A Friend Will Come Tonight (1946) - full transcript

When a Resistance commander and his forces disguise themselves as patients in a hospital, there is some confusion among the staff as to who is actually suffering from a real illness.

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You're hit!

Sorry my good Sir.

I blasted you half an hour ago.

You've already been eaten by sharks.

It's unfortunate that you didn't notice.

Poor fool. You don't even
have aircraft fighters.

I ask you to stay polite!

Strength prevails over politeness.

A particularly noxious species...

which unfortunately swarms more and more.

I can confess to you rose
citizen since we're alone...

It's their kind who leads
me to leave this society

with which I have nothing
in common any more

and to create our little
state where everything is pure.

Our dear republic

has only several thousand wise citizens

strictly selected.

Flowers, insects, birds and
only one man, me.

What? I can hear you from
here comrade butterfly.

My case is a bit exceptional since
I managed to eradicate all evil

in the little animal that I am.

You on the other side
treat me like a freak

because I heal by myself.

But maybe one day it will be
the people doing evil things
that we will treat like freaks.

They will give us much more work.
Huge hospitals will have to be built.

May I ask you how you
get such a result?

Three essential remedies.
First, contemplation.

Watch men, watch them live.
It's the first antidote.

Then meditation.

Not too long. Just enough to reach nausea.

The third remedy is much more tricky.

It's not within the reach of everyone.

Every morning...

four hours on a single feet...

like this.


You're exaggerating!

I won't translate what he said.
I'm afraid you wouldn't like it.

You're walking Mrs Doremy?
- Yes, it's for the baby.

The climate is good for him.

You see the nice rosy cheeks he has now?

He's beautiful.

Beautiful sheep you have painted.
- Where do you see sheep?

Well, let's say your clouds mislead me.
- Can't you see they're sounds?


Indeed, they even look like real ones.
- I'm painting here
what he's playing there.

That's it. Very well.

Maybe low notes lack a little
focus, don't you think?

I did not dare tell you
but it's not your fault.

I'm going to ask him to stress
them a bit more.
- Please do.

Try to stress a little more
the low notes if you can my dear.

And the head a little bit
more to the right if it's possible.

You want to have your tea
served in this room?

With two sugar lumps.

Did I see Helène?
Of course.

She's taking a sun bath. It's her hour.

Of course she's alone.

At your service. Pleasure is mine.

It's funny how the thoughts
of a man can envelop you.

He's near you, he's watching you.

Observing you to the point
of indiscretion.

His eyes like those of a fakir
who has the power to

make a flower fade or flourish
in a few seconds.

The difference that the
look of a man simply curious...

never had the least influence...

neither on a flower nor on a woman.

Because you're simply curious Mister.

No, I'm not simply curious.

I'm not a fakir either.

I have no power over flowers and
my power on women is rather limited.

But how can anyone pass every day
near such a rare flower grown by miracle

and look away?

Especially, and I apologise,
since I love flowers.

Here's for the flowers lover.

As for the curious man,
I don't bark at the moon,

I don't fight in duel with the moonlights,

I'm not the empress of China,

I'm a distressing banality and if
I grew up by luck in this strange place

it's because I couldn't
find a better place.
With this I bid you farewell Mister.

And me I say good bye and see you soon.

I don't think so because
as soon as tomorrow

the little flower will be transplanted
into a much more private place.

I will find her.

Once again I've been the victim
of an attack.

I know, I know, you can't tell
because of my dignity.

I've an ironclad modesty. A grand modesty
that's been the admiration of my friends.

But all the same Doctor...

It would be more prudent to expel this man.
- You're exaggerating my dear lady!

I'm exaggerating?

Why do you think he sports
this incredible outfit that is
the shame of your institution?

To seduce me.
- You're perfectly right, Mrs.

But you know that it's the rule
for the happiness of all in this house

to let everyone live according
their tastes and inspiration.

But when living in society one
should not think only of himself.

Me for instance. If I change seven
or eight times a day...

it's not for my pleasure
but for the pleasure of everyone.

I sacrifice for the happiness
of other people's eyes.

Yours too, Doctor.
-Of course and I am very grateful to you.

It is not without grandeur,
don't you think?
- Assuredly.

The grand lady is in full innuendo crisis.

The faded model tries to blacken
me in the eyes of our good doctor.

I'll make you crawl underground Mrs.

Maybe there's not much
grandeur in my outfit but...

there's human suffering
behind this perishable wall.

The Doctor...

who sees as much through my
soul as he sees through my body knows...

that I am a very sick man.

My sickness gives me fever,
makes me burn...

but only in the insides.
That's why it's a bit ridiculous.

If it was on the outside...

she would cry.

The world would cry because I'm burning.

And you know why?

He's a savage, a gorilla, a caveman!

A what?
- A caveman!

- Please!

You don't really mean what you say.


It's you Claire.

Hello, young girl.

Thank you.


Beatrice! They're coming!

Someone's coming?

The Doctor left us in the
middle of a brilliant conversation.

Who can be so important that he leaves
abruptly? You waiting for someone?

One never knows.
-I like very much your little housedress.

Yes, they're coming!

They're coming!

You didn't come yesterday.
It's not very nice of you.

You dine with us at home tonight?
- Go away Albert! They're coming!

Good God! I'm forgetting...
Something very important.

Silly boy!

They're going to the Doctor's!

Mr Berout, they're coming!

I'm gone!

Someone told me...

The battle ground where you walk
will be deserted by its inhabitants.

The men the enemy have not
removed or deported

will be driven out by the
ravages of battle.

Well, it's this battle ground

that on the 6th of June, the
first day of the great crusade...

Hey guys! Turn off your radio!
The Krauts are coming!

André, come on, we're leaving.
- Bugger! Give me the guns! Fast!

Farewell, little Monika.
We have to part today.

Hurry up, guys!
- We're coming!

Who forgot his machine gun?

Leave me alone. I must go.

But you're too old to help them.
Why are you going?

To annoy you!

Hey, Mrs Lorca...

Going already?

I don't know if the guys will come for your
soup tonight. The Krauts are coming!

It would be too bad my poor child.
You'll be hungry up there.

I made a good soup with bacon in it.

Search everywhere for weapons.

This is a nest full of terrorists.

Translate this to the word for them:

If they don't tell the truth,

we'll annihilate this damn village!

Start with the mayor.

The rest of this bunch
will follow later.

Don't let them talk among themselves.

Weapons have been
parachuted in this area.

Where are they?
- I don't know anything about it.

Been awhile since we saw planes
- There're weapons everywhere. We know it!

Where are the young people?

Damn it! Ask him where they went.

Where are the young men of the village?
They took to the Maquis?

I don't know. Many of them work....

in the fields or in
the woods at this hour.

Some of them even work for you in Germany.

In Germany...He says a lot
of men are working in Germany.

Does he know anything about captain Girard?

You never heard about Commander Girard?

No, I don't know him.
- Obviously.

And you? Do you know Commander Girard?

Come on! Speak! It will be more
profitable for you than staying silent!

You'll talk alright.

Take them inside. We'll have a chat.

Go on, move it.

Go inside.

There's one. Take aim.


I can't stand it!
They're going to kill him.

I'm going to say everything.

Anything but this!
- Shut up. I'd rather lose you both.

Well, well. Come with me.


Take aim.


Search everything.

If you find weapons, shoot them,

and burn their houses.

At your orders.

That'll teach them.

They really behave like gentlemen.

And so gallant!

I was certain they would
ask for me when coming here.

...18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23.

Where are the others?

I said I wanted to see everyone.

The others will come down
but five or six are bedridden.

It'd be bad for their
health to force them to get up.

Check all the sick patients,
also the ones who can't move.

Keep your eyes open, don't be fooled.

You pretend Doctor that all these people

are not responsible for their actions.

They're all my patients.
Some are seriously mentally ill.

They're crazy?
- No, no crazy people here.

