A Flame in My Heart (1987) - full transcript

The painful ending of a love story binding an over-30-year-old woman and a North African, and the beginning and end of a relationship she also has with an "established" journalist she meets in the subway. The stories illustrate the absolute claim of a woman who can only understand love in terms of life and death, an attitude that generally makes love appear dramatic, but at least burning and flickering, like the flame that glows in her heart.

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You're cheating.


Let me go!

Where's my ball?

My ball!

My ball. Where's my ball?

It got away.

"I wished to hear your lips
declare it true. I'll hear no more.

"Forever now, adieu."



"Do you not feel the dread

"a lover feels
when that cruel word is said?"

"In a month, a year,

"how we must suffer too, when land
and sea distance me from you?"

"The day will dawn

"and the day will cease

"without Titus ever seeing Berenice.

"Without Titus

"ever being seen by her."

OK, thanks. We'll see you tomorrow.

We'll work on Act 3 tomorrow,
so go over the lines.

OK. I'll let it ripen overnight.

Want me to come over tonight
and make dinner?

Can you? I'd love that.

What are you doing? Go on!

He won't bite.
He's not the big bad wolf!

What are you doing? Locking us in?

I took his key back.

He'll come by tonight. I know it.

He'll keep knocking till I open.

But I won't.

He needs to get it through
his head that it's over.

You still love him.

He's a prince and an alley cat.

I'm scared.

I don't know how he'll react.
We've split up ten times now.

He'll never believe
that it's for good this time.

Want me to sleep over?

Would you?

It'd make me feel better.



- Mercedes!
- What?

I heard someone.
There's somebody in here.

- What?
- There's someone in the apartment.

- You're nuts!
- I heard a noise.

- How did you get in?
- The skylight.

- Then through the balcony window.
- You could have killed yourself!

You took my key!
You could have left me it.

- You have to go. You can't stay.
- No.

I told you a hundred times
we were over.

But I love you and you love me.

- Doesn't matter. We can't.
- Who's she?


- You're sleeping with girls now?
- Please.

No, I'm not sleeping with girls.

I didn't want to be alone.

Tell her to leave.

Stop! She's staying. You're leaving.

I won't hurt her, but she can't stay.

- Tell her to get out!
- What happened?

Shit. It's nothing.

Let's disinfect it and bandage it.

Mind your own ass.

It's all bloody. It must hurt.

I don't give a damn!

I don't like you sleeping with girls.

I told you
we're not sleeping together.

I only have one bed.
Where's she gonna sleep?

The bitch can sleep at her own place!
That bed is my place, not hers.

Not anymore.

You know it.

You told me you wouldn't come back.

I can't live with you anymore.
I don't want to lose my mind.

It's too hard.

One day, you'll find me dead.

What? I never hurt you.

You're hurting me now.

I won't hurt you anymore. OK?

I don't want you to leave me.


- We've done this ten times.
- And you always came back.

- No, you came back.
- You did, too.

Remember that day you wanted to
leave me, what you said to me.

You wanted me to kiss your thighs.

Because you could not.

I can't anymore. I can't.

Yes, you can!

You'll see.

You'll see.

What's that dress?

You gave it to me.
You don't remember?

- Oh, right. I gave it to you.
- Isn't it nice?

- It's great.
- I like it.

Aren't you going to wear it?

Why not?

You said you don't love me anymore,

but you'll wear a dress I gave you?
What's wrong with you?

Give me that. You're not wearing it.

Leave it alone!

Get the hell out of here!

- Give me that dress!
- No more dress!

No more dress!

These clothes are for
when we're together.

You can't wear this.

Did I give you this?

Goodbye. And this?

- My brother.
- Ah, right.

- This?
- You.

This is from me?

Watch carefully.

There's no coffee as usual.

Yes, there is.

- Instant.
- I don't like instant.

There's nothing to eat either.

Come on. Let's get some coffee.


I never had a photo of you.

You never gave me one.

Neither did you.

That's true.

I've got an idea.

Let's go get some taken.


Together. OK?

What did you do to your hair?
Did you go to the salon?

You look like a Barbie doll.

Those assholes who blow up stores.

