About Scout (2015) - full transcript

A quirky, coming-of-age dramedy about Scout, a rebellious, slightly bad-ass fifteen-year-old girl from the wrong side of the tracks who convinces a wealthy suicidal mental patient to go on a road trip with her across West Texas to track down her little sister who's been taken by the father who abandoned them. At its heart this is a story about family and how two unlikely misfits come together to create their own family.

Oh shit!

* Voice on the breeze

* You're singin' to me

* Told me everything about
the way the world should be *

* Stories of lights

* Across a giant sea

* Truths to discover
and the means to be free *

* And I know that
we will never know *

* How the world keeps
going how it goes *

* And all this time we spent

* Waiting for our
lives to happen *

* Is time that's been wasted

* While the world keeps
moving and changing *

* I've said my goodbyes

* So there's no turning back

* Keep singin' this melody
to keep my heart in tact *

* Now the world keeps
goin' how it goes *



Uh no, crepes
with strawberry jam.


But you
didn't know for sure

that you were adopted
until you were 63.

That's right.

we're leaving!

Not 'til after my
parents were dead.

Give the cat
some food before you go.

We got a cat?

No, come on.

* All this time we spent

* Waiting for our
lives to happen *

* This time has been
wasted while the world *

- * Keeps moving and changing
- Sam, I know you're in there.


* And all this time
we've spent *

* Waiting for our
lives to happen *

* It's time that's been wasted

* While the world keeps

- * Moving and changing
- Sam?

* And I know that
we will never know *

* How the world keeps
going how it goes *

* And I know that
we will never know *

* How the world keeps
going how it goes *

Okay, we know how to fly.

Come on, come on, enough.

You don't think
I see you, Scout Havers.

You enroll Tallulah
in school yet?

It's complicated.

It's not complicated.

It's public school.

You fill out a
form, they take you.

She really likes it here.

is a daycare center

for two to four year olds.

She is four.

If Tallulah is four,
I am the Queen of Shiba.

And I don't see no crown
sittin' on top of my head.

Just for today, please.

No, some of the
other parents have been

calling and complaining.

I'm sorry. You have to go.

Come on, Lulu.

This is the window to
your bathroom, right?


Okay, so just go
in and open the door

and into your class, okay?

Okay. Am I
going to get into trouble?

No, you're gonna be fine.

But when you're done,

instead of going
out into the hall,

just come back here, okay?


Love you, Lulu.

You too, Scout.

The sea otter was
almost hunted to extinction,

their trusting nature
making them an easy target

for the fur traders.

Doctor Arginow says
that you absolutely

must go to a real
treatment center.

I suppose you could
always go to Mclarence.


It's a mental institute,
not a boarding school.

They're used to
people behaving badly.

The food's horrendous
there though.

Some devoted
mothers have been known

to carry their pups for days,

even after they have died.

Of course, we could
try something different.

The Doctor thought you
might like Prosper.

Your father really
loved it there.

New York
passenger, Sam Prescott,

please meet your party at
the baggage claim area.

A Mr. Prescott,
please meet your party

at the baggage claim area.

Mr. Prescott?

Mr. Prescott?

Mr. Prescott!

* We are skin and bone

* We are skin and bone

* We are skin and bone

We're supposed to
paint our feelings.


Why can't I
go to school any more?

Is it cause of the
goldfish thing?

What goldfish thing?

I told you.

Ms. McGintey got mad cause
I was petting the gold fish.

You didn't tell me that.

You stuck your hand
in the goldfish bowl?

No stupid.

You can't pet them in the bowl.

They don't stay still.

You gotta take em out.

Fish die without water Lulu.


Scout, what's that guy doing?

Trying to escape
from the looney bin.

But he's not going anywhere.

Don't tell him that.

If they catch you, they're gonna

give you a lobotomy.

They stopped doing
lobotomies in the 1980's.

Toto, I don't think
he's been to Texas before.

Can we eat now?

Are you okay?

Yeah. I'm just
waitin' for it to rain.

I bet you know how
to make it rain.

People don't make
it rain, silly.

No. People make cookies.

Sorry, that was kinda weird.

Yeah well, you
don't wanna end up

on my side of the fence.

They're not poisoned.

Uh oh. Busted.


You should be
ashamed of yourself.

