here.

I didn't ask to come.

I was perfectly happy in Madrid.
I'd got a job.

What kind of job?

A job. At the amusement park.

- At the amusement park...
- Yes.

Do you want some advice?


Use this trip to make a change.



Ali, I'm thirsty.

Five minutes to rest.


Ali, please.

Stop it!

Ali, stop it.

What would you have done?

What would I have done?

If I died, what would you do?

Carry on.

Adu, hurry up!

Hurry up!

- What?
- A truck stopped, let's go.

Adu! Adu!



This guy was just telling me
that the only sign of elephants he's seen

is the shit they leave on the roads.

What are you smoking?



Smell it.

This is not Spain.
You get 15 years for a joint.

Dad, it's tobacco. I swear.

- Whose is the bike?
- I found it in the jungle.

I love it.

- Can I keep it?
- What for?

I don't know, a souvenir of Africa.

Make a 50 Euro donation
to the Du Dja reserve and it's yours.

50 Euros?

That's what a gram of coke
costs in Madrid, right?

You have no fucking clue, dad!

Look, if you're angry
take a diazepam.

Do I look angry to you?

- I don't know.
- Come on, let's go.

Very nice.

They're practically identical.

- I'm sorry?
- The statements.

Yours and the corporal's.

That's what happened.

When they storm the fence,
it's always a mess.

Yes, sir.

Lots of tension, lots of pressure.

They teach you many things
at the academy.

But not how to get people
off a fence.

No, sir.

Last night they threw quicklime
at four officers.

I know, sir.

Did they throw some at you?

No, sir.

What's your name?

Mateo, sir.

There are a lot people here
who'd love to show us up.

Who don't understand what we do here.

People looking for minor details,

mistakes, to attack us.

Do you know what I'm getting at, Mateo?

There were only three of us, sir.
We did all we could.

That's not what I'm asking you.

There was no mistake, sir.

They can't take all that stuff.

The truck is full.

If everyone brought a bag,
we wouldn't fit.

Their father told me...

Their father is in Spain.

We take care of things here.

One bag is enough
for the two of them.

Don't forget, they'll let you call
once a week.

Don't lose your father's number,
and take care of your brother.

Shit! Shit!

What's the police doing to that man?

What is it?


Change of plans.

- What?
- You're going to Paris, by plane.

- What do you mean by plane?
- You're in luck.

You have to climb up the wheels, quick.

The wheels?

They're full of cables
you can hang on to.

When you get up there

look for the duct
that leads to the dog area.

What dogs?

Europeans fly with their dogs
but they put them below.

- Is it safe?
- Super safe.

You have to wrap up.
It's very cold in the air.

It's this or nothing.

- My father paid...
- To take you to Morocco!

And we're taking you to Paris!
We're doing you a favour!

Don't you want to go?

Then stay here. This is all I can do.

Pick a really big one.
They leave every evening.

That's the one that goes to Paris.

Good luck!

What's wrong?

I don't want to go in there.

Why not? It's just noise.

No, it's not just the noise.

What do you want to do?

I don't know.

- What are you doing?
- I'm leaving.

What are you going to do?

Go back to the village?


What's happening?

Ali, I'm cold!

Let's put on the clothes.


Here, take it.

I'm still cold.

Don't worry, Adu.

Let's sit together,
that will keep us warm.

How long is the journey?

Not long.


Ali, wake up!

Ali, wake up!

Alika, wake up! Alika!

Hey, what are you doing here?

What are you doing here?
It's a forbidden zone.

Don't you know you can't be here?

I'm going to bed.

What's wrong with you?


- What the hell's that doing there?
- Dad, it's fake.

It's plastic. From the party.

What party?

A party here in the hotel.

You have to integrate, right?

Are you on something?

- What do you mean?
- Your eyes are red.

I've been up all night.

Sandra, do you know where you are?
Or why they gave you that?

Yes, dad. I also know I'm an adult.

If you were,
I wouldn't have to chase after you.

Chase after me? Since when?
3 months, 6 months ago?

- Since you lost the plot!
- Because everything was fine before?

While you're with me you're not going
to behave like you did with your mother.

How you know what I did with her?
You weren't there!


Hi. I'm Paloma, I'm a lawyer
with the Commission for Refugee Aid.

- Sorry, not today.
- It's about the Tatou case.

Can we talk for a second?

- I've already made a...
- Just 5 minutes. It's very important.

What a lovely view.

It was my grandfather's flat.

- Are you from Melilla?
- No.

I was born in Madrid,
but I'm from a military family.

- So am I.
- Really?

I have many friends
in the Guardia Civil.

Look, Mateo, I'm not here
to ruin anyone's career.

I know you're under huge pressure.

You said 5 minutes, didn't you?

We've found the immigrants
who were with Tatou on the fence.

They say you guys
hit him over the head with a baton.

Did they say that
Tatou kicked my chief in the head

and almost killed him?

Are you saying your corporal
was justified in doing what he did?

I'm not justifying anything. It's a fact.

Tatou is dead, that's also a fact.

You know they've started
throwing quicklime at us?

Blood, faeces..

Sometimes it's three of us
holding back 100.

