A Second Chance (2015) - full transcript

A couple with a tumultuous romantic past finds married life to be just as difficult.

Check the other gowns, please.

Hon, we're here with Basha now.

Oh! I put it in your bag's pocket.

Just ask JP for help.

Hi, Auntie.

Hey, Auntie.

Why are you crying?

I never thought I'd see this day.

My dear Basha is getting married.

The mother of the bride
is getting emotional.

What more tomorrow?
Watch out for the wrinkles.

That's right, Auntie.
Think of your hypertension, Mom.

We don't want you to have
a third heart attack.

Just relax, Mom.
We'll wake up early tomorrow.

That's why, Mom, you should sleep now.

-I'm on my way.


What is it? Can't it wait until tomorrow?

This might bring us bad luck.

I just need to tell you something, Bash.

And you can't tell me over the phone?


What is this?

Just tell me
if you don't want to marry me anymore.

I will no longer work in Europe.

Are you sure?

Very sure.

But that's what you want, right?

What I want is to be with you.

But I can just follow you there
once Mama recovers.

We will build our own business, right?
Our very own firm.

Poy, wait.

Europe is a good opportunity for you...

As soon as I build our dream house,
we're going to have a baby.

In three years?

We can do that.

But what about your dream?

You can be the best engineer in the world.

You are my dream, Bash.

To be with you.

That is my dream.


And I can't wait for tomorrow.

What? What is this, Poy?


"My dear wife,

PS. He told me to tell you to show up."

Are you ready?

There they are.

-You said they were here.


You shouldn't have broken up
in the first place.

Now you're married.

There you go.

Hey. Basha.

Why are you crying?

It doesn't make you look good.
Popoy might divorce you already.

-Hey, watch your mouth.
-But of course he's not going to, right?

He won't.

Where's the Matron of honor?

Come over here, Krizzy.

-This silly guy.
-Join the best man ever.



For God's sake,
please don't break up anymore.

Because we might run out of shampoo
in the country if that happens.

Try a conditioner this time.



I'm sorry.

Pardon me.

What took you so long?

I was just getting ready.

Krizzy and Kenneth
even wore matching outfits.

I just want to look presentable for Marie.

Where are you going to show this?

Only our panel of professors

will be watching this
for our thesis defense.


We're already thesis subject matters now.

You should've interviewed
your Uncle Chinno, too.

Oh, I can't.

This is just intended for married couples.

What? You aren't married, right?

-What's the topic?

-I'm sorry.

What's the subject matter
of the interview?

It's about millennial marriages.

About those people
born between 1980 and the 2000's.

If they are still getting married or not?

do their marriages still last?

That's basically it.

OK. Here goes.

How long have you been married?

Almost seven years.

-I'm turning seven, too.

When is your anniversary?

It's a Saturday.

It's a Saturday, Poy.

No. I know that.

But the way I see it,

Nice! So you anniversary is approaching.

You are about to get past
the seven-year itch.

Can we go back to the start?


It was very happy.

Happy first day.

My first day in this house as your wife.

Don't get used to this place, OK?

We have a dream house to build.

We won't be here for long.

Give me two years.
I will build that house for you.

-Such a handsome man.
-Give me that.

Looking good.

I think I have a crush on him.

He's taken.

Taken by Mrs. Basha Belinda Gonzales.


Where are you going?

To start my wifely duties.
I'll prepare breakfast for us.

-OK? Let me cater to you.
-Cater to me here, first.


Poy, wait.


We're ready for tomorrow's opening day.


What's happening to you?

Nothing. It's just that...

our dreams are unfolding right before me.



My hubby is such a cry baby.

And we'll make sure

that the homes we're going to build

aren't going to be destroyed
by any storms.

They aren't going to break
when the earth shakes.

They won't crumble.

Just like us.

Just like us.

I have a funny feeling in my tummy.

You just went, right?

Are you having diarrhea?


I have butterflies in my stomach.

You're just tense.

My husband is tense.


-This is for real.

In demand in Qatar and Europe. Right?

What if...

So, are there still butterflies in there?

They got more agitated, actually.


-Come here.

-Wait. Let's make this quick.
-Oh God, Poy!

-Poy, don't. Poy. Please. No.

-Come on.

-We're running late, Poy.
-This is going to be fast.

What are we going to tell them?

-Ah. That it was the traffic.

We're really sorry.

-Got stuck in traffic.

It's OK. We got stuck in traffic too.

Anyway, what we have--

We'll just have two cappuccinos, please.

As you can see,
I want to use lightweight materials.

For example, in your interior,

Plaswalls. These are walls made out of

two strong pieces of wood
with cement filler in between.

Is that safe?

It might fall apart if a calamity happens.

Ma'am. This is as strong as hollow blocks.

At the same time,
it has better insulation properties.

And no need for a finish,
because the wood itself is smooth already.

Bash, is this OK?

This is the emerging trend
in other countries.

-Team Popoy and Basha for the win.
-For the win!

