A Flintstone Christmas (1977) - full transcript

On Christmas Eve Day, Fred finally agrees to play Santa Claus for a benefit event. However, those plans have to be put on hold that night when the real Santa Claus sprains his ankle falling off Fred's roof. With no other option, Santa asks Fred and Barney to continue his delivery itinerary for him and they agree to the task. Throughout that night, the pair find the job unusually difficult, but Santa and his support crew are ready to help.

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[instrumental music]

Gee, mommy.
Can't you go faster?

I wanna get the tree home.

Your daddy will have a great
time decorating it, Pebbles.

it's a beautiful tree, Wilma.

Thanks, Betty.

[music continues]

[bells jingling]

[bell ringing]

Another Christmas here already,
huh, Fred?

Yeah. Heh heh. What a great time
of the year, Barn.

[train whistles]

Hey, look at those toys.

Boy, oh, boy, aren't they great?

'I never had toys like that
when I was a kid.'

[chuckles] Yeah. The kids today
don't know how good they have it.

[bell ringing]

Merry Christmas, Santa.
Ho ho ho!

Ho ho ho!
And a Merry Christmas to you.

[laughs] Look at all
those happy faces, Barn.

There's just no other holiday
like it.

Yeah, that's for sure, Fred.

There you go.

And ho ho ho, my good Santa.

Ho ho ho!
And a Merry Christmas!

A few more of those ho-ho-hos

and you'll be bro-o-oke
for Christmas.

Well, I just can't say no
to Santa Claus.


Well, those guys
in those corny suits

aren't the real Santa Claus,
you know?

Oh, I wouldn't be
too sure, Fred.

He's here, he's there.
He's everywhere.

- Oh, boy.
- No, really, Fred.

♪ Why only this morning
I found ♪

♪ Dozens of Santas around ♪

♪ One in each store
at Stoney's there's four ♪

♪ And more on each corner
in town ♪

[Barney laughs]

♪ In front of each Santa
I'd pause ♪

♪ Then go
to the next one because ♪

♪ I got so confused
which one should I choose ♪

♪ I wanted the real
Santa Claus ♪

♪ I don't know
which one it is ♪

[upbeat music]

♪ There's a Santa on the roof
of the house next door ♪

♪ There's a Santa in the window
of the new toy store ♪

♪ There's another one at Rocky's
on the second floor ♪

♪ Which one
is the real Santa Claus? ♪

♪ There's a Santa with a tummy
but he looks too flat ♪

♪ And another with a pillow
only he's too fat ♪

♪ There's a Santa
with his whiskers ♪

♪ That are tied onto his hat ♪

♪ Which one
is the real Santa Claus? ♪

♪ Which one? ♪

♪ This one ♪

♪ He's the tallest Santa Claus
I ever saw ♪

♪ Just feel ♪

♪ He's real ♪

♪ Here's another with a belly ♪

♪ That is stuffed with straw ♪

♪ I have seen so many Santas
either short or tall ♪

♪ And about how many more
I can't describe them all ♪

♪ But just to play it safe
I'm gonna choose them all ♪

♪ 'Cause one
is the real Santa Claus ♪

[bells ringing]

[music continues]

♪ Here's one ♪

♪ He's fun ♪

♪ He's the finest Santa
that I've seen around ♪

♪ How sad ♪

♪ Too bad ♪

♪ Santa's stuck
inside the chimney ♪

♪ And he's upside down ♪

♪ I have seen so many Santas
either short or tall ♪

♪ And about how many more
I can't describe them all ♪

♪ But just to play it safe
I wanna choose them all ♪

♪ 'Cause one
is the real Santa Claus ♪

♪ Yes one has got to be ♪

♪ The really real to me ♪

♪ Santa Claus ♪♪

I told you, Fred.

That's right, Barn.

[bell ringing]

You'd never catch me
in one of those outfits.

Hey, Fred, look at this.
Aren't they cute?

Hello, there, little dino pups.



That middle one reminds me
of my boss, Mr. Slate.

I wonder if Bamm-Bamm would
like a pet for Christmas.

Look, Fred, isn't he cute?

Yeah, he is kinda cute,
but what can you use him for?

Well, he could be a watchdog.

This little thing?

What can he do?

- Yikes!
- Bite. He he he.

