A dokumentátor (1988) - full transcript

Raffael is the rich owner of a video store. His girlfriend, the attractive Chip works there. They make some extra by making illegal copies of pornographic and horror movies. It is Rambo's duty to deliver the video cassettes to the customers. Raffael doesn't know Chip and Rambo are lovers.

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Produced at the Hunnia Film Studio
with the assistance of

the Ministry of Culture,
MOKEP and the Innovation Studio

It is not dawning where it used to,

my fate is being sealed.

It is not dawning where it used to,

lawmen came and apprehended me.

The Documentalist?video novel

I'm finished for today. You'll
find me upstairs if you want to leave.



Leave me?Have you lost your mind?

Leave me be, go away!

This film takes place in Hungary, 1987

Why are you putting on airs?

You're a servant just like me,
only one floor above.

Wait a second, I'll see you out.

A film by Istvan Darday
and Gyorgyi Szalai


- Is everything alright?
- Just fine.

Don't worry. Who gives a shit?

Fine. Pronto.

Got laid, I guess.

I'll be here tomorrow morning.




The Lord condemns violence,

and he condemns indifference even more.

violence is imperfect philanthropy,

indifference is perfect selfishness.


Very good.

- Good afternoon, Madam.
- Good afternoon.

Come out, you have a visitor.

I am aware that you know

we couldn't work it out
even if we had ten machines.

Your offer

(buying that specific camera)
is honourable.

According to my plan, we'd establish
some sort of cooperation

to have my camera assembled in Hungary

with Japanese components.

You know, Frankie, that
I can't be accused of overenthusiasm,

but I think that now...

yes, sure...

This case has reached a nice stage.

You know, I told you about this...

this Japanese opportunity.


Yes, this friend. So,

yes... this relationship,
this is superb stuff,

Got me? This is...

This... well, an official thing
would be much worse.

Think about it! It's private:
he works there for the Japanese firm

and his wife is Hungarian.
Can it get any better than this?

Settled, no doubt.

There was a Danish case just like this.
I based this on that one, remember?

A small Danish firm did it,
so why couldn't we, since a Hungarian...

with a Hungarian wife,
an expatriate in Japan.

Obvious. That's it.

Well okay, but hold your horses.

I wouldn't compromise
if I didn't have the...

you know, in the Ministry there's the...

your former mate from university.

He unofficially undertook it,

so the export-import aspects
and concerns of this whole thing

will be all right.


- Good afternoon.
- Hello. Just a sec.

Thank you, please open your trunk,
we'll take it out in a moment.


I think he's in the winter garden.

[Gabor Body's voice:]
We'd discuss video in general.

In any case,

we have to separate two domains.

One is that

in what respect does the medium offer
new possibilities for the creator,

the other is that in what respect

does this medium create
new possibilities for the viewer

regarding communication
and distribution.

It will cause, and is causing changes

effectively shocking
all known possibilities in both areas.

Let's say, that for me,
a "cinematographist"

?which literally means picture writer?

the difference is that
I work with videotape, not film

which means lots of artistic potential
and restrictions as well,

because with film it's easier to?

So may I borrow this material?

Sometime soon.

This is my newest purchase.

- What's up?
- It will be an exciting thing.

Economists convene and
that must be recorded.

I need a camera.

Go there with a tape recorder,
record what they say,

'cause the interesting thing
is their speech.

And if you're curious about their face
take photographs.

No. Who said something, and how, what
was the situation, how mettlesome he was

?it's not just the same.

What... what was the poise,
the underlying notion.

These things
are not of secondary importance at all.

Frankie boy, listen?

This is where the artistic quality
comes into play.

Thirty hours of a meeting of economists.

How much are those thirty hours worth,
when we don't have footage about

things which take place in our time?
- Appeal to the Balazs Bela Studio

or the KISZ KB, are you kidding me?
This is?

That's not exactly the point.

It could be made
not only about economists.

This could be made, well uh...
by recording the workers,

their opinions about this,
and other strata, circles.

The problem is not with the employees

they all want to work for the money
to provide income for their families.

The problem is with the management.

Got sixteen suits in the changing-room.
They should be filmed on the streets.

They have to capture how they look like.
Sixteen men get suits in the small shed.

I'm at my workplace
between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m.,

then, in a refreshed state
I just leave and

try to earn real money for my family
by moonlighting.

Second job. Why am I not being paid
during work time?

What about family recreation?
Family pastime?

Holidays, being together...
we don't get any of that,

all we do is work
but there are some folks

who can go to certain places
we can't even recognize from photos.

Perhaps on weekends
we might go to the movies,

but when you're tired
you don't want to have fun,

you'd rather sleep or rest.

You drink your two pints, go to bed,
then fall asleep, that's it.

Suffice it to say

I earn 240 forints
by working for 8 hours.

I buy one kilogram of meat
but I can't tell my child

that I'm not too well off,
so take only two snacks, son,

because the truth is,
I can't afford more.

Night is falling, I should go home.

I'm afraid
the lads are going to beat me up,

but don't hurt me buddies,
I'm not responsible,

I'm in love with a brunette,
I'll never leave her.

Good evening, good evening, brunette!

I'm asking for a night's lodging
If you let me in.

I can't put up any rover,

my mother's not at home, I'm alone.

- Hi, Chip!
- Hi.

Your daughter has arrived.

- Going strong?
- Thanks, it's a success.

Business has been booming since
I've been in charge behind the counter.

I work hard. We have many customers.

That's good for me of course,

because the higher the profit
the higher my salary.

The most useful employment of capital
for my father

is that which yields him
the largest profit,

but this employment is not always
the most useful for society.

The most useful is that
which stimulates

the productive power
of its land and labour.

So in order to live, you non-owners

are forced to place yourselves
directly or indirectly

at the service of the owners,
i. e. become dependent upon them.

That's why you're sitting
behind the counter, aren't you?

That's not true.
I'm not only behind the counter.

Oh, your father called.
You can go upstairs.

Oh, thanks.

Listen here.

That which exists for me
through the medium of money,

that which I can pay for,
i. e. which money can buy,

that am I, the possessor of money.

The stronger the power of my money,
the stronger am I.

The properties of money are mine,
the possessor's,

properties and essential power.

Therefore what I am and what I can do

is by no means determined
by my individuality.

I'm ugly, but I can buy
the most beautiful woman.

Which means to say that I am not ugly,
for the effect of ugliness,

its repelling power,
is destroyed by money.

As an individual, I am lame,
but money procures me twenty-four legs.

Consequently, I am not lame.

I am a wicked, dishonest,
unscrupulous and stupid individual,

but money is respected,
and so also is its owner.

Money is the highest good,
and consequently its owner is also good.