Now, if you'd read
your rule book,

you'd know these
woods are off limits.

And fraternizing with
strangers is strictly forbidden.

Page 65.

Go ahead.

Okay, Mr. Prescott.

Next time, let's go
some place it rains.

Let's go.


That cookie,
Prescott. Spit it out!

guest today, Tammy,

had a tumor that grew, now
you're not gonna believe this,

to 275 pounds.

Yes, you heard me correctly.

A 275 pound tumor before
she called the doctor

and when the ambulance
finally did arrive

to pick her up, well
they needed one for her

and one for her leg.

Now, Tammy, I gotta ask you,

why didn't you call the doctor?

I think like
anyone, I was scared.

Scared that they might...

Hey, I
was watchin' that.

We need to get a birth
certificate for Lulu.

Oh no, I'm not
havin' any of those

busy body bureaucrats
stickin' their nose

in my business, no way.

Well, I need to enroll
her in public school

and I can't without
a birth certificate.

I thought she liked daycare.

She's too old for daycare.

She has to go to
real school now.

So, send her to school.

But I just told you, I can't

without a birth certificate.

If Lulu doesn't go to
school, I can't either.

Well, sure ya can.

Just leave her at
home here with me.


I raised four kids in this house

before you were even born.

Gram, you had two children.

Hmm, well,

felt like four.

Some more tea?

You got it all
over my new dress!

How is it new? You've
been wearing it for five...

Hey Lulu, I gotta run,

but I'll be back at noon
to check on you, okay?

Wait, Scout!

Me and King Bochi
don't have any cakes.

Well, you and King
Bochi must be blind.

There are plenty of cakes.

Don't you see em?

Okay, love you Lulu!

Sorry about my
sister, your heiness.

She's a little.

There's gotta be
cakes here somewhere.

What else can I do ya for?

I'll have an oreo milkshake

with rainbow sprinkles
and green gummies.

You got it.

Sorry about the weather.

Guess you should have picked
a looney bin in Seattle.

Killer shoes though.

You seem to normal
to be at Prosper.

You've caught
me on a good week.

There ya go. Anything else?

Not unless you've got a
pepto bismol I can bum.

I don't think so.

Shit, I gotta run.
Thanks for lunch!

Hey, wait!

My boyfriend'll pay.

that's not a to-go cup.


I brought you a milkshake.



Are you playing hide and seek?


I'm gonna find you.

King Bochi and I
are gonna find you.

Lulu? Lulu?

Lulu, you have to come out now.

It's not funny any more.


Hey, come here.

That kid's still here?

Yeah, I've been
calling the number

she gave us all night.

No answer. No machine.

You want me to
call child welfare?

Nah, I'll go talk to her.

Is she okay?

We had to pump her
stomach, but she'll be fine.

We've been calling that
number that you gave us

to talk to your family.

But no one's answering.

We've been staying
with my great grandma.

I'm sure she's there but,
you know how old people are.

Once she's asleep, I don't think

an atomic bomb would wake her.

Well tomorrow, we
need a parent here

when we release her.

And someone to make payment.

Not a problem.


See, so this is
what they used to do.

They'd be buried under there.

Like in the middle of there.

Oh, so everyone
would have to walk around it?


Egyptian boys and girls

wore their hair in a
style called sidewalks.

Nobody knows why.

Hey, how long do
you think that guy's

been sitting over there?

Here. Be back in a second.

So, are you a cop or a perv?

Bureau of child welfare.

Guess that makes
you a bit of both.

Are your parents at home?

My Dad's at work.

What time do you
expect him back?

Is there anyone over the
age of 18 I can speak to?

My great grandmother,

but I doubt she's gonna
wanna talk to you.

Dial the number.

There must be another way.

Yeah, there is.

You go to foster care.

Aren't you the one that's
saying the government

should stay out of it...

Dial the number, Scout.

Will you dial the
f'ing number please?


Ray, it's Mary.


You comin'?

Who's that?


So, you gonna take em?

He doesn't need to take us.

All he has to do is
put an appearance

at BCW and it'll be fine.

Scout, will you give
us a moment alone here?

Look, I know you don't
wanna take us, okay?

You can say it to my face.

Do you want my help?

Let me talk to your
grandma alone for a minute.

