A Murder to Remember (2020) - full transcript

A couple whose one-year anniversary camping trip turns deadly for the husband, leaving the wife alone in the wilderness. When she accepts help from another camper, she ends up putting her life in his hands.

hey, it's gonna be okay.
It's almost over.

You just have to hold on
a little longer.

it's gonna be okay. I promise.

don't you dare.

it's talking to me.

Don't you listen.
Have a tootsie pop.

can I help you?

There was an accident.
A-a bad one.

My husband, javier, was shot.

Yeah, we were,
we were, we were hunting

and the gun just went off.

Mavis, I got this.

I'm gonna have you
take a seat, mister...

- Sam turner, ma'am.
- That's a nasty cough.

Mavis, just fetch him
some cold medicine.

Here, have a seat, mr. Turner,
while I talk to...

Robin... Rivera.


Now I heard the part
about your husband being shot.

You want to tell me
how that happened?

Start at the beginning,
don't leave anything out.

Javier, that's my husband...

We met at school.

He was the goof, class clown,

always trying
to make people laugh.

But he had the best heart.

You and javier,
how long you've been married?

One year tomorrow.


go on.

We were celebrating
our anniversary

and javier thought
it would be fun to go camping.

In October?

Thought it might be romantic

to be alone
in the wilderness together.

He's the only thing I needed
to keep me warm.

♪ there's one more decision
a secret to keep ♪

♪ that you wait around to say ♪

♪ I'll make the promise... ♪♪

are you gonna tell me what it is?

"are you gonna tell me
what it is?" shh!

- Stop! Stop!
- Tell me!

- Tell me! Okay.
- Hold on! Hold on, hold on!

Now, remember, mrs. Rivera,
the first anniversary

is supposed to be something
made out of paper.


What's it?

What? Babe!


"may our marriage
last one year for every piece."

oh, my god. I love it!

Ah, it still feels so weird.

I mean, even after a year when
someone calls me mrs. Rivera,

you know what I do?

I look around for your mom.

Ooh, speaking of my mom, she's
gonna swing by the apartment

and, uh,
and drop off some tamales.

Isn't it bananas
finally having our own place?

Seeing my dad
in his underwear every morning

was driving me bananas.

♪ I spent all night
in your arms ♪

♪ just scared
that I would fall ♪

♪ I know I'll be by your side ♪

♪ till california calls ♪♪

♪ it's a cold night
in your arms ♪

♪ scared that I would fall ♪♪♪

- what?
- There's more.

Okay, nothing
could be better than this.

Check under your seat.

I... I... Love it.

Yeah. It was my grandmother's.

She will be so happy to know
you're wearing it.

I'll never take it off.

- it's perfect!
- Not quite what I imagined.


I-I know it's not our trip to
hawaii like you asked, I just...

Hey, you promised me thailand!

thailand, hawaii,

peoria, wherever you want, babe.

'cause we're gonna
travel the world together, hm.

It's nice to be together.

No work, no parents, just you
and me, alone in the wilderness.

Oh, alone? Well, uh...

Except for all the other people
here who's camping with us.

Well, I guess we gotta be
extra quiet, then.

Come on.

I can't believe you
never went camping out before.

I did an overnight
with my girl scout troop...

Oh, backyards don't count.

at least there
weren't any animals out there

looking to get me,
wanting to eat me.

Can't believe ms. Fearless
is scared of all the cute little

bunnies and deer
and everything in the woods.

- I'm not scared, okay?
- Okay, good.

Because there's nothing
to be scared of.

I know.

Well, um,
except for maybe, uh...

Except what?

El cuco!

- Who's el cuco? No.
- Oh, you've never heard of him?

He's like the boogeyman,
wandering through the woods

looking for people to eat,
or if you're unlucky,

he'll make you his slave
for life!

but I don't think
you have to worry about that.

Because el cuco
only eats children.

Oh. Well, then you're the one
who needs to be scared.

- Really?
- Because you act like a child.

but, seriously,
stick to the trails.

People get lost out here
all the time, even on day hikes.

Then I'm sticking to you
like glue.

- Let's get back to the campsite.
- Okay.

Oh, heavy.

look, there's the sign for
the campsite. We're almost there.

you're just
excited about the fishing.

that's not true, I'm excited

about fishing and time with you.

guess we aren't
the only ones who thought

it'd be quiet out here
'cause it's off season.

I just hope no one gets

in the way of my fishing.

Look, wa-ha-ha...

So I bet your dad I'd catch
enough fish to make us all

fish tacos when we got home.
But sounds doable, right?

I was thinking like five fish...

you're gonna catch five fish?

- Oh, I will.
- You've never even gotten one!

- I'm a fishing machine.
- Um...

you don't believe me!

I believe you
think you can fish.

I think we should start fishing
before it gets dark.

I can't believe
you made that bet with dad.

stop! Please stop!

And I'm gonna
prove him wrong. Okay?

And then I'm gonna make him

the best fish tacos
north of guadalajara.

- Good luck, fishing machine.
- Okay?

not one bite.

