A Night to Regret (2018) - full transcript

When Chelsea meets up with her estranged childhood best friend, Milla, she's unprepared for the events that follow. Milla, who is now a webcam girl briefly catches Chelsea on camera during ...

- Help!


Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry.

I'm late!


Oh crap!

Oh my God!

Eric, what are you doing?

You scared me half to death!

- Sorry, I didn't mean to.

I knew you had this class next

and I saw you running outside.

I kind of figured you
weren't gonna make it.

Did Professor Meador
lock you out again?

- Yeah.

I got caught up writing.

So, what's up?

Your classes are all the
way across campus right now.

- Yeah, can we talk
about something?

- If this is about your mother's
birthday party, I'm sorry.

I got caught up writing
and then I started studying

and I told you I probably
couldn't make it anyway.

- So can we talk?

- Yeah.

You're breaking up with me?

Be honest, are you cheating?

- No, I'm not cheating on you.

- Then what?

- Look Chelsea, I'm sorry, okay,

but, just, you never
have time for me.

You know, like I'm
not a priority in

I'm sorry, but, I'm done.

- Listen, when I am
done with this film,

I promise things
will get better.

Please don't do this.

It's my mom.

- I gotta go anyway.

And I'm late.

- Please don't go.

- I'm sorry.

- Eric, wait!

Hi Mom.

- Hey Sweetie, how are you?

- Eric just split up with me.

- What?


- I'm not really sure.

- Baby, I'm so sorry.

- Yeah, I'll tell you
more when I get home.

yeah, we'll talk then.

- Bye.
- Bye.

- Jake!

Jake, where are you?

I need your help
gettin' down the stairs.

My knees are hurtin' again.



Oh, ahhhhhh!

- I told you to be
careful, mother.

The stairs are so dangerous.

- Seriously, come on, okay?

There are plenty of
other fish in the sea.

- Yeah, right.

Look right there.



- Hi there.

Is your name Chelsea?

- Yes.

Yes, I'm Chelsea, do I know you?

- No, I'm Liam.

Mila sent me over here
to invite you guys

to our table for some drinks.

- Mila Walters?

- The one and only.

Come on!

Eddy, put their drinks on us.

- Who's Mila?

- Do you remember that
girl from high school?

- Oh my God!

The girl that got held back

and then was kicked
out of school.

Yeah, I remember her getting
in trouble all the time.

- Yeah, we used to hang out
all the time in grade school.

I always wondered
what happened to her.

- Well, let's find out.

- Chelsea, hey!

- Hi!

You remember Sarah, right?

- I think so.

- Hey.

- Come sit down with us.

Jenny, two more glasses
for my friends over here.

Oh, and another
bottle of champagne.

- Are you guys
celebrating something?

- Just life.

- At least you're not moping
about what's his name anymore.

- Goodbye.

- Chelsea, you coming with us?

I have a car waiting outside.

C'mon, let's go.

Want some champagne?

- Oh, I'm okay.

I've had enough.

I have a test tomorrow.

- Got it.

So, what do you think?

- This place is incredibly nice.

- Well, the place
next door is for sale.

I wish.

- Ah, come on.

Once you sell your movie script

and become a big time
writer and director,

you'll have all the money
in the world to buy it.

So when are you
gonna let me read it?

- Really?
- Yeah.

- You wanna read my script?

- I wouldn't ask if
I didn't want to.

- Most people would just
rather wait for the movie.

- Well, not me.

I'd love to read it!

- Okay.

Well, how about I get your email

and I'll send it
to you tomorrow.

- Cool.

- But you're gonna
have to do it,

'cause I'm kind
of tipsy.

- Ah, you know what, I'm a
really good hacker but I cannot

get past this
fingerprint scanner,

if you can do that for me.

[Sorry, here.

There you go.

There you go.

- Sweet!

So are you and Mila?

- No, well a long time ago.

We're business partners now.

We both own that club.

- Oh, wow!


She's, she's kinda
like a sister to me.

You know I kind of just hang out

and make sure she doesn't
do anything too crazy.

And there's a lot
of crazy things in Mila's life.

- What about you?

Are you crazy like Mila?

- No, I'm not crazy!

But there are definitely
moments in my life

that are completely nuts.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

Like what?

What's so, what's so
nuts in your life.


- Yes.


As of 12 hours ago,
I am newly single.

- Oh, so it's a
rough day for you.

- Yeah, I didn't see it comin'.

- A little something
to help her relax.

C'mon you guys.

The show's about to start.

- After you.

- Oh, this is for you.

- Oh I shouldn't, I
have a test tomorrow.

C'mon, just one more.

It's my special champagne.

- So, what's going on?

- Here's to us making
your movie together.

- Well, that would
be great, but how?

- Well I have a little business
and I make a lot of money.

- What is it?

- Interactive entertainment.

- Mila, please don't tell me
or web cam girl or something.

- I'll tell you this.

I make great money.

When I got kicked out of school

it was the last
straw for my parents.

We got into a huge
fight and I ran away.

- We all thought
that you moved away.

- Yeah, well that's what
my parents told people.

Look, I've made a lot of
bad decisions in my life

and I've screwed
up a lot of things.

But, right now this
is working for me.

It might not be exactly
what I want to be doing but,

it makes me a lot of money.

- Really?

A lot of money?

- Yeah, look around.

This is all because
of my business.

- Woah!

This champagne is
really strong.

- It's gotta little kick, right?

- Yeah, to say the least!

- What's in this again?

- Just some good champagne,

plus a little something
to help you relax.

- I think I just
need to take it slow.

Wait, what?


What's in this?

- Don't worry.

- Mila...

- Just chillax.

The show's about to start.


Huh, it's time for a new show.


Hello ladies.

Let's see the new girl.

- No, the new girl is
not dancing tonight.

She is stunning.