You're gonna take em right?

Come on, for Christ sake.

Mary, I'm...

I'm a f'in carnie, ain't
no way to raise a kid.

It's a little late for that.

Or are you gonna
abandon this one too?

What was that joke Janie
used to like to tell?

What do ya get when
ya put 20 carnies

in a room together?

A full set of teeth.

She loved to tell that joke.

Can we stay focused here?

He's got A.D.D.

Is that what ya call it?

This smells pretty.

They give you money and
food stamps and stuff

for takin' care
of em, don't they?

Every month.

I know a guy who will buy

food stamps for cash.

Maybe this way, we can afford

that nice apartment you keep
promising me for the winter.

You couldn't pay
me a million dollars

to live in a 10
by five shit hole

with a moody teenager.

Can't breathe as it is.

Well maybe we could
just take the little one.

She don't need much room.

Hey, I want you
to run to the store

and get your Gram a Coke.

She ain't gonna drink it

unless you got some
rum to put in there.

Do you ever do
what you're told?

Depends who's
doin' the tellin'.

Um, your father.

The only fathering
you ever did

was gettin' my Mom knocked up.

Sorry, I don't think that's
much of a parenting skill.

Lulu, come here.

Go to the store. Get a Coke.

You gonna talk to BCW?

Yeah, we already
worked it out.

Well, you wanna
tell me the plan then?

When you get back.

This is my life.

Yeah, ya know what,

and everybody else's too.

Go get the f'in Coke.

Hey! Hey!

What the hell are you doing?





Oh shit. Shit!


Now, the foster family
that's taking you is very nice.


When was the last time
you said to some kid

the foster family that's
taking you totally sucks,

so just pull yourself together

'cause the next four
years of your life

are gonna be pure hell?

What about my great
grandmother, huh?

She going to foster care too?

She sure as hell can't
take care of herself.

Can I say goodbye?

* It's the first defeat

* That cuts you to your bone

* Knock you off your feet

* You just never felt home

* It's not a person or place

* But a feeling you can't

Gram, I'm going.

Someone from Visiting
Nurses is gonna come by

and check on you.

Try not to burn the house down.

I love you.

* This will be the last time

* This will be the last time

* This will be the last time

* You take me


You ready to break outta
this joint for real?

Go on a road trip?

How did you get up here?

I brought you some clothes

in case you're getting tired
of the whole bathrobe look.

They're kinda lame but wait.


It's a raincoat.

Listen, we can get you new ones.

Okay, you don't have to
come if you don't want to.

Send you a postcard.

Besides, you'd be missing out

on some really
great events here.

Come on Ray, pick up.

Got a drivers license?

I bet you're one
of those cat people.

You know, those cat lovers

who go to all the
shows and stuff.

He hates cats.

Yeah, my mother died
and left me this sweater.

Aww, I'm so sorry.

Yeah well, she
could've left me a house.

Or a car.

Thank you.

Alright, all I need
is a drivers license

and credit card please.

I don't have a
credit card but...

No credit card?

No, I got a license.

You're staying at
the most expensive

mental institute and you
don't have a credit card?

Can we pay cash?

That's a good one.

Everybody knows you
can't rent a car

without a credit card.

Do you have a
ladies room I can use

or do I need a credit
card for that too?

Yes, we do. It's
right over there.


* Some people call me crazy

* Spin round and round

* I just say whoopsie daisy

* Then come unwound

'Scuse me.

Hello, how can I help you?

Which kind of car
would you like?

Sure, sure, no problem.

Just a moment, let
me look into that.

Mmhmm, I'll get that
for you right away.

Well, I'm not sure.


Are you crazy?

That's your
department, remember?

Get in before she sees us!

Get in the car!

Alright then.

Thank you. We'll see
you at 12:00 noon.

Come on!

Just drive. Drive!

Oh! Oh no, no, no!


'Scuse me.

I have a rental car
that's being stolen.

The corner of

I don't know what
I was thinking.

We needed a car.

Yeah great, now you can add

grand theft auto to your resume.

We're just like
Bonnie and Clyde.

No, we're just
like dumb and dumber.

Do you want me to drop
you off at the pawn store?

No. What'd
happened to you then?

I don't know. I'd
hitchhike, I guess.

