Aakashaganga II (2019) - full transcript



Water, please...


Go ahead.
- Water...

I swear,

I'll kill you if you're lying.

Never ever in my life,
I've gotten up so early.

Don't you know that
I'm not used to it?

You see it for yourself.

You get inside and watch the fun.

Jesus! Just make it viral!

Crazy! See him taking pictures.

Bro, wanna get viral in Instagram?

Yes, Beautiful!
Awe! As if she is the 'BELLE'

And you the 'BEAST'

Dude, she's coming.

Jithu, we're online now.
- Yes.

Give a space man. Let me
also fit into this.

Dearies, we're standing
in front of.

Sreekrishnapuram Parthasarathi
Temple right now.

Meet me, your chap Titus.
- And myself, Jithu.

You scumbag Jithu, return
my shirt you dumbo.

It's been two weeks since
you've taken my shirt.

What on earth, your fans're violent?
- Who commented it?

- Dear Mathu,

How shameful is to send out for
your shirt and undergarments?

It's better you publish
a 'Look Out' notice for it.

Wait! Wait! Wait! Friends,

The poster girl of Kalyani
Institute of Medical Science.

A true revolutionist.

Our one and only
University chair person,

who's a reformist and
a hardcore atheist...

You're gonna watch the very same
Arathi Varma here at this temple.

She unleashes atheism in public,

And prays to God in hiding.

We bring in lime light,
Arathi's fake atheism

on this Live platform.

Get me on your Live.

Listen friends, this is not
the real version of it.

My ideology and beliefs
are still the same.

Today is my Mom's
20th death anniversary.

My dad wants me to perform
oblation for her.

But, I don't believe in
those outdated rituals.

Understanding this,

My dad wanted me, at least to
accompany him to the temple.

This was the least minimum thing
I could do for my father.

Other than that, I'm neither
changed nor will change.

I hope that you're smart enough

to realise the tactics of
scrupulous opposition parties.

Catch you later.
- Bye.

Catch it.

Hey guys, Wassup?

See dad, they're up for ruining
my political future.

Is it Jithu?
- Uncle...

Will you ruin my
daughter's political future?

You too Brutus!

You're the upcoming doctors
of this village.

But, you still are kiddish.

Its just a fun, uncle.

We follow Arathi's lead.

Come along with us.
Have breakfast and go.

No, thanks!

We can't bare with old
vegetarian dishes.

We need a minimum of
'Appam' and 'Egg curry'.

Otherwise also, no one
wise would invite you.

Come, dad. Let's go.

See you.

Our plan against chairperson
didn't work out.

She's unreachable for us, dude.

That's it.

Don't scoff it.

But you said these coconuts
are for extracting oil?

You simply do what
you're asked for.

Don't neck into my affairs.

This is not extraction but
intractable action... -What?

I mean the oil
extraction is difficult.

Is that so?

Put that aside.

Most of them are dry coconuts.

If at all there're good ones,
they're already inside his tummy.

No wonder!

How come you gobble all of it?

I just thought of not
wasting the dry coconuts...

Very interesting.

You went to temple, Arathi?

What a surprise!

I don't think she would
get inside the temple.

True that she entered temple
since I compelled.

But, the atheist inside
her is still strong.

Ain't I right, daughter?

Listen Unni sir,

Otherwise also, these 'isms'
are always irritating.

Bharatha, enough of making
fun of my daughter.

Making fun? No way!

This Dia... dia...
- 'Dialectical logic'

You should've brains
to understand those.

Is she an incarnation of Karl Marx?

Doesn't she look
beautiful than ever?

Mayamma, my mom?

She's at her teens for ever.

Have breakfast,
It's time for college.

Go along, kiddo.
- Aren't you hungry, Unni?

Let her eat. I'll join.

Let's go.

Mayamma was just one
year younger to me.

Though 20 years have passed,

everything's still lingering
in my eyes.

I remember her first
scanning post-pregnancy.

Doctors then, advised an abortion

since baby was too big in size.

But, Maya didn't agree.

If abortion had taken place,

I wouldn't have been alive.

Ain't I right, aunt?

This is Fate.

She gave up her ghost
soon after her delivery,

without even waiting
to see your face.

Eat Kiddo.

Hey, Remya! Come, sit.

Happy birthday, Arathi!

There's nothing to be
happy about my b'day.

Today is my mom's
death anniversary too.

Oh! I forgot about it. Sorry!

Leave it, did you
have your breakfast?

Nope, food isn't ready at home.

Moreover, your Idli's
are my favourite.

Sundari, get her a plate.

Is this the way how you
eat at 'Kovilakam'?'


Even the cats here
eat more than this.

Dear Varadha, eat slowly.

It would get struck
into your head.

God knows how his body
manages the food he eats.

A keg full of porridge,

and fifteen coconuts
right in the morning.

Touch Wood!

Dear Sundari,

Learn to respect those
people who eat well.

Ours is a place of sick people,

who can't even eat
one 'Idli' all together.

Yes, yes! Very true.

He eats a big container
full of rice for lunch.

And 5 kgs of boiled tapioca
in the evening.

He eats like an elephant and
looks like an earth worm.

God knows whether
any Somalian ghost

is there inside his body.

No way a ghost would
enter his body.

His hands, ears and neck are
covered with defense stuffs.

This is some eating ailment.

At least, spare your own fingers.

A handful of servants like
him is more than enough

will ruin this 'Kovilakam'.

Eating Giants!
- I'll show her my true colors.

Sundari, don't try to
make a fool out of me.

There's a limit for everything.

My entire body is a defense
against ghosts like you.

Wanna see it,
- God!

See it.

I don't have courage to see it.
- Don't you see these hangings?

You know nothing
of this 'Kovilakam'.

The incidents here will keep
your fur stand on end.

Why to speak of something
you don't have?

Stop kidding.

20 years back, when Mayamma
died at her full term,

even I was there besides her.

After Mayamma was burnt
alive on the funeral pyre,

three more unnatural
death happened here.

Grandma and uncles.

All of their ghosts were
roaming around here.

Do you know that?

You could hear ghosts howling
every single night.

The 'Yakshini', trapped by'

the dark magician, Meppadan
was out again.

You can't imagine the pain
he bared to chain her again.

Don't you hear the noise
of chains at night?

That's why I am saying,
listen carefully.

At any moment in this house...

- Sundari.

- What happened?

What happened, Sundari?
- Shucks!

What the heck Varadha?
- No, this is not it.

What if coward people
like you become doctors?

What crap!
- Will you stop this?

Listen to what I say!
- What is it?

It's different when you
get to talk to ghosts

I have experienced it.

Why do you talk about ghosts?
Are you mad?

You'd better consult a psychiatrist.

I'm not lying, I swear.

Are they here to study medicine?

Or to bellow like bulls?

Why do you cook up stories
right in the morning?

After all, you shouldn't
gossip about your own dad.

Hello, I very well know
my dad's voice.

I'm sure that it was
my dad's spirit.

Why should I lie about it?

Doctoring is not your cup of tea.

You'd better go for some
black magic and earn pennies.

Otherwise also, I needn't convince
people like you.

You speak as if I work as the
marketing executive of the 'Ashram'.

- Don't believe me

if you don't want to.

It's true, but you don't believe.

Yes. - You have to say something
we can believe.

Trust me, please.

Dear healers, zip your mouth.
I'm loosing my concentration.

Healers? That's your dad.

Call us doctors.


You speak just like this!

Drive properly, you dumbo.

Who the hell taught you driving?

I just need a phone call to get
you unemployed. Know me?

Why not?

The uncultured son of
our Cultural Minister.

How dare you say
I don't have manners?

Are you doing yoga in the bus?

This would happen if tipper drivers
are allowed to drive bus.

He is worse than an auto driver.

Okay, leave it.

I wanna speak to him,

lemme sit here?
- No.

Please dear, lemme sit here?

- It's urgent, please.

Sit on his lap, if you want.

Stupid, why do you stamp
on me. I'll stand if you say so.

Gimme way
- C'mon, leave.

Move aside.
- Would you sit on the lap?

No need, I will go to the last seat.

I feel comfortable here.
- Yes.

Yeah, I know.

What is it?
- Even I thought so.

What is the matter?


But you said, you
wanna talk to me?

I was just tricking him.

Back seat jerks more.

You don't feel jerks here?

Not so much...

It is good with variety rice.

Don't nose dive into gutters,
you driver donkey.

Why did you apply the brakes?

College is here.
Get down.

It has already come?!

Not healer but doctor!

- Manufacturing defect, what else?

It is your birthday,
saree looks better on you.

Why did you change it?

Don't you know that I love
you wearing saree?

That's why I changed my costume.

Oh! Why is this big
attitude today?

What the heck did you comment
on my Facebook live?

What did I say?
- 'Beware of fake atheists'

Oh! That's the thing.
Ain't I right?

I know many of your party leaders
who go to temple secretly.

I also know it. Once you believe
in God, the heart will be at peace.

You know Govind.
- Yes.