They should blow up salons instead.

You should have told me.
I'd have taken you to a Black salon.

You know, they do braids

with rancid butter and cow dung.

She's having a little trouble...

Come on. Ready?

- You dummy!
- Ready?

- OK.
- Pull the curtain.

Go on. Pull it.

- What are you doing?
- Let's wait for the photos.

- Want to go to your place?
- What for?

I dunno.

I want to make love.

OK, it'll be the last time
if that's what you want.

You want to. I know you.
Then you'll never see me again.

I know you, too.
It'll never be never again.

I just can't.

Usually, it's after
that you "just can't".

After we've fucked all night.

I don't like that word.
I've told you.

Come on.

OK, but swear...

Swear it'll be the last time.

I swear!


- You swore.
- Yeah.

Not like that. Promise me. Honestly.

This is the last time.

I promise.

OK? Come on.

Johnny, this isn't OK.

What? Did you change your mind?
You promised.

I know, but I can't.


What am I doing?

What for?

- I feel like a whore.
- You shouldn't have said OK.


This is the last time.

What do I do? Get undressed?

Yes. That's it.

Is here OK?

Do you want me to take off
my underwear or my boots first?

Turn around.

Turn around!

Your face!

- Stop! You're crushing my ball!
- You're silly.

You're gonna maim me!

Remember your promise?

You can't ever come back.

You swore.

OK, I won't come back.

We've said goodbye ten times.
It's not even worth it anymore.

OK. I won't even say goodbye.

It's absurd.

It's stupid.

You're disappearing for good.

Let's start over from "Or had you
spoken of me before my visit?"

I think Titus is avoiding her gaze.

He can't meet her gaze.

- The coward.
- Yes.

- Shall we?
- OK.

"Or had you spoken of me
before my visit,

"my name involved in your private
discourse, sire?"

"Was I

- "at least present in your thoughts?"
- "Doubt it not, madame."

OK, sorry, let's go again.
Mercedes, I think it's a little...

A little less worried. She's not
that worried yet.

That's later. So these are concrete,
direct questions here.

What are you doing here?

- You told me you'd stay away.
- Come with me.

Let me go!

I was in the hall.

- Did you see me?
- No.

It's hard to make out faces
from the stage.

Good thing I didn't see you.
I'd have had to stop rehearsing.

- Was that you in the back?
- Yeah.

- I didn't like it.
- It's a rehearsal.

Not that. I mean, I didn't like
seeing you on stage.

I think it's... I don't know.
I think it's revolting.

Revolting? Why?

I don't know. I don't like it.

I don't like seeing my woman
show herself like that in public.

You've always known what I do.
I'm an actress.

- And I'm not your woman.
- But it was the first time I saw you.

You're up there, shimmying on stage.
I don't like it, that's all.

- It's Racine, not the French cancan.
- Racine.

I don't give a damn about Racine.

I don't think it's good

to exhibit oneself like that
in front of people.

What do you want me to say?
I enjoy it.

I enjoy it!



Aren't you thirsty after
saying all that bullshit?

Yeah, I am.

Let me buy you a drink.

Leave me alone.
I don't want to see you anymore.

There's no harm in getting a drink
together, is there?

It won't kill you! Come on.

Come on. Let's get a drink.

I'd love to go to your place after.

I want to kiss you.
I want to kiss you all over!

I can't live without you, Mercedes.

- And I want to see the mosque.
- The mosque?

You know,
the Blue Mosque of your belly.

- You're funny.
- No, I'm not. I'm in love.

I mean, we're together.
It's serious, isn't it?

I don't change women like that.

Want me to pay you to sleep with me?

- Can I get you anything?
- No, thanks.

I said, you want me to pay you?


Don't be silly.
Besides, you're always broke.

That's what you think?
You think I'm a bum?


Where did you get all that?

There's money all over.
That's not what I'm lacking.

Don't worry, I didn't kill anyone.

Keep it. Stuff it deep down
in your pocket.

- You don't want it?
- No.

You really are dumb.
There's a lot there.

Want to see a movie?

I'll buy.

If you don't come to the movies,
I'll burn my hand.

- She doesn't believe me.
- Stop it.


