A Fine Pair (1968) - full transcript

Married NYPD Captain Mike Harmon receives a visit from Esmeralda Marini, who he has not seen in twelve years since she was a child. She is the daughter of an old police colleague from Italy, Inspector Marini who is now deceased. Mike recalls those six months in Italy as the happiest in his life. She has come to New York to ask specifically for Mike's help, her father telling her always to trust Mike if she's in trouble. She finally admits to him that she is a jewel thief, but that she wants to turn over a new leaf by returning the jewels she and a well known criminal named Jackie Mitchell stole from the safe of the villa of wealthy and famous Ogden Fairchild in Kitzbühel, Austria. Since the Fairchilds are not in Kitzbühel at the moment, they do not even know that the jewels are yet missing. So Mike figures if they can break into the villa and replace the jewels in the safe before the Fairchilds return to Kitzbühel, Esmeralda will not have to face prosecution. But breaking in the second time around may be more difficult than the first. As Mike helps Esmeralda with this problem, the two start to fall for each other. But each has secrets in doing what they are doing together, the motives behind those secrets which may be incompatible.

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Welcome to the United States.

Welcome to the United States.

Welcome to the United States.

Welcome to the United States.

Welcome to the United States.

And this time, I mean it for real.
God bless you.

Thank you.


I said not 3. If I make an exception,
I'll have make it for everybody.

Then do it for everybody. Do you agree?

Sure, I agree very much.

Sir, I… - I've nothing to declare.
May I please go?

This is customs, not a committee!
- Keep it. This way, I'll stop smoking.


What's so funny?
Open your luggage. Everything.


Follow that car.

What did say you, excuse me?
- I said, follow that car.

Yes! I've always dreamed that one day
a beautiful lady would come and say,

"Follow that car!"

Good. But let's go!


Why didn't you say you wanted to go
to the police? I would've gone there.

This was more fun.

Are you Italian?
- Yes.

Now, I understand.
- No, wait here a sec, I'll be right back.

Yes! Let's hope you come back.

Anything for me, Charlie?

Thank you.

Al, take care of this, please.
- OK, Captain.

Larry! Special service tonight.
- Good, Captain.

The sheet says that
you've been here before.

The sheet must be wrong.
- Here you go, Sir.

I beg your pardon.

Hello, Captain Harmon!
- McClusky!

Captain, let me introduce my lawyers.
- Everybody, out! Out of my office!

Naturally, they're ready to pay the bail.
I brought 4. Hopefully, they're enough.

Outside, Councilor. Please, leave.

An English suit, eh?
- Let's go. Come on.

- Yes, Sir.

Where's the daily report?

Over there.
- Why isn't it on my desk?

I thought that here or there...
- Stop thinking and stop here and there.

The reports have been put
on my desk for 15 years.

And for the next 15 years,
I want them here and not over there.

Yes, Sir.

The door, McClusky.

Who are you?

Don't you remember me, Captain?
- I don't know you.

Hands up!

Up! Up!

What are you doing?

For 12 years, I dreamed of this moment,
Captain Harmon.

You haven't changed much in 12 years.

And how would you know?
A little too early to say, no?

Professional intuition:
We understand everything on the fly.

Don't you remember?
- Right.

Intuition is the true
weapon of the police.

Well, you haven't changed much too.
You're like my dad.

There's your dad.
And his formidable American assistant.

Do you remember the headlines?

"Inspector Marini and
his American assistant"

"crack mafia smuggling
operation in Sicily."

I remember it well. And Italy.

Too bad they never mentioned me.

Why should they have mentioned you?

Well, I should get some credit.
I was in training. See?

Those were my happiest months.
- Also for me… and Dad.

We're done, Mary.

You still haven't told me…
what you're doing in New York.

Right. But it's not very easy to explain.

Let's see: you want to be independent
and have come to look for work?

I bet you want to be a model.
Am I right?

Me? A model?
- Yes.


Well then,

why did you come to New York?

For you.

Excuse me.

It must be my wife.

Hello? Yes.

Hi, Marge, how are you?

I'm fine.

Everything's fine.
Mary comes regularly.

Need any help?
- No, thanks.

How amusing.
- Practical.

Leave it, you'll get dirty.

Are all American homes like this?
- In what sense?

Everything is organized, neat.

One can't… I don't know.
- No.


Darn this hair!
- You cannot but like your hair?

Why? Do you like it?
- I really do. Amazing.

It's a wig?
- Of course!

Straight hair has always been my dream.

It fits you just right.
- Let's see.


Take it back, Miss.
- Oh, no!

No, keep it!
Surely, it was made just for you!

Doesn't she look good?

Was it your wife?

Yes. She's going skiing and
I'll join her in a few days.

Esmeralda, what were you saying?

- Yes.

