Adam & Eva - Mädchen, die es gerne machen (1976) - full transcript

Marriage and couples provide insight into their real love and sex life, explain openly the problems of living together and give advice to overcome them. The film is relentlessly, ...

Adam and Eve, 1, the 5th.

Camera. As she is liying here.

Take the body from the right hand side.

The camera up here!

As they are embracing each other.

Softly, softly.

You move along here,

along her body.

Softly, softly.

Shoot, shoot!

Shoot, shoot!

Shoot, shoot!


Yes, yes, fast!

Shoot! Shoot!

Fast, fast!

Shoot! Shoot!

Speed, come on!

Yes, beautiful, beautiful.

Very fast, very fast, very fast!

Yes, yes!

Yes, fast! Fast, fast!

Yes, yes, yes, yes. Stop.

Everything okay?

It's okay.

Sorry, may I ask you what you felt during

the scene you where just doing.

Well, look, I don't want to talk about it now,

and in front of so many people, maybe another


Adam and Eve, 1, the 6th.

Lidia, you are the favorite actress

in your husband's movies.

He is your favorite director, isn't he?
- Yes.

How many movies did you do?

Well, around 50.

And, what do you feel about it?

What exactly do you mean?

Do you reach a climax with your partner?

Oh yes, very often.

Lion de Roccasera, you are from Corsica.

What do you feel when you see Lidia

in the arms of another man?

As a typical corse I am of course

emotional, romantic and very jealous,

but as an open minded human being

I am very tolerant in view of sexuality.

Does it have an impact on your sexual
- No.

How often do you have sex, the two of you?

Very often, at least three times a day.

So, your work has a stimulating influence?
- Yes.

Do you have sex with other women?
- No.

Adam and Eve, 1, the 7th.

Lidia, do you have favorite positions

in which you have extremely fun.

Yes, 69 for exemple.

This is one of the most terrific positions,

it boosts the passion in our bodies.

We have sex in this position up to a

climax, and this enhances the pleasure

we have when doing this tremendously.

- Thank you.

Yes, I find my husband just fantastic.

He has a stunning body,

of course because of the sports he is doing.

His muscles, well, attract every woman.

And of course there is not one single gram of

not talking about his sexual intensity.

As an emotional person, he needs a lot of

affection, of course,

he is very affectionate, and,

well, as you might say ...

But because of being so emotional,

he is very enduring, because he needs a lot

of affection, a couple of hours every day.

And yes, well,

he can do it for hours without a break,

and that is very satisfying for a woman.

Adam and Eve, 2, the 21st.

Are there any favourite positions

you like best?

If you ask me about sex so openly,

I would say that sex for us does not

start only at night, but already when I

come home from work, in the bathroom maybe.

We like it very clean, you know.

Good evening, dear knitwear and wool friends,

also the one in front of their TV sets.

We are as relaxed as possible.

We sit there together naked and we

can make love for hours.

I find it very nice as a change, to enjoy

love outside of our bedroom as well.

Every knitwear and wool friend as I am

will be thrilled and happy with the skin

friendly touch and feel of this wool.

What ever you knit, summer or winter clothes,

it will become a masterpiece thanks to the

He has been tested under difficult conditions

in the arctics and tropics and he has

shown fantastic results.

And much more, dear knitwear and wool friends,

he helps you when having partnership problems.

Adam and Eve, 2, the 15th.

You have been married for one year now, how
was it?

You better ask my wife.

I just love it, you have to be married.

You can be realy nasty, for exemple,

if you scream, scratch and then make it up.

Reconciliation, that's the best.

Adam and Eve, 2, the 17th.

One question: Is Esther your dream woman?

For sure.
- And he is my dream man.

But Esther, your husband comes back home only
for the evening.

And on Saturday and Sunday.

Is there something very special?

Yes, we love to stay in bed for two days,

not always, but very often.

And what are you doing there?

We celebrate.

What exactly? May I ask?

Yes, well, I would say

we have a good time in bed.

Is that right?
- Sure.

Adam and Eve, 2, the 18th.