He was a hardcore
believer of God.

A very virtuous person like you.

It's clear from your
cooked up stories.

Hey, it's not cooked up...

This is 100% truth. Trust me.

Should I believe it?
- Yes.


do you know what Jithu told us?
- What does he say?

His gone father talked to him,
it seems.

How come? His father is no more.

I swear, I'm not lying.

It's true that I heard his voice.

In fact,

I went there as my uncles's escort.

There was a saint there.

He took me inside a room.

Inside there was a book like this.

Shut up!
- He is always playing pranks.

He asked me to keep my
hands on a book like this

and to think of my
departed father.

When I was thinking of him.

Suddenly, I heard my father
calling me. Mother promise.

Liar, liar, liar.
The lie of the week.

It's for your scorn,
you got balls on your eyes.

There are some truths.
- What rubbish are you saying, Jithu?

It's true, Arathi. I can prove it.

You may also come with me and see.

You yourself test it.

If it fails, you'll walk nude
in this corridor, agreed?

Would you still take up
the challenge?

Yes, of course.
I take up the challenge.

You mean, the challenge
of walking nude? - Okay.

Hey, big brother!
How are you my bodybuilder?

Don't blabber too much.

Since I've accepted your challenge,

come to me only after
I've proven it.

Jithu, they're tricking us.

They collect our details in prior,
without our knowledge.

And reproduce them before
us in the name of God.

Duffers like you believe
it as well.

See Aarthi, you've been belittling
me for sometime.

See, I've experienced it directly.

Seeing his confidence,

I'd like to test it. Let's go?

I'm ready. After all, I can
hear my mom's voice.

I'm also ready. I wish to
speak to my grandpa.

Heard he has buried
treasure under the mud.

If I get it, I'll share
half of it with you.

Really? Then we're friends.


This is the place I told you.

Open your eyes and see it.

What else do we see it with?

I did not believe till I came here.

Do they all come
here to meet ghosts?

It is better if you remain silent.

See, he's Thimmayyan Swami.

He's manages things here.

But, you were saying about
some 'Devi' here?'

You can't meet her that easily.

She's the head.

She built this 'Ashram' after
returning from US.

It was him we met the last time.

Anyways, come.
- We take your leave now.

- It looks nice.

We will come again next week.
- Let's go.

Greetings, priest.
- Greetings.

May you live long.
- Greetings.

Who're you? What you want?

I wanna meet my grandpa.

Okay, is his spirit employed here?

That is not it, Thinmayyan swami.

Not Thinmayyan,
I'm Swami Chinmayan.

- You're Rajendra's nephew?

Yes, I am his nephew.
- Okay, come in.

Did you see, let's go.

I had booked an appointment
to meet 'Devi'.

Out of thousands of bookings,
Devi meets only two people a day.

His uncle works here as engineer.

So, I couldn't deny, as well.

But, I'm not sure whether you'll
get permission to meet 'Devi'.

Please consider, priest.

We wanna meet the spirits.

When I told them that I
spoke to my gone father,

Even they wanted to
speak to spirits.

That's all? Lemme see.

You needn't meet 'Devi' for this.

Is this all true?

Are they real spirits
speaking to us?

Why doubt about it?

There exists an energy,

beyond our knowledge
and consciousness.

Devi Saumini is someone
who's accessible to it.

She receives the energy directly
from that energy source.

Thus, she has access to everything.

Who wanna speak to the spirits?
- I...

Only one at a time.

Not more than two for today.

Who's coming?
- It's me.

Will you come?

- Then you go.


I'll test it first.

Not a kids play, be careful.

One guys who tested spirits here,
is in the mental hospital now.

Dude, whose idol is this?

He's the one who's
worshipped here.

Unlike others,

people here worship Negative power.

See his might.

Do they worship 'Satans'?'

Whatever, you get instant results.

Like Supersonic.

What is he called?

Yamandan Bhargavan.

Yamandan Bhargavan. Who's he?

Not Yamandan, it is
Yamakanda Bhairavan.

The king of devils.

But, those who worship him
are bestowed with anything.

We offer him Goat blood
and Arrack.

He surrenders at a single
call of Saumini Devi.


What happened?
Did you speak to him?

There was nothing there. Fake.

What he said is all a lie.

I didn't lie. His grandpa would
be scared to meet him.

When his grandpa was sleeping,
this chap thrashed on his head.

He will never ever
come before him.

Not head, it was on his face.

Not necessary that the
spirit should come every time.

Now you try, Arathi.
Let's see whether spirit comes.

- Let's see. Is

Don't get scared, come.

Sit here.

Please sit down.

Keeping both of your hands
on this holy book,

think of your Mom and
close your eyes.

I'll be there outside.



Yes, your mom.

I'm happy now.

I'm an ill fated mom, who
had to give up the ghost

without even getting to
caress my daughter.

Is this you, my mom?

You don't believe this, do you?

I had made a bracelet,

using the 'Navratnas' given
by your grandma,'

for you to wear after
you're born.

I have kept it safe inside
a jewellery box

in your dad's room.

It's wrapped with a red paper.

You go and check it.

Look, sis.

I can't clean the room
at the rear end.

Urine stinks all over.

Might be some dogs or cats peed.

The roof is full of Civets.

You just pour some water
and clean it.

Don't blame animals.

But blame humans.

Humans peed?
- Yes, in his room.

Don't talk rubbish.

Are you here to spit
on my dignity?

Such an indecent fellow.

Washroom is next to your room.

Why can't you pee there?

How mean, Varadha?

Dear sis, it's been
some time I peed.

It doesn't stink.
I pour water every time.

Did you wash it with water?

Ask him why he poured
water over there.

Why did you do it?

Tell me the truth, Varadha.
Other wise, I'll inform Unni.

Dear sis, I did it out of fear.

I woke up at midnight to pee.

But I heard a weird sound
from the washroom.

Cling! Cling... the sound chains.

Also a howling accompanied to it.

It was the ghost.

I swear.

I saw it through the windows.

I peed out of fear.

I don't remember what
happened there after.


Peeing at this age.

But I can believe that you
saw ghost.

He's good at gossiping.

What ever, it's too bad of you.
- What's the matter, aunt?

Tell me...
- Please don't say it.

She's the BBC channel
of this panchayath.

Don't ever repeat this.
- Sure.

Aunt, where're those jewel
boxes kept in dad's room?

They were shifted
to the next room.

Why do you want it now?

There's something in it.

Aunt, aunt stop.

What is it?

Did you find any bracelets inside
the boxes at that closed room?

Goddess! Did you open the room?

Nobody opens it.

What is there in it?

Nothing but...

Nobody opens it. That's all.

Our elder uncle's son,
Lord Devan, was a painter.

Only his paintings and a few

archaic vessels are there
in that room.

I saw everything.

Tell me this, were there two
bracelets inside that box?

How did you come to know
about the bracelets?

From Unni?

Tell me, aunt.

It's Unni himself who shifted
them to the Bhadrakali temple.

That was your mom's gift for you.

But, Meppadan Thirumeni advised
not to wear it after Mayamma died.

Leave it, you come.

I'll get you a coffee. Come.

I'll be right back.


Arathi, daughter...
- What's wrong with her?

What the heck are you doing?

Goddess! Put back the bracelets.

You shouldn't take it.

But, you only told me that
these bracelets are here.

Does it mean that you
can take it at your will?

Keep it inside.

I tell you to keep it back.

Hats off to her courage.

Varadha, lock the door.

- Let's go.

It's bats all over.

Such irritants!

Such irritants,
just to scare people.

We should destroy its habitat.
- How come these many bats?

Normally, we get to see
them only at night.

Better not stay here
anymore, come.

Earlier, we had routine
'Pooja's' here.

Then, your dad was
an atheist like you.

It's recently he started
believing in God.

Since Pooja's were not
done accordingly,

It's 'Meppadan Thirumeni' who
asked us to close the temple.

And just to have an
annual 'Pooja'.

Didn't you know that

no one is supposed to open
the temple in between?

The revolutionists now, are unaware
of our rituals and customs.

Who're you?

Leave me, I say.


What's there?

Nothing, aunt.

"Who bestowed upon you,
those lovely eyes?"

Shucks! It's pitch out.

If you sing like this, it
will be a disaster. Sing properly.

Let me go for a comedy, then.

"Who bestowed upon you,"

"those lovely eyes"

Stop it, Gopi. Stop!

Go for some other 'Raga'.

Even the lyrics are problematic.

Listen how I sing.

This is the real tragedy.

"Any fool,
if rich, can become a doctor"

"Pay money and join
them in our college"

Superb. Isn't it?
This is how you should sing.

Sir... the problem...
- What problem?

This is a college started
by my family

in my grandma's name,
spending million of money.

At least, show some gratitude
as long as you study here.

Where on earth you'll
find AC in a college?

- We study medicine,

not Mechanical Engineering.

He said that there's no facility
here to learn medicine.

Did he say that? Don't blow
things out of proportion.

