A Nanny's Revenge (2012) - full transcript

When Gina Wright finds out that both of her parents were killed and that wealthy contractor Parker Randall is to blame, she vows to get even. Securing a job as a nanny to Parker's troubled stepson, Gina moves into Randall's house with plans to make him confess his part in the crime, but soon realizes that the ruthless Randall has very dark plans of his own.

(school bell)

- See you later.
- Bye!

- Bye!

- Wait for me!

- What are you doing?

- I'm quitting!
- Come on!

- Principal McKay fired him!

- Look, I like Todd took, OK?
He's a great teacher.
But he knew better.

What he did was in violation
with the school board!

A teacher can't give a kid
a ride home in his car alone.
What if something happened?

- She missed the bus.
He went out of his way

to take her home and make sure
that she was safe.

- But there are rules
for a reason.

- Screw the rules!

- You're being selfish.

You have responsibilities.

We have a two-bedroom apartment

- There's a million teaching
positions out there.

I don't have to work
for a principal

that won't go to bat
for his teachers.
It's ridiculous!

Anyway, I'll be staying
with my parents tonight.

- Mm, these noodles are great.
- Dad, you know,

I was thinking maybe I could
come and work at Randall?

I can be an electrician,
I could be your apprentice,

I would take out my nose ring
all the time.

- I wouldn't let most of those
guys come within 50 feet of you.

They're a bunch of apes.

- Aw, Dad. You know I like the
white collar boys better anyway.

- Hm! The suits are even worse,
especially Randall himself--

that guy's a real piece of work.

- That guy has bed more women
than the dorms at Vasser.

- Mom! What a weird thing
to say!

- What?
- That's where I get it from,

right there.
- What? It's true.

- Well, you know what,

I guess I gotta get
another teaching gig.

Hey, I'm sure McKay's gonna
give me a really good reference!

- Ha!

- She does get the weirdness
from you, you know.

And the impulsiveness.
- Bah.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome. Mangi.

- How do you know how many girls
he's bed, anyway?

- I don't. I guessed.
- Oh, oh. All right.

Sounded pretty accurate.

- Hello?

- Gina. It's Todd.
- Oh, hey, Todd.

- Look, I just heard a rumour
that you quit because of me.

Is that true?
- No.

No, I just needed
a little attention.

(He laughs.)
- You're crazy, you know that?

- You know, you were one of the
best teachers at that school.

What they did to you is

- Wow. I'm flattered
and I'm stunned.

By the way, I heard that you
and Mark are getting divorced.

Why didn't you say anything?

- Well, I haven't really told
anyone except Vanessa.

- Well, listen, I wanted
to thank you

for being the only person
to stand up for me.

- Oh, self-sacrifice is
my speciality.

- Well, maybe we can
get together next week
for a drink or something.

- Yeah. OK. Call me next week.

- All right.
Good night, Gina.

- Good night.


- (man): Yeah, yeah, just let me
finish up here. Yeah, yeah.

(saw buzzing)

- (man): Yeah, what do you want?
- (man): We're finished here.

- (man): Level?
- (man): Yeah, I can get it.

- (man): Looks great.

- Ryan. You checked that,
right? It's not live?

- Transformer's off.

- Ryan! Ah!


- Oh, my god.

Call 9-1-1! We got two men down!
(alarm bell ringing)

- Get a medic!
- Oh, no.

- Someone call 9-1-1!

- Mom, what are you doing?

They don't put the good jobs
in the paper anymore;
they put them online.

- That's not true.
Here's one.

How about a nanny?
You'd make a terrific nanny.

- No, don't get me wrong, I love
kids, but until the bell rings.

Twenty-four hours a day?
I'd have to start
shooting heroine.

- Let's avoid all roads
that lead to rehab, shall we?

- Mm-hmm.
(phone ringing)

- Hello?
- [Marcella, it's Ray.]

[Tony's been in an accident.]
- What?

- Mom? What is it?
- Oh, my god.

Yes. Yes.

We're on our way.
- Mom, what happened?

- They said that there was
an accident at the site.

They're taking your dad
to St. Mary's.

- Oh, my god! Let's go!

Mom, let me drive, OK?
- I'll be fine.

- (man): And just so we're all
on the same page,

I want to break ground on this
in two months, OK?

Two months tops.
No delays.

- I spoke to Councilman Connors
Monday. We may not get the
permits before May.

- Well, then we need
to apply more pressure.

If I need to go above his head,
I will.

- Mr. Randall, I need
to speak with you.

It's urgent.

- And I need the permits
by the 1st. Understood? Good.

Excuse me for just a minute.

- (woman): Randall Construction.
Yes, he is. One moment.

- I finally get a moment
alone with you.

- What is it, Jenny?

- There's been an accident
at Shelvan Heights.

Two of the workers have been
taken to the hospital.
(He sighs.)

- Give Carl a call.
Transfer her to my office.

- Will do.
- Thanks.

Look, we'll have to finish
this discussion later.

We're gonna stay
on top of this. Good.

- Mom, how did it happen?

- I don't know. They said
he fell off some scaffolding.

- (woman): Charging.

(defibrillator charging)

- Well, how far did he fall?
- Four stories.

(flatline tone)

- Well, Mom, do you know if he--
(vehicle honking)

(defibrillator charging)

- Clear.

(flatline tone)

Let's get ready
to go again.

- (man): Let's get them out.

- All right, get ready again.
- Charging.
- Clear.

- Call 9-1-1!
- I've got a phone right here.

(flatline tone)

- Oh, we've lost him.

- Yes, yeah, she's...
yeah, no, she's not moving.

- Gina?

- (woman): Does it look
any better?

- (man): Well, the swelling's
gone down.

- Mark.

- (woman): Would you go get me
a soda, please?

- Where am...
where am I, Mark?

- You're in the hospital.

- How long have I...
have I been here, Mark?

- A few hours.

- Phew...

- Vanessa's here.

I'm gonna go find her.
- Wait, wait, wait.

- (man): Excuse me, nurse?
- Mark, where's my mom?

She's OK, she's OK,
my mom?

My mom's OK?
- She's awake.

- Vanessa.
- Hey, sweetie.

