A Second Son (2012) - full transcript

Emily, fifteen years old, pregnant and unable to name the father, starts a video diary to document the effect of her pregnancy on her family. A domestic drama of underage pregnancy soon turns into an extraordinary record of international significance. A series of dramatic, mysterious and unexplained events take place which forces Emily to recognize the truth about her pregnancy. All the evidence is pointing to a very different, and staggering, reality, one that will lead to the greatest revelation of all time. Suddenly Emily is the most wanted woman in the world. A Second Son presents the ultimate, highly controversial 'what-if' scenario with a gripping climax.

The following film has been made
public by Wikifess Fondation.

The Fondation stated purpose
is the dissemination of information

deemed to be of public interest,

which has been deliberatery
withheld by gouvernment.

We were told it was

a matter of national security.

I think we now
understand the significance

of comet Lovejoy.

Mission Control,

are you getting this, Houston?

Affirmative, let's keep comment

to a minimum, ISS.

Roger that, Houston.

In my 22 years at NASA,

this was the first time

we were actually
completely taken by surprise.

I mean, nowadays, there's so much hardware

pointed at the skies,
it's impossible to explain

why we didn't see it coming.

When the British MI-5

brought us in on this one,

I thought, shit, here we
go again, another mole hunt.

This was different, real different.

I was tasked with liasing with...

When I first heard

about the operation, I was
staggered, to say the least.

What the Brits call
Operation Archangel is explosive.

It's, how can I put this?

It's like discovering that everything

that we're supposed to believe is true.

Ultimately, I see Emily as a asset.

Do I believe her story?

The following material

was recovered from a hard drive belonging

to a young woman
identified as Emily Turner.

Archangel remains an ongoing operation.

Oh shit.

Oh, is it working?

Is it working yet?

Hang on.

I can see a red light.

Come on, Stu, I wanna do this.

Okay, okay, okay.

Let me get this.

Let me get the light working.

Right, I want this on tape, okay?

It records to a hard drive.

Well then, I want a copy.

Okay, okay, I'll do it later.

And I want you to keep
filming, all the way through.

Whatever you say.

My name is Emily Turner,
and my mum gave me this.

Can you see it?

Can you?

Yeah, yeah, I can see it.

She hit me because
she said I was lying,

but I wasn't.

I told her the truth.

Hold on.

Someone's coming.

Don't let them see.

Okay, okay.


We're sorry.

Let me in, please.

Answer the door.

I'm scared.

You'd better explain.

That's my dad out there
and she's there with him.

I don't 'em to hit me again.

Wait, wait, wait.

Let me put this up
here out of the way.


Stuart, go downstairs.


Stuart, please do as you're told.

Leave the door open.

Just go downstairs.

Leave the door open, all right?

Okay, fine.

Lorraine, please.

Leave the door.

We're just so worried about you.

I'm sorry.

You're only 15.

I can't believe this is happening.

How can you be so irresponsible?

Whoever did this to youis a bloody criminal!

How many times do I have
to tell you, there isn't anybody!

Oh, don't start that again.

It's true.

We're not fools.

We know what goes on.

This is a bloody serious matter!

That's enough, Lorraine.

You're not helping.

It's all right, love.

You don't have to tell us now.

Tell us when you're ready.

There's no one.

I keep telling you.

Look, I've had enough of these lies.

You're protecting someone.

Who is he?

Now, Lorraine.

You're not helping.

That attitude is not gonna help.

Look, we're way beyond help, here.

What's everyone going to think?

What about the school?

What'll the authorities
say when they find out

and don't pretend they
won't because every single

fucking Tom, Dick and Harry's
gonna find out about this.

Now, don't go making it
a bigger thing than it is.

We're probably not the first family

to have to deal with this,

and we're not gonna be the last.

I don't care about anyone else!

A 15 year old girl in a
private school getting pregnant.

Every tabloid journalist
will be on the doorstep

in nine months' time.

Seven months.


Seven months.

I've missed two periods.

Oh, don't get smart
with me, young lady.

You're not gonna help.

Christ Almighty!

You call that help?

Lorraine, calm down!

Don't tell me to calm down!

I'm the one who's gonna
have to pick up the pieces.

I'm the one who's going to
have to look after the baby.

I'm the one who's gonna be stuck at home

while you're off at work
dealing with all this shit.

It won't be like that.

Oh, won't it?

You have no idea,
Gerrald, no fucking idea!

It's Emily who's got to...

Emily is the little tart

who got herself pregnant!

I'm still in the room, you know.

I gave up everything for
you, you ungrateful little...

No, no, no, no, no, no!

Have a nice, little lie down.

It's incredible to think

that this all started from
such a mundane family drama.

It's fortuitous you recorded it.

Mum didn't mean it.

She just can't handle her booze.

She can't handle anything.

Agreed, but it's not easy for her.

She hates me, Stu.

No, she hates herself.

She doesn't mean any of it.

She loves you, Emily.

She loves you both.

I know.

She has a funny way of showing it.

She's been under a lot of pressure.

I didn't want any of this to happen.

Stuart, go and check on your mum.

I'm not gonna blame anyone.



You can see how the parents are still

reluctant to take Emily's explanation

of her pregnancy seriously.

The mother, in particular, is in denial,

perhaps because of her own reluctance

to be a mother to her own children.

Mum's insisted I do
another pregnancy test,

not once, but twice.

Oh, and she got
me this the other day.

She thought it might help.

Subtle, not.

Okay, here we go.