No, let's see the next one.

No, come see this one.
There's dancing.


OK, I have to go home now.
I have work to do.

- I have to learn my lines.
- I can help if you want.


You put the photos up?


I thought you didn't want to see me.

They're memories...
from a time that's gone.


What's this?

My notebooks. Don't touch.

- What's in them?
- Don't touch them!

- Why? I can't look at them?
- No, you can't. They're private.

They're personal.

No one is allowed to read them.
No one!

- Not even me.
- No. No one.

You're hiding things from me?
You're hiding the truth?

What's this?

"The fire in my heart dried out
my fears." What crap!

"...in my rearview..." Let go!

- Aziz, give it back!
- My name's not Aziz, it's Johnny!

I could kill you for this!

We've got more of a precise style

Between Boris Vian and Run-D.M.C.

Hella mean
The kings of the comeback

And though for some, life is hard

And he's Johnny and we don't have
a thing in common with Etienne Daho

Who pisses us off with his folklore

Look who it is! Might you have
a cigar for me, please?

Why not?

- Check this out.
- Ain't gonna work.

- Best forget it, yo.
- When I see her come by

I think, damn son, this is love
My heart speeds up


I don't know.

Let's go to a hotel!

Like that one.

It's a nice spot.

You have to throw him off the scent.

But I bet he's got a good nose,

like a hunting dog.

I can't really move out
because of him.

I said before, go to a hotel.

Do you think he could become...

violent, your Johnny?

I don't think so.

I don't know.

But he won't let me go.

I can't bear it.

If the hotel is tempting,
I could help you out.

- For the finances.
- You're kind.

You're the only person
who can help me.

Ah, kindness is kindness!

It's pretty much the only virtue
we have left these days.

It's nice, but at the same time,
it's a bit sad.

Ah, love, when it's complicated...

What does he do?

Not much. Odd jobs. He hangs around.

- But he's smart.
- Very well.

In another world,
he could have been something else.

Of course. Rimbaud, Jim Morrison.

But you know, Mercedes,
in the theater,

princesses and shepherds

don't mix.
Unless they're in disguise.

In the end,
everyone finds their place.

In the desert, shepherds and princes
are the same.

I yield.

Johnny is both at once.
That's what makes him rare.

Besides, it's too easy to say that...

princes and shepherds don't mix.

It's not so easy to tremble
with desire in front of someone.

But in love, that's the only thing
that's worth it. That or nothing.

So if you also have to pick
your category,

we'll never make it.

With Johnny, words fall away.

All that's left is...

the first breath that loved them.

You see what I mean?
The first breath.

That's why he fascinates me.

But now...

It's gotten too hard.

Or maybe it's me who's become
too fragile. I don't know,

but what counts,
what matters to me is...

linking one day to the next.

I should say one night...

to the next.

What does it mean to say "I love you"
after a night like that?

What sense is there to it?

What does it mean?

That you love someone
who put you through

a night like that?

Those people who say you shouldn't
wait around when you love someone,

I'd like to smash
their Tartuffian faces in.

I'd like to strangle them.

How is it possible for your heart
not to explode

when you love someone and you hear
the neighbor's footsteps at night?

You're right.
I'm going to go to a hotel.

It's the only thing
I feel like doing.

To feel calm in my hotel room,
like in a children's room.

Not to hope anymore.
That's what being lighthearted is.

To be at peace.

- Are you just visiting Paris?
- No.

You know, you really struck me,
earlier, in the metro.

You were following me.

Your heels...

My heart was going... Wow.

Me too.

It's the first time something...

something like this
has happened to me.

You're putting me in a bit

of an embarrassing situation.
I don't know...

what to do with you.

- Or what not to do.
- I know.

What to say, what not to say?

Don't say anything!

Sometimes I do things wrong, too.

But not tonight.

I don't feel that way tonight.

- Do you have anything to drink?
- No, I'm sorry.

Water if you want.

Or a cigarette?

That'll occupy your hands.

Good idea.


My name is Pierre.



I wish...

this moment could last forever.


Is Pierre really your name?


- And you?
- Mercedes.


Are you going to love me?