It's a word we don't want to hear.
There's only mentally ill people here.

It's a tough ordeal you
impose on them and rather useless.

It is up to me to
judge what is useful or not.

Do you have the identity
papers of all your residents?
- Absolutely.

Here they are.


Do you have some injured
people in your institution?

No, I'm not a surgeon.

Are you certain that among
your bedridden residents

there's no injured man?
- Absolutely.

And you probably never heard
of Commander Gerard?


Check who's missing.

Please respond to
the call of your name.

Benjamin Lenoir.


George Darmoit.

It's me.

Jean Blavet.
- It's me...

but I swear it's not my fault.

Elizabeth Doremy.


it was me.

Baroness of Pontignac.

It's me.

Alexandrine Jeanne Constance
Laetitia Baroness of Pontignac.

May I know to whom I have the honour?

He's a little shy. Poor boy...
I think I disturbed him.

Michel Lemaret.
- Here.

Jacques Leroy.

Jacques Leroy.

What's the meaning of this?

I'll translate since it
seems to interest you.

My friend Leroy has just
said that he's with us.

And you, who are you?

President Michel Lemaret.

What kind of President?

President of the Republic.

There's still a republic in France?
I didn't notice it.

There's only mine.

It's very small.

But be reassured, I have no army.

I even suppressed the Ministry of War.

And all the other Ministries.

Yet everything works very well.

And take it easy, I have no intention

to kill all the inhabitants of
this world to impose my ideas.

Well, just between us...

What? How dare you?

Well, it's a tricky question...

What question?


It means tact.

A question of tact.

It's a play on words. Untranslatable.

Completely untranslatable.

This one also suffers from mental illness?

He is incurable.
- What kind?

He doesn't believe in evil.
- Nonsense.


Pierre Ribaud.

I'm here...How could I be
somewhere else since I'm not absent?

Karl Levalet.
- It's not me.

The Doctor wants everybody
to believe it's me.

But I'm better placed than the
others to know who I am, right?


I'm only interested in living
people's opinions and you're all dead.

You too Mr Officer.
I see through you...

You're a ghost.

I'm not afraid of you.
You don't exist.

Robert Langlois.

Robert Langlois?
- He's here.

But he can't hear or speak.

It's a complex case.
Medically he's only deaf.

But mentally he thinks he's mute.
- Helene Asselin.

She's bedridden. She can't come
and she's completely useless to you.

How do you know?

Bring the girl downstairs
with the others.

François Mautut.

I'm here.

Philippe Prunier.

I'm coming.

Why didn't you come with the others?

Sorry for my lateness. I had a few
arrangements to make.

Given your kind visit I thought
it best to prepare my will.

Dress him! Give him a jacket!

No jacket!

I'm ready to die but
please spare me this torture.

Shoot me.

This is a private matter
between the two of us.

But let go this poor flock
who has nothing to do in our story.

That's enough!

Sit down!
- No! Up!

And without a blindfold.

You wanted some real
grandeur, mannequin?

You're served.

I'm not disturbing you?
I must confess I heard everything.

I always try to avoid losing time.
It's my motto.

Louis Martin, retired Inspector.

One of your employees?
- No he's a sick man.

A very sick man.
He can be dangerous sometimes.

It's not completely true Doctor.
I'm not sick.

But it's true that I can be dangerous
sometimes. Very dangerous.

My lieutenant. I took the
liberty to bring my personal records.

You recognised me, didn't you?
- No, I must confess
I don't know who you are.


I worked with the authorities
of your country on many occasions.

Dresde, 1931.

The kidnapping of Baroness Dubelshausen
by Friedrich Löbel. You must remember?

It was me, Inspector Martin.

The next year in Stuttgart.
The rapes by Johan Amsdadt...

The three little girls.
It's useless to say further....

I'm very pleased to be lucky
to serve you again today.

You will soon know the truth
about these wretches.

about this man...

who thinks himself a great
benefactor of mankind

but who is in reality
a sordid murderer.

You will find the details regarding
every one of them...

and the criminal record
of the fake Doctor...

inside this folder.

Have you already heard
about Commander Girard?

Commander Girard?

No-one is better informed than me.

Commander Girard is everyone
of us here in turns.

On Wednesday I am the Commander Girard.

It's silly, right?
It's true nonetheless.

Everything is recorded here by my hand.

You see. Everything's inside.
- What does it mean?

I only see digits.

It's an encrypted language.

Only I have the key to read it.

Take me with you and you
will know everything.

I only need one year
to decipher all these files.

And then...

I will be able to
leave this horrible house...

and these people who despise me.

Who will soon die..

and who'd like to see
me croaking before them.

That's enough.
Take this lunatic away.

Hurry it up! Off with him.

Come on!

Throw him out!

Leave me alone! I understand German.
I know you pretend you don't recognise me!

To the corner with them.

At your orders.

Search this house for weapons.
Search every room.


Don't forget the garage, the barn,
the kitchen, all other rooms.

Nurses, wash women, gardeners.

No exemptions for the bedridden.

Don't let them fool you.
- At your orders.

It's inhuman what you're doing to them.

Let me pass!

They come to rip and open
up our bellies with their rifles!
They come to feast on us...

using their rifles!

They come to deliver us!

I will paint this deliverance with fire!

My child! My baby!
He's upstairs!

In the flames! Save my child!

The fire! The fire!

Save him!

Save my child!

All this is really senseless!

Calm them Doctor!

Do your job...

or I'll show you
how well I do mine!

Lieutenant, we arrested this man
in the garden.

He's one of your crazies?
- No.

This man is not one of our patients.

Come here.

I'm a neighbour.

My name is Maurice Tiller.

I'm a Doctor and have a Swiss
citizenship. Here are my papers.

As a Doctor and citizen of a neutral
country it's my duty to intervene
in what you're committing here.

I consider that our
acts are not your business.

But you forget you're here in a hospital,
a health institution, a neutral ground.

It's not you Doctor who will
teach me my duty.

Your duty is not to
terrorise these poor devils.

Take a good look at my papers, Lieutenant.

I'm an International Red
Cross representative.

Doctor Tiller.

Indeed, I've been told
about your presence in the area.

So allow me to insist.

I know very well my colleague,
Doctor Lestrade.

He gave the honour of consulting
me several times. Right, Doctor?


I have a precise knowledge on
every patient in this institution.

They're completely harmless.

And rather poorly informed on
what's happening outside this house.

Some of them...

are really serious cases...

and clinically very interesting.

We Germans have
a strong respect for science.





I'm sorry for the disturbance, Doctor.
My duty is sometimes
distressing but we're at war.

Suspicious, very suspicious,
this little intervention of yours.

Besides, we're already acquainted.

Maybe we'll see each other again.


Thank you. Thank you from
the bottom of my heart.

I'll never forget the way we met.
You've been kind and brave.

Come on, Doctor. I have no merit.
It's perfectly normal.

Besides I don't risk anything.

But you're hurt...
Beatrice, bring me some pad and iodine.

But it's really nothing..
- Me too...

I wanted to thank you.
-There were a few brambles in the way

but they didn't prevent me
to find the little flower.

Say, just between us, you never tire
of doing tac-tac-tac-tac?

He's crazy, look at him.

We'll burn the last houses
to the ground.

What a nutcase!

Don't be afraid. I'm here.

Sorry for being late.

The Doctor made me climb
up the hill to the big oak.
- He was right. You look smashing.

There's some tea left.

With a slice of lemon for you Doctor, right?

Thank you. You're
very kind Miss Beatrice.

For me, it's without
lemon, without sugar,

and without rancour Miss Beatrice.

Take a look. You like it?

You recognise? It's the profile
of the voice we hear in the radio.
It's very similar, huh?

Yes, yes.

No rancour, Mr Inspector.

And no biscuit neither.

Two times.

Don't go to Mathieu's.
He's very sick.

I repeat.
Don't go to Mathieu's.

