A Fine Romance (1991) - full transcript

An Italian gentleman and a doctor's wife plot to break up their spouses' tryst in Paris.

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- Subtitles -
Lu?s Filipe Bernardes

Marguerite, I'm home.

It's Paris, let me show you
what I bought you.

Are you packing?

I know you are changing.

Okay, okay, I'll play.
Come out, show me what you're wearing.

I close my eyes and I open them
when you say ready, okay?

I'm ready. I can see anything.

My dear, wait until I get you
to the hotel.

We'll have a bottle of champagne.

And then, ta-ta,






Doctor Piquet.

So we're agreed, Pamela.

Pack my things and I'll come
and get them some time.

But let's try to behave decently.

Here you are, Mrs. Piquet.


- May I?
- Oh, please.

Yes, sir?

Are you alone?

- Have you made a reservation?
- No.

Very well. Follow me.

- Mrs. Pamela Piquet?
- Yes.

- I am Cesareo Grimaldi.
- Yes, I guessed.

- May I sit down?
- Yes.

Thank you.

It was such a good idea of yours
to bring these photographs.

Otherwise, how could we know
each other?

Mr. Grimaldi, there's only two
of us in this room.

Sooner or later, it would have
occured to one of us...

...that the other one of us was
the other one of us.

Sorry. Am I late?

- Seven minutes.
- Did you wait long?

- Just seven minutes.
- I thought it was more.


Are you English?

- Yes.
- I was sure, yes...

And, um, have you lived
here in Paris long?


I've lived here so long that you
probably can't hear my accent.

Eh? But I am Italian.

- Really?
- Yes.

But I like to think of myself
as a European, don't you?

No, I will always think of
myself as English.

- Can I offer you a drink?
- Thank you, I never drink.

- Tea, coffee...
- No, I've had my tea, thank you.

- Two whiskies, please.
- No, I said I never drink.

No, they are both for me.
I always order two at a time.

It's faster.

Your husband certainly is
a handsome man.

Well, this was taken nineteen
years ago.


Nineteen years ago?


What do you think about my wife?

I try not to.

It's a pity you can't see her face.

She has very delicate features.

Sweet little ears very close
to her head.

Mr. Grimaldi, I'm very pleased that you're
here and I do thank you for coming.

But we should get down to business.


I don't know about you, but I want
my husband back.

- I don't want a divorce.
- No, no, no.

Divorce is out of the question
for me too.

- I want Marguerite back.
- Then we should make plans.

- What plans?
- To part our spouses.

- What is spouses?
- My husband, your wife.

Ah, spouses.

Well, tell me what to do.
Do you know where they are living?

No, but it shouldn't be too
difficult to find out.

I believe with enough ingenuity,

we can make them see the terrible
thing that they've done to us.

I won't give him up without
a fight, I won't!

I simply know that Dr. Piquet would
come back to me and your...

- Marguerita.
- Yes, would come back to you.

Here you are, sir.

Two whiskies.

Mrs. Piquet, I don't want to
disappoint you, but, um...

Even with ingenuity, I'm afraid
I don't know what we can do.

Then why did you come here?

Maybe because I want to talk
to you about Marguerite.

I need to talk to someone. You see,
I have no friends here in Paris.

Well, no real friends,
no one I can really talk to.

So I thought you of all people.

We are in the same boat. You'd listen
you would understand.

Maybe we'll become friends.

Mr. Grimaldi, the only thing
we have in common...

...is that your wife is having an I don't
know what you'd call it with my husband.

That's a lot in common, Mrs. Piquet.
Cin cin.

I beg your pardon?

Cin cin.

Is that Chinese or what?

- Oh, we say it in Italy.
- But what does it mean?

I don't know. Nothing.

Maybe it comes from the sound
of two glasses... cin cin.

What do the English say?

We say... cheers.

Okay, cheers.

- Have a drink with me.
- No, thank you.

But I will have another cup of tea.

And you, sir?

The same, please.
Make them double.

Men drink, I notice, whenever
they're upset.

And you, what do you do?

