A Fist Within Four Walls (2016) - full transcript

Chor Au-Kuen (Ruco Chan) bears the grief of the loss of his family and returns to the walled city in hopes of finding his long lost sister, only to find out that the place he grew up in has become a lawless no man's land.

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Kung fu at the most sublime...

Still as water, fast as wind,

fierce as a tiger.

This idyllic Kowloon Walled City Park
was built on the site

of the infamous Kowloon Walled City.

Prior to reclamation, the Walled City used
to lie at the mouth of the harbour,

a strategic location.

After Qing's defeat in the two Opium Wars,

Hong Kong Island and part of Kowloon
were ceded respectively to Britain.

Standing to the NE of Boundary Street,
the Walled City became an important fort

until under pressure,

Qing leased to Britain the New Territories
and the rest of Kowloon.

But the Qing Court fought hard and excluded
the Walled City from this.

So in the following hundred years,

the Walled City was left with no
government at all and became

a no man's land.

It turned into a resident-governed
walled city

independent of colonial rule in Hong Kong.

As the Hong Kong Police couldn't get in,

criminals wanted to take it over
and turn it into their vice city.

Residents were forced to stand up
for their own protection.

Today, we step up to the plate.


Fung, you are still young.

I know. I'll stay here to take care of Mom.

Good boy.

Be careful.

Prepare dinner and wait for me.

Baji disciples, let's go!

(Duen Style Baji)

From today on, the Walled City is our turf!

You all get lost!

Get in our way to your own woe!

Big Brother...

What nerve!

Show him! Yes!

Bro, get the people out.


You should have used your martial
artistry for the good cause!

You are on the dark side!

The two beat up our men.

Don't let them get away!

So we are on the same side!

Duen Tung-tin of Duen Style Baji.

And you?

Chiu Meng-shan.

Let me show you the Chiu Style Baji.

Scaling Tiger?



The tally will remain open until
those scums are thrown out.

Fine with me.

Mom, don't worry. Pa will be fine.

Really, you moved here a while ago,
You should have come for a visit!

I have to make a living.

Forgive me for that, Duen Shifu.


Lai, bring out more chopsticks.

Take out the fermented bean curd
and rice wine.

Chiu Shifu and his family
are joining us for dinner.

Hello, Mrs Duen.
Thanks for that.

You are welcome.

Make yourselves at home.

Ying-fung, greet Chiu Shifu.

Chiu Shifu.

Good boy.

It seems you are about my son's age.

What's your zodiac sign?

The Ox. Ox?

We are both Baji practitioners.

Our sons are of the same age.

Tell Duen Shifu your name.

Chiu Yeung. C-h-i-u, Y-e-u-n-g.

You two are of the same age.

Come here more often.

You and Ying-fung can practise together.

Done already? Are you full?

Pa, I go out to practise.

Pa, me too.

Pa, me too.

Keep an eye on Yeung. Be careful.

Thank you for coming to my aid.

My toast to you.

I don't think those ruffians
will give up so easily.

I mean to have people take turns
guarding the entrance.

What do you think?

Count me in.


So we two families will take turns
guarding the Walled City.

Let's put our elders' feud behind us.

We had a feud?

Don't be nosy.

The two schools once fought and had
since fallen out over the orthodox claim.

My pa has told me about it.

It's ages ago.

Today, I saw the power of the
Chiu Style Baji with my own eyes.

I won't think small of the subtle
strength of the Duen Style Baji either.

My wife doesn't like me spilling wine.

For Mrs Duen's sake,
I'll give you a pass today.

Are you saying my brother
is not on par with you?

I have the advantage of strength.

Still, we need to fight to find out.

We have a worthier cause in front of us.

This is as far as we can go.

Once the Walled City has peace...

we can settle it once and for all.


Straight shoulders, loose fists,

elbows down, knees bent, firm stance.

Head held high, feet firm.

Baby in arm, elbow against the mountain.

Chiu Ha, Chiu Yeung, we have to go.

Brother Yeung, come on.

No, we're not going before we have a winner.

You know Baji?

Don't look down on girls.

I haven't lost!

Naughty boy, why didn't you answer me?

Itching for a beating up?

We're going home.

Don't you go! It isn't over yet...

Duen Shifi, goodbye.


Pa, Chiu Yeung said his pa's
Scaling Tiger is invincible.

