A Regular Woman (2019) - full transcript

The film A regular woman portrays the fate of Hatun Ayhrun Sürücü, a German woman of Turkish descent, and her struggle for a free, self-determined life in the face of her family's ...

My name is Hatun.
Hatun Sürücü.

But no one uses that name.
Everyone calls me Aynur.

Aynur, plain and simple.
Which means "shining moon".

She could be me.

Or her.

Her, too.

Or her.

But no...

That's me.

My brother shot me.
In February 2005.

I was an "honour killing".
The first to really hit the headlines.

Maybe you remember, maybe you
didn't care about me back then either.

Maybe you're thinking,
"So what ? It's so long ago."

"Can't she just stay dead ?"

You're right. I'm dead.

I didn't think it'd go this way either.
But there is one positive.

You're sitting here and listening.
So welcome.

Welcome to Germany.


MAY 1998

That's me.
7 years before I die.

I'm in 8th grade at Robert-Koch
Grammar School in Kreuzberg.

And that's my song.

My leaving certificate says:

"Aynur is leaving school at the request
of her parents, to go to Turkey."

Sounds better than: Aynur's parents
observe strict Sunni, Kurdish traditions

so she's being married off.

So off to Istanbul I go.

My groom is waiting.

He's my cousin.

Chosen by my father, Rohat.

He's worked at a wholesale bakery
for over 20 years.

My family
isn't like other Muslim families.

My family follows
a strict version of Islam.

There are nine kids in the family.

My oldest brother
sells drugs and goes to jail a lot.

I've left him out of my story.

The other three matter more.

Brother no. 1: Tarik.

When I get married,
he gets time off from the army.

That's where he is right now.

The good-looking guy there
is brother no. 2: Sinan.

Apparently, his IQ is off the scale.

He's cute.
But above all, he's an arsehole.

Brother 3.
Nuri. The youngest.

Back then he still wanted
to become a boxer.

Nuri will shoot me.

Then there's no. 4.
Aram, the rebel.

He studies law,
goes break-dancing instead of praying.

So his brothers see him as a loser.
Not a proper man.

He'll be the only brother
I can trust in the end.

But first they'll all celebrate
my "change of owner".

Changing hands
and roles from daughter to wife.

I almost forgot.

You guys don't understand
our culture or our language.

Let's do something about one of them.
I'll switch over.

- Don't bring shame on us now.
- Of course I won't, Mum.

My mother, Deniya.

Hold your breath again.

Don't raise your voice.
Men don't like loud women.

Always have a kind word for him.

And make him good food.

My sister: Shirin.

Keep your body nice and smooth,
to satisfy his desires.

And do as Botan says in bed.

Sema and Lorin.

Unless it doesn't work tonight.

Do you understand ?

Here you go.

- What's that for ?
- If he has problems, cut your finger.

Then smear the blood on the sheets.

If you have to. If not,
then everything's okay anyway.

Aynur, you'll be a good wife
who pleases Allah.

Who pleases Botan. Make sure
you honour the family, okay ?

I loved her.

Even though she didn't stick
by me either. Later on.

Well ?

Being a disgrace
means stepping out of line

in a world where family
and honour are everything.

Being a disgrace
means breaking with tradition.

Being a disgrace
means having your own mind.

Refusing to follow the family's rules
and tainting their honour.

In our culture, only one of the sexes
can commit this deadly sin.

Only the sister, only the daughter.
Only the wife.

Because the woman
is the most sacred thing

that a husband, a father,
a family can own.

And if you taint the men's honour,
if you don't function properly,

you have to be punished.

The Federal Criminal Police Office
lists six examples of female misconduct

that may result in an honour killing.

No. 1: The woman rejects
the husband chosen by her family

and refuses the forced marriage.

No. 2: The woman has lost her virginity
before getting married.

I passed the test on those two.
But I still had points three to six.

A year later, my husband
showed me his true colours.

