A Fire in the Cold Season (2019) - full transcript

A whisper through sprawling forests and highway towns - a reclusive trapper and a heartsick mother-to-be are stalked by violent outlaws.

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(soft accordion music)

(wind and birds)

(crows cawing)





(quad engine)

(soft violin)

(crows cawing)

(crows cawing)

(car on gravel road)

(chainsaw in distance)

(ducks quacking)

(quad engine starting)

(quad engine)

(water and wind)

(crows cawing)

(ominous music)

(deep pulsating music)

Eh, buddy!

(bird's wings)

Officer: So
that's all, then?


found him
laying there, eh?


Did you know this
guy before-Keith?

No, Sir.


Nerves can do queer things to
people sometimes, you know?

Make you do all
kinds of things you-

never thought
you'd ever do.



(cars driving by)

Scott: Hey,
what are you at?

Yeah, best kind.

Yeah, right on.


I'll ask you a
question, now.

No no.

Never mind.

Uh, listen.

You coming to town
day after tomorrow?


Oh yeah, that
works, yeah.

Right on.

Oh yeah,
bring the mail?


(hanging up)


(water and wind)

(soft violin)

(chainsaw in distance)

(car driving by)

Can I help you?


What were you
doing at my door?

I'm sorry.

For what?

I'm sorry for
bothering you.

You're not
bothering me, yet.

You also haven't said
what you're looking for.

It's just about Keith.

You're a little late.

They found him
dead last week.

What did you say
your name was?

Scott Rose.

Well, Scott.

If you remember
what you're looking for-

you come back
and take it, huh?

Just stay the fuck
away from my house.

My cousin got that big
scrap yard there off Union.

In case you ever needed
a hand with anything.

What would I
need a hand with?

(soft piano)


(soft violin)

(trees creaking)

(soft violin and piano)

There's a stranger!

What are
you at, then?


I just got out.

Either thing?

Nothing all week.

Took me all God-damn day
to get my new spot set up.

I can't think
straight, b'y.

It's like-

like my brain is
floating around.

That's it, then?


I was over to
Reynold's yesterday.

He told me you were the one
that found buddy in the woods?


I found buddy
in the woods.

That's it.

Why didn't you tell me
that when you called?

I don't know.

Didn't come
to me mind.

Never come
to your mind?

to tell that you hauled a
dead fellow out of the river?

He wasn't
in the river.


I suppose everyone
knows now?



Did you want to
know about him?


Well, I wasn't
there at the time.

But Craig said this fellow
came by the yard twice

trying to low-ball him
on some old beater.


Yeah, well fuck all
Craig would get

haggling over
the likes of that.

So buddy went on.

How do you know it
was the same fellow?

You don't know
who Keith is?


Tangled up in
gangs or whatever.


Yeah, good
riddance, then.


I went up
to his house.


I didn't know
what to be at, b'y.

I felt responsible.

I think someone was
fucking with my traps.



Some missus up there.

She told me
to fuck off.

Yeah, I seen
her around.

Hanging off of him.

She's knocked up.

If buddy's scrounging-

he's in a
tender spot.

And you're best not to get
fucked up with all that.


(rain on roof)

(bar crowd)

(truck engine)

(ominous music)


Cotton: I'd say I been pretty
patient up to this point.

Client: Yes, I'd say so.

Cotton: It's all right.

Just give us a
few minutes.

And now you want
me to try and find

the kind of patience that I'm
not even sure I fucking got.

And he's the one

you're going to
have to ask next

for some patience.

I understand, Cotton.

I do.

I know you do.

And I'm not trying
to be unreasonable.

I know.

I'm just in a really
tender spot, here.

I've got a bit of
cash in the truck.

But that's it.

Go down and wait.

And I'll send someone
down to get it.

(lighting match)

He's got some
money for me.

I want you
to get it.

And then take him
up to the barrens.

(discordant guitar)

(raging fire)

(soft piano)

(ducks quacking)

(soft violin)

(dog barking in distance)

(ding dong)

Excuse me.



What's your problem, man?


Is Keith around
or what?


You're lying.

I'm not. He's gone.

Is this a joke?

Get out of
my way.

Tell me
where he is.