[instrumental music]

(Wilma) 'Fred, what
are you doing up there?'

(Fred) 'I forgot to put the star
on the tree last night, Wilma.'

Hand it up to daddy, Pebbles.

Be careful, daddy.

Don't worry, Pebbles, daddy
knows exactly what he's doing.

Maybe you should move the ladder
a little closer, Fred.

Now, Wilma,
have a little confidence.

That's what I have, Fred.
A little confidence.

Do you think it's safe to go in

if a mighty gut isn't through
with his breakfast?

Oh, Barney, pull the bell.

Okay, but he can get real mean.

Ding ding ding.

That must be the Rubbles.

Barney said he'd drop by
and take me to work.

'I'll get it.'

No, no.
No, no, no, Dino.

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Slurp slurp slurp


Stop it, Dino!

- Stop it!
- Down, Dino, down!


Come on in.
Fred's decorating the tree.


Oh, it is a beautiful tree.

Yeah, especially that fat
little ornament. Ha ha ha.

Very funny, Barney.

Now stop with the jokes
and get me down.

Okay, Fred, okay.

Don't forget
your Christmas spirit.

Oh, sure. Ho ho ho.

Have you asked Fred about,
you know?

Twice and he said no, no too.

You know,
but the third time's the charm.

I hope.

Well, I gotta admit, Fred,
it looks pretty good.

Yep. Now I gotta find a place
for this last ornament.

No problem, Fred.

Here's the perfect place for it.

Are you kiddin', Barn?

This is the perfect spot for it.

I wouldn't hang it there, Fred.

"I wouldn't hang it there,
Fred." Why not?

Uh, don't look now, Fred,
but here comes the why not?




You okay, daddy?


Good thinking, Fred.

You broke the tree's fall.


Barney, get me out of here.

Oh, don't worry, Fred.
Bamm-Bamm will fix it.

After all, he's the strongest
little boy in the world.

'That's very nice, Bamm-Bamm.'

Thank you, Auntie Wilma.

Why don't you and Pebbles
listen to some records?

'Mommy has to talk to daddy.'

Okay, mommy.
Come on, Bamm-Bamm.


Oh, uh, Fred.

It's the day before Christmas
and there's the party tonight.

Right, the Ladies'
Auxiliary Party

for the Bedrock Orphanage and...

Yeah, I know
what you're gonna ask, Betty

and for the third time,
the answer is no.

Hey, uh, what are they
gonna ask, Fred?

We want Fred to play Santa.

It would be a joke, Wilma.

The guys at work
would never let me live it down.

Besides, where would you get
a suit big enough to fit him?


You see what I mean?

Come on, Barn,
we'd better get to work.

- Have a good day, dear.
- Oh, thanks, Betty.

Thought I forgot, huh?
He he he.

It sure is hard
to stay mad at him.

[both laughing]

[instrumental music]


- Thanks, Barney. See you later.
- Uh, just be good today, Fred.

Remember, Santa comes tonight

and he knows who's been naughty
and who's been nice.


"He knows who's been naughty
and who's been nice."

Oh, boy.

(male #1)
Hey, Fred.

Mr. Slate's waitin' to see you
in his office.

- Uh, M-M-Mr. Slate? Me?
- Don't worry, Fred.

I'll help you look for
another job after the holidays.


I haven't been late.
I'm conscientious.

I'm diligent.
I don't take long lunch hours.

What does he wanna see me for?


Goin' down!

What could it be?

I wonder what he wants
to see me about.

Hurry it up, Otis.

This is supposed to be
an express elevator.


[Fred mumbling]

I treat the equipment right.
I stay late sometimes.

Wow. What could it be?


- Uh, eh, excuse me.
- Yes?

Um, um, uh,
Mr. Slate wants to see me.

- Name?
- Eh, Flintstone.

- Fred Flintstone.
- One moment.

Mr. Slate,
a Mr. Flintstone to see you.


Mr. Slate, a Mr. Flintstone
is there to see you.

Send him in.


'Send him in.'


- You can go in.
- Uh, thanks.

Eh, it's a living.

Flintstone, how long
have you been with me?

Eh, eh, uh, not nearly
long enough, Mr. Slate.


I want you to think
about another job.

Oh, no, please, Mr. Slate.
I really need this job.

Don't throw me out
in the street, please.

