Aakhree Raasta (1986) - full transcript

David is an old prisoner, released after twenty-four years in a penitentiary for a crime he hasn't committed. The three men who framed him and sent him away, are now prominent citizens of his town. David walks out of the prison straight into a confessional booth at his church. He tells the priest that he is about to kill three prominent men, for which he seeks God's pardon in advance. He must find his old friend, bootlegger and the custodian of David's only son. David had believed in his friend to bring up his son as the worst criminal and seek revenge from the men who put him away. On meeting him, David finds that his son is a Cop instead. Devastated, David continues on his own. When he is about to kill the three men, his son has vowed to protect the citizens under any circumstances. David and his son are at war, personally and the smarter of the duo would win.


Today you're being released
from the jail.

David! I'm an orphan.
No one comes to meet me.

Atleast you come to see me.

I've got a death penalty.
My wife is young.

Ask her to get married
and live happily.

Clothes Warehouse.

Sign here.

This is the wage for the work
you did in all these years.

Your purse.

Your chain.


Criminals are not kept in jail
only for punishment.

They are kept here, to realize
their crime and repent for it.

Rather than we improving you,
it's better you improve yourself.

David, your youth was spent
in jail. Atleast now...

Peter, in this holy place of God
do you accept Mary as your wife?


Mary, do you accept
Peter as your husband?


What are you saying? Are you mad?
At such a time...

Do you want to marry someone else?

Yes Father.
I want to marry David.

Why are you
destroying your life?

What happiness can this
illiterate man give you?

He doesn't have the ability
to earn a dime!

lf you marry him, I won't give
you a penny of my wealth!

Take this.

I don't want your wealth.

I want a good husband.

For him, I'm ready to
make any sacrifice.

- Your fate is bad! Let's go!
- Yes let's go.

Get up!

- Who is it?
- Where were you?

Today you got married, in that
happiness I had 2 bottles more.

I didn't realize when
I went under the bed.

I just woke up.

Good you woke up.
Had you woken up after 1/2 hour...

...Mary would throw
both of us out!

- Come on.
- Is something going to happen?

Marriage was in the morning.

What happens in the night
is not your concern.

Great! I felt you
kept these flowers for me.

Not for you.
You sleep outside.

It will rain outside.
You both sleep here...


Get out!

Mary... come.

Everything... is ready...
over here.

No... I'm fine here.

Come here.

What are these books for?

This... is that.


Okay that!

Books for the wedding night?

Let me see. Any photos?

This is a different book.

- This isn't that book.
- Then?

It's an ABCD book.

No. Not ABCD.

Newly married couples
must study something else.

Not now.

- What? - You forgot how father
insulted you in the church.

He said many things in the church.
Forget it now.

You don't care for your respect
but I do!

I decided in the church to
teach you to read and write.

We'll start the lesson.
Say A for apple.



Do I have to learn
this lesson now?

Yes. You'll learn this lesson now.

What I'm saying is,
in the morning at 6 a.m....

...if we start with a fresh mind.

Won't it be good?

We can start even now
with a fresh mind.

Okay not 6 a.m.
we'll start at 3 a.m.

Okay give me just one hour.

Then see how I...

How fast I...

If you really love me,
start learning now.

Come on say!

Say in words.

- Child means?
- It means a baby.

After apple and bed,
how can a baby come?

I won't say.

You laughed!
It means even you like babies.

It's okay.

- Get up.
- No, it's nice here.

I'll learn from here.

Get up!

Now say.

What's wrong?
How did your voice change?

I've got a sore throat
because of you.

Have some shame else...


It means, I will beat you.

Where did you learn
this English?

I see it in movies,
I learnt it from there.

You've learnt
what is not needed.

You don't teach what I want!

Leave this and say
D for darkness.

- Darkness means?
- Darkness means unlit.

- Unlit? - Yes.

Yes unlit. This is right.

Apple and bed are here.
Child will come later.

I'll unlit the room now.

What are you doing?
Get up.

- I won't speak to you.
- I won't listen to you!

First is studies.

First studies,
then love will happen.

Not once but a hundred times.

Yes it will happen.

I will not be able to wait.

We'll learn today's lesson now.

That's okay but
when will you have time for me?

In the world,
the best thing is... a couch.

The moon rises at a certain time,
the sun sets at a certain time.

We too must work
at fixed times.

That's fine but
when will you have time for me?

This is the first flower...

...which blooms at night.

The sad thing is...

...men are not timely.

Important things
must be done first.

As a servant of God,
it's my duty...

...to hear your confession
and request God to forgive you.

Tell me.

Tell me what sin
have you committed?

I haven't done any sin till now.

But now I'm going to do 3 murders.

People come here to confess and
get forgiveness for their sins.

But you're talking about the sin,
you're going to commit.

I didn't understand this.

I don't wish that
after committing a sin...

...my feet should
stain this holy place.

I'm innocent now.

But after today,
I'll never come here.

Listen to me.

If you kill a human being,
God will never forgive you.

I'm not going to kill a human.

I'm going to remove the traces
of three beasts from this world.

At such a time...

...the call of my soul is more
intense than my religious duty.

I'm sure God will forgive me.

As per the religious order, I must
not see the face of the confessor.

So I haven't seen
your face till now.

You're going to do a sin.

I wish to talk to you in my room.

Come with me.

Mahesh Sandal?
He lived here 24 years back?

The house at the end of this lane,
with a national flag, a man...

... lives there since 20 years.
He has never progressed. Ask him.

- Is this Mahesh Sandilya's house?
- Yes.

The person I'm talking about...

... used to do liquor business
24 years back.

That's how he has such a big house.

I'm a retired Collector. I couldn't
even make a hut for myself.

I wander on the streets.

I'm Sandilya speaking.

What? This isn't a fire station.

You maybe trying since long,
but that's not my concern.

What? I've to hoist the flag
on 15th August in a school?

There's a problem.

I'm going to Singapore
on the 15th for shopping.

I told you this
is not a fire station!

What? The fire is still burning?

