A Fish Tale (2000) - full transcript

Siblings; Fly & Stella together with their child genius cousin Chuck Charles, encounter reclusive biologist/chemist Proffesor MacKrill/Mac Krell while out on the docks fishing only to become cut off by the tide coming in separating them from the shoreline. Seeking refuge, they stumble across his secluded island hideaway laboratory, to discover MacKrill/Mac Krell has found away to change humans into sea-life and back again. Stella mistaking this fish potion for lemonade drinks some and is turned into a starfish, her older brother none the wiser chucks her out into the ocean, only to learn from the video cameras the awful truth. Out searching for her in a boat guilty Fry knowing how futile this action is drinks the potion and dives in after her (changing into Californian Linefish in the process) leaving the Professor and Chuck on-board as an storm brews overhead. Unable to stand the batter waves, their craft sinks along with the antidote and Chuck has to drink the liquid to prevent himself from drowning (ending up as a jellyfish), with MacKrill/Mac Krell warning that unless they drink the antidote in within 48 hours they'll be stuck as fish forever. Now these three find themselves stranded in the ocean in a desperate search to find that antidote. However on the seabed their antidote has fallen into the fins of the ruthless pilot-fish Joe...whose exposure to it has increased his intellect, making him power-mad with no intention of letting this stroke of fortune desert him.

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Yeahaa... !

Going fishing!

Fly, wait!

Hello Fly.

l see everything's in its usual state around
here. Lisa, Bill, you can run along now.

Honey your dad and l are going out,
Aunt Anna is going to baby-sit Stella,

and your cousin Chuck is here too.

Oh... man... !!

Bye Bye Mommy! Bye Daddy!

Bye honey! Boys be good!

Grethel went straight to Hansel,
opened the stable door and cried...

Read faster... or else l'll fall asleep!

What?! Oh yes...

Well Einstein, got any decent games?

l'm calculating the length
of a DNA molecule.

Hey! lt's a millenium 2000 PMX!

- This is a really cool machine!
- Hey, hey give...

- And a power processor!
- Give it to me!

Relax, Chuckie...
l'm just checking it out.

No... Fly! Don't!!!

No! Fly don't hit Escape!

What? Ooops! Escape... why not?

Well, Madame?
Do you like the make up?


You're lucky l made a back-up. Do you have
any idea what would have happened if...

...Chill out Chuckie,
nothing happened!!!

Hi Fly!!

Errhh, weren't you
supposed to be sleeping?

Aunt Anna's on my bed.

All right! l'm out of here!

Hey Chuck, where're you going?

To wake my mom.

Oh no you're not.

Hey... give it back!

Guess where you're going?

l'm not going anywhere.
Now give it back!

You are coming fishing with me!!

Not in a million years!

l definatly think you are...

No Fly... Nooo...

lsn't this just totally cool... !

l've got a bite! Hey Chuck!
Come on over and give me a hand!

l can't swi...--
l mean we're not allowed to...

Come on! Get a move on!

Or are you scared?

Little fishy!

lt's a Hippocampus Vulgaris.

No it isn't. lt's a girl.
l'm going to call her Sasha!

lt has to go back in the water, Stella.

Here give to me.

No... !

Stella, come on.

She's mine.

She'll die if you don't put her back.

l, l think we'd better go home now.

Let's go, Stella.

Uhh! The tide...

Fly! Help... ahh!

Fly... Fly!
What do we do?


Fly, where are you?
Fly!! Come back!


Hey Chuck! Check this place out!
lt's unbelievable!

That tunnel might get us back to shore.

Hey! Look at this!

Professor McCrill.

Uh, a Ph. D. in marine biology! Wow...


Fly, l'm thirsty.

This professor guy
can show us the way out.

Ah, maybe we should go. A brilliant scientist
probably won't like being disturbed

by ordinary people like us...

Check out this fish ''Californian Fly fish''.
Hey that's a good looking fish!

Fly... l'm thirsty.

Sh... !
Whats that?

Fly... who's that man?

l'm, who am l oh...
l,um... hmm, now what was it?

Professor H.O. McCrill.

Wel... welcome.
Well... Welcome! l'm a professor too!