That smells good.
What's for dinner?

Hm. Delicious
freeze-dried chili.

- Ooh!
- Not as good as fresh fish.

Mm. Well, dessert will
more than make it up to you.

I want that to be us someday.

A bunch of kids and our parents
and our friends and their kids...

That's a lot of people
to fit in one station wagon.


wake up, sleepyhead.

Early bird
catches the fish, babe.

We can't let
a little rain stop us.

I had... The worst nightmare.

I was, I was in the woods and
there was this man chasing me

and I was screaming your name,
and-and you wouldn't answer me.

- That's 'cause el cuco got me.
- Still not funny.

I have
the most beautiful, sexiest,

worst fisherman wife
a man could want.

Why-why would I go anywhere?

I know. But it still scared me.

I-I was, I was just
talking to jake.

He said there's a stream
up the way

they just salted a few days ago.

Thanks for the coffee, jake.

hey, I've been thinking about

why you're not catching

Oh, yeah?

Yeah, it might be
your choice of bait.

- hm...
- Heh-heh.

Let's try some new bait.

Real magic's right there
in the dirt.

Earthworms are the best bait.

- Get digging, babe.
- Okay.

- Oh, oh, god.
- Ha-ha-ha..

- Ew-ew, no. You, you do this.
- Well, okay.

ew. No. No, no, no, no, no.

javy? Javy, where are you?





Come on, it's not funny.

Javy, you're scaring me!
Please, where are... Ah!

- It's me, it's me.
- I-I was lost.

And I had no idea
where you were and I just...

Hey, calm down,
I was just putting

our stuff back in the car.


that stream was a bust.

It's freeze-dried lasagna
for dinner.

Hey! Over here!

Oh, god.

Oh, am I so glad
to see you folks.

I've been stuck out here, man,
I-I can't get her to move.

Oh, I'm sorry.
Where are my manners?

I'm sam turner.
It's a pleasure, man.

Hey... What do you say?

Hm. Yeah,
I'm sure we can get it out.


Yes! You're amazing! Thank you.

Robin, get in
and give it gas when I say.


I can't tell you
how much I appreciate this.


Come on. Come on. Ah...

yes! Hey.

whoo! Yes!

Oh, my gosh,
I cannot thank you folks enough.


So what-what, what brings
you guys out here, anyway?

Fishing. We just, uh, heard they
salted the stream up the way.

I know these woods
like the back of my hands

and that stream
is not worth swimming in.

Someone sent you
to the wrong spot.

I, I kinda figured that.
We didn't catch anything.

Well, look, uh, I heard
they were dumping fish

a little further up that way.
I can show you where it's at.

Right? I mean,
you helped me with my truck.

Make us even?

- Our gear's back in...
- I don't know. I...

I think we're just gonna walk
back to the camp and...

Just hold on. You know,
just give us a sec-second.

- He seems nice.
- You think everyone is nice.

have you seen the guy's
car? It looks like he's living in it.

Honey, please don't let me
go home empty-handed.

Your dad will never
let me live it down.

Look, I don't wanna butt in, but
it's my own secret fishing spot,

it's only
a couple of miles away.

The other day I caught a trout
bigger than she is.

- Okay. Let's do it.
- Yay! Alright.

Hop in, I'll bring you
back to your car

and you can follow me
from there.


♪ oh-oh-oh-oh ♪

♪ and I won't hide ♪♪

♪ oh-oh-oh-oh ♪♪♪

like the back of his hand, huh?

It feels like we've been
driving around in circles.

don't be like that.

And how would you even know
where we are?

The woods look exactly the same
everywhere we go.

I'm pretty sure I've seen
that turn off like twice already.

come on, javy, be nice.

I must have been daydreaming,
man, I-I feel silly.

Man, I took a wrong turn
back at the fork.

That's about two miles back.

Yeah. Yeah.

so what should we do?

Well, uh, we could camp here
for the night.

I think we should head back.

But it's getting dark
and we already decided

to camp out anyways.

Yeah, we'll wake up bright
and early, catch those fish!

We could get lost. And we don't
want el cuco to get us, right?


I-I guess
we're camping here tonight.


I love you.

javy, javy, look, look, a deer.

- It's so beautiful.
- What are you doing?

Baggin' myself a deer.
You wanna come?

What do you think dad's gonna
think about deer tacos?

I don't know. He'll be too busy
eating my fish tacos.

Hey, wait for me!


And you saw the gun go off?

Then what happened?

robin. Robin, you saw it,
I just handed him the gun.

no, no.

Robin. Robin, robin. Robin!

Robin, get back here,
you'll get...

You're gonna get lost out there!


Robin, you're gonna
get lost out there!

You're gonna get hurt
out here, robin!

robin! It was an accident!
You saw it was an accident!

Hey! You need
to calm down. Okay?

We have to get out of here.
We have to go get help.

Okay? Come on.

I was so upset, I just took off.

I-I, I got us lost.

If sam hadn't been there,
I don't think it...