Oh, right: I've come to see you.

I need you as a friend.

And as a policeman.
- Policeman?

You see,

I met a man, a certain Carmine,
handsome, nice.

Married, right?

- And didn't you know?

- That he was married.

Ah! He was married to me!

- One day, I learned the truth.

Maybe it's because I'm a policeman's
daughter but it was a shock

to find out I married a thief.

A thief?
- Jewels.

What's that?
- The cigarette case.

So you…
- Why does it make that sound?

- The cigarette case.

It's timed. So it won't open
unless it sounds. So you smoke less.

When it's closed, what do you do?
Call your friends?

Then there'd be no point. Who cares?
Back to that husband.

I shouldn't reproach him
now that's he gone.

You let him go?
- Yes, he's dead.

He left me something of his.

And when do you expect it?

Expect what?

The baby.
- What baby?

Didn't you say he left you something?
- Ah, jewels! 2 kilos of jewels.

2 kilos?

What kind of jewels?
- Stolen.

What is it?

I must go. I have special service.

After working all day?

That's why it's special. - By the way,
is there a plan to unionize the NYPD?

You know, to help Dad, I prepared
a report in which it was said…

That's the least of your problems.

I'll have all of early tomorrow
to get some sleep.

OK. I'll call for you at the hotel at 7.
- In the morning? - Why? Too early?

The last time I got up at 7
was when I was born.

You could make an effort,
seeing the trouble you're in.

Well, I'm going. And thank you.
- You're welcome.

It'd be better if we went down
together, Mary. Wait. - Yes.

Mary, please, accompany the lady
in the taxi to the Commodore Hotel.

A taxi? Won't we take the same car?
- No, go now.

God, I left something in the car!
- Where you going? Watch out!

What's that?
- Jewels. I put them in the safest place.

What are you looking at?

Tomorrow at 7, OK? Agreed?
- OK, Captain!

Have you been long with the captain?
- About 10 years.

He's nice, right? - He's very serious.
- What's his wife like?

You may go, I'll walk a bit.

Doing your morning exercise, Harmon?

Ready? Here we are.

At your service.

Hi! You were very kind.
If you ever in Italy, look me up.

It was a real pleasure.
I'm always at your disposal.

Viva Italia!
- Officer, your name and number.

And who are you?

My boss. A serious man. He's had
the same breakfast for 10 years!

What district do you belong to?
- Why do you care?

Never the slightest change,
not even on Sunday! Prunes…

Don't you know you can't
give rides while on duty?

With oatmeal.
- Rolled oats?

Hey, you want to be a big
policeman when you grow up?

Very funny.
I'm Captain Harmon from HQ.

Healthy eating, hard but very healthy.
- Tell me, what else he's been hiding.

Sorry, Captain Harmon.
Seeing that the lady was a foreigner

and knowing the importance of being
courteous, I thought it appropriate…

Attend to your work and not tourism,
or you'll wind up on night duty forever.

Rude! He's a good boy, half Italian with
a wife and kids, not at all like a cop!

Mary, shut up, please! And as for you…
- Don't be mad at him!

It's my fault.

We went to Harlem and it was late.
There was no taxi.

I was freezing,
cursing in every language,

when by miracle, he came by
with his car and here we are.

OK, this time I'll let it pass.
Now take Mary home,

seeing how you like being a taxi driver.
- Bye, Captain.

Yes. Bye. Excuse me.

Bye, Mary.
- Goodbye and thank you.

Bye, dear.
- Bye.

Look what a coincidence:

That policeman's grandpa knew mine
and his dad was arrested by my dad.

Almost your brother then.

You're mad at me, right?
What do you expect?

I couldn't sleep with the mess I'm in.
- Do you have fun in a mess?

Yes, New York excites me.

We've been seeing everything
Or almost all.

We need to talk of serious things.
- Of course, come to my room.

Better to walk.
- Yes.

You see, he was very…

Tell me something,

why do they name
the streets after numbers?

Fifth, sixth, seventh.

Wouldn't something like
Giuseppe Garibaldi Avenue

or Giuseppe Mazzini sound better?

How come, Esmeralda, every time

we start to talk about your husband,
you change the subject?

Now then.
Tell me something more precise.

When did he die?

When did he die? When?

He's not… he's not really dead.

No? Then he's alive?

No, I didn't say that.

Excuse me, either one is alive or dead?

For you everything is simple.
- What do you mean?

That maybe… maybe he never existed!

Never existed?


So you invented a lie?
- Yes.

Just like that?
- Yes, I lied.

That's the truth.

You can't!
- Why not?

Because it's red. See! - It's free.
Besides, they don't watch at this time.

Understand that there are rules!

Speaking of rules, to sell jewels,
one needs a fence. - What jewels?

