A Fool in Love, Love Like a Fool (2019) - full transcript

Born into a wealthy family, Xiao-wei lives a carefree life with his loving mother's care. He enjoys reading picture books written by his favorite author Kauff, especially those works about mermaids. One day, he accidentally takes the wrong bus, arrives at the seacoast and meets a beautiful mermaid, Blue. He believes Blue is the embodiment of the character in those picture books. Since then, Xiao-wei's "normal life," has become not "normal."

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Once upon a time,

there was a Forest Nation.

To maintain her youth and beauty,

the queen believed in witchcraft,

and took precious seafood relentlessly.

The people of the Forest Nation suffered from this

Later, when the queen gave birth to the prince,

the advisor warned her

that the cursed prince should avoid the sea

otherwise he would turn into bubbles.

Not bad.

You know how to take a bus?

Excuse me. Is that a compliment?

It means you are awesome.


Do you have any brothers or sisters?

I have a younger brother in the US.

Is he a retard like you?

He's normal.

Thank God.

To have a retard is to pay for karma.

To have a retard is to pay for karma.

To have two retards?

You might as well kill yourself.

I couldn't afford it.

Now I'll try hard to make it up to myself.

This is VW T1.It's hard to come by.

I searched online for ages.


Thanks, Dad.

It's my turn.

You'll never guess it.

Is it my favorite?

Of course.

What is it then?

Hurry up.

Stop teasing your brother.

Tell him what it is.


Your idol, Kauff,

is a regular to this café,

and he lives nearby that place.

Xiang-Shuo, I love you...

I love you

I love you

I love you, too.

Watch it.

I'm so sorry.


Are you Kauff?

You really are Kauff!

May I help you?

Prince Forest and the Mermaid
is the best book in the world.

I read it several times a day.

When is your new book coming out?

I'll buy it. My mom will buy it.

The whole family will buy it.

Thank you.

A pack of 117.

Only lighter, no cash.

I have money.

- He finally spoke at 5.
- Old Jiang

When he opened his mouth

he went on and on.

He said,

"Mom, I remember what happened in heaven."

"I raised my hand first to God"

"Because God said,

'This mother

will have a sick son.

So which one of you

is willing to be the sick boy?'

"And then,

he raised his hand."

I let Xiang-Wei went to school alone

when he was only a second grader.

Of course I'd worried about him.

But what worries me more

is what if I can't take care of him forever.

That's a must.

As long as you think it's right,

you have to set the rules.

Then you get used to the rules.

For example,

if no one has urgent matters to deal with,

the whole family must have

breakfast and dinner together.

And then, we kiss goodbye.


as long as you think it's right...

Drink your milk, baby.

Thanks, Mom.

You don't like the new picture book
that I gave you?

Oh. Cool.

Xiang-Shuo taught you a bad word again, right?


it's Jay Chou.


Don't use this word again.

The beautiful mermaid told the lovely prince,

"I actually come from the sea."

Thanks, Mom,

but I prefer to read it myself.


I thought Xiang-Wei

would've never grown up.

But he has.

I think that Xiang-Wei

can finally say

what his true feelings are

is a good thing.

What do you mean?

What do I mean? Nothing.

So you mean

you don't want him to go to the association

and share his life,

and you definitely don't want him
to go to the workshop.

Am I right?

I'm going to be late for my 10 o'clock meeting.

I only meant to say

I know how much you want
to share Xiang-Wei's experiences

with families in our situation,

or even worse than us.


I'm sorry.


Where are you going?

Are you sore? Need a ride?

Thanks, but I prefer walking.

Don't you run away.

I'll give you a ride. Come on.


...can't return home. The kind Prince Forest...

Only 100!

Only 100.

Not even enough for a pack of cigarettes.

Not bad, an iPhone

Next time, bring more money out.

I'm a Careus. Please don't hurt me...

Oh no.


That was too fast.

Really? I felt like I've been waiting for so long.

Who the hell are you?

My name is Kang Xiang-Wei.

You can call me Prince Forest.

Are you an idiot?

Some people call me an idiot, a retard,

but I'm a Careus.

I don't like it very much though.

Do you have water?

You drink water?

Or do you have beers?

I'll get you water.

