A Fistful of Lead (2018) - full transcript

Four of the West's most infamous outlaws carry out a daring bank heist in the gold-rush town, Bath Water. As the posse takes chase, things take a turn for the worse, as the bandits realize they've been double-crossed - but by who?

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Hold it!

This is the law, hands up!


- Got ya!
- Oh God, get outta here.

Grab your gold,
grab your gold!

Help me, I'm dyin'.

Come on, grab your gold.
You ain't havin' mine.

- Where's your gold?
- Yep, I lost it.

- You ain't havin' mine!
- That's fine! I'll take his.

He's not gonna last much longer.

Aw, crap!

Shut up!

- Oh!
- Oh, Jesus!

- Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
- We gotta get better cover than this.

No, look, look.

Wyatt go!


Bandits, sheriff, come on!

What the fuck?

Who the fuck is shootin' up
my fucking town?

You got the gold, boy.

You got the goddamned gold.

You should be fucking gone
by now.


Don't yell his name,
you idiot!

Let's go, let's go!

- We gots to go, man.
- Wait.

- Help with him.
- No!

Do it and share his gold.

- Ain't no problem with me.
- Fine, you got a deal.

You drop that gold, I drop you.

Come on. Grab his other arm.

Grab your gold.

I'm gettin' it,
I'm gettin' it!

I believe these are yours.

Is this your contact?

Our contact seemed taller.

Was he Chinese?

Absolutely not.

Well then, I assume
this to be Mr. Shandor.

we got double-crossed.

Sorry, Bob.

Listen up, y'all!

I'm the sheriff now.

Folks, I'm goin' get me
some men together.

We're gonna go after them
gold-thievin' toe rags.

I'm gonna bring that situation
to a close.

Now where in the blue shit
is my deputy?

That'd be me, Sheriff.

Right here.

Well, that's quite
an advantageous

defensive position
you had there, Joe.

Care to enlighten us,
how all this started?

The bank robbers
shot their way out of the bank,

after Mr. Timms found them
rootin' around in there.

He tried to be a hero
and well...

I don't know about y'all,

but I needs to get out there and
riddle them bitches with lead.

They blasted their way
outta town, Sheriff.

They shot Donegan.
I think he's dead.

- You think?
- Pretty sure.

His-- his head's a foot away
from his body.

I've got tracking experience.
No one better than me in town.


There's plenty of trees
for you to hide behind.

Whoa, whoa.

Hey fellas, hold up.

Hey, why are we stoppin'?

They'll have trackers.
We gotta split up.

You're gonna slow us down,
little brother.

I'll be fine.

Come on, now.
We're wastin' time.

And you, you gimme your share.
Come on.

Take him. We split here.

You head to the rendezvous.
Fix him up.

I'll leave a trail
in the opposite direction,

lightfoot it back to you fellas.

- Casey?
- It's okay.

I'll stomp about for a bit,
give 'em something to follow.

I'll let this horse go off,

then I'll double back
like a ghost.

They don't call me
Lightfoot for nothin'.

They don't call you Lightfoot.

Hey. You promised me his share.

Well, that's the thing,
isn't it?

You dropped your share.

I'm gonna hang onto my share,
and his.

The way I see it,
you got some coin to earn.

I'll split everything with you,
if my brother's alive

when we all make it
to the rendezvous.

Or I could just shoot you
right now.

I isn't no mathematologist,

but I also figure
your gun's bone dry.


- Interestin'.
- It is.

Seein' how you's supposed
to be the hired gun,

and he just got the drop on you
while digesting a lead sandwich.

Don't you move.

You know, maybe you're already
gettin' paid what you're worth

- in getting away with nothin'.
- That's horseshit.

I gunned down
half a dozen men back there.

- You boys just wasn't lookin'.
- Dallas, take his gun.

Hand it over.

Real slow like.

All right, now, you go
take those bullets out.

You give him back
the empty iron.

There's five bullets
in here.

Well, I guess I ain't
no mathematologist, huh?

You know
what I'm doin' here, Billy?

I'm buyin' these bullets
off you.

Pay the man
when you get to the mine.

It's from my share.