- He says you're stunning.

- You have gotta be kidding me.

- She thinks you're kidding.

C'mon, why don't you
throw in another $100

and show her you're serious.


Here you go.

- He just doubled his amount.

That's 200 bucks!

C'mon, do a little
dance for the man.

I feel silly.

I don't know what I'm doing.

- C'mon.

Feel the music.

You look so pretty.


You're a natural.

What am I doing?

Just relax!

Feel the music.
- Ooh!

I love you.

- You're a natural.
- You happy Mila?

I want to marry you.

- He says he loves you
and he wants to marry you.

You're a hit!


Well you
look like hell.

- Yeah, I feel even worse.

- What time did you
get in last night?

- 4:30?

- What?

- I missed my torte class this
morning, out of all classes.

- Was it worth it?

Is Mila gonna finance the movie?

- We didn't even
really talk about that.

I'm actually
super worried.

You're not gonna
believe what I did.

- You slept with that
Liam guy, didn't you?

- No!

- Did you call Eric?

- No!

It's worse!

- What then?

- You wanna know how
Mila makes her money?

She runs a website,

where girls take off their
clothes and boys tip 'em online.

- Oh God, no, Chels, you didn't.

- I did.

How bad?

- Topless.

- Why, why would you do that?

- I don't know.

I was drunk and
everyone was doing it

and there were, there were
guys literally paying me

hundreds of dollars
to take off my top!

- So what?

I don't know.

I guess I didn't wanna
seem like a prude.

It was fun.

Like we were having
fun and last summer,

my mom and I we went to France

and we were topless on the beach
and that wasn't a big deal.

- Gross, and, not
the same thing.

How could you let this happen?

Chelsea, this is.

- I don't know.

Every time I hang out
with Mila she has a way

of talking me into
doing the wrong thing.

- Well, this one's
on you, not her, so.

- I know it.

You're right.

We used to hang out
when we were younger.

And it was always trouble.

It started out as a little fun
and then she always sort of

Thelma and Louises me, you know?

Like, this could be the
last day of your life.

- But it's not, and now you
have tomorrow to deal with.

And, Thelma & Louise never
took their tops off online.

And, now what, there's topless
videos of you on the internet

and you can't just
take those down!

- I know okay, I tried
to go to the website.

I tried to log on and delete
anything that was posted.

- Okay.

You need to call him Mila.

- Yeah, well I'll just
talk to her in person,

because I left my
jacket at her house.

- Just get that done
by tonight, okay?

Hey, Chels!

Here it is.

- Thanks.

And this.

- What is this?

- Your take from last night.

- About that.

I really need you to delete
what's ever on that website.

It can really affect my career.

- There's no recording.

It's all live.

- So it's gone?


- Yeah.

I mean, there's some
stills, but that's it.

- Can I access the
website so I can see?

- Of course.

I'll give you a code so
you don't have to pay.

Do you wanna do that now?

- I do, but is that
Liam's computer?

Is he here?

- Yeah, it's his
computer, but no, he left.

He'll be back in a little.

Hey do you have
a thing for Liam?

- What?

No, gosh no!

Eric and I just broke up.

But I really hope it's not over.

Liam told me he
would read my script.

- Ah, anyway, this is the
easiest money you'll ever make.

Look, If you don't want
to do it, that's fine.

I do it 'cause
that's how I survive.

It got me off the streets.

And plus, we all had a
little bit of fun didn't we?

- Mila, you spiked my drink!

- We all experienced a
little mood enhancement.

And you were so much fun!

No, you
always seem to have fun.

And I'm the one that
seems to get in trouble.

- Yeah, well unlike me,
you actually had a mother

that cared about you.

So, yeah, you got in trouble.

I know that Beverly never
wanted you to hang out with me.

I guess I never realized
how lucky you were.

- Look, this isn't right.

Not like this, and it's not me.

But I will take your
money, as an investment.

Welcome to the film business.

- He says he loves you
and he wants to marry you.

You're a hit!

He says he loves you and
he wants to marry you.

You're a hit!

- Hi Mom!

Hi Dean.

- Hey Chels.

- You're in a good mood!

Did you get your essay back?

Or, are you and
Eric back together?

- No.

I'm not back together with Eric.

But, I do think that
I aced my essay.

- That's my girl.

You are gonna make
a fabulous lawyer.

- Speaking of careers, did you
hear back for your promotion?

- They want her to interview.

- What?

Why, you've been working for
that company for six years!

- I know, but they
want to keep it open

for outside candidates.

But, not to worry, I can
do that job in my sleep.

- Yeah, I know you can.

Well, I'm gonna hit the
books until dinner's ready.

- Bye!

A thousand dollars?

Time for a show?

I don't think so.

Sorry but that was
my one and only show.

Not gonna happen.


You're too cute and classy to
be doing that type of stuff.

What do you really
do for a living?

Chelsea, come on.

Dinner's ready!

- Okay, Mom.

Sorry, gotta go.

So, I deposited the money
this morning which means

I'm that much closer to
getting my movie made.

- So Mila's gonna be in it?

- Yeah, it was a small price
to pay for getting it made.

I'm just excited to call Abby

and tell her that
we're good to go.

She's gonna have to use
money to use that camera.

- Yeah, just hope
it all works out.

- What do you mean?

- I mean, you really think
it's that good of an idea

to be so closely tied with Mila?

- Your point?

- That you can be too
trusting sometimes.

And sometimes you're
a little naive

to people's real motives.

- Really.

So what do you think she wants?

- Chels, I don't
know exactly, okay.

I just I get weird
vibes from Mila.

Liam too.

- Well, I really like them.

And they're actually
super supportive.

What, okay.

I'm constantly
telling you how great

I think your writing is.

I just don't have thousands
of dollars to give to you.

- Okay, don't act like that.

I know that she has reasons
for what she's doing.