Yeah great, then you'd end up

duct taped to death
in the back of a van.

You wanna drive?


It might look better if
the person with the license

is the one actually
doing the driving.

I'm not much of a driver.

Wanna try?


Is your Mom really dead?


She's not.

Hey, clothes store.

You keep a lookout, okay?

Come on, let's go, let's go!



Lighten up soldier.

Think it looks pretty good.

I mean, what if
somebody sees us?


Why did you, ya know?

There must have been a reason.

A girl? Money problems?

Sorry, I don't mean to pry.

Just never met anyone

that killed themself
on purpose before.

I lost all hope.

All hope of what?

All hope of anything.

That's not possible.

What's not possible?

To lose all hope.

I mean, you might have
hoped to be dead but,

it's still a hope.

Pretty shitty hope.

Just sayin'.

No, it's actually
kind of like the worst.


Must have been a
bummer when you weren't.

Yeah, I guess.

Was it bloody?

Shit, duck.

Where are we going?

To get my sister back.

Will you help?



All my children have left me

one time or another.

No reason why Scout
should be any different.

You don't think
she's a little young

to be?


Scout's as old as the hills.

And this boy.

You ever see him with
your great granddaughter?

Well, he don't look familiar.

Yeah, New York boy.

So, you have no idea where...

Now, didn't you already
ask me that question?

I had a talk with
the waitress at Lynn's.

Said she saw em together.

Never trust a man who
won't drink with ya.

Wish I could.

What's retirement?

had her first baby at 12

after being raped by her father.

She ran away from home.

Well, if you

hear from anyone.

Oh well,

Scout won't call here.

She's too smart for that.

Yeah well.

I don't suppose
you're a smoker huh?

Lungs are a terrible
thing to waste.

Past tense. Already did.

Might as well enjoy it now.

Yeah, might as well.

Good evening, ma'am.

F'in bureaucrat.

Stuff started happening.

The hitting, the kicking,

it's just always been
a part of my life.

The sexual abuse?

started when I was eight.

So, here you
are with two unwanted children

by this man, your father.

Where did you get the courage?

My Mom and Dad
needed some privacy.

Psst. Hey.

When I was pregnant
with my second baby,

my father attacked me
with a kitchen knife.

I blacked out.

I was in the hospital
with over 100 stitches.

It was the people
in the hospital

that convinced me
to go get help,

go to a shelter.

Weren't you scared?


Every day, I walk out my door.

How do you watch that shit?

It's educational.

The beloved classic,
To Kill A Mockingbird,

went on to garner
three Academy awards,

including the only
best actor Oscar

for Gregory Peck

- as Atticus Finch.
- Hey look, it's you.

His young
co-star, Mary Badham,

who gives a beautifully...


performance as Scout.

Isn't that what
you're named after?

No. Scout Willis.

Demi Moore's kid?

Demi Moore, the actress?

No, Demi Moore, the Senator.

Me and Tallulah both.

My Mom worshipped her.

People used to say they
could have been twins.

I guess she thought
if Demi Moore

could make it outta
the trailer park,

so could she.

Did she?


Not the way she intended to.

It's hard to make it
outta the trailer park

when you're a junkie.

Do you think I look like her?

Demi Moore?

Well, the asshole
disconnected his phone,

but the lady at the
Ryder office says

the carnival's gonna
be in Clayton next.

You hungry?

Yeah, I got a little
money in the car.

You've got money?

A little.

Why didn't you tell me?

You thought I was gonna
steal it from you.

I was just saving
it for an emergency.

Well, please let me know

when we reach emergency status.

I have the keys?

We don't need
your precious money.

an untimely end

to Amy the Armadillo,
she will no longer

be the mascot of the school.

But, we hope that...

Go ask the clerk
for some condoms.

Just keep them distracted.

Look, I can get money.

That's no fun.


Hey, could I get some condoms?

here's one from the only

in-Texas files.

Teenage girl walks into a
west Texas car rental company,

but when the clerk
refuses to rent her a car,

she slips out the
back and steals one.

Oh, the police say
the girl in question

has dyed her hair pink,
so that should make her

a little bit easier to spot.

If you know anything,
they're looking for a 2008

dark blue sedan that
was pretty serious...

Just hang on.