We'll split everything,
three ways

when I get back to you guys.


He dies,

you die.

You take it easy, brother.

Let's go.

Somebody go wake up Swain
and the Mugridge boys.

At least they didn't damage
the safe.

- Our bank has been robbed.
- Bandits.

The perpetrators are on the run.
Heading towards the woods.

- Degenerates.
- Harlots.


I understand the sheriff
was killed too.

Yes. And some good men.

- Some very badly injured, sir.
- Well?

What are you gonna
do about it, huh?


Sheriff Noone is puttin'
a posse together, sir.

Well, that's something,
I suppose.


There is a--

a question about reward, sir.

Well, and doing your job
is not reward enough?

With a promotion there comes
a raise--

I mean for the men, sirs.

Very well. Twenty dollars.

Dead or alive.

Now, on your way, Joseph.
Time is money.

And thanks
to those hamstringing harlots,

we currently have neither.


I didn't say anything
about the perpetrators

being women, sir.

No? I'm sure I saw.

They were deeply
unattractive perhaps.

You're the lawman.
Now, I want this done.

You tell Sheriff Noone
to get it done, you understand?

- Now go.
- Go!


Cor. What's all this, then?

Oh, something's clearly up.
Come on, let's just--

All right, love,
I'll take care of this.

Oi, mate, what's occurring?
What's going on?

Ban-- bandits got away.

I-- I-- Into the woods.

Are you mobbin' up?
You organizing a mob?

You gonna go lynch some crims?

- De-- dead or alive.
- Dead or alive.

Oh, that makes it
so much simpler, don't it?

Alive is such a ball-ache.

Hey, what's the reward situation

Should a devastatingly
handsome gun-for-hire

such as myself
partake of this posse?

Mis-- Mister, these is killers
we're talkin' about.

Oh, mate,
I'm from Essex.

You think I've never dealt
with wrong'uns before?

You think these blokes
are desperate,

you should try Pitsea
when the tavern's closed.

You're not from around here,
are you?

No. Been here five minutes,

Listen, if I were you, I--

I wouldn't partake
in any of this stuff.

I don't want to see
the things I seen. I--

I-- I just-- I just wanna
go down to the whorehouse

and die fuckin', you know?

I can't deal with
all this shit, okay?

Yeah, well, let me tell you
something, all right?

I've been traveling
for God knows how long,

through desolate nothingness,

to get to this shining beacon
of frontier opportunity.

I've seen nothing but dust.

I've had no cuppa tea
worth a damn since Portsmouth.

I haven't had a chance
to wash my face,

let alone my balls,
for 48 hours.

I'm itchin' like a dusty dog,

and I smell
like a badger's arsehole.

I've got ten, 12 hours max
before I must have a bath.

And on top of that,
me wife's bleedin' knackered.

And when she gets knackered,
she gets grumpy.

- Oh, no, I'm-- I'm fine.
- Eh, ju, ju, buh, buh.

See, see?

Unplacatable, unplacatable.

I just don't need any more
of her rabbit in me lugholes,

- do you know what I mean?
- It's your funeral.

- What a nice man.
- Yeah.

- Here you go.
- Yeah. Oh, um, where you going?

I can't mess up
an opportunity like this, can I?

- Okay.
- It's what we came here for.

Tell you what,
you go get yourself settled,

have a wash. I'll see you later,

and I'll be back for supper.

- All right, be careful.
- Yeah, bye.

- Bye, darling.
- Bye.

Lot of good men
died today, not just yours.

Posse'll be headin' out
soon enough.

But I don't think I'll be
needin' any ladies goin'.

We'll catch them
bitches soon enough.

Sorry for your loss, ma'am.

Saw a lot of what happened,

Yeah, but you did a lotta
nothin' about it.

- We tried.
- I want them fucks caught.

And killed.

Whatever it takes
to bring this day to a close.

The three men I saw,

they took off
on Wilson's thoroughbreds.

Well, if'n they up
into the woods,

then we'll catch 'em up
soon enough.

You tell the men
to shoot to kill.

And dress up warm.

It gets cold up in them
there hills.

Do you hear anything
about a reward?

Twenty dollars.