- Yeah, I'm sure she does.

- I gotta get to class.

Abby, Hey!

Good news.

We get to make the movie.


That was good.



Okay, one more angle,
and then we can move on.


You guys are doing amazing.

Thank you so much.

So Mila still isn't here.

She was supposed to be
here over an hour ago.

- We're losing our good light.

- I'm just gonna text
her and tell her,

you know what, it's off.

- Hey there big director.

How's it going?

I'm ready for my close up.

- Did you not get any
of my text messages?

You're over an hour late.

- I'm sorry I guess I
didn't check my phone.

- Well there's not gonna
be any more daylight

by the time we
get to your scene.

- Don't stress.

We can do my scene another day.

Let's hit up happy hour.

On me.

- No, Mila, I'm not going
to happy hour, okay?

And we can't do your
scene another day

because all the money we made
yesterday, went to today!

So I'm broke again.

Okay everybody back
to first positions.

- Listen, I'm sorry I'm late.

I get that every
dollar counts, okay?

I know how that feels.

invest in your movie.

- What?

I mean technically you've
already invested in my movie.

- Forget about that, okay?

I messed up your day, so
let me make it up to you.

And we'll start over.

All I ask is that I get the
money back within a year.

Oh and don't kick me
out of your movie.

I am a really good actress.

- Are you serious?

- How much do you need?

Hi, again.

- Oh, great.

Hey Chelsea, I'm
sorry about that scene today.

All my fault.

I hope the extra thousand
dollars is helpful

and if you need any more
money I'm here for you.

We're having fun!

See you soon!


- Oh, what?

Am I live?

What are you doing?

No, no, no, no, no.

Chelsea Bilson.

- Chelsea?

Camera rentals?


Hey, this is Eric.

Leave me a message and
I'll get back to you.

- Hey Eric, it's me.

Just called to say hi.

I have a belated birthday
card for your mom

and I was hoping that I could
get it to you at some point.

Look, I know that I haven't
really been there for you

with everything that's
going on and, I'm sorry.

Maybe we can meet up
some time to discuss it.

Anyway, well, I hope I
see you at school today.

Okay, bye.

what's going on?

- Nothing.

What are you doing with those?

- You're supposed to be
studying for your law classes

and you're making a movie?

- Mom, I can do both.

I always have before.

- Maybe, but the classes

are getting more
difficult each year.

You need to focus.

- I will.

Don't worry, mom.

- That's a lot of money
you're spending on your film.

Where is it all coming from?

- I tutor now.

In the student center.

It makes me a lot of money.

- When do you have
time for that?

- While I'm studying too.

It's the same material
so it helps me out.

- I want you to promise
that you're not gonna work

on your film until
the end of the year.

Because you don't have
time for all of this,

and your schoolwork will suffer.

- Mom, don't do this to me!

Please, I promise you I will
work hard and I will focus.

- Well, I am working hard and
I am paying a lot of money.

I can't afford to
have you fall behind.

- Yeah, but mom, what if they
give me a film scholarship?

Then you wouldn't
have to work so hard.

- Why did you keep this from me?

- I don't know.

Maybe because you
do work so hard.

I didn't want to worry you.

And you're finally up
for that big promotion.

I know how much that means you.

- Well, I know how much
you love making your films.

But you're gonna be a lawyer,

and you're gonna have
a much better life

than I was able to give you.

- Mom, what are
you talking about?

We have an amazing life.

Don't ever say that.

Remember, you and me right?

- Yeah, you and me babe.

Awe, you.


I have to get to work.

Don't you get your
exam grades back today?

- Yes, mother.

And I will keep you posted.

Hey, good luck on
that promotion!

congratulations on your award.

Tell us what inspires you.

- Well my biggest inspiration
is my mom, Beverly,

growing up without a father,

she was just the biggest
role model to me.

So, eek, this ones for you, mom!

Thank you!

Beverly Bilson.

Westvale insurance.

I'm sorry.

I'm a mess.


Hey, you look like
you could use a smile.

that obvious, huh?

I'm just having a bad day.

- What's wrong?

I'm sorry, I don't mean to pry.

- It's okay.

I just, I got passed
over for a promotion.

I mean I'll survive.

I just really thought
that I would get it.

- That is disappointing.

I'm sorry to hear it.


- Sorry, I'm so rude.

I'm Jake.

I manage the Metro Street
Gym in the neighborhood.

- Beverly, nice to meet you.

- Nice to meet you.

I feel like there's
something I can do for you.

- Well, I doubt that.

What's done is done.

- No, not that.

I'm giving away free
gym memberships.

Sorry, trying to give
away free gym memberships.

It doesn't seem like anybody
in this building is interested.

I think that this is
exactly what you need

to take your mind off
of this little setback.

- It is just a little setback.

Looks that way.

- Free gym membership?

What's the catch?

No catch.

It's just three free months

and three personal
training sessions.

- Wow, that does sound great.

- It is.

At least it will be.

I will make sure of it.

Look, there is nothing
better for a bad day

than a good workout.

- You say all the
right things, don't ya?

- I try.

So, what do you say?

Maybe come by after work one
day, I'll give you the tour,

and a free bottle of
my own supplements.

No pressure.

- Yeah, perhaps.

Nice to meet you.

- Nice to meet you too, Beverly.

- So what did ya get?

- Not good.

- Sorry.

I know it's been kinda
rough on you lately.

You gonna tell your mom?

- I'm so screwed.

- Hey, what's up?

- Jake, you have a client?

- Sure, send them in.

Hey, you!

- Hey, I'm here.

- I wasn't sure you'd make it.

- I wasn't either.

- I hope those are gym clothes.

- Um hmm.


Let's do it

Extras needed.

PM me for details.

Come in.

- Hey, how's it going today?

- I'm alright.

I'm sorry about your promotion.