You must come and
see my new experiment...

Due to climatic changes
in the Earth's atmosphere,

the north and south polar
icecaps will melt in the

Course of the next century, resulting in
a total loss of arable and habitable land.

The resulting increase of sea level will be
32,000 into the square root... hmm.

1 78,885 feet, plus or minus seventeen point
three feet depending on relative humidity.

Oh... Correct! Professor...

l've made a marvelous discovery,
Professor Chuck.

lt will make it possible for human beings
to survive under water!

Ha ha ha ha! Now let me show
you how to mix... fish potion.

first you take some... errrm what was it?
Dum dum dum de dum!

...Cod fish whiskers! Now l've go it!
My memory is not what it used to be...

this is why l made this song.

Start the camera!
This moment must be immortalized!

Camera's running... Action!!

finally. fhe time has come!

Stupid me l almost forgot! Oh no no.

Silly me... silly me.

Here's the antidote l have made.
This potion is almost the same,

but in order to reverse the process,
you have to add some ground-up kelp.

Huh... Lemonade!

Oh no, no, no! Holy bouillabaisse!

The pump! The pump!
Oh my god the pump stopped.

Ahh! The generator! Oh Quick!!

Oh oh got it... !

Ahhh, that's done it...uhh.

You see professor Chuck,
this system circulates

fresh sea-water to my fish around the clock.
Without it they die.

See here?
l pumb it up directly from the ocean.

Hey you guys!
Any of you seen Stella?


No... not in the last six minutes.


Stella... !

Hey... Stella...

Stella, huh? Whoa..

Stella, where are you?

Hey Chuck.
Check out the silly fish.

lt's a Starfish.
lt'll dry out-put it in water.

Stella now this isn't
the time to hide and seek.

Stella! Come out,
come out, wherever you are!


Hmm... it's still running...

Let's see... ! Huh! Oh my, oh... oh... no...

Hey... fLY! Hey... Fly...


Stop... Fly NOOOOO!!

Nothing! l can't see anything.

Argh... forget it! lf we can't see her,
then there's only one thing to do!

STOP!! Wait! lf you don't get the antidote
within 48 hours, you'll be a fish forever!



Take my hand!


l can't swim!


Drink... the... Potion...

Huh! Charles? Stella?

Fly? Where are you?

Stella!! Stella!!

Duh.. ! Wha' happened?
Who... what wa... that sound?

Ba ba ba ba ba l believe we have acquired
the power of speech, my voracious friend.


l can talk!!!
l can think!!!

What a deeeelicious beverage...

Can you feel the power?
Can you taste it?

Taste it...? Ah! food!

Hey, clean muh teeth...
There's stuff in the cracks!

Henceforth, oral hygiene
is no longer my department.


Try dental floss.

from now on l call the shots.

With this brain power,
l can have fame! fortune! Servants!

Look here... this potential flunky.
Just one little drop...

...don't want to make him too smart...

Arrgh. Atteeen-Hut!
One, two, three, four... One, two,...

One, two, three, one, two,...

Bill stop it.




stickchildren the children are GONE!

Mommy... Mommy!
My blankie's alive!


Hi Sasha!

Don't you remember me?

Wanna play?



Stella? Are you in there?

Fly... Fly! lt was so dark and...
and, l was so scared...

Don't cry Stella, it's okay...

Hey check it out.
We're fish, isn't that cool?

Stella!!! Fly!!!

You're a Jellyfish!

Oh man!!!!

We don't have time for jokes!

Chuck, what are you looking for?

You know what? l finally figured you out,
Chuck... l can see right through you!!

When you're through making wise cracks,
maybe you can help me find the antidote?

Tehh, heh... the what?
The anti-dote?

What do you mean find the antidote?!

Chuck! What happened!?

The storm got worse...
and the boat sank.

- What?!
- l... l can't swim.

Why didn't you say so before?

l had to drink the potion... the antidote
sank... and l turned into a jellyfish.

l think you're a cute Jellyfish.

What about the Professor?

He was in the water...
l think he sank too.

- Drowned? - I swear I'm putting on weight
I've got to cut down on the kelp.