Is that all you can get?

Don't worry about it, Joe.
It'll be enough.

Never underestimate
the desperation for money

in this broke-ass town.

Where are the horses?

I sent 'em away.

We're gonna go
in a different direction.

- How far to the mine?
- Far.

You weren't out long.

I ain't carryin' you.

Had to pick a place
way out in the woods.

Nice idea, Bill.

Wouldn't you rather die
out here?

I think I'd rather be eaten
by crows than rot in the dark.

If'n you're not there,

you go home empty handed.
If I'm not there,

Casey'll kill you.

We'll see.

We'll see.

If he draws on me,
he's a dead man.

You mean like that time
you drew on him,

what was it, about ten,
15 minutes ago?

And he sorta
just took your piece

straight outta your hand?

All that time
an unconscious man

drew on you. Now,
who was that, again?

I forget. I get all fuzzy
and fucked up.

Oh, that's right, yeah.
It was me.

Fuck you.

Besides, you're empty, remember?

That's a fair trade, compadre.

That's if your brother
comes back.

If I was him, I'd wander off
with all that gold

rather than share it.

Yeah, well...

he ain't you.

Come on, now.

You're leavin' as big a trail
as your brother

with all that blood.

Aw, this is grand, this is.

Proper manhunt.
This is how you spend a Sunday.

Do you know
where we're headed?

Yeah, I got an idea.

How many guns
we facin' down there?

- I saw three ride outta town.
- I saw three,

but they're
tough sons-a-bitches.

Cor, you ain't met
my wife properly yet.

Compared to her
in one of her moods,

bunch of cutthroat desperadoes
is like taking the easy way out.

Oi, which one-a them two's
the most approachable?

Ah, tops, what's his name?

Limey Joe.

Limey Joe. All right.
Thanks, boys.

Reckon I might be up
for a promotion or something.

You're welcome.

- Limey Joe.
- Fuck off, talk to me like that.

Go stand over there
with the others,

- you fucking prick.
- All right.

No need to let your rooster crow
before sunrise.

I was just havin' a think
about this posse, right?

What we need is leadership--

You aren't listening to me,
are you?

Fuck off, right? No, no, no.
No, you're still not listening.

Fuck off. Fuck off.

Go back over there and fuck off.
Once this whole thing is done,

you can "un-fuck off."

But until then, fuck off.

Fucking fuck off.

Ha-ha, yeah,
very funny, dickheads.

I left England to get away
from pricks like that.

And you.

There it is.

You all right?



No, no, no, no, no.

Wake up. Hey.

You're dying.

You die, I do not get my gold.

Or we could both die here.

The crows can have
what little gold we've with us.

You stink like shit.

You ain't no rose garden

Yeah, you're gutshot.

All right.

All right what?

We need to get that bullet
outta you before it poisons you.

Your brother's gonna be a while.
I need to keep you alive.

- Alive.
- Who'd a thought

we'd be havin' so much fun, huh?

You ain't comin' anywhere
near me with that blade.

It's worth a shot.

If you have any other ideas,

you let me know, huh?

First move you make
that I don't like,

you're dead.

Is that gonna help?

Well, it couldn't hurt.
I'm sure as shit no doctor.


you are not gonna be likin'
what I'm gonna be doing

for the next few minutes.

If you're gonna be twitching,
do us a favor.

Take your finger
off the trigger.

I think that posse
is within earshot.

Oh, and don't scream too loud.

Oh, sh...



Oh, fuck.



Fuck it.

Somethin' on your mind, deputy?

It's just I've been watching
and there's--

there's no sign
they came this way.

No tracks, no prints, nothing.

- Your point?
- Where are we going?

We're gonna go find
the menstruatin' she-devils

that killed our men
and robbed our bank.

Again, I haven't heard anyone
say nothing

about these robbers
being women, Sheriff.

You laid your eyes on 'em?

- They weren't women, Sheriff.
- See, I seen 'em.

And I fully understand
why you might have

these ladies confused for men.

They got a reputation for being

a particularly hideous sight
to behold.

Well, I've been watching you.

And you ain't looked
at a single track.

You wanna head back?