Is it true?

It sure is not easy to block.

Mastering your own skills is the key.

However powerful a move,
I can find a way to counter it.

Chiu Shifu is a worthy opponent.

Mom, look...

You are all wet.

Pa, Duen Shifu really can beat you?

What makes you think I'll lose to him?

Why is he teaching kung fu
and you're a coolie?

Whatever puts food on the table
is a noble job.

We two will have a match one day

and I'll beat him.

I'll beat Duen Ying-fung too.

Let's go home.

Come on...

Granny Chan, let me.

We are going the same direction.

You are too kind.

Granny, let me. Let me.

You two be careful.

I am not sure about the match,

but I've already beaten Duen Shifu
in one thing.

He has only one son,

I have two kungfu naturals
with a large heart.

Knee up...elbows out...

Sweet soup time...

Duen Shifu, have some sweet soup.

How very kind of you for making it
and taking it over.

Not as hard as your taking guard here.

It's not just me.

Chiu Shifu helps out too.

Chiu Shifu... Hello, guys.

Duen Shifu.

You're here too.

I am here to guard the Walled City.

He insisted on tagging along.

He's overjoyed.

It's dangerous here.

I wouldn't let Ying-fung come.

Mrs Duen, you and Yeung
shouldn't stay here for too long.

I've made you guys roasted sweet potatoes.

You are too kind.

Guys, don't stand on ceremony.

Sweet potatoes...
Thank you...

Pa, I beat Duen Ying-fung!

I am taking part in the guarding, he isn't.

Loser! You didn't even fight
so how could you win?

What's there to gloat about?

Aren't you here to help? Yes.

Go give your mother a hand.

Those ruffians have not shown up for days.

You two probably have scared them away.

I do hope so.

I can't wait for that.

Are you thinking of our match?

Aren't you?

You two are having a match?

A match?
Duen Shifu will win...

It's just a sparring.

It seems they are looking forward to it.

Let's have a closed-door match.

Chiu Shifu, diamond cut diamond.

Kung fu practitioners don't care
for false modesty.

I don't claim to be second to none,

I won't settle for the second place either.

Let it be settled in the ring.


Thief...he's stealing our sweet potatoes...

Please...spare me...I am too hungry...

Please...spare me...

Are you alright?


Thank you...

Pa, he's a thief! Why let him go?

Kungfu practitioners should be tough...
with a tender heart.

That means adepts should be understanding
and protect people around them.

Bear this in mind, kungfu practitioners

spare the desperate, and spare the hungry.


Why aren't you in bed?

Want a beating up?

I am waiting for you to come home
to teach me kung fu.

You've been practising for the whole day.
Aren't you tired already?


What about this?

What about this?

This? No...

Really? No...

Take off the bracers and go to bed.

No...you made them for me.

Alright...what do you want me to teach you?

Scaling Tiger!

It's too powerful. It's often fatal.

You are too young for it.


Wake your mom and sister up!

Take them to safety.

I'll go check it out.



Chiu Shifu.

Duen Shifu, let's help!


Help...don't let the fire spread...

I'll go get the people out!

You tackle the fire. Yes...

Be careful...

It's smoky here...don't stay here...get out.


Let me.

Be careful! See you outside.

Hang in there...

Come on...

Give him water.

You alright?
I'm fine.

Chiu Shifu, where's my husband?

He's getting people out.

What takes him so long?

Let me go check it out. Don't worry.

Take care of the kids.

Be careful.

Be careful.

Duen Shifu...

Duen Shifu...what's going on?

Duen Shifu...

Why are you two fighting?

Duen Shifu... Brother...


You killed my brother!

I didn't.

He's mad when I got here.

I saw you hitting him! I believe my eyes!

I was blocking his attack!

You killed him!

What happened?

Hubby, wake up...

Doctor...he was trying to get people out.

He's a kungfu adept. He can't die...

His jaws are broken.

He's beaten to death.

Who did it? Who killed him?

It's you!

I saw Chiu Meng-shan and Brother
in a fight when I got there.

Then he...

It's you! Murderer! You killed him!

Mrs Duen...

Why? Stop it...

Chiu Yeung... Stop it...

Stay away.


Murderer! Why?

Mrs Duen...

Get lost! Save it!

If I did it, I would admit it.

I really didn't kill Duen Shifu.

