A Night to Remember (1962) - full transcript

Seventeen years after the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, a newspaper reporter looks for the bomb's effects, but everyone seems to have forgotten.

This movie participated in
the 1962 Arts Festival


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I'll be going off before you.

Oh, you're up very early.

You're early as well.


Because we're already
in Hiroshima.

Are you getting off?
Thanks for last night.

Not at all, it was just a beer.

That's right.
Where was your bar again?

I gave you my business card,
didn't I?

You're right.

If you go to Hakata,
please come see me.

Shall we see who's a better
drinker in Nakasu, then?

- I won't lose next time.
- All right.

See you!

Oh, your view from the
back is very nice.

You're so silly!

See you!

Excuse me...

Hiroshima, Hiroshima,

Take me to the
New Hiroshima Hotel.


Produced by:
Masaichi Nagata

Planning: Harunao Kawasaki
Original Story: Yoko Mizuki

Kosei Shirai, Tokuhei Wakao

Cinematography: Joji Ohara
Art Direction: Shigeo Mano

Music: Ikuma Dan


Ayako Wakao

Jiro Tamiya
Keizo Kawasaki

Kyoko Enami, Yuko Miki
Rieko Kado

Nobuo Nakamura, Tetsuo Hasegawa
Kenji Oyama, Yusaku Terashima

Kazuko Wakamatsu, Fumiko Murata
Noriko Hodaka

Kazuo Sumida, Akira Yokoyama
Nobu Sanka, Takashi Nakamura

Kunihiko Nakagawa, Shinji Kawashima
Kanji Matsumoto, Michio Akazawa

Mitsuko Tanaka

Directed by:
Kozaburo Yoshimura

- Welcome.
- Hi.

- Welcome.
- I'm Kamiya from the Weekly Journal.

Your room is ready.

Please, fill in this form.


The dining room will
open in 10 minutes.

All right.

Hello? Huh? Can you pass me to
Chugoku TV? Oh, thank you.

Oh, it's you,
I've just arrived.

I hear you called me earlier.
Isn't it too early for you?

No, I've been working all night.

All thanks to someone's
useless invention.

By the way, what is it this time?

Don't tell me you're covering
the atomic bombing now?

You really came here for that?

Huh? Well, more or less...

The Atomic Bomb Memorial Day
is held once a year,

and today is the 17th
anniversary of the atomic bomb.

That subject has already
been drained out.

It looks to me like the Weekly Journal
is having trouble finding stories.

I guess you have to do it,

Grassroots Association?
Yes, I can get it.

Hey, let's have a drink together
after a long time.

Yes, I'll contact you later.

Yeah, yeah.
See you.

17 years since the atomic
bomb was dropped, huh?

Okay, let's make it quick.

Hiroshima Peace
Memorial Museum

Please, rest in peace, for the
error shall not be repeated.

- Please, come in.
- Yeah.

- There are only a few visitors...
- It's just breakfast time.

However, many visitors come every year
for the anniversary of the atomic bombing.

What about the Hiroshima locals?

They don't seem to come.

- Because they don't want to remember?
- Well, I have no idea about that.

Otoshidama Hiroshima Atomic
Bomb Memorial Hospital

The number of hospitalized patients at
this hospital from January to today is 117.

13 of them had leukemia,
18 had liver damage,

9 patients had cataracts.

12 had surgical disease,
8 had hypertension.

And 12 other conditions.

How about any postwar
unique conditions

that could possibly be blending
in with other diseases?

Well, nothing that I can tell so far,
but you never know what the future holds.

A partial conclusion regarding
radiation effects

on genetics has already
been published.

In other words, genetics
are affected, right?

That's right.

However, clinical medicine doesn't
have enough human cases to prove it.

- So, that means...
- Well...

Issues with the atomic bomb sickness
can be seen as a political problem.

Oh, right.
Regarding genetics...

It's professor Asahina's university group
that's doing the research on that.

Here's the report he made.

I see...
Can you introduce him to me?

I’ll call him.
Why don't you see him tomorrow?

I will.

- Do you want to see the hospital rooms?
- Yes, please.

Sorry for this intrusion.
Please, come in.

Excuse us.

Can I take a photo of you?

Go ahead.

How do you feel?

It's hot...

You got tanned, and you look fine.

I was in Tottori for practical
training until yesterday.

It was a good time.

Bang! Bang!
I shot live bullets like this.

- Really now?
- We have a visit.

Please, come in.

The Japanese Army
sure has changed.

They used men as human
bullets back then.

It's not the Army anymore,
it's the Self-Defense Force.

It's the same thing.

You eat a lot, dad.
You'll be fine.

Atomic Bomb Victims Club
Grassroots Association

That's right.

