A Free Woman (1972) - full transcript

A divorced woman in her thirties fights a losing battle in Munich to attain belated self-fulfillment. The die is cast in a briskly impersonal society geared to male dominance and early training for career women.

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You could have been on time
today at least.

Good morning Mrs. Junker.
Come in, we've already started.

Come in.

Can you switch places?

Your papers please.

We're moving on
to the case of Junker against Junker.

Mrs. Junker,
would you please step forward?

Please state your identity.

What is your name?

Elisabeth Junker née Odelsdorf.

-Elisabeth Charlotte?

-Odelsdorf with two f's?
-No, just one.

Your date of birth?

May 25, 1943.

-Your profession?
-No profession.

-You were running a household right?
-Yes, I was.

Housewife then.

Her qualification is bilingual secretary.

Housewife or bilingual secretary?

Former bilingual secretary.

Write: bilingual secretary.

When did you get married?

On March 18, 1966.

Do you have any children?

Yes, a son.

Ah yes, Nikolas Alexander.

When was he born?

June 7, 1967.

Your last marital intercourse?

It must be written in the complaint.

February, I think.

Your husband indicated January 2.
Is that correct?

You can correct that.

No. If he wrote it, it must be true.

How long have you been living apart?

That's in the report too.

Since January I think.

It says "early January".


Your husband accuses you of having
left him maliciously, for no reason.

Did your husband ask you to come back?


-And you refuse?

Hence you are aware that you can be held
solely responsible for your divorce?


-Do you agree?

In the name of the People,
I pronounce the following judgment:

The dissolution of the marriage is due

to the responsibility
of only the defendant,

and the defendant will bear
the costs of the trial.

Can I drop you off somewhere?

One last time.

Thanks, but I have a vehicle.

Can you drive this thing?

If you'd gotten it sooner,
it would have saved me a lot of driving.

All you had to do was give me the car.

All right then. Goodbye.

Judas kiss.

You misinterpret everything.

If a customer comes in with a single item,

press this key.

We are not interested in the subtotal,
it's for the floor manager.

And this, what's this?

That's… er…

The Sun King. Doesn't suit me at all.

Do you have a blonde one with curls?

Yes, like this.

Wigs don't suit me.

Try something more sober, like this one.

-Yes, I'll try it.

It suits you well, Miss.

Miss?… I'll take it.

My apologies, Ma'am. You're married.


I didn't recognize you.

-You look good.
-It's a wig.

It changes you a lot.

This is Oskar März

from Iserlohn.

Krüger, I'll do that.

Thank you for your effort.

Unfortunately in vain.


You were a translator,

and for French there too many

in every publishing house.

-Non-fiction is the trend.
-What about detective stories?

We don't publish detective stories, but…

What about Hans-Helmut.
He's working on a new series.

…order yourself…

-Tasty! I'll take that.
-OK, you too?

-And something to drink?
-Red wine.

I did an anthology with Helmut,
I did most of it alone.

That's very good, but…

Translation is very hard.
Ask him, he knows what it's like.

From English would be easier,
but there are more translators.

I also speak English.

You need expertise there, too.

You need to be strong in spelling.

I'm really good at spelling.

What about the advertising department?

Did you hear about Lobrecht?

Yes, he got divorced.

Since then, their marriage
has been back on track.



-Hi there.
-Hi, Hans-Helmut.


Oskar März, a friend,
happens to be in Munich.

It's not a coincidence.

Elisabeth's husband.

Sit down. Have you eaten yet?

The whole new life begins.

…he is working on a non-fiction series…

Teacher would be a nice job,

-but the training takes a long time.
-I have to be in Frankfurt

-before the office closes.
-Too bad, we could hardly talk.

-Call me when you get back to Munich.

See you soon.

-You're driving to Frankfurt?
-Yes, I am.

Can you give me a ride?

You took your time.

Sorry, I had to pick up a few things.

Why are you going to Frankfurt?

I'm going to see some friends
who may get me a job.

Your friend sometimes gets on my nerves.

I thought Theo was your friend.

Do you have a coin?

A woman should always have one.

Do you have another one?
It rarely works with the first one.

-Shall we go for a coffee?

-You're divorced?
-As of this morning.

-I'm sorry.
-No need to condole.

I like your husband.

He probably wasn't that important to you.

He impresses people a lot.

He's nine years older than me.

How old are you?

I'm going to be 30.

Pull over! Stop!

It's forbidden on the highway.

He should work and take the train.

That's what my father would say.

Stay here, I'll be right back.

Don't run like that!

So, where should I drop you off?

The train station,
I'm going back to Munich.

What's the matter?

You shouldn't have taken me with you.