The stolen ones. - One moment,
didn't you make all of it up?

No, I made up a husband.

Not the jewels.

Now then,
the husband doesn't exist…

but the jewelry does.

Which implies somebody stole them.
- Of course, the thief.

Who is?
- A friend.

And this, naturally, amuses you:
a husband who doesn't exist,

a friend who steals…
- It doesn't amuse me, Harmon.

Who is this thief?

Who is this friend?
- I can't tell you.

What will you do with jewels?
- He gave them to me to hold onto.

At first, I thought it was fun.
But now I'm afraid.

And where did he steal them?
- From Fairchild.

The Fairchilds of New York?


Well, at least they're real.

One moment, if there had been
a robbery, the police would've known.

They don't even know yet.
It was in a villa they have in Austria.

Ah, in Austria. However,
when it gets known, realize that

all the police are let loose in the world.
- You think I don't know that?

That's why I'm here because
I want to get out of it.

Why don't give him that stuff?
- Who? - Your friend.

You mean Jackie?
- Yes, I mean the thief.

To be honest, no else is involved.
- What?

You still don't get it?

I stole the jewels! I am the thief.

What are you playing at, Esmeralda?

Harmon, I'm not here to play.

Yes, I've told some lies.
I don't deny it.

Only because it was so hard
to tell you the truth.

Excuse me,
but have you told your dad?

Didn't you know?
- What?

That he died.

- I thought you knew.

Why didn't you tell me?

I thought that you…

I'm sorry, you found out this way.

Is this true at least?

You think I can lie about that?

He always used to say to me,

"If one day,
you're ever in trouble all alone,"

"remember Mike Harmon.
Count on him. Trust him."

Did he tell you to lie to me?
- Oh, Harmon!

When I realized what I had done,
I thought of my dad and of you.

I wasn't wrong that…

you knowing me,
would understand me.

Indeed, I didn't know you enough.

The only thing I understand
is that you've become a thief.

Yeah, well done. Cry.
That will solve everything.

But if I manage to get out of this mess,
I swear never again. Never.

Sure, that's what all the thieves say!

Go on, go to sleep. I'll call you later.

And stop crying!

Hotel Commodore.
- Miss Esmeralda Marini, please.

I think she's in room 210.
- One moment, please.

Are you Captain Harmon?
- Yes.

The lady has gone out.
- Gone out?

She left a message: She has gone
to the Fairchilds on 6th Avenue.

She prays you to join her in case
of complications. Is it clear?

Very clear.

Do you want to respond?
- I'd like to but you're a lady.

What are you doing here?

I've decided that the only
solution is to return the jewels.

You crazy? - Why?
- They should stay with you!

As you wish. Never mind.

While the Fairchilds are gone,
I'll wait. - More madness. - Why?

Because they'd think you're a fence.
You are a cop's daughter, aren't you?

Well, I can send an anonymous
package to the insurance company.

Even worse!
- After all, it'll be a good deed.

Is it so impossible
to return a package of jewels?

Without getting arrested? No.
- Then what should I do?

I don't know.

I was thinking how long it would take.

- Before they discover the theft.

In a few hours, the Fairchilds
are leaving today for Austria.


Police! Excuse me.

I found out they're not flying.

They're going by sea.
- Sea?

What's the difference?
- 6 days difference, Esmeralda. Come.

Damn it!
- Damn what?

In such a case, there'll be no charge.

Putting the jewels back in place,
before the Fairchilds arrive,

there will be no theft to report
and you will be safe.

Harmon, what the hell are you saying?

We need to put the jewels in the safe.

Of course, fantastic!

I'll ask Jackie for help.
- Why? - For the alarm.

What kind of alarm?

Impossible but not for Jackie Mitchell,
I assure you. - Jackie Mitchell?

Yes, it was he who disconnected
the alarm when I made the heist.

Do you know who Jackie Mitchell is?
He's number 1 on Interpol's list.

I know he's good.
In fact, only he can override

an alarm system as complicated
as the Fairchild's.

Besides you, of course.

Though that's not your job.
You're a policeman.

Thanks anyway.
You've given me a way out.

No, Esmeralda, I've given you
a way to be put in jail.

If you get caught with Mitchell,
you'll end up getting 20 years.

Do you have a better idea?

Miss, 3 cartons of cigarettes.

Of course. What brand?
- Any.

Here, Ma'am. $7.75, please.

Thank you.

Thank you.
- Thank you.

What's wrong with you?
That won't get through customs.

Exactly. While they're arguing over
3 cartons, the suitcases go through.

It's amazing that the girl I knew
became who you are.

Your father raised…
- No, it's logic.

My father, my grandfather, 4 uncles,
3 cousins: All of them lawmen.

Less a family, than a police station.

It's about time someone rebelled.
I had to be different.