Not coz you're an anatomy professor,
everyone calls you 'Dead'

You're a dead body
with no brains.

Laugh on!

Everyone should opt a job,
matching to his skills.

Yeah! I felt it when
you take classes.

I know, you meant that my
degrees were bought in markets.

Nope, I didn't mean that.

We could see more
number of ghosts,

if you had left teaching
and pursued doctoring.

Thank you... Sing Gopi.

"Any fool, can become a doctor"

"Pay money and join
them in our college"

C'mon, sing.

Dude, better sing.

"Any fool, can become a doctor"

Let Gopi sing instead of him.
- Dude, come along.

Gopi, sing with less of actions.

- Sing later, why?

- Sing whatever I've dictated.

I'll tell you what to sing next.

Come with me, I say.

I'll be right back.

Why is he getting down?

Might be to seek my blessings.

Nice guy.
Then you stand up.

- Bless you...

Come, come, come.
- Why?

Are they in love?

I'll ruin his love.

Let them love, bro.
I'm fond of lovers.

Haven't you heard my love story?
- Listen.

She has been waiting
for me for some decades.

Isn't she cute?

You never look like a Romeo.

Don't you need some
manliness for such things?

I mean...

She would've grown old by now.
- Yes, of course.

She's the mother of
six kids of mine.

Can't you measure my
manliness from this?

How many children do you have?

Not yet a father. Less count...

What's your count?
- One lakh.

But, two lakhs is the ideal...

Would you like to borrow
one lakh...?

Manliness, it seems.

Okay, sing.

Oh! He's gone.

What's the matter, tell me?

Didn't I tell you that
I wanted to see you?

I said like that
since you didn't come.

Come to the matter.

Didn't I tell you something
over the phone, yesterday?

Oh! Is that you're
talking about?

Leave it, dear.

This is just an illusion.

Think of its logical side.

I got scared yesterday night.

So, that's it. Is this
how all revolutionist behave?

Keep it to yourself.
- Get lost.

Your first fear is your
'Kovilakam', itself.

The scary stories out there.

Ghosts, Spirits...

Black magic...

Why blame me?

Can anyone believe that

a girl from that 'Kovilakam'
is an atheist?'

Then, I'd better change my
ideology for having born there.

Better not dispute over
your ideology.

What I meant to say is that,

You being a girl of that 'Kovilakam'
would've a smell of it.

You mean, 'the smell of the ghosts'?
- Nope.

For those living in such situations,

can have such illusions.

Didn't you read Dispensa?

What did he say?

There is a strong invisible
connection between...

Consciousness and the
thoughts created in your head.

You don't have to teach
me all these.

I'm saying what I have
experienced yesterday.

Everything's still there in my eyes.

I'm scared to sleep alone.

Oh! Don't worry.

I'll also come with you.

I'll reach there by 11 p.m.

Then we'll hug tight
and sleep together.

Gopi, should I also accompany you?

Nope. I'll handle it myself.
Get lost, man.

Shameless fellow!

Hugs and kisses only
after marriage.

Who's gonna marry for
such a silly thing?

What did you say?

No body buys a theater
in order to watch a film.

You just wanna get rid
of your fear, right?

And... for me...
- For me...

For me...
- Tell me, you stupid...


Stop there.

Say it once more.

Bravo! Got the stuff.

We got it only coz I'm the
principle of this college.

What did you get?
- Dead body.

What an insult.

Call it 'Corpse'.
Not 'Dead body'.

Hey man, this is not it.

I'm tired of hearing that
there is no anatomy lab

or dead body here to study.

But we're re-opening the
anatomy lab of this college.

With an A-Class dead body.

Dead body?
- A-Class?

Yes! It weighs about 170 kg.

Sure that he digged it out
from somewhere.

Do you remember the mess you
people created for a corpse?

News, Poster campaigns...


What did you say?

That you would learn
anatomy on Principal's body?

You scoundrels...
- Sir, please!

Sorry, sorry.

Chair person, reply me.

Dear sir.

We protested only because we
didn't have a cadaver to study.

Do you think you're freedom
fighters to protest like this?

Sir, it's very important
that we lift up

the standard of our college.

Our college is going
up by all means.

The seventh floor construction
is on. Didn't you see?

This is why I tell you
to concentrate.

No body values the students here.

No wonder.

Only duffers like you're
studying here.

The minimum qualification
to become a doctor...

You need to be a stupid person,
what do you say?

Not in our brains but in
our bank accounts.

Money! Million of money!

Aren't you Minister Mathai's son?

Rich enough, eh?

True that I've given a huge
donation for my seat here.

From which university did you
pursue your MBBS. And MD.?

Jallianwala bagh university.

- Why the heck do you bother it?

As long as I'm not practicing.

I tear flesh only for teaching.

If so, our principal's
degree is...

Just shut up, man.

Dead body is waiting for you.

Please go to the lab!
- Go!

Move fast!
- Let's go.

Grammar is fine?

Its over?
- Yes, sir.

Chairman and team, come.

So, you were the rebels.

Good that the cadaver is
wearing an underwear.

What crap!

Students, let's go to the
abdominal system of human body.

Move to this side.

Gopi, cut it.


Why did you get out of
the anatomy lab?

This is not a legislature to walk
in and out at your will.

Sir, this is cheating.

Cheating? what are you saying?

We asked for a cadaver
and not a living body.

When you tear off someone,
make sure he is dead.

I had a doubt when you told
it was an A-class dead body.

He would've injected drugs in him
to get him unconscious.

Now, when he is out
of that intoxication

he roams around like a ghost.

We can't take it easy.
- Solve it, right now.

Without bawling, come
to the matter.

This is an original dead body,
sanctioned by the health ministry.


Lemme tell you the truth.
- Tell.

That... Tthat is not a dead body
or a cadaver.


Can you get me something
to drink? It's a live body!

Hello, brother-in-law.

What did you send yesterday?
Dead body or a living body?

Our students cut open it.

Now it is walking, it seems.

If caught, we both are screwed.

What the heck man?

I didn't hear anything.

Dead or not?
I've informed police.

He kept his promise.

Shall we scoot?
- Shucks!

Bro, who's the in charge here?

He's the in charge of Anatomy lab.

Though I'm the in charge
of Anatomy lab.

He's the in charge of
the entire college.

Dr Damu; MBBS, MD, FRCS,

DM, Neuro... What else?


Don't try to make a fool
out of Inspector Balram.

Inspector Balram?


What is the name, Balaram?

Who's minister Mathai's face?
- Face?

He is asking whether Mathai sir's
feces is here for any lab tests.

No, sir.
- By face, I meant son.

His kid.
- It's me.

It's you?

What is the issue here?

I had a call from
Mathai sir's office.

That's why I turned up immediately.

It's related to a dead body.
- What?

It's a cadaver, not dead body.

This cadaver is alive now.

The corpse at our anatomy lab
attacked them, it seems.

A corpse in the anatomy lab?
- Yes.

Yes, the corpse we brought into
our anatomy lab is violent now.

That's what they're saying.

What? How can a
dead body get up?

Would anyone wise
waste time on it?

If so, do you wanna hear
about a genuine case?

I'm asking you.

Didn't you send people

to dig the graveyard
of St. Mary's church.

Who? Me?

Yes, you yourself.

The principal of Kalyani institute
of medical science

digged the grave, it seems.

Don't you remember you
entrusted a quotation team

to dig the grave for dead bodies?

Finally you got
caught by the public.

And got thrashed by them.

Do you remember it?
- Nope. Not even a vague memory.

I'll help you to recollect it.

That grave digging case
is not yet closed.

But, this is a dead body sanctioned
by the health ministry.

We've the documents.

How will I know it?
- But, I should know it.

Before that, I wanna
see the dead body.

Where's the lab?
- Upstairs.

Show him.
- Come.

Where are you going? Come along.

Is it where you keep
stinking dead bodies?

Yes, the anatomy lab.

You get inside first.

But, he is in charge of it.
- Then, you get inside.

But, it's you who wanna see it.

I've seen it already.

Let's do one thing.
Let's all get inside together.

Good idea. Get inside.

Don't scare. Come along.
- I'm there.

I'm a person who has won Bravery
award from the government.

Should be duplicate.

I will show you how it is given.

Have you made pickles
out of body parts?

Don't worry. I'm there.

See, they were gossiping
about This poor man.

Yeah! True. It's an
A-class dead body.

Must be he gobbled everything
in front of him.

And died of blasting belly.

Dear, there's nothing
fishy in it.

Sir, but...

Don't utter a word.

It's just because I got a call
from the minister's office,

I'm here for this trifle.

Don't ever dare call me
for such silly-billy things.

I'm a busy-bee officer.

Son, tell your dad that I've
taken good care of this case.

So, lemme go.
- Okay, sir.

When minister calls,

what is the proof that
I've come here?

There's an idea.
Let's take a selfie together.

Pose, all of you.

Feeling dead, good caption
to post on Facebook.

Get Smiling.

Shucks! The current is gone?