This house looks nice.

The construction was brilliant.

The design was superb.

You're early.

We thought Mom was already here.

She's not here yet.

Guia, do you want us to replace your bar
with engineered wood?



What next?

For sure, it's good to have
an architect for a sister

and an engineer for a brother-in-law.

I bet your dream house
will be so beautiful

once you finish building it.

So what now?

When are you going to buy a lot?

Not yet.

We need to save more.

That's right.

You're the ones
who are the engineer and the architect.

It's impossible for you
not to have your own home.

Poy, don't look! No cheating.

-I'm not looking.

-I'm not.
-You're looking! Poy!

Poy! Stop that.


I'm ready.

-On the count of three, OK?

-Wow. Bash.

-Poy. Thank you.
-Wow! This is perfect.

That's not final yet.

I will polish it first. Don't rush me.

-I will AutoCAD that first.
-But it seems perfect already.

It's as if you've already studied
the lot's measurements.

Poy, I hope no one buys this before we do.

The view is perfect.
I wonder how much the down payment is?

-There's something itchy.
-Where? Here?

There. Please scratch it for me.



There. Near my butt.

What happened, Poy? Insect bite?

-I don't know. There.
-Let me pull this up.

Poy. What's this?



Wow! This is ours?


Didn't we max out our savings?

No. In fact, Bash,
if I can just get a client

for my calamity-proof structure project,

then no matter
how many dream houses you want,

-I'll give them to you.
-Ah, Poy.

Well, I like the idea
of a calamity-proof house, but...

Poy, is that really possible?

Yes, in Qatar.

Actually, they have these in Europe, too.

It's expensive, but it's worth it.

Anything of great value,

just like you,

is worth it.

Cheesy. But cute.

OK! I changed the battery already.

Sorry about that.

The honeymoon stage,
our professor calls it.

How was your marriage
after the honeymoon stage?


-Architect Feliciano?

Have you submitted the design revisions
of Mr. Sanchez's house to Basha?

-Sir, I actually need another week...
-One week? I'm giving you four days.

Four days, Bash. OK?

Where's the plan for Mr. Nesco's house?

Almost done, sir.

Mikee, double time, OK?


Have we delivered
the additional supplies and equipment?

They are already using them
in our Makati site.

Oh, sorry.

I'm just going to follow up on the costing
approval for Ms. Tuazon's house.

-Where is it?
-On your table.

I'll check it. I'm sorry.

Sir, here's the billing statement
of our equipment purchases this month.

Sir, your next meeting is at 10,
and here's the contract you're asking for.

Sir, are you coming with Rey to the site?

Oh, Rey.

-Engineer Abeleon will go with you.
-All right, sir.

By the way, Abbie, tell the engineer
that I need his recommendations.

-Please tell him to submit it ASAP.
-Yes, sir.

Here, Poy.

Mr. Sy just texted me.

We got the mid-rise building project
in Cebu.

Let me, Poy.
They're overloaded already. I'll do this.


Can we manage all these?
We have a lot of projects.

We can.


The babies.



Until baby number 10, 11, 12, 13, 14!

I'll be pregnant forever?

-Guys, picture! One, two, three.

Please reserve the attic for me and Chloe.

I want it loft-type.
It's going to be our room.

Just make sure to pay the rent.

You'll let your goddaughter pay for rent?

Right, baby?

-Want this, Chloe?
-Oh, wait.

No, it's OK.


Does Popoy still sleep?

Isn't he overworking himself?

Of course. He is about to be a father.

Popoy wants us to move into this new home
before the baby is born.

He still has seven months.

Your firm is really on the roll right now.

Maybe, the baby's your lucky charm.

But Bash, slow down, OK?

It seems like you and Popoy
no longer rest.

Really, you look tired.

I keep on telling Basha that.

To stop making the baby a workaholic too.

That baby will be sleepless
when it comes out.

The baby might have huge eyebags
when it comes out.

Then there'll be no doubt
that Popoy is the father.

Just finish your food.

you build calamity-proof structure.

Especially after I found out
about your lot's location.

it's near a fault line.

I know at first glance,

the budget is intimidating.


I assure you in the long run, this will--

And now you're discussing
a different thing?

Are we fooling around here?

-Sir it's not like--

OK, sir.

Let's just talk about the details
of the e-mail you sent.


Right, Bash?

But that is not his priority.

If you'd supported me there,
even just a bit,

we could've convinced him.

He seemed to be waiting for your approval.

If you hadn't tried to force the client,
we wouldn't have lost the project.

I'm just taking advantage of it, Bash.

He's a big-time client. He can afford it.



You should be resting.

I can't sleep anymore.


What are you doing?

Maybe this is how married couples date.

A dance on a veranda will do.

Are you mad at me?

No one meant for it to happen.

If I only I could take away
all of your pain...

and just feel it for you.

Maybe there's a reason why this happened.


Maybe we should just try again.


The doctor said that if we're doing that,

I'm willing to do that.