There ain't no barrels out here

for you to hide
your fat ass behind, boy.

Well, look at that.

I'm feelin' uncomfortable.

It's a very
incommodious sensation.

Do you still got it, Joe?

How's that shaking hand
of yours?

That's the question, isn't it?

Are your barrel-hidin' days

Just keep up, deputy.
I know where I'm headin'.

Shh. Shh.


Shh, shh.

Christ, it's all your wailing.

Come on!

Oh, oh, oh, my God,
this is excitin', innit?

Isn't this exciting?
Oh, my God, I love it.

Shh, get down.

Hey mate,
what's up with Chuckles?

Oh, our new deputy?
He's a drunk barrel of piss.

He's fast, though.
Quick with his piece. Well,

- sure as hell used to be.
- What, him?

He don't look like much to me.

Oh, I heard he took out six men.

One bullet each.
Put 'em all down.

Somethin' happened, though.

Dunno what.
Maybe he saw too much violence.

He turned yellow.

Now he just keeps a low profile.

Spends most of his time
a little sauced.

Bloody posh wankers.

Get all the breaks.
Bloody sick of this shit.

We'll see what's what...

There they are. Open fire!


Yahoo! Yee haw!

Hey, watch your head.
Get on.

Oh, God.

Oh, we're cornered. This is it.
I wanna go out fightin'.

- Who are you assholes?
- Friends of yours?

Which one of these fellas

Not a one.

Hold your fire!

Yeah, why not?

Let's hand 'em over.
Posse ain't here for us.

Jesse Pederson
and Annie Langston!

How does that guy know
we was in here?

We know you're in there.

Come on out!

Who the fuck is Jesse Pederson
and Annie Langston?

Boys, they're cornered in there.
Keep your distance.

Keep an eye on them.

That the law?

You brought the goddamn law
with you too?

Christ almighty.

This doesn't make sense.

I mean, sure, you girls
are probably gonna do

a long dance
at the end of a short rope,

but we can make it easy on you.

Well, easier.

You hit a bank
in the town of Bathwater.

You dirty bitches gotsta pay.

- You hit the bank?
- Chew on my grits.

It's okay, I got this.
Fuck you, cocksmokers!

- You're full of shit!
- Shh!

Easy. I'm just makin'

Now they know we're here.

They seemed to be aware
of that from the start!

- Where's Shandor?
- Who cares?

Let's just lift the gold
off these two.

They haven't got any gold.

You gonna pay for your crimes,
plain and simple.

So come on out.
I'm a man of my word.

Bollocks you are.


your sheriff hasn't got a clue
who robbed the bank.

We haven't done any trackin',
any hunting.

We just took a stroll

through the woods
and ended up here.

Those girls up there,
they didn't rob the bank.

Did anyone see any women?



So, what's going on?

Jesse Pederson
and Annie Langston's

confidence tricksters
wanted in three territories.

Confidence tricksters?
We're after fucking robbers!


Them girls
was all kindsa troublemakers.

They stepped up to killin'
down south. And bank robbin'.

Now, this came in two weeks ago.

You'd seen it your own self

if you'd spend less time
in the saloon, Joe.

Now, they killed
a lotta fine men.

I mean, the audacity of it.

Robbin' our bank.

On a Sunday. Before church!

You got a problem
bringin' them ladies in?

Now, that reward split
between all of us,

well, that's a hell of a lot
more money than 20 measly bucks.

I think we're gonna get it.

Belongs to you, boys. If you do.


- Cocksucker!
- Oh, why was you gettin'

so worked up?
They ain't here for you.

Any of those sons-a-bitches
takes a shot at me,

he best not miss!
Cowardly, no-good.

I mean, was it Shandor?
Is he settin' us up?

Who fucked you two boys?

If it was that asshole,
I'm gonna rip his heart out--

- It wasn't Shandor.
- How can you be so sure?

Yeah, she raises a distinctly
adequate point.

Where is he, hmm?
Should've been here by now.

Okay, genius.
You mind tellin' me how,

whoever it is out there knows
who we are,

- and--
- And how he knows we're here?

Your fucking guess is as good
as mine.

We killed your compadre.