He's very sick.

The lamp post has made a prognosis.
Four times.

Brazilian cows give
some coffee flavoured milk.

I think our young maestro has
just sent a personal message to you Miss.

But dear friend...

If it's not asking too much,
could you repeat this nice
sentence to Miss Helène

who was absent minded the first time.

I think we all understood.

Didn't we?

You're odious.

A little drama in a cup of tea.


Twelve doctors will carry
the remedy to thirty-five patients.

Hairy kangaroos dance in the prairie.

The rhinoceros make soap bubbles.

I see that you're very interested by
the Radio Londres messages, Mister.


Don't you know it's prohibited
to listen to British radio?

Your attitude is challenging, Mr.

My attitude? Why?
- Maybe you understand the hidden meaning

of these private messages my
dear president Michel Lemaret?

I just enjoy hearing news
about my fellow countrymen.

Your fellow countrymen?

Yes, the hairy kangaroo
dancing in the prairie.

The rhinoceros who
makes soap bubbles.

They must be gigantic, these bubbles,
don't you think?

Enough joking. Change the
channel immediately

or I will have to make
a report to the authorities.

Come on, turn the button.
- I don't know how it works.

I tried once to turn this button...

or that one. I can't remember
but I heard something terrifying.

It was probably an human
being not very human.

There comes our nice postwoman!

Hello my dear Claire.

Hello Doctor. Here's your mail.
- Please old chap, distribute the letters.

You alright?
- I'm fine, thank you.

Nothing for you Baroness.

Good. I don't like
the written congratulations.

-Here Beatrice. I'm going back at once
in case you have letters to post.

Here they are. Take care,
there's a registered letter.

Thank you. Anything else?
- Nothing else.
- See you tomorrow then.

Hey Eric, could you help me
with my flat tire?

You spend your life on a flat tire.

Thank you.

To René. Urgent. Orders
from Commander Girard.

Thank you.

I got it!
- At last!


The shepherd gave it to me as usual.

Parachute drops tonight between
10:30 and 0:00 at the Plateau de Sel.

Good. We must go there
to light up the spot.

Who volunteers? Who? Come on guys.

Who? No-one?

No-one took this magnifying
glass on my desk? You saw nothing?

It's unfortunate that such
deeds can be committed in this house.

It's not a question of value despite
the silver mounting of this object.

So it's no-one?

No-one knows anything?

- You're rather naive...

if you think you will make them
confess talking to their conscience.

You have another solution?
- I have two solutions.

The first one, torture,

would have no effect on these people.
We are too accustomed

to the frequent use of your
therapeutic procedures

that transformed us into
some pitiful guinea-pigs.

The second is a matter
of scientific criminology

and is prohibited to you. A psychiatrist
is not necessarily a psychologist.

Well my dear Inspector
I'm waiting for your deductions then.

A rather small case.

But since I can't sink my
teeth into nothing else.

Miss Beatrice.

At your orders Mr Inspector. Sorry.

Did I say that Helène and doctor Tiller
were written off the suspects list?

But the doctor is not
a patient in this house.

It doesn't mean he's not collecting
magnifying glasses with silver mounting.

Still I'll let you go Doctor.

Everyone knows you have other things
in mind than robbing magnifying glasses.
Even those with silver mounting.

As for you my dear Helène, even if
a magnifying glass would not be
completely useless to you,

I'll let you take your stroll.

The moonlight can't hurt you.

Come closer please everyone.

Miss Beatrice...

Which patients went to Doctor Lestrade's
office for a consultation between

10 am and 18 pm today?

It was weighing day.
Everyone passed in Doctor Lestrade's
office except the bedridden patients.

You have been weighed
yourself Mister Inspector.

There were four moonshine
rays dancing in the prairie.

God Pan played some flute to
accompany them.

He had taken the appearance of a very kind
young man who looked like you Maurice.

And one of the ray transformed
into a young girl...

Was her name Helène?
- And the ray danced only

as long as the God seduced
her with his presence. O God Pan...

don't stop playing or I would
stay grounded to Earth

and I would hear again
all the noises of the world

and also...

also something extraordinary...

often hurting me and beating in me.

Maybe moonshine rays have a heart.

They do sometimes.

10:30 already.

The little ray wanted so much
to go hang himself around there

at the top of this big fir

and then let herself slip gently
by the sleeping fields.

Very gently with the help of God
Pan who would hold the end of her scarf.

Quick Maurice. Come on.

I'm taking you to the gate.

I must be back in five minutes or
Doctor Lestrade would
be forced to scold me.

But in half an hour we'll meet again.

We'll meet again?

But first we must get
back to our respective home.

But as soon as I'm home,
and as soon as you're home,

I will close my eyes,

you will close your eyes,

and at the same second
we'll meet again.

There. Under this tree.



Out of the list.
- Thank you.

There are three suspects left.
Mr Levalet, President Lemaret and myself.

I'll spare you my useless
self-interrogatory for two reasons...

First, I already have four
excellent magnifying glasses and
I'm not interested in another.

I also have racing binoculars
that I don't use very much these days.

The second is...

I know the culprit.
It's you Mr Levalet!


No, Mr Inspector.

I don't need a magnifying glass.

I see everything!
I see through everything!

While the doctor was pushing
the little weighs on his scale
I was watching his skeleton.

Without a magnifying glass!
- Oh yes...

And while the doctor was
writing your pitiful weight

you took his magnifying glass
and hid it in the right inside
pocket of your jacket.

Give it to me!

Give it!

Here it is.

Bravo! Bravo Inspector!

Please. No ovation.

I'm not a music-hall act.
I didn't try to cheer you up.

At the most I tried to distract myself.

Doctor, do you recognise your
magnifying glass?
- Certainly, thank you.

I excuse you for thanking me.
It's your turn to give the verdict.
Come on.

Mr Lemaret, why did you take this object?

Out of fancy and curiosity.

But I swear I'd have given it back.

I wanted to see the beat
of the heart of the insects.

I see but...

I'm sorry...You know the rules.

- You will be confined to
your room for two days.

I'll be able to carry on my
observations on the little hearts?

Of course and it will probably be
easier for you with this tool.

I'd rather have Inspector
Martin's binoculars.

Everyone to bed. It's eleven o'clock.
Come on, hurry up.

I have to leave you now, Maurice.

Don't forget our appointment.

When our eyes will be closed...

Good night.
- Helène...

The Inspector was right.
You need a magnifying glass.

because there's one thing
you persist on pretending you don't see.

No, Maurice. I don't
need a magnifying glass.

I see...

and I know.

I love you too.

It's you Helène?

Yes, it's me, Jacques.

I'm playing for you.

I often play for you even
when you're not here.

But you listen to me less and less.

You're wrong Jacques.

I always have pleasure listening to you.

I have the impression that my
musical language escapes you every day.

You don't want to understand it or maybe...

you can't any more.
- I assure you, Jacques.

You're wrong.
- Helène...

When you are near me like this...

my life has a different meaning.
Its real meaning.

There are words I'd like to say...

some words...
- Not now, Jacques.

Not tonight.

Tonight some other
words must fill our hearts.

Words that float in
the air all around us...

and that sometimes you
pronounce yourself so well.

You understand me, don't you?

Your song of deliverance, yes...


your freedom.

They're coming.

The good old rhinoceros
sends us his soap bubbles.

To orders!

What are the orders?
- We leave immediately.

It's over for the night.
We extinguish the fires.

Hey guys, they sent us
a heavy load tonight.

They dropped at least fifteen tons!

I hope there's a few machine guns inside.
- And a few chocolates...

And cigarettes.

You hear that?
Sounds like they're coming back.

So what? A second pass?

Our leader probably read the message wrong.
Without the lights they can't drop the stuff.

They'll just have to drop it on our heads!

Hey, to the ground, it's the Krauts!

Who do you think he is?
- Why do you ask me?

Because it interests me.
You never ask who is Commander Girard?

