A Slipping-Down Life (1999) - full transcript

Evie Decker, a shy young woman, falls in love with pop star Drumstrings Casey after hearing his voice on the radio. Summoning the courage to pursue the singer, Evie starts to break out of her shell...

I got Russia, Evie.

Did you hear me?
I got Russia.

Great, Dad.

I'm turning in.

Good night, Daddy.

Good night.

You're listening to Dick Dondair.
This is "Lime Hour."

This song was from Buddy
to his own beloved Tammy.

The same goes for Laura from Dexter.
He says to forget last night, it'll never happen again.

I believe him.

It's midnight here in Sweetheart Land,
and this next one is for Emily from Billy.

Come on outta there.

Why you have to bug me so?

It is nine o'clock.
Get your butt movin'.

Leave me alone, Mom.
Take off the Walk-Man.

Hey, kids.

Evie! Evie Decker!

Take off your head
when I'm talking to you.

Let me have thoses headphones.
Pronto, Tonto.

Let's see your buns...

hotdog buns.

These buns are to be laid out neatly,
light side up, dark side down.

Hand warm and ready to serve.

Put your head on when I'm talking to you. Think of the children, for Chirst's sake.

Evie. I didn't like your attitude back
when you worked in the gift shop.

Now you shape up, or you can hop right outta here, for good.

You are way too qualified
to be a rabbit.

If you hate your job so much,
why don't you just quit?

It's not just the job, Violet.
I felt this way at the Dairy Queen.

How much longer, Vi?
About 5 more minutes, Hon.

I'm turning it up to "broil."

Don't look up, don't look up. Be like you're talking to me.
- I was talking.

It's Jeff Wright.
Can you bear to see him?

Even he's getting outta here.

You ever feel like it wouldn't matter if you lived or died?


I could disappear,
and no one would notice.

One two three four, -

five, six, seven, -

eight nine.

It's Evie.

I must have dozed off.

Did you pick up your prescription?

No, I meant to.

There is too much Spanish in the world.

I'll get it after work.

There's cocoa in the kitchen.

That was Bruce Springsteen singing
"Jersey Girl."

That's from Lyle to his Carolina girl, Janice. His heart is on his sleeve.

And also from Mary Cline to Grady. Her cup runneth over.

So give her a call, Grady, only don't wait too long.

You're on the air with Dick Dondair,
and this is 89 sweetheart time, WWLV. in love.

I'm sitting here with my guest, our own up-and-coming man of romance, Mr. Bertram Casey.

He'll be appearing live this Saturday night
at the Plaza Theater.

Welcome to the show Bert.
- Drumstrings.

Sorry, say what?
I go by "Drumstrings."

OK, Drumstrings, it says here in my notes that you live right here in Farinia. Is that so?

Heh, you don't live in Farinia, you die here.
I'm gettin' out.

It's a good area, such high hopes.
Hope's got nothing to do with it.

Well let's see then, have you done much recording, Drumsticks?

Drumstrings. No.

What is it you do, exactly?

Do you want to know what I do?

We've all got our own way of fighting off the devil.

I write, sing, play guitar.

Why not call you "Guitarstrings" then?

I want too much

and I want you

when I hope I woke I want too much

when you try
to save yourself

and I hope I you don't
I want too much.

Well I'm thinking you do, Pal.

You think you're invisible,
but I see you.

You break, you bend.

You disappear. Everybody is staring.
Maybe we should go farther.

And then again, maybe we shouldn't.
Now back to music from this planet.

We've got some Michael Bolton.

You don't know me now, Dick,
but you will.



He's not like these people.

That's a diaper pin in her ear.


It's him.

Here comes the night
there go your knees

reaching for the floor

you say I'll stand guard down here
she stands in the door

with a pony on the tether

pulling cold and sugar cane

there go your knees

and there she goes

Take a deep breath.
I got a mirror and a good idea.

You say your eyes are speaking now

Should I say what you did?
Are you mute?

Should I say what you did?

Are you mute?

I feel like I've heard him before.
Yeah, you did, on the radio.

It's wierd, but I feel like I know him.

Have I gotta say it?
Have I gotta say it?

I want to answer him.

I could have sworn I saw you and that Parker
friend of yours at the concert the other night.