It's Wednesday, the 18th
of June and I'm at home.

I'm in Stu's bedroom, actually.

Mum's downstairs.

She's been drinking, again.

Dad makes excuses
for her all the time,

but, well, he doesn't
see the half of it.

We had a big argument last night.


Mum says I'm too young
to keep the baby and well,

her and Dad want me to have an abortion.

Dad's good friends with Dr. so,

he's been talking to him and Dr.

is gonna make all my arrangements.

Apparently, because I'ma minor, I have to go

to the clinic with my
parents and they want me

to bring the young man responsible.

They keep trying to make
me name someone, but,

but I can't.

Mum's probably looking for me.

I don't want her to see this.

This is how you
get the light working.

I didn't need it in the end.

Okay, so, what
do you have to report?

Well, Mum's drinking again.

This is a record about you, Em.


She drinks and makes
my life a living hell.

I'm going to stop
unless you move on.

All right, Mr. Pedantic.

Okay, so I stopped going to school.

Mum made up some lame excuse about

me being on a sabbatical.

I got a whole load of
course work dumped on me.

But Mrs. Hyde was really nice.

She talked to me about
stuff I had to look forward to

in the future, stuff like that.

Hey, you've got my Adele CD.

Let's get on with it, Em.

I've other things to do, you know.


Well, the clinic called
and they've put

my appointment for Monday.

Mum's not happy though.

It clashes with her hair appointment.

No pleasing some people.

Oh, and actually, I got these.

Em, where are you going?

Well, move the camera, stupid.

They're pregnancy pants.

They have this stretchy
bit at the back, see?

All my other jeans are
too skinny for me now.

My midwife says I have
a narrow birthing canal.

Too much information.

Well, this is my video diary.

Anyway, me and Mum went shopping.

It was really fun, actually.

We're trying to look
for clothes that fit me,

and apparently
allmums-to-be have really big,

fat asses by week nine,
so it was hilarious.

Seems a shame I only have
to wear them for one week.

What a waste.

Mum won't let me go out.

She doesn't want anyone
finding out about me.

I've just thought of something.


Since this is awarts and all video diary,

shouldn't you be telling
us who the father is?

At least for posterity.

Shut up, Stu.

I've already told
you, there isn't a guy.

Sure, sure.

You slept through the whole thing.

What did he do?

Climb in through the window
while you were asleep?

Oh, get lost, shitface.

Okay, it's your secret.

No, but seriously, promise you won't

go on about it anymore.

I promise.

Don't feel like doing this, not now.

This is the director's cut.

Emily won't say who the father is,

but for the record, I
think I know who it may be.

It's either a teacher, or it's the guy

who works in a bookshop,
the one she kept on

going on about over Easter.

I think Dad wants to go
and confront him about it,

but he's afraid about
causing even more trouble

before Em's visit to the clinic.


Oh, shit.

Here we go.

Now Stu's gone, I can tell
you what I'm really thinking.

Firstly, I've been reading
up about the thing inside me.

Apparently, right now, it's about

the size of a strawberry.

Oh, and I bought...

This the other day.

It says that by week nine,
my boobs will be bigger

and tingle, but, well they
don't look any bigger.

And I have to go to
the toilet all the time,

which is inconvenient to say the least.

I always feel like I'm
about to wet my pants.

And I get this really horrible
metal taste in my mouth.

Mum and Dad keep askingme who the father is.

Stu thinks it's Steven Smith.

I'm worried that Steven will find out.

I mean, look at me.

I never even kissed him.

Although, if I had to choose anyone,

it would be him,

I think.

Oh yeah, my friend Sarahcalled me the other day.

She says that there are loads of rumors

going around schoolabout me and everyone's

asking the boys if they know anything.

That's the hot topic at the moment.

What happened to Emily Turner?

This one's Sarah.

I miss my friends.



Olivia H.


There's me.

Mum won't let me have any visitors.

She calls me anembarrassment to the family.

She's such a cow.

I mean, I know that sheloves me, really, it's just,

well, we haven't been getting on recently.

At least, not since before...

I mean, it could just bea mother daughter thing.

It might get better whenthe baby comes along.


I said it.

I mean,

I know I have beenthinking it, but I just,

never really admitted it.

I wanna keep it, I,

I really do.


Do not start.

That is the last thing Ineed, my mascara to run.

The book actually says that pregnant women

very over emotional.

Well, I'm your proof.

Anyway, I'll talk some more later.


She was our friend.

Yes, we've known Emily for ages.

Since we were little.

We were all at primaryschool together, yeah.

Did she have a boyfriend?

No, no, she wasn't really interested.

Well, she was always into sport.

She was always too busy with that horse.

Yes, she was quite normal,

good fun, too.


She was a bit quiet.

Kept herself to herself.

And she was pretty sensible, quite mature.

Yeah, she was quite clever.

Could shehave had a secret admirer?

Not that I know of.


I don't think so.

I think she'd tell me everything.

Be really hurt if she didn't tell me.


Tell us about Emily.

She was a friend.

In what way?

Like, a friend.

Shewasn't your girlfriend?

No, it wasn't like that.

She was a mate.

Did she have a boyfriend?

Not that she told me.

She never seemed interested.

She preferred other stuff.

What sort of stuff?

Like, films, music.

She had a horse and she wasalways doing school work.

She was clever.

Okay, so, everyone's out,

so I thought I'd give youa little tour of my house,

so, on the left we have my room,

but you've seen that before.

It's a bit messy.