You have succeeded.

Relax, Harmon, don't worry.

My children will rebel against me and
there'll be more police in the family.


- Want to talk?

I don't have much choice.
- What did you do at work?

I looked forward to
my Christmas holidays.

Isn't you wife waiting in the mountains?
- She used to these surprises.

Did you tell her where you were going?
- No, she didn't ask.

My wife doesn't ask
as many questions as you.

Is it a good marriage?

It's a marriage.
- Children?

- You don't want to talk, right?


You look really good without glasses!

Hotel Braun, pension.

Reasonable prices, food, service.
It seems like a reasonable place.

Harmon, tell me the truth,

have you ever done anything
unreasonable? - No.

Until yesterday.

Now then, bitte,
114 Grosse Krockler Strasse.

Do you speak German?
- Reasonably.

Ask if he knows this Hotel Braun.
- Was denken Sie von Braun Hotel?

Ich denke es wäre viel besser in ein
anderes hotel zu gehen, gnädige Frau.

Danke schön. - Bitte schön.
- What did he say?

He said it'd be more reasonable…
to stay at another hotel.

Are you the manager?
- And the owner too.

Do you have rooms?
- All free.

I mean rooms with the best views.
- Views are important.

Here, Sir.
- Thank you.

My key, please.

I'm sorry, this is a family hotel
and we only have one key per room.

I meant the key to my room.

You want two rooms?
- Exactly, two rooms.


That was a mistake.
We've aroused suspicion.


If an unmarried couple orders 2 rooms,
it means they're hiding something.

He thinks we're here to make love.

Why would he think that?
- Simple: We have no skis.


Hello? Yes?

I see. Hey, tell Captain…

Wellman… how do you say it?
Polizei Chief Wellman…

that I called, that…
- Harmon!

One minute!
- Are you there, Harmon?

Harmon. Mr Harmon.

No, don't call me, I'll call you.

Yes, thank you.

Come in!
- It's locked.


Yours is real. Mine's a false lock.

Damn, your room is larger.

Why? Is yours smaller?

Let's just say, it's as big,
more or less, as the key.

Have you seen the view? It's great.

Are you upset that
I brought you this dump?

Me? I'm great.

I'm just sorry for you,
who are so used to American comforts.

You say that as if it were a sin.

What does it matter?
Maybe a change will do you good.

Fine. Now then, this Farichild villa?

Thank you, Harmon.

- Is it far?

Just outside the town.

What is it?

Your uniform.
- My what?

Sorry, but you look like a policeman.

Like Dad. The more civilian he dressed,
the more he looked like a cop.

We'll buy something.
- Yes.

And you see how they stare?

Maybe we overdid it
with the sporting attire.

But you look fine.

Then why is everybody looking at me?

- It's nothing.

You know what?
It's not my clothes, they're staring at.

- What?

Do you know,
you've just complimented me?

The mountains are good for you.

Roger! Roger!


Roger is the result of a mixed marriage:

a rich father, a fat mother.
Result: he's an anarchist.

In his own way, he fights capitalism by
buying a Rolls with his dad's dough.

And he is the founder and head
of a band of utter anarchists.

Never heard of them. - There's only
one man but the program is explosive.

You see, Roger, a week doesn't go by
without him blowing something up.

Always chosen with taste: houses,
luxury hotels, monuments, theaters,

modern churches…
- Nice!

Do you know the difference
between you and me?

If I see a bottle half filled up, to me,
it's half full but to you, it's half empty.

Very deep.

So if I understand you correctly,
I'm a pessimist with no imagination.

Completely outdated.

Ah! Much worse: a conformist.

That's a villa? It's a fortress.
- I know.

A castle like that could
withstand 6 months of siege.

We can't stay here that long.
- I was just saying.

Condensers in the windows.

The alarm will be harder…
- Can I see?

Did you understand all that?
- No.

What kind of system did Jackie
Mitchell use? Do you know?

He didn't tell me.

And even if he did,
I wouldn't have understood a thing.

But if you think it's too dangerous,
I wouldn't want you…

Let's go back.
We can't decide anything here.

Hold me tight!
- Tight? Got it!


Sorry, I'm late but I had to tidy
my room. The bathroom is free.

Do you have any ideas?

I need to see it close up.
A look with binoculars isn't enough.

Calm down, it's just a joke!


- Roger!

Thank God, I've been looking
for you everywhere. The hell!

This is Roger.
- Hi.

Can you lend me 200 shillings?
In Freud's homeland,

they let you block traffic
but they have a complex with fines.

And I won't give a cop any money
because it goes against my principles.

Do you take Italian lire?
- Sorry, only pounds or dollars.

You see: police and racist.

- Danke schön.

Where did you fish him up?

In the Dead Sea.
- Really?