Moreover, money spares me
the trouble of being dishonest,

and I am therefore
presumed to be honest.

I am mindless, but if
money is the true mind of all things,

how can its owner be mindless?

What is more,
he can buy clever people for himself,

and is not he who has power
over clever people cleverer than them?

Through money I can have anything
the human heart desires.

Do I not therefore
possess all human abilities?

Does not money therefore transform
all my incapacities into their opposite?

Now I feel like an old person.

You visit me only for the money.

Why would you deprive me
of these 24 jolly legs?

I don't want to deprive you at all.

I'd rather you
stood on your own tiny feet. Hmm?

- Not much of a problem, is it?
- No.

Why are you here?

You weren't at home, and I needed
the monolingual dictionary.

Didn't I ask you not to come here?

But you weren't at home. I had to.

The house is yours
from the cellar to the attic.

We agreed
that you must not enter this place.

Didn't we?

You know what?

Lock yourself
in your own little citadel, Raphael!

If... I can document myself
with video... Visually.

Let's forget the...

forget the...

narcissistic motives.

It's obvious that this has

a technical aspect.


There's another aspect

which hasn't been revealed by
any previous self-documenting technique.

Not even by diary

nor by

the tape recorder.
That was only the sound.

You see,
such techniques alienate, don't they?

But this allows me
the possibility of seeing myself.

To let me confront myself.

I can play back myself, so

objectification is

is identical with myself, my own mug

and that is worth trying.

The question is, is lying possible?

- Hi. Is it broken?
- Yeah.

Let's see if I can start it up.

Something is wrong.
Let's have a look at the back. Wait.

No wonder it won't start.
The ignition cable is disconnected.

It was me.

This is downtown Greensboro
in North Carolina

the place where the Negroes'
lunch counter sit-in movement

was born three years ago.

Lunch counters are desegregated now
so are parks and

recreational facilities.
There is token integration of schools

but now these demonstrators say
they want more.

Leader of their struggle
to have all racial barriers eliminated

is James Farmer, national director
of the Congress of Racial Equality.

One ticket please.

I'm sorry but
I do not choose to sell you a ticket.

You do not choose to sell me a ticket?
Is this because of my race?

- No comment.
- No comment? Thank you very much, Sir.

In general the negro demonstrators
and the white townspeople

treated one another courteously
but there were specific jibes

at the presence of Mr. Farmer.

Hi-ho, the derry-o
The farmer in the dell.

The farmer takes a wife.

- A black wife!
- All niggers.

...The Lord is on our side, someday.

Oh, deep in my heart,

I do believe...

- Am I admitted?
- No Sir, well, you cannot be admitted.

- Why?
- I'm not going to serve you.

- Because of my race?
- I'm not going to serve you.

- Because of my race?
- Move on!

- I'm not going to serve you.
- Why?

Why am I not qualified? I'm human.

I'm not going to serve you.

- I don't dislike you, boy.
- I don't dislike you.

- Then why don't you serve me?
- I'm not going to serve demonstrators.

Today, tomorrow, or any day.

If I came back by myself
would you serve me?

No, you're a demonstrator.

- I won't be demonstrating.
- You are a demonstrator.

We shall overcome some day.

I have a dream that one day,

down in Alabama,
with its vicious racists,

with its governor
having his lips dripping

with the words of
"interposition" and "nullification"?

one day right there in Alabama
little black boys and black girls

will be able to join hands
with little white boys and white girls

as sisters and brothers.
I have a dream today.



In 1968 we were crazy about
the proletariat.

In bistros, in smoke-filled rooms
in pamphlets we prepared them

to accomplish their historical mission.

But of course, the workers slaving away
in their jobs didn't give a damn.

The working-class was
so strongly present in our fantasies

we inevitably had to open
the student movement up to them

and its left-wing political activities.

We said hello to them
from the Latin Quarter.

A group called
"Long live the revolution".

And he starts his odyssey
on the assembly line

influenced by the so-called ???.

For on June 5th hundreds of students
blocked the adjoining highway.

The confrontations with the police
lasted all day long.


We sold watches which has
also increased our popularity.

Everyone has come to lend us
their support. And we've also all?

Procession at the 17th anniversary

of the founding
of the People's Republic of China.

The march proceeds with the
towering statue of the Great Helmsman.

Here are the units of the Red Guard

with guns on their shoulders
and Red Books in their hands.

Are you sure you couldn't call me,
or you didn't want to?

The telephone junkie phase is over.

- I didn't want to.
- Yes.

I didn't want to call you,
and I won't do it again.

But I'll be back.

You need this

just as much as we do.

Good afternoon.


Notable events in recent months
are being discussed nationwide

in party conventions in Czechoslovakia.

The party's new action program
and the personal changes

affecting the party's leadership
have been discussed.

Results achieved through
the deepening of socialist democracy

are discussed cordially by the delegates
not only on the pulpit but also

in the breaks of vital party meetings

with Alexander Dubcek,
first secretary of the party.


Budapest put out bunting.

The government and party delegation

of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic
stayed in Hungary for a short visit.

Many waited for and greeted
the Czechoslovakian leaders

on the streets of Pest.

Wherever they went, they were met
with respect and affection.

The delegation arrives
at the Parliament.

The leaders of the
Hungarian government and the Party

welcome Alexander Dubcek,

first secretary of the
Communist Party of Czechoslovakia,

and Prime Minister Oldrich Cernik in
the salon of the presidential council.

The Czechoslovakian and Hungarian
government and party delegations

discussed issues concerning
both parties and countries.

They agreed on concluding
a new twenty-year

Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation
and Mutual Assistance.

The cross-party conference was held
in the headquarters

of the Central Committee of the
Hungarian Socialist Workers' Party.

The delegations held
a thorough conference

on matters pertaining to the situation
of the international labor movement.

The Czechoslovakian delegation
laid a wreath

on the monument to the Hungarian heroes.

The Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation
and Mutual Assistance

was signed by Prime Ministers
Oldrich Cernik and Jeno Fock.

The official record is the document

of the two adjacent countries'
friendly relationship.

The strengthening of the two countries'
continuing friendship

was also demonstrated by
the Budapest Summit.

The first secretary
of the Hungarian party, Janos Kadar,

said that
constructing the socialist society

gives meaning and purpose
to our joint work.

The first secretary
of the Czechoslovakian party,

Alexander Dubcek, emphasized that

built on the best traditions,
we shall unite our forces

to further consolidate
the unity of the communist movement.





A film report
has just been received from Prague.

Life is slowly returning to its
former state after the end of August.

In the first days of September,
traces of attempts at

were still visible here and there

e. g. burned-out buses
and various groupings.