Wait a minute.


Where are you going?

I'm going to call your pimp.

A whole bunch of perverts.

Come back.

Who wants your stinky money?

Where's the water?

Here. There you go.

How can you drink seawater?

I'm so sorry.

I thought you drank seawater?

You idiot.

I have already paid!

Where are you going?

Listen to me,

those people on the yacht are up to no good.

Once they come up here, you're doomed.

Leave! Do you have a death wish?


Give me your shoes.

Are you okay?

Don't touch me.

I'm a Careus. I won't hurt you.

Gangsters don't scare me, let alone you?

Stop following me.

But I want to protect you.

Do you know math?

Yes, do you mean sine cosine?


What are you talking about?

Sine squared plus cosine squared equals one.


Can you recite Multiplication Table?


Turn around.


Back against me.



1X1=1, 1X2=2, 1X3=3

1X4=4, 1X5=5

Be serious.

1X6=6, 1X7=7, 1X8=8, 1X9=9

2X1=2, 2X2=4, 2X3=6

Why hurry? Slow down.

2X7=12, no, 2X5=10, 2X6=12

2X7=14, 2X8=16, 2X9=18, 3X1=3


3x3=9, 3x4=12, 3x5=15, 3x6=18, 3x7=21

9X6=54, 9X7=63

9X8=72, 9X9=81



She's gone.

Where's the mermaid?


where did you go?



will you be here tomorrow?


I thought this was waterproof.

Who said I didn't do my job?

They are assholes, alright?

Who cares about 80 grands? I don't give a damn.

You don't give a damn.

Do you think you're still young?

It's done.

I'll give you 10 grands.

No, this is rather new.

Rather new...

it's all the same. 10 grands.

What do you want again?

Let me ask you, Mr. Kuo.

If your daughter got AIDS and could work no more,

what are you gonna do?


with this kind of dad,

you'd better work harder and stop whining.

You can't be a chooser. Let's go.

I entrust my son to you.

I believed in you!

Not only that I trusted you,

but the whole association trusted you!

Manager, do you know what?

Now my child's missing.

The child of the CEO's missing.

I don't want to hear your apologies.

I'm just telling you

that I'm in a cab.

I'm on my way. Before I get there,

why don't you send people to look for him.

Widen the search area.

Please drive faster, will you?

It's a red light.


Keep the change.


She swam over from the sea.

- Where the hell were you?
- She really showed up.

Where the hell were you?

I went to the sea.
The mermaid happened to swim over.

Why did you wander off?

Why weren't you at the workshop?

Mom, that didn't matter at all.

The point is she showed up.

Why didn't you answer my phone?

Why are you home so late?

Why did you make me worried sick of you?


Why did you do this to me?

Why? Why?

- Why did you do this to me?
- Mom, don't hit me...

I asked if she'd come back.

She didn't answer me.

So I waited and waited. She never showed up.

Poor you.

It's fine. I miss her.

How about you? Do you miss her?

I'm alright.


The mermaid is your work.

Do you want to wait for her with me?

We'll see.

Why we'll see?

Depends on my schedule. I'm busy.

What have you been up to?

None of your...

Retouching my new work.

Cool! What's the title?

Good luck!

Good luck!

Kauff, good luck!

I'm a Careus. Please don't hurt me...

I'm a Careus. Please don't hurt me...

Morning, Kauff.

Do you know what time it is, boss?

Why can't you...

can you not be so normal?

Hey, you sleep too much.

It's already 3 pm.

Go buy me a pack of cigarettes.

Knock, knock. I'm coming in!


Where are my cigarettes?


Put them on the table.


This is your new work?

Cool, eh?

This one is called Soap Bubbles.

Soap Bubbles.

I don't like it.

Did I ask for your approval?

It's murky.

That's no fun.

You haven't picked up your brush, right?

It's all covered in dust.

Mind your own business.

So can you go with me to see the mermaid tomorrow?

There are no mermaids in the world.

There are.

That's to fool idiots like you.

But I saw it.


Kauff, you've changed.

Yeah right, like you know me.

I do.

Kauff is the coolest person,

and Prince Forest
and the Mermaid is the best book in the world,

You have to believe it.

Wei, listen to me.