Hey, don't you
want any of these?

You made me pull them
all down for nothin'.



Who you callin' asshole man?

Just go, don't worry about it.

Hey, you're that girl.

The one that stole
the car, that's you.

Put the phone down.

Hey, find something
to tie him up with.


Sit down. Sit
down, face the wall.

Sit down, give me the phone.

Give me your hands.

That the front key?


Go get the car.

You were pretty
cool back there.

You know that?

Hey, can we just
pull over a second?

Right here?


Woah, hey!


Hey, come here!

Come here!

Sam, come here!

It's this thing, I saw
it on Faith Price once.

Just lie down and put
your head on my chest.

Just try it.

Listen to my heart beat, okay?

You'll probably go to
hell for that, ya know?

Coloring over the Virgin Mary.

Bet that's where your Mom is.

You listening to me?

My Mom is dead.

My point exactly.

Yeah, nothin' serious,
but if you see her,

just give me a shout out here.

And here's a little
somethin' for you.

Thank you.

Hey baby!

You comin' back in here soon?

Yeah, I'll be right there.


Thank you.

Okay, like the lady
on the phone said,

they're gonna be in
Clayton on September 2nd.

We should be able to
get there by then.


What are you doing?

What's funny?


Didn't your mother teach you

it's rude to Google?

It wasn't right
to Google people?

Wanna give me that thing?

You know, there's this guy,

Vlad the Impaler and they
base Dracula off him.

Anyways, he used to
have these picnics

when he was surrounded
by like hundreds,

I mean hundreds of his victims

and they'd just have
like these spikes

stuck up through their
bodies and they'd

bleed to death as
he ate his lunch.

Or breakfast or ya know.

You and Lulu are
gonna make a great pair.

Are you sure she's better off,

ya know, living with me?

You know, I mean, you
don't know how crazy I am.

Yeah, trust me.

You're a lot less
crazy than my Dad.

He's nuts. Totally nuts.

And nasty.

He's kinda like that
guy from the oil movie.

What oil movie?

Ya know, he'll
drink her milkshake.

Oh, you've seen that?


If you keep doin'
that, you're gonna throw up.

What about your Dad?

Is he crazy too?

Yeah, he was.

What do you mean?

He died.


He was in this
mental institution and

he stole the director's car

and drove it off a cliff.

I think someone's
following us.

It's been following
us basically since

we left the taco truck.

Pull over.

Is that it?


Guess they're not
following us any more.

should find a hotel.

A hotel?
Did we strike oil?

I don't
think it's a good idea

to live out of the car any more.


Sorry, didn't hear you guys.

Hey, look it's your book.

It's like his bible.

Yeah, it's pretty good.

Guess that's why I
didn't hear you guys.

Have you gotten up to the part

with TJ Eckleburg?

Eckleburg, the eyes
of Dr. Eckleburg.

Are blue and
gigantic, their retinas.

Okay Shakespeare,
you can stop.

He just got out of solitary.

Uh, so you read the
Great Gatsby in jail?

Yeah, death row.

So, we gonna start a book club

or can we get a room?

Sure, sorry.

Is that gonna be
one room or two?

He just spent
three years in jail.

What do you think?

My sister and I can share.

Alright, just need a
signature and a credit card

and you'll be good to go.

Oh, I don't actually have
a credit card at the moment.

But, I could pay for
the whole thing upfront,

if that's okay.

Room 414.

Were you really in jail?

My sister and I can share?

What did you want me to say?

You liked her.

Admit it. You
thought she was cute.

She is cute.

If you like bimbo's.

She's reading
The Great Gatsby.

I doubt she's a bimbo.

You should ask her out.

Why? You just
called her a bimbo.

You're a guy. You're
supposed to like bimbo's.


You think you could live here?

After we get Lulu?


Yeah, you could be like

Eloise from Lubbock.

Who's Eloise?

Another one of your bimbo's?

No, she's um,

she's this girl that
lives at the Plaza hotel.

She's fictional.

A lot of your
friends are fictional.

Yeah, I mean, they're
better than real people.


No, not you, I mean.

You're different.


He's not here right now.

It's the bimbo.

If we stay, she has got to go.

See? Told ya.

Small town, nothin' to do.

So, this is how we
amuse ourselves.