No problem. Flash is there.

You... stop there.

Get up.

I did not do anything.

Are you happily enjoying the scene
of police getting thrashed?

Let the students here use
your dead body to study.

My knowledge is limited
to answer your questions.

Only Saumini Devi can answer you.

But, you can't meet her today.

Come again, tomorrow.

She's taking a vow of silence today.

Vow of silence?

Can we just speak to her
for a minute, please?

The day Devi observes
Vow of silence,

She neither speaks nor
meets anyone.

Won't she speak at all?

Do you know means of Vow of silence?
- What?

She keeps mum even if Indian
Prime minister comes for a visit.

She speaks only after
the 'pooja' tonight.

Though she practices
celibacy in this world,

she has a mate in
her spiritual world.

The powerful, lustful...

'Yamakanda Bhairavan'.

During the seventh hour
of Friday nights,

Devi performs prayer for Bhairavan.

She offers him goat
blood and arrack.

And dances in front of him.

She turns lustful before Bhairavan.

Bhairavan comes out towards
the end of the Pooja'

and mate with Devi.

The energy flows from
Bhairavan to Devi

makes her invincible.

You please come back tomorrow.

Come, let's go.

Take a look.

Bhairavan is a lucky chap.

Having fun with Devi
on every Fridays.

Good deal, Isn't it?

By this Ashram and Devi, I
expected someone older than this.

These guys have gone bananas.

Don't try to make fun of Devi.
- Why so?

I can't be cheap in front
of a girl, otherwise...

That's not it. Please understand.

Saumini Devi is not
silly as you think.

If she hears you gossiping
her, through her sixth sense.

She'll burn you alive.

I'm sleepy.

Let's have a cup of tea?

Then move. I'll drive.
- That's okay.

Its too late. How shall I
convince my dad?

Don't worry about it.

He'll be happy that you believe
in Godly stuffs at least now.

I will be happy.
- Okay.

These 'Poojas', rituals... there's
a science behind it.

Gopi had suggested a video
on Paranormal Activities.

I watched it, as well.

So, ghosts exist?
- That's not what I meant.

Please don't beat around the bush.

What happened?
Where did we hit?

I think we hit someone.

Should've died.
- What to do now?

Lemme see.

What is it, Peter?

What is it?
- Nothing's here.

See the back side.
- Nothing, either.

Peter, any problem?

There's nothing here.

Jithu, that must be an illusion.

Please stop, Gopi...
- Peter!

Hey, stop!

Gopi, apply the brakes!

What is happening?

The handbrake did not work.

Why didn't you put
the hand break?

That's not it.
- What is it, then?

There is a ghost over there.
- A ghost?!

There's a ghost there.

But, none of us saw it.

It's there.
- Let's see.

I told you before hand.

You did not believe me.

There's nothing here.

Must be an illusion.
- It was there.

Where is it?

You got us scared!

There's nothing there, Peter!
- Go and take the next seat.

I will drive.
- You got us scared unnecessarily.

Listen to what I say.
- Stop the vehicle!

One chic and three chickens.

Enough for tonight.

What on earth are you doing
on the road at this midnight?

Our vehicle hit something...

Oh! It's you?

What says our minister

Why are you here?
- Our vehicle hit something.

But when we stopped the vehicle...

Hit whom?

We couldn't see anyone.

Tell me the truth.

Weren't you purposefully
hitting someone to get a dead body

for your anatomy lab?

No, it's a ghost.

I saw a ghost when I got out
of the car to see what I hit.

Don't scare me. I'm
shivering with fear.

Remember, the ghost who
caught my neck from the lab?

This is a real ghost, full naked.

Real ghost, full naked, right?

So, along with booze,

you use drugs as well.
Ain't I right?

Men should be brave.

Get back home, fast.

Get her back home,
don't loaf around here.

Should I tell you again?
go and sit in the vehicle.

Keep your good night with you.

First drop the girl at her home.

Keep her safe.

Go carefully.

All of them have lost it.

Naughty chaps. Let's go.

When will these college students
study if they roam like this?

They loaf around more
than they study.

Otherwise, they'll
have to seek father's

government job after
his death, like me.

What if they become doctors?


You should've told this
to me earlier itself.

I could solve it in no time.


At least from now, don't blame
me for these defensive threads.

Listen, there is a
ghost in our college.

Can you arrange a
magic thread to trap her in?

Dude, he buys these stuffs from
stationery shops along the lanes.

It doesn't have any power.

Yes. Originals are expensive.

With these, there is
a placebo effect.

Of course!
- Take this route.

House is somewhere here.

I remember coming here after
the death of Mayamma.

Why is his house in a jungle?

There's no one to help us.

Our way is blocked.

It's a bad omen.

Let's move it away?

Gopi, someone is coming.
Let's ask him.

Bro, where's this magician house?

Not magician, he is a ''Tantri''
(Vedic Head)'

Bro, Is this the way to magician
Thirumeni's house?'

But the road is not good.
Difficult to get the car there.

Is it far from here?

Just a two minutes walk
through this way.


Then, let's get there walking.

How can we leave the car here?
- Let's go.

Is he crazy to build a house
in this jungle?

This is a short cut.

Didn't you hear him saying it?

You can see 'Vanayakshi' here.

Ghosts are of different varieties.

We reached? Truly a short cut.

We reached the entrance.

This entrance reminds
me of black magic.

They could've kept a hundial
here. Could fetch pennies.

Isn't this Tantri who saved her
Mom from the influence of ghost?

Not ghost, it was 'Yakshini'.

Didn't you hear? 'Akashaganga'.

This Meppadan caught her
and flew her to the horizons.

Have you seen this 'Yakshini'?

What a question.

I was assisting Meppadan
to trapped her.

Did you not feel scared?

Are you scared, leader?


But this ambiance is a little scary.

Let us stop here.

Should all of us go inside?

Follow my lead. C'mon.

Why fear?


Wanna meet Meppadan Thirumeni.

Is he not here?

Is he not there?

I think she's deaf and dumb.

Its working only.

We're from Manikyasseri Kovilakam.

She's Unnikrishna Varma's daughter,
Arathi Varma.

Others are her friends.

I'm Varadha Varma.
Nope, Varadha Nair.

Can we meet Mr Vishwanath?

Ten years past his death.

I'm his wife, Kausalya Vishwanath.

What to do now?

She's his wife, right?

She might know other
black magicians.

Shall we ask her?

Grandma, have you contact
with ghosts?


What is this?
- Why is she so angry?

Why did you ask it?

Let's go.
- Just a moment.

What is the matter?

Aren't you Manikyaserri
Maya's daughter,

who died of bursting uterus?

Death is following you.

On this coming 'Karkidakavaavu','

at 11 p.m, it will happen.

This oldie is smart.

What did you say?
- Nothing grandma.

- A selfie, please.

Shucks! Get lost from here.



Get lost, all of you.

Go out, I say.

Arathi would die, it seems.
- Will that happen really?

Felt like bashing her.

Thank me for your lives.

Are you scared, Arathi?

I'm not insane to fear a
mad oldie's comments.

She's magician's wife.
Beware of her.

Anyways, I'm off from
work on 'Karkidavaavu'.

You scared?
- Never.

The stomach is upset since morning,
don't know why.

Stop, stop, stop.
- What happened?

What happened?
- My munchkin!

my sweetie,
- Who is this?

I miss you.

Whenever I see minister Mathaichan,
I inquire about you.

Do you know something?
- How can I know?

I'm not a swami.
- Just listen to what I say.

He is very down to earth

though he is the
son of a minister.

He has peed on
me many times

when he was small.

He was too kinda naughty.

It was on his face he peed.

I'll introduce myself.

I'm the zonal secretary of
KK Mathai group.

But son why did you
come here?

Can't you simply dial
me for any help?

We're here to meet
priest Vishwanath.

That black magician, Vishwanath?

A decade past his death.

Yes! His wife told us.
- Which wife?

Even she gave up her
ghost long back.

I've been casting her
vote every year.

Isn't it Sunny?
- Yes.

We had gone there once
for a real estate deal.

But there was no one
out there.

His only son is mad.

God knows where he is.

He had a younger sister.

No body knows where she is.

The whole family is ruined.

My house is nearby.
You're welcome.

May be later, You leave.

Okay then.

Convey my regards to your dad.

The fake vote thing,
just ignore it, okay?

Don't buy that plot.

Its full of ghosts.

I had given a try earlier.

Then, who did we meet there?

We need to figure it out.
- Let's go again?

This place looks different.

This is like 'Ooty'.

Why is it like this?
- Must be some magic.

These are ghost plays.
What says, Ms Atheist?

Hello, how can I be
responsible for this?

Stop fighting.

Let's see who that oldie is.

It's better we come another day.

What is all this?

Where is Varadha bro?

Did he remain here?
- [sanskrit chants]

Varadha bro.

Why getting scared?

Come, let's go inside.

O God!

Walk fast like you did before.

They are treating like a goat.

