A sípoló macskakö (1972) - full transcript

A high school summer camp doesn't go as expected: there's no work for the kids and they, out of boredom, sneak out to find some themselves.

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- Hi guys!
- Hi.

Hi. Hi.


- Anxious about catching a head
cold, son? - Good morning, sir.

- Don't be selfish!
- Leave it alone!

This isn't our lucky day, honey.

You'll break it!

Directed by

It will break.

- Good morning!
- Good morning.


At last! Hi!

- Wolfing away already.
- Hi.

Hi. Awesome hat!

You won't believe it.
Kiddo is bringing a fishing rod.

I've heard there's some puddle

- I'm bringing my goggles.
- You don't say!

Mother, shall I see you again?

Big boys don't cry.

Guys, the water is awesome!


What will you catch for us
for supper?

Cut it out!


Stop harping on my experience!


Well, if you can't commit,
you should say so,

but we need your decision now.

- Hello.
- I'll be with you in a second.

Don't enter the tents!
Line up outside!

We're all staying outside!

No kicking back! Get up!

Do you hear me? Fall in!

Everybody stay outside!
Put down your luggage!

Do we have enough on our
plate or what?! What's wrong?


Attention! Boys,
attention, please.

Here we go.

My name is Béla Somló,
some of you already know me,

I'm the commander of this camp.

Welcome to volunteer work camp!

For the next two weeks you'll
live in camp, somewhat like soldiers.

So here's the army greeting:
"Vigour and health!"

Vigour and health, boys!

Vigour and health!

Again! This time in unison!

Vigour and health!

Now go to your assigned tents,

then elect your tent captains.

At 5PM line up for hoisting the flag.

I'll fill you in on camp
regulations then. Supper at 6:30.

That's all for now.

We haven't met before.

- Somló.
- Dienes.

- Ever been to summer camp?
- Not as a teacher.

Well then. Basics are the same.

We must adapt to given
conditions, though.

We will discuss the details.

- Which are our tents? - How come
you don't have the schedule?

Tents 7, 8 and 9 are yours.

You’ll divide your boys
into 3 groups.

After they autonomously
elect tent captains,

you’ll submit the final roster to me.

By the way, autonomy
goes for all here.

You'll get used to it.

What is this army business rubbish?

He's into role-playing.

Fakir, what are you
trying to hide there?

I'm looking for a cool spot
for my tins.

I could use a bucket.

Have you elected your captain yet?

No, sir.

Here you go then.
Where is the rest?

What's the big deal, sir?

Let it be Schuller and that's it.

No way! Pataki should be it.

What does a tent captain do?

You see how difficult it is
to come to an agreement?

Fetch the rest and cast your votes!
Beat it, Gyuris!

What does a captain do?

He represents the tent when needed.

He rats.

It is sad to take your leader
for a mole.

Kiddo for captain!

Let's form alliances!

Sorry man, this is strictly private.

I'm out of here, too.

My vote is up for sale.

- Let me do it.
- Swing it a little.

What if he picked up 3
names at the same time?

World Champion.

Catch it!


Zoltán Tőkés.

Fuck off! I won't be captain.

What do you mean? You're it!

- Dienes won't agree to it.
- Tough luck.

Is this a democracy or what?

I think there's no need
for a big address.

You all know why you signed up
to this camp.

Let me relate a warm welcome

from the leaders of the state-farm,

who all regret not being able
to be here now.

Copy that.


may turn out to be
different than you expect,

but I trust we'll be
mostly on the same page.

To give you a teaser
from our program schedule.

a gathering with members of the
village Communist Youth Organization

- Yippee!
- I can't wait!

A concert by a Budapest pop-group

A young Hungarian-born French
teacher will lecture

about French schools.

Wake-up call at 5AM...

- morning exercise at 5:10.
- Is this a joke or what?

breakfast at 5:30,

work from 6 to noon,

afternoons are free for
sports and entertainment,

supper at 6:30PM,

lights out at 9PM.

Come on!

It is forbidden to leave camp
without the commandant's permission!

It is forbidden to plunge
into the fish-pond!

The pond's been manured,

offenders risk contracting
some serious skin-disease.


Showers are at your
disposal at all times,

if you feel hot, just stand in

but water supply is limited,
since water is delivered by cart.

Finally I announce

that due to procedural reasons
work is cancelled for tomorrow.

The daily schedule will change

wake-up call at 7AM and so on.

Raise the flag now!

Tent captains, report to the canteen!

The rest is dismissed!

What the fuck is
"procedural reasons"?

It sounds like "died of
undisclosed causes".

Zoltán as captain is in deep shit.


From now on, I need you
to deliver your best!

Lavish meals, as many helpings
as they want,

always with a generous amount
of the usual downer.

That's what we can do.

Provided I get the enough supplies.

Your boss has promised it.

I don't know about that.

I had to discard two pairs
of boots

and a headless pickaxe.

How do you know it's a pickaxe then?

What do you mean by
how do I know?

This is a pickaxe-helve, that's how.

That lousy water cart should be
here already.