Of course I know that.

Many of your fellow officers
have asked me to talk to the press.

- And I've done it.
- No one cares.

- The headline is Tatou.
- You're wrong.

The headline isn't Tatou.

The headline is that
those who should uphold the law

ended up killing an immigrant.

- We didn't kill anyone.
- Are you sure, Mateo?

We're bringing Tatou's friends in
to make a statement.

I've told the truth.


Ask yourself one question:

Do you want it to happen again?

How do you do that?

How do you do that with the balls?




I came here in there.

In the wheel.


No, with my sister.


Can you run?

Come here.


- How are things?
- How are you?


This is my daughter, Sandra.


Nice to meet you.

Your dad talks a lot about you.


Yes, good things.

Right, Carmen?

I have things to do.
I'll be back in 2 hours.

- You won't have a coffee?
- No, when I get back.

You listen to Carmen.
She's the cleverest woman I know.

Which arm will you do the jab in,
left or right?

No, first we're going to talk.

- OK.
- Would you like a coffee?

- Shouldn't it be on an empty stomach?
- No, for this there's no need.

So you're going to spend
some time with your dad.

Until the summer.

And what do you think?

Of what, Africa or my dad?

Look, I don't know
what he's told you but...

I don't have a problem with drugs.



There was an incident, but that's sorted.

You almost ended up in jail.

He said that?

I've had cannabis and MDMA,
but they don't cause addiction.

Well, you're a doctor,
you know that, right?

And no cocaine?

Are you two screwing?

- What?
- Are you screwing?

Just to get an idea
of when you talk about me.

We had a relationship, yes.

But that was some time ago.

Jesus, I didn't know my dad
had been coming to Cameroon that long!

You don't know much
about your dad, do you?

You must be the one
who came after...

Brigitte, right?

He's so fucking great
at getting on with his exes.

He gets on really fucking well
with my mum too.

Even though he left her
when I was six.

At first I didn't get it.
I was like, "Wow!

What a talent for fucking up
and getting on well with his exes."

He gets on with his exes
and with elephants.

Your father is a good man, Sandra.

My dad is so cynical.


How much does he give this clinic?

What's that got to do
with being cynical?

You know he hasn't been to Spain
for 15 years

because he has tax issues?

If only all tax-avoiders spent
their money on humanitarian causes.

Do you know what I think?

He's good at buying things.

- He's bought you all.
- Right...

All except you.


- Because you're smart.
- No, because I don't believe him.

I see through him.

- We're ready, now.
- Perfect.

Shall we do the jab?

I did a couple of lines
yesterday, OK?

That's all I've taken
since I've been here.

I don't have any.

I'm hungry.



How did you do it?

Fucking thief!

Let him go!

Let him go, he's my friend!



Massar, are you OK?

The far right has taken to the streets.

Flemish extremists
outside the heart of the EU

symbolically topple
the blue flag with the stars,

that has guaranteed
the longest, most prosperous

period of peace in our history.

This time on the pretext
of the migration pact...

What if we say what happened?

And what happened?

We tried to get him off the fence
so his injuries didn't get worse,

but he didn't let us.

We can't start contradicting ourselves.

We called for backup and none came.

If we start slinging shit
they'll really go after us.


So what?

So nothing.

Nothing happened, end of story.

- They'll bring witnesses.
- Let them.

They can say what they like,
their word against ours.

What about the video?

The video just shows
we tried to resuscitate him, that's all.

Know what's going to screw us?

Fear. Paranoia. Doubts.

The magistrates are clever,
they'll try to provoke us.

If we stand our ground,
there's no case to answer.


what's that?

Your back.

The sun?

You're not going to die, are you?


Die? No.

Do you promise?

I promise.

You know tax offences
expire after 10 years?

I mention that because...

maybe we could go to Spain
instead of Morocco.

I don't have any troubles in Spain.

Or in Cameroon,
and we had to get out fast.

No, we didn't have to get out fast.

I had a dispute with the directors
and I decided to walk away.

A dispute...

- Right...
- Because of my temper.

Which you've inherited.

And which will cause you
a lot of problems.

That's why I want to help.

For now, all you've done
is sell me a bike for 50 Euros.

- It was a donation.
- Yeah, whatever you say.

We're going to be living together
for a while, so let's try...

I don't know...

- Get along?
- Get along.

As if we were friends?

As if we were friends.




Nice pad.

It's not bad.

That one's Jer?me Neto.

Killed in Ngorongoro, in Tanzania.

The poacher who did it
had been paid $25 for the tusks.

Yours is the first room, up the stairs.

- You can unpack your bags.
- OK.

Oh... Wait.

That's a drug test.

It contains urine test strips,
like the ones for diabetes.

A test?

Carmen recommended it.
No need for needles.

Weren't we going to be friends?

This is what friends do, they care.

Every morning?

Do you want a few coins?


Washing, over there.


- Chocolate.
- Chocolate?

Chocolate, food.

- For you.
- For me?

Leave that.

Come on, get in.

Get in.

The magic?

- What?
- The magic.

Yes, magic.

Come on, come on.


Is it good?
Do you want to play?

Let's play.