- Shandor, I think his name was.
- What?

Mighty tall for a Chinese fella.

Tall as any man that come
crossed me 'round here.

He confessed it all, though.

Before he took a bullet
to his skull.

What? What he do that for?

He's talkin'
about shootin' Wyatt.


He was with us.

But his last name sure
as shit is not Shandor.

And Shandor
sure as shit ain't Chinese.

You ladies are takin' the blame
for something we done.

If you done it,
then where's your damn gold?

Under the rainbow.

Oh, wow.

They ain't comin' out.

I'm gonna need myself
a first man on the way in.

Deputy, you keen for the job?

Yeah that's what I thought.

We'd have long since got
to the bottom of this

if you'd have taken care
of business in town anyhow.

Now, that mineshaft
is dark and narrow.

They got all the eyes
and all the cover.

We storm in, we could take it.

But it's gonna take
a little doin'.

What, a bottleneck?
Kill everyone?

- Yeah, great idea.
- That's a coward's response.

Well, yeah, but is--
is there another way in?

There may well be.

You have yourself a point there,

Let's have a couple men
go scoutin' around the back

of them there hills,
see if there's another exit.

Any volunteers?


Where is it?

- His brother took off with it.
- Man, shut up.

And you led the posse here

so he could get away
with it all?

- Noble.
- That ain't how it is.

My brother will be here,
and when he is,

you won't be gettin' shit.

Oh, we're gettin' somethin',
all right. Blame.

All this stress,
it's makin' me sober.

I don't like it.

That look of concern
on your face ain't helpin' none.

We're fine.
Just a hitch, that's all.

We'll find another way,
make some money,

then we can disappear.

- For a while, at least.
- Okay.

Maybe it ain't over. I mean,

we can lift whatever loot
these two have comin'.

No loot'll be comin'
with that posse out there.

This stinks.

Why'd you come here...

of all places?

It's our rendezvous point.

Seemed out of the way.

Who decided
on this place?

- Casey.
- Casey who?

My brother.

You have any kind of feud
with your brother?

Any reason for him
to send a posse after you?

- He'll be here.
- He better.

If'n we're takin' the heat
for your robbery,

I think it only fair
we get the gold too.

You'd have to take it off us,
you rotten, whoring, cu--


Oh, fuck! What the fuck?


Annie, for Christ sake, cool it.

- Shit!
- There's a goddamn posse out there

waitin' to string us up
from the tallest tree,

and I wanna know some answers.

Seems we're the center
of a setup.

Oh, there's a setup?

This is just poor timin'
and a bungled robbery,

thanks to these
lunkheaded numskulls

bringin' heat to our doorstep.

You know, I'm startin' to think
that perhaps you ladies

aren't quite the professionals
I thought.

And I'm startin' to think
the best contribution

you can bring
to this conversation is silence.

Aw, hell.

Oh, I'm-- I'm just
a businessman.

What do I know?

You know, it seems to me

like we all is in somethin'
of a predicament.

You can say that again.

I thought
that we'd go out with a bang.

Here and now.

Jesus Christ, you been carryin'
that around this whole time?

We're dead men if we go,
we're dead men if we stay.

And I ain't cowering
in some cave,

hostage to you bastards,

or being fodder
for some hungry posse.

That is the smartest thing
you've said thus far, but, uh,

I'd like to explore
some other options...

if you don't mind.

We don't need to start
no shootouts.

Or blow ourselves up.

Just need to wait for Casey.
He'll get us out.

Like fuck he will!

Son of a bitch is so crooked
he could swallow nails

and spit out corkscrews.

I ain't been so sure of anythin'
in my whole life.

He'll be here. He probably
just had to go

the long way around
and lose the tail.

Maybe, maybe he got caught.

That's how they knew
you was comin' here.

That sheriff has himself
a loud mouth.

I can't help but think

that if he caught my brother,
he'd let us know.

Would you please
put that thing down?


But I'm keepin' this.


Fuck! Oh!

Come on.

His brother fucked us.

That is not your gold.

You're goddamn right,
it's not my gold!

Yeah, your brother just sent us
on a long walk

so that we could get caught
and strung up.