The fire will extinguish when it'll
rain in the evening. Go and rest.

Who is that?

When did you come from jail?

It's been so long since I saw you.

I was in jail for 24 years.

You didn't have time
to see me for even a day.

Today, when I've come here
looking for you...

... you're exhibiting love.

David, the work load was too much.

Not work...
the money has increased.

In our country there is,
what you call democracy...

... due to which a loafer like me
got lucky to cheat and come up.

You didn't bother to know
my condition in jail. But...

... I'm happy to see
your advancement.

If I sit here,
will your sofa become dirty?

What are you saying David?
Sit down.

This sofa has no
value before you!

So what if I'm rich?
This liquor vendor...

I mean this building contractor,

... can give his life,
for his best friend.

Thank you.
Where is he?

What a fool I am!
I didn't ask what you'll drink.

Or you'll directly have breakfast.

It's not vital for me
to satisfy hunger.

lt's more essential
to satisfy my heart.

Where is he?

I was saying... he's gone out.

And it can take him
3-4 hours to return.

In that time, you can have a wash,
put some talc and become fresh.

This is the problem with you.

You're very stubborn.

Take a wash and get ready.
Come... very good!

This is my imported bath room.

It's made keeping in mind some art.


- Long live...
- The worker's union!

- Give the worker's... - Bonus!

- Long live...
- The worker's union!

- Give the worker's... - Bonus!

- Long live...
- The worker's union!

Our only leader...
brother Chaturvediji!

The voice of the poor...
brother Chaturvediji!

The symbol of revolution...
brother Chaturvediji!

In our great leader's path,
if anyone creates hurdles...

... we will... we will crush him!

And we want to warn our enemies...

... if anyone even
touches our great leader...

... we'll cut his head off!

We know only one leader,
we take only one as our leader.

His name is Chaturvedi!

So friends,
now before you, brother...

- What's your name?
- Sadanand.

Yes, brother Sadanandji
will express his thoughts.

Come Sadanandji.

He wasn't letting me speak.

Brothers and sisters.

Friends and colleagues...

- What is it? - Mary sister is
having labor pains. Come on.

Are you crazy? How can I leave this
hunger strike and come?

Take Mary to the hospital,
I'll finish this meeting and come.

What are you saying?

Even when your mother died,
you were behind this leader.

Now your wife is in labor
and you say, you'll come later!

This strike is more dear
or your wife!

Try to understand.

My leader will be insulted
if I leave this strike and go.

You are yelling and
doing a hunger strike here...

... but where is your leader?

- Greetings leader.
- Greetings.

Is any important person
waiting for me outside?

- The regular visitor's have come.
- Okay.

David is here to name his child.

Who is this David?

- Once when police had arrested
you in Former's Revolt.- Yes.

To free you he was
ready to burn and die!

- Okay.
- Sir, he's the same David.

So what? There are so many men...

... who are ready to die
for a great leader like me.

How many should I remember?

David is an important man,
he's ready to do anything for you.

Okay fine. When we go out,
let me know who David is.

If I embrace the wrong man,
it'll be a awkward.

I don't like you to be a stooge.

The child is your's, why should
the leader keep his name?

You could ask me. I'd give
him a nice name like...

... Pandu, Pundu or Chandu.

- Shut up!
- You shut up!

You're here since morning but
no one asked you for even a tea.

Did anyone ask you
to sit inside?

- You're right brother.
- You too can add your comments.

I'll do your steel perm it work
but my nephew will meet you.

- Fine.
- Okay then.

Okay listen...

- Who is she?
- She's David's wife... Mary.

Fool! We could meet these men later
We should have met David first.

Leader... great leader!

- How are you?
- I'm fine.


I know everything about you.
You don't need to tell me.

Why have you come here?

Leader, this is my son.

We want you to keep his name.
If you can...

As per your religion, you should
take him to the church...

... or ask some big man
to keep his name.

No leader!
For us you are like our God!

No... I'm not such a great man.

- You must have thought some name
for him. - No we...

- I like the name James.
- Keep quiet!

James is a good name.

Yes. It's a nice name.

Please give him to me.

Come James. Come.

May God give him a long life.

Please wait.

Why are you giving this? Sir, you
are very generous. You're great!

This is nothing.
You do so much for me.

- No Sir...
- Take him home, he must be hungry.

Ask the mother to give him milk.

No need for this.

Okay Sir. Come on.

What do you want?

Nothing? Okay go.

Leader, David's wife is
very beautiful. Isn't she?

Do you know, why I slapped you?

- I know. - Why?

So you slapped me when I said
his wife is beautiful.

- No. - Then?

Because you told me this very late.

- What? - Yes.

Ask David to start the tomorrow
Rail Obstruction Movement'.

Give any reason.

But how will we benefit from it?

Not we... only I will benefit.

- Listen. - The police has
arrested your husband.

And you want me to get
him released. Isn't it?


Don't get scared. I called the
police station a little while ago.

With in 10 minutes
you'll be able to speak to him.

- Bansi? - Yes Sir?

The child must be hungry. Give him
some milk or horlicks. Take him.

- Please give me the baby.
- First my husband...

Don't worry. For us it's common
to face the police atrocities.

Don't worry.

The phone is ringing.

It must be your husband.

Go and speak to your husband.
Take the baby.

Please give me the baby.

Please go.

Yes Sir?

See that the baby doesn't call
the mother for 1 hour. Understood?

I'm Mary speaking!

Don't you have a mother or sister!

You will ask this. Isn't it?

You cruel man! My husband
is ready to die for you...

And you have an evil eye
for his wife!

You'll ask this. Isn't it?

I agree... it's a very bad thing.

But what can I do?

Except my wife,
I find everyone's wife beautiful.

What can I do?

No... no!

Are you thinking of screaming?

Do you think,
Lord Krishna will come to save you?

He existed in the golden ages
but he doesn't exist now.





Why are you crying?

I wasn't jailed for theft or crime.

I was jailed for my party.

For my great leader I'm ready
to die a hundred times.

I'll do anything for...

So many people at my place?

