A Kiss to Die For (1993) - full transcript

Those Bedroom Eyes - William, a Harvard psychology professor is having trouble dealing with life after the death of his wife when he meets a beautiful woman named Ali. As their relationship grows, he begins to question her secretive past, which he discovers is linked to a series of murders that the police are investigating. Tim Matheson (Animal House, The West Wing) stars.

More hot water, sir?

Excuse me?

For your herbal tea,

would you like more
hot water, sir?

No, that won't be
necessary, I'm...

checking out soon.


Surrender to the moment.


I'm not up to this.

Not with a stranger?

No, no, no, with anyone.

My past--
No, my past isn't gone.

No, and it's not here either.

Yeah, that is why...

I can't.

You can't what?

Live anymore?

So how are you doing?

Fine, fine. You?




What's your name?

My name?

Am I getting too personal?

What happened here?

What happened there?

Exchange scar stories
before we exchange names?


It was just one of those
childhood things.

I don't really remember
how it happened.

That is such a big scar,

that must've been
very traumatic.

If it was, I'd remember it.

Board it up,
pulling out on the next stop.

This is my stop.

Is this where you live?

This is where I get off.

This is where I started from.


This is where I live.

That's good.

This is the final

for all express and coach
to Salem.

All aboard.
All aboard, please.


What happened between us
was, uh...

Was just...

Was just what?

You know.

Just for the moment?

Just one of those things...

between strangers.

Just one of those things?

It's William,

my name.

It's William.

Yeah, dignity.

That's something
that you wouldn't understand.

What, Stoller?
Are you a friend or something?

The family's not gonna see it.

The guy'd break up.

Show him some respect.

Okay. But you're in my shot.

Shut up and shoot the picture,
you cold-hearted bastard.

How does a guy with no hair
get fished like this?

Easy. He's a gynecologist.

The hell, he had a good time.

He came, he went, it happens.

You think he got it first
in the heart or the groin?

Depends upon how much
the killer hated him.

I tell you one thing though.

Definitely a woman.

How do you know it's a woman?

Shot the groin.

Ten to one, it's a woman.

You better watch this
moonlighting thing, Hector.

You're starting to lose
your edge.

And I gotta make
some cash, all right?

I got four mouths to feed
at home.

I know this card.

Bedroom Eyes?

Yeah, I know it
from another case.

-Similar M.O.
-Got shot in the groin too?


This guy got a smile
on his face.

Shot right through the back,
through the heart.

Just like an arrow.

Guy never knew what hit him.

There was a fan,
kicking around

the smell of death
all over the place.

Case really gave me the creeps.

I wanted the shooter bad.

What happened?

Lieutenant put Hampton
on the case,

might as well have buried it.

My case now.

I'll tell you right now,
if it is the same shooter,

she's getting angrier.

Cheer up, Hector.

You're gonna love homicide.

-May I come in, please?
-Sure, come in.

You came back early,
you read my mind.

-No, I changed my plans.
-Thank God.

I'm sorry but two days
of your cat

is all I could possibly

and had you been gone a month,
I might have done

something desperate
or perhaps regrettable.

I thought you liked cats.

He is not a cat,
he is a terrorist with claws,

further disguised
by four legs and a tail.

Are you on drugs, Sue?

Freud has fleas, William.

He eats artificial plants,
he attacks anything that moves,

which means I can't walk
in my own apartment.

So I go to lie down

and discover he's made
my bed his litter box.

Oh, I don't know what to say.

I'm-- I'm sorry.

Look, I'll pay for any damage.

Would you like to come
for linguine and clams later?

Well, thank you.
I'm-- You know,

-I'm kinda... tired.

Yeah, but I think--
Look, I think he's just...

venting at me, you know,
his hostility because...

I left him.

My layman's opinion...

he still misses Kate.

Bye, William.


Time is not a healer.

Time is a thief.

Day by day, minute by minute,

time just...

sucked the life from me

until it was gone.

But I was still there.

I can't live a life without...


If I had the willpower,

I'd kill myself.

But I'm just a coward

who doesn't deserve
to live anymore.

Do you feel you don't
deserve to live anymore?