Go and see, will you?

How do I know?

What happened?

A never ending sermon, what else?

The captain of group C

that guy is a genuine asshole.

Why won't we work tomorrow?

They didn't say.

We got the night-watch schedule.
There will be competitions, too.

Like what?

Ping-Pong, soccer, chess, whatnot.

Tents will compete in work

as well as in spit and polish.

Dienes assigned me

to draft a cultural program
proposal by tomorrow.

The captain of group C suggested
in all sincerity

to name the camp after someone

and prepare a memorial
program in honour of that person.

Luckily he was voted down.
One day I’ll just kill that guy.

Dinner time!

Before the day breaks
singing youth wake it up

with a happy smile.

Neither windstorm, nor
burning sun can stop us,

we shall turn the swamp
into lush garden.

Hey youth, keep up the good work,

witness of great deeds,
the Communist Party is calling.

New ditches fill up with water

in the marshland formerly
unknown to men.

Let us grab spades
and shovels, fellows!

Let us turn the swamp into lush soil

It is absurd, but I feel
I need to check on what's going on.

It has nothing to do with being
tent captain,

it's like an instinct.

Insane, isn't it?

And you are having issues
with captain of group C?


Fall in!
Stop playing around, boys!

Get them to do some exercises,

- Gymnastics or something.
- I'll be back in a sec.

Find out what's up with Somló,
will you.

- I'm afraid he's still asleep.
- Sure.

Could you please, check on
comrade Somló?

- What about hi or hello?
- Sorry. Good morning.

Could he be - still asleep?

You know what? Even that
wouldn't surprize me anymore.

Back off from the window!

Away from that window!

Fall in for calisthenics!

Lift your arms!

Mind your distance!

Your name?

- Ernő Lencse.
- With a triple umlaut.

- Foot-size?
- 41.

One pair of boots.

What a lovely smirk!
Happy to see us, dear?

A pair of trousers.
What kind of tool do you want?

Number of your tent?


Three hoes, one pick, a shovel,

you'll get a rake, son.

Do you think you’re in a shoe store?
Come here and sign off!

What's your name?

Ernő, please!

A pair of trousers.

Don't bother, I won't wear these.

Is that so?
Just you wait until being enlisted!

Now it's time to lay you to rest.

Next we'll be required
to build a drawbridge.

Come on, guys! It has to be done.

Look who's talking!

I didn't volunteer to be boss, did I?

Énekes, get the fuck up!

Actually, why is it left
to us to dig this ditch?

What about those before us?

The Soporific is here!

Well, boys, how's work going?

Going, going.

How are you holding that shovel, son?

This is how it's done.

We'll have a competition
in spit and polish.

The winning tent will be entrusted

with redecorating the flagpole
area in a creative way.

Scores will reflect imperative

and creative ideas.

You may stop working
during announcement.

What is this? What's going
on here, please? Who's your captain?

- I am.
- What is this pigsty?

I see this one more time
and you'll be terminated.

We'll be back in five.
I want this cleaned up by then.

This is a disgrace!
You deserve a penalty point.

May I be terminated now?

Be quiet!
Sit down there, boys!

You, over there, you too!

Sit down, son!

- I'm super-hyper.
- I have to pee!


Do you think it is manured for real?

Why on earth manure a fishpond?

This is ill-mannered,
not to mention the disgrace!

What will they think of you?

Prominent Budapest
students staring like creeps

What about a poem or
a scene, at least

an attempt to reciprocate
their generosity.

This is an inacceptable way
to handle this get-together.

Here you go, clever boys!

Don't hide, I'm talking to you!

and so are the villagers.

Come on, respond to them!

Pun unintended,

you are the country bumpkins,
not them.

I didn't expect this monumental show.

Who's in charge of cultural events?

- He's one of yours, right?
- Yes. His name is Tőkés.

It's a bit too soon.

I'll try to find him.

Are you done with the program

- Not yet.
- Then you better vanish!

- What did he want?
- Nothing.

- Do you have a moment?
- Sure.

Next time we have to match
their effort.

I'd like to phone my
wife, she's very pregnant.

- Now? Phone her? How?
- I'd take the bus to town.

Go if you have to, although...

I thought I wouldn't
be needed at this hour.

All right then.
Tonight is a blunder anyway.

We must invite them back
and reciprocate their show.

We'll discuss it later. See you.

See you.

Tell me, is this guy married?

I think so. Why?

Never mind.

In case farm kids have to
herd kettle when not in school,

they are at a disadvantage.

If they have some downtime,
they stand a better chance.

Another topic may be motivation

of course, situation in
the city may be similar.

If urban kids have downtime

and space, if they’re motivated

all 3 bullet points
these are 3 critical bullet points

then their environment
is preferential.

Well, since motivation
is most imperative,

if parents are motivated, too,
then we're fine. Just fine.

Well I've sent some of my farm
kids even to quiz shows

on several occasions.
I'm telling you.

What will you do here for two weeks?

Work at the state farm,
I don't know what.

There's no work for you.
You haven't been told?