No, I, I-I know

I would have never found my way
out of those woods.

Sam saved my life.

- Mom!
- Oh, oh, oh.

It's so awful,
I just, I just wanna die, too.

- Oh...
- Mrs. Johnson?

What's going on here?
My son-in-law is dead?

- Why is my daughter being held...
- ma'am, please.

If you'll come with me,
I'll explain everything.

- Do I need to call a lawyer?
- Robin is not under arrest.

Why don't you come on
back to my office?

No, no, no, no, no. Mom, please,
please don't leave me...

No, no, no, no!
I'm not going anywhere.

Look, I'm just going
right over there, look!

You can see me.

I promise,
I am not leaving without you.

javier was shot.

It appears to be
a hunting accident for now,

but until we complete a proper
investigation and autopsy,

we're not gonna know
a whole lot.

A hunting accident?
But with whose gun?

Neither javier
nor my daughter own one.

The gun belonged to that man,
mr. Turner.

But... Well...

Apparently, when mr. Turner
handed your son-in-law his gun,

it accidentally went off.

- Robin said that...
- robin saw it happen?

Oh. My poor baby.

Oh, my god, have you called
javy's parents?

Oh, I can't even imagine.
They're gonna be devastated.

Where is he?

His remains are still out there.

It'll be too dark for us
to do anything tonight,

but believe me, we will be
out there first light.

"his remains."

- oh, my god.
- Look, take a breath.

Let things settle,
and take robin home.

she said
I can take you home now.

No, mom, please, j-just bring me
back to your house.

- Shh. Of course, of course.
- Please.

That's what I meant.

hey, robin, uh, I'm...

I just wanna say
I'm sorry for everything.


Mom, this, this is sam.

Without him I would have
never made it out of the woods.

Uh, sam turner, ma'am.

Thank you, mr. Turner,

for... Bringing robin home safe.

Of course.

Hey, robin.

I just want you to remember
what I promised.

I, I'm always gonna be around
no matter what happens,

uh, keeping my eye on you
and, and your mom.

Bye, sam.

we're gonna put you up in a motel tonight

and I'll have a doc swing by
to check you out there.

Then tomorrow we're gonna
go back in those woods

and you're gonna show me
what the heck happened.

And let's just hope the animals
don't get to the body

before we do.

why don't you lie down
for a little bit

and I will bring you
a cup of noodle soup?

- No, mom...
- I'll be...

I'll be right back, baby.

- I'll be right back.
- No!

Let me just get the phone.

I'll be right back,
I promise you.

I promise you.

hello? Oh!

I'm so, so sorry.

Why don't, why don't
both of you come over?


yeah, robin's here now.

Right, okay.
I'll-I'll see you soon.

That was ana. She and emiliano
are on their way over.

No, no, I don't wanna see them.

- Are you sure?
- What did I just say?

- I don't want to see them!
- Alright, alright.

Uh, I'll tell them
that you're just,

you're not up to it yet.

I don't know what to tell them.

It's my fault he died.

I don't know what to do
to make them feel better, I...

No, no, no, robin,
no one is blaming you.

This was a tragic accident,

and everyone is struggling
to come to terms with it.

Now, baby, I am here for you

and I will help you
in any way I can.

thanks, mom.

Okay, uh, I'm sorry,
I just need to see

if I can get a hold of ana
before she leaves.

stop it.

Stop it. Stop it. Stop it.
Stop it. Stop it!

Run! Robin! Robin, get up!
Hurry, they're coming!

Robin! Come on, we gotta go
or they're gonna kill us both!

good morning, sweetheart.
How are you feeling? Hungry?

Mom, it wasn't a dream, was it?

I'm so sorry, sweetheart.

You're grieving.
Take as long as you need.

There's no time limit

when it comes
to losing someone you love.


That is so beautiful.

Javy gave it to me.
It was his grandmother's.

I miss him so much.

I know you do.

What am I gonna do?

You're strong, robin.
Much stronger than you think.

You're gonna get through this...

And I'm gonna be right here
with you the whole way.

Thanks, mom.

Why don't you go take a bath

while I make us
some breakfast, okay?

it was an accident!
You saw it was an accident!

stop it.

you're such a sweet girl.

Stop it. Stop it. Stop it.
Stop it. Stop it. Stop it.

Robin! Oh.

It's okay. Let it out.

Cry, you scream,
whatever you want. Talk to me.


It's all foggy
in my head, but...

I don't think
it was an accident.

I think...

I think
sam killed javier on purpose.

- what's your name?
- Sam turner.

- Where do you live?
- Uh...

- Uh, here and there, you know?
- What do you mean?

Uh, well, um, I'm between places
at the moment.

alright. You got the
baseline? We good to do this?

- Yeah. Good to go.
- Alright.

Let's get the hard one
out of the way.

Did you shoot javier rivera?


But it was an accident.

I would never hurt anyone.

In your statement you said that
you forgot to put the safety on.

- Is that correct?
- Yes.

Uh, I handed the gun to javier,

but, honestly, uh,

I was kinda distracted
when I did it.