I am a moral leper,

a serpent
in the Garden of Eden.

Do you feel like,
like you're a serpent?

I am a serpent.

I don't feel anything.

So, why don't you just...

squish me?

Then end it all...

before I bring catastrophe
on everyone.

All right, it's a little
over dramatic perhaps,

uh, but that's an example
of what mood disorder?

- Depression.
- Major depression.

Maybe with some
histrionic features thrown in.

Now, the factors that predispose
someone to depression are...

Ms. Spear.

The two primary factors
are genetics and age,

risk increasing dramatically
with midlife

and with major losses,
of course.

It is important to know
the distinction between

major depression and grief.

Grief resulting from?


of a loved one.

Okay. Next week, mania.

Get out of here.

It's a definite repeater.

We got a match
from the slugs.

They're all .38 caliber,
hollow points.

Yeah, I know.

I know, but, look, do you have
one single eyewitness?

How am I supposed
to solve this case

if you're gonna tie my hands?

Look, do you have
anyone that saw anything

that remotely resemble a hooker

going in and out
of the penthouse?

No, and you know we don't.

Then why are you
telling me it's a hooker?

Look, I'm telling you,

we've been down that road
before, and it's a dead end.

Let me tell you
about dead ends.

You put an imbecile on the case
that wouldn't know

a streetwalker from a jaywalker.
That's your dead end.

-Look, Vice never heard--
-The hell with Vice!

What the hell
do they know suddenly?

Maybe she was new in town.

Well, maybe she'd be
old in town now.

Call and see
if they heard anything.

I know that they
haven't heard anything.

But I know she's here.

And I know that
she's gonna kill again.

And I'm gonna find her.

Then, I'm gonna quit smoking.

Maybe go to Miami,
get myself a sun tan.

And I'll start eating
gummy bears,

drinking Mai Tais.

Ali Broussard.

I-- I didn't think
you'd be there this early.

I'm an early riser.

Who is this?

It's William.

William Tauber from the train.

I'm sorry,
I take so many trains.

Could you be
a bit more specific?

We made love.


Hi. How are you?

I'm supposed to meet a woman
named Ali here.

Oh, outside?

Yeah, thanks.

Are you trying
to tempt me again?

Could you be?

No, I have acrophobia.

Why on a train then?

Over a bridge, no less?

That's counterphobic behavior.

Maybe that's why
I'm standing here right now.

I mean, who wants to die
a coward?

Did you make a reservation?

For two.

Cancel it.

Designer, huh?


You do what? Homes or offices?

-I do interiors.

Oh, my.

And on your first date, do you
always bring a man to work?

-If I like him.

And if he doesn't ask
too many questions.

-On the second date...

...I'll bring him home
to his house.



How about on the third?

-Well, maybe after...

-...I'd bring him home...

...to his house again.

And on the fourth, don't you
ever bring him to your home?

We are home.

But he rarely makes it
to the fourth date.

So, what are you
gonna teach me, Professor?

What is it you wanna learn?

Do you still wanna die?

Hey, Susan,
do you know anybody

by the name of Bedroom Eyes
or what?

Have you seen Bedrooms Eyes?

No, no, I haven't.

You know
you're a cutie, don't you?

-How's it going, Wendy?

Come over here
and talk to us for a while.

All right. Okay.

So, you know her?

-Do you know anyone

who might know her?

Come on.
Don't be that way.

Um, maybe, uh,
maybe Francesca might know.


You know
you're a really pretty lady.

Stay off the streets.

- Hello?
- Maria,

how are you darling?

- I'm fine.
- Good.

Listen, I apologize
for calling you at home,

but I was afraid
if I phoned your service,

we might not connect.

Who is this?

Always discreet.
Harold Graham.

I'm at the Duclaire 426.

Suites were all taken this time but, um, the view is adequate,

and I'll be here.

Just me. See you in 45?

I think you have
the wrong number.

Bedroom Eyes?


That's what I adore
about you.

Those games you play.

They keep me young.

And those eyes.

Those bedroom eyes.

Well, you know
what they do to me.

She's got this aura about her.

Okay, so she's got
an intimacy problem.