There used to be
500.000 members.

You guys used to meet every month.
Why is that?

We used to gather and talk in hope
to ease our common suffering.

But I guess we don't need
to do that anymore.

Then, are the traces or the effects
of the A-bomb completely gone now?

I wouldn't say completely
gone, but who knows?

Excuse me, but can I see your
member list, if you don't mind?

Excuse me, but is
Fusako Tamura's home here?

I'm Fusako.


Well, let me introduce myself.

I heard about you at the
Grassroots Association.

Oh, you want to ask me about the atomic
bomb? Come in, please, enter.

- Come in.
- Thank you.

Please, enter.

It's hot.
Please, take off your jacket.

- You don't have to bother.
- It's okay.

When did you visit him?

This morning.

- It's hot here in Hiroshima, right?
- Indeed.

Here, this is me.

Here, over here!

At that time, I was ashamed of it,

and I hated having my picture taken,
so they had me fooled with candy.

And you don't mind it now?

No matter how much I hate it,
it's not like this will go away, right?

Oh, that's right.

This is a photo I took at a round table
meeting of survivors the year before last.

And the next one here...

That's enough.

Well, there's one thing
I'd like to ask you.

What is it?

This might be rude...

You can ask me anything you like.

Actually, I wanted to ask
you about your scar.

How can I put this?
About your happiness and sorrows...

Every newspaper reporter
seems to ask about that.

I guess so.

You see, I'm aware that it'd be
better if I didn't have it,

but it can't be helped.

Sometimes, even healthy people die
in car accidents. That's what I think.

I see...

- Please, enjoy your tea.
- Thank you so much.

- Shall I go outside for the photo?
- You don't have to bother.

It's really hot today...


- Sorry to have kept you waiting.
- Thanks.

An American newspaper
recently published an article

how Hiroshima turned the atomic
bomb into a selling point.

Well, from an
American's viewpoint,

me doing business here like this
might be an example of that,

but that's not why I'm doing this.

There are people in this world unaware
of the horror of the A-bomb.

Well, I think some know, but have
forgotten. And that's bad.

I believe that helping them understand
the horror of the atomic bomb

it's the survivors' own duty.

And for that purpose, I'd gladly show
my keloid scar back to anyone.

Just look at that!

Its state after 17 long years of
enduring rain and wind,

the damaged bare structure
of that A-Bomb Dome.

If seeing the keloids
on my body

makes people acknowledge to never again
drop an atomic bomb upon mankind,

I'll be fine.

- Do you understand what I said?
- Yes.

I understand very well.

I want to forget about
the atomic bomb.

But you...
Excuse me.

Look at these aftereffects on you.

It's just a little.

I see...

That means that
you don't care?

I’m still young, so I’m enjoying my life now.
It doesn't bother me.

Do you enjoy life?

Yes, a lot!

So, do you want to get married?

Why do you ask?

For example, what if you love anyone?

- I have a boyfriend.
- Michi, what are you doing?

Are you coming or not?

Hey, uncle, did you finish
talking to her?

Well, I...

I may marry him next month.

Someone was sitting at the entrance
when the atomic bomb was dropped.

Only their shadow was left behind on the
surface due to the high heat exposure.

The surface of the houses around here
melted with heat of over 5.000 degrees.

This is 280 meters off
the explosion center.

Now, it's barely visible.

Hey, Kamiya!

I'm here.


- I sent a ticket for you.
- Thank you!

Hey, you fool!
Don't be standing up!

I'm very sorry...

Hey! Hit the ball harder!

Yeah, hit the ball harder!

- Did you finish your article?
- No.

What about the
Grassroots Association?

I went today, but I didn't get much.

- So rusty...
- Huh?

Not you, but that batter.

What are you doing?
Just hit it!

Damn it... It's an out?

She is a talent from our troupe
and her name is...

I'm Yoshiko Tada.
You can call me Yoshibo.

But I can't believe
Hiroshima nowadays...

Yoshibo, do you know
about the atomic bomb?

I have no clue.
I wasn't born then.

See? The children who do not know about
the atomic bomb are growing up.

I mean, what would even be the point
of opening up those old wounds?

I get what you're trying to say.

As long as everything is fine...

- There are so many bars here...
- Huh?

There are many branches of various
companies in Hiroshima.

You mean?

The more companies, the more bars.


Right, how about we go here?


- Welcome.
- Welcome.

- You're coming from the stadium?
- Bingo.

I hear they were in
good shape today.

Yeah, the Toyo Carps are so odd, they
suddenly play good when it's on home ground.


They hit really well.

Oh, you seem to have gotten
prettier since I last saw you.

Thank you very much.