Robin was
kind of flirting with me,

making me uncomfortable.

What exactly
was mrs. Rivera doing?

Ah, well,
I don't, I don't know, she...

I mean, I could just tell
she liked me, you know?

so just to be clear here,

you're saying that mrs. Rivera
flirted with you

and this distraction is what
made you shoot her husband?

No. No. No,
that's not what I'm saying.

It's my fault,
you know, distracted or not,

I should've checked
the damn safety.

After mr. Rivera was shot,
did you move the body?

Lord, no, no,
I didn't touch him.

But robin did.

- Robin did that?
- Yeah.

Look, I don't wanna talk badly
about robin.

She's a nice kid, but...

You know,
after the accident I thought

she was
a little... Out of control.

So you think
that a woman being emotional

after she's just watched
her husband die

is out of control?

I'm just telling you what I saw
and how it made me feel.

Is everything
you've told me today the truth?

Yes, ma'am.
Honest truth, I swear it.


Thank you for your cooperation,
mr. Turner.

It's greatly appreciated.

Where is she?

I demand to speak
with the sheriff.

- Mrs. Johnson?
- Oh!

Javier's death
was not an accident.

Sheriff, I am so sorry, she just
barged in, all worked up.

What did you do?

- That man is responsible for...
- mrs. Johnson...

What did you do,
you son of a bitch?

Mrs. Johnson,
the middle of the station

is not the place
to discuss this.

- What did you do?
- Mrs. Johnson!

I don't know
what she's talking about.

Robin, tell her
I didn't do anything wrong.

- Mr. Turner, you're free to go.
- Free to go?

Did you hear what I just said?
This man...

- Mrs. Johnson, robin.
- Is resp...

in my office right now.

you are letting that man go!

Look, I know that this is
a traumatic time for you both,

that it is not easy
to lose a loved one.

However, you need
to calm the heck down.

I can't have you
causing a ruckus

and threatening witnesses...

Oh, he's no witness.

- You need to arrest the man.
- Arrest him for what?

You don't just point at someone
and I put them in jail.

That is not how the law works.

You need to tell the sheriff
exactly what you told me.

She needs to know what kind
of man she's dealing with.

- He murdered javy.
- Just-just...

Mom, I just, I just,
I just wanna go home. Okay?

Please. Tell her, baby.
It's really important.

It's all just
flashes of memory in my head.

I don't remember, okay?
It's just, it's all blurry.

But I think
sam, sam kidnapped me.

- Held me hostage in the woods.
- Hostage?

Javier, my husband,
af-after he got shot,

sam kept, kept me in the woods
for a really long time.

Okay, robin, I need you
to tell me something

because I'm in the dark here.

Now, I thought
that this happened yesterday

when you and mr. Turner
came into the station.

But you're telling me
that's not the case.

When exactly did javier die?

On the second day, Monday.

And then sam just took me
really deep into the woods

and, well, I was just lost,
I don't know where I was

and I thought we were going
to be there forever.

That's five days ago.

You were in the woods
with that man for five days?

I-I-I don't know! Okay?

I don't know
what happened to me.

I, I don't know what...

I don't know!

okay, come on now.

Come on. Come on.

Javy said people die out here...

Even if it's just Sunday hikes.

Yeah, I reckon, you know,
there's lots of places

to get lost, and no one
would ever find your body.

I just, I can't stop shaking,

and I'm really thirsty.

Oh, I guess you should've
thought of that before you ran.

That came out wrong. I, uh,
I have a canteen in my pack.

Uh, okay, well, I guess
this is as good a place as any

to stop for the night.

Have you ever made camp before?

Okay, well, uh,
let's get some firewood

and I'll get a fire going.

I said, let's get some wood.

I'm just, I'm just really tired.
I just wanna stay here.


It's not safe out here.

We have to stick together,

If you don't do what I say,
you're gonna die.

- Good girl.
- I-I'll go with you.

You do what I say and, uh,
and listen to me when I talk,

I appreciate that.

hey, uh,
I know you probably don't know,

but I'm a lot more important
than you realize.

I do something special and I'm
not supposed to talk about it.

It's the kind of thing you,
you get on a need-to-know basis,

but I figured I could tell you.

You know? That's why you have
to do everything I say.

It's like
we're on a secret mission...

I'm your commanding officer.

Attention, soldier!

Stop! Stop!

Robin, come back!
Well, I was just fooling!

Please! Just let me go!

Please, just leave me alone!


I told you not to run.

You should... You just...

you should let,
leave me alone. You just...

You just leave me here.

- I'll just-just slow you down.
- Shh!

Look, if I left you here,
you won't be alive.

Okay, I told you
I'm a special person.

My name's not sam. It's kent.

I work for a secret
government agency.

It's called the organization.

That helicopter? That's them.

They're trying to track me.

They're the reason
I had to kill your husband.

He figured out what I was,
and he could be one of them.

Okay? Okay, let's go.

he said that the
organization made him do it.