I was there with Violet.
No shit?

Hey, unzip me, will you?

Ah, working at that peas wheel makes me sick.

What d'you...what d'you?
Ah, sweet Jesus.

What'd you think of
Drumstrings Casey?

Well I don't know what the fuck he's jabbering about,
but with a body like that...-

...who cares?

I've got something for you.

What's this?
It's Drumstrings Casey, who do you think?

I did it one night at the Unicorn.

It's a pretty good likeness, don't you think?

Easy, peanut. Spas'.

What'd I tell you? Here she is.
Yeah, raft and all.

Look who's here.

Where do you think you are going?

I'll show you around.

Follow me.

I'll see you in my
wet dreams, baby.

He is so hot. Looks like he's packin'
a summer squash in them pants.

Oh, gimme gimme gimme gimme.


You say you want to wake up,
but you just sleep, in your dreams.

Can you sleep in your dreams?

If I was on fire, would you burn up
with me? would you burn down with me?

I think it's a code.
Why d'ya think that makes money, babe.

Sure, why not?

It's not just the words. It's like there's something underneath 'em.

How I hate to see you this way
I feel for you, Love

Is there nothin' I could say
to cheer you up?

For I see your face
Is filled with so much sorrow

Wish I could make it disappear

Before this night is through with us


I gave you his picture.
Oh, yes you did, and I remember it
so clearly.

You from some newspaper?


Did he say "Oh" or "Well", Jimmy?
- Whatever.

You should've had an answer planned.
In code?

No, I'm serious.
But what, it's not something you could've
expected, after all.

Ouch! Shit!

Ouch, god damn it.
What are you doing?

I want to finish up the roll,
so I can put them in now.

It wasn't something I thought up first, you know.
I thought 'why not.' I did.

Just stood up and did it.

Impulse, that's what it was.
- Right.

If I'd have thought about it first, I might've
fallen on my face and broken the camera.
-Yeah, your hands were shaking.

You mean you saw?

Vi, well I couldn't think what name to call him.
Gimme that, gimme that.

Woah! easy, easy!

I mind this stuff in my space.
- We've gotta fuckin' rehearse.

Always talking out, where's that going to get
us? Maybe you're into dodging golf balls -

but selling life insurance is killing me.
-If what I do is holding you back,

maybe you should get someone else.
- I just wanna figure out a way to get
these going.

Figure out a way without selling me out.

Just a minute.

Get back to work.
This ain't no Photo-Mat.

The head goes on in five minutes.

Hello, I'm Evie Decker.

I know you don't know...you don't know me, but ...

Hello, I'm Evie Decker.
I know you don't know me, but ...

Hello, I'm Evie ...

Well, nice that you could show up.

See you.

Hey Baby, let's go.

Get your ass back there, boy.
We got a customer.

even now
even now

even now
I want no more,

and I want too much.

and I want too much.

If I called your name wrong,
would you still say 'yes'?
-You bet I would!

Oh, Elizabeth-Jade

I've got to find you curling in the shade

Oh, Elizabeth-Jade

Take that plane from number seven
You will find yourself unleavened

I couldn't go up like those other girls.

I'd be playing all out ahead of time and a
couple of words would come out backwards.

He wouldn't know if it was
backwards or forwards.

Open a window in my head -

you telling me

Names don't stick with me
half as much as faces

but take that step
from nothing to one. 1, 2, 3, go now!


You shake me up like pre-war lemonade

I've got to find myself a stopper
Before I find myself a popper


I love the way your triangle's displayed

The warning on the label said:
Keep away or you'll be dead

Taste this.

I love the way your triangle's displayed

The warning on the label said:
Keep away or you'll be dead

Move! Get the fuck out of the way.

What happened? Oh my god, what happened?


Is Casey her boyfriend?
- No.

Well who then?
He's a singer.

A rock and roll, I suppose.
Don't move.

He has his own style.

Well, that set some kind of a record.
Don't you know any singers named Al or Ed?

His first name is Drumstrings.

Well, I suppose she did the bast she could.
You know it's backwards.

- You cut his name backwards.

I believe this might be the best
thing I've ever done.

Something out of character, definite.
Not like me at all.

They'll bring you breakfast in bed,
I suppose, eggs and home fries.

I brought you some clothes.

