A Friend of the Family (2005) - full transcript

After she narrowly escaped rape by attackers in Toronto, artist Alison Shaw and her devoted hunky husband Darrin, a construction worker, move to a rural small town in Ontario and nest a dream home. The locals are welcoming, especially David Snow, who makes Darrin his partner in an Antiques business and gallery for her art, but then she believes David is the serial killer behind a number of murders on women looking rather like her- given his excellent reputation, nobody believes her. Even after they move to Vancouver, her obsession remains focused and Darrin had had enough...

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Mrs. Shaw?

Mrs. Shaw?

When your husband writes
that you've been

"gifted with an

what does he mean?

Can you tell mewhat
you're imagining right now?

My husband's best friend
is a serial killer.

Why do you say that?

How much time do you have?

Tell me everything.
Imaginary or not.

I met Darris two years ago
in Toronto.

I was about to be raped
by a gang of boys

and he scared them away.

Somehow, we started dating
and he moved in...

but I never felt safe.

Even after I...

locked the doors

and made Darris
check every room.

No matter
how many precautions we took,

I didn't feel safe anymore.

I guess I had a bit
of a breakdown, because...

I stopped sleeping
and going to work.

And then one day

I, um, couldn't leave the house,

because I was sure someone
was about to attack me.

That's when we decided
to move to Parkeston.

To a small town.

To feel safe.

No, no, no, stay there.
Stay there.

Jump on.

All right.

Mrs. Shaw,
welcome to your new home.

- Come on, let's go inside.
- Okay.

I thought I had
the key.


It's okay. Really.

- Really? Really?
- Really.

All right, country wife,
what do you say we go explore?



This is it.

Wow. The house looks amazing.

I told you.

I love it.

Welcome wagon.

Don't you think
we should get something

on the windows first?

That's a good idea. We
can use your shirt and pants.

Hey, come on,

it's been at least six hours.

I'm gonna get you.

What you've got
to ask yourself, ma'am,

is do you feel
like getting lucky?

Welcome to the Alison-Shaw

You always said
you want your own studio.

- Why not right here?
- Well, because my paintings

are meant as designs

for your stained glass,
not our wall.

Really? Really, Ms. Shaw?

Because what was that
I detected there?

A look of pride and excitement?

"My studio. My very own studio.

"Where everything I imagine
can come to life." Hmm?

Come on.

Hey, you can make friends
later. We have a trailer to unload.

The guy in charge over there

happens to be our landlord.

Maybe if I do
a little extra work,

we can get a reduction
in our rent.

I thought we were starting
our own business.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

But whatever we don't spend
on rent,

we put in the business. Right?

I'll be back.

Damn. If you're lost, I
think I got a map in my truck.

I'm sorry.
I'm married to the new boy.

And I also have a proposition.
These sandwiches are a gift.

And there's beer and pizza
for those of you who help move

what's in the trailer
into the house.

And cowboy's paying.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Alison, this is Chris, Mike,

Bob and Yosi.
And that is David.

Hey. Hi.

Well, you guys know
where to find the furniture

and the beer.

Love you, babe.

Love ya, babe.

Hey, guys, eyes off
the merchandise, huh?

Never thought about it.

Oh. Awesome, could you guys
actually put that right there?

That would be...


Eh? Uh, sorry.
It goes this way, doesn't it?

Uh, yeah.

It's beautiful,
really, really beautiful.

- You're very talented.
- Thank you.

Good morning.
Hi, sorry. I'm lost.

Can you tell me
which way is downtown?

I'm sorry. No, it's that way.

So when did you get here?

We landed
a few days ago. How about you?

This morning.
I thought I'd drive in,

y'know, check out the town,
and I'm lost.

- I'm Heidi.
- I'm Alison.

Let's have coffee sometime.

And if you don't see me around,
organize a search party. Bye.


Darris, I thought
I saw someone watching us

from the roof next door.

He's in a baseball cap,
so I went over and...

- Where's Darris?
- Hi.

Darris is having a shower.

Uh, some kids use
the church roof

as a party hang-out.

I live in the rectory
next to the church.

I see them all the time.

My boss is always telling them
to stay off,

but that's just like
putting out a welcoming mat.

I love your painting.
I said that already.

You know, you use red
like Georgia O'Keefe.

Do you know that? I mean,
no one is more brilliant

with red than Georgia O'Keefe.
How much do you want for it?

Hey, baby. You remember David
from next door, right?

So David found some antiques
in an old barn

which we're gonna buy
for a few bucks,

fix 'em up and sell them
for a whole lot more.

Darris? Darris?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
All right, buddy, let's roll.