- You got yourself a boyfriend, right?
- Bingo! Can you tell that?

Of course I can. Love makes a
woman beautiful. Right, Yoshibo?

If you want to be beautiful,
you should fall in love.

But there's no one to love
me, unfortunately.

How about me?

- No way!
- Why not?

Because, you see...

This girl!

What would you like to drink?

Just give us some beers
for now. Beer, right?

Do you like the night life
in Hiroshima?

Huh? Yeah...

- Why don't you change seats?
- Huh?

Let's change.

Hey, she's the manager here.


What? You know him?

Yeah, I met him today.

Is that doctor a
regular customer?

No, he's a new face, I bet.

Since he's so eager to
see the manager.

Look who's talking.
Aren't you exactly the same?

- Hey, go call the manager.
- Okay.

- Hey, Kimi.
- Yes.


- The manager is so beautiful...
- What?

As far as I know, she is the most
beautiful woman in Hiroshima.

You always exaggerate.

I'm telling you the truth!
Look, there's only ugly women around.

Pardon my words.

You also drink with us.
Have a seat.

All right, let's have a toast!

A toast for our distant visitor here.
Thanks for coming.

- Thanks.
- Cheers!


Oh my, it's been a while
since you last visited.

Yeah... This guy's a reporter
for the Weekly Journal, Kamiya.

- He is my classmate from college.
- Is that so? Nice to meet you.

Please, have a seat.

Oh, you should also
have a drink, manager.

- Thank you very much.
- Oh, it's empty.

Bring me a glass.

Kikuta, won't you introduce
me to her?

Why don't you introduce yourself?
There's no need for me to do that.

You're mean!
I'll never ask you again.

I'm Yoshiko Tada.

You're from the theater group, right?

Oh, you know about me?

I saw you on TV.

Wow, I'm glad.

See, Kikuta, I'm also someone
not to be trifled with.

Okay, okay, it was my bad.

- I'll be leaving now.
- Oh, goodbye.

Ah! Doctor!
Excuse me...

They seem oddly close.

No need to get jealous.

It's not that.
I'm only speculating.

I'm sorry about that.

Sounds like you two had a
deep conversation.

Don't get us wrong.


- You can come here.
- Okay, excuse me.

- So, I heard you came from Tokyo.
- Yes.

- I arrived this morning.
- Do you come here often?

This is my first time.

- Thank you.
- Thank you very much.

- Bye, bye!
- Come again.

Isn't it boring here?

I just got here, so I don't know yet.

This guy here, you see,

he thinks that there's new traces
of the atomic bomb after 17 years,

so he's here to find that.

Is that so?

I keep telling him that, other than
the museum display cases,

the old people dying in the hospital,
and the Dome, there's nothing else...

Enough of that subject.
Let's keep work and alcohol separate.

- Right, manager?
- That's right.

Beer is not alcohol!

- I'll have a whiskey, on the rock.
- A High Ball for me.

And a Gin Fizz for me!

Oh my, Mr. Kaneko, you're so drunk!
Where have you been?

I'm all right.
Where's the manager?


- This is a present from my heart.
- What's gotten you so merry?

- Please, accept it.
- My hands are busy right now.

Come on, just take it!

Oh my, what shall I do now?

This is a disaster.

What's wrong with you?

- I'm sorry. Excuse me.
- Let's go.

He can't really be helped.

Pass me the towel.

Clean here.

Forgive me about this.

It's okay, I'm all right.

This guy's a pain in the ass
when he gets drunk. We're sorry.

Hey, manager, hey!

Can't you see I'm busy here?

- I'm so sorry about this.
- Manager!

- What do you want?
- Come here just for a bit.

What's wrong?

Let's go out tonight.

- I can't, I'm busy.
- Don't be like this to me, manager!

What's with his attitude?

Who's that guy?

Apparently, he's a journalist for
a trade journal or something.

He's also one of her pursuers.

But he's so young!

He looks like a gigolo to me.

- What's a "gigolo"?
- Don't ask me that.

Kids shouldn't know these terms.

- Shall we leave now?
- All right.

Let's go home, then.

We don't need that anymore.

- Are you leaving already?
- You can take that.

- Manager, they are leaving!
- Really now?

- Thank you very much.
- I'm so sorry about earlier.

Put that on my tab.

- Come back again.
- I'm so sorry about it.

I hope you didn't get upset.

But I did.

Will you visit us again?

Yes, I will next time.

We'll look forward to it.

- Thank you for your visit.
- Thank you.

See you!


Take me to ABCC in Hijiyama.

ABCC, the Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission,
does not provide any treatment.

It's an American defense

that monitors the victims
on a long-term basis.