- What do you mean?
- What did I tell you?


Are you serious?
Am I the first to tell you?

This sounds fishy.

Why are you so worked up?

We won't work. Great.

So this is the reason
for the outing tomorrow.

Shut up, let him talk.

I don't know.

I've heard that something
went wrong...

The corn hasn't tasselled yet,

because of bad weather,
late sowing,

they may have something else for you.

And why?

The corn hasn't tasselled.
Obvious, isn’t it?

So we’re going home?

Why do they keep us in the dark?

- Maybe they’ve just found out.
- Bullshit.

They don't have the balls to tell us.
They think we won't notice.

They think we forget
that we signed up to work.

What do you want?
To form a negotiating committee?

This is intolerable!

Let's draft a petition!

- A peti- what?
- Stop fooling.

Their bluff works only if
we don't speak up.

- What's holding you back?
- Nothing.

- What are you waiting for?
- We should all go.

Man, I'm afraid you're a lonely hero.

- Listen, boys!
- What?

The time is out of joint.

Vincze, are you coming?

Where the fuck do
you want to go now?

To check out the club scene.

Village folks will
beat you to a pulp.


we'll wait until our brains fry
in this detention camp?

It's still better than
slaving in the cornfield.

Your brain would fry there for real.

What does tasselling mean?

- Does it matter?
- Tassels are not out.

Is that wrong? They aren’t.
Shit happens.

Female row tassels must be pulled

to prevent self-impregnation.

Soporific's here!

I'll turn off the
lights in five minutes.

Tomorrow morning we'll
visit the Bajom ruins.

I expect civilized behaviour
from all of you during the trip.

Your demeanour tonight
was an embarrassment.

The villagers will
be back on Sunday,

then you'll have a chance to save
face by preparing

a cultural program for them.

Good night.

A spare soporific pill anyone?

Why haven't you asked
him about the hush up?

Ask yourself.

Fuck it, you are the
tent captain, or what?

What if he admitted there
won't be any work ever?

Would you start a riot?

He’ll never admit to anything.

Then why waste our
precious summer here?

Don’t you worry about summer here.

Outings, chess championship,
long distance pissing,

- sack-race, dodgeball...
- Shut up already!

You'll have plenty of time to snooze.


What is this?

It must be some bird.

Bird, my ass. Yodelling it is.

This is insane. Where are we?

What is yodelling?

This is it, moron, what you hear.

Is it an instrument? Like some pipe?

Sure, it's a pipe. A throat pipe.

What an idiot! Let's go.

Wait for me, I am getting dressed.

- Where is Prof Dienes?
- He went for a stroll in the village.

I'm sure he hooked up with a dame.

Fuck them, how am I supposed
to tie my shoelaces now?

Do you need a torch?

You’ll tie them out in the moonlight.

Who knows the way?

It would be ironic if
we bumped into Dienes.

I bet he'd join us.

Wait! I'm going with you.

Taking a dump in the lake
is prohibited.

Some moon-tan lotion, anyone?

Don't do that!

- Is this all?
- Yes. Yes.

I feel, I feel...

These are the ruins of
the inner tower,

this used to be a storage area.

It was surrounded by a
protective wall, still standing,

outside of it there was a moat.

The first owners were

the Csák family, followed by
the royal dynasty of Árpád,

then the Rozgonyis,
finally the Esterházys.

Well, that's about all.

Thank you kindly.

May I have your attention!

It's 12:25 now,

you're free until 3PM.

Hold it, I'm not done!

We'll meet back here at 3 sharp.

Don't go too far, we
won't wait for latecomers.


Let's find a coffee place.

Shouldn't we keep an eye on them?

They are not toddlers anymore.

They should discharge their
steam here and not in the camp.

Summer is vacation time. We
must be careful about what to push.

For example, forcing the educational
aspect of this outing may remind them

that they signed up
for something else.

This way they're having a good time,

still, they are in
an organized community.

And honestly,

isn't this the aim
of a voluntary work camp?


The idea is to keep them busy
all the time.

Still, I am somewhat concerned,

not to mention the loss
to the national economy.

Come on! First I was concerned,
too, I even protested.

Then I realized

that for educational purposes
this is a classic situation.

that offers us great opportunities,


we find an opening
to the kids' mind-set, of course.

It is just as well
part of the challenge

to get them recognize
our objectives.

The point is to be
constantly watchful.

That's not it.

If we succeed,

we could even leave, go home,
or whatever...

They would keep
working on autopilot.

Definitely. I meant that, too.

And then where to? Home?

No way! That would be even worse.

Then what?

I don't know yet.
I'll play it by ear.

That will wear out fast.

Not as fast as this, here.

Just think about it.

Soporific may call the police
and you'll be busted in no time.

Next they’ll crush you
at school in the fall.

I can't assess pros and
cons and I don’t want to.

Bolting would make sense only

if the whole camp did it,
or at least a whole tent.

Do you want me to argue
with those dickheads

who came to get community
service credit

to boost their college application?

Why did you come, then?

