A Firehouse Christmas (2016) - full transcript

Firefighter Jenny falls in love with local star Tom but his ex-wife and celebrity figure skating Mary is asking him to choose between reconciling or going through an ugly custody battle. With her natural warmth and kindness to the community Jenny starts to convince everybody that her love for Tom is real. Mary's fierceness is more powerful than anything Jenny has ever faced before. Who will Tom choose in the end?

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[ instrumental Christmas music ]

[ instrumental Christmas music ]

[ phone ringing ]

Hey daddy.


How s the book tour?

I have news.

I m coming home.

What? Really?


I thought you had another
two weeks.

Well, I m gonna bring the book
tour home and Laurie Lawrence.

She s coming to the house
on Christmas Eve.

She s going to do a
retrospective on me

the release of my new book.

How are the projected sales?

Ok. I guess.

I m not expecting it to be
a best seller.

And why not?

Have you read it?

Um, no.

I um... I uh... I uh, I haven't
had the-the time. Um...

I sent you a copy.

It s a busy time of year for me.

I got the annual Christmas
car sale...

Yeah, ok.

By the way... Sadie has not
been coming

to her figure skating practice.

[ phone vibrates ]

Oh, dad, hold on.

Rob is calling.

I m going to conference him in.

Hey Rob, you re on
with James and me.

Mary, I m on vacation
so this will be quick.

I had sales do some consumer

and the general consensus is

your book would sell
a whole lot better

if you were in a relationship.


They'd rather take
marriage advice

from someone who s married
rather than... single.

It would look really great

if you could have a man
on your arm

or the Laurie Lawrence show.

How about Jess Hardy?

He s rich, has that private
jet you like.

He s a self-centered,
hypocritical jerk!

I sort of agree with you.

Jess won t work.

Well, I have a friend,
runs this dating service.

We could buy someone.

Rob, no.

Brilliant idea, Rob.

Hey, sorry, I gotta split.

Mary, get someone on your side

for the Laurie
Lawrence interview

or you might be looking at
a dismal book launch.


I know.

I ll ask Tom.

He s your ex-husband.

We re in a custody battle
that s still not finished.

How would that look?


If I were to work
on my divorce...

If your mother were alive
to hear this...

She s turning in her grave.

It s all show, dad.

Once Laurie Lawrence leaves town
we ll revert to the status quo.

He ll play along.

No he won t, he s-he s dating
that fireman.



Oh. You're forgetting he has
two weaknesses.

Sadie and Christmas.

Horrible plan.

This book was a bad idea
from the start.

I gotta go.


[ TV commercial ] Hello there.
It's Honest Jay,

and it's my favourite
time of year.

The Christmas season.

For the month of December,
if you buy a car from Honest Jay

and it snows on Christmas Day,

I will give you
that car for free.

Yesiree, you heard me.

My deals are solid gold.

Just ask.

Just ask my best customer,

two-time gold medalist
Mary Hamilton.

The only dealer you can trust,

or his name wouldn t be

[ simultaneous ] Honest Jay.

Honest Jay.

[ sirens ]

[ emergency radio ]

What ve we got, chief?

Abandoned house fire,
kids playing inside.

It doesn t sound like
they all got out.

You ready, Parker?

[ sobbing ]

Oh my god.


Oh my god.

My son!

My son is in there!

Please save him!

It s going to be ok.

He ll be ok.

Please, he s inside!

He s inside!

Please save my son!

[ sobbing ]

The ceiling is compromised,
be careful!

Copy that!

Anyone here?

Fire department!

Is there anybody here?

I ll check downstairs.

I ll check the bedrooms!

Be careful!

Fire department!

Anybody here?

Fire department!

Hey, are you ok?

Parker, I found the kid!

Let s get you out of here!

Come on, it ll be ok.

I got you.


Parker, I got the kid!


Parker, I found the kid!

[ coughing ]

Parker, come on!


Parker, are you ok?!

I m stuck!

Save the kid!


Go! Save yourself!

Get out of here, now!

I ll come back for you!

Jenny, where s Parker?

Where s Parker?

You re alright.

You re gonna be ok.

Where is Parker?!

That s him!

Is he ok?

Oh, sweetie, are you alright?

Are you ok?

Taylor, what s going on?

Stay back, Tom.

Jenny! Tom, let her do her job!


What re you doing?


It s not safe!


Tom, it s not safe!

Jenny, what re you doing?!


I m out!

Move it, Parker!

The place is gonna crash!


Stay back!

[ explosion ]

[ cries out ]

I owe you one.

We cut it fine that time.

What re you doing here?

We were on our way home
from the hockey game.

Are you ok?




What are you doing?

Doctor said if I keep it loose
my knee will heal faster.

You're lucky it didn't break.

You should be at home, resting.

Uh, no thank you.

I need the money.

Besides, it s Christmas,
you know.

Well, just don t hold me up.

Yeah, yeah.

You re buying breakfast.

Oh, yeah.

James Hamilton.

Hey, move that truck!

Move that truck.

I m in a fire zone,
Mr. Hamilton.

In front of my dealership.

I m on town council and I ve
spoken to the mayor about this.

This is not the fire
department's assigned parking.

Well, actually it s a fire zone
so it kinda is.

Very smart.

You know there s only two
more days until Christmas

and I m expecting a huge
influx of people.

One of these Christmases
it s actually gonna snow.

I haven t lost that bet
in 30 years.

I ll take a chance.




Ah, great.

How was your flight?


It s good to have you home.

Let s go eat.


It s good to be home.

You know? You look great.

What do you feel like?

Uh, I feel like waffles.

We re getting food.



You gotta watch
your cholesterol.

There s Jenny!

Get me something healthy.