Put some food in your bag from now on.

If you come across stray dogs again,

take them out, throw them far away

and run.


My dad says not to run away from dogs.

They will chase you if you run.

You got a point.

How about

you ask CEO or your dad to pick you up
from now on?


Why not?

Because I want to be independent.


what's up with your buns?

Where is he?

Hi, I want to get off.

Hi, I want to get off.

I need to get off...

Hi, I need to get off.

I need to get off...

Okay, I'll get you the papers.

He missed his stop and freaked out.

When he was in the police station,

where were you?

You were screwing that bitch, right?

You were in that bitch's bed

to fulfill your duty as a father, right?

Thank you.

Thank you,

for finally noticing me.

Let me tell you.

I admit

that you are a great mother,

but you are not a good wife.

I need attention, too.

How many years has it been?

Everyday, I saw how you focus on Xiang-Wei.

I don't dare to interrupt you, okay?

You are too holy.

Not to mention when I need...

when I have my needs.

I don't dare to ask you.

Shame on you.

Shame on me?

Yes, shame on you.

You have tons of lies and excuses.



you can't even admit that

you're an irresponsible man. You coward.

You're a coward!

I'm irresponsible?


I'm cracking under the pressure of responsibility.

I'm pushing 60,

one foot in the coffin.

Will I only be able to be myself

when I'm dead?

I'm sorry, but I...

I'm fed up.

I'm done.



I take it.

I gladly take it.

Get out.

Get out.

Get out.


actually bad things are not too bad.

After bad things, good things come.

This will bring us to the Mermaid.

Why did you raise your hand?

Why did you raise it?

Why did you raise your hand?

Why did you raise your hand?

Even without the chain,

she'll still come back, right?

Otherwise, the story won't have an ending.


Director, sit...

What brings you here?

I came down the mountain to run some errands.

Thought I might check on Xiang-Wei.


Didn't he go to work?

Xiang-Wei quit.


I thought

Xiang-Wei's last incident

was the reason that you wanted him to quit.


Where's Xiang-Wei?

At the workshop.

I made him a big sandwich today.


Idiot. I will smack you good.

I'm that idiot's mother.

The mother and the son take turns?

What have I done

to have your whole family bugging me?

I am only here to see

why my son came to see you.

Go and ask him. Why do you ask me?

He repeats the same thing everyday,

saying he met the mermaid.


If I could find the time machine,

I'd go back in time immediately

and choke myself
to death so there'd be no storybook.

I see.

Sorry to bother you.


your son is in heat.

Find a girl to quench him.

Why did you lie to me?

Dad doesn't come home.

You don't want to listen to me.

I'm sorry.

I was wrong.

It's fine. No worries.

Are you still upset?

Good boy.

Alright then.

Let me ask you.

Why was seeing Kauff

more important than going to the Workshop?

Because I want to be Kauff's friend.


Kauff's friendship
is the most important thing to you.


Because I want to show him the Mermaid.

In this world,

everyone got one's own mermaid.

She's swimming over at the moment.


Xin, are you fond of Xiang-Wei?

- Are you?
- Xiang-Wei

Xiang-Wei, for you.

She offers you something to eat.

I don't want it.

Thank you...

Don't be upset.

Save her some embarrassment.

- Take one, will you?
- I want to eat by myself.

Sure, you can eat by yourself.

Oh please,

I don't have a round nose.

No one ever told you that?

The sexiest part of you

is your round nose.

Do you know that?

It's not round.

Listen, never have a nose job.

It will ruin you, I'm telling you.

What have you been up to?

You haven't been getting my cigs.

I'm busy with dates.


So you don't like those girls?

Do you like the girl who was here?

If I did, I'd have let you ruin it?

Otherwise I wouldn't have got your cigs.

How about this one?

You have a good taste.

I heard that her whole body is fake.

How about this one?

Too fat.

You know nothing, boss.

Curves are sexy, okay?

When you do a curvy girl...

Never mind.

How about this one?

Her lips look like she's going to devour me alive.

Do you think you're Angelina Jolie?

You can't force love.

You're not dumb at all.

There's a fine line between a genius and an idiot.

When will you see the Mermaid with me?

We'll see.

How about this one?


Please help yourself.