Well, I... I carry on.

What do you mean carry on?

Well, at the moment I'm very busy
with my charity work.

Collecting clothes for the needy.

And I'm involved with housing the homeless
and women out of prison.


In England I was very active in the
society for distressed gentlefolk.

And news on wheels.

You know it's nice being with you?

What about dinner with me tonight?

Mr. Grimaldi, if we're not going to make
plans, then I simply have to go.

My cook is off tonight
and I have to make dinner.

But Mrs. Piquet, your husband is
having dinner with my wife...

It's for my baby Bobby.

- You have a baby?
- Bobby.

- How old is your baby Bobby?
- Twenty-two.

Twenty... Mrs. Piquet, relax...

Your Bo...

Sorry. Your Bobby will leave.

- Excuse me, I really do have to go.
- No, Mrs. Piquet, please have a...

Oh, oh... excuse me.

Mr. Grimaldi, I hoped I would meet
a man of action,

not a marshmallow soaked in whiskey!

What do you mean marshmallow?

I thought I would meet a man who would say,
Pamela, this is what we're going to do.

Okay, Pamela, what are we
going to do?

- Well, the only thing we can do.
- But what?

Wait, endure, hold on.

Have dinner with me.
We shouldn't eat alone.

I'll be at Chez Victor, eight o'clock,
Rue Debussy.

I don't want dinner with you, Mr. Grimaldi,
I want my husband to come back to me.

Mrs. Piquet, please!

Mrs. Piquet, wait!


Well, have you come up with a plan?

Perhaps we can get your husband
for unprofessional conduct.

My husband has done
nothing unprofessional.

- He fell in love with my wife.
- So presumably did you.

But I am not a doctor
and she wasn't my patient.

Mrs. Piquet, please, have dinner with me.

Thank you, I eat very little.

Then you watch me.

You said you work for people in need.
I am people, I am in need.

I'm sorry I misjudged you,
Mr. Grimaldi.

Please forgive me.

Mrs. Piquet, wait.

I love my wife!

I love my wife!

Four six, eight nine, six seven,

six nine.

Thank you.

Excuse me, what floor is Dr. Piquet on?

Is this some kind of joke?

Not at all, I'm a patient.

In that case, top floor.

He must be very popular,
this Dr. Piquet.

- What's his specialty?
- Other men's wives.


Hello, Dr. Piquet speaking.




Hello, who is this?


Cesareo, is that you?

- Bitch.
- Hello.

Someone's playing games.
Pamela, is that you?

- Hello.
- Cesareo.

My God, Marguerite!

I love you, Marguerite,
come back to me, please.

I adore you, I can't live
without you, Marguerite.

- You're drunk.
- Drunk, sober, sleeping, waking,

- I love you, I love you...
- Shut up.

- I love you as the sun loves the...
- Shut up, shut up and listen to me.

It's over. Do you understand?

I don't know what you
and that bitch are playing at.

What bitch?

You know who I mean,
stop bothering us.

We're finished. I'm making a new life
for myself with George.

Well, here I am.

I was just thinking about you.

You were very mysterious
on the telephone.

Have you come up with an idea?

- Perhaps.
- I knew you'd come up with something.

I'll tell you the truth.

I called you simply because, um...

Because I wanted to see you,
that's all.

Look, face it. There is nothing to be done.

They have set up house together,
they are starting a new life.

Can't you go and see her?
Tell the truth about my husband.

She refuses to see me.

I call her, I write to her.

No answer.

Tell her she's not the first woman he's had
an affair with and she won't be the last.

She must find out for herself.

I have decided something else.

I have to make a new life for myself,
without her.

I'll tell you frankly, I'm lonely.

Believe me, it'll pass. And then you'll want
her back with a vengeance.

You'll think of something,
I know you will.

May I say something personal?


You are a very attractive woman,
Mrs. Piquet.

Be honest. Surely in these past few days
you have thought of having an adventure.

I must be honest, I find you...
bewitching, intriguing.

Mr. Grimaldi, I'm going to stop you
right there.