You old Tubby...

It seems like only yesterday I was in School

...you know interesting isn't it how things
change evolution for example,

it seems like it took the fast lane.

Yesterday, we were swimming
everywhere ourselves,

and today we get to take a bus.

And it's already five minutes late!

Excuse me how come you can all speak?

Well you speak yourself, you should know.

Well l... er...

lt's like this, we all owe our present
capabilities to Joe and his magic potion.



You should hear Joe talk.
He's so inspiring!

Oh, l hope there is room
for us at the meeting.

What does this potion look like?
ls it in a square bottle...?

Oh looky, there here she comes...

About time too.

Hey mister where's
your manners, ladies first.

Thank you dear.

That will be 2 clams
and five stones, madam.

Here! Keep the change!

Ahem! Just a second!
These are not valid!

Not valid?

You'll have to get off.

Chuck, give me your glasses!

Here then, have these trans
-Atlantic, trans-Pacific, worldwide-

oceanic approved deluxe coins.

Very well, then.
Here are the tickets.

Hold on! These two are less than
six years of age. They ride for free!

Oh yes, of course. Here's a refund.

And this poor fellow is half blind!
lt's not fair that he should pay full price.

Aaaah, well, yes,
l suppose that's right...

And while we're at it, could we sell back
the tickets we don't need?

Next time, have exact change.

And what would have happened
if it DlDN'T work, genius?

That's the symbol on the professors bottle.

All full! Next meeting at sundown.

We've got to get in there.
Quick, follow me!

Ehh! Hurry! Hop in!

''Once there waS only Silence

And not a Speck of hope in Sight

And every tiny bubble burSt

On itS journey to the light

But the Spark of creation will flicker again

It'S a brand new era about to begin... ''

The prince of the whales.

l am convinced!
His words are true!

Who's this?

Please let me follow you...

What a nice young fish.

l'll hold the bottle too...

Oh no, that won't be nessessary...

l insist!
Just let me hold it...

The bottle stays with me.

Just let me have a little sip.

No Fly! No! We're at the bottom
of the sea! You'll drown!

Arrest them!

Put 'em in that chair.
l'll attend to them shortly.

Excuse me for a moment.

No, that won't do at all.
l want the statue much bigger.

Don't carp at me about delays! l'll send you
a couple thousand more workers.

Sorry to have kept you waiting... Please...

... Have a snack...

Your enthusiasm at the meeting
touched me deeply.

l wish all of my followers
would show the same devotion.

Now tell me all you know
about this divine cocktail,

and l'll tell you about
my great plans for you.

Served in oyster sauce...

Excuse me just a moment...

first, we will have to obtain the recipe,
then you can eat them.

Oh, yeah!

l didn't mean to scare you little snacks...
er, l mean, guys, you little guys.

l looove little critters...

All right, that's enough.
Have some candy.

Candy. Thanks boss.

- Now where was l? Oh, yes of course.
The bottle. - Give it back! lt's ours!


But we, we...

We had it first!

We... need it t-t-to
b-become h-h-human again...

We're not really fish! Honest!

That's right! You are something special...
l saw that right away.

This is a great opportunity for
a bright young fish like you.

There's no limit to what we can
accomplish together. lf you help me now.

Just tell me how to get
some more of this magical brew...

l don't know how. The professor drowned...
we lost the bottle...

he's the only one who knows how...

But l'm telling the truth!
You have the only potion left!

This will give you time
to think about things.

And to make sure
you think without distractions,

l'm going to remove your little pet--

And send it to the work camp!


What do you want from us?

The truth.
By tomorrow morning. Or else...

You're shark bait.

l love snacks...

One, two, three, four, five, six,...
One, two, three,...

This is it! We'll never get back in time.
We're doomed to be fish forever!

Well, don't just sit there!
Use that overdeveloped brain of yours!

One, two, three, four, five, six,...

Hey, you... Crab!

lt's against military regulations
for a guard to converse with the prisoners.

You are one poor excuse for
a soldier, buddy. Pret-ty wimpy.

Whaddaya mean wimpy?

A soldier is disciplined,
brave, and above all... Strong!