Maybe, who doesn't?

You know, I mean, it's probably
just a little intimacy problem.

And in bed,

she's a dream.

She's better than a dream,

better than any dream
I ever had.

I am not going to fall in love
with her.

Ooh, homicide.

I am impressed.

I just love
a good murder mystery.

Good, I love being entertaining.

Oh, you are.
I'm sure.

You don't mind
if I smoke do you?

Oh, please,
make yourself at home.

So, maybe you could
help us solve a little mystery?

I would do anything
for my country, Detective.

Just consider me
your civil servant.

Good. So, where
can we find Bedroom Eyes?

-Is she your killer?
-Why? Do you know her?

No, no, but I've heard of her.

And I'd love to have her.

I tell you what, Detective,
you find her

and I will give you
and your partner

a night with a harem
on the house.

That's very generous
of you, ma'am.

Yes, I know.

So, why don't you tell me
which one of your clientele

told you about Bedroom Eyes?

Now, that is a problem.

Because I just
don't remember who.

Well, we'd like to see
your list.

Ooh, que lindo.

Did he just cross the border?
A babe in the woods.

You know that we could subpoena
your list?

You subpoena my list
and there won't be anyone left

to run this city.

And it's already
such a nightmare.

Your choice, Detective.

Besides, you won't find a judge
who'll take the risk.

Well, that might be true.

And I guess we look like
a couple of honest jerks to you.

But I know one thing, lady.

What goes around, comes around.

See you around.

Come on, babe.

See you around, babe.

- Oh, hi, Sue.
- Hi.

-Where are you going?
-I was just out for a walk.

I thought I'd stop by
and say hello.

-Are those for me?

Yes, as a matter of fact,
they are.

-No, they're not.
-No, they are.

Look, look at the card.

"You're a lifesaver.
With gratitude, William."

P.S. My body is yours tonight?

- What?
- Got you.


-How's Freud?
-Freud's great.

And, you know, he misses you.


I'm sorry.
I am so sorry.

Well, I canceled
the reservation.

-I got tied up with a client.
-Yeah, you could've called me.

There was no way.
I would have--

You could have called me
at the restaurant.

Look, honestly,
I just lost track of time.

I'm-- I'm really sorry.

But, uh... Come on,
the night's still young.

There's plenty we can do.

You wanna go to the movies?

I haven't seen a movie in ages.

I wanted to have dinner
with you, you know,

with a couple of candles.

Oh, forget about the candles.

I just--
I wanted to get to know you.

Well, you can get to know me
at the movies.

You can learn a lot
about a person at the movies.

Are they the talking type?

Are they the popcorn type?

Does she put her head
on his shoulder?

Or her hand on his thigh?

You'd go for the thigh,
no popcorn, no talk.

I might surprise you.

-I'm not as...
-As what?

As predictable
as you might expect.

You? Predictable?

You know the only
predictable thing about you

is your unpredictability.

And I suppose you don't care
to know anything

about me either, do you?

Not really.

What the hell am I doing here?

What am I doing here?


What are you going to tell me?

That you had a wife,
2.2 children

and an Irish Setter?

Well, that's what you want,
that's what you have already

and you don't really want it.

That's just the past.

I don't mean to sound cold,
but it's old news.

What is it with you, Ali?

What is it about the past
that scares you so much?

Look, I like being with you.

And if you feel in order
to be with me now today,

you have to tell me
about yesterday,

well, then tell me.

Tell me what
you have to tell me.

Let's forget it.


Tell me.

My wife and I,

we're on our way to DC.

And our train crashed.

That's where I got the scar.

And she died.

And I loved her.

And I'm lonely.

But it has been three years.

And I don't miss her.


Now, what kind of movies
do you like?

French films
always turn me on.

I noticed.

Do all men turn you on?

Should I stop?


I don't know.

What are you doing?

I used to do this a lot
when I was a kid.

You can come in, if you want.

- You see?
- Yeah.

It's like our own
miniature world.

All safe and cozy.

What are we safe from?

-You overanalyze everything.
-I know.

So, what was
your childhood like?

Nothing much.