I can take you back,
It's only 500 kilometers.

With this weather and the fog…
it'll take less than eight hours.

I have to work tomorrow.

What do you do?

Building and civil engineering.

-Can women do that too?
-Only a few.

-Can I invite you to dinner?
-Yes, sure.

We have hardly been able to talk.

Wouldn't you prefer the cinema?

There's the Aki, near the station.

Why do you have to go back?

I had my lawyer on the phone.
It's about the custody for my child.

I have to prove
that my situation is stable.

The social worker can come at any time

to assess me and my apartment.

Good morning.

Where did you spend the night?

I'll tell you later.

There's an auction at Edelmann's.

Are you coming? Jewelry and china.
We need bowls.

I'm too tired.

Yourself again?

I was in Frankfurt, because of a job.

With whom?

Don't worry, I won't marry him.

You didn't even last two days.

It won't last, anyway.


-Niki, how are you? Everything OK?
-Did you bring me something?

I can't always bring something.

Or do I have to?

This one is a different color.

Did you paint all these sharks, Niki?

That's nice what you're painting Richard.
Such a beautiful blue color.

My painting is beautiful too.

With this, it will be even better.

Maybe you should try it like this.

-I'm done.
-Me too.

Niki made a friend in kindergarten.

I bought green beans.

Don't you want to get married again?

I can take care of myself.

I would come live with you all.

Don't you like your apartment anymore?

You should do something about your hair.

You were always successful.

I can do without it.

But you felt comfortable in the marriage.

Then why did I divorce him?


Don't you want to come back?

I'm sure Helmut would forgive you.

You didn't get married either.

There's no man
I could have gotten used to.

Call me before you come.

I did.

I don't want you here when I come home.

You can see him in the afternoon
if you must.

I waited to talk to you
about the advance for the anthology.

Hands up! Hands up! Hands up!

Because of you,
I got into a higher tax bracket.

I had the main work.

And I'm paying for the divorce,
even for your lawyer.

You only have yourself to blame for that.

You came here just for the money.

Go play with Mimi.

There's a story by Graham Greene
you should include.

A couple who haven't had
anything to say to each other for years

meet by chance in a porno cinema.

At first,
they are embarrassed to meet there,

but when they get home,
they finally sleep together again.

Maybe we should have tried that too.

the story is good and not too long.

You can translate it and send it to me.

I'll evaluate and edit it.

Here's a beautiful chest.


It's time for bed.

Did you brush your teeth?

-Of course, as always.
-Then come!

Well, come on.

Be reasonable and come!

-Niki, come!
-I'm coming for a goodnight kiss.

It is already late, you must sleep.
Let's go.

Good night, sleep well.


Without you, I wouldn't be here.

What do you think of Leonor Fini?

I haven't done any good work
since I've known you.

Here's a group photo.

I never dreamed of correcting
other people's bullshit.

As an employee moreover.

-I didn't want to get married.
-Very funny.

Who knows. I may have written my own book.

-Give me Niki and…
-So that you have everything?

You'll never have Niki, you hear me?

I decide about my child.

Don't mess up my books.

I'm just taking mine.

You could leave me my library at least.

Half the books are mine,
even with that divorce law of ours.

Not when it's a moonlight flit
like you did.

Sure they are.

Keep your books!

I don't want to ruin your library.
I can buy one for myself.

Can I have some too?

I'm looking for a job.

Not just any job,
but a long-term position.

What is your profession?

Bilingual secretary.

But I was married, and I want a new start.

Are you sociable?
You must show a pleasant face.

Where's the worry line from?

For the Olympics, we're looking
for young people with language skills.

I don't know a lot about sports.

That's irrelevant. It's about city tours,

accompanying people in the city

and communicating between
the delegations. You seem like a good fit.

It's only a temporary job.

It won't get me anywhere.
Ideally, I'd like to learn something new.


Companies are reluctant
to invest in women of your age.

You are almost 30 years old.

IBM data processing?
The company pays for training.

English required.

Feed computers with data?

I've been a housewife for five years.

Purchasing cosmetics? French desired.

I find cosmetics superfluous.

Weather broadcast for English tourists.
Radio voice.

It's only for the summer.


You know, I would like to be able
to use my personality.

I want to be challenged,
be able to invest myself.

Nurse? Social worker? Pediatric nurse?

Something like that? A real woman's job.

-And the salary?
-Between 900 and 1000 DM.

Per month?

That's a good salary for a woman.

I can't live on that.

I have a child.

I have the impression
that you don't want to work at all.

I think you just want to do
an interesting activity

to emancipate yourself,
to develop yourself,

to feature yourself.

Could you please help me,
I don't understand what he's telling me.

