A Fish Tale (2017) - full transcript

A stuffed animal shows a little girl that love is a special kind of magic.

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[YOUNG BRIDGET] "Once upon a
time, there was a very special fish.

This fish was an ancient
magical fish

who brought happiness
to many that she met.

Some say that fish
was guided by angels.

One day, Fish was swimming
along the water's edge,

when she saw a young
girl who was crying.

The young girl's family
needed money badly,

so she agreed to marry an old
wealthy merchant in the town,

who she did not love.

Fish felt deeply for her
and started to glow.

The young girl noticed
this glow light

and started to follow Fish.

She followed Fish
along the water's edge

until they came up
to a beautiful castle.

Fish started to glow once again.

A young man walking along
water's edge noticed Fish.

He was amazed by the fish,

and then noticed the young girl.

He was taken by her beauty

and she thought he was
very handsome as well.

They spent the whole
afternoon together.

As he walked her home,
they fell in love

and he asked her to marry him.

She agreed to marry him,
even if he was

a peasant with no money.

He confessed
that he was a prince

and soon, they were wed
by the water's edge.

They both knew that Fish
had brought them together

and wanted to include her
in the celebration.

They lived happily ever after

and Fish stayed for a while,

but she knew she had more to do.

So, she swam off
for her next adventure."


♪ Woke up went for a run

♪ Took a breath,
looked at the sun ♪

♪ Not a cloud
in the perfect sky ♪

♪ Yesterday it wasn't clear

♪ All the doubt
all of the fear ♪

♪ But today courage
I will find ♪

♪ I just want to see

♪ All the world can be

- Thanks.
- Okay.

♪ This perfect day
I'm smiling ♪

♪ It's perfect and beguiling

♪ I'm happy as my mind is

♪ And perfect is my timing

♪ It's a perfect day

♪ Could it be
could it be real? ♪

♪ All the happiness I feel

♪ My-my seasons of my life

♪ It's perfect and beguiling

♪ I'm happy as my mind is

♪ And perfect is my timing

♪ It's a perfect day

♪ It's a perfect day ♪

- Hello?
- Hey!

Hey, hey, keep it down.

There's no need to shout.

I-I didn't shout.

What'd you say?

I said I didn't shout.

- Trout?
- Shout.

I said I didn't shout.

What do you call that?

Good point.

So, what can I do for you?

Yeah, I'd like to buy
a ticket, please.

- Where to?
- California.

California, eh?

Yes, please.

That's a long way from here.

- I know.
- Snow?

No, they don't have any snow
there this time of year.


Are you traveling alone?


You know,

you look kinda young
to be traveling alone

and I can't sell a ticket
to an unaccompanied minor.

I'm eighteen.

Hm. You got ID?

Uh, I-I-I did,
but I-I think I lost it.


You know, we only go
to one place in California.

Anywhere is fine.


Two hundred and twenty bucks, please.



Now, that's a nice picture.

Is that your family?

I don't have a family.

Sure you do.
Everyone has a family.

Not me. Not anymore.


So, what time
does the bus leave?

Not for a few hours.

Don't come around too often.

This isn't your regular
Greyhound bus station.

Well, hopefully one will
be here by tonight.

It's 8 a.m.

You have a long book?




One at a time, now.

- I'll go first then.
- Stop.

- We have a winner.
- Winner of what?

You just won a seat next to me.

You coming, Emma?

I wish we didn't have to go.

You'd rather stay here?


I'd rather be
anywhere else than here.

At least, most days.

But I hate the woods.

Why? You scared or something?

Come on, Frankie.

We're gonna get
the worst seat on the bus

if we don't hurry up.

Don't be a fraidy cat,
and come on,

you can sit with us if you want.

- But, Frankie.
- Oh, hush, Luther.

You know, you're just as scared
sometimes as she is.

Am not.

You are so.


It's like herding cats.

Everyone in?
Good. Let's go.


- Come on, you guys.
- Hurry up.

I'm coming.

No pushing.

Alright, guys.
Come on. Let's get going.

Go and have a good time.


Sweet Jesus.


Alright, guys. Alright.

Now, listen up.

We all want you to have
as much fun as you can

while we're here,

but first, a few rules, okay?


Crazy eyes up here, please.

Rule number one.

You all should've divided
into groups of four.

Teens, you're in groups of two.


Everyone have their group?


Okay, good.

We need you to stay
with your group at all times.

If you get separated
from your group,

find me, or Miss Melissa,

or Mr. Leonard, or any adult

in a brightly-colored shirt, okay?


Okay, good.
Rule number two.

Don't go beyond the flags

on the outside of the camp site.

This is a great place

with a lot of fun activities,

but we are also
in the wilderness

and there are a lot

of fast, big,
sharp-toothed animals

and we don't want
any of you becoming bear food.


Ew is right.

Rule number three.

Don't litter.

Rule number four.

Have fun.


Alright, alright, now, okay.

Mr. Leonard is going
to show us to our cabins.

- Yep, come on.
- Oh.

Alright, we're walking,
we're walking,

we're walking.

Okay, cabin's just over here.

Why do we have to bunk
with the little kids?

