Abathumbi (1985) - full transcript

The Boss is the leader of a gang who plan to kidnap a pastor's nephew as part of a sinister plan in order to make himself rich by extracting a heavy ransom from the lad's wealthy parents. ...

Thank you, Father,
for all the blessings you've given me.



- Dad?
- Is everything ready?

Yes, dad.

- Where's your brother?
- He's here.

- He's coming, right?
- Yes.

Your brother is a hopeless case.

He's a real late bloomer.

Always late for school,
even for dinner...

He'll even be late
for his own funeral.

Is that the boy we're
supposed to kidnap?

No... that can't be him.

That's the pastor's oldest son.

It's not him.


Look closer.

Do you know everyone here?

I grew up here...

Living here was terrible.

I hated it.
These people are all fools!

You're not so different
from them then.

I'm from Durban now.
There's all types of people there.

What do you see?


You idiot!
That's the Pastor's second son.

He's got two boys.

I'm ready to go...

Alright boys...

If you're ready,
let's head to church.

Go well... Let me see your hands...
Oh no, they're filthy.

What are you laughing at?

Your hands are just as dirty.
Clean them before you go to church.

These kids...

I'm not sure now... When is
my nephew supposed to arrive?

They said they'll be here early.
They left town first thing this morning.

They'll be here soon.

But they live so far away.

True... it is far.

He should be driving a fast car.

Cut it out! You're annoying me.

Let's go to church.

Stop playing, let's go!

Let's go.

I'm tired of standing here.

That's too bad, because that's
what the boss is paying us to do.

So I'm paid to just stand here?

Relax, you'll get paid for that too.

Where are they going?

You mean Mr Bhekani Ndlovu
and his sons?


Webster! Where do you think
people go on a Sunday?

I don't know.

You obviously come
from an unstable home.

You weren't raised right...
Those people are going to church.

I'm glad you're all here.

We'll begin our service with the hymn
"My soul is thriving"... Let's start.

You are all beloved in the eyes
of the Lord...

Today is Sunday...

The week past has now come to an end
and we are gathered together once more.

My fellow members in Christ...

Today marks the end of the week.

You've all come together...

Some near and some far...

I believe many of you have overcome
trials and hardships this past week.

One is quarrelling
with his neighbour...

One is struggling to pay
for their child's school fees...

Another has sickness
in the family...

While another has a family member
in jail and they need money for lawyers.

All of this can kill one's spirit...

But what I can tell you,
and it doesn't come from me...

It's from the book of Matthew,
chapter 6 verse 33...

"Seek first the kingdom of
God and his righteousness...

...and all these things
will be added to you."

You should comfort
yourselves with those words.

No matter what storms come
your way and upset you...

People will talk and smear your name,
it doesn't matter...

Because these words are
a pillar of strength.

Seek first the kingdom of God
and his righteousness...

...and all these problems
will be made right.

Don't seek false idols.
Don't seek money...

Seek the Kingdom of God,
and all your problems will be solved!



Yes, my flock.

His word is the miraculous truth!
No one else on earth said it...

Except Jesus Christ... seek
first the Kingdom of God and...

...his righteousness,
and all things will be added to you.


Even you elderly folk. Even though
you're aged and troubled by kids...

Don't worry... even if they abandon
you without caring for you!

Seek only God's kingdom
and his righteousness. Amen!


My fellow members in Christ,
there's something that makes me sad...

There are people around who
afflict the community...

Criminals, who live
to do bad things...

These folk are bad seeds, and one day
they will harvest their own deeds.

It will follow them, like the Lord said
in Galatians chapter 6 verse 7...

"God cannot be mocked.
A man reaps what he sows."


Criminals, hooligans, thugs!
They bother the good people of the Lord.

They hassle us, disturb us,
break-in while we're sleeping...

They steal our food,
steal our money, steal our cattle...

they even steal our children!


They will have to answer
to God one day. Amen!


My beloved flock...

In closing, may the Lord grant
blessings upon you all...

Have faith, may you find peace
and serenity at home...

And all your heart's desires.

May the Lord be with you all.


Who is that boy?

Look properly.
That's the boy we want.

I'm not a baby anymore.

You've grown! Last time I saw you,
you were a baby.

Hello Mrs Ndlovu.

I work for your brother back in Durban.
Pleasure to meet you.



That concludes our sermon for today.
We'll see you next week.

You go on and take the kids home.
It's getting late.

Go on boys.

Stay well.

I'll see you at home.

What a pleasure to see you.
So good.



- Granny...
- Yes, my son.

Thank you, you old dear...

Yes, my child.

Go well.

All of you... go well!

Such a beautiful car...