You did?
- I thought you might need them.

Does that have to be so... so, uh, big?

It has to cover the whole forehead.
Didn't the doctor tell you?

Well, yes, but it takes getting used to.

Do you want to see it?
- No, that's alright. I know what it says.

I don't understand.
Who is this Yesac kid?

You mean Casey. He is a singer.

Yes, I know, Casey. I know.

You know him?
- I mean, I know that's what his name is.

I never heard of Casey before.

We have to get
a good plastic surgeon.

I don't want one.
This is one thing I'm never gonna back down on.

You know, while I was walking through that crowd,
I kept thinking of my name.

Evie Decker. Me.

Taking something in my own hands for once.

If I'd have started acting like this a long time ago,
my whole life might have been different.

Yeah, you could have whittled
off you whole head by now.

You know you're going to be famous.
A photographer's here.

What photographer?
-They heard what you did. They
want to put you in the papers.

You hungry?
Breakfast will be here in a minute.

Let it breathe for a while.

That singer guy, he's here too.
- What singer?

Yesac. He's at the nurses'
station right now..

May I help you?

David Elliot. I'm Mr. Casey's
drummer and manager.
-Paul Ogle, Courier.

Wow, it's a great thing you did for us.

I did it for myself.

Shades off, Casey.
I need a reaction here.

You the newspaper lady?
- No.

You sure do look like her.
- Don't you know how to smile?

Look this way, Miss.

I need some with your arm around her.
- Come on, man, you got enough.

Almost done, Drum.

Breathe, miss, breathe.

Now...Evie ... It's Evie Decker, is that right?

And your, uh, occupation?

I work at Kiddie Acres.


And could you tell me what end you have in mind?
- End?

What was your goal, for doing that?
- Your reason. Did you have a reason?

She did it as a personal tribute to
Drum's musical & physical chrisma.

Can I quote you on that?


Do you mind telling us what you did it with?

I don't remember.

Had you planned it?
- Give her a break.

It's hard to say.

Well, I think I got it all.
It's only a caption anyway.

A caption?
- You know, the writing under a photo.
-He knows what a caption is.

This is supposed to be an article. Now we're
just gonna get a newspaper photo?

Don't talk to me, talk to my boss.
See you folks.

I'm gonna straighten this out.

Why'd you go and cut it backwards?

It just worked out that way.

Can't you read it?
- Sure I can.

I can see not, it's uneven.
The 'Y' droops.

Why'd you make it Casey?
Why not my first name?

What, Drumstrings?
I don't have that big a forehead.

'Drum.' Just 'Drum.'

They call you Drum?
- That's right.

I certainly wish I'd have known.
-Yeah, well.

It's funny, I never would've taken you for a groupie.
- I'm not.

You're gonna be famous someday.

This sorta has a peculiar feeling.

Kinda like meeting up with your own face
somewhere. You know, like in a dream.

See you.

Hello, it's Bertha. What you...

Now what I wanna know is when that
Dr. Menthe's in such a stuck-up way

Is it his way, or do he just
act like that for the play?

- Who is it?

Another friend of your daddy's.
- You talk to them.

Honey, they ain't nothin' I can say to 'splain you to nobody.

She don't want to talk to you.

Why don't you get dressed up instead
of parading your mopey self aroun' here?

Why, I'm not going anywhere.
- Well I can see that, Miss,
and it sho' do twist my heart.

Those bills.



Hello. Hello!

Here is E ... Hello!
- Hello!

Hello, I'd like to speak to Drum, please.
- Who?

Oh, just a second.



He's coming.

- Hello. This is Evie Decker.

Your name is on my forehead.
There's something I'd like to discuss with you.

What's that?
- I'll have to tell you when I see you.

Where are you?
- I live in Fulquay.

My address is 205 Enshaw.

The beetle spray seem to be working.
- Good.

Well, you been...out much?

Talked to anyone?
- Just Violet.

What, was there something you wanted to say?

No, not that I can think of.

I didn't know you wore glasses?

I thought you'd drive me to work,
while we talk.
-I don't have much time.

Well to Kiddie Acres, I'll tell you
the fastest way.

I thought you'd have a motorcycle.

No, they're too dangerous.

What is it you wanted to tell me about?