[MELISSA] Compared to me,
you're all little kids.

You'll be fine.

Hey, little kid.

And up, up, up, up, up.

Okay, crazy campers.

This, drum roll please,

is your cool cabin.

Make yourselves at home.

Don't fight over
the bunks, guys, okay?

Come on, Emma. I got top.

Luther, honey, do you need
to use the bathroom

or are you just super excited?


Ooh, uh, boys' bathrooms
are outside and to the left.

Girls are on the right.

George, will you
please go with Luther?

Thank you.

Okay, so, dinner bell
rings at 6:00

and we all meet
in the cafeteria, and tonight,

for dinner, we are having

hamburgers, fries
and chocolate sundaes. Yum!


See you all there.

Oh, uh...

One more thing, uh,

feel free to explore,
but do not go

beyond the orange flags
that outline this camp.

Beyond that is private property
and we don't want

you all to be trespassers.

Did you guys hear that?

- Yes.
- Yeah.

Miss Melissa,
can we go and play now?

Yes, honey. You all go have fun.

Please stay with your groups

and remember,
check in at the cafeteria

when you hear the whistle.

Are you all too good for fun?

- Mm.
- Yeah, yeah, thought so. No.

Too bad, let's go.

It's camp.

- Woo!
- Woo!

Ready or not, here I come.

MacKenzie and Laura
are behind that tree over there.

Johnny, come on!

I wonder where this trail goes.



This must be the flags
they were talking about.

I don't see any bears
or animals beyond them.

But Miss Melissa
and Miss Kathleen said...

They said to go have fun
and be adventurous.

But we can get in trouble.

Do you see anyone else around?

Who's gonna tell? You?


- No, I won't.
- No.


I don't think we should.

Come on, we're always
stuck in that home.

We deserve a little adventure.

Don't be so scared all the time.

[GEORGE] Look, there's
a house over there.

Looks abandoned.

Maybe there's treasure in there.

You think?

Well, if you had treasure,

where would you bury it?

On a sunken ship.

A deserted island, of course.

Or maybe a deserted cabin.

Hmm. Maybe.

How do you know it's deserted?

Because the windows are dirty.

No one would live
in a house like that

and not keep the windows clean.

Haven't you seen any movies?

Houses with dirty windows
are always deserted.

Maybe the owners
only visit sometimes

and they haven't
been here in a while.

Whatever happened, I'm gonna go
check it out for treasure.

Who's with me?

Fine, I'll go by myself.

But if I find treasure,
it's all mine, you babies.

Finders keepers, losers weepers.

Frankie, wait,
we're not supposed

to go anywhere by ourselves.

Well, then what
are you waiting for?

We can't just let her
go by herself.

What if there is treasure
hidden in there?

Or a wild animal.

I don't wanna be
their next meal.

Emma, what do you think?

- Emma?
- Huh?

What do you think?

Well, Miss Melissa did say
to stay in groups.


Alright, fine,
I'm the oldest here,

so I guess I'm in charge.


[GEORGE] It looks like there's a door over there.
Maybe it's unlocked.

And how're we gonna
reach that, brainiac?

None of us are tall
enough to even touch

the bottom of the cabin.

Maybe someone can stand
on someone else's shoulders.

It's not gonna work.

We're still too short.


Hey, look, there's a ladder.

Maybe one of us can
climb up the ladder

and then the rest can secure it.

[FRANKIE] I don't
know, it looks dangerous.

Who's gonna take
a chance on that?

I'll do it.

Really? You?



Frankie and Luther,
keep the ladder from moving.

Aye, aye, captain.


- You okay in there?
- Yeah.

Alright, we're gonna
go to the front.



Took you long enough.

[LUTHER] Are there any
animals living in there?

I don't think so.

Sure is dusty.

Watch out for a creaky floor.

People always hide things
under the floor in movies.

It looks like whoever
lived here had a baby.


- What is it?
- Is it a treasure chest?

That's not a treasure chest.
That's for toys.

And what do you think
toys are to a kid? Hm?

Let's open it.


Oh, man, they're just baby toys.

So much for treasure.

Well, how did I know?

Busted exploration.


Jeez, Jake, not cool.

Okay, Miss Melissa
and Miss Kathleen

would be so angry that you guys
left the camp site.

Well, so did you.

Well I'm big and you're little.

Besides, I came
looking for you guys.

What are you babies
doing in here anyway?

We're not babies,
we were looking for treasure,

but there isn't any.

Well, duh.

This is just
someone's old house.

[KYRA] There's nothing in
here but dust and...



That's the dinner bell.
We gotta go.

Come on, if I get in trouble,

you guys get in trouble.





Emma, you coming?

Come on.

What're you doing?

Promise not to tell?

Okay. Pinky promise.


Where did you get that?

It was in the toy trunk.

You stole it?

It's always the quiet ones.

I think it's magic.

Magic doesn't happen
for kids like us, Emma.

If it did, do you think
we'd be living

in a group home
without families?

You don't believe in magic?

I've never seen anything
magical happen before.

I hope all the time for magic,
but, do you?

I think anything is possible

and I swear I saw
this fish glow.