That's, that's all
I can remember.

Okay, robin.

Is everything
you've told me today true?

You need to say the word.


That's enough for now.
Thank you, robin.

I know this wasn't easy for you,
and I appreciate you doing it.



Hey, reach out
to russell stafford

at the justice department,
he owes me a favor.

Ask about a government agency
called the organization.

And send mrs. Johnson
in here, alright?

your mother's here, robin.

You okay, baby?

So, are you gonna arrest
this son of a bitch?

Well, right now
we have zero proof

that sam turner
committed a crime.

Which means, we have
no grounds to arrest him.

You've got to be kidding me!

Did you not hear
what my daughter just told you?

She took a polygraph,
for god's sakes.

We have no physical evidence

that mr. Turner
committed a crime.

It's robin's word against his.

And mr. Turner... Uh,

he passed his polygraph.

But he-he-he killed javier
on purpose.


You've suffered
a tremendous shock

and maybe because of it, your
memory's playing tricks on you.

But what I told you
was the truth.

Hey, baby, will you go get me
a cup of coffee?

I wanna talk to the sheriff
for a minute.

Look, mrs. Johnson,
there's something else

I need to talk to you about.

I believe my daughter.

If she says this is
what happened, it happened.

I believe robin believes
this is what happened,

and the human brain is real good
at playing tricks on us.

It comes up with ways
to avoid painful truths

and makes up
with all kinds of stories

to help us cope with our guilt.

It can make us believe things
that just aren't true.

Right now I strongly suggest

that you get robin
some counseling.

Explain the missing days.

What were they doing
all that time?

It makes no sense, unless
you know that man is a murderer

and he was holding my daughter
against her will.

We won't know anything for sure

until we get the autopsy report
for time of death.

Mrs. Johnson,
I am looking into this.

But the best thing
you can do for robin

is to get her some help.

Oh, I can't believe

you'd believe the word
of some stranger

who wanders around in the woods
over my daughter!

Robin failed her polygraph.



robin, what's going on?

Do you see that?
I think they're following us.

Keep driving, mom, please.
Don't-don't-don't stop.


oh, it's the organization,
they, they found me,

just like sam said
they, they would.

what are you talking about?

they know where we
live. They're going to kill me.

- No one's going to kill you.
- You weren't there.

You don't know!
Mom, please, don't stop!

Don't pull in. They're right
behind us, mom, please.

- Baby.
- Please, don't, mom!

- Please.
- You're not making any sense.

Calm down, robin.

Robin, what is happening
with you?

That's just mrs. Daniels, robin.

Hi! Hello, celeste. Robin.

Hello, mrs. Daniels.

I, I-I thought, I thought
they were following us.

Oh! Oh, baby.

It is what happened, okay?

Just... Parts
that I can remember.

Of course, it is. I believe you.

I don't care what that
stupid lie detector test said.

Do you think I'm losing my mind?

Of course not.

And whatever happened
out in those woods,

that man is never going to touch
you again. Do you hear me?

Over my dead body, anyone
ever going to hurt you again.

Now come on.

And I'm gonna be right here

if you need anything.

this is donnie from the state police.

Check your inbox,
just sent you some information

on that sam turner fellow.

I'll be...

Look at that record.

Looks like sam turner
isn't such a nice guy after all.

Feels like half of my heart's
been ripped out of me, mom.

when your dad passed,

I didn't know what to do.

I couldn't accept
that this was the new normal.

It was like a world
that used to be in color

went all grey.

And after a while, you forget
what color it even is,

you're just living
in that dark place all the time.

One day I heard his voice
in my head and...

It was not a happy sound.

He said,
"celeste, I love you, girl,

but you're screwing this up."

that, that sounds like dad.

He said I needed to stop
feeling sorry for myself,

that the cancer might've
gotten him, but he wasn't gone

and he wasn't gonna watch me

be a sad sack
for the next 40 years.


Hand to god.

And I know
javy doesn't wanna watch you

give up on your life, baby.

It's different.

Dad was sick and javy was shot.

Sam turner is walking around
and my husband's dead.

How can I live my life
when he stole javier's?

You just do it, baby,

because if you don't,
then that man wins.

And instead of taking one life,
he'll have taken two.

- I don't want him to win.
- Then don't let him.

I need to see javier's parents.

Tell them what happened.
They'll, they'll believe me.

They've been through a lot,
I-I'm not sure telling them

all the things you think
happened is a good idea.

- But they deserve to know.
- They're grieving, baby.

You don't believe me.
You say you do, but you don't.

- That's not true.
- Then call them.

I'm not sure
this is such a good idea.

Emil, please, please be nice.

Not a good idea. My son.

Mi corazon is dead
and your daughter was there.

I want to see her.

- Please, don't do this.
- Don't do what?

Demand to know the truth
of what happened to our son?

The sheriff says
it was an accident,

but robin says it was murder.

I need to see
my daughter-in-law.

Okay. She's upstairs.

ana and emiliano are here.

Papa rivera...

You gave her this?

Javier asked to have it.