Yes, the boss said these people
have lots of money.

So when do we kidnap the boy?

We can't just grab him.
What if someone comes along?!

Then we'll have to fight.

I doubt there's any
wise-guys around...

No one carries a gun like mine!

An itchy trigger finger is
not good. It's dangerous.

We don't fire unless we have to.
We'll find an easier way to grab the boy.


First thing we should do is...

Go tell the Boss the boy is back.


The Boss will tell us how
he wants us to grab the kid.

That simple.

Let's go.

Let's go.

Hello there.

Hello, sir.

This boy should be Blessing...


It's a pleasure, my boy.

When did you arrive?

I'm Harry.

I work for his father.

Ah, that's nice.

Your brother.

Ah, yes.

He said I should bring him here.

I'm glad. We have a lot
to catch up on.

I have to hurry back to Durban,
but I thought I should...

...wait for you.
We have a matter to discuss.

You mean privately?

Yes, it would be best if you and
I spoke alone for a moment.

Leave us, if you would, my dear.
Kids, go play.

Let's talk.

Take a seat.

So what is this matter?

Your brother said I should explain
why Blessing was brought here...

Why he's come to stay with you...

I know the reason the boy is here.

The boy is at home by himself.
He's lonely.

Spends most of his time at school.

It's good he's come.
He needs to connect with other boys.

That's not the real reason.

There's a deeper issue...

I'm listening.

Your brother's become very successful.
In business and finance.

Yes, my brother's a doctor.
His practice has done well.

He's made a lot of money.

He's made money where I, on the other hand,
chose not to pursue wealth.

My work doesn't pay very well,
but it leaves me fulfilled.

Even with no money.

Money comes with it's own problems.

What kind of problems?

Bringing Blessing here...

There's a lot of criminals who
know of your brother's wealth...

I sense there's a plot
to kidnap the boy.

To get money from your brother.

The most dangerous of these criminals
is a man known as Boss...

This Boss has a lot of guys out working
for him. Doing all sorts of bad things.

They're even known to kill for him.

Your brother's being cautious.

He doesn't want to have
to pay money to Boss...

He thought it was best if we hid the boy,
so we brought him here to you.

Good heavens, are you joking?

This is a very serious matter...

And sad too. Your brother
really loves his son very much.

And these criminals know that!

If they get their hands on the boy,
they'll take every cent your brother owns.

That would kill him.

You have to understand...
These guys feel nothing killing someone.

Boss doesn't care about killing people.
He has his guys doing all his dirty work.

He must be really smart.
Who exactly is this guy after my brother?

He's simply known as Boss.
No one knows his real name...

Or even what he looks like...

There's rumours his workers
don't even know his real name.

They just call him Boss.

Wait, does the boy know
about any of this?

No, he doesn't know a thing.
We thought it best to keep it a secret.

We don't want him to live in fear.

He can never know.
We often take him to visit places...

...but we always hide
what's really going on.

Harry, what are we supposed to do?

That's the question...

The answer is simple.
Should it happen...

That any strangers come visiting...

And you're the least bit suspicious...
Hide the boy inside the house!

Keep him out of sight, because it may
just be they're here looking for him.

That's your answer.

I have to leave now.

Back to Durban.

I understand, young man.
Thank you.

A pleasure to meet you.

- We'll do our best.
- I have to rush.

We're saying farewell
to Harry, my dear.

I was delighted to be here.

To finally meet you, Reverend.
You too, Ma'am.

Pleasure was ours.
Have a safe trip back.

I'm hoping so... Farewell.

Go well.

That's the same car from earlier.

What's it doing here?

I don't have a clue.

That's Boss.


Yes, Boss!

Why you standing
around like baboons?

- Sorry, Boss.
- Shut up!

Boss, we did what you asked.
We know the boy you want us to grab.

But I'm not sure how you found us.

I'll explain...

Follow me.

I work for the boy's father...

I brought the kid out here
because I don't want his...

...father to suspect
me when I take him.

His father's a friend of mine.

But Boss...

Shut up!

Boss, you had the boy in the car with you.
Why not bring him straight here?

Wouldn't that have been easier?

You're lucky
I'm in a good mood today.

I pay you to work for me...

No more stupid questions!

We hear you.

Listen carefully.

This is how it works...

I work for this guy and I took
his son to the Ndlovu's...

The Ndlovu's are witness that
I left the kid there with them.

When the boy goes missing,
it won't come back to me.

I won't be a suspect
and I'll get my money.


Yes, we understand Boss.

What are you waiting for?

Thunder from the sky?!

We're waiting for your instructions...
You got the instructions!

Go and grab the boy called Blessing.
Bring him here.