- I'm confused.

where's my mom?

- I don't think I can do this.

- I'm not... I'm not hurt
that bad.

So my mom has to be...
OK then.

Did they... did they discharge
her? There's... Oh...

No, please, please.

- She wasn't wearing
a seatbelt, sweetie.

- But she's O... OK, right?
She's OK? She's OK?

- She wasn't wearing a seatbelt.
- (crying): No, no, no...

No. No, no, no, no.
My mom is... my mom's gone.

My mom is gone.

Where's my dad?

Does he know about my...
my mom?

- Sweetie...

they tried to save him.

His neck was broken
in the fall.

- No! No! No! No! No!

No, Vanessa! No! No!

No, no, not...

Vanessa, my mom and my dad
both... No.

No, no, no. No.

No. They can't, they can't,
they can't...

- Listen, Kroker, I've already
heard from Mr. Randall.

He just wants to make sure
that the inspections logs are

court ready,
should it come to that.

- They've both been backdated
to April. Your lawyer should
receive them today.

- Today? Wow. Speedy, hmm?

And safety inspectors are
notoriously slow.

You're a credit to your kind.

- Look, I can't keep
covering your ass.

If there was ever an audit...

- Don't second guess yourself.

Parker won't let that happen.

(He sighs.)

- Mr. Randall.
- Mr. Randall,
good, you're here.

- OK, so, where
do we stand?

- Look, it was only a matter
of time before something
like this happened.

I told you before, the wiring
from that Chinese company

doesn't even pass inspection
in China.

- Do you have any idea how much
it'd cost if we bought it

from North America?
- We're not here

to discuss changing
our supplier;

we're here to deal
with a situation we've
all dealt with before.

Now, what's the problem?

- I'm just warning you guys,
the agency's going

to cover its own butt if people
start pointing fingers.

There's only so much
I can do to help here.

- Don't worry. Mr. Randall will
ensure that nobody gets bit.

- Rodney's right. I don't want
to hear about that anymore.

Nobody's going to be pointing
fingers at anybody.

Now, what I want to know is
are we all on the same page?

- Yeah.

- OK.

Electrocutions are
the fourth leading cause
of death on construction sites.

You need to make this look
like operator error.

- That's not a problem.
Consider it done.

Call me if there's
any problems.

- OK.

- You ready?

- Yeah.

I just, um... waiting
to sign the...

discharge paperwork.

Know what I realized?

Being an orphan sucks.

- I'm really worried
about you.

You've just been through so much
in such a short amount of time.

- (woman): Mrs. Jensen?
- Oh, great. Can you
tell me what to sign

so I can get the hell
out of here?

- Right here and you're
all done. Thank you.
- OK.

- (Marcella): How about a nanny?
You'd make a terrific nanny.

(phone ringing)
- Hello?

- Hey, Gina, it's Mark.
- Hey, Mark.

- How are you?

- Never better. What's up?

- Uh, some flowers came by
the house for you today

from the Pearsons.
I guess they th...

think we're still together.
Can I bring 'em by?

- Yeah, I'm... I'm just
at my parents' house.

(insects chirping)

It's weird, huh?

This is the last time...

I'll ever eat anything
that she cooked.


- I read some articles
in the paper about the accident.

- Oh, yeah?
What do they say?

Or do I even care?

- There's one in particular--
today. It struck me as odd.

- Mark, I don't feel
like reading. Can you
just tell me what it says?

- They interviewed Parker
Randall and some of his people.

They imply that your dad might
have been, uh...

- What?

- Under the influence
when it happened.

- Are you kidding me?!

They said my dad was drunk?

"Company officials are still

but Di Salvo did have a history
of intoxication on the job."

- That's what you're
up against.

- What a bastard.

(door opening)

- Shh, shh, shh.

Shh, shh, shh.

- Oh, oh. Shh...

- Hey, Gina, honey, can you
help me get your dad to bed?

(Tony coughing)
Come on.

- (man): It gives me great
pleasure to award this

to Tony Di Salvo,
who is five years sober today.

- (man): Right on, Tony!
- (man): Congratulations, Tony.

- Ryan, I am so sorry,
but... I just

need to ask you something
about the accident.

My dad...

...did he seem drunk
that morning?

- What? No.

Why... why would you
think that?

He's been so proud
of his sobriety.

- The company implied
to the sentinel that
he was intoxicated.

- Liars.
I heard a rumour

Randall's been using cheap
faulty materials for years

just to try
and save a buck.

It had nothing to do
with your dad.

- So... you're gonna
sue them?

- I haven't done anything yet,
but yeah.

I talked to a lawyer
this morning.

I'm 25 and I may never have
full use of my left side again.

If that tarp hadn't
broken my fall...

- You were very lucky.

- Listen.

Your dad was a hero that died
trying to save my ass.

That's the truth of it.

Me and my family will remember
what he did forever.

- Walter.

- Hey, Gina.
- Hi.

- I'm just...

I'm so sorry, sweetie.
- Thank you.

What's up?

- I called your place,
and your roommate said

that you were staying here.
I just thought I'd stop by
and see how you were doing.

- Thank you.

- Oh, I brought
this back too.

- Keys to the cabin.

- Yeah. Your dad was nice enough
to let me stay there
for a few days.

- It was his favourite place.

(She sighs.)

Come on.

I'll get some coffee on.

- You're the reason
he quit drinking--

he didn't want
to embarrass you
at your wedding.

- You know the kid that was
in the accident with Dad,
Ryan Hollist?

- Yeah.
- He said Dad was a hero.

- I heard he's messed up
pretty bad.

- Yeah.

You know, he's thinking
about getting a lawyer
and suing Randall?

- Well, that'd be brave,

or maybe just crazy.

- Why do you say that?

- Parker Randall's untouchable.

Last guy that tried to sue him,
he dropped the whole thing

when his lawyer unexpectedly
shot himself in his car.

He's connected
to organized crime.

- Surely a jury...
- I was working for that company

10 years before your dad
even started there.

I've seen Randall get away
with everything short of murder.

- He's not gonna get away
with letting the world think

my father was at fault
for this accident.

- Gina, don't for one minute
think that you can go up
against Parker Randall.

It's a fight you can't win.