You won't believe it.

To be away from home.

By the way, I think
you're chickens like the rest.

Call me chicken if you want.

No one will destroy me for nothing.

It's convenient to dismiss what’s
uncomfortable for you to confront.

We're talking specifically about you.

Bolting equals excluding
any option

of a reasonable action.

- Where do you see a reasonable
action? - Where?

It's sitting in the grass.

How about trying something else?

Bolting is nothing.

It's the same as pretending
there will be work in the camp.

Look, guys!

Morons! My back!

This is my first time abroad.

Mine too.

When did we cross the border?

Guys, I feel homesick.

That's a Czech bus over there.

This is how far you can get,

or you may defect to Czechoslovakia.

Moron. You just don't get
the picture.

Let's go back.

- Are you chickening out?
- What time is it?

I take three lemons,

when I eat them I turn yellow
from them.

I'll be yellow as a lemon

I love chocolate.

I take three brushes,

when I eat them I turn hairy
from them.

I'll be hairy as a brush

I love chocolate.

I take three cigars,

when I eat them I turn long
from them.

I'll be long as a cigar

I love chocolate.

I take three pots,

when I eat them I turn into a kettle
from them.

You may sit on your own stove
at home, kid, but not this one!

What is it?

You all need a good
thrashing for discipline.

- What is it?
- He slapped me on the face.

And why? You destroyed the stove
and behaved disrespectfully.

- Did I really?
- Here’s your restitution money.

- What's going on here?
- This man hit Hasznos for no reason.

- Are you their teacher?
- I am. Why did you hit him?

None of your business.
You’d better keep order.

Where do you think you are?
In the woods? This is a train station.

They gallop around and destroy
the furniture.

I hit him because you
failed to do so! Understood?


Who do you think you're talking to?

You call yourself a teacher?
Your diploma should be revoked.

Let's call the police!

That won’t help. He'll
say whatever he wants.

We are all witnesses.

Should I say it wouldn't matter much?

A good thrashing it is.
Still not too late.

Stay! Hold it!

I still don't get what’s happened.

Stop! Come back!



- Why did we stop?
- The signal turned red.

Here of all places?


Where are you going?
Come back here!

Come back here!

Your train is leaving.

Stop the train!

Watch out! Stop the train!

- Who pulled the emergency brake?
- I did, sir.

A bunch of these scoundrels
jumped off the train.

They had to climb back.
They will be fittingly punished.

This emergency brake was
sealed. I will be held accountable.

You will have to pay a fine.
It will be quite a hefty sum.

We'll pay the fine alright,

but I couldn't just watch
them breaking their necks.

We stop when asked nicely,
no need to abuse the brake.

Pulling it is expensive.

You have a problem
you tell me, we stop.

2, 4, 6, 8, 10

- He's bolted for real.
- I still saw him on the train.

9 only. Who's missing?

Is he gone?

Who saw him last? Where?

I don't think he was on the train.

Don't lie to me, he was there.

That slap upset him.

I did not lie. I haven't seen him.

I saw him last at the train station.

Will you call the police on him?

Who said anything about police?

Maybe he hasn't run away.

Maybe he’ll return later tonight.

You must know, sir, that
he ran away

and won't come back.

By the way, he had
told me that was his plan.

Are you provoking to be punished?

Posing as a victim
won't get you any mileage.

You may be correct
and he may not come back.

Still, I have a hunch he will.

Don't be disappointed
if he shows up.

Wait for me here

and give some thoughts to all this.

I still don't get it. Did he
really hit him out of the blue?


No offense, but I just don't buy it.

Something should be done
about that kid, before...

before the police brings him back.

Obviously. We need to talk it over.

We'll have to notify his parents

The entire camp knows
already, I guess.

Not yet. His tent only.

Then persuade them
to keep a lid on it.

In case he doesn't return, the
official version is that I released him.

If these all start running away...

I'm sorry, it’s too
late to contemplate that.

They have good reason to run away.

It was irresponsible to
agree to this situation.

Is that so? How clever of you!

Of course, it's an unpopular duty.
Still, it has to be done.

You should rather
consider the options

and get back to me if
you have a viable idea.

So far I can't think of any.

Take this camp as an
extension of the school-year,

as education in pragmatic
forms of community life.

Not long ago I also used to think

"community life" was just a slogan,

then I learned by
experience that it does exist,

and we have to learn
its different forms

in order to fit into the

built of communities, because
only well-running communities

can accomplish important
social tasks.

And what’s the social task

you have in store for our
little community here?

This is not even a community yet.

Our very task would be to create one.

And what about work?
There won't be any at all?

There will be, we just
don't know yet, when.

One more thing.
We are in a fix, too.

We have to figure out
a total switch-over on the fly.

However, we could have
a nice and prolific time,

if only...

you could overcome your scepticism.

Trust me, we don’t
want to deceive you.

Why the hush up, then?

If it was up to me,
I would talk openly.

But it's only a technicality,
it wouldn't change the facts.

I'm sure professor
Somló has his reasons.

