A Heart for an Eye (2018) - full transcript

In the movie, 'One kilo and twenty one grams' three families from three different levels of society are involved in an accident the ignorance of the families that are unintentionally formed and the right of innocent children is taken away.

Sir, that IMEI number has become active.

Okay, good. Track the location.

Sir, it’s near Kalamassery.

This number can't be reached right now.

Sir, we lost him.

Seems like the phone has gone switched off.

Tell me the location of the last tower.

It's Kalamassery, sir.

3 6 4 D 1 7

I don't know.

How can anybody be so selfish?

If you want to leave this world...

If that's your decision...

Let's do it together.

Come on, Nandan. Where are you?!

Pick up!

Nobody has been here for a few days.


I couldn't reach him on the phone.

But, who's this? I didn't get you.

I am his friend.

Anything urgent?

This number cannot be reached right now.

Please try--


You were out of station for some days,
right, Sir?

Yes, for a few days.


What’s this all about?

SP called in the morning,

complaining the local police couldn't bring
any progress in the case.

What's the story?

Sir, Circle Inspector Srinivasan sir
was in charge of this inquiry.

I was assisting him.

You know how he is.

He will ease up
if it is some difficult case.

It is DGP who decided
to hand over the case to the Crime Branch

before the media
start interrupting too much.

And I was asked to assist you,

since I know the case.

It's a headache for sure.

Is there any way to get excused from this?

Just a minute.


Hey. Won't you have dinner?

I'll come.

- Did you start from there?
- In half an hour.


How are things?

I mean, at home?


But life has to go on, hasn't it?

Let's leave.


Oh! You are home!

How was your day?

I'm caught up in a jam.

A murder case.

That's good.

Vinay called me in the afternoon.

Yeah. He called me as well.

Yeah, he told me.

I have told him to stop wandering
and report here.


Then he'll also blame me.

Just leave it.

I'm okay.

This fast?!

I made it in the evening.

Are you not eating?

SP has granted me just three days.

Like a ration.

To get into the odds and ends of the case.

Let me try.


Keep these in the fridge
if you are not eating.

-I'm going to bed.


CI is leading
the interrogation of the witnesses inside.

Sir, what do you have to say
about the murder?

Can you give us any more information
about the murderer?

The body was first spotted by Sibin,
a neighbour, around 7.30 am

Anjali had no personal or
job-related conflicts

that could have led to her murder...

You were close to this family,
right, father?

She's my niece.

My brother's daughter.

Father is both her relative
and local guardian, sir.

Her parents passed away long ago.

Don't she have any other relatives?

She has got a brother in America - Martin.

-Oh! He is abroad?
-Yes, sir.

Don't reveal any details to the media
without my knowledge.

-No, sir.
-I'm saying this to you as well.

It was Martin on the phone.
They've started from there.

Who's he?

He's their family friend, sir.



Jimmy Cheriyan... of Volga bar?

Yeah, that's our bar.


Please come.

These experts are saying that
there is no indication of a break-in.


That bar owner standing outside,
Jimmy, right?

Collect the victim's family details
from him and prepare the inquest.

Okay, sir.

-Aren't they done yet?
-No, sir.

Don't let anybody roam around
near the crime scene.

Yes sir.

Place two policemen here
on night duty.

- Thomas.
- Sir.

You both stay back for night duty.

Okay, sir.

Don't we have statements
from all her colleagues?

Yes, sir.

I need to get it.

Anjali was a senior biomedical engineer
in our hospital.

She was pretty reserved.

But she was close to me.

'Close to you' in the sense?


Please sir.

When did you come to know
about this incident?

Around eleven o'clock in the morning.

My friend called and informed me.


There was news in the media
about the incident since 8 AM.

Still, you came to know this only at 11?

I had a party yesterday, sir.

As part of the inauguration
of our hospital's new block.

I got a bit late after that.

Oh! Hangover!

You were completely wasted yesterday,



Did Anjali have any issues
with anyone here?

I mean, professionally or personally...

Are you aware of any such things?

Anjali was usually pretty cool, sir.

But, as I said,

she was not very open about her feelings.

No matter how close the other person was,
she usually kept a distance.

Cut-throat injury inflicted from behind.

That's the cause of death.

From behind. From right to left.

A single incision.

We couldn't find
any other surrounding injuries.

A deep cut over
the right external jugular vein.

And right carotid arteries
are also damaged.

Besides that, some defense injuries
are seen in the hand and forearm.

Any sexual assault?


No, I mean, the victim is a woman. Hence--

No. No findings of a sexual assault.

But I've got
something very crucial for you.

A capsule which we got
from the victim's abdomen.

The outer cover seems plastic.

But, when we opened it,

there was some text in it.

Sort of a message.

Like someone was trying
to communicate something.

'4 Martin'

Yes, sir.

Our investigation was
completely revolved around Anjali.

Her connections, routines etc.

But the killer's actual target was Martin
while killing her.

Anjali's brother.

They somehow wanted to bring Martin here.

Anjali was the easiest way for that.

This Martin!

When did he reach home?

On December seven.

The next day after Anjali's death.


Go, take a shower.




Ruined my intro!

So you knew it already, right?

That I'll come.

Dear, ain't I a cop's wife?

Come on! Nothing!

-Amma must have called and told you.
-Get lost!

Hey, brother in law...

I've brought a fantastic item for you.

-Shall I give you?

What's it?

Oh! What is this? A missile?!

It's Russian.
From the soul of the Soviet Union.

Oh my mother!

-What do you have for me?


This egg, right? Chicken egg?

Take two of them, scramble
and give me, please.

You are stinking. Go and freshen up first.

-Will scramble the eggs after that.
-Yes, I will! You.. please...

Hey, hey, hey. Just a minute.


Please throw this out.

Nasty fellow!

Where are you going?

He needs scrambled eggs, it seems.

-Yeah! Seems like he needs one!
-Yes he does!

-Hey, there's no soda. Only water--
-That's enough.

Then, where are you coming from?

I was in Chikmagalur when you called me.

I ended the trip right there,
and came back to Kochi at full throttle.

Yeah, you seem a bit exhausted.

I'm feeling drowsy as well.

Hey, without mixing water?!

Nandan, where's the pepper?

Why can't you keep things back
on its place?

-Come here.
- Yes.

She's this excited
only because you've come.

Let me find the pepper.

I've told you several times that
you should keep things in their place.

-Isn't this pepper?
-Oh! Was this here?!

You move aside. I'll make this.

No... slowly. Add less.

Let's get that corner room
ready for him, okay?

Hasn't he just come home?!

-Stir it.
-Let's get it done.

You transfer this on a plate and come.