And I'll go.

He's dead.

Quit shagging around.


(ding dong)

Look at me.

I don't owe
you anything.

If he's gone,
you might.

I'll get loud.

(ding dong)

(low piano)


Mona: Ah, hey.
It's Mona.


I don't know if you're still
screening my calls or not.

But I-

I would
like to talk.

If you'd like to.


I've been in one
place for a while-

for a change, so-

You're going to
be a grandmother.

Okay, bye.

Cotton: Listen.

I just got the call
about Keith-

saying he's dead.

Don't worry about
the package.

Just get the fuck
over here.

The fucker
fell off a bank.

And struck his head.

What do you
want me to say?

Ask around!

That's it!

Now, stay
the fuck put!

And give me
some time!

(truck on gravel)

(truck door closing)

Go to bed
out of it!


Thank you!

What happened?

I don't know.

I got out
of the truck.

And the leaf spring was
split right down the middle.

It was all-

swung out like.

Good thing it
didn't swing in.


Ah, I got to
get going.

Your lady came
by the yard.


Keith's woman.

She was just stood
there when I come out.

Oh yeah?

What did she want?

(crow cawing)

(wrench on metal)

(truck starting)

(quad engine)

(birds and water)



(soft piano)

(soft violin)

(door slams)

(chainsaw in distance)


What is your problem?

It's getting cold out!

Mona: Milk? Sugar?

I can get it.

I'm not crippled.

You got no one
around here?

I've got some family
on the mainland.

Not exactly close-knit.

What about Keith's crowd?

Not really.

You didn't know Keith
too well, did you?

I'm tired.

Where did you
get the wood?

Took some of mine.

I only lives
up there.

Across the river.

Thank you.

Thank you.

(soft guitar)

(creaking stove door)

(crackling fire)

(Mona sighs)


(ominous violin music)





Coyote: Come on!

I can smell the wood
burning out here!


What are you?

In the tub and can't
hear me or something?

Open the door!

I can fucking
hear you!

I don't got
nothing for you!

So go the
fuck away!

Just checking on Keith.

He's dead!

Fuck off!

Or I'll call
the cops!

No you won't.

What are you
doing out here?

Go home, buddy.

This don't concern you.

Mona, is everything alright?


Fuck sakes!

Just get the fuck
out of here!

I'll fucking
eat you whole.

Okay, you fucker.






(wind and water)

(soft violin)

(crackling fire)

(running bath)

(electric guitar)

(intense electric guitar)


(rock music)

(heavy metal music)

(footsteps on stairs)

I don't want to have
to come find you

every fucking time.

For a minute.


What are you doing?


Keith had something fucking
big hanging over them.

I don't know

where that stands now
that he's fucking buried.


The Frenchman's.

I stuck my fucking
neck out for it though.

What about his missus?

Now she has some
new fellow there-

acting like a cowboy.

Were the cops there?


And they've got
something to hide.

Oh, I can't.

The wife will
have a fit.

Ask her if she'd rather be
on fucking welfare then!

You're going
back out there.

And you're going to see what
the fucking cowboy's saying.


And go alone.

Don't bring that
fucking nuisance!


You got a
real talent

for fucking shit
up, don't you?

(heavy metal music)

Taking off early?

Uh-youngster's waiting.


Alright, then.

I'm going
to kill him.

That fellow.


I'm going to put
them in the ground.

No, you're not.

It wasn't a question.

You're going to
have to try real hard

not to tear a fucking
hole in this thing.

You were
in Fort Mac.

15 years.

Boiler maker.

I was up in
the Territories.

Fucking miserable.

I ended up
with fuck all.

Well, that sums
us up, doesn't it?

Sacrificing ourselves

for people who think
we're disposable?

Yeah, a lot of guys
get crushed out there.

I met Keith

when I lost the family,
and came back.

And he
set me up.

Now, his body's
not even cold.

And some fellow's
lying in his bed?

I'm going to gun
them down.

Both of them.

Rig: Hey!

Hey hey hey!

Rig: Coyote hey!

Get the fuck out
of that truck!

Look, I'm sick
and tired of you

dragging me into
your fucking bullshit!



What the fuck?