He wants to take a picture with you.

Oh, OK.

That's quite nice,

But tell me, what do you really want?

I want to learn how to sing.

-You've never sung before?
-No, I haven't.

It often seems so easy.

Your voice is still underdeveloped.
It hasn't been awakened.

Like a baby.

What about your musicality?

Do you play an instrument?
Do you read sheet music?

I had piano lessons as a child.

Better than nothing.

So, try to sing something else

not this childish stuff.

Maybe… I have a song here.

The melody always follows
the piano accompaniment.

Try singing this kind of song
along with me.

I'll help you. Try it.

That's enough.

-You have a musical sense.
-It's a beautiful song.

Yes. It has a deeper sense.

The theme of love is treated
with more grace and dignity

than labeling women

as "baby".

Do you really think I can do it?

How long will it take? At what cost?

It's hard to say.

We'll discuss it later. Let's get to work.

I would have preferred singing musicals.

Keep going.


one… and two…

and three… and four…

and five…

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven…

One, two, three, four, five, six… and…



Bettina, you too!… One, two…

And hold!


For the first time, it was quite good.

How long will it take
until I get it right?

Two years.

-Two years?
-Two years.

-You're doing great.
-You think so?

-Was this really your first time?

When I was 10, I took dance at the opera

and the teacher wanted to take me on tour.

My mother didn't want me
me to leave school.

What do you do for a living?

In an office.

Once I'm good, I'd like to go to America.

I'm a Joan Crawford fan.

Crawford? She's great.

She started out as a dancer.

When she was young,
she was known as the Charleston Girl.

When she started in the movie business

she only went out
to appear in the newspapers,

and said, "This one and that one
paid the whole evening again."

I adore her.

I have books about her,
and I even wrote her a letter.

-Can you lend them to me?

-So you wrote to her?

-And did she answer?

-I was crazy.
-She took the picture in her bed.

Yes, I even framed it.

There's a dedication.
I'm very proud of it.

What did she write?

"To Anne. Bless you, Joan Crawford."
In large letters.


-How much does she make?
-I don't know.

Probably not enough for a living.

In America, there are plenty of clubs
where you can work as a dancer.

I'd like to.

Andy Warhol also does musicals.

Andy Warhol…

No, but seriously…

We attach the greatest importance
to the appearance of our employees.

I have nothing against a personal touch,

but the style has to fit the house.

Where did you work before?

At the InterExpo 72.

A little black suit should fit you.

I'm against pants for aesthetic reasons.

But the InterExpo isn't over yet.

They are looking for hostesses
who speak Japanese. I speak French.

You will have the opportunity

to use your language skills here.
A big part of our clientele

are foreigners.

Japanese. I see.

And before.

At the Hedenbach factories.

-But it's been a while.
-How long ago?

Six years.

-I was married.
-I see.

How old are you? You look younger.

-Does your wife work?

Does your wife work?

No, my income is sufficient.

You obviously missed the boat.

And today your diploma

is not sufficient any more.

I'm hiring you in sales, as an assistant.

That gives you the chance

to become a salesperson.

If you want something very original,

please have a look here.

A model from a French fashion house.

A Russian O'Hara broadteil.

This is the absolute ultimate in fur.

Our house has nothing
more magnificent to offer.

Let me show you.

This material gives you
a very feminine silhouette.

I recommend a mink collar,
because it's especially flattering.

It is a coat with a modern cut
that remains timeless.

And since we only have
first class items, Ma'am,

you can also get a five-year warranty
for such a piece.

Length adjustments
will be done free of charge, for sure.

Can I help you?

He shouted at me again.

Then shout back at him.
You have to stand up for yourself!

"You just stand there and do nothing.

'The woman has to participate,'
Scholz had read.

And participating
there was something to hear, too.

I'm deaf now, beautiful.
I see your face, your hole shall seethe,

I don't care about decency.
Maria also has a bum.

Could Scholz's cock fit?

He began by sniffing it.

Now her vagina stared
through the gates of hell

and kept its red portal wide open.

Despite everything,
Scholz could not bethink.

Without waiting, he entered.

He entered from the rear.
The game was almost up.

Maria let out some sounds."

Such a dirty mess and
at breakfast-time, too.

What's in the head of such a person?

I think it's not bad.

Have you written any more?
It's my eighth booklet.

Is everything pornographic?

It has nothing to do with porn.
It's serious.

It wasn't meant to be pejorative.

She doesn't yodel at the beginning anyway.

You're wanted in the personnel office.

You can't imagine how much I suffer here.

Why don't you leave?

It pays so well.

And I love fur.

-Where is your new car?

It's over there.