There were no one else but you two inside.

You can't deny it!

You killed my brother!

My pa won't kill!

Only your Scaling Tiger is
powerful enough to kill him.


Believe it or not, I didn't do it!

The police can't get into the Walled City.

You mean to get away with murder!

Then take me to the Kowloon City
Police Station.

Let the police find out the truth!


Tie him up!


Don't worry, the police
will find out the truth.

Wait for me at home.

Kowloon City Police Station

You have to stay here
during the investigation.

Go in.

Meal time.

Two days have passed. Still no news?

Investigation takes time.

What about asking your family to come?

No. I don't want them to worry about me.

You have it.

Yeung, come and eat.

You have not eaten for a day.


Come on!

You've been like this since Pa's gone.

Just eat it!

What now?

Mom doesn't want us to know
we are out of rice.

The neighbours won't let us
get water or sell us food.

This egg is all we've got.

Be a man!

Pa's not home yet.

Mom has been crying behind our backs.

Don't make her worry about you as well.

You two are good kids.

Let me see if some kindhearted
neighbours will sell us food.

Why should they treat us this way?

What if Pa really killed Duen Shifu?

Mental! Pa will never kill!

But he said Scaling Tiger is fatal.

Watch out...

Chiu Yeung, Chiu Ha, greet Grandaunt Miu.

Grandaunt Miu... Hello...

Kuen, I rushed over from Macau
once I got your telegram.

You must have had a hard time.

I brought you tea cakes.

Thank you...

Thank you for coming over.

I didn't mean to trouble you,

but we have no kin here in Hong Kong.

Come on, we are family.

How come your hands are so hot?

You have a fever?

It's no big deal.

Have you taken any medication?

We have nothing here.

Let me go buy you some.

Take care of your mom.



Stop or I'll shoot!

Chiu Meng-shan, come out!

Come out...

He's in the police station...

He injured a cop and is now a fugitive!

Mom...what's a fugitive?

How come?
Come out!

Let's go in to get him!

Get him...

My husband is an honourable man.
It's a misunderstanding!

He's not here!

Where is he hiding?


Take him... No...


He's innocent...let him go...

Stop it!

Spare them.

It's me you want.

Leave my family alone.

The fugitive really is here.

You asked to be taken
to the police station.

Why did you escape?

I'm glad you do care about your family
and you came back for them.

Now I can avenge my brother!

Leave with the kids.

Yeung, hold the door...

Watch out...

Yeung...watch out...

Run... Mom...

Yeung, take care of your sis...

Mom... Run...



Yeung, how come Pa...Mom...

Wait here for me.

I'll go check on them.

I'll go with you.

Listen to me. Wait for me here.

Let's pinky-shake.

I'll come back for you.

Just wait for me here. Be here or be square.

Be careful.

Come with me...they must be nearby.

Split up and look for them.

The two kids must be together.

Oh no...Ha...

You can ask me again and again...

My answer is still the same.

It's a set up.

It's to turn the two Baji schools
against each other.

You have no proof and it's just what you say

Why should we believe you?

Hubby, I believe you.

I don't.

Then you are letting the three
murderers get away with it.

Once the three men in the cell are found,

the truth can be known.

I have always stood tall...


Ha, where are you...

Chiu Yeung. Come with me...

No! I have to wait for Ha.

I said be here or be square.

They are not human. We have to run...

No, I have to wait for Ha.

I said be here or be square...

I have to go back...Ha is waiting for me...

She'll be fine.

I'll take care of you in Macau.

Get on board...

Let's go...

Macau 1959

Big Chu...Little Chu...

Auntie, what is it?

The crowd separated me and my two sons...


Have you seen two kids?

Hold it...how big are your two sons?

They've been pushed to the back...

Excuse us...

She's looking for her sons...

Don't push...
Excuse us...

Excuse us...

What's wrong with you?


(Yau Ma Tei Wholesale Fruit Market)

You've been away from Hong Kong for so long

you don't know the place now.

I got referred to a fellow villager.

He'll take you to the Walled City.

I know you want to find your sister.

But I can't leave you behind.

You are a good boy.

For my illness, you've been working
as a coolie at the pier.

But my days are numbered.

You have to think about your future.

I've left my past behind.

Yet you still keep a newspaper
cutting with you.

We all have a past.

Some things can't be let go.

I am now a Chor. It's your family name.