He doesn't like chubby girls.

No big lips either.

And no long hair.


he's more normal than we think.

Of course I know that.

I'm his mother.

Oh yeah?

So what do you think

a 27 year-old man needs?

Excuse me,

but I don't have time to play riddles with you.

You're his mother.

Do you still remember

there's an important thing in life

called having sex?

Do you need help?

Take a look.

Do you prefer the innocent type?


this call girl is ridiculous.

Last time, I introduced her to a yacht party.

She jumped into the sea cos she was upset,

and swam to the shore by herself.

The hilarious part is,

after she got to the shore,

an idiot thought

she was a mermaid,

and wouldn't let her go.

She took some efforts to get rid of him.

Isn't it hilarious?



are you okay?

I've been out long,
but you didn't seem to notice me.

Hi, Mrs. Kang.


You must be tired from the long flight.

A little bit.

Xiang-Wei didn't come?



You're a grownup. Don't act like a child.

Are you okay?

I'm good.

Are you still talking to Dad?

I sent his speeding tickets to him.

Don't worry.

I don't have time to fret over him.

Let's see what we have

for you today.

Xiang-Shuo is back.

What can I cook?

We got fish.

How about sweet & sour fish?

We got eggplant too.

We can make braised eggplant.

Linda forget to get Chinese cabbage.

Oh, no.


I'd like to get a marriage license with Yan first.

Marriage license? Sure.

So I'm thinking maybe

our two families can meet up for dinner first.

Of course.

Find out what her parents prefer,

western or Chinese meal?


I can cook.

We can have them over.


I'd like to discuss

one thing with you first.

Yan's parents know that Xiang-Wei's condition

will not pass on.

But at least for the first meeting,

her grandma wouldn't have to worry.

Kang Xiang-Shuo,

listen carefully.

I'll never allow anyone to look down on Xiang-Wei,

let alone his own family

to be ashamed of his existence.

I never mean it like this.

You do now.

You know that's not what I mean.

So what do you mean?

What gives you the right

to defend yourself like this?

I don't like fish.

Braised eggplant,

pork ball with Chinese cabbage,

they are Xiang-Wei's favorites.


I've never asked you anything
for the past 20 some years.

But once in awhile,

can you put yourself in my shoes to think for me

Even if you can't,

can you allow me

to be selfish at times.

I also have a life.

You have your own lives.

How about me?

How about my life?

The whims of rich people.


The mermaid!

It took me a long time to find a mermaid costume.

What's your name?

I'm Kang Xiang-Wei. You can call me Wei.


May I know your name?

They call me BS.

Blue as the sea.

Not bad, like the sea.


Every mermaid should be called Blue.

Blue, it has a nice ring.

You're such an idiot.

Correct. I'm the smartest idiot.

Felt good?

Felt good.

Enjoyed yourself?

Enjoyed myself.

Did the mermaid do her job?


They are the standard answers,



Good boy.

Can you add me on Line?

Why do you want to add me?

So I can say hi.

Why do you want to say hi?

So I can bring you an umbrella when it rains.

Give me your cellphone.


Hold this for me. Thanks.

Will you be my girlfriend?


Who'd want a girl friend like me.

I would.


what's in it for me to be your gf?

Just like Prince Forest loves the mermaid,

I'll protect you even
if it means turning into bubbles.

The mermaid,

here I come.

I'm in love. Kauff, I'm in love.

Thank you, Kauff.


Did you...

Yes. Felt good. Enjoyed myself.
The mermaid did her job.

Kang Xiang-Shuo. Kang Xiang-Shuo.

You're finally back. You're finally back.

I miss you so much.

This is the happiest day of my life.

I want to tell you everything.

Cool things.

Xiang-Shuo, you're finally back.

You're finally back. Awesome.

What is over there in the sea?

Are the back of tears smiles?

Who does the sun shine for everyday?

Are you real in my dreams?

Too many questions unanswered

But who says answers are musts?

Every wish has a way to come true

A tired heart can always come home

Those things they said I couldn't have

You were the one who brought me to it

without thinking

The almost falling dreams and me

were guarding and shining in your eyes

Pure love, no matter how silly

Must a journey have an end?

Who will be like me?

Can one fly without wings?