Wow, I don't...

wow, how does that even work?

There's something in
the soil from the plant

that just makes it light up.


Got it?

Can't believe that
you're really into

The Great Gatsby.

You're really obsessed
with that book, aren't you?

I didn't mean that in a bad way.

It's nice.

In school, we had to go around

and say which character we
identified with the most.

I bet you'd choose Nick.


I was more like the son that

Gatsby and Daisy never had.

And I'd be what's left after she

was finished destroying him.

That's really sad.

Is it always this
empty around here?

Pretty much.

You're not exactly in the
center of the universe.

Especially this time of year.

It's a bit claustrophobic,
don't you think?

You okay?

It's about time. Bonehead.

Scout Havers?

Hey look, Melinda,

I'm really sorry.

You said that already.

Yeah, well.





'Scuse me, have you seen this
girl that I've been with?

She's like this
tall. She's blonde.

No, I haven't seen anybody.

Well, has anybody
else checked in today?

I'm not supposed
to tell you that.

Hey! You can't do that.

Ren Preston, 506.


Where is she?

Hi Sam.

Where is she?

She's fine.

Oh fine?

Yeah, it was either that
or put a muzzle on her.

Look what she did to my arm.

Your mother wants
to talk with you.

Well, my mother
can go to hell.

Hey Sam.

Do you know how many
laws you've broken?

Look, I don't
need a babysitter.

Just talk with her.

Okay but, can we
go somewhere else?

Just downstairs or something?


It's so
desperately hot.

Why does the power
always have to go off

on the hottest day of the year.

Oh, I'm sorry. Where were we?

The word for when you
wanna kill your own child.


No, no, no, no, umm...




Oh, speaking of children.


Do you know how absolutely
distraught I've been?


Oh sweetheart.

You can't just keep
running around the country

breaking the law.

It's uncouth.

Is that all you
give a shit about,

how it looks?

'Cause you really
didn't seem to mind

when Dad was losing his mind.

Pigeon, you
don't really mean that.

Oh, no of course. I'm sorry.

Having a crazy son's
nowhere near as romantic

as having a crazy husband.


Have you been drinking?

She wants to talk to you.


You've gotta help me here.

I just.

Just a minute. You okay?

I'm just feeling
a little nauseous.

You didn't stop
taking your medication?

Red, I'll be right
back. I'll be right back.


I guess he went to the restroom.

Yeah, he said he's
a little nauseous.

Hey hey, you okay?

Look, we only have
five minutes together.

So I need you to be calm, okay?

You know this asshole?

Yeah, he kinds works for us.

You've got to be kidding.

No, I'm not.

He used to be a Texas
ranger and then,

he was put in the psych
ward next to my Dad.

So that's who's
been following us,

someone that works for you?

Hey, did you see the
bite mark I gave him?

Yeah, nice one Mike Tyson.

Alright, come on.


Son of a bitch.

Hey, can you help me pack?

Yeah. Sure.

What happened to
this room anyway?

Your friend attacked me.

Oh yeah?

With cookies and mini bottles?

You know how in the
beginning of Cinderella,

all those little mice and
things come and help her?

You should see
those suckers drink.

You're crazy.

That's why you like me.

Okay Cinderella.

Cookie if you want it.

Damn it!



No, no, no, can't take the car.

No, we can't take the car.

Come on.


Have you ever been in love?

Yeah. Once.

What happened?

She was a goldfish.

No, I don't know.

She didn't love me back.

Didn't work out.

She was an idiot.

Yeah. I guess so.

We should get married.

No, we really shouldn't.

Besides, it's been like what?

24 hours since we've
broken any laws?

No. I'm serious.

No, I'm serious.
You're 15 and drunk.

I'm not drunk! I'm serious!

No, you're really...

Hey, I'm serious.

No. I'm serious, you're
15 and you're wasted.

I'm not wasted.

Yeah you are, I saw like
a thousand mini bottles

in the hotel room.

You have no
sense of adventure.

Ray loves to claim he's
not my real father.

Sure as hell hope he's right.

You know what their
favorite place to aim is?

The balls.

He has to wear all this
protective gear and stuff

so he doesn't get hurt.

and gentlemen,

step right up!

Can we live in New
York after we get Lulu?

What, with my Mom?