Would you like a…

… a drag? It's top quality.

No, thank you.

What is he? An athlete?
- He's my husband, Roger.

And how did you get married?

It could be that I deserved it.

Hombre, tell me something,
what do you do apart from Esmeralda?

Everything and nothing. He's an artist.

He's been around the world.
4 times, right?

And he's had amazing
experiences of all kinds.

Never looks back, follows schedules.
He always lives every day as it comes.

With him each day
is different from the last.

In other words, the man of my dreams.

Say, do you like fireworks?

Fireworks are good.

Look, when I began with them,
I understood the value of explosions.

I work in explosions, understand?

I thought that you too…
- I'll tell you what I think!

Shall we dance, Roger? Come.

And we'll have next one, eh? Let's go.

Come on!

Come on!

Hey, Harmon! Harmon!

Where are you going?
You're not leaving?

Have fun with my wife.
- No, Harmon, the next dance is ours!

Conformists dance the tango!



Good night! No, not you.

In New York, it should be 8.

Try again.

Harmon, I must talk to you!

Never mind. Yes, cancel it.


It's open.

It is open. I thought it was locked.

Locked? Please.

That door has worked only once
and by accident.

I'm sorry for tonight.

Where did your friend end up?

Roger? I don't know. Anywhere, I bet.

He wasn't happy you left.
He liked you.

Sorry, I can't say the same.
- But he's nice.

You have some strange friends.

Well, he's not really a friend.
We've only made love now and then.

What's the matter?

I understand.

He's a lover, not a friend.

Because love has nothing to do
with that, right? - Of course it does.

It's only that this…
- Doesn't have to include Roger.

What? Are you so shocked?

It's none of my business.

For you, even a single
Roger is too much, right?

Let's forget it.

But that's a lot of questions
for something that's not your business.

Or maybe I ask them because I can't
believe a girl whom I once played with

wouldn't blush over such words!


You are free to do with
your life as you see fit.

I'm only here to get you of this mess.
- Yes but…

Are we going to return
those jewels or not?


Then tomorrow,
we go to work and nothing more!

Taxi! Taxi!

You remember the exact spot?
- Perfectly. - Careful.

You only have a half hour. Got it?
- Yes, Captain.

And within an hour, the launch!
- Yes, Captain.

Exact time, launch on time.
- Yes, Captain!

What with this, "Yes, Captain?"

I'm trying to be a good soldier.

Bothering me?
- You're joking, Captain.

The police is a great family
spread all over the world.

Your visit does me honor.
- Thank you.

Though I imagine you're here
for some particular reason.

And not to collect samples
of our white snow.

Your intuition is formidable,
Captain Wellman. - Thank you.

It's not the snow which brought me.
I'm on the track of Jackie Mitchell.

Do you know anything? - About him?
Only when it's too late to do anything.

It seems he's never
been around these parts.

But if he dares stick his nose here,
he'll have to deal with the both of us!

What's that? - Nothing. A little gadget
in my pocket that comes in handy.

Sir, the alarm is going off
in the Fairchild villa.

I want all men ready.
Prepare the helicopters. Wait!

Block off the whole area with patrol
cars and get Franz here immediately!

Ah, Captain! If you knew what
a responsibility this Fairchild villa is!

No, I don't think it's Jackie Mitchell.

Only an incompetent would think
of entering a villa like that.

You think so?

Everything else is in order.
Only that broken glass.

Probably some stupid kid.

Disconnect that damn alarm!

Come on, please.

Now you understand why I said
it was impossible to get in here.

All right.

You find it interesting?

I'm curious.

I think the real treasure is the device
which defends all these treasures.

An alarm system on an exceptional
scientific level. I'll show you.

Ultra modern, ultra-sensitive.
Regulated to a 1000nth of a millimeter

and has been based on
the creation of… of… Franz!

Magnetic fields, Captain.
- Exactly.

If someone crosses these…
- 49 magnetic fields,

the alarm is set off.
It works with any temperature,

from 60 below to 90 above.

Even the temperature.
Everything was foreseen.


Practically toys, as far as I can see.
- Then there are the other 2 systems.

The other 2?

Harmon, I was worried.
- You should be.

What happened?

Stop, we're leaving and right away.
- Why?

Because this undertaking is impossible.

3 alarm systems!

Photoelectric cells! Infrared rays!

That's not a villa but a huge safe!

There must be a way.

Sure, there is. Call your friend
the anarchist. What's his name?

Roger. - Roger. Have him put
a bomb in the villa and say goodnight.

So, nothing can be done?

Correct, Esmeralda.

I don't see how Mitchell did it.


What are you doing?
- Calling.

- Mitchell.

You know…

You know where he is?
- Well, I know where to find him.

He'll help us. He's an expert.

He is, eh?