I do. Many times.

But since it's important to keep
his secret let's respect the order.

Let's not talk about him.
- Between us I can tell you...

I wouldn't be surprised if he was in here.
- Among us?
- Yes, hidden with the crazies.

I thought about it.
- Who do you suspect?

No-one really. It can be everyone.
- I think the same.

You suspect me too?
- Why not?

You're right.
Why not me or you?


Let him pass first.

I assure you she's in her own right.
She wants to help us and
maybe get some revenge.

Yes but she's hypersensitive.
The doctor's categorical.
She must take care of herself.

It's dangerous for her
to know our activities.

I think she's much better.
Didn't you notice?
- Since when?

Since she's gone outside
and got some distractions.
Since you're doing this long face.

What do you mean?
- Nothing. I don't want
to get you angry old pal.

You think it's fun for
me to play this part?

You have fun playing the crazy?
- No, not that.

Right now, you're not
playing your part with me.

Leave me alone.

You're just a child who doesn't understand.
- A ten year child would see clearly that

you're dying of jealousy.

You're pathetic.
- You have no right!

She made you forget, your buddies,
the work, the reason we're here.
She's your obsession. Helène.

In the arms of the handsome Tiller.

Leave her alone. If she's going out
with Tiller it's only as a comrade.

OK. If it can reassure you.
- You dirty...

You're jealous because you can't
get nothing out of your soul!

Because you're unable to express
what I revealed to you!

What you couldn't see by yourself!

The extensions inside
us of all the dead suns

we've travelled through!

I don't like that.

If I knew we'd meet these two
men I'd have taken another path.

They're not dangerous.
I don't even notice them any more.

That's how accidents happen...

I had a little dog completely crazy.
A real love.

But one day she bit the postman.

I will reproduce these suns with
colours of the flesh...

bloody flesh...

blotchy under the kisses and the bites...

shit, shit...

What's up with you?
- I'm fed up playing the crazy.

I'm going to die doing this.
- Come on, you can't lose your nerve.

Don't be silly or I'll
end up losing mine too.

I'm fed up, it's too hard...

You think I'm not fed up?
And our parachutist who plays
deaf and mute for days and days?

You don't think he'd prefer to be somewhere else?
- What's the use of
this comedy for all these crazies?

Listen to me, Pierrot.
You're not mad.
- At least, not yet.

Me neither. But among the
others, the real crazies,

maybe there's one or two playing
their part trying to uncover us.

To get their hands on our military
staff and all its branches,

our radio and our munition depot.
There's employees coming and going.

We can never know who is who. Damn it, we
have to obey orders after all! Let's go.

Wait. Don't tell my sister
I have the blues. She's so courageous.

Beatrice is wonderful. Since they've taken
her husband she's the best of us.

Helène, tell him the lovely show we
watched this morning on this spot.

My good Michel. You're losing your time.

A happy couple, a simple happiness,
the joy of life...

even in the innocent world
of your little bug friends

they get on the nerves of
Inspector Martin. It makes him crazy.

Not at all, I'm surprised at most.

I'm rather sceptical by nature

but I only ask to be convinced.

Well, let's have a look...

at the kingdom of pureness.

Where's the happy couple exactly?
- Near the little rock, you see?

It's their house. They probably
have many children.

Indeed...I see a ghastly crime.

Poor orphans.

Your father is being murdered.

By who? Probably your mother's lover.

Cuckold, murdered and eaten up.

Repulsive but common and logical.

What are you saying? Who's being murdered?
- Look for yourself.

It's a murder with malice.

Between us, ain't that the
proof of the decline of your
lovely little social system?

They kiss each other! How touching!

Show me.

No, they kill each other.
Routine case.

The culprit runs away taking
the victim with him.

He's going to hide him
in a trunk according to tradition.

And he goes out.

Now he can't escape me!

Immanent justice is on the way!
No, don't!

There's no martial law in my republic!
- Get off me fool! What are you doing?

I don't want! Don't kill him!

You don't know what death means!
- Get off me!

For god's sake! Don't bother me with
your bugs any more!

Go away!
You're nefarious!

You have hate inside you and
take pleasure spreading it.

As soon as you appear it seems
a black cloud masks the sun.

All become grey, dirty and ugly.
Go away! I hate you!


Poor little girl, poor man...

You take it all too seriously.

Clouds can be good sometimes.

They protect from isolation.

Take it easy guys.
The news is good.

The allies have entered Toulon.
Tanks are on their way.

What're we doing? Just waiting? So that's
the purpose of our military staff?

Shut up! I hear something!

"A friend will come tonight".
We received this message one hour ago.

The action begins?
- Yes my children.

If the message is repeated twice tonight
it means it's our turn!

At last!
- We've waited a long time
but now the great day has arrived.

What's wrong with you?
It's the time we've been waiting for.

I think about him.
- We all think about him...

but now they'll pay.
For Gabriel and all the others.

Look at our British guy!
He doesn't seem very enthusiastic.

I'm waiting for orders.

Here are Commander Girard's orders.

We're here at the centre
of the Alpes bastion.

We have control over 4 major
access ways that may be used
by the enemy to make its retreat.

The departmental road, the bridge near
the factory, the canyon and the viaduct.

- Yes?

Get in touch with René.
He's taking care of the road.

You will also see Anjou. He's above the
canyon. He has all the needed explosives.

You'll pass the factory to warn
Roger who's in charge of the bridge.

Wait. I'm not finished.
It's us taking care of the viaduct.

It's been set-up with explosives.
He asked us to take it down.
He assigned you, Pierrot.

It's gonna be one hell of a firework!

A red flare will be the
signal to launch the attack.

They'll go down to the lowland
in a converging movement that'll
cut off any chance of escape.

- Everyone understands then?
- We're ready to roll!

But Doctor...at the hour of the
message all the patients
will be in the living-room.

We'll have to find a reason to send back in
their rooms. Right, Jacques and Pierre?

Absolutely, Doctor. Don't worry.

Do you like this song Maurice?
- Of course.

Nothing more?

You know I had a hard time
learning it to please you.

It's a song from your country.

I've heard that people in
the villages sing it on the wedding days.

That's why I don't know it.

I've never been married yet, my love.

But soon...people will
sing it in our honour.

For us.
- Yes.

In my country, in our house.

Near our mother.

Our mother...

The bad memories haunting me...

melt when I'm with you Maurice.

With you is the only time
I'm not alone.
- Helène...

Stay with me.

Stay in my home.

Don't leave me any more.

Tell me...

in all honesty...

Aren't you a little apprehensive

about this unknown woman I am for you?
- I love everything in this unknown woman.

All I don't know, all I know...

All I guess...

But Maurice...

If I was different from what you guess...

if I was another woman?
- I'd like this other woman too.

After all, maybe I'm also
another man...

someone you don't know.

Well, maybe these two
unknown people, if they exist,
will love each other like we do.

Please Maurice, do not joke...
- Helène.

I absolutely want that
you know everything about me.

What's this noise, Maurice?
What is it?

It's them!

A German patrol.


Why can't we have a
single minute of happiness?

These noisy boots that stir up the past
and crush my heart...

For whom are they coming this time?
- Relax Helène. They're only passing.

I swear they won't hurt you.
They will never hurt you any more.

You'll protect me Maurice?
- You'll never have to
be afraid at my side.

It's true...

when I will be your wife,
I will be Swiss like you, right?


My darling, I have to leave you.
They must worry about me.

I'm not letting you escape this time.

Today, we stay together.

No, Maurice...

I still have to leave you.

I feel so weak with you.

Help me...

my love.

Chase me...

Then go on, Helène.

I won't go with you.

I don't want to influence
you with my presence.

I'm staying here...

waiting for you.

Come back my darling.

But we must be here
together this night.

Tell me you'll come back.

It's really important.
- I don't know.

But first listen to these
personal messages.

The sailor lives in four tropics.