You bewitch me hardly at all.

I've visited Italy, I know your type,
I know Italians.

The talk of being lonely.
Next you'll say you're in need of comfort.

And then you'll say that fate
has thrown us together.


Well, tell it to your wife.
Just get her away from my husband.

That's all I want from you.

Why are you so joyless?

Pain is a part of life.
So are compliments.

Love, hate, sex, passion.

I think passion is overrated.

And sex is only of value
if feeling is involved.

You mean love?

No, I mean feeling.
Life is nothing without feeling.

- I don't exclude the feeling.
- My luck.

My husband runs off with the wife
of a middle-aged, Italian gigolo.

Please, have dinner with me
one night this week.

If you are busy, then next week
or the week after.

- I know how we could help each other.
- How?

- Just by being together.
- Oh!

I don't want to start a new life.

I just want to part my husband
from your wife, that's all.

You are stronger than I am.

You don't seem to need help.

I hope you find happiness soon.



Ma... Marguerite!





Marguerite! Wait!

Whiskey. Make it a double.



I love you! I love you!

I want you!

- What the hell is going on?
- I want all of you to hear me!

- I love Marguerite.
- Please shut up!

Go away, you're drunk!
I'll call the police.

You are there!
I know you are there!

I want to see you.

Listen to me everybody!
I want Paris to cry with me!

- To howl with me!
- You idiot!

Hey you, move off!

You are disturbing respectable people.

No, no, they are not respectable people.

They are living in sin!

If you are not gone by the time
I count five, I'm going to call the police.

I just want to see my wife.

- Then go home.
- You don't understand.

She's not at home.

She's living here on the top floor.

Mrs. Marguerite Grimaldi.

She's living here with
Dr. Georges Piquet.

We've got no one of that name here.
Now go away.

On the top floor.

The Marquis de Montbazens lives
on the top floor.

- All of it?
- All of it.

Isn't it Rue Robespierre?
- No, it's Avenue St. Juste.

I'm sorry. Wrong address.

Alas, you're very nodey today.

I'm not surprised.

Still the doctor remains with patient?


Alas, my father was the same.

My mother made him divorce immediately.

Perhaps you should be doing the same.

I don't want a divorce,
I want him back.

My mother married again.

It was not satisfactory.


You must sleep now.

And please... dream beautiful dreams.

Men are not worth fibrositis.

I'm sorry, but alas, no.
She's in Africa for famine relief.

Marguerite's things.

Good night, Mr. Grimaldi!

- We're going home now, Mr. Grimaldi.
- Why, wait a moment.

We can have another... another drink.


- Wait, please, Mrs. Piquet...
- Thank you so much.

- I have to tell you the end of the story.
- There we go.

No, no... Here, try again.
Wait, wait.

- Okay?
- Yes... it's so incredible...

Come on, have another drink.

Thank you for dinner,
but it's time for us to go.

Ha, you are afraid!

- Of what?
- You are afraid of life.

I should never have had
that wine.

You are afraid of life.

I simply see no point in drinking
drink after drink.

Nonsense. Wine makes people
look beautiful.

I am floating in a beautiful haze.

And through this haze...
you look pretty good.

- Thank you.
- Now...

Tell me I'm handsome and young.

I haven't had that much to drink.

Well, tell me I'm ugly.

Handsome or ugly, I need you
sober, Mr. Grimaldi.

My husband is coming for his things
and you said you'd confront him.

No look at you.

I'll confront him.
I'll stand up to him.

- I'll say whatever you told me to say.
- You're in no condition to confront anyone.

My... my head is completely clear,
my mind is like a lazer.

Take my arm... Let's...

My head is so heavy...

My head is so heavy.

Would you just get up?

But is that the way to treat a gentleman
who is driving you home?

Two mistakes there, Mr. Grimaldi.

You are no gentleman
and I am driving you home.

Ah, no, no, my British lady.

I am going to sit here and watch
the world go by.

Would you just get up?
This isn't Rome, you know.

Please, get in the car.

What's this? Where are we going,
on a safari?

