A Hero (2021) - full transcript

Rahim is in prison because of a debt he was unable to repay. During a two-day leave, he tries to convince his creditor to withdraw his complaint against the payment of part of the sum. But things don't go as planned.


Rahim Soltani.


A Hero

Rahim! What are you doing here?
I could have come down.

I wonder how 2,500 years ago,
they climbed up here to visit their dead.

They smoked less than you!


-Great to see you.
-How are you?

-Why didn't you warn us?
-It wasn't planned.

-All good?
-Yes. Let's go down.

-More stairs?
-You're breathless!

How come you're still so plump
with all these stairs?

Your sister's fault.

How's Malih?

The usual, neck pain, arthritis.

Hi, Mehdi.

Hi, Rahim. Congratulations!

-Are you done?
-No, just some leave.


-How long are you here for?
-Two days.

Is that all?

I had to beg them for it. Hello.

Is it you, Rahim?

You're very welcome.

-Is the sugar there?
-I had tea before coming.

Come on...

How dare you compare prison tea
to that served on the tomb of Xerxes?

You should save up your leave
and stay longer.

I'm more looking for a way
not to go back there.

-What way?
-Let's go and talk to Bahram.

If talking had made a difference,
he wouldn't have sent you to jail.

What an idea!

-I can have 75 million tomans.

Someone will give it to me.

With interest?

No, it's not a loan.

Whenever you get it, we'll
go to him and he'll have to shut up.

If we make promises we can't keep...

I'll have it this afternoon.

-For sure?
-For sure.

Then call him.

He doesn't answer my calls.

Get the money, we'll go this afternoon.

Is your car here?

Look at her chador.

My darling!

-Hello, my love.
-Hello, darling.

Let's move from here, it's too busy.
What a beard!

-You like it?
-I love it! Keep it.

The wait since last night was almost
harder than for the last two months.

I've never seen you with a chador.

I had to hide the bag under it.

Let me see.

Put it back in.

I didn't expect to long for you so badly.

I missed you a lot too.

Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen,
sixteen, seventeen.

Seventeen times 4.3 million.

Has it gone down?

-When did you ask the price?
-Last week.

Gold rate changes every hour.

-Can it go up again tomorrow?
-Anything is possible.


So? Are you selling them?

-What's wrong?

So why are you upset?

We should make sure first.

-About what?
-That he gives his consent.

Why wouldn't he?

He might want all his money back
to let me out.

Keep them, so I don't take them back home.

Put them in my bag.

Under my laundry.

Give it to me.

Leave it in the bag.

With two days' leave,
don't spend half the day washing.

I'll do it.

Who's there?

Hello, uncle!

Hello, my unwashed beauty!

Look at his beard!

-Who's at home?

-Mom! Uncle's here!
-Without warning!

You've got as heavy as your brother.

-Mom! Uncle's here!
-He's very welcome!

-Hello, Malih!
-Hello, my darling.

-How are you?
-I'm glad you're here.

-I knew it was you.
-How come?

Because of the way you ring.

-Everything okay? What are you doing?
-Come over.

Your mom's opening a tomato sauce shop.

Come here, the unexpected visitor!

So good to see you.

You've got a lot thinner.

You tell me that every time.

-How's Siavash?
-He's at school.

Can I have a towel to take a shower?

They called Mom from his school today.

-For nothing.

-Want a razor?
-No. What has he done now?

He got into a fight yesterday.

Already telling tales?

But why don't they call his mother?

They probably did
and she said they should call you.

Go to the school tomorrow, if you can.

What's up? He was getting better.

-Uncle... Uncle...

His mother is remarrying.

-Who said that?
-Siavash did.

He said someone has proposed to her.

The towel is behind the door.

Call me if you want me to shave your neck.



Isn't your dad here?

He was. He went out.

Here you are.

Thank you. How much is it?

52,000 tomans.

He told me he'd be here.

He's not here now.

-Here you are.
-Thank you.


Can you please call him
to see when he comes?

Hello? Hi, Dad. Where are you?

Hossein's here. He wants to see you.
Rahim's brother-in-law.

Okay then.

-Can I talk to him?
-Hold on.

Thank you.

Hi, Bahram. How are you?

Nothing serious, I hope.

I'd have preferred to see you to finally
sort this out after three years.

He's put together part of his debt.
Around 70 million tomans.

We've had many meetings.
I've heard many promises.

This jerk is lying.

I'm promising the 70 million tomans.

His friends have arranged it for him.

His friends and family

should give me checks to pay off his debt
and I'll withdraw the case.

If he gets out, he'll work hard
to pay off the rest bit by bit.

You, his relatives,
wouldn't write checks for him.

Why do you expect me to trust him?

I can hardly pay my own rent.

Otherwise, I wouldn't have let him
spend one night in jail.

You're saying he'll work if he gets out.
Give me a bond check...

Do him a favor and let him out.

He let down his family.
He deserves no favor.

Forget about what he deserves.

Don't you want your money?
Half of it is ready, cash.

-I don't trust him.
-It's not about trust.

I was fooled once
by his hangdog look, that's enough.

Listen, Bahram,
let's meet and talk about it.

Wait a minute, let me talk to him.
Just a moment.

Excuse me.


I wish I could pay him back
and not be so humiliated.

If I give him bond checks
for the rest of your debt,

could you manage to pay him
7.5 million tomans a month?

If I get out, I'll work.

-What work?

I'll take your word and commit to it.

I can't stand going back to prison.


Come and eat before it gets cold.
Come on, Siavash.

Negar, turn off the tablet.

Thanks a lot. Where's Hossein?

In the bathroom. As soon as
we sit down to eat, he has to go.

Okay, kids, come on.

Siavash, turn off the tablet.
Come on, Negar.

Pass me the glasses.

Get up, son. Let's have dinner.

I'm not hungry.

Come on. You'll play later.

Negar, come on.

-Where shall I sit?
-Next to me.

The phone's ringing.
Hossein, aren't you coming?

Hossein, see who's been calling you.

Siavash, turn down the tablet.
It gives me a headache.

Mom's rice crust looks yummy.

Hello? Yes, please? Hello, how are you?

Thank you. Sorry, I was outside.

Yes, please. I'm listening.

-I'm not hungry.
-Your dad's come after two months.

Siavash, come on.
There'll be no rice crust left.

But I... don't want.

Too bad for you!

Uncle, put some for me in the dish.

-Can I stir it?

Where are you going, Nima?

Too bad for both of them!

Leave me alone!

-Stop it, Nima!

-I don't want.

-Don't worry, he'll come.
-How rude!

Yum-yum! Thank you so much.

-Who's calling at dinner time?


What did he say?