Nope, no magic.

But hey, we can use it
for story circle if you want.

Just don't tell anybody
where you got it.

Where'd you get this?

Uh, Emma found it
underneath the bunk.

- Wasn't that in the...
- Shh!

Well, wasn't that
in the toy box?

I don't know
what you're talking about.

And we're gonna be late
for story circle.

Emma, did you steal this
from the house?

I didn't steal it.

Just... borrowed.

She says it's magic
and it glows.

You're not gonna tell on me,
are you?

No, I'm not gonna tell on you.

We'd all get in trouble.

We all crossed the flags.

Looks like
we're all in this together.






It'll be our secret.

It's story circle time.

Let's go.


I don't think you're crazy.



- Hi.
- Mind if I sit with you?

Oh, no.

It's my dinner time.

That bus should be along
any minute now.



And fun.

That's what I always say.

You gotta have fun in life,

you know?

Hey, you hungry?

No, no, I'm okay.

No, no, no, here.

Thank you.

Think nothing of it.

So, is that your name?



Patron saint of all that's lost.

Things. People.

- People?
- Yeah.

How can you lose people?

There's a few ways, I guess.

None of them are very pleasant.

But, you know, I don't think

you can misplace a person,
can ya'?

I mean, I've never
misplaced anyone, have you?

- No.
- That's very good.

Saint Anthony, the patron saint

who helps people find
what they've lost.

- I'm named after him.
- Hm.

[ANTHONY] The only thing I
can do to really help anybody

is to try
to get them on the bus that

is going somewhere we send it.


Speaking of which,
where is that bus?

If it ever comes.


Strange weather we're having.

[KATHLEEN] Remember, me and Miss
Melissa will be going around

and listening
to all your stories

and the best,
most exciting story...

that group gets to go
into the lake first

and they get first dibs
on ice cream sundaes.


So let the story-telling begin.

Nah, uh, uh, uh, Kyra.

Give me the iPod.

But this is a kid's game.

Well, if you wanna be
like the adults

you can go clean the bathrooms.

Otherwise, you're gonna
stay here, participate

and use your imagination.

Thank you.

Okay, I'll start.

No, I wanna start.

I think Emma should start

since it's her fish we're using.

Whoa, whoa, whoa,
I'm the oldest.

And who cares if she has
some dirty old fish?

'Cause whoever has the fish
gets to continue the story.

It's only fair.
Emma can start

and then pass the fish
to whoever she wants.

And then,
that person can pass it to

whoever they want

and on and on and on.

Just do it.
I don't wanna be here all night.



Once upon a time,
there was a girl.

Well, why does it
have to be a girl?

Duh, 'cause girls rule.

Girls are dumb.

I know you did not
just say that.

Alright, let's just
get on with it already.

Emma, hold the fish.



I could make it about a boy.

But I just have this
very strong feeling

like it has to be about a girl.


You see?

Never mind.

Okay, here we go again.

Once upon a time,
on a foggy night,

there was a girl,
lost in the wilderness.



Hey, hey, hey.
Look what the wind blew in.

I didn't even hear it arrive.

That's Philomena.

Hello to the lovely Phil.

Lovely to see you again.

Well, good to see you too,
Sir Anthony.

Heard you got
a new passenger for me.

Yeah, got one for you tonight.

Well, it's good to meet you.

My name is Philomena,

but you can call me Phil.

I'm Bridget.

See, how this works, honey.

The bus moves, not the depot.

You're in good hands here.

Good luck to ya', Miss Bridget.

- Thanks for the sandwich.
- Anytime.

- Run along.
- Hm.

Now see that she gets
to where she's going.

- Have I ever let you down?
- Never.

And be sure to say hi to our
friend for me, would you?

- Will do.
- Okay.

Wow, that was fast.

[JAKE] Boring.

What a snooze fest.

Let me get the fish.

Hello, Frankie.

Ha! My turn.

Sit down
and don't be such a bully.

Is everything alright
over there?

- Jake?
- Yes, Miss Kathleen.

Can I please continue the story?

Now, as she goes along
wandering through nowhere...

a man appears behind her.

[LUTHER] Is it a scary man?


[GEORGE] Is he old?


Uh, you looking at me?

No, no, no.

If you will please
stop interrupting me,

I could tell you
what kind of man.

A little man appears beside her

and introduces himself.

[FRANKIE] Hi, I'm Jude.

Where did you come from?


But-but I thought
I was the only one.

Oh, I was asleep in the back.

You probably missed me.

It happens a lot.

Hey, Phil.

Hiya, Jude.

Looking good.

Good to be back.

It's been a while.

That it has.

Happy to see you.

So, where you headed, Bridget?

How do you know my name?


I heard you say it earlier.

But you said you were sleeping.

- Mints?
- No.

- No?
- No, thank you.



Let me see.


Hm, let me see.


Some turkey gravy?

No, thank you.
I'm not hungry.

Ooh, wait a minute.

That's from, uh, Thanksgiving.

Forget that.

Not hungry?

Hold on.

How about a ukulele?

[LUTHER] A ukulele?


[FRANKIE] Quiet, Luther.