- Thanks.

You know, there'll
be another chance.

- Yeah.

- You know what I did today?

I found us a great deal,
and I joined a gym.

So now, we both have memberships
and a personal trainer.

- Wow.


But I don't know if I'm gonna
have time to do all that.

- I think it's important

that we spend a little
bit more time together.

C minus?


I know that it is hard with
you and Eric breaking up,

and school is getting
more difficult,

but this just proves my point.

The movie is too much!

- Mom, no it's not!

Please, just let me handle it.

I've really gotta do this, okay?

Look, I actually wanted
to get my work done

before I go to bed, so.

- Okay.

But, if you need any help with
anything, just let me know.

- Thanks, but I'm fine.

Great, cut!

That was awesome.

Let's move to close-ups.

- Okay.

- Hey.

How's it all editing together?

- It's so awesome!

- It's going great.


Is that Liam?

- Hey girls.

Any room for one more extra?

See, I told you I'd come.

Even if it was a Sunday.

This looks, it looks great!

Yeah it's great.

It's a lot of work.

It looks amazing.

Chels, the batteries?

- Oh!


Give me a second.

Hey Chels, wait up!

- I have to grab the batteries
outta my car, what's up?

- Who's that guy staring at you?


Wait, he was there
like two seconds ago, I swear.

- Come on.

What's this.

- Who do you think
they're from, Eric?

- No, he wouldn't leave
something on my car.

- Liam?

- Angels trumpets for my angel.

I doubt it was Liam.

What do you think
happened to that guy?

- I don't know.

It's like he vanished.

It's kind of creepy.

- I'm really happy we're
doing this together.

Hey, Jake!

This is my daughter, Chelsea.

- It is a pleasure
to meet you Chelsea.

I've heard a lot of good
things from your mother.

I've got a great
workout planned,

and you both get a bottle
of my very own supplements.

Are you excited?

- Yeah, I guess!
- Yes,

yes, great!

Let's put a smile on that
face with a good workout.

Are you ladies ready?

Sounds good.

- Cool, let's do it.

He says
you're stunning.

Do a little dance for the man.


Now do a turn.

You're a hit.

He says he loves you and
he wants to marry you.


- Thank you so much, Jake.

- Good night, ladies.

I'll see you soon.

Look at this.

They have
no problem posting

anything about their lives,
for everyone to see it.

- Here's a nightclub.

That's Mila.

Chelsea's back in
touch with her?

Why would she have
anything to do with her?

In high school, Mila
and Chelsea were out,

and she shoplifted a necklace.

Chelsea didn't know
anything about it.

- What happened?

- Well Mila got arrested
and Chelsea got taken down

to the police station
and questioned.

I had to go pick her up.

- Wow.

- She was so scared.

- Well, I wouldn't
worry about Chels honey.

She's got a good head
on her shoulders.

I mean, what could this Mila
girl possibly do, right?

Where have you
been, Pretty Pamela?

you get my number?

Or should
I say Chelsea?

Who are you?

How did you find me?

Did you get
my flowers today?

gonna report you.

To who?

For what?

I've done nothing!

And I've
done nothing to you.

Please stop!

I can't help it.

I wanna be near you.

I'm blocking you.

That was a
beautiful sun dress

you were wearing today.

Yes, I know where you live.

You are so beautiful!

Well, has
he threatened you?

- No.

- This is Mila's fault.

I told you, she's a nightmare.

- What should I do?

- You should call the police.

- And tell them what?

If my mother finds
out, it will kill her.

No, you know what?

No, she would kill me first!

This is such a mess.

- Listen you
deleted the channel,

so there's no evidence that
you did the webcam thing.

- What have I done?

I wasn't even thinking straight!

It's just, I'm such an idiot.

- You should confront
Mila, okay, she's the one

that got you into this, she
should help you clean it up.

- Yeah,

I agree.

- This is scary, Chelsea.

- You deleted your channel,

but we still have
his screen name.

Maybe we can use that
to track him down.

- Okay.

But how?

- We can try to track
him on the website.

- How long will that take?

- I'm not sure.


- I mean it's gonna
take some work.

It won't happen overnight.

- Great!

So in the meantime, what,

he's just gonna show
up in my bedroom?

I have to call the police!

That's a bad idea.

If you do, they're
gonna investigate you

and all your friends.

- What's wrong?

You have something to hide?

- Liam's right.

I've dealt with the
police enough to know that

the first person they're gonna
want to talk to is your mom.

- I don't know what to do.

- Just give us a few more days

to get some information
on this guy.

- Mila, what if I don't
have a few more days?

- You sure you don't want
me to follow you home?

Maybe if this guy sees
me, he'll back off.

- I'm okay.

But thanks.

- Okay.

Don't worry.

We're gonna find this
guy and make him stop.

Bye girls.

- Bye.

- You sure he's
not your stalker?


- Eric wants to
meet me for coffee.

- Oh look, okay.

Things are already
getting better.

- Yeah.

- It's cute.

Okay, I should head out, huh?

Eric's gonna be here any second.

So, you okay?

- I'm okay.

Thanks for hanging out with me.

- Of course, Chels.

What are friends for?

Good luck.

- Jake!

Hey, Jake.

- Hi.

And they say you never run
into anyone in Los Angeles.

- Yeah, what are you
doing at the park?

- I'm just working
out with a client.

Do you want some company?

- Oh, I'm actually, I'm
waiting for my boyfriend.

- Oh, I understand.

Is everything alright?

You have a sadness in your eyes.

Anything I can do to help?

- Oh.

No, I'm fine.

I've just been crazy frazzled
but, everything's ok.

- Well, remember, we
have a lot of work to do.

You and me.

So don't be a stranger.

- I won't, I promise.

- Alright.

Can I get a smile?

It's easy, right?

Alright, tell your
mom I said hi, okay?