He wants the checks
and the money tomorrow.

Pass me the bread.

What did you tell him?

Let's have dinner first.

My turn, Mom.

Who's the friend giving you 70 million?

Have some rice crust, Uncle.

Someone you don't know.

Please don't go to a loan shark again.

Who mentioned loan sharks?

Then where is this money coming from?

I told you, a friend promised it.

Don't take me for an idiot.

It's not a loan.

Did you agree to meet?

I told him I only had two checks left.
I'll order a new checkbook tomorrow.

-How long will that take?

That. The new checkbook.

Wait for your friend
to give you the 70 million.

Between what people say
and what they do...

You shouldn't have promised then,
so as not to embarrass me.

I don't have enough checks.

Even if he had them
and gave him bond checks,

how will you pay him back every month?

Siavash, turn it down.

Hossein offered to write the checks,
Malih. I didn't force him.

I'm not saying you shouldn't give checks.

You should find a job first
and then give checks to him.

If ever one of the checks bounces,
it will be the same hassle.

His leave ends in two days.
How can he find a job?

I don't know. It's up to you.

Swear on Mom's soul
you're telling me the truth.

Whose handbag is it?

You rummaged in my bag?

I wanted to take your laundry.

Don't do anything that would disgrace
you and the family forever.

Like what?

Where did you get these coins?

A friend gave them to me.

The cigarettes, the lighter, the handbag
are also your friend's?

Go on, Malih. Call me a thief.

What's this handbag with a broken strap?

He... is... shouting.

That was a bit rough, wasn't it?
Let's make it smoother.

The boy... is... shouting.


The girl... is washing... her... hands.

Shall we try a bit smoother?
How would that sound?

Was... sitting.

Good morning. Yes, please?

Is there anyone else
who can write the bond checks?

Who would take the risk?

What are you going to do?

I don't feel up to it.

What do you mean?

-My conscience won't allow it.
-You're saying that now?

Ever since you told me, I've had doubts.

I thought that all that praying to God

made Him have pity on us
and provide a miracle.

Then instead of 17 coins, He'd have
sent us everything to clear my debt

and got me out of this mess.

Why are you upset?

-I'm not upset.
-Yes, you are.

What's wrong?

Farkhondeh, tell me. My love.

-I'm sorry, I can't cope with this.

Okay. Go and find the owner.

-We have to go together.

No. 55, please refer to Box 7.

-Excuse me...
-Take a number and wait your turn.

-It's not for a banking process.
-Go ahead.


I was wondering
if anybody came here for a lost bag.

No, why?

I've found some gold.

Guys, did anyone report something missing?

-How much is it?
-A lot.

-Just outside the bank?
-No, at the bus stop.


Nobody's come to ask.

If anybody does, I have the handbag.

Well done. Give us your number.

Can I have some paper to write it down?

Here you are.

-You're welcome.

No. 60, please refer to Box 7.

They can call this number and ask for me.

-What's this number?
-A prison.

You work there?

I'm an inmate, for a debt.
I'm out on leave.

If you like, write an ad with your number.

I'll copy it
and you can put it around here.

Thanks a lot.

We're rid of it.

What's the matter?

-Are you regretting it?

Please stop sulking.

If you're regretting it,
just cross the street,

take my number, call me,
and say it's your bag.

Describe it. If it's right,
we'll meet in some discreet place,

and I'll return it to you.

But if you're sulking when you call me,
I won't give it back to you.

You must be cheerful.

Just put yourself in the shoes
of this poor woman who's lost it.

-Can you?

Hello, madam.
Have you lost a bag? I've found it.

God bless you.

Is that it? I want a reward.

You have such a pure heart.

Tomorrow, I'll be back in jail
and longing for you.

This poor heart!

And you want me to quit smoking.

Let's go somewhere calmer.

-Is it for my reward?
-Get going.

I barely saw you these two days.
Let me at least say goodbye properly.

-What's this?
-Your clothes.

I got you a new shirt.

Thank you so much. It's very nice.

And there's a new toothbrush.

-Good job.
-Thank you.

-Mr. Soltani?
-Yes, Madam?

Did you give our number to anyone?

I'm sorry, Ms. Marvasti. I had to.

I shouldn't have given you this number.

The thing is...

I found a bag and I gave the number
in case the owner is found,

so that she can get it back.

-Did anyone call you?
-She'll call again.

Don't give this number out to anyone.

I won't. I'm sorry.

I've just come back from leave,
I won't get another one any time soon.

Can someone at your place
give it to her? She's so anxious.

I'll call to see if my sister's there.

Excuse me.
Can you please describe the bag?

Then I can arrange for you
to get it back at my sister's.

You're very welcome.

Where did you lose it? How long ago?

What did it look like?

How many coins?

What brand of cigarettes?

-Who's there?
-Open the door, please.

-Is this Mr. Soltani's house?

Come in.

Excuse me.

-Hello. Was it you I just spoke to?

Yes, come in.

I still had my bag on my shoulder
at the bus stop.

I took out money for my ticket.

When the bus arrived, I hopped on.

I don't know if it fell off
as I was getting on

or if it got ripped off on the bus.

At the next stop,
I realized I didn't have it.

I shouted to the driver
I'd lost my bag and to stop.

The poor guy stopped.

He shut the bus doors
and searched all the passengers.

He said it wasn't there,
that I probably dropped it somewhere.

Why did you put so many coins in it?

I was going to sell them.

Each time I left the house,
I was so afraid

my husband or his brother
would find the gold

and it'd go up in a puff of smoke.

I decided to sell them and put the money
in a bank account,

so that nobody around me
would know I had gold.

Siavash dear, go get the bag
your dad told us about.

This morning, I came across the ad
that said a bag was found.

As if God...

You are blessed.

God knows I earned these coins one by one,

weaving rugs, struggling,

saving them secretly
in case I'm in need someday.

It was God's will
my brother had some leave

and found your bag on his way.

-Have some tea, please.
-Thank you so much.

I was so nervous I took a taxi,
he's waiting outside.

Siavash, did you find it?
I put it near the mirror.

May God arrange a way
for your brother to get out of jail.

Such a good man shouldn't be there.

-Here you are.

The strap's broken.
It must have fallen off.

Check if you have everything in it.

Pass my best regards to your brother.

-Sorry I bothered you.
-Not at all.

-Take care.
-Thank you.


Hey, kid.

-Here, son. Take it, please.

Don't offer it, please. Thanks.

It comes from the bottom
of my heart. Take it.


He says his father wouldn't like it.

It's yours. Don't tell your dad.

Go on, darling, no problem.

-That's very kind of you. Goodbye.

Let's go.