-Whose turn is it?
-Where is the hat?

Here it is.

Is my hat going to break soon?

It'll last for a while.

Do you want to put it on?… Here you go.

Yes, that's the car.

But it's not new.

Many others have driven it before,

but for me, it's new.

-Can you take the rifle?

-How fast does it go?
-100 km/h.

Dad's car goes 180.

Sure, daddy's car goes much faster.

It is much faster.

Look, I'll explain something to you.

That's the wiper.

You can have a look outside.

When the weather's nice,
you can always be up there.


Congratulations. A generous admirer?

Can I have Niki this weekend?

We're going to the Eckarts in the country.

Maybe next Sunday?
I have to finish my manuscript.


-I'll be right up.

Come on Nikki, let's go inside.


-Hello, darling.

Do you have a cigarette for me?

Sure I do. Here.

Thanks a lot.

Doesn't Helmut still give you anything?

He makes so little money.

Enough for LPs and books.
Without you, he'd need a babysitter.

I'm here anyway.

With Niki, I'm never bored.
He always has ideas.

Especially now, in summer, in the garden.


A child needs its mother.

It was such a difficult birth. Four days.

And I can't stay at
Helmut's house forever.

And now a new girlfriend.

He's still suffering from your separation.

I have to go.

As you know

Helmut always insists

that Niki goes to bed on time.

I left the keys inside.

I have a spare one over there,
don't worry.

"She is afraid of her own courage
and trembling at the act.

She is much too nervous
to think about the unexpected.

Monica stumbled in the consumer society.

She believed in advertising slogans.

We can afford
what we actually can't afford."

It's about a woman
who robbed a savings bank.

Wait, here comes the best part.

She disguised herself as a man to do it,

She flattened her chest with rubber bands
and glued on a mustache.

Even for a robbery, you have to be a man
to be taken seriously.

Do you have a cigarette?

Did you take them?

No, they must be on the table.


Maybe she just didn't want
anyone to recognize her.

A man would never think of
disguising himself as a woman.

It happened in Vienna.

A pensioner had to do it for a job.

-What job?
-Cleaning lady.

He got caught
by going into the men's room.

That just proves
that men don't do housework.

It's a woman's job. It's in the title.

Your friend wouldn't let me in.

I had to put my foot on the threshold,
like a hawker.

You brought your suitcase.

I booked a hotel room.

-He can sleep here.

We can officially open
the children's room.

Hi, Oskar. How are you?

What are you doing here?
Where are you staying?

At the hotel, as usual.

Give me a call.


Who's that?

-Who's that?
-Just a girl.

Shall we go?


I don't want to push you.
It's up to you, of course.

Was she your girlfriend?

Very attractive.

Leave that to me.

What hotel do you usually stay at?

Guesthouse Adrian.

Irma said you didn't pay the rent.
If I can…

We can manage.

-Don't you…
-You two seem to be getting along.

First you pay the rent, then you move in,
and at the end

we must be grateful
for having a protector.

What can I do for you, sir?

I'm want to buy my wife a fur.

I congratulate you on this choice.

Fur is the noblest of gifts.

Fur was the privilege of kings.

And kings were our customers.

Today, every customer is a king.

Fur is for everyone.

Follow me to the great show.

Our fashion show presents you
the most exclusive furs

that every woman dreams of.

Chinchilla, black mink

or the white polar fox.

Greenland seal, alpaca,

sophisticated ocelot

or any other fur.

Well Sir, what does your bride look like?

My bride…

looks like…


That one!


I don't want any fur.

You shall not decorate me

like a golden calf.

I am not an object of pleasure.

Nor a piece to display.

Man is man, but woman is not woman

A woman is a vamp

Or she's a housewife

A woman is a bed bunny

Or she is a bluestocking

If she is elegant, she is a lady

If she cleans up dirt
She's called a cleaning lady

A woman is never simply a woman

Only man is man.

I don't want to be a vamp

And certainly no Cinderella

Neither a bed bunny nor a bluestocking

And not even a lady

I just want to be a woman

As a man can be a man

I just want to be a woman

Nothing to do? Alterations!

-Can I ask you for an advance?

You've been here less than a month.
Wait at least six months.


And… one, and two, and three, and four.

And one, and two, and three…

No. The other arm forward.

-I'll never make it.
-Yes, you will.

No, I'm too stiff.

You just have to be willing.

Let's try it with music. That's better.

All of you.


Try to sing along. Maybe that's easier.

That helps you with the melody.
You can sing it, right?

-Come on. Give me your finger. Once more.

Once. Once?

No, you're still coming down.
You have to go up.

One more time.

-Yes, here.

Let me.