Just half boil it, okay?

No need to over cook.



Did the Russian revolution
blow out so fast?

The scrambled eggs are ready.

Did he sleep?


Hey, Vinu!

Don't wake him up.

He dozed off.

Then, what about the scrambled egg?

I'm here, right? I'll eat it. Come.

Where are you Ichaya ?

I'm scared, Ichaya.



This morning, Anjali's brother was also--



Sir, they're the witnesses.

They came to check, sensing
a burnt smell early in the morning.

Why can't you just sleep
early in the morning?


There is someone who claims
he saw the incident.

I made him wait there.

Say it.

Come on, tell me.

I... at early morning...
three o'clock--

At three o'clock?

I usually go to collect the newspaper
at three o'clock, sir.

There was a vehicle parked
a little away from here, then.

You mean there?

Yes, I saw it a bit away from here,
at that side.

It's a public road, right?
What's wrong if a vehicle is parked there?!

Sir, this is my regular route.


I've never seen such a vehicle
with anyone around.

It's just not that. I didn't see
that vehicle there when I came back.

Did you hear any sound or any such thing?

Or, someone going inside the house
or anything like that?

No, sir.

Actually, I didn't take it
as a big deal then.

Do you remember
any details of this vehicle?

Like its colour or type...
anything like that?

I don't remember much.

This was an old model vehicle, sir.

Somewhat like a contessa car.



Hey, did you sleep here last night?

I got up sometime
in the middle of the night.

Couldn't sleep after that.

So, came here and lay down.

Stop being a sleepyhead. Chill.

Get up.

I will get you tea.

I'll keep your stuff in her room.

You take that room.

Let's try for a Masters seat
for you at a nearby college.

Then you can easily travel--

Gauri, I'm thinking of...

returning to Dubai next month.

He had a surgical implant on his right leg.

Sort of a steel rod which was intact.

We testified his body with that.

Everything else had been burnt out.

But I was sure that it was no suicide.

And the other officer...

he was waiting to hear
this was a suicide.

CI sir was desperately trying to wrap
up Anjali murder case and get off

when the second death occurred.

Only natural for him to hope
if this were a suicide.

But that was a clear case of homicide.

All findings say it loud and clear.

There were no cold particles
in the respiratory tract or lungs.

And no presence of carbon dioxide
in the blood as well.

Then, the deformation pattern
of the skin...

All these suggest that
the fire spread after the death.


if you have any more queries...

-Yes, I will call you.

-Thanks so much.
-Thank you.

Dear, why can't you wash your car?

No! We should never do that.

If we wash it, it will lose its freshness.

You don't know how it works!

You had an interview, right?

Didn't work out?

Oh! That's not gonna work out, bro.

Dear brother-in-law...

When you left your job in Dubai
and came all the way here,

I was sure it wasn't for loitering around.

I'm wise enough to understand that.

Don't tell me some girl ditched you
even with your swaggering looks.


I've dodged bigger bullets!

If one leaves,
another will take her place

So, leave it. Silly!

Yeah! That's it!

It's not because of that, bro.

Kochi isn't...

working for me.

I must go.


We both are trying
to convince each other that...

nothing has happened in this house

and we haven't lost anything.

While I try to distract myself in my job,

she engages herself
with the puzzle board.

But still, somewhere, there is a deep pain.

A slight relief happened
when you came yesterday.

There's one more person here
with us, right?

But then again, it's your call,

your life.

You can go if you want to.


I've got an extra piece,
like a square peg in a round hole.

No correlation at all!

What should I do?

-Show me.
-Any ideas?



You know that I don't take up any task
that requires intelligence, right?

So, better you do it yourself.

Or... hey bro...

Please help this silly girl.

Let me go and take a bath.

Nandan, have a look.

This piece, right?

This is so simple.

Where will it go?!

You do one thing.

For the time being, let's park it here.

Everything has its own time, right?

If you don't know, just admit it!

You know what...

The right pieces will find the right spaces
at the right time.


Find a good college nearby for me
to join for M tech.

Mmm! Happy?

So, CI Srinivasan knew
who the culprit is...

when the case got handed over
to the crime branch.

Sir, we can't call him a culprit.

Still, kind of a prime suspect.

You found this out with a lot of hard work.

Must have thought,
why feed up the crime branch, right?

I thought I'll tell you
after you read the case diary.

No, it's okay.

Actually, it was good.

Otherwise, I would have been biased.

Sir, he's just a suspect.

We have no solid proof against him yet.

Come on, Sunny.

Stop beating around the bush.

Tell me the name. Who is he?


Jimmy Cherian...

- of Volga bar?
- Yeah, that's our bar.

Jimmy Cherian.

And what brings you to him?

Sir, this Jimmy Cheriyan was
the only friend Martin had here.

Martin had partnerships
in some of Jimmy's businesses.

But recently they had a squabble.

And Martin became a frequent
headache for Jimmy and his other partners.

They tried their best to bring him
to the hometown for a compromise talk.

But it didn't happen.

Anjali's death was the only way
they found to bring Martin here.

Did you go and meet Jimmy?

Yes, we did.

But he proved very neatly that
he was not present there on that day.

As you know,

nabbing a bigwig like Jimmy
without any solid evidence...

CI sir was not willing
to face such complications.

So, suspecting Jimmy
is just a logical possibility.

No, sir.

That day, the murderers
didn't trespass into her house.

She opened the door for them.

That's what
the scientific experts told us.

If that's the case, she knew
at least one of them.

That could be Jimmy, right?

But he's very brilliant.

We didn't feel anything suspicious
while questioning or talking to him.

None of his statements
are recorded as well.


We must meet this guy.



You've got visitors.

I've explained all those before,
haven't I, sir?

Say it once again.

I feel like hearing it straight from you.
Sort of a...

-Yeah, the same!

Ask me, sir.

What's your connection with Martin?

We studied together.

He was good and I was bad at it.

So, he went to America.

I'm here making my ends meet
by a few petty businesses.

I had a restaurant then.

I needed a partner as well.

Hence, I dragged him into it.

You had three restaurants in partnership,
didn't you?

Not three, we had two.

One was closed six months ago
when a good deal came up.

Oh! I missed it.

The sale you made without the consent
of Martin when you got a tidy sum!

You had a little row with him
on that account, right?

Oh, Sir! I have informed all these
accurately to CI sir earlier.


He was quite childish.

He tiffed like a silly kid
while we were doing that deal.

Since I know his character very well,

I made the deal and gave him his share.

These are things
that happen regularly between us.

But this was not a usual petty squabble.

In that rage, Martine filed
two or three lawsuits against you.

Thereby, you had some losses, right?

We did not lose anything, sir.