The kitchen maid is not very clean.

The key turns into the lock.

A friend will come tonight.

A friend will come tonight.

The aviator has picked three clovers.

Siberia is large.

Beware. Raminagrobis
has entered into the kitchen.

Juliette has a soft and sensitive soul.

Mister Prunier, please turn off the radio.
I told you I don't want
the war in our home.

I was just trying to freshen up
my mind with this tedious program.

A good point for you Doctor.

You become more reasonable.

You will have to be more strict.

Maybe we're permitted to
have a little music then?

Well, Mister Jacques could
play some piano for us.

Of course, he will play
something for me...

something that...

well I don't need to say,
you read my lips.

If I can be agreeable to you.
I'll play my last composition for you.

The very last.

He composed it for me.
Please Prince.

I'm going to play...

I'm going to play...

Prelude to death.

Promising title.

Men with their arms and
the time with its scythe

crush the hearts, the bodies,

the spirit and the thoughts...

Wearing a big smile death softly walks

and gently grips our necks...

Life begins again but each season
precedes a long bell creating a huge void

... and each spark carries his coffin.

Jacques, please stop.
It's ridiculous!

Stop it, Jacques! Stop it!

The universe is falling apart,
worlds collide,

The earth will explode as a heart
drunk to have reason.

In his last delirium man

on a pile of guns will die laughing...

I don't want! I don't want any more!

Leave me go! Alone!

I haven't finished anything yet!
I haven't given anything with my soul!

The best to come is in me!
And that's why you're afraid!

You know you will all stay blind
but you prefer to cover your eyes...

I don't want this night, I must
leave this night...

Go out of the night...

I will be a shadow in the sun.
Let me walk toward the light.

All is beautiful in the light.
An arch of fire opens ahead of me...

And I will come in alone...

I will come in carried by
billions of sun rays...

Stop it Mr Pierre.
Let me get you to your room.

Let me go, leave me alone!

Let me go...

I will come in eternal life
detached from everything....

Without hope...

Get off me!

I wanted more self-control from you.
-I'm sorry Doctor.

I don't know what happened to me.
I felt like I was in trance.

Go to your room.
I will see you later.

Beatrice. Help us to get them
all in their room immediately.

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm sorry to
ask you to leave before the usual time

but this accident has created an
regrettable state of excitement.

And even dangerous for a few of you.
Come on. Hurry up.

Come on, to the bed, hurry up.

It's too bad this evening ends so soon.
We don't go that often to the theatre.

I was waiting a more picturesque outcome.
You're sure there's not a last act?

In a good play the twist
always happens in the last act.

Anyway it was an amateurish job, some
Grand Guignol stuff. Bravo maestro!

Well done! You have much talent!

- Maurice, keep me with you!

Can we keep a few?

Sure, there's enough for Albert
and his men up in the mountain.

What is it?
- It's not far from here.

Remember the code?
- Yes.

Tell them they've left the village.
And that René,
Roger and Anjou are in place.



There's nothing.
- The bastards! They probably cut the line.

You must go to the clinic.
- Alright.

Tell them everyone's been warned.
We just wait for the signal. And
tell the doctor that I've confirmed

that the Germans have abandoned the
national road for the departmental.
- The viaduct road?

Yes. If something happens to Pierre...

- Hurry up kiddo and be careful.

And you, Mr Pigot?
- I have a last thing to do.


My little Pierre...

So Doctor?
-Intestinal perforation.

Internal bleeding.
He's lost too much blood.

He must operated on at once.
- You must try the impossible!

Unfortunately I'm not a surgeon and Pigot
is absent. It's a very delicate operation.

And Doctor Marceau?
- He lives 10 km from here.
It'd be too long.

But Doctor Tiller is a surgeon.
- Of course!

Don't explain the situation.
Just ask him to come urgently.

We must sustain him
with a blood transfusion.

No, old pal, please.
- Jacques, you will help me,
get me the syringe in the cabinet.

Doctor Tiller must not see you.
- Tiller is a friend.
- Orders are the same even for friends.

I will have a hard time already
finding a story to explain this wound.

Miss Beatrice? You?

What's the matter?
- Doctor Lestrade asks for you immediately.

At this hour.
Is it so important?

Very important.
- What is it about?

I don't know exactly but
Doctor Lestrade will explain.
It's urgent. Come quickly.

Well, alright.

Go on. I'm following you.
- Thank you.

What's up darling? What are
you doing with this alarm clock?
- Nothing at all.

You're going out at this hour?
- Yes but I'll be back soon.

What's the matter?
- Doctor Lestrade wants to see me immediately.
- It's because of me...

I think so.
- You don't want me to go?

On the contrary, you must see the doctor.

Try to make him understand.
- He will understand.

Sleep well my darling.

And don't worry.

Dress up quickly.
Tiller will be here anytime soon.

The pulse rises.

How is he?
- He regains consciousness.

Tiller will be here in a moment.
- Good.


My boy...
- The bastards, they got me.

The viaduct? Did I make
the viaduct blow up?

If not, I'll have to go...

I've received the order.

I've been chosen by the Commander.

He seems a nice chap.

Don't worry. Everything's fine.
- Nice job!

Superb fireworks!
- Come on, boys.
Go back quickly to your rooms.

And ask Eliane to come
here immediately.

It hurts too much.

Night is falling...


If Beatrice could be here...
- I'm here my boy...

I'm here.

Doctor Tiller is coming.
He will cure you.

Tiller will come...

But the orders?

I'm crazy...

I must stay crazy, it's the orders.

I hurt...

You asked for me doctor? What happened?
-An accident.

Pierre was in an state
of excitement tonight,
he had visions and made an escape.

A patrol shoot at him. He's been
brought back with a belly wound.

There's several perforations.
Pulse is low. He must be operated urgently.

So you called me to operate?
- Of course. But let's hurry
and let me show you.

It's useless.

An operation in this state could be deadly.

But Doctor, there's no other way.
With strong bleeding an
operation is the only way.

I'm not certain...
- Please, there's no time to lose.
Eliane, the gowns.

Beatrice, the mask.
Let's go over there. Quick.

- Problem is...

It's a long time since I made an operation.

I mean such a hard case.
- But you told me you
were a general surgeon...

Yes but...
- It's just a simple exploratory laparotomy.
You probably made a ton of them.

Of course but it's been a few years ago.
- In occasions like this one...

each minute counts.

Thank you.

Prepare his room. We'll bring
him up just after the operation.

Alright Doctor.
- Hurry up.

Doctor Tiller!

You're very inattentive.
- Why?

Look at yourself in the mirror.

I don't understand what you mean.

Even a first year student knows that
a surgical gown closes behind.

It's probably because I didn't take
my first year in medicine yet.

What? What do you say?

You're not doctor?

But then...
- Stay seated.

But Mr Tiller, there's a...
- My name is not Tiller.

but Brandt. Karl Brandt
from the German secret service.

And I have a few
questions to ask you.

- Yes my boy....

You know, I think I'm going to die.
- No...

You will be taken care of.
You will be cured. Don't talk.

Kiss me Beatrice...

An arch of fire opens in front of me...

and I enter into the light...


I chose well my last craze...

Before sunset I will be away...

and the world will explode behind me...

but I'll come back...

as morning dew...

What a beautiful craze...

You don't want to answer me?
- A man is dying there.

It's not my fault.
You're no more surgeon than me.
- I'm a Doctor.

Don't move.
- No force can stop me.
- You're wrong.
- Shoot me in the back then.

It's over.

You see that the operation was useless.

I'm surprising you maybe Miss Beatrice.

What can I say?
Masks usually come off at midnight...

but an accident, some clumsiness,
and the real faces must be
revealed a little bit sooner.

So the good crazies are some comedians,
the great psychiatrist and
his nurse some conspirators and...

the kind neighbour is..
- A spy.


I had to gain your esteem and
your friendship to carry out my
investigation. So I gained them.