How do you usually get publicity?
Do you advertise?

My manager does all that.

Wouldn't he like it if you got more?
-Why? Where you gettin' it?

I thought...if I started coming to your shows, you know, at the Unicorn,

where people could see me.

I could pull the hair off my face,
and...and show your name.

People would talk. You know this town.

D'you know what I mean?

Are you going to have, um...?
- Scars.

So what do you think?

I can't play under those conditions.

Talk to your manager about it.
-Look, I'm real sorry about what happened to you...

and I appreciate everything you're done,
but I have my own life to lead.

No one said you didn't.
You can lead your own life all you want to.


Here we go, Evie.

Make sure your father takes
one of these in the morning, and now, too.

Thank you.
- Thank you, Evie.

Hey, how you doin', Evie?
- Hey, Joe.

I'm David Elliot.

Yes, I know.
- This is about Drum.

Drum is an amazing talent. I think he deserves
a bigger audience, don't you?

That's why when I heard what you suggested
I was naturally interested.

Why, he's not?
- What does he know?

He knows whether he can sing or not.
- Do you want to try it?

If people notice, you can stay.
If not, you go, alright?

What, just try sitting there?
-That's right. Be ready tomorrow night. I'll pick you up.

I don't...I don't feel right without knowing what he said.

You can't listen to him. He says no to
everything, and where's that leave you?

Played in a room to himself, wasting all that
talent. I hate to see things wasted.

Which d'you like better, top or bottom?

They both look good.

You didn't have to bring it up.
You must've gotten to him somehow.

Can I heal you?

Tomorrow is nothing.

I'll see about yesterday.

But don't forget your keys.

Take your tiny load ...

Who shall I say is calling?

Speak it.

But wouldn't your time be better spent

On days to come?

Not the ones that went

And left you on a doorstep one grey morning

One grey morning
One of many

I dream about you

Always turning up on your doorstep

Are you okay
- It's all right. It didn't get that dirty.

Yeah, it's good.

Oh, I am hungry!

Did the lens go down?

I'm sorry. Are you okay?

Hey, I'm insured. I swallow the lens,
I only have to pay the deductible.

You OK?
You alright?
- Excuse me.

Oh, look. See that, oops, see that.
You got food all over yourself.

You're a mess.
- Thank you.

Thank you. I'll take this right off.

Thank you.

Someday the right people are gonna hear your
music, and everything will change for you.

You think so, huh?

When you speak your loudest, it's like you're talking
straight to people. It's like you know something.

How you know all this?
- I know if it sounds good.

I don't know that, how do you know?

I feel a lot better about life then when I'm playing.

It's the only time that things go right.

Am I making any sense?

God, you have the prettiest eyes.

Hey you all. Well, it's not a total loss.
Met this guy in the john,
wants to use us for a prom

A prom?
- Elvis did proms.

There are so many things I could say

you just don't wanna hear

Lord knows I don't want to stand in the way

But I can see through what you see in the mirror

dirty windows fogging up your mind

if it seems to you I'm failing

It seems to me I'm trying

Ahhh Bertram, I just keep feeling something would happen

You wanna dance?

Come on.

Athens GA is the hottest place to play.

What about Unicorn?
- What about it?

Come on, gimme some congratulations.
-Congratulations. I'm gonna get a sip of water.

You wanna dance?
No, I'm......

s'il vous plait.
[Pardon me, please.]

I just hope he doesn't get so famous
that he forgets about the little people
who did him a good turn.

He would have hired him anyway.
He's the best musician I know of.

Honey, Evie's going [inaudible].

As a matter of fact,
Evie's been thinking of quitting.

She feels the point's been made by now,
besides which the scars are starting to fade

Of course, she might just want to go and sit at a little table and watch.

She doesn't.
-Well you...you can let her speak for herself, Bertram.

I don't know, I mean, if it was up to me I might want to drive along and hear you play.

-You don't know what it's like playing night after
night with those letters staring back at you.

Woah, woah, wait a minute, you're getting
worked up over nothing.
If you don't want Evie there, she won't come.

Right, I won't come, not if that's the way he feels.

All you've got going, is on account of me

Speaking out doesn't make any sense,
and I'm not gonna be around.
We'll see how far you go.

What a bum she is.