The company did.
The company which was co-owned by him.

He behaves stubborn like that sometimes.

Will any wise person do such a thing?

Never from a wise person.

But, the intelligent four or five of you
made attempts

for compromise talks over the phone
and bring him back home.

The guy didn't respond, right?

But the debts he was incurring
kept on increasing.

You had no other choice than Anjali's death
to bring him back home.

Apparently, if you finish off
Anjali and Martin at once,

you could gobble up everything alone.
Am I right?

Sir, you keep coming back
to the same thing!

If you want to talk crap this,

you better stop this bloody strategy.

You don't know me well.

If you don't have anything else to ask,
you may leave, sir.

I've some work to do.


Shall I ask you one more question?

On that night,
I mean the night Anjali died...

you were attending a party
in the hotel Ramada.


At what time did you go back
from that party?

I didn't go back.
I spread out a mat and slept there!

Is that enough?

You are really hot-tempered, aren't you?

I learned a little bit about you
before coming here.

I'll come again.

Before that, you also try to learn
a little bit about me.

Hey, both of you...

I'm booking movie tickets for the evening.


I said I'm booking movie tickets
for the night.

You're okay, right?

Yes, okay.

I don't need to specifically ask you,

Eh?! I'm not coming
if it's a Malayalam movie.

It's not Malayalam.

If it is a romantic movie,
I'm not coming either.

I'm not interested in watching
these silly romances.

Eh! Since when?!

Don't you know that?

Some girl neatly ditched him.

Oh! That's why I don't see him making
his usual, secret phone calls.

It seems he wants me to set him up
with a similar type of girl.

to prevent him from returning to Dubai.

Eh! When did I say that?

Don't blabber--

Oww! No brother-in-law, not even
a single one on earth deserves this!

I'm not coming. You both go to the movie.

-Hello Sunny.
-Sir. SP madam called me.

She said she couldn't reach you.

She asked if you could meet her
tomorrow morning.


- Okay sir.
- Okay.

It's true that
he was at the party that night.

What do you think, Nandan?

He presented everything
in a convincing way.

How long has it been
since you took this over?

To be precise, two and a half days.


So, you have met everyone related to
the case and studied it well.

Ready to kick off?

Yes, Ma'am.

What’s the plan? When and where to begin?

We got two sets of shoe prints
from Anjali's crime scene.

Which automatically brings
an assumption that

the murder may have been
committed by two people.

We have no evidence against Jimmy.

But we can always get the other person.

From the dried saliva in the cigarette bud
that we got from Anjali's crime scene,

the forensic team could extract
the DNA profile.

But Martin's murder was committed
by a single person.

That day, a struggle had happened
between him and Martin...

Because his hand or leg
has been wounded.

We got the foreign blood sample.

The DNA profile of that blood sample

and the profile from Anjali's crime scene
are identical.

This obviously means,

Martin was killed by one of the two persons
who had come to kill Anjali.

He went inside
by breaking the back door of the house.

His mode of operation goes along
the methods of a habitual offender

someone, who regularly commits
robberies and murder.

That's not Jimmy for sure.

Probably one of his henchmen.

What are you hinting at?

It's about where we should start.

We can nab a local hooligan
who has a direct connection to Jimmy...

to start with.


let's go to the police station.

We need to get some information from you.

You leave. I'll come later.


We can't wait for your convenience, right?

Come. The car is outside.

Let's go.


Move away!




Shall we go?

-Sunny, get him.

Say it, you bloody--

Why do you want to get beaten up like this?

You know very well that you can't
get out of here without telling the truth.

They will beat the pulp out of you
as long as you delay saying it.

C'mon! Say it, Murukan.

I swear upon my kids,

I don't take such jobs, sir.

I have indeed done
so many jobs for Jimmy.

But I haven't taken up the case
you are talking about.

I'm gonna hit you now.

I want to know two things.

How much did Jimmy pay you
to kill Anjali and Martin?

And where did the transfer happen?
Tell me only that.

Believe me, sir.

I'll tell you what I know.

I'm not sure
if that is connected with this.

There is a guy
called Tipper Tony in the colony.

He has been missing for a few days.

He is not the kind of guy who runs away
for any petty issues.

There is a talk among the people
in the colony about this.

What talk?

That... it has got to do with
Jimmy's work it seems.

What is the reason for such a talk?

I saw Jimmy coming out of Tony's house
a few days ago.

When I asked him the reason,

he told me he came to pay
the balance fare of a previous job.

I don't know anything else, sir.

It must be Tipper.
You beat me up for no reason.

Tipper Tony!

Does Tipper Tony own a Contessa car?

Yes, he does, sir.

He has got a Contessa car.

He has escaped in it.

What was that colony's name, again?

Vaathuruthi Colony.

Vaathuruthi colony!

I had my doubts...

that he must have stolen it.

Was that your car, sir?

Indeed, the car was here.

But, both he and the car
have been missing for a few days now.

We know it.

Do you have any documents of the car here?

I'll check, sir.

Hey. Don't bother yourself.
They will check it.


Who are these people?! Eh?!

Where are you barging in?!

Is the car parked inside the house?

Who the hell are you?!

We are from the police.

Dear sir, every day some morons come here
in search of him.

That's why I...

Did this moron come here recently?

Yes, he did, sir.

He gave some money as well.

He said it was the old fare
for driving his lorry.

To be frank...

out of all the people
who came in search of Tipper,

he was the only guy who was of some help.

Did he come here again in the last month?

No, sir.

Did he say anything else?

Like Tony's whereabouts or any such things?

He said he had helped Tipper
with a lot of money

when Tipper was hospitalised
with a broken leg.

He asked about it.

I think Tipper is his best friend.

-How much money did he give you?
-5000 rupees.

Sir, we have got the documents for the car.



-You must find this out, wherever it is!
-Okay, sir

-Did you get all the necessary things?
-Yes, sir.

-Abhi, collect her number.
-Sure, sir.

Give me your number.

7 0 2 5--


Is she playing around
with the usual dialogues?

-Any twists or shocks?
-No, sir. We got what we needed.


Keep me informed
if you have spotted this vehicle

in any city junction in the past four days.

Sure, sir.

We are comparing the blood samples we
got from both the crime scenes with Tony's.

Yes, Sunny. How's it?

Sir, I'm there.

Let you know in a minute.

The DNA of the dried saliva from the
cigarette bud we got from the crime scene

and the bloodstains...


They are identical.


It's confirmed. Tipper Tony.


Pass the message to all the control rooms.

Sir, Tony's phone has been switched off
since the eighth of December.

Then, the sim cards.
All are with fake ID proofs.

I assumed.