Write your sister's number down.
Mr. Taheri wants to talk to her.

-To my sister?

What for?

About the gold.
He wants to ask her a few questions.

Here you are.

-Hello. Well done.

-Would you like some tea?
-Yes, thanks.

He's in jail for a debt.

I've just talked to his sister.

Yes, he found it during his leave.

You come whenever you want. He's here.

You can also talk to him outside.
We can arrange it.

What you did is beautiful.

It's a noble gesture.

-Please take a seat.
-Please sit down.

Okay, let me know.

-He hasn't told anybody.
-That's what makes it beautiful.

-How's everything?
-Fine, thank you.

Okay. Goodbye.

-They'll organize it and call back.

A TV crew is coming to interview you.

I did nothing special.
It was just a few coins...

The number doesn't matter.

You've taken your two days' leave
to find the owner, in your situation.

There's also a newspaper
that wants to arrange an interview.

-It's very kind of you.
-No, it's kind of you.

We have to learn from you.

Come on. It's getting late.

They'll be here soon.

Let him have his tea.

Make a congratulatory banner and hang it.

He's our calligrapher.
He can't congratulate himself.

We'll have them done outside.

-I did nothing special.
-Yes, you did.

A screw-up like that doesn't go unnoticed.

Letting loads of gold get away
is special! Get going.

-Stop pulling his leg.
-"Nothing special."


Come here.
Have you got something decent to wear?

-Shall I order it for you?
-Yes, I do.

Go and tidy yourself up,
and trim your beard. What's that?


Mr. Taheri?

Mr. Taheri.

-Excuse me, just one second.

It's just that... I didn't find the bag.

Who did then?

Well... My wife.

Who returned it to the owner?

I made the decision to return it.

So you gave it back.
Tell them exactly that.

Say, "My wife found it and I returned it."

No, in fact, nobody knows we're together.

I can't give her name.

-Isn't she your wife?
-Not yet.

So you're naughty too!

No... We're getting married
as soon as I get out.

-Anyway, you returned the gold, right?

There we go.
Forget about the rest and hurry up.


He is very conscientious, very earnest,

very reliable, and a very honest man.

In spite of his financial difficulties,
he has proven with this act

that one can always prioritize

good deeds over personal interest.

I have been sentenced to 10 years
while I have nothing to pay my debts.

I'm Rahim Soltani, Mostafa's son.

I was born
in Sangsiah neighborhood in Shiraz.

Rahim! You're on TV!


I was a sign painter and calligrapher.

When printed banners came along,
I had to close my business.

Why are you in jail?

I got a loan to start a new business.

But my partner took my money,

so I wasn't able to pay back the loan.

My guarantor had to pay for me,

but then, he filed a complaint
against me and I went to jail.

At first, I thought it was a miracle.

God put this bag in my path

to free me from the harassment
and the insults of my creditor.

I even sent him a message to tell him
I could pay part of my debt back.

But then I thought to myself I couldn't.
It was probably a test.

I got off the bus here.
I went there to buy cakes,

so I wouldn't go home empty-handed.

I saw a handbag that had fallen here.
At this point.

Right here.
On the ground, with the strap broken.

I opened it, it was full of coins.

I looked around, there was nobody.

I thought it over all night.
I thought if I took another's belonging,

at some point,
I'll be punished for it a hundredfold.

Next morning, I came back here

and put ads everywhere
saying I'd found a bag.

First, I went to that bank.

I asked them if anybody
had been there for a lost bag.

They said no.

That's why I had to write the ad
with my phone number.

Here, in the prison,
we really appreciate him.

Since we've had him with us,

our spaces, the climate
have all become more colorful.

He has regularly taken part
in all the training courses

and cultural activities
organized for the inmates.

Thank God, it has borne fruit.

I wish to thank the warden, Mr. Salehpour,

and Mr. Taheri,
in charge of cultural activities,

for their efforts to improve
the inmates' wellbeing.

How did I look? Okay? Really?

Did everyone at home see it?

-Well done.

Do you realize the whole country
saw the shirt you gave me?

You know how to fool people.

Farkhondeh, it's ringing.

I'll call you.

Take care of yourself. Me too, a lot.


What did you say?

-I'm talking to you.
-What did I say?

Who fools people?

You got offended.
You paint camouflage, don't you?

-What do they give you in exchange?

The ones you thanked for their concern
about the inmates' wellbeing.

Nobody will give me anything.

Nothing? You cover up their shit for free?

-Step back.
-Go ahead, slap me.

I wish you had the guts to slap me.
I really do.

Being a man is not about growing a beard.

You should have said that two weeks ago,

Shakuri killed himself
after six years in jail.

Hopefully, thanks to your intervention,
things will get sorted out

and he'll be released.

I hope so.

You told me on the phone a few days ago...

-That day...
-Let me speak.

You said he had 70 million, right?

No. In fact,

Mr. Taheri, the 70 million
was the value of the coins I found.

I thought I could sell them
and pay back some of my debt.

Then my conscience didn't allow me to.

How come his conscience
doesn't bother him with me?

Maybe he was wrong to be conscientious

and give a poor woman her money back?

Wouldn't you have felt bad
having her money?

Can I talk to you in private?

Please leave for a few minutes.

I'm listening to you.

How can you be sure
this story about the bag isn't made up?

How can you be sure it is?

He's my sister-in-law's ex. I know him.

That doesn't prove anything.
Anyhow, he made a human gesture.

How did he become so human overnight?

Why do you think his wife left him?

Do you have any clear proof he's lying?

-I do.
-Say, what is it?

He's been bullshitting people
all his life.

What bullshit?

He said on TV he got a loan
and wasn't able to pay for it.

-Let me speak.

What bank would give him a loan?
Why didn't he say it was a loan shark?

-So what?
-Why does he lie?

Maybe he was embarrassed. That's no proof.

I don't want to slander him.

But I warn you, Mr. Taheri,
if he doesn't pay me, I'll denounce him.

Denounce what?

If the owner of the bag hadn't called,
no one would have known.

If he didn't want anyone to know,
why did he publicize the prison's number?

He should have left his cell phone number.

There are no cell phones in jail.

So how could he text me?

A text from jail?
Did he text you from jail?

Mr. Taheri,
you know what his story's all about?

Get to the point.

Ever since he learned that his ex,
my sister-in-law,

has been proposed to,
he's started to hassle me.

He keeps calling and texting me
to get my consent to get out of jail.

To stop her from getting married.

His private life is none of my business.

Listen to me.
You asked me to prove he's lying.

He feels humiliated.

He made up this story
to restore his reputation

and try to get his wife back.

No, you're wrong. I have some information.

That's all it's about.

