A Fox Hunt (1980) - full transcript

A man deals with the consequences of having been mugged by two teenagers.

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First, this is eight's. Respond.

First here.

We've checked. Everything's ok.

Roger that, eighth.

Follow route four.


Fifteenth, this is first. Respond.

We're near the tobacco kiosk.

Possibly a poisoning.
Call an ambulance.

- What's next? Do we take a turn?
- Let's go straight for now.

- There's a turn further that way.
- To the shooting range?

Twelfth, this is first. Respond.
What's your location?

Twelfth, carry on.

Turn it off.

Go to the log.

Well? Are you looking?

I am.

That one, in the jacket. Looks like him.

- Which one?
- The one in the jacket.

They are all in jackets.

The third one on the right. The tall one.

Look who's here.

The third one on the right, come here.

- Who, me?
- Yes, you.

What's wrong with them?


- I said stop!
- Where?

Catch him!

Now he'll soil the car.

- Well?
- Well what? It's not him.

- What do you mean it's not him?
- I made a mistake.

Oh great! A mistake!


I think you should apologize.

- Are you talking to me?
- Yes.

Why should I apologize?
I don't understand.

He was told to stop, be he started running!
He should have stopped as he was told!

Eighth. Respond.

Are you going to respond of what?


Have you been here for long?

Since the dancing was over.

Familiar faces.

You bet.

Chilling, Belikov?

I've got a question.

Did you see two people running here?

- No, I didn't.
- Think for a while.

One of them was tall, wore a jacket.
Other one a bit shorter, wore a raincoat.

Long-haired, like you.

- Like me?
- That's right.

- Maybe it was me then?
- Maybe. How should I know?

- Me it is then. Deal.
- Oh come on!

If there had been someone suspicious,
we would have told you at once.

- Why aren't you saying anything, Belikov?
- What is there to say?

Answer us. Did you see or didn't you?

I didn't.

- Alright then.
- Although...

- Yes, there was this guy, tall one...
- Yeah, right.

- And another one, shorter, in a raincoat.
- Right.

- Long-haired...
- Exaclty.


- Belikov...
- What?

Did you or did you not see?

I didn't.

So why are messing with us?

Stop wasting our time.
Let's go!

- Turn around!
- What for?

Turn around, now.
I recognized him.

Made a mistake,then recognized...

Alright, let's turn around.

Hello then!
Hello, my dear!

- Is there anything you'd like to tell me?
- What should he tell you?

Repeat what you told me las time.
So that I can hear it now.

Got your tongue, Belikov?

- Say what? I don't understand.
- Say it out loud, don't be afraid.

Say, "Piss off!"

- Well, piss off.
- It's him!

I recognized your voice!
I recognized his voice!

Let him show his sleeve then.
His sleeve must be torn.

I grabbed it when I fell.

Stand up!

- Come on.
- Stand up!

Didn't you hear? Stand up, Belikov.

Here, see!

Stop tickling me. I've got nothing.

- I see. Threw it away, didn't you?
- Threw away what?

Evidence, that's what.

- Where's that iron thing, jerk?
- What iron thing?

- The one you hit me with!
- Stop it!

- My vision is still blurred.
- Vova!

- With my fist.
- Bullcrap!

You've nearly smashed my head.
Do you get it?

Let's go.

- We'll be driving on Lenin St, right?
- Exaclty.

Maybe, you'll give her a lift then?

It's dark, there's a lot of riffraff.

Are you afraid of riffraff then, Belikov?

Get in.

- Where are we going?
- To the police station, where else.

We took a turn, it's the other way.

Wait and see.

- Hello there.
- Hello.

- You've got work in the morning, Kalinina.
- I'll manage.

Let him sleep.
We'll just look at him, to make sure.

Come in then.

- Hello.
- Hello.

- Come in.
- Let's go.

Yeah. It's him.

Get up.

If they have taken my jacket or a watch,
it would be robbery, no question.

But when I came to my senses, I checked
my pocket first thing. It was all there.

My whole salary. 90 roubles, in tenners -
everything was there. They took nothing.

- Why would they do that?
- Yeah, imagine that.

- Ah, forget it.
- What do you mean forget it!

Look, he even put on glasses...

- Female glasses, besides.
- Why female?