No wonder no one understands what you're
talking about. You just hammer out noise
like any old fool in a roadhouse.

That's a lie. You don't mean that.

You're just pissed off because I'm not taking you to Athens.

I was working at the Unicorn
before I ever heard your name.

I didn't notice anyone asking how come
no girl had cut 'CASEY' in her forehead.

How long did you think it was gonna last?

It was a waste.
It was all for nothing.

That's my girl.

I always knew you'd come out of this
if I just let you be.

Is everybody doin' all right?

Let's give it up for Mr. Drumstrings Casey!

I'll keep your monkey

I'll treat him good

I'll talk to him
Like he talks to you

I'll try forgetting

So I won't forget

And maybe someday, someday, someday

maybe you'll come back to me

And maybe someday, someday, maybe

maybe someday you'll come back...home.

Are they greys?
When were they pink?

Look at the letters cut backwards.

You know how I do it, breaking the silence.

If I tell you again, will you listen this time?

I don't want what I have got.
- You don't know what we want either.

I do not want what I have got.
- Yeah, yeah, fucking neither do I,
alright, come on, let's go.

That's just your pain and all, expressed like that.

Your coffee. Hey.

I talked to Craig.

Rest of the gig he just wants our songs, no talking out.

Fuck him. I play what I play.

It's his club. We were hired to open.
- We were hired to play.

We were hired to open.
Check this out.

This is good.

?The Cat?s Cave, the hub of the Athens club scene, prides
itself on mixing the old & the new, crisscrossing rebel-rousing
rock & roll with cutting-edge musical discoveries.

It's a hit-&-miss proposition, and Drum Casey,
the opener, definitely falls into the 'miss' category.

"This unorthodox ..."

Just play the fucking songs tonight!

Fucking baby. You better give Teed-Off
a call, let 'em know you're coming back!

Evie, you're wanted out here.

You'll want to come out here.

I thought you were in Athens.

I guess I should have called or something.
- Damn straight.

It's so hot.

I got fired.
- What?

Evie, there's a drink here
for Elvis if he wants it.

Is this your mother?

You have the same eyes.

She died when I was born.

Tell me what happened?

You think I could sleep on your couch?

No. I don't think so.

Have you been to David's?
- Not yet.

How about your parents? Have you been home?
- What for? Why the hell would I go there?

Why was it me you came to?

You and me really had some fight that night.
- I asked you a question.

I heard you.
-Have you ever answered one, had a real conversation,
one that goes back & forth like it's supposed to?

Don't you ever smile?
- Of course I do.

You weigh on my head,
but you bring me luck, too.

What do you mean?

If I'd taken you to Athens like you asked,

it might have worked out differently.

I see you cut yourself some bangs.
- I thought it was time to.

Does that mean you were serious?
- Serious about what?

What you said about my music.

That's my father.

When'll I see you.

I was just angry.
I can listen all day when you play.

It should have said: "I don't like you anymore."
I don't like your music, I don't even
remember what it sounds like

"And I don't want you sleeping on the porch."

Maybe he should have leaned over and planted a big wide kiss on those speaking-out lips.

Guess who.

I heard about Athens.

I've blown some big ones myself.

Sorry I'm late, I was with a client.
JJ, can I get a beer &
a shot of Bushmill's, please...

and whatever Drum's having there?

No, I'm sorry, bring Faye-Jean
a glass of water, no ice.

Honey, do you mind? Working on kind of a tight schedule.
That's all right, big man.

So, stranger...

Whatcha been doing?
- Not much.


Fuck off.

He'll pass.

Come on, man, lighten up. We'll give it another shot.
Unless we go on.......

We start in the evening
half past eleven surfaces.

I wish you would go.

I mean it.

As soon as I get used to you being gone,
you turn up again.

Why don't you just get out and stay out?

- What?


I was thinking about how you are

How am I?


Say something.
- About what?

I don't care, anything.
- I can't think of things just like that.

I like to hear you talk.

Your face is so soft.

That was the first thing I noticed about you

I didn't know skin could feel this soft.

I work at the library now. I quit Kiddie Acres.

Hey Babe.

I looked for you.
You disappeared.

I saw in this magazine once about this place in Ashville.

The computer picks out a haircut
to go with the shape of your face.


What business is it of yours how I look?