Enough. Your taunts are vile.

Do your job. Interrogate us.

Not here, not in the
presence of this poor child.

You're too sensitive for a doctor.

A young terrorist who got killed
during a mission assigned by
your leader, Commander Girard,

who lives in this house.
- Why do you think the
Commander is precisely here?

Why not in another place? If he's real...
- He's real and he's not somewhere else.

I learned a lot during these 22 days
of investigation. Your arm depot,
your radio transmitter...

But it's absurd!
- No.

I may seem absurd is
that a German official has

let this terrorist lair
thrive without reacting.

I probably had my reasons. The accomplices
didn't interest me much. They could wait.

But I needed to keep a low
profile to get my hands on

Commander Girard who had
already escaped me twice.

I really regret that all
your talents led you to suspect

an old doctor and a few inmates.
It's really a poor result.

I was not mistaken. My mission
had to end in a few days.

The development of the military
situation led me to speed things
and to fix the outcome...

in two hours.

So? The truth?

Come on, quick! Who is Commander Girard?
- We don't know what you mean.

And if we knew we wouldn't speak neither.
- At your ease.

But since you don't want to answer
I can't tolerate to have you in my way.

Please get inside there.
And stay quiet.

But it's unacceptable...
- It's not only about
your lives to both of you.

How many people live in this institution?

Come Beatrice.

Where are you going?
- Doctor Tiller...

Do you...
- Shhh...What are you doing here?

I just finished a chess
game with Doctor Lestrade.
And I finally won.

I was going out in the park.
Every night I take a bowl of fresh air.
It makes me a lot of good.

But it's contrary to the rules.
You won't sell me to Doctor Lestrade,

You can count on me my dear.
Just between us...

It's been a long time since
you're being treated by him?

Since I'm being attacked.
- By whom?

By my enemies.
- The Germans.


And you're fighting against them
with these gentlemen,
the doctor and the

famous Commander?


I must say...

I mean I don't know if I can
really trust you.

Come on, Mr Prunier, don't you know?
- I don't know what?
- I'm one of yours now.

I'm a friend of Doctor Lestrade.

Everyone knows me around here.
- It's true, silly me.

If you weren't one of ours
you would have been...

You mean you...

You have already killed some men?


But it's not my kind of thing.
It breaks my heart. We have a specialist.

Rifle, gun?
- Knife

It's dirtier but it's less noisy.

What are you doing with the corpses?
- We don't keep them.

We're not well organised enough.
We don't have crematorium furnaces yet.

You often do this kind of operation?
- All the time.

We are infested. They're like lice.

As soon as we crush them
others are coming.

They come from everywhere,
Doctor Tiller.

You give me your word it will
strictly stay between us?

Look me well in the eyes.

They attack me.

They invent some machines
especially for me.

To burn me.

I inspire them.

Maybe I don't look much...

but I am the cause of the war.

Mr Prunier!

Do you enjoy playing the crazy?

You suspect my reason.

And you won't believe me if I tell you I'm
in close relationship with my allies.

I know that you have
here a radio transmitter.
- I'm not talking about unreliable mechanical...

but about signals.

Aeroplanes pass in the sky and when I feel
threatened they see the flag at my window

and they bomb the spots that I show them.

That's enough for tonight.
We'll talk tomorrow. Go to bed.

Good night.
- Good night.

But I have the feeling that
I've just been very careless.

By a subtle interplay
of disjointed words

you have interrogated me in
an ingenious way.

You have torn from me some
secrets of global importance.

You're ready to use them
against me, against us!

Because you're with them!
- I'm with you.

It's wrong! You want to see me
dead by fire. You hate me.

You're a German.

Not at all, come on, I'm your friend.
- You? A friend? Certainly not.

Your method betrayed you once more.

And smile. And when trust is earned...

the blow on the head! You're unmasked!
- Get off me!

You won't escape dirty louse!
I'll kill you with my bare hands!

I won't let you go!
- Will you stop in the end!

Mr Prunier, get off him!

He's an enemy and I've unmasked him!
- Go to bed!

Doctor Lestrade must not see you here.
It's him making the rules in this house.
- Alright.

I release myself from
any liability but very soon

you'll pay tribute to my foresightedness.


This one is very dangerous.
- Usually he's very gentle.

But when he's sure that he's
facing one of his enemies...

The Germans.
- Yes.

It makes him furious.

Didn't he tell you about it?
- A little indeed.

He told me about your little hobbies...

The signals to the planes...

The details of your organisation...
The executions by your specialist.

He has a very strange imagination.
He's a very odd patient.

Doctor Tiller...

You won't repeat I was going to the
garden, right? Don't forget.

I would be punished.

Good bye gentlemen.

You see...it's pathetic.

If I may ask, Doctor Tiller,
what are you doing here so late?

If I may ask, me too,
why aren't you in your room?
You know the rules.

Of course but I couldn't find sleep.
I was obsessed by an haunting melody.

You're friend with Pierre.
- Yes.

I don't know if I can tell you...
-What happened to him?

An accident. Pierre was hurt.

Lestrade asked for me to operate.
And I did my best.

But your friend has been carried downhill
in Doctor Marceau's clinic.

It's serious?

He'll make it.

It's late. I'm going to sleep.
- Me too, I'm tired.

Good night.
- Good night.


You really have no worry about
Pierre's condition?
- About Pierre?

I have no worry at all.

You here, Doctor Tiller?
- Well, Miss Claire...

You bring the mail? After midnight?

No, I...
- You come to see the doctor maybe?
Or someone else?

Not at all.
- You have a message?

No, I was just passing to say hi.
I didn't realise it was so late.
Good night Mister.

You can tell me the truth.
You must tell me. It's very serious.

Something happened?
- Yes.

They came here earlier
and took everyone with them.

It's not possible. The patients too?
The crazies?

The fake crazies.
- The Germans knew?
- Everything.

Doctor Lestrade asked me to take
care of the house during his leave.

You must entrust me with the message
- I bring nothing...

You must trust me. I'm not neutral
any more. I chose my side. I'm with you.


This message?
- Nothing.

What can I do to convince you?
It's in your interest.

Come with me.

You like Pierre?
- He's one of yours.


- They killed him.

I tried the impossible to save him...

but it was too late.

You believe me now?
- Yes.


Swear that you tell the truth.
- But I...
- Swear on him.

But I can assure you...
- No, swear.

On him.

I swear.


The German flee.
They left the village.

- We're sure they'll take the viaduct road.

- The men are on alert.
They only wait for the signal.

Commander Girard's signal.

They're probably going to wait a
very long time. Follow me.

You're a good child. Come on.

And now tell me!

Who is Commander Girard?
- I don't know.

You lie. The message you bring
is for Commander Girard.

Who is he?
- What? Don't you know that
no-one knows him except...

So you have deceived me...
- Who is he?

But you have sworn!
- Who is he?

You want an information dear Mister?
I see you insisting so kindly...

Where do you come from?

From this armchair.

I couldn't sleep. I felt
some sort of stress in the air...

to which I'm very sensitive.

You too apparently.

You wanted to see Commander Girard.
Given the late hour...

I guess you have very serious
things to tell him.
- Indeed, very serious.

You know him?

If I know Commander Girard?

No-one knows him better than me.

You obviously see him
as a fierce creature,

tough, overbearing, martial.

Try to imagine the complete opposite.

A very gentle character.
Peaceful as a sheep.

A marginal. You will be
much closer to the truth.

If I understand well...

You understand very well.

Either you're very smart or
you're more crazy than I thought.

I forgot to tell you
that he's a little crazy too.

It explains why you feel
a little helpless in front of him.

Not so much as you think.

This house is surrounded by our troops.

The viaduct that should have blow up,
you see I'm not that badly informed,
won't blow up.

Even weaponless I can still prevent the
famous Commander from giving the signal

to his terrorists.