Typical scene:

groups arguing
on the streets and squares,

who try to convince each other
with more or less serious arguments.

The sobriety,
the people's tradition of friendship,

the discipline of the troops
and the Czechoslovakian party's

and government agencies'
actions overcome the difficulties.


Farewell to the remaining allies,
then back home.

Troops of our popular army stayed in the

Socialist Republic of Czechoslovakia
for 67 days.

They return to home bases
under the new treaties.

Red and national flags

fly in the October wind
at the rolling command post

indicating that our soldiers
were led to the land of our friends

to fulfil their internationalist duties.

The first units to return home

were received with warm welcomes
in front of the Gyor Town Council.

Troops returning to their stations
served well

in defending the positions of socialism
in Czechoslovakia.

There's a vulture in the background.

It feels like Sunday.
Everyone's taking a nap.

This tranquility is elusive, though.
Something is afoot.

I've got a cabin in Pomaz,
because I dig my mother-in-law...

Look at this, cowboy!
I'm grabbing it.

- Down, then...
- It comes back by itself.

We work so well together, you see?

- Very sexy.
- You're really enjoying it, huh?

Slowly, slowly, slowly!

I've got a cabin in Pomaz...

Don't let the boss find out!

Look at that, she's blushing!

Her ears. Her ears are blushing!

Made for the general public.
Seriously, why is this here?

I told you, it's a bait. To make them
think that I smoke cigarettes like this.

Then you must say, "there you go,
this is it, choose one of these."

- Yeah, that's it.
- Makes sense.

We've run out of hard packs,
we have only longer ones.

And soft packs.


Budapest Ferihegy Airport Terminal 2

- Bye. Pick me up on Friday.
- Good. Take care! Bye.

I'd like this one, too.

6000 forints, Sir.

You knew my husband. He was
an incredibly decent man, y'know.

But what should I do?
I have nothing to say against him.

You have absolutely no idea
what were those Italians like, y'know?

You enter a department store
and they storm you.

If you want to buy a shoe, they'll
take your shoes off of your feet.

They absolutely won't let you
think or look around.

Truly awful.

This guy lived in South Tyrol, y'know,
he was extremely rich,

I had everything,
I had all I wanted after all,

I had an amazing car,
things like that, so...

There's stunning things out there,

I went to the service once

because my car broke down,
and what did I see?

They dump two-year old cars.

They rot there in the parking area,

eaten by rust.
They'd been in mint condition.

Truly awful...
All this hustle and bustle, you see,

we used to travel a lot,
I always had to have dinner with him,

and... y'know, that I don't...
I'm basically like a stay-at-home.

I couldn't stand that kind of thing.

Additionally, we've been to Venice.

I refused to go anywhere else with him?

you know him,
y'know, everyone goes to Venice.

I thought I'd take a look around.
It's a very famous city after all.

I went to Venice, y'know,
I could hardly move around.

We wanted to eat an ice cream,
but the place was so packed that

we couldn't sit down, y'know.

It was so dreadfully dull I thought
I'd be smothered by the crowd.

It was full of tourists, horrendous...

And that other thing, y'know,

Well, y'know
how much I loved living here.

I was so scared of this departure.

I don't know how charming this man was,

who could persuade me to leave,

but I for one know how much I missed

these... circumstances at home.

I absolutely loved being at home.

I miss the town hall
where I used to work,

I miss my colleagues,

the good old eight-hour workdays,

my monthly salary of 3200 forints.
I was absolutely satisfied with it.

The streets,

let's say the Red Star Tractor Works
on Red Army street.

I absolutely loved being here, you see.

But in Italy you enter a store,
you don't even know where to go next,

you have no idea,
you don't understand the language...

Utterly stunning.

I didn't like being there.

That guy was pestering me all the time,
he went to a Hungarian tutor;

I didn't even have to work, you know?

I was at home all day,
sitting in the apartment,

watching videos,
I was sick and tired of it, you know?


Pinch me!

Dear Csilla...


- How did you end up here?
- I arrived yesterday.

People say things have changed. Really?

To some extent.

They say everything is fine.

Well, I'll try and find out
whether it's true.

Tell me more about yourself!

Now that I can see you I feel all right.

Me too, I haven't seen you
for such a long time...

I'm speechless.

It was such a long time ago.

Listen here,
shouldn't you be thinking about...

starting this whole thing over again?

That would be very difficult now.

Listen, that's everything
I've been hoping for,

that I'd come home to be with you.

New vistas opened up for me.

I don't have to roam or
wander about the world aimlessly, but...

And I go home and we start anew.

I didn't think I could
see you again in Hungary.

Do you believe me?
That it was very difficult?

Life is like that.

I've got you!

It was ages ago!

Take a look at this.

You're with me too.
You're always by my side.

Eotvos Lorand University


Comrade Stalin is omnipresent
wherever the decisive battle

of the socialist industrialization
is fought.

The frothy waters of the Dnieper

generate electricity
for Soviet power.

Ordzhonikidze, Kaganovich, Kalinin.

Voroshilov, Kuibyshev, Kirov.

On the path of socialist economy.

At the first meeting of the shock worker
collective farmers, Stalin said:

"In the kolkhoz system
the farmers work for themselves

and for the benefit of their kolkhozes."

Each and every nation
of the Soviet Union

consider Stalin their leader.

In 1937, the Soviet people
elected representatives

to the Supreme Council.

Comrade Stalin talks about what

the true representatives of the people
should be like.

The people, the voters,
expect the delegates

to fulfil their duties diligently,

not to be philistine politicians,

but to work as
conscious political workers

and to be
resolute revolutionaries like Lenin.

A huge, liberating mission
is being accomplished by the people.

We must be worthy of this honour.

Men in White

Yugoslav-Soviet Treaty of Friendship.

Here's Comrade Stalin.

We have no more doleful news to impart:

Stalin is no more.

The miners commemorated the great one

with bowed heads and heavy hearts.

His body may rest on the catafalque,

but the Leninist-Stalinist party
lives on!

His companions,
his faithful disciples bid him farewell.

Comrade Rakosi, who was set free by him,

brought all our sorrow
to the catafalque.

...into a happy tomorrow.

Because we fight for Stalin,?

Our country was mourning too.

and Stalin is peace,

and the world will be a better world

with Stalin!

This is what happens to every AVO member

Mindszenty has returned.

Don't you have something to say?

What do you mean?

I mean I've had an inkling
for quite some time

that you,
well, have someone in your life.

You're not disclosing that,

even though
we had an arrangement whereby...

when somebody else... comes into
our lives, a new flame,

one of us informs the other.

- Are you pulling my leg?
- No.

I think you're just not honest with me.