Africa is calling!

The drums are beating,

Look what we have here!

You are goddess Pamela,
the queen of the jungle.

Dancing, ta-ta-ta, in the moonlight.

Did you ever see the movie Tarzan,
me Tarzan, you Jane?

Well, Tarzan crosses the jungle!

Nothing can stop him.

Alligators, policemen, monkeys, hippies.

Tarzan is afraid of no one.

Because Tarzan is more drunk
than anyone.

Oh, God, what a head.

Stay where you are.
Keep that on your head.

There, there, I'm holding your hand.

I think you have the most
beautiful eyes I've ever seen.

Like pools of clear blue water.

They're contact lenses.

What is the real color of your eyes?

I don't know, I can't see without
my contact lenses.

Here, drink your coffee.

I didn't realize you were
such a nice woman.

I'm not nice, I'm serious.

And I thinks it's time
you were serious too.

You have duties to yourself
and to others.

As my daddy used to say: God exists,
society exists, you exist, remember that.

You make me tired.

When my husband gets here,
tell him how much you love Marguerite.

Show him how passionate you are.

It'll frighten him.

He doesn't know what love is.

And you, do you know what it is?

Of course I do.

Have you ever had any lovers?


Just moments of weekness.


I'm no different from anybody else.

But I'm strait-laced, and I'm British,
and I'm very busy,

so people think I'm cold.

Pamela, we are selfish.



You love George and I love
Marguerite, but...

That's not enough.

We are not what they need,
we are not what they are looking for.

And so it seems to me it's a shame...

that a woman as beautiful as Marguerite
and a man as fine as your husband...

...can't have a wonderful life together.

Are you saying we should
accept the situation?


- We should leave them alone.
- And is that what you really want?

I want them to be capable of a
tremendous love for each other.

At least I want them to...
give it a try.

Then why are you crying?

Because I don't believe
a word I'm saying.

Oh, for God's sake, try to be
a bit English.

He's here.

Oh, my God, he's here, he's here!

They're both here.

- Who?
- My husband, your wife!

- Our spouses?
- Yes, together!

- My God, where can I go?
- Control yourself!

- I need a drink.
- You don't have time!

- Where can I hide?
- Put your shoes on!

Do up your jacket.

Oh, he's here, he's here!



- Who was that with you?
- A friend of Dad's.

This is Mr. Grimaldi.



We're waiting for Daddy.

Oh, he told me to tell you
he can't make it tonight.

He'll come tomorrow.

Have you thought about
my proposition?

What? Oh, yes, I have.

- And?
- I'm staying put, Bobby.

I'm talking megabucks, Mom.

I'm staying where I am.

Is he sick?

That's for Daddy to say.

- Good night.
- Don't I get a kiss?


Good night.

Good night.

It's my son.

- That'll be Bobby.
- He's a genius.

High finance, real estate,
that sort of thing.

I don't have any children.

Marguerite always wanted children.

We're very close.

I'm from a big family.

Four boys and three girls.

Will you come again tomorrow?

He's a nice boy.

- Hello.
- Oh... hello.

- Any news?
- Not serious.

- What does that mean?
- It means they were not seriously hurt.

He's broken his collar bone
and she's cracked a rib.

How did it happen?

They were standing in the middle
of the street kissing.

A car hit them.

There is a God.

You look terrible.

- Thank you.
- What have you been up to?

Drinking, I suppose.

Do you know what I'm going to do?
I'm going to get away to the country.

A complete rest, a complete break.

You should do the same.

- Mr. Grimaldi?
- Yes?

Mr. Grimaldi...

Your wife, we just think you ought to know,
your wife was pregnant.

She's lost the baby.
We did all we could, but...

She was pregnant?

She lost a baby!

Where is he?
Where is he?

- You son of a bitch!
- Mr. Grimaldi!

Where are you? Come out!

You son of a bitch!

What's going on here?

Stop him! Stop him!

- Stop him!
- I'll kill you!

- Now take it easy, take it easy!
- Let me go!

- Take it easy!
- Son of a bitch!