If everything works so fine for
you why do you come to bother us
here in the middle of the night?

Go to bed. Good night.
- You're wrong.

We still have a lot of things
to talk about...

but with a different tone and not here.

You're going to come with me.
- I've no wish to go with you.

At 6 o'clock? To catch a cold?
- I order you...

Don't try. You won't find
any argument to convince me.


But it's not an argument...

it's a fire weapon.

Yes I know...For ninety
millions of people ...

this little machine is the main argument...

to defend their ideal.

Poor ideal...

To have so poor arguments
to impose himself.

Don't you think?
- Enough!

I count to three and you follow me or...

Or you will send me in a better world?

Where I will be rid of your presence?

Which will make him really better.
- You asked for it.

Start counting Mister.

Start counting to three.

Death is nothing.
A small insignificant moment.

Only the preliminaries might
be a small pain in the neck.

But three seconds is nothing.

It doesn't bother you to wake up these
poor people sleeping upstairs?

Since I've been warned I just
have to plug my ears.

Go on. One...

It's always the same kind of
show they play in this house.

Decidedly, you're very fond of
the Grand Guignol atmosphere.

All that was needed was you.

I always get in stage at the
most psychological act

but I didn't expect such a treat.
A capital execution!

Carry on, gentlemen, carry on. Actors
give their best in front of an audience

even if it's an audience of one.

Everyone has appointment
here tonight or what?

What a third act! You wanting a more
picturesque denouement...

you've been served. You even play the main
part. Besides you don't stink too much.

Mr Martin. Please go back
immediately to your room.

You don't want to operate in front of a
witness. You prefer it behind closed doors.

I'm what you'd call a professional.

I've already watched an
awful lot of executions.

Even arbitrary ones...
- Arbitrary?

We'll see.

You bragged about working
with German authorities.

I'm a German myself.

I guess you don't say that to surprise me?
- You are not crazier than me.

You're right.

Captain Karl Brandt from
German secret service.

I order you to say everything you know
about the hidden activities in this house.

You're more informed than
anyone else, aren't you?

Certainly and always at
your order Herr Hauptman.

You won't regret it.

Is this man really Commander Girard?

What is it?

A viaduct maybe?
- A viaduct?

He said it couldn't blow up.

Sorry Herr Hauptmann, the question you
asked me earlier, it still interests you?

Go back to your room!
- Because this man is not Commander Girard.

Hands up Herr Hauptman!

You're a courageous man.
You just proved it.

But why pretending to be Commander Girard?

A small crisis of altruism.

I thought that the Commander's life
was worth more than mine.

But you didn't imagine you'd protect
Inspector Martin at the same time!
You had some reason to hate me.

To hate, to loathe...

Untranslatable words
in my kingdom's language.

Hate has some good sometimes.

The hate Inspector Martin
inspired in everyone

engulfed me in a perfectly opaque fog...

in which I was very well hidden to work.

It doesn't bother you
if I go back to sleep?

If you ever need me again...

just ask me. My crisis is not over yet.

I could still be useful to something.

To us now, Herr Brandt!

So my dear Claire...In order
to tear the message from you

you say that he swore on Pierre's
body that he was one of ours?

Yes, Commander.

I'm sorry.
- All means are good,

even the most cowardly, to reach the
goal. Aren't they, Herr Hauptman?

I did my duty.

You have a sense of duty that until
now has eluded the rest of the world.

You do not have to be proud of methods such
as the comedy of your entry into our home.

Your speculations on the
feelings of gratitude, friendship

and even love.

You're referring to my
relationship with Helène.
- I forbid you to say her name!

I don't want her to be involved in this.

She's more involved than you think.

What are you suggesting?
- Nothing. I'm informing you.

Well, we'll check the accuracy
of your information.

Miss Beatrice, please go wake up
Miss Helène. Ask her to get downstairs.

Alright Doctor.

Commander Girard.

Two trips to London, right? Creation of
three Maquis in the area, maybe four.
One trip to Algiers.

You're well informed.
- You escaped me twice.
I didn't know your face.

I'm happy to know you at last and in the
same time to have you reduced to impotence.

You have reduced me to impotence?

It's entertaining!
- It won't entertain you much longer.

However I have the impression
it's you who are my prisoner.

He has the wrong idea of his situation.
- The mute is suddenly speaking.

Congratulations. Your part was
one of the most difficult. It
required patience and cold blood.

I'm British.

Soon we'll know who is the prisoner.
- If you still lives...

A murder won't change
anything to the situation.

Doctor, Miss Helène is not in her room.
Her bed is not even unmade.

Of course since she's in mine.
- You lie!
- Stay quiet Jacques.

You pretend that Helène is at your home.

When I left she had fallen asleep.
- You dare!

Why not she loves me?
- You lie. Impossible.

Try to go to my house.
You'll find Helène there.

Does she know that you're German?

- Since when you're her lover?


one hour and fifty five minutes.
- Bastard!

No, Jacques! Not now and
not for this reason.

How far is your sense of honour...

your comrades, your glorious maquis...

You're a jealous lover who
wants to take revenge on his rival.

This little jealous lover
respected this sick child and
only thought about her future.

This is a chivalrous concern
that honours him.

But me too...

Me too I was concerned about her future.

I chose tonight to bring her to my home.

You had not planned your fate tonight.
- I had planned yours.

And I didn't want her to have the same.

But what will become of her?
- She will cry me.

Poor child.
- I would not have
believed you so sensitive.

You feel sorry for the fate of
a woman who is not even of your family.

I wonder if the word pity
exist in your language.

We are proud to have been able to
erase it for the duration of the war.

What are waiting for to shoot him?
- Not yet.

You refuse to answer?
- I have nothing to say.

I think you'll just
have to kill me but...

it won't get you out of trouble.
- Hauptman Brandt,
it's too late to try a bluff.

I don't bluff. I'm not a player.

The troops surrounding this house
wait for my signal to launch their attack.

But before that if I can
give you some advice...

Give yourself up.
- Thank you for the advice.

Let's admit you say the truth.

Don't you think you'll have
a few difficulties to send this signal?

None at all.

Before answering Doctor Lestrade's
call I took my precautions...

anticipating that I might be delayed.

There's in my room where Helène sleeps

an alarm clock that will trigger in...

39 minutes a green flare.

We all have the same time.

You, me and the detachment commander.

What's the signal, lieutenant?
- A green flare.

What kind of signal is it?
- A red flare.

You didn't predict that we
could defend ourselves.

I predicted it so well that no matter
what this house will be destroyed.

The real patients will not be spared.

In my opinion...

it will not be a great loss.

It seems ridiculous that in a
starved and ruined country like France....

you continue to feed people
who are just a nuisance to society.

Don't tell me, we're a retarded nation.

We have barely heard about

your industrial methods of sterilization
and vivisection applied to human beings...

and of course the death camps,
that put your country

at the pinnacle of
civilization and culture.

Get up Captain Brandt!

Turn over.

Go ahead.

What are you all doing here?

At this hour?

What's going on, Maurice?
- Helène, tell us if this
man has lied to us.

What did you tell them, Maurice?

The truth.

And that's why you're all gathered
here around him?

As judges. By what right?

Am I not free? Does someone
here have some rights on me?

I'm an adult and I love Maurice Tiller.


What do you mean?

And these weapons?

- Mr Karl Brandt
will explain to you.

I have no explanations to give.

I understand. It's you again.

There's a long time that
you didn't do any harm to us.

So you found this way.

Our love was too beautiful.
It was too beautiful.

You had to stain it and to break it.

But this time you went too far.

And you believed him, all of you?

You've watched him at work for months,
you know Inspector Martin's methods.

My dear Helène,
Inspector Martin is no more.

He's now Commander Girard, our leader.

Inspector Martin, Commander Girard...

A German.

A Nazi.

A spy.

It's funny, it's too funny!

You don't believe...

that I've betrayed you?
- Of course not.