You don't treat me like you used to.

You're someone else completely,
you've changed.

You look like a different man.

What are you saying, Chip?
What is it?

Nothing. I recall the outset when...

you were still loving me.
I felt like being loved, anyway.

I remember our first night together.

I remember when you
held me in your arms.

You took me upstairs, into the bed.

It was so wonderful.

Supper, everything.

No more.

Don't be silly! What is it?

Sorry, but... I'm a bit upset.

What? What have I done?

Nothing. You've forgotten me.

A fat lot you care!

Don't cry, don't be silly!
Tell me, what is it?


I have to admit something horrible.

Tell me.

I cheated on you.

- What?
- I cheated you.

Let's go. It's green.

- Hi! Is Rambo here?
- Hi. I'll go get him.

Get here immediately,
you've got a fiery guest.

Don't you get offended!

You hear me?!

Answer then!

What is wrong with me?!

Listen, didn't I phone you one hour ago?

That I'm coming?

That I'm almost here,
and you should wait for me?

You're building an enormous house.



How was your trip?

It was fine.

And how did you spend your time?

I was working.

Where? Have you found a new job?

No. I spoke with Laura for a while
after work.

Her new boyfriend left her. Again.

- I had to listen to her pep talk.
- How unlucky!

- Where was Rambo?
- Rambo? He's here.

- Oh, he's here?
- He's just been eating pickled fish.

- He hasn't been here recently.
- He probably went to the market.

No, thanks.

I don't need it.

Don't you get offended!

- Do you hear me?
- I hear you.

Answer then!

I don't get it, what is wrong with you?

What is wrong with me?!

What have I done?

Did I hurt you?

Listen, didn't I call you one hour ago?

- You did.
- That I'm coming?

That I'm almost here,
and you should wait for me?

- Huh?
- Yeah, I'm listening.

What if an important client had come,

- what would've happened?
- Waiting.


You can't do this.

We had an arrangement in the beginning
if I'm not mistaken, didn't we?

We did.

Don't you talk to me like a jerk!

Do you hear me?!
Come out of the kitchen!

- I hear you.
- Come out!

How dare you?

Listen here,
don't start to peel vegetables

while we're talking, okay?
You're not even at home at all!

I'm not your slave, pure and simple.


You heard it right.

What was it?

I'm not your slave, pure and simple.

How do you know?

- How do you know?
- I'm not your slave, there, I said it.

Are you sure?

It is not true that I don't mind

being rich.

I'm not saying it right.

That is not what bothers me.
I like being rich.

What bothers me is

that I like to

deem myself superior,

and I do deem myself superior.

That's why I'm rich.

I didn't inherit my wealth.

That's why I am what I am.

And the ideal status...

would be...

I don't know what would be ideal...
So my ideal is

that I could enjoy

my possessions, my fortune,

my power,

my life

but at the same time

I'd be dead certain

that I could abandon them
whenever I wanted to,

that I can live without them.

And I'm not quite sure about this.

Theoretically, yes.

It's not only a question of wealth,

but a question of difference.

I'm a bit ashamed to confess that.

But I'm not a hypocrite.

A lot can be said about me,
but I'm no hypocrite.

I don't like people.

I don't like these people.


bacon-eating, stew-smelling,


ordinary men

walking in coats with mothballs.

I'm very sorry for them.

But I don't like to travel on the


I hate grocery stores.

I haven't been in any for years.

I'm sick of

these filthy, congested streets,

standing in queues,

and I wouldn't like to relapse.

I wish these things didn't exist.

This is why I'm willing

to do whatever it takes,

and if I don't deceive myself

I supposedly do take measures
to protect myself.

I don't...

I don't like to mingle, though.

1.7 billion years old cliffs

in North America
in the bed of the Colorado river.

The continents had been drifting
for millions of years

before they reached
their current places.

Having just fast-forwarded
the geological eras,

we can see that the

North and South American continents
had been shifting before they met.

The northern continent
was covered by a shallow sea

where the Grand Canyon spread across
one of the huge, arid islands.

The Atlantic Ocean
did not exist at that time.

Things that represent some kind of value

get suppressed anyway.
You can't collect them.

What exists, means something,
and is worthy won't be hyped,

it remains a secret.

They hide it. What you collect

is not exactly full-value material.
You know this too.

Why should they have full value?

What am I, the Almighty?

Why would it...

Why, what you advocate,
is that of full value?

Just because you want to make a film
about reality,

it becomes "full value"?

Capturing reality

is not the work
of a solitary cinematographer.

There's something more to it,
Frankie boy.

This whole "My Hungarian Camera case"
deals with this.

The matter at issue is, what I'm saying,
our labour of love somehow,

can't be done by either a solitary actor

or a documentalist
?do you see what I mean?

What I say is that we need something
?this would be the Hungarian Camera?

which would be accessible for anyone.
Got it?

It ceases to exist when what's-her-name
Juli Kudlik

appears on screen and tells you
what's the deal, what is reality,

while me, the viewer is listening.

What I do with video:
don't you realize, that

?I mean, uh, pardon, with
the video-lexicon, the whole research?

the moment when someone
has a video,

it can't be only my privilege

?it is mine at present?

but there will come a time when
those will be copyable

and recordable. So according to me,

video, the Hungarian Camera

would not revolutionize cinema,
contrary to what some believe,

but it could revolutionize
the fountain pen. Get it?

- I understand, but?
- Everyone could write,

pure and simple, everyone could shoot,
i. e. everyone could speak.

That is the point.

Not that you, like er...

a new Jesus Christ, set out for Golgotha

with a camera,
which you cajoled out of me.

Why did you
break off your development work?

- While we're on the subject.
- What do you think? Why?

Because it couldn't be developed.

The whole conception is still valid,

I think what the video
can and will offer,

and in what respect it will change
the importance of communications?

Narrative communication
is a thing of the past.

Things have become much more dynamic.

Movement, events...

Something simultaneous...
People are overwhelmed by information.

But at the same time

it might endow viewers
with a false sense of reality,

so... I think I'm there,
although it's not really me

and those eyes are not mine
which choose what I want to see,

what I notice in that thing,

but it's the choice of the eye

of someone else's: the camera's.

It is rather obvious
that a camera position,

an optical illusion,

the reporter's, the cinematographer's
own point of view enters my home,

?PAKISTAN: The impending tempest?

comes up on my screen
in a terribly powerful way,

and I'm inevitably beginning
to see things through his eyes.

This is not the fault of the technique,
or the medium, so to speak.

This medium can be used
in lots of different ways

?CHILE: Black Septembers?

and is used in multifarious ways indeed.

For example, when...

It is very common that demonstrations
are covered by the news media.