The Chiu Yeung of old died in the
Walled City...together with Pa and Mom

It's how I learned the word "fugitive" .

Pa is getting murkier by the day
in my memory.

My memory of him is his bloodied look
when I last saw him.

I still remember the wildness in his eyes...
It's terrifying...

That's why you gave up Baji Fist.

I care about nothing but my sister.

I promised we would meet by the cannon.
Be there or be square.

One more seat to fill...just wait.

Hurry up...

Hey, dude...Going to the Walled City
for a girl?

Yes...are you Mr Yam, the man?

As in sex maniac? They all are!

Come on...don't keep us waiting...

You've come to the right man.

Free transportation.

They are all going to the Walled City?

For the free transportation.

Get in...

(Kowloon Walled City)

Get off...that way...come on...

Let's go...

Come on...

Just dripping water...

They are smart.

Come on...

Just rats.

Come on...

This way...

Mind the umbrellas...

We two will have a match one day

and I'll beat him.

I'll beat Duen Ying-fung too.

Give way...

That happens all the time...

Come on...

Come on!


What? A thief...

That's common. Anything goes
in the Walled City.

Just "No staring, no wandering about,
and don't be nosy."

There are different turfs here.

You make trouble and you're on your own.

Come on.

Watch out, it's slippery.

Come on...

Mind the steps.

Come in...

Sit down...

Sit down!

First time here for a girl?

Yes. You too?

I am looking for a big sister.

Me, a small sister.

Sit down...

The sisters will soon be out.

Mind your hands when you get excited.

Keep yours to your own umbrella.

Sit down.

Young man, you sure are hot-blooded.

Too much for you already?

Mr Yam, I don't mean these girls.

My name is not Yam.

No? You said you were!

You said you're looking for girls.

There they are.

What are you talking about?

I have to go.


Pay up.

I take it as a lesson learned.

Where's my bag?

My bag's gone!

Let go of me!

Stop it...

What are you doing?

It's not your business.

Carry on.

Your bag is over there.

Come on...

Be still... Pa...

Where's my bag?

What bag?

How can you not pay for the show
but butt into people's business?

Pay up.

Give me my bag and I'll pay you.

So you are not paying? Search him!


Is money more important than a life?

Someone is being beaten up.

He may be beaten to death!

The Walled City has its own rules.

You can steal, beat people up or kill.

The only big no-no is no money.

So you have no money?

Beat him up!

Stop it!

Are you done?

So he owes you money.

He doesn't have to pay with his life.

What a busybody...

You have a death wish?

Don't make me do it.

Watch your step, Gambler Fat.

I'll see for how long he could shield you!

Let's go.

We'll come again tomorrow.

The interest will be doubled.

Pa, are you alright?

Thank you for saving him.

You are welcome.

You've done me in!

Why should you be so nosy?

They'll give me a break after a beating up.

Now I have offended them.

I have to pay double tomorrow!

Pa, he did it out of kindness.

So what? I still have to pay.

If he's so kind, he can pay for me.

I am sorry.

Yam-yam, go take care of your pa.

Excuse me.

You know them?

Why didn't you stand up for them?

Gambler Fat owes tons of people money.

You can't save him every time, hero!

What has the world come to?

The Walled City is a dog eat dog world.

Save it.

How much do I owe you?

Five dollars.

Here you are.

Dude, have a roasted sweet potato.

How much for one?

Ten cents for you.

I only have five cents. Sorry.

Hey, whatever.

You have not eaten, right?

You are the first good person I've met today

It's hot today.

Go to the next block.
It's cooler there. Enjoy.

Thank you.

Yeung, let's fire...

Good! 1, 2, 3...


Listen to me. Wait for me here.

Let's pinky-shake.

I'll come back for you.

Just wait for me here. Be here or be square.

Be careful...

Ha, where are you?

Don't cry. Your sister will come back.

She will never forget...
be here or be square...

She won't forget...

Spare the desperate, spare the hungry...

Why did you have to cheat a hungry man?


What has the world come to?

It shouldn't be like this...

Baji master and his wife
found dead in the Walled City...

It's the Baji Fist...


Push, thrust, elbow, fist...




You need to go a bit higher.



This one is good!


This one is good!

That's it...

Yes...That's right!

Hit hard.

Then move over here.


OK, 1...2...

It's alright...