Certainly nothing worth
talking about.

Give me a break.

What are you 426,
a finger painter?

A damn graffiti artist.


Sorry, Mrs. Graham

Go ahead, Ernie.

Harold Graham.

Male Caucasian, age 56.

Multiple gunshot wounds.

Three, to be precise.

All .38 caliber hollow points.

Sound familiar?

All fired to the groin.

Well, at least we know
that our killer can count.

She's numbering her victims
with bullets.


Ruling out
the entire female population

under the age of one and a half.

Why don't you quit busting
my onions, John,

and help me with the subpoena?

Told you to forget it.

Besides, there's no one
on that list

that's gonna admit
to being a client.

I got an abscess on the tooth.

You got any more pearls
of wisdom,

you can follow me
to the dentist.

No, thanks, John.

I think I'll leave you
to enjoy your own pain.

I hate the dentist.

I hope he needs a root canal.

Okay, so you said
you're gonna take me

-to some place special?
-I am.

All right,
what is the special occasion?

-My birthday.

No, it's not your birthday,
is it?

Why didn't you tell me?

Because I hate birthdays.
They're ridiculous.

Get in the car.

It's a really nice place, man.

Yeah. Lifestyles
of the rich and famous.

So, how long you've
been in homicide?

Eleven years.

What, are you writing a book?

And actually,
I've been the curator

-for the last five years
-It's great.

So, you said that you
and your husband

didn't have an argument
that night?


move out to the...

Do you have any idea
why he might have

checked into a hotel
10 miles away from your home?

He often did that

when he had
an important meeting scheduled,

morning meeting.

My husband hated
rush hour traffic.

That's very interesting.

But this was the first time
that he ever stayed

in this particular hotel,
isn't that right?

He liked variety.

I hate to ask you this,
Mrs. Graham,

and I find it very embarrassing.

-But I need to ask you--
-Well, let me save you

the embarrassment then.

If you're insinuating
that my husband

was having an affair,
the answer is no.

It's a beautiful layout,
isn't it?

I love art.

My husband had no need
to have an affair, he had me.

When he wanted something more,

-he had a prostitute.
-A prostitute?

On occasion.

But please, it's not
for public consumption.

Well, Mrs. Graham,
maybe we could go somewhere

more private and talk,
like your office.

This has nothing to do
with his death.

There's no need to go
anywhere else.

It's over with her.

By her, you mean
there was only one?

Yes, just one.

Bedroom Eyes?

But we haven't seen--
I mean, he stopped--

We? We haven't seen?

Two women
in the same room.

He has his wife
just sit there and watch.

What kind of bastard
would do that to his wife?


Look, I know
that this is tough

on you, Mrs. Graham,

and we could forget
about the whole thing

if you'd only try to remember
where your husband found her.

I told you,
he made all the arrangements.

I didn't ask questions.
I just showed up to please him.

Please him?

Tell me what would happen

if you had no one
to please him?

I'm not a feminist, Detective,

just a wife
with old-fashioned values.

What about the call girl?

Did your husband always pay her
by cash?

Our sex life was private.

He didn't want it on record.

I want you to take a good look
at this picture, Mrs. Graham.

I want you to tell me
what's wrong with it.

This is murder.

We don't wanna
charge the wrong person.

It's fine.


If it's not right,
Mrs. Graham,

we can just take it
from the top all over again.

Let's do it, Maddox.

How about the eyes, Mrs. Graham?

Are the eyes fine?
Are they perfect?

These are so great.
You look like a kid in these.

No, I don't.


You're gonna take me
home, partner.

Roger that, ma'am.

I have to change.
We're going dancing.

You like this place?

-You come here often?
-No. It's my first time.

-I said it's my first time,

but I've heard about it.

-I can't hear you.
-Never mind.

Hey, how you doing?

-Long time, no see.

We'll have something different.

-Long Island iced tea.
-Thought you said

-you wanted something different.
-Isn't it?

It's what
you always order.

Oh, you must have me confused

- with someone else.
- Right.

Two Long Island iced teas
coming right up.

♪ I've got a lot of talk
For you baby ♪

♪ And I declare
I won't lie ♪

Well, the guy
knew you from somewhere.