I don't know. Maybe. We'll see.

Yes. I think I will.

And you?


How do you know?

Because you kissed me
between my legs.

Thank you, Marcel.

"Be not offended..."

"Be not offended
if my zealous indiscretion

"interrupts the privacy of
your conversation while all your..."

Who is it?
"...while all your court..."

Who is it?

What are you doing here?

Whose room is this?

Who told you I was here?

- The theater. This is a guy's room?
- No. I can't stay at home anymore.

Because of me? I don't want to
cause you any trouble, Mercedes.

- I've always liked hotel rooms.
- I won't bother you at home anymore.

- You came all the way here!
- But not to bother you.

- I had an idea I wanted to tell you.
- Oh?

What's your idea?

Let me come in.

So, what's your idea?

- I want us to get married.
- What?

I want to marry you.
Things will be better that way.

- Listen, Johnny...
- No!

No. No discussion.

- I want to marry you now.
- Now?

Yes. Today.

You're crazy.

No. When you love someone,
you should marry them.

I want it to be today.

You don't just get married like that.

You must have watched some movie
that takes place in Las Vegas.

You have to make the announcement.
It takes at least a month!

That's not true. You're making
things up. You just go to city hall.

My papers are in order.

I'm not stupid.

I know if we get married,
I'll stop messing up.

I don't want to get married.
Not to you or anyone else.

Either you love someone or you don't.

But you love me?

You know it's over between us.

You shouldn't be here.

- Who's the guy who came in here?
- There's only me here.

That's not true. A guy spent
the night in here with you.

- You sleep around like a whore!
- Stop it!

You're not making any sense.

Now please leave, nicely,
without making a scene.

I have to work.
I don't have time for this.

I'll be back.

I'll come back
and get you out of there.

I'll kidnap you if I have to.

I can't stay in this hotel.

It's not about money.
I'll explain later.

I have a place in your heart?

And in your bed?

That's pretty nice.

Do you want me to come tonight?

See you tonight, then.

- Where are you?
- This way. End of the hall.

What a trip!

Have a seat.


It's a good thing I met you.


I was about to fall into
a black hole.

Chance has its ways.

There's no such thing as chance.

It doesn't exist.

That's what I mean.
It knows what it's doing.

I mean...

If it does everything right,
then it must not exist...

as such.

So, what is it that led us to meet

on the last metro?



Our destinations.

Your schedule.

My late hours at the paper.

And the third world war,
global hunger,

Tic Tacs in handbags.

I also needed to meet you right now.

Mercedes? Are you coming?

Oh, so nice!

It's strange, I...

It's strange.

Making you come...

I don't know if you're in ecstasy
or agony.

Indescribable ecstasy.

Indescribable agony.

It's a fine line between the two,
in a woman's body.

You didn't make fun of me.

Oh no.

I know a couple

that's been together for 25 years.

They never split up.

Can you imagine?

They never spent a single night
apart. Not a single one.

Is that so? That's charming.

No, it's not charming.

It's sublime.


Ronald Reagan refutes this.
"A president..."

- Is your newspaper good?
- You never read the papers?

Not really. Sometimes.

- You've never read what I write?
- What do you write about?

Politics, society.

No. I've never read
one of your articles.

You're only interested in theater?

That and a few other things.


Love? Politics...?

Not really, no.
Why, does it interest you?

- What?
- Politics.

Yes, I find it interesting.

In my line of work, you have to be
on the lookout constantly.

There's no time for dreaming.

You have to get out ahead of things.

You almost have to make them happen.

But I like it.

I like it a lot.

I chose it.

I never had the choice.

But you chose to be an actress.

No, I don't think I did.

I don't remember. I didn't choose.

It... It just happened that way.

I never had a choice.

I never wanted to have one.
There's only one truth, not ten.

You'd make a terrible journalist.

Oh no!

- I could never do it.
- Never?

You can get used to anything,
you know.

Concentration camps...


On television, they say that being
a journalist is the best career.

You don't die from it.

No, that happens. Bullets...

Stray bullets.

Exactly, it's chance. Or destiny.

What's your point?

You comment on things.

You're outside of them.