They are studying the atomic
bomb effects on civilians,

and are conducting a genetic
research on radioactivity.

So, the ABCC doesn't
provide treatment, huh?

Oh, such good timing,
let's take that taxi.

Oh my!


Oh, it's you.

- Thanks for last night.
- Likewise.

I'll leave first, then.

All right, see you.

If you excuse me, then.

Take me to the station.


- Are you all right?
- Huh? Yes...

Were you at ABCC as well?

Uh... No, I'm here on business,
I had to collect some money.

I see...

The landscape here is wonderful!


Hiroshima sure has changed.

I couldn't agree more.

- Oh, did you finish your work?
- No.

It's kind of hard...
But thanks.

I would guess so.

Did you find anything?

Well, as far as I saw, the Atomic
Bomb Museum and the Dome

have no traces left of the A-bomb.

17 years have already
passed since then.

Were you in Hiroshima at that time?

No, why are you asking me that?

Well, no reason in particular.

Around what area would
Kusunoki-cho be?

I think it's on the north
side of the castle.

I've just heard that someone gave birth
to a baby with six fingers on one hand.

So, I came here at the ABCC
to investigate this.

What are you going to do
when you find that baby?

Since I'm a journalist,

I have to make sure with my own eyes
in order to draw a conclusion.

How cruel.

It comes with the work.

And what are you hoping
to get out of it?

It's a journalist's job to report new
medical conditions after 17 years.

If you'll excuse me, I have to make a visit somewhere, goodbye.

But, I...

Excuse me.
May I ask you something?

I'm looking for Miss Yamada
around here.

- Miss Yamada?
- Yes.

That Miss Yamada, you know?

Ah, that one.
She moved a while ago.

Do you know where?

I have no idea.
Do you know, Madam?

Well, let's see... Kuniko Yamada got
divorced from Yuji Yamada.

- Divorced, you say?
- Yes.

Her name is back to
Kuniko Seto currently.

Toyo Kogyo Co., Ltd.

- Kuniko Seto?
- Yes.

Oh, I know her.

She worked here for only two months.
I wonder why she quit?

Sugata might know about
her whereabouts.

Since they seemed
to get along well.

Can I see her?

Today is her day off.

Didn't she say she was
going to the beach?

- Come on!
- Wait for me!

Hey, what happened to my curry?
Hurry up and bring it.

Did you say something?

I asked what happened with my curry?

Oh, your curry?
It's being made right now.

How long is it going to take?
Stop watching the TV and go check on it.

Hey, is the curry ready?
The customer is angry.

- There are no customers here.
- Yes.

- Saturday is always like this.
- I see.

Are you alone tonight?


The manager was here just before.

She already left?

She had something to do.
Too bad for you!

Where did she go?

I wonder where she went.
Do you know anything?

I don't.

I was thinking of going back
home tomorrow night.

Oh my!

- Is this bar closed on Sundays?
- It is.

Can't you extend your
stay by one day?

I'm afraid I can't.

Well, never mind.
Give her my regards.

To whom? Oh, to the manager.

Oh my, so that's how it is.
Really, I didn't expect that.

It's nothing like that.

Hi, this is from Aki.
Yes, I'll pass to him right away.

It's your friend Kikuta.

- Today is Saturday, right?
- Yes.

She always disappears
every Saturday.


She doesn't say where and
who she's going with,

and the people at the bar
don't seem to know either.

My guess is that she's
with that guy.

What guy?

You know, the punk who spilled
drinks on you, that trade journal guy.

Oh, that kept man?
No way!

But I wonder how old is she?

Why do you ask?

Huh? No reason...
Could she be married?

I have no idea.
She said she wasn't married.

Why do you ask?
Let's drink a lot tonight!

Are you disappointed because
you didn't get a girl?

It's not that at all. I am very tired
from walking around all day today.

That's what this is for?
Drink up and cheer up!

- Sorry for being late.
- Please, have a seat.

By the way, don't you work today?

- I'm going to work late today.
- I see.

Did you end up finding the
baby with six fingers?

About that, I just couldn't
find the mother.

Luck's just not on my side this time.

Don't be so disappointed. I mean,
finding such a thing now is impossible.

If you still think there's an
unknown affliction in Hiroshima,

don't you think that could
be a you problem?

I guess...

Since we came all the way here,
why don't we go to Miyajima tomorrow?

I can go along with you.

Oh, that's right.

What's wrong with you?
Come on!

- Cheer up, will you?
- Yes...

Yes, connect me with Tokyo.

The editorial department.

This is Kamiya.
Can I speak with the copy editor?

It's Kamiya, how do you do?

I have covered a lot of ground, but I can't
do this project, so can we cancel it?

What? Yes. What I mean is...
I know. I know that, but...