For us.

With all of our maybes,

one thing remains certain, Bash.

I love you so much.

Wait for me there.

Call me.


Poy, what happened? Why did it fall apart?

-What did your engineer--

-Engineer Panganiban's house is locked.

His neighbor told us
that he left with his family already.

What an asshole.

He ran away?

How can he get away from this?

Poy, didn't you monitor the materials
that were used?

Weren't you aware that
he was taking money away?

Poy, you were cheated.

And none of you noticed this?

Not even one of you
thought of reporting this to me?

Does Basha know about this already?




That's not a huge problem.

Poy, it is huge.


Poy, according to this, it's negligence.

Do you actually believe that?

Poy, I believe you.

But the whole world
will only believe this.

Calm down.

Poy, I'm calm.

Believe me you, I'm already calm.

I just don't understand this.

What actually happened?

You are so responsible and meticulous.

You are the most in control person I know.

I've been asking you if we can manage
all these projects, and you said "yes!"

Right, Poy? So what now?

Is Mr. Aguinaldo going to sue us?


I will repair the damage.

I will reinforce
the affected parts of the structures.

But we have to shoulder the expenses.

Because I was negligent, right?

Poy, that's not what I meant.

No Bash, it's OK. You're right.

However, we've now lost a lot of money.


You don't trust me.

-Poy, no! I trust--
-You don't.

You don't trust your husband!-

Poy, that's now what I meant.
It isn't like that!

-It is.
-Poy, sorry.

We now go to the harder parts.

do you still fight?


I mean, it's normal for couples to fight.

Actually, yes.

It's a worse sign if you no longer fight

because it might mean that
you're already apathetic, right?

Of course.

Uncle! I want to join.

Chloe, stop. I told you not to go there.

I'm sorry.

OK! Action.


Oh, wait.

So, ah, next question.

-How did you...?

There's an emergency in the office.

-What're we going to do now?

-No, it's OK.
-It's OK. Maybe next time.

-We can reschedule this.
-Next time.

Yes, we can just reschedule.
I'll give you my number.

-You can call me.
-Is it OK?

-Of course, no problem.
-Thank you very much.

Sorry for bothering you.

OK, Poy, Bash.

Actually, we still have to go somewhere
so we have to leave, too.

But later, OK?

-I'll see you at dinner later, OK?

You kiss Auntie goodbye.

Thank you again.

I'm really sorry for bothering you.

-Let's go. Let's go.
-Take care.

Dude, thank you.

-All right, bro. Bye.

Take care.

So there's no emergency, right?

What was that?

The questions were too personal.

Of course. She's doing research
and she's taking Psychology.

She'll really go in-depth.
What's wrong with that?

Your coffee.

We should keep that to ourselves.

Fucked-up Chinno.

You mean our fucked-up life?

-Am I wrong?

You were asked earlier
if this is the life you dreamed of

but you weren't able to respond.

Didn't I respond?

You did! And it took you so long.

What are you talking about?

You're so fond of reading meaning
into everything.

I'm leaving now.
You want to say something about this too?

Yes! You're avoiding the issue again.

Basha, it's just that
I'm needed in the office now.

Your phone did not ring.

It's in silent mode. Seriously...

I'm leaving.

Where are the beams?

And this staircase.
This is supposed to be solid, right?

Why is it like that?

We needed to adjust it so we could work
within the agreed budget and schedule.

But if you think about it, it's safer.

-Especially as our buyer has kids--
-Without consulting your architect?

So the horror stories about you are true.

You're really used to
your wife submitting to you.

The price hike on the materials
was just unforeseen, sir.

so I had to adjust some areas
of his design.

just tell me if you can't do this.

Let's just terminate this agreement
if that's the case.

Please don't do that, sir.

Then finish this as planned
and as scheduled.


Work on that staircase.

Finish it tomorrow.

That's impossible.
We don't have enough workers.


Sir, wasn't manpower one of your cutbacks?


Jacque. Fourth year high school,
St. Digna, Ma'am Abarquez.


Jacque? Wow.

I didn't recognize you.
You've changed a lot.

How about you? How are you?

What happened to you?

I'm good.

The reason why I am this beautiful.

Oh! Yes! Oh, Bash. Are you interested?

The location we got in Tagaytay
is perfect.

If you want,
we can bring you there next week.

So are you up for it?

I would love to.

But it's just...

I'm resting from work right now.

You don't have a baby yet?

Too bad.

You take care of yourself.

Nanny, let's go.

Bring those to the cashier
and please call the driver now.

Bye, Bash.

What is this?

With that timetable we'll surely
lose more than we gain. Revise it.


-He's in a bad mood again.

That's easy.
Two bottles of beer are all he needs.

One. One bucket.

Hey, what's up?

What happened?

Our salary is delayed. And just now,
he didn't even respect my design.

Aren't you used to that by now?

Easy, man.

Kindly check how much will be lessened
from our deficit if we close--

I quit! Let him be the architect.