Hi Jenny.

Hey, how are you?


I have gifts for the toy drive.

No way, that s awesome.

So many.

Thank you.

You re welcome.

Hey, how did your
hockey game go?

We won!

Of course you did!

Just a second.

That s great.

I m sorry I couldn t be there.

It s ok, you were too busy
saving people.


Hello my little angel!





What... just one...

How are you?


I had so much fun with dad.

We started a new collection
for the toy drive

and my hockey team is
in the semi-final!

You missed figure skating

The competition is in two weeks.

But that s when the hockey
semi-finals are.

Some things are more important
than others.

[ speaker ] Honest Jay, please
come to the office.

Sadie, honey, hockey
is for boys.

Us girls, we figure skate.

But there s two other girls
on my team.

It s a co-ed team, Mary.

You know how important
figure skating is to my father.

Don t force your desires on her.

Dad didn t pick hockey.

I did.


Hey, he s a great father.

Uh, Jenny, don't you have a fire
to put out or something?

You should have seen
the one last night.

You went to a fire?

A big one.

We were driving by, it was-

And Jenny saved a little boy.

Did she?


And then we went
for ice cream after.

Oh, hey.

So you two are dating?

College friends is what
dad says.


Oh, I see.

We met before college
in the Olympics.

Hey, look.

I m not looking to
complicate things.

Yeah, you ve opened
a freight train of complication.

Tom, I need to talk to you.



I need Sadie back.

But you said I can have her
this year.

And now I m taking her back.

It s officially my year.


Look. I need your help.

There's a lot of people coming
into town

to celebrate the release of
my book and promote sales.

I need you to play along.

We re repairing things.

Things? What-what things?

Our marriage.


Play along or I petition
the judge for full custody

and Sadie ends up at St. Agnes
Girl s School in London.

Would you like that?

That would never happen.

Oh, really?

Well, maybe I'll just keep her
until after the new year.

You wouldn t dare.


Look, I have these gifts for her
and they re very special, ok?

She needs them Christmas

It s important.

Well then have a lovely
Christmas morning.

Alone, or with what's her name.

Jenny. You know that.


Mary, you need to go.

Neighbour called, says there s
a strange van parked

in our driveway.

It s the film crew setting up
to film the teaser.

Teaser? What, today?

Yeah, it s to promote
the Christmas Eve special.

What s wrong with parking
on the street?

Sadie, come on.

Let s go.

But I thought I was staying
with dad.

Well, plans change, sweetheart.


Mommy needs your help.

Go with your mom, ok, kiddo?

I ll call you later.

Bye Jenny.

Bye sweetie.

See you soon.

Bye dad.

See ya, sweetheart.

Love you.

I love you, too.


Chop chop, let s go.

I always win.

Bye dad.

Bye Jenny.

See you. I ll talk to you later.

And you married her?

It wasn't always...

no, you know what?

It was actually always
just like that.

We all make mistakes

and I chose not to keep living
in mine, so...

Walk me to the shop?


I was really looking forward
to watching Sadie

open her gifts with us.

So Mary s keeping her?



Do you remember the night
we first met?

Uh, yeah.

Last year s toy drive.

You were the most beautiful
woman in the firehouse.

I was the only woman
in the firehouse.

That s true.

What was that line you used
on me?


"I checked it twice,
you're on my naughty list."

Pretty smooth.

I don t know about that.

Yeah, you took pity on me.

You were the most tightly-wound
man I had ever met.

Hey, I had just given up
my career

and moved here to be
close to Sadie.


Tom, you would do anything
for your daughter.

Don t let some has-been
ice skater push you around.

One of the reasons I fell for
you is that you never give up.

Oh, really?


And the other reasons are?

[ phone rings ]

My mother.

Your mother?

Yeah, they wanted to come out
but I m working Christmas Day

and I thought we were spending
Christmas Eve with Sadie.

Look, just because I don t
have Sadie

doesn't mean our plans
should change.





What did you get your parents
for Christmas?

Oh, a gift card.



Oh, that is such a Christmas


Text her right now and ask her
what she wants.

No way.

She can buy what she wants
with the gift card.


I will...

That s my phone.

What are-woah, come on.

Dun dun dun.



I can t believe you
just did that.

Well, believe it.

[ message alert ]


Ah, you see?

What does she want?

I thought you d never ask.

We would really like a copy
of Mary...


Mary Hamilton s book signed
to me and your father, please.



[ radio ] Engine 7, there s a
10-35 at Olive and Pierce.

I better go.



We just got a call from
a retirement home.

I heard.

Hey, Parker.


Hey, Tom.

Uh, yeah, I should-
I m gonna go.



[ exhales ]

I m gonna ask you
a few questions

so just act like we're doing
the interview

scheduled for the upcoming
live show.


Just answer the
questions honestly.

Yeah, ok.

Not again.

Hi, Jenny.

Hi, Mr. Richards.

He does this every
Thanksgiving, Christmas,

all the holidays.

I think he gets lonely.

Well, since we re here,

should we check your
blood pressure?



Thank you.

[ n TV ] I'm Laurie Lawrence.

Please join me tomorrow night
on my Christmas Eve special.

I have the 2002 Olympic
American hero, Mary Hamilton.

Mary Hamilton-Norris.


You ever wonder why Mary
kept Tom s last name?



Know your place, rookie.

[ on TV ] So, many of us are

why did you write a book
on marriage,

considering you are divorced?

What makes you the expert?

I d like to hear this.

I m just gonna check
your heartbeat.

You know, when one reaches
for Olympic gold

it starts as a dream.

Then you wake up at 3am
every single day

and you practice for five hours.

You take a lunch break and
practice for another five hours.