April 1999

I escape to Berlin.
Back to my home.

What are you doing here ?

Come on, that can't be true !
He's my cousin.

And I'm your sister.

- It's true !
- Then you provoked him.

We can't always have it our way...

She wanted it, she's screwing
it all up !

Marriage is hard,
but whatever happens...

Mum, it's hell.

Whatever happens, you can't leave
your husband just like that.

- And in your state...
- I'm back, Anne !

What are you doing here ?

Hi, how are you ?

- Nuri, get out of here.
- Where's Botan ?

You're going back.

I can't go back.

Mum, I can't go back !

Don't cry.

She has to make up with Botan.
You want her son to be a bastard ?

- So we send her back to that bastard ?
- Bastard ? He's your cousin, man.

- The family back home is talking !
- I don't give a damn !

- He can't hit her.
- He hits her because he loves her.

What else can he do
if she won't listen ?

- Wondered why she won't go back ?
- To avoid being beaten up perhaps ?

That's enough !


He lets me stay.

But I have to pay the price,
as required by our tradition.

If a marriage fails, the woman
atones by living a humble life.

She's allowed to pray.

She's allowed to work.

Hey, I have to piss.
Move it.

She's allowed to help her mother
at home.

She's forbidden
to leave the house alone.

She's forbidden to go back to school.

But I'll be gone by then.

Hey, don't use so much.
If it's too fatty, it won't bake.

- Where are you going ?
- Cologne.

I want to transfer my degree.

Who will I have left ?

You have to go, too.
Whether I go or not.

Why not ?

- I want to stay close by.
- You won't get a minute of peace.

He was born on a spring day.

Which means "life".

He's so lovely.
Such a lovely baby.

Be honest now, Aynur, isn't it
terrible his father's not here ?

No. Terrible is something
very different.

Get a move on, will you ?

Come on !

- I have to go to school ! Hurry up !
- I have to go to work !

- "Work" !
- At last ! Thanks a million !

- Get out of there ! Out !
- Hey ! I need to go in.

I share a room with my sisters.

Our brothers' room is off limits.
And vice versa.

You have it !

- Give it back to me !
- Give it back to me !

Give it back !

Could you two be a bit quieter ?

It bugs me.

That rocking bugs me !

- He'll wake up if I stop.
- Then go ! I want to study !

You're on my headscarf, Lorin.
Can you give it to me ?


Aynur, this is not okay !
I have a test tomorrow.

Let me move out, Baba.
This isn't working.

- Move out ?
- It's too cramped.

- That's no way to talk to your father.
- Don't butt in for once, please.

- You can't live on your own.
- Where should I go then ?

Shirin and the girls can't sleep.
I bug everyone ! What shall I do ?

Move into the closet.

The cleaning closet ?

Or is that not good enough
for you either ?

What are you doing ?

What are you doing in here ?

You were talking in your sleep.
Everything's okay.

- Get out, Sinan !
- Go back to sleep.

Just go back to sleep.

Please stop it.

Just stop it !

You were in my room.

- Have you gone nuts ?
- We talked to each other.

- You touched me.
- What ?

What's going on here ?

- Let her go !
- She's gone nuts !

Aynur, what's going on ?

Sinan came into my room last night.

What are you saying ?

- He touched me.
- Don't lie, Aynur. He wouldn't do that.

She's lying !
So she can get out of here.

- Sinan...
- She's caused nothing but trouble !

Leave the flat.

Right away. Do you understand ?

You believe her instead of me ?

Sinan !

You can't do that.

Look at what she's done already, Baba.
It was Aynur who seduced Sinan.

Your daughter is a threat
to our family.

Finished ?

I'm sorry. It's your decision.

- What is that ?
- Muhammad Ali.

- That's Bruce Lee.
- Ali does that.

No ! Ali stayed on the spot.
All upper body.

Uppercut. Have a go.

Use your upper body. Exactly !

Yes, uppercut... What's that ?