I'll call the father
for the ransom money.

Yes, sir.


You're sure you know
which boy to grab?

I know which one.
He's wearing a hat.


The time has come for you to
be who you were meant to be.

It'll all make sense. Follow me.

You know what you're holding?

Yes Boss...

We'll show them.

We've used these...

You look worried, what's wrong?
Why the deep sigh?

Oh honey, I'm scared.

I have a bad feeling something's
going to happen to Blessing.

Nothing's going to happen to
Blessing. I haven't seen any...

...strangers around.
You're worrying for nothing.

You can't trust anyone these days.
I think we should call the kids.

No, leave them. They're playing.

Blessing's with Dumisani and Phila.
They're playing.

Let's leave them,
there's no danger, honey.

You're scared for nothing.

This is the shop we buy from.

This is where we buy sweets.

We buying sweets now?

- Yes.
- It's closed now.

Are there any animals around here?

Yes, there are.

Can we go see them?

We can.

I can't see any animals!
We've been walking for ever.

They're here. Probably just scared.
Especially when there's people.

Hey, lend me your hat...

Take it. I just want to
see the animals. Come on.

Let's go.


There's the boy. With the hat.
Let's get him.

Let's catch him.


Leave me! Leave me!

Stop it!

I'll slap you! Stand still!

Hey! What do we do about those two?

We only need the boy
wearing the hat.

- Oh...
- Let's go! Boss wants him.

No, we need to go the other way.

Come on.

Boss wants this one.


Phila's in danger!

Those men are bad news.
We have to go back and help him.

I'm scared.

Come on, we can still catch them.
They went that way. Let's go.

Boss, we got the boy.


Hey! Is this the boy
I asked you to grab?!

Didn't you say you knew which one?!

Why the silence?!

Huh?! Is this the boy?!

When I gave you your gear
I told you to get to work!

Do your jobs properly!

Things have changed now!

You see what you've brought me?!

What happened?

Who's going to pay now?!

Boss, the boy was wearing the hat.

He was, sir.

I don't know where it is now...

Why did I trust two idiots who can't
even do their jobs properly?!

I didn't send you off
to catch the wrong kid!

I don't want this one!

You stupid pigs!

Here's our chance!

Hurry guys...

Quiet, we're doing our best!

Stupid idiots!

Can't you do anything right?!

Boss! He's getting away!

Go after them!
Kill them if you can't catch them!


Go after them!

Come on guys...

Dumisani, Phila!

Dumisani, Phila...


Oh my.
Honey, are they still not back yet?

No, none of them...

Ah, the boys are still playing.
They'll be back later. Stop worrying.

What's bothering you?

It's not just Phila.
I can't find Dumisani or Blessing either.

Don't worry about Phila.
He's just strange. He's always late.

Relax, they're just having some fun.
Stop stressing about them, dear.

Listen, what you have to do next
is call their father. Understand?

I'll go to Olivier's house and make
the call... tell him we want money.

- Understand?
- Yes, Boss.

I want you to take
care of these boys...

You'll see what's going to
happen to them. Understand?


Did you hear me?

Yes, Boss.

Boss... should we kill them?

No, don't...

What then?
You want to eat them?!

Shut up!

Maybe we should kill them!

Boss, I don't think
it's right to kill them.

How will we get the money?

The parents won't know they're dead.
The boys are here with us.

We'll take the money and go.
There's no witnesses!

Take this one.
I'm going to make the call.

Hey, are you going to kill them?

No, Webster. You have to do it.

Okay... all of you. Sit down.

- Don't kill us.
- Sit down!


I'm sorry for what
I'm about to do...

But there's no other way.

I was told to do this...

Oh! Please don't kill us...

We won't tell anyone.

Boys, I don't have a choice.

I can't spare your lives.
I have to shoot you.

Come on. Get on with it...

Relax, I'll shoot when I'm ready.

No! Wait, wait...

What is it?

My dad's a Pastor.

He says a person should be granted
a wish before he's killed.

And what's your wish?

Please pray for us
before you kill us.

Whew! I don't know...

That's a good idea, boys.

We should pray for you
before you die.

Pray for them.

No, Webster,
you pray for the kids.

You must pray for them.

You pray for them!

You pray for them because
I have to kill them.

Fine, fine. I'll pray for them.

Wait, before you pray,
can we stand?

Fine, stand up.

Hey, you have to close your eyes.

Fine, I'll pray.

Close your eyes...

"Heavenly Father..."

"We stand before you."

"As we send these kids to you,
not willingly..."

"This is beyond our control.
We've been ordered to do this."

"We're not bad people,
not all the time..."

"We ask that if we make it to
heaven, please forgive us...