There are no traces left of the atomic bomb
in Hiroshima today, it's an exhausted topic.

Yes, it seems like an
obsolete subject.

Yes, yes, I get it.

Okay, then, sorry about that.
I'll go back on tomorrow’s train.

Yes, thank you for everything.

Hello? Hello?

Hey, you!

Hello? There's something weird in my room.
An unknown woman is sleeping in my bed.

Yes, please come right away.


Excuse me.

I took a shower and she
was sleeping there.

- It seems the door was unlocked.
- I'm sorry about this.

Excuse me, miss.

Hello? Miss...


Her room number is 317.
She entered in the wrong room.

- I'll go get her companion.
- Please, do.

This is the room.

What a troublesome girl...

Do you think this is all right?
Hey, give me a hand.

Damn it...

- Have a good night.
- Hey, you.

- A tip for you.
- Thank you very much.

- What?
- Let me clean your bed, please.

- Don't worry about it.
- Have a good night, then.

Hello? Oh, it's you.

That baby is apparently in Akitsu.

What? Akitsu?

Yes, that's right. I've never been there.
The town is famous for its sake.

Someone from there heard
about such rumors.

What? You looked too disappointed,
so I asked around.

Yes, there's no mistake.
I'm sure about it.

Well, you see, the baby died.

- It passed away?
- Yes.

It's been about a year since it died
from pneumonia complications.

Excuse me, I was wondering
how is the mother doing?

I want to see Kuniko, if possible.

- Why do you want to see her?
- I want to talk to her.

- Where is she?
- What will you ask her?

No, I promise I won't give you trouble.

Hey! I won't let you
see my daughter!

I don't care who you are.
Just leave. Go away!

You're sick.
Stay in bed, okay?

You shut up!

You lot always show up trying
to poke around the baby.

That was not my intention.

Then, why did you come here?
What do you expect to achieve?

- Don't give Kuniko trouble anymore!
- Let's go inside...

- Leave!
- You're sick, stay in bed.

- Go away!
- Come on, darling...

I'm very sorry. I know you must
have come a long way,

but, please, leave.
See, what did I tell you?

- Thank you.
- It's nothing...

What are you doing in this place?

I wasted my time.

- What do you mean?
- Never mind.

You're a strange person.

You stayed here last night?

Isn't that the same case for you, too?
But why are you also here?

- I came here to find that baby.
- Oh, that.

But it's already dead...
and everything is now over.

So, that's what happened.
Are you going somewhere now?

If not, care to accompany me?

- You jest, someone will get upset if I do.
- Then, you can leave by yourself.

Where are we going?

To the place where I'm staying.

- But I'll be bothering you.
- No, not at all.

That's strange...

What is?

Because, you see...

Oh, no, I think you
misunderstood me.

I'm just asking if you
can come with me.

This is it.
Please, come in.

Tomine, Mitsutomi, Tsuruko

Come in.

Come, you may enter.

You can take off your
coat in this heat.

- Your tie as well.
- Sure.

Might as well do the same
with your white shirt.

But... that...

You don't have to worry about it.

Then, if you don't mind...

Oh my, you're awfully sweaty.

Oh, right.

You smoke "Peace", right?

Thank you very much.

I'm sorry about that.

The owner here is my childhood friend,
so I come to this place every weekend.

- Really?
- Here you go.


Why are you hiding this when
it only spawns weird rumors?

Rumors will still spread
even if I tell people.

And explaining myself to every single
person that asks would also be a pain.


Please, excuse my appearance.

It's okay.
It's summer, after all.

- Make yourself at home.
- She's the owner.

- I see.
- Thanks for coming.

This is Mr. Kamiya.

I met you at Hijiyama
yesterday, right?

You haven't had lunch yet?
Shall I order sushi?

Why don't we do that?

Then, I shall enjoy the treat.

All right, then.
Please, make yourself at home.

These won't do, could you bring us
the bigger cold wet towels?

- You're right, those would be better.
- You don't have to.

Here you go.

Why was she there?

Oh, at the ABCC?

- Is she an atomic bomb survivor?
- Yes, but it's nothing serious.

I see, so she's your childhood friend...

- Then, during the atomic bombing, you...
- Mr. Kamiya, you must be tired.

You should lie down a bit.
I'll bring you a pillow.

You really don't have to worry...

There's no need to hesitate,
that doesn't suit you.


You are a journalist, right?

Even if I'm a journalist...
I still get embarrassed.

No way.
Here you go.

I'm at a loss here...

- Come now, lay down.
- Well, if you don't mind...

- It feels good.
- See?

Oh my, you're so sweaty...

My, oh my,
shall I prepare the bed?

Oh, it's nothing like that.