- We'll see about that,
won't we?

- Can I help you?

- I'm here to see
Parker Randall.

- And you are...?

- Gina Jensen.

I'm Tony Di Salvo's daughter.

- Mr. Randall?
- [Yes.]

- Tony Di Salvo's daughter is
here to see you.

- [I'll be right there.]
- All right.

- Miss Di Salvo.

- Mr. Randall.

- I am so sorry to hear
about your father's death.

- No, you're not.

Otherwise you wouldn't be
telling lies about him.

- Oh, my god.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Just hold on a minute.
I never lied about anything.

- That's the wrong answer.

(Jenny screams)
That's for my father.

This is for my mother.

- Ugh!

- And this one...

is just because I feel like it.


(knocking on door)

- I'm not surprised they're
trying to pin this on your dad.

Construction's a dirty business,
and since he's not here
to defend himself.

(She sighs.)

- Can I tell you
something creepy?

I keep having dreams
about killing Parker Randall.

- Really?

- Anyway, in the dreams,
I want him to confess

that it's his fault,
and he just won't do it.

- It doesn't matter what this
Randall guy does or doesn't do.

You know that your dad's
not at fault.

- What if I need him
to admit it before
I can get better?

- You don't.

You don't, and waiting for that
to happen could mean that...

that... you never find a way
to get through this.

(insects chirping)
- (woman): Jackson, settle down.

- I'm sick and tired
of this place!

I'm sick and tired
of this stupid homework,
and I'm sick and tired of you!

- Jackson, stop it. You're
acting like a little animal!

- I hate you, Mom!

I wish I was never born!
- Lilia.

Just leave it. It's fine.

- It's OK, sweetie.

It's OK.
(Jackson crying)

- Really? Again?

(bell tolling)

- Bye.
- Melissa, thanks.

- Take care.
- Thank you.

- I am so sorry, Gina.

If there's anything you need,
please call.

I can run errands,
or make dinner,

or... just be there
to listen.

- Thank you.

I think I just need
some time.

- I'm not gonna go anywhere.

- OK.

- You ready? We should probably
get back to the house.

- I need a minute.
Is that OK?

- Oh, of course.
- OK.

Mom, Dad...

...I know I wasn't always
the daughter that you wanted.

And... you may have mentioned
a few times that I'm impulsive.

But I have thought
this one through.

Bad guys are not gonna win
this time.

I don't know
if you can hear me.

But I just wanted
to let you know.

Just wanted to let you know.

- Hey, Rod.
- Another day,
another dollar, huh?

- Make it a million.
(birds chirping)

(Jackson whistling)

- Come on, slow poke.

In you get.

Have a good day, honey.
- You always say that!

But I won't!

(She chuckles.)

- Oh, I like him already.

- (woman): If it wasn't so wet.

- (man): This lousy weather.
- (woman): I know.

They always have everything
down at the road there.

(insects chirping)

(birds chirping)
- I'm warning you.

Parker Randall doesn't like
to lose.

He'll intimidate,

berate, lie, and charm
to get what he wants.

And when that doesn't work,
he'll threaten.

That's why attorneys don't want
to go up against him.

- Then why are you taking
my case?

- I'm sick of watching him
get away with it.

- I want him to pay.

- Listen, I know him.

He'll offer a ridiculous

and when we don't take it,

things will get ugly.

Now, we're in for a long fight,

but if you trust me,
I'm up for it.

- Yeah, let's do it.
- In the meantime, get better.

I'll be in touch.

- Hi. Do you take walk-ins?
- Sure. Right this way.

- I got a call

from Ryan Hollist's lawyer
this morning.

- Oh, yeah? Who'd he get?

- Jarrett Michaels.
I know. I know.

- That little creep

just lives to make my life

- Yeah, well, I think
it's time

we started making his
a little more miserable.

- Larry, we need to make sure
that all our stories are
air tight here.

We don't have any problems here,
do we?

- No, but, uh...

- But what?

- Kroker.

He's nervous.

- How nervous?

- I think he needs
some reassurance.

- You tell Kroker I want
to have a sit down with him

and to shut up until then.

Have Jenny set it up
before the end of this week.

- Jackson, if the teacher says
you can't draw in class, then
you can't draw in class.

No arguments.
(Jackson shouting)

Would you stop throwing a fit?
- [It's not fair!]

You can either go
back in the class

and do what you're told,
or no TV--your choice.

- [All right, I'll go!]
- That's what I thought.

- [Bye!]

- Kids, huh?

- He's having a bad day.

- Haven't we all?
How old is he?

- He's eight.

Sometimes you'd swear he's 12,
and other times he acts
like he's four.

I wake up in the morning,
I never know which one
I'm gonna get.

(She laughs.)
- I could say the same
about my ex-husband.

- I know how that feels too.

- Larry's convinced that
Jarrett Michaels will turn down

any settlement offer
just to get me into court.

- Even if he does, Kroker signed
all the paperwork.

He's been at the agency longer
than any other inspector.

Nobody is gonna question him.

- I'm surprised to hear you say
that home schooling is
a good idea, because

most teachers, they think
that the classroom is better--

you know, with the socialization
and everything.

- From the little bit that
you've told me about Jackson,

I think he'd respond
really well.

You see, in a classroom,
the teachers have 20 students,

and they react to negative
behaviour in a way that
deters other kids

from joining in.
One on one, we can

focus on what he's doing right,
guide his behaviour,

make learning a better

- My husband wants to send him
away to boarding school.

- No offence, but I think
that's the worst thing
you could do for him.

- Listen to me, Carl,

I cannot and will not go
to court.

Do you understand?

- So, would you be interested?

I mean, it sounds like this home
schooling might be a good idea.

- Yeah. I... I have to meet
Jackson first, but...

...then I bring you
my teaching credentials.

- That sounds great.

And you're right, you need
to meet Jackson. Um...

can you come by around 3:30?

- Yeah, absolutely.

(birds chirping)

(car door closing)

Holy crap.


- I don't need any stupid
teacher! I hate school

and I hate you!
- Jackson, you are going to do
schoolwork one way or another.

- Hi.

- Hi.

- You must be Jackson.

- Go to hell.