Not male clearly.
You must've nicked them from your wife.

- Knock it off. Kick his ass, that's it.
- No, guys. The the thing is,

I could have kicked the one
and punched the other.

But I was taken by surprise.
That's what buggers me.

- Come on, let's go.
- Let's go!

Take crispis! Tasty crisps!

Alright, I get it.

Help yourselves!

Here you are.

Fresh. What about you?

I can't.

Why the hell is that?

I need to go to the doctor first.


- Would you believe it!
- Belov!



Sunday, remember?

- What, Sunday?
- A training.

Seen that?

Gosh! What happened to you?

I slipped.

My whole life has gone wrong.

My vacation, my training -
bastards ruined everything.

- I'd shoot them all. My word.
- That's a bit over the top.


- That's ok, we forgive you.
- Don't even start that thing.

Come on, calm down.

Forget it.

You won't be able to hunt your foxes now.

Why not? His ears are alright.

You catch them using your ears,
with a receiver.

- Bip-bip-bip...
- My vacation's ruined, that's what.

Why is that?

How can I go looking like that?
I'd scare all the women.

You won't scare them with a bruise.


Alright then, you'll stay at home.

These holiday houses,
what's so good about them?

What is there to see?
Their stuff or what?

You can go to Tyuliayevo,
to your godfather.

He'll be glad to see you.

You can go fishing. Why not?

Forget it.

And these holiday houses are nothing
but degradation. I can tell you that.

Dancing and booze.
Galka has been there.


The thing is, Galka...

... is not married.

Here you are, she needs a husband.
What is there for you?

And I need...

... a wife.

Take that!

Knock it off!

Hitting me?

Dad! Dad!

Let her go!

Valera, we're just playing.

Hang on, Valera.

May I come in?

- Hello.
- Hello.

I'd like to talk to you. May I?

Don't you recognize me?

Well... Remember, at night...

- You came with the police...
- Oh yes.

- Hello.
- Hello.

Do come in.

I'm Kostya Strizhak's mother.

The thing is...

I came to you for help.

I don't know how to start...

- Valera, go play!
- Mum, please!


- Have a seat.
- Thank you.

I know it's not appropriate to justify...


You see... Kostya...

He is the injured party here,
if I may say so.

Is he?

I thought I'm the injured party.

But it's over for you.

Your suffering...

Besides, one cannot change it now.

I mean, you sure have suffered...

Very much... I understand that.

But neither court nor jail awaits you.

I'm talking as mother now.

It's not Kostya's fault at all.
I mean, it is, but...

... only partially.

Because he's got a weak character.

Vera! Vera! Valera! Come here!

- Mum!
- What do you want?

I'll go outside, ok?


Mum, please...

- Go. Let him go.
- Be back in half an hour.

It's very cosy at your place.

And you've not nice shelves.

Have you made them yourself?

I can procure books for you if you want.
Shukshin maybe?

Just tell me what you want.
I've got...

Maybe some medicine or a doctor...
I've got friends doctors.

Just tell me, please.

And what do you want?


I want my son to stay with me.

How can I explain this to you?

It's up to court to decide.

No, it's up to you to decide.

My lawyer told me.
I've hired a lawyer.

It depends on your testimony.

There were no witnesses,
and Belikov will do anything.

- He'll slander my boy...
- Your boy kicked me.

It's not true. You couldn't
have seen it clearly in the dark.

I didn't need to.

I felt it alright.

I understand that you
don't care who or what now.

I understand they are all
the same to you now. It's understandable.

Well, since you understand...

Why are you saying all this to me?

Your son will get what he deserves.

Rest assured.

Stop nagging me. Enough.

Alright then, it's up to you.

As you like.

But your testimony is not everything.

Frankly speaking, I thought
that, as parents...

you would understand...

You've got a son too.

He'll grow up too.

God forbid...

Don't worry.

I'll punish him with my own hands...


Yes, this is where I took a turn.

I've been taking a short cut for 7 years.

No need to explain,
just show us your route.

Got it.


This is where they jumped out.

Thank you, comrade prosecutor.

Do you have questions, comrade lawyer?

I've got a question for
the defendant Strizhak.

Defendant Strizhak, stand up.

Tell me, Strizhak,

who was the first to suggest
the idea about 2 roubles?