Will you always be by my side?

Hard to forget the many losses

But who says one must forget

Actually other people don't complicate the world

It's us who don't dare to be strong

Those things they say I couldn't have

You were the one who brought me to it

without thinking

The almost falling dreams and me

were guarding and shining in your eyes

Pure love, no matter how silly

Just like Prince Forest loves the mermaid,

I'll protect you even
if it means turning into bubbles.

It was you who were never afraid

without thinking find it

The almost falling dreams and me

were guarding and shining in your eyes

Pure love, no matter how silly

Pure love, no matter how silly

So this is how it feels to be loved.

What are you talking about?

Are you happy?

A little.

Then I have a new goal.

What goal?

To make you happy,


very happy.

My Gf is smiling.

My Gf is smiling.

My Gf is smiling.

My Gf is smiling.

Be careful. It'll hurt if you fall.

I'm already 25 I can die.


You haven't told me why.


what's the point to live?

So you can see.

So you can hear and eat.

That's because you don't understand

how good it is to be dead.

My mom only needs to lay there.

I'll bring offerings over.

If I died, I could get rid of my dad,

I wouldn't have those assholes around.

My reincarnation could happen sooner if I died.

I want to be a good person in next life.

You already are one.

You know nothing.

I do.

I really do.

A good thing comes after a bad thing every time.


If those bad guys didn't bully me,

I would not have met you.

Just be patient.

Everything will be alright.


it'll be alright soon.

Then I'll just wait.

It'll be alright soon.

Turn right and pull over.

Go home right away, okay?


Did I say you could kiss me?


Suffer the consequence!





Miss, who did you piss off?

I don't know. Just drive.



You didn't pay the cab.


Alright. That's it.

Remember to call me again.


tell your friend to be careful.

The girl he called should be sick.


BS, the girl for your friend.

She seems to have AIDS.

Well, there's nothing she can do.

She got a greedy father.

But it should be safe to wear a condom.

Anyway, recommend me to your friend.

I'm disease free. I have a test report.

- Mom...
- Until you change your attitude,

I don't want to talk about it, okay?

But we said to meet Yan's family on Thursday.

Morning, mom.

Dad's going to work.

Morning, Xiang-Shuo.


She's my girl friend, Blue.

Isn't she pretty?

Good morning.

Why was she at our house?

What's your scheme?

How much will you take to be satisfied?

Who was at your house?

That whore.

Listen carefully.
Don't think that I don't dare to go to the police.

Don't go too far.

You'd better behave.

Take it!

Take it!


What more do you want?

There's something

you should know.

Say it.

She got AIDS.


are nothing

like a mermaid.

You have feet.

It's because I'm a mermaid with feet.

But I'm Princess Elsa.

So, Princess Elsa,

what lip color do you want today?

Do you prefer this one

or that one?

Which one?

Choose one.

This one.

This one? Okay.

Can I put it on you?

Old Jiang, isn't my gf pretty?


So from now on,

your buns will be as pretty as she is?

Oh please, I'm really good.

Be serious now. After you came back,

you've taken a huge load off of me.

Okay, you can retire.

Yeah, right. You have to become an expert first.
What retirement.

We're not open yet.

We're not open yet.

Mermaid, Kauff is here.

Come over.

What are you doing?

- Come over.
- Let go.

What are you doing?

Let go of me.

Let go. It hurts.

Let go of me.

Kauff, don't do this to the mermaid.

What mermaid?

She's sick, and it's contagious.

Stay away from her.

I've been sick since I was born.

I'm not afraid of diseases.

Let go of her.


Why are you hitting her, bad guy?

You can't distinguish good people from bad people.

You are a bad guy.

What are you doing?

Old Jiang, he's a bad guy.


Okay, Long, bring her aside.

Finally, a normal person.

Can I help you?

Take this filthy woman away.

She's Xiang-Wei's friend.

What friend?

She's diseased, you know?

AIDS, it's contagious.

Who's got AIDS?

Aren't you...


Wei, don't!


I'm so sorry...

Kang Xiang-Wei.

Ma'am, sorry, but I didn't see you.

Did you get the ingredients?

Yes, all of them.

I'll go prepare.


Yan said they are on the way.