That oldie has turned into
a heap of filth.

Step back!


Take it off.

Waited long, didn't you?

Normally, Devi meets no one on
the day of 'Pooja'.

Hey priest, that day...
- Don't be afraid!

But, she'll meet you today.

Gopi Krishnan and Arathi
can come along.

Both of you go.

Dude, I have a doubt.
- What is it?

Is it with this God, the
celebrities does

Naked pooja and all.

Naked Pooja? Don't talk rubbish.
Get lost.

Hey, that guy...
- Hi Swami.

I was clearing a doubt.
A doubt!


Please sit.

Devi will join you.

You explain it yourself.


We had come here a few
days back.

But, we couldn't meet Devi.

Then, Arathi had talked
to her mom's spirit.

After that, there has been
many senseless incidents

happening around us.

Arathi sees scary things,
latest being yesterday night.

Arathi doesn't believe in
spirit or spirituality,

Ain't I right?

Some people believe it
and some don't.

But, you shouldn't be in
the middle of two.

That is dangerous.

The lady you spoke to, the
other day, was your mom itself.


The scary things you see now

is not done by your mom's spirit.

Haven't you heard of the story
of a maid at your Kovilakam,

who was burnt alive in
the funeral pyre?

- Now, she has turned out to be

a powerful and
revengeful 'Yakshini'.

You people call her 'Akashaganga'.

But, heard from Unni uncle
that she was conjured by

the black magician, Vishwanath?

Though this powerful ghost
was relieved from your mom's body

through 'Dahanahomam','
she was not fully destroyed.

That is why Maya died
of uterine rupture,

when she was giving
birth to Arathi.

It is this ghost who caused
the unnatural death of

your family members.

But, Unnikrishna Varma alone
had a brilliant escape, then.

Later, Vishwanath entrapped and

conjured Ganga inside
a Bhadrakali temple

through powerful 'mantras'
and 'Poojas'.

But, her fate was to get relieved

by Arathi, the baby girl
given birth by Maya,

who was bearing Ganga's
spirit inside her.

That is, by your hands.

And that has come true.

Vishwanath had
given a warning...

If Ganga comes out again,

no one of the Kovilakam
would enjoy a marital life.

Also she would retaliate

to the extend of ruining the family.

We had visited Vishwanath's house.

But there also, we went
through strange incidents.

I am Vishwanath's daughter.

Will you be able to help
us, by any chance?

I'm happy to help you.

But the rituals here are a
little wierd for a common man.

We worship negative power.

So, even the Poojas would
be alligned to it.

Rituals should be done
at the earliest.

before this July 31st.

The lunar phase of the
new moon of this month

is on July 31st.

The 'Pooja' should be performed
before that.

Gopi, please sit outside
for sometime.


Keep it with you.

Come here, Arathi.

Have it.

Is it gold?

Of course. It's gold.

Saumini Devi doesn't give
it to everyone.

Anyways, lemme keep it.
Good to pledge.

Will she herself solve the
problems created by her?

But, its us who came here
and nose dived into problems.

That's not an excuse.

We need to file a case
against ghosts.

Saumini Devi is gonna be in.
- Shu up.

We came here, out of our
respect for Saumini Devi. - Yes.

And we follow her lead too.

She's coming.

Arathi, what did she tell you?
- Come with me.

Why is your face sulky?

Come, let's go

Did you notice one thing?

This lady also mentioned
the same date

that the other oldie
was talking about.

The date I would die?
- Silly girl.

Will I ever let you die?

As if 'Yama' is his bro-in-law.

Touch wood, bro.

Even I've seen such scary
dreams before.

When I tell you about
the scary nights,

you used to make fun of me.

I doubt you're a bit scared now.

- But, you look tensed.

Who told you that it's fear?

Not scared but a bit tensed.
Aren't you?

Shall I keep it in your room?

No, pass it on to me.

I respect your profession
and passion.

But I can't agree to your
ideology of atheism.

That's why you see night mares.

That's not your business.

Aunt, I'm going to sleep.
Good night.

Hey, cross with me?
I was just kidding.

If so, good night to
you as well.

Shall I accompany you tonight?

No need aunt. You sleep here.
I'm comfortable upstairs.

What a wind? Like a storm.

Guess it will rain.

Is there any offering
in the groves?

What a smell!

Do you know me, Arathi?

I'm Ganga.

Would you like to come with me?

I'll take you forcefully,
even if you don't come.

Who is it?

Good morning Unnikrishna Varma.
- Hey, Ravi.

Long time...

I never expected you to come.

You must be busy with
your business in Australia.

Sit dear.
- I reached here yesterday.

It's when I come down to
my home town, I relax.

Long time since I've come here.

May be last on the
day of Maya's demise.

Can't believe, 20 years
have passed.

Yup! Days go like supersonic.

Tell me, what's up with you?

I guess you're enjoying the
lordship at this Kovilakam.

How funny.

I'm the manager of a granite
shop in the town.

Bad choice.

When you've acres of land here,

Can't you peacefully do farming?

Isn't it more profitable than
your granite business?

Are you aware of the
condition of farmers here?

Farmers are committing suicide.

Don't say that.

C'mon, I'll show you how
to do profitable farming.

Otherwise also, God doesn't
give swords to warriors.

Why does he need swords?
To cut apple?

His tummy shows that he
doesn't work but only eats.

There's something else
I wanna tell you.

What's that?

Though late, I've a girl in my life.

She's a from 'Thiruvananthapuram'.

A girl?

Don't mistake.

I meant... my wife.
Her brother is a sub-inspector.

But his official mansion
is not ready

at the place he got transferred.

He doesn't have a comfortable stay.

Later only, I came to know that.

It is our own Sreekrishnapuram
he is talking about.

Why to search for another place

when Manikyasseri Kovilakam is here.



Come. He's the one.
- Balaraman, right? Sit.

Thank you!

Not 'Baalaraaman', I'm 'Balram'
- Then?

Inspector Balram.

He's a big fan of 'Mamooty' films.

He's cool.

Inspector Balram I got it.

There're a lot of vacant rooms here.
- No problem.

My official villa will be
ready in some days.

I can shift after that.
- Your slang is funny.

When I say few days, I mean it.

This is how we speak in

You're a complete
Thiruvananthapuram guy.

How foolish are you?

Are you planting the sapling
under a tree?

You needn't teach me farming.

There's shade under this tree.

So, we needn't water it
every now and then.

Oh! Lord Krishna,

He must be awarded
for his farming ideas.

- Yes.

Get his bags from the
car and keep it inside.

And get a room ready for him.

Ravi, I hope you'll stay
back for lunch.

Why not? Long time since
I've eaten from here.

What else?

Tou have to take food and go!
- I will do that.

By the by, where is Arathi?

She's off to temple.

Temple? How come?

You only told me that
she's an atheist?

She was. But, today morning,
she changed her ideology.

Changed her ideology?!

If Russia and China can
change their ideology,

why can't a union leader
change her's?

Temple visit with your love.

It's awesome.

Really? I don't know.

But, this is a surprise.

The ghost you're saying
is just an illusion.

I think you're pretty scared.

It's not fear.

I simply felt like coming
to temple.

That's all.

What did Sauminidevi tell you?

You didn't reply me when
I asked you then.

I was damn angry, then.
- But why?

Godly stuffs are fine.

But, I can't tolerate nonsense
in the name of God.

Nonsense? What nonsense?

She wanted me to offer
my virginity

to Bhairavan to escape
from all the problems.

My God!
- She substantiated it, as well.

It's just symbolic and
is a part of 'Pooja'.

What sort of Pooja is that?
- I don't know.

I should've thrashed her.

But, I was scared of
her black magic.

So, you've started believing
in Godly stuffs.

Don't say that, Come.

Oh! Have you started
visiting temple?

Where else she should go?

Lord Krishna.

After SI sir has come here,
even I get to booze peacefully.

- Did you get it?

What a question? Booze would
elope with me, if needed.

But, it's too costly.

All of the money you gave
was spent for this.

Even our government is meeting
their ends with beverage money.

But ultimately, they blame boozers.

Bottle is here. Soda?

- What the heck is this?

How does all this fit inside?

There's an abyss inside.
- Handle carefully, it would break.

Is it edible?
- Why?

Just asked since it was
kept in your underwear.

I was checking.
- The SI staying with us is good.

They're coming.
- I'll manage.

If he is with us,
we can do any work easily.

Isn't that so?
- What is it?

I also said the same thing.
You repeated it.

Sir, good morning.

Good morning, at this midnight?

He meant goodnight.

Why have you people rolled in?

This is our house, as well.

Gopi's girl's house means
our own house.

That's it.
- In that case, you're mistaken.

That house is next to this.
Go through the corridor.

That's fine. But what about
the thing in your hands?

That's nothing.

We have seen it from
the beverage shop.

He had ordered a
full bottle Brandy.

I had a doubt, when
he who drinks

local booze ordered Brandy.

That is when Gopi told me that

you've come here for a stay.
- Kiddo.