We didn't agree on 2 specifically.

It just kind of came out.

It just came out.
Who said it then?

I testified already...

- Vova said it, he doesn't deny it.
- Vova then.

Tell me, Strizhak...

What social work did you do?

- When? At school?
- At school, after school.

I was in Komsomol committee...

And after school I worked
at the factory, everyday.

Everyday. I've got a question
to the defendant Belikov.


Tell me, Belikov,

when you and my client Strizhak
sat near the shooting range,

what did you talk about?

Why should I remember?

Stand up, Belikov.
Answer the question.

My client testified that you, Belikov,

suggested buying more wine
and pointed to the cafe Little Star.

And when he said he had no money,

you said that money is easy to get
if you've got hands.

Can you confirm that?

What? That money is easy to get?

Can you confirm telling this to Strizhak?

Belikov, answer.

I said it.

In other words, you suggested getting
the money in any possible way.

One more question to Belikov.

Tell me, Belikov,

what happened to you
on September 10th last year?

- Don't you remember?
- No.

You were arrested after the fight
you started in the Cosmos cinema.

And on September 22th...

you were expelled from technical school #2
for systematic misconduct,

after which you attempted to break the
window on the ground floor of this school,

but were arrested once again.

Remember now?

No further questions.

- No, number 18.
- Ok, thank you.

at Burmistrov's.

What do you want?

- Where is that lawyer? In glasses.
- What for?

Call him.

He'll come out soon.

And this your...

defendant, or something...

he kicked me.

But you testified, didn't you?

Why are you justifying him?

I'm not justifying. I'm defending.

It's my job.

Nice job you've got.

You ruin the one and justify the other.

Well, well.

Belikov Vladimir Dmitrievich
born in 1963,

according to paragraph 145, part
USSR Crimial Code,

is sentenced to 2 years of confinement

in maximum-security correctional

labour colony for juveniles.

Strizhak Konstantin Fyodorovich
born in 1962

according to paragraph 145, part
USSR Crimial Code,

is sentenced to 2 years of confinement.

As regards Strizhak, in view of
the defendant's personality,

his frank confession,

and also intercession of
the social organization,

the court considers it possible
to substitute the punitive measure

with a parole,

releasing the defendant from custody.

The decision can be appealed in
accordance with the established procedure

during 7 days.

Let's go have a look.

- We can't!
- Let's go.

I've found the forth,
look for the fifth one.

Why are you here? You'd better go

clean the mess you've made in your room.

- Later.
- Don't you hear me?

He will, later.

It's no good breathing in gasoline.
Didn't you hear me?

I'm not.

- Mum, please!
- Go!

Hot, isn't it?

So hot.

We should buy a fan.

Go ahead.

I was thinking.

I should go to Tyuliayevo
to visit my godfather.

He's been calling me...

I feel awkward.

- You's been calling you?
- My godfather.

When was that exactly?

A long time ago. In spring.

I see. He just needs someone to drink with.


- That's why you are mending the motorbike?
- Yeah.

Don't yeah me! You're not a redneck.

Why are you mending your motobike then?

It means you decided beforehand,
and now you pretend to be asking me.

Go ahead. I'm not holding you back.

People are helping their kids.

Ours got a whole list of books to read.

And no one's even thought
about buying the books.

Cinema, parks...
All parents are with their kids.

Are you listening?

I am.

- What's wrong with you?
- What?

I don't know, I can't a word out of you,
you're like a mute or something.

Alright, I'll go with him.
I'll just wash my hands.

Valera! Come here.

Dad, we're going to the cinema, right?

You and mother are very sly, aren't you?

- Hello, hunter.
- Hi.

Kids, don't drop litter,
here's a plate.

Valera, what's up with you?
Come on, eat!

No way. Eat yourself.

Don't be stupid.
Eat, or else it'll melt.

I can't, it's my tonsils.

What tonsils?

Your mother is always
inventing some illnesses.

- Come on, eat. We won't tell her.
- No.

What's wrong?

I said, eat.
I allow you, understand?

Father allowed you.

You're a smart alec, aren't you?

Let's go.


Could you sit a little bit lower?

- Hello.
- Hi there.

Look at that!

Hey, buddy!



- Don't you recognize me?
- I do.