-This one here?

…Went out

Into the world all alone

Stick and hat become him

He's in a good mood

Very good. Well done!

We've already talked about it a lot.
I don't want to become dependent on you.

That's how it would get.

Dependent on me?
The baby is coming soon and…

This dependence is more than enough.


It's for you.

I still don't understand.

I have the impression
that you got on the wrong track.



He's already asleep.

We agreed
that he was sleeping here tonight.

Yes, we did.

Even if that wasn't the case,

he can sleep at my place at least once.

No, no way.

The police? Are you crazy?

You don't care about your child.
I won't wake him up now.

Of course, you want revenge,
I already know that.

No, I won't bring him.

Think about it a bit.

You're not going to call the police.

Don't you act up like this.

-I'll get you dressed.
-Don't give in.

He has no right to do that.

The police won't interfere.

He hasn't got the right to custody yet.

Let him be.
Can't you see the state he's in.

If you give in now, he's won again.

He'll come and break down the door.

Let him come here.

-He's still got you under his thumb.
-Everything is going to be all right.

Come on.

Leave it, he won't do anything to me.

You haven't changed a bit.

Sorry to barge in on you like this.

It's important to me.
I've been divorced for some time.

You can stay here. There's room upstairs,

no one will care about you.

Helmut is depriving me of my son.

But the law says that if I can prove

that at the time of conception,
I slept with someone else and not him,

that the husband
is not the father of the child,

I automatically have custody rights.

I just need someone to testify
that I slept with him at that time.

Someone with the right blood type.

We were together at the time,

in the fall of 1967 at the Tegernsee.

Do you know your blood type?

I only need
a simple declaration, an oath from you.

It's been a long time
since I've been in town.

It's for my child.

I'd like to see him.

Is he beautiful? Does he look like me?

Nonsense, you're not his father.

Just pretend to be so I can get him back.

You are my last resort.
Don't you want to help me?

That's why you came here.


I brought the money, but not all of it.

There's no rush. Transfer it to me.

Don't be too sad about the other point.

First of all, it can be proven at any time

who the father is, with a DNA test,

and secondly, we don't want to get
into those kind of stories.

What's important,
is your husband's attitude.

I can't talk to him.

I always go there
with the best of intentions,

but he thinks he's in the right.

I used to be the best mother in the world,
now I'm just unworthy, a bitch.

-Did he use those words?
-Yes, many times.

In front of the child, too?


Do you have any witnesses
who can testify to this?

Yes, but they are his friends, too.

It doesn't matter.
We can force them to testify.

-I don't want them involved.
-What about your mother?

Don't let yourself be governed by
your feelings. You must think factually.

I don't want to.

If you had taken the child
and asked your mother

to come with you and take care of him…

I was afraid of my husband.

We can't satisfy everyone.

You should have asked for

a contentious divorce from the beginning.

We would have found something
to accuse him of.

I don't understand

why I have to play it tactically.
Why should my feelings and my rights

be incompatible?
You're talking like a man.

Your indignation is a flash in the pan.

If you wanted to be independent,
you should have acted

differently from the start.
You would have studied,

and made the necessary sacrifices.

You should have thought about it before,
nobody forced you to get married so young.

Il mare è bello

-The sea is beautiful.
-I palazzi sono belli.

The palaces are beautiful.

La donna è bella.

The woman is beautiful.

Le donne sono belle.

The women are beautiful.

Il mare è blu.

The sea is blue.

Il cielo…

There are two "c" in "del peccato".

From "la voce" on.

Good. Breathe in.

Your voice gets better
every time you sing.

One more time.
You need to emphasize the "L".

One more thing.

This is a church aria.

And any pretense

expressed on the face
is inappropriate here. Do you understand?

I don't want you to form an "o"

with "Ascolta Dolce Maria",

but your face must be kept
to remain completely…

as if at the service of the Lord.

This piece was written

for a castra voice.


it's a church aria
and it was out of the question

that a woman would sing in church.

And why?

Well, "mulier taceat in ecclesia".

Women must be silent in church.

Women could absolutely not sing
in a Catholic church.

-They address Mary but women can't sing.
-That's it.

You are interested in the subject

of women's emancipation.

I tell you right now,
it is a dangerous subject.

So, don't have any illusions.

In antiquity, women were

simple housewives or hetairai.

Christianity has elevated woman

to an absolute principle.

Here is a painting by Masolino,
a masterpiece

of the flamboyant Gothic style.
The God Bearer.

She is the merciful mother,

but she is everything except reality.

The reality is just the opposite
of this painting.

Women are nothing, so to speak.

She stays at home, and only has
to see to the kitchen and the cellar etc.