Up ahead, we have Mum and Dad's room.

The interior decoration is a bit girly.

Pink and purple, I don't think Dad really

had a say in that.

We have the landing, and through the window,

you can see the garden, butwe'll come to that later.

If I continue down here...

On the left, we havethe formal living room

where Mum does not likeany shoes on the feet.

And Grandpa takes the corner armchair.

And through here

we have

more relaxed living room.

We have the TV and

real struggle over the remote.

If we continue through here,

well, we have theentrance hall, bit dingy.

And our kitchen dining room area

is where we do most of our entertaining.

And through this door, up the stairs,

it goes to Stu's room.

Okay, so if we head up here...

Oh, actually, I need to wee.

Oh, hang on a sec.

I thought I would like a record

of what I looked like pregnant.

Well, that's it,

but this is what I'll looklike in a couple more months.

Oh, don't worry.

Stu's not gonna be able to see this.

No way, absolutely no way.

I'm gonna keep the camera safe.


been thinking some more about it.

You know, the baby.

And I know it doesn't make sense

what with Mum being permanently

on the edge of sanity andDad about as useless as a...


Point is,

I really want to keep it.

Don't know why.

I just do.

Wish there was someone I could talk to.

Apparently, at this stage, the baby moves around a lot,

but mums-to-be aren't supposedto be able to feel it.

But I'm pretty sure I can.


Just did a back flip.

Anyway, I'm thinking ofheading into town later.

I wanted to pick up some, oh shit.

Daft cow.

Sorry, baby.


I wanted to show you something.

I'm thinking of getting one of these.

It's a spy camera thing.

It's more discreet, you know.

Saves me having to lug a heavycamera about all the time.



What are you doing?

Are you searching my room?

No, don't be ridiculous, Emily.

Can't I have any privacy?

Well, look where that got you.


Don't start.

Don't take that tone of voice

with me, young lady.


Emily, can you hear me?


Can you hear that?

Hope the camera's picking this up.

There's a sound comingfrom inside the wall.

It's like a humming.

A computer, or something electrical.

Or bees.

It's kind of like the sound of bees.

So faint you could miss it.

But here.

Just here, it's a bit stronger.

What is it?

Who am I kidding?

So, I'm a head, anyway.

Look at this.

That must be what I heard last night.

Ugh, horrid.

Ugh, get away, shoo!

Thank you.

Can I help you?

Oh hi, yeah.

I'm looking for a sortof digital camera thingy,

you know what spiessometimes I've seen using.

A digital camera?


You know, in cop shows, when they put them

under the door and theykind of like, wire.

You mean a fiber optic camera?

Oh yes, I guess.

We don't sell anything like that.


Would you know where I'd find one?

The Internet?

You could try our store site.

Oh, okay.

Yeah, I will, thank you.

A spectacular meteor showerlit up the skies last night

over Europe and NorthAmerica as astronomers

rushed to try and explainthis curious phenomenon.

Do we suggest that the Earth had traveled

through a dead reef fieldwhich had been left over

from a previously unidentifiednear-Earth asteroid.

Experts are suggestingthat this asteroid...

You could try Jessup's.

I'm sorry, what'd you say?

Try Jessup's on the half-boat.

Oh, okay, thank you, yes.

Simply connect in here like this.

Mmm hmm.

Okay, you've got visual, sound too.

This will give you an80 degree viewing angle.

You get about this muchof what you can see.

Oh okay, neat.

It does the job, soquite a few, actually.

Usually it's businesses who want to spy

on their employees.

This one's 139,99.

140 pounds?

Oh, I'll probably haveto get out my savings.

That's okay.

I'll hold it for you.

It's midday.

Mum's been drinking.


Dad's at work, and Stu's out, so...

I feel like a prisoner in my own home.

Open this door, young lady.

I try to stay out of herway when it's just her and me.

I can hear you talking.

Who's in there with you?

Is that him?

You bloody fool!

You don't know what you're doing.

You'll ruin each others' lives.

Look at me and your father.

20 years.

I could have done somuch more with my life.

Don't do this to yourself, Emily.

I don't want my daughter to go through

the disappointments that I had, Emily.


Let's talk, hon.

We can work this all out.

Please, honey, please.



Emily, you're a bloody tart!

She's like this all the time now.

I will notlook after another brat,

do you hear me?

I want my own life back.

My own life.

She's driving me mad.

Maybe I am going mad.

I mean,

how did I get here?

I don't know.

Was there a guy?

Must have been.

But it's like,

it's like trying to recall a dream.


It's a nightmare.

Thereis a negative dynamic

centered on Emily.

While the mother exhibitsbehavior patterns

associated with heavydrinking, mild bi-polar,

I can see no indicationof Emily displaying

psychological disorders of any sort.

Given the video evidence, we can discount

mythomania and what issometimes referred to

as Virgin Mary Syndrome.

Hey, that's cool.



Mmm, scissors.


Look good.

The bloody phone is ringing.

Oh, shit.

Did youdo this to my daughter?

Talk to me, you little bastard!

Give me my phone, Mum.

Give it to me!


I will not have thatpervert calling you again.


Tomorrow I am going to the clinic for

the procedure.

That's what they call it, a procedure,

to make it sound normal.

It's not.

It's anything but.

I haven't really thought about it much.

It's not the sort of thing you do

until it happens to you.

Tried talking to Mumand Dad about it, but...

They don't listen.

If I even so much astalk about it as if it's

a real, living thing, Mum goes mental.