Check last one weeks' call history
from all the sim cards.

Sure, sir.

We need to know
which sim card he used that night.

Okay, sir.

Whom all he called from that number,
call duration, and take a tower dump.

-Okay sir.

Mark these.

Do it.

Sir, I've forwarded the full tower location
and call history to you.

Yes, I can see that. Can you wait?

Sir, I think we have got something
good enough to bolt Jimmy Cherian.

Tony got a call at 10 PM that night.

To one of his fake sim cards.

I enquired about the source of the number.
That's a fake ID.


I've forwarded you that Tower ID
just now. Can you please check?

Yeah. I'll check it.

Hotel Ramada!

Yes, sir.

Hotel Ramada comes in the same range.

And Jimmy Cherian was
there then.


Tony headed to the same location
straightaway after disconnecting the call.

Wait, wait!

Anjali was killed between 12 and 12.30 AM

Yes, sir.

Where were both these numbers
during that time?

Just a minute, sir.

Get me the tower location for 12 AM.

Sir, here's the tower details.


This one.

Sir, at 11 PM, Jimmy and Tony
were travelling together.

Through almost 12 tower locations
covering around 14 kilometers.

I've forwarded you
the destination tower ID now.

If I'm not wrong, Anjali's house comes
in the same location.

Yes, sir.

That day they both went
to Anjali's location.

Sir, I think... We cracked it.


The night Anjali got killed,

that is, on the sixth of December,

Jimmy Cherian has made a phone call
to Tony's number from Ramada.

From a sim card with a fake ID.

Tony left his house
and called Jimmy back

from somewhere in the tower radius
where the party was taking place.

I'm here.

It must be a quick call to inform
that he has reached,

for it lasted just 20 seconds.

After that, Jimmy left the party and
went to Anjali's house along with Tony.

They didn't make any phone calls
on the way.

But they switched off both their phones
as soon as they reached Anjali's location.

Tony called Jimmy on his fake sim card.

Then, how can we prove that it's him?

Leave that sim card.
We are not going to get it.

So, the only hope is...

we are tracking the IMEI number of the
phone in which that sim was inserted.

We will get the information if any other
sim card gets inserted into that phone.

The chances are very slim.

Let's hope!

So, what next?

Was Jimmy at the party from
11 to 12 that night?

That is the question.

Did you not check the CCTV?

None of the available footage captured
Jimmy leaving the party.

Since some big shots of the city
were involved in the party,

many CCTV cameras had been disabled.

All we got were
some of the party highlights

from a videographer present there.

Even that doesn't have footage
beyond 11 o'clock.

Can you get some video footage after 11 PM?

Yes, Ma'am. We are trying for that,

like for mobile phone videos
or something like that

from the people present there.


That party at Ramada last week, right?

I want its settlement file.


Videography invoice and final bills...

Right now.


Let's check it now itself, sir.

They'll get the files.


Nikhil, didn't you tell me
you were an IIT pass out?

Then why working
as a GM in the hospital...

John Samuel... I mean, the chairman
is dad's close friend.

Excuse me, sir.

Maybe he thought,

for a lazy person like me,
this place would be the best.

So, he didn't send me anywhere else.

And they are paying good.

As I said before,

we only have video footage
until 11 that night.

Because all the videographers
left the party by 11.

We had DJ after that.

My phone was switched off.

Otherwise, I used to click something.

You have the list of the party invitees,

-Can we have it?
-Why not?!


I've initiated a print.

Yes, please.

Nikhil, this Jimmy Cherian, how's he?

We had invited almost
all the leading entrepreneurs in the city,

including Jimmy.

I mean, how is Jimmy Cherian as a person?

Regarding Jimmy...

I know only the things
that people generally know about him.

And I am sure
you may know more about him than I do.


All we need to know is if Jimmy Cheriyan
was at that party after 11 PM.

The dinner counter was closed
between 10.30 and 10.45 PM that night.

After that...

No, sir, I don't remember seeing him.

-So, you don't remember!
-No, sir.


As per Nikhil's statements, Jimmy was
not there, after 11 o'clock that night.

If we consider the circumstantial evidence,

it was Jimmy
who was there with Tony that day.

Since we couldn't catch Tony,

shouldn't we pay Jimmy a 'proper visit'?

According to the autopsy report,

like this,

holding like this, from right to left,

this is how Anjali's neck was slashed.


We're almost sure that Tony was there.

But Tony is not a left-hander.

Jimmy is not a left-hander either,
as we saw it when we went there that day.

But sir...

Sunny, let's not be prejudiced.

I am not saying
Jimmy is not a suspect.

But he's not a prime suspect.

Almost all the evidence we have
against Jimmy is circumstantial.

Can't he go to Tony's house?
He can.

Can't he have a difference of opinion
with his long standing-partner, Martin?

He can.

Can't he go to Ramada for an invited party?

He can do that as well.

Sir, we all know that
Martin was the real target of the murderer.

And we know that Jimmy was
too desperate to bring Martin back.

Not exactly.


The photograph that
we got from the crime scene.

In this,

Anjali's blood is scattered
from here till here.

It's on both the objects and floor there.

We can see it. But...

These papers that are lying here

contain only shoe prints.


Which means what?

After killing Anjali,
a search happened there.

They were searching for something
we don't know what.

But a probe has happened there.

That's why these papers
have only shoe marks on them.

Why should someone who kills Anjali
only to bring Martin home

search for some documents there?

Why should he torture Anjali for hours?

See, Anjali had been
trying to contact Martin

for a few days before she died.

She wanted to tell him
something very important.

We can see it if we observe
her emails and messages.

She was afraid of someone.

Sir, you mean...?

They didn't kill Anjali
to bring Martin home.

Instead, Anjali was the killer's target.

Sir, then what about this text
we found during post mortem?

4 Martin.

4 Martin!

We really don't know.

We don't.

For the time being, let's park it here.

Let it find the right space
at the right time.


We've got a mobile phone video taken
during the party that night.

Then what are you waiting for?

Plug it on.

Sir, Jimmy was present at the DJ party
between 11 and 12 o'clock.

It's evident in the footage.

So, your intuition is right, sir.

Jimmy was in hotel Ramada
at the time of the murder.

Hey! Stop, stop!

Who's this guy?

Isn't this their official videographer?

Yes, sir.

Specifically, the same videographer
who left the party at 11 PM

as per Nikhil's statements.

Why should he lie?

Sir, as you said,
If Anjali was the killer's target,

perhaps, could it be Nikhil
who contacted the killer from hotel Ramada?

He was also at that party then.


Sunny Tharakan.

Hello sir. Tell me.

-Hi Nikhil.

Sorry to disturb you.