Information is important.
It's indispensable. It's essential.

There's no democracy
without the press.

They all say the same thing.

- You don't read the papers.
- I know. I can feel it.

These days, everyone agrees
on just about everything.

Because they're scared.
No one says anything.

There's nothing but ads.

Ads and fear.

And obviously,
you have all the answers.

I'm not looking for answers.

- It's simpler.
- No.

I'm there where you don't try
to put the pieces back together.

I'm just one piece.

You fly around the world
in your big airplanes.

I stay on the inside.

Where it's burning.

In the core.

You're lucky.

- Maybe that's why I love you.
- I hope so.

What about me?

Do you love me or what?
You said you hate journalists.

But you're classy.

You OK?

They're exhausting.

They're exhausting.


The paper.

Will you show me what you're writing?

Go out and read it.
The papers are all over.

It's a daily.

No, I mean, what you write for you,

when you lock yourself up
and no one can see you

or talk to you or touch you,

and I have to tiptoe around.

Yes, I'll show you.

Later. Maybe.

First, we need to discuss
certain things together.

I'm on my period.

Oh, well...

We can.

- Really?
- Does it bother you?


- I don't know.
- If it bothers you,

there are other places.

It's good to be away.

The reunions are that much
more intense.

How long will you be gone?

Two weeks.

Two weeks?

Fourteen nights.

Fourteen nights.


He's not here.

He's not here.

I don't know.

...a program that

makes it possible to look up
to the stars.

How to become an astronaut.

The experiment is attempted
in the United States

through amusement parks

subsidized by NASA.

"I wished
to hear your lips declare it true."

"I'll hear no more.
Forever now, adieu..."

"Forever! Sire!
Do you not feel the dread

"a lover feels
when that cruel word is said?"

"In a month, a year,
how we must suffer too,

"when land and sea
distance me from you?"

"The day will dawn
and the day will cease."

"The day will dawn
and the day will cease..."

"Without Titus
ever seeing Berenice..."

"Without Titus ever seeing Berenice."
Start over.

Go again and speak up a little.

- From the same spot?
- Yes.

"In a month, a year,
how we must suffer too..."

"In a month, a year,
how we must suffer too, sire..."

- Was that it?
- Yes.

- "In a year, a month..."
- Please, Mercedes,

opening night is six days away,
so let's go.

There'll be an audience.

"In a month, a year,
how we must suffer too,

"when land and sea
distance me from you?"

"The day will dawn."

"The day will dawn and the day will
cease without Titus seeing Berenice!"

Look, Mercedes,

you had this down pat two weeks ago.

This is one of the most well-known
lines from Berenice, so, please.

- OK.
- Go ahead!


We open Tuesday.

"In a month, a year,
how we must suffer too,

"when land and sea
distance me from you?"

"The day will dawn and the...

"and the night..."

"the night, the night..."

"all the cats are gray
with Titus ever..."

Stop screwing around, Mercedes!

It's not funny.

Can't you see
that she's not all right?

You handle the props
and let me do my job!

Do you want to rest a little?
Go to your room for 15 minutes.

"The day will dawn..."



Go with her.

- "...without Titus ever..."
- We'll wait for you.

"seeing Berenice."


After two lotteries without a winner,
there are seven this week,

with 16 winning tickets. The winnings
come to 1.5 million francs.

And if you replied to our survey
Tuesday, you are among

the 45,000 winners. See you tomorrow.


Thanks for joining us.
A few rides on the merry-go-round

with no goal other than
to help you relax

with the whole team here
who are loyal to their work.

The first, loyal to his organ,

is our friend Charlie, Charlie Oleg,

so it's a celebration today, too,

since today is Saint Charles' day.

That's not true.
Today is Saint Mercedes.

Thank you!

Just this once I'll kiss you.

Wow, thank you.

I don't get a kiss?

Answer me when I speak to you!

Answer me, you old bag!

...trucks full of flowers.
It's really popular!

"Your body, right now,
is like a beached whale's,

"crushed under its own weight,

"and only..."

"... and only the grace of your body,

"yours alone,
can bring back to life."

"The temple of love is silent."