- Dad, let's go!
- Your friend is doing time, isn't he?

He is.

Where exactly?

At Lubentsy, he makes mittens.

You put him in jail just like that.

- Why we? It was you.
- Dad, let's go!

- Well done!
- Let's go!

Well done to you then, isn't it?

Hang on, Valera. What does
it have to do with me?

- What does it have to do with me?
- Who then?

He's got nothing to do with it.

He just ruined a guy's life. That's all.

Did I pass the sentence or what?

- Dad, let's go!
- Hang on, Valera.

Listen, buddy. Cut the crap.

Everyone saw how you tried
to get out of this with you mother.

I didn't say an extra word.

I just answered the questions.

I heard your answers.

Listen, buddy!

I don't want to see you again. Got it?

- We'll move to a different city.
- You'd better!

And I thought to myself,
who is rattling there?

- I recognized your motorbike at once.
- Hello, uncle Kolya.


- Well, godson...
- Nice to see you.

Let me kiss you.

How are you doing?
You haven't told me anything.

- I'm alright.
- Yeah.

- You wife is still at the factory?
- Yes.


- What about you? Still a security officer?
- Yes.

Still armed?

No, now we can't carry arms.

No need to.

- It's a meat-packing plant.
- I see.

I maintain order, that's all.

Just to be on the safe side.

- It's biting, look.
- Where?

Pull it already!

Damn! Missed it.

See, it bit the worm.

What are you doing? There's no bait.

You're out of touch!

Well, godson, wanna try my homemade vodka?

- What?
- Will you drink or not?

No. It's too hot, uncle Kolya.

Besides, I've got a headache.

What's wrong with your head?

There's been an accident.

I've been hit.

You've been hit?

And how!
I'm still wearing this, see?


It was in the park at night.

Two... 17-year-old buddies.

You know, those...

Juveniles. Wearing size 45.

- With tips.
- Yeah, I know.

There's been an accident here too.

Two guys escaped.
They even got weapons...

- Where?
- In Lubentsy.

If I had seen them, I'd...

I'd shoot them, my word.

Shoot with what? You've got no weapons.

I don't...

It's not biting today, uncle Kolya.

Have a drink.


I don't feel like drinking.

It's just not my day.

I'll be going, uncle Kolya.


I need to visit a friend of mine.

Why don't you stay overnight?

No, I'll be going.

Don't be angry.

As you like.

I'm trying to work.

- You'll get out soon.
- I just can't do it.

- 5 minutes left.
- I can't.



I've come to see you.

You look better with short hair.

It will grow again.

Well, tell me.

How you've been doing and all that.

I was passing by.
And I thought...

...why don't I drop by. Do you want me to
tell smth to your mother? Do you write her?


I don't know.
Maybe, you need some food.

What is he doing here?

Why have you let him in?
Who is he?

- Your relative.
- Relative? - Yes.

- He showed his passport.
- What passport?

The surname is the same.

Why the same?
He is Belov, and I'm Belikov.

I see him for the first time.

You'd better check.
Maybe, he's some kind of agent.

Come on, Belikov.

And don't come here any more.

Listen, knock it off.

Are you listening?


I've come here for your own good.

Why are you...

Stop following me already!

Pavel Sergeyevich, get him off me.
I don't want any apprentices!

Come on, Petrovich.

- What's wrong with you?
- I'm sick of all these people!

I don't want to work with them.
I can't!

I told you to go away.
I canl hit you, got it?

- Do you mean, when you're drunk?
- When I'm sober too.

- Move!
- Oh come on.

- Seryoga!
- I'm sick of them.

- Not again.
- Blood-shot eyes.

No willingness to work.

They drink at night...

If it was up to me...

I'd send the whole lot
of them to the tundra.

I'd make them work with picks and shovels.

Here we go.

You've still got a headache or what?

- It's no use talking to them.
- Knock it off!

Some say responsiveness.
What responsiveness?

He will kill you with your responsiveness.

He'll make a fool out of you,
until you hit him over the head.

Ok, get out. Your wife is here.

- Hello.
- Here, popular control.

- Why is she here?
- She's come for you.

She doesn't do that usually.

Maybe, something happened?

Who knows.

Someone moved in maybe.

Am I an alcoholic?

Don't I bring you money,
squander it on whores?