He has a partner. He plans
to marry her when he gets out.

You know what?

I don't care whether
he found the bag or not.

I want what's due after three years.

Not in dribs and drabs.

You've waited for three years.
Give him a few more days.

I'll talk to him
and see how he can pay you back.

And if he can't?

It'll be up to you to decide.

He's been granted special leave.

-Hello, Hossein.

They'll get the creditor's consent
so he doesn't go back to jail.

God willing. Let's hope.

Yes, I'll pass him to you.

Rahim... Rahim!

Just a moment. He's coming.

Be careful of the cars.

-Hello, sweetheart, congratulations!

Here you are.

What are you celebrating?

My father was released.

Wonderful. Wait,
I'll give you the bowl back.

I saw him on TV.

Who's so much trouble for?

It's the talk of the neighborhood.

At least ten people called
to say you make them proud.

Some cousins are coming tonight.

Do we have enough food?

I'll do some shopping.
We'll have loads of people these days.

-Try this to see if it fits.
-Thanks a lot.

-You might need this.
-I don't need it.

Don't make a fuss.

Thank you.

Don't smoke in front of people.
It's not worthy of you.


-You distributed the soup?


-Get ready, we'll go somewhere.

-You'll see.

I'll tell you on the road.

How did you find her?

-She was my cellmate.
-No, seriously?

She works at the speech therapy center.

-Doesn't she mind your situation?

-Does Siavash know?
-Not yet.

-Aren't you alone?
-Maliheh wanted to see you.

-Ask her in.
-Next time.

-Is your brother home?

-Ask him to come. Hello.
-Please come in.

Thank you.

Call Morteza. He wants to talk to him.

Don't make us look bad. Grow up a bit!

He must have planned it with Farkhondeh.

I already said no.

If I go see him now, I'll say it again.

-Don't try to force me.
-He isn't a murderer.

Fine, he's a saint! He has a big kid.

He's been to jail, he's got no job.
I'll never agree!

Stop being so macho! Your sister's 37.

I don't care who she sees.
She can do what she likes.

But she shouldn't come back here in tears,

saying she wants to split up.

Read that, then go
and tell him what you want.

-What's that?
-Just read it.

-I'm cold, Mom.
-Go get dressed.

Pass my best regards. Thank you.

We have to go back soon. Thank you.

Yes, he brought it yesterday.
Thank God it's all right.

Beat it so that kids will dance.

We're going to talk.

-Beat it.
-Come on.

And to your generosity...

Good evening and thank you.

We are very grateful for your support
to our charity association.

First of all, Mr. Soltani...

-Mr. Soltani, please join us.
-Give him a round of applause.

-A round of applause for his noble deed.

Mr. Soltani, in his TV interview,

said that when he found the coins,
he thought it was a miracle.

-Good evening.
-Good evening.

Then he thought
God might have been testing him.

I'd like to say to Mr. Soltani
it really is a miracle. You know why?

I received a call earlier
from the local council.

As a sign of appreciation
for his selfless courage,

this gentleman will be offered a job
in their administration.

Great! Give him some applause.

Thank you!

We hope that, thanks to the efforts
of the prison management,

also thanks to the town's benefactors
and your generosity,

through your contribution tonight,
we can get his creditor's consent

and have him return to his family
and dear son as soon as possible.

-Thank you.
-Thanks so much!

A round of applause for his noble deed!

-Thank you.

Mr. Soltani, please...

-Please grant us a few words.

-Thank you.
-Excuse me.

I must confess, at first, I was tempted

to sell the coins and pay off my debt.

But there was a mishap at the gold dealer.

When he set out to calculate
the price of the coins,

his calculator broke down.

He took a pen, but it didn't work either.

I suddenly thought to myself
that these were signs.

Signs which indicated
that wasn't the right thing to do

and I should return it to the owner.

Bravo! Congratulations.

Thank you, Mr. Soltani. Congratulations!

If you agree, we'll exchange
a few words with this young man.

Anything you want to say
about your father?

-Go ahead.


l like...

Enough money...



Go... back...

Jail... My own money...

Good boy. How much do you want to give?

Fifty thousand...


Let's cheer for him!

Bring the cakes from the kitchen.

Why here, Sir? Please go inside.

-Take this. 250,000 tomans.

-100,000 tomans.

Another 100,000 tomans.


-And finally 500,000 tomans.

32.750 million tomans.

Plus 1.4 million tomans
in cash and a gold bracelet.

That's a total of 34.150 million tomans.

We'll evaluate the price of the bracelet.

The prisoners chipped in
some 840,000 tomans.

-I'll pay it to the association.
-Thank you.

The warden and I will give 200,000 tomans.

Thank you.

-You've already done a lot.
-Our pleasure.

Hossein, while we're here,
go get your checkbook...

Wait a minute.

My debt is 150 million tomans.
150 million from three years ago.

What use is 34 or 35 million to me?

Bahram, come on. Where are you going?

The poor lady took off her bracelet,

even the prisoners donated to get him out.

Please cooperate too.

You're talking as if I was cheating him.

He did a good deed.
You should make an effort...

What good deed? What good deed?

Even if he found a bag
and returned it to its owner,

it's only normal, he did his duty.

Would you have returned it?

Of course. Why not?

You're not in jail for debt.
If you were and you had...

Please, madam...

Many people are in
far worse situations than him.

They could steal and they don't.
Are they celebrated?

I've never dishonored anybody.
Will I be given a certificate?

Where in the world are people celebrated
for not doing wrong?

Your problem is my merit certificate?

My problem is you being so ungrateful.

-Come here, Bahram.
-My problem is you being ungrateful.

This certificate is the least we could do
for such a noble deed.

What noble deed?
What noble deed did he do?

What good did he do?

I did good three years ago
because I considered him family.

I gave a bond check to a loan shark
so he could start a business.

I did good
when he didn't meet the payments.

I sold my wife's jewelry to pay off
his debt, the interest and the penalties.

God bless you.

Now he's a hero,

and me who did so much for him,
the bastard creditor?

Not at all. God forbid.

I had to sell my daughter's dowry for him.

He wanted to sell the gold and give me
70 million tomans, but I refused.

-Is that right?
-Yes, but...

If I'd accepted it as part of his debt,
he'd come out of jail.

Then would he have made
all this fuss about finding gold?

It's because I refused
that he built up this story.

I won't reply out of respect.

Don't get on my nerves
or I'll grass you up.

Stop it. There's a child here.

-Wait, Bahram. Wait!

Come here for a second.

We've arranged for him
to be interviewed on TV.

I'll have him call you during the show.

Say that as he did a good deed,
you consent to have him released.