- I will.

- I'll see you soon.

- Bye.


sorry I'm late.

- Hi.

I feel like I haven't
seen you in weeks.

- Yeah, I know.

I felt like we should meet up.

You know we left things a little
weird last time we talked.

- Yeah.

Eric I'm really sorry.

- Me too.

I could have been more
understanding but,

it's just I really feel like you

weren't putting in any more
effort with me, you know?

- I never meant to hurt you.

Maybe we can start over?

- Yeah.

Yeah, I'd like that.

How about we go to
dinner tomorrow.

- A date?

- Yeah.

I would love that.

- Gotcha!

- Hi there.

- Hey.

Can I help you?

- No, it's cool.

I just, I was looking
for a friend's house.

I was looking for a friend's

I was looking for a friend's

I was looking for a friend's

I was looking for
a friends house,

I must have the wrong place.

Sorry to bother you.

- Actually, wait a minute.

I'm kind of lucky
that you stopped by.

You got a minute?

I've got a bad back, and I've
got this box in the truck

I really need to get out.

It's right over there.

I'd really appreciate it man,

you'd really be helping me out.

- Yeah, sure.

Why not?


- This is a nice place you have.

- Thanks.

It was my mom's,
before she died.

- I'm sorry to hear that.

- It was sudden.

She had an accident
here at the house.

Wow, that's terrible.

Fell down the stairs
and broke her neck.

I'm sorry.
- Must be really difficult.

Yeah, it's locked.
- Let me get that for you.

Ah, there's
no box in there.


- Hey, I'm going to bed.

I didn't see you today.

I hope it was better.

Good night.

- Mom?

I'm sorry.

I've been really
screwing up lately.

- I'm also sorry if I've been
causing you any extra stress.

I know that I can push
a little hard sometimes.

- I just feel like I'm drowning
every single day at school.

But, I know it's important
for me to get a degree.

You've helped me
so much and I just,

I don't wanna let you down.

- Sweetheart, you have
never disappointed me.

I am so proud of
who you've become.

- Thank you.

I love you.

- Yeah, I love you too.

So much!

Angels trumpets.



Natures' chloroform.

- Hey, Sara.

- Hey Chels.

- Okay, so let's plan
to carpool tomorrow

and then we'll meet my
mom at Metro Street Gym.

Probably around six
when she gets off work.

I think you need to
go to the website

and get a visitor's pass.

- Okay, yeah.

I'll do it before I head
over in the morning.

You're sure it's cool I go?

- Yeah, of course.

And Sara, thanks.

I'll see you later.


Ok, bye.

- Metro Street Gym.

Guest pass.


You look familiar.

Jake Peters.

Oh my God!

Hey what's up?

This is Chelsea,
leave me a message

and I'll get right back to you.

- Chelsea, Chelsea.

Hey can you call me as soon
as you get this please.

Yeah, I need to talk to you.



Your trainer is the same
guy I saw in the park.

I'm headed over now.

He could be the stalker.

Be careful.

- Hey.

- You woke me up.

- Oh, sorry. I'm in
the neighborhood.

I wanted to drop off
some supplements.

Remember, I promised
you a free bottle?

It's my own formula.

I have them made
right here in L.A..

Your trainer is the
same guy I saw in the park.

He could be your stalker.

Be careful!

- Yeah, Jake.

Thank you.

I really appreciate that.

Sara's about to
come over right now

and we're gonna get
ready to go to school.

But, thank you.


- Is everything
all right Chelsea?

- No, yeah.

Everything's great.

I just gotta get
ready for school.

Hey, one more thing.

One sec.


- She left me no choice.

Where are you going?

Looks like we're all
going for a little ride.

Yeah, I couldn't just
leave her there, could I?

She would have ruined our plans.

- Are you okay?

You're experiencing the
hallucinogenic effects

of the same flowers
in your bouquet.

Angel's trumpets.

It'll pass.

- Uh!

- Home, sweet home.

That wasn't so bad, was it?

- You know I've been thinking

and dreaming about this...

...since the first
time I saw you.

- I wanna get to know

...everything about you.

- Please, just let us go!

We won't say anything
you've done to us.

I swear!
- Shh sh sh sh sh.

I'll leave you alone.

But, I'll be back.

Hey, what's up?

This is Chelsea.

Leave me a message and
I'll get right back to you.

- Hey, it's me.

Are you in the
shower or something?

I'm out front.

- Hey, Eric.

Is Chelsea not here?

I don't know.

I knocked on the door
and I called her,

but she's not
picking up her phone.

- That's strange.
- Yeah.

Her car is here.

I was supposed to meet her

and Sarah at the
gym for a workout.

Oh, It's unlocked.

Chelsea, Eric's here.




All of her stuff is here.

I'm gonna go check
the rest of the house.

- Okay.

- Chelsea?

Well, her car is
here, house keys.

She never goes anywhere
without her cell.

It's strange Dean.

I'm worried.

- I wouldn't panic,
honey, I mean,

she's probably just
out with friends.

Check her social media pages,

see if maybe she
posted something.

I'm almost wrapping up this job

and I'll head over as
soon as I'm done, okay?

Thank you, honey.

- Okay.
- I'll see you soon.

- All right, bye.

- Hi Sarah, this is
Eric and Chelsea's mom.

We can't seem to find Chelsea,

so when you get this message,

if you can call one of
us back, that'd be great!


- Thanks, Eric.

I hate to do this, but I
think I'm gonna call Mila.

- Hi, Beverly.

No, she's not.

What's going on?

- We don't know.

I'm at the house with
her boyfriend Eric.

- Okay, no, I haven't
seen her today.

- Mila, Chelsea left
behind her keys, her phone,

and her car is still here.

- That's strange.

I hope this doesn't have
to do with her stalker.

- Her what?

- Yeah, she had some guy
from online following her.