Which is exactly
what I would've done.

You don't know him.
He ain't like you.

You can keep the rest of my fee.

Go on, take a look at it.
Take a look.

Yeah, that's it.

That's right. Lead coins.

He took every last piece.

He didn't even have the decency
to leave us one lousy coin.

Oh, I hate to say it, friend,

but I don't really see
what else could've happened.

Your brother owes me
for five bullets!

He wouldn't do that.
He wouldn't.

People do all kindsa
strange things

when money gets involved.

- He wouldn't.
- I wish I could say

it's the worst I've seen
blood kin do to one another,

but it ain't.

Not even close.

Your brother is a no-good,
thieving, double-crossing snake.

Now, you digest that
with what is left of your gut,

and the bullet that he left
in you for me to take out.

D'you reckon
we'll still get some of that

thousand dollars
that sheriff promised us?

I ain't doin' this for shits
and giggles. I mean, I was.

Like, who don't wanna be
part of a posse?

But for 1000 dollars,

I could get me wife
some gingham and shut her up.

So do you-- you do
this sorta thing a lot, do ya?

- I've done enough.
- Oh.

They call me Johnny Romford.

Johnny Romford?
Who calls you that?


Oi, that sheriff's
a bit of a prick, isn't he?

It's his first day.
We're on the same page now.

Page? I don't read, mate.

I'm more of a doer,
you know what I mean?

- Have you done this before?
- Oh, I'm from Hornchurch, mate.

- Well, you ever killed a man?
- See previous answer.

So what's a posh bloke like you
doing in a place like this?

- What makes you think I'm posh?
- You can read, can't ya?

What d'you know
about the back entrance?

To the mines, I mean.
What you get up to the brothel

is entirely your,
uh, your business.

There ain't no back entrance.
Those women weren't robbers.

- And this is all bullshit.
- Oh.

Isn't that a back entrance?

Stand back.

Don't bleed on my stuff.

Oh, his blood is coagulatin'
just fine.

He ain't
one-a those homo-philiacs.

Even so.

Looks like your friend
there is gonna last

about as long
as a pint of whiskey

in a five-handed poker game.

I done what I could.

Waste of time that was.

Hey, watch it.

You're mighty antsy, is all.

Been travellin'
with these ladies here

for a month now.

It's a miracle we haven't
all shot each other yet.

I don't give a fuck.

I would quite like
to get my gun back,

go out there,
and shoot that posse.

- We's waitin' for my brother.
- Oh, here he goes again.

No one's comin'.

His brother ran off,
and he's mighty rich.

He don't need
to go down no mine.

We got separated.

And what do they mine here

Gold. Yeah.

Looks like they tapped it out
or somethin'.

Yeah, tapped it out.

You okay there?

Why'd you suggest this town?


It's a gold town.

What better place
you lookin' for?

Gold town with, uh,
an empty mine.

Strange place to rob,

is what I been thinkin'
for some time now.

I'm a businessman,
not a miner.

What do you want from me?
There's other mines, I'm sure.


Hey, I did my research.

This town was built
on the promise

of gold-rich hills, but...

well, that didn't quite turn out
to be the case, now, did it?



How did you folks meet, anyway?

Oh, we've been on the road
since forever.

Cassidy here, he's--

We met Cassidy on the road.

Offered us a little somethin'
for protection,

and came up with the great idea
of robbin' that bank

- over there.
- Look, fascinated as I am

about the specifics
of mine durability,

none of this is gonna matter
if that posse comes down,

shoots us all.

You an outlaw?

Not as a rule.

Hell, what is an outlaw

I'm no gun hand,
that's for sure.

I also know
it's pretty damn hard

to stay entirely
on the right side of the law

- if you wanna eat.
- Yeah, ain't that the truth.

- Dammit, goddammit.
- I'm just a businessman

whose investment has turned
a little sour, that's all.

Way I see it, I'm just as likely
to catch lead as any of you

when the bullets start flyin'.

Fuck this place.

We'll regroup
and rob the next town over.

This is Sheriff Buford J. Noone.


I'm gonna give y'all
till the count of three

to come out.

Then we're comin'
in all guns blazin'.