Well, for starters l bet your pathetic claw
can't even put a dent in this iron bar...

Oh yeah? Check this out!
Watchin'? Ready...?

Yeah, yeah, yeah...

Nah! Too easy...

Wait! Wait!...
What about this one?


No! This is the perfect test of your
strength! We're talkin' 100% titanium here!


No, they haven't shown up yet...
you can't.

l understand that you have other cases,
but couldn't you...

Here let me...

Give it to me!!! Hello! Let me
tell you something, Mr. Police Officer!

- l'm a tax-paying citizen and
l can have you fired! - Anna...

Anna, give me the phone--

Not now! Can't you see
l'm busy saving our children!?

from trouble that
your son has caused...

My son has NOT...

No time to argue now! l expect you
to put your best men on the case!

Listen??!! No, you listen to me!

lf you don't find my little Charles,
and l mean fAST -

What??? Good bye? What do you mean,
Good bye? Hello? Hello!?


His fishing rod is missing.

And his spare lures that
must be where they went!

Praise your master! Now... !

My Monument! You idiots!
Build! Mend! Restore!







Oh no. Do you think that...?

No. They can't be...

Oh... No...

What is it?

Fly made this!
He showed it to me yesterday.


One, two, three, four,...
One, two, three, four...

Hey you, Crab! Give me the key.

Or l'll... l'll use my magic powers
and turn you into a frog!

Wake up!!
Give me the key now or l'll...


Sasha can help us!

Sasha's not here, Stella.

Sasha, get the key!



What a morning!
The sun rising on my Empire!

Yeah... Breakfast!

Sasha! Throw me the key!

Hey, Crab!

- Alright!
- ...Wait till l get my claws on you...


Going somewhere?

Breakout! Huh? Who turned out the lights?
Where is everybody?

We're up here!



- l gotcha! You little--
- Put me down! lt's me, you idiot...

Yeah, yeah, so you said
all night, you little pest!

Shark! The prisoners are escaping!


Useless bums! The pair of you! You're not fit
for sushi! l sentence you to... Execution!

Ahhh... What's that?

Shark! Chew up that useless Crab
and eat yourself when you're finished!

l mean, er...
No no, that won't do. My mistake...

Nobody has to execute themselves
in a civilized society... you!

Who? Me?

Yes, you. Because of your long
and loyal service to me,

l hereby appoint you...
Chief Executioner!

Oh thank you, sir!
Thank you, thank you, thank you...

On the other fin, we could just call it
water under the bridge.

A great leader is distinguished by
his ability to forgive.

Shark! l hereby appoint you,
Offensive Commander.


Go and get those three infuriating fish
and bring them to me! NOW!!!!!

Fly, what do we do now?
We don't have the anti-dote...

the professer is dead, and he was
the only one who knew the formula!

...And the tiny whiskers of a codfish.

Can l have ketsup on mine?

Are you feeling all right?

Oh man, this is great!
We can make the antidote ourselves!

All the ingredients are under water.

Oh really? first, we need to find all the
ingredients, then backtrack about 50 miles;

we're 8 inches long, have only a 1 a day left
and its... lts impossible!!!!

You're forgetting something.

What's that?

The force is with us.

''Ready, Steady, gather, goI''

Fly... !

Excuse me!
Have you seen two boys and a little girl?

- Kids? Yes kids... Oh yes, kids! No kids!
- Hey stop! Wait! - fish! Two fish...

What's that you said?

find the fish, find the fish.

Professor Chuck.


Where's my Charles?

Your Charles, Chuck yes.

You tell me or l'll tear you limb from limb.

Take it easy Anna. lf you kill the guy
he can't tell us where the kids are...

So tell me, where are our children?

They... er...
they turned into... fish...

- l'm not playing games with you mister!
Tell me! Where they are! - But... honestly...

- Where are my kids...?
- Please, listen to us...

l'll have the police on you,
kidnapping is a very serious offence...


Now, all we need is an octopus...
and we'll be human again.

l'm almost gonna miss bein' a fish!

Fly... !

But a double cheeseburger oughta cure that!

Fly... !

Look what l found!


Neat, huh?