Working on your axel
and your lutz,

and when you fall
you get right up

and you try again
and again until it s perfect.

Mary, that sounds like a lot
of work for a young child.

Yes, it was.

Uh, but that s what it takes.

So you applied your time
on the ice to marriage?

When I realized what I went
through training

for the Olympics could also be
applied to a relationship,

the lightbulb went off.

I know the mistakes
that were made,

d how Tom and I can change
for love.


I didn t give Tom enough
time to mature sufficiently

as both a husband and a father
for our daughter.

True love prevails.

True love?


I love Tom, and deep in my heart
I know that he still loves me.


Tom and I are working on
things using the techniques

that I laid out in my book
to help solve

our past differences.

America s sweethearts.

Back together again.

Yes, we are, aren t we?


I m so sorry.

You know what?

I m gonna step out
for some fresh air.



[ phone rings ]

Hi mom.

Yes, I got your text.

I ve been busy.

Sorry I didn t reply.

Look, I will work on getting
you the book

but no promises, alright?

Because she s the ex-wife
of my boyfriend.

Yeah, that s weird.

There s a fire.

Mom, I gotta go.

Come on!

I told you not to plug
into the Christmas lights.

It s too much power.

You call yourselves

I m calling dad.

[ sirens ]

[ sirens ]

I m gonna go get ready
for the Christmas special.

Good luck.


Woah, woah, woah.

No, no!

Wait, wait, wait!

Stop! Stop! Stop!

You re-you ll ruin it!

Stop! Stop!

No, no, no!

Stop! You re gonna ruin it!



What re you doing?

What re you doing?

What are you doing?

Wait 'til I talk
to Chief Taylor.

Heads are gonna roll!

Woah, so cool!

Let s pack it up.

Hey, Jenny.


What s that?

Oh, that is the pressure gauge.

The Duke?

What s that?

That is the name of our truck.

Couldn t you name the fire
truck maybe a girl s name?

Like Missy or Charlotte or...

Or Sadie?


Judge Willis.

Hi, how are you?


Wanna cool off?

What s up?

They act like I don t know.

Always having secret meetings.

Why couldn't they just
figure it out already?

Well, sometimes adults
have different views.

They need somebody to mediate.

Like be the boss?


Like a judge.


Are you ok?

It was so cool, daddy.

I wish you were here to see it.


[ chuckles ]

James has got to be mad.

Do you want to come watch
mom talk on TV?

Yeah, Tom.

Why don't you go join in
with Mary?

Uh, Sadie-

I know, give you a minute.

More secret meetings.


Jenny, what is going on
with you?

Oh, come on, Tom.

Surely you saw the interview.

Ok, I don t have a TV

and she would be the last thing
I'd watch if I did.

Ok. Well let me fill you in.

Her Christmas wish is for you
two to rekindle your true love.


Look, if pretending there s
stuff going on helps her

sell a few books and gives
Sadie a nicer Christmas,

who cares?

I care.

Come on.

Haven t you noticed?

Mary wears two faces.

Hi, Tom.

Hi, Mary.

Excuse me.

Eggnog with bourbon.

Your favourite.

Do you want a glass?

I heard you were making
things up on national TV.

Come home where you belong.

I have a home.

I belong there.

Thank you.

So sad.

Bad dad.

No presents from you for
Sadie under the tree this year.

By the way, you re too old
for chutes and ladders.

No, don t!

She s a national hero.

Come on.

What now?

Don t ever bring this thing
in here again.

It s banned.

You gotta be kidding me.



Can you take Sadie
for a couple hours?

Yeah, sure.

Hey, did you know about this?

My jersey!

I ve been looking everywhere
for that!


Dad, I m hungry.

Can we eat?

Sure, sweetie.

How about Joe s?

And can Jenny come, too?



Sure, why not?


Joe s?


I ll just tell Parker.


Come on, kiddo.

You ok?


Someone you know?


We re done here.


I ll be on the radio.


No, I know.

I know.

But... she's threatening
to keep her.

You ve got a stringer.

Cut it.

Cut it!

Cut it!

We re in a restaurant.

Ok, you know what?

I ll talk to you later.


Who was that?

Um... a friend.

Daddy, can I please go play
in the jungle balls?


Sure. Why not?

She knows.


That that was your lawyer.

You think?

Yeah, she s a kid, not deaf.

Look, Mary filed
for full custody.

She won t get it.

You re very sure about things.

Look, a family is whatever
you make it.

As long as there s love

there s no reason for the judge
to take her from you.

You are an amazing father, Tom.

Thank you.

Of course.

I mean it.

You re right.

The spaghetti is amazing.

Jenny! Come in!

I don t know, honey.

Come on, you re a firefighter!

You have to save me!

I m drowning!

I m drowning!

I think you have to save her.

Alrighty then.

I m coming!

Sorry. Sorry.

Here I come!


[ screaming and giggling ]

[ laughing ]

Daddy, come in!

Yeah, come on, daddy!



[ giggling ]

[ laughing ]

Last chance, Tom.


Are you really gonna do this?

You know, if you play along,
then no.

I need you on the Laurie
Lawrence show tomorrow,

holding my hand with a smile,
acting like we re in love.

That... that would hurt others
who might...

I don t really care
who it hurts.

It s what I need.

And when Laurie leaves town

I ll agree to the
custody agreement.

Shared custody?

Yes, Tom.

Everything that you want.

Laurie s crew is gonna cover
my book signing,

then the yearly family photo
with Santa,

and after that the interview
with Laurie Lawrence

at the house.

You will be at all three.

I ll think about it.

Yeah. Think real hard.


I um... well...

[ radio ] Engine 7
you have a 10-35 at Maple Ridge.