So you teach a good lesson
to the audience and restore your image.

Will my image give my daughter a dowry?

Anyway, if he pays this amount
to the court as bail,

they'll stagger the rest of his debt,
and he'll be out.

It's much nicer if you give your consent.

If I agree, it's only for this poor kid.

God bless you. Thank you.

Write up the minutes and have it signed.

-Can I help you?

-I'm Rahim Soltani.

-Ms. Radmehr sent me.

Mehrpooyan Charity Association.

I've come to meet
the head of Human Resources.

-You're the guy who was on TV.
-That's right.

-I have an appointment at 11:00.

Can I have your ID?

It's this way, first floor. Mr. Nadeali.


I can do all kinds of jobs,
calligraphy, painting...

Good for you.

-At your service.
-Have some tea.

Thank you.

Tell me, the gentleman
you gave the coins back to...

It was a lady.

Can I have her number to call her?

Her number... I don't have it.

Didn't it show up on your phone?

She called the prison.

Her address then?

I don't think I've got it. Why?

You've got no information about her?

I never met her.
My sister gave her the bag.

Is there any problem?

Do you have any proof
you found this bag and gave it back?

I have no proof.

Just a merit certificate
from the charity where it's written.

Any witnesses?

The prison managers.

Apart from them.

My sister and my son are witnesses.
What's wrong?

In order to approve your application,
I have to make sure of certain facts.

What facts?

-There are rumors going round.
-What rumors?

That maybe your story's made up.

Made up?

What's wrong with my checking the facts?

-Did my creditor contact you?

Any of the inmates?

No, on social media,
some rumors have spread.

Are you doubting me?

I'm not. But there's this rumor.


They say this story's made up
by the prison authorities,

to create a diversion
from the recent suicide.

-I swear on my son's life...
-Why are you swearing?

-Didn't you bring the bag?
-Yes, I did.

Ask the owner, your sister
and your son to come here,

so I can ask them a few questions
and they'll sign a statement.

If tomorrow some loony comes here,
I'll know how to shut his mouth.

-Is it hard to do?

Hello. How are you?

Sorry to disturb you. A few days ago,

a lady called me from this number.
If she's there, I'd like to talk to her.

She came to our place by taxi
and called me from this number.

Are you her husband?

I see... Hello. How are you?

I see.

Do you have her address?

Who is it?

No, nothing's wrong.

Thank you. Goodbye. Have a good day.


It was the taxi driver who drove her here.
She called from his phone.

Why didn't you ask for her number?

She'd just called me,
the number showed up.

How could I know it wasn't hers?

Rahim, how come you didn't ask
for her address or number?

How was I to know we'd need any of this?

Didn't she give any information?
Where she lived, where she was going?

I said all I can remember.

-Remember anything else, kids?

Uncle, she said nobody knew she had gold.
She was too scared to tell anyone.

Take me to the council tomorrow.

I'll tell them I saw her
and I gave her the bag.

He insists on seeing her.

I... saw...


"I saw her."

Malih, call the taxi driver again.

When she got in, she was very agitated.

I asked her what happened.
She said nothing.

She asked if she could use my phone.

-I think she called your sister, right?

Did she talk to you on the road?

No. But when she got back in
outside your place,

I saw in the rear-view mirror
she was counting coins.

She asked me to stop by a gold dealer.

I found one, stopped, and she went in.

What for?

How would I know? She just went in.

Was she dark-skinned?

I didn't meet her.

-About ten days ago?

And her coins were not rimmed.

She's the one who asked us to check
if the coins were real gold.

-Seventeen of them.
-Yes, she came here.

I checked them one by one
and told her they were gold.

She asked the value.
She wanted to sell one.

I found her a bit shifty
and said we weren't buying that day.

Why shifty?

If the coins were hers, she wouldn't
have asked if they were real gold.

Why? Were these coins yours?

-Excuse me.

Can I see the images from your cameras?

You need a warrant from the police.

Can I just take a picture of them
with my phone?

No, sorry.

Excuse me,
can you have a look at this certificate?

I guess she wanted to check

I hadn't replaced her coins
with fake ones.

Listen. I don't want to worry you,

but if there was nothing wrong
with this woman,

at least the day after,
she would have called to thank you.

Can we go to where she got out?

Buying your recyclable items.

She went that way.

Keep your money.

No, thank you. How much is it?

I won't charge a prisoner.

Please. It's not fair.

Nothing is fair in this world.

I also spent two years in jail unfairly.

You're too kind.

I hope you find her. But if you don't,

just go there with another lady
and say you gave the bag to her.

And if you need anything, call me.

Aren't you the man
I saw on TV in the regional news?


I thought you looked familiar.

It's nice of you.

-Here you are.
-Thank you.

-How about this, Auntie?
-Let me see.

No, that's too tight.
Go get something nicer.

What's that?

Don't do that. Stop it.

-Rahim, hurry up.

-Is it working?
-No, it's not recording.

Nima, go and ask the neighbor
for their DVD player.


-Say your uncle's on TV tonight!
-I will.

You should take the woman's picture
and show it during the evening.


-Did you tell your mom to watch?

-Was she happy?
-A lot!

Rahim, your phone.

Come here, Rahim, I'll do your hair a bit.

-Did you find one, sweetheart?
-Not yet.


Who's calling?
Yes, how are you? Everything fine?

"I'm very happy
and I'm proud of my father."

I'm getting ready with my son
and then off we go.


I am proud... of him.

Try not to be stressed.
Put this on and let's try again.

I'm happy,

and I'm... proud...

Nobody told me anything.

Put on these pants my mom gave you.

What happened?

The thing is my son told his friends

he'd be on TV tonight.

Rahim, come to the yard.

Anything wrong?

-It's been canceled.
-What do you mean?


-Who called?
-The TV guy.

Dad... this...

Is it good?



-What day was it?

Tuesday before noon.
Probably around 10:00.

This is the headquarters' number.
It's one of these two.

Call her. I'll talk to her.

-Thank you.
-Come with me.

Who wrote this rubbish?

Impossible to find out. Someone writes
something and it goes viral.

I guess that's the reason why
the TV show was canceled.

Maybe your ex-wife wanted to set you up?

I don't think so.
She's living her own life.

Why was your creditor threatening
to call her and ask about you?

It's obvious. We split up,
so she won't praise me.

Why did you split up?

The truth is,

we struggled, we couldn't live together.


A juice shop.
She called from there both times.

What did the guy say? Did he know her?

No, he said she was a passerby
who asked if she could use the phone.

How strange.

She's been careful not to leave any trail.

Are you sure she was the owner of the bag?

She gave the right description.

Why did you give the jail's number?

Why not your sister's?