It was for robin,
for their anniversary.

I, I didn't...

I mean...

Here, you should have it.

No, this was a mistake.
We should go.

Tell me how my son died.

The truth.

He was, he was murdered.


I thought it was an accident.

And I don't know why.

I just, I don't remember.

But he was shot.


This is your fault.

It's all my fault, all my fault.


No, no, no, no, no.


javier was born
after we were told

ana would have no more children.

My son, I know
you are with your maker.

You were the best of us,
the best of me.

robin, celeste.

I took a look at sam's record.

He's a bad guy, he is
a convicted felon and a liar.

And yesterday my contact
at the justice department

confirmed that there is
no secret government entity

called the organization.

I'm not surprised.

Look, I don't care
what the lie detector says,

I believe
that sam murdered javier.

Okay. I need to see him
locked up.

Good. I want that, too,
but I'm gonna need your help.

Now, there's somebody
that I want you to talk to.

He's agreed, as a favor to me,
to speak with you at no charge.

I want you to clear your mind.

Now imagine
you're in an elevator

on the tenth floor

and with each floor you pass
on your way to the bottom,

you'll find yourself
getting more and more relaxed.

Feel the elevator vibrating
as it starts its descent.

Look, there's the ninth floor...

And the eighth floor...

And finally the first floor.

The door is open.

You're in a safe place

where no one can hurt you.

Do you understand?

Now let's go back to the day

your husband, javier, died.

Tell me what you saw.

I saw javier get shot...


Wait, no.

that's not right.

I was too far behind.
I didn't see sam shoot javy.

take your clothes off.

What is it, robin?

what are you remembering?

I saw other people,
but he made it impossible to get away.

I'm a trained marksman
for the organization.

I could shoot those
hikers right where they're standing.

I've killed a lot of people,
a couple more won't matter.

go on, robin.

Tell me what you remember.

You know, I'm a crack shot.

So I would think really hard
before trying to run.

We were never lost, were we?

That first night or even now.

You knew exactly where we were.

Everything that you've said
has been a lie.

Hey, go clean that blood
off yourself.


Hey, come here.


Take your clothes off.

Please don't make me do this.

Take your clothes off.


baby, I'm so...

I'm so glad you're here with me.

That you wanna be here with me.

that was,
that was the first time he raped me.

go on. It's safe
here. No one can hurt you.

He took me
to the middle of nowhere.

it was filthy with
garbage everywhere.

He made me do horrible things...

Things that I've never done
with javier.

And, and he made me do it

over and over and over again

for days.

He wanted me.

That's why javier died,
because of me.

He wanted to leave,
but I-I made him stay.

How could I let him
do those things to me?

This was not your fault, robin.

You didn't do anything
to make this happen.

There are evil people
in the world.

You just had the misfortune
of meeting one of them.

Javier, I just had
the strangest dream.

Hey, hey. Hey, hey.

We're, uh...

All alone
in these big, dark woods.

Me and you, miles and miles.

Me and you
alone in the woods forever.

And if you ran into those woods,

they'll just gobble you up.

"he maketh me to lie down
in green pastures..."

I used to be religious myself,

but god gave up on me
a long time ago.

I don't think that's true.

I've killed too many people

for god to look kindly on me.

Killing people
is all I was trained to do.

You can still change,
there's always time.

Why are you crying?

I miss my husband.

I don't wanna hear about that.

You should be getting over that
by now.

You know, there are little doors

in the human mind

that you can open them
and, and close them

whenever you want.

One day all the doors
are gonna open in my mind

and I'm gonna go crazy.

I really hope you're not there
when it happens, robin.

You're such a sweet girl.

Come here. You're shivering.

I was trapped in the woods
with a mad man.

It's a classic case
of brainwashing.

Brainwashing, as in what?

Kgb? Chinese military?
Secret ops?

No, actually,
I think I misspoke.

The term stockholm syndrome

is more appropriate
in this case.

For her own survival,

robin rivera began to identify
with her husband's killer

to the point where she was
so in his thrall

that he was able to implant
false memories in her brain.

Which is why
she failed the lie detector.

I should've put that together.

Well, at the time
you couldn't understand

the extent of his reach.

Once they got to the campsite,

robin, having been
emotionally, physically

and sexually abused
by her captor,

was totally open
to any suggestion

sam turner put in her brain,

especially because
she couldn't bear the reality

that sam killed javier
in order to possess her.

And then, finally,

he offered her
the promise of a reward.

and what kind
of reward would that be?

The most basic reward there is,
her life.


So, I have a witness

who heard her husband
being shot to death,

but who was brainwashed,
somehow, by the murderer

into saying it was an accident.

I got bupkis
so far on forensics,

although the state crime lab
is taking a look at the gun

and some tissue samples
from javier.

And to top it all off,
my suspect is a drifter

with no known address,
who's out in the wind.

Sounds like you got your work
cut out for you.

Yes, I do.

But we got the truth on our side

and that's always
worth fighting for.

I just gotta find a way
to prove it.