I gotta go.


I ll see you tonight
at the toy drive dinner?

Of course.


[ radio ] Jenny, truck's
ready to roll.

See you tonight.


[ Christmas music plays ] ♪♪

That was probably
the best meal I've ever had.

Thank you.

I am stuffed.

I couldn t have another bite.

[ laughs ]

Ok, ok.

Oh, thank you.

Ok, what is the best Christmas
gift you ve ever gotten?





When I was five I got the
biggest box under the tree.

I was so excited.

So I open this box and inside it
was another box.

[ laughs ]

And another box.

And another box,
and another box,

until finally I get to this box

about this big and
there is a fire chief s helmet.

It had a flashing red light,
a siren...

drove my mother nuts.

I- I know this toy.

Late 70 s, right?


Yeah, yeah, yeah.

It sold out in five days.

It s a huge collector s item
now, actually.

And that was your best
Christmas gift?

Oh yeah, I wore that thing out.

I was so upset when it broke.

Tom, your turn.

I got Sadie a brand new pair
of skates

signed by Henrik Lundqvist.


Number one goalie for
the New York Rangers?


Yeah, she s gonna freak
when she sees them.

Wait, it was supposed to be
your best gift.

Well, this will be my best gift.

For Sadie.

remember my uh... last Christmas
with my dad.

I woke up before everyone
else and I knew better

than to open any of
those presents.

So, while I waited, I ate
every single candy cane

off the Christmas tree.

[ laughs ]


[ laughing ]

Wow, I got so sick I threw up
all over the presents.


Oh, Parker.

So my father walked in
and I thought for sure

I was gonna get a good licking.

But he just cleaned me up
and he just laughed.

[ laughs ]

Two weeks later he left
and I never saw him again.

Until today.

In the car?

The silver truck. Yeah.

Parker? You should talk to him.

No. No, sir.

I waited at that front door
for weeks

expecting him to come back.

He never did.

I never want that again.

So if he feels bad about that
then good.

He should.

[ someone clinking a glass ]

Hello everyone.

As the head of town council
I d like to thank everyone

for coming out tonight and
helping those less fortunate.

And we d like to recognize
this year s top donor.

And the winner is...

Our hometown hero Mary Hamilton!

[ cheering ]


[ applause ]

He cheated.

You gave way more presents
than her.

It s ok. It s ok.


Thank you.

So much.

Tom. How s the toy store?

Well, actually-

Sell something real
and you might make a living.

Toys are for kids.

Like Sadie, for instance.

Alright, you know what?

This hockey stuff needs to stop.

You know what, James?

Forgive her.

If she enjoys both hockey
and figure skating.

I mean, look at who
her parents are.

Don t you go wasting your money
on hockey gear.

It will not be allowed
in my home.

I bought her a new set
of custom skates.

Even took a mould of her feet
while she slept.

You did what?

Dad, Sadie wants a tablet.

Yeah, and you wanted a Polly
Dolly instead of skates

but I know better.

I was heartbroken when I got
those skates

instead of a Polly Dolly.

Those skates took you to
Nationals and then Worlds.

Sometimes kids don t know
what s good for them.

And Sadie-

Sadie has a pretty good idea
of what s good for her, ok?

And I think she can choose
for herself.

It s getting late.

It's time to call it an evening.


Come on, honey.

Do you really think Mary has
a chance in the world

of taking Sadie from you?

I wouldn t put it past her.

There s a lot of factors
at work.

And where do I factor in?

College friend.

Honestly, I d just prefer
to keep you out of it.

I want to hear you say it.

Say what?

That we re more than just
a Friday night movie.

Or a lunch at the bistro.

Or... or a convenient hand
to hold.

I want you to say we re-

Mary, she s made things
really complicated for us.

And I worry about Sadie.


What we have is very special
to me, ok?

I just don t want Mary
to ruin it.

Well, I m telling you,

going along with her lies will.

Ok. You know what?

You re right.

Tomorrow I will set
Mary straight, I promise.

If you don t, I don t know how
seriously I can take us.

I uh... I mean, yes.

Of course.



[ radio ] It s Christmas Eve

and it looks like yet another
year without snow.

Oh, thank you, thank you,
thank you.


Thank you.

Merry Christmas!

[ whistling ]


Oh yeah.

Oh yeah.

[ sing-songy phone ringing ]

Merry Christmas.

r. Norris? It s Judge Willis.

Oh. Hello, Judge.

Is everything alright?

Is there something
I can help you with?

Sorry, I um... uh...

You re a firefighter.

Yes, ma am.

Retired captain at the Fourth
Street station in Phoenix.

You re Parker s dad.

He doesn t want me around.

I should go.

It s not too late.

I believed that last year,

when I first reached
out to Parker.

But now I m not so sure.

He told me a bit about you two.

How you left him
when he was five.

His mother and I split.

I was devastated. Angry.

I walked out and didn t ever
want to look back.

I got remarried and my new
wife made sure

I cut all ties with my ex.

I moved to Phoenix.

Days became months,
months became years.

And 20 years later here I stand,

realizing I made the biggest
mistake of my life

not fighting to see my son.

I just called him, but he
threatened a restraining order

if I didn t leave him alone.

I wrote this.

It explains everything.

I mailed it to him five or
six times but he sent it back

every time, unopened.

I thought perhaps if I gave
it to him in person,

maybe then he ll read it.

Why don t you give me that?

Where are you staying?

Windsor Hotel.


I m Jason.

You never told me your name.

I m Jenny.

Merry Christmas, Jenny.

Merry Christmas.

[ fire bell ringing ]

Never a dull moment.

Oh yeah.

[ sing-songy phone ringing ]

Hi, Mary.