You've just said it was
impossible a moment ago.

Or am I wrong?

Esmeralda, I didn't say it was
impossible. I only said it was hard.

You know what?

It's hard for a policeman
to think like a thief.

Difficult but not impossible. Right?

I need a way to flip out the controls.


Right. How?

They even anticipated
changes in the temperature.

From 60 below,

to 90 above.
From 60 below…

… to 90 above.

From 60 below to 90 above.

From 60 below to 90 above.

Now then, the cottage is before
the entrance on the left.

And here is the boiler. The boiler…

You want more coffee?

- What did you say? Acetone?

And the ballistite.
- Ballistite?

Just like that. Dissolved in acetone.

Maybe, you're working too hard.
- No, I'm just starting.


Tell me the truth.
- About what?

Just this once,
isn't it fun to act the part of a thief?

2 minutes.
- I've been waiting for an hour.

No, it hasn't even been a half hour!

- Not one little bit.

Get in. That's it.
- Good night, Harmon.

Good night, Esmeralda.

Yankee, go home.

OK, when I'm done, I will.

So hot, I'm choking.

How many degrees are we?

91 degrees, the bare minimum required.

What do you mean the bare minimum?
You mean it'll get hotter?

To be safe, we need to be at 94.
- Degrees? - Yes.

If we get below 90,
the alarm will go off.


Where's the safe?
- The safe?

I don't remember.
- Concentrate.

It's so hot.
- Try to remember!

I'm trying not to die.
- Fine, but you must have some idea!

I'm not sure.

I think I remember.
- Good.

When I turned 10 years old,
dad gave me a beautiful horse.

A white thoroughbred.


Harmon, how many degrees can
the human body take? - I don't know.


Where's the safe?
- What happened?

Damn it!

Hurry or the temperature will drop.
Let's get to the controls.

Now then.
Where's this damn safe?

You look down there, I'll look up here.

An Oesterr from '96.


Esmeralda, the safe!

Did you find it?
- It's here!

Well done! Put the jewels inside!

But it's empty!

Of course, it's empty. I emptied it.

Put the jewels in neatly.

I'll just clean up a little here!


Take this, please.

Wait, I have another.

Hurry, Harmon or we'll miss the plane.


Are you taking the flight to New York?
- I'll go turn in the car.

This one goes to New York.
And this to Rome.

New York and Rome.
- Yes.

Where is the car, Sir?
- Parked out there.

What time is it in New York?

Almost 9, I believe.

What about Rome?

A lot less.

Of course.

New York is further away. Right.

I haven't yet thanked you.

Thank you.

It's me who should…

Thank you.


I must confess something.


I forgot to say…

… that I have something here
which is not mine.

You do?
- Yes.

I stole them.
- Really?

Yes. I stole them in Rome.

I stole them by myself.
- Really?

And I want to return them.

But I don't think that…

… I can do it alone.
It's a very complicated business.

I don't really think I can.
- Right. How did you do it alone?

And then if you, by chance…
- Why?

You want that I…?


Did you say "yes"?

Hello, Roger, how are you?

Yes, I'm Mike Harmon.
Those explosions going strong, eh?

I've been following them in the papers.

Of course, we must meet.

Yes, one moment. I'll write the number.
Wait, I'll find something.

Here. The sole of my shoe.


... 4-6…

What? Wait, I didn't hear it.

Repeat it. I got 5…

... 0-1.

Good. Wait, I'll give you Esmeralda.

What is it?

It's Roger. He wants to say hello.

Hi, Roger.
- Hi, Esmeralda.

What's new?

Hey, should we eat outside today?
- Are you crazy? It's freezing!

- What?

"The transatlantic "Tintoretto"
quarantined at Gibraltar."

"4 cases of yellow fever on board."
That's Fairchild.

If I had only known: 40 days!

And we were in such a hurry!

Who would've guessed?

- 3!

3 for me too!

Well done.

You lost your ring.
- What?

Your wedding ring.
- I took it off.

Well, one can divorce.
- What?

What did you say?
- Yes, of course.

Even you know that
divorce exists in America, right?

Then you'd want to…?
- Exactly.

For a divorce, 2 people must agree.

Sometimes 3.
- Mike, don't joke.

I'm not joking.
Our marriage was a mistake.

The same old story.

She knew it. I knew it.
But we never talked about it.

To be honest, I'm more to blame.

My people, my career, my habits.

But then, out of blue, thank you.
- Me? - Both of us.

I understood and telegraphed her.

And the reply was that she agreed.

Mike, it's amazing! It's too beautiful.

Are they playing for us?
- Certainly.

And maybe because it's Christmas.

How wonderful!

And now, the last problem: the jewels.

What jewels? - The ones you stole.
We must give them back. - Ah, right.