That came out of your pocket?

I don't play, but...

it's always good
to have it on board

in case somebody does.

I don't play either.


So, I guess we'll just
have to talk then.

Where are you from?

Well, I don't

really think I'm from anywhere.

I do a lot of moving around.

Been in a lot of houses.

Too many to count.

With your family?

No, um, I don't have a family.

Everybody has a family.

- Not me.
- Why do you say that?

Oh, you know what?

We don't need
to talk about it right now.

Oh, wait a minute.

- Are you okay?
- Yeah.

I think I got
one more thing in my pocket.


Fish stuffy?

I'm tired of this story.

Let me get the fish.



What was that?


- Hey!
- Hey!

- Not cool, Jake.
- Yeah, whatever.

What's all the fuss
going on here?

Jake threw the fish
Emma found in the house

beyond the flags into the woods.




Emma, is this true?

Right, and I bet you had
a few accomplices, didn't you?

Jake, Kyra, go to the cafeteria.

See if they need help cleaning
or peeling potatoes.

- What did I do?
- Do as I say, Kyra.

Now, for the four of you,
story time is over.

I want you to immediately
go back to your cabin

and remain there
for the rest of the evening.

- But...
- No buts, George.

Can we take
the marshmallows with us?

No, you may not, Luther.

Now head to your cabin.

I'll be there in a few moments

to have a talk with you.

Thanks a lot, Frankie.


Emma took the fish.

Well, she wouldn't have the fish

if we didn't go to that cabin.

[FRANKIE] Whose side are
you on anyway, Luther?

We're related, remember?



What now?


What? Don't look at me.

Do I look like
I can change a tire?

- What about you?
- No.

Tsk, well, then...

guess we have to call in
some backup.

Backup? Aren't we
in the middle of nowhere?

No, no, no, we passed Nowhere
an hour ago.

- We're on our way to...
- Which means we could call.

- Do you think he's up?
- Yeah.


Do it.

Somebody call for a cab?

Hey, dude.

Is that in your way?

Oh, no, it's okay.

Kinda like a pillow.

Sorta reminds me of a...

Of what?

- Nothing.
- You sure?

Seems like you were thinking
of something pretty good.


Well, it...
it kinda reminds me

of a stuffed animal I had
when I was little.

It was a fish too.

I used to take it with me everywhere.

It was my favorite.

Oh, yeah?

Yeah, um...

My mom and I made it together
when I was real little.


[MOM] You and your
fish are both smiling.

It's so sweet.

Look at your little "Cheese".

You get that from your dad.

What happened to it?

Um, I lost them.

It, I mean, um,

actually, I lost... I lost it.

Oh, that's too bad.

See, now that's a job
for Saint Anthony.

He'd help you find that fish.

That he could.

You'd think he would've
helped me find my waist.


Or find the road.

Hey, let's not get crazy now.


What about a family?

[ANTHONY] Miracles happen
every day, my dear.

[KATHLEEN] I think someone
walked off with the fish.

- Oh, boy.
- Some one needs to find it.

Well, we'll have Miss Melissa
send the kids out for it.

Hold my feet.


Oh, come on.
It's not that bad.

We can't get into
that much trouble.

Frankie, I'm getting tired
of holding your feet.

Jeez, Luther.

I'm just sad, I guess.

Because of the fish?

We can go find it tomorrow.

Hopefully a bear doesn't eat it.

Luther, bears don't eat
stuffed animals.

Well, my little mischief-makers.

What do you have to say
for yourself?


We have rules put in place
to keep you safe.

Keep you out of harm's way.

You can't just go breaking them

because you feel like it.

Can you imagine
if adults did that?

Imagine the calamity.

What's calamity?

It's... it's trouble.

It's potentially harmful trouble

and I don't want
anything bad to happen

to any of you.

What about Johnny?

No, not even Johnny.


you broke the rules

and apparently
you took something

that didn't belong to you.

So, tomorrow, when everyone's
swimming and having fun,

you'll be looking for this fish

and you're gonna
bring it back to me.

- Not the cabin?
- No, to me.

I can take it back to the cabin
before we leave.

Or I can give it to Mr. Leonard.

He might know who owns the cabin

and maybe he can explain.

But I don't think anyone
lives there anymore.

It doesn't matter.

If it doesn't belong to you,

then it doesn't belong with you.

Now, I want everyone
to go wash their face,

brush their teeth
and get ready for bed.

You too, Emma.

Okay, campers.

On your mark.

Get set. Go!


Don't touch. Don't touch.
Don't touch.


who farted?

Alright, my four, are you ready
to go on your scavenger hunt?

Why don't Jake and Kyra
have to come?

Jake's the one
who threw the fish.

Don't you worry about them.

You just worry about finding it

and bringing it back here
if you can.

Here, Emma.
If you get lost or hurt,

I want you to
blow that for help.

You're in charge now, okay?

Okay. I will.

Alright, you've got one hour

before you're back here
to check in,

fish or no fish.


Okay, off you go.



please leave the raccoons alone.

[PHIL] You know, I
feel like a little song.