- And what are those?
- Higher considerations.

It's very hot here.
Aren’t you sweating, sir?

How witty of you.

What about Hasznos?

If he doesn't return
we’ll notify his parents.

His parents? Good luck.

So, if we agree to shut up,
you’ll leave him alone.

I won't lose my temper,
no matter how hard you're trying.

I've been as frank
with you as I can.

- The whole camp knows it.
- I don't care!

Don't hold back. It's between us.

Look, boys, I know how
the land lies,

just like you do.

I'm only asking you to
consider my situation.

In exchange I will
not misinform you.

I appreciate that you want to
speak and to be spoken to honestly,

so I expect you to appreciate

that it’s not always an available
option for all.

I have nothing to say to those
who view this as a bargain.

They will have to
get by on their own.

Is it true that a
guy from this tent ran off?

Yes. So it seems.

Why can't you let him be?
Don't you see that he’s done?

So? Who cares?

We gave him a hard time. This
is what you all wanted, isn't it?

Why don't you fuck
with Soporific instead?

This guy is dead meat.

Did you buy his shtick for real?

They've cooked it all up with
Soporific before he came here.

What's the big idea? You
want to dismiss the camp?

He just loves to hear his own voice.

He pissed me off when
he just stood there whimpering,

when Hasznos was hit, pretending
he didn't know what had happened.

- And what did you do?
- What about you?

- I wasn't even there.
- Oh, that one.

Hasznos should have
reciprocated the punch.

When did he get away?

Probably when we stopped
by the girls’ camp.

Wow! He climbed
through to the chicks!

Is that the sole thing
on your mind, little stud?

We'll go, too, to
visit the chicks.

Go fuck yourselves!

This can't be real!

It sounds more forlorn
than last night.

It may break eventually.

Still, I ask you to release
them, let them go home.

I've been quite clear, I think.

You have your budget anyway
and your kids get a free vacation.

It is out of the question.

Enough is enough!

The whole mob is sitting on the
trailers and they refuse to get off!

Oh, I forgot about the trailers.

Unfortunately, we need them
elsewhere, we can't give them a tour.

Well, come on, move it! Get off!

The fun ride is cancelled!

What is this? Chase
them out, will you.

Get out of the store!

Forget the booze!
Move it! Move it!

Clear the trailers, they're
needed elsewhere!

Fall in! Stand up!

Stop it!

Stop fooling! Fall in!

Move it! Get off!

Clear the trailers! Form a line!

Don't you hear what your
prof is saying? Off the trailers!

Move it!

Don't be sloths. Move it!

Jump off!

Line up by tents!

Mind the distance!

Straighten the line!

Here comes a little surprise.

We'll move back to the
camp by way of a relay race.

Excuse me?

The track is about 5 km long.
That means 500 m for each runner.

That won't kill anyone.

Members of the winning
tent will be awarded.

I won't disclose the
nature of the award yet.

Determine the running
order of your team.

Starters stay put here,

the rest leaves for the camp

and take up positions every 500 m.

- What a treat!
- Line up at the start line!

I ran a leg between main roads.

Traffic was blocked for the race.

The street was still paved
with cobblestones.

Running the last leg and possibly
breast the tape was the thing to do,

however, I ran the leg
closest to our school,

so my friends saw me
taking over the baton first.

Hello. Are you from the camp?

- Yes.
- I'm looking for the camp commander.

That's him, on horseback.

I'll wet my pants!

The race is getting close!
Line up for handoff!

Good morning. My name is
Jean Faloux.

Oh. You're the Frenchman,
aren't you?

Well, you know, we're
preparing for a race here.

Please, wait for me
at the state farm yard.

I'll be there in half an hour.

But at the moment we can't...
we're getting ready for the race.

I see.

Well, I'll look around until then.

Line up for handoff!

Fall in!

What? Are you running, too?

Yes, for a boy from
tent 6, he's sick today.

Well, it’s up to you.

Wait for me!

This is insane.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Get a drink.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

- You are from the camp, aren't you?
- Sure.

- I hear there is no work for you.
- It's true.

I have a job for five or six,

some hoeing.

My cornfield is full of weed.
I can pay 8 forints.


Let's say tomorrow.
The sooner the better.

How come you need us
and the state farm doesn't?

They spray their corn from airplanes.

We didn't have time to hoe our corn

because we had to work
for the state farm.

So, can you come? I live over there.

We'll see if we can get away
from the camp, you know.

- Did you ask others, too?
- I asked a few.

- And what did they say?
- Some said yes,

others said no, they can't.

We shall have a joust for you

Do we have enough
on our plate or what?!

This soup is cold, sweetie.

- What a gorgeous specimen.
- I bet he'll drink it.

Put down the money first.

Hark, villain! I will grind your
bones to dust!

8 forints? You're nuts!

How would we sneak out of the camp?

Come on!

I don't think it's worth
the risk of being busted.

- What is worth the risk then?
- Better pay or something,

or some fun prank.

- To be honest...
- To be honest?

if only a few will go, they'll
definitely crush all of you.