The truth is,

I wanted to be the one
to tell her her bag was found.

How come you had the number?


Ms. Marvasti gave it to me.

What for?

Once, when I went on leave,

she needed some painting work
done at her home.

So she gave me the number...

You can go now. We'll see what happens.

You talked to his sister,
did you suspect anything?

-Like what?
-Like they might've made it all up.


Call Ms. Marvasti.

What if the taxi driver
was in cahoots with her?

No, the poor guy even offered to help.

There's something fishy about this woman.

The coins probably weren't hers.

-You should tell the council.
-Tell them she's a thief?

It's none of Rahim's business.
As long as he's returned the gold.

To a thief.

With what Bahram said,
they're already starting to have doubts.

All we need now is for them to find out
Rahim gave the gold to a dodgy person.

What do you mean, "dodgy"?

She must be laying low
so nobody knows she had gold.

It doesn't matter why,
but she's nowhere to be found.

I don't know. I'm lost now.

Thank you.


-There's one thing we can do.

Ask Siavash to come.

Siavash, come here.

-Do you want anything else?
-No, thanks.

Shut the door.

Mr. Nadeali will leave at 1:00 p.m.

The lady said she'd come at 12:30.
I'm sorry she's late.

-Have a nice day.


-You're welcome.


-Hello, come in please.

Sorry, I'm late.

We're sorry to bother you.

-Not at all.
-Sit down.

-No, please.
-Come on, sit down.

-Please, sit here.
-No, don't worry.

Please sit down.

-Shall I let them in?
-Can you come in?

Bring me the newspaper please.

You stay here please.
He wants to see the lady alone.


Come in, please. Welcome. Take a seat.

-How are you doing?
-Fine, thanks.

You should have given him your number.

-I was afraid.

I didn't tell my husband I lost my bag.

Once it's found, why wouldn't he know?

I don't want him to know we've got gold.

He'd spend it right away.

I've been struggling weaving carpets
to earn them one by one.

-What does your husband do?
-He doesn't work.

Someone who works so hard to earn
a living should be more careful.

I wanted to sell them
and put the money in the bank.

Every time I went out, I was worried

he'd find it and squander them.

I thought it was better to sell them...

-With the driver sitting outside?

-You went to their place?

Yes, he took me there. He waited for me.
Then, with the lady...

The lady, his sister, gave me the bag.

And the driver took me home.

You took a taxi for such a long trip?

I was so stressed.

I wanted to go and take the bag quickly.

Okay, madam...

-You'll have to write...

And explain all that. Then sign it.

-Shall I sit outside?
-No, here.

Let them in.

-Here. Is it okay?
-Thank you very much.

Please read the lady's statement
and sign it.

And you sign as a witness.

-Thank you.

-Thank you.
-Here you are.

-Thanks so much.
-You're welcome.

We caused you trouble.

-We're very grateful.
-You are welcome.

Are we done?

You can go, you'll be kept informed.

-God bless you.
-Thank you.

Thank you, madam, for your time.

It's very kind of you.

-You're welcome.

-Thank you.

-Thank you.

-Thank you.

Excuse me, when do you think
I'll start the job?

First, the statement must be verified.

-What needs to be verified?

But he's giving checks to his creditor
relying on this job.

For now, don't count on the job.

Let's see if he meets the requirements.

You said you just wanted
to question this lady.

I went to a lot of trouble to find her.

This gentleman is my witness.

Ask them as many questions as you want.

I'm at your service
if you have any questions.

Do you want him to tell you
about the day he drove her?

I picked up the lady on the street.

She called this lady with my phone
and described her bag.

-Is that right?

I gave the bag to this lady.

My nephew is my witness.

Tell the gentleman.

Sir... this...


He can't speak well.

The lady gave him 50,000 tomans
as a reward.


Could you please wait outside?

Shut the door please.

-When did you find this bag?
-The day of my leave.

You wanted to sell the coins
and give 70 million to your creditor?

Yes, I talked to him the same day
and he agreed.

But I couldn't bring myself to do it.

But a week before finding it,
you had already offered him 75 million.

Me? No, I didn't. Who said that?

"Hello, Bahram. I've got 75 million.

"I'll give you checks
for the rest if I get out.


I sent it the day I found the bag.

It's dated a week before.

My brother was in jail a week before.
How could he find a bag?

That's my question.

One week before
supposedly finding the coins,

how could you promise him 75 million?

-I didn't.
-Come on, it's your text.

I got it yesterday.

How can I prove
I returned them to their owner?

-To her?

-Now you have the coins?
-Yes, I have them.

Then you go now with the driver,

and bring the bag and the 17 coins.
And you stay here.

My husband is at home.

I sneaked out for this poor man.
I can't go home and leave again.

-Call your husband.
-What for?

I'll explain the whole story to him
so he doesn't bother you.

My husband...

Didn't I tell you?

Didn't I tell you my husband
has no idea about the coins?

I'm sorry.

Excuse me, but you're behaving very badly

with a prisoner who's gone
to so much trouble to do a good deed.

If it's proven tomorrow this was a fraud,
will you answer for it?

What fraud?

We received a call here...

I know who called you.
My creditor sent you the text.

It's not him.

This man is sick. He ruined my life
and my wife left me.

-None of my business.
-What is your business?

I wish I could confirm that you did that.

At my age, would I give
false evidence to someone I don't know?

This is our procedure.

Who's your boss here?

Who are you to get so worked up about him?

I'm nobody, young man.

You who are somebody,

why are you accusing
this poor innocent guy?

Get out, sir. Mr. Saghafi! Get them out!

-Please leave.
-Go away.

Please leave.

I pity this country
for being in the hands of you guys.

The only thing that matters is my honor.

I don't want this job or the salary.

I swear I'll spread the word
that you didn't keep your promise.

I'll denounce you all.

Do whatever you want, but be quiet.

Come out when you're done.

You can speak here.

-Why did you do that?
-Do what?

-Forward the text to that guy.
-What guy?

-The council intelligence.

What are you talking about?

-Why are you doing this?
-What am I doing?

Why do you threaten to denounce me?

I did nothing wrong.

-Why did you call them?
-I called nobody.

Look, I've brought you these checks.

With what you've done,
how can I find a job and pay you back?

Now they're doubting me.

They're not.
They've seen your true colors.

Don't interfere.

Why was I fooled by you again?

How dare you come here?

Don't you see how changed he is?

You've worn him out.

-What have I done?
-You did everything.

I was plagued by bad luck, Nazanin.

I went bankrupt.

After all he did for you, how can you go
and slander him on TV?

If you had a little pride,
you wouldn't show up here.

Didn't we agree at the charity?