-I needed a small help from you.

Where are you now?

I just got out of the hospital.

If you don't mind, can you please
come to the crime branch office?

Yeah, yeah, sure. I'll come.

Can you come now?

Why not, sir? I'll come now.

Okay. Thank you.


Oh dear!

Nikhil, we are almost sure that
it's Jimmy who did it.

But we need solid evidence to nab him.

Otherwise, he'll walk free.

You tell me. How can I help?

I mean, is there anyone
in your acquaintance

who can give statement in our favour?

Yeah. Somebody more co-operative.


That's okay.

Just give their contact details.

-We somehow want to finish this off.

We can give you any help, sir.

Thank you.

But this Jimmy is quite a big player, sir.

I don't think he'll confess that easily.

I like hearing lies...

when I know the truth.

Just contact them. I'll manage the rest.

Okay. Thank you.

-Thank you.

-Thank you, Nikhil.


The left-handed killer!

-Sir, May I--
-Come on in.

-It's here. Proceed.
-Okay, sir.

Sir, it's matching.

Shoe size is nine?

Yes, sir.

This case is coming to an end, Sunny.

It's Nikhil.

Nikhil Narayanan.


Sir, that IMEI number
has become active.

Okay, good. Track the location.

Sir, it’s near Kalamassery.

- Is it moving?
- Yes, it’s moving, sir.

Okay, good. Track his movement.

Okay, sir.



This number cannot be reached right now.

Sir, we lost him!

It looks like the phone
has gone switched off.

Tell me the location of the last tower.

Sir, it’s Kalamassery.

3 6 4 D 1 7


Pick up! Pick up! Pick up!

Kabaddi. Kabaddi. Kabaddi.

Kabaddi. Kabaddi. Kabaddi.

Kabaddi. Kabaddi...

Feels like I've got
a hard blow on the head.

New troubles come up
as we resolve the old!

Aren't we back at
where we started, Sir?

Don't be disappointed.

We haven't lost anything.

If everything were easy as beans,
then why need us?

Our branch exists
only to crack such hard nuts..

Oh-no! Here comes one!

-Ey! No. It's okay.

Don't get out. We were about to leave.

That was so sad, sir.

You were on the verge
of catching the culprit.

And then, he is bumped off as well.

This case won't end up
without a hitch, sir.

I sensed it after the first murder itself.

That's why I dropped it.

Sir, please don't worry.

If you goof off a bit,
the case will get handed over to the CBI.

I have no worries, sir.


a slight tension!


But why?

The intelligence report says that

the killer's next target would be
the officers who investigated the case.

Duh! That can't be true.

We thought so too.

That's what we are still trying to believe.

But the report is genuine.

But I left the case already.
I'm not involved now, right?

Sunny, you take good care of yourself.

Sir, please mind him well.

Let me take my leave.

Oh my God!

Sir, you distressed him!

Now he'll rush and take a month off.

Let him!

-Yes, James.
-Sir, we've got that audio track.


-Send it.
-Okay, sir.

The sun is shining again!

The last phone call that Nikhil made
before his death.

We have it now.


This is Nikhil.

Yes, tell me.

They've smelled something fishy.

What happened?

I do not know.

But we are safe until they catch Tony.

-If they catch him...
-They should not!

Where's he? Could you spot him?

I searched in his usual spots.

But I couldn't find him at all.


I feel somebody else
is playing a game on this.


Umm! Let's see.

You need to take extra care.
Don't call me again.



Pfft! Hello.

Nikhil, I feel somebody else
is playing a game in this.


Umm! Let's see.

You need to take extra care.
Don't call me again.


Sir, it sounds like this is...

I know, Sunny.

We won't need a lot of guesswork.

It's an international number.

No matter who it is,
we'll catch him for sure.

James and the cyber team
are right behind him.

So, it's just a matter of time.

But Sunny, what confounds me
is something else.

I have been listening to this audio
in the loop for some time.

The two of them are asking
back and forth where Tony is.

Which means they don't know where Tony is.

Our entire police force has been searching
for Tony for the past week,

and we also don't know.

So, where's Tony?

Shall I say my gut instinct?

Tony is no longer alive.

He's dead.

As he said over the phone,
another game is happening around this.

A fun game!

Martin and Anjali's murders
were committed by Tony and Nikhil

on behalf of an unknown person.

Until then, our assumptions are correct.

But from there onwards,
someone changed the game.

Someone dear to Anjali and Martin.

What we saw later was vengeance.

Nikhil and Tony, who killed Anjali
and Martin are no longer alive.

Left behind is the one
who pulled strings.

The unknown we are looking for.

But now,

there is another person in this plot
who is not noticed by any of us.

Someone who travelled the roads
we travelled, even before us.

We have to find him.

It's not going to be easy...

but interesting.

Someone who's in agony over
the death of Anjali and Martin.

Someone who loves them the most
in this city.

Someone who's hiding his face of vengeance
behind the mask of pain.

Whenever Martin comes home,
they all hang out together.

How were things between Martin and Jimmy?

They were friends.

He had not many friends here
other than Jimmy.

We had only very peripheral
discussions with each other.

But he used to share everything
with Jimmy and Anjali.

Martin was hospitalised abroad
for a while with a broken leg.

We never came to know.

Even I came to know only recently
when Jimmy told me.

They were so close.

They were close for sure,

but there was some issue between them.

What issue!

Nandan, fights are a sign of love.

I know Jimmy really well.

We all made and gifted this to her
on her last birthday.

A bouquet of red roses
among lavender flowers.

That was her favourite.

Did Anjali have any friends?

Like a best friend?

She was also a bit reserved like Martin.

We were her only friends and relatives.

Any love affair?

Even if she had,
she wouldn't say that to me, right?

But... to him!

She would say it to him.

But now, he's also not left behind to ask.

He lived only one day without her.

A day when he was down in the mouth.

Okay then, father. Let me take your leave.

Father, did you go somewhere last night?

No. I was right here. Why?


-Sir, Mathew called.

From cyber forensic.

Okay. What did he say?

Sir, we had send Martin's phone
collected from the crime spot

to the Hitech cell.

They have recovered some data.

Did they get anything useful?

There is a video message sent to Martin
by Anjali just before she died.

Sir, please take a look.


Ichaya, where are you?

I've been trying to contact you
and Jimmy since yesterday.

You must listen carefully
to what I am going to say.

It's so freaking serious.

Yesterday morn--

Shihab ikka called yesterday morning.

Don't you remember him?

Shihab Muhammed.

He had information about
a big scam in the hospital.

He has been behind this story
for quite a long time.

He needed
some vital information to support it.

So, I secretly collected it
from the hospital for him.