♪ There

♪ Was a farmer who had a dog

♪ And bingo was his name-o

♪ B-I-N-G-O

♪ And Bingo was his name-o

♪ There...


Oh, thank you.


♪ ...was his name-o...

Yeah, thanks.

♪ ...N-G-O

♪ B-I-N-G-O

♪ And Bingo was his name-o ♪

I think I see something.

You say that every five minutes.

Yeah, and I think
that last "something"

was deer poo.

No, really. Look, there it is.

Great. Now let's go back.

Wait, what are we going back to?

We can't go swimming.

I don't wanna just sit there

and watch other kids have fun.

But Miss Melissa said...

Let's hear her out.

What did you have in mind, Emma?

We could have
our own story circle right here.

I mean, why not?

It was fun last night.

Before Jake ruined it.

And we can finish the story.

But Miss Melissa's
expecting us back any time now.

Do you think she'll notice
if we're gone a little longer,

when she has all those kids
to look after?

I'm in.

- Me too.
- Oh, alright.

But does it all
have to take place in a car?

Okay, how about Pineville?

So, anybody hungry?


I can go for a juicy burger

and some pipin' hot fries.

Or a barbecue sandwich

and an extra big bowl
of mac and cheese.

And what about Miss Bridget?

Well, I could go for...

an extra cheesy pizza.

I know just the place.


Where are we?

Why, Pineville diner, of course.

Don't know how
you missed all those signs.

Hey guys, welcome back.

Hi, Anthony.

Hope you brought your appetites.

Follow me.

She knows him?

Oh, yeah.

He's very popular.

Guess so.

Thank you.

On the house.

Ah! Thanks a million,
dear Ann.

Don't mention it.

This is the best chocolate
milkshake I've ever had.

I'm so very glad to hear that.

But don't fill up on it too fast

because we still have got
more food coming.

Now, let me see.

You're gonna have
the barbecue sandwich

with the big bowl
of mac and cheese.


For you...

large cheesy pizza.

And for you, Miss Phil,
burger and fries.

- You got it.
- And what about Anthony?

And Anthony will have an empty
plate so he can take a little

from each one of you.

I'll be back.

Guess you have been here before.

Yeah, but not too often though.

I mean, if I came here
as much as I wanted to,

I wouldn't even be able
to fit through that door.

And that's how you know Ann?

Hey, my main man, Anthony.

I thought I heard you come in.

Hey, Andy, how you doing?

Why, little Andy,
you're practically an adult.

No, just taller than last time
you saw me.

Still a little kid, though.

At least, that's what
my sister says.

- Hey, you remember Jude?
- Oh, yeah.

You had hair last
time I saw you.

Good to see you.

And this is Bridget.

- Bridget, hello.
- Hi.

Let's make him a prince.

[LUTHER] When is it
gonna be my turn, Frankie?

It's my turn.

Did you have to yell
and alert the whole town?

Why do you have to have
the prince thing?

That's so stupid, Frankie.

That just goes to show
that you know nothing

about makin' up stories.

Haven't you ever read
any fairy tales?

There's always a prince.

Yeah, and I do kinda
like the prince.

Can't we just keep him?

Fine, but can you just
make it a normal guy?

What... just happened?

Order up.

Luther, bears don't talk.

In my imagination they do.



Hey guys, I gotta
get back to work.

It's good seeing you again.

Bridget, it's nice to meet you.

You too.

Ah, that Andy.
Such a good kid.

- And his sister.
- You know his sister?

- Yeah, Ann.
- Really?

Yeah, I met Ann and Andy
at the bus depot, like you.

But years ago.

Burger and fries.

Barbecue sandwich and
a big bowl of mac and cheese.

One large empty plate.

And a cheesy pizza.


Anything else I can get for you?

Maybe some napkins.

- Got those.
- Thanks.

Oh, maybe some
ketchup, some mustard.

- Hot sauce?
- Yeah, got those too.

Alright, enjoy.

[BRIDGET] This is the
cheesiest pizza I've ever seen.




- Yeah, just put it on top.
- Mm-hm.

I'm gonna need a nap
after all of this. Hm-hm.

Yeah, that sounds good.

Don't worry, we'll get you
to where you need to go.

I mean, you're not
in a big hurry, right?

Not really.

And there's nobody expecting
you there, right?

- No.
- Well, it's settled then.

We'll have a nice little nap

and then we'll hit the road.


So, Bridget, you never really
told us your story.

What do you mean?

Well, you had said that

you weren't
really from anywhere,

but everyone is from somewhere.

I mean...

all I know is that
I was gonna be in foster care

until I turned 18, and...

then I could go
wherever I wanted.

So, um...

the minute I turned 18,
I was out of there.

Wait, so you're saying...

your birthday was yesterday

and you didn't even tell us.

Um, actually, it's today.


You mean I sold a ticket

to an unaccompanied
minor yesterday?

What difference
does it make now?

She's 18 today.
She's an adult.

Well, that's easy
for you to say,

I could get my wings clipped.

Hey, Bridget, you know,
birthdays are a big deal.

Not really.
I mean, not to me.

Of course, they are.

Haven't you ever had a birthday

with streamers and balloons?