That instead of paying me,
you'd insult me?

-Bahram, are you jealous?
-Jealous of what?

What would I envy you for?

That people have esteem for me.

Poor people who consider you their hero.

Poor you who can't stand
seeing people show me respect.

You think you're somebody
because you were on TV?

Watch your mouth.

They build you up
to say the country is a paradise.

Be polite.

"People show me respect..."

People show you respect?

People feel sorry for you.

They feel sorry
for your poor kid's stutter and for you,

who drags him in front of people
to cry and beg.

"People show me respect."

"The pen didn't work,
the calculator either..."

Come here a second.

-Leave, please.
-Just a second, Nazanin.

Just a second. I want to see him.

Stop it! Leave him alone!




Stop, Dad!

Ali! Sattar, come quick!

Take him away.

Don't let him go away.

Hello, police?

Where are you taking me?

Why are you doing this?

Call the police.

Let me out.

Get back to your tasks please. It's over.

Who was that?

Rahim! What happened to you?

Open this door! Why is he locked in?

We're waiting for the police.

-Did he hit you?
-I'm okay.

Get out!

Let him out.

Open the door for him.


His shoe...

Open the door. Open it, please.

Put on your shoe.


-Hello, is your dad home?

Why doesn't he answer the phone?

-Tell him to come quick.

Ms. Radmehr...

I'll call you later.

Ms. Radmehr...



Mr. Soltani, what got into you?

What do you mean?

Sheyda! Bring my phone and show him.

This is what happened today
in my father's shop.

The man you see attacking him

is the one who was presented on TV

a few days ago and praised

as a very conscientious
and trustworthy prisoner who returned

a bag full of gold to its owner.

Since the beginning,
my father told jail management

and the charity who raised funds
for such a man

that this story was fake.

But for dubious reasons,
they didn't pay attention to him.

The woman who came to the shop
seems to be his girlfriend.

Did he share that?

His daughter sent it to Ms. Radmehr

saying she'll share it
if they're not paid by tomorrow.

He started insulting me.

The video speaks for itself.
You attacked him by surprise.

Now that you're known as a role model
that people follow,

you can't behave like that.

Every year, we provide dowers
for needy brides.

We pay recompenses
for convicts to avoid the death penalty.

If this is shared,
nobody will trust us anymore.

Nobody will support us.

-That's not my fault.
-Not your fault?

Your creditor's daughter
also sent the video to the council.

They called me today and said

the lady in the video,
who's apparently related to you,

went to the council and claimed
she was the one who lost her bag

and got it back from you, is that right?

I had no choice.

I couldn't find the owner.

If the video gets out,

will people's trust in us
ever be restored?

Who would want to help us?

You've harmed all the people
this charity could help.

-At least, let me explain.
-Go ahead.

Let him explain.

The truth is,

this bag was found by a lady.

What lady?

The lady in the video.

Why did you say you found it?

I told the prison authorities
a lady found it and gave it to me.

They said it didn't matter,
I could say it was me.

-So you didn't find it.
-You played with our reputation.

We've been struggling for 25 years
to try and help destitute people.

You ruined it all overnight.

I'll ask this lady
to come and explain everything.

The lady!

Everywhere you said you found it,
you made it all up.

What is it all about? Tell me the truth.

I've told the truth.

-It's the truth.
-Give me a break.

I'll call your creditor.
Apologize so he doesn't share it.

Come on, they're waiting for you.
They want to leave.

Just let me make a phone call.

If a scandal breaks out and we have to
justify ourselves and apologize,

it'll be hellish.

They're trying to talk the creditor
out of sharing the video.

We have to make a statement anyway.
They trusted us.

-Let's do it today.
-And say what?

That we checked afterwards

and realized the story
wasn't crystal clear.

Therefore, the money collected
will stay in the charity.

Let's use it
for this poor guy's recompense.

-I agree.
-Excuse me.

My father...




We're not saying he lied.

The problem is
we don't understand what he says.

If you transfer the money tonight,

Rahim will give him checks for the rest
and he won't share the video.

We can't give him the money
after what's happened.

Why not?

Morally, every donor

must be informed and decide
if they want their money back

or accept to give it to another person.

The money was collected for him.

No, it was thanks
to our dependable reputation.

It's us they trusted.

I'm not denying it.

Would it be fair to give the money
that was entrusted to us by prisoners,

in spite of their difficulties,
to somebody who's lied to us?

Let me explain to you.

-Explain what?
-What you're saying...

You took a lady to the council
saying you gave her the gold

and now we find out she's your friend.

What's left to explain?

Listen, in any case,

if the video is shared,
it'd be a disaster for you.

Now we're to blame.

It's not about blaming. I just mean

it'd harm everyone,
especially the charity.

Mr. Taghian, call and ask him
not to share it until we find a solution.

I'm off.

His daughter won't let it go.


I returned the bag. Please, madam!

You paid us back very badly.


Hello, please go in.



Yes, son?

Why did...

Ms. Zareh give you...

the coins?

To get me out of prison.

Are you going to get...

remarried too?

I won't, if you don't want me to.

Siavash, darling.

Look at me.

Siavash. Come here, son.

Come on.

I told Mr. Taheri.

You said your wife found it.

I didn't say my wife.
I said the lady I was going to marry.

And what did I tell you?
To repeat the same thing.

No, you said it was no use
saying all that.

You're lying to my face?

You told me that in the other room.

Ms. Marvasti was there. I can call her.

Come here. I told you to repeat the same.

You said you couldn't name her
out of discretion.

I wanted...

Did I ask you to say it was a loan?

The TV people did.
They asked me not to mention usury.

And going in front of the camera
on the sidewalk,

and claiming you found it exactly there
was also their idea?

You told the TV people
to come and film me.

I never thought anyone
should find out about this story.

If you didn't want anyone to know,
you'd have given your sister's number.

Or your own number.
Not the prison's, so that we'd find out.

I swear on my child's life
that I never calculated any of that.

What do you expect from us now?

Mr. Taheri should come to the charity

and tell them I'd already said
that someone else gave me the bag.

-Why not tell them yourself?
-I did.

They don't believe me.

There's already this rumor

that the prison authorities
made up your story.

All we need now
is for me to tell the charity

that someone else found it.

When does your leave end?

It's my last day.

Go give the checks to your creditor.

Ask him to forgive you,
on your knees, if necessary.

Stay there until he deletes the video.

Tomorrow, come back to prison
and lie low until it's forgotten.

Why should it be forgotten?

I gave the gold back.

You said you didn't
expect people to find out.

Imagine you did it and no one found out.

That's different.
They're saying I lied. I didn't.

But you didn't tell the truth.