- Please, make yourself at home.
- Please, order sushi quickly.

- I'm getting hungry.
- Sure, sure.

I will order it right away.

I look like a sick person.

I guess your only sickness
is curiosity.

Wow, that's cold.


I have no idea what kind
of person you are.

Same here.

I want to know more about you.

What your life was like in the past,
or how's it like in the present?

Because you are a journalist?

Please, don't misunderstand me.
It's not because of that.

I really want to know.

I think we're good like this. It's better if we
don't know much about each other.

I'm happy as we are now.

That's not enough to
make me happy.

- You are greedy.
- That's right.

Maybe I am.

But I don't want to leave
here without knowing.

I delayed my return to Tokyo for one day,
but tomorrow I really have to go back.

It's a shame now that
we became so close.

That's why...


I want...

Once you return to Tokyo to work,
will you forget all about me?

Why are you saying this, Miss Akiko?

Don't do it...
You can't do this...

Is something wrong?

What's wrong, Miss Akiko?

It must be anemia.
Shall I get you some medicine?

What? No, there's no need for that.

I'm all right now.

Let me apologize.

That's right, you were bullying me.

Ah, I'm glad you're okay.
I was worried for a second.

Oh, Mr. Driver, you can stop here.

In front of the hotel.

- I'll accompany you.
- No, there's no need.

Take care of yourself.

- Have a good night.
- Good night.

Welcome back!

- We got you a Asakaze ticket for tomorrow.
- Really?

Thank you very much.

Have a good night!

Hey, you, can I reserve a ticket for the
train at 9 o'clock tomorrow night?

- Oh, for the Asakaze train?
- Yes.

Well, I think it's too late...

- I'm in trouble!
- Excuse me, sir.

You can have mine,
if you don't mind.

- What? Really?
- Really.

- You don't need it anymore?
- It's fine!

I am saved!


- Manager, I'm going now.
- All right.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

- Good morning!
- Good morning!


Oh, you're here.

You're being so cold to me.

What do you want?


I borrowed money from a
friend, but I spent it all.

I'm always in trouble.
Please, help me, manager!

You're hopeless.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

- We're going out for dinner.
- See you later!

All right, how much do
you need this time?

50.000 yen would be even better.

Good morning!
Sorry I'm late.

Good morning!

Thank you very much.
Let's have a drink together tonight.

I can't, I'm busy tonight.

- Come on, manager!
- What do you want now?

I'll see you later.

- Good morning!
- Good morning!

- Goodbye!
- Come back next time!

- Goodbye!
- See you!

Oh, long time no see!

- Is the manager here?
- Yes, please, come in!

- Welcome.
- Hi.

- Welcome!
- Welcome!

- You can sit here.
- Okay.

Give me a moment, please.

- You haven't left?
- Well, no.

- Are you feeling better?
- Yes.

Why didn't you go back to Tokyo?

I tried to come up with various excuses
for staying, but I couldn't find any.

Say, can we go somewhere else?

It's okay if it's after work.

Excuse me for a moment.

- Welcome!
- Oh, welcome, you took your time!

- I am late.
- Give me a beer!


Where's Kaneko?

- He's over there.
- Thank you very much.

- Say, were you waiting for me?
- Yeah...

Give me a minute.

Do you want another glass?

- Refill for table two.
- Sure.

- Kaneko, come with me.
- Huh?

What's wrong?

You borrowed money from
that woman?


You're saying that woman
lent you money?

That's right.

Stop lying!

But I'm not lying.

Don't take me for a fool!

Why do you have such a
hard time trusting me?

- Hey...
- Enough!

- Thank you.
- Give me a glass of water.

What's wrong?
What were you two doing?

- You better go home.
- All right, I'll be waiting for you.

See you! Bye, bye!

Why are you so upset, manager?

You don't have to worry about her.

You weren't giving me any attention,
so I ended up playing with her a little.

You never have time for me.
You're always busy working.

That's why I was feeling lonely.

- Hey, manager.
- What are you talking about?

I just took pity on you because
you don't have parents, but you...

- That's why I...
- I won't fall for it.

Just leave already.

What do you want?

Let us have some privacy!
Go away!

You're not the only customer here.
Aren't you being too demanding?


Don't act like a customer
after two mere days.

You think you're a lady-killer?
Don't act so smug!

Smug? Who's the smug one here?

Mr. Kamiya...
Please, stop.

No. I won't let this guy
make light of me.

What's wrong, Kaneko?

What seems to be the matter?

Who are you?

- Please, stop, you just go home.
- Just go home?

- Why the hell should we leave?
- Who are you guys?

What do you want?
You should mind your mouth!