Here comes a handsome puke.

Long live the republic!

OK, let's take action together,
as you're suggesting.

I'm in.

Who else promised the farmer to go?

Cool it. These are
only hypothetical ideas.

We need to get through
these two weeks, that's all.

I agree, but we
should use our brains.

There's no moral ground to
reprimand anyone in this chaos.

Sorry, we signed up to work, there
was none, so we found some.

End of story.

Hold it for a second.

Why is this hoeing job such
a big deal to you?

I want to make some money.

My ass! Should I tell you why?

This is your way to get back

at Dienes for having chastised you.
This is psychology.

You are a moron! He's totally a moron.

Watch my words. You'll
be the only one to go.

Who told you I will?

- Would you join us if we went?
- I would.

- Actually, the entire camp should go.
- That would be awesome.

- Next.
- Another beer.

Give me a refund on this bottle.

„Blood! Real blood!

It's crucial to make them feel
self-sufficient in this situation.

We must avoid even a hint of
imposing any activities upon them.

So, was my invitation
one of these activities?

I am afraid, yes.

A hitchhiker. Should we stop?

We may, although we're almost there.

Get in.

To Budapest?

Hi. Good morning, professor.

How do you know I'm a teacher?

I used to attend your school,
but I never took a class with you.

Where do you live now?

I moved not far from here
after my parents’ divorce.

Son, why top having
defected with pulling a hoax?

He ran away from our camp.

- Let me be! Stop! I want to get out.
- Why did you escape?

Where have you been since yesterday?


Did you sleep in the forest?

What if I did?

- It must've been thrilling.
- It sure was quite thrilling.

How about returning
to the camp with us?


Why not?

What for?


It wouldn't fit the myth
of your heroic escape, would it?

Why don't you take the train home?

Here, a 100 forint bill.

We'll drop you off at the station.

Here, take it!

You'll pay me back
at school in September,

or you may mail it to me.

I can't repay that kind of money.

- All right. You must be starving.
- I'm not hungry.

This is it. Let's stop here.

What's got into him?

I think it's better to let him go.

I certainly think it is.

Even if according to code he was
supposed to be busted

and disciplined,

still, I'm sure I should let him go.

Maybe it was a mistake
to offer him money,

but he's out there penniless,

it is my responsibility if
he gets money another way.

Are they free to leave whenever
they want?

I don't really understand your camp.

How come your Hungarian
is this good?

I was seven when my family left.

Are you a teacher?
What is your subject?

After finishing high school
I was teaching for a year.

In an elementary school,

to save money for
my university studies.

So, you're not a teacher.
You don't have a degree.

I don't. I'm a student.

Then you have no specific knowledge
of the French school system, have you?

I mean, you are not an expert.

Still, I can talk about it.

I don't mean to put you on the spot,

but your uncle told me
you could give a talk,

to teach our kids that life is
not that rosy there, either.

Please, stop here, I can walk
from here. This dirt road is very bad.

Oh, not for this car.

Well, thanks for the ride.

I'm sorry you drove
this far for nothing.

Oh, ce n'est rien!

But if I'm here already,
I'd like to look around.

Excuse me,

I need to know for operations
how long you intend to stay.

- A few days.
- I see.

Welcome, then.

I'm extremely busy.

I see.

We'll find a bed for
you in a teachers' tent.

I'll be fine on the grass
with a blanket, you know.

Plunging in the lake is
prohibited, it is manured.

It's a fish-pond.

Only soap could get
all this dirt off.

Why can’t he have the
vacant bed in our tent?

Come on, man!

What's the mileage?

118,000 kilometres.

You drove it all over
Europe, didn't you?

Where are you going from here?

To Istanbul, for another month.

Istanbul, where else? Not bad.

Enough is as good as a feast.

Take cover!

What's this?

- Let me see!
- What the fuck is this?

A cobblestone made out of rubber,

sold as a souvenir of
the May barricades.

What May barricades?

Why the ones in May '68.

Someone made business of that, too.

Groovy, isn't it?

- Were you there on those barricades?
- Yes, sure.

- Must've been a nice ruckus.
- What does "ruckus" mean?

- Circus, mess.
- I see.

Then later cobblestones
were replaced.

The paving in Paris?

Yes, in the Quartier,
the student quarter,

and then, to prevent
it from happening again,

they covered the streets
with bitumen.

Smart move.

To advance things smoothly.

I don't mean to sound menacing,

but our street is still paved
with good old cobblestones.

Made of Hungarian basalt.

Are you here to learn
what to do next?

Is there something to learn here?

At least as much as in Istanbul.

Here goes the smartass again!
He’s driving me nuts!

What do you want him to do?

Cancel his trip to Istanbul
and rot here with us?

What the fuck is
there to learn here?

At least he is free to drive
his 2CV wherever he pleases.

One day you'll have a car, too,
then you can drive to camping.

That's beside the point.

Do you know why Soporific
doesn't want you here?

It has nothing to do with
you not being a teacher.

I don't really understand
what's going on here.

One day is certainly not
enough to understand it.