Criminal! Doctor Piquet!

Thank you.

What a terrible thing.

She always wanted a baby.

And if he...

If for any reason he didn't want,

I would have taken Marguerite back.

I would have brought up
that baby as if it...

...was my own.

I can't...

I need a drink.

Please let me help you, I can't bear
to see you like this.

What do you want to do, give me some
old clothes, a bowl of soup?

Leave me alone, I'm not
one of your derelicts.

I'm not so sure.

Mazel tov! Mazel tov!

Vive la marri?e!

- Comme vous ?tes beaux!
- Vive les marri?s!

How long have you been living here?

A month, six weeks, I don't know.



Why, because I couldn't go on
living at my place.

Every corner, every inch reminds me of...

I want to talk to you.
Turn it down.

You really ought to stop that,
you know.

This is a terrible place,
and you shouldn't be here.

- Go away, please, go away.
- You can't stay here, you must know that.

You'll end up sleeping on park
benches or in doorways.

Tell me what you'd like to do
and I'll see if a could help.

I want to dance with you.

- Oh, don't be so silly.
- You asked me what I want to do.

That's what I want to do.
I want to dance with you.

That's nice.

It's really nice.

If I close my eyes, I can imagine...

You win the prize.

What for?

For being the prettiest girl
I've had up here this month.

Is that a compliment?

Not really, you should have
seen the others.

Is this a house of ill repute?

- What?
- You know very well what I mean?

Have you had lots of women up here?

Do you pay them?

Oh... stop that!
I'm not one of your whores.

You asked how you could help me.
Help me to forget.


- Don't do that.
- It's only a shoe.

I've got big feet.


What are you doing?

What does it look like?

I'm not going back to my apartment.

That's right, you're not.
You're coming with me.

What do you mean?
I'm moving with you?

Certainly not!

Where then?

Welcome, welcome to the
Ch?teau de Sant?.

This is Madeleine.
I am Dr. Noiret.

Yes, yes, yes, welcome, welcome.
And now, what would you like to know?

- Where is Mrs. Piquet?
- Her room is just down the hall.

We think of this place as an oasis.

A kind of paradise where one's spirit
and body may be refreshed.

There are very few rules, but the rules
will be strictly enforced.

No smoking, of course.

No drinking, naturally.

If you go out, you will be searched
when you come in.

Voici, monsieur.

Also, no visitors in the room after
ten in the evening.

Rooms will be inspected every night
by a member of the staff.

Humans find themselves in the awkward and
embarrassing situation of being animals...

...who are also self-conscious,
spiritual beings.


They are embarrassed by those physical
organs, and functions, and appetites...

that impugn human dignity...

by reminding us of our physiological
kinship with group beasts.

And how are we feeling today,
Mr. Grimaldi?

- Hungry, and restless.
- Good, good, very good.

I'm looking for some life,
where can I find some life?

And food, you understand me?

Spaghetti, rigatone, cannolicchi,
broccoli, e pi? tonno e fagioli.

And how are the bodily functions?

Functions? If I don't eat,
I can't function.

That's the way!
Keep it up, keep it up.

Are you sleeping any better?


I just want to say I admire
your willpower.

I realize it's not easy for you.
I'm very proud of you.

I don't want you to be proud of me.

I've had enough of this place.

I am a man. I am Italian.
I need life.

I need food and drink.

I'll be in to read to you this evening.


That's it. Here we are.

You seem to be very cheerful
this evening, Mr. Grimaldi.

Just giving Mme. Legr?e a little walk.
Spring is in the air.

It's a fantastic evening.

If you want to make a strip search,
we can go to my room.

Let me smell your breath.

- I'm very surprised at you, Mme. Legr?e.
- It was him.

I should have guessed.
This mustn't happen again, Mr. Grimaldi.

Jawohl, mein F?hrer.

Stop that, hm?
You are a dirty beast.

Anyway, you are too old for me.

I agree, darling.

Cesareo, I...

Oh, I'm sorry!

You betray every standard of decency
known to mankind.