I use it like a medicine.

Two days since I've pooed.

Silly, our's has been blocked
since three days.

Come, sit. Sit, sir.

Gopi, sit.

Do you know something?

In our place, an inspector is
treated like a Prime minister.

Is that so? It is correct.

Even at my place, I'm like
a Prime Minister for them.

Is there anything to order here?
- I alreaady got the liquor.

Do you've KFC chicken
outlets there?

No, KSFE is there.
(Non banking financial co.)

Don worry.

There're two more bottles
in his car.

Then, get those too.
We'll gulp it all together.

Kiddo, go and get it man.
- Finish this first, sir.

This would finish in seconds.

What can we do, can't avoid it.

Unnikrishnan sir's
son-in-law doesn't booze?

Good. So, you're a vegan.

He's a 'Loan-veg'.
- What's that?'

Even if he's short of money,
he avails loan and booze.

So, All big-wig boozers eh?

Dude, you didn't go, yet?

Go and get the bottles,
you dumbo.

Just go, man.

Keep it there.

What a quick boozer
are you, Bheeru?

Shut up.

Don't dare to call me
'Bheeru'. (Coward)'

Those daring can
call me 'Dheeru'. (Brave)'

Is it not the right name
to call someone who

peed inside the room fearing
the ghost.

Get lost. I'm not scared
of anything.

Like Meppadan, I was performing
a special 'Pooja' there.

What for?

From today, I'll dare to
get out at midnight.

Why? Any guess?

Coz, we've inspector Balram with us.

No wonder people call
you coward.

Do you know it?
- What?

Don't you know Meppadan

who conjured the 'Yakshini', Ganga?'

I've taken up His job.

But, who's this 'Vidalayakshi'?'

Not ''Vidalayakshi''...
it is 'Yakshini', 'Chu'...

Smoke ghost,
blood ghost, snake ghost

fire ghost,
lust ghost, nightmare ghost...

All these ghosts have separate
rooms here in this Kovilakam.

Oh! Nice. Whose room is this?

For the past 20 years,

this room has been allotted
to 'Rakthayakshi''

who slugs the blood of people.

Which ghost did you say?
- Don't get scared.

Give him a peg more.
He'll sleep by your side.

I'm comfortable anywhere.

No need, sir.

He performs worst when
he's drunk.

Then, it will be difficult
to face Unni uncle.

You do one thing, have this and...

If any ghost asks you,
don't give her the booze.

Let's go.
- Okay.

This is for me.

This would be useful
for us to drink at night.

One should have the courage.

The poor SI!
- You are too much drunk.

Don't know how he can sleep!

SI sir, good night!

"We are people who enjoy a drink!"

Okay Balram.

Who's swaying the chair?

Stop it.

You should have that fear.


In this cool breeze...

Who's there?

Who's cooking up a
mess over there?

Who the dogs are howling there?

Who the hell is blowing
the wind?


What the heck?

Have that fear.

I'll thrash you out.

Don't dare play with me.
You'll loose.

Where's the switch?

Who's lying on my bed?

Oh! It's you?

But, how did you get in here?

Get up, get up.

I hate sharing my bed
with someone.

Get up, get up,
Get up, you duffer.

Hey muff, get up, I say.


Lying on my bed,
wearing my costumes.

Rascal, get out of my bed.

Mr Varma! Mr Varma!

Is there anyone here?

God, my legs...

I'm not able to take it out.

My legs, I can't take it out.

Please save me!

It is coming for me! Please save me!

Save me!

Someone please!

Save me!

My legs...

Sir, your cab is ready.

I'll have to bare this pain
for some days.

I'm sick.

O God!

Hey, pricky cat.

Why do you damn stare at me?

Ghosts come in many
forms and shapes.

Kill you.

Get lost.

How healthy I was?

See my condition now.

They build such huge houses.

It seems that they
rented it to ghosts.


I am not able to handle this.


Where's the inspector sir going?

Your legs are broken?

But, yesterday night,
you were alright.

What you said has come true.

What is it?

Who did you tell was
staying in my room?


You scum... I'll give you
a knuckle sandwich.

If ghost was a real thing,
couldn't you tell this seriously?

Did you see her?

I saw it, upon Goddess!

If you had seen, you would've
given up your ghost by now.

I swear, I've seen...
- You don't worry.

I'll bring holy water from
Mariyamman temple.

You mix it with Jawan and slosh.
- What Jawan?

I mean... Rum.
- You mean that?

Show me your legs.
- Alas, my legs!

What happened, Balaraman?
What's the matter?

Mr Varma.

Thank you for your help.
- What are you saying?

Please don't bother me.
I'm going.

But, why are you going?

Yesterday night, ghost
attacked him, it seems.

Ghost attack?

That should be your dream.

Don't blab.

I'm not a kid.

I was scared to death.

Its just that I didn't poo.

Planets influence
people differently.

We had a discussion about
it yesterday.

I had a talk with Vishwanath's
student, Anandan Namboothiri.

So what? - He has agreed
to conduct a 'Pooja' here.

So what? - That Pooja will solve
all the problems happening here.

Not even a night mare would
scare anyone, there on.

That's his promise.
- Blab again?

This is not a dream but reality.

Then, I'll come after the 'Pooja'.

I'm not out of it yet.
- What a pity?

Police officers shouldn't
be this craven.

We were talking about
you yesterday.

That you're gonna be
our strength.



It's the first time
she's admiring a man.

Must be she's attracted
to your muscles.

What are you gossiping about?

He's a good company
to booze with.

Listen Balaraman,
This is just an illusion.

These chaps would've scared
him with ghost stories.

- If you've sprain on your legs

I'll ask masseuse to help you out.
- Why?

A massage with therapeutic
oil can heal your sprain.

Good idea.

So, you're saying that
I should stay back?


Even Sundari wants you
to stay back.


- 'Two birds in a single shot.'

Then, I'll stay back.

Where's my bag?

O God!

This is what is called...

Between the Devil and the
deep blue sea.

They might give me a company.

Either one of them...?

"You are a lovely girl
and I a handsome man..."

Oh! My God!

What the hell? Get lost cat.

Scaring people!

Get lost, cat.

How did you reach so fast?

Sprain is on my knees.

I'll rather wear 'Lungi'
(indian cloth) and come.

Don't you understand.

I guess you couldn't
catch my slang.


Granny, wait, I'll come.

Next week, you're gonna
get a job promotion.

Don't say something
just for the sake.

You'll get the order
next Friday.

- Note it down.

Are you an astrologer?

You're awesome.

I'm a jack of all trades, kiddo.

I've been trying hard
for my promotion.

But, no positive signs.

I don't have a good name
in my department.

I was all a mess at my work.

Save the date. Promotion
is in your hands.


If so, I'll give you a big treat.

I'll come now. You be there.

Though she was bluffing,

it sounded good.

These archaic switches!

It doesn't work also.

I don't mind to sit in dark.

As long as Oppol and
Sundari are there.

"The lovely moon
and lightning streaks"

"The beautiful eyes are enchanting"


Why the hell is she calling
again and again?

I said, I'm coming.

Let me change my clothes.

"The girl is objecting to come..."

Who's this granny?

Who are you? What you want?

Unnikrishnan asked me
to massage your feet.

Another masseuse had come.

Where is she?
- Who are you talking about?

She has balls on her forehead
and make predictions.

I'm the only masseuse here. Sit.

Whatever, massage properly.

I sense you're a good massager.

Go on.

The sprain is here.

I'll set it right now.

This stupid cat.

Massage slowly.

Where did it vanish?

[sanskrit shlok]

'Aroodam' is not in sight.

Who blocked it? Tell me,
I'll thrash him off.

- Tell me.

I meant, nothing is clear
in this 'Prashnam'.

Sorry, I didn't know that.

But... what could be the reason?

If the Chakra is not able
to locate it, it means...

Either the family has a bad time.

Or a bad spirit has entered

into this house again.

My God!

Maya Unnikrishnan

Daisy Joseph.

'May be, this is the most
beautiful period in my life.'

'Like a clear sky.'

'Me and Unnikrishna'

'I'm awaiting my little baby.'

'The surprising
life incidents I had,'

'during the past one year
is like a dream for me.'

'I just couldn't believe this,'

'how come a ghost enter
someone's body'

'and turn a Christian girl
into another person'

'of different community?'

Certain things about
your daughter,

Arathi Varma is clear.

'Dasha-Sandhi' is not
favorable to her.

She's undergoing a deadly time now.

Even death can happen.

My Goddess!

Lucky that we've identified it, now.

Please suggest some ways to
remove her 'Doshas'.

There's a way out.

Conduct Arathi's marriage
before July 31st of this month.

But, this is the month
of 'Karkidaka'.

Not a good time for
divine matters.

Otherwise also, it's just
a few days more.

Since this is a
life-threatening issue,

solving it is a bit risky.

So, get prepared to break
some rules.

Find a groom,

and conduct her engagement
at the earliest.

Gopi loves her a lot.