Quite simply: On which
side of the camera am I standing?

Demonstrators aren't usually angels.

They are usually hot-blooded,

they protest against something.

If I'm opposed to them, then

they might be projecting an
obnoxious image on screen,

especially when a fight ensues
and I see them as being aggressive.

When I stand on the other side,
I probably witness police brutality.

Where does that come from...

Private sector. You?

I worked for a company, wait a minute,

I earned 7000 forints per month.
Half of my salary was deducted.

- I can't get by on 3500 forints.
- Give me a break!

I worked for a fucking company,

and what did I get?

- The same thing I got.
- Listen. It got a lot better...

- Insurance company?
- Did you build a house?

the bank, and two families. So what?

- Gyula, listen, dependents?
- Me too, I'm separated?

Don't have a home, a job, nothing.

I can't even count how many...
How many of them I have to pay...

You're better off than me financially,

I'm in a private enterprise.
I earn more.

- You earn more. All right.
- And I don't spend that much.

I have some pending matters
with the police

so I have to work in
a state-owned company.

- That's different.
- I have to. You know what that means?

If I find employment and earn,
let's say,

my nominal salary. Seven?

- Yes, 8000 forints.
- Jeno, shut up!

- 8000?
- You earn ten thousand. Ten. So?

- Average?
- Yeah.

- In Hungary?
- Why not? You can make a living.

- 7000, 7000.
- Listen, listen, I...

- Taking the piss...
- In 2500-2800 ?F...

I've been a boilermaker,
forklift operator, everything.

I'm a fucking iron founder, listen here.


You know what? Don't drink!

- Your family is likely to get more.
- It's private sector, so shut your gob!

You know what? Pubs should be closed.

You work in the fucking private sector.

Close the pubs!
I won't drink then. Or smoke.

Wait a minute! Stop!

The notice on this Labourer pack says:

"Smoking may damage your health."

On every pack.
Why are those in circulation?

Cigarettes should be made illegal!
I wouldn't smoke.

Smokeless Symphonia has been invented.

They should sell those, not these!

Are you a labourer, or not?

- What?
- Labourer, or not?

I am a labourer, yes.


I have to leave early. For Munich.

I've just received a phone call.
I can't attend your birthday party.

- You have to?
- Uh-huh.

Postpone it!

I can't.

- I'll make it up to you, okay?
- When?

Three days approximately.

Marx's remarkable Feuerbach thesis
says that

"Philosophers have hitherto
only interpreted the world

in various ways;
the point is to change it."

I think that these

these theories

are unable to

accomplish what reality

can accomplish by itself.

What love can harmonically...

okay, "harmonic" is an exaggeration,
but what can be accomplished by love,

what is singular in love:

sensuality and paradise,
heaven and earth,

body and soul...

These are separated only in theory.

This dichotomy, through and through.

To the very end...
an attempt at appropriating one of them,

either the sensual or the celestial...

an attempt at defending them, or rather

the unification of these two things,

is capable of merging

completely contradictory theories,

extreme realities,

emotional conditions,

and that is reality itself: love.


it is not theory

but reality that helps us out.


Chip is the proof of this in my life.


is the one in whom

all sorts of mutually exclusive,
astoundingly contrary opportunities

existed, and still exist somehow...

Chip was...

once upon a time...

before I got to know her

was this girl.

This girl could've become anyone.

She could've been
the greatest woman in the world.

When I became acquainted with her,
she was already somebody else,

immersed in a different world.
Beauty determines us as we know it,

and it determines
in the wrong direction.



She's missed the boat.

This intrigues me the most

in our relationship, actually.

That... somehow,

by my intervention...

Anyhow, due to our relationship

she started

pursuing good opportunities.

What can be found in this photograph

started to materialize.

Sure, there's some Pygmalion effect
in this thing, of course.

I feel like Professor Higgins sometimes.

Thus Chip is my work too.

And I think the gist of this thing
is this metamorphosis.

During these couple of years,

Chip was very?

What are you doing? Stop! Open the door!

You're crazy! Open it!

Where are you going? Open the door!

He locked the door on us.

I'm going to kill you, you bastard!

Why are you sobbing, woman?
Stop it already for God's sake!

Here's this creep again...

...Had she lived in the 18th century...

...the panic within...

Because of the general outcry
against hanging,

the electric chair was the next step.

Its premier was in New York
during the year 1890.

Larry DeSilva would soon join

the list of criminals
that have died in this fashion.

It's time.

DeSilva had read about the method.

When asked if he was afraid, he smiled.

When he was led
to the execution chamber,

DeSilva seemed
nervous and totally disoriented.

He was scared to die.

When I asked him if he ever thought
about the woman he had murdered,

he replied,
"All I wanted was her goddamn wallet

and the bitch gave me a hard time."

DeSilva's history in crime
was a lengthy one.

At 34, 17 of those years
were spent in penal institutions.

Beginning with petty theft,
DeSilva finally

committed a crime
which would cost him his life.

The process is simple.

The victim is placed in a chair
where electrodes

are attached to his leg and head.

These two areas
are sponged down beforehand

with a brine solution
to conduct electricity.

Strapped to a seat
that you will never leave alive

is a situation
that I still cannot justify.

A man on death row
is in a continuous fight for his life.

When finally tied to the chair,

the condemned knows
that death results.

During the final preparations,

one could feel the fear
being transmitted from his body.

Even though he committed
an inexcusable crime,

I began to wonder
if two wrongs really make a right.

His eyes are taped to prevent them
from popping out of their sockets.

The flick of a switch sends a current of
2,000 volts through the electrodes.

Then the current is brought down
to 1,000 volts after a few seconds.

By this point, the man is unconscious

and the whole process is repeated until

the prisoner is proclaimed dead
by the physician on duty.

The room began
to smell like burning flesh.

The physician
has them repeat the process.

The trickle of blood marked the
conclusion to this grotesque execution.

If this is the only solution
for certain problems,

modern society
will be plagued by violence.


This was the most important incident
in the history of the royal family.

The invention of the flush toilet.


But it did not solve all problems
considering deodorization.

After several unsuccessful endeavours,
new progress has been made:

fan-assisted extractors
with carbon filters,

attached directly to the toilet seat.

Royal convenience
where even the King goes on foot.




New swimwear for the new season.

We thank You for this INTERMISSION.


That whole lot of calculation,

perplexing multiplication and division
i. e. income tax reckoning

is immeasurably simplified
by this tax disc.

Tax disc and guide.

A simple and practical aid
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Available in Ramovill stores, bookshops,
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On which side of the Bos-Nagymaros
debate are/were you on?

More prettily, more easy-goingly,

more colourfully,
more favourably in this!