You're disgusting, you know that?
You're a disgusting...

...overweight, middle-aged,
lecherous drunk.

I can explain.

I knew at the moment
I set eyes on you.

I knew there was nothing good about you.
I knew there was something rotten about you.

It's just the first woman
you happen to see, isn't it?

This woman, that woman, any woman!

- Are you jealous?
- Am I what?!

- Yes.
- Am I what?

Admit it!
Yes, you... you are jealous!

Jealous? Ha! Ha!

I think it... you feel for me!

Feel? Distate, that's what I feel!

- You stupid ass!
- You feel for me.

Maybe you even love me!

- Love you?
- Yes! You love me.

I despise you!

There is no mistake. Tu mi ama!

- We broke the rules.
- What?

You mean the rules of that
house of torture?

- I love you Pamela.
- Please, don't say another word.

Put on your seat belt.

We must plan out our future.
I don't think I can live without you.

And you love me, don't you?

Don't you?

We were caught kissing like kids.
Totally innocent.

- What's so terrible about that?
- You made me lower my standards.

You know what you are?
A narrow-minded... a narrow-minded...

- Puritan?
- Yes.

We are free. Our spouses left us.

Don't say another word.

- May I speak now?
- No.

You are impossible.
And beautiful.

And vulgar, and vulnerable.
God, I love that.

I wish you were stark naked in the desert
singing under the moon.

Pamela, don't be angry,
but I have to say this.

- Let's have an affair.
- Please!

We can move into my place.
We can forget everybody, everything.

No, Cesareo, I simply cannot
live that way.

I'm sorry.

I do have some feeling for you.
But it'll pass.

And I know what'll happen.
George will come back to me...

...and Marguerite will come back to you.

Yes, but please, Pamela,
can I see you again?

No, we mustn't see each other again.

In a haunted place like a magic stream...

I see you and reach out my hand
to touch a phantom...

...or a fading dream and awake alone
in no man's land.

Oh, love, my love!
Needs must, needs be.

I rest in hopes that you are she
who will free me...

...from this forlorn hole.

Cesareo Grimaldi.

- Yes.
- Pamela?


- Who's this?
- What do you mean who's this?

It's me, George.
Who do you think it is?

- What do you want?
- I've heard some very disquieting things.

- What are you talking about?
- I'm talking about you.

My colleague, Dr. Noiret of the
Ch?teau de Sant?,

has informed me of your outrageous
behaviour with Marguerite's husband.

George, I don't believe this.

You'd better believe it.

I'm a professional man.
You're still my wife.

You can't go around cavorting
in public dragging my name...

...through the mud.

I thought you dragged your name
through the mud.

I am absolutely astonished.

I mean, you of all people...

Shut up, George.



Come up, come up, okay!

Don't get lost.

Mr. Grimaldi!

- Mr. Grimaldi!
- In here, Bobby.

Hi, Bobby.

How are you?

Do you want a job for the summer?

- Not exactly, no.
- Then what can I do for you?

You haven't seen my mother
recently, have you?

- No, I haven't.
- Well, she's gone stark raving mad.

- What do you mean?
- Well, she never goes out, day and night.

She's given up her charity work.

She's fired her maid, the apartment's
full of dead flowers.

I also think she's started to drink.

How do you know that?

Empty wine bottles all over
the apartment.

I have an interesting proposition
to put to you.


A man of your circumstances should
be thinking of the future.

You came here to sell me insurance?

In my humble opinion,

you could make yourself a hell of a
good deal if you married my mother.

She'd be an ideal companion
for a man of your age.

She's an excellent cook,
secretary, hostess...

- Can I say somet...
- Let me finish.

I also want you to know that I like you
a lot and you would have my blessing.

Is that why you came here to see me?
To sell me your mother?

Please don't put it like that,
Mr. Grimaldi.

I love my mother and I want
what's best for her,

but I'm fighting a deadline here.

I'm part of a syndicate that
holds the lease...

...to every apartment in my mother's
building except hers.

And we have plans for a shopping mall.