Vitya, quiet!


Let them hear. I'm not embarrassed.

I asked you, do I squander money on drink?

Why are you following me all the time?

I'm a normal man.
My name is on the honours board.

What more do you need?

Oh great.

Here we go.

It's been a long time.

Remember when I cried in the street
like this, and you followed me?


Don't you remember?

We were engaged then.

Oh yes.

You were my fiance, and you cried

for the fear that I spoilt you
and wasn't going to marry.

No, not because of it.

You've forgotten.

Petya, don't take offence...

I've agreed with the doctor,
with Anna Yakovlevna.

What Yakovlevna?

From the next entrance...

She said you should come,
she'll examine you.

What for?


About your head...

What with it?

Do you think...
I'm out of my mind or what?

Let's go!


That's too much.
Enough, you shouldn't eat so much.

Let him eat if he wants.

Eat, Valera.

Organism knows better.

- Did you get all of them?
- Yes, lieutenant.



Calm down.

Come on, get up.
Get up, don't be afraid.


Come on...

Hands behind your head!

Step aside!



Follow me!


- Hello!
- Hello!

Do you have any literature?

This fellow is very keen.
Something for 2nd form.

Textbooks are in that department.

No, we've got textbooks, we...

Give me the list. We need..

Something for home reading.

Here you are. You've bedraggled it.

Here you are.

- Is that all?
- Yes.

Do you have something to read?

- For whom? For you?
- Yes.

Is it about spies?

It's about the police.

I don't want that.

What about the classics?



- It's poetry.
- Poetry is good.

And Lermontov...

- Have you got Pushkin?
- Dad, we've got Pushkin.

Great, then we'll have more.

Do you want me to count that?

- 4.73.
- How much?


4.73, here you are.

- What is it?
- Sleep. I'll be back in a minute.

I don't understand.
Who are you?

Relative, cousin.

- But you've got different surnames.
- That's right.

- What's in the bag?
- Books.


I've got an assignment from the factory.

From social organizations.
You see?

I see.

Look, cousin, here's what I'll tell you.

Firstly, only the next of kin are allowed.

Secondly, if a work collective
sends someone

to assist in educational work,

that someone needs a proper document.


I see.

Maybe, there's a simpler way.

- Maybe, if I ask.
- Ask who?

- You.
- It's no use asking me.

- I've explained everything to you.

There's a lot of red tape here.

I'd send you to the infantry
with these shoulder straps.

How would you cope
with a 25-km quick march?

What did you say?

Nothing. You've got a plum job here.

Mind your language, mister.

You're a mister, I'm a comrade.


May I come in?

Go ahead. Close the door.

- Aren't you cold here?
- I'm alright.

What are you doing?

That's nothing.

Something's wrong?

Nothing is wrong.

- Where is Valera?
- Outside.

Have a seat.



Are we going somewhere?

Like where?
You seem to be ok here.

We are not then.

Maybe you should buy a car? Zhiguli?

I said, a car.

Some people buy them.

God, what people?

People like me and you.

Go ahead, buy a car if you have money.

One can always save up.
Just say a word.

It's a bit awkward to arrive
at a date on a motorbike.

I'd even say light-headed.

We're not in the country, after all.
Why don't you take an accordion too.

Accordion is good. Very good.

Are you serious?

Open your eyes! What dates?

Alright, Vitya.

It happens...

I'm not holding you back.

I told you at once, when we got married.

If you've got another woman,
you're free to go.

Staying just because of a child nowadays...

He will grow up alright, don't worry.

What do you want from me?

I want no lies to be between us.
I want my husband to be with me.

Oh, I see.

You've always been with me.

And now you've changed.

It's you who've changed.
You're going around following me.

Why don't you search my pockets too?

Or have you started already?

Alright, Vitya.

I've told you.
Now it's up to you to decide.

- Decide what? I don't understand.
- How we will live.

How we will live? As we did before.


I'm not old yet myself, by the way.
I've still got time.

And to sit here waiting for you...

I won't do that.

What are you up to?

Are you going to cheat on me?

I'll show you.

I'll show you!

Watch it!


We'll give you the document.

What's the name?



We know your name, thank God.

The one you want to...

His is Belikov.

Belikov, good.

And why are you so keen suddenly?