More prettily, more jauntily,
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Motion Picture Innovation Association

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When you wish upon our star,
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52 pages. Hard and easy.

Arroword, Italian style.

Wordplays and picture crosswords
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Whisper into the ear of the newsagent:


In the heart of Budapest...

visible from Elisabeth Bridge,
behind the InterContinental hotel.

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You'll find something new
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If you don't have a definite vision,
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Tickets available at AFOR gas stations,
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Every ticket is a raffle ticket
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The main prize is a Honda.






We've already discussed this,
don't you understand?

Yes, with you.
I've talked this over with your boss.

That's what I've been saying.
We've negotiated with the Japanese.

The co-operative would manufacture them.

You ought to take charge of
the commercial part, and we're ready.

I don't get it.
How can you come up with a new version?

We had an agreement!

Everything is fine.
I've told you already.

Now that everything falls into place
you quit?

What are you doing here?
Why did you come here?

Have you completely lost your mind?

I've told you already. I can stand
anything in the whole wide world

except for one thing:
that you kiss him in front of me.

- I cannot tolerate that.
- He's my husband, can't you understand?

I don't care. Dump him!

I still owe him something,
don't you get it?

After all he's done for us,
you still ask why?

I'll sell the house, as it is.
Come with me.

Leave him!

- I can't stand him. Listen...
- It hurts, stop it!

You know it's very hard.

Do you think this is easy for me?

Please, cut it out,

I beg you, stop doing that!

You're insane.

- Bye.
- That's very kind of you.

I love you.

We're thinking about relocating again,
because, well, you know...

Do you remember Gabi Hegyesi?

He's in the Ministry of Interior.
He said he could get me a job.

They always need someone skillful
who speaks multiple languages.

We can't take the pressure any more,
got me?

Tuning in to the radio every morning...

dollar exchange rate depreciating.

You understand the context.
The Iran-Iraq war,

and these idiots with the
peace treaty...

Viz. the thing is
?No thanks. I don't smoke.

When there's war, the dollar goes up,

when there are no riflemen,
it goes down again.

And uh... I don't know what to expect.

If this goes on, it means
no Christmas for the children.

I lost $700 last week.

It's not that funny, you know.

You think this is a joke, but every day

at one o'clock when
the Bundesbank determines

the par value of the dollar,

I turn on the TV immediately and I watch

what will happen because it might go up.
And the dollar went up for one day only,

when the Iranians shot the Americans.

And I thought
I was not going to convert the dollar,

because the Yankees might fire back,

but they didn't.

So as it turned out the next day,
the dollar

went down again seven pfennige.
Seven pfennige.

That means I lost DM 3500 that day.

I can't foretell what will happen.

So the only, uh...

This tension every day; It depends on
a stupid thing like that,

when I can't do anything myself,
I'm defenceless.

One can at least do something here,

but you're completely
at the mercy of events there.

So... Who the hell knows?

What are you doing?
Are you recording this whole nonsense?

I work in the Ministry of Interior,
you record this thing

and want to screen it again?

...this ABC news special

My father, Gordon MacRae,
was one of the biggest

musical theatre stars and an alcoholic.

When I was little I thought
I could get Dad to quit drinking,

but only an alcoholic could've done it.

My dad finally got help and spent
the last two years of his life sober.

I was so proud of him!

Alcoholism can be treated and prevented.

Be alert to the symptoms.
You may need help,

particularly in the case of
alcoholic children.

Call the National Council on Alcoholism
for more information.

This broadcast
was sponsored by CITICORP,

one of the largest
banking institutions in the US.

The dream of success
follows everyone in America.

A bank whose clients dream of success
all over the United States.

It embodies the hard work,

passion, commitment,
the essences of the Americans.

That's why we help people
to bring their dreams to fruition.

You envision success,
and we help you achieve it.

If you dream of success,
we'd like you to get to know us better.


Leave it to me.

Who let you in?

Hey, you're sitting on a powder keg.

It'd be better if you
packed your stuff and left this place.

Leave at once!

You hear me? Leave at once!

The culture of democracy is
not restricted to the political sphere,

it has to pervade
all territories of human relations.

Our basic idea is that socialism is
a society where people's opinions,

social network and pursuits
are more and more varied.

Each man has his own social experience,

level of knowledge, qualification,

the unique perception
of the developments.

Hence the wide variety of
opinions, convictions, assessments,

which of course demand attention,

and the discerning of coherence.

We are in favour of
the diversity of social opinions,

the abundance of culture.

No need to be afraid of publicly
addressing the arduous problems

of societal growth,
the criticism and debates.

In fact, justice is established

and right decisions are made
under circumstances like these.

Socialist democracy must fully serve

the needs of working men.


The solid foundation
of the accelerated progress

can be secured on the basis of
fundamental economic changes,

moreover, even the
reconstruction picks up only when

it stirs up our economy thoroughly

and that requires the radical alteration

of the economic mechanism,
the whole economic governance.

The goal of the pivotal economic reform
initiated in this country

is to secure a transition
in two or three years

from the unduly centralized,
domineering governance

to the democratic system which is
principally based upon economic methods:

on the optimal coordination of
centralism and self-government.

It is a radical crisis.

If the establishment can't be reformed,

the Hungarian economy
will be threatened by marginalization,

the peril of a long decline.

An imminent burst
is an entirely different matter.

There may be a chance
of becoming insolvent,

but it can be evaded.
These are not high-probability odds.

There's a serious danger
that these unfavourable processes

?especially under
highly bureaucratized governance?

can become irreversible sooner or later,
and are very hard to terminate.

Amongst the consequences,

economic problems might transform into
social unrest or in any event, lethargy.

In every notable group

?notable considering
economic performance...

in the state bureaucracy, managers,

in every group participating in the
preparation of the economic policy

incredulity and distrust
are widespread...

There was a medium-term economic plan

?the first experience like that
in my life?

when the designers

(including the monetary experts,
not the Planbureau)

didn't believe in the possibility
of the plan reaching completion.

This is the seventh Five Year Plan
which is a symptomatic phenomenon

when even

those experts who were participating
in the groundwork of the economic policy

start to think that

this whole process is a meaningless,
aimless effort indeed.

I find that an
extraordinarily serious thing.

It can extinguish
the ethos and morals of any work;

an outfit like that
can become unable to achieve reform.

The condition we call consensus

according to the
official political slang,

is, as a matter of fact,
an inactive condition.

The essence of this was that,

after 1956, the political power
offered the population

the opportunity
of a modest pecuniary gain,

and said that in turn they don't have to
conduct political activity.

And the populace, the free people
loved this immensely after all.