Good morning, Tom.

What are you doing?

Just some last minute sales.

I still own a toy shop,
you know.

Tom, not acceptable.

I promise things are not
gonna go your way

if you don t play along.

Well then we both lose,
don t we?

If I don t show, I lose,
you lose.

Tom. This is important.

You need to show up
for the family photo.

Can t we just be adults
about this?

It s just pictures.

Think of your daughter.

Look, I don t know
about this scheme, ok?

Do this for me and all your
grief will just disappear.

Ok. Fine.

Thank you, Tom.

Oh, and don t forget
about the book signing

and also the, uh,
book interview.

I-I ll see you later, ok?


Wait, what?

[ upbeat Christmas music ] ♪♪

[ upbeat Christmas music ] ♪♪

I can t believe this!

What s the problem?



Come on, I have the solution.


[ whimpering ]

Hang on, I m coming.

Why? Why today,
the day of all days!


Get this piece of meat
off of me!


You remember Nationals?

Yeah, dad.

All around gold medal?

Yeah, dad.

I ll never forget.

You made me miss mom s
Thanksgiving dinner

with her family so that we could
rehearse the routine.

And your mother understood.

Uh, yeah.

Keep telling yourself that.

Get... I'm a vegan!

This piece of meat saved
our butt,

and will do it again
if you let it.

Uh, no.

Dad, I m not a kid anymore, dad.


Oh, hey.

Did you get the list of gifts
that I gave for Sadie?

I got the list, yes.

Ok, did you get any of the items
on the list?

No, Mary, I did not.

I refuse to get her a tablet.

She needs to focus
on her skating,

not video games.

Dad, I want to make her happy.


Kids don t know what they need

and you shouldn t
be placating her.

It s bad enough Tom does.

Oh, Tom.

He s gonna be here.

And why is that?

Well, because we re fixing


And it s just to drive up
my book sales.

Something about me being single

and my book is about
being married.

I- I don t get it.

[ phone ringing ]

Ah, Rob.

Hey, I m in Thailand.

What happened in Barbados?

Oh, raining.

Hey, this call s ten dollars
a minute but I had to tell you

we had a huge pre-sale
on your book come in yesterday.

Really? What does that mean?

That means you are just a
few thousand books away

from being a New York Times

What? Really?

This is so amazing!

Wow. I thought I'd get it
on the list must be short.

I got a call to make.

Such a party pooper.

Mary, do you have a man
for the show tonight?

ah, yeah. Tom will be here.


Get him on your arm

and you will be the next
New York Times bestseller!

[ gasps ]

Catch ya later!

Good luck!

Rob? Rob!

Ugh. Ok.


Wow, mom.


No, not one more word
or you re gonna be

on Santa s naughty list.

Go get dressed.

[ sing-songy phone ringing ]

Oh jeez.


Hey, where are you?

We re gonna be late.

Yeah, you know what Mary?

I thought about it.

If you wanna go to war,
I m ready.

I don t have to play along.

I will drop my presents off
and spend next Christmas

with Sadie as per our agreement.

I won t take your gifts.

Mary, there s one that she
really needs next week.

I ll make sure she doesn t
see them until next year.

That's... you're
being unreasonable!

That s how I play,

so you better be here in an hour
or there s nothing for Sadie.

Ok, fine.

For Sadie s sake.

But no book signing.

I will be at the photo
and the interview.

That s it.

You better be there, or else.

[ sobbing ]

There you go.

It s been an hour
and only two people.

I m calling Rob.

You should be visualizing
your skating routine,

not playing games.

Ok. Done.

It s a three minute routine.

I already know it.

There s knowing it and then
there s living it.

Dad, enough!

Alright, I am here.

Let s do this.


Do you guys need to be filming
all the time?

Hey, kiddo!

Aw, so glad to see you re
here for me.

Oh, uh..

uh, ok.

Now, let s go do our
family photos.

Yay, we re going to see Santa!


Dad, do you think Santa will
get me the hockey skates

that I wanted?

Sadie, you re the proud daughter

of an Olympic gold medalist
figure skater.

Hockey only earned your country
a silver.

Who wants to be second best?

You know what, sweetie?

Ask for what you want, I m
sure Santa will listen, ok?

Oh, over here.

We have reservations
for a photo.

Mary Hamilton-Norris.

Well, Merry Christmas.

Just give me ten minutes.

I m on a break.

I have reservations
already paid for.

I m on a tight schedule.

Look, lady, you ll have to wait.

The photographer and I
are union.

A union Santa?

Are you-are you kidding me?

Ok, wait, we have a camera
phone, we could use that.

Come on everybody.

No, no, no.

That is not permitted,
subsection two.

I can t believe this.

Santa will be back
in a few minutes.


Hey, can you pull over?

I need to get something.

Last minute gift?

Yeah, for my mother.

[ Mary ]: Come on, Santa.

how me the Christmas spirit.

I m on a timeline here.

Are you really buying
one of her books?

It s not for me,
it s for my parents.

Yeah, you speak to Downer Santa.

Maybe he ll listen to you.

And now you re stealing?


Nice try, Santa.

Come on, Santa.

I need to capture
this festive moment.

Here. Sign it.

Wait, what?

My parents know my handwriting.

Just write "to Tess and Kyle".

Come on, Santa.


We need a picture.

Did you hear that?

Let s go, Santa.

Sit on your throne.

Wait, is that...?

Yeah, come on, come on!


Let s go, Santa.

To Tess and...

Stop ignoring me!

I need this photo!

Thank you.

Come on. Santa?

What is she doing?

Hey, look here.

I have a film crew, my family,

and a New York Times bestseller
list to get on.

I need this photo.


We follow the rules here!