Just like that, out of the blue.

- It means I've been made conscious.
- By who?

By you.

Well, well.

Write the address.

And what is it?

It's a colony.

I see.

Here you are.

Ilya Efimovich, we need your signature.

We've been racking our brains
with this patronage thing,

and the man comes here by himself

and asks to send him
to a colony of all places.

For juvenile offenders.

- Really?
- Really.

He wants to take under
his patronage a fellow

who needs help from an older comrade.

Victor Semyonovich.

I've got a request for you.

Can you not gossip about it?

As you want.

And you too. No gossip, please.

Alright. No gossip.

I've signed up, but I can
just as easily get out of it.

I'm warning you.

Alright then.

Everything'll be alright.

They've got a long visit.

Potapov signed permission.

Here are the keys.
Go to number 2, upstairs.

Come in.

There's a kitchen. And two sets of dishes.

Make yourself at home.

You've got 8 hours.

If you need something, call.



Let's cut the crap.

You stood he racket.

- Right?
- What do you mean?

You're taking the rap for your friend.

You covered him up.

- Am I right?
- No.

What do you mean no?

You're a juvenile, right?

And he's older than you.

They would have thrown
the book at him, no question.

So you covered him up.

Tell me, did they promise you something?


I don't know...

His mother, maybe.

They didn't.

- Was it because of friendship?
- What friendship?

I was the first to hit you.

- You?
- Me.

Cut the crap, buddy.

With this hand, the left one..

I'm left-handed.

You had the right eye bruised, right?

You see, it fits.

It was me.

Got it now?

And I wondered what you wanted from me.

And want to know who hit you.
What's the difference?

Well, well.

Well, Vova.

That's what's up.

Well, Vova.

You're nobody's fool, right?

I am.

If it hadn't been for darkness,
I'd have taken you both out.

- Oops.
- You'd have said oops then.

What you think?

I've got training.

Let me show you something.

Stand up.

Oh come on.

Stand up.

Now hit me.

Go ahead.

I'll block it.

Knock it off.

Hit me.

I'll call the guard.

I've got a suggestion.

How about some sleep?

Sleep then. I have nothing against it.

When were you born then?

In 45.

Old man.

At the factory then?

Where else.

I've seen you in the park once.

With a woman.

My wife.

Stop talking. Sleep.

If I fall asleep, you'll kill me.

Or not?

We'll see.

Why don't you sleep yourself?

Well, slept enough?

As of senses bereft,
at a black shawl I stare,

And my chill heart is tortured
with deadly despair.

When dreaming too fondly
in credulous youth,

I loved a Greek maiden
with passion and truth.

My Greek girl was gentle
and loving and fair;

But my joy quickly sank
in a day of despair.

Is it from the library?

It's mine.

Don't you get enough sleep at home?


I left you some food.


Who cooked the cakes? Mother?



Any kids?

A boy.



Well done.

What you think.

It's ok.

Everything's alright.

Believe it or not...

I was worse than you.

Army changed me.

They fixed me.

I came back a different man.



I went to the factory.

Got married.

I got a flat, money.

I've got a son.


Fox-hunting, heard about it?

I'm a pro.

In a nutshell, it's ok.

The way it's supposed to be.

What then, Volodya?

Don't you want to follow my example?

Your example?

Exactly. Why not?

Nothing, forget it.

No, speak up. What's wrong with that?

Nothing's wrong.

Why are you smiling then?

Who's smiling?

No smiles here.


I saw it.

When I was talking, you were laughing.

What's so funny?

Let's laugh together.

I mean it, Volodya.
You'd better speak your mind.

And these smiles...

Knock it off.

I need you like a whole in the head.

Do you think it's my idea?

You think I've come here myself?

I've got an assignment
from social organizations.

To make a person out of your stupid ass.

A person, get it?

That's all. Enough.

Leaving already?

Stay a bit longer.


Stay, please.

What for?

I don't want to go back to the barracks.

I'd sleep here.


It's snowing.


We've got a guest?

No guests.

You're here.

So what?

Not here.

What happened?

Nothing happened.

Sit down.

- And you?
- I will too.

Me and you. Together.

Where is Valera?

I've sent him to my mother.

Is it bitter?

It's not bitter, it's dry.


I thought my godfather arrived
and was hiding in the kitchen.