Just go to bed !

What's with the kickboxing ?
We're boxing !

- I was just having a go.
- Hey, look at me.

Hey, you.

What ?

There are two truths in life.

No matter what anyone says,
no matter what Baba thinks is right,

a good Muslim obeys the Quran,
and puts Allah's word first, got it ?

And the second one ?

Beware of women.
You just can't trust them.

- Okay ?
- Okay.

Can I come to the mosque ?

- Can I go to the mosque with you ?
- Sure you can.


- But only if you go to sleep now.
- Okay, okay.

I lie to my mother.

I betray my family.

Ms Sürücü ?

We'll arrange to have a look at the flat
and talk to your parents, of course.

My parents would die of shame
if you turned up at their flat.

Ms Sürücü, before we can do anything,
we need to establish what's going on.

- But I've told you what's going on.
- We still have to visit them. Sorry.

- Promise me you'll help me.
- No.

But I promise we'll review your case.

Why are you doing this to us, Aynur ?

Your father's worked hard
his whole life to feed you.

And what do you do ?

First you leave your husband.
Now, your family !

I'm not ! There's more space for us
in the home for young mothers.

- What's so bad about that ?
- You're ruining our family's honour !


I won't stop honouring our family just
because I live somewhere else, Mum.

I love you.

You're my parents.

My parents left Eastern Anatolia
for Berlin in the 70s.

They found work
and a home for their family.

They left the old world behind them.
Like I am now.

There's just one difference.
I'm just a woman.

One who won't be told
how she and her child should live.

Not by men,
nor by some old tradition.

And this is why I deserve to die.

No. 3. The woman is planning
to leave her husband and/or family.

She carries out her plan
and takes her children with her.

April 2000

Excuse me. Ms Beck said
you have a nebulizer for kids.

How would
the Youth Welfare Office know that ?

- So do you have one or not ?
- Not that I know of.

Can I have my allowance ?
Then I'll go and buy one.


- No ?
- The cash box is closed for today.

My kid is sick, crying non-stop,
has a temperature and a cough.

Either you help me now
or I'll make your life really hard.

What ? Instead of helping me,
she snitches on me as well ?

- Great. That's just great. Thanks !
- Okay, I'll pass that on.

- You're working in a supermarket ?
- Yes.

Plus raising your son
and going to college ?

I'll manage.
If you help me, I'll manage.

"Residential project
for young mothers."

What do I have to do ?

I meet Senna along the way.

She's also a single mum.

Your family don't give you
a hard time ?

- I only have a hard time with guys.
- Why ?

- I fall in love too easily.
- And where do you meet them ?

In bars, out dancing.
Do you go dancing sometimes ?

- I've never been dancing.
- You've never been dancing ?

That's it ! Great.

Carry on. Left, right !

- Harder !
- Baba's so weak these days.

- What ?
- Baba's so weak.

I know. I talked to him.

He'll be in Turkey more often and
wants us to take care of everything.

- Why can't Mum do it ?
- What ?

Because Mum can't even pay a phone
bill. We're in charge from now on.

Got it ? Now watch out !
Come on. Left, right !

I bring more shame on the family.
Because I go out and dance.


And it doesn't stop at that.

I start to wonder what Allah
finds so bad about my hair.

September 2000


Imagine your child
has become something really bad.

So much space.

So bad that you're thinking
of cutting contact with them.

Imagine your daughter comes
to the breakfast table one morning,

wearing a full veil and an explosive
belt and calls out "Allahu Akbar !"

It's yours. I've sorted it
with the project supervisor. Really.

It really suits you, by the way.

Imagine your daughter
becomes a diehard Nazi.

She may not wear a swastika,
but she's a Nazi at heart.

That's pretty much how my family felt
when I stopped wearing the headscarf.

Me and my hair...
we're terrorism.

Fornication is a sin.

And Islam forbids anything
that could lead us to fornication.

Hang on.