But I think if robin
is willing to testify...

We're off to the races.

And now I have the harder job
of calling celeste johnson

and telling her what really
happened to her daughter.

It's what robin wanted.

I don't think she can face

talking with her mother
quite yet.


Yes, I-I, I understand.

I'll give her some space

and let her come to me
when she's ready.

if she wants to testify,
I, I'll support her.

hey. Heard you folks
are looking for me.

Ma'am, this is my lawyer,
ed hargrove.

I'm sure you've heard of him.

My client and I
would like a word

with sheriff watkins, please.

Sheriff, sam turner and his
lawyer are here to see you.

he wants to talk, let's talk.

- Follow me.
- Interrogation room?

What are we doing in here?

I thought we'd have
more privacy in here.

I could leave the door open
if it makes you feel better.

Now, it's come
to my client's attention

that robin rivera
is slandering him

in the court of public opinion.

I don't think that's so.

Has she not been telling people

that my client kidnapped her,

held her hostage,
murdered her husband?

If that's not slander,
then what do you call it?

Listen, my friends in town are
telling me people are talking.

Just like I said
to mr. Hargrove,

I just wanna clear this up
before things get out of hand.

I don't know
what robin's playing at,

but she saw the whole thing.

You know,
s-she knows it's an accident.

Sheriff watkins, are you aware

that my client and mrs. Rivera
had sexual relations?

Look, I believe
she regrets what happened

and has concocted
this whole story

so that she looks like
the victim instead of a lying...

If you're saying that robin
had comfort sex with your client

hours after
her husband was killed,

well, that's just horse...

How dare you walk in here
and speak this way

about a young woman
who your client

tortured and abused?

Robin rivera recanted her story.

She says your client

killed her husband in cold blood

and I believe her.

Sheriff watkins,
please, listen to me.

I did not murder javier.

Robin was upset
and she ran off into the woods

and I went after her,
we got lost.

One thing led to another

and, and things just happened

between us.

So that's why you kept her
in the woods for days

with her dead husband's body?

I passed
the lie-detector test, ma'am.

What else am I supposed to do
to prove my innocence?

And speaking
of lie-detector tests,

did I hear right
that your witness failed hers?

Mom, no,
I need to do this alone.

leave it to
my wife to burn water.

Who burns water?

Hey, babe,
hey, can you hand me those?

oh, my god.


I got worried.

Everything okay?

He was here.

Sam was outside.

Did you see him?


We have to tell the sheriff.

Do you...

Do you think
that I'm a bad person?

A bad person? Oh, ro-robin.

How could I ever think that?
You are a good person.

He raped me, mom,
and I couldn't stop him.

I-I should've tried
to fight him.

I, I should've tried
to run away,

but I couldn't.

I know.

I know.

I'm a terrible person.

You are not a terrible person.

You did nothing wrong.
Do you hear me?

If you'd fought him,
he would've killed you.

When someone violates you
like that,

it is never your fault.

But I should've done something.

You did.

You survived.

I can't testify, mom.

I want to,
for javier and for me,

but... I just can't face him
in court.

But you told the sheriff.

I know. But I just can't.

I can't.

He's dangerous, mom.

He'll kill me and...

I'm scared he'll kill you, too.

celeste called. She claims
robin saw sam at her apartment.

Well, did celeste see him?

No, but you're gonna
wanna see this.

It's from the state crime lab.


we got the forensics
and the autopsy back on javier.

sam turner is
a liar and we can prove it.

There were no powder burns
on the victim,

so there was no way in heck

that he was standing
next to javier

handing him the rifle
when it discharged.

We're issuing a warrant
and we're gonna arrest him.

And with this new evidence
and robin's testimony,

we're gonna put him away
on the murder charge.


What do you mean

robin's decided not to testify?

oh, my god.

Oh, come on.

You've always liked
a nice picnic.

I got you all your favorites,
including marshmallows.

So have you given
anymore thought

to what you wanna do?

I don't know.

Robin, it's been three months,

and no sign of sam turner.

I don't understand. How can
they not find him by now?

he could be in timbuktu,
for all I know, by now.

School semester is starting soon

and I bet if you called mike
at the convenience store,

he'd give you your old job back.

- Mom, please.
- Something's got to give.

You are young and you have
your whole life ahead of you.

You can't just hide.

Well, actually,
I've been thinking

and I can't really afford
my apartment,

so thought it'd be good for me

to stay here with you
for a while.

And I already talked to mike
at thrifty mart.

He is getting me
an afternoon shift tomorrow.

- Oh! That's wonderful!
- Mm-hmm.

Now, about school.

Alright. Alright.
I'll get a catalog of courses.

I happen to have a copy
right here.

- You're the worst.
- Yeah, I know.

That's why you love me.

what's so funny?

I could've opened any page,

but... This is the course

javier wanted me to sign up for.


You're gonna make a great nurse.

Oh, finally alone together.

- No.
- Hey, I'm your friend.

I'm here to help.

You know, if we want, we can
just make this all go away.