A thousand dollars?
A thousand dollars?

So you unpacked
and settled in...

How were you feeling then?



I couldn't wait
to get out of the house.

There were so many things
I wanted to do.


You can't actually see me,
can you?

No, but these glasses
are usually enough

to scare off
unwanted salespeople.

Well, Mr. Swann, I see
you have no antique lamps.

Robert. And no, I don't.

It's my husband's work.

So lovely. Also, not antique.

Antique lamps of this quality

would give the fire marshal
a heart attack.

What if I could supply
safety-code approved replicas?

They'd be considered
collectibles, wouldn't they?

How will he find time

to do all the work
if he's already got a job?


David tells me your husband

is helping him renovate
the old church.

David Snow.

No. Darris was just
helping him out a little.

David seemed to think it was
a more permanent arrangement.

Well, no.

David also offered me
a thousand dollars

for one of my paintings,

so he's not exactly an expert
on things.

Are you calling David a liar?

David is one of the bestantique
hunters we've ever had.

He is also an expert
art appraiser

and if he says your painting'sworth
a thousand dollars, it is.

I just...

He seems a little weird.

- That's all.
- Weird...

Try having your father die
in your arms

when you're eight years old.

And then be abandoned
by your mother and your sister

- when you're fourteen.
- Martin!

And then having to fend
for yourself

without a single person
in the world

that cares a damn
about whether you live or die.

Perhaps you'd turn out
a little "weird" too.

- Hiya, pumpkin.
- Hi.

Tonight you can relax,

because I have a friend
making us dinner. Hmm.


Buddy, that looks fantastic.

It really does.
Thank you, David.

That truck outside
looks pretty fantastic too.

Yes, it does.

What happened
to our old pick-up?

Well, David and I

were out lookin'
for antiques today

and he takes me
by this old house.

It's condemned but David
knows the owner

who says,
for two hundred dollars,

we can take whatever we like.

Did you see those dressers
in the truck?


You know how much we can get
for those in the city?

- A lot.
- Three thousand dollars.

Three thousand.

You bought a new truck
to start an antique business?

I bought a new truck

to start our business.

This is a good thing.
The antiques will pay the bills

and it'll give us a place
to start the glass business.

Where? When?

In the church next door.

The landlord gave us
an amazing deal.

Terrific deal.

Wait a second.

Remember that marketing plan
I made before we moved here?

Today, I went to World Antiques,

one of the best antique stores
outside of the city

and I spoke to the owner,
Robert Swann.

He told me he'd be willing
to sell our product

if we could convince him
we are serious,

reliable suppliers.

Excuse me
for interrupting, Alison,

that's all well and good,
but Mr. Swann,

he's not going to be in
businessmuch longer.

What are you talking about?

I was telling Darris,
the cops,

uh, they haven't
pressed charges yet,

but they've found a boy
who's willing to testify.

It's, um...
It's pretty sick, really.


I'm sorry.

What exactly are you saying?

- Alison.
- Oh, no, it's okay.

There are no secrets
in a small town.

Have you thought about my offer?

I love your work.
I love all of your work.

- Should I tell her now?
- Please do.

I would like to hold

and organize
an art show for you.

What? No.

Oh, don't be afraid.

Because I know
what it's like to be afraid.

Don't be afraid.

I'm not afraid.

We just have other plans.

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Alison, come on.

I mean, he wants to put on
an art show for you

in the church,
which we've already rented.

I mean, this is perfect.

Even if I wanted a show,
which I don't...

I don't have enough paintings
to show.

So, thank you.

Then paint.
Paint more.

Is it my qualifications
that scare you?

- Because I've got references.
- No.

I actually bumped into some
friends of yours today,

they were very complimentary.

Who were they?

Martin and Peggy.

Oh, Professor Churchill.
He's so smart.

A real juicer though.

His wife is just terrific.

So what do you say?

David and I get this
antique thing going,

put ourselves in position
to launch Glass by Shaw

and you do the show.

Come on. Come on.

A gallery will help us
attract new customers.

Come on, you have to say yes.

You have to.
You have to say yes.

- Darris.
- Who was it that told me

if only they had the time...

- I can't believe this.
- ...and the space,

they would paint again.

Who was that?

Blonde hair, blue eyes,
looking at me right now.

Who was it?

I guarantee that you,

that we will make money.

Say yes.

Say yes.

Two conditions.

You, darling,
can never, ever say,

"Yeah, yeah, yeah" ever again.

And you, David,
you have to bring a date.

Oh, why not?
You afraid?

It's a small town.

Very, very, very small town.

It's, uh...

Um, in here it's a key
to the church.