His plan was to release this news with
all the evidence through his online portal.

But by then, I doubted
if they had come to know about it.

So, I immediately called him
and conveyed this.



Shall we hold the news for the time being?

What happened?


It seems
they have some doubts about us.

Why did you feel it that way now?

No ikka, I am a bit afrai--


Let's hold the news!

Anjali, are you alright?

No, ikka...

That CCTV in the office!

I totally forgot!

Okay, listen.

Be a bit careful till tomorrow morning.

Let me go and meet my friend.

He can help us.


Must share this with him.

Be very careful.

I'll call you tomorrow.

Okay, ikka.

Who is this?

I didn't get you.

I am his friend.

They... killed him!

I have originals of
all the evidence that ikka had.

It's in this house.

I'm their next target.

I'm sure.

This is not to scare you.

If you were here, I would have been brave.

But now, I'm all alone here.

If you could reach Jimmy, ask him
to call me back immediately.

They are getting to know everything.

They may even get hold of this video
I am taking for you.

I'm really scared, ichaya.


If anything wrong happens to me,

you will know
where I've kept that evidence.

You must publish it.

I'm making this video
only to tell you that.

When you see my message,
please reply immediately.


What's this, Nandu?

When did you come home last night?

And when did you leave in the morning?

Yesterday, that Nikhil...

Yeah, I saw it in the news.

-Do you need tea?

If anything wrong happens to me,

you will know where
I've kept that evidence.

You must publish it.


The matter Anjali wanted to say
before she died,

I feel that there is something
in that house that leads us to it.

An instinct.

Can you search that house
once again thoroughly?

Okay, sir.



You are exhausted.

Trust me. You need a break.

-Go, take a shower.

Sir, they have burnt
every document they found here.

- Yeah, we searched all the other rooms.

But we couldn't get a thing.

Keep trying, Sunny. Keep trying.


Did you even notice this?

See this. I built and reached till here!

How's it?

There is quite an improvement.

Looking good.

But there is a problem, Nandan.

I think some of the pieces are missing.

There are only these many pieces left.

But none of them fits here.

Did you try that parked piece?


Ah! There was such a piece!

So that's what you were talking about-

Finding the right space at the right time.

For the time being, let's park it here.

Let it find the right space
at the right time.

There was some text in it.

Sort of a message.

'4 Martin'.

Trying to communicate
something with someone.

Shihab Muhammed.

He was the secretary of
a health care NGO called 'Giving Back'.

He was working on a story
for the online portal M-BELL media.

A most sensational
and exclusive news story

that he was trying to unveil
with the help of Anjali.

Which was supposed to be aired on the 7th.

But he died just two days before it.


we all know
that Shihad Muhammed died of a heart attack

and that he was a chronic cardiac patient.

So, what's the big deal?

You are absolutely right, madam.

He was a chronic heart patient.

He was living
with the support of a pacemaker,

and he was killed
by hacking the same pacemaker.

With a device that can send commands
to the pacemaker in Shihab's body

from a very close range.

A highly sophisticated device capable of

draining the battery of his pacemaker
or even stopping his heartbeat.

From the outside,
it would look like a typical heart attack.

But the truth is...
it was a cold-blooded murder!


What you are saying is that,

the one who executed all these murders
through Nikhil and Tony

is Mr. John Samuel,
the chairman of CSJ Hospital.

Yes, ma'am.

Like I said,

you will have all our cooperation.

Didn't you meet Nikhil?

Our general manager. He'll help you.

Nikhil, you said
you are an IIT pass out, right?

Then why are you working
as a GM in the hospital...

John Samuel. I mean, the chairman
is my dad's close friend.

The last phone call Nikhil made
before he died,

we have it now.

Do you even know the seriousness of this?

And, the consequences?!

Make no mistakes, ma'am.

The one who's standing against us is
Dr. John Samuel,

the honourable Padmashree awardee
who's widely respected

and considered
the saviour of thousands.

He has got several epithets, compassionate,
generous, rescuer and so on...

This is the image of Dr. John Samuel
that both we and the public have.

But there are some stories
that my friend Shihab Muhammad left to tell

before surrendering to death.

An anti-viral drug that was developed

by a Sweden based pharmaceutical company
called '373'.

They needed a few human clinical trials
to test the drug.

John gave the permit to test this drug

on patients in his hospital
for crores of rupees.

Don't over think and complicate it.

Infuse the drug and take the vitals.

No one should be discharged until
we get the research data we offered.

You got me?

John injected the drug into
about five patients without their consent.

The reaction of that drug was fatal.

All five died.

They gave regular medical excuses
for all the deaths.


Sudden pressure variations!


John Samuel has been at a medical
conference in Frankfurt for the past week.

It was to him Nikhil talked
before his death.

He left for Dubai yesterday.

But Nandan,

while you are focusing
only on John Samuel,

there is a killer on the loose.

Yes, sir. The killer who murdered
Tony and Nikhil;

he is still roaming freely.

And his next target
would be Dr John Samuel.


So Nandan, this is what we do.

We don't take John Samuel into custody.

Instead, we keep shadowing him.

The killer will reach him
within a maximum of two days.

No, sir.

Leave the headache of tracking that killer
on me.

You know how influential John Samuel is
better than me.

Every moment we delay his arrest,

he would open a thousand windows to escape.

That's true.

But once John Samuel is taken into custody,
the killer will disappear.

We will never get him.

All I am saying is,
John Samuel will be under our watch

from the moment he sets foot in this city.

Once we get the killer,
we can take John Samuel into custody

via the proper channel.

Okay, sir.

Then, we don't need to bother much.

Let's leave him scot-free.

Let's give him all the time he needs
to slip away from this case skilfully.

But don't expect me
to beat the drum for this.

What has happened to you, Nandan?

You're behaving childish.

Then how should I react, sir?

According to the rule of law,

justice delayed is injustice.

I'm not talking about
putting a lid on it forever.

Just listen to what I say.


I don't have anything more to say.

Here's the evidence against Dr John Samuel

which a girl collected
sacrificing her life.

Sir, now you can decide if you want
to bring an evil genius who has made

thousands of helpless patients
his guinea pigs to justice,

or to give him time and opportunity
to escape with his influence.

You are being ridiculous.

Why are you taking this personally?

It's personal!

It is!


What happened?


Ey! What happened?

Doctor, what happened?

What happened?!



What kind of a police officer are you?

Gauri, can you please stop this?


You first set your silly emotions aside.

Then think logically.

What's wrong with what the SP said?


If you go and arrest John Samuel now,
will you ever get that second killer?


I know what you are thinking.

About John Samuel!

God will give him what he deserves.