And a cake.

[LUTHER] All this food
talk is making me hungry.

What was it? What was that?

[MAN #1]
What was that?



Did you hear that?

This calls for a celebration.

- Ann!
- Yeah.

Do you have any birthday cakes
on the menu?

Of course, we do.
Hey, Andy.

- Yo.
- One birthday cake, please.

I'm on it.

Alligator, Fox, Bear.

Go get the big birthday
box from the back

and help me set this place up.

We're having a party.

Uh, what is happening?

Magic. You'll see.

- Can-can I go to the bathroom?
- I hope you can.

- You know what I mean.
- Of course.

Go on.

So, guys, what do you think?

We only have one more day.

I sure hope
she finds it in time.

Don't worry. She will.

I've got a track record to keep.


Happy birthday, Bridget!


All of this for me?

Of course!

Well, not all of it.

I mean, you gotta
share the cake.

Speaking of which...

♪ Happy birthday to you

♪ Happy birthday,
dear Bridget ♪

♪ Happy birthday to you ♪


Thank you.

Make a wish!

- Make three wishes.
- Three?

Why not?
There are three tiers.

That's basically three cakes.

Alright, but make 'em quick.

Okay, um...


Cake time.

Birthday girl.

Thank you so much.

This seat taken?

- It is now.
- Huh.

Have a seat.


I forgot how great Andy is
at baking cakes.

I still can't believe
all of this is happening.

What's happening?

I mean, this.
A-all of this.

I mean, I can't even remember
the last time

I celebrated my birthday,

let alone, having someone
to celebrate it with.

Well, like I said,

birthdays are a big deal.

It's about celebrating you,

your birthday and all
the wonderful achievements

you've had through life.

Yeah, well, my...

my life hasn't always been
so wonderful.

Well, maybe so,

but that's what makes
birthdays great.

It marks a new beginning.

A new hope for what's to come.

Maybe your life hasn't been
so great so far,

but you have a lot of wonderful
opportunities to come.

You just have to wait and see.

Trust me.

What makes you so sure

that this year
will be different?

I have my ways.

May we join you?

- Of course.
- Oh, yeah.

[SIGHS] Of course, I don't
know how I'm gonna eat

all of this cake.

I am still full from lunch.

Don't be daft,
there's always room for cake.

Who are you calling daft?

Well if the shoe fits.

- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.

That'll teach you.



How do you like them apples?

Food fight!


Emma, Frankie, George, Luther!

- What time is it?
- Let me check my watch, George.

What difference does it make?
Let's go.

Wait, maybe we can tell
her we didn't find it

and wanna keep looking.

It's your head.


Hey, what hap... You know what?

Never mind.

They're out cold.
Food coma.


You know, I think
I'm gonna go for a walk,

but if they wake up,
could you tell them for me?

Yeah, sure.
Just be careful.

You know, there's wild animals
out there.

Okay, um...

It was nice to meet you, Andy.


- Okay, bye.
- Bye.



What in the...


Looks just like a fish.

- Hello.
- Hi, um...

Are you here with the camp.

Uh, no, I, I was just, uh...

You saw it.

Is it yours?

- Well...
- No, she found it.

We're here to retrieve it
and then bring it back

where it belongs.

I-I take it it's not yours.


You, you saw it...

didn't you?

Yeah, kid, I did.

Saw what?

Oh, well, the fish. It, uh...

It what?


Well... thank you very much.


Do I know you?

Oh, I don't think so.

Does she, Emma?

I'm not sure.

I don't think so.

Are you sure
you're not with the camp?

Um, no, I was just having lunch
with friends at the diner

and decided to go for a walk.

Okay, well, at any rate,

thank you
for locating it for us.

- No problem.
- We better head out.

Come on, Emma.









- Dad.
- Hey, kid.

- Dad, look what I made.
- All by herself.

- You made this?
- Mm-hm.

What did you name her?

- Fish.
- That is the perfect name.

Let me go get my camera.

- I think he liked it.
- He does like it.

It's very cute. Just like you.

You did a good job.

- Hold the fish up.
- Alright.

- Yeah, just turn her like this.
- Go ahead and fix your hair.

You look super cute, okay.

I want a big smile, baby.

[MOM] You and your
fish are both smiling.

It's so sweet.

Look at your little "Cheese."

You get that from your dad.

You okay?


Mom, we forgot Fish
at the cabin.

- I want Fish.
- Don't worry, sweetie.

Fish will be waiting for you
in the toy box at the cabin

when we go back
in a couple of weeks.

And I promise,
when you see Fish again,

it'll be magical.

She's my favorite.

I wanted to show
all my friends what I made.

I know.

Hey, how about some chocolate?

Before dinner?

I won't tell if you won't.

- Did you grab the snacks?
- Yeah, they're in the bag.

- They're not here.
- By the purple blanket.

What purple blanket? All I see
is the green water bottle.

It's... the purple blanket...

- By the extra socks.
- These socks?

Yeah, the chocolate chips,
under the...

- Found 'em.
- High five.




Oh, it's just you.

You okay?

Um, yeah.

I just had a bad memory.