And that's where your studio's
gonna be set up.

And here's to your art show.

To new friends.

It's hard to stay
angry at someone

when they've given you
the one thing

you've always wanted.

I was so excited
I couldn't sleep.

I had to see it.

My very own studio.

I didn't go back
to the studio at night.

Darris got a laugh out of that.

But I did go back every day

until I had enough work done
for my show.

- There you are.
- Hi.

Wow, you look wonderful.

Thanks, you too.

Are you nervous?

No. Am I smiling?
I can't tell.

You're smiling.
Keep it up.

I'm gonna go sell
some paintings.


- Hi, Alison.
- Hi, Mike.

Don't look now,

but I think we got ourselves
some big spenders.

Well, what are you doing?
What's wrong with my coat?

Nothing. I'm just buttoning
it up properly.

Why didn't you wear
the shoes I put out?

You know what, if it makes you
feel any better,

you can put me
outside with a bale of hay.

Oh, honey, I'm sorry.
I'm nervous. Okay?

Alison. Congratulations.

It's a wonderful show.

Isn't it, Martin?-Oh,
yeah, very nice. Very nice.

And David has done
a remarkable job

of restoring this place.

Yes, actually David
and my husband, Darris,

did the restorations.

Martin. Excuse us.

So let me get this straight.

You get an art show,

David gets laid,
and I never get to say,

"Yeah, yeah, yeah" ever again?


I have to go to the washroom.

Are you all right?

I'm fine.

Can I get you something,


I love how she flows her colors.

You know, Alison trainedat
the London School of Design.

That's very exclusive.

Her star certainly
seemson the rise.

I love this painting.

Oh, it would be a
wonderfulacquisition for your collection.

This is Alison.

Allan McKee.

Hi.- The work is wonderful.

David was just telling us
all about you.

- Elsie.
- And I've just been

telling David that you have
to come to Toronto

so I can introduce you to some
of the gallery owners

who we know.

Would you excuse me
for one moment?


Oh, are you okay, sweetie?

False alarm.

Oh, I got your hair.

Don't worry,
it's not contagious.

God, I hope it's not the wine.


No, it's not the wine
and it's not the food.

Although I hear it's delicious.

Oh, congratulations.

Thank you.

- How many weeks?
- Six. I think.

Oh. My first and only time,

I existed on nothing
but crackers.

Even the smell
of my husband's cologne

made me feel nauseous.

Of course,
it did have that effect on me

before I was married,
which should have been

my first clue.

Hey, do you want me to go
get your husband?

I haven't told him yet.

It's just a little early.

Oh, I gotcha.
It's our secret.


Heidi, right?

Yeah. And you're Alison,
the main attraction.

Well, here's
to a successful show.

And a healthy baby.

Thank you.

- Hi.
- Are you enjoying the show?


- I'm Heidi.
- Oh, hi, Heidi.

- Hi.
- David.

I'm a good friend of Alison's.-Oh.

I helped organize
this whole show.

Isn't that great news about her?

- She told you?
- Yeah.

Yeah, it's great.

You can tell that she's gonna
be a really great mom.

Hi. Hey.

I'm sorry. I peeked.

Oh, David, if you knew

what a dream come true
this show is.

Thank you so much.

How could you do that?

You're pregnant.

And you're gonna tell
some stranger

that you meet in a can
before you tell me?

I thought that you and I
were special.

Like we really had something,
you and me.




- David, are you all right?
- I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.


You all right?

No, I'm actually a little upset,
Darris, to tell you the truth.

I just don't know
why you didn't tell me

that Alison is pregnant.

Why didn't you tell me
she's pregnant?

You know how I found out?

I found out by some woman
outside the bathroom.

I thought the three of us
were like family.

I guess not.

I thought we were
in this together, Alison.

I didn't tell you sooner

because we don't have
a lot of money.

I didn't want the baby
to be a burden.

It's one of the reasons
I did the show.

For the money.
For us.

That's real thoughtful of you.

Oh, I'm sorry, okay.

Obviously I was gonna
tell you first.

Heidi saw me in the bathroom
and she guessed the truth.

She must have told David,

who for some reason
decided to tell you.

Which, frankly,
I find a little weird.

He told me that we're
the closest thing

to a family that he's ever had.

He likes us. He trusts us.

And then he has to find out
from some drunk

that you just met in the can

that his two best friends
are having a baby.

I mean, he probably expected
me to tell him.

But guess what, Alison?
I didn't know!

You didn't tell me!

Jesus, I wonder
why he's so upset.

I'm sorry.

Here's your hot chocolate,

Oh. Thank you.

I'm sorry if I've been ornery
these past few months.