FLY! Fly! Listen to me!
lf we find an octopus... and l say lf...

How're we gonna get it to spray ink?
An octopus is 30 times bigger than us...

and it only sprays ink when it's scared!

Hey! Look... there's a mirror!

Did you hear what l just said?

Look what we found!

Are you two out of your minds? lt'll be
sunset in half an hour! Did you hear me?

A half hour! We will never take another
breath of fresh air!... fish for life!

- Oh look what l found!
A waterproof watch! - Chuck...

- Look, l can use it for a belt--
- Chuck! Listen to me... --

Then l'll know exactly how much time
l have left before l'm doomed!

Chuck!! Listen! l've got a plan!

We scare the octopus with the mirror,
just like Confusius did.

Oh yeah? ls that all?
first we have to find one,

then we need to get it out
in the open, then we have to...

You are always about what won't work.
Why is everything you say so negative.

Well, unlike you, l use LOGlC. You think
you can just swim up to a huge octopus?

Are you guys fighting or just disgusting?

lt's okay, Stella. Chuck's just making sure
he doesn't miss an opportunity to moan.

And now... l'm gonna
find me an octopus! Adios!

Look into the mirror!

Help... !

Look in the mirror, creep!
Look in the mirror ahh...


lt swam away! lt got scared off
by our screams!

We got the last ingredient
for the potion! We're saved!

Fly, look! That's what scared the octopus!

Well, well, well...
l'm just in time for happy hour!

ls that you, Fly?... No. No good!

Well, my little smart aleck sardine...
Catfish got your tongue?

You didn't have any potion!
Oh, no! You just wouldn't co-operate...

Empty! Oh, well... we can always
make some more...

...or you can die.

l'll smash it if you come any closer!


Not another inch!

Now, now. Calm down.
Let's not be too hasty here!

Let Stella and Chuck go,
then... we'll talk.

No Fly! for once,
think before you speak!

Why not just eat the little jerks? We don't
need no potion. We're smart enough already.

My dear friend. My loyal commander.
Did you understand anything l told you

about my society of
exceptionally intelligent fish?

Oh... yes, yes!
l get it... lntelligent fish!

You get it?
Good. Now get this...

You're FIRED, you brainless,
saw toothed seaweed sucker!!

My good friend, we have a job opening--
perfect for you: Commander of my minions.

Leader of this impressive
group of ldiot fish!

Sir permission to speak sir. lf l could just
have a moment of your valuable time...?

l think l know
just the right crab for the job--

Shut up! lf l wanted
your opinion l'd give it to you!!

Sir yes sir.
l mean sir no sir. l mean right sir.

This job is too important
for a chowder head like him.

No, l need fresh talent around here.
You, for example.

All you have to do is give me the potion...

That does it!

You promised! You did!

You're taking this the wrong way!

Here is our chance, Chuck!
Lets move!

- And how should l take it?
- They're getting away!

You stay put!

Fly! Drop it or he'll kill you!

forget Commander!
Now l m the ruler! l'm KlNG!

Take your orders from me now!

l'm the one with the brains!
l'm in charge!

Fly! Are you okay?

Salute me!

Hail the Great Crab!
Hail the Great Crab!

Fly? You got a tummy ache?

Don't worry about me,
Stella... l'll be fine, really...


Help... !

The royal brewers!
l've got plans for you! Company...

Lock up the prisoners!
One, two, three, four, five, six...

Make a run for it, you guys.
You can still swim... The crabs can't!

ls there any such thing
as a twister underwater?

Nobody's gonna mess with me.

You promised that
l was in charge of the army.

l'm in charge...

This may not be the best time
for this conversation...

l'll give the orders!
l'm the king! l'm the boss, ruller...

l'm callin' the shots! You might be
the one with the brains.

But l'm the one with the muscles!

- Oh no! The pump broke!
- We've got to fix it... fast!

ls it getting cold?

Uhmm... maybe.

We gotta get some more anti-dote...
How much more time left?

12 minutes till sundown.

We'll never make it.

What do you mean?
Tell me, tell me how we're gonna make it!

l can't. You were right.
There's not enough time.