Gimme my gun back. I'll fight.
I just need some bullets.

We gonna pick
through them bodies afterwards

to figure out the reward.

What you ladies got to say
to that?

All right, have it your way.



- Three!
- I'm a hostage!

A hostage?


- In a mine?
- Yeah!

- Bullshit.
- Bull true, asshole.

My name--

my-- my name
is Cassidy John Boucher!

You a hostage?

You alive?

It would appear as such!

What the fuck are you doin'
in there

with them fugitives, Boucher?

If that's who you say you is.

We done have two skirts

and another fella
robbed our town.

I's likely to believe you's
one of 'em.

- So we're comin' in!
- No, no, no!

- I-- I've got information.
- What are you talkin' 'bout?

Anyone in there know who you is?

Well, not exactly.

I'm guessin' you and I both know
you'll be in a barrel of shit

if you go blowin'
me outta my boots

in your clusterfuck of a raid!

All right, I admit it.

I'm rich...

kind of.

- We're goin' in!
- Fuck!

Hell, they want hostages,
we got two of 'em, I reckon.

- Fuck you!
- Not when I'm sober, or drunk!

- Dammit.
- All right, I'll go out there.

You just gimme a gun
and some bullets,

and I'll take care of the sher--

Goddammit, goddammit,
just gimme the goddamn gun.


You guys are mean.

Hostage, my ass.


This place has been abandoned
for years.

Who the fuck they got in there?

It's one of their gang,
that's who.

So we're goin' in?

Yeah. Fuck that hostage.

If'n he don't get killed,
we say they shot him.

- You understand?
- All right.

- Yeah, you got it, Sheriff.
- Yeah. All right.

All right, now get y'alls ready.

The only way
this is gonna go down

is hard and fast.

I'm gonna be right behind y'all.

The plan is this.

You get yourself into that cave,

and if it moves,
you shoot it till it don't.

That's it.

Get yourself into position,
and gussy up, y'all.

They're comin', I know it.

They ain't takin' me alive.

Oh, I didn't know
you was still alive.

We have to take them out.
Come on, now, gimme my gun.

I'll go out there,
I'll put a bullet

right in between
that sheriff's eyes,

and then we'll have something
of a bond.

Give the man his piece.

- And Dallas' piece.
- Might as well.

You won't mind exchangin'
some lead for bullets, would ya?

Go on.

Thank you kindly.

I don't know, guys.

We start shootin' now,
there's only one way this ends.

Hey, how 'bout
I step outside, hmm?

- Maybe talk 'em down.
- From what I understood,

you didn't wanna have nothin'
to do with the law.

Well, in-- in an ideal world,

But needs must.

Any better ideas?

I'll talk to 'em here,
and you guys run.

Nothin' back there
but more mine.

You tryin' to get rid of us?

What, it's better than gettin'
shot down here, ain't it?

You stand a chance then,
at least.

Hey, you really think
Casey screwed us?

The guy had plenty
of places to pick them off.

Hell, he could put a real dent
in their numbers

before they even get to him.

Every one of us
can walk outta here clean.

We can do that much better
from in here.

We'd be better off
if we were spread out a bit.

Oh, think on it.
You can lead them into the dark.

I could hold 'em off from here.

Anyone does that,
they're dead for sure.


May-- maybe there's a--

another exit back there
or something, I--

Why would you say that?

I mean, there might be.

What are you cookin' up?

Cookin' up a crock of shit,
that's what.

Why-- why don't we all
just relax, huh?

I'm, uh, I'm just
gonna step outside, hmm?

And like I said,

do the very decent thing
of buying y'all some time to--


How's about you just hang out
here instead?

Fuck this.

I'm goin' out there
to shoot the sheriff.

Just like I promised.

Well, him you'll let.

Go and kill them homo-philiacs!

Which one of you
sons a bitches is the sheriff?


Come and get me, you fuckers!

You're fairly certain
your brother wouldn't stab you

in the back, right?

My brother's done
a lot of things.

He wouldn't do that.

Not to me.

Suppose you stole
what you all thought was gold,

but that gold had
already been stolen?

What on earth
are you talkin' about?