"At its center

"is a mute mouth

"that does not answer the questions
that, however, it forever poses,

"and which are concerned with life

"and death."

"This mute mouth

"is located
between the columns of the temple

"which are the thighs of a woman."

"By kneeling between the columns
of the temple,

"one can kiss this mouth."

"Its lips open silently

"and take the form of a rose petal."

"This is the only answer."

"And perhaps there is no other."

"Simply this rose petal.
Nothing else."

"Perhaps the wo..."

"Perhaps the world is made like this

"and there is no other answer."

"Just love."

- Hi, Mercedes.
- Hi.

You're not very talkative.

You used to be more so.

Except in bed.
Then it was total silence.

I've never understood
why you don't talk in bed.

- You should have known.
- Of course.

I always thought that words
should be used to say everything.

You can say anything.

- Starting with the verb. Words.
- I don't think so.

Still as mysterious as ever.

You don't look so good.
Is something wrong?

Are you unhappy?


What is it? Work?


Work, love, work, love...


It's all so stupid.

No, why? Everyone's got them.

Can I help you?
I don't like seeing you like this.

No, I don't think so.

We could go out, I don't know,
get a bite to eat.

Have some fun.

People lose their memory.

Why do you say that?
I've got a great memory.

I remember everything that's happened
between us, every detail.

Some bawdy ones, too.

But you're forgetting one thing,
and that's who I am.

That's not true.
I'm so glad to see you again.

After all this time!

Let's go somewhere, no?

I've got some time.
It'll take your mind off things.

What are you talking about?
Where do you want to go?

I don't know. We could go to London!
Forty-eight hours.

An hour flight and your life changes.

We'll spend a night in the hotel,
you and me,

to relive the past.

People forget everything.

- What have I forgotten?
- Everything!

To me, the body is sacred.

- Why can't we stay friends?
- Never.

Why never?

- It's like you hate me.
- Not at all.

I loved you.

You'll never be a friend.

- You make life too complicated.
- You simplify it to make it easy.

People live through arrangements.

It's better than war, isn't it?

I see you're unhappy, I try to help,
and you blow me off.

- You weren't so complicated before.
- I'm not complicated.

I'm very simple.

I don't like to see the people I love
unhappy. You know me.

I'm an optimist. I think that...

there's a solution to any problem.

I love this atmosphere.

The presents I'm going to buy
for people.

The ones my family buys for me.

I think we all know
what Christmas means to you.

Good evening, everyone.

What a surprise!
Has Christmas come early?

OK, thanks.

- Will you help me fix it up?
- It looks good to me.

It's true, I swear. Where's Brandon?

He fell asleep like a little angel.

What's up with you? You seem off.

What's going on?

Is the phone broken?
I tried calling 50 times.

I don't like the phone.
It just kept ringing and ringing.

First, I picked up. It was for you.

Then I just couldn't.

And then I wasn't feeling well.
It kept ringing and ringing...

I had to cut the cord.

- You cut it?
- With a knife.

With a knife?

- You're nuts!
- I didn't have anything else!


It's cut.

I was expecting calls from work.

People were supposed to call me.

And I wanted to hear your voice.

I like letters more.

Your letters made me feel better.

It was the only nice thing
while you were gone.

They were beautiful.

I missed you.

I missed you.

You're not dressed?

- Are you sick?
- No.

- I just don't go out.
- What about the theater?


They found someone else.

What? They fired you? Why?

No, I don't think so. I just left.

I didn't know my lines anymore.

You didn't know your lines anymore?

I'm going to get some water.

All you ate was Corn Flakes
while I was gone?

I like them.

That's gross! It's only American kids
that eat that stuff.

What are you going to do now?

What? Oh!

For a job?

I know where I can find one.

What did you do all day, then?


Thinking about you, mostly.

I slept.

I watched TV.

I read a little.

I went to the grocery store

to buy milk and oatmeal.

I masturbated.

It's a good thing
I wasn't away for six months.

You'd have gone deaf.


At night was the most horrible.

For a striptease,

complete nudity,
and of course, erotic nudity.

You must be 18 or older to enter.

Step right up, gentlemen.

Allow me to present the ladies.

Each one sexier than the last.