- Jackson!
- No, it's OK.

- He has every right
to feel that way, every right

to express it. No big deal.

I brought for you
teaching credentials,

and then I brought you some work
from the kids in my class.

I think they're really good.

They're just about Jackson's
age. You know what I like

about this is the artist's
use of perspective--

the houses that are closer
are larger,

and the smaller ones
are farther away.
- That's easy.

I've done way better than that.
- Really?

- Wayyy better. I can show you.
- Well, I'd love to see them.

- OK. I'll be right back.

And this one, I used three
different colours of green. See?

- Wow, that's beautiful.
You know, I love how

the different greens gives
this picture texture.
- Totally.

And then this one,
I did the same thing

with the water and the blue.
- Yes, you did. That's amazing!

- You're hired.

- This one I drew when I was
kind of getting lonely.

- I can tell.
You look very lonely

in this picture.
- Yep.

- Are you sure it's a good idea
to be going up to your parents'
cabin all alone?

- Yeah. That's kind of
the point.

- What are you going
to do there?

- Uh... I don't know.

I'm gonna...
stare at the lake,

I'm gonna think
about my childhood,

and I'm probably
gonna drink.

- I still think you should be
with friends right now.

- I'll be OK, Vanessa.
- How long are you
gonna be gone?

- As long as it takes, I guess.

I'm OK.

Really. I have a lot of clarity
now about this whole thing,

and... I know what I'm doing.

I have my cell phone.

I'll see you when I get back.

- OK.

I'm gonna miss you.

- Mm.

- Jackson hasn't been able
to stop talking about you.
- Oh.

- So, I'm off to yoga
and then the golf club,

and... you have

my cell phone number?
- Yes.

- So, yeah.
- OK.

Oh, Brynn, what time does
your husband come home?

- Um, he usually gets home at
around seven, but I'll be
back by then.

I told him all about you. He's
looking forward to meeting you.

- I'm looking forward
to meeting him too.

- Hm. Bye.
- Bye.

Lilia, can I ask you
a question?
- Sure.

- What happened
to Jackson's father?

- Oh, uh, he was killed
in a car accident

when Jackson was
about two.

- Is that when Brynn started
working for Mr. Randall?

- Well, soon after, I think.

She doesn't talk much about it,
I don't ask.

- OK.
- OK.

Uh, Jackson's in his room.
- Thanks.

- This is a picture of Parker.
I call him bunghole.

- Bunghole?
- That means butt.

- I know what it means.
Why do you call him that?

- 'Cause he acts
like I'm invisible,

and whenever he's around,
Mom acts different.

- Different how?

- I don't know, all she talks
about is vacations and stuff.

- Hmm. Well, do you go
on these vacations?

- No.
- Do you ever do

anything fun with your mom,
just the two of you?

- Well, sometimes

I go to my grandparents' house
for the night. We're going
to go see them next week

for my grandma's birthday.
- Oh, yeah?

- Yeah.
- Where does she live?
- I forgot the name of the town,

but I know it takes at least
two hours to drive there,

and they have a pond
in the backyard with a duck.

- That sounds awesome.
- Yeah.

- Well, what do you think?
Should we do some schoolwork?

- No, I hate schoolwork;
it's boring.

- Not so boring when you do it
at the park.

- We could actually do that?
- It's a free country.

Why don't you put on
some play clothes,

and I'll meet you downstairs
in five minutes?

- OK.

Yeah! The park!

- Jackson?
- Yeah?

- Does Parker have any hobbies?

- Why do you ask so much
questions about him?

- Well, I ask questions about
everyone. I'm a curious person.

Aren't you?
- No, not really, actually.

- No?
- Not at all.

What is it?
- A toad. You see him?

- Oh, yeah, I see him.
- We'll go get him

and we'll take him home.
- OK.

- Go ahead. We'll keep him
for a few days and we'll

write a report about him, OK?
- OK.

(cell phone ringing)

- Hey, Vanessa. How are you?

- Good. I just wanted to make
sure you made it up
to the cabin OK.

- Yeah, everything's great.

- [Well, it's been a crazy day
here. One of the kids]

pulled the fire alarm, and--
- Gina!

- What was that?
- Uh, there's a TV.

I just un-muted it.
- Look at him.

- It sounded like
a kid said "Gina".

- Um, I'm watching
the neighbour's kid. They
just ran out for a minute.

- Is that my mom
you're talking to?
- Can I call you right back?

- OK, fine. Bye.

- Look at him. You're funny.
- You're funny.

(She gasps.)

- Hey, Mom!
- Hey, guys. How'd it go today?

Sorry I didn't get time
to cook, but I got
a little tied up.

- We found a toad, Mom,
at the park,

and we named him Cornelius.
- Wow!

- And tomorrow we're gonna look
him up online, find out what

kind of toad he is, and we're
going to read all about him.

- Mm-hmm!
- Hands-on learning. I love it.

- Always works.

- Do you want
to stay for dinner?

- I think I'll leave that
up to Jackson.

- Yes. Sit by ME.
- Of course.

- Yeah, why don't you go
gas up the car

and meet me back at the house
in about a half an hour?

That'd be great, Rod.


- So, you're going back out?

- Yeah, I'm meeting a client
for drinks.

- Must be a very important

- He is; he's in from
San Francisco for only a day.

- Honey, this is Gina.

- Oh, yes.

Jackson's new nanny and tutor.

- Nice to meet you.

- Nice to meet you.
- Hey,

sweetie, why don't you tell
Parker what you did today?

- Found a toad.

- So, uh, you live nearby?

- No, I'm in Harborsville.

- Harborsville?
That's an hour away.

- Yeah, if there's no cars
on the road and it's
not raining.

- Well, very nice
to meet you.

- Nice to meet you too.

- I'll be in my office.

- Why don't you get started?
I'll be back in a minute.

- Do you want to have
a chopstick fight?

- Yes, I do.
Gimme a minute.

- OK.
- OK.

(She sniffles.)

- Hi. I don't want to be
intrusive, but...

are you OK?

- I'm fine.

- Fine as in good, not great,

or fine, "I'm going to cry,
and I'd prefer to do it alone"?

- Probably the second one.