Maybe that bank wanted
to be robbed.

Just needed
someone desperate enough

to go and do the job. Fuck.


You're crazy.

Well, how would that even work?

- For what?
- The insurance, maybe?

Then why not just claim
the insurance?

Jess, you're a smart girl,

but I really don't think
you're makin' much

- in the way of sense.
- First of all,

I ain't no girl.

I was married
to the sickest son of a bitch

this side of Colorado.
I'm a woman.

Second of all,
that sheriff up there

seems pretty intent on killin'
the people robbed that bank,

without a trial
I'm willin' to bet,

despite his offer of a rope.

Seems to think them people
is me and Annie.

He woulda been right,
in just about an hour or so.

Soon as Shandor showed up.

I done told y'all.

My brother
would not double-cross me.

You idiots just got the bank
before we did.

Who came up with this plan?

We all did.

Felt that way, didn't it?

I shoulda listened to my gut.

But I wanted to get us away
from this kinda life,

and I wanted it too quick.

I'm sorry, Annie.


This has been fun, ain't it?

Maybe it's time we wrap it up.

Say, where did Shandor go?

It's only Shandor
I was interested in.

He's worthless.

- What do you want with him?
- Someone

needs to get away with the,


Unknown, faceless Shandor
was to have gotten away with it,

in the eyes of the law.

He would've made off
with the gold, the gold...

the bankers woulda kept

and claimed stolen
for insurance.

And Cassidy here...

he would've killed us both...

and added that 1000 buck ransom
on our heads to their quarry.

He set it up for us
to hit the bank.

With no gold in it.

Well, it's like I said.

People do all kindsa
strange things

when money gets involved.

Nobody move.



Annie, Annie.

Annie! Look at me.

Oh, God.

Come on, boys!

Oh, I'm scared over here.

Just waitin' for ya.

I'm real lonely.
What you waitin' for?

I'm ripe for pickin', boys.

You yellow sons of bitches!

Goddammit, goddammit,
goddammit, goddammit.


There wasn't even any money
in that place.

All we got was--


You all's left?

I hope not.

- Who's up there?
- Just me, Sheriff!

Everybody else got killed!

All right. You two get yourself
in that mine,

see who's left.

And remember
there's a bounty to claim

when you get them
bitches' heads.

Get 'em. You gotta get 'em.

Get 'em!

You got any fight left in you?

Noone says he wants the heads.

Thousand bucks
between two fellas

would go a long way.

Sheriff! Sheriff!

Oh God, it's terrible.
Sheriff, oh, my God.

What a scene.
Sheriff, it's awful. Oh, my God.

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.

Sebastian. Oh, they're dead.

They're all dead.
It was a bleedin' massacre.

I only got a few of 'em,
but I'm lucky to be alive.

Limey Joe took a bullet.
Oh, God, they're all dead.

- Everyone?
- Everyone.

I'm the only one left.

It's just me. It's just me.

We're free!

Oh, our little plan
that nobody got killed

didn't work out that way.

But with everyone dead,
I suppose we can rest assured

that nothin' inconspicuous
is gonna get out.

And to make sure of that fact,

I'm gonna take that reward
that Cassidy was meant to claim,

spread it out
amongst the widows.

Not all of it, mind.

Just enough for them
to stop diggin'.

- Very good.
- Very, very good.

I suppose that gold
split three ways

goes a little further as well,
now, don't it?

- Indeed it does, Sheriff. Yeah.
- Indeed it does.

May I suggest that we drink up,

head over to the jail,
pick it up, and then

you fine gentlemen can fill out
all the necessary paperwork

for our insurance claim?

Miss Timms.

No. No, no!

♪ A waste of my ♪

♪ Next first time ♪

♪ You are my own ♪

♪ Strongest time ♪

♪ Be a better lover ♪

♪ Next first time ♪

♪ Finish and start it ♪

♪ First next time ♪

♪ Oh ♪

♪ A waste of my ♪

♪ Next first time ♪

♪ You are my own
Strongest time ♪

♪ Be a better lover ♪

♪ Next first time ♪

♪ Finish and start it ♪

♪ First next time ♪