She starts yelling abouthow much responsibility

children are and how much they cost.

She's such a bitch.

Dad's spineless.

Mum uses emotional blackmailand he falls for it.

Christ, sometimes I hate her so much.

Stu's been great, though.

He made me a CD.


Yeah, I'll let you listen.

Seems kind of appropriate.

Today's the day.

I wish it wasn't.

Mum and Dad are drivingme to the clinic later.

My mum keeps sayingthat he should be there.

Still thinks I'm protecting someone.

Think I'll ask Stu to come.

He understands.

I don't know what to wear.

Fuck this.

I could use a drink.

Can someone get me a drink?


Are you all right?

I'm fine.

I'm fine.

We have toleave in 15 minutes, okay?

I feel sick.

Sick and tired.


What the hell?

Stu isn't coming today.

I don't blame him.

I mean, I don't know how I'll cope.

But I want a record ofwhatever happens today.

I'm dreading it.

I'm terrified.

But I won't cry anymore, I won't.

Not in front of anyone.

What's thaton the back shelf, Emily?

It's just my bag, Dad.

Hmm, okay.

Yes, and Bill has a new car.

It's really expensive, but uh...

So, that'swhy they're not going

to the Canaries this winter.

Are you stillawake back there, Emily?

Were you listening to me?

Whoa, nice place.

This isn't what I want.

Look, we'vealready discussed all of this.

No, you discussed it.

That's enough.

Decision's been made.

Get it over with.

Come on.


Can I have your name, please?

This is Emily Turner.

Thank you.

Do you have your paperwork?

We'll need it to book you in.

Well, my husband's justgetting it from the car.

All right?

Emily Turner.

It's the right choice, Em.

You must be Emily.


I'm Mr. Chitens.

I'm going to be doing your procedure.

I know this might be a veryunpleasant experience for you,

but we'll do everything we can to make it

as painless as possible.

Just think of it as a cancer

growing inside you that we must cut out.

After all, if we don't treat it,

it'll suck the life out of you.

A cancer.

That's all.

Hello, Emily.

I'm Nurse Souter.

I'll be looking after you today.


There you go.

Thank you.


We'll just you 'round...


Okay, you okay?



I'll go and get the doctor now.

Ah, Emily.

You're ready, good.

Isn't a wonder of man's science that you

can overcome God's purposewith a small incision?

One can even triumph over His will

by simply aborting that thing inside you.

It is a mere inconveniencein the grand scheme.

Trust me, my child.

I justwent to call you back.

We will perform the operation

with a local anesthetic.

Don't worry, Emily.

It'll all be over soon.

What's that?

It is nothing.

What is it?

One of God'schildren returning to Him.

Is that a baby?

What's going on?

I think someone has broughta baby into the clinic...

Shall we proceed?

I was just listening to this...

You will do as I say.

We have work to do andthere's little time left.

The unborn infant is harming the girl

while it remains inside her.


I haven't seen any signs like that at all.

I'm sorry, I don't thinkit's sensible to proceed

until we know what's going on.

This is not the time to interrupt.

Something is wrong, Doctor.

We're going through anyway.


But I need my bag.

I'll makea new appointment, go!

It will be done!

No, Iwork for this clinic,

and I say we follow the rules, and you go.

We can do it chemically.

I say no.

Just do it!

Lose job for this!

Jesus Christ!

Oh, wait.

The sound iscoming from the all-natural.

What is it?

That's the Rainbow Room.


The mortuary.

The mortuary.

Go, go!

Come on, here.

Are you all right?

What on Earth is going on?

Are you okay?

Come on, in you get.

I don't thinkyou should leave, sir.

We need to take everyone's details.

Taking my daughter home.

It's been a traumatic time.

We're not gonna hang around for you lot.

Sir, sir!

Somethingis taking all over place.

To hell with them.

Christ, Gerry, the wholeplace is going insane.

Oh, shit, come on.

Oh, no.

Clinic's entiresecurity camera system

was offline at the time of the incident,

and whether that was amalfunction or deliberate

remains to be established.

They're stillhunting for the doctor.

Art Chitens is probably a false name

and we have very little to go on.

We still hope to recoverworthwhile forensics

from the crime scene.

I can't believe it.

I still have my baby.

Mum and Dad have saidno to going back again.

It's a miracle.

Mum now wants me to keep the baby.

It's like a giant weight hasbeen lifted off of me and...

I can finally breathe.


Come now.

It's on the news.

Staff and visitors were evacuated

the blaze wasstarted deliberately.

First reports suggest that one person,

a member of the medical staff.

Fire investigators are at the scene

and police are refusing to rule out

the possibility that thisis the work of extremists.

Police are gonna want to interview

everyone who was there today.

Well, at least we all got out alive.

Oh, Emily, darling.

I'm so glad you're safe and sound.

I'll make us all a drink.

What'll you have?

Oh, gin and tonic if you're having one

or a glass of wine.

Actually, I thoughtI'd have a cup of tea.

I drink too much.

I'll get you both one.

Mum's come 'round a bit.

Emily, I...

Just wanted to say,

I think it's all worked out well for you.

Go where you want today.

Sometimes I pretend not tolisten just to keep the peace.

Listen, Dad.

The consultant, he acted really strange.

In what way?

Well, hestill wanted to go ahead

with the abortion, even afterthe babies had started crying.

Oh, that sound made theblood in my veins freeze.

They shouldn't allow babiesin a place like that.

They're theones that no one wanted.


The babies.

They were the aborted ones.