- Flintstone.
- Yes?

Could you grovel standing up?

- Yes, sir.
- Fred.

The Ladies' Auxiliary
is having a Christmas party

for underprivileged kids tonight

and Mrs. Slate wants you
to play Santa Claus.

- Me?
- Yep.

That's the other job?


Oh, thank you, sir.
Thank you. Thank you.

I'll be happy
to play Santa Claus.

'Oh, what an honor.
What a privilege.'

Please thank Mrs. Slate for me.

[clears throat] I guess it's
because of my acting, huh?

No, it's because you're fat.

Wise guy.

[clears throat]
Uh, I'm very busy, Flintstone.

Uh, take the Santa Claus suit
on your way out.

Yes, sir.

Oh, you can count on me, boss.

I won't let you
and Mrs. Slate down. You'll see.

I'll make the best Santa
you ever saw.

I'll make those kids so happy,
you'll be proud of me.

Oh, Merry Christmas.

Flintstone, will you get out
of my closet?

Sorry, boss.


Merry Christmas, Mr. Slate.

Phew. Oh, boy,
oh, boy, oh, boy.


[instrumental music]

Clack clack clack

[bell ringing]

♪ It's my favorite time
of the year ♪

♪ It's that magical time
of good cheer ♪

♪ I guess part of the reasons ♪

♪ The heart of the season ♪

♪ Of Christmas
it's practically here ♪

♪ Every shop window
up and down the boulevard ♪

♪ Has the look of a big
expensive Christmas card ♪

♪ There's a trainload of trees
at the railroad yard ♪

♪ And one of these
soon will be mine ♪

♪ Every roof
wears a blanket of snow ♪

♪ Every face
wears a holiday glow ♪

♪ All the world is revealing
that mistletoe feeling ♪

♪ That tells you
Christmas is here ♪

♪ It's my favorite ♪

♪ Time of the year ♪♪


(Fred) Hi, Wilma, I'm
home! Oh, Wilma, Wilma.

'I'm home! Boy, have I got
somethin' to tell you.'

Oh, no, no, no.
Don't, Dino. No!

Cut-cut it out, Dino.
Will you cut it out? Get off me.


He sure loves you, Fred.

Now get off, Dino.

[Dino mumbles]

Thanks, Wilma.

Wow, you'll never guess
what happened.

- You've cancelled Christmas.
- Oh, come on, Wilma.

I love Christmas
as much as anyone.

I am gonna play Santa Claus
at the Women's Auxiliary.

You're what? What made you
change your mind, Fred?

Well, when I got to work

Mr. Slate invited me
into his office.

He offered me a cigar, you know,
tryin' to butter me up?

Uh-huh. Go on.

Yeah, well, he said
Mrs. Slate wanted me to do it

and that he agreed because
of my fantastic acting ability.


Oh, sure, Fred.

Well, maybe he didn't put it
exactly like that.

Oh, it doesn't matter, Fred.

I think you'll be
a terrific Santa

because you're lovable.

Thanks, honey. He he he.

- Hey, is Pebbles around?
- No.

She's playing next door
with Bamm-Bamm.

Good. Then I can try
on my Santa suit.

Gosh, Wilma.

The least they could have done
was gotten me a new suit.

Well, you'll look just fine

once you put
the Santa hat on, Fred.


Hey, you're right, honey.

What'd I tell you, Fred?
You're a perfect Santa Claus.

Yeah. He he.

I always said you had
terrific taste, Wilma.

Ho ho ho!

You hear that, Wilma?
Pretty good, huh?

- Ho ho...
- 'Ho ho!'

- Uh-oh.
- Congratulations, Wilma.

Uh, how did you
finally talk him into it?

I didn't. It was Mrs. Slate.

- 'Bless her!'
- You see, Fred?

Everyone knows you're
the one guy to play Santa Claus.

[laughs] After all, you've
got the round little belly

'that shakes like a bowl
full of jelly!'



Eh, just throwin' myself
into the part, Barn.

Terrific, 'cause you sure
got a lot to throw.


Very funny, Barney,
but watch it.

I'm leaving now, Fred.

Betty and I promised to help
get things ready

for the party tonight.

We'll take Pebbles
and Bamm-Bamm with us.

Good idea, Wilma.

You're gonna make a lot
of children happy

by playing Santa tonight.