Where you goin' Chuck?... CHUCK!

Blade intervals divided by the water
pressure and then multiply that by six...

Chuck? Chuck...?

- Twenty degrees, latitude north...
- What happened?

- ...pressure of velocity ratios...
- Where am l?

We're at the Professor's
water pump intake pipe!

ln the Professor's lab
there is a bottle of antifish Potion.

To get it we have to swim
through the pump system

the bottle is on the
professors work table

so we have to flood the lab in order ...

Whoa, wait... that pump'll chew us up...
and even if we make it in one piece,

we'd end up in the aquarium
with the piranha!

Hand me the screwdriver and thread.

What?! Did you hear what l just said?!

Down by your tail.
Screwdriver and thread.

No Stella! Wait!
You can't take Sasha with you!

Where we're going is too dangerous
for a little fish like her!

Sasha is my friend,
she's going to stay with me.

Oh, let her, keep her.
We'll never get out of here anyway.

Yes we will!...
Stella, say good-bye!

You have to go, Sasha.

No, Sasha. Go now.
l'll miss you, but you have to go.

No Sasha! STAY!

Goodbye, Sasha.

6 minutes left... you guys ready?

Charles! fish! Oh dear...
lt's all my fault! lf l hadn't fallen asleep...

Oh Lisa, can you ever forgive me?

That's enough, stop this.
lt's not your fault...

Bill and the Professor
will find them and then...

Hand over the fork-fish!

five... four... three... two... one!

The balloon!

Chuck! Where are you going?!!

Three minutes left!

We got it!

l believe this dance is mine...

What was that?
l thought l heard Charles voice?

Anna. Stop, please.

Charles! Charles!

Fly, Stella! Where are you?


l'm so sorry my dear friend,
but l can't stay for dinner.

Take that you sawtoothed suckers... !!!

You stupid, stupid fish.

Stupid fish...?

Fly! What are you doing?

l'm using my brain... for once!

Wait... wait!
Come back - You stupid fish!!!

l'm sufficiently intelligent to KlLL you
if you don't stop bothering me.

So what! Any brute could do that. But can
you tell me what's the square root of 6561?

300 divided by 40 minus 3 is eeh...

HA!!!! 81 !!!!

Yeah! But do you know what happens
if you travel with the speed of light?

You turn into pure energy.

What came first, the chicken or the egg?

lt depends on the relative amount
of molecules in the universe.

What happens to a fish
if it drinks too much anti-potion?

lt becomes human.

Can a human being breathe under water?

Of course not!

One minute!!!!!!


Come on drink it quick.



Oh my girl.

They made it!
Ha ha, they all made it! Hurra...

Where's Fly?

Talk to me, Fly. Say something.
Don't do this to me...


Oh no...

Fly! Don't give up! Okay... l'll find a way
to help you... there's got to be a way!

Do something!
Make a new potion!

l'm sorry... it's too late...
l warned him, but he didn't listen...

A time machine! You have
to have a time machine right?!

l mean turn back
the clock to before sunset!

l'm sorry, Chuck -

Charles... can't you see?

No... !

lt's too late...

No... NO! lt's not too late!

lf we just substitute an acid
instead of an alkaline and... ohh...

Fly? Are you okay? Fly!


No! Stay away from me!!!

Charles... here, let me...

No... !

No!!!! No... !

Hey! Could somebody
give me a hand in here!?

Over here!


Your alive... You're alive... !

Californian Flying fish!

Hey that was
some plan of yours, Chuck!

Cold drinks anyone?

Uhh... thanks... Anna.


Oh that looks good, thanks.

Charles! Fly! Are you thirsty?

No thanks!

Can l erase some of these boring programs?
l need room to install Space Blaster.

Sure! Go ahead and dump Quantum Physics
for beginners. l never use it anyway.

Cool. Thanks!

Look out belo-o-o-w!!

You're a genius, Chuck!
The acceleration is much better now!

Let's add another tube!

Come on, Stella. Try the slide!

l don't feel like it...

Sasha! Sasha!

Look! lt's Sasha!
She came back to me! Mommy look, Daddy.

lt sould be possible...
lf we isolate a DNA strand...