He will be ready to marry
her right away.

That's true.

Anyways, we also like him.

You just talk to her parents.

'After conjuring Ganga through

'everyone was relieved
of their fear.'

'But, if anyone sees blood stains
at Bhadrakali temple.'

'It has to be considered
as a bad omen'

'for which we should seek
immediate remedy.'

'Poor grandma,'

'She checks it everyday,'

'if there are blood stains on
the steps of the temple.'

'God is with us.
And everything's fine now.'

'Now on, I just think of my
baby yet to come out.'

'Tomorrow is my due date.'

'I'll be admitted in the
hospital today.'

'When I get back to Kovilakam,
I'll have my baby with me.'

Don't get late.

Do what I said.

Inform me the engagement date.

Then, I'll get back to you with
Pooja arrangements.

So, see you.
- All right.

True that the Chairman
is my brother.

But, we'll get screwed,

if he is not welcomed properly.
- Okay...

Sir, our Chairman is
up at the gate.

He will take a lot of time
to get out. - Let's go.

He is just rolling on and
is not getting out.

That's why I told, we have time.

Sir, sir, I'll help you.

Be careful.

I didn't have to
break open the door.

Hey, you look tired.
- Dieting, sir.

What a match?
Like Siamese twins.

Now get it? Why they're taking
millions of money as donation?

- His body is full of money.

Exactly, a fatty dumbo.

You should go to gym as well.

All of you have turned up?
- Bro...

You keep it yourself, Damu.

Principal, how are the classes here?

Are the students happy?
- Why not.

They're tired of laughing.

You know what, even
corpse at our anatomy lab

laugh at Principal sir's joke.

I always keep joking like this.

Is our minister, Mathai
about to reach?

Yes, in a while.
Why did you ask?

Treat him well.
- Okay.

This year, we should
manage to get at least

Ten MBBS seats from
the government.

For sure, as long as I'm the
principal of this college.

Yes, yes. Principal will get it.
- Shut up.

Ten seats means 100 million
in pocket.

Is that so?
- Yes!

By the by, his son is
studying here, right?

Yes! There he is; Titus Mathai.

Hey son, my munchkin, come.

How is the food here?

Eat well, okay?

Please let go my neck!

Can you please leave me?

Don't kill him. The minister
will not allot seats.

Sorry dear.

You know, our chairman
can't walk much.

That's why he's sitting on
the stage to welcome you.

That's enough.
He's too heavy for himself.



Welcome, the eyeball
of our place...

Get me down...

Hey, he'll kill your dad now.

Oh! I'm dying for it.

Bro, leave him.

What a herculean hug, Chairman!

Remember, it's 5 million we
donated for the last elections.

Is this hug for saving
that 5 million this time?

This is love. Sit.
- Thank God.

Sir, please sit. Just a moment.

What's up with you?

Sir, I'm professor Joseph,

Anatomy Professor.

What is this anatomy?
- God knows.

Awesome Chairman...

Where is Aarti?
- She hasn't come yet, sir.

Sir, I can't get her
over the phone.

Will you try calling her?

What is the use of me
calling again?

Shucks! How irresponsible.

Sir, Remya will sing.
- Great.

So, you sing the prayer
song for today.

But sir, Arathi was the one...

No need of Arathi.
- Sir, she reached.

Hey, this is not a market
to get in and out at your will.

Leave your Chairman ship,
if you're this irresponsible.

Remya will sing today.
Come Remya.

That's okay.

You're a bit much late.
- Hi everyone.

By this, we delve into the 8th
annual day celebrations of

Kalyani institute
of Medical Science.

I welcome Remya for
the prayer song.

She is translating our prayer
song to some foreign language.

She is tensed and
singing something else.

Get going.

See her happiness after ruining
an entire function.

She might be your selection.

She was a good singer.
Don't know what happened today.

Which language was this?

What language is this?

Anyways, not a language
we teach here.

The minister has to leave by two.

Since, our minister has to leave
for two, (local slang for poo)

We'll cut the cake now and there
after, his inauguration speech...

If it is urgent, poo and come.
We'll cut the cake there after.

That's not it.

I have another function
at 2 O'clock.

I told you earlier.
- Okay, fine.

Sorry, Two's got confused with.

This is for the first time in life,

I'm hearing such a
different prayer.

I'm very happy for it.
Let's cut the cake.

Hold it and come here.

Shall I...?
- Sure.

My name is not there on it?

What the heck?

Let me go!

- Spare me!

What is happening?

Sir, what are you showing up?

What happened to you? Sir...

What happened to you?
- Get lost, I say.

Please listen to me!

Sir, please come back!

- Let's go.

Let's run!

Run all of you!
- Come.

Why are you sitting alone?

Our principal has gone mad.

He jumped down from the corridor.

He's being taken to hospital now.

Why are you keeping mum?

Is there any connection
between this incident

and the one happened
at our anatomy lab?

What connection?

Let him suffer for making
fun of me.

That's nice.


There're something wrong with you.


Get up.

Did you have any fight
at home, today?

Or are you angry with me?

I'm not angry with anyone.

Did you know, Unni uncle
had come home

to speak about our marriage.

What happened? Why hurry?

I can't connect.

Uncle was stern in his decision to
conduct our engagement next week

and our marriage, soon after
the month of 'Karkkidaka'.

Whose marriage?

Our marriage.

Aren't you the one more
interested in getting married?

Who're you to decide
on my marriage?

Don't you need my permission
to marry me?

I'm asking you.

- Don't dare call me so.

You don't have the right
to call me so.

Do you know who I'm?

I'm asking you.

Where's Unni uncle?
- He's inside.


Gopi. Come.

What's up?

I've something very serious
to talk about.

About marriage?

Haven't we finalized on it?

Why? Are you tensed?

That's not it.

Didn't you tell us about Arathi's
unfavorable 'Dasha'?'

I smell a rat seeing her
behavior at college, today.

What happened in college?

Like the incident at anatomy lab,

something else happened
at college today.

I doubt that,

today's incident has some
connection with Arathi.

Moreover, she blasted at me

when I talked about our marriage.

She spoke like... having
some ghost's influence.

By your marriage, Arathi's time
is gonna change, for good.

Till July 31st, she's gonna
have a very bad time.

That is why we've decided

to hold your engagement
before that date.

Don't worry, son.

Wait for the good.

We're arranging things for it.

Be happy for now.

Hey, All have turned up?

Aunt, Arathi inside?

She's gone out.

Out at some friend's house.

I tried calling. Didn't connect.
- Hello.

All of you're here?

This is a very special day for me.

So, all of you eat some sweets.

Don't be shy, take them.

What's the matter?

Perhaps you might be sad.

I got a transfer.
- Oh! Are you leaving?

It's a promotion transfer,
as Circle Inspector.

Take them!

This is special, for our masseuse.

Where is the granny who
makes predictions?

I wanna give her a beautiful gift.
Call her.

Who're you talking about?

Our Kausalyamma.

She had predicted that
I would get a promotion soon.

Even the date she mentioned
was the same.

Where's she? Call her.
- I wonder who that granny is.

What is her name, you said?


I've a sharp memory.
I'll never forget her.

Hey guys.

Isn't he talking about the lady we
met at Meppadan's house?

Yes, that weird looking oldie.


She wears a 'Rauka'
and stands bending.

Yes, she's it. The one having
balls on her forehead.

Then, why did you say
that you don't know her?

Dear sir, she's a ghost.

Oh! Is it?

- Yes.

We're waiting to meet her.
- Why?

She's the one who told
upon Arathi's face that

She would die on
July 31st at 11 p.m.

What are you saying?
- Yes.

What Gopi said is true.

Since, her predictions about
my promotions were correct,

Beware of her tongue.


Who's sitting here?

What a surprise?

How come you're here? Didn't
you go to your friend's house?

Gopi and others are looking for you.

Kiddo, did an oldie at Vishwanath's
house say that

you would die on July 31 st?

She should be mad.

Did you get scared hearing it?

No, I'm not.

After all, I've died once.

Cracking joke?

Your time is not good.

Thirumeni says that your
marriage is the solution.

That is why Unni sir is in a
haste to get you married.

Is your manager inside?
- Yes, he is.

He'll leave only after
this offloading.

Sir, come.

Why at this late hours?
- You're working even now?

Just thought of meeting you. Sit.

I had come in the afternoon.

But you were not here, right?

Heard your daughter's
marriage is fixed?

Yes, sir. Everything is set.

I was busy with it.

Never mind, it's a good thing.

Hand it over to Josutty.
Cash, 5 million!

Okay, sir.
- He wanted it as Black money.

I'm leaving for Bombay,
by early morning flight.

That is why I brought it now.

Call me after giving
it to Joseph

Okay, sir I will call you.
- May I leave now?

Yes, sir.
- Okay.

Don't forget to call me.
I will wait for you.

Goodnight. Okay, sir.
- Okay.

We've offloaded everything.

We'll get the money tomorrow.

Now, we're leaving.
- Okay.