- You want to talk about it?

- What's the point?

It's not going
to change anything.

- Maybe not, but I am
a really big fan of venting.

- I don't know what to do

I mean, everybody thinks
I have this amazing life.

It's not what it looks like
on the outside.

- It never really is.

- Parker is a really good
provider for me and Jackson.

Probably shouldn't say
anything bad about him at all.

- OK. You want to trash my ex
for a while? It might help.

(Brynn laughs.)

- Why did you get divorced?

Did he cheat on you?

- No. No, he didn't do that.

He was a jerk in just
so many other ways.

Is that what you're afraid of?
Parker's gonna cheat on you?

- I'm pretty sure that he is.

And I can't prove it, but...

I'm pretty sure that it's Jenny,
his secretary.

Which makes me feel like
a complete idiot

since I was his secretary and
that's when we started
sleeping together,

but... I thought...

(She sighs.)
I don't know what I thought.

I guess I thought that I would
be the one he'd be faithful to.

- "Spotlight on Parker Randall.

"Will Parker Randall

the Construction Industry?"

Only if he's doing it
from prison.

- Yeah. No, whatever
you want to do.

- Hi.
- OK.

I'll check back within an hour
or so. Take care.

(phone ringing)

(insects chirping)

- They both loved you so much.

- She really does get the
weirdness from you, you know.

And the impulsiveness.
- Mangi.

- Thank you.
- They said that there
was an accident at the site!

- Listen, your dad was a hero
that died trying to save my ass.

(insects chirping)

(water running)

- Sorry, sweetie.

I didn't mean to wake you.

- Where have you been?
- Meetings.

Just got to talking is all.

(He sighs.)

I was thinking. You know,

maybe we should go ahead
and plan that trip to Aruba.

Would you like that?

You and me on the beach,

no cell phones,
no meetings, hmm?

Why don't you work out
the details?

Let's go at the end
of the month.

- I'll call the travel agent

- OK.

So... how's Jackson doing
with the new nanny?

Does he like her?

- Yeah, I think so.

He's a lot happier than he has
been in a long time.

- That's good.
She seems nice.

You know, I was thinking.

Maybe we should offer to let her
stay in one of the guest

- I thought you didn't like
strangers in the house.

- I don't, but that drive she's
doing, it's ridiculous.

- I did that drive when I was
working at the company and
living in Walteria.

- I know, I know.

I'd just hate to see her take
something else

because the drive's too far.
You might lose her.

- Why are you so concerned about
me losing her? Are you
attracted to her?

- Don't be ridiculous.

Look. Never mind.
Forget I even mentioned it.

- Well, are you?

- Actually, I was thinking what
would be best for Jackson,
all right?

- I'm surprised you even have
time to think of Jackson, you're
so preoccupied with Jenny.

- Brynn. I'm not having
an affair with Jenny
or anybody else.

Look, if you want to invite her
to stay, invite her to stay,
or don't.

I couldn't care less.

Turn out the light, please?

- I'd love to stay.

I really appreciate the offer.
The drive has been awful.

- Well, I know Jackson likes
having you close by.

So do I. It's nice having
somebody to talk to.

We'll have you room ready
in a day or two.

- Wow, what a collection!

OK, so what's the difference
between a frog

and a toad?
- A frog's a type of toad?

- That's right. And also
a toad is uglier. No offence,


I'll be right back.

but finish reading so we can
go do something fun, OK?

- I know. I know.

- "I know."

- Who are you?

- I'm Gina. I'm Jackson's nanny.
- Ah.

I'm Larry, Parker's attorney.
Is he around?

- He's in his office.
- I know the way.

- He turned down

a $2-million settlement?

- Michaels has him convinced
he can get five times more
if we go to court.

Plus punitive damages,
of course.

- Then raise the offer.

- Fine.

But we both know he's not
gonna take it.

- Well, then, we know what needs
to happen.

Because we don't go to court.

We never do.

(kids talking and laughing)

(cell phone ringing)

- Hello?
- [Hey, Gina. Ryan Hollist.]

- Oh, hey, Ryan. How are you?

- Uh, I'm not so great,
um, but I have some good news.

I'm building my case
against Randall.

[My attorney...]

Uh, I think I mentioned him
to you before--Jarrett Michaels.

He wants to meet with you.
- [Why?]

- He wants to ask you some
questions about your dad.

- Uh, of course. Ryan, have you
given any thought

to the possibility that this
might not work out?

Parker Randall has an entire
team of high-paid attorneys.

- It will, it will.

Can you come over to my house
tonight at 8:30?

I'll text you the address.

- Of course. See you then.

- Great. Later.

- This... is for you.

First-class air for you
and your family for two weeks

to my vacation home
in the Bahamas. Go.
Have some fun.

Forget about everything that's
been happening here.

I'd let you use the private jet,
but, uh...

that might not look too good.

- Thank you. Really.
Thank you so much
for this.

Leslie and the kids will be

- Well, Kroker, I appreciate
all you've done

and all you'll continue
to do. You're a friend.

And I take care
of my friends.

So... excuse us. I need to have
a word with Rodney.

- Of course. Sure.
Thanks again for this.

I'll be in touch.

- You realize what needs
to happen now, don't you?

- Just waiting for you
to give the word.

- I just did.

Let's eat.

(cars honking)

- Here you go.

- That sounds good, Rachel. I'll
see you at the club tomorrow.

OK, bye.
- (Jackson): I liked
the climbing the wall best!

- (Gina): Hi, Brynn.
- Hey, you guys!

How was your day?
- Gina took me to the fun park.

And I got all my math questions
right the first time.

- Wow! That sounds terrific.

Now go put your PJs on.
- Fine.

(Brynn laughs.)

- Can I get you a glass?

- Oh, no, not tonight. I'm gonna
drive home and pack.

- OK. Lilia's got your
guest room ready.

- Great.
- Ladies.

Come here, beautiful.

Good new today regarding
the case.
- What?

- The toxicology report came
back on Tony Di Salvo.

Drunk as a skunk
when the accident happened.

- So he was responsible
for the accident?

- Sure looks that way.
- What about the young guy,

Hollist? 'Cause if he doesn't
want to take the settlement,

then you'll still have to go
to court, right?