If I don't get the lease by next Thursday,

the deal falls through.

I'm talking millions of dollars here.

If you could get my mother to move
in with you as soon as possible,

I'd be more than grateful.
I'd make it worth your while.

You could name your own price,
I'm sure that we can come...

- Bobby, the interview is over.
- What is this?

This is Cesareo Grimaldi telling you
to crawl back under your stone.

You'll find your father there
with the woman he's going to marry.

Don't get emotional.
Let's keep emotion out of this.

I could make you a rich man, and my mother
could make you a happy one.

I'll tell you something you may find
difficult to understand.

I would take care of your mother
if she'd let me, and you know why?

Because I love her. Do you understand
those words?

I love her.

Pamela. Let me in.

Let me in, Pamela.

Mornings only.
Mondays and Fridays.

- What's today?
- I have no idea.

Ah, M. and Mme. Dupont.


Napoleon slept here.

- He was very small, wasn't he?
- He was indeed, madam.

Perhaps you have something
with a bigger bed?

- Certainly, sir.
- Thank you.

Very well built. Solid construction.

I don't care for this room.

This was the favorite room of
Guy de Maupassant.

I'm sorry, I don't care for the view.

You're not going to see much
of the view.

I don't want a room overlooking
the car park.

They don't build them
like this anymore.


- Who slept here?
- The Duke of Wellington, madam.

That's better.


Let's go for a walk.

I thought we shoud have a little
nap before dinner.

Oh, I'm not the least bit tired. I feel like
a good tramp in the country.

- Pamela, please...
- Please, let's not waste this beautiful day.

Pamela, I don't want to waste it.

My God!

Relax, Pamela.

- I can't.
- Have some champagne.

- It won't do any good.
- What's the matter?

- I'm hungry.
- You just ate.

I know.

Why did you come here if you're
not going to enjoy yourself?

I don't know.
I... I did know.

I don't know!

It's just that I never made love
in a museum before.

Pamela, all I want...
is to make you happy.

To love you, to... to hold you.

To kiss you, Pamela...

- Please, Pamela...
- It's... too light in here!



- Pamela!
- I'm coming, I'm coming.

Stay where you are.

That's better.

Could you turn the lights
off again, please?

That's how I hurt my shin.

- We can't see anything without light.
- I know, I prefer it that way.

I'm sorry, Cesareo, I'm modest.

Pamela, you're the mother
of a grown-up boy...

...and you behave like a virgin
in our wedding night.

That's exactly the way I feel.

I don't understand you, Pamela.

My trouble is...

I'm a coward.

I want to be bad but I can't.

We are not bad, we are human.

We're not behaving like humans,
we're behaving like animals.

- They are the same things.
- No, no.

Humans are animals, but animals
are not human.

So we are half human, half animal, right?

No... yes!


I'm getting all mixed up.

I am all mixed up.

Pamela, we don't have
to make love tonight.


Let's see how you'll feel tomorrow.
Maybe tomorrow will be better.

I'm sorry.

I trust everything was satisfactory.

Oh, yes, thank you.
I'm just waiting for Mrs...



Have a good trip, M. Dupont.

Yes, thank you.

Thank you.

Merci, monsieur.

Cesareo, could I have a word
with you, please?


You're going to have to drive me.
I can't see a thing.

- I don't understand.
- I couldn't find my contact lenses.

I put them in a glass last night
and this morning they were gone.

Don't worry, Pamela, tomorrow I'll send
someone to pick up your car.

Where are we now?

Still in France.

You don't love me, you don't love me!
You love no one but yourself!

- How could you, how could you?
- I will not be spoken to like this.

Well, how do you want me
to speak to you?

- You've behaved like a cheap tart.
- Bobby.

I don't want that man to come
and live here.

Isn't that what you're planning?

Go on, admit it, you're both planning
to live together in this apartment.

I don't know what you're
talking about.

I'm talking about your Latin Lover.

The one you spent a dirty
weekend with in the country.

Is he moving in here? Because you don't
seem to be moving out.

I don't know where you've got this
story from. What Latin Lover?