Maybe he did.

Maybe he saw me somewhere.

Passed me on the street
or something.

But it wasn't from here.

I think your drink is stirred.

I don't do that.

Well, not in public, anyway.

♪ A woman did me
some wrong, y'all ♪

♪ I said I'd never love again ♪

♪ The way she treated me,
people, don't you know? ♪

♪ It was a doggone sin♪

♪ Then you came into my life ♪

♪ You made my love light
Shine so bright ♪

♪ I know love is a losing game

♪ That's hard to win ♪

♪ Oh♪

♪ Here I go ♪

♪ Oh, oh,
Don't wanna go ♪

♪ This love I know I know
I just can't take no more ♪

♪ Oh no no ♪

Did anybody got--
Get the hurt feeling before?

♪ My baby's gone ♪

♪ She don't know
what she's missing ♪

-♪ Oh, my baby's gone ♪

-I thought you didn't kiss.

Excuse me.

When that monkey's time is up,
give me a call.

On second thought,

I'll call you.

♪ Like a good man should ♪

♪ Yeah, been feelin' hot
all day ♪

♪ Like I know I should ♪

♪ But that day
I came home... ♪

Thanks for all the help,
Mrs. Graham.

Detective, I don't think
you understand.

He was everything I had.

Let me ask you
something, Hector.

What would your wife do
if you forced her to watch

you getting it on with a whore
over and over again?

She'd kill me, man,

and then she'd kill the girl.

Good evening, sir.

What if she was really smart?

You think maybe she would try
to frame the whore?

Oh, man.

-You don't think that she--
-I mean, I don't know

what I think. All I know
is there's something fishy

about this broad, okay?

I think she's lying.

I mean, what if...

What if Bedroom Eyes is the one
turning the tricks, okay?

- And Mrs. Graham is the shooter?
- On all of them?

Well, I wouldn't be looking
if her husband

- was the only victim
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, man.

I don't know, man.
She-- She doesn't look the type.

Well, that's exactly
what she'd want you to think

if she was guilty.

Let's get to work.

Grab a cup of coffee?

Yeah, sure.
Let's grab a lobster dinner

and after that
we can catch the sunset.

Did you touch your wife
the way you touch me?

How do I touch you?

Is this the way
it felt with her?

There was a time...

I can remember that...

I can't remember the last time
we made love.

When it was or even how it was.

Maybe that's because
you didn't know

it was gonna be the last time.

That's what kills you, isn't it?

Why is he staring at me
like that?

I don't know.

I think he knows something
about you that I don't.




What's the matter?

You know that I have
400 freshmen

eagerly waiting for me
to shed some light

on their fledgling experience?

How can I do that
if I can't figure out...

the woman I love.

That's what's been
bothering me.


That I've fallen
in love with you?


When I fall in love, when I...

...feel that happening.

That's when I end things.

That's-- That's when I leave.
I-- I always do.

So the, um...

The good news is that
I'm falling in love with you


the bad news is I...


I know, it's okay.

Never got depressed before

when somebody told me
they love me.

I don't wanna leave you.

Then don't.

I just don't wanna hurt you.


What, so you want me to leave
first, is that it?

You're the first person
that I've ever told this to.

And with the others,
I-- I just leave.

Oh, I'm so glad you told me.
That makes me feel

so much better
because you love me.

I should hit the road, huh?

That's not what I said.

That's what you meant
though, isn't it, Ali?

Because if I leave you,

then you don't have
to feel guilty.

And aren't those the feelings
that you're just--

Don't lecture me
about feelings, William.

Because that's about as deep
as you go with them.

What is that supposed to mean?

It means that you teach them,
you don't feel them.

Then how can you hurt me?

I probably can't.

Because your emotions are buried
under so much concrete,

you can't even grieve
over the death of your own wife.

And until you do...

honestly, I don't know
how you could love anyone.

Besides, you don't even know me.

I mean, really know me.

Guess you have some freshmen

Hi, I was just...

New lady in your life, William?

Yeah, that's a good question.

She looked like one
to me.

See you later, Sue.