Let's play a bit.

Do you like to play?

Do you like to play?

What are you doing? Come here!

Come here.

What are you doing?



Come, please!

Massar, wait.

The money.

Never again.

But you do it.


You're a kid.

I want to do magic.


What is "for pleasure"?


Come on! Move!

- Come on!
- Hurry up, we're closing the border.

Keep moving forward, please!

Come on!

Move! Move!

Come on!

Come on, don't stop.



Hey! Hey! What's going on?

Go on, move it.

Don't touch me!

- Sandra...
- Leave me alone.

Sandra, this place is full of dealers.

I don't care!

Are you playing the dumb tourist?

Dumb tourist?
All I was doing was dancing!

No one comes here to dance.

What do you care whether
I'm dancing, smoking or fucking?

What do you think?

That all you have to do
to be a good father

is pay for a lawyer
and make me pee on a strip?

Get in the car. We're going home.

That is not my home.




In a week's time, I have to go to Nador.

For an interview.

An interview?

Yes, I might go to Mozambique
to work in a natural park.

I'll leave you in Melilla
so you can fly to Madrid.

I called your mother this morning
and told her.

So that's it? It's that easy?

You're right.

You're an adult.

And our relationship...

can't be fixed with a lawyer
and some test strips.

No, look. What I meant was...

I know exactly what you meant.

And you're probably right.

But there's nothing more I can do.

Or worse, I don't know how to do it.

That's sad.


That you don't know how to do more.

I've tried, Sandra. Honestly.

I've tried to get us
to accept each other.

To get along like friends.

But you're not my friend.

You're my dad.


- Good morning.
- Good morning.

- Everything OK?
- Great.

Let's go.

We'll wait there until they call us.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- How are things?
- Great.

- Have you been here a while?
- Not long.

- Good morning.
- You're late.


Well, we've got a delay.

The case ahead of us is running late...


When do we go?

We have to wait.

No money.

Are you OK?

We have to go.

We can't jump the fence.

We're not going to jump.


Why are you putting
the bags in the car?

We set off first thing.

But my washing things are in there.

- I left them on the bed.
- Ah.


It's freezing!


What did I tell you?

- Say it.
- "No case to answer".

No case to answer, Javi.

Well, Mateo? What did I tell you?

No case to answer!

For the record, what happened
was a fucking tragedy.

But I'd also like to say,
we've had a really bad time.

Come on. To justice.

- To justice!
- To Javi and Miguel!

Although apparently justice
isn't enough for our superiors.

They're posting me to M?laga.

What the fuck! Get out of here!

As if I was suspected of something.

The fucking press, Miguel.

Yes, the fucking press. But you know what?

Fuck them. I'm happy, I'm satisfied,

because Javi and Mateo are still here.

So, a toast to you, partners.

- Damn right.
- Come on guys!

- Heroes!
- Damn right.

- What now?
- I'm going for a smoke.

Got a rollie?

There's some made up.


Not drinking?

My shift starts at 10.

He was a political prisoner.



He was a political prisoner in the Congo.

Imprisoned for protesting
against an electoral census.

Where did you see that?

On the Internet.

- Newspapers, blogs...
- You've been doing some research then?

Do you know what the problem
with Africa is, Mateo?

They all leave.

Teachers, politicians, nurses...

And if they all leave,

who the fuck is going to fix it?

My granddad, who was a red,

always said if France had put up
a fence in the Pyrenees,

Franco wouldn't have died
in his bed.

- That's different.
- No, my friend, that's no different.

When the Africans see that fence,

they think it says, "You're not welcome.

This is forbidden territory for you."

But do you know what it really means?

What that fence really says?

"Solve your own problems."

"Solve your own problems."

Should we turn here?

No, further out.

My feet hurt.

I'm cold.

I'm here! Where are you?


I'm here, please!


I'm here.

Massar, where are you?

He's alive!

The jacket, where's the life jacket?

Over there, at stern!

Come here, little guy.

- Can you lift him?
- Yes.

- Come here.
- Mateo, come!


There, you're OK.
You're doing fine, champ.

Is this your friend?

Adu, are you OK?

We made it Adu!

- I thought you had died!
- I'm not dead!

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

Adu and Massar, right?

Here, let's go.

Good luck!

Well, this is as far as I'm going.

It would do you good
to spend some time in Spain.

If you're asking...

But you have to ask me.

If you need something,
anything, call me.



Call me.



Can you come with me, please?




Is something wrong?

You can leave the bags.
Over there, please.

Where are you coming from?

Near Tetuan.

Did you buy the bike there?

No, in Cameroon.
I was given it in Cameroon.


Yes, I spent some time there.


No, with my father.

It's fake.

I bought it at a market in Yaound?,
there are tons on sale.

I see...

It must have fallen
out of my backpack...


It's my dad's, he...

He runs an elephant charity.


Is everything OK?

Sandra, is everything OK?

Yes, yes.

Are you sure?

I'm sure.

I'm glad to hear it.

This is Massar.

Get out of the car.

What's the problem?

What's going on?
Why have we stopped?

Can't you hear me?

I said get out of the car.

You're staying here.

Let me go! Let me go!