Now, you ll just have to get
in line and wait your turn

just like all the other
good little girls and boys.

You can forget that!

Hey, Mary, Mary.

Cool it, ok?

We can wait.

Oh, God, here we go again.

Not on your life.

You re lucky to be here.

I m allowing this.

And if we are in love
then you will support me

no matter what!

In love?

I need that photo and I need
it now, fat man!

Mom called Santa fat.

[ choking ]

Santa s choking!

Oh, jeez.

[ chanting ]
Save Santa! Save Santa!

[ chanting ]
Save Santa! Save Santa!

[ chanting continues ]

Hey Tom, Hey Mary.

Come on, Santa.

Stay still, Santa.


Jenny s saving Santa!

[ cries out ]

[ food dislodges ]


Look, everybody.

Jenny saved Santa.

[ cheering ]

He might need some oxygen.

Oh, you need me to sign this?


It s not for me.

Uh, can you make it out
to Kyle and Tess?

I ll gladly sign it for you.

Even our town s firefighters
read my book.


I thought you weren t gonna play
her games anymore.

Look, she won t give Sadie
my presents

until after the new year.

It s funny how you believe
everything that Mary says.



Yes, honey?

We re done.


It s over. Through.

Never gonna happen, ok?

I m calling my lawyer,
I m fighting back,

I m fighting for full custody.

The war s on, Mary.

No more games.

Is that what you want?

All your gifts gone to waste?

You won t do that.

Try me.


What about me?

You re a kid.

These are adult issues.

Stay out of them.


Look. I hope you realize
the mistake you're making

before Sadie does.

My gifts will be under that tree
tomorrow morning no matter what.

No, they won t, Tom.

Stay out of my house.

Ok, you want to play?

Let s play.

Bring it.

I am sorry you had to see that.

It s like I m invisible.

I can hear them, you know.

I know.


Thank you.

Sadie, I am so sorry.

There will never be
another year like this.

Yeah, ok.

Hey, Sadie, let s go.

I ll call you later, ok kiddo?

See you guys.

Bye, dad.

Bye, Jenny.

Bye, sweetie.

She is going to be so
heartbroken tomorrow morning.

No skates under the tree.

Santa always finds a way.

I have a plan.

Where are you going?

I ll call you later, ok?

Where are you going?

To safeguard my
daughter s Christmas.

Santa to the rescue.

Here we go.

Here we go.


[ sighs ]

Not gonna stop me.

Not gonna stop me.

She is nuts!

Ok, ok.

Here we go.

What ve we got?

What ve we got?

Ah, bingo.

Hey, Parker.

I have something for you.

Yeah? What s that?

From your dad.

Oh, you talked to him?


Parker, you need to give him
a chance.

Send it back.

He regrets what he s done.

You know what? I don't care!

He was a firefighter, Parker.

Just like you.

One day you re going to want
to know the truth.

Maybe that truth will heal all
the pain that s inside of you.

Why not make that day today?

"Dear son,

"I wish I could take back
the years I lost with you,

"but I can t.

"It s one of my greatest regrets

"and I hope you will forgive me.

I have always loved you and
there s not a moment

"that I don t think about you.

"The birthdays I missed, your
graduation, your marriage.

"I can never change that,

"But I can change
what happens tomorrow.

"I need-no, I want to be
a better dad.

"The dad you deserve.

"I love you, Parker.

"Your dad."

[ sobbing ]

Dad... dad...

[ clinking glass ]

Everyone. Everyone.

I have amazing news.

I just heard from my
daughter s publisher

that her book has made it onto

the New York Times
bestseller list!

[ applause ]

Who did you talk to?

Rob s assistant.

You re a success.

Hardly anyone showed up
for my book signing.

And you choked Santa.

You were lucky Jenny was there.

Yeah, lucky me.

Now, back to the New York
Times bestseller.

A toast to my Mary.

I know you can do anything.

You are still my little winner.


[ out of breath ]


Here we go.

Oh, oh, oh.



Aaaah, oh, oh.

Whew, that is a long ways down.

Here we go.


To think, Santa does
this every Christmas.

Well, the things I do
for you, Sadie.

[ grunting ]





I am... stuck.

I believe that s Tom s car.


Is daddy coming over
for Christmas?

I think your daddy
might be lost.

Dad! Slow down!

Faster, grandpa!

Do it again!

Ride s over.

Tom Norris?


You better not be in here
or I m calling the police.

You ll be spending Christmas Eve
in the slammer.

I told you he wasn t here.

[ sing-songy phone ring ]

Ugh. No.

[ sing-songy phone ring ]

[ phone vibrating ]

Hey, Tom, we re just
pulling into the station.

It took a little longer than
I expected

so I m gonna be late tonight.

Jenny! Jenny!

Oh, frankincense.


He s here.

Sadie, you go upstairs
and check.

I m gonna go outside.

Ok, grandpa.

[ struggling grunts ]

[ phone ringing ]


Mary, I just got a call
from the "Times"

and they re pulling
you off the list.

What? Why?

Your father bought
all the books.


James bought all the books
from the first printing.

It must have cost him a fortune.

Oh, wait just a second.

I can t believe him!

Why would he do that?

I m gonna put a hold
on the order

and the Times has given me
until Monday

to sort this thing out
before they break the news.

Gotta go.

The news crew is here.

Laurie, her plane flight was
delayed due to bad weather.

They wanna light the fireplace.


I told them the flue was broken

so they opted for the
Christmas tree.


Oh, thank you.

So... can we expect Tom soon?

Tom is delayed.

Well, we re just gonna have
to start without him.

Dad, why don t you come
and sit here?

Yes, please.

Um, just finals and
then we re ready to go.