Even I'm leaving.
- Okay, sir.

Who's there?

Who switched off the light?

Hello, what is it uncle?

Hello Gopi, where're you?
- At home.

Please come to my office quickly.

I can't open the door.

There're some problems here.

Please come fast.

What happened? Uncle, hello!

Who's there?
















'Hello, It's from the hospital.'

'Unnikrishna Varma died.'

Will you please let me
meet Arathi?

Arathi, dear...,

Alas, what is this?

Finally, everyone is here.

See this.

The burning funeral pyre.

I'll kill you also like this.

Each and everyone at
Mangalassery is gonna die.

- Who are you?

Who the hell are you
to control me?

Arathi is also gonna die
in my hands.

Let everyone die.


Like this,
even you burnt me alive in a pyre.

Didn't I beg for you
some water then?

Did you hell bother to give?

Did you?

I remember you, laughing
mercilessly at my burning pyre.

Do you think that I'll
ever let you free?


I'll kill everyone...

I'll kill everyone...

I'll kill.

Isn't it because he loved
this poor maid.

My Devettan had to drown
his life on a single rope?

Didn't you mercilessly kill
my love, Devettan?

Who else do you wanna kill?

Tell me.

You wanna marry Arathi Varma
of Mangalaserry Kovilakam.

Tell me.

Do you wanna enjoy life

after ruining my life?
- Arathi!

Tell me.

Touch me not.

Don't dare to touch me.

Who the hell is your daughter?

Tell me.

Are they still waiting
in the library?


Hey, take a look.

Doesn't she look similar to the
oldie we saw at Meppadan's house?


See, what is written here.

Photographic images and drawings
recorded in the United States.

Strikingly similar to what is
recorded in Europe and Asia.

It means?

It means,
the ghost images across the world

can have similarities.


Dude, Devi is coming.

Did you read it?
- Yes.

Ain't I right?

Like Dissociative personality.

Conversion reaction.

Couldn't you find many more
scientific names in these books?

Didn't you read about such
mental disorders in these texts?

- Can you deny the fact that

Tantri's and Black magicians,
dating back to thousands of years

had found out these things?
- No.

Philosophers might dispute.

They can even win an argument
saying that they haven't seen God.

But, didn't you see ghost?
- Yes.

That's not just an evil spirit.

That is the real form of a
revengeful 'Yakshini'.

Like 'Kannaki's' promise,'

even this evil spirit has a promise.

I don't think that you can
escape from it.

I'm ready to forgo my
marriage with Arathi.

But, I want her back, as
she was before.

If it was earlier,
it could've been a solution.

Ganga's promise that Arathi
would not enjoy a mate.

Now, it's too late.

Earlier, it was like a joke for us.

We never thought that this would
turn out to be such a big mess.

Only you can help us.

She's howling like a mad.

I know.

My father, Vishwanath
was very close with

the people at Manikyasseri

I'm ready to do anything
and everything

to save the last member
of that family.

But, we should conduct the
rituals today itself.

You had told us about July 31st.

Even the granny we met at
Vishwanath's house

had predicted that Arathi would die

at 11 p.m. on the coming
'Amavasya' day.

Today is that 'Amavasya' day.

I know.

Both this granny and the incidents

happened at your college are

the stratagems of this evil spirit.

Killing Unnikrishna Varma
of Manikyasseri

was a part of Ganga's revenge.

She has succeeded in it and
he is dead now.

For the same reason,

her vengeance would've
subsided for now.

If so, somehow convince Arathi

and bring her here.

Use force if needed. That's okay.

I'll give a try
if you can bring her here.

I've sent people asking

Anandan Namboothiri, my father's
disciple, to come here.

He deals only with Tantras.

So, he calls me Black magician.

I'm not sure whether
he would come.

Anyways, you bring Arathi here.

What you're saying is true.

I neither worship negative power
nor do black magic.

I know it.

I know that,
you being my father's disciple

will do only moral deeds.

But, do you think we can
conjure this ghost

using your Tantras alone?
- No.

She would never surrender.

Chances are more that the
main Tantri could get harmed.

I'm not afraid of it.

After all,
I'm Vishwanath's daughter.

That's why I've come immediately
when you called.


I feel as if my guru's soul
is asking me

to save the girl of Mangalassery.

If so, do support me.

A method not preached
by any Vedas, Upanishads

or other customary books.

A mix of Tantras and Black magic

to conjure a ghost.

I got it. I'm there to support you.

If so, please arrange the
'Homakundam' and 'Kalam'.

I've asked to bring Arathi.


Be very careful today.

Today is Amavasya of
the month of 'Karkidaka'.

I know.

Guess Gopi is coming.

How is Arathi now?

She's not showing any agression
for some time.

I wanna take her to
Saumini Devi's 'Ashram'.

The evil spirit inside her, should
be flushed out today itself.

Hi, I'm Mithran,
- Hello.

from 'Puthumana Illam'.

There's a message from
Anandan Thirumeni.

What's that?

Today, there's a Pooja at
Saumini Devi's 'Ashram','

to flush out the evil spirit
inside your girl.

That time,

the family members should light
lamps at Bhadrakali temple,

and indulge in prayers, through out.

Will she get out of this?

Why doubt?

The priest will do what
is to be done. I will go now.

See you.
- Okay.

Varadha, Open the Badrakali
temple and get ready all the lamps.

- Okay, Madam.


This family is in danger again.

Aunt, don't cry.

We'll see.

You get her here.

Let's go at the earliest.

Get going.

My father died because of me.

I killed my father.

I'm a sinner.

Tell me, Gopi.
What happened to me?

Tell me, please.

There's nothing wrong with you.

I know you're just consoling me.

Every one is scared of me, now.


Don't abandon me.

No matter whoever does.

I'll never leave you alone.



I'm there for you.

I'm there.

We must go to Saumini Devi's
Ashram now.

She wanted me to take you there.

For what?

She has made arrangements
for Pooja, there.

No, I'm not coming.
- Why?

We don't have any other
solution, Arathi.

What solution?

Who're you to take me there?

- Get lost.

I must take you there.
I've promised.

You should come along.

What did you say now?

- What did you say now?

What did you say?


Arathi, leave me.

Arathi, leave me.

Arathi, leave me.

Arathi, leave him.

Arathi, let him go.
- You!

Leave me!

- Let me go!

Oh! My Goddess!

Please save her.

This may be the first time

you're performing
Pooja with Beacons.

But, the black magic here, doesn't
use 'Nilavilakku'. (Lamp)'

She travels just opposite to mine.

A complete admirer of
negative power.

She wears chappals during Pooja,

Eats meat.

Above all that, it's
goat blood and arrack

she offers to her 'Moorthy'.

But Chinmayan,

this 'Yakshini' at
the groves of Kovilakam'

is far more powerful
than 'Bhiravan'.

Let's hope for the good.

Keep it there.

Leave, I say.
- Come, Arathi.

- Leave, I say.

- Come, Arathi.

Leave, I say.
- Come, Arathi.


Leave me.
- Come.

- Come.

Regardless of whatever you do,
I'll kill you all.

Leave me.

Let me go.

Arathi, stop. Come fast.

Leave me.

Jithu, come fast.

Come here. Come.


Come fast.

I don't want to come.

Leave me.

I'll kill everyone.
- Come, Arathi.

Get her inside, fast!

Lift her up.


Come, Arathi. Come.

Call her.

The black magician, here.

Lemme see how she's
gonna flush me out.

Call her.

Lemme see her might.
- Arathi.

Who's she? Call her...
Call, I say.

Arathi, calm down.

Listen to me. Arathi
- Call her...

Finally, you're here.

Come here, you dumb.

Who're you to flush me out?

The maid of Manikyasseri Kovilakam?
Aren't you Ganga?


Yes, Yes, I'm...

Ohm! Yamakanda Bhairava!

Today, the 'Amavasya'.
I'll show you my power.

See that.

'Yakshini' Ganga,
get out of this girl's body.

No, I'll not go.

I'm yet to kill a few people.

You have even killed

the last man of that
family, Unnikrishnan.

What else am I supposed to do

with the people who
burnt me alive?

Get out of her body, I say.

Leave Arathi alone.

You shouldn't kill her.

I'll kill her away.

Won't you leave?
- No.

I wouldn't be asking you agian.

Should I witness your ruination?

Go out from Arathi's body.

Didn't I tell you that
I wouldn't go?


there's no use of begging
this evil spirit.

Let Bhairavan take up the rest.

I'll go.

I'll go.

I'll go...

Luck drawn from the past.

It's a powerful evil spirit,

that has been flushed out
from Arathi's body.

Here on, this soul will
never disturb her.

You can take her with you.

Let's go.

Arathi, come. Let's go.
- Arathi, come.

Arathi, get up.

Get up.
- Get her out of the Ashram, fast.

Let's go fast.


Come now, Arathi.

See this.

Lord Bhairavan!


I heard some noise. Come... Devi...





Devi, what happened?


Devi! Oh no!
- Devi!