It's all right,
I love you anyways.

Looking forward
to being a daddy?

You bet.

We're gonna be great parents.

The best.

Hey, Darris.

Hey, Mike.

I'll be right back, sweetheart.-Okay.

Hey, man.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

Just getting some groceries.

So, uh...

Excuse me?

Excuse me, officers?

Hi, do you know anything
about this woman?

Only what's on the poster,

Well, how long
has she been missing?

About a week.

Why? Do you know her?

No. I just thought...


Okay, well, you have a good day, Mrs. Shaw.

- Hey, Darris.
- Hey, Chief.

Getting in trouble
with the law, hmm?


Come on.

I wanna ask you something, okay?


Our first day here

I found a picture
stuck in our window

of a woman from a porno
magazinewho looked a lot like me.

The next morning,
I thought I saw someone

watching us from the roof
of the old church.

I think it was David.

Why would David be on the roof, sweetie?

I went up on the scaffolding
and I found a magazine

with the page where the
picturehad been cut out.

Then at my show,
David shows up with a date

who looks a lot like me, but
she's wearing a blonde wig.

And then a week ago,
another girl,

the girl in the poster,
she goes missing.

She looks exactly like me.

Don't you find it all
a little bizarre

and coincidental?

Hey, sweetie,

David has a girlfriend,
all right?

Someone who he didn't kidnap

and someone who doesn't look
like you.

Look, I gotta get to work to
payfor some of these baby clothes.

Can you make it home all right?


Hey, sweetie,
it's good to be careful.

Just not too careful.
Know what I mean?

this is Dr. Rumsfeld's order.

Great. Thanks.
Have a great day.

Hi, Alison.

- Hi.
- How have you been?

I've been good.
I've been good.

I haven't seen you
since your show.

Well, I've been staying at
home, getting ready for the baby.


Well, come back to the office
with me.

- Keep me company.
- All right.

So, tell me,
how are you feeling?

Okay, you talk.
I have to file.

You know, I never did thank you

for being so nice to me
at the show.

It was so very un-city of you.

It was, wasn't it?

In the city I would have
coveredmy wine and run like hell.

Well, thank you for not bolting.

Well, there are those
who risk their lives

carrying babies
from burning buildings.

And I hold
barfing ladies' hair back.

It's different here, isn't it?
It's not so easy to hide.

Yeah, except my boss told me
the first day I started,

he said, "Be careful,
don't badmouth anyone

because you're probably
talking to their cousin,

which is why everyone's
so very nice here."

But then, did you see
where that woman disappeared?

Oh, my god.
That's right.

I saw that picture of that
girland I thought it was you.

Thank you. God, I thought
I was losing my mind.

I'm gonna ask you something.

You know David's date,
the night of the party?

Didn't it look like
she was wearing a blonde wig?

Why would David
be on the roof, sweetie?

Look, these weren't meant
for public.


It's my boyfriend.

You know,
if you can call him that.

I mean,
we just started going out.

Well, you know what they say.

Guys are way more visual
than we are, right?

So why don't they just start
taking naked pictures

of themselves for a change?

I mean, not that it's the
same thing or anything.

Uh, look, what I'm trying to say
is could you...

Could you just not say anythingto Darris?

I mean, I know that he and
Davidwork together and they're close.

And David's such a...
Well, a private guy,

that I know that he'd be really,

really upset.
So, um...

I have to go.


So you
see photos of your friend

posed in a way
which seems to prove

that David's been spying on
you, but you don't tell Darris?

Why not?

Because Darris
had just gotten through

making me feel like
I was losing my mind

for suggesting
David was a kidnapper.

What was I supposed to do,
go to him and say,

"Hey, honey I just saw picturesof
his girlfriend, nude pictures

and, uh,
they looked like me too!"

Besides, I promised Heidi
I wouldn't mention them.

And at the time I thought
she was the only friend I had.

And you're sure these photos
were modeled specifically

on what David would have seen
through your window?

Yes! And I'm sure
he posed her that way

because he is obsessed with me.

Would you please try to breathe?

Thank you.

Please continue.

I knew...

David was disturbed,

but I also knew
that Darris was his partner,

and for the first time
in his life

he was making money
and enjoying his work.

So I moved my studio
into my house.

I cut David out of my life
and I had my baby.

It is so good to get out.

- There you go.
- Oh, thank you.

You look beautiful.

So do you.

You know, if it's a problem

I can run by and pick up
those party supplies

on the way home from work.

No, no, no, it's your
birthday. I wanna do it.

Thank you.

Sweetie, I gotta take this.

- Love you.
- Love you.

Hey, gorgeous.