No, definitely
not with your Mom.

She probably lives in some
big, fancy building right?

Yeah, 76th and 5th.

It overlooks the park.

The East Village.

I've always wanted
to live there.


Sure, but you gotta
go to school though.

I hate school.

You hate school?

I hate school!

Jesus, school's great.

School's great. You
get an education.

Ya make friends.

Do drugs? Have sex?

We'll be just like
a normal family.


It'll be nice.


Okay, we need to
find Ray's trailer.

Wanna look down here?


I mean, should we be
looking for anything,

like shitty decorations maybe?

I don't know.

I've never been to
his carnival before.

I bet you that one's his.

Real welcoming.

Come on.

Well, his junkie
girlfriend's in there,

but I don't see Lulu.

I'm gonna go around front.

You stay here and
keep watch, okay?

Your head is
backwards. I don't care!



Lulu! Lulu, are you okay?

No. I'm dead.

Why didn't you put me
on a milk carton, Scout?

Maybe somebody
would have found me.

I did find you, Lulu.

Now I'm gonna take you home.

Come out and talk to me, okay?

I can't.

It's my punishment.

Come out here please and talk.

What happened to your hair?


You talkin' to somebody?

King Bochi.

King Bochi?

He's my stuffed dog.

There ain't no
stuffed dog out here.

That's because Daddy made me

leave him with Gram.

But I can still talk to him.

K, well talk to him
a little more quietly.

You're givin' me a headache.

Shit Lulu.

You're all banged up.

Come on, let's get outta here.

Hey Tallulah,

you under the trailer again?

I got a new one for ya.

What do you call
the red gooey stuff

that gets between the toes of
the elephant at the circus?

The slow clown.

Well, look what
the cat dragged in.

You disconnected your phone.

Have you been hitting her?

Nah. It's a rough and
tumble world, Scout.

Tallulah, come on
out from under there.

Come on.

Say goodbye to your sister.

But she just got here.

Yep and now she's leaving.

She said I was going with her.

No, you're not going anywhere.

You come around here again,

I'm gonna get the
cops after you.

Yeah and if your
druggie girlfriend

lays another

finger on her...

Leave Georgia outta this!

She saw the Virgin Mary once

on the side of a 14-wheeler.

That's really tragic.

It's not a joke.

She saw God. Go on!

Thing like that'll
mess you up for life.

Living with you would
mess you up for life!

Goodbye Scout!

Why did you even take her?

You don't want her!



Walk away!


Hey. Hey.

Hey. It's okay.

I got a plan, alright?

It's fine.

Red, it's Ray.

Ray from the carnival.

Get the red,
get the red. Yeah!

Hello. Georgie Russert?


John Forest, Jesus
for Me and You magazine.

I'm doing an article on people

who have seen the Virgin Mary

and I was hoping to include you.

You're shittin' me, right?

You're like a rock
star at the magazine.

So, this is like that show

where Ed McMahon
comes to your door?


without the giant check thing?

I'm just thinking I
could take a few pictures.

Maybe ask you a few questions.

Would that be okay?



Alright, I'll just
be over there.

Okay, I'll come over there.

You stay in here so you don't

mess everything up.


And don't make so much
noise all the time.

My goodness!
Look at you!


You look A okay.

You look miraculous.

Thank you.


I can't believe it.

Okay, so first off,
I'm just thinking,

maybe some prayer?


Is that Mary?
Face Mary this way.

I'm gonna just talk
to Jesus right now.



Did I not tell you that
you're gonna be the cover?

The cover!

The cover.

Oh my God.

Isn't this unbelievable.

Oh my
gosh, this is crazy.

You have no idea how
much of a rock star you are.

I can't
wait to tell Ray.

Who's Ray?

Ray is my fiance.

Oh so, actually now
that I think about it,

do you maybe wanna
change your outfit?

Because you're gonna
be on the cover,

anything that should
show your true colors?

I'm gonna go put on my
Miracle at Smiley shirt.

Okay? You'll stay right here?

I will.

I'm gonna be famous!

You are.

Alright here, we
haven't got long.

Give me this. Jump on my back.

Alright, I got ya.



This way, this way, come on.




Oh shit.





No, you guys go this way.

Put her down.


Move! Move!

You can't go in
there without a ticket.