He was watching her the
other day at the park

when they were filming there.

He even left flowers on her car.

- Mila, did he threaten
her in any way?

- He said that if she went to
the police, she'd be sorry.

- Well we need to
go to the police.

- Mrs. Bilson, there's
something else you should know.

- What is it this time, Mila?

Okay, I deserve that.

It's just that, this
could be serious,

and I really hope it's not.

But, there was this one night
where she was really upset

about a boyfriend breakup up,

and she was broke and she
couldn't finish her film.

So, I was just trying to help.

- What'd you do, Mila?

- I created a webcam
channel for her.

- A what?

- I just was setting her up to
make some extra money online.

It's called Dahlia's
Dream World.

I'm sorry, Mrs. Bilson.

- There!


Is anybody here?



Sara are you here?

- I'm here, Chelsea.

- Are you okay?

- I'm okay.

- Help!

- Keep your voices down!

- No, No, Aah!

- You need to shut up.

Today is not your lucky day.

Wrong place,

wrong time.

Hey, it's Liam.

Do your thing.

- Liam, where are you?

And why haven't you
answered any of my texts?

Did you find anything else
about this guy's account?

You should know that
Chelsea's missing,

so be careful this
guy could be trouble.

Call me back when you get this.

- Unfortunately, I've
seen this story before

with the guy crossing
the line into obsession.

- What do you mean?

- Well, sometimes they figure
out how to track the girl down

and then, who knows how
far they'll take it?

- Oh my God.

- Now don't get me wrong,
sometimes it's nothing.

They're harmless.

- But sometimes they're
dangerous, right?

- We need to deal
with what we know.

Have you seen her
private web channel?

- We were able to
log into the website,

but her channel has
been deleted already.

Do you think maybe you
could get the site operator

to give us information?

- Legally, we can't.

Chelsea's an adult, so no
crime has been committed.

The only way we can
get more information

is from the person
who created it.

- That's Mila.

- And who's she?

- Mila Walters.

She's Chelsea's friend
from high school.

They reconnected a few weeks ago

and she's the one who
set up a web channel.

- Okay great.

I'm gonna need her number.

Is there anyone else she
may have met recently?

- The movie.

Her movie.

Ah, maybe some new
crew or extras?

- What about that gym
that you guys joined?

- Yeah, the Metro Street Gym.

The trainer's name
is Jake Peters.

We joined that.

- Great.

And you said that there
was no sign of struggle

in the house.

Well, that tells me
that she may have gone

with someone that she knows.

You said that she's been gone
since 8:00 a.m. this morning?

- That was the last
time I saw her.

- I know you didn't
love your boyfriend.

After all, he can't
give you what I can.

So I had to take care of him.

No, no!

- No, sweetheart, no.

I promise, it was
painless for him.

Don't worry.

I didn't let him suffer.

Hey, it's Liam.

Do your thing.

- Of course!

300 feet, turn right.

You have reached
your destination.

I wasn't sleeping.

- It's all my fault, Dean.

I pushed her too hard.

Oh, it's all my fault.

- You know that's not true.

- And look what happened.

She had to go online

and do all those terrible
things for money.

I can't even imagine my
baby girl doing that.

I couldn't even protect her.

- You can not blame
yourself for this.

Honey, listen to me.

You have raised a loving,
kind, and thoughtful daughter.

All right?

Who's turned into a
beautiful, intelligent,

creative, young woman,
and she's who she is

because you are who you are.

Don't you ever forget that.

We're gonna find her.

Oh Liam, oh Liam.

- Detective?

Could I have a moment
with Liam, alone?

- Go ahead.

- Thanks.

- You done?

- Yeah, thanks.

- Miss Walters, a lot of
bad things are happening

to your friends and I
can't help but think

that you're somehow involved.

- What?

I didn't have anything to do
with this or with Chelsea.

- Why don't you come
down to the office

so I can ask you some questions.

- Am I being charged
with a crime?

- No.

Not yet.

But, it would be in your
best interest to comply.

- I have a few errands
to run this morning

and then I'll come by after.

Good enough?

- Yup.

See you there.

- Detective?

One more thing.

- What is it?

- This is Liam's phone.

I used his thumb to open it and,

this name and address was
the first thing that came up.

Do you know him?

- Now you're tampering
with evidence,

and yes I do.

- Are you awake, my angel?

I wanna pamper you.

I hope you're hungry.


Now, I know that
you're still accepting

the loss of your boyfriend,

but I know if you
just let me in,

you'll see how much I love you.

I'm gonna trust you
not to scream, okay?


- You gotta stop with the tea.

It's making me so sick.

I'm nauseous, and
my head is spinning.

- Okay, but we've gotta trust
each other for this to work.

I know in time that you'll
come to love me too.

You're a murderer.

You're sick, and you need help!

- I wish you wouldn't
say things like that.

- No.



- I'm gonna give you some
time to rethink your feelings.

I've gotta go to the gym
and pick some things up.

I'll be right back.

I'm gonna leave
the TV on for you.

Don't forget.

I'm always watching.

- Yeah?

Jake, there's
a Detective Morita here

from the LAPD to see you.

- Send him in.

- Hey.

- Mr. Peters,
Detective Morita, LAPD.

You got a few minutes to
answer some questions?

- Sure.

Please, have a seat.

What's this about?

- One of your new clients is
Chelsea Bilson, she's missing.

So we're asking
everybody that's seen her

in the last few days if they
remember anything strange.

- That's terrible.

I ran into Chelsea

at the Roosevelt Park
Coffeehouse, yesterday.

She said that she was
waiting for her boyfriend.

We spoke for a few
minutes and then I left.

- And what were you
doing at the park?

- I was meeting a
client for a work out.

- What was that client's name?

- Chris Fields.

have breaking news

from downtown Los Angeles.