...Knowing that we were in
a difficult situation."

"We ask you to forgive
us Lord, Amen."


- Hey!
- Where are the kids?

Where're the kids, hey you!

You said we should close our eyes!

Not my fault.

Let's get after them.

They went this way.

- Hello, sir.
- Yes.

- Olivier?
- Yes.

I'm Harry.

Pleasure to meet you, sir.

I need your help.

While I was at the shop -
my friend has a shop here...

I needed help and he told me about you.
Said you could help me...

I wonder if I could
use your telephone?

I've got a telephone.
You can use it.

Thank you, sir.

Here's the thing.

As I was driving here,
I saw these two guys...

When I looked closer, they were wearing
strange clothes... like army uniforms!

I wasn't sure if they were
hunting or here to bother you.

Thought I should notify you...

Thanks. I'll go check it out.


- Okay?
- Fine.

Telephone is in there...

Thank you.

Those fools.

Let's hope he kills them.
More money for me.

If they kill him...
there's no evidence.

I'm wasting time.
I better make the call.

Get paid.

Honey, I'm starting to think
about what you said...

I'm getting worried.

The boys should have been back already.
I wonder what's happened...

Let's go look for them.

No, you can't go.
I'll go by myself...

I'll take the bicycle and
look around. I'll find them.

What if you don't?

Then I'll go out to Olivier's
brother at the hunting range.

He has a two-way radio.

I'll ask him to call the cops,
so we'll...

...search for them together.

I need you to wait here for me.
Everything will be fine.

Where will you get the radio?

Over there, don't worry.
I'll use the bicycle.

I'll look for them.

Please be careful.

I will. And don't forget to pray.

Yes, I'll stay and pray.

It's a far ride.

Hey! Hurry up!

I'm tired.

Run, they'll catch us again.

Gentlemen, have any of you seen
my boys today?

I saw Dumisani and Phila
at church this morning.

Are they missing?

I suspect they might be.

If I see them,
I'll tell them to hurry home.

Thank you very much.

Sincerely, thank you.

Okay then.

Oh my.


What's that?

Looks like Blessing's hat.

Tire tracks... going that way...

I'll follow them.

I will find them.

Wait and see.

The criminals went that way.

They've taken my nephew...

Ah, hello Harry...

I'm glad to see you here.

Something terrible has happened!

The boys are missing!
I'm looking for them.

My nephew's hat...

Why are you still here?
I thought you were going back to Durban?

Follow me, I'll show you.

Go in. See for yourself.

I have to go see what's happening.

See who's going to die.

Wait, Webster. This is the place
where we hid our weapons.


- Yes, this is it.
- Dig around, let's find that cannon.

Yes, we don't know
what lies ahead of us.


I got a bad feeling...

Me too, something's up.

Okay, dig.

- Help! Help! Help!
- What happened?

There are two men after us.
They want to kill us.

Shh... Follow me, come...



Come on!

About time we used this.

Here are the bullets.

Run boys!

Run as fast as you can!

Webster! The boys are getting away.

Go after them,
I'll handle this guy.


We got him!
Let's go help that white man.

Right, let's go.


Time to die, devil!


Wow, you killed him.

You really killed him!

Thank you, boys.

We killed the other
one that side too.

Really? Come!

Thank you, you saved my skin.

Thank you, Mr. Olivier...

For killing those fools...

Means more money for me.

Uncle Harry!
How could you do this?!

Your father thought he knew everything.
Even about his money.

It's over now...

All his money is mine.

Olivier! Put your weapons down!


Take them out slowly.

Thank you.

Turn around and face that way.
All of you.

Turn around!

All of you!

It's a real pity
I have to kill you all.

But I can't have any witnesses.

Take this!

He's killing him!

We have to help!

Let's go!

Get something to tie him up with.


Thanks again, boys!
You really helped.

We have to get the cops to
come take these guys in.

You boys did good.

Who lives there?

I don't know...

Okay, come...


My boys! I'm fine.

You're safe!
Is everyone alright?


Did you get those criminals?

We defeated those crooks,
we defeated them!

I'm proud of you boys.
So very proud.

Do you know why you
were able to beat them?

Because we're smart!

Don't fool yourselves that's why
you beat them...

The reason is because God protects
innocent souls from criminals.

Isn't that so, Mr Olivier?

Yes, Pastor.

Do you need some rest?

Thank you, sir, but I'm sure
my wife is sick with worry...

I'd better get the kids back home.
Thank you again.

We'll see you again soon.
Thank you...

Would you call the police to
apprehend these crooks for us?

Go well.

Stay well, sir, thank you.
Let's go, boys!

My children...