I need a ticket!
I need a ticket!

'Scuse me, 'scuse me.

Come on. Sorry. I'm sorry.

'Scuse me. I'm sorry, ma'am.


Watch the front.

There's no other way for
them to get outta here!

We've got it covered.

Sam? Scout?

Come on, get in, get in.

What now?

Down that hole.

Here, you guys
make a run for it,

I'll keep him distracted.

Give me the gun.

We're not leaving you here.

Give me the gun. I'll
keep him distracted.

I'll meet you at the bus
stop at 8:00, alright?

Give me the gun.

Sam? Come on out.

Lulu, put your legs down.

You got her?

Yep, here, come here.

Alright, come on.

I will
sit here until the

cows come home, Scout!

The bus stop, you'll
be there, you promise?

I'll be there, I promise.

If you're not there,
I'm gonna kill you.

Love you too.


Alright, come on Lulu.

I'm going.



Come on out.

Sam, drop the gun.

Drop the gun, Sam.

Okay? Just drop the gun.

Come on now.

Come on. Drop the gun.


You sure made a mess of
things this go round.

I mean, I wouldn't wanna
disappoint my mother.

God knows what she'd
do without a mess.

They're holding you
on a $10,000 bail,

but they're gonna
drop the charges

if you promise you'd go
back to New York with her.

I'm not going
back to New York.

That's not happening.

If you don't,
they're gonna bring

those two girls in.

The younger one will go
back with her father.

The other'll be sent to juvie.

But they've got
nothing to do with this.

It's not a perfect world.

Whatever, if I go
back to New York,

will you take care of them?

I don't know if
your mother will...


Okay yeah, I'll
make it happen.

Thank you.

I wish you and your Dad

could have gotten to
know each other better.

I think you would've

been able to help him

a lot more than I did.

He's not coming.


Are you okay?

You're making
it easier. Thank you.


Who always rescues you
when you need help?

Red is taking care
of your friend.

This might be hard to believe,

but I was actually
taking care of my friend.

Don't be ridiculous, Pigeon.

You can't take care of yourself,

let alone anyone else.

What were you planning to do?

Spend the rest of
your life on the run?

I wasn't on the run.

You ready?

Hey, you remember
what I asked?

I got ya covered.

You take care of
yourself, alright?

Thank you.

You're welcome.


Can you stop that?

There's nothing to do here.

Why can't we go back to Gram's?

Because we can't, okay?

Can we play dressup?


Okay, we need to
find 76th and 5th.

Come on.

Which one should we try?

How about that one.


We're looking for Sam Prescott.

Mr. Prescott doesn't
live here any more.

But he did?

Did he leave a
forwarding address or?

Would you like me to
ring up Mrs. Prescott?


Does that woman ever go out?



Can we go now?

I'm hungry.

You're always hungry.

It's dinner time.

Soon, okay?

Oh my God! That was his Mom!

Come on, come on!

Hey, wait.

Okay, let's go.


Lulu, get away from the window.

Scout, look.

It's him! The looney bin guy.

He's sitting right
there at the table.

There are some things I
need to talk to you about.

He's smiling.


Oh my God, it's that girl.

Why didn't you tell
me she's in New York?

I didn't know.

Sam, where are you going?


- Hey.
- Hi!

Tallulah, welcome.

You want me to take that?

* I went out in the rain
suddenly everything changed *

* They're spreading
blankets on the beach *

* Yours is the first
face that I saw *

* I think I was blind
before I met you *

* Now I don't know where I am

* I don't know where I've been

* But I know
where I want to go *

* And so I thought
I'd let you know *

* That these things
take forever *

* I especially am slow

* But I realize
that I need you *

* And I wondered if
I could come home *

* Remember the time
you drove all night *

* Just to meet me
in the morning *

* And I thought it was strange
you said everything changed *

* You felt as if
you'd just woke up *

* And you said this is
the first day of my life *

* I'm glad I didn't
die before I met you *

* But now I don't care I
could go anywhere with you *

* And I'd probably be happy

* So if you want to be with me

* With these things
there's no telling *

* We just have to wait and see

* But I'd rather be
working for a paycheck *

* Than waiting to
win the lottery *

* Besides maybe this
time is different *

* I mean I really
think you like me *