- Come inspector.
- Congratulations!

Where are you going?
You can't go in!

Leave me!


You rogue! I'll kill you!

You killed my wife!

I won't let you live!

- I'll kill you! - You're trying to
kill him before a police inspector!

How dare you!

Sir, this rogue killed my wife!

Yes Sir, he raped her
so she committed suicide!

He killed my wife, I'll kill him!

Leave him!
Sit down and listen to me!

Speak to me! How do you know
that he killed your wife?

Do you have any witness or proof?

Yes Sir, I have proof!

See this, in this letter my wife
wrote what he did!

Okay I'll see it.
All of you, please go down.

See this Sir. My wife wrote it.
This rogue killed my wife!

He raped her!
He killed her, Sir!

I used to save money
to buy garlands for him!

I used to be awake whole night
to stick his posters on the wall!

Like a dog I obeyed his every
command and he raped my wife!

Sir I won't leave him!
Arrest me but I won't leave him!

Arrest this man!

I have Rs. 10 lakh in my safe
against a contract. Take it!

I love the law more than
your 10 lakh rupees!

You're right Sir, don't spare him.

Okay fine, I'll take care of it.
You be quiet now!

- Do you trust me?
- Yes Sir but...

Come with me if you trust me
and keep quiet!

Be quiet and come with me!

- Everything will be fine,
come with me. - He's dangerous!

Sit down! This one proof is enough
to get him death penalty!

Sign here.
I'll write the report later.

Do you know to sign?

I was illiterate before.

Mary taught me to sign!

I'll expose that rogue!

- Sir, Mary died!
- Don't worry, sign here.

Sir, Mary was my life.

Very good.

Remove his handcuffs.

What are you doing? Remove soon!
Hurry up!

Thank you very much!

Be thankful, the dead woman's
statement came in my hands.

If someone else would get it...

... no one could save you
from death penalty.

Yes. Tear it immediately!

You rogues! Scoundrels! Rascals!

Forget him. You tear it!

- Can't I do that much for you?
- You will.

A helpless man is trapped
in your web...

... you want to take advantage
of him and tear this letter!

I won't let this happen!

- You're right Sir. Don't let these
rogues tear the letter! - Yes.

- Don't let them tear it.
- Yes I won't let them!

Give that letter to me!

Did you forget the amount of money
I gave for you nursing home?

- Shut up!
- What?

You can't do anything you like!

Give this letter to a honest
inspector and get him arrested.

They are very dangerous.
Don't spare them!

This letter is the only proof
you have. Isn't it?

Yes Sir.

Only with this letter,
these two can get convicted.

Yes Sir!

So it should not be torn.
Something else should be done.

Very good Doctor!

Mr. Mahesh Sandilya, who sells
liquor has given a statement...

... that when Mary died,
David was in police custody...

... and he did David's bail.

But in police records there is
no mention of David's arrest.

And there's no witness too.

- No! He's lying... he's lying!
- Sit down.

Apart from this,
when I arrested him...

... he accepted his crime before 2
rich and responsible men.

He wrote that statement himself
and gave it to me.

I've submitted it in the court.

As a doctor, who has done the post
mortem of Mary's corpse...

... it's my duty to give
an honest statement.

The cause of Mary's death
was not an accidentor suicide.

In fact she was murdered
with cruelty.

The wounds on her body,
are a proof of this.

Mary was an educated girl,
from a rich family.

David was not worthy of her. So she
began having extra marital affairs.

David confided one day,
he can't bear her adultery.

I advised him to speak to Mary
and ask her to be faithful.

But... I never thought
he would kill her.

No husband can bear
his wife's adultery.

So I... request the court...
to have mercy on him.

The way people
crucified Jesus Christ.

I had only heard about it.

But today I even saw it.

What will happen to him?

Don't worry about him.

Now he's my son.
I'll close the liquor business.

I'll not do any bad business now.

It's my duty, to make him
an honest and nice man like you.

It'll be better if you kill him.

Instead of the words of Bible...

... the fire of revenge
must burn in his heart.

Because after 20 years
when I'm released...

... I may not have the strength
to match the fire in my heart.

At that time he'll be my support.

He'll be my strength.

See Mahesh...

If you are my friend...

If you like me...

... then make this boy
a dangerous criminal.

What are you saying?

Will any father
say this for his son?

The one who raped his mother.

The people who punished his father
with life sentence in jail.

If he doesn't take revenge
from such rogues, he's not a man.

You are right David. You were
so happy with your wife and child.

Those 3 rogues notonly
burnt your happiness...

... but also defamed you!

It's my duty to take
revenge from those 3 rogues!

You want him to be a criminal.
I'll make him...

... such a dangerous man, hearing
his name people will shiver!

I take an oath David!

I was playing hide and seek.

Breakfast? It's ready... come.

Where's the pistol?

Please listen to me
with a cool mind.

Years back few men did a mistake.
It's no use of taking revenge now.

I mean... it's not good to roam
with a pistol.

It's my duty to take revenge
from those 3 rogues!

You want him to be criminal.
I'll make him...

... such a dangerous man, hearing
his name people will shiver!

I take an oath David!

A man watching a drama,
can only preach.

He can't feel the person's pain.


Where is my son?

David... I...

This is Ishwarlal and the one who
is being beat en inside is Somlal.

They are the members
of an international gang.

Apart from printing false money,
they dressed as police officers...

... and loot ed the nearby villages.

That's okay but stop Vijay else
he might kill that man in anger.

Inspector Vijay, please stop!

It's the DIG's order. Stop!

Please stop!

Leave me!

I gave your son the love
of a mother and father.

Only I couldn't give him
mother's milk.

As that wasn't possible.

I gave him everything and
made him a police inspector!

I thought when you come back,
you'll give me a reward!

Great! You gave me
such a big reward!

How could you make him
a police officer?

Don't you know, that rogue
was also a policeman...

... who saved the rascal who
raped my wife and my son's mother!

Didn't you know...

... that because of a policeman,
I spent 24 years in jail!

And you made my son
a police officer!