They didn't realize
during their exultation

that they
couldn't have even talked politics.

We are in need of a new consensus
which is, based on the foregoing,

in exchange of, and accepting
that the introduction of

consolidation and reform entail
the decline of living standards,

a reconciliation would be
brought about with the society

which states that
the establishment accepts

that the society engages in politics
and tries to defend its interests,

and the society claims that prerogative
in return

for the decline of living standards.

The other delusion is that

the deteriorating situation
can extort the reform.

I think our collective Central or
Eastern European experience is that

the deteriorating situation
can coerce lots of things:

political rabble-rousing, emergency...
it can introduce lots of things.

It can't coerce a reform.

The Hungarian reform experiences
also show us

that the failure of
reform ideas and ambitions

can be traced back to the fact

that there wasn't a social force
behind the reform thought

which could've forced out
and implemented the reform

even when
the establishment was hesitating.

There is a risk that

the Hungarian society,
which has no accurate information about

the actual state of affairs,

which thinks that this thing
is somehow avoidable?

Trouble will come, they said,
but it can always be avoided somehow.

We can't get away with
the next couple of years

like we did with the previous ones,

so with the
sudden dissipation of illusions

a revolt without a plan wouldn't
crop up, and a revolt without a plan

is usually followed by
retaliations without plans.

...the turn of the century
?it would be worth investigating,

but I don't want to drag on about

how many series of

shocks and traumas
struck the Hungarian society

whose ultimate result was that they
transformed it into a nation

shaken and shattered in its
moral position, awareness and

national consciousness.
From Trianon to the '56ers,

these traumas had been piling up
and not been resolved.

After '56, due to this growth
?the country experienced this

individual self-realization initially,

and later as national self-realization
of a certain kind.

When a Hungarian was asked
what did being a Hungarian mean to him

in the Fifties, what was he proud of,
he replied: the Golden Team.

When asked in surveys in the Sixties,
or particularly the Seventies,

the Golden Team still held
the first place, or Laci Papp,

and the second was that we're better off
than the Polish and the Romanians.

That meant that the
national self-realization

had one, or rather a sole dimension.

A one-dimensional national consciousness
has evolved,

replacing a completely severed one.
One-dimensional national consciousness.

Our nation is going to lose
this sole dimension

in the next couple of years
?which I think is a great risk?

so I think that a nation with a
sound national consciousness

can't be shaken or brought into
an unstable plight

by even bigger crises.

When we think about '56,

the establishment was astounded
by the scale of this explosion,

they didn't expect anything like that.

Think about Karoly Kis in Csepel,
22 October, when he said that

if anything happened, it would be over
in no time,

would peter out in about half an hour.

And what happened?

The administration
was overthrown in hours.

This shows that

exactly these mechanisms
and mental factors were

operating which weren't accounted for
by the establishment,

and I fear that

no one takes this into account again.

We're deliberating about dimensions
where these moduli were ruled out.

And rightly so, we cannot treat society

as mere manufacturers, consumers,
tax-paying civilians,

but as individuals
who carry the national consciousness.

And when a mass trauma sets in

all kinds of absurd things can happen.

I'd like this one, please.

2000 forints, Sir.

Good afternoon.

One moment, please.

- Shall I wrap it up?
- No, thank you.

Here's your video. See you soon!

Good afternoon! May I help you?

I'd like to talk to the owner.

One sec, I'll get him.

Turn off the TV, Miss!

- Why?
- I don't like it.

- He's not here?
- It seems like he's not here.

I don't know. He doesn't answer.

Let's go upstairs then!

One moment gentlemen!
What were you thinking?

- Why?
- The badge is not enough.

- A document...
- Show her the search warrant!

- Is this sufficient?
- All right.

Let's go then!

Let's smoke!

This is about us.


Bela! Take this apart!

I would like to have
a private conversation with you.

Send us another car!

Bela, give me that TDK!

Yeah. We need this.

What the hell is going on?

Boss! The sex life
of the working-class woman.

- Beautiful, isn't it?
- Yes. Damn it.

Disseminating culture, eh?

Do you have matches?

She has admirable breasts though.

Look at this score!

Caligula. Rambo.

Have you seen it?

I have the third film,
but there's a fourth part, too.

Is that a black woman? Look!

Fantastic, but we haven't found
what we're looking for.

We're not doing
what is really important.

The schoolteacher hasn't been raised
to the appropriate level.

Thus, the guidance.
Lenin continues:

"Given the national budget's structure,
if we want to implement

a cultural revolution,
we must expend the whole budget

on school education." No one says those
two can be realized simultaneously,

but anyway, this guidance is brave,
revolutionary and profoundly true.

It is feasible, but the customs,
everyday life, prejudice,

bureaucratic routine and the
spontaneous forces of servility

militate against the feasibility.

I consider myself superior
to the average,

and I do want to differ from them.

I know that

equal opportunities don't exist,

and I know that

my daughter's opportunities

are unlike
other average girls' opportunities,

and I don't want to revoke these

special advantages... the privileges.

Exactly forty years ago at Cecilienhof,
in Potsdam,

after the victorious Big Three's
first summit,

Harry Truman, the new American president
received a top secret radiogram

about the birth of a so-called "baby".

Truman knew that the message
from the Los Alamos site was about

the Little Boy, i.e.
the first atomic bomb in world history,

for which he immediately
gave orders to deploy.

We're walking under the flags.

Our song promulgates the future.

The people united
will never be defeated!

This is the first parliamentary election
when 5-7% of all votes

were cast against Ceausescu
in the country's key counties.

In the
popular democratic electoral system,

where a 99% victory
is considered normal,

5-7% votes against him is like a loss.

The Conducator, as they say, was
deeply shocked by the election result.

He felt personally insulted,
but he receives the coronation regalia.

This presidential sceptre,
introduced twelve years ago

is unique in the communist world.

It symbolizes that Ceausescu
doesn't only regard himself

as the governor or party leader.

Romanians are proud of their
historic ties with ancient Rome.

Ceausescu sets himself up as the

guardian and conservator
of this historical heritage.

As the Conducator,
he regards himself as the

direct descendant of the Roman emperors,
a latter-day caesar.

The menace,
which threatens the whole country

didn't emerge from the dark wilderness
of Erdely, but from within:

Ceausescu's character.

The carefree family scene is deceptive.

It appears that Ceausescu is impelled
by some kind of inner urge

to compensate for the miseries and
indignities of the previous years

with something else
besides sumptuous villas.

He's not content with the power alone.

He aspires to grandeur, fame,
international recognition,

greeted by rounds of applause, ovation.
Whichever way he turns,

he wants to "pick" panegyrics
as if they were flowers.

He'll be summoned for tomorrow.