Esmeralda. Es-mer-al-da!

Yes, dear, I understand perfectly.

Rather, I don't understand
a bloody thing.

But it's simple, Albert.

Maybe that's why it seems complicated.

Now then, your idea is to open my safe,
naturally without my knowing so,

and to put inside a pretty
package of stolen jewels.

And all for the love of this…
What's his name?

I adore secrets.

See, darling, this is my room.

And against that wall is my bed.

An antique, naturally.
And with a canopy.

I adore megalomania.

Well, my dear,
let's see if I understand you.

You prefer to invent
this false restitution,

rather than confess that you stole
these jewels from Fairchild.

- Yes, because…

It's difficult to explain.

Because you used him?
- Yes.

I wouldn't be able to tell him now
that I've changed for good.

Excuse me, is he a priest?




I have postponed my plan
to blow up St Peter's Cupola

until next Christmas.
I'm still waiting for a call from you.

Kisses, Roger.

Truly superb. As an imitation, I mean.

How much is it worth?
- By the piece or by the kilo?

By the quintal. Good day.

And you will give them to me?

All of them for me.

Esmeralda, you know, for a while now,
that I've been trying to be honest.

A decision I was forced to make in
the cell your dad sent me to reflect in.

I do realize what I'm asking.

A big sacrifice.

Come, let's go in my office.
- You accept?

You can talk me into anything!

OK, tonight give me the keys and
disappear for 3 hours. - OK, agreed.

You know that I've become honest.

Otherwise, I wouldn't be so excited
about doing something dishonest.

Oh, Albert!

No embraces!
That has no influence on me.

Mike? Mike!

Hey, Mike!

Ah, it's you.
- Are you still sleeping?

He who sleeps has a clear conscience.
Ancient Chineses proverb.

What are you doing with all that?
You have no idea how to cook.

Now I'm going to surprise you.
- No.

Yes, a Sicilian omelet. A specialty!

You won't ever forget it. Wanna bet?
- Really?

I've had many surprises lately.

I mean, yesterday for example,
you surprised me

with "Spaghetti Esmeralda."

And it was almost inedible!
- Really?

Now, I'll show you!

Mike, it'd be better if we ate out.

Is your steak good?

Very good.
But when I learn, mine will be better.

A fine view, eh?
- Wonderful.

Is everything OK?
- Sure.


I've a little something to tell you.

How long have you've known?

Well, let's say,
I got confirmation this morning.

What do you mean?

That in my head, I've always known.

I thought to organize it all with Albert
tonight and that you'd never know.

I wanted to tell you many times
but I never had the courage.

You know when one is in love…
I was afraid of losing you.

Now you hate me.
- Why? Are you crazy?

To plan a heist and then have it
prepared by a policeman

is amusing, perfect, brilliant!

And now let's see Albert.

What about Albert? - Excuse me,
but didn't you just say it was all ready?

It's only about carrying a safe,
instead of emptying it. Your method.

I hope you're joking. I…
- Come on, let's talk seriously.

When do we start the job?

But I… I'm not starting anything.

I have decided to change my life.

You change your life?

Go on, laugh all you want!
I want a home! A real home!

And with a nice fireplace, right?

Yes! And a refrigerator, a dishwasher
and the whole lot!

And a savings book too?

Of course! I want to be a woman
like all the others! A wife!

A wife and nothing else!

Can it be you don't see that I love you
because you're a rebel and a thief?

Stop yelling!
Want everybody to know my business?

If you care what people think,
don't worry, I'll tell you in English:

Liar! Thief! Rebel!

What an interesting girl! Where is she?
- She's dead!

It's insane, inadmissible that a man
who is a cop… - Was a cop!

… sets aside his sense, honor, pride,
dignity and everything! - That's right!

And to be honest, if I see a glass
filled halfway, it's half full!

And I see it half empty? Fantastic!
Who knows where I heard that before?

What do you think you've discovered?
No use trying to convince you!

You don't know what you're saying!
- I know!

You can't leave society. Don't delude
yourself. You're either for or against it!

I'm against it, OK? My mind is
finally clear! No more hypocrisy!

Morality! Rules! I want to be free,
got it? Free like you were!

But you couldn't stand who I was.
- You couldn't stand who I was either.


And yet we were in love.


But is it possible…?
- We were wrong from the start.

Me for you, you for me.
We've changed and still were wrong.

Because the problem persists.

We were wrong to change
or to fall in love. I don't know.

You're not going! - No?
- Take your clothes out!

Haven't you yelled enough for today?
- I'll do it myself, if you won't.

Where do you think you're running to?
- I'm not running! I'm going to my dad's

and there I'll stay!
- Feeling like a cop's orphan, right?

Don't offend my father's memory!


You could help me!
- To leave?