You know,

I don't know, Gauri.

I think I need some time.

Two pieces.

Just two more pieces
to complete this puzzle.

The most important one of which,
is within my hand's reach today.

John Samuel.

But to fix it,

I need the second piece.

But that seems elusive.

I'm losing on the verge of victory today.

I'm going to fail miserably.


I could not move a single step forward
from where you left off.

Despite knowing everything
and having all the evidence at hand,

this evening, I'm setting off to
search for another killer.

I'm in search of that missing piece.

I don't know where to start.

But I must get him.

That's my distance towards John Samuel.

Last night, after Nikhil's murder,
it had been raining here till around 2 am.

Yes, sir.

Feel this.

Sir, it's dry.

There's no sign
of getting wet in the rain.

Which means?

Someone came and kept it here;
after Nikhil's murder.


Anjali's favourite bouquet!

Someone who knew her intimately,

someone who loved her a lot,

custom made this for her.

Sunny, that's the kind of guy
we are also searching for.

Only such a person would bring this here
after Nikhil's murder yesterday.

See that.

It must've been brought a few days ago.

Probably, after Tony's murder.

This is the guy
we are searching for, Sunny.

Flower Valley, Church Road, Ernakulam.

Sir, he specifically asked for the flowers
to be arranged in this manner.

That's why I remember it precisely.

In which car did he come in?


Wasn't that a Contessa car?

Eh? That was... a Contessa car.
What happened?

Sir, it was a ragged,
old model Contessa car.

Is this him?

No, sir, not him.

I remember it clearly.

Did he come here a few days ago
apart from yesterday?

Yes, he came once. He bought
a similar bouquet that day as well.

Don't you remember his face at all?


At that time, he was wearing
something over his head.

A hood?

Yeah, something of that sort.

Sir, the guy is saying that he came here
a little while ago today as well.

-To buy one more bouquet like this.

Sunny, in all probability, John Samuel
is set to arrive from Dubai tonight.

And he'll be killed tonight.

You call that airline
and cross-check if he's coming today.

Nikhil left from here yesterday
at 10 o'clock.

Yes, sir.

According to the post mortem report,

the murder took place
between 10 and 11 pm.

Yes, sir.

On an isolated off-road near Kalamassery

which is kind of 20-30 minutes away.


So, search CCTV footage of all the vehicles
passed through that road between 10 and 11.

And also, track Nikhil's car.

We need to check if anyone was following
him consistently after he left from here.

Sure, sir.

-Look into it.

What Sir?! I said now! GO!


The evidence we collected from the crime
scene this morning, can I see them again?

Sir, we send it to the forensic lab
in the afternoon...


Can I see the photographs?

Yes, sir.

Stop. Stop.

Sir, this is a pharmacy bill that we got
from the crime scene.

PG Medicals.

December 12,

9:12 PM.

So, Nikhil might've bought it on
the way he came to see us, right?

It won't be, sir.

Because when we called Nikhil,
he was at CSJ Hospital.

If he reached here
in 20 minutes from there,

it couldn't be through
the pharmacy on MG road.

So, this wasn't bought by him, sir.

You're right.

He didn't buy it.

You're right.


Sir, John Samuel's flight
has already landed.

But we missed him, sir.

He left the airport. But his phone
has not been switched on yet.

Did you trace the taxi in which he left?

When enquired,
we learned that he didn't go in a taxi

but in his car parked at the airport.

We have asked all the control rooms
to trace the car, sir.

I want him under my radar.

-Am I clear?

Be in the control room. Keep me posted.

-Yes, sir.

Sir his phone remains switched off.

It's really getting hard to trace him.

When we got the last signal,
he was at a tower location near Aluva.

He's supposed to reach the city
within 45 minutes. We're still trying.

All the sets on-air, note this,
sending you a vehicle number.


This is a black Audi car.

The last information
we got was that

it's on its way to the city
from the airport.

All the mobiles be alert.

Inform the control room as soon as you
see this vehicle passing any point.

What's it, sir?

Isn't this a receipt
for the medicine purchased from here?

Yes, sir.

I need to know who bought it from here.

That... Sir...

This medicine was sold from here yesterday.
But I don't know who...

The CCTV is also out of order.

It has the name of the doctor
who prescribed it. Dr. Alex Koshy.

-Do you know him?
-Yes, sir.

Do you have his address or phone number?

-I'll check and give you.


I enquired.

Her friend told me that she had been
in a relationship with a guy since college.

Do you know his name or any such details?

She said she would forward his photo.

I'll share it with you as soon as I get it.

-Just forward it to my WhatsApp.

Please make it as
soon as possible, father.


This is his residential land phone number.

Sir, we've got the address
and phone number of the doctor.

Call him. Say we want to meet him now.

Okay, sir.

-Yes, father.

Nandan, I've sent that photo
on your WhatsApp.

Okay, I'll check it.

Are you at home now, doctor?


Can we see you if we come there now?

Okay. Thank you, doctor.

We'll come now.

- Nandan...
- Gauri...

Are you alright?


I'm... I'm okay.

Where are you off to?

Let me go and see her once.

Last night we talked
and came to a compromise.

Are you going to see this Anjali
who died ten days ago?

When did you start...

putting on acts me?

This guy...

He has come to see me once or twice.

He was too obsessed with his love.

What I understood was, he was in shock
after that girl's death.

It was too traumatic for him to deal with.

Yes, this is the medicine I prescribed.

It's an antidepressant.

A selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor.

But things got a little worse by the time
he visited the second time.

Worse in what sense?

Kind of escapism!

Sometimes, when we get severely depressed,

we may watch TV or
do similar things for relief, right?

Just for a distraction?

This is an extreme condition
of such things.

In the beginning, he was completely lost.

He had the frustration of
not knowing how to deal with this.

Later on,
he was trying to fake confidence.

It was like he was trying
to build confidence

while talking to you all..

Vinay is not able to accept the fact
that the girl is no more.

He has convinced himself that

he broke up with her,

or her phone is conked out,
which is why she's not calling,

all that.

By thinking all these,

he is in an attempt to console himself.


I've dodged bigger bullets!

If one leaves,
another will take her place

So, leave it.


Are you okay?

Yeah, doctor. I'm okay.

He didn't tell us any of these.

Just that he had
some minor issues with her,

that's how he used to present it to us.

None of us...

has ever seen her.


we had no clue
that this isn't the reality.

He knows the fact that Anjali is no more.

But we have to bring him back
to that reality, permanently.

He has to adapt to it.

It has to sink...

which is still possible.

There's nothing more to be panicked of.

Gauri, even for silly arguments,

she switches off her phone and leaves.

She'll leave me
in a tight spot for a couple of days.