Early this morning a
man's dead body was found

in the dumpster behind me.

He's been identified
as 21 year old

Liam Gregg of Los Angeles.

A family spokesperson
said they are devastated

by the tragic news

and are at a loss as to

who would do this to such
a well liked young man.

Police have no
suspects at this time

and they need the public's help.

If you have any
information, please call

the LAPD Central Division
and you can remain anonymous.

Back to you in the studio.

- And you've never
contacted Chelsea online

or sent her any flowers?


No, I trained Chelsea twice here

at the gym with her
mother, Beverly.

- Have you ever
visited a website

called Dahlia's Dream World?

- Never heard of it.

- It's a live webcam channel
where men watch women.


No, it's it's not
my thing, Detective.

Can we pick this up
another time, actually?

I've got some clients
that I need to get to.

- Oh no that's,

that's it for now.


- But, I appreciate
your time Mr. Peters.

- Of course.

- If I have any other
questions, can I contact you?

- Yeah.

Yeah, please do.

- Thank you.
- Take care.

Thanks for coming by.

Yeah, thank you.

- Detective?

Something you forgot?

- Yes, one more question.

Do you, know a, Liam Gregg?

- Can't say that I do.

- He was found dead this
morning in a dumpster,

and your name and address
were the first thing

we found on his phone.

- Oh, that's too bad.


I mean a lot of people
have my name and my number.

I give out a lot of free
memberships to people

that I don't even know.

It's just part of the
business I'm in, so.

- Thank you for your time.

And we'll contact
you if we need you.

- Awesome.


You're a murderer.

Jake, where are you?

You're sick.

I need your
help getting down the stairs.

He was
found dead in a dumpster.

You need help.

- Sara!


Wake up!



Okay, I'm gonna get us help.


Oh no!

Easy, easy!

Okay, so I got the
guys at work are gonna take

all of these and put
them in the trucks.

- I'm gonna go to the
cafe and the school first

and start there.

Oh, the Detective.

Hi, Detective.

Hi Mrs. Bilson.

Yes, I interviewed
Jake at the gym

and he says he doesn't know
anything about what happened.

But, here's the
interesting thing.

I ran his name through the
national criminal database

and he's been a busy guy.

Yeah, he was arrested
twice for battery,

served six months for
domestic violence,

and has a restraining order.

Then a year ago he was released
from a mental institution

to the care of his mother.

Then his mother
died, shortly after.

She fell down the stairs of
their house and broke her neck.

Terrible accident, I'd say.

- Wow.

I just never would
have expected.

That's really disturbing.

So what do you think?

Does it put us anywhere
closer to finding Chelsea?

- I'm afraid it doesn't.

I don't have the evidence
to prove that he's involved.


I'll keep looking.

- What about the website?

- We're still trying to get
the owners to cooperate.

They're being difficult
about giving us access.

I'm pushing the judge
to give us a warrant.

- Thank you, Detective.

- Stop moving.

Not a sound.


- Oh, hey, hey Jake,
it's Bill, your neighbor.

I wanted to return
your mom's lawnmower.

- Hey now's a really bad time.

Any chance you
could drop by later?

Drop it off?

- I can't, Jake, I've
gotta drop it off now.

I'm heading out of
town later tonight.

It's in the back of my truck.

I need need your help.

I'm really sorry.

- Not a sound.

Sure, Bill.

I'll be right out.

I'll be right back.


Looks like it's time to go.

It's the end of
the road for you.

Like I said.

Wrong place, wrong time.


This one's for you, Mom!

Thank you.

- What is that?


Fitness Life Nutrition.

Jake Peters, Metro Street Gym.

Sued by investors?

Hey, Beverly.

- Hi, do you have anything?

- I found this protein
label and, and get this.

It comes from Fitness
Life Nutrition.

I found out that Jake Peters
actually runs that company.

- Uh huh?

- Apparently he went
bankrupt like two months ago,

and now all of his investors
are trying to sue him

for fraud and embezzlement.

- Interesting.


This guy is a nightmare.

The detective
interviewed him too.

I'll tell her about this,
but could you just stay there

in case she calls or comes home,

and just call us if you
have any other news, okay?

- Yeah, thing is though,

his warehouse is downtown.

So, I got this idea that.


Bev, hel.

Any news?

- I don't know.

Something about Jake's
company going out of business

a couple of months ago.

This guy's starting
to look really guilty.

Which, we need to find
something concrete

or we're not gonna find her.

Oh it's Mila.

Hey, Mila.

Anything new?

- Hi Mrs. Bilson.

Yeah, my friend Liam, he was
tracking that website guy,


- Yeah.

Yeah, what did he find?

- I'm not really sure.

Liam was found
dead this morning.

- Oh my God.

Are you okay?

That's horrible.

- I'm okay, thanks.

But, when I opened his phone,
I found the contact info

for what I think may have been

the guy from the website.

It's some guy named Jake Peters.

I gave it to Detective Morita

and she said she'd
follow up with him.

- Jake Peters?

Wait, she didn't say
anything about Jake

being on the website.

- Oh, she doesn't know
that it's for sure him,

but Liam had been
hacking the website

and matching up the usernames
with credit card info.

All I know is that when I
opened his phone this morning,

I saw the address and
the name of that guy.

I can't be sure he's the one.

- Would you please
text me that address?

Thank you, Mila.

And I am so sorry
about your friend.

It's him!


- Jake was the one on line.

I know it!

The gym guy?

- Yes, the gym guy.

She's texting me the address.

Okay, here we go.

Turn around.

- You don't see that

I'm the only one who
really cares for you.

I will never let you
down like the others.

I'll take care of you.

You're gonna love the
life that I give to you.

You're gonna love me.



Chelsea, it's Mom.

Are you in there?


Help me!
- Did you hear something?

- Help!
- I did.