No one's arrived, no one's hiding.

Take a glass.

Why are you so quiet?

I'm thinking.

You've forgotten?

Some occasion?



No, there's no occasion.

For no special reason.

Just like that?


Let's live as before.

We've had it alright, haven't we?

Do you remember that summer
at your godfather's?

- Is it when you were pregnant?
- No, it was after that.

With Valera.

You were so...

You were always by my side

Be more gentle with Valera.
It doesn't matter that he's a boy.

You're too strict to him.

Maybe we should get ourselves a girl?

What are you talking about?

Really, what? I'm confused.

Do you love me?

Haven't you left me?


What do you mean left? I'm here, with you.

With me.

All the same.

All the same what? It's not the same.

Why are you standing there?

Come here.



- You understand?
- I do.

They promised a visit
at the end of the month.

I've passed socks and
warm underwear for you.


Have something to write with?


Remember a surname. Shakhov.

- Shakhov?
- That's right.

He's the head of department
at Pervomayskaya.

At Pervomayskaya?

Yes. He's been sent the documents.

Ask him, what papers
are needed apart from those.

From the factory of from you.

I know.

Tell this Shakhov that

I'm the first candidate for early release.


They will tell you what to do and...

I see.

Visit a district police officer too.

What's his name?

- Saphonov?
- Yes, to Saphonov, to let him know.

I've already been there.

Now listen.

Have you visited
your godfather again?


How is he doing?

He's alright. He'd caught a cold.

And now he's well.

He's fine.

It's ok.

Caught a lot?

A bit.

- No luck.
- No luck.

Hello then!




It's winter?

Winter, Vova!

I can't see any joy!

Forget the winter.
It will melt anyway.

It's winter!

- It's winter!
- Alright, winter.

Winter, Vova!

Let's get out of here.

- Let's get the hell out of here.
- Let's go.

Why did you do that?

Take it!

For now. It's my old one.


Just a second, ok?

Go ahead. But quick, I'll be waiting.


Freedom greets you at the door...
Hello, Vova!

- Hello!
- Vova!




Are you alone? What about your gust?

What guest?

What do you mean? I've ran
to the market in the morning.

- Where is he?
- He couldn't come.

Was he released at all?

He was.

Vitya, the more I think about it,
the more I agree with you.

You were right to help him.

Nowadays people have little mercy.

They live too well. And before

people lived worse and had
more sympathy for fellow-men.

They could feel mercy.

I think you did the right thing.

I told Valentina Yegorovna,
she thinks so too.

Who thinks?

What Yegorovna?

Listen to me. Don't gossip around about it.

I'm not.

Don't worry.

I was thinking.

Our barmaid Taisia is
back to work on Monday,

we can talk to her.

We've got fellows transporting
goods on those lorries.

- This your fellow can too.
- They are drunk.

Don't say that.

They are ordinary boys, Komsomol members.

And I'm...

Where are you going?


Don't go.

I'll go with you.

Marina, don't.

And I just couldn't believe it's you.
But it is!

We were waving to you.


Come join us.

I'll bring everything. Come on.

- Where?
- To our table.

- Come!
- I'm not going to your table.

Put it back!

- Put it back!
- Menu, please.

- Girls, can I have the menu?
- What's gotten into you?

Step aside!


Is that because we ran off then?

Ok, I'm sorry.

Why ran off?
You just got in the car and left.

Nothing wrong with that.

Move those chairs, one cannot pass!

May I?

Alright, I did it.
And I got what I deserved, right?

I deserved it.



Let's drink for you.

Come on!

I owe my life to you...

And all that sort of thing.

That's in the past.

I won't go back. Never!

Take Lesha.

He works as a mechanic.
He's doing alright.

I've got a job too.

I'm nobody's fool.

- Right?
- Right.

You've changed me, right?

It will be alright, Vitya.
As it should be.

I'll get married.

Have kids.

Fox-hunting, huh?

- What's wrong with that?
- Nothing's wrong.

Victor Petrovich, knock it off.

Enough talking.

- Come!
- Join us!

Everyone's waiting for you.

Join us!

Hey, comrade!

- Comrade, where are you going?
- He's with us!

Guys, I propose a toast
for Victor Petrovich!

Way to go! Way to go!