How's my angel?

Who was it?

She's beautiful.

She's got your eyes.

Get away from her.

You know, I think
you've got the wrong idea.

Okay, I think

that if you weren't so
stressedout all the time

you would see that I'm a friend.

She's got the booties
that I bought her.

-Stop touching her

or I'll make a scene.

You're still mad
about those photos,

that's what it is.
I know you are.

Well, you know what?
You should be mad at Darris.

Darris is the one who told me
to take those photos.

And to set me up with Heidi,
he told me all about you guys.

What you would do in bed.

Oh, just stop it.

Darris would never tell you
anything like that.

He did.
He told me everything.

He told me
about the flower petals,

how he would
sprinkle them gingerly

only up to you know where.
Told me all of that.

He told me to take those
pictures of Heidi.

Yes, he did.
And so I took them.

You think I'm lyin'?

I'm not lying.
I'm telling the truth.

I am telling you the truth.

You want to know the truth
about this town?

It's full of fakes.

Take the professor for example.

Good old Marty,
he's not a professor.

He was a shop teacher.
He's not a professor.

He's drunk every day.

He goes in
and he accidentally cuts off

a kid's hand with a band saw.
They kicked him out of town.

He came running herewith
his tail between his legs.

He gets here, tries to play
this little intellectual guy.

And I go, "What the hell."

I'll call him Professor
if it makes him feel good

and it's good for my business.

And look at wifey.
Yeah, hi.

You know what she likes
to pretend?

That she's faithful.

Marty goes home every night,

pissed, comatose,
under the table.

You know how she spends a few
of those nights every week?

You know with who?

Come on, Alison.

You and I know that marriage,

it's a license to screw
whoever you want.

Not my marriage.

Now, let go of her
or I will make a scene.

I don't care how crazy I look.

- Hey, David.
- Hey.

We're leaving.

- What?
- We're going.

We just got here.

Now, Darris.

Come on.

You want... I was...
I'm sorry. I was gonna...

I'm sorry.

Hi, Alison.
Am I late?

Um, I've got
a couple of presents.

I have one for Adair.

It's a portable DVD player
for watching movies.

And I've got
something special...

for Darris. Look.

Happy birthday!

Hey, David.

Why don't you come on in,
it's raining out there.

What are you doing?

Look, Alison,
he's my best friend.

And if he wants to give me
a present,

I don't see anything
wrong with that.

He made a pass at me.


At the restaurant,
when you went to the phone.

- He made a pass at me.
- How?

What do you mean "how?"
Does it matter?

Yeah, it matters.
What did he say?

He made a pass at me, Darris.
Just take my word for it!

Yeah, you know what?
I wish I could!

Nice clock.


Looks good.

It's built by a local farmer.

Couldn't read or write,
but old Kalnecker,

he was a mechanical genius.

Then he croaked and left
his wife in a pile of debt,

so she takes one of them
to a flea market,

some dealer sees it
and calls it "folk art".

And suddenly she's just
sittin' on a gold mine.

That's nice.

Yeah, well, unfortunately
it didn't do her much good.

Five years agosomeone
broke in and killed her,

stole everything,
clocks and all.

Those things are real
collector's items now.

Good party.

I know.

Oh, I know. I know.

could you turn the TV on?

I just wanna check the weather.

More on that in a moment,

but now our top story.

They were
friends, they were neighbors

and now Allen and Elsie McKee
are the 49th and 50th homicides

in Metro this year.

Friends' suspicions were
aroused when the retired couple

failed to show up
to a dinner party.

After trying to make contact
for two days,

they finally called police.

This afternoon,
police discovered

Allan and Elsie McKee dead.

Their bodies hidden
in the trunk of their car

at their Rosedale home.

Several valuable works of art
from the McKee's collection

are also missing.

We will keep you informed of
any new leads we might have...

Excuse me.


- Good morning.
- Good morning.

I was just wondering
if there was any news

on that double murder.
That retired couple.

In the trunk. The McKees?
They had a cottage up here.

I haven't heard anything more.

I know this is gonna
sound unrelated,

but about five years ago,
there was a woman

who was murdered in the area.

She was the widow
of that man, Kalnecker,

who made those cuckoo clocks.
Do you remember that case?

Well, recently
I was given a gift,

one of those clocks,
made by the same man

and I was wondering
if it could be a clue

- in the murder investigation.
- What investigation?

Into the murder
of Mrs. Kalnecker.

I thought you said
you were asking

about the couple in the trunk.


Who gave it to you?


The cuckoo clock.

David Snow.