Where's Xiang-Wei?

I think you are right.

We can't have Xiang-Wei in the way
of your happiness.

I left him at the association.

Counselor, where's my mermaid?

Okay, I know. Just sleep.

Tomorrow morning, we'll visit the mermaid, okay?

Sleep tight.

I want to go home.

I want to go home.

We've been thinking.

We'll have a cocktail party first
after we're back in LA.

Do you enjoy your meal?


It's good enough?

Have some tea.

I promise that I will stay away from him.

But please don't do this to him.

Who let you in?

He's your son.

You are no different

from my scumbag dad.

He sells me and only wants money from me.

Linda, throw her out.

Miss, please leave.

I thought rich people would be different.

But you are all the same.

My dad does it cos he's not in his right mind.

So you are worse.

Sorry. Pardon.


Stay out of it.

Just focus on your own happiness.

But it doesn't mean I don't want Xiang-Wei
to be happy.

Mom, you understand him best.

He's suffering.

I'm not suffering?

This is for his own good.

Everything I do

is all for his own good.

Are you blind?

Why can't anyone

see it?

Xiang-Wei only made a friend

that you don't approve of.

Even if you don't want them to be friends,

there must be some other way

to make him suffer less.

Are you out of your mind?

That girl

has a scheme with Kauff.

Even if they don't have a scheme,

it's all for money.

For money,

they will never let your brother go.


they might actually like Xiang-Wei.

Who would believe that?

Why don't you believe it?


and your dad

can be selfish to Xiang-Wei

for your own lives.

How can I believe

some random outsiders?

I think he just walked past by.

I'm Xiang-Wei's brother.

What's wrong with this family?

Please do one last favor for my brother.

Help him to finish his story.

Some people are watching TV.

Remember to keep quiet

when you see your brother.

Kang Xiang-Shuo.

Kang Xiang-Shuo, I want to leave...

Kang Xiang-Wei, you want to leave, right?

I have to go see the mermaid.

Okay, we'll go see the mermaid.

The mermaid...

We'll go see the mermaid.

But now you listen to me calmly and quietly.

Calm down...

Are you calm now?


You're calm now.

You know the layout of the association well.

Kang Xiang-Wei,

if you want to leave,

you need to listen to the counselor's advice.

When you get better,

you can leave.


You are a good boy.

We'll come pick you up soon.



Is it okay to take my brother to get some sun?

He's not very stable...

Don't worry. I've already talked him through.

There won't be problems. Right?

No, I'll be good.

Kang Xiang-Wei, remember what I just said?

Run until I reach the gate.


I love you, Kang Xiang-Shuo.

Love you, too.

Mr. Chen

Kang Xiang-Wei, run!

Xiang-Wei, come back!

Mr. Kang, stop.

Mr. Kang...

I love you, Kang Xiang-Shuo.

Thanks, Dad.

It's me.

What are you doing?

Do you want to jump off?

You don't want to see the mermaid anymore?

Close the door.

The police got a report

that people were having a house party...


I don't talk to bad guys.


Do you think I want to talk to

an idiot who injured me?

Does it hurt?

What do you think?

Great. You shouldn't have picked on the mermaid.

Damn. It's all your fault.

You are totally not yourself now.

- A male was kidnapped in Taipei this afternoon.
- Do you know...

Famous illustrator Liu Bai-Xiong, 38,

who goes by as Kauff,

has kidnapped a Down Syndrome patient, Kang,

from Careus Foundation Shelter

in broad daylight.

- Kang's mother is very worried...
- Go!

- Please help if you see anything.
- Hey.

The suspect's car plate is BCO-9453

What did I do wrong?

What did I do

to deserve these after I met you.

Out of gas, out of money.

I am a wanted man, too.

You'll be wasting your energy when you yell.

Do I need your advice?

Okay, don't be upset.

Because after bad things, good things come.


Why are you so sound asleep?

Prince Forest
and the Mermaid is the best book in the world.

You have to believe it.

When are you going to draw it?

it'll become the coolest picture book in the world.


I'll wait.

The cold noodles look so yummy.

The fried chicken must smell good.

Are your eyes full? Let's go.

You don't want to eat?

Without money, you can only eat shit.

I have money.