Do you need to talk about it?



Nice house.


Doesn't look like
anyone lives here.

Or if they did, they haven't
been here in a long time.


It's kinda cozy though.

If you like that
dusty kind of feeling.

Yeah, this place is a mess.

Yeah, well...

it's like they left
and didn't come back.

For a real long time, anyway.

Well, um, it's not like
we're staying here.

So, uh,
where are Phil and Anthony?

Oh, they stayed back
at the, uh, diner

to help Andy and Ann close up.



Somebody's tired.

- Yeah, I guess so.
- That's okay.

You've had a long day,
haven't you?

Yeah. A good one, though.


You know, if you're too tired,

you can always stay the night

and get back on
the road tomorrow.

But where would we stay?

Why not here?

How you doing, dear?

- Can't sleep?
- Not really.

I just keep thinking
about things.

Like what?

Everything just
seems so strange.

But then some things
seem so familiar.

But I don't know why.

Anything in particular?

This house.

I feel like
I've been here before.

And then, earlier today
I found this stuffed animal.

It was a, a fish in the woods.

And, for a second, it glowed.

But then it didn't.


there was this girl
that I swore I knew.

A girl? From the diner?

Oh, no. Um...

I met her in the woods.

Have you ever...
experienced that?

Where you... you see someone
or something

you think you know,
but you don't?

Like deja vu.

Yeah, I guess.

I've been meaning to ask you.

Where did you come from...

before you met up with Anthony?

Oh. Uh...

I was coming from home
just a couple of blocks

away from the depot.

Home? Your parents' home?

Oh. Um...


Foster home.

I don't have any parents anymore.

No? What happened to them?

I was really young...

and, uh... we were...

driving late one night.

I was sitting in the back seat

and my mom was trying
to find me a snack.

She was looking and looking

and, uh...

Next thing I remember...

There were bright lights

and tires screeching

and everything went black.

And then I woke up
a few days later

and a woman in a suit told me
that my parents were dead.

It was my fault.

It's not your fault, honey.

You have any other family?


I don't, I don't think so.

I mean, I've been alone

in foster care ever since.

Do you think that,

maybe you do know
that girl from the camp?

I don't, I don't think so.
I mean...

I've been in a lot of homes
last 10 years, but, uh...

I-I feel like I would have
remembered her.

Maybe you know her from before?


Remember, dear.



Good morning, sleepyheads.

Time to rise and shine.


Do we have to go home today?

Yes, today's the day,
but not until noon

which means there's time
for breakfast

and a all over camp game
of Red Rover.

So, everyone, let's get dressed,
go the bathroom,

brush your teeth,
and then head to the cafeteria

with your group, okay?

Do we all have to?

Yes, even you, Grumpy Gus.

Let's go! Chop, chop!

[ALL] Red rover, red
rover, send Ruth right over.

Red rover, red rover,

send Christian right over.

Red rover, red rover,
send Mason right over.

Red rover, red rover,

send Connor right over.

Red rover, red rover, send...



- Alright. You like the colors?
- Alright.

- Dad, they're really pretty.
- Awesome.

If you would do the honors,
young lady.

- Ready to make your wish?
- Yeah.

Your sissy's gonna blow out
the candles.

- One more.
- Keep blowing.


Almost! Yay!

- Say, "Good job, sissy."
- Good job, honey?

You're getting so big,
I can't believe

how many candles you have.


Buh-bye. Bye-bye.

Bye now.

So long.
Good luck to you.

Especially you, you'll need it.

Buh-bye. Bye-bye.

Thanks for taking care of us.



Alright, everybody, let's go.




Oh, man.


Uh, did you miss your bus?


Okay, well, look, kid,
camp is over.

So, uh, you gotta go.

Listen, I wasn't part
of any camp, alright.

I just wanna sit here
for a minute.

Minute's up.

What's your...


Were you gonna ask me
what my problem was?

I'll tell you.

I am a 38-year-old
camp counselor,

which is essentially a nanny.

- Where did you get that?
- What? This?

I don't know.
Some kid found it.

And now, it is going
in the trash.

Smells awful.



Can I have that fish, please,

- Why?
- Because it's important.

Oh, yeah? Very funny. To who?

To me.
I-I'm pretty sure it's mine.

You're just gonna
throw it away anyway.

Why does it matter?

- Fine.
- Thank you.

Are they here for you?


And they're your aunt and...
You know what? I don't care.

I've got to go. Leave my camp.

Good luck to you and your fish.

Hello, my sweet.

We brought you sweets.

There's a muffin in the bag.

Thank you.

What's that you got there?

It's Fish.

And it's not just any fish.
It's my Fish.

It's magical.


And the perfect streak continues.

That is such
a beautiful house, guys.

It's just like the one
we stayed in at camp.

Oh, I'm so glad you had fun.

Emma, dear, there's someone here
with a delivery for you.

- For me?
- Yes, ma'am. Let's go.

- Hey.
- Hi.

Come on.

Do you remember me?

Yeah. From the woods.

You saw the Fish glow too.

I did.
Pretty magical, huh?

I guess, yeah.

Do you know
where you found this?