- Mr. Kamiya...
- We won't let you pick on our friend.

That does it!

- Hey, let's go outside.
- It'll be our pleasure.

- Right?
- Yeah.

Let's stop this...

- What are you doing, Kaneko?
- Let's stop here.

- Let's go. Let's go.
- Don't act so high-and-mighty.

- Never mind this.
- Are you hurt?

No, I'm all right.

You are disturbing my business.

- We're just drinking.
- That's what he said.

- We're sorry!
- You boys are helpless.

I'm so sorry about this ruckus!

- Did something serious happen?
- It was nothing.

Please, enjoy your stay!

Where's Mr. Kamiya?

- Mr. Kamiya just left.
- Is that so?

- Oh, welcome.
- Welcome!

- Welcome back.
- Thanks.

- Welcome back.
- Thank you.

Mr. Kamiya!

Have you come for business here?

No, I came for you.

Thank you for coming all this way.

Where have you been?
I was waiting here for a while.

You see, I went for some drinks
around that area.

I came to apologize.

You don't have to.
It was nothing.

Shall we take a walk outside?
Let me change clothes.

Who in the world is that man?
What's his relationship with you?

It's nothing special...

I have seen him and a woman
stay together in a hotel.

I happened to see it
by coincidence.

He's a playboy.

I have nothing to do with him now.

What do you mean?

Lots of things happen in
this line of business.

I only took pity on him
because he was all alone.

But he just took advantage of me.

So, you two...?

We were both drunk so I didn't realize
it, otherwise I wouldn't have done it.

You must have been lonely.

I'd say so.

Lonely enough for such a man
to take advantage of you.

Now, I understand.

Miss Akiko?

Despite your job, you're
a pure-hearted person.

I see that now.

I think I understand what
kind of person you are.

You really are a lonely person.

I want to do anything within
my power for you.

If there's anything I could do,
I'd really love to...

Just a moment...

What's wrong?

Put your hand out, please.

What's this?

Clench your fists.

What are these?

These stones hide at the bottom
of the river during high tide.

And they show themselves
at low tide.

During that time,
the water was ebbed like this.

This is from the atomic bomb?


There are plenty of stones
like these in Hiroshima.

These are the stones of Hiroshima.

Why did you give these stones to me?

Please, make yourself at home.

If you need me during the night,
please ring the bell over there.

It's quiet here, so we can talk.

Why are you so interested in me?


Because I like you. There's no
other reason aside from that.

Have a seat.
Do you want to drink?

Are you suspecting
my intentions?

I guess it can't be helped,
considering my job.

You think that all men
are the same, right?

Not at all.

Not at all?
What does that mean?

I... really lo...

Do you hate me?

I'm sure you know how I feel.

- However?
- I'm sure you'll regret it later.

I won't regret it.
That's not going to happen.

Hold on, there are still things
you don't know about me.

- That's not a problem.
- No, wait...

Hold on a second.

Open the door.

I was a schoolgirl at that time.

When the atomic bomb hit,

I was outside Hiroshima while
being mobilized for labor services.

Since then, worried of the changes
that might happen inside my body,

I lived in fear until today.

I believed that I wasn't allowed to know
a woman's happiness anymore.

After I graduated, my parents died,
and I started working at a company.

I also worked as a housekeeper.

And, somehow, I ended up
doing this job.

Of course, there were temptations.

I'm also a woman, after all.
So, wanting to rely on a man makes sense.

But my body won't allow me.

Every time men see my body, they
run away. Of course they get scared.

Now, you know what
kind of woman I am.

I'm just like those Hiroshima
stones from earlier.

Because of the reflection of the
bright blue sky during the day,

and the pretty neon lights at night, the
still pebbles at the bottom of this river

just seem to go unnoticed
by everyone.

Do you understand it now?

Well, then.

Where are you going?

I'm going home.

Don't go!

You can't go home.

- Let me go.
- Don't leave, I won't let you.


It doesn't matter how your body looks
like. My feelings won't change.

- I love you, after all.
- You're lying.

You're not being honest
with yourself.

Live together with me.
I'll support you no matter what.

- I will heal your illness!
- No.

You can't...

I don't believe it.

I just can't believe it.

You can't believe me?

It's not you personally, but I...

Miss Akiko!

Let's get married.


We can't... Knowing that you
love me is good enough.

Don't say that.
You have to stay strong.

I want to help you.

You'll regret what you just said.

Stay strong.

I want to make you happy.
I'm sure I can do it.

- I'm sure you'll regret it.
- No...

I'll love you until death.
Your unhappiness is my unhappiness.

And your happiness is
my own happiness!

Come to Tokyo with me tonight.
That's the best option.

Do you think you can come?

I won't leave you no
matter what happens.