Let me get a picture
of him before you bag him.

No problem.

I'm gonna get you
if it kills me.

Thanks a lot.

You bet.

I'm glad you got my message.


Well, the reason I called
was because I need to feel close

to someone and I thought
since you and I shared him...

I knew you'd understand.

In an hour? Fine.

I'll be there
waiting for you.

Yes, he was, wasn't he?

Yes, he was.

Stoller, Homicide.

Hi, Andre.

- Who found her?
- The maid.

They heard a shot.
She was dead by the time

they got here.

It's a suicide, sir.

Get these guys
out of here.

Do you mind stepping outside,

You better take a look at this.

Rookie opened it. Found it
on the table outside.

"Dear, Detective Stoller.

Tonight, I was going
to take her life...

and then my own.

At first, I didn't tell her
that I knew

she'd killed him.

But then something


My God', she said.
'I didn't kill your husband.'

She started to cry.

At that moment,
she seemed

like a child to me

and I wondered if her eyes
were the last

my husband saw.

So, I let her leave."

"I'll never know...

but maybe you can find
the truth, Detective.

I believe in you.
Mrs. Harold Graham."

Thank you.

I'm getting really
tired of waiting, man.

Why don't we just go grab her,
take her in?

Because, Hector,
my darling,

all we got right now
is circumstantial evidence.

I'm not going anywhere.

Got to be a boyfriend.

I think I know
why you leave now.


Because you're afraid
they're gonna leave you.

- Hmm.
- I won't.

It's a boyfriend, for sure.

Keep an eye on her.

I'm gonna go check the guy out.

-What's going on?
-I'm Detective Stoller.

We got a little problem
in the neighborhood.

Can I talk to you
for a few minutes?

- Yeah, sure.
- Pull over there, please

Can I see your license,

Yeah, yeah, sure.

What do you do for a living,
Mr. Tauber?

I'm a professor.

-Professor of what?

That must be really interesting.

With which university?

Uh, what is this regarding?

Bedroom Eyes.

-Come again?
-How long have you known her?

-Known who?
-Bedroom Eyes.

What is that,
some kind of a person?

Yeah, it's the person
you were just kissing.


Yeah, how'd you get hooked up?

Was it business
or strictly pleasure?

-Now, hold-- Look, hold on here.
-Hold on for what?

Look, you're gonna have
to slow down here a minute

because I'm just getting
a little bit lost.

You want me to rephrase it?

Was she your call girl
or did you meet her off duty?

Is this some kind of a joke?

No, sir.

There ain't nothing funny
about homicide.

That's right, pal. Murder.

Did you know she was
involved in murder?

I can verify
what I'm telling you, pal,

believe me.

Anything at all and we'd be
justifying why she's gone.

Uh-uh, no payback.

She kills her victims
after sex.

May I ask you something?

Is she using any excuses
to you?

Multiple murders
we'’re talking about.

Victims, sex,

that's from your girlfriend,
Bedroom Eyes.

You could be next.

Who is this?

Uh, yeah, I'd like
to make an appointment.

With Bedroom Eyes.

Hey, how long you been asleep?

Just a minute, man.
What time is it?

Oh, man, her lights are off.

You better believe
she ain't asleep.

What are you doing?

None of your business.
Go back to sleep.

Hi This is your answering service.

You have an appointment tonight
with Mr. John Dolan

at 10:00 at the Hilton Hotel.

Thanks, bye.

May I turn your sheets back?

Uh, no.

No, thanks.


John Dolan?

Oh, honey.

This is gonna be a pleasure.

Are you kidding me?

So, you wanna let me in
or, uh,

are you into doorways?

Or, uh...

...maybe you'd just like
to look.

It's okay, honey,
because I am into everything.

Come on in.

Why, thank you.


Wow, this place is great.

Oh, yeah, we can definitely
have some fun here.

-This is gonna be...
-And what is all this, huh?

What is going on?

Where are you from, John?

How about giving us
something to drink?

And I'll tell you
what's going on.

Anything you want, baby.

Anything you want.

That's what I'm here for.

And we're gonna have
a really good time

and there's...

a lot of different ways
that we could have it.