That's all for this painting,
let's continue the tour.

Another typical painting
by Rogier van der Weyden,

which represents
the arrival of the archangel messenger

who is telling her what to do:

To bear the child in pain,

and to be the Sorrowful Mother
on Golgotha.

So, that's the women's lot.

And she just listens and takes it on.

She embodies passivity.

This is the concrete situation of women.

I particularly recommend you this one.

It is a new vision of woman.

The woman as a mere housewife.

You can see the husband in the foreground.

His gaze is turned towards the world,
with a gyrfalcon.

He knows what he wants,

he is pursuing a precise goal.

The wife is at his side. The man puts
his hand on her, to mark their bond,

while the woman is looking
only at the boy.

The woman has nothing to say,
she obeys her husband.

The hierarchy of the family is clear.

Once again, no sign of emancipation.

Once grown up,
the son will become like his father.

And it'll be the same thing
at the next generation.

By the way,
this is a theme in the history of art.

Man turns to the world,

and the woman turns to the man.

We're arriving at the paintings,

where the woman is the object
par excellence, and no longer a subject.

Here, the woman is represented

as an object of desire.

This could not be represented

as a mistress of the sovereign,
that was impossible.

Then one preferred to give her
an antique covering,

though covering may be misleading.

The veil is a light camouflage.

Yes, very light. A refined camouflage.

But in itself, it is obvious,

that an ancient legend is hijacked,

to represent the object of the desire,

the feeling of possession of a sovereign.

The emancipation consists in the fact

that the woman becomes a subject.

Here is the mistress of Louis XV.

The famous and beautiful O'Murphy.

Her look reflects stupidity.

One can say that
she doesn't look very intelligent,

but her bum was famous.

Louis XV was envied for this bum.

And all Paris admired it in the salons.

Thank you. The tea will do me good
after the whole walk and talk.

You have seen the paintings.

but you haven't heard
any pleasant stories.

The emancipation of women
is a very long term work.

It is not only about the emancipation
of women, but also of men.

They are as little emancipated
as women are.

Men think they are,
because they have the power. That's all.

He's fidgeting again.

-Can you feel his feet yet?
-Of course.

He's fidgeting a lot.

-A boy?

With this temperament,
it can only be a boy.

Yes… you see,
you still have a patriarchal vision.

I made all this effort for nothing.

I also wanted a boy.

-You also wanted a boy?
-Yes, I did.

I see that we haven't made much progress.

But what can we do?

There is nothing to do. Have a good rest.

We have tired you out.

-Thank you very much. Goodbye.
-It was very nice.

-I'll accompany you.
-Gladly, thank you.

I would have liked a father like you.

A super-father again?

What a beautiful story.
Again with the patriarchy.

We're right back where we started.
What can we do?

But I thank you very much.
It was very nice.

Thank you very much. Goodbye.

Not too crazily!

Your ears are all dirty, let's wash them.

Now… the first one…

And the second…
Wait, you're still dirty here.

Now you're clean again.

Did you dive in?

Be careful with the foam in your eyes,
it stings.

Where is daddy?

Daddy is coming soon.

He wants to see you.

I'm not made of stone.

We'll arrange for him to come
to live with you for the time being,

provided that you respect
certain conditions.

The social said
we should make an amicable arrangement,

especially in the the child's interest.

I'll take a look at it.

I want to spare our child any conflict.

The bond with the mother is sacred to me.

I would still be here for you
if you had been more reasonable.

You've only been here for yourself.

You don't really care about our child.

You were already bitter when I met you.

I was hoping to change with you.

But you jumped on the first one
who came along.

You know I didn't leave you for Wolfgang.

And it didn't work.

A woman doesn't leave a man
without seeing another.

I'm not seeing anyone.

You can't go back.

How are your
your singing and dancing lessons?

My teacher is not so enthusiastic anymore.

I don't think I can do it. It's too late.
It's a failed attempt.

Our greatest talents
lie dormant in the shadows.


What is the price of your graphic art?

One moment please.

-150 DM.
-OK. Good.


-Did my wife call?


Did you find the letter
from the Hamburger Kunsthalle?

No, not yet unfortunately.

A disaster.

The warm air and lunch…
Do we have any aspirin?

-I don't think we do.
-Please go buy some. Aspirin is heaven.

-What about the letter from the art club?
-They'll have to wait.

But I won't. Please go get some.

Yes, but when?


One moment, one moment, please.


Galeria Schmollinger.

I beg your pardon?


Are you going to Milan next week?

Can't we postpone?

Would it be possible to…

to do this a little later?


It's not possible,
because the show closes on Saturday.

OK. Friday, then.

Would Friday be all right?