If you are sick and dying,

use my love as a stepping stone
to live for as long as you can.

I will gladly be your
stepping stone.

Will you come with me?

Will you?

Thank you. Then, I'll wait for you at the
station. I'll buy your ticket as well.

You must come, all right?


Marriage, huh?

I think you're well aware
on what that means.

That's why I'm here to consult you.

About that... I can't forbid you.
And if I were to say something,

it would be what I always tell you
about your health.

That you never know how
it's going to be affected.

Well, I won't dare oppose,
since it concerns your happiness.

But I'm concerned about a sudden
increase in white blood cells.


this is your happiness we're talking
about, so I can't say anything as a doctor.

Mr. Kamiya...

Sorry I made you wait.

I'm glad.
I thought you wouldn't come.

Excuse me.

One entrance ticket.

I've already bought your ticket.


- And your luggage?
- I don't have it.

You didn't bring any?

Let's go now.

Miss Akiko! Miss Akiko!

What's wrong with you?

You see, I'll say goodbye here.

Why is that?

I can't go with you, after all.

We still have time.
Let's go somewhere and talk.

Are you still worried about your
health? I told you I'll...

It's not that.

Why did you suddenly
change your mind?

Let me think more seriously
about this.

I need more time to think.

Time to think?
You'll be fine if you come with me.

I feel like this memory
is enough for me.

I was very happy.

At any rate, let's say
our farewells today.

No way.
I'll never leave you.

I won't give up.

If you're not coming now, please get ready
and wait until I come back for you.

I'll definitely come and get you.

I can't extend my stay any longer,
but I will come back for you another day.

I mean it.
I promise you.

All right, see you next time.


- Oh, Kamiya!
- Yes?

Do you have the data on
the coal mine turnover?

I haven't got that yet.
Give me some more time.

- I'm counting on you, then.
- Yes.

To Akiko Hayashima, Hiroshima City
Returned Letter

Mr. Kikuta, you have a phone call.

- All right, take this.
- Okay.

Hello? This is Kikuta.

Oh, it's you, Kamiya?

How are you doing?
Are you well?

It's the same as always for me.

What? Bar?

Which one?

Oh, bar Aki?

What? The manager?

Apparently, she hasn't been
at the bar lately.

I think she went to
play somewhere.

I really haven't seen her lately.

You stay well, okay?
Let's meet at a later date.

What? Look for her? Don't kid me!
I'm busy, so I can't do such a thing.

I told you I'm busy!

Why don't you come over here
if you're that worried?




There is an empty seat in the back.
You can go there.

It's okay, here's fine.

- Long time no see, sir.
- Indeed.

- This was the bottle, right?
- Yes.

- Welcome!
- Hey!

What a rare visit!
When did you arrive?

Just a moment ago.

Really now?

Say, manager, he's Mr. Kamiya, a reporter
for the Weekly Journal in Tokyo.

- Is that so? Nice to meet you.
- Likewise.

Then, does this means Akiko quit?

She passed away.

Huh? When?

Two months ago.
You didn't know?

Two months ago?

It was so sudden...
What a pity.

That's right.

But she put up with her illness
until the very end.

I didn't notice that she was ill.

She was such a nice person.

Oh, owner, are you
sure you're all right?

I'm all right.

I was resting for a bit.
Sorry about that.

So, you really didn't know about it?

When did her condition turn bad?

Who knows? We didn't really
like to talk about our illnesses.

And it's not like we could do
anything about it either.

Trying to forget about it
was the best we could do.

I never expected her
to collapse like that.

Was it in a hospital?

No, she collapsed in the hallway in her
apartment as she was going to work.

She should have rested more
instead of pushing herself so hard.

By the time I arrived after
a neighbor called me,

she couldn't say a word anymore.

We promised each other when one of us dies,
the other will send them off by themselves.

So, only me and a neighbor
held a modest vigil.

What a lonely funeral it was.

Actually, thinking about it, I believe
that's exactly what Aiko had wanted.

In her last past months here,
as she was reading your letters,

she never looked happier to me.

I should have come
for her sooner...

No, I believe Akiko intended
to never see you again.

Why is that?

Because if she had done that,

she would've relied on you and
even leave to Tokyo with you.

To Akiko, the last night you spent together
in Hiroshima was everything to her.

She ended up spending all her
life force on that single day.

Every other day after that,
she lived like it was her last.

People like us live constricted
by our condition.

For us, who live and
die in a corner,

to be able to meet a single
person to give our hearts to,

seems like a forbidden dream.

Even if we were just a pastime
for the other party,

that doesn't make our
happiness less genuine.

That's what I think.

Please, rest in peace,
for the error shall not be repeated