Oh, I'm proud of you, Fred.

See you later, honey.

You sure got
a great girl there, Fred.

Boy, do I ever, Barney.


What's that?


What was that?

[intense music]

Over there, Fred.

'It looks like someone
really took a spill.'

Yeah, come on.

Okay, Barney,
grab a leg and pull.

[both grunts]

Come on. Argh. Yah!


It's a pair of boots.

Those are my boots,
so hand them over.

Wow-wee! It's Santa Claus!

Yeah, you're a long way
from your corner, Santa.

Well, so are you.
Ho ho ho.

Huh? Oh, the suit!

Well, I'm playing Santa
at a Christmas party tonight.

Yeah, everybody gets
into the act this time of year.

Psst. Hey, Fred.
I think he is the real Santa.

And I think you flipped
when he slipped, pal.

I didn't slip, Flintstone.
I tripped!

When are you ever going
to fix your roof?

It's like an obstacle course.

My roof?

Hey, Barney,
this guy really plays

his part to the hilt.

I, uh, seem to have sprained
my ankle.

Oh, of all nights to do it.

Yeah, we better
bring him inside, Barney.

Gee, Fred. He really could be
Santa, you know?

Yeah and I could be
the Easter Bunny.


Oh. Careful.

Easy. Oh.

Thanks, gentlemen.

Um, do you mind if I use
your phone, Flintstone?

Okay. Hey, but no
long-distance calls.

Hello, operator? Will you please
get me the North Pole?

North Pole?

Oh, boy, Barn, we got
a real lulu on our hands.

Hey, uh, you should not talk
about Santa that way, Fred.

'Cause he not only knows when
you've been naughty and nice

he knows when you've called him
a lulu.

Alright, operator,
but please, hurry.

Hey, Barn, get over to your
house and call the asylum.

Tell 'em we've got
one of their guys here.

Uh, gee, Fred,
uh, I don't know.

Will you quit being so gullible
and get movin'?

Mmm, maybe Fred's right.
Maybe Santa really isn't Santa.

Maybe, he's, uh..


Hey, hey, Fred! Fred!


Barney, will you stop yellin'?

Just get goin'
and make that call.


What are you tryin' to say?

Uh, on the roof.
Santa's reindeer!

Barney, there's nothing
up on the..

Santa's reindeer.
What'd I tell you, Barn?

It's really Santa Claus.
In there!

In my house!

So what have I been tellin' him?

Come on,
we gotta make him comfortable.

Oh, there, there, Mr. Claus.

Uh, is that better,
Mr. Claus?

Are you quite comfortable there,
Mr. Claus?

Well, yes, uh, thanks, gentle

uh, uh, gentle,
uh, uh, gentle..


Oh-oh, Mr. Claus, sir.

It, uh, looks like
you're catchin' a cold.

Yes, Rubble.

Sniff sniff.

As if a sprained ankle
wasn't bad enough.

Well, if you don't mind
my saying so, Santa

I don't see
how you can be expected to fly

all over the world
in your condition.

Yeah, right, uh,
going through snowstorms

and climbin'
up and down chimneys..

You're absolutely right,
Flintstone, but if I don't

millions of children
will be disappointed.

Santa, you wanna get someone
to take your place.

Right, Flintstone, but where
am I gonna get somebody

that jolly, that dedicated,
this fat?

Hey, Santa.
Have I got an idea?

The perfect substitute
is standing right there.

- Where?
- Fred, I mean you.

Me? Fill in for Santa Claus?

Well, at least you look
the part.

Y-y-yeah, Fred,
a-and I could be your elf.

Ho ho ho!
That's a good idea, Rubble.

And all it takes
is a little Christmas magic.


Gee, look at me.
I'm Santa's helper.

We're a team now, Fred.

Mmm, well, not quite, Rubble.

Uh, we've got to do something
about that suit...

Fred is wearing.


It's a perfect fit, Fred.


If I didn't know
you were you, Flintstone

I'd think you were me.

Yeah, but really being Santa's
a big important job.

How can I deliver Christmas
presents all over the world

in just one night?

Oh, there's nothing to it.

Now just listen carefully

and I'll give you
a few pointers.

'Now watch out
for low-flying pterodactyls'

'and for TV aerials
when you come in for landings'

'and for reindeer, yes.'