Yes. Thank you.

Greetings from Mr. Schmollinger.

You're going to accompany me.

Call Mr. Cook.

Come on.

Reserve two bunks in a sleeper.

Whoever really loved,
wasn't it love at first sight?

Another one.

It's a pleasure to see you eat.

At the Savini,

I will order you a vitello tonnato.

It shows why gluttony

is a sin for the Catholics,

it is voluptuousness incarnate.

On condition of course… Do you mind?…

Provided you still have

the power to enjoy it.


did your husband betray you,
or the other way around?

I was simply fed up with the marriage.

Of course you were.

Biologically, stable couples
of men and women are a monstrosity.

How long does a sexual relationship last?
Never more than two years.

According to Reich, not at all.

We need a completely new way of life.

We are still in the stone age.
My wife, for example.

She is so jealous, you can't imagine.

A raging Othello.

And me as Desdemona. Can you imagine?


The vocation of woman
is to embody the ideal,

the charm,

and illusion for men. No more, no less.

It's not by becoming a doctor
or having the right to vote

that women have come forward,

but by the magical power of illusion.

Do you know what Ortega y Gasset said?

The value of a man lies in what he does,

a woman's value lies in what she is.

I think he's right. Don't you?

-Isn't it true?
-Yes, it is.

You see?

I have the impression

the waiters want to sleep.
They're kicking us out.

Shall we do the same?

-Or do you want to finish?


-Then let's go.

Let's get drunk on schnapps

and exchange our wives.

Nothing is yours or mine anymore.
Is that the song?

25. That's yours, isn't it?
Thanks for dinner.

No, no, no, no,

I'll walk you to your cabin.

Good night. Thank you again, Sir.

You're welcome. It was my pleasure.

It's not OK.

What's wrong? There's always enough room.

I like women of character.

-Leave me alone, I'll call the controller.
-Come on!

What's wrong with you?

Spontaneous love. You have to give in.

No way!

Wilhelm Reich spoke of it 40 years ago.

Nobody wants to listen to him.

The time had not yet come.

So he masturbated himself to death.

Out of despair.

I am very disappointed in you.

Damn it.

Milan, please.



Milan, please.

Milan, please.


The watch is in the jar,
the money's gone, the nails are dirty.

The title: The Knight's Awakening.

A ticket inspector at MB train.

A ticket inspector at MB train.

Couchette car number 32.

-Get out!


We are now in Piazza del Duomo.

This is the Duomo di Milano, do you see?

A bit dirty.

This is La Scala,

it looks like a normal building,
but you have to go inside.

-It doesn't look like anything special.

The famous Via Montenapoleone.

It's a shopping street… a street…

that everyone knows.

Hello Sir.

Welcome Sir.

Room number 17.

This is for the cab.

Taxi cash…

Can I make a phone call to Germany?

To Frankfurt.

Write the number here.

Go ahead, I'll make the connection.

-Thank you Sir.
-You're welcome.

Shall I take everything up to your room?

No, give her a single room.

The hotel number please.

Eight, nine, seven

zero, six, five.

Thank you.

Tell me when you get there,
I'm coming to pick you up.

OK, I will. I look forward to it. Bye.

They built it into the hotel.

-The restaurant is here.
-So beautiful.

-Still one floor.

-It is very high.
-This is your room, Miss.

-No bathroom?
-Not in the room.

The magic illusion of man.

Be patient, it's not my fault.

Here is the room. Have a nice day.

Wait a minute.

The Savini, it's here. Which direction…?

Alain Schiels is a young American artist,

who arrived in Italy with a small
but heavy suitcase.

Schiels was a young American artist

who arrived in Italy

with a small but heavy suitcase.

This belongs to the Whitney Museum.

The painting
belongs to the Whitney Museum.

And he's the son of cattle ranchers,

a cowboy.

To the son of an animal breeder,
who grew up like a cowboy.

This is a joyful sign of fetishism.

This is a strong sign of fetishism.

This one instead,
belongs to the Washington Museum.

This one belongs to the Washington Museum.

How much does it cost?

This costs three million.

Three million lire.

And in dollars?

Five, six thousand dollars.

Between 5,000 and 6,000 dollars.

Between 16,000 and 18,000 DM. Interesting.

Thank you, Ma'am.

Also interesting.

He used them as objects.

Here he used human beings as objects.

-A Burri?
-Yes, exactly.

This is an important piece.

This is an important piece.

It is already somewhat old.

I think someone
will really like this artist.

In Germany, there are certainly amateurs
of this type of art.

I know who you mean, but…

-Should we pick him up?
-No, not today.

-Please fill up with Super.
-Thank you Madam.