Hey, John! Dude.

What's his problem?

Well boss, according to him.

"I quit! Let him be the architect!"

Oh God.


Gonna get it hammered...


Aren't you taking a shower yet?

Hey, Poy.

We're running late for our dinner outside.
Come on.

Give me that.

Let's go. You take a shower now.

Let's go, Poy.

Let's go, get up.

-Just a few more minutes.
-Let's go, get up. Come on.


Let's go.

Come on. Take a shower.


Let's go...


-We're late.

You like it?

It's beautiful.

And inviting.

Poy, Krizzy and everyone's waiting for us.

Poy, come on. Let's go.

They are waiting for us.
Get dressed. Hurry.

-I have an idea.

Let's just make a baby now.

-Later. When we get back home. Come on.

Let's go.



So we can have a baby already.

They are waiting for us.

Let's go.

So, you shopped a lot?

And you bought curtains too.

Got money?

Not really.

I had nothing left to do earlier.

So I thought,
instead of staying here the entire day,

I might as well shop for new things

so that the house looks fresh.

It will mean you can rest better
when you're home.

It's nice to finally have
something new here.

Why? What's wrong with old things?


Nothing, really.
But what's wrong with new ones, too?


There you go again.

You're always on my case.
Poy, what's this?

Bed sheet? Curtains?
We're arguing because of these?

Here's another one then.

You really can't stay content.

Why don't you paint this yellow next week?

Come on. New glasses, too?

And plates?

Well then, let's throw them away.
I'll just throw them away.

You're mad because of these?
Let's just throw them all away.

-No. I actually like them.
-No! Let's throw them away.


Let's throw them all away. All of them.

Let's throw everything away.

Let's replace this.

And this.

And all of these.

I just have to do that for myself.

Every time we shop together
you'd tell me to save it for later.

For that dream house! For the baby.

-Everything is always later.
-I'm just being practical.

-What's wrong with that?
-But what if that will take a long while?

-Am I no longer allowed to shop at all?
-So you're impatient?

-That's the reason

you're doing all these small renovations
and shopping for all this shit.

That's why you want something new.

-Poy, no.

Huh? Right?

Who doesn't?


Earlier, you were accusing me,

saying that I'm no longer happy
with our life.

Turns out, you are the one who's not happy
with the life I am giving you.

Poy, it's not that I am complaining.

I did not say that I was unhappy.

Basha. You don't have to say it outright
for me to sense what you're feeling.

Poy. Why are you like this?

What am I doing?

You seem to be the one
who is unhappy in this relationship.

You've changed a lot.

You instantly get mad
at even the smallest things I do.

You always go home drunk
like you don't want to talk to me.

You don't want to see me.

What's your problem?

Is it me?

Don't you want me anymore?

You just can't say it to me?

Speak up, please. I look foolish already.

If this is what you're going to do to me,
we shouldn't have gotten back together.

Well maybe you're right.
We shouldn't have gotten back together.

Basha, Popoy.


Popoy and Basha are here.

I told you they were coming.


-There you go.
-Thank you.


Hi Auntie, Uncle.

-Why did you cancel my call a while ago?

Poy. You're sitting there?

OK. Then I'll sit here.

Let's now sing for JP!

-Happy birthday--

Hold that.

In addition to this being
my birthday celebration,

I'm announcing something more important.

What do you mean "why"?

How many months have they been together?

Because we love each other very much.

See that?

And true love can get through anything.

That's not true.

-You're so full of bitterness.
-Me or you?

-Who got his heart broken yet again?
-Anj. That was a long time ago.

Yes. And that issue
is turning first grade now.

Are you referring to me?

Grandma Anj,
not everyone wants to end up like you.

And me! There. I said it myself.

That's true.

Look at us.

And Popoy and Basha.

Did you really mean what you said earlier?

That we shouldn't have
gotten back together?

-Come on. Let's eat.

You really cook the best bacon.

-Come on.

So. Just like old times?

Take a bath after you eat.

I'll wash the dishes myself.

No, it's OK. I can take a bath anytime.

Leave this to me.

But you take about 15 minutes to shower.

Then 10 minutes just for applying lotion
and your other regimens.

Then another 15 minutes,
to pick your wardrobe.

And that's not to mention the traffic
on the way to our office.

You're bringing me to the office?

If you're available...


Aren't you finishing your food?

I'm full.

Jethro, will you stop that?
Can't you see it's already hot in here?

Missed me?

Looks like we have lots of new faces now.

Ma'am Basha.

-Ma'am Basha.

Abbie, how are you?

She's my best architect.

Everyone, my wife.

-Abbie, give her the new uniform please.

Wow! You're back to work, ma'am?

You're going to bring this office
back to life.

Guys, just so you know,
she is the office's lucky charm.

Oh, that's not true.

-Ma'am, I'm Engineer Jethro.

-I'm Engineer Barry.

And he's Noel, a fresh graduate.

Hello, ma'am.