He knew the McKees, now dead,

he knew the clockmaker's widow, now dead,

and I'm sure
if you bothered to check

you would find a link
to Donna Tomasino, now dead.

People are dying.

People David Snow knew.

Do you need a map?

Ma'am, our David
knows a lot of people.

Then how did he get the clock?

By collecting things.

Just like he's done
ever since he and I were kids.

And I was the officer
who got the conviction

- on the Kalnecker case.
- You found the killer?

Well, occasionally,
we do catch a crook or two

between coffee breaks.

And without a map.

But thank you, Mrs. Shaw.

Screw all of you.

He killed her.

The woman whose husband
made that clock.

He murdered her,

he planted the weapon
on a homeless man

and testified against him.

-Because, as it turns out...

What did you do to your hair?

The policeman
who led that investigation

grew up with David...

and now he's police chief,
no doubt

because he got the conviction
in that murder.

I read it all in the local

it's in the library.

Women keep disappearing
in this town

and no one seems to notice.

- David.
- Yes.

- He's a murderer.
- Yes.

Okay. Let's just sit down
and talk about this.

I'm so glad you believe me.

It's so unbelievable. He's
got this whole town wrapped

around his little finger
and no one seems to care.

Y'know I love my work.

I really do.

And for the first time you and
Iare making some real money.

And only for you would I bust
upmy partnership with David,

but if I do this, I need you
to do something for me, okay?

I need you to get
some counseling.

What are you talking about?

The Chief of Police
called me this afternoon!

you were acting strange.

He was just doing his job.

If he was doing his job

- then David would be in jail.
- Enough!

Enough about David!

I know we were planning
on taking Adair out

for a little trick or treating
tonight, but I think it's...

I think it's best if I take
herand you just stay home.

I'm gonna put her
in her costume,

I'm gonna put on mine

and you're gonna stay home
and take a bath.

End of discussion.

Come on, sweetie.

Come on. Come on, baby.

Trick or treat.

Hello, hello, hello.

Trick or treat.

- You look great.
- Thanks, you do too.

Darris! Darris!

- Okay, okay.
- Okay, see you soon.

No, no, no, no, no, no...

- David, get back here!
- David!- Calm down. Calm down!

- How can you give him our baby?
- Look at me. Look at me.

She's fine.
Adair is fine.


Yeah. Relax and go in the house.

- Okay?
- Okay.



David, get back here!


- Trick or treat.
- Trick or treat.

Excuse me, have you seen a
bigscarecrow carrying a little girl

- dressed as an angel?
- No.

Excuse me, have you seen...

Heidi. Oh, my God, thank God.
Have you seen David?

What's wrong?

You're what's wrong, Alison!

David told me
what you've been doing to him.

How you screwed him around,

made him your little slave
and then slept with him.

You're really, really sick.

You know that?




Look at us.
Look at you just swinging.

We're just swinging.

- Look how high you are.
- David.



Don't make me call the police.

No, I won't. Here.
Use the phone.


Anything you tell me,
I will tell Darris.

I won't let you break us apart.

That's why I like him,
he believes anything.

I tell him he's got a knack
for antiques.

He believes it.

You tell him that you love
him, well, he believes that too.

You're an amazing woman.

You play the game.
You see through people.

You've been sending me
these signals.

You know, I feel them,
and then you act

like it's my problem.

Alison, I'm just tryin'
to make you happy.

You know, I'm trying to make
our relationship work.

We don't have a relationship.

You're an insane freak
and you disgust me.


Hey, guys.

Hey, baby.
Halloween's over.

Come on.

Halloween's over, baby.

Be safe.

There are tissues
on the table.

He killed that couple
and left them in the trunk.

That is a fact.

Okay, I think we've done
good work here today

by talking it through,
so I won't comment

on anything you've said.
Although I think it's fair

to say that you are under
a great deal of stress:

A new town, a new child,
financial and marital pressures.

You're saying I'm delusional.

I'm saying that your powers
of reasoning

have been eroded by stress.

As your husband says,

you may havean over productive imagination.

No, those boys in Toronto
attacked me.

They were going to rape me.

Maybe they were.
Maybe they weren't.

The issue here is
what you believed at the time

and what you continue
to believe today.

That you are not safe.

Fear is healthy.

It's nature's way of telling us

- something's wrong.
- No, I am not crazy!

You know him, don't you?

He gave you that clock
as a gift, didn't he?

I never let personal
relationships compromise

patient confidentiality.

He's the crazy one
and I will prove it.

Hello. Mr. Shaw,
this is Dr. Gordean.

Damn you.


- Whoa! Whoa!
- Whoa, hey!- No!

- No! No!
- Whoa! Whoa! Hey, calm down.