No calls!

No messages!

It would be...

a total mess!

Then, after a week,
everything would get back to normal.

She was so childish.

Everyone says she's a mature girl.

All these pranks were only for me.

One day I played a big trick on her!

I kept my phone off for a whole week.

No contacts.

A few days later, when I switched on
the phone, I got a call from her.

And some antics!

She is in trouble, it seems.

And a fake story as well.


Just to fool me!


Can I ask you something?



did you have any idea that it was Vinay?

Sorry, sir.

It's okay.

Can you just stop somewhere here?
I need a smoke.

Tell me, Santhosh.




The documents we submitted
to the SP office that day are missing.

I'm not surprised.

John Samuel has started
pulling the strings!

The reason for which Anjali and Shihab
sacrificed their lives,

all gone down the drain.

John Samuel is too big a fish for us.

Sir, there is another bad news.

When we checked the CCTV footage,

we spotted the car
that followed Nikhil that night.

That was...


No, Gauri!

It's not me!

I have longed for their deaths
more than anyone else.

You... at least you should believe me.

I'm not the one who did it!


Will he do that?!

The one who killed Nikhil
is still out there.

He is still out there.

-Okay, sir.

You're sure, right?



Sir, SP called me.

The news has gone to the higher officials.

There's immense pressure.

We need to arrest Vinay
before anything worse happens.


I saw him last night, out of the blue.

His face was familiar to me
as I have seen him with Anjali

He was like a true friend to her.

I started following him.

I waited for him
in front of the crime branch office.

I don't know why I did that.

But I was sure of one thing.

I did not wish
anything less than his death then.

When I turned the car to an off-road,
a little away from the city,

I saw Nikhil's car lying there.

But when I went there and looked closer,

I saw Nikhil lying dead.

Listen, I am asking these to save you.

Stop repeating the same thing.

No one will believe any of this.

Nandan will trust me.

You wait and see.

Nandan will come and tell you
that it's not me.

You trust me only after that.


Shall we go?

If we stay here long,
she will create a scene!


I thought...

it wouldn't be me.

I get lost sometimes.

That's the reason.


Call the SP and inform her.

Right now.



- Sunny.
- Sir.

How're things?

Sir, I'm bringing him there.

Wait a minute. I'll call you back.

Okay, sir.

Yes, you can leave now.

He is safe.

All Stations, CRVs, Romeos and Controllers

all the sets kindly note,

the previously announced search

for the KL 27 Charlie 777,
black Audi car is over now.

The shadow party
has been informed over the phone.

Contact control if any stations
or sites are not clear with it.

This is John.

John Samuel.

I called to thank you.

When I thought it's all over,

you sniffed out that there's an enemy
waiting for my arrival even before me.

Besides that, you send
a shadow cop to ensure my safety.

Afterall, these guys are the best for sure!

These trained cops!

The guys we hire
won't have enough field experience.

Did you wear yourself out?

You must be thinking,
how do I know all these!

In this game, I'm aware of everything
that you know, Nandan.

Now, let me tell you a few things
you don't know,

or you want to know.

Once a girl,

a really smart one,

entered my territory accidentally.

When I enquired, I learned that

she had several things in her hand
that could have bothered me needlessly.

To decently get it back,

to settle it in amicable terms

I sent two of my boys.

Hi Anjali.

Anjali, did you leave
the hospital early last day?

You had a file in your hand, right?

But she didn't give it up.

The boys got furious.

Can we expect any maturity from them?!

-I can't bear watching girls cry.

But as I said

she was damn smart.

She had a plan B!

The boys didn't get the documents.

It just vanished into thin air.

But they understood one thing.

That one more person likely to bother me
again is on his way.

And I had to send him back too.

I thought it's all over now
and I could move on with my life.

That's when I come to know

about this one guy who is left behind.

Well, all credits to you!

It was not me, but you
who sought and found it for me.

I shouldn't deny that.

I'm grateful to you!


Not just that, okay?

Thank you so much for working
this hard and finding out the evidence

that could have
screwed me up in the future.

A big thank you!

From the SP office,

it went to somebody's
toilet flush.


I've put the report of an
aborted medical experiment in that file.

Things should be authentic, right?!

So, Nandan sir,

if you dare to barge into my house
holding that evidence

with a squad of police officers,

I'll serve you all
a cup of premium cardamom tea!

That's it! Don't expect anything more.

Hey, what's the matter?

Cat got your tongue?

21 grams.

The weight a person loses from his body
at the moment of his death.

The weight of a human soul.

Dr. John Samuel...

Be ready to lose your 21 grams!

I mean, you won't be alive in this world

to drink a cup of cardamom tea
tomorrow morning.

Gauri, that killer...

is not Vinay.

No, sir. It's not him.

Are you sure?

Yes, sir.

He's not the one
who bought the bouquet from here.


Vinay is right.

He's not the one
who killed Tony and Nikhil.

Then who?

The killer was present
at Martin's crime scene that day.

When Vinay followed Nikhil,

he was also there, without their knowledge.

Sir, it was a ragged,
old model Contessa car.

Anjali’s favourite bouquet!

Someone who knew her intimately,

someone who loved her a lot...

We all made and gifted this to her
on her last birthday.

A bouquet of red roses
among lavender flowers.

Father Joseph?


How were things between Martin and Jimmy?

They were friends.

Jimmy Cherian?

I saw Jimmy coming out of Tony's house
a few days ago.

why did jimmy go to Tony's house that day?

Jimmy knew of a steel rod placed in
Tony's leg after an accident in the past.

He said he had helped Tipper
with a lot of money

when Tipper was hospitalised
with a broken leg.

Jimmy collected the details
regarding Tipper's leg from her.

Then Jimmy told father Joseph that
Martin had such a steel rod in his leg.

Martin was hospitalised abroad
for a while with a broken leg.

We never came to know.

Even I came to know only recently
when Jimmy told me.

Father Joseph believed it.

He had a surgical implant on his right leg.

Sort of a steel rod which was intact.

We testified his body with that.


The person who got killed that day...

was not Martin!

The strangest case of my life...

is winding up incompletely now.

The victim and the murderer
are one and the same.

He vanished somewhere,

bearing an aloofness and void in his life

But his vengeance was mine too.

Hence, I can't...

I know.

As a police officer,

I fail.


as a father...

Hey you!


Life is a jigsaw puzzle.

Some guessing,

some trial and errors,

moments of frustration,

times of satisfaction,

and finally...

with some missing pieces

completing the destiny!


Tony's Contessa has been spotted on CCTV
at a check post near Mangalore.

But the face of the driver is not so clear.

Sir, most likely,
the case will be reopened.