Emily, darling, please, don't speak so morbidly.

It was horrific.

They're not supposed tobe able to survive that.

That's impossible.

Emily, you don't know what you saw.

You're still in shock, darling.

No, listen to me.

Nurse Souter said thatthe babies can't survive.

They're too young andthat children or babies

aren't permitted on thepremises, so, the only ones

that could've were the aborted ones.

That cannot be possible.

I don't know.

The sound, it was comingfrom the Rainbow Room,

the mortuary and she wentin and I followed her.

I could see them.

They were so small, wrapped in these cloths

and they were moving and crying.


What happened to you?

I don't know.

Oh, darling.

I'm so sorry.

Who's that?

Come here, come here.

Poor little girl, you had themost horrible, horrible time.


Police, we'd liketo ask you a couple questions.

Well, yes come in.

Thanks very much.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

We're following up a requestfrom the West Midlands force.

A car registered to this address

was observed leaving acrime scene earlier today.

Yes, we were there.

Why did you leaveafter being asked to stay?

Why the hell would anyone

want to stay in a place like that?

I'm sorry, Mr. and Mrs. Turner, we have to ask.

What was the reason for you being there?

What the hell do you think?

Well, it wasn't me.

So, this young lady isthe reason for the visit?

Do you have tobe so bloody insensitive?

Well, apologies, buta very serious crime

has been committed.

It's beenreported on the news.

This is now a murder investigation.

A member of staff is dead.

Oh my God.

We need to trace everyonethat was at the clinic

today to eliminate themfrom our inquiries,

as well as your details, we'llneed the name and address

of the man involved.

Look, we appreciate this must be

a very distressing situation.

If you prefer us to comeback, we're happy to do so

now we know where you are.

You can take your time, miss.

My daughter's had a similar experience,

so I understand what you're going through.

There is no one else.

We appreciateyou may be reluctant

to answer the question.

Anything you tell us will be treated

in the strictest confidencebut we need to rule him out.

There are other disgruntled partners

who have threatened thissort of behavior before.

But there isn't anyone.

You can't protect him anymore, darling.

I'm telling the truth.

Mr. Turner?


Do you think it was me?


Bloody hell.

I have not laid a finger on my daughter...

He's telling the truth.

It's nothing to do with him

and it's nothing to do with anybody else.

Well, could there have been a situation

where you may have lostcontrol or I don't know,

fallen unconscious, something along those lines?

Maybe at a party, somewhere where someone

could have taken advantage of you.


I wasn't raped.

I would have known.

I would have felt it.

Then how do youaccount for your condition?

I don't really know.

We need an answer.

Now this, I'vehad just about enough of this.

My daughter's told you, just the same

as she's told Lorraine and me.

I think you should leave.

Thank you for your time.

There are questionsthat still need answers.

Thank you, we'll be in touch.

I don't believe the nerve!

Look, honey.

Do you want to tell me now?

Oh my gosh, Mum!

I've told you the truth.

Why can't you just believe me?

We use advanceprofiling techniques

to identify potential suspects.

We run distral data from Emily's video

through the sound program andit confirms she's not lying.

That doesn't necessarilymean she's telling the truth.

If we're able to interrogateher, we could be sure.

Wehad intelligence from a number

of different sources that, quite frankly,

didn't add up.

It was only when eyewitness accounts

and forensics from thelab started to come in

that we began to realizesomething really is going on.



So, I've just been tothe doctor's for a checkup.

Not Dr., a new female doctor.

She was nice.

She said that me and the baby are great.

So, now I'm just off tomeet Stu for a coffee.

It's actually very interesting.

Voyeuristic stuff.


Everything okay?

Yeah, all good.

Someone's made a number of deposits.

The bank checked 'em, they're legit.


How much?

I was going to check at acash point after I met you.

Are you Emily Turner?


I was asked to give you this.

Who's it from?

I'm not allowed to tell you the word.

He gave me a five to deliver this.

He was over there a moment ago.

Oh, he's gone now.


There's one just down the road.

Let's check it out.

What's the number?

Zero one five, wasn't it?

Okay, got it.

This is it.

Open it.

An iPhone?

It's not just any iPhone, Em.

It's the next generation.

Who sent it?

And how the hell did they get it?

Was there a sentence address?


Why would someonesend me a new phone?

Let's go check the bank.

This phone'scharged and working.


It's almost deposited five grand.

Something's going on, Em, and we have to find out.

Will you hold this Stu?

It's got camera inside, sopoint it where you want to film.

Hmm, that's cool.

Hi, I ordered two books.

What name is it?

Emily Turner.

Thank you very much.

Thank you.

Let's go.

They're beautiful.

Mum and Dad were married here.



I can see why.

We were christened there, too.

No way.

Why didn't we go more often?

Maybe I'll get my baby christened here.

That's not thereason we've come here.

Yeah, why did you bring me here again?

I have a feeling that this place

may shed some light on what's going on.

Can we have a look around?

Let's go inside first.

It's so lovely and peaceful.




Keep going, towards the path.


That noise.

It's the same as before.

This is where they bury the babies.

Em, Em.

I'm so sorry.

I didn't know this was going to happen.


Hello Emily.

My name is Ste.

I sent you the phone soyou would know who I am.


It's complicated.

Don't worry.

Everything is gonna be all right.

All right?

What do you know about it?

I know enough.

Listen, this is a secure line.

No one knows about it, for now.

What are you talking about?

Am I being spied on?

What do you expect?

There are people whowant you and your baby.