'Snap the reins
once for take-off'

'twice for left-turn..'

- 'Three times for right.'
- Right.

'One slow, and two fast
for reverse and..'

'You got that, Flintstone?'

Oh, yeah, yeah.
Leave it to me.

It's in the able hands
of Fred Flintstone.

Come on, Barn.

- Oop.
- Oh, boy.

I hope he flies
better than he walks.


Uh, I can't remember how Santa
said to start this thing, Barn.

Well, you just call out
the names

of all the reindeer, Fred.

Yeah. Oh, oh, yeah. Yeah.

On, Jumper!
On, uh, uh, Thunder.

'On, Bouncer, and, uh, Plunder!'

- 'On, uh..'
- Oh, oh, oh, Fred. Fred.

It's-it's on, Dasher,
on, Dancer, on, Prancer.

On, Vixen, on, Comet, on, Cupid,
on Donner, on Blitzen!

[instrumental music]

(Fred) I did it! I did it! I remembered!

Fred, you're really getting
the hang of this thing.

Santa will be proud of you.

Thanks, Barn.
You know something?

I think I was made for this job.



- Hey. Hey, Fred. You okay?
- Sure, I'm okay.

There's nothing I like better
than fallin' down chimneys.

Now throw down the presents.


Thanks, Barn.

Well, the kids are sure
having a good time, Mr. Slate.

So far, Wilma,
but this party will be a bust

without Santa Claus.
Wherever he is.

Hey, Fred. You about finished?

(Fred) 'I've been finished a long time.'

'I just can't get back up.'



Oh, um, why don't you try
the front door?

The front door?
I was just gonna try that.


Hurry, Barney,
let's get out of here!

[instrumental music]

How come I have to go down
the chimney, Fred?

'I'm just an elf.'

Because we'll never get finished
if you don't.

'You'll fit better than I do.'


That's a fact.

Now when I say go

you lower yourself
down the chimney.

Yeah, okay, Fred.

I'm the elf and you're the boss.

Here goes.

What the..



'Next time wait till I say go!'

[instrumental music]

♪ Sleigh bells ring
to say it's Christmas ♪

♪ Children sing
the song of Christmas ♪

♪ Santa brings
the joy of Christmas ♪

♪ All on Christmas Day ♪

♪ The sound of toy trains going
chugga chugga down the track ♪

♪ Down the track
around then coming back ♪

♪ A chugga chugga jumpin' Jack ♪

♪ The sound of mama dolls ♪

♪ Say mama-mama-mama
and mama ♪

♪ A tootie-tootie horn ♪

♪ And a drum
that goes bang bang ♪

♪ Oohs and aahs
we hear on Christmas ♪

♪ Squeals and yells
we cheer on Christmas ♪

♪ Children bring
the joy of Christmas ♪

♪ Sounds of Christmas Day ♪

♪ The happy sounds
you hear on Christmas Day ♪♪

[laughs] We've gone halfway
around the world already, Barney.

This is a snap.

(Barney) Yeah, looks
like we're over China now.

Oh, you're doin' great, Fred.

I'm sure havin' fun
bein' Santa's little helper.


I wouldn't miss this
for the world.

On, Dasher.
On, Dancer. On.. Oh-oh!

Looks like we're headin'
into a storm.

Correction, pal.
We are in a storm.

Hold on! I'll see
if we can fly over it.

Giddy-up, reindeer!
Up. Up. Up!

[dramatic music]

This must be
what they call bumpy air.

(Barney) 'Yeah, and we
just bumped the presents out.'

- What do we do now?
- Oh, boy.

There's a million kids
out there countin' on us.

Uh, look, Fred. Isn't that
one of those CB radios?

It sure is.

Well, maybe you could
reach Santa Claus

and find out what to do.

Yeah. Ahem.
Hello, Santa?

Not that way, Fred,
you gotta use CB talk.

Eh, let me show you.

Breaker, breaker.
Sky Sled to Big Red.

- Do you have a copy?
- A copy of what?

It means do you understand
and can you hear me?

(Barney) 'Uh, Sky Sled to
Big Red. Do you have a copy?'

Huh? What? Who said that?

(Barney) 'Sky Sled to Big Red.
Do you have a copy, Big Red?'

You're wall to wall
and treetop tall.