-She's gorgeous.
-...and Alexis, our architect.

-The boss is a lucky man.
-I agree.

Your new engineers are a bit arrogant...

No. They're kind and reliable.


God. I missed this. I missed this so much.

OK, I'm ready for work.

You can take over John's project.

He resigned.

He got an offer abroad.

Jarim! Get me a rag please.

Maybe we can get some college seniors
that we can train.

-Hey. You don't have to.

You can't be sure that those kids
would choose to stay with us.

The problem is that kids these days
are very impatient.

-You take care of this.

We can't take a chance on them
for a long term plan.


And finally, Noel...

What's this?

Where's the revised estimate?

I wanted to finish that first, sir.

How on earth
did you reach the final costing

if you haven't revised the labor estimate?

You're bound to make a mistake here.

Noel, use your common sense. Do it again.

I'm sorry, sir. I'll revise it again.

You're wasting your time.

Labor estimate?

Why is he the one doing that
and not our CPM?

He needs to multitask.

I'm sorry. I'll just text you.

Wasn't that Tancing?
Does she need anything from you?

The payroll, I guess. It can wait.

Ah OK.



Go ahead.

Get as many chocolates as you can! There.
Papa will buy it all for you.

I'm sorry, dude.

This is the only time and place
I can drink.

I can't leave Chloe alone.

What's the occasion?

Why are we drinking now?

When was the last time we did this?

We miss you already, bro.

Don't you want to be with us anymore?

We were together last night, right?

But did we talk?

Oh well.
Even you and Basha aren't talking.

They didn't even sit
on the same side of the table.



Is there a problem?

We're OK.

There's a solution to everything, right?

So to make it up to you,
he let you go back to work?

You're so judgmental, Grandma Anj.
Can't you just look at it

as his sincere effort
to work on their marriage?

Will you stop giving comments?

I'm not done trying to talk you out of
your whirlwind marriage.

what really happened to you and Popoy?

I can sense that he has a problem
but he won't talk about it.

Bash, maybe he's just stressed
because of work,

and he doesn't want to involve you in it.

That's just the way men are.

What kind of "stress" is that?



He'd literally die
before thinking of having an affair.

Bash, you know, instead of pressuring him,
you might find that

you might have a better chance
of fixing it by being sweet.

Or you two might be
taking life too seriously.

When was the last time you had sex?

What? They've been doing it forever.


-I can do this.
-Yes, you can do it. We believe you.

-Let's take a seat.

Our boss can do it.

-I thought you were with Chinno.

Ma'am, they're like Cinderella.

Good thing your Hercules
came to the rescue.

Right, bro?

That's right, bro!

Let's go.

-Boss Hercules..

Wake up!

Poy, let's go to bed.

Come on. Let's go.

My wife is sexy, isn't she?

-Let's go.
-Come here first.

Poy, wait. Let's go.

We're scheduled to go to Pedro tomorrow.

-I don't want to.

No, we're going there.

Poy, wait. We'll go there. Poy, wait.


Poy, let's go.

Let's get up.

Come on.

I love you so much, Bash.

I love you so much.

The wind is very strong today.

Popoy and Basha are taking so long
to arrive.

They might not come again.

-They're here.
-There they are!

I thought you might not be coming again.

No, we just woke up late.

How's the weather here?

Very strong, feels like a
Signal 4-strength wind is hitting us.


Say hi to your Uncle Poy and Aunt Basha.

OK, go.

Kindly accompany him to his room.
Thank you.

How about you? No kids yet?

Don't be so weak.

Poy, you should hurry.

Pedro might beat you again.

Is there really competition even now?

Definitely, it won't ever end.

I remember when Popoy
was a valedictorian in high school.

Pedro achieved summa cum laude.

He even got his MBA.

Where's Angel, by the way?

That's where Popoy defeated Pedro.

You've been chatting a lot.

Come with me. Let's get the lechon.

You should hire Popoy and Basha.

It might be too big for their firm.

Oh no.

that my husband is great.

And he can build your hospital too,
but you know,

since he's been very busy.

Excuse me?

You know, my cousin is lucky to have you.

No, I'm the lucky one here.

No, my cousin is lucky to have you.

Knowing the fact that
my company is in deficit.

What do you mean, in deficit?

got it wrong.

-Come on! You do it.
-You do it.

-Abbie, go on.
-Why me?

Ma'am Tancing.

No salary yet.

We're dead.
My wife's going to kill me again.

-Then let's go home drunk.

-There's the boss.
-Let's just leave like John did.

I agree.

Did you practice, sir?
I might beat you this time.

I'm just kidding, sir.

All right, sir. Thank you, sir.

Shut up.

I'll just get coffee.

-I'll make it for you.
-No, let me.

-Jethro, are we pushing through later?

Are you sure?

Tancing, please follow it up.

-So it'll be settled by Monday.
-Yes, sir.

Boss, two bottles?

-Or one round?

We're going home.


What was that?

That was rude.

What's your problem?