He's more important than you realize.

Some of them want totake him away from you.

Some of them want your son dead,

even if that means killing you.

Kill my baby?

Your son is a threat.

To others, he's anopportunity to be exploited.

We have to be very careful.

This must not happen.


What others?

What are you talking about?

Think about it.

How did you get pregnant?

Work that out, and you have the answer,

the only answer, however far-fetched.

But I...

There isn't timeto explain everything.

You'll have to work it out for yourself.

Right now, you must preparefor what is going to happen.

Others will help.

What others, what are you talk, Steve.

Your home issafe, for now, but be ready.

Everything has changed.

Everything will change, whetheryou believe in it or not.


Please tell me what's going on.

I don't understand.

I'm doing itfor you and your son.

He is a gift to us all.

A gift?

What do you mean?

Did you hear that?


Thatone call clinched it for me.

Someone like Steve doesn't do anything

without a reason.

One of the most influentialmen in the world

calling out of the blue.

Come on.

The telephone traceeventually proved it was him.

You can come in.

What's wrong?

Some of these crank callers.

They're really starting to get to me.

I turned my phone off, but,

here, have a listen.

to have reached you, Emily.

You don't know me or our organization,

but we can offer you protection.

The Jews and Muslims will want you,

but you are a Christian, aren't you?

Yes, we will...

Get lost, you weirdo.

I don't understand, Stu.

All I wanna do is protect my baby.

Someone help me.

God help me.




what's happening.

I, I...

Look at this.

He's come back.

You must realize by now.

Oh, Stu, I hear them crying.

Please, tell me you know.

I'm scared, Stu.

I'm so scared.

Thisis a profound moment in time,

but I must urge caution.

There are many who wouldclaim to be the Messiah.

We must treat this event carefully,

until we fully understand whatportent is presented to us.


I've just had a dream, and...

would say


it's like it's left me on a massive high,

the biggest high ever.

I don't really know how to explain it.

Talk later.

It seems this young woman

has experienced the rapture, a personal encounter with God.

Her calm contemplationis in keeping with one

who has conversed with our Lord.

Once one gets past

the initial skepticism, it wasclear that we couldn't afford

to ignore the situation, nomatter how improbable an event,

or how daunting the implications.

There's a whole pileof trouble coming our way.

Well, no one else knows.

It's the Second Coming, for Christ's sake.

Everyone will know, including the cranks

and the religious nutsand when the authorities

find out about this...

Wait, what?

They'll want to takeyou into police custody.

Well, I don't want that.

What's the alternative?

Nutters will want to kill you, and weirdos

will want to make you intosome kind of religious icon,

you know, the Virgin bloody Mary.

Stop it, Stu, you're scaring me.

I'm sorry, but you have to know

what's probably going to happen.

Oh, for Christ's sake, no even believes

in God any more, anyway.

There are lots of Christians, Jews, Muslims and Hindus

all who have a lot riding on His return.

Jesus was a prophet to some, the Son of God to others.

If they believe what's happened,

they're all gonna want a piece of you.

You're kidding, right?

They'll want evidenceand that means your baby.

Once the government knows what's going on,

they'll be after you.

There may even be signs, you know,

celestial comets, earthquakes, God knows what.

What about Mum and Dad?



have to tell them.

Oh, they won't believe it.

I dunno.

They will want you in police custody.

If we are right, you've gotsome very powerful allies.

God, for one.

Divine intervention and all that?

So stop worrying.

Be smart about it.


Think about the baby, for one thing.

Do you really think allthis is good for it?

I just wish there was someone

who could tell me what to do, to help me.


Stuart Turner?


Is your sister with you?

Who is this?

I'm a friend.

You and your sister will need help.

Who is this?

My name is.

Google me, then if you're satisfied,

call me on this number.

You ask for help and bang,

this guy calls and offers help.

Well, who is he?

I don't know.

He's one of the top 50richest men in the world.

Look at the companies he owns or has

a controlling stake in.

Well, do you think it's really him?

Let's find out.

Somewhere overseas.

This is going to kill my credit, Ems.

That was quick.

Do you believe who I say I am?

Name the two subsidiarycompanies in Taiwan.

Good question.

Let me think.

Corporation and.

If you want furtherconfirmation, call my head office

and I will leave a message to...

No point in wasting phone credit.

Hello, Limited.

Hello, this is Stuart Turner.

Yes, Mr. Turner.

I have a message for youfrom our chairman.

He's opened an accountfor you and your sister

and the details are beingforwarded to your e-mail address.

Clink on the link, itwill take you directly

to your account.


That's allI have for you, I'm afraid.



What account?

Hang on.


He's deposited a hundred thousand dollars.

How did he...

I don't know.

Hello, Stuart.

There are more funds when you need them.

How the hell did you know about this?

I had a dream, a premonition.

Call it what you will.

I believe I am meant tobe one of the Wise Men.

Wise Men?

We are here to help.

You will find your house had been fitted

with a discreet securitysystem that you may access

via computer and television.

Website Wikifess will be thesafest way to make contact.

Never heard of it.

You have now, and remember

to ditch this phone now.

Goodbye and good luck to both of you.

We are in deep shit.

You're telling me.

Well, what do we do?

If is right,

we have to disappear.

Check the website.

What are you two up to?


Stu was just helping with stuff.


Your father's downstairs.

He's back home from work early.

He'd like to talk to you both.

Now, if you please.


Hang on.

What are you doing?

You'll see.

Eminent persons

communicating directly with Emily.