You had taken an oath!
On what basis did you fulfill it?

You were angry then.

Else can any father wish
for his son to be a criminal?

I'm a fool to promise you
for the sake of friendship!

But when I reached home,
I realized...

... it's not a sin
to do liquor business!

But to instill the poison of hatred
in a child's life is a sin!

I decided to bear your anger
but I won't spoil the boy's life!

If you want, you can hit me.
Else take my shoe and beat me!

Didn't my son ever ask
in these years about his mother?

Tell me!

- He asked many times.
- What did you say?

- I said she died.
- Didn't you say how she died?

I said she died due to small pox!

Why did you lie?

I didn't know
you'll react like this.

Did you tell him, his father
is rotting in jail for 24 years?

- Did you?
- No! - Why?

I told him, I'm his father!


You said that you...

... you're his father.

Don't feel bad.
I'll tell you the truth...

He called me Baba,
and those were his first words.

I'm not his father but
I was very happy to hear Baba.

I became his father from that day.

For his sake I left all bad habits.

God also helped me. I educated him
but never told him your story!

Because I knew
he'll get enraged.

So I never came to see you in jail.

I beg of you! Please don't ever
tell him that I'm not his father!

Don't take him away from me!

To brighten my life,
I asked you to light a lamp.

But you burnt me
and brightened your life.


You can keep your son.

These old bones are still strong.

To achieve my goal,
I don't need you or your son!

Where is the pistol?

You've come after so many years.
Atleast see your son once.

You'll forget the revenge.

I forgive you today...

But don't expect
such decency from me again.

If you ever try to arouse
the emotion of a father in me...

... my first victim
will be my son...

Sorry, will be your son.

I have given you birth.

You are my image.

I have given you birth,
you are my image.

My blood flows in your veins.

You're my image.

You're the saga of mother's love.

You're the symbol
of father's love.

Take care of us.
Bring glory to our family.

Do the duty of a son...

... repay what you owe
to your mother.

I have given you birth.

You are my image.

He doesn't have my blood.
He is not the symbol of your love.

He's neither your image...
nor mine.

What sin have you done?

I haven't done any sin yet.

But now...
I'll do 3 murders.

Hey girl!

Can't you see the no-entry sign?

I see it everyday.

Then why did you enter
the no-entry zone?

I was in a hurry.

First pay Rs. 100 fine
then you can go in hurry.

Your name?


- What do you do?
- Love.

- Father's name?
- Mr. S.K Bhatnagar.

- What does he do?
- He's a DIG.


Put your hand down.

Your name?

Tell me your name.

Father's name?

It means all are Khote,
no one is Khara.


If I give this to my father,
you know what will happen?

I'll never do this mistake again.

If I come this way again,
what will you do?

I'll reverse the no-entry sign.

What are you doing?

My name is Vijay.

I'm a CID officer.

Give my complaint to your father.
I don't care.

I've just deflated the tyre.

If you enter a no-entry zone again,
I'll give the tyre in your hands.

Come on... move.

See the mistake, not at the person
who does it. Understood?

Sir, you're in the photographs.

Are you lovers? Your pair is nice.

- Listen to me.
- I don't want to hear anything.

In the excitement to show you
the photos...

And you couldn't keep from
showing off your post!

You insulted me before everyone!

You did a mistake so as a police
officer I had to shout at you.

But here I'm your lover.

You can shout at me
or give me any punishment.

If you say I'll beg at your feet
or if you say I'll kiss you.

Don't come behind me.

Go to your constable
and kiss what you want!

The lovers are made
for each other.'

The love story has begun.

There goes my heroine
with my heart.

I don't want it.
Don't stop me, don't interrupt me.

Don't look at me. Don't touch me.
Don't force me.

No villain must come
in our love story.

No hurdle must come in our love.

Love is enhanced by
gazing at each other.

The love story has begun.

There goes my heroine,
with my heart.

Recall the scenes
they show in the movies.

They lie down and talk.
They run and sing.

I ran behind you,
you ran before me.

The love story has begun.

There goes my hero,
stealing my heart.

The lovers belong to each other.

The love story has begun.

There go the hero and heroine,
stealing each other's heart.

- Speak up!
- Don't hit us Sir.

- Where have you hidden it?
- Don't hit us Sir.

Take out the goods!

This is a sacred place. You can't
dig a grave without permission!

What's the meaning of this?

It means you all are irresponsible!

That's enough!

How many times will you
kiss your baby?

After he's born,
I'll give him lot of love.

How can you say it'll be a boy?

Because you love me
much more than I love you.

He will be just like me.

Only in one way he'll be like me.

- In what way?
- In speaking English.

You've just learnt English.

He'll cry and talk in English
from childhood.

You can't compete with him.

Okay fine, ask him to speak to me.

- How can he talk now?
- Why?

Let the day come when both of you
will speak in English.

Then we'll see who wins.

You were right Mary.

Your son speaks
English so fluently.

I'm not less than him.

I'll go and talk to him in English.

I'll surpass him.

They are waiting since long
to bury the corpse.

You are screaming so loudly,
they are not able to pray.

I'm doing my work,
let them do theirs!

Constable! Take him in the jeep!

Dare you do that!

Beware if you touch him!

Why must we keep quiet? My brother
is a lawyer. I too know the law.

Please calm down.

He's a child and spoke
in the spirit of his youth.

I'll explain to him.
Please go.

The dream you had seen
for your son...

... it's come true.

I wish...

I wish you could see all this.

You would be so happy.

Take him away. Come on!

The time of your child hood...

... don't forget, remember it.

You're the support of my old age.

You're the treasure of my hopes.

Do all my work...

... glorify my name.

You have got my name.

You are my image.

I've given you birth.

You are my image.

My blood is in your veins.

You are my image.

Think once more and then answer.

When that man confessed to you...

... that he'll murder 3 men. Didn't
you feel like seeing his face?

Sir, I'm a catholic priest.

We're not permitted to see
the face of the confessor.

We can't even disclose
the confession.

Then why are you disclosing it?