Welcome to the Laurie Lawrence

Today I have a very
special guest.

Mary Hamilton-Norris
here with her family

to read to us The Night Before


Twas the night before Christmas

when all through
the house..."


Not a creature was stirring,
not even a mouse.

[ dirt crumbling ]

Sounds like the mice didn t get
the message.

[ laughs ]

Uh, keep going, Sadie.

The stockings were hung by
the chimney with care...

[ on TV ] In hopes that St.
Nicholas soon would be there.

Thank you.

Uh oh.

[ phone vibrating ]


Carry on, Sadie.

The children were nestled
all snug in their beds...


"While visions of sugar plums
danced in their heads."

"And mama in her kerchief and

[ Tom joins in ] "I in my cap
had just settled our brains
for a long winter's nap..."

"When out on the lawn, came
such a clatter..."

I rose from the bed to see
what was the matter.

[ on TV ] Who s up there?

Let s just go to commercial.

[ phone vibrating ]

Oh no.

[ voice mail ]
You got me.

Leave a message.

Hi, Tom. It s Jenny.

I m here.

Where are you?

I will give you
that car for free.

Yesiree, you heard me.


My deals are solid gold.

Hello, Tom.

Ho, ho, ho, James.

It s Tom.

He s in my fireplace.


Stand back!

He s busy.

It s messy.

We just need to re-schedule
this interview.

I will have my office
contact you.

Uh, Laurie.

Hey. What s going on?

We-we should continue.

No, Mary.

With your ex-husband
in the chimney?

We can intro Tom coming from
the chimney for the special-


Can I give you a piece
of advice?

I ve interviewed a lot
of celebrities.

The ones that seem to be doing
the very best in their lives

were those who were independent.

They stopped chasing
something bigger

and they were happy
with who they were.

You can t please everyone.

Maybe it s just time that
you try to just be yourself.

You can do this.

I know you can.

Merry Christmas.

May I join you?

Hey. Of course.

I want to thank you.

I need to apologize.

Parker can be quite
hard-headed sometimes-

I m meeting him here
in five minutes.

He wants to talk.


Probably gonna give me
a restraining order

but at least I'll get
to see him.

I hope things work out
for you two.

Thank you.

Can I grab a beer?


Hey, sweetheart.

What re you doing up
in the chimney?

I can t really say.

Just don t look up here, ok?

The falling dust is really bad.

He needs help.

I ll help him.

No, grandpa!

Just a few whacks
and he ll be loose.

Come on.

Open up.

This is stuck.

I m calling 911.

[ clanging sounds ]

Hello, my name is Sadie
and I need Jenny Jenkins

to come to my house.

[ Operator ]: Ok, what seems
to be the problem?

My daddy is stuck
in the chimney.

Stuck in the chimney?


Let s get him out of there.

Thank you.


Relationships are tricky.

Hey, Jenny.

Hey, Parker.

[ phone ringing ]


[ phone ringing ]

I got this.

You stay with your dad.

You sure you don t have to go?

No, I m uh, I m off the clock.

Can I get that beer, please?

Thank you.

Look, I talked to mom.

Just tell me one thing.

Why didn t you call?

Or come visit?

I waited every day so I could
hear your voice

or see your face again.

I was afraid of what you
might say.

Does that really matter?

Of course I was mad!

Of course I wanted to hate you.

But I can t.

I loved you, dad.

I missed you,

and all I wanted was to be
a part of your life.

I wanted to hear your voice,

even for one brief moment.

I m sorry.

Parker, I am so sorry.

[ sobbing ]

Um... mom told me
about the entire thing

I m so sorry I didn t-

Parker, that s long done.

We don t need to rehash
all that.

I saw a photo of your family
on the internet.

They look great.

You re a grandpa.


I like that.

I like that a lot, man.

It s good to see you.

I missed you, dad.

Open up!

[ banging ]

Oh, man.

[ struggling ]




What are you doing?

Oh, thank god you re here.

We had a date.

Yeah, I m running just
a little late.

Holiday traffic and all,
you know.

Ho, ho, ho.

[ laughs ]

Not funny.

What was wrong with the door?

It was locked.

Hey, look.

I m doing this for Sadie.


No, you re not.

You re doing this for you,

and what you re doing I can
no longer be a part of.

I know, I m stupid.


can we just get me out of
here and then talk about this?

Yeah. Yeah, sure.


Stretch a little further?

Come on.


[ grumbling ]



Come on.

Just a bit further.

You can do it.

I know I can do it.

We got this.

You re right we got this.

Come on. Come on.


[ grunting ]

No, don t pull me in!

[ crying out ]

[ gasping ]

Daddy! Jenny!


I knew she d save you.


Jenny, do you wanna stay for
the first Christmas present?

We always open one before bed.

Sadie, honey, can I talk
to your dad for a moment?

More secret meetings.


I am so sorry about all this.



You ruined everything.



I need to break up with you.

All this?

It s way more than I can handle.

No, Jenny, please. I-

No, the games, Tom.

You re still playing them.

I can no longer be a part of it.

It is over, ok?

You got that right.



[ sighs ]

Christmas Eve.

What is this?




I will not allow my
granddaughter to play boy sports

when she has the natural
ability to be something great.

She will not play hockey

You are unbelievable.

She is your granddaughter!

Yeah, who will follow in her
superstar mother s footsteps

but without the mistakes.

Like marrying you.

Look at you.

You were never in Mary s league.

Sadie deserves so much better.

Oh, really?

Oh, really?

Can any of us live up
to James Hamilton s

out-of-reach standards?


You re always fighting
and having secret meetings!

I can hear you!

I wish I could just be
like Jenny

and break-up with all of you.