I want to marry you.

What? Don't you want to?

No, I don't.

Evie, I can't stop thinking about you.
- Why, what do you like about me?

No, I mean it. Name one thing.

I like how you listen to me.
-What else?

I like how I feel with you.
-You don't even know me.

You make me feel like I can be myself.

I want to get married.

I want us to have a home, someplace safe.


Make a change.

Don't you want to change your life around some?

How can you ask me that?

Do you need someone to care about you?

here comes Evie and she walks down the aisle

there is Drum man
he's wearing a bigger smile

Vi, I do think this is the
most exciting day of my life.

Don't mess with that.
- I didn't and don't you touch that.

Now, all we need is something blue.

What do you think you're doing?
- I was standing by traditional.
Something old. new, borrowed, blue.

This whole thing is against my better judgement.
Just want you all to know that.
-Yeah, we know.

He thinks we shouldn't be getting married?
-Gee, about the first time I've seen you 2 on speaking
terms & here we are driving to your wedding.

You're wrong, it's not the first time.

I don't see anyone asking for your advice.

I'm driving my own hearse wagon.

Inside a month you'll be a full-time
gas station attendant. We can kiss
what's left of our career goodby.

Hey, don't look at me that way, Evie.
I'm saying this for your own good, too.

Where's your tact? Here we are, we're
about to get my best girlfriend married
& you're talking about hearse wagons?

You know what? Pull over & let him out. We'll walk the rest of the way.
- Be my guest, if you wanna walk.

Hey, things are getting out of hand here.
- Oh, nice time to back out.

Shut up. Let's go.

Wait, we are not walking anywhere.
I plan to have a normal, ordinary wedding
at which there is no fighting.

We're going to do this one thing the way it
ought to be done, and afterwards we can
celebrate with a bottle of champagne.

Now is that too much to ask?
- Nope.

Sounds good to me.

Casey Decker.

This is what I wanted.

I guess I'll change.


Hey, I can see why they wrapped the glasses but what is this paper band on the toilet supposed to do?

Do you know what I mean?
What happens when you break the seal?

Is it like when you're not supposedto take the
tag off your pillow? You know those guys on
the raft in the Tidy Bowl commercial?

- What?

Take off your jacket.

I've always wondered how people get
to this part of taking off their clothes.

Come here.

I like this song.

You're so little.
- What do you mean?

You're so pretty.
- You don't have to say that.

Why do you think I married you?

You lie down next to me?

Evie Elizabeth.
- What?


It's your name now too.

Would you like to make love with me?

I'm a virgin.

- What, Baby?

Come here.
- I can't, I got to go.
-It won't take long.

No, I can't, I can't be late for work....again.

Then I'll just have to kill more buggles.
- Aren't you supposed to be playing with the guys at Broom's?
-I'd rather stay here & play with you.

No, I mean it, I mean it, aren't you
supposed to be practicing?

Jesus, will you lighten up?

My, my, the happy couple.

Can't you ever knock?
- Don't talk to me about knocking.
I'm missing my stories.

I expect I'll be teaching you how to use it.

Did you get my biscuit recipe yet?
- Look it up in the cookbook.

You know a cookbook won't do.
Drum has a special recipe in mind.

I'm sure.

His kind uses bacon drippings.
Nothing special to that.

Why are you talking like that?
I thought you liked Drum?

I'll tell you why. Go see your daddy.
You broke his heart.

Kills me to see somebody so shook up.
Just wanders around like a ghost.

When you gonna visit him?
- If I invite him to dinner, will you help out?

I expect you'll be wanting my
tuna casserole recipe now, too.

That...that looks delicious, Evie.

What it is?
- Tuna supreme.

Uh, just a smidge. I'm allergic to artificial coloring.

Except in your hair.

Give me a lot, Evie.

It's a little cold in here, isn't it?
- Crying out loud, Mom, it's November.

I have to teach you how to make biscuits.

Drum is very particular about biscuits.

I love you.

Do you bowl, Mr. Decker?

Well, I have bowled, but...never regularly.

You mean you have irregular 'bowl' movements?

Dear god, will you spare us?
- I'll spare us, I'll spare us all right.

I was so glad you all could come,
because we never had a real reception.