How's the townhouse project?


And the one in Laguna?

In Rizal.

They're fine.

Are you sure?

-What is this about, Bash?
-Poy, just answer me, please.

They're OK. They're doing fine.

-You're a liar.

Bash, what's this--


What's your problem?

What's happening to you?

We're bankrupt, right?


I saw Tancing's financial report.

Why did you keep this from me?


Because of this!

Because I know you would react this way.

So it becomes my fault that you lied?

-I was going to tell it to you.
-Because you're caught red handed now.


Please don't do this.
Let's talk about this at home.

I will only talk to you
if you're ready to tell me the truth.

-Bash, please. Where are you going?
-Far away from you.

Come on.


Let's go.

I keep on asking what's wrong.

I was even blaming myself.

I was so stupid to ask if it was my fault,

only to find out
that the problem here is you.

I am going to fix this.

You wouldn't have kept it to yourself.

You wouldn't have covered it up.

Poy, this is not just about you.

It's about us.

Just so you know, I am your wife.

That Popoy is such an asshole. 16 million?

He's definitely an asshole.
What other stupid things--

-Don't say bad words, Papa.
-Sorry, baby.

That's really bad. Go upstairs.

-Chinno, your daughter can hear you.
-Chloe, go.

-Go upstairs, sweetie.
-Wait for me there.

-16 million?
-Yes. Just drink.

Bash is surely worried. Answer that.

Why did he do that?

So that's why he's not joining us anymore.

He is keeping a secret,
and he doesn't want us to know.

every secret is bound to be revealed.

Anj, will you stop being judgmental?


-Anj, answer it.
-I don't want to answer that.

-Do it yourself.
-Let me.

Hello, Poy? What's up?

Yes, she's with us.

Poy. Just give her space for now.

I promise, I'll bring her home.


So what did your friend say?

Our friend.

If I was his wife,

not only would I not forgive him,
I would break up with him too.

Good thing you are not his wife.

Good thing I don't have a husband.

Because you're a coward.

Guys, will you stop?

We're here to help Basha.


I know that he hurt you.

I might not believe him anymore.

Then believe your own truth.

So if it's hard for you to trust him,

just trust the love you have for him.



Where are you going?

Don't worry.

I'm just going to change clothes.

So that's why you got grumpy
whenever I asked you about work.

You put up a fight
just so I wouldn't ask further.

Even our friends got tired of asking.

Every time I asked you to give me a task
that I could do at home,

you wouldn't give it to me.

You pushed all our employees away from me.

So that's why.

During which, despite my doubts,

Because I told myself,

loving means believing.


I just told myself that maybe
you were just tired.

That if you had a huge problem,
you'd ask for my help.

I kept everything from you
because I don't want you to worry.

-I don't want to hurt you--
-Aren't you hurting me right now?

I want to leave you now, Poy.
I really want to.

But I won't do it...

because I promised...

that even though
it's not easy to love you...

I would love you.

Even if I'm hurting...

I'll keep on trying...

because I promised.


How did we sustain a loss of 16 million
in 2013?

Do you remember the building
that collapsed

that we needed to get fixed?

It wasn't the building that collapsed.

The one for Mr. Aguinaldo?


What about this eight million?

Project X, listed as investment...

Ah... eh...

That's the total amount
for research and development

of calamity proof structures.

But we can't see the return of investment

until the model has been built,
and we have clients.

So our total deficit last 2015 is...?

All loans have been factored in,

and including projects
that we haven't settled yet,

the sum is around 80 million.

-Thank you, Tancing.
-You're welcome.

Poy, why did you let this happen?

I didn't "let this happen", Bash.
I didn't neglect anything.

How are we going to get past this?

I sold some of our properties.

Some of the and steamrollers too.

And I already manage to get a loan
from the bank.

Besides, Bash...

I have not stopped looking for clients.

It's just that
the competition is difficult nowadays.

Or else that they don't trust us anymore
because of the building that collapsed?

It's not the building that collapsed.

so we could regain our good name.

But that's not what is happening, Poy.

We don't have clients,
and you still push that calamity proof--

It's because I don't want to
let that happen again.

I don't want us
to damage a building again.

And Bash, think about it.

Poy, you're still hopeful for that?

Bash, if we do this...

One time, big time,
we'll be the first ones doing it.

Many clients will come.

Poy, that is a huge gamble.

You're talking as if
there will definitely be clients.

The clients will come
once the earthquake has happened

and they've seen that
the building won't collapse.

So what?
We wait for an earthquake to happen?

What is needed, what I am waiting for,

-is that one person who will trust us.
-What if no one does, Poy?

Not even you?

Or else, we'll both die.

Let's close the company.

I'll go back to my previous firm.
I don't know.

It's possible. Is that what you want?

Bash, don't say that...

Then, listen to me.

Stop Project X.



We need to call our past clients.

We need new clients.

And our people,
they need to know about this.

-They might leave us.
-If they want to, let them.

At least they will know the truth.