- Let's go around the back.
- Help!

- Oh my God!

Oh my God!

- Oh my God!


It's open.


I'll check
that rest of the house.

- Sweetheart, are you okay?

- My head just really hurts.

- What happened?

- He sprayed me with something.

It knocked me out.

It's disgusting.

- Is Chelsea here?

- I don't know, I don't,
Chelsea was, Chelsea was here.

- There's no one here now.

Who's this?

- I don't know.

I was knocked out.

- My God, this guy's dead.

- We have to call the police,

and we have to get
you to the hospital.

Okay, thanks.

- Oh, Eric texted.

He's gonna Jake's warehouse
and he sent the address.

We should go.

We can call the
police on the way.

Are you okay?

- Yeah, Im fine.

I'm, I'll be fine.

I'm feeling better, I just,
I wanna get away from here.

- Of course.

Come on.

Do I turn
up here, honey?

- Yeah.

Your second left.


- You okay?

Okay, take it easy love.

Five minutes.


- Help!

Someone help me please!

- Help me!

Sweetheart, there's nobody here.

It's just you and me.

- Please!


- Listen,

don't be upset.

We'll be out of here soon.

You can rest on the
way to the cabin.


We're gonna have a
great life together.

You'll see.

We can live off the grid.

Make our own little
secret garden.

Stay inside.

Lock the doors.

Alright, the ambulance
is on its way.

- This could be his truck.

That's Chelsea's slipper.

- The engine's still warm.

Alright, they haven't
been here long.

That door's locked.

Let's check around back.

- It's gonna be dark soon.

I'm calling the detective.

- Mrs. Bilson?

- Hello, detective?


- I'm sorry you're breaking up.

- Wait, hello?

I think we have
a bad connection.

- No, say that again.

You're, ah.

- Well, we think we found
Chelsea and she's with Jake.

I'm gonna text you the address.

I hope you can hear this.

- What?

- Oh, God!


Here, help me with this.

I think we can get it.


We have a hostage situation.

Alright.ll lift.

- I'm trying.



- Sorry, sorry, sorry.

- Oh my God!

Where did you come from?

- I was upstairs.

I was able to pry this
off and get the door open.

- Don't do anything that's
gonna make me hurt you.

- I came through this
tunnel and looked inside,

but I didn't really
see anything.

Looks pretty empty to me.

- It's a lot of space.

I think we should split up.

- Yeah, we have to be careful,
this guy is dangerous.

- I'm gonna see if I can
find the breaker box.

I think if I could
shut the power off

I might be able
to flush Jake out.

- We can go this way, to see
if there's any sign of Chelsea.

- Okay then, I'm
gonna go with Eric,

and you, if you see
him just stay hidden.

Okay, we just gotta
make sure she's okay.

- Right.

- Be careful.

- Be safe.

- Okay, wait here.

Wait here.
- No Eric, stop.


- Eric.



Mom, I'm in here!

- Chelsea!

- Mom!

- Chelsea, Chelsea!

Don't move!

- Okay.

Okay, I stopped.

Just don't hurt her.

- Hurt her?

I don't wanna hurt her.

You're making me hurt her.

All of this is happening
because of your mother.

We were gonna have
a life together.

You've ruined everything!

- Jake, you don't
have to do this.

- But, I do.

I'm not goin' back.

The torture.

And the drugs.

And their talk.

The voices never stop
when I'm in there!

- Mom, stop.

Be careful!

- Chelsea, it's gonna be okay.

- Why, huh?

Why is is gonna be okay?

Because mommy's gonna save her?

- Jake, listen to me.

- You're a horrible mother!

You're coldhearted, and you're
loveless, and you're cruel.

How could a mother be
so cruel to her son?

- Jake, don't you mean daughter?

- I know what I said.

I'm not gonna let you stand
in the way of my happiness.

I'm not.

You're gonna see.

Everybody's gonna see,
that love is the answer.

Okay, you just don't
understand like we do.


Right, right?

We understand, right Chelsea?

- Jake, let's talk
this through then.

Let's just talk this through.

You love her, right?

You don't wanna hurt her.

You don't want to
hurt anyone, right?

- I want you to
apologize, for being a,

for being a bad mother.

- Apologize?

- I want you to apologize now!

Apologize or I'll hurt her,
and it'll be all your fault!

- Okay, okay.

I will right now.

I'm sorry, Chelsea, I am so
sorry for not being a good mom.

- Keep going.

Say the words!

- Chelsea, I mean it when I
say that it's not your fault.

If I had done better you
wouldn't be in this situation.

You would be safe at home.

No, keep going!

- It's my fault.

You deserve better.

And I'm really sorry that I put
you in a position like this.

I'm sorry that I pushed
you into something

that you didn't want to do.

- Mom, stop!

- And Jake, if you
want to hurt someone,

hurt me, not Chelsea.

I deserve it, and not her.

- You're right.

You're right, you do deserve it.

She's perfect and
it's your fault.

- Aah!
- Aah!


- Aah!

- Ow!


Run, oh my God!

- Oh my God!


- Are you okay?

Oh God.

Are you okay?

That's good.

So, I'm so happy that
things are good with Eric!

- Yeah, me too.

I mean, it took a long time,
but I'm finally not so on edge.

- Good, because you can't
control what happened.

Yeah, I'm starting to
realize that.

- What we need to do is
focus on our studies,

and get our degrees.

You mean, my
studies and my degree?

- No, I mean we.

- Mom, you're going
back to college?

- I'm going back to
finish my degree.

- You're serious?

- Yeah.

'Cause you know I thought
we could hang out,

do the college thing together.

- Oh my gosh.

Did you join a sorority?

Very funny.

- Well, I'm proud of you.

- Hey, actually I'll tutor you.

You just have to pay me.

- Oh really?

Maybe you're gonna be the one

that has to keep up with me!