There's evidence as to where and
when who asked whom for advice

about how to punish me for my sins.

And who made the decision.

But all this was dismissed by a German
court in the trial against my brothers

due to lack of evidence.

... will incur the rage of God
and end up in the blazing fire.

A gaze fuels your desires.

An embrace fuels your desires.

A telephone number, a kiss.

You're heading down
the path to fornication.

And it is an evil path.

My "evil path"
is my wish to live my life.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- Did I see you at Q'Dorf ?
- Maybe.

What about it ?

Do you go there often ?

- What if I do ?
- So do I.

My evil path
is allowing myself to be smitten.

But it doesn't turn into love.

- Can't you see what you've done ?
- Oh, Shirin...

Where's your headscarf ?

- You're making it all worse !
- Just shut it, will you !

You've changed.

Please ask Mum and Dad
if we can meet.

With Can.
I don't want to wait six months again.

She's ruining everything.
First, her marriage. Now us. Next Can.

How can we go on like this ?

Everyone's talking about us.

She acts like a German.

Like a whore.

- Any plans this evening ?
- Not yet. Let's see.

- Anyway, have a great evening.
- You too. Bye.

Aynur ?

- Mum...
- We need to talk. This has to stop.

- I can't talk right now.
- It really hurts to see you like this.

Your father is really sad. Everyone is.
Please come home.

Everyone's talking
since you took off your headscarf.

Please wear it again.

Or we'll never hear the end of this.
It will never stop.

- I have to go now.
- Please, Aynur.

- Let's finish up.
- I'm not done yet !

- Let's call it a day, Nuri.
- I'm not done yet, coach !

Stop it now.

Let's call it a day, Nuri.

- Hey, Nuri ! Hi.
- Why are you here ?

To see you.
How are you ?

How's Mum ?

Mum feels like shit.

Why are you doing this ?
How can you raise Can like this ?

- How can you walk round like this ?
- Let's sit down and talk this through.

No !

I want you to come back.
End of story.

- I can't come back.
- Why not ?

I can't.


But we can still meet up
now and then, right ?


Sorry, I took a wrong turn somewhere.
I thought I'd find my friends out there.

- Hello...
- Aynur, you whore. You fucking slut.

Get the fuck out of Berlin.
And stop sleeping around !

Got it ?
If I see you here again...

- Sinan ?
- You dirty whore !

Get the fuck out of this city !
And I'll take your son off you. Got it ?

That kid is ours !
You get out of this city, okay ?

My brothers take it in turns.
Sometimes three times a day.

- Sürücü.
- Mum ?

I'm not talking to you.

- Don't call again.
- Why not ?

- You're my mother.
- Yes.

But if you don't change your ways,
you're not my daughter anymore.

I talk to Shirin in secret.
She tells me about our family.

But she doesn't tell me
how often Tarik goes to the mosque.

She doesn't tell me Nuri goes with him,
hands out flyers at school after 9/11

claiming that Jews
were behind the attacks.

Is it permitted to stone someone
for fornication or adultery ?

Of course not. Of course stoning
is not permitted here in Germany.

But... if this were an Islamic state...

it would be our duty
to enforce the laws of the Quran.

That goes without saying.

I have a question for you.
Please give me an honest answer.

You've done your leaving certificate,
and work experience,

but are you ready for the next step ?

- You really want to be an electrician ?
- Yeah, why not ?

Because it's the loudest,
dirtiest job I know.

I'm learning a trade.

My trade.

No. 4: The woman undermines the
man's role as protector and provider.

By seeking employment, for example.

My community are informed.
They keep an eye on me.

My training supervisor, Bekir, is
Kurdish and a Muslim, just like me.

He doesn't think religion
should be forced on anyone.

He doesn't care where his students
are from, or if one of them is a woman.

There are all sorts of Muslims.

There are my brothers,
and then there are other men.

What you staring at ?

Cool bike.

- Ever been on one ?
- No.

Want a go ?