It was a breeding ground
for both the Japanese

and West German economic miracles.

We've been defeated,

but... the '45 structure
is what we're referring to.

In essence, it was the structure
of the Soviet army's supply,

to which the first three-year plan

had already provided
military capacities.

There is no other way to imagine that

the exact information Gero gave

including how much coal and steel,
tons of...

it could've been determined differently,

not with calculations
made by Chiefs of Staff.

At that time, however,
Chiefs of Staff calculations

were based on
the technology of World War II,

and our technical capacity assurance

did not prove to be good enough,

and what is not
in the defence industry's budget,

so it's not the Ministry of Defence?

But in the defence industry's budget.

We don't know anything about this.

We know, workers say
there are "chocolate factories"

here and there,
that's how they call those institutions?

And if we
don't have enough information...

So much... balderdash!
You see?

...and we can't provide an estimate,

we can still make very close
approximate classical calculations.

Saying that if as much as about
2-3% of the male workforce

are under arms
?since wartime economy exists,

according to the first
wartime economies,?

it takes about 10 to 15 people in the
hinterland to supply a single soldier.

We know how to judge...
the defense plans roughly, but...

My assertion is, as it has been
pointed out by other such statistics,

that it is simply not measured
because of the secrecy.

They're not aware of the expenses.

Once upon a time,
in the humane, pristine era,

when you killed your fellow human beings
only if you wanted to

when they fought man against man,
so much to kill each other.

Later, when the Romans organized legions
and taught men the art of killing,

then a man might have killed
10-12 men by the time he died.

In the Second World War
we got to the point when appr.

an English worker's 2-3 month salary
was the price of someone's life,

nowadays we can kill someone
without spending a penny.

It would be nice if your husband
showed up at our place at eight o'clock.

Is this enough
or shall I give it in writing?

I would insist on the writing. I like it
when formalities are adhered to.

I would insist on the writing. I like it
when formalities are adhered to.


Should I leave?

I think so.

Don't you have a better idea?

I do.

Five years.

I'd choose this.

You're cute darling. You're really cute.

Bye, my darling.

You didn't have Rambo handle this,
which evinces mental subtlety.

After five years, you deserve this.


Cinema is not about life going by.

People don?t want to see that.

Hollywood, Hollywood,

never been a place
people had it so good like Hollywood.

I made ten movies, you know?

What do you do with your days,
my friend?

About ten times,

several times
the same story I was saying.

What do you do with your nights,
my friend?

In the beginning it was easy

because I just went from shot to shot.

- But now in the morning
- ...with your wife, my friend?

I'm scared.

Now I know how to tell stories.

- Unrelentlessly.
- ...your life, my friend...

As the story comes in,

life sneaks out.

Life sneaks out?

What did they do with your head,
my friend?

Everything gets pressured into images.

- When did you learn you were dead...?
- Mechanism.

Birth, as all stories can end,

all stories are about death.

The messengers of death.

Death, Fritz.

It?s what it?s all about.
It?s the biggest story in the world.

Second best only to love stories.

Time for all good survivors
to say goodbye, eh?

- An Oldsmobile?
- Yeah.

What loony would get a
huge thing like that in Hungary?

An Oldsmobile? In Hungary?

...the significant difference is that
during the stability phase,

the chance of economic development
is subject to strict conditions,

the proportion of distribution
is different

and fewer resources are available

to realize the objectives of the
standard of living and social policy.

The government's work programme

should not aim at
solving all accumulated stress,

but it can help adapt
to the new world economy,

it can ward off
the risk of greater disparity

compared to developed countries

and to take sides
in favour of speeding up

the predetermined economic
and social reform processes.

The Central Committee's decision of
November last year and July this year,

on which the government's work programme
was established,

is the continuation and renewal

of a bold and progressive policy

that lifted the country
out of the tragedy of 1956,

created socialist agriculture,

announced and introduced economic reform

and embarked on the path to develop
socialist democracy.

We desperately need

to keep this spirit of the policy,

to face the accumulated problems
of the economy

and the political institutions
with similar candidness

and to act with the same determination

as in the periods
of these great upheavals.

This determination is necessary
to overcome economic difficulties,

the disruption of the society
and its institutions,

to do away with the depletion
of ideological life

and the uncertainty
of the politicizing layers of society.

Listen to me! Hey!

Don't hurt him!

Hey... The mouse scampers to Gorbachev

and says "Gorbachev, gimme some vodka!"

He says "I've told you, there's
no vodka, alcoholism is no more"?

"People's voice" [newspaper]

The mouse leaves, goes back again,

and says
"Gorbachev, hey, give me some vodka!"

BUILDING KITS "metalworker"

?"Mouse, there's no alcoholism,
you won't get vodka!"

The mouse goes out for the third time.
"Gorbachev, give me some vodka!"

Gorbachev flies off the handle, grabs
the mouse, flings it against the wall.

The mouse comes down on all fours and

spots the picture of Lenin: "What is it
matey? Did you ask for vodka, too?"

Don't talk rot. Tell the truth,
the way it really is!

Like this joke.

It is a joke, but you can speak frankly.

Maybe I'll be a galley slave tomorrow.

So he expected Santa Claus
in '56 for the first time?

[Delicacy shops] ALL OVER TOWN

?Stalin hung up his fucking
Christmas stocking early in November.

Two gypsies want to join the Party,
they want to be party members.

One of them goes in there. There are
thirty people in the committee.?

National Savings Bank
Housing, Deposit, Credit, Currency

"What were you in the past?".
"What do you think, Sir? A musician"

"Did you play music to the Nazis?"

"Sure I did." They kick out the gypsy.

His buddy asks him "What is it?"

"They asked me what I was (a musician),

they asked
whether I played music to the Nazis."


"Why didn't you lie, you buffoon?"
"Why the fuck would have I lied,

they were all sitting in the committee."


Gorbachev, Reagan and Ceausescu

bit the dust and ascended to heaven.

There's God sitting on the throne.
God on the throne.

Gorbachev goes there and asks God
"Do you know who I am?" he says

"Of course,
you're the almighty and divine shit"?


I see this world has made you sad

Some people can be bad

The things they do, the things they say

But baby

I'll wipe away those bitter tears

I'll chase away those restless fears

And turn your blue skies into gray

Why worry

There should be laughter after pain

There should be sunshine after rain

These things have always been the same

So why worry now

Why worry now


when I get down I turn to you

And you make sense of what I do

And though it isn't hard to say

But baby,

just when this world seems mean and cold

Our love comes shining red and gold

And all the rest is by the way

Why worry

There should be laughter after pain

There should be sunshine after rain

These things have always been the same

So why worry now

Why worry now