'And you don't have to tell me.
You blew it.'

It's true!
Santa does know everything.

Let me talk to him.

Santa? It's me, it's Fred.

We were doin' great until
we ran into the storm and..

Slow down, Flintstone.
Slow down.

Did you say storm?

'That's right, Santa.'

We're okay
and so are the reindeer

but we still need presents
for half the kids in the world.

Well, there's nothing to do,
but go to my workshop

at the North Pole
and pick up another load.

Hey, that's a terrific idea.

But tell me,
how do we get there?

(Santa) 'Just tell the
reindeer to head for home.'

- 'They know the way.'
- Thanks, Santa.

Okay, guys, you heard Santa.
Let's head for home.

North Pole, here we come.

That's right,
t-they're on their way, dear.

They lost the presents.

They're a couple of bumblers

but their hearts
are in the right place.

[instrumental music]

Oh, my goodness.
Yes, Mr. Flintstone, Mr. Rubble.

My husband phoned
you were coming

and our elves have
almost finished filling up

a whole new sack of presents.

- Gosh, Santa's workshop.
- Wow.

(Barney) 'Hey, those rocking
dinos are just like the one'

'I had when I was a kid.'

(Fred) 'Yeah, and I had
one of those model trains.'

I loved playing with it

whenever I could get it away
from my father.

It sure is a busy place,
Mrs. Claus.

Well, Mr. Flintstone

we've got the biggest
Christmas list of all to fill.

- 'Every child in the world.'
- Yeah.

Well, we'll have you
on your way again

as soon as we finish
a few more toys.

- Maybe we can help.
- Yeah, we're good with tools.

(Mrs. Claus) Well, that
would be very nice, gentlemen.

We need all the help we can get.

[instrumental music]

[music continues]

Hey, Fred, look at the elves.
They're tootin' the horn.

- Yeah, Barn, I like it.
- Hey, what is it?


♪ It's a brand-new type
of Christmas song ♪

♪ You don't sing
you only toot a horn ♪

♪ With the.. ♪

[instrumental music]

♪ And the.. ♪

[instrumental music]

♪ La la la la la la la la la ♪
♪ Toot toot toot toot too ♪

♪ La la la la la la la la la ♪
♪ Toot toot toot toot ♪

♪ Lalala la
la la la la ♪

♪ La la la la la la la la la ♪
♪ Toot toot toot toot ♪

- Beautiful, beautiful, yeah.
- Beautiful, beautiful.

Hey, how did you do that?


♪ First you push
the dinky-doodle ♪

♪ And then start
that thingamajig ♪

♪ The gramus turns the gramus
on the gadget ♪

♪ It's very scientific
and it makes a lot of noise ♪

♪ But the super duper
whatchamacallit ♪

♪ Makes terrific toys ♪

[instrumental music]

- Here, Barn.
- Hey, be my guest, Fred.

[instrumental music]

♪ It's a brand-new kind
of Christmas song ♪

♪ We don't sing
we only toot along ♪

♪ With a.. ♪

[trumpet music]

♪ And a.. ♪

[trumpet music]

♪ You'll have a happy time ♪

♪ Of fun and tooting ♪

♪ It's gotta feel good ♪

♪ There's nothing to it ♪

♪ You just.. ♪

[instrumental music]

♪ When we play
this Merry Christmas song ♪♪

Hey, Fred, that's really fun.

Yeah, Barn, ain't it beautiful?


[instrumental music]

All set. Here we go.

- On, uh, uh, on, uh..
- Dasher.

Quiet, Barney.
I know what I'm doing.

On, Dasher. On, uh, on, uh..

- Dancer.
- Dancer.

See, I told you, I know.

On Dasher, on Dancer,
on Prancer, on Vixen.

Goodbye, Mr. Flintstone.
Goodbye, Mr. Rubble.

- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.

- Goodbye, goodbye.
- So long.

Now watch out for storms!

Don't worry, Mrs. Claus.
We'll be okay.

And thanks for everything.

- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas, gentlemen.

- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.

Gee, Fred,
isn't she a nice lady?

Yeah, no wonder
Santa's so jolly.


[instrumental music]

- 'We want Santa.'
- 'We want Santa.'

- We want Santa. We want Santa.
- We want Santa. We want Santa.