- Seriously ?
- What's your name ?


Something to do with the moon, right ?

- How do you know that ?
- I was in Turkey on holiday last year.

- What's your name ?
- Tim.

When do you want a ride then ?

They're still hassling you, right ?

It doesn't bother me now.
I don't take it seriously.

- When are you going to the police ?
- They'll stop.

- Aynur, stop being so naive !
- How am I naive ?

Look, you disgraced them.

If they have to choose between
following their traditions

and forgiving their sister,
they won't choose you.

That's for sure.

Say something, Senna.

Think it over.
I've always wanted to go to Cologne.

No. There must be a way for them...
to accept me and Can.

They're my family, even if they're
crazy. I love them. Don't you see ?

When Nuri was three,
he had to hold my hand at night.

Shirin was the same.

You can't just forget all that.
Maybe you can, but I can't.

Tim ?

Who's Tim ?

You smitten ?

No, I'm not smitten.
I love him.

- There's my darling.
- The criminal, you mean ?

No, he's a total sweetheart.

- That was just a bit of fun, okay ?
- I didn't film it anyway.

Where shall we sit ?
That's a nice spot.

Yeah, that looks good.

Which one shall we take ?
You found Mummy's necklaces ?

- Mummy.
- And now they're all tangled up, huh ?

- Are you two hungry ?
- I am. The little guy too, I think.

There's broccoli, chicken and
mashed potato. Want anything else ?

- No.
- A salad maybe ?

No, leave it. That sounds great, right ?
What do you think ?

- Sounds good. Sounds great to us !
- Mummy...

- Mummy...
- Let's set the table for Mummy.

But first a kiss from Mummy.

Here we go, champ.

Get munching on that.

Oh, delicious ! Careful, it's hot.

What do you wish for most ?

I don't know.
Probably what everyone wishes for.

A family.
A career.

- A husband ?
- Let's see...

What about you ?


A family.
Good food.

- And your motorbike.
- And my motorbike.


- Hey, Nuri. Is it true ?
- What ?

- About your sister ?
- What about her ?

- She's got a new bloke. A German.
- Who's spouting that crap ?

My brother told me.

- What did he say then ?
- You want to know then ?

- Hello.
- Hello.

I told him twice, three times,
and the fourth time...

Back in a sec. Sorry.

Hello ?

Who's there ?

Sinan ? Tarik ?

Can't you think of anything new ?

Fuck you !
While Can is sleeping next to you...

You fucking whore, you let your
German guy give you a good fucking

with my nephew lying next to you ?

- You fucking...
- Okay, say hi to everyone.

- Come on, let's go.
- Where ?

To the police.

There's no point.

will you just let it go on like this ?

You'll get used to it,
trust me.

- Sorry, I didn't mean it badly.
- I get it.

I'd better head off.
Got an early start tomorrow.



Hatun. Baba's sitting up front
and wants you to join us.

A daughter must obey her father,
no matter when or where.

Did you understand me ?

Come up to the front, Hatun.

Who do you think you are, slut ?

What is it ? What ? What ?

Yallah, come on !

Look at you. You look like a man !
Like a man !

You little slut.

Yallah, go and sit down.
Sit down.

Sit down, Hatun.

You little cunt.

You whore !

I don't wear a headscarf.
I wear overalls.

I refuse to move seats on the bus
to honour my father.

I detest this honour.

No. 5: The woman abandons
the traditions of her country of origin

and adopts a more western lifestyle.

One Saturday, everything falls apart.

We'd been dancing
and were on our way home.

We just wanted to go home.

They call me a whore.

Aren't you coming up ?

I'm sorry about what happened
just now.

I'm sorry too.
I can't handle it anymore.

What ? Just because a few arseholes
had a go at us on the street ?

Your family is after us.

Your family is everywhere.

And you want to be part of it. It's...

Instead of saying...
I'm done with this.

It's so messed up.

Let's go inside and talk, Tim.