Each control powerfulmulti-national corporations,

making them virtually untouchable.

They refer to themselves as the Wise Men.


The only conclusion isthey have information

from an unknown source.

Thisis an issue for Muslims, too.

And what if Al-Qaedagets ahold of the girl?

Even if she isn't carryingthe next Son of God,

she's worth a fortune in publicity.

That would be a disaster for the West.

We had these Wise Men

under surveillance assoon as they made contact.

I mean, the real concern now is who else

might be in touch with thisyoung, impressionable girl.

I mean, if she's as naive and as innocent

as she is leading usto believe, then there

is absolutely no tellinghow this is gonna end.

They've already beenattempt to leak information.

We've shut down a number ofextremist religious websites

and we are monitoring theweb very, very closely.

We have to talk.

The police have beenmaking inquiries at work.

Can you imagine how that looks?

Bernie Blake called me to say

he'd been questioned about us, all right?

About this family.

E-mails and texts fromcolleagues, telling me the same.

For some reason, thisfamily's under a microscope.

So, can someone pleasetell me what's going on?



Is that a camera?

What are you doing?

Em wanted to make a video diary.

I'm giving her a hand.

Because you'repregnant, is that it?


It's just a record.

Something to do with Facebook,

is that what we're missing?

Maybe we should take a look.


I mean, don't.

It's kind of private, Dad.

Private, amongst the familywho have taken care of you

and are gonna help raise this baby.

Is that it?

There's nothing, Dad, really.

Then we should have a look.

Oh, thanks a bunch, Stu.

We've only just set it up.

There's nothing of interest.

All right, all right.

The police know there'ssomething going on.

We've got to get to the bottom of it.

There is a connectionbetween this family

and the arson attack.

It had nothing to do with us.

Were you involved in any way?

Any way at all?

Well, they did have an argument.

The nurse and the doctor.

Well, he was pressuring meto still have the abortion

even after the babies started crying

and when she stopped him, when she did,

he went mad and he threatened her.

What did he say?

Go on, Em, tell them.

He said that he would kill her.

He said that she'd die, likehe knew what would happen.

Well, they should belooking for this doctor.

What's his name?



No, my daughter never mentioned it.

All right.

Can you remember the namesof any of the staff, Emily?

There was Nurse Souter,

Maggie, the receptionistand then there was

another nurse in the Rainbow Room, but,

I can't remember her name, sorry.

Did you get that?

All right.

Do you remember the doctor's name?

It was Chitens andhis first name was Art,

I think, Art, yeah, Art Chitens.


Thank you.

Apparently, Chitens was new.

Police, can we ask youa few questions, please?

Thank you.

This way.

I was just talking about yesterday.

Can I get anyone a drink?


Cold tea would be nice.

We have questions thatstill need answering.

Could your daughter give us the names

of any staff at the clinic?

I was talking to your officers

not two minutes ago about the matter.

Mind if we use your phone?

Go ahead.


D.I. Brown.

Yeah, can I have a tracefrom this telephone?

The last 48 hours, thanks.

I said the lasttwo minutes, not two days.

This is an invasion of privacy.

Your daughter is at the center

of a criminal investigation.

We need to know the names of everyone

you came into contact with.

I've told you.

I talked to your colleagues in the office.

I gave all the details to them.

Whoever calledwasn't the police.

The names.

Well, there was Nurse Souter.

Oh, the receptionist, Maggie and well of course,

the doctor, Mr. Chitens.

This Chitens characteris central to our inquiry.

He was only booked for oneoperation, yours, Emily.

Several witnesses testifiedto hearing babies crying.

Did Nurse Souter say anything about them?

Only that it was impossible.

And you have no ideawhy these events happened?

What do you think happened?

We are followingseveral lines of inquiry,

but we can't work nights.

Oh, really.

Since when did this househave a surveillance system?

Since we needed one.

They didn't ask about

the baby's father this time.

No, it's as if theydeliberately avoided it.

It's as if they already know.

They're puttingtwo and two together.


And what about that telephone call?

It's as if someone is onestep ahead of the police.

There must be something youguys are not telling us.

We can't help you if you won't talk to us.

Emily never slept with anybody.

Now, don't start that again...

Oh, Mum!

We're not blaming anyone.

That's not the point.

To know what's happening, you have to believe her.

But it's,

it's too impossible.

Just listen to him!

No, no!

Some people believe ithappened before, once.



Oh my God.

It's too impossible.

It's the truth.

It's the truth, Mum.

There's no other explanation, please.

Think about it.

Dead babies crying.

Phone calls from peoplepretending to be the police.

Somebody called and said they opened

a bank account for Emily.

I checked.

There is an account with ahundred thousand dollars in it.

He even called himselfone of the Wise Men.

It might be a hoax.

Oh, Mum!

Please, listen to me, this is real

and it's happening and I need you!


How can it be real?

I never heard such lunacy.

Oh my God, I'm so sorry.

You are joking?

I don't believe it, this family.

No, no, I denied her for too long

and I do believe her now.

This is madness.

You're in bloody denial!

This is our daughter we'retalking about and our grandchild!

You'd better start believing.

Oh, I'm so glad you believe me.

Okay, okay, so what if it's true?

We have to go to the authorities.


Emily has to decide.

You're right.

What sort of parents are we?

No, Dad, you're brilliant parents,

but it's not about me, I,

it's about the baby, and that's all.

So, what do you want to do?

Well, I don't wantto go to the authorities.