I didn't mean to steal it.

I just didn't think
anybody would miss it.

Well... the truth is
I-I did miss it.

See, I actually made this
with my mom

when I was about your age.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Yeah, and I,
I thought I had lost it forever.

I thought I lost a couple things
forever, actually.

- But I was wrong.
- What else did you lose?

It might just be
in that toy trunk.


No, I don't think so.

You see... when I was your age

I had a little sister too...

that I'd forgotten.

I thought I lost her.

Did you find her?

I did.

You see, this fish doesn't
just glow.

It has a lot more magic to it.

I found this Fish
and I found my sister too.

Who is she?

- Me?
- Um-hm.

But how?
I mean, I don't remember.

Well, we were in an accident
when you were just a baby.

And then afterwards,
we were separated.

I, I don't know what happened
and I had forgotten

or I would have come
to find you before.

How did you find me?

Well, that is a very interesting

and unbelievable story.

It all started at a bus depot.


There it is. What was once lost,
now is found.

Another job well done.

As if there was any doubt that
we couldn't pull it off again.

Reunited. Feels so good.

I love happy endings.


Alright, that is all of us.

Let's go.

Johnny, Miss Bridget and I
are watching you.

Can you bring up the rear
and make sure

we don't lose a few on the way?

Alright, let's go.

Alright, come on guys.

Come on.

Come on.

Do you think we can go to our
house in the woods this weekend?

Maybe. I'll ask
Miss Kathleen and Miss Melissa

if I can have a couple days off.

I'm so glad
you work at the home now

and we can be together always.

Me too.
How was school today?

- Good.
- Yeah? What did you do?

We had our Valentine's Day party

and decorated our classroom.

Nicole's mom
brought cookies and cupcakes

for the whole class.

Having extra recess
and making Valentimes was fun.


That's what I said, Valentimes.



And we learned
all about Saint Valentime

and about other saints.

So Valentine's day
was named after a saint?


He was a guy who was in prison

and he wrote love letters
to a girl.

And then they gave him
a holiday.

I don't know if that's
the full story but okay.

- It's true.
- Okay.

So what other
saints did you learn about?

I can't remember.

Hold on.



"Saint Patrick.

Saint Nicholas or Saint Nick."

Oh, here he is.
"Saint Anthony."

I know one of those.

You do?
The real one?

No, but he was named after him,

or so he said.

Where did you meet him?

At the bus depot,

and he actually
helped me find you.

And then he kinda
just disappeared.

I never got a chance
to thank him.

Maybe he went back
to the bus depot.

- We can find him and thank him.
- Hm.

What's the matter?


"Saint Jude,
patron saint of lost causes.

Saint Philomena, patron saint
of babies, children and youth."

Jude, Phil, Anthony.

No. That's impossible.


Miracles do happen.

Of course, they do.

You just have to believe.

I got my sister, didn't I?

Yep. Come here.

Now, I really wish I had Fish,

and I believe
she will be waiting for me

when we get home.

Well, you will see Fish
very soon.

As our wise mother once said

"I promise when you do,
it will be magical."

Come on.


[ANTHONY] So Bridget and
Emma were reunited at last.

They lived happily ever after.

"And Fish stayed for a while

but she knew she had more to do.

So Fish swam off
for her next adventure."


♪ Woke up went for a run

♪ Took a breath,
looked at the sun ♪

♪ Not a cloud
in the perfect sky ♪

♪ Yesterday it wasn't clear

♪ All the doubt
all of the fear ♪

♪ But today
courage I will find ♪

♪ I just want to see

♪ All the world can be

♪ This perfect day
I'm smiling ♪

♪ It's perfect and beguiling

♪ I'm happy as my mind is

♪ And perfect is my timing

♪ It's a perfect day

♪ Could it be,
could it be real? ♪

♪ All the happiness I feel

♪ My-my seasons of my life

♪ Some days
it's wind and storm ♪

♪ Today the rain is gone

♪ Won't waste my time
wondering why ♪

♪ 'Cause I just want to be

♪ Closer to free

♪ This perfect day
I'm smiling ♪

♪ It's perfect and beguiling

♪ I'm happy as my mind is

♪ And perfect is my timing

♪ It's a perfect day

♪ This perfect day
I'm smiling ♪

♪ It's perfect and beguiling

♪ I'm happy as my mind is

♪ I'm perfectly delighted

♪ This perfect day
I'm smiling ♪

♪ It's perfect and beguiling

♪ I'm happy as my mind is

♪ And perfect is my timing

♪ It's a perfect day

♪ It's a perfect day ♪

[ANTHONY] A little young
to be traveling alone.

I can't sell a ticket
to a minor. Want me to go again?

I keep wanting to cut you off.



- Jake, not cool.
- And cut.

Okay, boys. Okay.


And cut.


Off you go.

Johnny, worms are friends,
not food.

Johnny, leave the squirrel
alone, please.

Johnny, that's a skunk,
not a squirrel.

Johnny, that's a tree,
not a bathroom.




What just...

I met Bridget
at the bus depot yesterday.




How do you like them apples?

Oh, you got a lot on me too.