- Who's this?
- A teacher.

Hey, they've brought back Hasznos.

Come on! He's far away already,
squatting somewhere.

Where have you been?

At the chicks. Are we in trouble?

Why would you be in trouble?

- No one knows we bolted?
- Did you?

From the race we crossed
the cornfield to the rails,

then we darted to the girls.

And? Anything happened?

There's no denial that
some hanky-panky ensued.

Enough, man, I'll kick
your ass back to the cornfield.

So, did you get laid, finally?

What's up? Did you steal a car?

Supposedly she's a
teacher in the girls' camp.

Did they see you?

- Where are the others?
- They left, I guess.

- They went to work?
- Probably.

Get up, Kiddo!

But we agreed to go together.

- Where?
- To hoe on the farm.

Why the big rush to leave?

- We don't matter, we're just dirt.
- No way. Let's follow them!

Go, if you want.

You don't even know
where they went.

Fuck you all!

Somebody say something!
We're slaving like convicts.

Magyar men are guarded,
pondering every word.

It's bacon & onion time.
Starvation's kicking in.

It's ludicrous how awkward
we feel. Just think about it.

#1 It's absurd how we are
digging away here

while the rest...

and we are here by choice, not force.

#2 We feel awkward about labour,

though we signed up to work
in the first place.

#3 We mean to protest
by working or what.

#4 We are protesting a way
usually used to contain protesters.

#5 We feel weird about protesting

and it’s a joke that we protest
all together.

#6 We feel weird about
feeling weird, and anyway...

I can’t concentrate.
Let me focus on my job!

Fellows, we are making progress!
Can you feel labour’s dignifying power?

When looking back I'm
tingling with pride.

You know what? Let's race.

The first to reach the end
of the row will be awarded.

I won't disclose the
nature of the award yet.

This is stupid. We're ludicrous.

It would be best to forget
about the whole thing.

You’re going through
temporary crisis. Get over it!

As your captain, I order
you to resume working!

Suck it!

Why did you two join me?

Stop whining and shut up!

A shitload of chickens!

Had they joined us, it
would be totally different.

Gutta cavat lapidem.

What do you mean?

I mean "the die is cast".


Hic Rhodus, hic salta.
but that's beside the point.

It's still better to be ludicrous
than more ludicrous. You heard me.

- This is beyond me.
- You see? Same here.

Come with me, you have
nothing to do anyway.

Three more boys have bolted.

They left their belongings
behind, though.

I have to cover for them
to avoid another scandal.

I should prevent the others
ratting on them.

I hope they'll be back by lunch.

Too bad.

You know, I don't have much time

and I'd like to see
as much as possible.

We'll chat tonight, OK?

See you later.

I don't see why we’re going back.

I want to see what
Soporific has in store for us.

I just want to know.

And to show off a teeny bit, right?

You should become a shrink.

What's he doing here?

- Hello. Are you headed to the camp?
- Yes.

- Get in.
- We're in no rush.

- Are you the three fugitives?
- Fugitives my ass.

Who told you we’ve bolted?

The young teacher did, this morning.

Do you know where we went?

No. I went for a hike.
So, where have you been?

You’ll never guess. We went to hoe.

To hoe?

To hoe on a farmer's land.

The old man hired us and we went.

We went because we’ve been
Rotting in the camp for a week.

You mean you were fed up with doing
nothing when you signed up to work.

That's it. Well said.

And now you're on your
way back to the camp?

Why, what should we do?
Work as day labourers?

Or go home to Budapest?

Well, actually, I don't really know,

I’m just curious about your plans,

if you will go back to work, or you
want to organize a demonstration?


Do you have something in mind?

Well, it’s hard to tell.

One should know the situation better.

An option would be to manifest,
to hold an assemblé générale

I mean, to organize a
meeting and draft a manifesto.

It happened for instance...

...sequestren le patron...

"lock up the boss"

they locked up the boss in his office,

without food,

he wasn’t even allowed to go to pee

until their demands were met.

Is that all?

Well, maybe you may try to
initiate a dialog with farmers.

Did others mean to work, too,

or was this just a partisan action?

This was a "partisan action",

or not even that.

You're quite "resigné".

You don’t seem to have much
faith in it.

- Faith in what? - What does
faith have to do with this?

Why did you go to work then?

Why, why.

It's no big deal. The old man
hired us we went, end of story.

If this is the end of the
story then let’s forget it.

Don't sweat it. This is it.
It's over. It hasn't even started.

Don’t bother to try,
you'll never understand.

You’re on your way
out of here to Istanbul.

It's not worth contemplating
that we may be right.

From where you are, we
don’t prove or disprove anything.

Why are you saying this?

Never mind.

You should have told me earlier.

In any case, if they are gone,

the official version is that
we've sent them home. Is that clear?

- What about their belongings?
- I don’t know. I couldn't care less.

They might have left
with the Frenchman.


Are you sure?

I am. I saw him leaving alone.

What if they cooked up some
scheme? Anything is possible.