My brother must've slipped it in.

Then why did I sleep by the roadside,

drink water from the pond,

and why did I get blisters on my feet?

Why didn't you say so?

Because you were thirsty.

Because you said you were tired.

Because you were afraid to be recognized.

Because you didn't ask me!

Hey, is this the right way?


Hush my ass.

Don't you smell it?

Did you fart?

No, it's the scent of the sea.



slow down. Wait for me.

I miss you so much, White.

Hey, you guys are so slow.
I've been waiting here forever.


sorry that I am late.

Are you hungry? I have food here.

I'm sorry. It's my fault.

Never mind.


Forget it.

What else did you get?

I also have cookies.

Want some candies?


- I'll put it down there.
- Thanks.

Here. Hey, wait.

Wait a minute. Not yet.

White, don't.

You're anxious. Are you dying to eat?

Feeling good?

Feeling good.

Enjoying yourself?

Enjoying myself.

Did Prince Forest do his job?


Don't laugh at me.

Cos you did your job.


Alright. Sleep.


So fast?

That's bullshit.

As long as he's rich?

Have you ever read your storybook?

I have to read a story to you?

How old are you?

Once upon a time, there was a Forest Nation.

When the queen gave birth to the prince,

that the cursed prince should avoid the sea,
otherwise he would turn into bubbles.

One day,

a foreign ambassador brought
a mermaid for the queen.

When the prince saw the mermaid
for the first time,

he was amazed.

But the queen asked the royal kitchen

to make a delicacy out of the mermaid.

The kind Prince Forest couldn't bear
her cries night after night.

He decided to help her.

After the prince's pleading,
although the queen gave up the mermaid feast,

she asked the mermaid
to offer sea treasures in return.

So the mermaid was back
to the sea with a long chain on,

and Prince Forest followed the chain to the shore.

Seeing the vast ocean for the first time,
Prince Forest was blown away.

He waited there from sunrise to sunset.

Suddenly, the chain twitched.

The mermaid was back.

Since then,

the day that the mermaid returned
was the happiest day for the prince.

Eventually, the king, the mermaid's father,
found out about it.

The minute the prince approached the shore,

the crab general dragged him in to the sea.

Oh, no! Prince Forest is about
to turn into bubbles.

Then, the mermaid showed up.

She held on tight to the prince
and took him back to the shore.

Although the prince was safe now,

the queen was determined

to eat the mermaid this time.

After the prince found out about this,

in a dark night,

he stole the keys of the water dungeon

to release the mermaid.

The prince held the mermaid tight,
and he ran and ran...

to the sea.

"I'm sorry, Mermaid, but I can't go on further."

The prince had no choice but to let go his hand.

Since then,

whenever Prince Forest missed the mermaid,

he'd come to the sea,

to think about his happy times with the mermaid.

That is the end.


They should be happy together.

That's The End.

But they are happy.

Because they love each other.

But they are not together.

They are.

He'll miss her forever.

She'll miss him, too.

Their hearts are together.

Good point!

I'm here.

Why are you there?

Hey, don't come over.

Do you forget that you're Prince Forest?

Right, I forgot. Come over then.

I'm going home.


I will always miss you.

You must always miss me, too.

Our hearts are together,



You did it.

I'm happy, very happy,

so happy that I'm going to explode.

Thank you.

You're welcome.


Dear Prince Forest,

Thank you.

I've never been this happy

for the past 18 years.

Thank you for waiting to meet me.

From now on,

I'll be a happy mermaid,

a mermaid over 25.

I'll always remember

that after bad things, good things come.

Kauff, do you know

what the story of Prince Forest
and the Mermaid is about?

What the story of Prince Forest
and the Mermaid is about?

What's it about?

Even if we can't be together,

I'll still love you.

Shall I cook once in awhile, too?

So I asked him.

I said,

"why did you raise your hand?"

He said,

"because I saw

you crying."

"So I wanted to be by your side forever.

Even if I'm sick, it's alright."

So, we were chosen.

We were chosen by the angels.

Because of him,

my life is more special.

Let's welcome my angel

- to come up on stage, okay?
- Sure!

Introduce yourself.

Hi, my name is Kang Xiang-Wei

Don't go away.