You're either very smart or very simple.

If I was smart, why would I be in jail?

Now, go. Go and don't do anything.


I'll convince my creditor
not to share the video.

But first, you go to the charity
and the council and tell them

I told you I didn't find the bag.

You're imposing conditions on us?

If he shares it, you'll be in trouble too.

Call the newspaper
and retract the whole story from our side.

Say he tricked us too.

Call him back.

Come here.

What's this slamming the door?



-Is Ms. Radmehr here?

Sit down please,
I'll let her know you're here.

Sit there.

-Ms. Radmehr, Mr. Soltani's here.

-You can go, I'll let you know.
-Thank you very much.

-Very kind of you.
-My pleasure.


Please sit down. I'll call you.

Come in, please.

-Mom, let's go.
-Wait a minute.

I did text my creditor a couple of times

from my cellmates' phones,
but he didn't reply.

The text he forwarded to the council...

He didn't.

-I only sent it to him.

-Then I told him...

One of the inmates did?

What difference does it make?

I didn't agree with giving it back.
He really insisted on doing it.

I'm telling you the whole truth.

I swear it on the life of this man
who's my only joy in life.

You have no way of finding that lady?

I went to her neighborhood
yesterday with her picture

and showed it to all the shopkeepers.

Nobody knows her.

I don't know what to do.

I have you on one side
and that young lady on the other.

Ever since she heard your story,
she's come every day.

She's as needy as you are.

If we don't pay the recompense,
her husband will be hanged.

Put yourself in my shoes.
What should I do?

You can organize an evening
and raise funds for her husband.

We did and raised some money,

but not much,
as there's a murder involved.

If I give you the money,
and the kid's father gets hanged,

won't I be blamed for helping someone
in such an unclear situation?

Won't I be held responsible for his death?

You collected this money for him.

But the donors are calling to say
they don't want you to have the money.

If the video's shared, it'll be worse.

I don't care about this money.

I care about my honor.

Agree for us to give her the money
and save her husband.

I'll go to your creditor today,
and beg him not to share the video.

I promise.

Go in, Ms. Fathi.

-Go to the car, I'll come in a second.

-I won't be long.
-Where are you going?

Wait here.

-Come on.

Come on.

You saved my life.

Don't say that.

My child and I owe you our lives.

-I don't know how to thank you.
-No need. It's my duty.

Come on.

Thank you so much. You did so much for us.

Call your husband to share the good news.

If word spreads that you gave his money
to someone else,

it'll bring more shame on him.

We can't give him the money in any case.

Okay, fine.

I just wanted to beg you
to spread the word

that it was his idea

to give the money that was raised for him

to a needy convict
to save him from execution.

Can you do that?

Now that you're giving the money
to someone else,

at least let him take the credit
and not be disgraced further.



I'll ask for the news to be put out
on social media today.

What's happened? What's wrong?

The video was shared.

-No! When?
-Right now.

-Who told you?
-Hossein called.

What are you going to do now?

-Hi, Auntie.
-Hi, darling.



What got into him?


Haven't you seen the video?

-Stop seeing this guy immediately.
-What guy?

The charlatan with whom
you started this swindle!

Why are you shouting?

Because it falls on deaf ears!

Providing me with a roof

doesn't allow you
to speak to me however you like.

Didn't I ask you to leave this jerk?
Did it have to end like this?

-Like what?
-"Like what"?

Aren't you two ashamed?
How can one be such a rogue?

Who's this scumbag you disgrace
yourself and your family for?

This scumbag means everything to me.

I'd die for him.

Don't you talk to me like that again!

In the Name of God. Hello, dear listeners!

Hello, Rahim.

Can you get in the car?

How are you?

Salehpour is very angry with you.

When he heard the news, he calmed down.

What news?

That you offered the money to a convict.

-Who said that?
-The charity announced it.

That's a nice gesture, well done.

-I have a favor to ask you.

Let me make a video of you
and share it today.

-Saying what?
-What you did.

That you decided to hand the money over.

No, I didn't.

Between the video that was shared
and the rumors,

we have to find a way
to avoid this disgrace.

What way?

Can I pop inside?

A few...

A few coins...

Coins were found...

The own... No.

That was found...

Gave back to the owner.

"He gave them to the owner.

"But he couldn't find her again
and they didn't believe him.

"They said my father was lying."

Okay? Can you try again?

Go ahead.




The son...

of Rahim...



It didn't work, son. Once more.

It was fine.

No. Have some tea
and we'll rehearse a bit.

Not at all. It's better like this.

When he's stressed, he can't speak.

-Come on, son.
-No, sit down.

The way he's speaking is more convincing.

Speak the same way.

Go ahead.


If you see your dad going to jail,

you should look sadder. Don't you think?

Don't you love your dad?

So, why aren't you sad?

You look like you're happy to let him go.

Start again.

Hello. I'm...

Siavash Soltan...


The son...


What's up?

I don't want this to be shared.

Believe me, when he was speaking,
I nearly cried.

Whoever sees it will be overwhelmed.

I don't want my son to be seen like that.

It's to your advantage and his.
People will be on your side.

Even that woman may see it and call you.

-No, delete it.
-Think for a bit.

-The kid said nothing bad.
-I don't want...

You think it's only about what you want?

All our reputation is at stake.

You want it back through my son's stutter?

Please stay with us, Mr. Taheri.

It's very kind of you.


-What are you doing?
-Delete it.

-Delete it here.

Get out of my way.

Open the door!

Let go of my arm!

-Delete it!

Rahim, stop.



-What's going on?


Mr. Taheri, delete it!

-Step back!
-Delete it.

-Mr. Taheri, we're really sorry.
-Sorry, Mr. Taheri.

Please, delete it here. Mr. Taheri.


Rahim, what are you doing?

Delete it.

Delete it.

Rahim, he's trying to help you.

Delete it.

Okay, stop shouting!

Are you out of your mind?
We're sorry, Mr. Taheri.

-Please come back in.
-Let's go in.

Let's go in, Mr. Taheri.

We're so sorry.

I'll see you tomorrow.

Go back in, Rahim.
Listen to me for a second, Mr. Taheri.

-I have to go.

-Please let me go.
-Just come in for a second.

-He's mad.
-Help him for his child.

We're so sorry.

-No problem.
-Do it for his child.

How are you going back to jail after this?



What's prison like?




-Have some.
-Thank you.

Please, help yourself.

-For your colleague too.
-Thank you.

-Have some.
-No, thanks.

-Come on!
-Thank you.

-Take it for the guys inside.
-Thank you very much.

-You're welcome.

God bless you.


Come on.

-What's your name?
-Rahim Soltani.

In you go.