So, bed games are an important

part of your life?

The main part! If there was no bed and all

the stuff I guess I wouldn't want to life.

"What exactly do you mean by ""all the stuff""?"

Love, sex, and sometimes sleeping.


Was your wife an experienced woman?

She is now, she learned a lot since we are

I learned everything from him.

The 1st.

The 1st.


Peggy Markdorf, professional actress,

married, but being divorced from her husband.

Why that? Was there a woman involved?

No, there was a man.

How about you?

... because I prefer women.

How often do you change them?

Well, I do have some girlfriends and boyfriends

and sometimes some are joining and some are


Of course, that's a very natural thing, because

as I think this adds this very special kick,

you get the feeling and the reconfirmation

that you are important to your partner.

Is sex important in your life?
- Oh, yes.

How often do you need sex?

Well, as often as possible.

What do you prefer in bed? Man or woman?

I think that both at the same is best, both

And your little dog, is it important

in your sex life?
- No, for heaven's sake.

I think so, yes. That's it.

And of course, when I wake up in the morning,

because then the new day starts

much more swinging and emotional for me.

Giving tenderness I like tremendously,

giving tenderness, and taking, and I love

to be caressed for hours, from head to toe.

In general, yes.

Just for the simple reason that women are more

understanding, more tender and they give much

this feeling of security, of warmth.

Yes, I prefer women in their middle ages.

They might be more mature as well.

Have you been explained about sex from your

No, not at all, I leamed everything just like that,

in school from friends, and out of books.

I just don't think that this is good for a child.

But my parents, they were so ...

Sex was a taboo for them, it was gross for them,

and like that you get a wrong attitude,

and as a result of this completely wrong

you get this anti-sex attitude, and because of

I have most probably this mother fixation,

and I feel attracted to older women.

My brother has a strong mother fixation as well,

he lives together with his friend for 8 years now,

with his boyfriend, that's the same.

My parents just can't understand, and they
always say,

for heaven's sake, what kind of children do they

Make it to me.

Yes, that's nice.

Lick me, yeah.

Oh yes, that's nice.

What do you think of masturbation?

Well, I find it adequate now and again.

Be it for sheer lust or just, let's say,

because there is no one around, and

you feel just like doing it, for, well,

having a nice love experience.

Ifind this just normal, specially

for women. There are so many normal people

who say, for heaven's sake, I never did this,

and I never would do it.

I just find that this is sign of sheer hypocrisy.

Most women do it, or have at least experienced

or did it before, but just don't admit it.

And oral sex?

Oh, this is just wonderful,

I think that's just part of it.

My name is Ursula, but what you heard right now

is yet very intimate, I can not do it just like that.

Yes, when I'm alone at home I satisfy

myself and that special moment I don't

have the urgent need for a man,

and that's okay,

because I can do it myself.

But when I have sex with a man

than I prefer to be with him,

he stimulates me

and I have to do just nothing with myself.

Stimulation from outside, well, that isn't enough.

External stimulation is for many woman

a central thing and many of them,

I would say around half, ...

I can't.

I love to do it myself, and I love to do it with a

That's an even share, I guess.

I can do it too, but I don't want to miss him.

When he is around, when he is with me,

then I like to enjoy him, but of course

I can be perfectly happy just with myself,

just through stimulation. That works too.

Okay, you want to know how we are doing it?

That's realy over the top.

Well, we love it when I ...

I don't know how to say it ...

Sometimes we watch TV

and we also watch blue movies,

and why not?

I find blue movies tremendously stimulationg for
your sex.

I have a boyfriend, I'm with him for a short time

and we have sex every night.

I love every position, you know.

And by boyfriend loves it too.

We love to try something new every time.

When it comes to an orgasm it is always

In general, we do it three, four times a night.

And we feel amazingly relaxed in the morning.

I think that sex is a wondeful thing, and I could

imagine my life without men.

Ladies and gentlemen,

we proudly present the queen of sex, Lena.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, give

a big hand for the beautiful, stunning Lena,

a lady that allows a deep sight inside.

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