A Flying Jatt (2016) - full transcript

Malhotra wants to acquire a land of Sikh colony for his factory which is owned by Mrs Dhillon known as Bebe however Bebe is in no mood to sell the land to him it also has a tree which is considered holy by the everyone.Malhotra threatens Bebe 's son Aman that her life would be in danger if she doesn't sell the land to him,Malhotra sends Raka to cut the tree.On a stormy night Aman sits near the holy tree praying for his mother he notices that Raka is cutting the tree a fight occurs between them after being beaten by Raka,Aman gets holy powers from the tree and fights back soon Aman turns a superhero known as Flying Jat who helps people in need whereas Raka turns into a toxic Monster who wants to pollute the environment.

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If a 1000 rupees falls from my pocket
I never pick it up

You know why?

The time it takes to pick up that note
I make deals in the millions...

And here it takes my trucks
two days to reach the city

Do you have any idea
How much of losses that is for me?

And this is the cheapest location
to dump our toxic waste

This lake is our biggest problem

It's beacuse of this lake that
our trucks have to go around

Then why are you wasting my time?

We can't buy that land in order
to build that bridge

Sir we tried to make them
understand alot


Actually there is a 200 year old tree
on that land

People believe its from the saints

Who is the owner of this land?

A mother and her son lives there

Her son teaches martial arts
in the local school

Show a little respect

So you guys are afraid
of a martial arts teacher

You came to negotiate my land!

What are you looking at?
Take out the car!

Why are you people staring at me?

When it's time to give the rent every month
then I don't see anyone

Mother, you started again

You keep quiet

First you give me nine months of rent!
- I am your son!

He was the first sardar to go to Shaolin
and learn Kung-Fu

Lovingly they used to call him
the flying jatt

And you are scared of a little height

Tell your wife to take a vow again

I'm very happy to meet you

Only if I can say the same about you

I heard that you are very religious

You won't understand the importance
of this tree

Even if this tree was not on this land
I wouldn't have sold it to you

The pollution from your factories
have destroyed this city

Do whatever you want,
I will never sell you this land

I just took a vow that you sell
me this land

Its' either my vow gets fullfilled

Or it will prove that there's
nothing in cutting down an ordinary tree

Disappointingly you don't know who you are!

Your father, Sardar Kartar Singh

In the whole of Punjab
no one could challenge him in a fight

But he couldn't fight against cancer

And you want me to sell this
land to Malhotra

He's giving us good money for this land

Let's sell it and go away

And Im tired of being
Kartar SIngh's shadow

At least listen at times

Someone stop that

Move backwards kids!

Aman are you ok?

Imagine the teacher is in this condition

Then what will be the condition
of our kids?

Kirti how are you?

What does Malhotra think of himself?

Malhotra has called for you

You lost again

I spoke to her sir

It won't happen again

My poor daughter doesn't have a mother

That's why I play with her like a kid

Everything must go from this world

Money, land

But nothing must happen to mother

What if something happens
to your mother?

Why are you getting so scared?

Sir, you called for me?

Where's Rakka?


Hey Foreigner!
You want to take a hit on me?

Now see how I kill you

No one knows

That once I trusted you

I took a vow for my father

But you did not save him

I know Malhotra will definitely
do something

But I won't be able to do anything

Whose's there?

What are you doing?

Do you want a break?

Make it faster

I didn't know that you play the violin?

I also didn't know

We couldn't find out anything
about Raakha

And that tree is still standing there

Tell us what to do sir

People will look at you and
say that you're gone mad

From the morning I'm hearing
strange noises

I have the cure for it

You want to take on Malhotra

Kill him!

Leave me!
Kill him!

Where did they go to?

If you shot them,
then where are they?

I told you not to interfere with Malhotra

He was running at 200km

You don't believe me?
Look at your shoes

I'm going to sleep

Did you drink?

You know, those ruffians
fired shots at us!

And him, instead of becoming Sunny Deol
He became Sunny Leone

He was dancing in front of them

They fired multiple times at him
And nothing happened to him

I told you so

What are you doing?

What happened to you guys?

My son, you have become a superhero

What madness is this mother?

Mother I din't tell you something.
Last night...

When I woke up there was
not a scratch on me

And nothing happened to the tree

That's why I thought it was a dream

This is all God's doings

He gave you all this strength to
defeat injustice

What did you wear?

You don't even know how to fly

Look at this

This is what you call a
superhero costume

Come son!

Wow! Wonderful

The time has come for
you to wear it

Please Mother, the costume
looks better without this

If not your father's turban
Then keep his name

Hey why did you sit?

Then what must I do?

Go save the world

Why are you going through the door
You can fly!

Oh God!
He has become a superhero

But his fear of heights hasn't gone

Go chase some cars

Hello son!
Did you save anyone?

I didn't see anyone yet

Where are you?

Mother it seems that they are
kidnapping a child

Who is his father?

Who is his father?

What are you wearing?

No need to run

What are you doing?

This ruffian came to rob me

I don't want to be a superhero

What kind of noises are these?

God please save my father

As you can see the situation
is very tense

Who is this?

Who lands like this?

Oh son!
Go quickly! Go quickly!