- Daddy told me.
- He what?

He had a guy keeping watch on you.

The receptionist at the hotel.

He reported back.

Because Daddy can't afford any scandal.

He's got a position to uphold,
he's a professional man.

Oh, he's a professional scout!
- You betrayed us both!

I betrayed you both?
That's good, that's very good.

I don't care if you've got a lover,
I don't care if you've got ten lovers.

I just want you out of this apartment.

I have no intention of leaving
this apartment.

Why don't you think of me
for a change?

- Oh, Bobby!
- How I hate you! I'm gonna kill you!

Let me out!

Let me out, let me out!

Let me out, let me out!

Let me out!

Oh, how nice to see you.
Do come in.

- Let me out!
- How sweet of you, thank you.

- Did I hear something?
- No.

- I return your car.
- Thank you.

- Let me out!
- Pamela, who's that?

It's Bobby, my son.
You met him, remember?

- Where is he?
- He's in my bedroom closet.

- What's he doing there?
- I locked him in.

He insulted me.

- He accused me of being immoral.
- You?

- With you!
- With me?

- His father had us watched.
- Good God.

- Dr. Piquet has double standards.
- It's ridiculous, I...

- I'll let him out.
- No, no, no, I can't vouch for his actions.

He's very overwraught.

Pamela, don't be silly,
he's an intelligent boy.

I'll explain man to man.

If you don't let me out,
I'll break the door down.

I've broken my arm!

Let me out, I'm in pain.

Bobby, it's me, Cesareo Grimaldi.
You remember, we met.

Now, I'm going to open the door...

And then we're going to have
a little chat.


Man to man.

Lousy bastard!

- You try.
- Oh...

Bobby, are you all right?

Let me out!

- Oh, mother, I'm sorry.
- Oh.

- I'm sorry.
- It's all right, it's all right.

It's all right.


I still like you.
What do you think of that?


Alas, yes, children are very strange.

He's calmer now.
He's such a little boy.

All men are little boys. Your husband
is particularly little.

My husband. Have you been
seeing the doctor?

Alas, yes.

- And?
- Please, please relax.

Why did you see him, are you ill?

No, no, I'm seeing him because
he's sending for me.

What did he want?

- I'm to give a message.
- What message?

Alas, he wishes to return
to his marital home.

He wants me to take him back?

Alas, yes.

You look well.

So do you.

- Is Marguerite well?
- Wonderful.

- And Dr. Piquet?
- Splendid.

- Are you happy?
- Terribly, terribly happy.

- And you?
- Indescribable.

This was a sweet idea of yours
to say goodbye.

- Regrets?
- None, and you?

Poco, poco.

I think we should be very proud.
We endured and we've won.

We have our spouses back and we've
each gained a new friend.

You mean our spouses are not
our friends?

Well, not exactly.
Spouses can be friends but...

...friends cannot always be spouses.

If we were spouses,
would we still be friends?

Oh, sure we would.
But we already have spouses.

So we cannot be good friends anymore.


Because we're going to be good spouses.

And now it's time to go.
I have to collect Dr. Piquet.

Marguerite is coming to collect me.

Cin cin.

Cin cin.

? stata una longa bellissima giornata.

What does that mean?

It's been a long, beautiful day.



- Do you want some coffee?
- Don't move, don't move, don't move.

I'll get my own breakfast.

Marguerite, it's so wonderful
to have you back.



- You're up early.
- Yes.

If Daddy gets back before me,
tell him I could be late.


- I got your letter.
- Obviously.

- I was surprised to get it.
- I was surprised to write it.

- Why did you?
- Why did I what?

Write to me.

Because I love you.
Because I wanted you.

How could you ever have doubted it?

I was too miserable to know
what I wanted.

- And now?
- Now I'm happy.

It's so much more comfortable knowing that
George will be coming home to me and...

...Marguerite will be waiting for you,
don't you think?

I love you, Mrs. Piquet.

And I love you, Mr. Grimaldi.

- Subtitles -
Lu?s Filipe Bernardes