- We want Santa. We want..
- We want Santa. We want..

Children, please, Santa
should be here any minute now

'because Santa loves
little children'

and he better get here soon.

Oh, Betty, I'm really worried
about the boys.

They should have been here
a long time ago.

Don't worry, Wilma.

They're probably just planning
a dramatic entrance.

Well, if they don't
get here soon

it'll be a very dramatic exit
for Fred

when Mr. Slate throws him out
on his ear.

Some Christmas present
that'll be.

A pink slip.

[chuckles] It's going like
clockwork, Barney. Watch this.

Bull's eye, Fred.

[chuckles] Too bad you
can't drop a bowling ball

down the old alley like that.

Watch this one, Barn.

'I call it the old twistaroo.'

(Barney) 'And you just
made another kid happy.'


This is more fun
than having a party.

Oh, no. Oh, no, no, no.

What's the matter, Fred?

The party, the Christmas party.

- We forgot all about it.
- Oh-oh.

I'm done for, Barn.
Mr. Slate will kill me.

Uh, before or after
he fires you?

That'll be a great present
for Wilma and Pebbles.

Don't give up yet, Fred.

Maybe Santa can tell us
how to speed things up

so we can get back to Bedrock.

Yeah, maybe he can.

Calling Big Red.
Urgent! Urgent!

[instrumental music]

What did I tell you, Fred?

Didn't I tell you Santa
would come up with something?


Yeah, pushing that super speed
button really did it.

Get ready, Barn.
Here's another town.

Presents away!

'Merry Christmas.'

'Merry Christmas.'

'Ho ho ho!'

'Merry Christmas.'

[music continues]

You know, Barn.

We just might make it back
to Bedrock in time

for the party after all.

- 'We want Santa.'
- 'We want Santa.'

- We want Santa. We want Santa.
- We want Santa. We want Santa.

- We want Santa.
- We want Santa.

I can understand
the kids being upset, Wilma.

And Mr. Slate too.


Wait till I get my hands
on that Flintstone.

'Swiss village at 10,000 feet.'

(Fred) 'Stand-by for final
Christmas presents drop.'

'Merry Christmas.'

Final drop completed,
substitute Santa Claus.

Good work,
substitute Santa's helper.

Okay, team.
Next stop, Bedrock.


- 'We want Santa.'
- 'We want Santa.'

- We want Santa. We want Santa.
- We want Santa. We want Santa.

- We want Santa.
- We want Santa.

Wilma, if I have to go out
and tell those kids

Santa isn't going to be here...

Oh, I just know Fred
will be here soon, Mr. Slate.

Well, if he isn't here
in one minute

he needn't show up at all,
here or at work.

Mama, Santa's not coming,
is he?

Oh, Pebbles,
we can't give up hope.


'Yes, like that Christmas tree.'

'Those sparkling decorations
all mean hope.'

♪ Hope is waking
Christmas time ♪

♪ Knowing Santa's
been and gone ♪

♪ Hope can make
a wish come true ♪

♪ Maybe fill your stocking too ♪

♪ Hope is knowing what will be ♪

♪ Underneath
your Christmas tree ♪

♪ Hope is when
your laughter rings ♪

♪ Hope is sharing things ♪

♪ Hope brings cheer ♪

♪ And Santa's
sleigh bells ringing ♪

♪ Hope can hear ♪

♪ The voice of angel singing ♪
♪ Oh oh ♪

♪ Hope is like a dream
you make ♪

♪ It's a dream
when you're awake ♪

♪ Everyone needs hope
because hope ♪

♪ Believes in Santa Claus ♪♪

[instrumental music]

[both scream]


- Santa!
- Santa!

It's Santa Claus.

[all cheering]

Ho ho ho!

Uh, yeah, and uh,
ho ho ho from Santa's elf.

'Merry Christmas!'

'Merry Christmas, everyone.'

- 'Merry Christmas, Santa.'
- 'Merry Christmas, Santa.'

Betty, they made it.

Oh, and doesn't Barney
look cute as an elf?

Ten seconds more and you would
have been fired, Flintstone.

But not after an entrance
like that.

Welcome, Santa Claus.

- Welcome to Bedrock.
- Uh, gee, thanks, Mr. Slate.

And now what about the presents
for all the children, Santa?

Right here in Santa's sack, Mr..