Who is that?

Are you ok?

Sir! Sir!
What is your name?

I think he's an alien!

Whatever he is, he's mine

The criminal's enemy
and friend of the poor

The chandelier is clean
When will the city be clean

This is public property
and there's a school here

How can you dump waste here?

Who are you?

Is this property on your name?

Who did this?

The land may not be on our name
But this filth is yours

That is why I'm sending
it to the right address

I wish I could meet him!

Hey keep quiet

I heard that you don't get hurt

Just give me this coconut

I will hit him on his head
and he will feel nothing

That was nothing.
I will show you more

Hey give me your bat

Now see how the bat breaks
but he won't break

This is enough for today

I wanted to be Flying Jatt
for a little while

I swear on God, I never
knew it was you

A man can withstand a level of pollution

His veins are filled with toxins

I don't understand how he is living

What happened that night?

He is worrying me

The answer to his strength is you Raaka

Bring me 2kg of calabash

Superhero's dont eat food?

I told you that superhero also
eats calabash

You too must eat it

You will take money from Flying Jatt?

Do you know me?

Do you remember?

Behind you

If I want to, I can finish you
off right now

But I am not like you

You have strength
I have their trust

Your calabash

The people are right

I produce alot of filth in this city

Look at yourself

Why are you taking out your
anger on that mirror

That superhero closed down
all my businesses


Actually I didn't thank you
properly for the calabash

And plus I have to pay you

I told you before that I
can't take money from you

Please God, don't let him be angry

I want him to stay

It was the most beautiful
night in my life

Is there any problem?

No! I won't wear your costume

Rohit please

I promised Kirti that Flying Jatt
will meet the kids

Then why don't you go as the
Flying Jatt

Because she wants to introduce her
best friend Aman to the Flying Jatt

Now tell me!
Are you going to wear it or not?

With you?
That's great

He's a superhero
He can meet anyone

Are you gone insane?

How can you compare yourself
to other girls?

He is my friend Aman

Why is it necessary to go in an auto?

We can fly

Hold on tightly so that
no one will fall

What happened?

Who are you people?

Hey Fatso, try fighting with
our superhero

Superhero got scared

A real superhero is someone
who fights for justice without powers

If an ordinary man like Aman

is certain that he can save
an innocent man

Then automatically he will get powers

You don't believe me?

So children!

Who is the real superhero?
-Me or Aman Sir?

There is no confirmation of the
arrival of the superhero

Aman should definitely go
for this function

You planning to spend Valentine's Day
with Kirti?

Son, God didn't give you powers
to seduce girls

Were you expecting someone else?

I wanted to talk to you

Actually I wanted to tell the
both of you something too

Mr Flying Jatt your fans want to see
you flying and so do I

You fulfill everyone's wishes

Fulfill mine too

He is a cheater

He fell in love with
Shakti Kapoor's daughter

I told you to wear the costume
not to accept a wedding

Rohit understand one thing

I love Kirti only and forever will

What happened?
You look very happy today?

And we kissed for the first time

He came to me and grabbed me

And then he started to kiss me everywhere

Actually he wanted to do more

Kirti why are you lying?

He's not the superhero Kirti!
I am!

I know

I heard you both talking at
the tree last night

What never happen last night
should happen now

Promise me that you won't make
me wear your costume

Today you can't refuse to
use this turban

That is why I cut my hair

I was ashamed

They saved their daughters
and sisters and returned them safely

And this story made history

When midnight arrives

The army of the looters would be
scared that the Sardars don't attack

Why are you throwing so much
of dirt Raaka?

You should keep the city clean

You know I have waited a long
time for this moment

They will continue littering
and Raaka's powers will grow

People call this train the cancer train

The pollution has spread so
much in the country

That the cancer is spreading
like the flu

He never used to get hurt

The biggest wounds used to
get healed in two minutes

We are all responsible for him

Aman gets his power only from a tree

But Raaka gets his from everything near him

She had a difficult time breathing

Her condition got so bad
that we had to put her on her ventilator

This happened because of the
pollution that you have caused

Raaka hs changed the image of
this city in two days

The whole city is burning

Superhero is the only hope
for this city

If Aman goes in front of him
in this condition...

Then he won't last for a minute

But people are dying aunty

Uptil now I have given you
money to do my work Raaka

Today I'm paying you
to do nothing

This involves my daughter

Where is your superhero?

Aunty! Aman!
-Aman is upstairs

If he is here then who
is with Raaka?

I told you that there is no place
on earth that you can kill me

Rohit was the Flying Jatt

Everyone thinks that he was
the real superhero

A real hero is one that fights for
justice without powers

We are all responsible for the death
of a superhero

If we need to chase Raaka away,
first we got to get rid of pollution

Think about it once more aunty

This place was uncle's dream

I lost one son.
I don't want to lose another.

Let's go from here

I can hear everyone's scream
I can feel their pain

But Aman you can't face Raaka's strength

But what can I do?
I am a sardar

This is the only way to deafeat Raaka

A superhero is not scared of anyone

A sikh is like a million Raaka

You were right Raaka

There is no place on earth
that I can defeat you

But here I can