-Italy is beautiful.
-Thank you Madam.

Where are you from?


I like Munich Miss.

Do you? For holidays?

Yes, holidays…

I just brought it in now.

-Thank you.

Here, take it.

Oh, they have vitello tonnato.
Schmollinger promised me some.


Two vitelli tonatti and two mixed salads.

Thank you Ma'am.

My madam.

My gentleman.

Mister… Ms.


Massimo, come here!

Should we get up already?

I don't want to go home.

We could just stay together.

No relationship based on sex can last
more than four years, according to Reich,

Schmollinger says.

I will still love you when I am as old
as the farmer and as wrecked as his bike.

When I'm 40, you'll find a younger one.

Look, no frown lines.

I'm going to sleep some more.

-That's a pretty dress.
-It's from Milan.

Italians have a different relationship
with their appearance. Cheers!


Unfortunately, your husband
used your absence to your disadvantage.

He sent a letter
to the custodianship court.

By the way,
you can recognize the frustrated writer.

He sees your change of job
as evidence of instability.

Your new position in the art gallery

would be incompatible
with your duties as a mother.

Because you are required
to travel abroad often.

And your roommate,,
a pregnant and unmarried woman

seems a dubious commune.

I'm afraid that some of these arguments
will convince the judge.

And there is a risk that the judge
will award him custody of the child.

He has also provided a surprise

by writing to the judge the following:

"My situation has changed
as I am about to marry again.

My fiancée works in a kindergarten

and is getting along perfectly
with my son Nikolas."

"We live in a spacious house,

where Nikolas has a large bedroom
and a garden.

The kindergarten is close by,
we can walk to it."

This behavior proves that you are
incapable of being reasonable.

You agreed that Niki would live with me.

Not if you hang around abroad
with some guys.

I've already left
my job at the art gallery for that.

That wasn't necessary.

You can't fix what you have done to Niki.

I'm going to give him a real family life.

You pushed me to take this job

so that I wouldn't get custody of Niki.

That poor woman.

You're not irreplaceable, on the contrary.
Go, I have work to do.

You know I didn't take Niki with me

because I feared
that you would hurt yourself.

How can you use that against me?

Don't get any ideas!

He would have disturbed you
in your desire for emancipation.

You act as if the court
had already granted you custody.

It's a shame that these bureaucrats

will decide about our child.

Never forget that it's not me
who destroyed our family.

I did it for you.

Les Nanas au pouvoir - Women in power.

As a friendly reminder of me.


This drawing is more than just curious.

I consider it as a parody
of women's emancipation.

It represents a brainless woman
with a heart, big calves and a handbag.

And "Nanas in power"

means little woman on the top…

It's about reintroducing the matriarchy.

If the matriarchy is reinstated,
although I doubt it will be,

patriarchy will die a slow death.

Matriarchy will not replace it,

but the two will coexist
and balance each other

and become historical concepts,

both of which will be abolished.

Here is someone competent

talking about patriarchy.

-Do you have to leave already?
-I have to go.

Sorry about the long speech.

Best wishes. And be patient.

There is a quote from Lenin that says:

"Patience is the quality
of the revolutionary."

Don't forget that. Emancipation
is a process over several generations.

What can I do now?

We always want to do everything
right away. But you can't.

You have to accept that.

You have to think in terms of generations,

not in terms of the individual.

It is difficult.
I've been patient for 50 years myself.

Don't you owe me some salary?

-Take the Nana and we're even.
-I've only been paid for a week.

You are very well served with that.

Come and visit me,
my library is open to you.

I have plenty of books on the subject.

-Thank you.
-Don't give up.

Study, stay active

and take care of your beauty.
This is also very important.

This is the spitting image of the Nana.

I am Niki's mother.

Beate Fink. Please, come in.

Your mother is in town.

So I stayed with Niki.


-You brought me a present?
-Yes I did.

-Would you like something to drink?
-No thank you.

You can have an apple juice.

I'll get you one.

What's this?

-Do you remember "Little John"?

Yes, it starts here.


It's a question of writing style.

My husband can write better
because of his work.

But it has nothing to do with the child.

Not here, please.

Please listen to me. You can't decide

without hearing both parents.

Send Oskar.
They won't get rid of him easily.

Please give me an appointment.

I'll try again tomorrow.

-Shall I rub your back?

My dear, what's wrong?

What's wrong with you? Calm down.

It's always that stress.

The constant insecurity.

Come on.

Let's just get married.

Everything will be easier.

You'll have Niki back.

He only married recently.

You'll have a whole new situation.

You can take singing lessons.

You still have a chance.

There's nothing to despair about.



Subtitle translation by: Matthias Klein