Uh, Evie, Drum. I'd like to give you two
young people a belated wedding present.

I'm buying a new car anyway.

Would the old VW be of any help?

Thank you so much daddy. That would be great
-Yeah, that's really great.

I'm glad to hear it.

What do you need a car for?
You're not going anywhere.

Lord knows, we don't have any
extra cars to hand out.

I do have a little housewarming gift.

I know this one was always your favorite.
- Oh my gosh, we used to dance to Les Brown.

And I used to sing with him. That's me.
I'm right there.

What did you have to drag that out for?

This is a....it's a lovely party.

Evie, would you care to dance?

Out of the way.

- Sit down, you.

Get your hands off her.

Don't you mess....[inaudible]

Why'd you have to go and plan this for?
I was just trying to patch things up.

Quit trying to plan my life out, will you!
- It's our life, Drum.
-Don't remind me.

Uh, I...I just...use the powder room.

It's in through the bedroom.

Put paper down.

Where's the TV?
- We don't have one.

All right, get going in there, then.
We're leaving.

You know it'd been a hell of a lot more sacrifice
if she'd been prettier to begin with.

I'll just clear these away.

There's jello.

That's OK. Sit down, Daddy.

You and Drum could come to supper some day.
Would you do that?


Thank you for the dance.

Come talk to me, Baby.

What are you doing out there?

Come here.

I shouldn't have talked
to you like that.

I don't know what's gone wrong.

I was thinking like...maybe my own life is ruined.

And whose life is it?

Is this some kind of slipping-down menace?

You need to get your music out
to people who appreciate it.

How you going to get out, then, if nobody knows your name?
-Well that's my business, isn't it?
-It's my business, too.

It's me you're talking to.
- You're not listening, you're thinking
about publicity, which makes me tired.

I'm tired, too, of getting nagged at all the time.

And having to face that
nagging forehead of yours.

I don't know why don't you wear bangs anymore?
- I don't wear bangs because I don't
back down on things I've done.

And I've never said a nagging word to you in my life.
- All right.
- Have I?

Forget it. I was just talkin'.

Take your coat off.

Come on, take off your coat.

Where's my luck gone?

It feels like I've hit my peak & passed it.

Like I'm just waiting to grow old.

Are you still awake?
- No.

Don't fall asleep before me.
- I won't. I'll tell you the second I do.

You know I didn't lie alone in the dark.

But you're not alone. I'm here too, Drum.

It's for him, David. I know he won't like it,
but I can't stand watching him
curl up around the edges.

It'll never fly.
- I'll arrange the whole thing.

You can't arrange Drum.

Hi, Drum.
- Hey, hey, what's going on?

Would you like a cracker?

I got him. I got him.
- What's going on?

And it's a kidnapping, and we're going on the radio station.

Evie, call 'em off.
- It'll be good publicity, Drum.

You're not going to call the police on a bunch
of crazy fan types. I'm gonna bring you back.
Think of it as a field trip.

Watch the door, watch the door.

Evie, it's me, Mr. Harrison.
- I was just on the way out. Drum has been kidnapped.

Not for real. A bunch of fans got him.
-Well Drum can wait. Your father is sick.

And I want to take you with me.
- No... but Drum's been kidnapped.
-Well we don't have time for that.

Your father has had another heart attack, Evie.
He's dying.

He's dying.

He's in this....?
- In there.

How is he?
- Aw Evie, Dear.

He passed, Dear.

Oh, I know he's not. This is Evie Decker.

I need you to have him get a
message to Drum.

He's at the beauty parlor on Gleneve.

Have him tell Drum,
that my father died.

Have him...have him come to
my father's house.


What the fuck are you doing out here?

Get in, you sorry piece of shit.

Lord, I still can't take it in.

Where's your bangs, may I ask?
- I pin them back now.

I need to go to the bathroom.

You don't look good.
How far along are you?

- One month, two?

Three almost.
- And you never told your daddy.

What is it makes you act like that?

Drink your cocoa, good for the baby.

...in "Rolling Stone" at the library, a lot of ...

Drum, this is for you so you can
hear how good your songs are.

I read about it in "Rolling Stone" at the library.
A lot of musicians use the words you're writing.

I know you won't want to hear this.

Where the fuck is she?

She's in there?