I felt it's more eminent
to save the lives of 3 men.

So I resigned from priesthood
and came here.

Now it's your duty
to save their lives.

You don't know
that man's description.

You don't even know
the men he's going to kill.

Without knowing this,
what can the police do?

Police is not God
to know everything.

You are absolutely right.

This is like catching
a black cat in the dark.

It's better to drop this case.
Isn't it?

Father, you can go.

Don't make haste.
Think... think something.

From his confession we know,
he is a staunch Catholic.

So he must have had
the faith that...

... Father won't tell anyone
about his confession.

That's fine.
But knowing this doesn't help us.

You're right. That's the reason
I didn't discuss this point.

I mean I didn't raise this point.

Yes son, tell me how will it help.

It will help in a way that
through newspapers and T.V...

... we can say, Father notonly
disclosed his confession...

... but also gave his description
to the police.

There will be chaos in the city.

Every man has some enemy.

The whole city will demand
for police protection!

It'll create a panic!

You're right but we will
benefit in two ways.

When he'll know that...

... Father has disclosed
his confession to the police...

... he may attack Father,
in a religious fervor.

If he does that
we can arrest him easily.

And if doesn't do that then...

... after knowing that police
is aware of his intentions...

... he may delay his plan to kill
and we'll get some more time.

Your idea is great!

I've told you so many times not to
intrude in the department matters.

Go inside!

I feel your suggestion is right.

Even I had thought about this.

Yes. Mr. Vijay, I feel
you can start the investigation.

- Yes.
- Shall we go? - Yes.

If you find any suspicious man
near the church...

... don't start the inquiry,
first let me know.

The plain clothed Constables
near the Father's house...

... who are looking at girls
passing by, ask them to be alert.

Ask Father to come and sit outside.

If he sits inside,
how will anyone attack him?

Assure him, we have taken measures
for his safety.

He doesn't need to fear.

The inspector of Chembur police
station has called you at once.

- Why?
- He says, a Father is there...

... who claims to know everything
about the 3 murders that may happen.

Did the Father say anything
about it to the inspector?

No. He says he'll tell the details
to the Superintendent of Police.

And he insists that he should be
taken to the S.P.

Ask him to wait, I'm coming.

I'm handling this case, so tell me
what you know about the criminal.

I told the inspector before you...

I'll tell the details only
to the Superintendent of Police.

That's fine, but I should know
how much the S.P. should know.

No... no.

Just a minute Father.

Why are you insisting
on meeting the S.P.

Because in this case some of the
police officers are also involved.

Maybe they will try
to help the criminal.

The police convicts the criminals,
they don't help them.

In your age I too had faith
in this belief.

But I was betrayed.

Anyway, will I get the permission
to meet the S.P.?

Please wait here.

Inspector Vijay is handling
this case.

We have faith in him.

You can tell him everything.

Even I wanted Vijay
to know everything but...

... but later I thought,
I'll tell you everything myself.

If you permit,
I'd like to search him.

Let him do his duty.

You said he's a very
sincere officer.

Why this bandage?

This is an old wound.

It's not healed yet.

Why don't you go to a specialist?

There are 3 specialists
in my mind.

With great difficulty I've got an
appointment with the first one.

In the morning a file had come
from the DIG's office.

This one, did you see it?

Yes... I saw it.

Now tell me, who is this criminal
and who is he going to kill?

When is he going to kill them
and why?

It'll take me time to tell
the details so...

... I've written everything
about that criminal on this paper.

Please read this.

Yes the same David.

He had a beautiful wife,
a lovely child.

He had a happy family.
You destroyed everything!

David, I'm not that old Sahay.

I've changed.

I've improved.
Please forgive me.

Please forgive me.

It's humane to forgive an enemy...

... but to forgive traitor is

Remove your clothes.

- Clothes?
- Yes.

I won't let you die
in this uniform.

This uniform has a respect.

It will be maligned if it gets
stained with your blood.

I'm com ing there in some time, till
then I want everyone to be alert.

You have a call.

Tell I'm busy.
Ask them to call after 1/2 hour.

Some Vinita has met with
an accident. She's very serious.

Vijay speaking.

Vinita has met with an accident.
She's serious.

You're calling from which hospital?

which hospital?

Say she's lying on the road.

She's lying on the road.

She wants to die in your arms.

She wants to die in your arms.

I'm upset to see tears
in your eyes.

But for 24 years I've shed
tears of blood in the darkness.

You have to pay for that.
Don't you?

I won't kill you with my hands.

You're a corrupt police officer.

An honest police officer
will come and open this door.

And he'll be the cause
of your death.

Behave sensibly!

Yes start that.

This will be a lesson for corrupt
police officers like you!

No... no!

Wasn't it a great jump?

I was so proud of you.

I used to give your example
to senior officers and...

... asked them to emulate
your sense of duty.

I didn't you to be so careless
and foolish.

I've been in the service
for 24 years...

... and next year I'll retire.

It's another thing that in these
years I didn't solve any case.

But in I never did such
foolishness. Am I right?

You said, you went
in the control room and...

... opened the channel
to Sahay's room.

That man spoke to him for 10 minutes
before the murder.

Why didn't you open that channel

What were you doing?
In what work were you busy?

Tell me!

This is your first mistake and
I hope it's your last mistake.

Please forgive me.

Because of my foolishness,
people are blaming you.

I'm upset to see tears
in your eyes.

But for 24 years I've shed
tears of blood in darkness.

You have to pay for that.
Don't you?

But for 24 years I've shed
tears of blood in darkness.

You have to pay for that.

But for 24 years I've shed
tears of blood in the darkness.

As you asked - between 20th and
24th July, 3 men were released.

Are you sure,
this is the criminal.

Yes Sir, his name is David.

He was imprisoned
for murdering his wife.

Three men gave witness
against him in the court.

He confessed to murder
these 3 in the church.

Superintendent of Police,
Mr. Sahay was his first victim.

The details of the case
are in the file.

Mr. Vijay, when you become old
you'll look like David.

Senior officers like you
can only debate.