If you wanna leave, you can deal
with the luggage and break your neck!

If you had the least bit of decency!
- If you had the least bit of intelligence!

Go to hell! - You're going to
hell and have a good trip!


No one's here.

And what are you doing here?

Your ID!

Marini, Esmeralda?

That's me.
- Come with me.

Don't touch me. - Move it.
- Don't talk to me like that! - Move it!

Look, I'll make a report. There are
strict rules on the books regarding this!

So you've dealt with the law before?
- No, I've dealt with cops!

Damn it! The police!
I know the police well.

It's better we talk here. We'll send you
to Rome soon. - What do you mean?

We'll save much time, if you don't
act dumb! - If you're in a hurry, don't…


Now then, this is what it's about:

Last night, Mr Albert um…

Mr Albert Kinsky
of Pythagoras Number 9,

was made to suffer a significant
amount of jewels stolen from his safe.


I never would've believed it.

During questioning,
Kinsky gave your name, Miss.

I don't see why…
- You'll soon see all. Be calm.

Excuse the mess, I was in a big hurry.

Nothing but personal belongings.

Search better.

One minute!

And what's this?

Jewels, I bet!
- Oh, no.

Jesus! Jewels in a sock!

Not mine!
- Of course, they're Kinsky's.

And how do you know? Eh?
I'm talking to you, Harmon.

How did you know what was inside?
Are you a magician? - I'm a detective.

You, Esmeralda. You!

Finally! I wanted to see how this far
this would go, dear uncle Camilo!

Uncle Camilo?

Yes, my niece, this idiot.

My brother's daughter, unfortunately.

If there's a heaven, he's there.
And I hope he can't see you.

Since he can't see, you open your eyes!
He's trying to frame me!

- Him, over there!

Why should he?
- Inspector, New York! On the phone.

I'm going for one moment.
I'll be right back.

You, come with me.


What happened?

Do you want to explain?
I don't understand.

Who are you? What are you?
- A policeman.

Of course, you are!
And a narrow-minded coward!

A traitor! A Judas! A madman!

That's what you are!


Excuse me for that call, Captain.
But you understand it was

indispensable to check your
credentials with New York.

A formality, naturally.
- Very right.

They said, among of other things, how
interested they were to hear news of …

Mitchell. - Yes, what's his name?
- Jackie Mitchell.

That is why you came with me.
- What did you say?

Your niece knows all the world.
- What a fool I was.

I'm afraid, Esmeralda, I was chosen
for the thankless task of… - Wait!

Let's be reasonable, Uncle.
Let's bring this stuff back.

With his past,
he won't want any publicity.

If we're good, he'll withdraw it
and nobody… - Esmeralda!

It's in your interest too!
- I know but… - Miss!

As the Inspector knows,
I've other questions to ask.

Why he should he butt in? Wasn't it…
- And what will we do about the others?

What others?

Esmeralda, stop!
- Let go or I'll…! - Calm down!

This involves robbing American citizens.

For Kinsky, I'm not against
keeping it all in the family,

but for this, your niece must
be brought to New York.

With you?
- No, I'm done with this business.

And it'd take too long
to get permission to extradite.

Captain Harmon!

Captain Harmon!

My niece can go with you.

You see,
the Marini family can do anything.

A few hours for an extradition.
- Formidable.

Farewell, Esmeralda,
I'm sorry but I'm sure you understand.

Your father would've done the same.
- Forget it.

- Goodbye.

Heavens, the jewels!
Give me the package! Hurry!

I've never met rogues like you!
- Thank you.

You've been on the lookout for
Jackie Mitchell, eh? - Exactly.

How disgusting of you!
- Indeed.

Captain. Captain!

The evidence. - Thank you.
- You're welcome. A good trip.

I don't even know this Mitchell.
And you hoped to get him through me!

It's enough to have caught you.
- And you'll get a promotion, eh?

I hope so. - Don't think
I'll let you frame me like an idiot!

Watch the noise, I'll make.
There are Marinis in America too!

Hey! Where are you going?
- Beirut, Sir? - Yes, Beirut.

One minute.
- Beirut?

3. Any brand. Thank you.

Here you go, Sir. A good trip.

3 bribes in plain sight, right?

- What? Did you call me Mike?

Yes, Mike!
Why did you organize all this?

To burn bridges, in case of
another crisis of conformity!

Because I want you like a madman!
I love you like a madman!

I'll be what you want!
- No!

Be yourself and nothing else!
- Yes! It's me! It is! I swear!

Imagine the Fairchilds when
they return to the villa. - True.

They'll have a nice surprise!

What if we called Roger?
- Already done.

I like that boy a lot.

I've sent him a telegram
and asked him to…

"Please have an original idea
to neutralize Fairchild."

Please! Original?

English subtitles by sineintegral@KG