I'm sorry.
But I can't take it anymore.

Your supervisor is worried.
So am I.

Did something happen ?

- Is the therapy helping ?
- I don't need therapy.

My family is the problem.
One day, I love them.

The next, I hate them.
Then I love them again.

- You know ?
- How is Can doing ?

- Want to take Can away from me too ?
- Do you think it's necessary ?

Not if you help me.

I'm going to give you extra lessons.

Tuesdays and Fridays after college,
and you'll pass your exam.

Ms Beck knows.
Deal ?

It takes time.
A lot of time.

But really, really slowly,
I get myself back on my feet.

And I know what you're thinking.
Is she still so stupid ?

Or has she finally wised up and decided
to stay away from her toxic family ?

Can !

I've nearly finished my training.
Then I'll be a qualified electrician.

- Who'll look after Can ?
- I've sorted something out.

- Shirin said he might come and visit.
- Sure. If I can come too.

Mum, how many more years
do we want to waste ?

If we all get on, you see your grandson
and he sees his grandparents.

Your father's in Istanbul a lot.
Tarik has his own family.

- Nuri's the man of the house now.
- Nuri ?

- But he just turned 18.
- But he's good at it.

He looks after your sisters.
Talks to the teachers.

Talk to him.
Then come and visit us, okay ?

Sure, if he makes sure
the insults stop.

Come here !

Up you go.

Okay, let's go !
Right, left... Duck !

Bam ! And again ! Bam !
Right hook.

Left, right, left, right...

Left, right, left.

Hang on.

Okay, left, right...

Left, right, left, right...

- You're walking a fine line, you know ?
- I know.

What do you think I should do ?

It's great you're thinking of Can.
He has to become a good Muslim.

But be careful. Aynur is like poison.
Watch out for our sisters.

"One drop of pee
spoils the whole pail of milk."

But we still can't forget Can, right ?

What shall we do ?

A brother asks: what is a family's duty
when children don't pray

because their mother has lost her faith.

Brother Sabrah bin Mabad al-Juhani

tells us what Allah's messenger
has to say on this.

Teach your child to pray
by the age of seven.

Or they will leave the fold of Islam.

The mother who stops her child praying,
from becoming a good Muslim

is a Kaafir,
who will burn in hell for eternity.

Her child, who does not pray,

who is not rescued by the family before
the age of seven, shares her fate.

We ask Allah to protect us
and the child from this fate.


- You piece of shit.
- What do you want ?

You slut ! Leave my nephew alone.
You don't belong to our family !

You're not my sister anymore.
You disgraceful whore !

If I see you, I'll kill you with
my own hands, you piece of shit !

My word alone is not enough.

They can only intervene
if something's happened to me.

For years, they've insulted you,
hit you, made phone threats.

- And you let Can stay there overnight.
- Can isn't the problem.

- Mum, Shirin, everyone loves him.
- Why do care about that family ?

- I can't leave them behind.
- Why not ?

You don't get it.

I don't get
why you put yourself in danger.

You can just take Can and leave.

Coming to the station with me ?

- You can open a present if you like.
- This is from us. Selma wrapped it.

Hey, come in.

Hey, Nuri.
My brother Nuri.

This is Sebi and Jannick. They're
from college and this is Senna...

Later you'll testify that
that was it:

The moment your soul was wounded
by these unfamiliar men in my flat.

And because my new lifestyle
disgusted you so much,

you decided right then, all by yourself,
that I had to die.

That's what you told the court.

You know perfectly well it's bullshit.

To this day,
no one knows who you listened to.

Who advised you.

Who spoke to whom, and when.

No one can prove that
everyone was in it from the start.

Who knew what and when ?

Who met up and when ?

To save the honour of the Sürücüs.

The ancient rules say: the youngest
must perform the purifying act.

You passed your practical,
but not your theory.

But you can take it again.

- I don't know if I can handle it.
- If you can handle it ?