Junior officer Vijay, has brought
so many details with hard work...

... and you're making fun of him!

This criminals next target is
Dr. Verma and minister Chaturvedi.

Chaturvediji has gone abroad
and will be back after 10-15 days.

Find out where Dr. Verma is.

Make arrangements
for his protection.

Dr. Verma will be coming.

I'll set your meeting with him
when he comes. Please sit.

- Is Doctor in?
- He's coming. Please sit.

The list is very long,
I can't see so many patients.

Send the important patients inside.

Listen! You can go in.

Madam, you may be the DIG's
daughter, but you can't park here.

Park the bike behind.

Do you know how valuable
his daughter is?

It's now known who is
S.P Sahay's murderer.

- His name is David.
- Today's latest news!

S.P Sahay's murderer is revealed!

David was released a few days back.

Police suspects that David's
next victim can be Dr. Verma.

So he has been kept at unknown
place in police protection.

What's wrong with him?

Sir, as soon as I told him...

... that he can be David's
next victim, he fainted.

So I thought that...

Someone wants to speak to DIG
and says he is David.

Sir... David wants to speak to you.

That criminal.

Should I talk?

Trace this call.

I'm the DIG speaking.

When I came in broad daylight
to murder S.P. Sahay...

... you took me very carefully
to his office.

Did they make you a DIG
for that intelligence?

What nonsense!

This is what I was telling you.
Give the phone to DIG.

What's the matter?

He recognized my voice.
He wants to talk to you.

What do you want?

Yes... yes.

- Yes? - I've asked Pandey
to trace the call. - Yes.

But when I was talking...

... I could hear the sound of
local train and church bells.

Scan the area which has a Church
near the railway line.

Police is not scared
of your blackmail.

We don't care who
you have kidnapped.

Don't make a decision so soon.

First know who is in
my custody.

Decide after that.

You? Are you fine Vinita?

Please save me father!

I don't know where I am!

I'm scared of this man!
He'll kill me!

Old man, give me the phone
else I'll start screaming.

Help... help!

Don't be scared DIG. I showed her
the knife so she has kept quiet.

So... let's talk business.

When and where will you
hand over the Doctor to me?

You'll tell me the time and place
or should I say it?

David, you can't escape us.

Surrender yourself
to the law else...

See, I only want an answer
to my question.

The Doctor's life is dear to you
or your daughter's?

Policemen don't bother
for relations or love.

If anything happens to my daughter
I'll consider it my ill fate.

But I won't hand the Doctor to you.

You can do what you want!

You made a little haste.

We could take a chance.

We should have found out which
place he wants to meet the Doctor.

I'm sure there
could be a break through.

We did a publicity in papers
and on T.V. that...

... we' re keeping the Doctor
at a place which no one knows!

The funny thing is I'm hardly here
for 10 minutes and he calls me!

Doesn't it prove he's more
intelligent, more smarter than us!

I can't trust you and
risk a person's life!

Even if I've to sacrifice
my daughter's life for that.

Please let me take the call.

I don't want you to compromise
because of Vinita!

I'm not compromising! I'm only
doing my duty as a police officer!

We're ready to give you the Doctor.

But we want time till tomorrow.

Why? Isn't today's day auspicious?

I know you're an intelligent
police officer.

While talking to me, you heard
the sound of the local train.

You may have sent your men near
the railway lines to look for me.

You are a fool.

I was the driver of that train.

I'll start the train again.


You heard?

Listen, one more thing.

Before midnight today...

... wherever you have hidden
the Doctor...

... in your presence
I'll kill him!

Save him if you can!

As per your instructions,
I've sent my men...

... near all the railway lines
in the city.

He'll be caught in an hour or so.

Definitely he'll be caught!

Listen... you have
reached the old age.

You've seen everything in life,
but I'm still a child.

I've not seen anything yet.
I've to get married...

... I've to be a mother of
10 children. Please leave me.

Please stop! I'm talking
and you're not saying anything!

Leaving me alone here,
where are you going?

I'm feeling hot here.

I haven't eaten anything
since afternoon!

- What will you have?
- What?

What will you have?

I want ice-cream.

He's gone.

I won't get ice-cream.

Okay. I'll eat what I get.

Send more men on the
Hotel's terrace.

- You called me?
- Yes.

How will our men recognize
the room service waiters?

We've given them identity cards.

- Go in the parking lot.
- Okay.

Remove all the men
except the drivers.

Put some more Constables there.

- How many men are on the
staircase? - 10 men.

Okay, you be near the lift.

We may take all the precautions,
but David won't spare him.

Doctor will die. DIG and inspector
Vijay will lose their jobs.

- Catch this.
- No!

If we kill him,
what will happen to Vijay?

Catch the rope.

No! If I'm my father's son,
I'll never catch it!

Try to climb up!


Who is he?

Who is he?

When a young girl keeps
the photo of a young man...

... it means she wants to
marry him.

Don't you know that much?

It's bleeding.

My father is a policeman,
but he never hit me till today.

I would do any mistake but
my mother never screamed at me.

And... and he is so hot tempered.

He talks with his hands!

But even he never...

And... and this blood.

This old man...

No... you are notold.



Take... wipe the blood.

No... you cared that's enough.


Is it paining?

I also hit you.

Is it paining badly?

No? But I hit very hard.

You said you were hungry.
Didn't you?

- This...
- Is this for me?

- Yes.
- I thought you were joking.

It means even you have a heart.

How many days
will you keep me here?

Till the time you don't eat this.

Can I go home and eat?

Eat it here, child.

No... I'll go home and eat.

Okay... go.

Will you take me outside
and kill me?

No child... come.


It's very late
and the way is lonely.

Keep this with you.

How did you change suddenly?

I didn't understand it.

Don't try to understand anything.

Consider our meeting as
a bad dream and forget it.

You're setting me free.

After I reach home,
father and Vijay will ask me...

... about the place where you kept
me. But I won't tell anything.

Why do you trust me so much?

Please tell me,
why do you trust me so much?

Suppose, God forbid if someone
rapes you.