What'd you get there?

I'm sorry, it looks like I'm late for the party.

Get lost.

You separated, too, ain't you?
- I am not.

Well where's he at in your pile of trouble ?
- He'll be here. It's complicated.

No point in a husband if you ain't
got him to lean on during stress?

If I'd have thought, I'd have brought my mother.

She's the consoler at the Baptist Church.
She console the mourners 'till they get cheered up.

How's she do that?

Oh, she just hug 'em, pat 'em on the shoulder, offer 'em kleenex

How else would she do it?

It all comes down to sex

Up or down, up or down, and then...

It all comes down to sex

All comes down, all comes down to sex.

I'm afraid you won't want to hear it...
that's the way I feel whenever I try
to tell you...

I was trying to find the right time ...

Shut up!

But there never seems to be one.

I believe I'm having a baby in about six months.

Anyway, merry Christmas, Drum. Can you believe that next Christmas
we'll have our own family.

Nice of you to show up.

Think you can just stay away all night ...

and pop back in here like nothing happened?

Cool it.

Excuse me for being here,
but you were away, after all.

Zip me up, would you?

How do I get out of here?

Think my car's gonna even start?
- Walk to the highway and catch a bus.

In these shoes?
Can you just give me a ride?
- I don't have the time.

I've been home. My father died.

Evie, I'm sorry about your father.

Nothing happened with her.

Can you say something.
What are you thinking about?

We've gotta get organized.
You ever look at this place?
It's a pig pen.

And it's freezing in here.
- So you want to talk about housekeeping?

Not housekeeping, just everything.

Look at yourself, Drum. You gotta pull yourself together.
- You're the one that had me kidnapped last night.

I can't live up to this dream of yours.
It's like you're pushing me to lift something
I don't have the muscles for.

I'm not talking about your career, Drum.
I'm talking about you.
- So what is it you don't like?

You don't write anymore, you don't play, you've just given up. You don't even try anymore.

You want me to be more like you?
Crawl through the bathroom window
even when the front door's open?

You're right, Evie.
You're always right.

You want to change things?
You want me to change?

Getting married sure didn't do it, did it?

I don't know why I thought anything would be different?

You're right, you can just think you're so fucking good.

Is this it?
Is this what you want?

I want to pack up and leave. We could start over.
We can move into my father's house today.

You mean live there, in his house?
- It's our house now.

This is our fucking house!
- It doesn't feel like it.

Shit, Evie. I can't just trail after you like that.
- Alright.

My globe broke. Oh, then I'll go away.

If we move into that house,
we'll be stuck in this town forever.
We'll die here.

If you don't come, then, it's you leaving me.
The choice is yours.

What about this? How will you support our
baby all alone?

And how do you explain to strangers
having 'CASEY' written across your face?

I'll tell 'em it's my name.
It is my name.

Evie, don't go.
[recording]There's something I've gotta tell you.
I'm afraid you won't want to hear it.

Come with me, then.
[recording]that's the way I feel
whenever I try to tell you

I keep looking for the right time
or the right way,
but there never seems to be one.

I believe I'm having a baby in about six months.

Anyway, merry Christmas, Drum. Can you believe that next Christmas
we'll have our own family.

In my mind, I see him clearly.
He looks just like you.

Do you like it?

You're on the air with Dick Dondair.
Tonight I'm broadcasting to you live
from the Fox Theater in Atlanta.

So, when might we be seeing you
back at the Unicorn?

Well, I don't know, but right now,
me & the guys are headed over
to Nashville to make a record.

Well that sounds good to me. I never did know
what you were all about, but the crowd
out there tonight sure seemed to like it.

You think you're invisible, but I see you.

Is that more of that speaking out that you do?
- No, that's me talking.

Now this one goes out to Evie, from Drum.
He loves her very much.

I believe him, Evie.
I think you should, too.

if I had a voice

it would sound like yours

if my eyes could see

they would see much more than I believe

learn to speak

learn to see

forget what I always knew

start again

as I watch you

I am moving, too

as you travel through

I am walking to a move by you

to leave this place

where I can't turn

I can't even breathe

start again

if I had your heart

I would dare like you

I can't seem to start

to love the world like that, I want it, too.

i can learn to trust

just enough

to push past all the ends

to start again