- Don't worry.
We're not there yet.

- You OK?

- Actually, I'm not
feeling well.

I think it's all that junk food.
I'm, uh... gonna head out.

I'll see you tomorrow?
- OK. Good night.

- Good night.

(insects chirping)

- Whoa! What are you doing here?

- Forgive the intrusion.

I'm sure you know who I am.
I work for Mr. Randall.

- You can't intimidate me
into taking the settlement.

- Are you sure about that?

- Yes, I'm sure!
Look at me; I can barely walk!

- Yeah, I did notice that.
And I noticed your arm too.

- Yeah, well, take a picture
and send it to Parker--
cheap-ass bastard.

I'm gonna be like this
for the rest of my life!

- You say that as if you're
gonna live a long time.

But you're not.

- Ugh!

(Ryan falling down stairs
and grunting in pain)

(radio chatter)

(officers talking)

- (man): Not that we know of.

- (man): Signs of foul play,
signs of foul play...

- Excuse me?
- Mm?

- What happened?

- The guy that lived there,
apparently he fell

down the stairs.
It's a terrible accident.

- Oh, my god.
- Yeah.

- Thank you.
- Yeah.

(She sighs.)

- Yeah!
(kids laughing)

(phone ringing)
- (kid): Take it!

- Gina: [Hey, Vanessa.]

- Hey. How are you?

- I'm OK for someone

who has no idea how to stitch
their life back together.

- That's not very convincing.
- What's up? You calling
to check up on me?

- Yes. Well, and to see
if you heard about Ryan Hollist.

It was on the news this morning,
but I didn't know if you were
getting TV up in the cabin.

- Yeah, I heard.

- I guess his lawyer's announced
that he's dropping the case.

Without Hollist as a witness,
he doesn't think he can win.

Randall victorious again.
It's sickening.

- Michaels may have dropped
his case, but Randall is not
gonna come out on top.

You can mark my words.
- What do you mean?

- Um, Vanessa, I can't hear you.
Can I call you back later?
Y-You're breaking up.

- OK. Bye.

(school bell)

- (Gina): Hello?
- (Brynn): There she is.

- I'm so glad you're staying!
- Me too.

I really appreciate this.
I just have to unpack,

and then we can go to the park
and take Cornelius.

- OK.
- OK.

(Brynn laughing)
- OK, sweetie.

- Are you settling in?

- Yes.

This is terrific.

- I'm glad you like it.
You need any help?

- No, I'm OK, thanks.
I'm just unpacking.

But thank you both again
for inviting me to stay.

- Well... actually,
it was my idea.
- Oh?

- Yeah. You seem to be having
such a positive influence
on Jackson, and...

you're a very interesting girl.

You remind me a little bit
of a girlfriend I once had.

- Before Brynn?

- I'm not exactly sure
when it was,

but she had the same look
as you--

very attractive.

Well... you need anything,

anything at all,
you let me know.

- OK.

(birds chirping)


- Hi.
- Jenny.

- I have some documents here
that Parker needs.

He, uh... is working from home
this morning, isn't he?

- I'll give them to him.
- They're confidential. I should

probably give it to him myself.
- I'll do it.

- (Jenny): Whatever.
- Jenny.

Jenny. What are you doing here?

- Uh, you asked me to put
your environmental reports

on your stack of stuff
last night, and I realized

this morning that I forgot
to print them.


You remember me?

I'm Jenny.
- I'm Gina.

- I think you need to get back
to the office now.

Thank you very much
for bringing them.

- You're probably right.

I'll check in with you later.

- You do that.

(insects chirping)

(knocking on door)
Come in.

- Hi.

I was unpacking upstairs

and I accidentally dropped
my necklace behind the dresser.

Do you think you could help me?
- Sure. No problem.

I'll be up in a little bit.

- Thanks. I know you're busy.

- Voila.
- Thank you.

- This is a beautiful necklace.
- My ex gave it to me.

Do you mind?

- Not at all.

Your ex...

what did he do for a living?
- He was a teacher.

- Teachers don't make
very much money.

- No. That's why
the diamond is so small.

- So, what happened, hm?
Why is he your ex?

- Honestly, I just...

I wasn't attracted to him.

- And what are you attracted to?

- I like my men dangerous.

A little dark.

- Yeah. You seem like you got
a little bit of a dark side

in you as well.
(She laughs.)

- You have no idea the things
that run through my mind.

- Oh, yeah? Like what?

- Just thoughts... that could
get me into trouble.

- Well, sometimes...

it could be very exciting
to do things you shouldn't do.

- Yes, it can.

- You get more interesting
by the minute. You know that?

You know,

Brynn is taking Jackson
to his grandmother's
this weekend.

Maybe we can continue this
discussion over dinner--alone.

- Coincidentally,
my weekend just opened up.

- And I love coincidences.

Good night.

(kids laughing and talking)
- (man): Going down, Bobby!

- Hey, stranger!

- Hi.
- What are you doing here?

- I have a meeting
with Principal McKay.
He wanted to talk to me.

- Is the school board
reconsidering your dismissal?

- Ah, it sure sounds that way.
Hey, you haven't spoken to
Gina recently, have you?

I left some flowers
outside her parents' house,
but I haven't heard from her.

- Yeah, she out at her parents'
cabin, so I doubt she got them.

- Oh. I didn't know.
- Hm.

- Maybe I should go back and get
them. I don't want to advertise
that nobody's home.

- Don't worry about it. I'll go
tonight. It's on my way.

- OK. Thanks. Well, enjoy
Gina's flowers, I guess.

- Ha! Ha! Ha! I will.

- Just, if you hear from her,
have her call me.

- I will. I will.
And good luck with McKay.

- Thanks.

- Dad...

please help me do this.

I just need him to admit
what he did.

That's it.

- It was an accident,
you stupid bitch! They happen!

- Tell me the truth!

- I'm telling you the truth!
I had nothing to do with it!

What, you think I want people
who work for me to die?

It was a tragedy.

But it wasn't my fault.

- I know you killed
Ryan Hollist.

I know you paid someone off

to alter my father's
toxicology report.

So don't give me your BS
about employee appreciation!