This way, gentlemen.

The performers are in the back,

Get naked!

It's a little smutty, isn't it?

Have you seen their faces out there?

I wasn't proud.

They're allowed to fantasize,
aren't they?

I don't differentiate between them
and the ones who come to hear Racine.

- They're not the same dreams.
- They are for me. Told differently.

You're a merchant.
A merchant of dreams.

A dream machine.
I don't sell anything.

Everything else is a waste of time.

I'd rather do this than be on
a TV show when I'm out of work.

You like it?

I love it!

Why? Does that shock you?

Seeing the woman you love,
naked, in a stall...

- There's such a thing as values.
- Of course!

Well, I don't see any here.

But I'm also as innocent

as the little bird on the branch.

Innocence? I don't follow.

Innocence, purity, plus sex,
those are values, alright?

Sure. But over there in Barbès...

I'd rather be where it's intense
than where it's chronic.


Barbès is intense human misery.
Elsewhere, it's chronic.

You're around corruption and lying
every day.

You should understand.

Either that or you don't understand

I don't understand anymore.


No, I do.

But I can't get used to the idea
of you there.

Fornicating in public
with a baboon, I...

It's a teddy bear baboon!

Right. I know.

Is it that serious?

I won't let you go alone this time.

Have you forgotten our pact?

We're not married.

- That's got nothing to do with it.
- Sure it does.

There's love and then there's work.

I don't understand.

It's not complicated.
I'll have a lot of work there.

What would I do with you?

I don't want to discuss this.

Me neither.

- So we're in agreement?
- No! Absolutely not.

You're just like the others.
You can't commit.

You're all scared of women.

You're all scared!

Not at all! That's stupid.

You're too serious, too absolute.

You're impressive, sometimes.

It's true that you terrify us
with your big words,

"eternal love, till death..."

For me, love is true when it's now,

right here and now. Right now,
I can say, "I love you."

The rest is literature
from train station kiosks.

The letters you sent me,
those were love letters. Real ones.

And of despair, too.
"The cruelty of absence," you wrote.

Being apart sometimes
isn't bad, don't you think?


I think what you just said
is horrible.

I'm not going to Egypt
for the tourism.

But you'll see the pyramids?

It's possible.

- You can see them from Cairo.
- You won't. You'll be blind.

- Why?
- Because if you love me,

you can't see things

except through my eyes,
like I see them through yours.

Without you, I...

I can't see anything
or hear anything or feel anything.

All I'm good for is eating oatmeal
and watching TV.

I'm going with you.

Won't your little monkey miss you?

I'm going with you.

All right, then.

But only to Cairo. No farther.

I don't want to force a stranger
on the TV crew.

A woman, too. It's only guys.
It won't work.

I hate journalists

and talking heads.

You prefer stripteasers and gorillas,
I take it?


I prefer stripteasers and gorillas.


That hurt! What...

What's wrong with you?

What's going on?

It's nothing.

It's nothing.

See, you can see the pyramids
from Cairo.

And vice versa.

You're so depressing.

We're in one of the most beautiful
places on Earth and you say that.

I don't know! Tell me a poem.

A great love poem!

Look at the Nile.

It's like we're on a honeymoon.

Do you always go around naked?

The pharaohs are going to see you
from their pyramids.

I'm sure they'll appreciate it.

I hope so.

They were men of taste,
even 4,000 years ago.

I can't remember who said that
it's impossible to think when naked.

I think it's spot on.

Rodin said it.

This is our last night.

I'm only going for two weeks,
not 4,000 years.

It's not the end of the world.

I have meetings all day.

See you tonight?

At the Arabesque,
the restaurant from yesterday?


What are you going to do today?

Walk around the streets.

I love that.

- Here.
- Thanks.

Where the hell is she?


- Evening, sir.
- Have you seen my wife?

She called a taxi two hours ago
to go to the train station.

A taxi to the station?

Yes, two hours ago.

Hang on. I'm referring to room 103.

That's right.
The woman who was with you.


- Can I have the key?
- Of course, sir.

No messages?

Are you sure? There are no messages?

No message?

Adam Lozier
Subtitling: Hiventy