You know, we can, uh...

We can play it straight
if you like or, uh...

maybe a little half and half,
if that's what you're into.

Or I don't know--
I don't know,

maybe there's some, uh,
particular fantasy

that you'd like to work out.


for no extra charge.

If you want me to run the show.

I can do all the talking.

You know, somebody told me

all about you,

and that's why I'm here
because I didn't believe this.

I just want the truth.

Well, okay, Johnny.

There is...

something to be said for, uh,

getting business
out of the way first.

I like a man who's direct.

The truth is, Johnny...

-that at $350 an hour, a--
-What are you doing to me, Ali?

What the hell
are you doing to me, huh?



Oh, oh, wait a minute.

Wait a minute. I get it.

I get it.

You know Ali?



You know Ali...

Oh, I bet I know who you are.


You're William.



I'm William.

Well, William, this is great,

I've been wanting
to meet you.

You have?

You've been wanting to meet me?

Oh, yeah.

Oh, yeah.

And you know what?


I'm not even
gonna charge you, William.

Because any friend of Ali's
is a friend of mine.




I know what you need.


I can give you what you need.

She can't.

You know she can't.


I can give you the last time.

The last time with your wife.

So pretty.

What was her name again?


Yeah, Kate.


I can be your Kate.

Come on.

Come on.

Come on, baby.

That's good, baby.

Come on.

Come on, baby. That's right.

I'll be your Kate.


That's right.

You like?

Come on.

What are you waiting for?

Just close your eyes, baby.

Close your eyes.

I'm gonna take you
with me.

You're gonna come with me
back to a place that's safe...

and warm and free.

So, you can just let go,

Let go.

get your hands up.

-I said put your hands up.
-Don't move.

- Hey. Come on.
- Check out the bedroom.

- Right.
- What the hell is going on?

Get against the wall.

Put your hands
and your face against the wall,

spread your legs.

-Oh, come on.
-I said spread 'em!

She's not between my legs,

Shut your mouth
and don't move.

She's not here,
I found this in the bedroom.

Check out the hallway,
see if anybody's seen her.

Come on.

You know you're chasing
your tail, Stoller.

Sit down.

She was never even here.

I don't know
what your problem is, Professor.

I don't think you got an idea
what's going on.

- Will you listen to me?
- No, you listen to me.

You keep away
from your girlfriend,

or you're gonna end up
in the morgue

like the rest of her boyfriends.

Will you forget about that?
You got her wrong.

The hell I do.

She's been dropping bodies
all over town, pal.

It's not her.
She's not the same person.

I'm warning you, Professor.

Stay away from the woman.

- Hello?
- William?

Ali, I'm glad you called.

Are you okay?

Yes, can you meet me?
I'm at the carousel.

Yes, yes, I can--
I can meet you there

in 15 minutes. Hang on.

is something wrong?

Listen to me.

Whatever you do,
don't go to your house.

Do you understand me?

Yes, I need to see you.

- Fifteen minutes.
- Okay.

Good, bye.



Are you all right?

What are you doing here?

You know what happened tonight?


I was in a hotel room tonight.

You knew?

I smelled her perfume
on you.

It's another woman, isn't it?

Yes and no.

I think there are two
women, Ali.

Each beautiful
and special, very special.

What are you
talking about, William?

Is there another woman
or isn't there?

I don't know.

Do you trust me?


Are there spans of time,

time you lose?

Big blackouts where there
are no memories.

I don't know
what you're talking about.

What about people, Ali?

Were you ever approached

by people who insist
they know you

but you're sure
you've never met them?

Have they ever called you
by another name?

Don't analyze me, William.

-Were you...

...ever accused
of lying, Ali?

What about the past, Ali,
is it really a blank page?

Were you ever abused, Ali?

Oh, hi, John Dolan?

Did you have fun
with your wife tonight?

Bedroom Eyes.

It's a beautiful name.


My dad thought so too.

- Dad?
- Uh-hmm.

That's what he used to call me.

Under the sheets.


your father.

Your wife.

You never did
answer my question.

You, you were good.

Better than Ali?

More experienced, I suppose.


Dad did pay me to learn.