You've handled more than anyone
I know. You can do it.

Just get studying, okay ?

Happy birthday to you...

Thank you.

I make the decision
just before my 23rd birthday.

We're leaving Berlin.

A friend of Senna's
has got me a job in Freiburg.

I can start right after my exam.

Happy birthday, dear Aynur...

- All the best, my love.
- Thanks.

My favourite song's on it.

I have exactly three weeks left.

This is Evin. She's 18 and is in
Shirin's grade. And that's her song.

She's from a Muslim family.
But it's not like mine.

I have something in the office
for you.

Evin's mother, Dilber.
She owns a cleaning company.

Hi, Mum, I can't come by today.

- You were going to help out.
- I know.

But Shirin wants to help me with maths.
We have a test next week.

Okay, you do that then.
But be home for dinner, okay ?

- Yes, Mum.
- Ciao.

Dilber's daughter is everything to her.
Evin has never worn a headscarf.

I have a surprise for you.

- Really ? Cool. I can't wait !
- But let's eat first.

Shirin wants Evin to meet
her brother.

Evin makes the grade and
is set to become part of the family.

But Evin must find her faith first.

- I don't really get it.
- Look.

- Your hair symbolises your femininity.
- What doesn't Allah like about that ?

Allah likes you a lot. But not if
your beauty turns men's heads.

That's why the Prophet says: "Wear
a headscarf and protect your honour."

Nuri really likes you.

Oh, Evin. It really suits you.

- Very nice.
- Allah will reward you for this.

Yes, he will.

And just like that,
they have Evin in the bag.

There's just one hitch:
her family's Islam

and my family's Islam
are worlds apart.

- Take it off now. No buts !
- Mum, I'm 18. I can decide for myself.

- Did you ? Or did someone else ?
- I did.

I don't recognise you since
you made friends with that Shirin.

- You run after her. What's wrong ?
- I'm just fine.

What do you mean ?

Where's your headscarf
to please Allah ?

Evin is introduced to her new role.

This is where the versions
of the story start to differ.

Did Nuri tell Evin
he wanted to kill me ?

We still don't know.
But the judges are sure

that Nuri Sürücü viewed his
new girlfriend Evin as a true Muslim,

as a kind of positive opposite
of his sister.

He pressured her to marry him
after being together a week.

Nuri claims that Evin agreed.
Evin says none of it is true.

Stop, I have a surprise for you.
Close your eyes.

Come on.

Careful now.

Stop there. Open your eyes.
What do you see ?


Who shot those holes ?

She said she didn't take Nuri seriously
when he showed her his practice shots.

Have a guess.
Have a guess !

During the trial, Evin will say,
"Nuri told me Tarik gave him the gun."

The judges say there is
a lack of evidence, but I believe you.

I believe that you didn't realise
how serious it all was.

You were blind, like me.

Because you never imagined
what would happen the next evening.

Don't you dare come home,
especially when I'm not there !

Calm down, Nuri.
I just wanted to see Mum.

I don't fucking care !
You don't belong to our family !

- You get to decide that, huh ?
- If you behave like you fucking do !

- Because I'm screwing around ?
- Yeah, you fuck anyone !

- You can't tell me how to behave !
- Yes, I can ! And I will !

You won't tell me how to behave !

I'll talk, laugh and screw
whenever and with whoever I like !

I make my own decisions.
Did you get that ?

No. 6: The woman is engaging
in an extra-marital relationship

or one not approved by her parents.
Suspicion of a relationship is enough.


Walk me to the bus stop ?


The procedure is strict.

The family saviour must face
its dishonour

before asking a question
unchanged for a 1,000 years...

Do you repent your sins ?

Then the saviour
erases the face of dishonour.

In this instant
my family regains its "face".

The thing they call "honour".

That's me. I would have passed
my theory exam 23 days later.

But I don't care about that.
What I care about is Can.


The madness carries on the next day.
Later Evin will testify in court.