(Coyote spits)


(slow intense electric guitar)

(Rig coughs)




(frying toutons)

(crackling fire)


Scott: I was just going
to come get you.

Yeah, I know.

I just saw
you pull up.


Hold on.

A bit of a
rough week.

Yeah, no shit.


Cops came by
about you.

That piece of shit you
hauled out of the woods-

they're trying
to figure out

whether you and he
had any prior run-ins.

Fighting or whatever.

Ah, fuck.

Probably doesn't help you
fucking his woman, either!

I'm just
helping her out.

She needs it.

She don't need you.

Not like you
wants her to.

She's in a bit
of trouble, b'y.


She brought
that on herself.

Now it's going to start
looking more and more

like there's a reason
you're the one

that pulled him up
out of the river.

I'm thinking about
taking off for a while.


I don't know.

I just feels
it coming.

I'm going to leave the
keys to the house with you.

I don't need your
father's cabin.

Someone got
to watch it!

Listen, if you think
you're responsible-

like this is something
you got to do-

you're not helping her.

You're helping yourself.

And it's fucking foolish.


(soft guitar)

♪ Twas in the merry
month of May ♪

♪ When green buds
all were swelling ♪

♪ Sweet William on
his death bed lay ♪

♪ For love of
Barbara Allen ♪


♪ He sent his servant
to the town ♪

♪ To the place where
she was dwelling ♪

♪ Saying you must come
to my master dear ♪

Mona: Morning.

Thanks for the ride.

That's alright.

I was heading downtown.

I had to do
a few things.

♪ If your name
be Barbara Allen ♪

You in a hurry?

Just wait right there.

I'll be right back.

♪ So slowly, slowly
she got up ♪

♪ And slowly she
drew nigh him ♪

♪ And the only words
to him did say ♪

♪ Young man I think
you're dying ♪

♪ He turned his
face unto the wall ♪

♪ And death was
in him welling ♪

♪ Good-bye, good-bye ♪

♪ to my friends all ♪

♪ Be good to
Barbara Allen ♪

(warehouse bay door opening)

(cigarette lighter)

(soft piano and violin)

Fuck fuck.


(rummaging through drawer)

(loading gun)


The other night-
those guys-

They all knew Keith.

They were friends.

Do you want to
come in for a bit?

Ah, not like that.

It's just nice to have another
heartbeat around sometimes.

You know?


(unlocking door)

(relocking door)

(creaking door)

I thought I
heard you.

I woke you.


What were you
doing in there?


Yeah, but what were
you doing in there?

Nothing, just-

just looking.

What were you
looking for?

I was just
being nosy.


Stop being so
damn sorry.

(banging cupboard)

Don't go looking
through my shit.

(turning on tap)

I hate that.

(vitamin bottle rattling)

It's all Keith's
stuff anyways.

I'll donate it.

Or not.

I don't know.

I don't think we
should stay here.



They've got no
reason to come back.

Sometimes when
I'm in the woods-

I feel like I'm
being followed.

I circle back.

And there's
tracks there.

Something was following me.

I'm not saying you don't know
how to take care of yourself.

Do you feel
that way now?

Like you're being followed?

You know, I'm
not your problem.

I just want
to help.

I can take care
of myself.

Something's been
eating at me.


Well, spit it out.

I found Keith
in the river.

You found him?

I lives up
that way.

(clearing throat)

I was out working.

I just found him.

I don't understand.

You went
looking for him?

Or you knew he
was up there?


Look at me.

Look at me.

You lied to me.

I felt responsible.

I don't know why
I came up here.

I don't know what
I was looking for.

It doesn't explain
why you lied to me.

I wasn't just about
to walk up here

and knock on your
door and tell you

I found him in the river
with his head smashed open.

What was he
doing there, eh?

Was he trying to
steal my animals?

Get the bounty?

What're you
trying to do?



Keith wasn't trying
to steal your shit.

Okay, he had people
looking for him.

I hadn't seen him
in a fucking week.

You pity me.

You pity me.


I've wanted to
take care of you

from the moment
I first saw you.

Wanted to?


(soft piano)

You may be
a good man.

Even if
I feel it.

And I feel it.

But I've been
wrong before.