I'm giving you
one last opportunity

to tell me the truth.

One more chance!

Before I put a bullet
in your thick skull.

- All right, look,

I had the report altered
in case we went to court.

But I didn't kill Hollist!
- Liar!

- OK... OK!

I ordered the hit.

I couldn't take any chances.


You happy?!

You happy now?!
You got what you wanted?!

I really wanted her to meet
Gramps and Grams.

- Mm, I know, but she said
she has to help her friend move.

- Oh, yeah.

- Yeah, you're gonna see her
in a couple of days.

- OK, Mom.
- OK. Get in the car.

- Well... you guys have a...

have a great time.

And I'll see you on Sunday.

- (Brynn): We're gonna miss you.

Remember you promised?

- And I keep my promises.

The only thing I'll be doing
all weekend is working.

I promise.

OK, let's go.
You drive safe.

Let me know when you get there,
give me a call, OK?

Have fun.


(door opening)

So... finally,
just you and me, huh?

- And Lilia?
- She'll be gone by the time
we get back from dinner.

That is, if you still want
to have dinner with me.

- I would.

- Good.

I'll have Rod pick you up
at, uh, 7:30?

- OK.

(dog barking faintly)

(ringing on other end)

(cell phone vibrating)
- Well, that is very nice.

And they're all talking.

What are these?
That's very good.

Oh, very pretty.
A rainbow.

Excellent job.


(birds chirping)
(traffic noise)

(cell phone ringing)

- I need to take this, so
give me a minute, will ya?
- (with annoyance): Sure.

- Hey, honey.

(subdued voices nearby)

Any place in Aruba is fine
with me.

You and the travel agent just
figure it out and book it.

I'll see you when you get back.
Have a great weekend.


(ringing on other end)
- [Hello?]

- Hi, Mark, it's Vanessa.
I got your message.

You said you have some papers
for her to sign?

- Transfer of title for our car
and a few other things.

I don't wanna just drop 'em off
at her parents' place. I thought
maybe you could give 'em to her.

- Uh, I can. I don't know
when she'll be back.

I honestly don't know
where she is.

- What do you mean?
- [She said she was]

at her parents' cabin,
but... I don't know.

Something weird is going on
with her. She's been evasive.

Like, every time I call,
she either doesn't answer

or she has some excuse
why she can't talk.

- Now you got me worried.

Do you think one of us should
go up there?

- Well, I'll go if you tell me
where it is.

- Even if I gave you

[the address, it's impossible
to find.]

How about we both head up there
after school?

- OK. That sounds good. Um,
I'll be done by four o'clock.

- [Fine. I'll pick you up then.]
- Great. OK, thanks.

- [Bye.]
- Bye.

- So, uh...

according to your schedule,
you're free tonight.

- Actually, I promised Brynn
I'd be home for dinner.

- Look, if you don't spend time
with me, other men will.

- I really don't have time
for this, OK?

- Look! Make time!

I'm not just some worthless doll
that you can throw back

into your toy box
when you're done!

- I am married.

And regardless of whatever

fantasy land you live in,
that is not gonna change!

So if you think that
the dinners, the jewellery,

the weekend trips
to five-star hotels,

are me treating you
like some doll...

that could all end right now.

Is that what you want?

I didn't think so.

So, since we are on the subject,
let me add one more thing.

If you ever--and I mean ever--
pull a stunt like you did
the other day...

- What stunt?

- Come into my house uninvited!

If it ever happens again,
our "relationship"...

will take a serious turn for
the worse. Do you understand?

(phone ringing)

It's Rod. I need to take it.

Hey, Rodney.
What'd you find out?


That's interesting.

(birds chirping)

- Isn't this game fun, Grandma?

Gina taught it to me.

- It's the best game ever.

- Come on, Mom.
It's your turn.

- Sorry.

Do you have any threes?

- Go fish.
- Ah.

(Grandma laughing)

- Why would she lie?

I mean, what could she be doing?

- Who knows? Gina never thinks
anything through.

Everything's on impulse.

- I know, but she can't help it;
she's wired that way.

- It's frustrating, though.
- Yes, but...

is that really any reason
to leave someone?

You knew that about her
when you married her.

- When we were dating,
I thought I could handle it.
It turns out that I couldn't.

- Good night.

- Have a nice dinner.

- (Vanessa): Glad
I let you drive.

- (Mark): No sweat.

Here we are.
- (Vanessa): Finally.

- Something wrong, miss?

- No.

Everything's fine.

- I don't think she's here.

(thunder rumbling)
- Hey, it's the neighbour.

Maybe they've seen her.
- OK.

- Hi.
- Hi, folks.

I saw your car lights drive up.
Can I help you?

- Uh, we're looking
for Gina Jensen.

Her parents, Tony and
Marcella, owned this place.
Do you know if she's been here?

- Brown-haired girl

with an earring in her nose?
- Yeah.

- No. Haven't seen her
in ages.

Nobody's been in this place
since Tony's buddy Walter was
up here... about a month ago.

(Mark sighs.)
- OK. Thanks.

- Ah, you're welcome.

- Screw him.

(earpiece beeping)

(cell phone ringing)
- What happens next, Jackson?
Keep reading--I'm intrigued!

- "Then the black bear opened
his eyes."

(cell phone ringing)
- (Grandma): Carry on.

- "The last thing he ever..."
- Hello?

- Hi, Brynn. It's, uh, Jenny
from the office.

- Yes?

- I tried to reach Parker
on his cell, but, uh...

I just need to ask him
a quick question.

- He's not with me.
- Really? Well, he said

he was leaving the office early
to have dinner with you.

- He said we were having dinner
together? When did he say that?

- Look, uh, could you get him
to call me

as soon as you see him?
I'd really appreciate it.

(lounge piano music)

(subdued conversations)

- Well, well, well.

You look stunning.

- Thank you.

This is a beautiful place.

- Glad you like it.
Please, sit.

- Hey, Jackson, there's been
a little emergency at home, OK?

So I'm gonna go home. I'll come
back and get you tomorrow?

- OK.
- OK, Mom?

- Is everything all right?

- It's just something
I have to handle.


- Cheers.
- Cheers.

