'A Santanotte (1922) - full transcript

This film is included within the scope of the project "Not
Just Divas. Pioneers of Italian cinema",

Funded by the Ministry for
Good and Cultural Activity.

General Directorate of Cinema.

The restoration of 'A santanotte' has been
Made by the Cineteca Nazionale,

Experimental cinematography center,
From a safety negative with

Italian intertitles of the time and
From a negative nitrate print

Preserved at the George Eastman
Rochester House, in which

There were some sequences missing
From the Italian copy. The numerous

Handwritten notations on the back of
Nitrate print have permitted

The reconstruction of
The missing intertitles and

The original positive tints.

The restoration took
Place at L'Immagine Ritrovata, in

November 2007 and March 2008.

Passionate drama by Elvira Notari,
Inspired by a popular song.

The artistic direction and the setting in
Scene is the work of the same author.

Great popular works.

"Gennariello" series.


Giuseppone, her father.

A. Danza: Tore Spina.

Maria, his mother.

Carluccio (A Student of the Dora Film School of Art).

Gennariello, a courageous young man

Part 1.

- Also tonight!

I cannot buy any more for you.
The tips have been small.

- He's a drunk and he torments her every night

His daughter, a poor waitress in a coffee shop.

-- You're hurt.

- Thank you, you are very kind.

- Do not leave. He is outside and could kill you.

She seems to be a suffering Virgin!

She is even more beautiful!

The next day, they both had
One thought: to see the

Creature who haunted their dreams.

- Don't you recognize me?

- I've come to see how you are.
Yesterday I brought you home in a

Sorry state.

-- Thanks, thanks. My stubborn daughter refused to give
Me three pennies

To buy a drop to drink.

- You like red wine, I would say. Come and

We will drink a bottle.

- Aren't you going to work, Giuseppone?

- No, I don't like the father:
He's a drunk; and the daughter is

A waitress of little concern.

- Don't call her that. You won't think about that
When you've met her

- You always end up winning.

- Yes, this is a friend!

- I'll have to kick him out for being a scoundrel!

- I have seen and understood.
Besides being beautiful, she is good.

- I'm glad to have met you. If you do not mind,

I will visit you at your house.

Nannine, when is the wedding feast?

End of Part 1.

Part 2.

So every night, while Naples slept...

- How much pain will this happiness cost me!

- He has left his job again tonight. He is with Tore.

It seems that you have not kept your promise.

- Let me go. If you have
Patience Nanninella will be your wife.

It will be nice to have a son-in-law to pay for my

Food and drink.

- What are they plotting? It's weird because
One is her father and the other is

Tore's friend.

Hello, what are you doing?
Don't you want to work?

- Work to earn money?
I have someone who gives it to me to

Buy whatever I need!

Who are you?

- I am the mother of Tore Spina
And if he grants me that honor,

I will ask for the hand of
Nanninella for my son.

- It is good for you to come. Tell
Your son to go on his way.

I have had plenty of misery.
You must have money

If you want to have my daughter

- Forget about my son. With a
Father like yours, I only see

Prison or death for Tore.

- Father, why do you want to kill
My heart? Tore is my life!

- I must clarify this story. He
Has no right to condemn her

Or to condemn me!

- Listen to a friend's advice:
That woman is not for you.

Her father ... her father...

- Even if I must pass by the
Corpse of her father of whom

You speak, I will still marry Nanninella!

Your father has no right
To sacrifice us. I do not want to lose you.

I love you too much!

- While you are drunk and sleeping,
Your daughter is with Tore.

And what about your promise?

- If you want to find him, Tore is in the canteen

Of the "Scars".

-- Where have you been with that penniless man?

If I may have a word...

- And that's why he has come
Here? Get it in your head that

I will marry Nanninella, whether
You like it or not.

-- Run! Run! Tore has killed Giuseppone!

-- I'm innocent! I'm innocent!

-- Goodbye! For the sake of Tore, I must disappear.

- Your father is dead and they have accused me of killing him!

Mom ... Nannine ... I'm innocent!

Gennariello, tell him, I'm innocent

End of the 2nd Part.

3rd Part.

- Nanninella, don't stay here. This place brings back sad memories for you.

- I am always waiting for the ghost of my father to tell me: "Tore is not

My killer." Oh, the last words of that man claiming his

Innocence resonates in my ears like a desperate scream!

- But what if he killed him!

- Good afternoon, Mrs. Maria. Why don't you stop crying?

It can't always be like this.

- Ah, a happy mother who doesn't have to worry! I still hear

My son's voice shouting: "I am innocent!"

- To me, the friendship of Carluccio and Giuseppone makes me wonder.

Now stay calm. I will try to find out if Carluccio has slandered

Tore for his own interest.

- I know Giuseppone no longer works there. I only wore the

Uniform to hide and spent all day with

Carluccio at the canteen and bar.

-- It is true. And once I heard him say:
"My daughter should never know

Where the money comes from."

-- I would like to see you smile as you did before!

- Tore!

- Him. He is always in her thoughts!
What has my crime accomplished?

- Will you have enough strength to withstand the confession of a

Doubt that will grow into a hell of your sorrows?

... Everything makes me think that Carluccio has blamed

Tore to have you...

- Nanninella blesses you a thousand times for bringing the light.

Why did he do it, Carluccio? Did he do it to

Recreate his dream of love?

- What a sudden change! Why do you love me?

Tell me why.

- The shudder of passion that comes from your voice, from your

Look, from your being ... have conquered me. I am another woman...

- I will believe it when you are completely mine when

No force in the world can take you away from me

Shortly after.

- The sacrifice will be fulfilled tomorrow. To save

Tore, I would even give my life!

-- Is what you tell me true?

I bring you good news. Tomorrow Nanninella will marry

Carluccio, Tore's friend.

- Is it true that tomorrow Nanninella will marry Carluccio?

- Yes, she is only marrying that man to find out

If Tore is innocent.

- And you will let that holy woman sacrifice

Herself in this way?

- Here is the sentence of death. Tore!

End of the 3rd Part.

4th Part.

The next day, Gennariello...

- Find a way to escape.
This weapon can help you...

Nanninella will marry Carluccio this afternoon in order to get a confession

Of your innocence. Save her, or she will die!

In the afternoon.

- Tore could not escape. Poor Nanninella!

- I don't have any flowers for you,
But I offer you my tears!

-- What does he mean by that?

-- The alarm!

"If this voice wakes you up for
The night while you hold

Your husband close to you ... "

"It's useless to go see through the window,
You can't go wrong

That voice is mine ... "

He understands that the song
Reminds Nanninella of a past

That hasn't yet died.

- Why do you hug me? It would have been better
If I had not to come into the world.

You will also lose me.

-- For whom is this? She is a saint!

-- It's for him...

- No, if Carluccio does not die
Your innocence cannot triumph.

Hide here, son.

- Did you think of Tore, when they sang "A voice in the night"?

- No, I can't remember
Love for my father's killer.

- Is that the only reason you have forgotten him?

- No, because I love you. And I would love you even if I knew you

Falsely accused him.

- I will offer you the supreme test of this love you express to me,

Now that no one can separate you
From me. Tore is innocent.

- Tore!

-- Where are you going?

-- Where am I going? I am taking his
Freedom to the love of my life!

-- Crazy!

-- Crazy!