(door opening)

(piano and violin)



(crow cawing)

(crow cawing)

(quiet electric guitar)

Mona: I'm going
somewhere new.

Well, new
enough, at least.

I got into some
trouble again.

But it's not going to
follow me, I don't think.

I've got a ride
now, so-

I'd like to come back,
if you'd have me back.

But I understand-

if that's not
something that-

you want anymore.

(electric guitar intensifies)

I miss you.

And I hope that you
got my last message.

At this point, I don't even know
if you're there anymore.

Scott: Hey.

Listen, I needs to
come by tonight.

It's just-don't
go anywhere

until I gets to
the shop, alright?


What are you doing?

Just get your shit.

Let's go.

I have to leave you here
for a little while, that's all.

Just a short while.


No, we've got
to get going.

Come on.

I've got to talk to my
cousin about something.


Give him the keys to
the cabin, that's all-

and we're gone.

Door's unlocked.

Plenty of
food up there.


(cocking gun)



You're going to
be fine here, okay?

I'm not going to
be gone very long.

I promise.

(truck engine starting)


I promise.


(moody piano)

(soft violin)

Scott: Double ought twelve.

And a box of slugs.


Heaviest you've got.

I guess you're not
planning on eating it.

(truck engine starting)

(truck skidding)

Fuck sakes.

(truck skidding)

What's going on, buddy?



What, are you
robbing me?

You calling
me a thief?

You're with the
rest of them.

Look, man.

I got no stake in
any of this shit.

What about that pretty
little girl you're fucking?

Whatever she got
hooked up with

on account of
Keith, she's out of it!

You're ruined.


She got you ruined,
right through.

You're about to have
your whole world

pulled right out
from under your feet.

And you don't
even know it.

You don't even
know her.

Now get in
the truck.

We're going
for a ride.

I got something
you might want.

And if I gives
it to you-

you gets in
that truck-

you turns around
and you leaves.

Alright? You fucks off!


All there.

I found that where I
found your buddy.

Take that
and go on.

Get in the truck.

She's in it for
survival, man.

And you got caught
up in the middle.

(suspenseful music)

(door opening)

(door closing)

Scott: Holy shit!

You fucking asshole!

Hey hey!

Drop the fucking guy!

Get on your
fucking knees!

He didn't have anything
to do with this!

Shut up!

Let's fucking get
this over with.

You too.

What's that?

You heard me.

What the fuck, guys?

We fucking got
this sorted!

This is fucking bullshit!

Fuck you!

Get the fuck!

Fuck you!

You get that
fucking gun

out of my
fucking face!

Shut the fuck up!

(gun firing)

(knife stabbing)



(vehicle approaching)

(Cotton's truck)

(rattling door handle)

(rattlling door handle)

(breaking glass)

(eerie violin)

(Cotton's truck)

Coyote: Stop!



I'll fucking stop
you for good!

(Mona screaming)

(Cotton's truck)

(truck skidding)


(breaking glass)


(loading gun)

(loading gun)



Coyote: You should've
had me in the other night.

We could have all
this settled now.

You weren't welcome.

This baby is Keith's.

Well, he's gone.

And that's just some
bastard that belongs to you.

There wasn't anything
I could do for him.



(truck engine)







(Mona crying)

Mona: What?

I got it.

Hang on, hang on.


You left me here!

Are you okay?

Where the
fuck were you?

I don't know!

They were going to shoot
me like a fucking dog!

- What? Who?
- Liam was there.

I don't know!

But-I fucking
killed them!

But I fucking
killed them, man.


There's no one
gunning for you, now.

There's no one
gunning for you.


There's no one
gunning for you.

Hey hey hey.

Come on. Come on.

No, that's alright.

You go on.

I left the keys
in the ignition.

The truck is at
the gas station.

Okay okay.

(soft violin)

(truck starting)


Mona: Um-

I won't bother
you anymore.

I don't like talking
to your machine.

Doesn't feel right.

I just wanted to
try one more time.

I know what kind of a
burden I must have been.

Girl: Can I do it?

We're on the move.

I'm not sure
how far we'll go.

But can you
see any fish?

Mm-hmm. Do you?

It's like some frontier.

We can settle
wherever we want.