Uh-oh, I forgot.

We got rid
of all the presents, Barn.

Presents, presents.

- We want presents.
- We want presents.

Hey, what about some
of that Christmas magic, Fred?

- Maybe it'll work for you.
- I'll give it a try, Barn.

I can't lose anything.

What are you two talking about?
Where are the presents?

Uh, right here, sir.

I hope.

[children cheering]

You did it. You did it.

Yeah. He he he.

I guess there's a little
Christmas magic in all of us.

Hey, hey, Fred.
You know something?

We forgot
about the real Santa Claus.

Uh-oh, you're right, pal.

He's gonna wanna be heading back
to the North Pole.

Time for us to make our exit.
Come on.

[instrumental music]

(Santa) 'Ho ho, you did a
fine job, Fred and Barney.'

If I ever get in a spot again,
I'll give you a call.

Anytime, Santa, anytime.

You know, once you get the hang
of it, it's a lot of fun.

[laughing] And you can be
sure Fred will always fit the part.


Yeah, and that goes for you,
too, little elf.


(Santa) 'Well, there's just one
more thing you can do for me, Fred.'

- Just name it, Santa.
- You can give me back my suit.

I'd hate anyone to see me flying
around in my long underwear.


Yeah, gee and I was just
getting used to it.

(Wilma) Oh, just wait till
I get my hands on Fred.

Running out on us like that.

Yeah, first they worry us
all night long

and then they skip out
on the clean-up assignment.

'I'm going to give Barney
a piece of my mind too.'

Uh-oh, something tells me

the girls have already forgotten
the Christmas spirit.

Oh, yeah, especially
the part that says.

Goodwill toward men
and your husbands most of all.

Not to mention Santa's.

I'd better be flying, my friends

or my wife will be mad, too.

Uh, one last question
before you go, Santa.

Certainly, Fred.
What is it?

(Fred) 'I finally got the knack
of going down the chimneys'

but I sure had trouble
getting back up.

Tell me, what's the secret?

'Ho ho ho, I'm sorry, Fred.'

I should have told you.

You just lay your finger
alongside your nose

and give a nod.

- And up the chimney he goes.
- Amazing.

'So there you are.'

Daddy, daddy,
we saw Santa Claus.

And his little elf, wow.

Now, Wilma, let me explain.

Go ahead and it had
better be good, Fred.

That goes for you too, Barney.
What happened tonight?

Gee, Betty, we had to pitch in
and help Santa

'when he fell off the roof
and hurt his ankle.'

That's right, we had to fly
around the world

to deliver
all the Christmas presents.

Oh, sure, Fred.

'But, Wilma..'

Come on, Fred. You don't
have to make up stories.

Not when you're so cute
in your Santa suit.

(Betty) 'And you were
such a cute little elf, Barney.'

- They don't believe us, Barn.
- Of course, we don't.

But we do forgive you.

And to prove it, here's
your Christmas present, Barney.

Thanks, Betty.
And here's your present.

Oh, thank you, Barney. Mwah!

And here's your present, Fred.
Merry Christmas.

Oh, thanks, Wilma.
And here's, uh, here's, uh..



"To Wilma, from Fred."
Why, Fred!

What a clever way
to give me my present.

[laughs] 'I almost
thought you'd forgotten.'

He he, why, Wilma, me forget?
Ho ho ho.

Oh, I hope it's those
saber tooth earrings

I've had my eye on.

- Oh, look, Betty, it is.
- Oh, how beautiful, Wilma.

Oh, thank you, Fred. Mwah!

'I love them.'

Don't thank me, Wilma.
Thank Santa.

[sleigh bells jingling]

- Mommy.
- Daddy.

- It's Santa Claus.
- It's Santa Claus.

It's Santa Claus
and his reindeer.

And he's flying away in the sky.

Isn't it wonderful

the imagination these kids have?

- Bye-bye, Santa.
- Bye-bye, Santa.

- Goodbye, Santa.
- Bye.

See you next year, Santa.

Talk about kids, Wilma.


Well, you two certainly
have the Christmas spirit.

- We sure do, Wilma.
- We sure do. Ha ha ha.

(Santa) Merry Christmas,
everyone! Merry Christmas.

'Merry Christmas to all!'

[instrumental music]

[instrumental music]

[music continues]