- Calm down.
- It's okay, it's okay.

Come here.

Go downstairs
and look in the cabinet.

I can't be around her anymore.
I'm done. I'm done with her.

We can talk about this later.
I'm sorry.

I'm not lying.

It's a crowbar.

- It's a crowbar to my door.
- She needs help, Dave.

I'll take care of it.

- All right.
- Okay.

I'll leave a
forwarding address

just in case we get any mail.

Good luck out west.

Thank you.

- Hi, baby.
- Hello.

How was your day?

I met the couple two
doors down.

Beverly and Bob.

They have a little girl
named Madison.

Well, maybe we should call
a few of the neighbors

and have a housewarming party.

- Okay.
- Hmm.

How was your day?

Well, the only reason
I don't throw myself off

of that roof is because I know
at the end of the day

I'm coming home to you
two beauties.

Hey, let's go in the bedroom.


Who's a bug?

Who's a bug in a rug?

- I'm sorry.
- It's okay.

What's wrong?

Al, please, don't.

- I'm calling the police.
- Al, please don't start this.

It's David, I know his
handwriting. So do you.

Al, even if you were
a handwriting expert, okay?

What are you gonna do?
He's three thousand miles away.

Just please let this go.
Things are good here.

- Please.
- Darris, people are dying.

We have to stop it.

So when did you first meet
the McKees?

They came to my show
and bought a painting.

It looked to me like David
knewthem and they were friends.

Was David friends
with the McKees?

No, I never saw him
with eitherof them before.

I'm pretty sure that was
the first time they met.

And he never mentioned them
after the fact.

So why are you so sure
it's David Snow's notebook?

Because I know his handwriting.

I saw it on signs, I saw
it in his inventory book,

and I saw it on boxes
in the basement.

I'm not saying that
it isn't David's handwriting,

it's just based on the sample,
I can't say for sure that it is.

He eavesdropped on us,
he secretly photographed me,

he was obsessed with me.

He was a friend.

A little flaky, but...

You know, if they busted us
for every weird thing

we thought or did,
we'd all be doing life

without parole, right?

Now I'll ask
you guys something.

Have you found Angela Bright
or Donna Tomasino?

Hey, guys, it's getting late.
You want a beer or something?

No, thanks.

We did find Ms. Tomasino's car
in an abandoned barn

about twenty miles out
of Parkeston.

So obviously David's
the killer.

Hey, have you guys ever
thoughtthat maybe these women

were just looking for a change
of scenery.

Like your wife, Mr. Shaw,

we believe a serial killer
is at work.

That's why we spent
the taxpayers' money

to fly out here to talk to you.

Unlike Alison, however,

we can't be sure that the
printsand the writing found

at the murder scene
match your friend.

And since you two did
so much work together,

we were wondering if we could
get a print from you as well.

Just to tell you two apart.

Oh, hell, sure, why not.

Taxpayers money
hard at work, right?

Mrs. Shaw. Mrs. Shaw.

May I speak with you
outside, please?

Excuse us?

All right, officer, which one
you want to do first?

How long were you
and David having an affair?


A lot of people seem to think
that you two

were involved sexually.

-David's ex-girlfriend...
-Heidi Murnau.

Martin and Peggy Churchill.

The waitress at Rouge,

they all swear that you two
were an item.

They also told us that David
dumped you.

So we were just wondering
if this might be payback time.

David Snow is a monster.

And the people in that town
protect him.

They don't see it that way.

Good work, officer.

Case closed.
You got me.

Why don't you question David
like you're questioning me?

Go to his house,
take a look around...

We did.

And no one's lived there
for quite some time now.

- Then where is he?
- We don't know.

Do you have any more
questions for us?


We'll be in town
for a few more days.

If you can think of anything
else, give us a call.

All right.

You did what you had to do,

now I'm gonna to do
what I have to do.

I'm gonna call our neighbors,

I'm going to let 'em know
that we're nice, normal people,

and we're having a party
tomorrow night

and we sure hope
they can make it.

Maybe that way we can actually
have a life out here.

- You bastard!
- Alison?

Did you really think
I wasn't going to see this?

You think if you ignore it,
it'’s gonna go away?

We're just getting settled,

things are going good
for us here.

It's him. He's here.

Hi, I know who kidnappedthat
woman from the art gallery.

Alison, put down the phone.
Put down the phone.

My name is Alison Shaw
and I know who kidnapped

that woman from the art gallery.

David Snow. He's a
murder suspect in Ontario

and I believe he's followed
my family here.

Because he's obsessed with me.

All I'm asking is that you
send a car

to 2711 Stanheight Avenue.