Dialog in a silent movie,

Black silence in the night,

Break in a pulse,

Somehow add up to who I am.

Love in a teaspoon,

kid in a freshly turned bed,

Warmth in a winter coat,

somewhere add up to who I am.

Do you know, young girl

What I hope for

What I hope for
when you get close to me?

Do you know, young girl

What I hope for

What I hope for
when you get close to me?

Chicken in an incubator,

Wit in a eulogy,

Round in a square

Somehow add up to who I am.

Dialog in a silent movie,

Black silence in the night,

Break in a pulse,

Somehow add up to who I am.

Do you know, young girl

what I hope for

what I hope for
when you get close to me?

Do you know, young girl

what I hope for

what I hope for
when you get close to me?

It's time for intermission.

For bourgies this is
the time to mingle.

You can't even fathom the seriousness
of your act under the circumstances.

Actually, I get your point,

to some extent I even agree with you.

But you must grant

that I’m doing the right thing
when expelling you.

Your punishment may
be disproportionate,

but you should acknowledge that

a precedent must be set for
the rest.

I'll do my best to iron it
out at school in the fall.

Who is it?

Wait outside, please.

So, this is the state of things.

Well, what do you think?

Can we still stay if
we pass on this deal?

No! Now I can see that
I made the right decision.

Your act is nothing but frivolous
trouble-making I'm stunned to see

a person entrusted with serious
responsibilities be part of it.

You respond with sheer insolence
to being fully provided here!

You get room and board, activities
and all that doesn't come free,

doesn't just grow like weed.

If this is how you respond, be it!

You’re out of here
first thing in the morning.

I’m done.

I was thinking of punching him
in the face,

just like that, slapping him.

That would have been a bad idea.

I think it's awesome you
didn't do any of the sort.

Otherwise you would have
provided them with an argument..

Then you would have lost
purity, morally speaking.

Who cares? Who gives
a fuck about purity here?

I am going to explode!

How did they find out that we left?

I should have asked him
at least that.

Let's do something, or it will be
deflated to a petty disciplinary case,

that we, too, just try
to get away with.

What else do you want?

What’s your problem? Is it
really that we don't have to slave?

That should be your worst
headache ever.

That's irrelevant.

The cause has no mass
support, that's the problem.

We have nothing to lose
anymore, but the rest.

I don't give a fuck about
what the rest has to lose! OK?

Look at the misunderstood hero!

Do you expect a monument
dedicated to you?

Why did you let go that runaway boy?

He is a difficult case. You saw
for yourself how stubborn he was.

And what did these boys have
to say about being expelled?

These are smart, reasonable boys.

I told them I am supportive,

in a similar situation I even
may have acted similarly,

but discipline is in the
best interest of the community.

What if tomorrow not
just three, but ten of them

and after tomorrow half
of the camp chose to bolt?

Not to work, but just go
anywhere they feel like!

Don’t you think all of
them are devoted to work.

These three accepted it
without any grudge,

without any grudge,

as reasonable adults should.

So can you expel students without
discussing it with the rest of the camp?

What makes you think you
have the right to challenge me?

I will not tolerate any meddling

with matters at my sole discretion.

You don't have the foggiest
idea what this country is about.

These boys don't need
any foreigners' protection.

They know what is
the right thing to do.




























































Line up for hoisting the flag!

Please, give me permission
to see those three boys home.

I'm worried they may
end up doing something silly.

It is out of the question.

You'll see them to the
train station, that's it.

You better help me
to round up this pack!

Some of you, so it seems,
are not mature enough…

for the self-governance-
based community-life

that we started to
establish in this camp.

I have to stress that I am
talking about only a few people.

I trust the majority
identifies with our intentions.

Hence, I won't implement
any retaliatory measures,

I don't intend to mar the healthy
atmosphere we created in this camp.

However, increased rigor
will be implemented against

those immature and
disruptive individuals

who attempt to undermine
our efforts.

Those three of your fellow campers,

who left camp without
authorization yesterday,

have been banished from our camp.

Disciplinary action will follow
at the beginning of the academic year.

We'll raise the flag now!

From now on, the flag will
be hoisted every morning,

and lowered at the end of the day.

Hoists of the flag will be
preceded by daily announcements.

At attention!

Look up Hasznos as
soon as you get home.

Find him somehow
in case he didn't go home.

I mean, find him before...

before we may lose him for good.

Don't misunderstand me, I am not
trying to pass on my responsibility.

I am asking you because
he thinks he has nothing to lose.

I know his family situation and...

he doesn’t care much
about what he does and why.

Maybe he will listen to you,

and you know, or at least you try
to figure out what you do and why.

Also, you understand that
his reaction is not viable.

This camp took an unfortunate turn,

but now you have a chance
to do something really sensible.


Does he expect us to
comb the entire country?

He doesn’t.

Excuse me, may we open the
window? There’s a lot of smoke.

I wouldn't mind,
but it is not possible.

May we open the door then?

Sure, but it slips back.

Let's go to another compartment.

Feel free, I will not be offended.

Let's block it.