I'll talk to them.

Very nice, Bash. Here!

-This one?
-Yes. I love that...


I might go straight to Alabang
to meet Mr. Miranda.

I can't go to work.

We'll have breakfast while driving.

-OK. Let me go with you to the office.
-No need.

Your costing presentation
with Mr. Enriquez is early too right?

Yeah, that's today.

Maybe would be more practical, Bash,

if you created an adjacent bathroom
of first floor and second floor.

Stock bathroom concept, right Bash?

Look at this. The pipes will be straight.

Practical and easier to do.

But you need to change the layout
of the second floor.

Our employer has specific request...
Wait a minute... Noel!

Can you look at this?

What do you think?

The bills are there already.

I have lots of meetings next week.

I don't know how to squeeze that in.

It's OK. Let me handle that.

If you were to ask me,

I think it's safer to do a cement pour.

But that's only my opinion.
What do you think, architect?

Looks like I'm not needed here.

Let's get rid of any problems...


I'm tired.



Did you not pay it?

Come on, Poy. I've been reminding you
about this since Monday.

There was a long queue
at the payment center,

when I had to urgently meet Mr. Tan.

How about last Tuesday?

Or Wednesday? Thursday?


This is the only thing I asked of you,

Sorry, Bash.

I'm just so busy right now--

You should've told me
if you weren't able to do this.

-I can do it.
-I should've paid it myself.

I'll take care of this.

-I'll do it. I can pay it now.
-I'll do it, Poy! Just let me.

-Let go!
-Give it to me.

Then do it! It's all you! You. You. You!

You're the one who's capable.
The one who's always right. It's all you.

And I'm just nothing here.

Nothing! Nothing to you!

Crap. That's what you think I am.


You have blue seal?

-We don't, ma'am.


I'll drive you home, ma'am.

No, I'll just drive. Mom needs you more.


-Here. Just ride a cab.




Oh my God.

You're here?

No. I'm not.

This is just your imagination. Come on.



How are you?

How are you?

Shocks. Wow, right?

You haven't started again?


How are you?


Same old me.

You? How are you?

Looks like
you've traveled the whole world.

Well, Poy, just a little bit more.

A little more,
and I will have traveled the entire world.

Am I good or what? Oh, wait.

I'll show you something.



Didn't I tell you that
I built a tower in Berlin?

One more. A bridge in Prague.

And a train station.

Just a train station in Barcelona.
Not a big deal.


-Come on, look.


-Stop it.

-I'm starting to get envious.
-You should be.

Because you turned down all these jobs,

I had it all. I was able to go to Europe.

Thank you.

You have Basha.

How about you? Wait.

It can't be just all about me.

Why aren't you married yet?

No, actually.

I'm here in Manila for a project.

But you know where my next stop is?



Just London.

Maybe... you might consider it.

Join my team again.


That was deep.


But I'm serious.

Consider it.

Well, Poy?


Can I bother you?
I will send you an e-mail.

I just need your help for my presentation
to the client tomorrow.

Why me? Where's Popoy?

I keep on calling him but he won't answer.

I just really need this. Please?

All right.
I'll read it and then I'll call you.



Poy, tell me where your house is.

-Here... Here!


OK, there.

Even this one?


What if I'd come with you to Europe?

Still being emo at four in the morning?

Come on.

Here's the deal.

Hopefully, when we go to London,

all of your what ifs will be answered.

But have a good night for now.

Actually, good morning.

Go! Goodbye.

Go ahead.

Go on.


Come on. Let's go somewhere near.

Just around the corner.

At the convenience store. It's still open.

-Come on! Don't be such a killjoy.

You couldn't even manage to drive,
but you want more?

-I can handle it.
-You want more?

You don't have to bring me home again.

I can walk.


I don't want to be drunk with you.

I might ask what if, too.

Come on.

Go out of the car now.

If you can't answer my what ifs.



-That was Arah.
-Yes. Your Qatar fuck buddy?

You're together all day.
Your photos are posted online.

Poy, I'm not as understanding as my mom.

I can't bear being fooled by my husband
over and over again.

The job I turned down seven years ago.

Poy, you're leaving me?

When I was waiting for you earlier,

while I was going crazy wondering

what you guys were doing,

I asked myself
if I still wanted you to come home.

And yes, I still want you to come home.

Come home and fix this.

How about you?

Do you still want to work on this?

Do you still want to come home to me?

I don't want to, Bash.

I don't want to come home to you anymore.

I don't want to come home.

But I still choose to.

I still choose to come home even though

I know that I'm just going to face
a big lie.

Poy, when did I lie to you?

Every time you tell me that you trust me.

But it is not the truth
I see in your eyes.

And it's OK.

Because I'm disappointed in myself too.



I really want to reach out to you.

Sometimes, when we sleep together,

I want to wake you up, Bash.

I want to run to you.

I want to tell you everything.

I want to tell you.


Bash, I screwed up.

Your husband made a mistake."