Helène, it's no more Inspector
Martin speaking to you now.

It's a friend who understands your pain.
Do your best to answer him.

I'm at your orders.

He told us there was an clock
in his room. Have you seen it?

Yes, I noticed it was
plugged to the power outlet.

Before he left he set it.
- You still think I'm bluffing?

Why this question?
What's so important about this alarm clock?

It's going to send a green flare.
It's the signal they are
waiting for to attack.

To attack?

Who will be attacked?
- We.

To destroy the house
and the patients. To kill everybody.

No, it's impossible! We must do
something! All is my fault!

Unplug the alarm clock
before it's too late.
- No, Helène.

You can't go outside.
- We can get into the house
but we can't get out.

They would kill you as they
killed my little Pierre.
- Pierre is dead?

Beatrice, why did you tell her?

And Pigot?

Where is he?

On a mission.
We're waiting for him.

Maybe he did much more
than complete his mission.

There's not a second to lose.

Beatrice and the doctor
will take them to the cellar.
The nurses will stay by their side.

We need all the men with us. Claire,
go get Thomas and the others.
- Alright

Take the prisoner to the Doctor's office.

One of you two will watch him.
- Why not dispose of him?

We need all the men.

His life that has only brought evil may
be able to protect these poor devils

who are not responsible for our actions.


If you need someone to watch him...

why not me?

I swear he won't escape me.

We'll be three to watch him.

Gabriel, Pierrot and me.

No, Beatrice,
the patients will need you.

I want to take care of this man.
I have this right...

More than any of you.

And trust me. Me neither...

I won't be alone to keep him.

Commander, Jacques, Doctor.

Do you still trust me?
- We do.

Jacques, give me your weapon.

Thank you.

I'd like to...
- No, Jacques.

Say nothing.

Load the machine gun.

Machine gun loaded.

As it overwhelms you, this silence.

Earlier in front of the others,

you were not in trouble to
find beautiful arguments,

to justify the job you
came to do here...

and the methods you've been using.

But in front of me...

What's the use?

Indeed. What's the use?

Duty, fatherland, ideal.

It's not with these kind of words
you could excuse the mask...

you wore to make me eat in your hand.

Helène, please.
-T he bells in your village,

the old family house.

Your mother...

whose shadow would protect
us during our wedding night.

All this comedy to tear
some information from me.

I told you the truth, Helène.

My village,

my family house that you
imagined so clearly, exists.

Not on the other side
of this mountain but...

a little bit further.

In my country.

My mother is over there and waits for us.

She'll never meet you and...

she'll never see me any more.

But she will be so happy to
sacrifice her son to her Führer.


Despite her pain she'll be proud of me.

She's a German mother.
She knows war's a necessity.


Always war...


For the glory of our country!

We have erased frontiers,
conquered cities,

put countries on their knees,
imposed the new order!

You have destroyed homes,
killed women and children,

spread misery everywhere...

You have..

willingly forgot the respect

that man owes to man.

I've never been more conscious

of this immense abyss...

Between the two of us?
- The two of us? It means so little.


Between you the Germans

and all the other men.

I was wrong...

neither in the notion of my duty

nor in his fulfilment.

Nor in my feelings....

Your feelings...

for me?


In my love for you.
- Are you sure?

As sure as the truth for which I
fought and for which I am prepared to die.

So even now...

despite the abyss separating us...

you could repeat the words...

the wonderful words that I heard earlier?

Over the abyss you're talking about,

but that I can't perceive,

there are invisible threads binding
our hearts that nothing can break.

Yes, for the last time
I could say these words.

Come near me.


You really want it?

I beg you.


The last time then.

As earlier, please close your eyes.

My hands are not bound any more. Right?

We're not enemies any more.


Darling, listen to me...
- Not yet.

Before I hear you...

I have something to tell you first.

A very little thing.

I am Jewish, Maurice.

You did love a Jewish woman.


I close my eyes...

and I listen to you.

It can't be!


the invisible threads binding our hearts...

where are they now Mister Brandt?

A Jew.
- Yes.

Look at me.

I'm the same woman you held
in your arms earlier.

Your masters...

have taught you to hate me.

Have you forgotten their lessons?
- You're proud of your vengeance.

It's not me taking revenge. It's the life

that you have misunderstood and for
which I'm only the tool.

How could you?

The being of superior intellect...

You've not been alerted...

by your instinct that I was only
an abject social outcast,

an untouchable, worse than a leper?

You've never been mistaken,
right Mr Brandt?

Neither when you made me love, or when
you came to our house one night

to steal, torture and kill!

You're crazy!
- No.

But I was very close to becoming crazy.

Listen Mr Brandt...

It's not the bombs that have
wiped out our happiness..

It's the men from your country.

They came...

to plunder and steal everything...

even the little doll
of my poor Jacqueline.

Because there's on earth

some little girls who are
not allowed to have dolls.

They deported my father.

My mother and my little sister too...

had been thrown, the only
two women among sixty men,

in a sealed train covered with
quicklime for fifteen days.

I only escaped by a miracle.

Doctor Lestrade agreed to hide me here.

I had high hopes to pass
the Swiss frontier one day.

Doctor Tiller's love...

had transformed this
hope into a certainty.

In fifteen minutes...

What are you thinking about?

This house will be
attacked in fifteen minutes.

It will be destroyed!

I'm afraid...

Hold onto your life.

I don't.

- Karl!

I'm twenty years old...

I want to live.

I can't help you.

You can.

You could...

You could help me pass through the troops.

I don't have the right.

Forget who I am.

Think about the person I was
for you a few hours ago.

Remember, Maurice.
- I don't have the right to remember.


look at me.

Think about the person
I'll be in 15 minutes.
- In 15 minutes I won't be able to think.


if it was possible to save the
soldier you are...

so that he can serve his ideal again?

Where are you driving at?

I want to save you.

Save me and I save you.

Let's go together. In ten minutes
this house will be destroyed.

Your enemies will be dead...

and the man you are
can carry on with his work.



No, it's not possible.

I can't believe it.

You asked for me?



has left.
- With the Kraut!

She dared do this!

I don't know where to go...

at this hour.

The village is not very far.

I don't have the right
to keep you here now.
- I do not ask so much.

I'd just like to take back the watch...

I left in your house.

Do it.


You found your watch?

I keep searching.

It must be somewhere around here.

You want something else?


To say good bye to all this...

So that was the reason!

What the hell?

Colonel, we got the Krauts!

Go on, guys!

Go on!
- Sir?

Sir? Where are you?

Sir? Sir?

The maquis is coming down!

The maquis is coming down!
We attack the Krauts!

The maquis is...

They come down from everywhere...

to hunt them!

My Pierrot's with them...

Gabriel too...

You don't feel sleepy Mr Lemaret?

This night was however a little rough.

With your permission, Doctor.
Just this time...

I'd like to see the sun rising.

Something tells me it will be much
more beautiful today than any other day.


My dear Helène...

I found the Miss in Mr Tiller's home.

She was standing there without moving...

with an alarm clock and a gun near her.

Him, he was on the ground.

He was dead.

She didn't want to speak
so I understood that...

well, I brought back the miss.

I think I did right, don't you think?
- Of course, Anselme, you did right.

You know...he was a German.
He was wearing a uniform.

So that was the reason...

to save us all...

He's dead.

But it's not Maurice who died...

it's a German.

He had stolen Maurice's face to hurt me.

I had to...

stop him.


it's over.

He will never...

hurt us any more.

No, my dear...

never more.

You know...

Maurice and I...

we loved each other.

We were married.

He will come back...

to take me...


On the other side of the mountain...

with his mother.

I'd like to...

wait for him here.

I have no home any more.
- No, my dear...

you'll wait for him by my side.

Your heart is pure.

You can come to my country.

The country of the innocents.
Come on.

You will take your place
among the flowers.

You see, he will come this way...

one day, when the world
will be free of all evil.