No. You did those things to me,
I remember.

No, I didn't do anything to you.

- I saved your life.
- You killed javy.

Oh, that.

That was an accident.

You saw it.

I handed him the gun
and it went off.



And you raped me.

No, I didn't.

You were upset

and I tried to comfort you.

And things happened between us
because we have a connection.

Do you hear me?
We have a connection.

You're lying.

Are you sure about that, robin?

I mean, I'm the one that passed
the lie-detector test.

help! Help!

bastard's stalking her. We got
to get robin to a safe place.

How could we have missed him?

He's been here the whole time.

what do you wanna do, chief?

we have to protect robin.

Come on.

why can't we
just stay at the house?

no one knows we're here, robin.

The chief said
it would be safer.

it's not right. We
can't let him intimidate her.

I'm gonna have deputies
watching this room 24/7.

He is not gonna get
anywhere near you.

how long will
we have to stay here?

At least until we nail
the son of a bitch.

And if he goes to trial
and is acquitted?

Well... We'll cross that bridge
if we come to it.

Look, I am absolutely convinced

that sam turner
is a merciless killer,

but we're gonna
just have to hope

that the state sees
that he's guilty, too.

Of course, he's guilty.
I'm just...

I'm so tired
of everyone questioning it.

- It's the truth.
- This isn't about the truth.

It's about
what a judge and jury believe.

- And without you...
- testifying?

No. I-I can't do that.

He'll kill me,
he'll kill my mom and...

Then he'll just be out there,

in his filthy shed by the river.

Filthy shed? Okay,
wait a minute. I got a hunch.

call fish and game
about decommission depots

by the river. The two of you
just sit tight, okay?

We need to go search the woods,

crack of dawn we're on the hunt.

I'm freezing.

do I feel hot?

- Well, you're burin' up.
- Oh, I'm sick.

I'm sick, aren't I?

I'm gonna die.

Oh, god, I'm gonna die!

Not if we go to town
and get you some medical help.

Oh, no, no. They'll lock me up
and throw away the key.


We'll do what we can here.

Um, you're shivering, so...

You're such a good person,

You're too good for all this.

You're a good man.

you-you've taken care of me,
kept me safe.


That is true.

you would've died without me.

I would've died in these woods
without you.

and I promise you,
I promise you,

I don't remember it, but killin'
javier was an accident. I swear!

you have to believe me.

Okay? I'm dying! Okay...

A dying man has to tell
the truth.

- Really?
- Yeah.

when we get back, I'll-I'll tell
the sheriff the truth,

it was an accident.

that you-you didn't mean it.

- You'd do that for me?
- Of course.

- Like you said, it was...
- It was an accident.

It was a terrible,
terrible accident.

an accident no one could help,

because I know you would never
try to hurt me or javier.

No. I'll... Never.

You're my friend.

You're... You like me,
and I like you.

And you saved my life.

robin, can you say it
again? I like hearing you say it.

It was an accident.

Everything that happened
to javier, getting killed...

- Gun just went off.
- Oh, it just went off.

I-I mean,
you were standing right there.

You saw it all. I would
never hurt you or javier.

You heard the gunshot
and you screamed,

ran to javier, but there was
nothin' either of us could do.

I screamed,
I heard the gunshot. It was...

It was
a terrible, terrible accident.

Now we just have to get back
to the city

and, and you tell the sheriff
what you saw.

- Hm?
- Hm.

Why am I such a coward?

Javy would be ashamed of me.

Being afraid
doesn't make you a coward.

Robin, you have no control over
what happens in that courtroom.

But if you decide to testify,

your only job is to go in there

and tell the truth, your truth.

That's all you have to do.
Take your power back, baby.

sam turner!

Stay away from the rifle.

You're under arrest
for the murder of javier rivera.

You know, I'm gonna sue you

for false arrest, brutality,


my lawyer's
gonna throw the book at you.

You got nothin' on me, sheriff.

Turn around.

You know,
I'll be out in a few weeks.

You can't protect robin forever.


Come on!

look at this.

Alright, cordon it off.

I want forensics up here now.

hi, baby.

I miss you so much.

I, I wish you were here
so I could talk to you for real.

You always knew
the right thing to do.

I want people to see
that sam turner is a liar.

But I'm just so scared how he...

He thought that I was weak,

that I was a victim and could do
whatever he wanted to me.

But that was a mistake.

I survived for a reason,
for me and for you...

And the life
we never got to have together.

But I...

I want to fight.

I was wrong.

You will always have a place
in my family, robin.

Forgive me.

There's nothing to forgive.

I loved javier...

I need to make sure
the man who hurt him... Pays.

what's goin' on?

I wanted to let you know
I've decided

to testify at the trial today.

hey, how are you gonna do that?

Poor little robin, you can't get
your story straight.

That's where you're wrong.
I've got my story straight.

And you know what,
there's a happy ending,

'cause it puts you in jail
for the rest of your life.

I am so proud of you!


Are you okay?

I'm more than okay, mom.

I'm ready to live life.