What will you do?

Answer me, what will you do?

If possible, I'll kill him.

And if not,
I'll commit suicide.

My wife has committed suicide.

I'm doing the duty
of killing them.

If you feel,
what I'm doing is justified...

... then don't tell them anything.

Else do what you feel is right.

He's a murderer!
It's my duty to arrest him!

Till I'm working in this

... there can be no relation
between me and the killer!

When he threw the rope to save me,
I was as surprised as you are!

He tried to save your life
as you're his best friends son.

You had given me
David's case file.

We only looked at those witnesses
who gave a testimony against David.

But today in the morning when
I read this file again...

... I noticed a witness who gave
the testimony in favor of David.

And that man was country liquor
vendor, Mahesh Sandilya.

That's your father.

After being released, David
inquired about your father...

... found him out and met him.

A retired Collector is an
eye-witness to this.

I know what you're trying to say.

Don't forget, you're keeping a
watch on Mahesh Sandilya...

... not on your father.

You've come. Are you fine?

Did David give you any problem?

He's not an insensitive man
like my father and your son.

They had left me to die.

But David gave a pistol for
my protection and sent me back.

He's a very nice man, a saint.

He's a very nice man,
I know it since a long time.

Today even you know it.
No one understands him.

Okay tell me what will you have?
Something hot or...

Why are you staring like that?

How do you know David is a nice man?

I said it because
he sent you back safely.

He sent me back today but you said
you know him since long.

- Did I say that?
- Yes.

You've put me in a dilemma.

Don't try to avoid it.

How do you know David?

Let it be...
don't ask anything else.

If I'm trapped once,
I won't be able to escape.

I'm going.

Oh my God.
He too had to come now.

This is a talk between us,
we'll do it later.

If Vijay asks you about David,
don't tell him anything.

Keep quiet... like this.

My dear son, how are you?

And tell me how...

Poor thing escaped from that
killer and has just arrived.

She's very scared,
she can't even talk.

She's only saying daddy... daddy.

Come child, I'll leave you home.

How did you reach here?

I'm asking you,
how did you reach here?

I don't need to answer
your questions.

A killer held me captive
for the whole night.

You and father made
no effort to save me.

In fact you left me to die.

Now I've come here, you're asking
how I reached here, not how I am!

I'm sorry I didn't try to save you
last night. Now answer my query.

I told you,
she duped David and ran away.

He has fooled the entire
police force and she'll dupe him!

Okay then think that he himself
left her here.

She has reached home safely,
we don't want anything else.

Will you keep quiet?

Come here.


Listen Vinita.

You know, my duty is more
important to me than relations.

I've was humilliated
because of you once.

Help me to catch that crook.

Where did David hide you?

It's very hot,
should I put on the fan?

Listen Vinita...

Your answer can save a man's life.

Tell me, where did he keep you?

You're questioning
a hungry girl...

Not father, daddy or Baba.
You're calling me by name!

You're my son!

Right now I'm a police officer,
please go now!

Tell me! Where did he take you?

I don't know. Wherever he took me,
he blindfolded me.

And when he left me,
I was blindfolded even then.

You are lying!

He may or may not have blindfolded
you but you've decided to fool me!

Good the trouble has gone.
I'm saved!

Thank God!

If eared you may come under
his pressure and tell the truth.

But you acted very well. great!

I was acting but now
you don't act before me.

Tell the truth. Who is David?

I'm trapped!

Tell me uncle.

- David is not my son!
- What nonsense!


I've had one peg only. If I have
a second peg, I'll talk better.

Now I'll say the truth.

Your lover Vijay...

... he's not my son!

He's David's son!

He tried to save your life
as you're his best friend's son.

After being released from jail,
he inquired about your father...

... found him and
met him at your home!

Mr. Vijay when you become old...

... you'll look like
this killer David.

This is not the fire station!

Everyone's after me!

David you?

Have you gone mad?
Is this the time to come here?

Vijay must be coming.
Before you he'll shoot me!

Why have you come here?
Tell me!


You may not bother
about your life.

But Vijay values his respect!

Think about it,
Vijay is a famous police officer.

It'll be disastrous
for him to know...

... Mahesh Sandilya who brought
him up, is not his father!

You're his father!

If he knows about his father...

... he's ask about his mother!

We'll have to tell him
the second secret.

Will you be able
to tell your son...

... that his mother died
because she was raped!

And when he'll know that
he was protecting the rogues...

... who raped his mother
and sent his father to jail...

... he'll be devastated!

Listen David...

... Vijay is not my son.

But I've given him more love
than one can give his own son!

Even he loves me very much.

If knows this bitter truth,
he'll leave me and go away!

I'll open the door,
you leave before Vijay comes here.

Don't go from here!
I'll open the other door.

Go from here!

David where are you...

Why are you crying?

You've changed after what I said.

You've improved. Isn't it?

You want to surrender for the
sake of Vijay's future. Isn't it?

Don't worry.

In the past it was different.
Your friend didn't have the money.

But today I have money!

I'll fight your case well.
Wait here, I'll talk to the police.

Inspector, you're not arresting
David. He's surrendering himself.

So you must treat him with
respect. Tell this to Vijay also!

No need to shake my hands. It's my
duty as a police officer's father.

What's this?

You knew everything about the
criminal but...

... till 2 murders you gave
no information to the police.

To know more about this,
you're arrested.

Why arrest the witness?
Arrest the culprit. He's...

Come on Sir.

One minute.

I want to speak to my son,
no to Inspector Vijay in private.

I loved you so much...

... so much that my heart
became empty.

And you played this game with me.

The elders were right.

A man's real son is his own.

Someone else's son
can not be our own.

Why have you come here?

What have you come, here for?

That day, when you realized,
who I am, you let me go.

Today, when I realized,
who you are, I came here.

Your old friend Mahesh
told me everything about you.

You stood as my father-in-law
during the marriage ceremony.

For you to bless me or for me to
invite you to my house...

... Perhaps it's not in our destiny.

That's why I have come
here with food, today.