I want to tell you that.


it's hard for me.

I am so afraid.


you might...

you might leave me again.


and make all your dreams come true.

Poy, you're the only one that I want.

Will you still love me?

If I have to wait
until you see my husband,

I will wait.

Good morning, sir.

Good morning.

Coffee, sir?


Oh, wait.

So you've seen that already.

I was about to submit that on Monday.

You're right, sir.

There are materials which we can import.

And your research on--

You're still working on this even now?

Yes, sir.

I can't even pay your salary.

I believe in you, sir.

I believe in your vision.

I believe that one day, it will happen.

When is Popoy's flight?

On Saturday.

that's your wedding rehearsal, right?

What, the wedding is going ahead?

Aren't you afraid to end up like
Popoy and Basha?

Just drink your coffee.

Can I kill you? You're such a pessimist.

Carry on with the wedding, JP.

Your brother is such a fan of "forever".

Get circumcised first.

Japes, don't be frightened.

Your story is different from ours.

You too, Anj.

So the wedding is happening.

Too bad we're not complete.

But it's OK.

Isn't it nice?

Before, JP would always feel bad

whenever the Thursday gang
wasn't complete.

Now, Popoy won't make it to his wedding,
and it's just fine with him.

Krizzy, that's called growing up
and moving on.

Like me! I have moved on from you.

-I mean, like...
-Is this really JP?

...well when we were younger,

Krizzy's world would fall apart
when her grades were low, right?

-And Chinno.

He almost died of "break-up".


Hey. That was before.

But when I found out
that you don't die from drinking shampoo,

I decided not to do that again.

Especially now I have a reason to live:
This little one here.

Some things may change,

but there's one thing that won't.

We're still good friends,
and we still choose

to be part of each other's lives.

And for that...

-Thank you.
-Yeah! Thank you.

Thank you for staying by my side, guys.

Just hot water?


Go get it.

Put all that coffee in there.

Are we ready?

Go to your positions, please.

Hey! Go get your daughter.

Are you ready?

JP, we're about to start.

Hello, Arah.


Where are you?

We're at the check-in area now.

Here we go.

Candles. Angeline Tan and Chinno Marquez.

-Put your arms like this.
-Here, take this...

Chord. Rodolfo Gonzales Jr.,
Basha Belinda Gonzales.

-Where's your partner?
-Let's get ready, ma'am.



I need your help.


You need my help?

-Excuse me.

Take care.

Bye! Don't be late.

Bye-bye! Take care guys.

-What is it?

I promise you that...

this will be the last time
that you and I will separate.

Because this is the last night

that we'll be going to different homes.

This is the last night

that there's going to be you and me.


starting tomorrow,

there'll just be...


Together. Forever.

Even when these hands

get old...

and shake...

I will never let go of them.

You will no longer sleep alone.

And you will never wake up
without me by your side.

We may have our shortcomings...

we may find it hard
to see the good in each other.

Basha Belinda Eugenio.

I'm yours.

And you will never ever lose me again.

But most of all...

thank you for letting me love you...

and take care of you.


You flirt.

Save that for tomorrow.
Look at our friend here.

She needs a proxy partner for tomorrow.



Let's go.

Are you OK?

How long will it take
to get a visa for the UK?

What if I call him?

What do you think?

It's up to you.

But what will I say?

It's up to you.

Look, it's Popoy.


Where are you?

Are you at the airport? About to leave?

I can't leave just yet.

I need to go somewhere first.

Poy, just don't leave, please.

I can't.

Poy, please. Don't move.

Stay where you are, please.

Bash, I need to move.

'Cause if I don't,
I won't be able to make it to you.

I hope.

I am your what is too.

-Let's go.
-Wait, why are we leaving?

-Let's go.

-They left.
-No one's looking.

Again, I'm sorry.

-Traffic jam.
-Traffic jam.


You came from your room, right?

Mr. and Mrs. Gonzales,
let's start recording.


Where were we?

It's not just almost.

It's been seven years now.

-Get updated.

What's the date today?
Woah! Happy anniversary.

You're not telling us.

OK, I'll rephrase the question.

It's happy.

But sometimes,

it is sad.

Sometimes, painful.

Sometimes, ugly.

But, that's the way it is.

I love you, Kayin.


Wow. Congratulations.

Pa, where are you going?

Huh? Papa is going to be brave.

So, I'll find you a mom.

Because I also want my own
forever and ever.

-I'm envious of these two.

I like Godmother Anj.

-Hey, dude.

I'll just stay a single parent.
I can do this on my own anyway.

You want to get stuck in traffic again?

Hey. Lots of trucks outside.

I feel like I'm having a heart attack,

Why is that so?

I can't breathe.

-You're not hitting it.
-I'm hitting it.

What? Which one?

Your bacon's the best.

Is it you...

When was the last time you had sex?

Sorry, Director.

You said it...

Play... When was the last time...

When was the last time...




I really can't make it like you do...

Sorry. I can't help but laugh.