Tom, you caused this.

Get back down here!

James! Stop!

What did you say?

You re done controlling me.

You took Christmas away from me

too many times
when I was a young kid

and you re not gonna
do this anymore.

If my daughter wants a tablet
or to play hockey,

she can.

You re not turning her into me.

A- a champion?

Do you even remember my eighth
grade Christmas?

You made me practice
at 7am and work all day.

I didn t even get to open
my Christmas gifts

until the next week.

All that pounding in my head
of winning and look at me now.

I m still living in your house.

I m practically broke and
the book that I wrote,

you cheated the sales.

And my daughter, she hates me.

I m a bitter woman,

and Sadie is not gonna
turn into that.

You made me proud.

I m a trophy on your mantle.

A gold medal in a box.

You should have given me

a Polly Dolly instead
of those skates.

You re done controlling me.

I m moving out tomorrow.

I m going to start my life over.

I- I didn t know
you felt that way.

And those books,
they re for my customers.

You made it worse.

The New York Times knows
that it was you

and now they think
that I m a cheat.

You re a winner, Mary.

I want you to always have
the best.

And I want you to be
a grandfather

and a father who
is supportive of us.

Not someone who s
controlling us or the situation.

Mom understood.

She was happy no matter the...

the medal or the trophy
that I won.

She was happy just to hold me.

I miss her.

I'm... so sorry, Mary.

Please... forgive me.

[ sobbing ]

I love you.

I love you, too.

I m really sorry about all this,

It s ok.

Now that the chimney s fixed

Santa will have no problems
getting down.

[ chuckles ]

That s right.


Thank you.

They re really amazing, dad.

I love you, honey.

I have something for you
and Jenny.

You do?


Why is grandpa all alone?

[ laughs ]

Thank you, sweetie.

I love you, sweetheart.

I m gonna go downstairs
and check on things, ok?

I need to say sorry to mom.

I didn t mean what I said.

Ok. Come on.

Mom, I m sorry.

Oh, it s ok baby. Come here.

Where did you find this?

It wasn t easy.

You really love Jenny,
don t you?

Well, love is a two-way street

and I think we just
hit a dead end.

Oh, come off it.

It s because of you.


You never stood up to me, Tom.

Even when we were married
I pushed you around

and you let me.

This time... this time,
you pushed back.

And you got stuck in my
father s chimney doing it.

That firefighter,
she s lucky to have you.

You dropped something.

So if you love her,

then go get her.

One more thing.

What s that?

Sadie s rightfully
yours tonight.

And tomorrow morning.

But... why do we have
to spend it apart?

Why can t we all spend it

We re all one family, aren t we?

She s right.

We are still a family,

and I realize now that I made
a lot of mistakes in my life

and maybe I pushed
a little too hard.


Ok, ok.

So, I pushed too hard and
I forgot about the details.

I forgot about what Christmas
really meant.

Your mother s favourite time
of year.

And now there s more than
a few nights

where I wish I had just one
more moment just to...

hold her hand.

And, looking back,

I wish I would have ended
practice earlier

so that we could have spent
more time

with the one who supported
us the most.

Your mother.

And I am so sorry, Mary.


And, well, Tom.

Mom was really great,
wasn t she?

Yes, she was.

And I think this Christmas
we are going to spend it

as a family.

And I think that includes
Tom and Jenny.



So I had this big plan

to give Jenny a very
special Christmas gift

that she would never forget,

but, well, getting stuck in the
chimney kinda ruined it.

I need help.

And I need to make a few calls,

but I d like for my whole
family to be a part of this.

Can you all help me?

Yeah, sure.

I ll support you.

Ok, we re in.

And I promise I ll stay out
of the way.

Yeah, let s do it!

Ok. Let s go.

[ sobbing ]

[ sobbing ]

[ sobbing ]







Jenny, come on out, now.

Everyone s here for you.

Come on!

We know you re up there,
come on!


Jenny, come on out!



My boy was pulled to safety
by a guardian angel.

Had it not been for a young
woman who was willing

to risk her life for him,
he may not be here right now.

You are my hero, Jenny Jenkins.

I wanna be just like you, Jenny.

A real American hero.

I love you, Jenny.

You saved my house
from catching fire.

And you pulled my
ex-son-in-law from my chimney.

[ crowd laughs ]

You re a hero, young lady.

There s no doubt about it.

If anyone knows what it
means to be a hero,

it s you.

And that s exactly what
I wrote to your mother.

I m sure she ll understand
that it s a book

about your life she should read.

Not mine.

You are the reason I have
my father back.

And tomorrow morning

I get to meet my grandson
for the first time.

I will follow you anywhere,
firefighter Jenkins.


Not long ago, I met the most
amazing woman.

She s tough, strong,
and has a huge heart.

She is willing to sacrifice
her life for anyone,

no matter who they are
or where they come from.

Jenny, every single day

you inspire me to be
a better person

and you never ask for a single
moment of gratitude from anyone.

So now we are all here
to give you

the best Christmas gift
I could think of.

Jenny, I love you.

You are my hero.

What did you say?

I love her!

[ Sadie ]: Me too!

[ crowd laughs ]

What did you say?

I love you.




I promise to hold
and cherish you.

I want to grow old with you,

and never let go of your hand.

Please, Jenny.

Will you forever be my wife?



[ laughing ]

She said yes!

[ cheering and applause ]

[ crowd cheering ]

It s perfect!

It is.

It is perfect.

[ applause ]

Oh, no.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no!


It s impossible!

So I m guessing the car I bought
yesterday is free!

[ cheering ]

You know what?

You re right.

Merry Christmas.

And a very Merry Christmas
to every one of you.

I love you.

I love you, too.