But my brothers will claim
it's all lies.

I believe her.
The judges don't.

Look, a present from Baba.

Did you do it, Nuri ?

Nuri felt it was the right thing to do.

Look at them all.
All non-believers.

It's not a sin to kill them.

Evin realises that no one
in my family is mourning.

- Hello.
- Mum ?

- Yes...
- I can't come by today.

I don't get it.
You promised to help me.

- Shirin's sister died.
- Was she sick ?

- Someone shot her.
- Shot ?

Evin, Tarik wants a word.

Evin ? Evin ?

Come on.

The police will ask
when you met Nuri.

Say you've been engaged
for two years and will marry soon.

And that you were together yesterday.
The whole day. Got it ?

You have to stick by Nuri.

You're family now.

I'll be right there.

Evin's mum says she knew it right
away. She could see it in his eyes.

Don't tell me he's your new boyfriend.

Stop. Talk to me.

- Leave me alone !
- Evin ! Evin !


The police question Nuri.
Evin stays silent.

She can't move. Or eat.
She is sick with fear.

She loses her voice.

Nuri sends her messages.
Up to 50 a day.

He's sure she'll play her role
when the police arrive.

Evin has lied to the officers for
eight hours. As Nuri's false alibi.

Detective Heckner.
It's about your daughter.

- What about my daughter ?
- Hasn't she told you yet ?

- No, why ?
- She's down at the station.

What station ?

Can you confirm that Evin
is engaged to Nuri Sürücü ?

No, she's not !

- She's lying. For that Nuri !
- What do you mean ?

- Why do you say that ?
- Where is she ? I want to speak to her.

Hang on a minute.

Now tell me what's happened.

Why not ?

- I don't want to drag you into it.
- Drag me into it ? I'm your mother.

- I'm dead, Mum.
- You're not dead.

You're not dead.
Did he do it ?

Did Nuri do it ? Did his family do it
and they want you to protect them ?

Were you involved ?

- No.
- Then you have to give a statement.

I'll be by your side, no matter what.
I'll never leave you alone.

But you have to stop lying.

Thanks to Dilber,
Evin withdraws her old statement.

A short while later, Evin is at a loss
to explain how things got this far.

They have yet to realize
they'll have to give up everything:

Their lives. Their home.
Their identity.

And enter
a witness protection programme.

My three brothers are on trial.

All of the other family members
appear as their witnesses

or refuse to give evidence,
with one exception...

Shirin, the little snake.
She is a joint plaintiff in my name,

giving her access to the files and
information for my brothers' lawyers.

Evin stays strong.
She repeats her statement.

When I got on the underground
later on,

I noticed that something was up.
The way Nuri was looking at me.

The brothers were in on it too.

One got Nuri the gun,
the other kept watch...

You're lying, you slut !

Silence !

The judges believe Nuri's confession.
They believe he acted alone.

He's sentenced as a young offender.

The other two are acquitted:
lack of evidence.

It can't be proven
that Tarik got Nuri the gun,

nor can it be established that Sinan
kept watch when Nuri shot me.

My sister is thanking my brothers'
defence lawyer for the acquittals.

For doing an awesome job.

Nine years later, my brother wears
his gold watch as he leaves prison.

In 2007, the Federal Court of Justice
wanted to reopen the case.

But it's too late.
My brothers have fled to Istanbul.

Our father has long since
died of cancer.

In 2017, a Turkish court acquits them
due to lack of evidence.

You're sitting there, wondering:
Is there any good news ?

Yes. My family lose the most
important battle: against Evin.

Against her mother Dilber.

Against Ms Beck.
That's not her real name,

nor was she a single person.

Against Senna
and my other close friends,

who haven't been named here.

You know who you are.

Your statements stop my mother
and Shirin getting custody of Can.

My son doesn't become a Sürücü.

My son is growing up in a family
who will take care of him.

You're my final thought.
Can, my son.

I love you.