Please come and have food!

Perhaps, your sorrows have
overcome you appetite.

Still, eat a little
to make me happy.

For me!

What is this?

You think, a resignation could stop
an officer from arresting your dad?

Had it been about arresting my
father, I wouldn't have resigned.

I am still ready to arrest him.

But, I am not ready to protect
a savage who raped my mother.

Being her husband, he could at
least take revenge on two brutes!

Being her son, I'll take
revenge on the third.

How could a responsible officer
like you, talk like that?

A true police officer, loves his
duty more than his relations.

You know this very well!

Yes, sir! I know it!

But, being a police officer
doesn't mean that...

... I forget the atrocities done to
a mother, who bore me in her womb.

Do I forget the excesses done to my
innocent father in the name of law?

He was nothing to me, yet he loved
me, more than one loves a son.

I got both a father
and mother's love!

What did I give him in return?
Betrayal in the name of duty!

Children consign their deceased
parents to the holy fire.

By arresting him, I set his love
afire in his own life time.

I can't agonize myself, by being
so daft as to protect law.

To defame the whole department due
to one man's fault, is not right.

When, one mentions India, one
talks of Gandhi, not Godse.

I am not saying, a police officer
should be heartless or emotion less.

But they should use their heart and
emotion for benefit of the public.

And not be revengeful
to the public.

Ashoka's pillar is
our national symbol.

And the pride to wear this
symbol on one's head...

... belongs only to a soldier or
a police man who protects law.

Even the president and the prime
minister don't have this privilege.

Don't disown this pride
with this resignation.

Think it over once more
and then make a decision.

I feel ashamed to
call myself your son.

I couldn't wipe of the
blemish against your name.

Perhaps, you are ill-fated
to have a son like me.

It's you good fortune that you got
a husband who loved you so much.

I am proud of my father.

I feel a lot of pride for him.

But, I have to abide by my duty.

Forgive, me mother!
I have to abide by my duty.

A man can share his
happiness with anyone.

But his sorrow, he has to
contain in his own heart.

That's the reason, I have
never told you the truth.

Since, I didn't want to
share my agony with you.

It's good that you
came here, today!

Today, it's your
mother's anniversary.

Let's pray, so that her
soul may rest in peace.

Come on, let's pray first!

We can discuss things later.

Take this and light it!

The prayer, is important,
not the way you do it!

I have reached the end
of my life's road.

Neither, do I need anyone's
help, nor good wishes.

But your son has his
whole life ahead of him.

Therefore, you save all
your good wishes for him.

He'll need them.

Look at this! It must
look like 6 from there.

But, from here, it appears 9 to me.

Difference is, because, you look at
it from your place, I, from mine.

We are right in our
different situations.

Just that we have
different viewpoints.

This difference between us,
would last all our lives.

You do, what you think is your duty.

And, I'll do, what ever
I think is right!

If I win, you'll be
proud of your father.

In case you win, I'll too,
be proud of my son. But...

But my soul won't rest in peace!

But, son, I know this won't happen!

Not, because you are my father...

... but as a police officer, too, I
believe, you are right in a way.

Therefore, I am ready to get
the last criminal, convicted.

The law that allowed those
criminals to roam free, till now...

... that law talks about
convicting them, today?

I am sorry, but these things
have no meaning for me.

Henceforth, my son, you
need not bother the trouble.

I'll decide his conviction, myself!

Being a police officer I can't
let a criminal, walk away.

Surrender yourself to me!

A man with courage dares to catch
his fish in a storm in the ocean.

The one who, sits at the shore
and dangles the hook...

... one who waits for the fish to
take the bait, is not a brave man.

If you are really brave, then
come and arrest me at my den.

And if you are not, then I am
not going to surrender myself.

I am leaving. You can shoot me in
the back and win rewards and fame.

A police officer can shoot
anywhere to nab a criminal.

It's not important, which part of
a criminal's body he shoots at.

Never expect me to
be lenient to you.

A criminal can even murder to
save his skin from the police.

You shouldn't expect
any pity from him.

I can kill you, if I want.

But, the mother, who bore you in
womb for nine months is lying here.

I don't want to kill you here.

But, remember, your mother can't
be everywhere to save you.

Hail, brave leader Mr. Chaturvedi!
Hail the warrior, Chaturvedi!

Forget the old things and remember
that you are a police officer.

Welcome! Welcome!

Your life is in danger!
Look at this!

- What is this? - Why are you
showing it to him? Fool!

If my life is in danger, than who
organized this welcome, program?

Sir, this is the time you
can prove your courage.

All arrangements for security
are in place! Don't worry!

David came to your headquarter and
killed an S.P and you did nothing.

How could you ever save me?
I am off to America.

If you go, party's prestige will be
soiled. Tongues will wag, leader!

I don't even belong to
this country. I am off.

There's nothing to be afraid of. We
have a bullet-proof jacket for you.

That jacket would save me till here
what if he shoots me here?

- I am leaving! - People are
hailing you, and you are leaving?

- I am off! - Stop, leader!
- I say I'll leave!

Stop the Jeep!

Get away! Get away!

Get away!

We have secured all the man-holes.
He won't get away.

- You can go home in police jeep.
- No! No!

Till he's not arrested,
I won't budge from here!

Tell your people to cover me up!
Come, hurry up!

I am telling you as an experienced
police officer I suggest...

... don't go before him
and endanger your life.

Just shut up. I want him to use up
his bullets. That's why I go!

You think just like me!

You can't get away.
I say, just stop!

Don't force me!

May god help your soul
to rest in peace.

Well done! I have no
words to praise you.

My secretary told me just now
that this killer is your father.

You didn't get carried away with
emotions and did your duty well.

What do you say, DIG, am I right?

I'll recommend a gold
medal for you.

Brothers and sisters, this
David who lies dead, here...

... was a killer and
a dangerous criminal.

He was a blot against
the name of the country.

The way we celebrate Ravan's
slaying by lord Rama as Dussehra...

... we will celebrate
this demons death.


If I win, you would be
proud of your father.