I mean, they could doanything they want to me

and my baby and no one could stop them.

What's the alternative?

I don't really know.

I'll get it.

Why isn't thereany sound from outside?


And this is addressed to me.

This is for you, Em.

No card.



English, Irish and Canadian passports.

It's different names.

Fake I.D.s?

Where'd they get these pictures?

It's from another Wise Man.

But there are three of them.

We've been incontact with all three.

He said that we need to usethose passports to disappear.

There's aset of wheels, as well.

The police will find you.

The Wise Men don'tseem to think so, Mum.

We only have to hideuntil the fuss dies down.

That will never happen.

Not if it really is theSon of God you're carrying.

Someone's beenpreparing for a while.

Where will you go?

I don't know.

Somewhere they won't expect,

as husband and wife.

I'm sorry, Em.

It looks like you're spoken for.

It's fine.

At least it'll stop obvious questioning.

There isn't much time left.

We have to go now.

Stuart, we trust you tolook after your sister.

I know.

And what about university?

It can wait, Mum.


Oh, darling.

As soon as we gotthe green light, we went in.

I understand Cobra convened that night,

awaiting the resultsfrom Operation Archangel.

Alpha Team in position.

Bravo Team in position.

Perimeter secure.

Going in through the stable door.

Roger that.

♪ Dance around the ocean ♪

♪ Men of Earth will know ♪

Securing ground floor.

♪ This is the end, here ♪

♪ It's time for us to go ♪

♪ Like the way we started ♪

♪ ♪

It's all clear.

Proceeding upstairs.

♪ Do you know what it feels like ♪

♪ Do you know ♪

♪ What I do, I do ♪

♪ Do you know what it feels like ♪

Shepherd inbound.

T minus two minutes.

Under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004,

you'll be taken into Protective Custody.

You'll be handed over tothe relevant authorities

under the Extradition Act2003 and the 2010 Amendment.

You'll be renderedto the United States

where we can offer you absoluteprotection at this point,

Your safety and the baby.

We're going now, nice andquiet, for the sake of Emily.

You'll never get my children!

Shepherd on location.

Arrival, T minus one minute.

Get up, now, up!

Up, on the floor!

I'm up.

♪ Starting ♪

♪ That you won't know ♪

Where are your children?

I don't know.

They took off somewhere.

For God's sake, getyour people right now.

What's going on, here?

Don't play dumb with us.

Get them out of here.

Search the house.

Abort Shepherd, I repeat, abort Shepherd.

Location compromised.

Archangel is AWOL, I repeat, location compromised.

Roger that.

Have we got our...

Teams' on the ground.

They will find her.


Eyes in the sky.

Christ, this is a proper fuck up.

The P.M. on the doorstepand the bird has flown.

Target location, coordinate six.

Can it, Tommy.

Finish the mission.

Widen the search area.

She's down there somewhere.

What's the...

Sorry, teamleader, but it looks like

someone knew we were coming.

Stow it, that's an order.

Tell me youguys have the package.

This is supposed to be a secure...

We're pulling outwith the secondary objectives.

If itis true, we must all seek

to do what is right in thetime that is left of us.

Everybody should preparefor what God intends.

We are at the end of days.

Forgive us our sins.

It was a clear cut decision.

We had to act.

The country hasn'tfaced anything like this

since the death of Diana.

There is no science

for what's been postulated.

The evidence needs to be scrutinized.

Only then will we have a properanswer to what is happening.

We can confirm that DNAswabs have been retrieved

belonging to the subject.

They show an abnormality.

Could you elaborate?

TheDNA is effectively a mirror

copy and not the result ofnormal progenitive procedure.

Put simply, Emily is pregnant

and this form of reproductionis known asexual,

where an organism reproduces itself,

and in Emily's case, it is extreme.

There are no genetic errors.

The DNA is flawless.

No coding errors, not eveninherited ones from her family.

We're searching for explanations, but...


What do you want me to say?

This is normal?

Hell, it could takeyears to find an answer.

Now, I think that once you know

who these Wise Men are, and get the enormity

of the situation and seehow real this all is,

I mean, these are powerful people,

whose every act isrational and with purpose

and that is why they are who they are.

If it is true,

Archangel has massiveimplications for U.S. policy.

We are working flat outto clarify the situation.

I call upon all employees across the U.S.

Intelligence community, military and police personnel

to assist us with this matter.

Weknow the British Prime Minister

bought into Archangel early on.

He's definitely the Shepherd.

So, who are the other shepherds?

The President?

The Pope?

The Germans and French, is this a Eurozone event?

What about Israel?

You know, the Jews?

We were orderedto conceal the actual date

of the sighting of the comet Lovejoy,

so, we pushed it back to December 27.

There was a lot ofresistance within the agency,

but it was a Presidential order.

What could we do?

If this really is a sign,

God help us all.

I believe we're on the eve of a new era,

whether it's one of hope or despair,

it will be a revelation for us all.

God bless America.

Iguess the Brits are planning

to announce the news the nextJesus is English, yeah, sure.

What I wanna know is, why not us?


There's no justice.



Tell them what's happening.

Tell the diary why we're here.

I have somethingthat everybody wants.

Something inside me.

The WhiteHouse continues to deny

the story that hardevidence has been leaked

from a U.S. security agencyconfirming Jesus Christ,

the Son of God, has returned.

Incredible though it sounds, the evidence

is apparently alreadycirculating on the Internet.

The question thatcontinues to be asked is,

what if God has alreadysent His Son to us?