Don't you feel sorry
for me, Doc.

How do you feel?

Like doing it.

I don't think
that is how you feel.


Why don't you tell me?

I think what I feel scares you.

What, that you're afraid?

You're feeling pain?

No, that I'm not.

I mean, I could be dangerous,
couldn't I, Doc?

Yeah, I'm not a doctor.


My mistake.


No, thanks. It'll kill you.


-Did you ever...

...hurt anyone?

-I mean physically?

No, my God. I wouldn't--
I would never...

I would never hurt anyone.

-Would Ali?
-William, she saved your life.

I mean, don't you trust us?

Are there only the two of you
to trust?


let me explain
something to you.

I know all about Ali.

She doesn't even know I exist.

I mean, she knows
something's wrong,

but take now for instance.

Where the hell is she?

Oh, we could...

We could ask her
to come back.


Too intense for her.

Like when Dad cut her
with the fan.

Guess who had to bleed?

Is that how she got
the scar on her side?

Oh, it's my scar.

She didn't stick around
for it to heal.

That's when I showed up.

Tell me what you're scared of.


There's bad things.

People think I'm doing them.

I'm tired.

I'm at the train station.

Look, Sue, I just need you

to look after Freud
for a little while.

I'll make it up to you.

Don't worry about it.

You're the best.

Take care, all right?

Sue, thanks. Bye.

I gotta get you out of here.

He's at the train station.


Look, lady,
you're not turning in a man,

you're saving his life.

Lock your door,
don't let anybody in.

Now we know
you didn't do it.

If you always leave
the same way...

and the men don't know
that you're gone.

Maybe somebody's coming in
behind and killing them.


I must have been tired, I, uh...

How long have I been asleep?


I had the weirdest dream.

It was like I was awake
in the dream.

I mean, it's not make--

It doesn't make a lot of sense

-because I--
-Because it wasn'’t a dream.


No, it was-- It was just--
It was bits and fragments.

I mean, have you ever had
one of those just...

That's your memory, Ali.

-Imagery, those--
-Your memory coming back, Ali.

That's your memory.



No, I did-- I remember
there was--

There was somebody else,
a man, a voice.

-There's a woman.
-That's great.

-It's a strange woman.
-That's great.

A very strange woman.

That's great.
You're starting to hear her.


No, I distinctly remember

another person,
another voice.




Ali, come on. I'm sorry.
Listen to me.

Listen to me, I want to see you.


Come on.

-Get away from me.
-No. Listen to me. I'm sorry.

-Get away from me.
-No. No, no, no.

Listen to me, please.

Listen to me.

Look, you have a condition...

but it can be cured.

It's called disassociation.
You heard of that, right?

Sometimes, when terrible
things happen,

you know, the mind,
it splits off--

Splits off from what?

What are you saying to me,

-Are you saying I'm crazy?
-No. No, you're not.

You are not. You're not crazy.
Listen to me, you were hurt.

You protected yourself
the best way you could.

Another person came in
to help you deal with the pain.

That's the way it happens,

-Okay. She's a friend.

It was too much for one child
to handle alone.

-Listen to me.

No! No.

You're safe. You're safe now.
Don't run anymore.

You don't have to run anymore.

Oh, my God.

Ali, it's you.

You lied to me.

I believed you...

and you lied to me.



Ali never lied to you.

I tried.

I tried to make you leave me...

because I love you
and I don't...

And I-- I couldn'’t leave.

I couldn'’t leave.

Who are you?

Oh. Do you know what it's like?
Do you know what it's like?

To find yourself in bed
with someone touching you,

hurting you, and you don't
even know who they are?

You don't even know
how you got there.


is putting me there...

and it's not me.

It's not me.

And she's got to be caught.

She's got to be punished.

Where is she, Ali?
Where is Bedroom Eyes?

Those men,

those men
who can fool and dominate,


They hurt you
and they won't stop.

You can go, Ali.

If that's what you want,
you can go.

They have to be stopped.

But you won't stop them.

I'm gonna stand right here.

And I'm gonna let you go.

I'll watch you go.



I love you.

Oh, Ali.

I love you.