- Did she say anything else
about what she was doing?

Where she was?
- No.

- But you had a hunch she was
lying about being in the cabin.

- I don't know.
A combination of things.

I called her one day,
and there was

a child in the background
calling her by name.

And it doesn't sound like
anything, but she was weird.

A-And then I went
by her parents' house

to pick up the flowers
that Todd had left, and--
- Todd? Who's that?

- Just... a guy we know
from school.


it was like she was there.
She'd been there.

The-the flowers were gone,
and the mail had been picked up,

(She sighs.)

- Well, let's go see
if she's there.

- Italy is so beautiful.

You should go there

- I'd love to.

I've never had anyone
to take me.

- Well...

now that you're
Jackson's nanny,

maybe we can work
something out.

- Gina?


- Vanessa.

Maybe we'll find something
in her emails.

- Everything all right?

You don't like your steak?

- It's lovely.

I just have other things
on my mind.

- Really?

I'd like to hear about some
of those other things.

- Actually... I'd prefer
to show you.

- Waiter?
- Yes, sir?

- I'd like to box these up
and take these to go. Thank you.

- Right away.

- Check this out.

- An article
on Parker Randall.

- And in her search history...

Lots of articles about Parker.

Pretty much every day since
she got home from the hospital.

- Randall has a stepson.
- Does that mean something?

- It might.
When I called her...

there was a kid
in the background
calling her name.

And when I asked her who it was,
she said something about

taking care of somebody's kid.

- She wouldn't do something
crazy, would she? Like...

try to get close
to Parker's kid?

- She holds Randall responsible
for her dad's death.

I know that much.
- Really?

- And she said something

dreaming about killing him.

No, no, no, no.
This is insane.

- What-what are you thinking?

- How do we find out
where he lives?

- We're not alone.

- He's paid not to look.

- Let's just wait
till we get home.

- I'll try.

- Finally.

I'll be right back.

- I'm not going anywhere.

- Damn you.

- Do you want me?

- You know I do.

- Do you think you can
handle me?

- There is not a doubt
in my mind.

- Spontaneity is overrated.

I'm in control.

- You asking for my permission?

- No.

- Is this what you're
looking for?

- What's going on?

- Gina Di Salvo.

I hope you don't mind if
I call you by your maiden name.

I take it you were gonna kill me
in retaliation

for your father's death?

- I didn't want to kill you.

I just wanted
to make you confess.

- There's nothing to confess to.
I didn't do anything wrong.

- You got away with killing Ryan
Hollist, but how do you think
you're gonna cover up my death?

- Your death?
No body, no murder.

You're just gonna vanish.
No one will know

if you're dead or alive.
Since you have no immediate
family, no one will even care.

- How did you find out
about me?

- We can thank Ryan Hollist
for that.

He left a private email
wide out in the open.

You see, Rod was always curious
about who you were.

So he did a little

He called me
this afternoon.

And we know that Jensen was
your married name.

So I had him do a thorough
investigation of the house

while we were at dinner.
Guess what he found?

- Parker...

no one has to die.

I promise, I'm not gonna
tell a soul.

- You mean forget all this ever
happened and, what, let you go?

Let me think about that.

Nah, sorry.

Can't let that happen.

But since you are in my bed...

I'd hate to waste a perfectly
good opportunity.

(She gasps.)
- No!

(Parker and Gina struggling)
No! No! No!

- (Parker): Don't be a tease,

- (Gina): No, get off! Get off!

- Is that want you want?

- Get off!
- You want this.

- No!
- You've been wanting me so bad.

- Get off of her!

- Brynn.

(Parker panting)

Now just h...
This is not what you think.

- The hell it isn't.
- This woman, she's not--


- I'll call 9-1-1!
- Don't.

- He'll die!

- I know.

Is this your gun?

- That's my gun, but I can--
I can explain that gun.

- You don't need to explain.

He had it coming.

All those affairs.

All that humiliation.

- No, Brynn. Brynn.

You'll go to prison, Brynn.

- I'm not going anywhere.

'Cause you're the one
who shot him.
- What?

- Sorry you're gonna have
to take the fall for this,
but I don't have a choice.

You thought you could rob us
went we went away.

Then Parker came in
and you shot him.

When I came in, you tried
to shoot me.

Somehow, I managed
to get the gun away

and I shot you
in self-defence.

- Brynn... Brynn,
that's insane.

Don't, Brynn, please?
- Sorry.

- Brynn.

- Ugh!

(both grunting with effort)

- That's it. California Street.

- That's it.

- That's her car.

- Yeah.

She's here.

- Damn it.

- Was that a gunshot?
- I'm calling the police.

Please... hurry.
- What should we do?

- Stay put.

- What if she's been shot?

- We have no idea
who's doing the shooting.
The cops are on their way.

- I'm not giving up, Gina.

I have worked too hard
and waited too long

to lose all of this.

I know you're in here.

- We're the ones who called.
There were shots inside.

- Get in the car and stay there!

(door slammed in)

- Drop the gun! Put it down!
- OK! OK! OK!

She shot her husband! He's
upstairs in the master bedroom.

- She's lying! She... she's
the one who shot my husband!

- Check upstairs.

- There's a tape recorder.
It recorded everything.
- (Brynn crying): No!

- Cuff 'em both.
- It's in my bag.

(Brynn crying)

- Everything's going so well.
- Yes!

- It's amazing. It's so nice.
- Oh, thanks.

Hey! These just arrived.

They're from Mark.
- (others): Aww!

- You can just put those
in another room.

- Ah.
(people laughing)

And next.
- Who's this from?

- From me.
- From you?

- Jackson picked it out

- Thank you, Jackson.

(She gasps.)
- (others): Aww!

- It's Cornelius!
Thank you, Jackson.

- I told you
she'd like it. Hey?

- This is a group gift
from a bunch of the teachers.

- Oh, my gosh.

Thank you.
- You're welcome.

- I just hope it comes
with instructions.

(others laughing)

- A hundred bucks says
you'll lose the instructions

before you ever put that thing

- Well, that's true.
I lose everything.

- Yeah, you do.

- (others): Oooooh!

(others laughing)

- No! More presents?

- (Gina and others): Aww!


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