Yes, I understand
what "manhunt" means.

I'm trying
to make you understand

that if you send a car here,
you might actually catch him.

He said this is the biggest
manhunt in their history

and they're too busy
to send a car.

But if we're sure David's
comingto kill us, to lock our doors.

It's a good idea.

I got a better idea.

what are you doing?


Alison! Christ sakes, Alison.

We have people coming over.

Can we not pretend for one
goddamn day that we're normal?


Oh, it's you guys again.
What do you want, a mug shot?

Who's in jail?


I just got a call
from one of the cops

who was here the other night.

The RCMP has somebody
in custody who probably

- killed Donna Tomasino.
- Who?

Some local thief.

They found
one of her rings in his house

along with about five year's
worth of stolen property.

They figure she caught him
breaking into her car

and things got out of control.

David might have sold it
to himor planted it there.

Sweetie, sweetie,
they caught him, okay?

They caught him.
Put down your weapon

and come and join the party.

They caught him.

Hey Al. You better
hang onto your hubby.

I might run right out the door
with him.

That's very tempting,
actually.- Hi, Al.

- Hi.
- Hey.

It's a great party.
Is there anything I can do?

No. No. Everything's great.

Oh, my God, you guys.
You know that poor girl

who got abducted
from the art gallery?

- Yeah.
- My sister works

as a dispatcher for the police,

and she told me they just
foundthe woman in a factory

not more than five miles
from here.

- Oh, my god. Is she alive?
- Barely. Apparently,

some homeless guy stumbledon
to her and called the police,

she was tied to a chair
with a rubber ball jammed...

Okay, okay...

Alison, please don't do it.

Everybody, get out!

- Get out!
- Alison, goddamn it!

I'm sorry.

Get yourselves out!

Now! Get out! Get out! Get out!

Faster! I know
you can move faster, people.

Party's over! Get out!
Get out! Get out!

Please leave my house!

Where are my keys?
Where are my goddamn keys?

- Where are you going?
- Out!

Out? You're going out now?

Great, just down the road
David kidnaps a woman,

he ties her to a chair,
shoves a ball in her mouth

and you're going out?
What is wrong with you?

What's wrong with me?

What is wrong with me?
You are what's wrong with me.

I married a crazy woman
who thinks the world

is out to get her.

It's always the same thing
with you, Alison,

the same goddamn thing.

I mean, there's this evil
conspiracy out to get you.

Just like those kids who were
hassling you in Toronto.

"The kids who were hassling me"?

Come on, Alison,
they were just a bunch of kids

looking to scare somebody.

And my God, did they hit
the jackpot with Alison Shaw!

They were going to rape me.

Yeah, yeah.
And they had a knife, right?

Guess what, they never found
a knife. I never saw a knife.

And, you know, now it's David,

the man who put food
on our table,

who never hurt a soul,

he's traveled all the way
from Ontario to B.C.

to kill you because, why?
Wait for it...

Because he's in love with you.

I never said
he was in love with me.

I said he was obsessed
with me.- That is bull!

That is absolute bull!

The truth is...

is he felt sorry for you. Okay?

Oh, yeah, Alison, the artist.

You know what he said
about your "art"?

He said, "People buy dull
artbecause it makes them feel safe.

And no one makes people feel
safer than Alison Shaw."

He wasn't obsessed with you.
He just felt sorry for you.

Just like you made me feel
sorryfor you once upon a time.

He felt sorry for me? Really?

He sure didn't feel
sorry for you.

You want to hear what David
had to say about you?

You want to hear
what your friend

and business partner had
to saybehind your back?

"He'll believe just about
anything except the truth."

That's why he chose you.

Because he knew
he could lead you

like the child that you are.

It was all lies.


Darris, come back!

-Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Screw you too.

Hello? Hello there.

You like my nose?
You want to pull it?

You go ahead
and pull it if you want.

Watch me. Watch me.

What's your emergency?

Hello? Hello? Is anybody there?


David, it's me.


Don't scream.
You'll wake the baby.

You left me.

I had to come here
because you left me all alone.

Why did you do that?

I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

- I just...
- Don't lie.

Don't. Don't lie to me.

Don't. Don't lie to me.

You love me.

I know you do.
You love me.


everything's going to be okay.

You just need to give me
our baby...

then we'll be together.


Darris is gone.

He's gone?

He's gone.

- It's you and me now.
- It's you and me now.

It's just you and me,
just like before.

I went away, but now I'm back.

So you give me our baby
and we can all be together.


Here we go.

Here we go.



No! No!



ever leave me...

It's gonna be okay.

Mommy's... It's okay, sweetheart.